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Jun 24, 2015 Players killing NPC's Some Alliance bloke Dwarf Paladin was deliberately killing (repeatedly) an NPC at Crossroads that I was trying to collect a quest from. Now I have no problem with PVP, but if I wanted to PVP I would have joined a PVP server. Feeling very annoyed at this point because I ended up logging out of the game.Renisa2 Jun 24, 2015
Jun 22, 2015 Legacy of Northrend...80 raiding guild 80 Horde raiding guild for Thaurissan and Dreadmaul servers ! As someone who loved Wrath of the Lich King raids I would love to revisit it. I'm starting a guild on Thaurissan/Dreadmaul - (Legacy of Northrend) for the sole purpose of 80 raiding fully legit with the slight exception of Ring/neck enchants. Starting off with Naxx and following with Ulduar- Eye of Eternity-Onxiya- TOGC- ICC and Wrymrest etc. With following the gear proper progression pattern I myself have ignored doing ICC pre dungeons (Forge of Souls,Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection, ) effectively sitting on ilvl 200 gear only. Following the raid progression the next gear increase will be ilvl 213 gear I am abit old fashioned how I like to raid because I have been playing from Vanilla all the way thru to present times and I would prefer only people who seek to revisit the challenge and skill of old raiding styles. If you are interested please add my real id idtrapthat#1882 and pst me in game. I have an 80 pally Tank/Heal with full enchanting/Jewel crafting to assist anyone with anything in those 2 people will need. I'm proposing a Sunday/Monday night raiding roster from 6pm-10pm effectively making 2 raid nights for 2 different raid groups as I am trying to cater to weekday and weekend warriors so to speak. This may change slightly to fit majority players. Rules for Raiding. 1, No Boa's (Defeats the purpose of raiding) 2. No WOD weapon enchants ( abit to overpowered) 3. Follow gear progression by the book (Eg not rocking up to Naxx in full 264+ gear from ICC) 4.Fresh 80 geared players only ( lets actually have a challenge and not a walk in the park ) 5. Majority enchants are allowed since they scale with level anyways making it more realistic. Hoping to meet some good people for some quality challenging raiding. Kind Regards Pallywyn Guild MasterPallywyn0 Jun 22, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 [A] <Paradox> 5/10M Recruiting for H HFC <Paradox> Is a semi-hardcore, focused progression raiding guild. We are currently 5/10 Mythic BRF. Jumping straight into Heroic HFC on the Wednesday of release. Currently we are recruiting to expand our team composition for fast progression into Mythic HFC. We are based on Frostmourne. ---- Raiding Schedule ---- All times based on Server Time which is +10GMT Monday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM Wednesday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM Thursday (OPTIONAL ALT RUN) - 7:00PM - 10:00PM Friday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM ---- Currently Recruiting ---- Warlock (Affliciton) Death Knight (Frost) We will be considering anyone who seems good. However, past raiding experience is preferred. ---- Personal Requirements ---- ~Reliable Attendance~ As you will be part of a Mythic Progression Guild, a fantastic amount of attendance is required to maintain a core spot. Obviously personal emergencies will be excused (we're not heartless). If you have work commitments or other matters that might take you from core nights regularly please still feel free to apply as a sub and we will fit you in where we can. ~Good Communication Skills~ As all fights are quite dexterous, we look for raiders who are able to call out things that other people might be missing/ give constructive suggestions so that progression can continue. You will need to know when to speak and when not to, as a chorus of people shouting can be quite distracting an lead to disaster. As we use Teamspeak 3, it is a REQUIREMENT than you have a Microphone and can respond, when spoken to via voice chat. As fun is a massive part of our raiding atmosphere, we like to joke around with each other. A good mature attitude towards humour and criticism from leaders/officers is required. If you cannot handle the odd "Oh that's BAD" joke, then this isn't the guild for you. ~Preparation~ Come completely prepared to every single raid night. Kitted out with; Pots, Elixirs, Seals and PERSONAL food. It is also a requirement to learn/know every single encounter within the current content completely before attending raids. We will not tolerate people who would hold up a raid night because they hadn't been bothered to learn. ---- How to Contact Paradox ---- You can contact any of the below people (In-Game, Email or BTag) if you wish to apply or have any further questions. Guild Master 'Kale' Character - Kaledei ~ Btag: MoraLegacy#1842 prdxguild@gmail.com Officers to Note Natzmage (Recruitment Officer/ Co-Leader) Agnostadin (Healing Officer) Jayce (Logging)Kaledei0 Jun 20, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 LFM Gold Challenge Modes. Hi there. My name is Jeffy. And whilst I have numerous toons on 9/9 in MoP, and my current toon has one gold challenge mode to his name from WoD, I'm looking to obtain more. And I'm sure you are as well. So if you're a deeps, have your DPS pots, and invis pots for the select few that are needed (ie. Bloodmaul Slag Mines, SMBG, T3h 3v3rbl00mz), and you're confident you are the bees knees when it comes to dodging mechanics, interrupting, collaborating with your group on stuns while dishing out epic DPS, then feel free to add me on Jeffy#1665. Let's talk. Kind Regards, Jeffy. Edit: 8/8 on 4 toons. Jeffay5 Jun 19, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 MW LF 2k Push Hey, Full 660 MW here looking for partners to push 2k this weekend. I had been sitting on 1980 RBG's, 1935 3's and 1980 2's for months and have wanted the 2k elite set all season. I figured pushing those last few points wouldn't be too bad. I've had trouble finding decent players who are willing to spend a few hours pushing rating seriously. I've spent ~300 games in the last week and half fluctuating between 1870 and 1950 with pugs. Most of the people I've ran with have been 1700-1850 which has made climbing rating while being ~100 points higher very difficult. So I'm here looking for serious and experienced people to run 3's with. I listen to feedback and don't rage. Hit me up Rife#1506 if you're keen and feel capable of hitting 2k with a MW who isn't skilled enough to carry much.Ryfe0 Jun 19, 2015
Jun 18, 2015 LF Fri/Sat/Sun raiding I work through the week and weekends are my only time to relax and raid. Lf for a team whose goal is above normal raiding, ie heroic. Am currently disc/holy and have ranked on world of logs on both those 2 specs, but im quite capable of playing shadow if needed. Only went disc/holy cause its easier to pug. Have the 2 Atoc's so far, and my current guild that i was in, only wants to limit themselves to normal strength raiding in hellfire, leaving me with few options. Am willing to change servers For Friday night preferably late at nightDaketh0 Jun 18, 2015
Jun 17, 2015 Harrison Jones daily on Saurfang out of sync The daily today according to wowhead should be Amulet of Rukhmar. It IS amulet on all realms except Saurfang which has Infected Orc. A GM was as confused as I was about this and said he would put in a bug report. Just letting others know there's an issue if they wanted amulet too.Arianwen1 Jun 17, 2015
Jun 17, 2015 Can't login at any oceanic server Someone else have the same problem?Júdas3 Jun 17, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 Indonesian player tracert result Hey guys, can any fellow players play from Indonesia share trace route result to new Australian server please. Just want to know if mine is normal. Thanks alot. Here's my result with Telkom Speedy Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 74 ms 18 ms 17 ms 3 17 ms 17 ms 56 ms 209.subnet125-160-11.speedy.telkom.net.id [] 4 16 ms 19 ms 49 ms 5 41 ms 56 ms 43 ms 226.128-240-180.static.telin.sg [] 6 37 ms 37 ms 38 ms 225.128-240-180.static.telin.sg [] 7 219 ms 256 ms 219 ms 8 202 ms 203 ms 203 ms any2ix.coresite.com [] 9 388 ms 389 ms 389 ms bundle-101.cor01.lax01.ca.VOCUS.net [] 10 383 ms 382 ms 383 ms bundle-102.cor01.sjc01.ca.VOCUS.net [] 11 390 ms 409 ms 404 ms bundle-100.cor02.sjc01.ca.VOCUS.net [] 12 385 ms 385 ms 385 ms ten-0-2-0-2.cor01.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 13 438 ms 434 ms 438 ms ten-2-0-0.bdr03.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 14 365 ms 365 ms 365 ms as17819.cust.bdr03.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 15 382 ms 383 ms 381 ms 16 366 ms 382 ms 382 ms Trace complete. Merapi13 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 When does this season end When does this season end does anyone know yet? or when they will annouce it? anyone please reply. No trolls pleaseFerto1 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 Have...Have we met? Achv - LF alliance Hey all, Am looking to get in touch with some alliance toons doing the Protectors of Hyjal quest for the Have...Have we met? achievement. I am only needing Thassarian, which is one of the named random NPC spawns, albeit Alliance only. I am a Horde toon and check daily, with Mankrik being the horde-only equivalent. There was a nice big thread for this on the achievements forum, but we ran into the problem of everyone else being on US servers and we found out we couldn't see each other, hence the posting here :-) Spud#1798Spudmaster1 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 2500 hpally LF Glad 3v3 push Title says it all add my Battle.net Athenall#1415. Must be experienced. Can play with a 2700cr mage, or can join a team if you have another player.Burgzz1 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 Best Server to make my Home? Hi! Very soon I will be creating a bunch of characters on the Oceanic realms, as a backup in case things don't turn out so well for me on the US realms. I'm looking to create Alliance, only really interested in PVE content but PVP World doesn't bother me overly much. What would be the most populated Oceanic server with the majority being Alliance based? Preferably with a very healthy PvE scene. Thanks!Zayveon6 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 Server Could someone please tell me the best pve Australian server i could move toDahumandk4 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 lf hunters & healers lf more people to queue with as everyone i originally queued with has either quit or been banned, because they're filthy cheats. 3 rets, this one and two others around 2k-2.3k. idc much about cr just be aussie and nice. ideally i'd like to q this ret before end of season but i'll play anything usually. ty m8sFabulous0 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 Nemesis quests LF Panda Looking to trade for alliance panda kills or willing to pay gold. Races i have available Tauren Orc Undead Troll Blood Elf Human Dwarf Draenei Wowmuzz#6772Boomzila0 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 Need an Oceanic PvE server friend I'm in Hellfire and just like on all PvP servers it is heavily camped by the enemy faction for no good reason. I know I've rolled on a PvP server and should expect PvP but having important quest NPCs slaughtered for thirty minutes at a time really kills the experience. If you're on a PvE Oceanic server and would like to save me by inviting me to party your PvE server, I would be very grateful. My battletag is Tharama#1943Whitford3 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 closed closedStealth0 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Dath'Remar down? I can't log in to Dath'Remar. It just sits at 80% after the character screen. Server down?Eritole14 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Servers Down Why does Blizzard neglect Australians?Hèrö6 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Selfie Contest Can anyone tell me why Australia and New Zealand cannot participate in the selfie contest?? Is it Bliz or is it our governments? Thank youRhìamon15 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Kel'Thuzad vs Sargeras Mainly a PvPer getting tired of playin on horde as alliance is clearly dominant PvP faction. Looking for a new realm to level up on (xfers are too pricey) I've narrowed it down to either Kel'Thuzard or Sargeras. Looking for a good RBG guild and good PvP community, but not too elitist as I still have a lot to learn. Any advice or tips to help me choose would be great!Smokedaddy0 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Changing Your Toons Appearance. Often? Never? And really I am talking about not just changing transmogrification's, but other aspects, like hair and face and everything you can do at the barbers, all the way to paid changes, like race and faction. Some people, like me, are nuts about the whole transmogrification thing, putting a fair amount of time and effort to find the perfect look for your character, this look could be a reflection of what you feel the character is all about, or even an extension of the players personality. And for some players, it's an ephemeral thing, the perfect look one day is seen the next day as not so great, and the cycle begins anew. Whereas others, seem happy once they have established what they feel is the perfect look, and sometimes, especially when leveling, expend a great deal of effort to keep it that way. Aside from a recent change with my level 95 (at time of writing) Draenei Coffin Dodger, the looks for my characters remain largely unchanged from the day I gave them their transmogs, with some refinements here and there. Once I get the look just right, I very rarely get the impulse to change them again. So, do you chop and change your characters appearance often? Or are you happy with the way they look?Palisade4 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 [Horde] Gold CM Runs Hi, We are a group of mates that are ex hardcore raiders from BC, Wrath, Cata and MoP. We have run 8/8 gold cm's this expansion multiple times now. We are always on the look out for switched on, patient and friendly people to run with us. We use skype. We usually run CM's for a few hours on Saturday/Sunday arvo depending on availabilities. Hence us wanting to build a bit of a roster so we have options when people are away or unavailable. We are currently running our alts through 8/8 golds atm. If you are interested in joining our active roster add my btag "Flashboi#1924" and chuck me a message. We are open to any switched on people regardless of their class/spec. I hope to hear from some of you soon :)Flashboi4 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Oceanic Arena PvP queuing change When we launched Australian game servers, we wanted to make sure you could get an arena match without having to queue for too long. We've heard your feedback regarding the current system, so we’re introducing a new queuing system in the next patch to help get more Oceanic arena teams playing on local hardware without making queue times significantly longer. This new system will wait for a predetermined amount of time to match you against another Oceanic team before looking for opponents from the broader NA player pool. We think this will greatly improve local matchmaking. With this change your Oceanic arena team will be far more likely to be matched against another Oceanic team and be hosted on Australian game servers, with the expectation that queue times may be a bit longer as a result. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this change, particularly what you think is a reasonable time to wait.Arcagnion98 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Race change to human in prep for 6.2 I'm keen on going after the flying in Draenor thing (I recently obtained the Felfire Hawk). So I'm thinking of race-changing to Human for their reputation bonus. Combined with my Level 3 Trading Post, reaching Revered should be significantly easier. The 3 followers from the 6.2 reps look to be very useful as well. It will cost me 38 AUD (30 USD). Unlike other purchases, this would have a long-term purpose. Right now I'm mulling over the decision. Input would be appreciated.Moraera0 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Why don't i have real friends ??? Why don't i have real friends ??!?!!<3@&^%?!Lushon2 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Socialize! As many of my old friends have abandoned or moved on from the game. I was looking for some like minded people to continue playing with. Make new chars, raiding, pvp whatever spikes our interest. If anyone would like to give this a crack feel free to post your bnets below, and ill contact you asap:)Purplejeebus0 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Why is the armory still broken days later. The armory has been broken for ages. I believe if Blizzard cant provide us with services we need then the game is broken and Blizzard should suspend payment on accounts till the issue is addressed and fixed. What do others think? The armory apparently is working ok in EU and US servers.Brogie5 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Oceanic RP/RPPVP server please blizzard! We need a RP/RPPVP Server in oceanic, it's so annoying when me and my friends go to RP and all we're greeted with is a howdy "Go to moonguard f*ggot" Than they proceed to follow us around with a world shrinker and a wooly tundra mammoth. On behalf of the RP community in the oceanic realms we BEG you for a RP/RPPVP server. Please Blizzard WE NEED THIS!Orenick2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 {H} LF arena boost 2k. Got the gold let me know in game or here, 1950 last season can't find players this one. Barthilas horde 3v3sWoit1 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Carpe Diem's Hosted HBRF Carpe Diem is an Oceanic 10/10 mythic three night per week raiding guild. We also host this weekly Heroic Blackrock Foundry on our off night for our alts and Open Raid signups. We raid Heroic Blackrock Foundry Thursday night from 8:00-11:30pm Oceanic server time. Invites go out 15 mins prior to allow enough time to setup the roster and summon raiders. GOALS The goal is to clear 10/10H within the set time however the initial weeks may not include Blackhand while we iron out the process and become more efficient. As the group will change week to week we cannot make any guarantees of full clearing in the set amount of time, although if play to kill bosses then we will be fine. RULES Master Loot main spec (MS) > off spec (OS) > Guild Bank high roll wins. BOE items must be equipped if rolled for. Tier tokens will be rolled upgrade > socket/warforge chance high roll wins. No reserved items. ROSTER There will be between 10-15 alt raiders from Carpe Diem with 680+ item level who have been running this group since release. The remaining numbers will be made up of Open Raid signups of which we hope to build a consistent team weekly. We currently have a high demand for the following classes however we consider experience more important: Tanks: Full Healers: Monks, Druids, Shaman Melee: Rogues, Druids, Warriors Range: Mages, Warlocks, Druids, Shaman STRATEGIES Strategy will be linked is raid chat and discussed prior to each pull on Mumble. To prepare in advance please refer to Icyveins for written guides and FatbossTv for youtube guides. You will be expected to know all the major abilities for each encounter so that you are able to stay alive and perform well enough to kill the boss. REQUIREMENTS You will be required to have at least 670 item level gear which is fully gemmed and enchanted for your spec. You must use flasks, damage and health potions with augment runes being optional. You will need to be on Mumble to listen and follow our instruction but don't need to speak if you don't feel comfortable. LINKS Signup: http://openraid.us/events/view/269141 Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/4344/Jaceo6 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 LFG Tool(custom) not showing us realms groups Custom lfg not showing any us groups, while raid wod/ legacy does show us servers. Is this some kind of bug or working has intented? I feel kinda excluded has theres so few oceanic custom groups going, i log onto a us server theres 15+ groups going I could join! Why dont we have acess to those groups?Minia6 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 WE NEED A GOD DAM ROLE PLAYING REALM we need a rp/rppvp realm god damit AND WHEN YE MAKE 1 GIVE ME A REALM CHANGE PLZ BLIZ SENPAI BE NICEDamagl5 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Internet Issues in AUS? Curious if there are presently any outages in AUS. I am connecting from Taiwan to a realm hosted in AUS (Gundrak). Prior to this evening, latency was around 200ms - and as of now it is consistently over 400ms. Running a tracert shows massive slowdowns once I've reached AUS. Each hop leading to AUS is under 20ms. Is there something going on in AUS that would impede network traffic? It's nearly tripled at some points which is very strange. None of the network traffic between my location and AUS is showing any sort of delay. Slowdown happens at VOCUS, where latency jumps into the 400 range.Nairomi13 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 The Long Awaited Unofficial Oceanic RP Realm! Finally! Finally, we are going to do something about Oceanic realms not having a role playing realm. From extensive and probably quite irrelevant research I have deducted that Gundrak is the least populated server followed by a close Dreadmaul, this is where I plan to base a small role playing community. We will hopefully start by creating a guild or two on the Alliance side, say a tavern and a military styled guild just to see how many people would be interested. If that kicks off we can start getting more RP hubs, Duskwood, Red Ridge, Booty Bay, Ratchet, Northrend etc. Horde side RP and more RP guilds. It will run just like a United States RP realm would! Many Australian RP'ers play on one of the great trinity realms (Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord, Cenarion Circle.) But lose a lot of game time because of the time zone switch. Are you one of those people? Then this realm is for you. If this thread gets enough support I can arrange a small meeting time, whether in game or over Skype or something to discuss any details. Of course there are some problems: -The current players on the realm may not want us there, for this we will have to find a compromise. -The second and last problem I can think of off the top of my head is getting this heard about, bringing the Aussie's from the United States realms back home. Please leave any feedback and constructive criticism as you please. Thankyou :)Turross83 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Registrations of interest - WOTLK Guild I'm thinking of forming a Horde guild on an Oceanic server within the following guidelines and looking for registrations of interest: Total focus is upto and including WOTLK Maximum player level 80 Maximum gear level 80 Maximum Glyph level is 80 Maximum anything is 80 Players must locked to level 80 and not advance beyond level 80. The whole idea is to focus on WOTLK content including ICC and all that awesome content, even the Litch King himself. It might mean leveling a new toon in order to achieve the objective and the guild will need to support any player who needs to level up. Ok your turn if you like the idea add a comment, got a question add a comment, got any ideas add a comment, interested in assisting with the management add a comment. CheersKrossbow0 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 i think oceanic ruined the game for me >< i refuse to play arena with any americans now because the games are so laggy. i really feel like i play at about 60-70% off my usual self when i get a US hosted game. my latency sits at 250-300ms in any non-aussie hosted game. i can't find any people to arena with, i try spamming trade chat, searching in lfg for any hosts from an aussie server (any rating) and can't find any guild that suits me so i cant find partners, us games are ridic laggy.... what now? i'm thinking about trying a west coast US server again and using a tunnelling service like i used to - has anyone tried this recently? i remember getting about 180ms at best i wish for aus-only servers completely, but i don't think that will happen :( any other suggestions? any good new games out?Boguslol2 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 Oceanic Battlegrounds I really want an option to enter Oceanic Battlegrounds. Come what may, I want the option. The lag is real.Lilfinger1 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 !@#$ty Internet Speeds! I am Not a Genius. You will learn this whilst reading this. My internet speeds at specifically 8:00pm-12:00pm on every day of the week is Slow as a mighty herd of snails travelling through peanut butter. I usually get around 31ms on my servers and download speeds of 1.2mb/s during the day, i live in the north shore BTW (Sydney). I can't for the life of me figure out why my internet speeds slow down to literally 23kb/s other than "Congested traffic" in the interweb (See what i mean :P). I live 15 minutes (ish, don't stalk me creepos) from the city CENTRE, no fibre optics unfortunately, the NBN hates me and the rollout isn't planned for my specific area for a while (hasn't started). So anyone know what i can do to improve this, i want to move onto heroic raiding, but my internet seems to rear end me every time i get with my guild or with a group with "High expectations". I am on holidays now, but when uni comes back with the round house kick to the face i'll no longer be able to play during the speedy times during the day. Thank you for any advice you can give!Dreamhaze3 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Best horde server A friend of mine is joining the game and I think he wants to play horde. What is the most active/populated horde server on OCE? Thanks!Ten1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Ashes, Ashes META Achievement Raid.(New Time) Hey guys I'm looking to form a group for the Ashes, Ashes achievement from Black Hand. The plan is to run tonight, 8PM the 10th of May Sydney, Australian Time( 6AM the 10th of May Eastern Time, USA). For the Achievement we will be doing NORMAL mode Black Hand with as many people as we can get. This is because the achievement requires the raid to get 20 falling ashes, so more people trying means we have a better chance of succeeding. The ashes fall just OFF the platform, meaning you have to jump off the platform to collect them, thus if you are collecting you need a way to get back onto the platform. As far as I can recall these classes(without someone else helping) are: Druids, Mages, Hunters, Warlocks. So at the moment I have about 5 DPS ready to go, so we'll still need 2 Tanks, around 5 Healers and a boat load of DPS. I'll consider all classes since we need enough DPS not collecting ashes to actually burn the boss down so we can kill him once we have collected all the ashes. So either post below if you are interested or have any questions or add me in game at Tagenath#1362Tagenath1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Ashes Ashes Achievement Raid - Wed 10 June Molotov is looking to finish off the Glory of the Draenor Raider Meta Achievement and needs people for the Ashes Ashes Achievement. We've had a few attempts at it with 18-20 people and weren't able to get enough ashes, so we are looking for a full 30-man raid. The run will be on normal difficulty on Wednesday June 10, 8:30pm server time (Australian EST) (which is 3:30am PDT and 10:30am GMT/UTC). Molotov usually has about 12-15 raiders show up, so we are looking for 15 extra players, DPS and Healers. There is also a sign-up on OpenRaid. Add Rath#6607 and whisper me if you want to join on the night.Rathollorn1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Servers down again? Oceanic down again? Can log into US fine but no characters on oceanic. QQAlpháchino7 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 help with lag in bgs. hi guys. im on caealestraz sever and i have 30 home ms and around 30 world ms outside of bgs. when i go into a bg the ms goes to 250 ms and makes it hard especially cos i main a rogue. is there anyway i can get my world latency down to a better level? because im sick of the delay. thanks in advance :)Shadow2 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 Any Arena boosters selling? Just on the hunt for some fun pvpers to boost me to 2k in any bracket. I play a WW Monk and PvP a lot but never have a consistent team member (guild just does pve). Highest rating Ive been this season is 1700. Happy to pay a lot of gold, name a fair price. I'm not a total carry! The Elite transmog set is the only Monk gear I like the look of. (A bit sad because I love the class so damn much!) EDIT: Horde, Caelestrasz/Nagrand. Shawry#1655Sayyadine2 Jun 6, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 No Soulbound Items Hello, quick background, I've been playing WoW for about five years. The game has gotten meh, there's alot to do in the game but just doesn't feel like an achievement or worth the grind. Yes, alot of players complained about items taking to long to get or lvl but now we are able to boost to 90, get gear like it's nothing. There's so much to talk about how the garrison pretty much is killing the fun in wow. I haven't spoken to a person in days because im stuck in the garrison. My suggestion is making all items, except for quests and obvious ones, tradable. Imagine all the gear youd want is in the auction house. It would all be pricey depending on the rarity and popularity. Players who are part of a guild that dont have much money, if an epic tier armor dropped and nobody needed it, it could be sold in the auction house for gold. Raids groups would be formed to make gold. Professions would need to be COMPLETELY remade because of the damn garrison. You would have players who enjoy professions more than combat get gold that way. Now all this gold thats being sold and trade and grined for. Would be used for a GUILD GARRISON. Not a damn player garrison. The place would be huge and completely customization with custom emblems and flags. This would encourage players to join an active guild to play together. The number one reason why people play wow is because there's nothing to do. Real reason is that there is nothing to do it with someone. And im not saying, lets make LFR's or auto friend grouping. You need to get the community together for each to get to know each other and build a relationship. LFR's is nothing but raging players, and LFG is temporary. Sorry for bad spelling or grammar.Banme1 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 Level 80 Account capped Guilds? Hi everyone and thanks for viewing my post. I'm looking for an Oceanic Horde or Alliance guild or Guilds that support 80 level capped accounts. I'm not looking for a Twink Guild I'm looking for a Guild who's players are focused only on WOTLK content. I guess I'm wanting to go back in time and enjoy again the excellent content that existed when level 80 was as far as we could go. If you know of such a guild please post as much info as you can Battle on...Krossbow2 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 Where do I freakin get good gear I'm stuck with quest gear and a few honor pvp things (necklaces, cloaks, bracers, belts, boots, rings). Everyone in dungeons, battlegrounds and Goldshire suddenly said when I hit 80 that I need gear because I die in like one hit. I have no freakin idea where to get it and people's replies back to me made no sense. HELP ME!Pedrius3 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 Straya !@#$. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3110240/Forget-Dave-meet-Roger-giant-grey-kangaroo-pictured-stalking-suburbia-2m-red-rival-emerges-crushes-buckets-fun-BIGGER.htmlNightmàrè0 Jun 4, 2015