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Jul 11 Day/night cycle? I'm East Coast Australian and I play on Saurfang. It's currently just after 11pm here and it's broad daylight in Elwynn Forest? Is there something up with the day/night cycle on Oceanic? Even with CRZ, surely we should get night... at night.Muel13 Jul 11
Jul 10 Buying Convergence of fates Looking for a guild or group that runs Masterloot runs that would consider letting me join the group for elisande and giving me the CoF trinket for gold payment. Im happy to buy either normal or heroic versions. If anyone is interested please leave a reply with your Btag!0 Jul 10
Jul 10 Possibly starting a PvP Oceanic based guild Hey all, I've been looking since the beginning of WoD for a serious Oceanic guild purely focused on PvP but have literally found nothing. I even transferred to Tichondrius to find a guild because they do actually have quite a strong PvP community. However living in Aus means that while most guilds are logging on, I'm either in bed or at work. So, I've been tossing up whether to start my own guild because when I scour these forums I do see people like me looking for PvP guilds. Basically at this point I'd need to have enough people interested in joining to even bother starting this up. I would be looking for people playing during the early evening during the week, with more availability on Friday nights and weekends (GMT+10). As for what server, preferably I'd like to stay Alliance which would most likely put it on Frostmourne. So if you are looking for an Aus/NZ based PvP guild, let me know here and if we do get enough interest we can start something up. Cheers.Teahupoo5 Jul 10
Jul 9 Frostmourne ping from Singapore Hi, this is directed at anyone playing from Singapore on Frostmourne oceanic server. I used to get ~90ms from my ISP starhub but these few weeks it's been sitting at ~140ms. Anyone noticed this increase?Unßearable0 Jul 9
Jul 7 Happy home Hi Server, So I'm looking for a guild on Aman'Thul to progress with through ToS and into the future. I have some previous endgame raid XP. I prefer to tank but happy to take a DPS spot turn OT when needed. Can raid any night of the week after 730 pm server time. 18+ adult guild would be great.Riggityrekt1 Jul 7
Jul 6 9 weeks, 90 curious coins Just wondering how many players have experienced the following. I did log in every day, and I clean All LFR dungeons every week. As well as M+ (level 10), clean All artifacts power quest and never miss out world quests for treasure reward. Done normal, Heroic,and mythic NH. And many normal mythic 5man dungeons. By keep doing the above activities for about 9 weeks, my 10th legendary still doesn't drops!!! I don't believe this is normal, however their tell me this is how the RNG works. I try to seeking help from communities, to see how many players have the similar problem as me. Or I am the world No.1 unlocked. PS: all I got are curious coins, since 22/04/2017, I got 54. Now I got 143 and it keep dropping for me. Also levels 855_870 titanforge .Snowycross2 Jul 6
Jul 4 Talon's Vengeance Talon's Vengeance LFM please add Keal#1200 . Oceanic Barthilas HordeVersa0 Jul 4
Jun 28 Looking for someone to play with Looking for someone to play with and enjoy the game. I'd like someone who I can talk to and level up with and have fun preferably both alliance and horde. Send me a message ingame :)Bluestember0 Jun 28
Jun 25 Summer Time? Qiraji Guardling spawns during the Summer Months which is (in WoW Terms) March 20th to Sept 23rd. It is already March 20th on our server, do we have to wait for the North American Servers to hit March 20th as well before it is active?Kat2 Jun 25
Jun 25 weird ms Log onto frostmourne get 29-31 ms both home world login to nagrand on my pally and get over 90 ms sometimes 120+ been happening for the past two days? any one know whats going omRainmaker1 Jun 25
Jun 25 Where has Black Rook Rumble gone? I am trying to get the achievement "Off the top rook", but black rook rumble just hasnt been happening for a few weeks now. Whats happened to it? Seems like ever since the invasiosn started it stopped.Lílith3 Jun 25
Jun 25 Region servers, still ww merging realms I.E. Why Oceanic realms merge with American & European? (And visa versa).Matarif1 Jun 25
Jun 22 Looking for Friends! I came back to World of Warcraft from a long break not too long ago and all my friends i used to play with don't play anymore. I'm not that good at pretty much anything in the game but i still like to enjoy myself and have fun, but unfortunately i don't really have anyone to play with. My battle tag is SatanicToast#11892 if anyone is interested. I mainly play on Draenor most of the time but i don't mind making new toons.Ettio5 Jun 22
Jun 20 Merge OCE Realms Please With a handful of PVP and PVE realms, each with a tiny population (compared to vanilla), we're essentially being forced to either transfer to Frostmourne (Alliance) or Barthillas (Horde). Where is the competitive spirit in that? We can't even sustain a full raid team on most servers outside of the big 2 now. Why not coalesce all OCE PvP servers and all OCE PvE servers into 2 big server groups. You can always shard if need be for population control, but otherwise would counteract the world faction imbalance and open up a huge pool of potential raiders for all involved. Similar to the PvE servers, is there a point playing on a PvE server if your server is limiting you from completing any PvE content?Mistforge14 Jun 20
Jun 20 Ranked Arena Lag/Lag outs So since the launch of 7.2.5 i've noticed alot in my ranked arena games that i'm constantly lagging out at random times for alot 10-20 seconds. Doing ranked is already fun enough (kappa) with the 300ms almost every game thanks to matching with US realms. Is anyone else having issues of freezing/lagging/lagging out randomly during Ranked Arena?Megaa0 Jun 20
Jun 18 Sick of Karazhan Why is it that every 2nd dungeon I queue up for in group finder is Karazhan, I am so sick of running this dungeon.Vaalnayan2 Jun 18
Jun 17 Tired of playing alone? Join us !! Hi everyone, If anyone is looking for some nice people to play with and to do current group content with, our community is still going strong. Seeing as we are getting Oceanic players now, I figure I'd let you all know what is happening. Our Oceanic members have all been asking for more Oceanic players. We do have people on at all times of day or night, so always someone to chat with or group up with... We now have over 200 on our Discord server with 30-70 online at all times. No microphone or headset required, as most members hang out in text chat. If you want to use voice chat, there's a group that is starting to use it, as they've grown to know each other now. Members of the community have started a new guild for both factions and are enjoying levelling toons together. Others PvP together, run dungeons, mythics +0 (some for the first time). Several run mythic+ and some even are starting to raid. Any like-minded people are invited to join us, as we are always looking for good friends. You may contact Akatosh#1898 or Shadow#15523 for an invite on btag app, as my btag list is overflowing. However, you can contact me directly on Discord (Worgbane#9655). Looking forward to meeting you, Worg (Discord#9655) P.S. Sorry, I got lazy and posted a copy-pasta (more or less) of my last post in the original thread posted on GD forum almost a month ago... The thread is still bringing in people everyday: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754846375?page=1Worgbane0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Changing Main? Anyone deciding on changing there Main with the patch changes? I personally am thinking about switching from paladin to monk as a main WW/BM spec, Destro lock as an alt. What are your thoughts on the changes and if you are going to be changing mainsAshvypr5 Jun 16
Jun 15 2500 exp warrior stream Hello, My name is Jace, I have recently started streaming my arena gameplay. I am a 2500 exp arena player as warrior and have played the class since BC. I have played numerous other classes to a 2200+ level including hunter, Druid and demon hunter. Outside of the gym I am a personal trainer and passionate gym enthusiast. My stream will typically feature high mmr warrior gameplay and discussion around health and fitness. I put great focus on being vocal and explaining what I am doing. I also ensure to actively engage with my audience and will give feedback to all questions and comments. My stream hours are quite scattered but I will provide a roster of my stream times well in advance. If you're looking for a positive environment to hang out and the stream sounds interesting to you, give me a few minutes of your time to see if I'm worth it. I look forward to meeting you. Twitch.tv/Jacelad Thanks, JaceJace0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Still cant Log In Anyone else still having problems ???Furrballs5 Jun 15
Jun 15 Bad grouping Why are we still getting placed into raid where a encounter has already started and we cannot zone in, you think by now blizz would have a way of not allowing this to happen. We can either leave the group and get the 30 min debuff or wait til the encounter is over, just wasting time. Pls fix this, it is annoying and happens way to often.Sadbeef1 Jun 15
Jun 14 Please explain mistweaver monk OP!! OK I'm more than a bit pissed off that I bombed a mist weaver monk in the underbelly to see his health not drop one bit. My recount said I did 820k in lava burst 700k lava burst overload and 500k earth shock for me to only see his health bar not move at all. he proceeded to wreck me in probably less than 20 seconds as I ran knowing I cant do a thing. note I was the person that engaged and I'm just starting to get into pvp. Please explain how a mistweaver monk can do this as frankly I don't see the point in pvp if this is going to be what its like.Thorimia3 Jun 14
Jun 13 Why do people hate gnomes? I was just wondering why do so many people want to eat gnomes and talk about how good they are punting is it because they are so small and you rage when killed by one I love gnomes and also I'm going to make a gnome warrior should I be a female or male one.Blasphemite32 Jun 13
Jun 12 Deathknight FoS removal next patch? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615664181#4 It's bad enough that we got the Priest Mount's tooltip for our Mount on our Class Mount Quest, but please tell me you won't remove it from people who got it already. Why bother removing it from Players who got it? This is asked assuming, of course, that there will be any non-regular-players reading this. On a barely more positive note: anyone go the extra mile to get this now-temporary-FoS?Arturius4 Jun 12
Jun 11 Pug group discord https://discord.gg/cRvADCu Hey all, been working hard to grow my friends list to make the creating of pugs across my characters a whole load easier. But have had the idea of creating a discord, to completely void the wait time of the LFG system. Feel free to join up and receive notifications as to when pugs are starting. We run 9+ heroics per week as well as normal's of old and current tier, and plan to continue straight into week one of ToS. Experienced leader and don't really tolerate nor do I hesitate to remove spergs, most runs are clean and fast. Roles in discord will come down the track to help identify the ability of the group we're forming. Feel free to come join and enjoy some fast clean runs and gear your alts.Hasdjkjnasdf0 Jun 11
Jun 9 Noob Questions G'day! noob WoW player, long time mmo player here a couple of noob-ish questions: i understand i will get my artifact weapon at lvl 100? will i get a prompt for that quest in my adventure journal? or where do i go for that? should i be clearing all of Draenor and building my Garrison up? or do we lose importance/focus on that stuff in 100-110? it seems like a decent resource generator for now, but do we outgrow it? should i be trying to get all my followers??Mojori6 Jun 9
Jun 8 bg queue is being mental random bg que average wait time 6 minutes time in que 50 lol wutSolitudinem16 Jun 8
Jun 8 Stuck on U.S World Servers after leaving grp There has been an ongoing issue recently since 7.2.0 with Oceanic server players when they join a group that has U.S players in it. We do what we need to do kill a boss or do an instance but when we leave the group we remain on that U.S server and with all its ping related issues. Sometime it can be fixed by asking people to invite you back to Oceanic or going to class hall but this doesn't always fix it. Can we get a fix for this please?Kerbsie3 Jun 8
Jun 6 Is Australian WoW dead? Havent had one dungeon with under 200 ping and none of them were Aus. Is everyone just lvl 100+? or is the game just not as populatedDarsh4 Jun 6
Jun 6 No PvP on Oceanic servers till 110? A couple of days ago I paid for some game time for the first time since WOD ended. I've been pretty busy with work and studies and have just been playing my level 20 F2P characters since then. At 20 I got battleground pops pretty consistently no matter what time I played. Since leveling past 20 (I'm 47 now) I have never had a battleground or arena pop for me even after queuing for many hours straight. I also tried queuing on my level 80 and 100 characters with no battlegrounds or arenas popping. Is this what I can expect until hitting 110? Feeling pretty disappointed to be honest :(Hillsong2 Jun 6
Jun 6 Unofficial Oceanic RP server? Is there one? Or is there a server where most of the RP players play on that is OCEANIC? I don't really want to be pidgeonholed into playing on a US realm, as an Australian play, especially now that are servers are so nice and close.Howl1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Refer a friend. Anybody looking to get into WoW? I'm looking for someone to level toons with. Note: i wont buy battle chest but can buy heirlooms which further increases the EXP buff. Thanks :)Cetee0 Jun 6
Jun 6 300ms Arena on US east servers...... stop plz can we please get dedicated oceanic pvp servers. Im sick of playing at 300 ping on US servers... its a joke... i'd rather wait 5 - 10 minutes for a game then play on this !@#$ and just lose. and yes i just lost 3 games in a row on east coast US......... tilted afDistrisity2 Jun 6
Jun 3 Melee DPS LF casual raid group Hey all. I'm a retribution paladin, sitting at 872 ilvl. I'd love to get back into raiding, in Cataclysm I pushed a server first Valiona and Theralion 25HC, so I know what it's like to progress with a team and be a functioning member of a raid group. Just graduated and have my first 9-5 job, so I figured I'd get back into it because my schedule allows it. I know I'm low ilvl, but even normal Nighthold at this point would be fun to do. It seems absurd that LFG wants 900+ to run a dungeon that drops 875. CheersIskiplegday1 Jun 3
Jun 2 Finding a wow magazine released in 2011 Hello, i'm trying to find an old magazine released in 2011 for nostalgic reasons. It was a wow tutorial with death wing on the front focusing on cataclysm. On the very back of it was an advertisement for Rift with the slogan "Not in azeroth anymore". I remember it had a page for every class, and mentioned something about thrall and how he reforged and gems lmao. It was a solid magazine and I don't know if it was released in the US hence oceanic forums. I know it wasn't the official Brady games or any other official wow magazine from blizzard due to the advertisement. Any help would be appreciated ! ThanksVectivis1 Jun 2
Jun 1 Any oceanic all druid only guilds? anyone know of any? also anyone know of any all monk n pally oceanic guilds?Rakazza2 Jun 1
May 31 Instance Lag Not sure if this a known issue or not. Lately I have been finding that when I queue for a dungeon through the dungeon finder or queue for random BG's I end up on what I assume are US instance severs with borderline unplayable ping. It ranges from 300-800ms and is extremely frustrating. Send help.Zetsù6 May 31
May 30 Old Ashran Players If you see Gumbymonk, let him know he was much loved: http://imgur.com/a/DBj22Adghasjdh4 May 30
May 30 Schapelle Hayuguyz2 May 30
May 29 Aus/NZ 3v3 Arena Qualifier now announced! We are pleased to announce the official World of Warcraft 3v3 Australia and New Zealand Arena Qualifier! This year marks big changes in the path to BlizzCon for the ANZ scene. The top three local teams (up from one in 2016) will be moving forward to an overseas final! These top three teams will now be competing in the APAC regional finals vs the best of Taiwan, Korea, and SEA. Blizzard is supporting the ANZ finals with $6,000 AUD in prize money to be spread over the top four ANZ teams, and as mentioned the top three will secure flights and accommodation for the APAC finals for a chance to take a share of the huge prize pool and a seed to BlizzCon! Joining is easy! Register your team of Australia and/or New Zealand players and challenge another team in Wargames! All games will be played on local Australian game servers. Preliminaries will be held on 20 May with the top eight teams completing on 27 May in the ANZ finals. This will be cast live from the ESL studio in Sydney to the official Warcraft Twitch channel. Local twitch personality Ryan ‘Pandamonium’ Dingle and professional arena Shoutcaster Sid ‘SupaTease’ Compston will be back calling the action, with Adam 'Chanimal' Chan assisting with admin support.Arcagnion1 May 29
May 29 Looking for horde friends I have so many alliance friends i got no one to do anything with while on horde :( am looking for some horde players that want to hang out in game or just chat add my btag if you want to become friends :) Clanash#1801Kogon1 May 29
May 29 Looking for Friends (Wow,D3,Destiny2,OW) Hey Guys, Havent played WoW ina while but im on almost every day. would love to get back into it along with d3. i Usually play OW because my brother and cousins play and im looking forward to Grinding it out in Destiny 2 When it comes out so give me an add if you have similar interests and lets play! BT: JayZ#11928Ñvs0 May 29
May 28 Australia's NBN? So I moved to Canberra in the ACT from the states to be with my wife. Beautiful place but I'm a heavy internet gamer too... Lol what is going on here? I can get by sometimes on WoW but now I gotta wait until 2019 for NBN to come through and even still I'm hearing bad things about it. Can an Aussie give me some hope because damn lol this internet is something else.Dessious50 May 28
May 28 Over & Under Gambling Hi, so in Stormwind i keep seeing this gambling mini-game going on, how does it work? And how do you play? Thanks.Bâne6 May 28
May 26 Worgen eye scaring I'm just asking because I'm sure I couldn't have been the only one that this has to happen to. Back in Cataclysm when my Worgen finished the starting area his right eye would scar and turn red no mater what face/eye colour I picked, so my Worgen had the red/purple eyes and now it just doesn't seem to happen anymore and I thought it was some sort of ester egg thing that some how found and everywhere I've looked so far there has been no proof that it ever even happened in the game.Arkymonde3 May 26
May 24 death from above So ive come back after a woeful time with cancer once again. Flying , i thought yippee sadly im just dont able to do many in the broken show becuse there are just not enough quests, and 75 rep a time kinda sucks, plus most have flying and so while trying to get rep or do other unfinished quests ppl just swoop down take the mob im going for , its cool i get it and hell if i had flying id be doing the same , just so frustrating do click on a mob and before i can pull someones zooomed down and they have them , happens so much it does get on my nerves i guess the painfully slow grind and having ppl do the swoop thing is making the game annoying yes a grumpy old mans post:PZhool3 May 24
May 23 F/M HORDE best guild BITE THE CURB...... !@#$%ESShørt1 May 23
May 22 Laptop specs question Hey guys i juat recently started playing wow again and I'm using my laptop atm as my desktop needs fixing, its a pretty recent laptop but it's getting slower and slower and more and more frame lag is it just to bad a lap top or something else. Asus f555u I5 6200m 2.8gz Nvida 920m 4 g ramsKurgz0 May 22
May 19 Cannot Login - BLZ51900002 error I am having trouble to log in - was just fine few hours ago. It happened some time ago aswell - I am European player playing from Vietnam on Frostmourne. Anyone experiencing same issues atm?? Seems like after some DDOS attacks this pops up for a few days - but I think as a paying customer - It should not concern me, and how about the lost sub time???Mortificator2 May 19
May 19 Great Distraction during Ration Challenge Gonna be doing the Act for Peace ration challenge at the end of June, where I spend a week eating the equivalent of what a Syrian refugee receives in rations which is just small amounts of rice, flour, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and oil. Super glad I have WoW to distract myself from a week without cheeseburgers! Anyone who is so inclined, please follow the link below to sponsor me and donate towards providing food, healthcare, and education for refugees. Any other WoW players doing the ration challenge? We could create a team together maybe! https://actforpeace.rationchallenge.org.au/fundraisers/tzaramcgenniskinAdvocaat2 May 19