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Nov 10 Weekly Ruhkmar runs looking for more Hey everyone i am going to start doing weekly Ruhkmar runs about 8 or so each week, there will be no set time just when ever i feel like it. If you would like to come along for a chance at the mount add me on real id. My battle tag is Evani#11424 I don't care if you bring characters lower than 100 just don't expect a summon. Keep in mind i am Australian so you might not be online when i run these if you are from across the globe. Also if they add a world boss that drops a mount in Legion at some point i will be spam running that as well.Evani1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Need tank tonight 8PM AEST H-EN Hey guys, Our guild has just started progressing through H-EN but one of our tanks is on holidays. We are a solid group who do mechanics well, and need someone who can fill in for our heroic run tonight. We've pugged the last 2 weeks from group finder but its impossible to work out if someone has experience / knows mechanics without research. We are hoping for a full clear tonight in under 3 hours (We've downed first 3 and some of us have pugged more) and the only reason we didn't go further last week was people needed to leave. Basically we need someone 860ish or higher who knows all the boss fights and doesn't mind using mumble to come along. We're pretty relaxed and our heals and dps are pretty decent for our ilvls / gear. Reply with btag if you're keen, and I'll add you when I get home. Cheers!Allergies0 Nov 10
Nov 9 LF DPS for mythic EN Hey guys Synchronicity is a new guild with a core of IRL friends. We want to start pushing mythic EN ad heroic is far less challeneging than we expected. We would like to find some 7 good dps to fill the nunbers and progress mythic content. We aren't expecting people to transfer/switch guilds. Simply looking for quality guys willing to commit to raiding mythic/heroic clears with us weekly. Discord is the main form of chat. Raid times are thursday/sunday 8-11ST. 870ilvl is preferred, we understand ilvl isn't everything so get in contact with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.Oakiedoke1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Need more deeps! Booze Fiends, Horde Amanthul, 7/7 Heroic; are looking for 4-5 ranged dps (pref hunter/mage/lock/spreist)for our team to start mythic raiding. Raid times are 1930-2230 wed thurs sun nights. We are a fun easy going bunch that just wants to raid and have a laugh, strong social part of the guild aswell as good raid prog. All consumables and repairs are provided by guild. If interested hit me up for a chat phate#1660Itreefreely0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Race Suggestions Troll Huge fan of race diversity, Yet the male troll's Ear's feel exactly like night elf's. Was wondering if anyone else thinks their ear's could be shortened in length. And shaped like a human's but with a pointy bat wing look to it. The ear size should stay near the same, So ear size will depend on all dimension's. instead of coming from length. Next suggestion is towards the stance of troll's. Why is the male and female stance so different. Male's are hunched over. Yet females stand straight up like all other race's/Gender's. Their tusk's should not be weighing them down. So the only answer i could assume is because their ear's make them look, To similar to night elf's. Which can be fixed with a simple change of ear type. Making it possible to put male troll's in there proper stance.Muffinreaper0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Any others on the Gold Coast? Hey guys! Just moved to the Gold Coast. Was wondering if there were any other regular players hanging around this area. Would be cool to have some IRL friends in this game in the same city. (30 male if that makes a difference) Cheers!Nexess14 Nov 9
Nov 8 Can I have some clarification? This is a warrior (dps) question. I don't seem to get into ANY Pre made groups. (Mythic dungeons mostly) I can get into them with any other class (In a damage spec) but as soon as I try warrior. No one takes me in. I'm 831 so correct ilvl for Mythic dungeons, I got Gold damage in the ring of Trails (Not like it matters that much) So I don't really understand the declines. Someone care to explain why the community segregates warriors? (This was a bit of a rant, and possibly not allowed on the forums but I had to let it out)Thaxor12 Nov 8
Nov 8 Caelestrasz Vanished??? i just logged in after rolling restarts and Caelestrasz server isnt listed as a server anymore? my characters are all on this server, where has it gone??Gotharella25 Nov 8
Nov 8 Oceanic realms missing? Sup, i know it's like 1 in the morning but, the oceanic realm tab seems to be missing, all there are is Brazil, Tournament, Latin America, and United States, am i the only one experiencing this?Stormhâmmer24 Nov 8
Nov 8 OCE LIVES!!! That was scary =/Antillius0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Legendaries The way the legendary system functions is ruining the entire experience of this xpac for me.. i want to be like "oh i dont need one it'll come when it comes" but watching people in my guild get their second, third and some of them fourth legendary.. im getting mad the DPS increase from some of these legendaries is INSANE.. i have been playing since day one of the xpac.. doing every box.. clearing normal/raid finder each week they have been out.. progressing through heroic.. running countless numbers of mythic +'s .. and i havent gotten a single one.. sure tell me im "QQing" while some people are running around with 2 legendaries equiped.. the fire mage in my guild is doing 750k single target sustained DPS with his 2 BiS legendaries.. tell me that isnt !@#$ed up i havent been this mad about a system in this game in along time.. if hey legendaries were just high Ilvl with the stats to show for it.. then fine.. but they arnt.. they are %^-*ing game changers for your specIvraanu18 Nov 8
Nov 8 Looking for friends on Alliance Frostmourne Exactly as the title says. I see plenty of raiding guilds, but I would night shift though the week and so I cant realistically join a seriously raiding guild. I am just looking for a guild to chat in and have fun. Is there anybody out there? :)Doomerkin0 Nov 8
Nov 8 The Fail Train - North America and Oceanic You may well have heard of the Fail Train – who are over on the EU servers. Their success has been the inspiration for the creation of the The Fail Train – NA & Oceanic so that like minded players who subscribe to the ethos of The Fail Train can play together. This is a cross-realm, cross-faction community where it's perfectly ok to be imperfect (or absolutely rubbish), and where nobody puts anybody down. So no ‘git gud’ no abuse just kindness and patience. Are you worried about ‘screwing up’ and being yelled at? Booted for silly reasons. Not accepted because you are in the catch 22 of ‘link achievement’ or just tired with how unkind people can be in groups. Then this is for you, by people like you. If you're interested, please drop by our discord channel https://discord.gg/XYcsvTs If you do, make sure to read the #welcome which is very much based on the ethos as expressed by the Fail Train (EU) and thanks to them for the ideas. Discord is an independent and free platform. There is therefore no need for anyone to leave their guilds, transfer, level new characters, and it doesn't matter what server people are on. We use it to let others know we're up for a group/ dungeon / raid. Then, we group up either through battle tags or in the custom group finder. Want to do normal dungeons – sure, Heroics – yep, Mythics – can do. Raids – in time if we get enough interest. The channel is very new so there is likely to be some tweaking required. It’s a work in progress – so be kind  Discord has a browser version. https://discordapp.com/login Use the web version if you can't be bothered with the app; it does the job just fine (no bnet sync, but that is not required). All you need to do is: - register and log in - click the + in the left hand pane -> join channel -> add us https://discord.gg/XYcsvTs - say hi in #barrens-chatCarnifex1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Rp Realm needed for the Oceanic Community. As the title of the thread says... I think it's time that an Rp realm was added or at least officially designated for the Oceanic Realms. Maybe an RP PvE realm and an RP PvP realm just to even things out. It makes it difficult making events with guilds on the US Servers with the time differences But yes, I think it's time for at least one Oceanic RP realm to be designated. Officially.Adenan4 Nov 8
Nov 7 <Stormwind> Recruiting PvE Stormwind Recruiting all competent PvE enthusiats. For the last month we have been progressing rapidly through Emerald Nightmare on Mythic/Heroic. Our core raiders consist of ex-pvpers of credible achievements such as Gladiator / Hero of the Alliance / Arena Master. Who have transitioned to PvE this expansion. 1/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic Priority is Ranged DPS x1 Shadow Priest x2 Hunter x1 Heal Our raid times are: Wednesday 6:30pm - 10:30pm Thursday 6:30pm - 10:30pm Sunday 6:30pm - 10:30pm Contact myself or Druid in game for more detailsSandey0 Nov 7
Nov 7 BG's Unplayable - Allow us to only PVP on OCE I can't understand why we don't only play on Oceanic servers, like what's the point of forcing us to play BG's on 1000+ ping? At the very least we should have an option for higher que times? I would much rather wait longer for ques knowing the BG would at least be playable... I'm having 30ms 'home' 1572ms 'world' in this EotS as we speak. WTFTygzor15 Nov 7
Nov 6 Looking to start a 5-man Heroic/Mythic group Hi, Just wondering if there is anyone interested in forming a consistent group to play through this content. The queues are getting longer and the "fast runs" are starting again. I just want to play through in a comfortable pace, without the drama and stress - I have a job for that. So if you are also looking for the same and/or struggling to get a group to get your profession, story line completed or skins. Let me know and hopefully we can start something soon. Tentatively hoping for this group make up. The loot setting will be set to personal Tank: Mdps: Me Mdps: Pally Rdps: Heals: Priest (??) I am no looking for elite players, I am more looking for casual players that, like me have a family and work commitments to consider. I'd like for this group to have fun and be happy while tackling these dungeons difficulties. Please let me know if your are interested. Thank you and have a good day.Areistral13 Nov 6
Nov 5 help im stuck :( frostmourne at the top of the chimney in dun morogh kharanos :( and i dun have a hearthstone T.T please help me. im lvl 6Linkolas1 Nov 5
Nov 4 SO MANY STUNS AN SNARES What with battlegrounds? i love pvp have my blood thirsty title ! whats with all the stuns an snares ,mages omg , pallies then warriors . we cant carry a flag across the dam field ? and the horde premades 10 man exploit blizzard for casual battlegrounds .go ahead watch swifty on youtube he even explains how to exploit 10 man premade casual battle grounds on youtube. our demon hunter rush is a waste to carry a flag with with all the stuns an snares . and the demon hunter is suppose to be equivalent to deathknights when they first started ? demi gods ,the whole blizzcon was a big talk up for nothing :(Helterskeltr5 Nov 4
Nov 4 Where the announcement Blizz WHERE.Moistwoman15 Nov 4
Nov 4 Update? was there one today?Gazzaa2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Archeology Hi. I'm having difficulty in understanding the role/use of an Archaeology artefact called "Mark of the Deceiver". It's description is as follows: "Keystone that can complete Demonic archaeology artefacts with missing fragments". I've tried to "use" it to no avail; searched the internet and Blizzard Forums and have been unable to discern its' use. The answer is most probably as plain as the pimple on the end of my nose (why oh why do they always grow into a gross size just before an important night out......aarrgghhh!!); anyway, if there is someone somewhere in cyber land who can help me with this most puzzling dilemma, please reply to this thread. Thank you and goodnight!Feralfighter2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Change Realm from PVP to PVE. Nagrand? Hi, Want off Dreadmaul asap. Can't even do world quests now. ( playing holy priest makes it even more difficult). Something has changed in the last few days that has sent horde bonkers. Landing at a FP means insta death now for some reason. More horde servers cross joined? I dunno. What PVE server do you recommend ( Oceanic obviously ) and why? I've heard the population of Nagrand is pretty good.Stoneaid4 Nov 3
Nov 3 CRZ WQ server/realm issues Anyone else finding since 7.1 they'r receiving a lot of "Transfer aborted: instance not found" errors when trying to join US realm groups? I've noticed it happens a lot to me with with World Quest groups, able to join after exciting WoW & BNet client completely a few times, but then I often get stuck on the US realm (relogging, rezoning, and exiting BNet don't resolve for me, it just eventually switches to Oceanic - anywhere between 2min to ~2hrs.) Not sure if this is how it's supposed to work, having 300ms+ for hours because of a 'feature' seems a bit strange.Larcen0 Nov 3
Nov 2 Can we give Nomi a title? I must request that Nomi be titled "The burner of food", cause this fat bastard of a panda has ruined more food then vegetarians. I thought he was supposed to be a chef, or did he take cooking lessons from my Grandpa who thought there was only 2 spices, salt and pepper. At this rate I can only assume that the recipe for lean steak must require burnt food as an ingredient. Anyway can you either give him the title, or just make him increasingly fatter every time you give him food.Neurosurgeon14 Nov 2
Nov 2 Project 70 alliance frostmourne. Basically as title states a few friends and i are starting a project 70 guild looking for members to form and run according to the reddit post project 60/70 seeing if there'd be any interest rules as follow... PS I have altered the rules to be correct to TBC in my opinion. General rules. •No Heirlooms. (This includes the heirloom mount. - If you have equipped a heirloom for as much as a second it will show up in the statistics. We'll kick you for that.) •No mounts until level 40. (60% speed at 40, 100% speed at 60.) •No flying mounts. bar outlands. (For the hundreds asking, yes you can use flightpaths.) •No dual spec. (You can re-spec at the trainer normaly, however.) •No Pandaren, Worgen •No Monks, Death Knights •Only race/class combinations that were avalible then. (No Human Hunter, Night Elf Mage, etc.) http://i.imgur.com/L3hhzGS.png - List of avalible classes for each race. •No transmogging. •No pet battles. •No toys. •Classes and specs are different now than before, so things like Titan's Grip for warriors is fine, but you should ideally want to play with one-handed weapons, for example. •Bloodlust pets, aka Core Hounds for hunters arn't allowed to be used. •No mounts with vendors on them, passanger mounts or water walking mounts. (No mounts that give an advantage over regular mounts.) •You can not visit any zone outside those that existed within the expansion setting we're playing at. •No pvp gear, it's far too easily obtained. •No City tabards, only tabard allowed to be worn is the normal guild tabard and the Scarlet tabard. Dungeons and leveling. •You may only group, do dungeons and quest with other guild members and/or people who part-take in the project, say should someone wait for a spot in the guild when it's full. (However this does not apply for raids, to join a raid you have to be in the guild.) •No Dungeon Finder/LFG tool. •No Summoning Stones/Meeting Stone use, you and everyone in the group have to run to the dungeon. (This includes Warlock summoning.) •No use of anything that increases experience gain. (Anniversary gift, Darkmoon Faire Buffs, etc.) •No Mass Ressing. •No leveling trough Battlegrounds. Professions and trading. •You may only level a profession to the maximum allowed at that expansion. (375 at TBC,.) •Profession items are all fine to be used, as long as they hail within the expansion we're currently playing at. •Trading may only be done within the guild, with other members. •No reagent bank. Respect the rules and the people who follow them. Breaking them will most likely lead to a kick from the guild. Add my Btag if you are interested! Worthyofgod#1187Inflamezz3 Nov 2
Nov 2 Random terrible world latency, anyone? Have done speed tests and my home latency is stable, but world latency random shoots up over 400 with annoying frequency before settling 5-20 minutes later. Is this just me?Jyru12 Nov 2
Nov 1 Character Transfer US to OC I'm planning to transfer my 5 alts from US to OC 3 Ally in Frostmourne and 2 Horde in Barthilas. I want to know if the queue in dungeons,pvp and raid is good and does this two realms are active everyday and night? I want to know it so if its worth to buy character transfer or not.Saphiex2 Nov 1
Nov 1 hey please give constructive criticism, my friends very first RP machinima. thank you for your time and have a great day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIQl71CAEvkShibadin1 Nov 1
Oct 30 Looking for a mythic + group I'm really tired of those random trolls ruining keys without any punishment. so here i am, looking for a constant mythic + group, at least a +10 every week.Baetchjolin0 Oct 30
Oct 29 Companion App crashing (since 7.1) Companion App crashing when trying to load character. (since 7.1) Is anyone getting this issue? It was working, then when i switched to a different character, the app just drops. Now when trying to open he app, it crashes when loading into the character. REALLY annoying, i rely on this app a lot. Interested if anyone else getting the same issues and if you know how to fix it! CheersPunkey2 Oct 29
Oct 28 WoW study! Participate in a player's research Western Michigan University Department of Sociology Principal Investigator: Whitney DeCamp Student Investigator: Ryan Castillo Title of Study: Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Facebook and World of Warcraft You have been invited to participate in a research project. This consent form will discuss the purpose of this study and will explain the necessary time commitment, the procedures employed in the study, and the risks and benefits of participating in this research. Please read this entire document carefully and feel free to contact the principal investigator if you need more clarification or have any questions, comments or concerns. We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the uses of various online mediums, such as online games, and how these platforms allow users to share different types of information and form relationships online. The results of this research may help us to better understand how popular forms of online communication influence users’ ability to both maintain existing relationships and forge new connections with other members of their online networks. We have decided to ask World of Warcraft (WoW) players to participate in this study due to the game’s large player-base and the many online WoW communities that provide opportunities for recruitment. Participation in this study will require completion of an online survey regarding both your use of World of Warcraft and general online involvement. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to stop participating at any time. Your responses will be anonymous, your name or any other identifying information will not be requested, and your IP address will not be tracked. Data used to analyze responses for any future reports will not include any identifying information that could trace your responses back to you. No one will learn of your personal responses. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. While your participation is greatly appreciated, you will not suffer any consequences if you decide to stop participating. If you have any questions prior to or during the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Ryan Castillo at (442) 242-3302 or at ryan.p.castillo@wmich.edu. You may also contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at (269) 387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at (269) 387-8298 if any questions or problems arise during the course of the study. This consent has been approved by the Western Michigan University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) on September 1, 2016. Do not participate after September 1, 2017. Participating in this survey online indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply. I have read this informed consent document. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I am above the age of 18 and agree to take part in this study. If you agree with these statements, please follow the link below to begin the survey: https://wmichcas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_dhiNzLAgwceX1B3Incubus1 Oct 28
Oct 27 Connect Saurfang realm Any chance Saurfang realm can be connected to Dath / Khaz ??Orkh2 Oct 27
Oct 26 Need New Battle Grounds Serious we need new Battle GroundKtm3 Oct 26
Oct 26 When are servers back on Any idea when servers are back on?Diidy0 Oct 26
Oct 26 Emerald Nightmare raid Looking for 3 healers and someone to lead us through the raid. Will be using discord. Starting 7pm server timeTackler0 Oct 26
Oct 26 Oceanic dead servers most oceanic servers feel dead now except for Frostmourne (Alliance), dear Bliz, can we have more merges like Gundrak Jubei'thos?? while LFG and battle.net friends has been amazing, I simply can't invite people to my guild for social purposes beyond the occasional Dungeon/Raid eventsYokuni8 Oct 26
Oct 25 LF PLAYERS INTERESTED TO REROLL Hi! I'm looking for players active around 8pm (+8GMT) interested to reroll a new toon and level together. Plan is to get 5 players including myself covering tank, DPS and healer rolls and start leveling 1 to 15. We will then spam random dungeons together!! Reply me here if you are interested or looking for more info!!Huntter7 Oct 25
Oct 25 Shaman 3rd Relic I've done the 30wq's part of my quests and the other quest that accompanied it around the same time you receive it and now my artifact quest has just stopped. Am I missing something?Ziyizhang0 Oct 25
Oct 25 Ret Pallys I just love how dumb everyone is. Ret Pallys currently hold the #2 spot for dps if i'm not misinformed and yet people still refuse to invite them for lfg mythics. 1: they'll most likely pull top dps in group 2: they'll help healer keep everyone alive (good rets anyways) 3: survivability Unfortunatly you can't fix stupid, so rets will be left behind yet again. Thanks Blizzard for screwing pallys over in WoD and giving them a bad name for LegionMadmurdock1 Oct 25
Oct 24 Ally/Horde Ratio? Hi Blizz, I know I'm going to get pummeled by players here, but whatever, and this has probably been covered already, but I haven't seen it, so whatever. What's up with the Alliance/Horde ratio on Oceanic servers? As in, every day, every contested area, it's at least 15:1 in favour of Horde? I can't do dailies, worlds, zone into portals, go to flight paths, gather, or just play in general without dying maybe twenty times per hour. I played yesterday on a six hour bender doing nothing but worlds and without a word of a lie, I didn't see a single other Ally player. Not once. I saw probably hundreds of Horde though. And I know what people are going to say... Gear up. Get better. Play better. Go to PvE. Group up. Blah blah. But I like PvP, and I like running on a PvP server solo like many others do. I shouldn't have to LFG to kill 15 harpies. And with regard to gear, it's impossible to gear up against a 5 to 1 gank, and that's literally how it is every fight. I can 1v1 and sometimes 2v1 no problem, but the second I start busting some faces, it's inevitable every time that another one, or two, or three Horde cruise along (you guys are like ants) and step in. gg. Or they just come at me straight up, 5 to 1. So what's up? Surely there's a way to balance this out? It really slows progress efficiency, not to mention the 300G repair bill every time I log, because I'm grossly outnumbered.Selexis8 Oct 24
Oct 23 @Dev Dragon scales http://www.wowhead.com/spell=203576 Is dragon scales(Protection warrior Artifact Trait) still scales with haste? This is from Alpha/Beta when you decided to make the artifact trait to scale with haste. Dragon Scales is 0.85*Haste RPPM on Blocking. (Likely to change to a % chance when we get to tuning.) My question is does this trait still scales with haste and if so is there a future plan to change it to %Block chance?Achilles1 Oct 23
Oct 20 Legion experience Hi Oceanic General, So we're 1.5 months into Legion and I'm already finding my interest waning. Myself and my PvP guild were very excited for this RBG season, but we've found that there aren't any Aussie teams playing around our rating. We scheduled nights to play but find ourselves ping-ponged between 1500 teams (pugs) and the farm-all-night 2200+ teams. Last week we got the same 2200 team five times in a row. Legion actually offers very little outside of arena and questing. There is no WPvP zone, people are out in the world, but only to do a couple of WQs, it feels very hollow. There are no Alliance and Horde cities. There is nowhere to duel my friends, there is no social area. There's just nothing else to do. We did some dungeons & mythics but frankly PvE just isn't that fun after you've run through the dungeons once or twice. How's everyone else doing?Creeks2 Oct 20
Oct 19 Barfailus is Dead for ally So after 4 or 5 years of not playing wow, I've come back for the new expansion. All my toons are on barth and so is my guild. Doing world quests as ally isn't fun at all. A 2min quest took me a hour today because i was constantly killed and camped by horde. The ratio of the server is 13 horde to 1 ally (total joke). Nearly every world quest i do there are 20 horde and im lucky to see 1 alliance. With the new system of grouping different realms you would think they would at least try balance it which is obv not the case and is becoming very painful. Im left with 2 options.. Pay a stupid amount of money to blizz to xfer all my toons to a different server. Or just quit again. At the rate barth is going there wont be any alliance left at all. Im all for pvp and getting killed but not by 20 horde and then camped.Mythundras26 Oct 19
Oct 19 Unoffficial Oceanic RP Server? Is there an unofficial RP server for Oceania? I read around and I saw a couple people say Aman'thul but a lot of those were older posts. I wouldn't even mind just joining an RP guild on a PVE server or something.Malignivus0 Oct 19
Oct 19 Thank you blizzard Hey blizz just wanted to give you a shout out for your nerf to BM hunter damage decreasing agility stat in pvp by 10%. I mean it makes me feel real good having given up raid viability by choosing bm instead of mm because i also liked to pvp. Like seriously there are way more picked and better specs in pvp than BM and blizz is leaving them untouched. Ty blizz for honoring your word that you would be buffing the poorest performing specs instead of nerfing the strong ones so no one would feel like they wasted their time and energy gearing up and grinding AP for a certain spec.Bigarms1 Oct 19
Oct 18 Looking for a regular EN Pug group Long story short, i love my guild, i dont want to leave it. However, they raid before i am able to. I raided back in vanilla and BC but have come back for Legion and want to raid again. I can raid starting at about 8:15-8:30 PM PST almost every night. I prefer DPS but all 3 specs are all about the same gear level.Cambriellion0 Oct 18
Oct 17 Mythic+ Blacklist .Flope0 Oct 17
Oct 17 [H] Elitist 7/7H Late Night Mythic Raiding <Elitist> is a guild of people looking to have fun while also progressing at a higher than average pace through current content. Elitist is a guild composed of many people with prior experience of hardcore progression in not only WoW, but other MMOs as well, and we are looking for dedicated raiders with a similar mindset. We are currently 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and looking for more members to push into mythic. Our raid core is composed of multiple people already who have prior top 5 server, top 100 US, and competitive PvP scores. We all have exceptional experience within the game, and want to combine it to push further into the game with a cohesive group that can buckle down and get things done, while still having fun. We already have precision down, with our group having parsed in the 99th percentile for execution of the fight, and we're looking forward to doing that in Mythic as well with you on our team. Currently Seeking: Melee DPS: - DK (high priority) - DH (med priority) - Ret paladin (high priority) - Any plate wearer with OS Tanks given higher priority over those without Ranged DPS: - Hunter (high priority) -Boomkin (high priority) - Spriest (high priority) Healers: -Holy/Disc priest -Resto druid - Holy paladin Exceptional applicants of any class or role will be happily accepted as well. Guild Info Server: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Voice Platform: TeamSpeak3 Loot System: Loot Council Raiding times: 14:00-17:30 Saturday/Sunday AEST (Server TIme) 9:00PM - 12:30AM Fri/Sat PST 12:00AM-3:30AM Sat/Sun EST What We're Looking for in Raiders - Dedicated raiders: Raiders who will do what it takes to understand their class, the game, the encounters, and those who are dedicated to the team and seeing it succeed. - Stable internet and computer: A DC'd or consistently lagging raider is a poor excuse for a raider. - Good etiquette: Don't be waving your e-peen in everyone's faces. Be on time for raid (pref ~15 minutes early). Be responsible for yourself and your actions. - Humble raiders: Accept criticism. Realize that your s*&t stinks just like everyone else's. Be willing to be there for others who were previously in your shoes. - Ability to have fun: That's what we're all here for, right? We are serious about progression, but in the off-time we're all joking and having a great time. We'd like to see people who can be in a similar environment. All exceptional players are more than welcome to add me for an interview. Looking forward to hearing from all applicants. That1MikeGuy#1191 is my btag, add it at any time.Zorade0 Oct 17
Oct 16 Pvp server with good balance of H/A? Hey guys, Is there any PVP servers with a decent balance of Horde and ally? I mostly play Ally but I do not want it to be completely dominated by either faction. I would have no idea as I have just started playing again. Any help would be great!Miltøn2 Oct 16