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Jan 2 885 WW (H) Monk LF late night raiding Able to raid around midnight EST start times, any days, however many days. Current progression is 7/7M, 3/3H. Normally parse around 75-85. Have 37 trait in WWSëlwyn0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Lead-Soled Seabed Striders This may only be me, but the Lead-Soled Seabed Striders ( LFR ) look alot like someone forgot to finish rendering them. I got the full transmog set from the item in LFR trial of valor, and after transmogrifying my gear to it, the boots make it look like my toon didn't finish loading properly. I'm going to have to transmogrify my gear again, because it really is annoying me.Neurosurgeon1 Jan 2
Jan 2 The Cod Squad: Dungeon running for all! Good day all, My name is Cod and I am a part of the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak. I have created a dungeon running community to help people experience dungeons in a positive and helpful environment. Who we are: The Cod Squad is a group / dungeon running team that will be running in Legion and beyond. Our team is based off of a couple of principles: This group is for everyone. From “beginners” to “experts” Horde and Alliance We will wipe, we will try again, we will win Positivity and friendships are required This group is not just about completing Mythics and Mythic+ dungeons. This group is about enjoying dungeons, group content and other activities with friends. Nothing is as awesome as killing internet dragons with your friends. Nothing feels as empty as joining a random dungeon and having a great run…but then just looting the last boss and dropping group. I want to put back the feels into running dungeons. We also make some promises: We will never ask you to change your class or spec We will never link DPS logs in runs We will never link HPS logs in runs We will never say “You can’t” You will never get yelled at You will never be asked about your iLevel You will never be told you cannot go based on ranged / melee I promise you that if I hear of any of this happening…it will be stopped immediate and the member who violated to rule talked with. Requirements to join: Right now The Cod Squad is up in running on Aerie Peak server as a part of the Convert to Raid Guild. The best thing about my group is that you DO NOT have to server transfer. Everything can be run though using people’s Real ID’s. Here are the requirements to join: Have a max level toon Be willing to learn Be patient Have Discord (Mic recommended) That’s it. No silly ilevel requirements, no DPS requirements, heal requirements, etc. This group is for everyone! We want to help you with your group content needs! There are also no time requirements. You do not have to sign up for times to do activities. You are not obligated to do X amount of runs in Y time. We run when you need us. Now…that doesn’t mean we run 24/7….but we can usually get someone into runs pretty quickly. As we grow…so do the times we run. But I expect that after spending some time with us…you will want to keep doing things with us. How to Join: There are a couple of ways to get yourself into our great group…and it all starts with having a small conversation with me. Here are the many ways to get in touch with me: Real ID: Captcodfish#1784 (fills up quick so also add me on these...) Twitter: @gamingwithcod Discord: CaptainCodfish#4029 Every member of my team gets a one-on-one with me so I can make sure we are on the same page. I like talking with people and hearing people get excited about what we are doing. I like to keep this personal touch….I think it helps people feel like we are more friendly / more like a home than a group of randoms. At the end of the meeting I welcome you to our family. Cod Squad Goals: I have set some personal goals for our team. Some that are really hard and some that are pretty easy. For Legion here are a couple of major goals: To become your preferred method of finding Mythic and Mythic + dungeons To help people with any group content (WQ, Profession quest, Artifact, etc ) To help people get attuned for Karazhan To help people experience Karazhan in a positive environment Those are some of the major goals we are trying to complete. I also will spend as much time as I can recruiting, reaching out and talking with people who feel like they cannot find groups for dungeon content. I truly believe in leave no player behind. No…we may not be running +5 +6 +7 runs right now….but we will make sure that everyone has a chance to experience end game dungeon content. So. Raiders, non raiders, beginners, experts, anyone who wants to belong to a family style dungeon running group….we are here and we want to help. #leavenoplayerbehindCodcicle2 Jan 2
Dec 31 Anti-Warrior Bias https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752217843?page=28#post-541 vs https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752377961?page=26#post-502 CM replies to WWmonk to say "extending, and we will read" but doesn't care enough about warriors to post about the extend despite the obvious extend. If y'all at Blizz just want to remove the warrior class, as is clear by the string of pointless changes and nerfs... a) just tell us, and b) give us a !@#$%^-ed free boost -.-Aliantonn0 Dec 31
Dec 30 frost mage lf oceanic arena partners frost mage lf oceanic based arena partners to play with regularly last season 2.2k+ , 2.4k+exp(good old days:P) nscneo#1754Sallyjunior1 Dec 30
Dec 29 BLIZZARD! PUT THIS IN THE GAME! Watch this video, sounds cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAq3oWrcy5AYunqisuen0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Oceanic only Arena/BGs Please allow Oceanic players the option to Que (Arena,BGs) only with players from other oceanic servers. The extra wait time will be worth it for a normal pingLaco2 Dec 29
Dec 26 Looking for gold swap between servers Looking for a gold swap between servers. My gold on Barthilas (horde) for your gold on Dath'Remar/Khaz'Goroth (horde) pm on or in game for details i have about 15.5k that i want transferredBruty2 Dec 26
Dec 26 heirloom gear hi, i have a question, im trying to get some heirloom gear, but shay pressley doesnt show up any item (filter set to all) im i doing something wrong, i can see everything with my other char :( if anyone know tht would be awesome :) thanksGongstul1 Dec 26
Dec 25 Winter Veil Presents Does anyone know what time (AEST) the presents are supposed to become available? I would've assumed midnight on the 25th, but also possibly later in the day due to the fact still technically a US realm, but past 10pm AEST and still nothing.Quelitha3 Dec 25
Dec 24 Transfer aborted instance not found as above i'm not able to enter dungeons, arenas, bgs, etc... they're all not loading is there anything wrong with the instance server currently?Chinagal0 Dec 24
Dec 24 Wtf happened to frostmourne since cata? It used to be horde dominated and a healthy population now it seems most people left because its full of aliance from other realms. It feels like they messed up with how they implemented faction changes early on or they really rolled the dice when deciding which realms to merge. Theres 2x the amount of people in Dalaran than I remember way more in stormwind, about half in org but once you get out in the world its about 20 alliance to 1 horde when it used to be 10 horde to one alliance. Im going back to a Troll once I hit 110. Different circles of friends play different expansions and on different factions.Voodoodrood2 Dec 24
Dec 24 LF MYTHIC + Spam group Hey guys I am looking for a group of people to spam run mythic +'s My btag is Euntien#1826, please respond to this post so I know who to sccept.Eruntien0 Dec 24
Dec 22 WTB Nightbane Run/Mount Hi all, Am looking to buy a run for the Nightbane mount on Alliance side, I know all the fights but have been unable to get a run due to being in a small guild. Send me an ingame mail or msg me via bnet Saintly#11947Saintly0 Dec 22
Dec 21 Entry Level Raid Gear Any Aussies out there currently leveling at 60+ wanting to group up and farm The Molten Core for Tier 1 raid armor and/or Blackwing Lair for Tier 2 raid armor? Temperance guild is also interested in Guild runs for these instances, however most active members are at level 110.Melandrah0 Dec 21
Dec 21 On Barthilas - Other servers Horde... Cross realms gone wrong. When you already exist on a server dominated heavily by horde, you should not get other servers horde joining the red party as well.Ceó3 Dec 21
Dec 20 Leveling Alts Dungeon Group I am looking for some people who want to level alts to 110 from 1 through dungeons. I need a tank or heaks to fill the group. Thanks!Friedwonton0 Dec 20
Dec 19 Horde[US] [H] [Jubei Thos] <We have girls> Hey guys as the title says we are looking for heal's and dps for mythic progression we are currently 0/7 mythic but we are sure we can 3/7 with the appropriate dps and heals, We raid 10:30 st Thursday, Sat, Sun and sometimes Friday if we want to proceed with progression, We are a Singaporean and Australian guild.Juanmorecone1 Dec 19
Dec 19 Internet provider Hey all, i have been trying to get broadband at my residence and having alot of issues. I've tried with optus, they setup my phoneline and sent me a modem but alas when i tried to activate it over the phone they tell me they cant provide me with a service anymore... Soo i called internode and they tell me they can but they tell me im 15km from the closest exchange and will only peak at 1.5mb/s. I'm confused as i've had broadband out here before and it ran well (had phone service disconnected). Im from central vic, anyone else had these problems?Gringrot4 Dec 19
Dec 18 Need a mate Anyone interested in levelling a character 1-110 with me? I'm not doing it alone just wanna play a new class and experience levelling againPaeno2 Dec 18
Dec 18 [A] Vita Obscura 7/7M recruiting! Vita Obscura is a mythic focused raid guild on the Caelestrasz/Nagrand server. During Warlords of Draenor, we completed full mythic clears for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel and achieved realm first Mythic Archimonde. As a guild we push hard for raid progression during our 9hr/week raid window; as individuals we strive to play our characters to their full potential, staying abreast of the most competitive specs and item builds. We are proud of the low turnover within Vita Obscura and when we seek to recruit we value loyal members who wish to build their 'home' within our guild. In Legion, Vita Obscura intends to compete at a higher level than we have done previously. We don't expect world firsts, but we do intend to push ourselves to new progression targets. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in guild raids as well as during out of guild activities. Our Current recruitment needs are as follows; --Tanks-- One tank to join our strong, existing tank roster. --Ranged DPS-- Shadow Priest Warlock We will be raiding 3 nights a week for 3hrs each night 8pm-11pm Server Time (AEST) with raid invites from 7:30pm Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. During progression, raids may be extended by 30mins if near to boss kills. If you are interested in applying but aren't one of the above classes, feel free to apply anyway, exceptional applicants are always considered. http://www.VitaObscura.com.au Guild Master Lori - Lori#1578 Officers Tulareas - Tula#1654 Anuirian - Thorinbard#1286 Vrosk - Vrosk#1806Vrosk1 Dec 18
Dec 18 awesome pet name Is it bad I named my core hound pet OneNation? I'm only using it for <Ancient Hysteria>Nonseq3 Dec 18
Dec 17 Stone Circles of the Broken Isles??? has anyone noticed there is a stone circle placed in out of the way places in every section of the broken isles? is there anything special to these or are they just stone circles?!Bierus2 Dec 17
Dec 15 [H] Heals/MDPS LF Casual Guild As the title suggests, I'm a healer and MDPS looking for a casual guild to run regular mythic+ dungeons with and occasionally raid with. I'm a shift worker and hence it's hard for me to stick to a proper schedule and attend regular raids. I had the best time in WoW during BC because I was in a small guild of great people to mess around with were we just ran heroics and kara all the time. We would do joint runs of the 25 man raids with another similar, small guild. I would like to do this again, be able to log on and run mythic+ dungeons with the same regular people and have blast while doing it. Calling each other names and just having a ball (not flaming, just for fun). All while helping each other get better and smashing content. If there isn't a guild like this I will start one.Shamang3 Dec 15
Dec 15 Xmas Sale Would Blizzard have an Xmas sale? I do hope Game TimVaersammal0 Dec 15
Dec 15 [A] Exit Strategy (casual xrealm raiding) Exit Strategy is a casual raid guild located on Saurfang(oce,pve). For the last 3 years, we have been hosting a cross-realm raid team. Unfortunately, several of our team members have now left the wow community. Our core group is currently 7/7 EN(N). ToV(N) and EN(H) are firmly in our sights but in order to continue our progression, we are looking to fill several vacancies. If you are a raider that likes to have fun while still progressing through content, we may be just what you need. Our Raids: Time -- Wed/Sun 7:45pm -> 11:00pm OCE ST Current Progression -- 7/7 EN (N) , looking to progress in ToV (N) and EN (H) Voice client -- Curse What we are looking for: Tanks -- 1 Heals -- 2 Dps -- 3 (at least 1 ranged) How to contact me: In-game -- Hreeza@Saurfang, Isoivien@Saurfang Btag -- Hreeza#6734Hreeza3 Dec 15
Dec 15 Higher ping to OCE from SEA? So I'd normally get around 90-102ms which is very playable delay, yesterday (11th Dec) it went up to 150+ which is far more noticeable, almost US-like Traceroute after I started lagging, don't have one for before: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms app.singnet.com.sg [] 2 2 ms 2 ms 1 ms bb115-66-171-254.singnet.com.sg [] 3 4 ms 2 ms 2 ms 4 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 5 2 ms 3 ms 2 ms ae8-0.tp-cr03.singnet.com.sg [] 6 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms ae2-0.beck.singnet.com.sg [] 7 3 ms 3 ms 5 ms ten-0-2-0-0-11.bdr01.sin01.sin.VOCUS.net [] 8 152 ms 152 ms 152 ms ten-1-0-0-100.bdr01.hkg01.hkg.vocus.net [] 9 152 ms 152 ms 151 ms ten-0-1-1-4.cor01.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 10 152 ms 153 ms 152 ms bundle-101.bdr04.syd03.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 11 151 ms 151 ms 151 ms ip- [] 12 152 ms 160 ms 151 ms xe-0-0-0.gw101.sy1.ap.equinix.com [] 13 151 ms 152 ms 151 ms xe-1-0-1.gw101.sy3.ap.equinix.com [] 14 155 ms 152 ms 151 ms 15 152 ms 152 ms 152 ms Trace complete. Traceroute to the dead SC2 SEA servers for comparison: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms app.singnet.com.sg [] 2 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms bb115-66-171-254.singnet.com.sg [] 3 4 ms 2 ms 2 ms 4 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 5 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms ae8-0.tp-cr03.singnet.com.sg [] 6 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms ae4-0.tp-er03.singnet.com.sg [] 7 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms 8 3 ms 3 ms 3 ms 9 3 ms 3 ms 4 ms 10 5 ms 4 ms 4 ms xe-1-1-1.gw401.sg2.ap.equinix.com [] 11 9 ms 4 ms 3 ms 12 4 ms 4 ms 4 ms Trace complete.Arcticmonkey9 Dec 15
Dec 15 Which servers is linked to which? I just want to know about recent crossrealms and linked servers changes and why suddenly a normal player like me in Thaurissan used to being linked with Dreadmaul suddenly seeing floods and floods of Frostmourne players Barthilas players and Jubei'Thos players... I mean seriously it was fine before servers with dominated faction linked with the other dominated faction server with Jubei out of the loop since its pop ratio is normal but not its everywhere.... I played on Frostmourne on Horde side and since the start of Legion i felt great moving to Thau with my friends...now its like the server change i bought meant nothing if i wound up linked with an Alliance dominated (90% pop jeesh) server. TL:DR: Has there been some changes to Crossrealms on the Broken Isles and if so why?Æasir0 Dec 15
Dec 14 frostmourne alliance new player !!!(noob) hi... im completely new to legion or to the game ahah i bought the deluxe pack for legion, got a mount, buy only got a couple copper, would anyone give me 3 gold on frostmourne alliance im human !! i dont have much knowledge about the game at the moment :( my wife play as well, be awesome if she could use her mount as well lol.. i see every one using their mount... makes me kinda jealous thanks in advance if anyone got the heart to do it :) let me know on this thread :) thank you very much !! and if you got any tip, they are welcome :)Carapace1 Dec 14
Dec 14 LAG Pvp only 43ms to 400ms So I have been playing world of Warcraft for over 6 years and decided to re sub for legion a little over a week ago . The problem I am facing is that every single time I que for a random bg my MS/LAG goes for 43 to 400-500 plus almost every single bg . I have an NBN connection and I have checked the speed of it while idling in SW and while in a random bg and nothing changes , But every single time I que for a random bg my lag goes threw the roof . I originally played world of Warcraft on a Dongle and was at a steady 150 ms no spikes nothing this was from wotlk threw till the end of wod . And now when I try to do bgs and even skirmishes my MS goes threw the roof i have opened my firewalls ports up cleaned my computer reinstalled world of Warcraft and nothing seems to fix this issue . I am mainly a pvper so at the moment the only thing i enjoying doing i cannot do anymore . Does anyone have any answers because i am starting to loss my cool as i said i had not one single issue for 6 years playing a dongle/hotspot . The only thing i can think of is 1. i am either being targeted by a ddos which happened a few times while streaming so i gave up streaming . 2 the south American servers do not like my I.P anyways any advice or fixes is much appreciate . thanks kæyKæy3 Dec 14
Dec 14 Stop putting us on US east coast! I'm so over it, i'll take longer wait times, i don't care, it's better then dealing with US east coast.Deiny2 Dec 14
Dec 13 To all these guilds wanting to do Mythic... but can't get the 20 required for it, which seems to be happening all over the place. I see your posts, trade chat spam saying LFM but never get anywhere. Why don't people consider merging and starting to see those hopes and dreams of mythic content come alive? I think people need to realise that our population isn't getting any stronger then it already is, it's healthy I think but there's too many of these small guilds trying to battle it out. Can't imagine how it is for the horde side. rip. Stop being all high and mighty about being in power, do the merge. good things could happenAndaprune3 Dec 13
Dec 12 880 DH DPS & 877 H Pally LF M+ Dungeon Guild Hi guys, just putting a feeler out for myself and a mate looking for a M+ Dungeon guild... Looking for a guild for people to fill out +12 keys and higherAecis1 Dec 12
Dec 12 Any aussie raid or mythic key dungeon groups? I am sick of being a pug. My guild, with 200 or so listed members doesn't raid or do high key dungeons. My ilvl is only 874 but I want to get better it's just a rare hit amongst so many misses when you join as a pug. I have only played this game from about 1 month before legion came out so any info on how I can progress would be most welcome. It's disheartening to be at the mercy of players that DGAF.Goregorie2 Dec 12
Dec 12 Switching to Horde looking for a guild Any guilds looking for a 870 lock?Marqiselock2 Dec 12
Dec 12 Play4Free: @ [A] <SPG> 9PM SVT - LFM/Merger We are not going to fill you with expectations by flaunting Mythic experience or Vanilla veterans. You will get out of this Guild what you put into it. Legion is a new expansion with new content. A clean slate and chance for you to achieve what ever your goals are. RAIDING ... REWARDS ... More details here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752388889Noxie0 Dec 12
Dec 11 LF JC on Jubei/Gundrak pls 4 help hey not much of a discussion topic im afraid and i cant find anywhere else to post this, but im looking for a JC on Jubei'thos or gundrak that can craft Rhinestone Sunglasses please, i have had no luck in the pattern dropping which is a rare and have the mats to make them just having issues finding someone.. thanks for your timeMaleficents0 Dec 11
Dec 10 Endless Loading Screens! Dalaran FPS! Let me get this off my chest first: I hate going to Dalaran because of the FPS drop! My connection is fine, but the FPS, my God, it's like watching a high-school stop-motion movie project! But guess what, I still have to go to that lag-ridden place because ta-dah, I have to visit my Class Hall and in order to effing visit the class hall, I have to go to effing DALARAN. Which means, my eyes have to suffer seeing the unedited version of the Corpse Bride, or suffer in vain because the loading screen will take longer than the New Horizons' close-up of the trans-Neptunian object 2014 MU69. If you can't fix whatever the hell is wrong with Dalaran, then can you at least provide a hearthstone or something that will take me straight to my class hall so I don't have to visit that place? I hope action will be done soon.Vaersammal1 Dec 10
Dec 10 OCE RSham i886 LF Tank M+ Hi readers, I am writing to look for other like-minded players that enjoy doing mythic plus. Primarily, I am looking for an able-bodied Tank. I play a Resto Shaman as main, i886 equip in healing set, 36 traits, I tried a few roles pre-Legion and found healing to be the most challenging and enjoyable. I don't raid often, prefer to do mythic plus instead. Recently two buddies have left. One has gone to Horde for greener pastures, the other is now playing Path of Exile. I am looking for a new Tank buddy to do mythic plus midbies for farming, or 10-15 for weeklies. The highest I have done is +13 so far, +14/15 don't seem to come up in the group finder as would be expected. I have added several Tanks over the last few weeks, but they have their own pocket healers already. Anyway, here's hoping to find new Tank buddies!Sealcup0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Varian's Vengeance Hey guys, Me and a couple of mates decided to make a guild called Varians Vengeance. We are Alliance on Frostmourne, the guild has just been formed and right now we have a total of 4 members, yes we are not a well formed guild or progressed through Legion but we are guys who love playing the game together and jumping on voice for some fun and ever since Legion did start up we have wanted to consistently do raids, mythic +, PvP, world events and more. As close mates we want to form a close knit group and are not fussed with numbers, more the quality of the people we play with! It will take us time to get everything sorted and we are just taking it day by day for now so things will be slow to start but we really are welcoming anyone and just want social people who want to progress or just have fun with the game :) If you are interested reply or add me on Btag, Gudgo94#1680 Thanks :)Verrim2 Dec 10
Dec 9 Loading taking forever in the last 2 or so weeks with Hotfixes and such, I've gone from near instantaneous loading screens between areas to now having to wait up to 5 mins just to load from Suramar to Dalaran. All other Games on my PC are still loading the same speed as ever so I've excluded my PC from being the main culprit and I tried disabling all add-ons as well to no avail. Anyone else suffering this at the moment?Khathor2 Dec 9
Dec 8 Which class fits more for mercenary fantasy? My opinion: 1. rogue 2. warrior 3. demon hunter. What is yours?Destroyax0 Dec 8
Dec 8 This is the End. Legion has been great for the most part. I can look past trade chat trolls, constant grinding for AP and the mandatory deaths that come with being a non pvp player in pvp zones while doing progression questing, but I used to like alts and the change of playstyle that comes with it. Now it seems that the length of time required to make an alt viable takes longer than ever. It took me 3 months of gameplay to make a hunter raid ready and I enjoy it alot. So I joined a raid guild and started to enjoy the harder content of the game in a group environment which is what MMO's are all about. Then the guild split up. I have quests to complete in Emerald Nightmare which cannot be completed now. Furthermore to PuG EN I need AoTC achievement to even be considered. So for a little over 2 weeks now I've been spamming trade at various times during the day to find another guild that raids in my chosen time slot. It's not happening and so my game progression is stalled. Seems I'm not a class that's in demand at the moment which is unfortunate. This is my last ditch effort to find a guild that raids at 9pm weekdays on Oceanic Dath'remar/Khaz'gorath before I hang up my boots for good.Quigley1 Dec 8
Dec 6 WTS [Long-Forgotten Hippogryph] Barthalis Hi there, I'm selling The Long-Forgotten Hippogryph to Horde players on Barthalis. To get this mount may take upward of 4 hours, depending on the crystal locations and other factors. Time people simply do not have. Further this is only when the crystals are up, which is rare, and on Barthalis, its extremely competitive, making it very unlikely you will be lucky, even if you have invested multiple hours. For this reason, I'm saving players the hard work and countless hours of searching, by selling the mount. I do all the searching, and will simply message you when i have found all five of the crystals, i will take you to all the locations, and you will get the mount. Taking you less than 5 minutes. I'm selling this service for 200,000 WoW in-game gold. If you would like to talk further, add my Battle tag: Val#1939 or add my curse: Val96 and we can discuss details.Valdarus0 Dec 6
Dec 6 LFM to start a levelling group just looking to start a full group to start fresh in legion any new zone. grouping up is the quickest way to level. add me if you are instrested: dingolord#11962Kirkadin1 Dec 6
Dec 5 BGS IN MIST COMPARED TO WOD AND LEGION Just wondering why the ms went from 200ms average in mists to 300 plus ms average in wod and still in legion, never seen an explanation to this and it has made bgs almost unplayable for people playing on an oceanic server. tyJozs1 Dec 5
Dec 5 LGBT Guilds on Frostmourne Looking for one. Please let me know if you are part of, or know any :) Thanks!Iavana34 Dec 5
Dec 3 To many 7/7H guilds not enough players So my guild is having the problem of finding the last like 3 raiders for our mythic team, we cleared heroic in the first 2 weeks and have been farming ever since. The problem. To many guilds 7/7H taking up players with 10 man heroic teams! Are any other servers having this problem? it feels like there are just not enough players on our server now days. it never used to be a problem to find raiders but this xpack it has been impossible to fill our ranks! What can we do to fix this problem? it may only be my servers problem.Rumraisin1 Dec 3
Dec 3 resto/balance lf weekend prog guild 868 resto/balance druid lf weekend progression raiding guild currently have 7/7H but need to find a guild that progresses on weekends due to work sched during weeks.. Also currently have a mate who is 877 fire mage who is looking for the exactly the same thing.Auzzïemade0 Dec 3
Dec 3 <PRISM> LGBT guild. Good people. Gay people. <PRISM> is an established LGBT+ guild on Khaz'Goroth. Good people. Gay People. Our culture is what makes us fantastic. Everyone's pretty damn fabulous. Our biggest motivation in this game is having fun and enjoying each other's company, so social/casual members are very welcome. We also run 2 raid teams. On Mondays we run a social raid where all are welcome so long as they have the most basic gear together. It's fun. Drinks are recommended. On Thursdays we run our progression team, currently 7/7 H EN (on farm) and 3/4 N TOV. On both nights, raid time is 7.30-10.30pm Melbourne/Sydney time. All colours of the rainbow are invited. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans or any other letter/colour of your choosing. Some of our members are even !@#$%^. Our players come from all over Australia & NZ. If you're interested, pop on over to Khaz'Goroth an /who PRISM. Anyone can drop you an invite. Or send in-game mail to either Rhysana or ßjørn.ßjørn0 Dec 3