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Oct 16 Moving to NZ, can I play in Stormrage? Hello, Like the title says, I'm moving to NZ and I wondered how's the ms latency over there when playing in Americas servers? I have lotso friends in Stormrage-US and I am worried that from NZ , I may not be able to play with them anymore due to high latency... NZ players usually pick SEA/EU servers when playing their games or USA servers are OK?Ahmandi7 Oct 16
Oct 16 Emerald Nightmare - A hidden boss!!!! Hello guys, please watch this video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA4Fu1XmjSA Does blizzard start hidden some bosses in raids ?!!!Fireman0 Oct 16
Oct 15 H Caelestrasz (Hades)Perth Casual Guild Hi all Perth Based Horde Guild Hades is recruiting all, We are a very casual guild bunch vet Vanilla Players who have taken a step back and are mostly rl mates and are now looking for a good bunch of people who love the game but prioritize Life. Doing H's atm but would love to start a Mythic/Raiding Group when Numbers Permit. So if you're keen to hang with a good tight chill bunch of Adults get in contact with myself at @Arothoss#1722Arocaixs0 Oct 15
Oct 14 Oceanic RP Realm X-Post http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749087229 Are there any plans to open an RP Realm hosted in Sydney? Is this forum the best place for trying to make that happen, or should I use the in-game feedback function?Ljosalfr20 Oct 14
Oct 14 Faction Balance Across Oceanic (stale I know) What downs me out about this faction imbalance is that to the core id honestly consider myself a hordie at heart, the lore, the aesthetic, the races, all of it. But I know damn well the current situation of you poor bastards and getting your daily emissary quest/trying to summon at stones, so here I am, with my mates, all wishing we were horde but remain pidgeonholed here in order to do anything on a casual daily basis. Why not transfer? I can't budget a couple hundred to a videogame to transfer the amount of characters I like to play. So yes, sort this out, the lovelies at blizzard have enjoyed their CRZ (someone has to), so they may as well make a faction balancement out of it. 50/50 the ratio per zone, couldn't be that difficult. The franchise at it's core has always been the horde and alliance struggle. STRUGGLE. Right now I feel like I'm part of a bigger legion than anything Sargeras can shart out when I'm doing withered Jim and some poor sod Orc gets fustigated by enough unfocused alliance cleave and aoe to blot out the sun. Thanks for the read -A conceded hordieShadethi1 Oct 14
Oct 13 Recruit a friend! Found a friend already!Justingfun1 Oct 13
Oct 13 Roll Call: Where you hail from? Central Queensland checking in!Rivena391 Oct 13
Oct 13 Fix Orgrimmar - The Lag capital! Whats the deal? Orgrimmar has been lagging for almost every day for the past 2 weeks (especially on Khaz'goroth). Whats the deal? Takes a good 20-40 seconds to post an auction or even take something out of the bank, or even talk to a guard.... Any other Oceanic servers getting the same?Deathrowe2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Indonesia players - looking for help Hi All, I am in Jakarta for a few days for work and looking for help finding an internet cafe near by to play some wow. I am staying near this place (http://www.citywalksudirman.com//home/showlocation), as the traffic is pretty nuts here looking for something close by if possible. Thanks for your helpPositivity0 Oct 13
Oct 12 Quests for Rep i cannot find quests in stormheim to get the necessary rep needed to open world quests.. I over enthusiastically collected quests from all over the broken isles, and dumped most of them. stupid, I know, but my quest log got too full, and some of the quests I found were just irresistible. I am using my main Prudene, on Caelestrasz. fellow guildies have been really supportive, but have been unable to share their Stormheim quests as I am not eligible for them. is there some way to rectify this? I would be grateful for any positive advice. thank youDruihui0 Oct 12
Oct 12 What days are blizzcon for aus Hey sorry if this has been answered had a quick look but couldnt see it. What dates and starting times are blizzcon in aus does anyone know.Ihealitank2 Oct 12
Oct 11 Frostmourne Alliance:Horde Ratio Hi everyone. Does anybody know the alliance:horde ratio in frostmourne? I feel as if there are a lot more alliance players compared to that of horde. Most resting zones i have observed within legion has like a ratio of like 8:1. (I'm actually not exaggerating.) I can't level without being ganked by a bunch of alliance players every 10-15 minutes. I would transfer to a pve server but i can't afford to dish out $25 for each of my characters. :(Elluin2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Oceanic Roleplay! A guild has emerged! So my friends and I decided to create a guild on Aman'Thul for Roleplay called iRoleplay. We had seen all the posts on the forums for people asking for some Oceanic Roleplay and we decided to do something about it! Since this forum is General Discussion we aren't going to post the ad here but feel free to Check out the Oceanic Guild recruitment page for more information or whisper Sieralyn or Miayshu in game! See you guys there! P.S; We have already had some great interest so its not all for nothing. We want to make this big and eventually expand into several guilds. If Blizz won't give us an Oceanic RP Server we will make one! At least that's the theory.Seiralyn32 Oct 11
Oct 11 LF 3s team LF 3s team, kickback just tryna push 2k rating, maybe get a serious 3s team going hit me up if you're down. Poetes#1668Zaviar0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Need a change Hiya friends, A friend of mine and I have been playing alliance on Saurfang for awhile now and we've gotten rather tired of alliance and would like to find a horde server. I'm aware the majority of realms where decent sized horde communities lay are on PvP and we're not opposed to that, just want to make sure there's a decent community, guild opportunities, functioning AH all those good things you want in a realm. Also we're pretty raid orientated, not so much PvP - though we can do it from time to time. Can anybody out there help, or even give us their two cents about servers they know? Thanks guys.Fabhorn1 Oct 11
Oct 10 Jubei'thos - Selling Mythic + Hey all, Were selling mythic +'s using your key up to lvl 10. Come and get your AP, loot and 880 piece from your Order Hall chest at the end of week. We charge gold based off how many chests we complete in any given run. Please add me to battletag for more info: Realistphill#6914Realiststorm0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Well Done Gronks You did good. You played well and you came so close to beating Method. Im sure you had all Aus/NZ watchers cheering for you. You did us proud. I was on the edge of my seat in that final match. I hope you destroy who ever you go up against next!Hockeybalboa2 Oct 10
Oct 10 FIX HUNTERS!!! FIX HUNTERS! my guild will no longer take hunters for raid for the low dps we seem to pull. FIX this plz Blizz. this game is so under balanced. i understand pvp to pve, but come on fix PVE!!!! for hunters!!!!Poppie5 Oct 10
Oct 9 Which arena championships team is AUS/NZ? Was looking at the stream and noticed it doesn't say which of the 8 teams is from our region (The Latin American team seems a little obvious, haha). So...which one is the AUS/NZ team?Icaras2 Oct 9
Oct 8 LFM keystones Looking to team up to farm 2/3 keystones, need tank and heals, can fill dps but if you got a mate bring them along too, /w me ingame "suchdots" see ya thereSuchdots0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Artifact Relics. why is it that when my wife and i do world quests for artifact relics, She is always getting relics for doomhammer? when when we do heroics or anything like that, the relics she always gets are for doomhammer. it wouldn't be a big deal but she needs them for her resto spec. its been this way since we hit 110. her loot specialization is set to resto. and she is always in resto spec. any help would be great! ThanksTecna6 Oct 8
Oct 8 Faction imbalance // free realm transfers!! So i've been having the same problem as many on oceanic servers it seems, where the imbalance of horde / alliance on paticular servers is unbearable. frostmourne is hugely ally dominate and barthalis hugely horde dominated. I have characters on both and trying to level my alliance warrior on barthilas through the new legion content is almost impossible. Everywhere i go im outnumbered and being ganked, sometimes 5 to 1 and other times 10 to 1 - not to mention the other players are a lot of the time a much higher level due to the quests/mobs scaling and the number of 110s doing their world quests each day. Ive been playing wow on and off through all expansions and since vanilla but never have i been this frustrated trying to level. I have always played pvp servers and the BGs and arena is the main reason i play - i dont have a problem with being ganked every now or then, or having a fair 1v1 or 2v1 in world pvp. but 5v1 or lvl 110s one shotting me is NOT what i call pvp. If blizzard isn't going to do anything about faction imbalance, the least they could is give us an option of a free character transfer OUT and in to a lower populated, more faction balanced server I don't think I should have to spend another $25 to play the race i want to play. There are multiple other threads of people having the same problem so this is clearly an issue Thanks in advance if you support this and would like to see Blizz offer some free transfers.Punkemon7 Oct 8
Oct 8 Provectus 4/7 hm recruiting [Provectus] 4/7H Recruiting Exceptional Players, currently recruiting 1 Tank 2 healers, hunter, warlock and mage. Raid times wed sun mon 6pm till 10pm svt. add prome#1468Kuridiir0 Oct 8
Oct 7 850 Ret LF Raiding Guild - Frostmourne Hey guys experienced raider here looking for a progressive raiding guild. Have done 5/7 EN on Normal and will have 7/7 by the end of the week. Looking at Wednesday and Thursday raiding nights or weekend days. Cheer hit me up in game if interested :D!Diidy1 Oct 7
Oct 7 Recruitment: Barth H progression guild Not Arrogant Just Better Looking for reliable and committed raiders to join our core group. We have 8-10 players who always show up and have been playing together for multiple expansions. We are looking for approximately 4 more to complement what we already have. We raid: Thursday: 7:30pm-10:30pm ST Sunday: 7:00pm-10:30pm ST Classes and roles: We currently have: 1 x Mage 1 x Warlock 2 x Druid (heal and tank) 1 X Warrior 1 Priest (heal) 1 x Shammy (heal) 1 x Deamon Hunter 1 x Warrior (potential another recruited) 1 x Death Knight (tank) We are happy to switch roles around if you are a tank or healer. Our Vision: We are not a mythic Guild We aim to full clear H and have it on farm before new patches We aim to complete H raid achievement for mounts (once a raid is on farm this is our new goal) Loot Rules "Dont be a #!*!#@**" each raider has there stat priority as there guild notes. Role on gear if you need. We share it around and respect each other so if its a bigger upgrade for another person we pass it to them. General: We are mostly full time workers Australia between 20-30 We dabble in PvP We regularly do Mythic + We have full clear N 3 weeks in a row in 2-2.5 hours we are 1/7 H we rather not PUG hence the recruitment drive. Want to apply: Drop a reply here and ill link you vent details and we can have a chat to see if we are a good fit. Regards in advance!Xcloosivity1 Oct 7
Oct 6 What Oc Server has strong Horde Population? I'm playing Horde on Frostmourne and it's really bad. Most world quests have about 20-30 Alliance players running around with maybe 1 or 2 Horde players. That is no joke. Today one WQ went like this: Arrive at location just as boss is dying. 4 Alliance players kill me. Run back to corpse and wait for boss to rez. Chuck on dots...alliance players kill me. Wait before rezzing to get 'kill' and complete quest. Rez and run to loot boss body... Alliance players kill me. This is Horde Frostmourne rinse and repeat. So, where do I transfer? What Oceanic Servers have at least a reasonable Horde population? And just 'cause I can't resist having a knock at Blizz...how do you let this kind of imbalance happen?Gronkky12 Oct 6
Oct 6 Curious about a trader... how do I do this? There is a trader who has large volume across quite a few accounts and constantly undercuts the market by thousands of gold, selling high end enchants below cost. How does he get so much inventory if he's selling below cost? His alts are a similar story. theunderminejournal.com/#us/frostmourne/seller/lightshockx How do I start trading on this scale? How is it profitable?Softgrip1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Dedication Issues Just out of curiosity guys, what is with players who wants to raid joins a Guild to raid then leave a week or so later after joined and raided without saying a word? I find it is pretty rude when they do that, specially after they raided a couple of times and gotten 1 or 2 pieces of loot before leaving without any reason why. Has anyone else had anything like that before? I would like to know on everyone's opinion about this.Goldzy3 Oct 6
Oct 5 Dreadmaul Horde to Ally imbalance What is with the massive amount of horde characters now dominating world zones in the Dreadmaul Battlegroup. I'm not sure what happened, pre-legion it never felt like this, now it is almost impossible to get through questing / PvE content. I get it, I play on a PvP server, but this is ridiculous in terms of the ratios, and there is very rarely a fair fight. Blizz, can you fix it? can you add an Ally heavy server into the mix or something, or cycle one of the horde heavy realms out? I can't see any enjoyment in sitting through this, and will be hoping xfer's go through soon.Ignore2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Arena buddies im looking for people to do 3s with, serious stuff 2k+ xp preff. i need people from oceanic servers who are on in the mornings and early afternoons, hit me up with what classes you can play and we can figure out a comp that works bestLilbaws0 Oct 5
Oct 4 Good Server? So i want to make a new alt on an oceanic server but i dont know which one to make it on, which servers are merged (like how my sever ravencrest is merged with uldaman), which servers have more alliance than horde (and vice versa)......... and finally, which (in your opinion) is a friendly server. im just looking for a pve server that is close to me (which are the oceanic servers... australia)Vuluua3 Oct 4
Oct 3 Looking for guild I'm an american but I bartend so I can't raid within normal raiding or grouping times for most Americans. I love my guild but I can't play with them. I've played since launch on multiple classes. Love healing and dps. ideal guild would be a heroic progression guild.Pandalock1 Oct 3
Oct 3 Suramar and Artifact Power? Hi all. Sorry if this topic has already been brought up before but just how much A.P does the Suramar quest lines give? My initial plan was to hold off farming AP from ....anything until I have heaps of Artifact knowledge and do it in one hit. However, I'm getting inpatient and bored with world quests. How does time spent in Suramar questing compare to time spent doing world quests for A.P? - because if they roughly the same, then I'll just smash it out now.Katalisa1 Oct 3
Oct 2 Lf healer and dps, mythic + As title suggests, looking for a healer and a dps for mythic + we run several most weeks. Want someone that is dedicated and is keen to push for that mythic 10. Group highest has been mythic 7 so far. Send me a invite on apathy#1698 Current line up: Feral druid Blood Dk Windwalker monk Beastmaster hunter. Need a healer and a sub dps in case some1 cant make itRnv2 Oct 2
Oct 2 I heard sundays were for trolls So this is a troll post. Stalin for president. That is all.Mórrígan1 Oct 2
Oct 2 OCE first thunderfury skin http://imgur.com/a/8XdKY just got my thunderfury skin 55 mins ago pretty sure im OCE firstFapzruki1 Oct 2
Oct 2 Fire mage looking for guild Hello, Looking for a guild who wants to progross through mythics and raids, and are active on voice comms, thankyou ilvl 845Kazboss2 Oct 2
Oct 1 Tomb of Sargeras I created a video guys on the best route and only way to get to the Tomb of Sargeras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-86M4vRg_XU I hope it helps and thank you for watching!Meique0 Oct 1
Sep 30 (A)Looking for players for Mythic + farm Hi guys Looking for Healers & Tanks to do mythic + farming with. Normally run a full in house group doing mythic +2 as the demand is so high at the moment. Most of the time i am forced to play the healer. I just want to see if others are interested in grouping up and rotating the roles around. If interested just post your spec and btag (Alliance only)Hoodzey0 Sep 30
Sep 29 Suggestion: Restore pre-legion tab targeting Please restore the old tab targeting. This new random one is giving everyone headaches. Tab targeting should: Target any enemy attacking you first. Target nearest next. And then next closest and so on.. The current tab targeting system is horrificElectrolux3 Sep 29
Sep 28 Can horde get the vulpin the elusive quest? Or is it alliance exclusive? ThanksFelmael0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Ursoc Heroic - Emerald Nightmare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u0H_xR7ANw This fight is not hard but one mistake = wipe!!!Abohassan0 Sep 28
Sep 27 Best Dumbass move of the week me: didn't wait for an elevator in a certain dungeon and died, twice.Tird6 Sep 27
Sep 27 846 Outlaw Rogue LF Guild 846 Rogue exp raider LF raiding guild. Nothing too hardcore but progressive, fun and no political BS and stable. Ideal times: 7pm to 11pm (UTC +10 Canberra, Melb, Syd) WED/THURS/SUN/MON I've done too many server xfers only to be disappointed so rather stay on Barth.Papamidnyte2 Sep 27
Sep 26 Wrong end of the knife When I got to kill Feorias he is stunned and you cannot kill him is it a bug or is there a trick to killing him help plsHumblehunter2 Sep 26
Sep 25 (H) <Pug Lyfe> Area 52 7/7H En Pug Lyfe is a hardcore 7/7H raiding guild on Area 52 that aims to push Mythic progression in to the US100. Our story is an interesting one. Like many other raiders, we came from guilds that promised a progression mindset but then weren't willing to do what it took to cut the fat to move forward. A group of us put together a raid of people from different servers and managed to clear Heroic Xavius. That raiding group decided if we could pug Heroic faster than our guilds could clear, we ought to just start our own group. What you can expect: - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30pm - 12:30am Eastern time, with hard cutoff times. - Occasional additional raids for progression pushes. - Zero tolerance for failure to improve performance. - Teammates that are active and working on their characters on non-raid nights. - All raiders utilizing max level consumables, regardless of the expense. - Collaborative consumable production - you put in effort, and we will be too. - Constructive criticism from thick skinned raid members. If you can't take criticism and acknowledge mistakes, this will not be a good culture fit for you. Application Requirements: - Warcraftlogs to back up your current performance and progression. - Vocal interview. - Prospect/Trial period. Initial heroic raid trial can be cross-server, but if we decide to move forward, immediate transfer will be required. - Positive, proactive attitude. If you are interested in discussing further, please feel free to add and message one of the following officers: Convoluted#11245 - GM / Co-raid leader Ath#1776 - Recruiting officerÐeathnote0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Should i play on US or Oceanic Server? So i've returned from a long break and i noticed that the oceanic which is the australian servers where i live,all has low population which concerns me if i queue up for dungeons and things (i have no friends irl that plays wow,don't ask) and it will take very very long or none at all which i don't like but i do get good latency on oceanic servers. But i did noticed that on the US side servers,they have some good medium to high population servers which is what i wanted but the down side is,i get like i think is over 100 latency (still green) and i'm worried that if my family uses internet or downloads something that will bring my latency up which will increase my lag. So yeah,basically the point of this thread is that i don't know which to decide,either oceanic (excellent ping,but low population) or US (Medium to high population,but could result to high ping (aka lag)). But since at the time of this thread was created,it was quite early in the morning,i might come back later like in the afternoon which i'm sure everyone will be up by then and see if the population will increase,but if not,then i might really consider going to US servers.Darkljas10 Sep 25
Sep 25 Myth+ Team Recruitment Hey all, Just putting a post out there to see if anyone is interested in pushing seriously for +15 and without a team. Our team is extremely experienced having sold Gold and realm best carries for the majority of WoD. We've all held multiple titles at various points and are looking to push times and sell carries for Legion. We're currently looking for a sub monk and/or hunter, however we're happy to work with others if you excel at your class. Hit me up if you think you'd be interested, cheers! Ticka#1411 Here's where you can check out what others have said about our team! http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745135349#post-17 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745225279?page=2#post-25 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745065299?page=1Tickaa0 Sep 25
Sep 24 24 Hr Emerald Nightmare Community Raidathon Hello Everyone, Its been awhile since the FriendshipMoose groups! I hope everyone has been enjoying Legion as much as I have. For those that recall, there was a lot of questions that came up as to what would be next after FriendshipMoose. I mentioned things such as FriendshipLegion and FriendshipMoose 2.0. FriendshipLegion was created as a guild on Cenarius for taking the idea of FriendshipMoose and expanding it at a guild level and to the rest of the WoW community. It has so far become a home to 100s of people and has expanded to 2 other servers, Blackrock and Stormrage. We also have a Discord where anyone is able to join to make new friends within the Warcraft community. FriendshipMoose 2.0 will still be a thing in Legion. We will be helping the Warcraft community obtain the Defiled Grove Warden, which is achieved by doing Glory of the Legion Raider. Currently at this time, this is unobtainable until the Suramar raid opens. The great thing about FriendshipMoose 2.0 this time around is that it will get the community a more sense of raiding, while at the same time earn achievements to get the moose mount. There will be more details on this as we get closer to the Suramar raid opening. Now for the main topic, the 24 hour raidathon that will be happening on 9/24 from 12 AM EDT - 9/25 12 AM EDT. With the end of the St. Jude Play Live Alienware campaign that Team Zelse is taking part in, I wanted to put together another 24 hour event and at the same time help the Warcraft community. Our team has managed to raise about $6,800 since mid-August ($19,000 for the year), which puts us $5,200 from our $12,000 goal. I figured with the Nightmare raid opening that a lot of people would want to come and experience it. What I will be doing is putting a raid together for 24 hours and rotating people out every 2 hours. Pretty much every 2 hours I will reset the Emerald Nightmare and bring in new people. I most likely will have 10-15 FriendshipLegion and/or carriers from FriendshipMoose helping, which will leave 15-20 spots per 2 hours. This should help with people that are looking to see what the raid is like. There are a few minimal requirements: -Level 110 Alliance -ilvl 840 with main spec: I will lower this over time as I experience the difficulty -Must be able to get on Mumble or Discord: For now, this will be for normal. With this being new, I feel jumping straight to heroic may not be a fun experience for everyone. I'm hoping that those that are able to get in are able to use this experience to help further their own progression in the Emerald Nightmare and to help them further gear their character up. Overall, the idea is to have fun for a good cause. Inviting will be similar to how I did invites to FriendshipMoose most likely. I will announce a keyword during the stream and then randomly select people that type the keyword. Another thing I may do is just make a group in group finder and invite the first set of people that sign up. If I do this method, I will mention where to look in group finder in it and may state keyword for people to use in their note. The reason for the keyword in note is prevent those that use an addon to instantly sign-up for groups. Also, remember that you do not have to follow or subscribe to the channel to get in. This is open to everyone. This won't be the only time I am looking to help the community pre-FriendshipMoose 2.0. Starting sometime in October, I will put these type of events together a couple of times a week to get the community involved with friendly progressive raiding/gearing. I will most likely set 3-4 hours raid days where I randomly bring people into experience the content. 1 day could be for normal and the other could be for heroic. This will be set and scheduled out when they start in October. As always, the entire idea is to help the Warcraft community. FriendshipMoose brought a lot of people together and helped people make a lot of new friends. I want this to continue and for everyone to have a pleasant experience while playing WoW. If anyone needs any further detail on this, please feel free to DM me on Twitch or TwitterZelse5 Sep 24
Sep 23 Horde Barthilas 1750+ PvP <Speed Dealers> Pure pvp orientated guild that does weekly rbg groups and an easy way to find team mates! To join simply message an officer with your highest arena or rbg achievement and play! Join now if you want to own pvp! Guild ran by timzilla (glad dk) and various 2400+ players!Skeetzy0 Sep 23