Mobile Bug Report

Sep 12, 2018 Companion App does not work on Chromebook Legion app worked fine, has not worked since BfA update. Google Play states it is compatible but attempting to run results in the app crashing shortly after the splash screen. You can JUST see the grey background where it would normally come up with the "connecting" spinner.Fartatotem0 Sep 12, 2018
Sep 12, 2018 Emissary rewards shown Tooltip showing emissary reward now showing different item than in gameBlessonline0 Sep 12, 2018
Sep 11, 2018 Wow companion app cannot connect I have wifi that's working. Can't seem to connect to the wow companion app. I even tried it using my data. Same error cannot connect.Leens0 Sep 11, 2018
Sep 10, 2018 Ruinous Bolt Bugged The azerite trait "Ruinous bolt" when it procs in combat it pulls everything even if your not in combat with it. it makes doing any dungeon extremely frustrating when the entire area gets pulled.Ravenslord4 Sep 10, 2018
Sep 10, 2018 Problems when collecting missions I have problems with the app, I have sent the missions of champions and having completed them does not let me pick up the booty so it does not allow me to use the champions again. I sent tikets to support with the corresponding photos and they redirected me to here. I have reinstalled the app and it continues without changing anything. This problem arose 2 days ago.Indaxtexma0 Sep 10, 2018
Sep 10, 2018 CAN WE GET A FEATURE ROADMAP?!? So when can we expect the calendar feature to go live? That would be really useful. A lot of people are expecting the mobile armory and the remote auction house to make a comeback in the all in one companion app. It would also be nice to be able to track world quests and missions from legion since you know we need a ton of rep to unlock some of the allied races. So what’s the plan with this app? A feature roadmap would clear all of this up and would make me more patient with the app. But it’s buggy, and nearly featureless. Heck the character viewer doesn’t even tell you your item level.Necrovegeta0 Sep 10, 2018
Sep 9, 2018 Open app, download stops at 50% After the most recent update to the companion app (v 2.0.27488), when I open the app, it starts up to a Downloading screen, the bar loads till about 50% and stops, the app then becomes unresponsive. Support recommended that I wipe my phone and try again. That didn’t work, the next recommendation was to post here, any suggestions? Using iPhone X with most recent OSSkeetervalen1 Sep 9, 2018
Sep 7, 2018 1-Click two-factor authentication isn't working Open Blizzard launcher. Type in account password. I have two-factor authentication using my iPhone app enabled, so that screen launches, showing the code. I launch the app on my phone. Code matches, so I tap "Approve" (or whatever it says). Blizzard launcher then...circles back to where I need to type in my password. Again. EVERY TIME. I know the workaround for this--namely, just go the 2 or 3 extra steps and manually type in the 8-9 digit code. But c'mon, guys--this was an issue back in June, and it's still an issue today. Either do away with the 1-Click option, or figure out the underlying issue.Miusterne0 Sep 7, 2018
Sep 5, 2018 WoW Companion App Bug On the WoW companion app when I am recruiting troops the app shows that my war resources are spent but none of the troops are recruited. I have done it twice now trying to recruit 3 troops for a total wasted amount of 150 war resources. I'm at work currently so I have not had the opportunity to check if this change is reflected in game.Frostaìds0 Sep 5, 2018
Sep 5, 2018 WOW Legion Companion problem. I am not finding any answers. I have tried different forums and everyone seems to asking the same question, but I don't see any answers. I cannot find any specific info on the android app for wow legion companion. Most are complaining about the never connecting problem. And that is a problem, but my problem is after I connect and log on. It tells me, No Missions available at this time, No Recruits available, and No War Resources .. ??? I have deleted and reloaded the app three times. Can anyone tell me how to fix this ? It was running just fine before the big change.Killroy4 Sep 5, 2018
Sep 5, 2018 New Update Force Caps on Login Updated the app and when I try to log in the app is forcing caps, but my password has lowercase in it. When i try to put in my password to get into my account it always errors out because it is forced into capital letter. Any way around this so I can log in? Edit: I am on android version 7.0 if that is helpfulLilojigsaw4 Sep 5, 2018
Sep 5, 2018 Outpost upgrade not working I recently finished some outpost upgrade using the app. But when I go in game there are no upgrade quest show up. And the mission is gone table now.Mairil0 Sep 5, 2018
Sep 5, 2018 Lost War resources I used the recruit troops and it didn’t give me troops. Then I closed and reopened the app and was missing 125 resources.Royji1 Sep 5, 2018
Sep 4, 2018 Legion companion app issues.. 1. Enable sfx button seems to not be working as in sfx is on regardless oh whether the box is ticked or not 2. Graphic for essence missions on iOS is currently not working 3. No access to change characters. Previously you would click on the toon top right corner and an option to change characters would come up, this no longer exists and the “log out” button which currently comes up returns you to the load screen and if you then try to change accounts, it logs you right back into the character you were on. These problems exist for me on both iOS and Android. I’ve tried deleting the app on both and reinstalling with no change. Is anyone else having these problems?Chalem36 Sep 4, 2018
Sep 3, 2018 Mission success Biilgewater sabotage Small Azerite quest offered today. Type: stealth Add Magister Umbria, counters one ability, success changes to 90% Add blood fang stalkers, counters second ability, success drops to 25% Removed blood fang stalkers, added Kelsey steel spark, counters nothing, success now at 145% Add bloodfang stalkers, which counters that second, and success drops once more to 50% Seems something is not registering here...Moirasha1 Sep 3, 2018
Sep 3, 2018 Trouble with Companion App Hello, As of two days ago I am no longer able to log onto my main character in my companion app, only my alts. The game will either say that character is already logged in or flat our crash and go to the phone screen. I have already reinstalled the app and changed my blizzard password because I saw prior issues like this for Legion but those have no helped. I also heard it may be an issue with the boat upgrades? please help!Stormboli2 Sep 3, 2018
Sep 2, 2018 Follower gear procs? Hi, When using the mobile app (iOS 11.4.1/iPhone X) if your follower has profession gear equipped, how can you tell if that mission proced any items? (Fish,herbs, etc)? I think in WoD (I could be wrong) it gave you a little bag, they you opened in game, so you could tell if you got anything. Is the only way currently, to basicly count your stuff before you quit the game, then recount when you login after using the mobile app? Or am I missing something? Thanks.Gurukaos0 Sep 2, 2018
Aug 31, 2018 Starting companion App missions I have been unable to start missions with the new Companion app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but I can not begin a mission. I have clicked on a follower and everything I can think of but I can not assign a follower to a mission. Any ideas?Asukazil0 Aug 31, 2018
Aug 30, 2018 Mobile App Not Working on Iphone 6? I updated the mobile app today, and it just keeps making me re-enter my login info and re-authenticate. Sometimes it just get stucks at logging in (spinning gears). Is the App down, or is there an issue with iphone 6 plus? Any help would be app-preciated. ;)Primalbeast8 Aug 30, 2018
Aug 30, 2018 Wolves Den Upgrade Broken Wolves Den Upgrade for Horde flight point in Kul Tiras quest is broken. You cannot start it you just get a box popup with Generic "Description" Text Aug 30, 2018
Aug 29, 2018 Companion App Not Recruiting, Taking Resources I am attempting to recruit two sets of minions from the Companion App. When I recruit them, it takes my War Resources (25 resources each, 50 total). However, I am unable to properly recruit them and send them on missions. Moreover, they do not populate on the screen even though the *green checkmark* shows. I attempted to do this three or four times, and now I still do not have the two sets of minions and my War Resources depleted by ~150 - 200**. **Confirmed by logging in and checking from actual game interface. Someone replying to this and providing me a solution for the Companion App to work would be great (downloaded and reinstalled it twice). It would also be great if my War Resources were restored because of this bug. I thank you for a future blue post and a resolution to my issue.Pharoanx2 Aug 29, 2018
Aug 29, 2018 Success rate of mission is wrong? Hey everyone. Last night when I was getting ready to log off I started my missions in game. I always make sure that my mission success is at least about 100%. Selecting your main followers already puts missions around 60% anyways. When I got on the app this morning, it said one of my missions had a 40% success rate, and failed. Has anyone else noticed this weird glitch?Frederrick4 Aug 29, 2018
Aug 28, 2018 no push notification on samsung note 9 as per title, im currently using note 9, but i cant get the push notification on this app or when i do get it it's when im login in the game which is well pointless already ticked in the settings anyone else with the same phone or other phone with similar issues and what's the solution? thanksMuzox0 Aug 28, 2018
Aug 27, 2018 IOS 12 Beta issue Running the app in the latest public IOS beta, and am unable to collected recruited troops. Any time I attempt to collect any, the progress indicator is indefinitely displayed and closing and reopening the app results in the spot being vacant and having to recruit again. Have lost about 200 resources as a result.Pwnan0 Aug 27, 2018
Aug 27, 2018 Companion App 200% no Bonus Loot Hopefully i'm not the only one having this bug: I finished the rare follower quest "Goblins in Drustvar!" with 200% mission success and was shown that it failed the bonus loot even though all hazards were countered and it was supposed to be guaranteed. I've already spoken to 3 GM's using the in-game ticket, the last one recommended I make a post here.Óríon1 Aug 27, 2018
Aug 27, 2018 BFA Companion APP Incorrect Info I can see my characters, but after selecting it does not show reources, missions, etc.Larth0 Aug 27, 2018
Aug 26, 2018 Stucked mission Cannot claim finished mission.Jjaann2 Aug 26, 2018
Aug 26, 2018 Android Navbar Force-hidden Repeatedly Hi, I tried reporting this via Google Play's "contact the author" link and my email was bounced back; might wanna fix that email address. Anyway, Whenever I am using the BfA companion app on either of my Android devices, the navigation bar and status bar are force-hidden by the app, like how video players etc hide them. The issue is that swiping up from the bottom or down from the top (like you're supposed to be able to) only make those UI elements appear for a couple FRAMES before they are re-hidden again. This makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to exit the app. My devices are: - LG G5 running its original software, Android version 7.0 - Samsung Galaxy S4 running LineageOS 14.1, Android version 7.1 The same issue affects both devices (although the S4 also has a hardware home button, thankfully) and I've literally NEVER seen another app do anything like this on either device. I have to ask, why does this app even force fullscreen at all? Is there a reason I shouldn't use my back button or see my clock while in your app??Kedris0 Aug 26, 2018
Aug 25, 2018 Companion App troop recruitment broken I have been trying to recruit troops from the companion app, but when I do it immediately says that I can collect (I have the teleportation network so it should work like that) but the when I collect them the image changes to horde logo with a loading symbol this remains until you end your session. When you log back into the app it's gone and allows you to recruit to fill the spot that is now empty again, also the resources you spent the first time are also still goneMuuzza2 Aug 25, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 Wow Companion App Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, but the wow companion app does not work on my S9+. It says connecting and after a few seconds it just closes itself.Noleafclover3 Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 Companion App crashing Samsung s9+. Less than a month old. Companion app starts up. Let's me log in. But it crashes from the connecting screen every time. I've read 50 forum posts about this already. (All EU I believe but didn't see a response other than "oh well,sorry" on any of them.) Have tried restarting phone and reinstalling completely.Xireef2 Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 Anyword yet on doing missions? Ive seen others besides myself with this problem of not being able to send followers on missions. But i havent seen or heard anything from anyone on how to do this. With legion you would just tap the followet but thats not working here, nor is trying to drag and drop them. Ive tried looking online for help and found nothing and there is no help button or instructions within the app itself. Come on blizz, little help here please?Amethyist1 Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 WOW COMPANION APP CAPS LOCK LOGIN IN FAILURE WoW Companion App can’t log in using IOS devices as app entering CAPS only for username and password. So password is failing (case sensitive). The Campanion app is ignoring the actual case settings on the device keyboard and persists despite forced closure of app and rebooting device. Has affected my iPhone 7, my iPad Pro, and my wife’s iPhone X. All with latest IOS. Seems must be an app issue. All other apps (including what I’m writing now) are using keyboard normally.Vynlordron4 Aug 24, 2018
Aug 23, 2018 Crafting windows won't open Every once in a while I try to open up a crafting window and its just does not appear. I don't have many addons and they are all updated.Vandithalas1 Aug 23, 2018
Aug 23, 2018 Champions Stuck in Mission that Doesn't Exist I have used the app to start and finish missions, but the last one I did the app crashed when I clicked to turn it in. Now on the app there's nothing to turn in. What makes this a huge problem, is in game (And the App), two of my champions are stuck as "On Mission" With "0 sec" remaining, which means I can't send them on missions, kinda crippling my ability to do missions at all. I submitted a ticket and was told "There's no mission in progress" so post on this board... Ok, now what? Does someone help me out, or am I just screwed out of missions?Cathall1 Aug 23, 2018
Aug 23, 2018 update failing I just tried to update the WoW mobile app on my Kindle Fire 10, and it shows it updating however when I try and open it it says it needs to be updated. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I am still getting the same issue.Hâru0 Aug 23, 2018
Aug 23, 2018 Companion App crashing When I select a filter for World Quest type and zoom in on the map, the app crashes. It also crashes if I zoom in and then select a filter.Wigrafzrolok0 Aug 23, 2018
Aug 22, 2018 Companion app weapon bug? Hello, today at work I was looking at my character via the companion app. I noticed that my main hand weapon seems to be showing drastically lower int stat than it should. I crafted the hardened tempest knuckles and they are supposed to have 400 int as per the recipe but my companion app is showing 82. Am I missing some crucial details or am I just crazy?Lobsterbib2 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 22, 2018 How to a mission Tapping on a follower doesn't put him/her in the slot like the Legion app did, can't drag, can't click the empty portrait. Not sure what is happening here. Moto X 2 (a little old, yea), Android 5.1. I logged out of the app completely, then back in and re-authenticated. Still the same.Tarc4 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 22, 2018 Companion app - One of the worst apps I've ever used Hello, I'd like to leave my complaints here about the companion app. It is by far, one of the worst apps I've ever used. It is beautifully done and allows me to get to game features that speed up my progress in the game, but it is a piece of crap when it comes to actual usage. It more often than not disconnects you (even though I have a 4G+ connection on my smartphone and a 35Mb connection at work) then prevents you from logging the same character after the disconnect, stating that said character is already connected. Also takes a long !@# time to load anything (took my Motorola G5S Plus 32s from launch to map screen), that is, when it connects right away, not to mention that changing characters takes another 15s. It also happens that the chance meter bugs when you are selecting champions/troops and will not display anything but the swirling gauge forever, requiring a restart (with the complication of another 30s of time wasted and a probable "charecter already connected" issue). These are unforgivable things for a billionaire company such as Blizzard. The legion app had the same issues, but I thought that as it was a new thing, the new version would solve most of its issues, but things are the same lol Interestingly enough, the Armory app was faster, even though it was older and had its bugs but a lot more features than the current one has.Taurone0 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 22, 2018 Recruiting Troops fails but takes resources When I recruit troops it takes my war resources, but after waiting the 30 minutes, when I go to collect the troops, it just "spins" and then I never receive my troops. I have lost probably at least 150 resources trying to recruit troops using the app to do my missions. Please help, this is really frustrating, especially since the companion app is the best way to do these missions, and if things are timegated behind the mission rewards, using the app is basically necessary to progress in the game. Happy to share screenshots I have and other info. Using Android 9.0 on Google Pixel. Thank you for your assistance.Azankir2 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 22, 2018 Not having Legion order hall is unacceptable Not having access to Legion order hall in the companion app is unacceptable, Blizzard. I mean, what were you thinking? Oh yeah, I forget, you prefer to change things without giving people warning. Either restore our access to the Legion app, or you can forget about me ever buying BfA or any other expansion after this. (and I've played since the beginning). I'm quite sure I'm not alone in saying this, and I'm sure that many others are just as angry as I am.Arissarue1 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 BfA Mission time reset I had a Rare BfA mission, Investigate Wailing Caverns, where the timer was around 40mins remaining Tuesday morning, but later that morning, the timer reset and it's now over 16 hours left to complete :( The original duration was over 1 day in length, which it was close to completing. Anyone else run into this today? Not sure if regular maintenance may have played a role in this? ThanksNitewarlock0 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 WoW Legion Companion App WoW Legion Companion App no longer available. Characters still in Legion can’t see their order halls. Will you put the legions capabilities on WoW Companion since the title represents the whole WoW game.Tiffanyann4 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 missing rewards Completed 2 missions successfully. no rewards -4 Honorbound rep items. How do I get the missing rewards restored?Lillithh0 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Outpost Upgrade Mission with Mobile App Upon attempting to start a mission to upgrade an outpost through the mobile app, I received the following filler string error message. In case it helps, not all of the "threats" were accommodated, but a 100%+ success rate was displayed.Voodont0 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Success Rate with Magister Umbric The problem I'm seeing regarding success rate is I'll select Magister Umbric, the success rate goes to 90%, I add a troop for the other counter and then it falls to 35%. I added another follower and the success went to 60%. This is with everything countered appropriately. I ran the mission anyway thinking it was a UI bug not displaying the bonus % correctly. I was wrong. That as my actual success rate and I failed miserably. I'm only seeing this problem with Magister Umbric. OnePlus 6 with Android 8.1.0 and OxygenOS 5.1.11Greyloren2 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Losing Resources bug When i recruit my Alliance Troops after the waiting time it just loads forever and then they disapear, costing me resources for basically nothing. I'm pretty sure it's due to the poor connectivity with the app. i have tried multiple times on the best network connections available to me. The app seems buggy. Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Can't access legion missions anymore! Please put the legion app back in service or at the very least make us a class hall hearthstone.Fpsrussian10 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Login requires subscription bug I recently started my account and upon downloading the armory i am unable to log in with the app saying that log in requires subscription. I have subscribed for 3 months so not sure why this issue is occurring.Itshenrylad2 Aug 20, 2018