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Nov 11 Greetings from Blizzard Mobile! Hello Everyone! My name is Liogela, and I am the new Mobile Bug Report Forums moderator. To give you a brief background on myself, I am a representative and employee of the Blizzard Quality Assurance department. I have been with the department for over 4 years and have been involved as a tester and/or leader on several of our major titles over that time span. I am now working specifically with the Blizzard Mobile QA and Development teams and will act as your liaison to the Mobile testing team. While our Quality Assurance team works very hard to help make our apps as clean as possible, our resources can never match the thousands upon thousands of users of our apps. That's where you come in! These forums have always been one of the best places for QA to get reports from the players. The reports logged here go directly to our testing team who research them in controlled environments. Let me assure you that we do read every thread that is posted here. I will try to be as interactive as possible within this community. I am excited for us to work together as we enter the next chapter in the epic saga of Blizzard Mobile Development. Important Threads: How to write a good bug report - Guidelines (this one is super important) - Nov 11
Dec 2, 2014 Remote App and Authenticator Release Notes As requested, I have gone ahead and created an unofficial set of release/patch notes for the several released versions of both the Mobile App and the Authenticator. I intend to keep this up-to-date with future versions as well. Keep in mind, this is not a complete set of notes due to the fact that I am not involved in the internal development/QA process, so any fixes or changes made that the public are unaware of, I won't be able to log. WoW Remote App Version 3.2.0 (iOS) - November 23rd, 2011 Real-time realm status is now available from the main menu. In the Browse Items interface, you can now view all items from a particular raid boss and sort items by class. Support for Brazilian Portuguese Various bug fixes Version 2.2.2 (Android) - November 23rd, 2011 In the Browse Items interface, you can now view all items from a particular raid boss and sort items by class. Android devices with smaller screen sizes (240x320) are now supported. Support for Brazilian Portuguese Various bug fixes Version 2.1.3 - August 21st, 2011 Added Talent Calculator Version 2.1.1 - July ?th, 2011 ??? Version 2.1.0 - July 19th, 2011 Added Talents & Glyphs, Reputations, Professions, Calendar Events, and Bookmarks Improved search technology Links to items and achievements received in Remote Guild Chat now link to those sections in the app. Links to enchants, quests, abilities, talents, and professions received in Remote Guild Chat now display tool tips. Various bug fixes Version 2.0.3 - May 8th, 2011 AH authenticated actions fail: Character Not in a Guild: Temporarily Unavailable: Version 2.0.2 - May 3rd, 2011 DroidX Freezing: Changed logout time: Version 2.0.1 - May 2nd, 2011 Force Close: Version 2.0.0 - April 25th, 2011 The World of Warcraft Auction House app is now known as the World of Warcraft Remote app, and a number of new features have been added. The new Remote Guild Chat feature allows you to participate in your guild's in-game chat channel in real-time, have one-on-one conversations with members of our guild, and more. Added character sheets Added support for guilds Search for characters, items guilds Bug fixes and UI Improvements At this time, the free preview of Remote Guild Chat is only available to characters on the following game realms: All North/South American and Oceanic Realms All European Realms All Korean Realms ---- Mobile Authenticator (iPhone) Version 1.3.1 - June 8th, 2011 Version 1.3.0 - ??? Version 1.0.1 - March 11th, 2010 A new "Copy" feature lets you copy the currently displayed authentication code into your device's clipboard. You can then paste it into other text entry fields, such as when accessing Account Management from your mobile. Miscellaneous UI improvements Version 1.0.0 - March 31st, 2009 Originally released. Mobile Authenticator (Android) Version 1.1.0 - July 5th, 2011 Widget support New "restore" feature Version 1.0.0 - February 10th, 2010 Originally released. Mobile Authenticator (Windows Phone 7) Version 1.0.0 - July 5th, 2011 Originally released. Mobile Authenticator (Various Mobile Phones) Version 1.0.0 - July 20th, 2009 Originally released. ________________________________________________ The Chat Gem Lives! Fansite Administrator: DiabloFans, SC2Mapster, SC2ReplayedSixen56 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 Authenticator Changes I've seen a couple of threads asking about the change to the Authenticator and why they aren't being prompted upon login, so I figured i'd port over the announcement from Zarhym here for those who may have missed it. ... ________________________________________________ The Chat Gem Lives! Fansite Administrator: DiabloFans, SC2Mapster, SC2ReplayedSixen10 Dec 24, 2014
Sep 25, 2016 Unable to Connect to Guild Chat after Paid Service Hello, I've been unable to connect to remote my guild chat through any mobile armory (tried with WiFi and 3G already) not even with an Android Emulator, after we performed a guild name change. I am able to connect to my Bank guild's guild chat, which haven't changed name. As a programmer I believe that this can be caused by some sort of ID problems with the guild name changes. Looking forward for a fix.Anshlun145 Sep 25, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Legion Companion App Known Issues Greetings all, Below is a list of known issues we have for the WoW Legion Companion App. Please note that this list is not complete with every issue we're aware of, but a sample of bugs that we believe will be most visible to players. Social Guild members may appear to be online while using the app. Characters logged into the app can be sent whispers. (App users will not receive messages.) Connection & Performance Device Auto-lock may cause a disconnect and require re-authentication. The app may hang for 5-10 seconds when resuming from a minimized state. Locking the device or losing network connection while logging in may reuqire a full restart for subsequent login attempts. Double clicking the cancel button while logging into a character may cause a disconnect. Users who lock their device while using the app may disconnect themselves from the WoW Client after unlocking it and Auto-reconnect activates. Login button may fail to display text. Display Mission Screen - Available and In-Progress Mission tabs may display scrambled text at times. On screen keyboards may hide input boxes on the credential screen when using smaller devices.Arvaanas0 Sep 6, 2016
Apr 27, 2011 Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not QA Bugs Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs. There are many issues that are repeatedly reported on these forums to Blizzard that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. 1. The Mobile Armory does not ask for my Authenticator when I log in. 2. The Mobile Auction House tells me I'm in game when I'm not. 3. I can't whisper anyone on my friends or RealID friends lists with Remote Guild Chat. 4. I just left my guild, but Remote Guild Chat still shows me as a member of that guild. 5. The Character Profile for my sub-level 10 character says my character can't be found. 6. There aren't any timestamps in Remote Guild Chat. 7. I can't see messages sent by my in-game character on Remote Guild Chat when logged into Remote Guild Chat with the same character. 8. Multitasking out of the Remote Guild Chat app immediately logs me off. 9. When I'm in-game, I can't see mobile guild chat messages, but everyone else can. 10. My characters don't show up on the Armory, and I can't use the Auction House, Guild Chat, or Guild modules either. 11. Logging into the Mobile Armory or posting auctions causes my account to become Secure LockedLiogela2 Apr 27, 2011
Apr 27, 2011 ★ Welcome to the Mobile Bug Report Forums! ★ Welcome to the Mobile Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on any Blizzard Mobile app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with our products. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. To learn more about the Search tool and how to use it effectively, please visit our blog here: <a href=""></a> Asking for Blue Responses is frowned upon! We do our best to read every thread that's posted on these forums, but we don't always have time to write a response to every post made. Just because your post or thread doesn't have a blue response DOES NOT mean we haven't seen your post or aren't already investigating your issue internally. Please do not bump threads or reply to your posts asking for blue responses to confirm that your posts have been seen! Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and thank you for being part of the greatest gaming community around!Liogela1 Apr 27, 2011
9h Remote Auction House "Logged In" Whenever I try to sell something from the Remote Auction House it immediately tells my that I am currently logged into the game and must log out, which I am only logged into the WoW AppWeïlyn4 9h
2d Mobile Armory Broken Hello, I have ran into an issue with the Mobile Armory app that has rendered it useless. When I launch the app, it takes me to the main screen as usual, but the app is constantly loading, finishing and reloading over and over again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail, and I have tried to find a solution online. Well, here I am at my last stop. I would greatly appreciate some help in finding a solution to the problem. Thank you.Molnir9 2d
3d Champions stuck on Mission Complete The past couple of days, when I send two or more groups out on missions with their champions, one always seems to bug out when I complete them using the app. They remain at mission complete and are greyed out and unable for use. Logging into the game and going to the mission board in the class hall usually pops them back into play. However, I can't access the game during the day which renders the mobile app pointless.Aumaan2 3d
3d You Are Currently Logged In I have been having this issue for the past two weeks. I always fear someone is hacking my account but whenever I actually log into the game, my character has not moved nor is any of his items or gold missing. This will happen even if I have not logged in to the game at all that day. This occurs with the Mobile Auction House AND the Legion Companion App. This is downright spooky and I am wondering why this is happening. I am also wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issues I am and if so, how do I fix it (aside from uninstalling the apps). Thank you for your time and for reading this post.Zangaruto3 3d
4d Unable to Boost Champ iLvl Unable to boost champion on the mobile app. I click the item I want to use to boost my Champions iLvl and it does nothing and does not consume the item either. Known bug?Alannya3 4d
4d WOW Mobile Armory AH not working I tried buying off the Auction House on the Mobile Armory and it is unable to connect to the server. Any suggestions? Any chance we can get Auction House access back on the website with the new Armory so I don't have to do it on my phone?Jederrah12 4d
4d Can't Buy on Remote Auction House I don't seem to be able to buy anything on the Remote Auction House. I can log in, sell things, search, but as soon as I attempt to buy anything I get an error stating "Unable to establish connection to server" and then I can't search items anymore and the app practically locks up. Hardware/Software: Pixel 2 Android 8.0.0 Wow Armory App 7.0.1 Things i've tried so far: Rebooting phone Clearing App Cache & Data uninstalling app, power cycling phone, reinstalling app resetting account password removing and readding my mobile authenticator Verifying Phone & App are updated to most current any other assistance or recommendations would be appreciated. Also worth noting is that I contacted support and they were unable to assist and suggested I had encountered a new bug and should seek assistance here.Blueshift5 4d
6d Armory App Going Slow (Android - Note8) Hi all, I recently switched from iPhone (iPhone 5) to Android (Note8). I do have a question for others running the Armory app on their Android devices. On my iPhone, the app was very fast at responding in anything being performed. I could click on an item to sell and the sell screen would populate everything in a second (undercut starting / buyout price, similar auctions, etc.). On my Note8, it takes about 4 seconds to populate the sell screen (showing the loading circle under the similar auctions area). I have my old iPhone next to me still and this sell screen populates instantly. Is this something that all other Android users are seeing on their end and what I should be expecting? Note: This happens both on LTE and my WiFi. I have 45mbps down so this wouldn't have anything to do with my internet. Thanks!Darkshiftz10 6d
Dec 8 Wow Armory Guild Character Search Nothing game breaking, just something I found interesting/easy to fix. I was looking up someone from a guild I saw, using the wow armory guild search feature, and the default level range for the search is 1-100, where it should obviously be 1-110. Just checked now, and the same "problem" applies to the desktop version as well. Not a big deal, just a way to improve.Roflcoptor2 Dec 8
Dec 5 Legion Companion App & iPhone X When is the legion companion app going to be updated to function on the iPhone X? It's extremely zoomed in and all but unsuable when you can't even see the % numbers on missions. I have to wonder why this wasn't prepared ahead of time to work with the new screen size and shape.Numbskull21 Dec 5
Dec 3 "Must research previous tier" *has whole talent tree* Companion app. On my monk, I want to change to the talent that allows an extra troop of each basic type and I have enough resources and I have the entire tree unlocked but in the app I get the error "must have previous tier researched" in red text when I select the research.Ursá3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Unable to login to Legion Companion app Can't login to the Legion Companion App on my iphone 6 plus. After putting in my login name and password and using the authenticator app on the phone it goes to connecting and then right back to the login screen. I have tried uninstalling and installing again. I have tried changing the region multiple times. The armory app does work fine though. I have tried logging out of the armory app, so that I was not logged in to many things at once, though that did not make a difference. Any suggestions?Oscthemonk2 Dec 3
Dec 1 down loaded app and it now works using the above link which I got by submitting a ticket I was able to find and download the armory app from the itunes store. there's also a link to the websight available. I STRONGLY SUGGEST Blizzard put these links and any others (like amazon) at the top of this forum page. I had the usual trouble of having the 'Your logged in' message pop up but changing toons, using AH with the new toon, then changing back to the toon I got the error message on usually works.Loughlyn0 Dec 1
Nov 30 Remote AH: Unable to establish connection Over and over... Can not post or claim goldMoccoo0 Nov 30
Nov 29 WoW legion companion log in problems I'm on android , samsung S7, using the wifi. Every single time i change a character on the companion it sends me to the log in screen and i have to type user and password and approve on the authenticator. This Is extremely annoying.Rhaztadread0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Armory app showing logged in. For the past couple days the mobile armory app has been showing my toons on one server as in-game but i can change to a toon on another server a use the AH just fine, I've made sure I've logged out of the game and both the mobile armory and companion app as well and waited a few minutes before trying to use the armory app to do auctions and still no luck with my toons on WA server.Valeríus11 Nov 29
Nov 29 Remote Auction House not showing right stats Hello! Dunno if this is a thread yet or not, honestly don't care. I'm pretty booty bothered. I used the Remote Armory Auction House to purchase around 30-40k worth of items for my lvl 101 Shaman. The app reported the wrong iLVL, Stats, slots, and level requirements for EVERY SINGLE PIECE of gear. Can Blizzard just kindly remove the items from my inventory and like give my gold back for THEIR app sucking? I googled it and a post from A YEAR AGO with the same issue essentially said "Tough !@#$ don't use the Remote Auction House" I just want an answer, pleaaassseeee Blizzard, FIX YOUR %^-*. and my gold back too would be cool, Im bad at making gold and don't want to spend another $25 on another tokenEnrobee2 Nov 29
Nov 29 Update ALL the apps... Seriously, ALL the apps are looking awful on the newest iPhone. Yeah, I know, it's gotta notch and many may not like it but many love it. Hearthstone and Armory app look like they are on an iPhone 4, so please...Fix this.Tolarius1 Nov 29
Nov 29 200% mission failing to get bonus roll Some people are reporting that you may fail to get the bonus roll for Order Hall missions on the Legion Companion app even if you have a 200% success chance for it. Please fix!Roduin7 Nov 29
Nov 28 Android Remote: Auto logging out? Isn't the whole point of this app to "stay connected"? If it becomes a background process the app either closes or logs me out. Bug or?Prestigal38 Nov 28
Nov 20 Authenticanting problems with Mobile Armory I open the armory, login, it asks for the Authentication. So I switch apps to go to the Authenticator and allow it. When I switch back the the armory app, it "resets" and gives me the login screen again without it authenticating. How can I authenticate my login if I can't leave the armory app without it resetting? I'm using and Iphone 4s. Thank you.Palandris1 Nov 20
Nov 17 Armory App won't connect using iPad. the 'circle' showing attempting to connect just spins (for hours, if I let it.) and one other thing. I can't find the app on the appstore anymore either. Has Blizz discontinued upgrading it?Kllewellyn0 Nov 17
Nov 14 Companion App Characters When I log into the companion App and get to the character selection it shows no characters just a blank list. I've reinstalled the app, logged in and out multiple times.Redbläze1 Nov 14
Nov 12 App disconnects if toon left in Darkmoon Fair After Darkmoon Faire closed Companion App worked for other characters; but malfunctioned for a character left in the faire grounds. App would disconnect from server (but not crash) if you try to complete a mission or collect items/troops for that character. Map browse was OK and you could switch to a different character. Signed into game, hearthed from Faire - returned to the affected character in the app and could now successfully complete missions and collect item/troops.Locrocket1 Nov 12
Nov 11 WoW Armory Auction Issue Unable to purchase from AH through WoW Armory, it states "Unable to establish connection with server" ive tried to reset password, reinstall the app, also wifi and mobile data, and yet it still persistsMorrigansg0 Nov 11
Nov 7 Legion app needs update for iPhone X Legion Companion app needs resized for iPhone X.Alectus2 Nov 7
Nov 6 Armory App Not Working My Armory App stopped working last week on my android phone. Can't see the select which character option in the bottom right corner, no guild chat option (greyed out), no auction house (greyed out), nothing. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Tried the log out in-game and close the game, then log into the app to fix as a GM suggested but didn't fix the problem. No clue whats going on, any help is appreciated.Pyrokis1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Delete character Hi I have the Blizzard app on my android it's shows characters I no longer have had how do I delete themRagnalok0 Nov 6
Nov 3 Blizzcon App The video on the opening ceremony keeps blacking out completely every time it goes into landscape mode. Now I can't get the broadcast to load at all. :(Poppinhots1 Nov 3
Nov 3 Armory app will not show pvp Only characters that are in guilds can see their pvp ratings. Otherwise the tab will be grayed out.Tuesdáy0 Nov 3
Nov 3 Deleted character showin up instead of new My druid tenebril has been deleted from the game for about 8 months and have a 110 priest with his name now. The druid always shows up on the armory app while the priest cant be found To get the priest i must selectthe druid, logout the app, log back in the priest will be the selected on but not usable, so must then change characters then reselect priest to check its auctions. Have to do this 9/10 times that i wish to seetenebril priest Is there way to perm delete the druid off my acct or is this a bugÀglaica1 Nov 3
Oct 31 Companion- "Already Logged in" switching toon When I log into the the Legion companion, my first character loads just fine (Whichever I was logged into last). But when I try to switch to a different character, I get the error "Character is already logged in", and bumped back to the login screen. This repeats about 3-4 times before it finally lets me log in. I am completely logged out of the game, using "exit game", though I have also tried logging to character select, THEN exiting game. And also completely logged out of I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well. This has been happening since I returned to the game a month ago, though I remember the app working fine when I last played shortly after the Legion release. Is there a fix? Because it's workable, but really really annoying.Amelaclya2 Oct 31
Oct 30 Legion Companion App Suggestion I use the legion app all the time, absolutely love it. However, my Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have hardware buttons, only on screen software buttons. (no back, home, etc. On the phone itself.) Because of this, there is no way for me to exit the app or change to other programs once I've started the app. In order to quit the app, I have to lock my phone, then, when I unlock the phone, the on screen buttons are visible for about 1 second, so that allows me to hit the home button and get out of the app. This doesn't stop me from using it, but it's certainly an inconvenience that would be easily corrected by adding either an exit button in the game or adding support for a software menu bar for phones like the S8 that do not have hardware buttons.Vaiyas2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Companion App Reputation Blank On all of my characters, the Reputation tab loads up blank. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling, and no matter how I sort it, nothing shows up it's just blank. Anyone know if Blizz is in the works to fix this/or am I the only one having this problem? I didn't see any other articles on this forum about it.Alphawulf1 Oct 30
Oct 29 Can't select my character on armory My main character is Ultimus a level 90 Death Knight on Illidan. I cannot select him. He does not appear on the drop down menu. I also cannot select him on the forums to post as. How do I fix this? This has gone on for weeks now.Golgoth207 Oct 29
Oct 27 Character Gone from Mobile Armory I know there are other posts about this, but I have yet to see any solutions offered so I'm still not sure what to do. My main character is gone from the mobile armory app after updating the app, although I can still play that character on my computer. I've deleted the app and reinstalled, I've logged out and back in again, nothing is working. Does anyone know how to fix this?Thsonillys0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Characters not showing up in wow armory app as the title states , since Saturday have not been able to access my characters on the wow armory app .. Fairly annoying , I want to use the ah facilities .. The two characters that are missing can be used in the wow companion app no problems . Help pleaseFridger13 Oct 27
Oct 27 Main not visible on WoW Armory My main (110 Draenei Shaman) has disappeared from my mobile app, but all my alts are there. After logging in to report this bug, noticed my main is also not listed here as well. Should I be worried? I haven’t given my password out and also use Authenticator app.Saneldon7 Oct 27
Oct 26 WoW armory unable to whisper Hello --- I'm running the latest WoW armory app on an iPhone 7 plus with the latest iOS release (11.0.3). Today I logged in, and was using guild chat but kept getting disconnected which I think was an ISP issue. I switched to cellular data and was able to connect without issue, but when I moved a conversation over to Whisper, it said the player was ignoring me. He wasn't, and verified I was not on his ignore list so he tried adding me to ignore and then removing, but he received "Player not found". When he tried to whisper me it said I was not online, even though I went straight back to guild chat and had a conversation with him. It might be just me but I never noticed this behavior before the Tuesday maintenance. I checked to make sure there wasn't an updated app, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail. Any ideas on if this is a known issue or other things to check? Thank youSimian0 Oct 26
Oct 26 WoW Armory: Characters not showing up Hello, This is not a personal issue of mine, but ive noticed several people including my father, WHO QUIT PLAYING WOW BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE, have been unable to use the WoW Armory app as intended. My Father's issue is that not a single character shows up as accessible on his app. But everywhere else is fine. That includes the online(computer) Armory and Auction House. I strongly recommend that blizzard takes action on this issue. I realize they've said that they're "Looking into it" but there has yet to be any changes made to fix the issue. My father stopped playing about a year ago, and when he asked about the issue he did not receive much help. I am not happy at all with this issue, and I fear that Blizzard will continue to do nothing. If that is the case, and this app is no longer being supported, please remove it. It is unfair to players like my father, that players like me get access to this feature, but not them. Hear us out Blizzard!Dionaisus4 Oct 26
Oct 26 Armory Missing Chars Hello - yesterday after a made a 20 stack sale on the AH my main disappeared from the Armory app. At one point there was even a message popup stating my account has been suspended, banned, other. Even on the forums here I am missing my two mains. The first main disappeared from armory and then a couple hours later my other main did. However, I was able to log into game and play my main. Tech support could find nothing wrong and suggested I report this in the armory forum, though I suspect this issue goes beyond the Armory app on both iOS and Android.Ardena5 Oct 26
Oct 25 Armory My world of Warcraft armory is letting me sign in but it won't let me change characters, and the character it is stuck on won't display any gear or guild and none of the links will load they just keep showing the loading symbolGered3 Oct 25
Oct 25 Main Character missing on Armory I can't find my main on armory. The character's name is Aelisif - Dalaran. It says "Oops! Character not available"Aelistrasza26 Oct 25