Mobile Bug Report

Jun 10 Item Level Changes after purchase I make the majority of my gold working through the Auction House, this helps with gear, tokens, guild and palming some off to my brother. I recently purchased a few things on a character from Grizzly Hills, knowing that I would be able to flip them very quick with a huge profit. I bought two pieces of 905 ilvl gear, (and no I didn't make a mistake in buying the wrong gear, I have been doing this a long time) then when I went back to resell the items they had changed back to 855 and 870. Is there something we can do about this? I know auction house purchases are final and can't be refunded but this is a pretty huge bug in the app. I'm down half a token now when I should be up almost 2 with that gear.Apachee0 Jun 10
Jun 9 Not working OK like many others a few days ago I changed my email and now the app will not work at all kinda upsets me and have no idea how to fix it iv tried everythingGaby0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Mobile AH for Oceanic realms Is anyone else having problems with the mobile AH on Oceanic realms this morning? I can login to Sargeras, but Khaz/Dath are coming up as in maintenance.Botula33 Jun 9
Jun 9 Remote AH App server error I've read the other Remote AH app issues with logging in and this isn't the same. I can log into the AH app w/o problem. I can even guild chat and manage to get a couple of auctions in and change character. However, within a few actions such as listing a couple of auctions or checking the prices, I will get an 'unable to establish connection to server' error. There is no set amount of time I can use it or how many actions I can have other than it never stays on more than 2 minutes. In order to use it again, I have to close the app and not just minimize it. Then I launch it again after a 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall 3 times, I've rebooted my phone both after I uninstalled it and before I launch it again. I've cleared out the cache in the app and my browser. The app is updated. This only started happening after I bought my new Samsung Galaxy S8+. I tried it on my sister's Galaxy 6 and it works fine. All the system and android software is updated on my phone. I am on updated to system G955USQU1AQDF, Android 7, Galaxy Experience Version 8.1Pocketimp0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Remote Auction House feature in WoW Armory App not working. The Remote Auction House feature in WoW Armory App appears to be "under maintenance" for the past 3 days. Is this a software bug or something that I need to wait longer for it to be resolved?Deejayboomz15 Jun 9
Jun 9 Armory App - How I fixed my issue Hi, everyone! It's been a few weeks now since I first had issues with the WoW Armory app and I'm excited to say that it's working fine as of two days ago! Below is a breakdown of what happened in my case and I hope maybe some of this information will prove to be useful for you all in your attempts to troubleshoot/fix the issues you're having. I'll try to include as many details as possible, even if some might appear to be irrelevant. To begin, I first started having issues with the app after I changed my email preference for my Blizzard account. Oddly enough, it was also around the time when Blizzard formatted their website to better suit mobile browsers. Whether this played a role in my problem remains a mystery. As for the issue, I was able to log into the Armory app but once I was on the home screen with all the logos and such, it showed my guild and guild chat icons as a red circle with a line across it. My toon's image would be shadowed out and the amount of gold that toon had would be missing. Whenever I clicked on the AH logo, it would take me to the sub-menu for it and even play the AH bell sound, but everything would be grayed out (unclickable). Basically, the app allowed me to log in but aside from that, it was completely useless. As far as changing my email preference, the way I switched my email preference was a bit different - since I didn't remember my challenge question or answer, I had to contact Blizzard support and asked them to make the email change, which the representative did. After that ticket was closed, I logged into my account and it showed my updated email. I also received a confirmation email about the change. It was maybe a day after this change that the Armory app broke. I performed as many troubleshooting steps as I could. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it Logged out and back in Logged out of every possible Blizzard app and website (including the launcher) I tried the app on different devices (all android) Logged out of the app and played for a while on my PC, then logged back into the app while I was playing. I also did the reverse - I logged into the app and then logged into the game. I changed my toon preference on the Blizzard website, then logged into the app. It actually did show my toon preference change, but that's as far as it went. The rest of the app was still broken. I verified that I was using the latest Android version I created a new google account just so I could use this new account to download the app. Who knows, maybe somehow my original google account was messing it up (I was desperate, don't judge) Once I had exhausted all possible troubleshooting steps I could think of, I contacted Blizzard support about this. As I had expected, they recommended I post my issue on this forum. In a fit of frustration, I deleted the Legion app and Armory app and didn't play for about 5 days. During this time, I contacted Blizzard support and asked them to reset my challenge question. Once I got the email confirming this reset had been made, I logged into my account (on my desktop) and I was prompted to update my challenge question and answer, which I did. Two days later, I gave in to my addiction and downloaded the Legion app. After performing a few mission completes and starting new ones, I downloaded the Armory app and figured I'd give it a try, again. I logged in and lo-and-behold, after staring at the screen half-heartedly for about 15 seconds, it finally loaded everything properly and I now had access to guild chat and the AH. The toon icon showed my toon's face and gold amount, and I was able to post a few items in the AH (and buy a few items as well!). I don't know for certain if what fixed my issue was a GM that was able to fix the bug with the app or if what I did was what fixed it. Since blue posts seem to be rare on this forum, I figured I'd post my experience in hopes to help you all out. I hope you guys can get your Armory app up and running again, and I hope this post helps you guys out in fixing your bug.Naberios0 Jun 9
Jun 8 Mobile auction house HI There, Im having difficulty connecting to the remote auction house on my alliance characters on Caelestrasz server, my girlfriend is having the same issues on her mobile as well. Characters on other realms are able to connect, we are both running the most recent version of the app, on updated apple devices. Error message is "this realm is currently under maintenance". Everything else in the app is accessible. I have deleted and reisntalled the app and reset the phone,also logged in and out of the app, no change.Zincberg7 Jun 8
Jun 8 Companion App I clicked on a class hall research trait to read over, for possible change and it started researching it. It has 3 days and says I have too many active champions. Is there anyway it can be reveresed on your end?Werio0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Legion App - 200% not rewarding bonus loot I have a screenshot of the Traitors Demise mission with Finna and Ymiron, as well as Shieldmaidens, w/200% chance not rewarding the bonus loot. Idk if there's an approved way to add screenshots, but that seems buggy. Thank you!Transparence0 Jun 8
Jun 8 legion app will consume mats and not apply I used the legion app to upgrade one of my followers iLvl from 890 to 900. I used 2, 5lvl upgrades to do so. unfortunately, they didn't work. my follower is still lvl 890 and both upgrades have been consumed. it seems that the app will sometimes lag and anything you do prior to a lag issue, will consume yet not affect your characterDiavol0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Legion Companion App crashing With class mounts needing Champion missions to be completed, I find it quite inconvenient that after 7.2, my Legion Companion app crashes right after download. I'm running the Android app and also know this is a wide spread issue. I don't get to play that often, and the Companion app has been a way for me to keep up while at work. Is there anything being done? Or, am I out of luck?Kenritt0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Mission duration incorrectly long Screen shots from legion companion app, when sending people out on a mission - the mission duration is incorrect. It's a substantially different time to completion, depending on how many duration reduction items you have.Spurgeon1 Jun 7
Jun 6 restricted maximum characters currently, the amount characters that can be shown at a time is 3 characters, please make more than that so user doesn't need to directed to all character list. thank youKelidan0 Jun 6
Jun 5 Wow armory app on Android Hi guys, im having trouble with my wow armory app. I cant seem to get on guild chat or auction house keeos coming up with under maintenance when in auction house.. in the bottom right hand corner where the character is has error under my name where the money usally is. I have tired to un installing it but no luck.Berthu4 Jun 5
Jun 5 Armory app mobile armory app is broken. Won't load up properly and only shows the main menu. Guild chat doesn't work and neither does the auction house. I've logged off and on, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone, and still no luck.Berthu1 Jun 5
Jun 5 Mobile Armory AH and Guild chat issues Hello, I am the guild master of <Repose> on Nagrand (Oceanic Realm). When I try to use the AH feature on this character Topoqwert, it keeps saying that the realm is under maintenance when the realm is not. In addition, I cannot log on to the remote guild chat function as the error message return states that the chat server is not available. Some back story - Topoqwert was formerly created on Dalaran (US PVE realm) and was transferred without a guild to Nagrand. Then, Topoqwert joined the guild "Friends of the Mist" that was created by my alt Healtopo (both alt and guild created on Nagrand itself). Healtopo then promoted Topoqwert to GM. Topoqwert then renamed the guild <Repose>. When I try to remote guild chat and AH features on the mobile Armory on another character on Dalaran which is part of a different guild, the features work fine. Thanks.Topoqwert3 Jun 5
Jun 5 character unavailable After switching my character from Azralon to Nemesis i cant do the quests using de app legion companion. the app open normally, but when i try to log with my character i get the message: character unavailable. he is shown correctly on Nemesis, but i can't log on. I already opened a ticket with the BR suport,they tryed to help me, but they directed me to this forum because this seems to be a bug. I have an iphone 5s.Silverarpas0 Jun 5
Jun 5 Legion iOS App missing confirm I was looking at my order hall talent tree today and accidentally clicked on changing my second last tier :( I'll be set back about 6 days and 20K order hall resources. Would be nice to have a confirmation popup!Kroonster0 Jun 5
Jun 4 Mobile Armory Auction House doesn't Open Hello All, I have the Armory app installed (reinstalled) and up to date on my phone. I can get into the App but as soon as I try to click the Auction House icon. Nothing happens. All of the other icons work perfectly. I can swap characters or realms guild chat etc but cannot open the Auction House tab at all. This has been going on for about 5 days now. As this is the only way I really interact with the AH it's basically ended my participation in the Auction House process. Please fix when you can. Thanks, DirewildDirewild0 Jun 4
Jun 3 Android O Beta Issue This is only feedback, no complaint or expectation for this to be resolved before Android O is out of beta. I am running the beta for Android O that became available today on my Google Pixel XL. The WoW Legion app hangs at a black screen upon launching and never makes it past this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. It was working normally immediately prior to the Android O beta, so it is obviously not compatible at this time. Once again this is just some feedback for a heads up and I have no expectation for this to be looked at or resolved at this time. I also tried to submit the feedback through the Google play store but I received the following automated email: "Thank you for emailing Blizzard Customer Support. This email address is no longer monitored for response. Please visit to find support resources and solutions, along with options to help you reach Blizzard’s Game Master team." If there is any further testing I can do or information I can provide, I am happy to do so!Smithfield1 Jun 3
Jun 3 armory app chat bug When I log into any char with the armory app to chat with guildies it works fine and all. However, when I log out of the app, the last toon I was logged in with stays logged into the guild chat even with the phone completely shut down. I have only started to see this when I am logged on at my computer playing the game and notice my other toon is still connected to the remote chat. I can't seem to send messages to that toon as that still sees it off line and wont allow messages to me sent. Just giving a heads up as currently guildies can see it logged in and may try talking to it in normal guild chat wondering why they are being ignored.Gilither0 Jun 3
Jun 3 No characters on the Armory App This has been going on for several days now, but I have no character (not a single one) showing up on my Armory App right now. I haven't used any paid transfer services etc recently so that cannot be the issue. The bottom right section that should show the current selected character is blank, everything between Guild tab (showing up as No Guild as no character is selected/able to be selected) and the calendar is grayed out, and the My Characters section just says "This account has no characters". My Legion app works fine, but the Armory App doesn't and as such I can't do much with it right now. Please send help. My AH withdrawal is killing me :xEffole0 Jun 3
Jun 3 Armory app My armory app on iPhone says that the realm is still under maintenance when trying to access the auction house. This is been happening since the last Tuesday update.Conasrin1 Jun 3
Jun 3 Blizzard legion companion app I hope I get an answer to this question. It seems that whenever I try to research new follower equipment or research notes for artifact power as well as recruit any troops it just keeps loading and nothing happens. The same goes for when I try to use the research notes I have in my inventory. The green circle comes up but nothing happens. I've gone to my other toons and they were able to recruit troops with no issue. So I am wondering what the possible issue might be. Just to clarify this is all happening on the legion mobile app. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.Imahuntyou0 Jun 3
Jun 2 Legion Companion App - can't open Since returning to the game last month, my companion app gives me a "downloading" bar every time I try and open it. The problem with this is that if I try and open my app away from wifi, it takes about 120 seconds of watching the downloading bar before I get to the 'logging in' screen, after which it says my connection failed. I'm able to get it to open if I connect via my home gigabit wifi, but even that gives me a download screen which takes about 30 seconds before going to the 'logging in' screen. I'm using an iPhone 5 and I've tried uninstalling it - turning my phone off and back on - reinstalling, but i keep getting the same problem. The app used to open quickly and without the downloading bar. Need help please and ty.Lyphe9 Jun 2
Jun 2 armory and Chrome Having trouble loading my character profile in Chrome for about a week now. All I get is this: I tried clearing my cache and whatnot. Halp! Side note: I cant seem to create auctions in the web-based AH either, nor claim gold for sold auctions.Kawaiifu0 Jun 2
Jun 1 Legion Companion-prob after changing password I had to change my password to for security reasons (potential compromise). I was able to use the app 15 minutes ago before I changed my password, but there's no option to re-enter login information. It just keeps trying to connect using the old login information, and obviously, since it's not correct, it isn't connecting me. The Companion app is the BEST update EVER! Please fix!Makoshark2 Jun 1
Jun 1 App thinks account is banned/suspended/locked As of today the WoW Armory app won't allow me to access the mobile AH or guild chat as, I quote, "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved." After seeing this message I immediately logged into my WoW account to see no such restriction to logging into the game itself and checked my email inbox and junk mail for anything about the account being under review with no avail.Gimia77 Jun 1
May 31 Legion Companion App - Unable to connect I can login but when I choose a character I get unable to connect. My friend on a different phone / network is receiving the same issue.Comcastdisct1 May 31
May 31 Legion App - Cant Recruit or Place Orders For the last few days, when I click on "Recruit" in the Legion App, it just shows a green spinning icon or nothing at all. The troops still display a black circle where the troop recruitment timer should be and the armaments "Place Order" just puts a green spinning icon there. I have tried three different wifi networks, all from different ISP's, I have tried just using Cellular Data (T-Mobile). I have rebooted my phone, I have un-installed the App and re-installed it, I even re-set my phone to manufacturer defaults and re-build it (needed it anyway). The app still doesn't work properly. I am willing to provide log files to Blizzard if they need them.Zynthas2 May 31
May 29 REMOTE AH NOT WORKING buy sell claim money not working, page just reloads ... same error from two different pc, running different browsers ...Moravsky1 May 29
May 29 App loops back to the log in screen Since the release of 7.2 I have been unable to use the Legion Companion app 75% of the time. Here's what happens -I open the Legion App and it immediately takes me to the Log in Screen. -I tap Log In -It takes me to my character selection screen. -I tap on the character I want -I'm immediately looped back to the Log in screen. This happens 75% of the time. Sometimes I've been able to get it to work, but not consistently. Here's what troubleshooting I've done. -Powercycle my device. -Close the app every time I am finished using it. -Force reboot my device. -Updated the app to version 1.2.1 -Uninstalled and Reinstalled the app. -Performed a factory reset on my phone. -Performed an iTunes restore on my phone. -Updated my device software. I am currently using an iPhone 7+ running on OS Version 10.3.2 If there is any troubleshooting I have missed or anything else I can try, I would definitely be willing to do so. I would just like to be able to send my missions out in a timely manner rather than waiting until I can get to a computer.Lúa0 May 29
May 27 Unable to use AK notes I claimed a finished work order for Artifact Research Notes with the companion app this morning. I then started a new work order. However, I never got an option to use the Notes I had just claimed. I was at Artifact Knowledge 35 before claiming the work order and am still 35 at this time. Thanks for any insight.Lucas0 May 27
May 27 Minor request for app - service notifications It would be nice if the apps showed when maintenance/restarts were going on, rather than just a simple refusal to connect or populate the character list. Whenever a notice like that is pushed to the desktop versions, it should also show up on the mobile apps.Qiuxiang0 May 27
May 26 Legionfall resource rewards lost When I turn in a mission and gain the rewards, there is no warning or notification if I would go over the resource cap for the particular reward. An example of this would be the Legionfall resources. This is very annoying and feels the loss of the reward.Ashagreyjoy0 May 26
May 26 Bug with Hazards Not Being Deactivated Album of Related Images: So when Elite Strikes came up with time I set up my first one specifically to get done as soon as possible (I did not get my AK yet so I figured get Nethershards done first). When I started the mission yesterday it told me it would take 1day10hrs (Or something like that) to complete. I looked today and it is now telling me I have just over two days to go. If you look at the 1st image provided in the album it now shows the 2nd Explosive Trap Hazard as active EVEN THOUGH the 1st one is deactivated. I did some more experiments to make sure that it wasn't intentional (That maybe each person could only account for one hazard for Elite Strikes). As you can see in the 2nd image that is not the case, even if you are using a troop for that hazard.Leroù1 May 26
May 25 Port 8780 - Armory shouldn't use it The Internet (by which I mean TCP/IP) has ports. Pretty much all Web browsing happens on port 80 (HTTP) or port 443 (HTTPS). There's other traffic on the Internet too, like port 53 for Domain Name Service (which you need to do anything else!), 25 for sending mail, 22 for ssh, etc. These numbers are standardized and permanently assigned. Back in the halcyon days of the Internet being wired to desktop PCs, it made a lot of sense to have different ports for every type of traffic. And when someone built their own application, they would just pick a number out of thin air, somewhere outside the officially assigned ranges. No big deal since they could follow the ethernet cable back to your desk. Enter the modern world. WiFi and mobile devices everywhere. Most internet connections are anonymous. And abused. And a knee-jerk reaction to all security/abuse problems is to say "Most of our users are only here to surf the World Wide Web, therefore, we will block all ports but 80 and 443." And as a result of THAT ... many non-Web applications do their communication on port 80 using HTTP. That works very well, because HTTP is a very powerful protocol, with very stable server software (Apache), with useful extensions just for thus purpose (XML, SOAP etc.) and top shelf security is built-in (just use HTTPS). And as a bonus it gets around those filters that well-meaning WiFi providers put up to try to stop abuse. What I mean is, instead of communicating with, they communicate with [on port 443]. My suggestion is to have the Armory use port 80 or 443.Kalymcharper1 May 25
May 25 WoW Armory App not logging in properly Hi, everyone! Naberios of Malfurion here with a problem that's been troubling me for the past three weeks or so. I can log in to the WoW Armory App just fine, but once I'm logged in, it acts as if it's disconnected from the server. I'm currently using an android phone. Here are a few examples to understand what I mean: On the main menu, my guild shows up with a red circle and a line across it instead of our tabard's icon; it's the same for the guild chat icon. When I click into guild chat and select Online in the drop down menu, it'll show the loading icon but won't actually do anything. When I click on the Auction House icon, it'll take me over to the AH page, showing me all 4 icons at the top, but they're all subdued/faded out. Clicking on the icons won't do anything. At least I get the little AH bell sound, though. At the bottom right where my current toon is shown, it won't show his profile icon. Instead, it shows a red question mark icon. It also won't show the amount of gold that the toon has, and next to the name where a green dot should be, there's a dark gray one. If I click on the pop-up menu for my toons, it'll show my most used toons so I can choose which one to switch to. However, when I click on a different toon, the app shows a loading icon and then just hides the pop-up menu and doesn't actually switch over; it simply stays on the toon it was on. I've tried the following troubleshooting steps, but none have fixed this issue: Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it Logged out, restarted my phone, and logged back in Installed the app on a different device. I was able to log in to my account but with the same results. I tried this on 3 other devices with the same results. I uninstalled the app, logged into the game on my PC, played for about an hour or so, logged out and shut down the computer, and then I reinstalled the app on my phone and logged in. Logged into the WoW Armory website on my PC and changed toons, then logged into the app. This actually did do something! The app showed what toon I had switched over to on the Armory website, but that's about it. Everything else stayed broken/unchanged. I uninstalled both the Legion Companion app as well as the Armory App and then logged into the game, played for a while, logged off, and then reinstalled the Armory app first. I've checked, double checked, and triple checked my account settings, email preferences, region, you name it, on ALL WoW-related sites and apps, such as the Legion Companion app, WoW Armory App, launcher, WoW Armory website, and even on Wowhead. I don't know what else to do. I'm at my wits end with this problem. I've submitted help tickets to Blizzard and have gotten a response both times but the bottom line that the GMs mention is to post on the forums, so here I am. I'm stowing my bow and /kneel(ing) at your mercy. Please help fix this issue. From the looks of it, I'm not the only one suffering problems with the Armory app and I'm sure if we all provide information, we can all work together to solve this mess. Naberios0 May 25
May 25 WoW Armory App Showing Wrong Items I bought an item from the auction house ilvl 810, gem socket, requires level 101, when I got the item in my mailbox it show as ilvl 772, no gem socket and requires level 103. What gives? Now I am out the gold I spent on the item because I opened a ticket and they said they are not going to fix it and I need to post a bug report. Also I bought some gems because the tooltip on the auction house says +250 stats when it really is +100 stats after I looked on WoW head for the information. However, I do not see any ilvl 772 version of the trinket I purchased. Also on the ticket the solution was to not use the mobile armory app. I have never had an issue with the mobile app before until now. anyone else having this issue?Dumbledorê5 May 25
May 25 Wow armory issue for months Wow armory app Has not worked for me in months. When I login it just shows the spinning wheel nonstop. I have deleted and re-download it numerous. Tried it on WiFi and off WiFi. I changed my account email as well to see if that helped it didn't so I switched it back. I've contacted blizzard numerous times they said to do this.Tybray5 May 25
May 24 Armory and companion apps broke? Both the armory and the legion companion apps haven't been functioning for a while. Been trying on several devices. Any word on a fix?Myph5 May 24
May 24 Log off to Restore Access I post auctions across multiple realms using the wow armory app. If I don't physically log into the characters (on the computer) for a couple of days, I start receiving the following message when trying to post auctions (or buy auctions) from the app: "You are currently logged in with this WoW account. Please log off to restore access to the remote auction house." The message will appear for about 45-60 seconds on each character that triggers it before it finally disappears, and I can post auctions normally. The thing is, my computer isn't even turned on, and I'll still receive the message. I found another thread dated from 2015, where another character experienced the exact same problem I am, but no solution or response was provided to he/she. Link: My question is, has anyone found a workaround to the bug? I don't have the time to physically log into every character every couple of days, so it would be nice if there was some way that makes it so the app doesn't incorrectly take a character for being logged in. In other words, what will prevent that message from appearing when it shouldn't be? [I have already tried logging out and back into the app and redownloding the app many times. I have an iPhone 6s]Dimasinteger0 May 24
May 23 Stuck on retrieving gold The app just keeps loading on retriving gold. Left it for 15 minutes and its still just the loading animation.Nocturnos0 May 23
May 23 Ball of strange energy and similar items Blizzard please add that to the mobile app. My toon have so many items that increase mission sucess chance such as ball of strange energy that i can't use on the app it's a nerf to pick heroes like meat ball. If we can use Ak scroll in app,. I don't see why i can't use items like Ball of Strange Energy. It's been 8 months...Sameo0 May 23
May 23 Character not showing up on Companion app Character not showing up on Companion app, unable to use auction house via mobile for the character.Runezrus5 May 23
May 22 Legion App - Update for 18.5:9 Aspect The Legion App currently does not scale properly on the new Galaxy S8 screen, which is 18.5:9 instead of 16:9. The map is too large and gets cut off and the bottom toolbar spans off the right edge of the screen. Luckily the Galaxy S8 allows you to force apps into 16:9 aspect when the developers are too lazy to build proper scaling for all screen aspects, but I thought Blizzard was better than that. Are there any plans to improve the Legion App (as well as other Blizzard mobile apps like the WoW Armory) with better scaling options?Gorcyber0 May 22
May 22 Please add a confirmation to research The order hall research options REALLY REALLY need a confirmation box on the mobile app. I'm not normally one to advocate for more confirmation boxes. But as it is right now it's VERY VERY easy to accidentally start research on a trait without intending to. It hasn't happened to me, but it has happened to several friends of mine, and I've been afraid to even look at the order hall research tree in the app for this reason.Vralok2 May 22
May 22 Class Hall Upgrades auto accept iOS version of the App I had just finished researching a class hall item. I logged in to acknowledge that and look at the next teir then decide which to choose next for Lv4 Except, just looking at an option resulted in the section of that option.... bye bye 2000 resources. No Clicking a button to choose it and it is not the first time either that looking at an option appears to have selected it. First time I thought it was my fault and I'm been bloody careful since.Tannik1 May 22
May 21 Mission Success Bug? So when I add another follower to this particular mission, it actually REDUCES the success chance from 112-93% Mission with 1 Follower: After adding another follower: May 21
May 21 Mission times broken again. The issue with incorrect mission times being displayed has started happening again. Earlier today, I sent my followers on the mission "That Good night". I do not have exact numbers, but before hitting the button time for the mission showed around 5.5 hours. Actual mission time wound up being 8.75 hours. This is such an annoying bug, please investigate and patch as soon as possible. Thank you.Faeth3 May 21