Mobile Bug Report

Oct 24 Armory Wont GO Online i cant get my mobile Armoy to go online and i cant do anything on it, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, i tried rebooting my phone and nothingCrism0 Oct 24
Oct 23 Armory wont log into most of its uses litterally nothing in my armory will log, i cant see anything i cant do anything. i tap to go online and 1/2 second later it auto logs off i dont get it please helpCrism0 Oct 23
Oct 22 Companion app constantly closes on me Mobile companion app always crashes on me since the Argus patch. No error messages or anything, it just completely closes after a few seconds of finally getting it launched and getting a character logged in. I'm running Android 6.0 on an HTC One M9 Any other details I can provide? Is this a known issue?Galaxia2 Oct 22
Oct 22 Reputation display blank Currently after bringing up a character in the WoW Mobile Armory if the option Reputations is chosen from the drop down you are greeted with an empty listing. No names, no values, just blank. Have tried with my main and my secondary characters. Running the latest version of the Armory app from the Google Play Store on an Android Pixel running 7.1.2.Wayren2 Oct 22
Oct 20 Temporary Mission Buffs with Legion App Greetings. I apologize in advance if this topic has been answered. I skimmed through the first 2 pages and blue posts and didn't see this mentioned, so redirection to an answered post is fine. Basically I want to know if there is functionality for using temporary buffs on our minions (greater and lesser) and champions on the legion app. I am referring to things like Kira's Healthstone (which restores one troop vitality) or Meatball's Burp Item (which increases champion success chance by 20% for one mission). I can equip my followers with items in my bag, and improve their ilvl, but there does not seem to be functionality for this. Am I missing the function, is it in future development, or are there no plans to integrate this. In all other respects I prefer setting up missions on my app, but this one thing makes me need to log on to do missions, which dramatically reduces the utility for me since acquiring Meatball. Thanks in advance for any help.Infinadin8 Oct 20
Oct 19 Update challenge mode section in Armory app For awhile now I've noticed it's still the pandaria challenge mode dungeons even though we're in legion now, I think it's a perfect time to update that to be related to keystones now, maybe to see what character has completed for their weekly. Anyone else agree?Ikarus0 Oct 19
Oct 18 Cannot log in legion app I can have both apps open at the same time but can't have them both active on the screen at the same time. Every time I switch from companion to authenticator, to accept the code; the app reverts to the main login screen. Catch 22. Can't authenticate the account on the fecking app. I found this in the Q& A: Q: My authenticator app is on the same device as the WoW app, is there a way to avoid having to switch to the Authenticator app to approve a code while logging in? A: There are two ways to avoid this. When you get the “Check your Authenticator for request…” message, do one of the following: 1) Swipe down on the notification itself to reveal an “Approve” button. Tap that and login will continue. 2) Scroll down and tap the “Use Authenticator Security Code” link. This should import a code automatically from the Authenticator app if it is on the same device. Then scroll down and tap “Submit” to enter the code. However it is asking me to input a security code; it is not importing the code... this has been going on for the past month... I cannot use the app anymore. Any suggestions?Wellsfargo2 Oct 18
Oct 17 Legion companion app bug In my companion app I have a notification for a completed mission. However, it's for a mission I completed a few days ago. I checked in game, the follower equipment shown in the tooltip was rewarded tommy character, but the notification won't clear. Also, i currently have 3 active missions, but it's showing that I have 4. This 4th in progress/completed mission is not "clickable" and I even tried deleting and re-installing the app completely. It's still there. I have a screenshot but can't figure out if/how I can add it in here. The bug isn't really hurting anything, but in case others have experienced it as well I wanted to share it. Thank you.Thegnomekt2 Oct 17
Oct 16 Armory app not letting me go online Armory app not letting me go online to view auctions or guild chat. When I go to guild it asks me to go online which I do. it connects and works for a second and I can see my guild members for a split second before kicking me back off. On Samsung Galaxy s5 Android 6.0.1Xecutioner0 Oct 16
Oct 15 Armory app connection error I'm unable to get the Android armory app to connect. Spins alot then gets connection error - unable to connect to server. Already tried reinstalling and clearing data. This is before it even prompts for account info.Brudarek3 Oct 15
Oct 13 Mission started because of disconnect I was trying to add followers and minions to a mission when I was disconnected. When I reconnected, it showed the mission had been started with a -3% chance because it took minions that I hadn't selected. This was on one of the Elite Strike missions for AP. So now I've not only lost the only big AP item, but I have to wait 2 days to get the follower and minion back for nothing.Leliah0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Legion App Troop Issue. The legion companion app has on multiple occasions for missions without the troop kill hazard OR the hazard is countered will destroy a troop with full life. And with troops that cost 900 resources every time you need a new one and can’t be refilled via the app this is getting very frustrating. Especially when you specifically go out of your way to be sure you countered the troop kill only to have them destroyed anyway due to the App not recognizing that.Tyranowen0 Oct 13
Oct 11 Unable to Complete Missions on Legion App Since 7.3 I've been unable to complete missions on the Legion App. In my champions tab it says that they're on a mission that's completed. However, the treasure chest in the bottom left that completes missions is missing.Korelthian5 Oct 11
Oct 10 Any hope of ever fixing the mobile armory? For quite some time, the mobile armory barely works for Android users. My iPad works fine but any Android phone I've seen disconnects every time you try to do ANYTHING in the armory for more than 2 or 3 minutes. If you go to buy anything, insta-disconnect. If you try to sell anything, 75% chance of disconnect. Is there any hope of this getting fixed or should I just delete it from my phone?Xennyatta1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Any hope in fixing mobile armory? For quite some time, the mobile armory barely works for Android users. My iPad works fine but any Android phone I've seen disconnects every time you try to do ANYTHING in the armory for more than 2 or 3 minutes. If you go to buy anything, insta disconnect. If you try to sell anything, 75% chance of disconnect. Is there any hope of this getting fixed or should I just delete it from my phone?Xennyatta2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Wow legion companion not working Two days ago, after working just fine, I tried to use wow legion companion on my iPhone. It asked me to log in (which is abnormal for me), then asked for authentication, which I did, and after this it just goes back to log in screen. Anyone have any ideas what to do to make it work again?Martana0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Heart of the Aspects My collections tab on the WoW website says I have the Heart of the Aspects mount even though I don't own it. Is there a reason for this?Gladiak2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Suggestion: Merge phone Apps We now have 4 WoW/Bnet related phone apps: 1. Armory App 2. Legion Companion App 3. app 4. Authenticator There is overlapping functionality especially with the Bnet and Armory app which allow you to chat with others. It seems like there is a great opportunity here to reduce the overall application footprint on the phone's storage, RAM and impact to battery life (more apps running in background all communicating with internet drains the battery) and still provide the same functionality.Tinkerizmo0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Missions in progress timer bugs I often go to the mission in progress list when promted that there are "x" missions done. I have to click on missions that show as still having time left to find one or more that are actually done. Also, there can be huge differences on the timers showing time left in the main list. When you click the actual mission it can be many hours off in either direction. I think it may be reading the time left from missions of the same name but on different characters.Toenail1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Feature Req: Legion Comp App + Argus troops Please enhance the Legion Companion App to allow me to use the Argus Troop tokens that are sitting in my bags to replace the Argus troops that die off from missions. It would also be great if I could also use champion mission consumable items with the Legion Companion App. For example, apply Meatball's "strange ball of energy" 20% mission success buff to a champion and Meryl Felstorm's "conjured refreshment" to a troop to heal it. I can use these in game but not with the Companion App. EDIT: Just saw other threads on this and maybe I should delete this, but NOPE.Tinkerizmo0 Oct 10
Oct 9 Legion App - iOS 11 Notification Badges I've installed today's Legion App update but wanted to report that app notification badges no longer clear in iOS 11. Thanks!Sarlic22 Oct 9
Oct 8 Glitched Mission on Companion App Companion App: I have a completed glitched mission that refuses to clear. Using an iPad Air. Is there anything that can be done to clear the mission and releaese my followers? Thanks for the help.Vahe0 Oct 8
Oct 5 Frequent crashes with new phone. I recently updated from a note 4 to a note 8. The 4 would have crashes with the legion app very rarely, maybe once every 1 to 2 weeks (and I use this app almost daily). The 8 has seen this crashing rate raise dramatically to the point where I'm surprised to get through one character's set without crashing multiple times. That's not an exaggeration either; there are times I'll require multiple force restarts just to start ONE mission. Reinstallation has not seemed to slow the rate, so I'm asking if there's an alternate solution or something I'm missing.Tenor4 Oct 5
Oct 4 Armory not updating. Blizzard CS told me to come here. The armory is not updating my characters on Terenas/Hydraxis. Thanks.Mobely0 Oct 4
Oct 3 Mobile App always unread Greetings, I have an iPhone 7 Plus and just updated to OS 11 or what ever the new one is. Now the mobile app always has a red 1 popup like there is something unread. I have toggled every character and there is nothing to check on. Can you look into a fix please?Allegæon1 Oct 3
Oct 3 (resolved) legion companion not working 10/3 (resolved) legion companion app not working 10/3 After today's (10/3) patch, legion companion app was working ok for a bit. Stopped after a while at "connecting", no longer would connect/open. Try to logout/I ogin, no go. Uninstall Reinstall Working ok now. (You're welcome, folks)Nusku0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Companion app not working All of a sudden about a day ago it ceased to work for my warrior, and only my warrior. Uninstall, reinstall, doesnt seem to be working and I'M running out of things to try. Any ideas?Sièrra5 Oct 3
Oct 2 Mobile Armory Update When are we going to see an update to the mobile armory app? It's pretty low quality and I get errors on it all the time. It won't show any of my reputations, the gear from raids are messed up, and it thinks I'm logged in all the time so I can't use the ah. Right now, there's not much reason for me to keep it. If it isn't updated soon, I'm probably just going to delete it.Skybeamer0 Oct 2
Sep 28 Mobile Authenticator app setup fails I have been trying to setup the Blizzard Authenticator App on my iPhone. I have downloaded it from the App Store, the only option from here is to "Set Up Authenticator". When I do this, I log into Blizzard, it then sends me a security code to my registered email account, I enter this in to the App setup, enter the Capcha code, click submit. It then changes to a Setting Up.... message with a spinning Blizzard logo. It will stay at this screen for hours if I let it. It never gets past this screen. I have uninstalled it a few time and tried setting it up again, I have rebooted the phone two or three times now. Any suggestions on how to get this to install correctly? ThanksJohda0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Completed mission uncollectable I have a mission that completed yet I cannot collect the mission and send the champs on anything else. I did a preliminary view of it in game, but since the in game interface doesn't let you select what missions you complete I switched to the app and competed the one I wanted to at that time. I have cleared the app process from my device to see if it was a process error with no luck.Ruaidhri3 Sep 28
Sep 28 Can't see any characters on main realm. On the mobile app, I can't see or select my main, Randd, or any of my characters on my realm, Misha. I can select them on the armory and other features of the website. Just not the mobile app. Thank you.Randd196 Sep 28
Sep 27 Companion App Can't Select Character I am immediately sent back to the login screen once I select a character in the app. I login, am asked to choose my account, character, and am immediately thrown once again to the login screen. I've tried reinstalling. US-MuradinDragonrr3 Sep 27
Sep 25 WoW Legion App Problem WoW Legion Companion App Problems I seem to be experiencing problems with the certain function on the app. These include: I can't place work orders for Champion Arguments- It used to work, how ever currently when i hit the button, i little green bar just spins and spins. I can however claim them from the app. Follower Upgrade and Equip- I have the materials, and the follower is not on a mission, it will not allow me to use items such as Bulky Armor Set, and Spiked Armor Set. It give me the option to use it but when i do the task does not complete, and the option and item still show in my inventory. As for equips it shows me the list of Equips i have opens slots, but it will not allow me to equip it. Currently installed on a Droid Maxx 2, Android Version 6.0.1 As previously stated the app worked prior to 9/24/17. Steps Taken: Force Stopped app and restarted app Turned Phone off and on again Uninstalled and reinstalled Looked at permissions Reviewed settings to see if their are any conflicts that would hinder the program from functioning properly (didnt find any) Scanned and repaired the app.Traidou0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Mobile armory false messag if you have no game time, it says you’re banned, locked, suspended or under review. Once you get game time it is fixed. Did this happen to anyone else?Deddud1 Sep 25
Sep 24 Legion App - Unable to load data from device Starting Sunday midmorning, my Legion Companion App will not open. It immediately pops up the error message "Unable to load data from device." I uninstalled and reinstalled this morning. Now I get the update downloading progresss bar for 3-4 minutes, then when it finishes, I get the same error message and the app closes. Armory still works fine for me.Mordha2 Sep 24
Sep 23 Unable to establish connection with server. I am continually getting this error when attempting to buy an item from the auction house. After this error, the AH search is stuck and all connectivity to the app is lost (cannot change characters, view profiles,etc.). I have tried restarting the app, force close and clear data, and reinstall to no avail. The error occurs after I click buy on an item but otherwise works right until that point. App Name: WoW Armory App Version: 6.1.0 Region: Americas and Oceanic OS: 4.3 Device: samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I337Kyaera182 Sep 23
Sep 22 Legion Companion App - can't open Since returning to the game last month, my companion app gives me a "downloading" bar every time I try and open it. The problem with this is that if I try and open my app away from wifi, it takes about 120 seconds of watching the downloading bar before I get to the 'logging in' screen, after which it says my connection failed. I'm able to get it to open if I connect via my home gigabit wifi, but even that gives me a download screen which takes about 30 seconds before going to the 'logging in' screen. I'm using an iPhone 5 and I've tried uninstalling it - turning my phone off and back on - reinstalling, but i keep getting the same problem. The app used to open quickly and without the downloading bar. Need help please and ty.Lyphe12 Sep 22
Sep 22 9/19 - Companion App - Time Related Bugs As of this weeks patch the mobile companion has had a few new bugs Completion Status - missions will be complete but will not show as such on the mission screen. Time Remaining - missions are frequently displaying incorrect time remaining. A mission may show minutes or hours left but will actually be complete. Likely tied to the above bug Initial Duration - missions will, sometimes, indicate a duration on the mission select screen but when you actually click on it, the duration "inside" is different. This is typically encountered when there is a time rebuff that must be countered. The app seems to assume the counter in some cases and not in others. Tier Five Class Hall Work Orders - on four different characters, the work orders to instantly complete a mission will make themselves available repeatedly. The items are unique, Silver Hand Orders or Frost Crux for example, but the app will prompt you to order them several times within the 18 hour window. Each time you do so, it will deduct the 100 resources but will only deliver one item.Eva0 Sep 22
Sep 20 Character is unavailable at this time Hello! As of yesterday, I have been unable to access my mages profile for the Legion companion app. As it states in the title, that is the error message that continues to pop up. Any fix for this? I do have the most recent version of the app as well.Bandamar0 Sep 20
Sep 20 WoW Mobile Armory App: Unable to Establish Connection Device: Nexus 6 (Google) Armory App: 7.0.1 tried to uninstall and reinstall In remote auction house, I get unable establish connection when I attempted to sell or buy. unable to sign into guild chat too, turns green, then goes offlineRavonix1 Sep 20
Sep 18 Legion App Minion upgrade Less of a bug and more of a suggestion. I am hoping there is a planned feature upgrade to get the new minions from Argus. Rock on!Boingboing0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Legion app bypassing ios lock screen Today I had a mission complete pop up in my status on my lock screen. I right swiped it which should prompt me to type in my pass code but instead it went straight to the legion app. I was then able to hit the home button and it took me to my home screen without ever having to type a pass code. Seems like a giant security hole. I made sure to use my first finger which doesn't have finger print enabled for it as i use my thumb using iphone 7+ ios 10.3.3(14g60)Toniciconic2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Legion App-Mission button not on World Map Legion Companion App has a bug in the 7.3 version, where it isn't showing the mission completion button on World Map. The only remaining way to complete a mission is the bulkier navigate to Missions->In Progress->Tap to Complete. Occurs on iOS 10.x.x, iPad, iPhone and iPod makes no difference. Please fix this asap.Arissarue7 Sep 18
Sep 16 Wow armory: no vellum filter? Hello! I was looking through the armory app and I noticed. There's no category besides all that encompasses enchanted vellums. maybe enchants could get their own search category? Thanks!Ursá0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Does anyone from Blizzard read these post? all kinds of post for missing characters, characters not showing up,etc, etc, ... it would be nice to see a "we know there is a problem and we are working on it" so people can see that there is a issue and it is being worked on...more of my characters are missing from armory. I posted to one of the thread but now that character is gone too....Nimrin2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Full access mailbox I have been using the WOW mobile armory for a while and would be very greatful if I could use the mail box functions that are available in game while using the armory application particularly at the moment with my internet access cut other than my phone Full mailbox access in armory please!Fuzzoffury0 Sep 16
Sep 15 WOW armory AH Have been unable to make AH purchases or bid on items for months now. Is this working as intended? Getting dc'd or app just hangs when I purchase, or even just search for items to purchase. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, still doesn't work. Selling items is working though.Bisdak2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Missing character from armory Hello, One of my characters disapeered from my armory, after uninstalling and reinstalling on 2 devices, troubleshooting with technical support and uninstalling and reinstalling , logging in to her in game and out, she just will not appear on the armory anymore. Please help.Cöökïë13 Sep 15
Sep 15 Armory App Problem AGAIN Again, every time I open the app and attempt to sell an item, it tells me I'm logged in. Which I'm not. Makes the app pretty much useless.Garriot0 Sep 15
Sep 14 [Error] Character Profile Unavailable After the recent multiple server restarts I started to receive the following error in the Android WoW Armory App every time I tried to access the calendar. ... This happens for all the characters I have tried, including my main and main alt that I played on last night. I have even tried clearing the cache and all data and I still get the error. I have also made sure I was updated to the most recent version of the Armory App. The problem has persisted through the update. For specific info I am using a Droid 2 Global, and receive the error on both my 3G phone connection as well as my home WiFi.Donhorn10 Sep 14