Mobile Bug Report

Nov 13, 2015 Armory app faction change bug The armory app says that my druid is still in the middle of a server transfer or faction change. I last faction change.server transferred this character over a year ago. Am I missing something required to remove the transfer/change flag so that I can use him in the armory?Kikdruid0 Nov 13, 2015
Nov 6, 2015 Windows Phone Not really a bug but it seemed the most appropriate place. Just throwing the question out there again to see if there's any more information on an Official Armory App for Windows Phones :D I know, I know, Soon™ lol but if there's any testing or fun stuff like that I'd be MORE than willing to subject my LG Quantum to it.Nisia76 Nov 6, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 WoW Armory app not updated. Armory app is really outdated for one of my characters. I can't use the AH because it has said this for almost a year. "This character is temporarily unavailable while it undergoing a process such as a realm transfer or a faction change. Please try again later." I did just faction change him and was hoping you guys would fix it this time around.Dámnmaul0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 WOW armory /Remote auction house not working Hello i have been unable to use the remote auction house on the mobile armory app for nearly 2 months now, i found this thread that claims the problem has been fixed the error message is "unable to establish connection to server" when ever i try to buy or sell anything However it has not worked for me at all, and i tried all the uninstalls reinstall, clearing cache, clearing data, putting the app on my SD putting the app on my phone, using mobile network, using wifi I am at wits end on this, and why it is not working and what else i can do to fix the problem my phone is an HTC 831C I am running an android OS 5.0.2 with the most recent version of the app my service provider is Sprint 2 months, no functionality.... what else can i do to fix this problem?Slinkeril0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 Character not showing up in Armory Posting this here as per GM Lirtassaya's request For some reason I can see all of my character in my Armory with the exception of my mage character Incantis. It has been like this since he was first created and he is now level 100 and I still can not see him, he shows up as a shadow image. Is there something in particular I need to do to fix this?Incantis0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 21, 2015 Can't bid, buyout or sell on Remote AH web Hi, Had this problem for a while now, but I cannot successfully bid, buyout or sell via the remote AH web site. The mobile armory phone application works fine, but if I try to use the armory web site auction feature I can't bid, buyout or sell. - If I try to sell and click "Create" I get a "Process interrupted please try again" in the left corner and the posting is not processed. - If I try to buyout or bid it just goes straight to a blank auction house search and I have not bid on or bought the item. I have tried this on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer - all showing the same behavior, so it is not a browser issue. I have tried this also from several different locations (home, work etc) so I don't think it is a firewall issue. MaplebunnyMaplebunny0 Oct 21, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 You are currently logged in ... This has always been a problem ever since I started using mobile armory about a year ago. The same problem happens on my pcs armory, phone armory, and iPad armory. When trying to select a character, armory blinks for about 30 seconds that I am currently logged in and need to log off to restore acess. This will happen even if I have not logged in to the game at all that day. This is the way I want to use the auction house across a good number of characters so this 30 second stall is really adding up to become an annoyance. It has been a problem for over a year and I really think this should have gotten looked into by now.Linyu0 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Mobile Armory Error - Blocking Port 8780 For the past few days now I have been intermittently receiving an error when using the IOS mobile armory app. It happens when I try to sign in or perform AH functions. It will time out and say Connection Error, and it suggests my router may be blocking port 8780. This happens on both 3G and WiFi, so it has nothing to do with a router. I tried disabling push notifications, but that didn't fix it. I also reinstalled but I still get the error. I am using an iPhone 5, IOS version 7.0.2 (11A501). Mobile Armory version 5.4.0. Thanks for your help.Kragen19 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 App is not updating my guild I'm currently in Currently stuck with camp dishwashers as my guild in the app but I'm in big willy raiding inc anyone know how to fix this?Amaleki0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Army Does Not Update Character Apperance Hi, long time problem, but it seems the army does not update the appearance of characters, new/changed/transmog'd gear etc.Spage0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Armory not updating 4 days plus I saw other threads on this, maybe Blizzard thinks it's fixed. It's not. Got new gear a week ago, that isn't showing up. Parts of my old gear aren't even showing up. Old gear has been there for 2-3 weeks. Thanks!Transporter1 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 ***Armory is Bugged*** Sorry for the asterisks but its bugging me Transmogs no longer update on some toons on the armory. To some people, like me, this matters. This needs to be fixed ASAP. For 1 of my alts it works fine, but for this character It's been this picture for like 3 weeks now, and I havn't used this mog in a month. I'd really like for this to be brought to the attention of the devsWaldo2 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 Armory achievements bad for a year or more I have a ton of pets and pet achievements, most do not show up on armory..why not? I use wowhead a lot and their profiler tool is great except not updated. So I emailed them, and their response said that the armory profile on my account is fubar'd and I need to get Blizz to fix my account. So I put in a ticket and the GM says if the armory database was messed up, then you wouldn't be able to play the game and since I can obviously play, they can do nothing. Please have the devs or someone with database access go in and figure out why my achievements aren't showing up! One example: I did all of the "I Found Pepe" achievements, and got the achievement popup in-game, and since each of the four items is checked, yet I did not get the achievement on the armory webpage?! And since the armory doesn't update properly, the wowhead profiler won't get the correct data. Example: I got the I Found Pepe! achievement in-game, and the armory shows all four items checkmarked, but the achievement itself is still gray and no points given. Why? Oct 15, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 Buyouts only function bugged/not working This is on a Samsung Galaxy 4s Android Version 4.4.4 Whenever I use the mobile AH to buy out anything in mass quantities, for example Blackrock ore where there are multiple stacks of one item each. I don't want to spend the time to buy each item one by one. I tried to use the option to list buyouts only and then mass buy all of the auctions that are at a certain price level. In the below screenshot, i have it set to buy out the max number of stacks of ore. then when I click buy, itt attempts to process and then hangs and returns a Connection Error message. If i try to switch back to viewing all auctions, I continue to get a connection error message, as seen in the next screenshot. I attempted to search again and for a second i thought it might work but ended up with a Connection Error message once again, as seen in the last two screenshots: Nothing will work unless I change the search option back to view all auctions and then completely log out of the app and log back in (or clear it from the list of recent apps and re load it. It's been an issue since before the last fix Is this an ongoing issue that is being looked into or something on my end?Darthsithis3 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 Wow Armory issue. Hello, 11 Moths ago I moved a character from Mal`ganis to Malestrom. Since The character had the same name as one of my others a 57 gnome DK. When my healer came over i deleted my DK and assigned the name to him. For the last 11 months. I have had issues using the web based armory and the mobile. Even as i type this ..Michiokaku is a 57 DK not my 98 Undead Healer. When i go into the AH on the mobile app it says i can;t use this feature because of the transfer. I have tried to clear all the data and reinstall the app but the lvl 57 keeps coming back. Can you help me?Michiokaku0 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 Remote Auction House What the Heck?? "Your account has been banned from using this World of Warcraft Remote feature." Why? What can I do about this?Draenybrit5 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 I'm alive and active, yet I look like this? Something is causing me to be a shadow and the armory has a pose with my back turned. All the stats and achieves are wrong. Just saying... Thanks!Transporter0 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 Authenticator - Disable iCloud chain backup? I have two Battle.Net accounts. The authenticator for one is on my iPhone. The authenticator for the other is on my iPad. Both iOS devices share the same iCloud account. So when I start the authenticator app, it reports the iCloud serial number is wrong: I don't need iCloud chain backup, as I've recorded the serial and restore codes. Is there a way to disable iCloud chain backup on a device? Would be a nice feature to add "device-name / serial number" pairs to the iCloud backup to that multiple authenticators can be backed up, or at the very least make it more apparent what device the iCloud data came from. Also, that message is not very user friendly. I could well imagine less technical users might be easily confused by what to choose. And there's no confirmation. Is there a way for them to go back if they chose the wrong one?Ashayo0 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 Mobile Armory Login Not Loading 8/12/15 I am unable to load the mobile armory, not even to the point of the login screen appearing. I am using an iPhone 5s with iOS 8.4, which is the latest software. This issue began early this morning and still has not been resolved. I tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, as well as exiting and reopening the app. Any info about progress on this issue would be appreciated.Kaderin26 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 New Mobile Authenticator Crashes I'm running Android 4.2.2, and the new updated authenticator won't even give me a just crashes every time I attempt to open it. I reinstalled. I even did a full reset of my phone. Nothing helps.Alfrim0 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 Remote Web Auction House reached limit? I subscribe to the remote auction house on two of my accounts. It is working fine on one account, but on the other (the one I'm making this post from) is telling me: You can perform up to 200 transactions in a single day with the Remote Auction House. The daily transaction limit resets at Sat, 09 Jul 2011 10:00:00 GMT local time, and it does not affect the in-game Auction House. The problem is, I haven't made anywhere near 200 transactions since the time it should have reset today (Fri, 08 Jul 2011 10:00:00 GMT). The reset should have occurred at 5am EST this morning, and since that time (5 hours), I've made maybe 20 transactions at most.Banktart62 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 Unable to copy code from Authenticator Since the updates, neither app is syncing with one another. when I tab out to select the auth code, it makes me re-enter my password. Whatever, really effing annoying, but not a big deal. What makes it worse is the copy-paste feature doesn't work either. Wonderful. I don't install other apps or even use the phone for web browsing, and everything is up to date. I literally don't use this phone for anything other than an authenticator. There are no viruses or any software that could cause these issues. What's going on?Barnacles0 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Authenticator needs constant RE-SYNC Been having this issue for weeks now, running the new version of the mobile authenticator on my iPhone, and I constantly get error messages @ login saying I can't login with the creds supplied. Usually resyncing the authenticator fixes it, but it never used to happen before.Frostchi0 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 Android Authenticator Update Permissions? I'm a little concerned about the new permissions for the update to Authenticator Android app. ( ... No justification is given for the new permissions in the "What's New" section; it instead only describes UI improvements. Why is account access needed when Hearthstone and the WoW mobile app do not use Android accounts? Why the potentially invasive USB storage use, network connection viewing, and location information?Voodont6 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Android Users - Widget - Update 9/30 [UPDATE] The Widget is back! A new update should be available in Google Play Store for Android users. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello all, As many of you may be aware we recently updated the Mobile Authenticator app for both iOS and Android. We’ve been hard at work to introduce new features and to improved performance making it faster, more efficient, and easier to use. Many of you have let us know that you are enjoying the update and we appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received so far. In addition to conveying our thanks for the kudos we wanted to let you know that Android users should see the widget option return to the app soon. We do not yet have a release date but look for the update in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your support and feedback.Vrakthris0 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 21, 2015 Armory encountered error handling this reques Been using g armory for a while. But yesterday I was browsing the mobile AH and the search bugged into the message in title. Now I cannot buy anything because it displays that error message as it searches for your last search upon opening. Any way to clear the cache or remove autosearch or fix this issue?Dropbare2 Sep 21, 2015
Sep 21, 2015 Mobile - Please fill out all required fields OS9 bricked my iPad so I downloaded the authenticator to my IPhone (on which I will not update the OS!). I have my serial number and restore code but when I put into the new mobile app I get "Please fill out all required fields". It won't let me put in hyphens but other than that the serial number and restore code (which I have tried both all caps and lower case) are just not being seen by the app. Any moment I could be locked out. :( Help!?Roszfianna1 Sep 21, 2015
Sep 21, 2015 Crash on buy screen (Android) I was going on the armory to do some flipping and I selected something and chose max amount to buy at that price etc and the app will crash right at this point every time I'm using a S5 on lollipop (rooted). Not sure if its a common issue but thought I'd share.Nillzie0 Sep 21, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 Not showing items on main character Tried to reload and reinstalled the app but hasent worked yet shows everything on other toons but every time I go back the my main it says he has noting in any bags... Anyone else having this issue?Aceshighl6 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 Mobile armoury not showing armour The chest and hands won't show up in slot and in 3d my character is naked! I released the app, it's up to date and this is only happening on my death knightVethora0 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 Mobile armoury not showing armour The chest and hands won't show up in slot and in 3d my character is naked! I released the app, it's up to date and this is only happening on my death knightVethora0 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 17, 2015 No items appearing on 1 toon? I use the armory app to sell on AH often, but for some reason this is the only toon that all items re black and can't sell anything? All my other toons the app sees their inventory/bank/mailbox anyone know how to fix this issue? i have tried now on multitude IOS devisesBankerjones1 Sep 17, 2015
Sep 17, 2015 Can't buy items I've got a galaxy s5 on lollipop and when i use the armory app to search items to buy I get the "searching..." on the screen for... i think I'm at ten minutes now, and I'm hooked up to my home wifi (which has nothing wrong with it)Taneena4 Sep 17, 2015
Sep 15, 2015 Guildmates unable to whisper me Hi! I've been using the mobile Armory for weeks, and all this time my guildmates have not been able to send whispers to me. Mind you, they have no problem receiving my whispers - they just can't whisper anything to me. Apparently it's just a problem with my client - they seem to be able to talk smoothly to other guild members who are using the app. Is this a known issue with the Armory or is mine just broken? Thanks!Ashiara0 Sep 15, 2015
Sep 15, 2015 Mobile Armory App Won't Connect Hey guys, I had this issue on my old phone as well but figured it was because the old phone was terrible. Whenever I launch the WoW Armory, the app just sits there with the "Login" header, the "World of Warcraft Armory" graphic near the top, and then a loading spinwheel in the center... and nothing happens after that. Any idea what might be causing this? Is it an issue on my phone? I'm connected to wireless right now. Phone is an iPhone6.Swiftarm0 Sep 15, 2015
Sep 15, 2015 Can't view toons When I click 3D view I get an error message unfortunately, wow armory has stoppedUlgra0 Sep 15, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 Remote AH Connectivity Issues I've been having connectivity issues with the remote AH for months now. Its seems like it started around when 6.1 was released. Sometimes I can cancel and repost maybe 2 or 3 items, and then it says something like "cannot establish a connection to the server. retry?" I've seen many others posting the same problem, on the armory app page, since it started happening. Samsung Galaxy s5 android 5.0.Sjelan0 Sep 13, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 The armory encountered an error I tried to do a search for pets to buy and got the error, ( the armory encountered an error handing this request ) and forces me to go back. Now I cant start a new search of any kind. every time I try to do a search for buy orders it takes me to the same error. Is there any way to reset this? Also once and a while when I do a price check on items I have for sale the app locks up.Melh4 Sep 13, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 Error when trying to view auctions I'm encountering an error when trying to view auctions on one character on my account. It says "The Armory encountered an error handling this request." I am able to browse the auction house, make purchases, post auctions, and view bids. The error only occurs when I click the Auctions button. I am able to click on the Auctions tab on other characters. I have uninstalled the Armory, cleared the cache and deleted stored data. I re-installed it and the problem persists. I tried logging on the character in-game and clearing out the mailbox to see if that helped, but I'm still locked out of viewing my auctions or collecting gold. Character: Kaymart Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5 OS: Android v. 5.4 Armory Version 6.1.2Kaymart13 Sep 13, 2015
Sep 10, 2015 [Solved] Authenticator v1.1.3 on Android The most recent update to the authenticator has a countdown timer problem. It appears as if the countdown is going at double the speed. The codes work though. See the below video that I recorded. Phone: Nexus 6 Android: 5.1.1 Build: LMY48I I am rooted but I flash right from the Google images.Avellin5 Sep 10, 2015
Sep 9, 2015 No Update for Android? Was asked on twitter to post here, Saw on MMO-Champ that there was an update to the Mobile Authenticator, didn't receive and update, and even after Clearing the system cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, it's still the Old App. Here's the twitter link that will probably be deleted.... Sep 9, 2015
Sep 9, 2015 New Authenticator app for Android Ummm... Wow. Okay, first of all, I need to say that I think this should be a text book example of how not to improve an application. I can only assume that this was some sort of committee design. No more Widget? Really? I know you took the Widget out to make us all open the app to see the art we've already seen before, but really? The purpose of the app is to provide security for players in a quick and timely manner. Thanks for making that a more clunky process! Why include art we've already seen before in games? I'm not seeing the allure here. What does the pretty art that you're forcing us to see since we can't use the now non-existent widget have to do with helping us stay secure? Forced portrait mode? Is it 2010 again and no one told me? Wait. I bet this has to do with the pretty art that we've already seen, doesn't it? Pure failure. No widget, and meaningless re-used art makes me think the app redesign was done by a committee of people who don't use it. This convinced me to remove the authenticator from my account and delete the app. Thanks!Ruun0 Sep 9, 2015
Sep 8, 2015 Issue loading character items Recently I acquired two Zangar Spore battle pets which I want to sell. For a few days, I have attempted to use the Mobile Auction House, because it's so easy and amazing. I have found that no matter which character has the Zangar Spores in their bags, the MAH will not load their items to sell. All other characters load just fine. Here is an image of what happens when I try to load my character's items to sell (while having the Zangar Spores in my bag): Again, this only happens to the character which possess the Zangar Spore pets. Thank you in advance!Scrapbookee0 Sep 8, 2015
Sep 8, 2015 New Guild Armory Struggles Light be with you, brothers. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, but my *brand new* guild (3 days old <3) isn't showing up on the Armory. It's weird to me, because if I view this toons profile, it shows him in my guild, but if I click the link or if I try to go to guild chat on my phone, it acts as if my guild doesn't exist, but it acknowledges that I'm in the guild. Once it showed a guild icon in the mobile app, so I excitedly clicked it like a happy puppy, but I noticed it showed a blank, ugly brown icon, and then it gave me the guild doesn't exist error. I hope that just *maybe* it will be fixed with maintainence. Are any other new GMs, or anyone really, having the same issue?Thorikan0 Sep 8, 2015
Sep 8, 2015 Galaxy Tab4 Restore I for the life of me cannot figure out how to restore my authenticator on this device. Anyone know how to do this?Fréyà0 Sep 8, 2015
Sep 3, 2015 Mobile Authenticator Error iOS I updated the Authenticator in my iOS 8.4.1 in a iPhone 4s, and now, the app show the authenticator number, but the app is closed always.. I can see the authenticator number for a 1 or 2 seconds, and the app is closed.. i need to enter again and again to can see all number. Before, in the old version of authenticator, the app work very well. PS: Plz, any customer can see this, since we cant open anymore a ticket, 99% of problems is directed to this forum... greate support Att,Calisttho2 Sep 3, 2015
Sep 3, 2015 Problems with authenticator in IPhone Since I update the authenticator yesterday in my IPhone 6 plus has being crashing. Just seconds of opening the app crash. I saw the same problem with the authenticator of my husband in his iPhone 6 too. It difficult to login to game because of the crashing of the app.Lynie8 Sep 3, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Remote Auction house not working This is happening on the app as well as through forums. When will this be resolved?Ramiraz0 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Remote AH currently unavailable 6.2.2 I can't see my gold amounts on my characters and are unable to access the Auction HouseAladino0 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 AH is Temporarily Unavailable I've been getting this error on the mobile AH ever since patch this morning. I was able to use it once today but so far for hours it's been getting this message. I'm on a Galaxy 5, Android 5.0 if it helps.Cinnabonmon3 Sep 2, 2015