Mobile Bug Report

Jun 25 Download did not fix login issues Still not working after download/install that pushed out overnight June 24/25.Ziggurat0 Jun 25
Jun 25 Remote Auction House "Logged In" Whenever I try to sell something from the Remote Auction House it immediately tells my that I am currently logged into the game and must log out, which I am only logged into the WoW AppWeïlyn3 Jun 25
Jun 24 Armory app connecting-but not Legion app. Hello! I was having problems connecting to the Armory earlier this week, but am not now. However...when I now try to connect to the Legion app (as of this morning, to check on my class hall) I am getting an endless loading screen with that pseudo-eyeball moving around. Just wanted to report that I'm having issues connecting to the Legion app.Xaterian5 Jun 24
Jun 24 Stuck on Connecting Screen way around Anyone having trouble with Legion mobile App stuck at "connecting" screen even if you have closed / re opened it or restarted your phone, please do the following. 1- Click on "Cancle" when stuck on connecting screen. 2- Click on "Account Selection" and if asked, are you sure? Click yes! (This will log you out for good). 3- Log in to your account, if you have authenticator attached, it will ask the code. Enter and be happy! I think with recent update, your "remember me" option has been wiped out and for some reason App won't ask for authenticator security code unless you do above. And you are just stuck at connecting screen.Lovelywazbb7 Jun 24
Jun 24 Legion App — stuck on "connecting..." As of yesterday (Wednesday, June 21), the Legion Companion app is no longer working as expected. It sits on "Connecting ..." forever, with the roving eyeball, but nothing ever happens. If I close the app, relaunch it, click Cancel and then Account Selection, I can log in again from scratch. After this, I can access ONE character successfully. If I then try to switch to another character, I'm again stuck eternally on "Connecting ..." Anyone know what's up with this? Is there a secret update? Is there a common issue with the iPhone? Thanks!Kohlrabi2 Jun 24
Jun 24 App stuck on connecting screen App is stuck on connecting... thought maybe I had to do the update but still does not work. Worked fine this morning then just stopped. Posted on another thread but thought possibly that because it was an existing thread from days ago that it may not be seen. It's been down for hoursAnomollee9 Jun 24
Jun 23 Leaving app not working Hi, my leagon app won't get past the "connecting" part :(Reinholdt0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Armory App: Endless Loading Loop After Login Howdy! I've been having a loading issue with the armory app for about two weeks (iOS 10.3.3). A guildie sent me a whisper while I was logged into the app. I got the notice and went to go see the message and the app crashed hard. When I restarted the app, I became stuck in an endless loading loop on the home page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app four times. The badge app icon still shows I have an unread message, even after reinstalling. I reinstalled once more over the weekend and didn't open the app so it would eventually log me out. I logged in today and everything went smoothly through the authentication until I came to the home screen. Then, the endless loading spiral appeared, so I cannot access the app. Has anyone else experienced the Endless Loading Loop?Karawani45 Jun 23
Jun 23 AP Rewards Incorrect Numbers For the 7.2.5 patch, downloaded the latest version of the Legion Companion App, and started running through missions. All the of the artifact power missions appear to be displaying significantly higher numbers than I assume should be possible. For example, a green AP reward says it will award 2000.0 million artifact power. I figure this is a bug, and should be looked into. I am using a Google Pixel XL phone, Android version 7.1.2 Jun 23
Jun 23 Legion Android - Using Mobile Data Download Android - Legion Companion App. The update mechanics for the Legion App ARE NOT mobile data friendly. Google play update seems to just push the command for the Legion App to download next time its open. The in-App Download started automatically without any accept/cancel button and then the latest update downloaded it as Foreground Data (and not in the background) this chewed up a sizeable amount of my mobile data today. I have the Application set on my Android for "Restrict Background Data" so large downloads are Wi-Fi only but your app still did so... this is unfortunate and a bit upsetting when its the end of the month and you have to start rationing your data cause in such a brief moment the application chewed up 10% of my monthly data allotment (and then crashed anyway). Please set background data for this application. Or a push button message to warn a download is needed and to approve downloads.Dirtymind0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Posting auctions on website I have used the mobile Armory app for so long, when it was down this week I decided to get back on the warcraft site and try to do auctions on my PC. The website has changed so much, I can't even find the auction icon. Can you still do auctions through the website? If so, how is it done? There's an arrow by my character name but all it does is show all my other toons, it doesn't show the option to auction anymore (the money bag icon). Thanks!Tyreyne0 Jun 23
Jun 22 character guild and AH grayed out When I log inro my mobile app, I get my character listed, but the auction house buttons and guild buttons are grayed out. I can't change characters either. I tried a search but after typing three letters, it would throw me out to the character screen. If I can figire how to post it, I will post a screen shot. This started yesterday afternoon Pacific time. The auction house had been buggy for me since the new patch but it always came back. I have uninstalled three times, powered on and off, cleared cache and made sure there is plenty storage on my phone. My computer game is working normally.Machaenon0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Armory My world of Warcraft armory is letting me sign in but it won't let me change characters, and the character it is stuck on won't display any gear or guild and none of the links will load they just keep showing the loading symbolGered2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Cannot connect For the past 2 days when I try to use the app, I get the message cannot connect.Icý0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Can no longer see my own auctions Not sure if this is a bug or a really weird, really crappy UI decision but since updating the mobile app this morning my own auctions no longer show up when I do a price check. In fact, NO names show up at all. It kind of defeats the entire purpose of the "price check" button if I can't actually check the price of my stuff vs others.Invisusira0 Jun 22
Jun 22 WoW Armory App not loading Keeps on spinning. Tried to switch wifi nothing. Tried to uninstall and reinstall nothing. Did you guys update your phones yet? May be the issueArrynn1 Jun 22
Jun 22 Legion App Issues The legion app seems to have gone on vacation! And what I mean by this is that the AP for the missions are reading at godly and ungodly numbers. Some read 2000 mill while another reads at -2000000000 (more numbers). I have screenshots if you need them. Although that over 2000mill would be nice to have Mightyfur0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Mobile AH not connecting I was able to auction fine this morning before maintenance. I tried to auction earlier this afternoon and was unable to connect to the server (still can't) and I could not switch toons either. The legion app is working fine for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.Tyreyne3 Jun 22
Jun 21 Legion Companion app when will the ap number bug be fixed?Aneline0 Jun 21
Jun 20 Mobile App showing massive AP missions Just collected a quest on my hunter that offered a quest for 800M AP and the bonus, which was successful offered 1.7B AP. I thought that was excessive, but in conjunction with other changes and getting all my toons to 40 AK recently, I figured it was all right. Go to collect the AP tokens in game and they are actually 20M AP. Which is fine. But just know the mobile app is showing huge disparities in AP between what the mission actually rewards and what is shown in the App.Elait7 Jun 20
Jun 20 Companion app not working I can log into account fine, but not able to log into charactersBjornx0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Equip combat ally In game, you can always upgrade armor and equip champion equipment for your combat ally. In the app, you can upgrade armor, but not equipment (says "On mission" on button after selecting equipment to use). It should allow you to equip your combat ally in the app without needing to unassign, equip, then reassign.Growltiger0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Legion Companion App: Android Phone Legion Companion App Android: Many problems, Artifact Reward Power Bumps listing is in the millions and millions in the App. But when I go to look at the finished Companion Apps rewards for using the Companion App in the Wow game; only lists said items in the Thousands. Can not click/won't show/hire new Minions for missions... These are some of the problems so far from the new 7.2 update... I've updated/deleted the App from phone a number of times, no help. Any word on when these will be looked at? Thank you for any Info you can gives usAzzrazzah1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Wow Armory Unable to connect to Server I have not been able to establish a connection to the server with my Android phone (LG V10) at all. No guild chat or AH. I've seen where this has been an issue in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks.Aramynta0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Remote Guild Chat Feedback and Bugs As you might have seen ( ), we recently rolled out an update to our Android, iPhone and iPod touch apps that adds the ability to chat with your guild mates directly from your mobile device. We wanted to make sure we have a consolidated place where you can report bugs and offer us feedback on the features after trying Remote Guild Chat during the free preview period. If you have the app and have been able to try guild chat on the currently supported realms, let us know what you think: Have you run into any issues? Any bugs you’ve been able to reproduce? What about the feature itself -- how do you like it? Any thoughts on how we can make it better?Bashiok494 Jun 19
Jun 19 App AP rewards bugged AP rewards on the app are showing what seem to be random numbers between about 500 to 1200 million. But when I get on the game and look in my bags they have changed to 20 million AP.Liquids2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Re-activating Champions with New Limit If you open the Legion Companion App, finish the Roster of Champions advancement, and then re-activate a champion to the new limit, the App will not allow you to send any missions because it thinks you are now over the active champion limit. This is corrected after restarting, relogging, or changing characters. Probably not a regular issue considering you will likely only finish the Order Advancement once per character.Fizix0 Jun 19
Jun 17 Major Armory Bugs Hello Hello! Recently, I've noticed that the Mobile Armory app has been having a number of issues, and it has not received an update to fix bugs in quite a while. I regularly use armory for auctions, simply because it is easier and more efficient than using the ingame auction house. But a few issues have occurred: The app has stopped showing images for the selected character on the bottom of the screen. Chatting with people ingame through whisper, it occasionally bugs out and they are unable to respond to you because it says "No player named ___ is currently playing" And now, it can't find any of my characters. The legion companion app has no trouble finding them, but armory is now saying that I have no characters, and this was not fixed by deleting and re-downloading the app. Are there any other bugs I missed that us armory users want to see fixed?Lueran1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Companion app AP rewards wildly inaccurate? In the companion app, you can tap on an Artifact Power reward item to see just how much it will give you. Since the app updated itself a day or two ago, it's giving me numbers that are, shall we say, optimistic. Like a single item that awards 905.2 million AP. Sadly, it's a lie: when I collect it in-game, it awards 20.8 million. (I also saw one that claimed to award about negative 2 billion. I haven't had the nerve to try that one yet.) I don't seriously expect a billion AP from one item, but it would be nice to get accurate numbers. Is anyone else seeing this?Tasmia2 Jun 17
Jun 16 Legion Compaion Issue have the app installed, have android 4.4.4 version installed 2GB extra in SD card. Anytime I launch app I get the Blzzard splash screen then it goes to a download screen it gets to 55% approximately and stops, then drops me back to regular phone screen I have untinstalled, reinstalled, rebooted after fresh install have cleared cache and rebooted and reinstalled it does the same thing everytime. I have checked no new os versions all firmware is up to date. Can anyone help me pleaseSixbull1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Companion app AP bug? I was using the companion app on my phone. I started a few artifact power quests. Then I realized the AP numbers were super high. I have no idea if this is a bug or not. I have not used the AP tokens yet.Mcroyal1 Jun 16
Jun 15 AP reward values are not properly displayed. The missions are not showing proper values for AP by a factor of 58. It's very misleading when trying to upgrade artifact weaponsMargonar0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Universal windows app for legion companion? I couldn't find a more appropriate place to post this. So are there any plans for a universal windows app for the Legion Companion? If there isn't there should really be. Please consider it. Being able to access these features across my tablets and/or phone would be great. Still haven't figured out why app developers are ignoring the one app all devices set up that the universal app platform brings. Heck I could use it on my xbox.Elrandir12 Jun 15
Jun 15 Legion companion app showing wrong AP Legion companion app missions for AP showing like 240million AP awards. Is this going to get fixed? I wish I was getting that's but I know it's wrong lol.Kügena3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Companion App Glitch On the app, when I research a artifact knowledge on my priest, it says that it should take 6 days to finish. So on the next day it was completed and I was surprised that it was done so I didn't care. I did it again and for both knowledge it says that it should take another 6 days and I logged in this morning and they were both complete already so theres definitely a glitch going on with it. I went for lvl 36 to 40 in 2 days. I checked in game to make sure if it was just visual bugged but i'm actually maxed. don't know if that's how its suppose to be but don't want to get banned for glitch.Yukiõnna1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Legion Companion App and AP So, after a bad day at work, I logged in to the app to check my mission status. Apparently, my Champion's Trophy is now worth 1.2 billion Artifact Power, my Ancient Champion Effigy is also now at 1.2 billion Artifact Power, and my bonus Seal of Leadership (that I likely won't get) is at 705 million. Is this a bug or a working as intended? I mean, I, and a few minority of players are panicking "Oh, no, I need more Concordance, STAT", but 1.2 billion sounds a bit high. As a reminder, it only takes 520 million artifact power to get my Concordance.Gorev1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Armory App Issue Every time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, I open the armory app it says I'm logged in to the game. Even if it's been days since I've actually logged in. I just close the app and reopen and if I'm lucky, after the 4th or 5th attempt, it will actually work.Repooc0 Jun 15
Jun 14 Legion App is STILL BROKEN The issue with the time to completion of missions is still broken if you are running the same mission on multiple characters. If you look at the Progress tab for the first character in your list, every other character that you look at subsequently will have the identical countdown on any mission that is the same as a mission the first character has running. Specifically, the Elite Strike missions granted by having the Command Center active in Broken Shore. If you tap on a specific mission in the Progress tab you will see the actual countdown, but the wrong countdown will still be shown on the Progress tab list. There is also a new bug where if you tap on an Artifact Power item on a mission, it displays wildly wrong numbers for the amount of AP granted by the item. Yesterday all of the items in my available missions were showing me 500.4 million, or 1152.3 mill, or something similarly crazy, but this morning I had one show -273463985 power.Myssconduct1 Jun 14
Jun 14 Won't Start The Legion Companion app will not start. For three days now it says Connecting and gets no further.Nighdarke3 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mute App, not all sounds I listen to audio books on my phone jack to my stereo. I set my Order Hall audio settings to OFF and my audio book cannot play while the WoW app is open. Please allow background sounds to play even if my WoW app is muted. Thanks, love the app.Dimend1 Jun 14
Jun 13 Mobile app event tab bug Not sure if anyone else is having this problem as i am only getting it on my main but every time i log onto the armory app and i try to go to the events tab I get the error "This character profile is currently unavailable due to a long period of inactivity" I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but that doesnt seem to fix it :(Tsulong24 Jun 13
Jun 12 mobile armory My mobile armory won't let me login. I can log in to European servers, but no Americas. Anyone else having this issue? Tried 4g and wifi, tried uninstalling app.Destrodealer3 Jun 12
Jun 12 Double mission affix broken I had two minion affixes on a mission. When I added my champ, it crossed out both. After I deployed, I checked and only one had been crossed out. It was an elite mission, so now I have to wait an extra three days to get my guy back...Auteyus1 Jun 12
Jun 11 iPhone Armory - This realm is currently in maintenance. As per title. Unable to use Auction House via Armory on iPhone since 31/05/2017 after maintenance had concluded. Tried: Using all characters on account, not just main character Logging out and back in Removing and reinstalling app Reset phone to factory settings then reinstalling Armory Any suggestions on how to fix this are appreciated.Zeroz15 Jun 11
Jun 10 Legion Companion App Password Limit It appears that the Legion Companion App has a limit of 16 characters for your password. This is all good, but does not have this same restriction and my password is over the 16 character limit. Thus making me unable to log into the Legion Companion App and Armory App. In order to do so I will need to change my password on my account (which is within the character limits for a password for the actual account) to meet the requirements of the apps.Euphelydie0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Item Level Changes after purchase I make the majority of my gold working through the Auction House, this helps with gear, tokens, guild and palming some off to my brother. I recently purchased a few things on a character from Grizzly Hills, knowing that I would be able to flip them very quick with a huge profit. I bought two pieces of 905 ilvl gear, (and no I didn't make a mistake in buying the wrong gear, I have been doing this a long time) then when I went back to resell the items they had changed back to 855 and 870. Is there something we can do about this? I know auction house purchases are final and can't be refunded but this is a pretty huge bug in the app. I'm down half a token now when I should be up almost 2 with that gear.Apachee0 Jun 10
Jun 9 Not working OK like many others a few days ago I changed my email and now the app will not work at all kinda upsets me and have no idea how to fix it iv tried everythingGaby0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Mobile AH for Oceanic realms Is anyone else having problems with the mobile AH on Oceanic realms this morning? I can login to Sargeras, but Khaz/Dath are coming up as in maintenance.Botula33 Jun 9
Jun 9 Remote AH App server error I've read the other Remote AH app issues with logging in and this isn't the same. I can log into the AH app w/o problem. I can even guild chat and manage to get a couple of auctions in and change character. However, within a few actions such as listing a couple of auctions or checking the prices, I will get an 'unable to establish connection to server' error. There is no set amount of time I can use it or how many actions I can have other than it never stays on more than 2 minutes. In order to use it again, I have to close the app and not just minimize it. Then I launch it again after a 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall 3 times, I've rebooted my phone both after I uninstalled it and before I launch it again. I've cleared out the cache in the app and my browser. The app is updated. This only started happening after I bought my new Samsung Galaxy S8+. I tried it on my sister's Galaxy 6 and it works fine. All the system and android software is updated on my phone. I am on updated to system G955USQU1AQDF, Android 7, Galaxy Experience Version 8.1Pocketimp0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Remote Auction House feature in WoW Armory App not working. The Remote Auction House feature in WoW Armory App appears to be "under maintenance" for the past 3 days. Is this a software bug or something that I need to wait longer for it to be resolved?Deejayboomz15 Jun 9