Mobile Bug Report

Apr 10 My main able to post again! Wow, it's letting me post on my main! Thanks for fixing your forums... Now if you can just fix your App. >.>Oldboltsides3 Apr 10
Apr 10 Legion companion application Android Legion companion application starts to load and then just closes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, no helpDocmartoc0 Apr 10
Apr 9 Armory App My main toons don't show up in the select list. Only a few of them do. Also have been getting can't use auction house error saying accounts banned or suspendedZumaloo0 Apr 9
Apr 9 WoW Armory always loading Hello, I seem to have a problem with the WoW Armory app. Once I log in and I'm at the step where I can choose the Remote Auction House etc, I just get infinite small loadings. The full screen loading symbol will appear, disappear after 1 second and then reappear. I tried multiple Wi-Fi networks, rebooting my iPhone and reinstalling the app. The Legion companion app works fine comparatively. I'm using an iPhone 6 on iOS 10. Thanks in advance!Lehmun4 Apr 9
Apr 9 World of Warcraft accounts/Armory not showing my character Hello! So I noticed a few days ago that my main character is not showing up on my character is list the Armory, then when I logged onto here I noticed it does not show up in my character list either. My main is a Monk named Narrael on the bonechewer server. What is going on?Ravandra5 Apr 9
Apr 8 Character missing from Mobile Armory app For the past two days now I have been missing my character Riverdancer-KirinTor and I play her frequently. She doesn't appear on my character's list nor does she even appear in the WoW Armory search list. I have seen that there might be an issue, is there an ETA for a fix? Posting this to alert that I am affected by this as well for an accurate count of those affected. Thanks!Existence30 Apr 8
Apr 8 Different language In the mobile app, the map screen showed Highmountain in a different language.Defaced0 Apr 8
Apr 7 Wow armory app problems So I've been having an issue that started today with the app. I logged on, tried to go post some auctions, and was told my account was banned or under review for suspicious activity. I immediately panicked and went to my computer, logged on, and saw nothing related to this. For the next few hours I wasn't able to use the app on this character (my rogue), but was able to access it on almost all of my other characters. I've on and off been able to access the app, but eventually get the same message and have the same problem where I'm able to view almost all of my characters except this one. Is there anything I can do to fix this?Kaylarr1 Apr 7
Apr 6 Temporary Mission Buffs with Legion App Greetings. I apologize in advance if this topic has been answered. I skimmed through the first 2 pages and blue posts and didn't see this mentioned, so redirection to an answered post is fine. Basically I want to know if there is functionality for using temporary buffs on our minions (greater and lesser) and champions on the legion app. I am referring to things like Kira's Healthstone (which restores one troop vitality) or Meatball's Burp Item (which increases champion success chance by 20% for one mission). I can equip my followers with items in my bag, and improve their ilvl, but there does not seem to be functionality for this. Am I missing the function, is it in future development, or are there no plans to integrate this. In all other respects I prefer setting up missions on my app, but this one thing makes me need to log on to do missions, which dramatically reduces the utility for me since acquiring Meatball. Thanks in advance for any help.Infinadin0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Missing character from armory this character has been missing for a couple hours from my armory. anyone else having this issue?Gougeoüs6 Apr 6
Apr 6 Wow Legion App & Audio Hello I purposefully turned down the sound all the way down on my iphone today before I launched the app. And just like clockwork I hear the loud wow legion mission complete sound as if the app turned my audio settings all the way back up. Is this intentional? How do I turned off the sound effects altogether? Can there be a way to do this? Remember Blizzard this is crossing over into real life here. I'm using my phone in real world situations. I dont want your app making huge noises in inappropriate situations.Sevenglaives1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Mobile app showing corrupted text. Was checking in for WQ's and noticed text is corrupted. Apr 6
Apr 6 Cant see my bnet fiends in wow Can see they are on in the launcher, when I get in game I can't see them listed as having 0Legionairè0 Apr 6
Apr 6 App thinks account is banned/suspended/locked The WoW Armory app won't allow me to access the mobile AH, I quote, "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved." When i first saw this i immediately logged on to my E-Mail to find no messages from Blizzard about anything concerning my account. So, i attempted to log into my account in game which i had no issues with, checked the AH, looted mail, posted some auctions.I was a tad confused.Almosteasy11 Apr 6
Apr 5 Companion App Bugs. 1. No Close App, or exit button, you need to task kill it, even when you log out the app does not close properly unless you task kill it, that is BAD PROGRAMMING. 2. Icons for some items show up as question mark. "?" 3. You can not apply/upgrade the health of a minion through the app. 4. If you have more than three characters at 110 the app requires you to do a character list before you can get to the next character, also after you have selected the new character the three characters you had at first now change. Allow us to show the whole list rather than try to make a failed attempt at a favorites. 5. Clicking on chest sometimes does not work you have to zoom out the map and go back in for it reset properly. 6. If you have two accounts logging in on the app still disconnects you. 7. Bonus rewards are too random - even if you have 100% sometimes it can fail to give you the reward - there is no way to tell if it will actually reward you the bonus.Greenstone1 Apr 5
Apr 5 Companion app: timer counting up not down Hi! I noticed that the timer in the mage tower is counting upwards and is labeled "time left". This is confusing and I'm not sure if I will be able to still do the challenge when I get home from work.Ursá0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Reward has changed for order hall mission. I started the mission "Stirring the Swarm" yesterday as it was set to reward me with the legendary champion equipment, "Shard of Twisting Nether." However, since closing the app and reopening, the reward has changed to a "Carrot on a Stick." I haven't completed the mission yet, so I have been without 2 champions for a bit. What should I do?Kamìna0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Character not showing on mobile AH My character Auntiseptic is no longer showing on armory so i cannot do remote auctions. It worked fine last week and this week she is gone.Auntieseptic2 Apr 5
Apr 4 Companion App and artifact knowledge Companion App and artifact knowledge Today I used the companion app to order some artifact knowledge. The amount was deducted from my order resources. I filled both order spots and had 2 spinning green circles in the slots provided. The app then crashed. Once I got home, I logged into the game only to find I had no artifact knowledge scrolls in my inventory and was at the same level of artifact knowledge as I was prior to purchasing the 2 from the companion appHeathensoul3 Apr 4
Apr 4 Remote AH/Armory Thread Sticky? .Raizari0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Character doesn't not appear in Armory app. My character will not show up in the armory app. I've tried deleting it, logging in and out, but nothing has worked. If you have any other way to fix this that would be greatly appreciated.Kirrahe2 Apr 4
Apr 4 Forum and companion app issues After I did a realm transfer, my forum character achievement point display is set to zero, which isn't accurate at all. The bigger issue, however, is that I am unable to use the Legion companion app with this character. I receive the wonderful "Character is unavailable at this time" error. This has been present for over half a year, and it appears that the mobile bug report section is unchecked. This is a bit ridiculous that I pay money for a service and turn out worse for it.Jaydeuz1 Apr 4
Apr 3 Can't see event calender, due to inactivity Despite the fact my toon is not inactive, the mobile app claims it is and won't show me raids that I want to sign up for.Varia0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Main Character unable to access in armory Main Character unable to find in armory. This is the exact bug I receive when trying to find it from mobile app or even the web page: Armory Error The Armory encountered an error handling this request.Brewster1 Apr 3
Apr 3 Unable to access main charm Mobile Armory Unable to access main character from Mobile app. when tryign to access my Deathknight (Terbin, 110, Windrunner) does not appear in guild roster, my char list, or anywhere, when i follow the steps offered to me by a GM i get the same error, and when i am on my monk after trying to access my DK, it says that i cannot perform this action on a character that is locked, banned, or otherewise. can log on in every other service (in game, Website, companion APP, but not mobile armory.Terbin0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Armory character missing My characters are not there and my guild mates names are null and (?) this is kinda troubling to say the least, when can we see a resolution to this problemKlyd1 Apr 3
Apr 3 Companion app borked. I recently did a realm transfer of my demon hunter. Ever since then, I have been unable to use the Legion companion app AT ALL, for only this character. It works for my Warlock. This has resulted in significant productivity losses, and it will only get worse. The only message I get when trying to use Jaydeuz is "Character is unavailable at this time." This is after a few seconds of it trying to connect.Jaydeuz2 Apr 3
Apr 3 Mutiple research artifact knowledge issues I've had a few issues since the 7.2 patch as it relates to the research artifact knowledge scrolls. I have 10+ toons across 2 accounts and haven't had the same experience on each of them. #1- 7.2 release I spent 1000 resources on each toon to start the research process but when I logged in I had to go through the quest line to open the research beyond 25 and when I did I found it had 1 research underway. I guess the first 500 resources were "absorbed" by the freebie upgrade from the quest line. #2- April 2 and 3rd - I had my first round of research artifact knowledge upgrades come up as ready. I tapped the circle to receive the scroll and then a "Use" circle popped up. From this point I had three different experiences - I tap it and it goes into the "processing please wait" graphic indefinitely. I logged and reloaded and even came back later in the day and had the same issue. - I tap it and there is no option to Use it. ( could it be a bag space thing? Maybe went directly to mail and therefore isn't able to be used in the same way?) - I tap it and the use option appears. I tap that and my research level is upgraded. Success. Overall most of them went through okay but a couple were and still are stuck in the neverending loading cycle. One of them is bizarre and has no option to use and hasn't upgraded. I'm on holiday so I can't log in to check and see where the scrolls are (in bags or in the mail) so I can't really do any trouble shooting of my own. Sorry about the novel but thought my varied experiences might help especially as it's under the same main account and across toons.Åcorn0 Apr 3
Apr 2 Can't Buy on Mobile AH Hi all, I've recently gotten an android phone (Galaxy S7), and the Mobile AH has one debilitating bug. I can't buy anything. I can sell, relist, I can view guild, characters work fine, but anytime I push the "Confirm" button on a purchase, I get the error message "Unable to establish connection to server". It's driving me nuts! Any help?Kithelyna0 Apr 2
Apr 2 Character Issue i wannna cry, i can't use my app to use/play the auction house :( anyone else having the same issue? any tips to fix?Swerveboi0 Apr 2
Apr 2 Rhonin is Dalaran at it again! Rhonin in the Broken Shore Dalaran will not shut up. He keeps going on about the Ulduar quest line for killing Algolon. Seriously, need to shut him up. He is VERY annoying. Not exactly sure how Rhonin is talking in the new Dalaran anyways, being as he is dead in game at this point in the lore timeline. PLEASE FIX THIS, BLIZZ!Aarokk3 Apr 2
Apr 1 Mobile armory not showing all characters after patch 7.2 As title states,Mobile armory not showing all characters after patch 7.2, shows all the characters I don't play, but my main, which is a hunter on server lightbringer is not showing up, I need the mobile armory for my auctions, I've tried logging in and out and reinstalling neither have worked. Any info would be greatly appreciated!Klonipin0 Apr 1
Mar 31 Companion App - Character Offline Companion app is not working despite the EU forum saying it is fixed. Maybe it's a region issue? Is it working for US people? Maybe its an oceanic issue? My App: EDIT: seems to just be oceanic and not all realms!!Kimothy40 Mar 31
Mar 31 WoW companion app not working since 7.2 Hi, Since 7.2 the WoW companion app is not working. I am able to connect ok after it updates itself but all of my characters say they are offline and I am unable to select them to go further. My characters are on Frostmourne and I have tried from multiple iOS devices and also others I have spoken to have the same issue. Is this a known issue? ThanksRenji7901C4 Mar 31
Mar 31 [Error] Character Profile Unavailable After the recent multiple server restarts I started to receive the following error in the Android WoW Armory App every time I tried to access the calendar. ... This happens for all the characters I have tried, including my main and main alt that I played on last night. I have even tried clearing the cache and all data and I still get the error. I have also made sure I was updated to the most recent version of the Armory App. The problem has persisted through the update. For specific info I am using a Droid 2 Global, and receive the error on both my 3G phone connection as well as my home WiFi.Donhorn9 Mar 31
Mar 31 Account status? Armory app account status shows suspended but I bought a wow token 3 days agoEvocatíon5 Mar 31
Mar 31 Legion app - Unable to connect to characters When I bring up the character selection list on the Legion companion app, two of my characters on Barthilas US are greyed out with the word "(Offline)" next to the realm name, even though the realm is very clearly up as verified by multiple realm status pages. Why can I not connect to these characters?Atharnos57 Mar 31
Mar 31 Legion Companion App not connecting IPhone. Fully updated. I'm not even getting to log in. Just FYI. Seeing other bug reports but they are at least logging in. :)Bitterclaw1 Mar 31
Mar 31 Mobile Armory ded again? Might just be me, I'm having seriously weird Internet issues in my new apartment and this might be part of that, but my mobile AH issues went from "meh" to "this isn't actually operating" as soon as I woke up today. More 7.2 issues? Anyone else having this?Xihana7 Mar 31
Mar 31 Oceanic chars - Legion app not working I am unable to see any of my characters through the Legion app as they are all marked offline. I only play on Dath'Remar and all characters show off One in the app. It was updated after 7.2 was released.Eritole0 Mar 31
Mar 31 Legion companion app bug Legion companion app - character selection, after logging into the app. All my characters show (offline) but I am unable to select a character. Tapping the names do not do anything.Rukita0 Mar 31
Mar 31 Unable to upgrade ilvls App crashes when I try to upgrade follows ilvls. I have uninstalled and reinstalled app but still can't do itDøømguy0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Remote auction house down, again? Geez, guys.Turndownfor7 Mar 30
Mar 30 Remote Auction House problems My remote auction house is not working. Everytime that i try to use it I receive the following message: "The Remote Auction House is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." It started happen yesterday and is only with my chars on Stormrage realm. Somebody is having issues too? Note: It happens too on mobile app.Bloodwhispër9 Mar 30
Mar 30 Remote App error character in game. The app keeps saying my characters are in game. However they are not. I haven't even played since yesterday morning. The error is intermittent. Most of the times it doesn't work. The error occurs only when trying to access the remote auction house. This error started to happen yesterday after the post on twitter saying that the remote auction house was working again. Appp Verison 7.0.1 US iPhone ios 10.2.1Mynn7 Mar 30
Mar 30 Mobile Apps Not Working Sup ya'll Just here to report and ask about the mobile apps. After patch 7.2 came I have been unable to: 1. Use the AH of the WoW Armory app and 2. Log-in to any of my Frostmourne characters using the Legion Companion app. Any news on these or any fixes? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :DLianderi4 Mar 30
Mar 30 Legion Companion App not showing missions I had a completed mission that wasn't listed as one of my current missions so I had to log into the normal client to turn it in. Upon doing so I noticed I had available missions in game that weren't showing up in the Legion app. It looked like they were the 2 hour missions that give the new armor tokens for followers, but I don't recall their names.Targom1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Error Remote Auction House For about 3 days I haven't been able to access the armory. It says "Error" where my gold is suppose to be. I checked a couple of days ago and I haven't seen anything on twitter about it being down so I'm wondering if it's a me thing or what.Choukö1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Logging into guild chat I am currently experiencing an inability to log into guild chat on the armory app on this character. I only joined this guild a week ago, not sure if that has anything to do with it. If so, when can I expect the app to catch up and let me use Gchat? I can log in on my other toons in a different guild on my tablet, however on my phone it keeps flicking back to this character and failing to log in. Have reset cache etc etc on phone to no success, and tablet app is a fresh install 10mins ago.Sophiè0 Mar 30
Mar 30 Legion Companion app Is the app not working? I dowloaded it and when i signed in, it says all my characters are offline, and area unselectable. But isn't that the Point? There's not much use if i can't use it when I'm Not logged in...Aliantonn2 Mar 30