Mobile Bug Report

Oct 20 Should active combat ally be equipped? The Legion does not allow an active combat ally champion be to equipped with armour upgrades - states "on mission". But in game, it is perfectly fine to upgrade his/her armour without unassigning. Which behaviour is actually the correct one?Rolleria1 Oct 20
Oct 19 Item ilevel changing post purchase Hello, So with the recent hotfix removing BOE world drops I decided to buy up a couple of items I've been watching on the ah. I use the mobile app while at work. I bought two items, which the tool tip clearly identified as being ilevel 835 and 840 respectively. However, once they arrived in my inventory they were ilevel 810 w/ prismatic slots! I did not receive the items I thought I was paying for. It was definitely not a misclick on my part as I double and triple check the item before I pull the trigger on it. Anyone else experience this? What is going on?!?Santine17 Oct 19
Oct 19 Not working on Moto G 4 I have The Warcraft Legion Companion app installed. I can login, see my character but when I click on it the app goes back to the screen with The login button. No error is presented. Moto G 4 Android 6.0.1Reaverswrath1 Oct 19
Oct 17 Companion App - Can't Recruit Naga Myrmridons Hey Blizz tech, Thanks for the great app and expansion! Having trouble with the companion app. Currently have 2 empty first tier warrior spots available but i am unable to recruit for them. The button for recruit appears to be clickable but its a dead button that makes sound but does nothing when i click it. This problem only seems to have occurred when i finished the upgrade to "Naga Myrmridons" and chose to start research on a previous tier upgrade "Fel Armaments" changing from "Training grounds". Using an S7 Galaxy Edge. Please advise really keen to get a few missions going. Thanks.Dantaye3 Oct 17
Oct 17 WoW Armory shows nothing My armory app is not showing anything. No guild, no realms, no characters, nothing. I reset my password, re downloaded the app, and still nothing. I thought it could've been my unused starter edition interfering, so I contacted Blizzard and they removed it and reset my password. Still nothing. I re downloaded the app one last time and reset the password... nothing. Does anyone know what's up? It's killing me.Sortofkarlos0 Oct 17
Oct 17 Can't buyout auctions from armory app Whenever I go to confirm my buyout on auctions within the app it pops up "unable to establish connection to server" After this happens I can't pull up anything else and I have to restart app. Try to buyout again and this same message comes up.Testifyx16 Oct 17
Oct 17 Char Unavaila after Xfer / Faction Change Hi I transferred and faction changed this character yesterday. Been playing fine but I can't access him in the companion app. It keeps telling me "character is unavailable at this time" Halp!Malecoda0 Oct 17
Oct 16 App froze, now researching talent. I was using the app to look at the talent screen, and somehow ended up researching a talent I don't want at all. I just want to cancel the research, but can't -- Is there any way I can get this resolved?Iscaria0 Oct 16
Oct 16 Error message in Legion app says GARRISON Not a big deal, but this error came up when trying to start training on something (one time on a troop, another time of my priest's "Blessing of the Order". My phone was lagging, and apparently I clicked the button a second time before the first fully registered. The error was: GARRISON_SAME_TYPE_EXISTS Just seemed funny to get a garrison error in the Legion Companion App. (Other data, not really relevant IMO: Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 5.0.1 last patched 1 Sept)Eilethalua0 Oct 16
Oct 16 Character not updating on website This character, Xendu on Kilrogg server, cannot be found on the world of warcraft website. It is also not updating that I am not in Knights of Freedom guild anymore that I left several days ago.Xendu0 Oct 16
Oct 14 WoW Armory App I bought 4 items on the app's Auction House. All 4 of them were listed at 810 item level so I bought them. I just logged in to obtain them, and all but 1 are not 810 ilvl. Cloak of Martayl Oceanstrider is 804, Samnoh's Exceptional Leggings is 785 and the Talisman of Jaimil Lightheart is 791. This overall cost me close to 20k in inaccurate information presented on the app's auction house.Yrrebelgnid6 Oct 14
Oct 14 ilvl and socket bug Like others have reported, I purchased a six-feather fan on the mobile AH which was listed as having a specific ilvl and socket, and the one that I received did not match that criteria. The fan had an ilvl that was lower and no socket. The GM told me all I could do was relist it and there is no other way to address this. When trying to relist using the mobile app, this bug persists and I can not see what is currently on the AH in order to appropriately price this item.Warmack0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Delete Issue same as Oct 14
Oct 14 WoW apps acts like I'm online When I log in to either the Armory or Companion app it acts like I'm logged in to the game. Companion app won't let me view my toon and Armory app won't let me buy, sell, or claim auctions. This is not the first time it has happened. Some times I get locked out for weeks. It happens from maintenance to maintenance. Any suggestions on how to get this to work?Khaing2 Oct 14
Oct 14 Can't recruit troops in companion app I was able to do so yesterday, but when I try to recruit missing troops today nothing happens - the recruit troops button is pressed down but none are started. I have two open troop slots. I've also tried relogging and restarting the app but nothing helps. Any potential fixes welcome! Edit: I am using iPhone 6s most recent OS updateChucklesmash9 Oct 14
Oct 14 Status of Tooltip Bug on Mobile AH? Commonly reported bug about tool tips listing an incorrect item level and/or level requirement on legion armor. Players are making purchases based on these incorrect tool tips only to find upon retrieving the item in game that the item isn't as powerful or is unusable and they have wasted their gold. Has Blizzard acknowledged this bug yet and any word that they are working to fix it?Grollog0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Mobile AH can't buy multiple listings. I'm not sure if there was some hot fix update but I can no longer purchase multiple listings by the same seller anymore. You used to be able to buy however many items you wanted that were posted as a single stack by the same seller/price. Now you must individually buy EVERY SINGLE ONE.Norsepriest2 Oct 14
Oct 13 Companion App Issues I am having issues logging into the companion app. I am using an IPhone 6. The issues revolves around being stuck at connecting. I've tried logging all the way out, then logging back in. I get to character selection, pick my character, then it goes to connect and takes me back to login. I've tried hard resetting the app and even reinstalling it. I'm also connected to my home internet or wifi so I don't know what to do. I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with it.Cptnutshot2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Companion App will not connect to the login I can access the app, it downloaded something, and I got to the log in screen. I tap login and get the connecting message with the eye. I just sit there at that screen indefinitely. I've tried reinstalling, but it is the same problem. I'm using an iPhone 4.Evielane9 Oct 13
Oct 13 Legion companion not connecting I changed my battle net password the other day and ever since then my companion app will not connect. I managed to get access to one of my characters but now it's back to connecting... I have tried shutting down all my apps and restarting my phone and reinstalling. Nothing is working. Not behind a firewall. Help?Hanzo0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Legion App Champion Equipment Maybe this isn't a bug? Anyways. I store all my extra champion equipment in the bank. I thought the app was able to access these items from there? If this is intended, can you guys put in a request to change it? I really don't feel like carrying around all my champion equipment. Thanks in advance.Dathrodiir0 Oct 13
Oct 12 Order Hall Mission changed upon completion I spent 1,000 order hall resources, 2 Horns of Winter, and 12 hours to send champions on the mission "Facing Our Fears". I had a 195% success chance, so I was expecting to get the Emerald Nightmare quest item and a Seal of Broken Fate When the mission was complete, the mission had changed to a different mission which awarded a lousy "Swift Boots" (a green item). WTF? And since the champions I sent for the mission no longer matched, it changed the success chance and I didn't even get the bonus item. This is really disappointing.Dogberry0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Remote AH shows the wrong level requirement I recently bought some gear from the (remote AH), while i was at work. In the web version, it informs that the required level to equip such item is 101 (i have the screenshot as proof). I bought the items and, when logged into my account, i found out their required level was 110 instead of 101. This is a serious problem that misleads players into buying something out of their level. I have a new lvl 100 shaman, so, I just bought those items to replace my WoD gear. When i reach lvl 110, they will be useless...Oozaru3 Oct 12
Oct 12 Troop vitality bug - Companion app I'm not sure if this is intentional and can not find a similar post. Sometimes on the completion of a mission my recruits will deplete all the way to 0 when they have more than 1 vitality. It has happened to everyone of my troop types so far. Using a samsung S5 and app version 1.0.3.Lifewarden0 Oct 12
Oct 11 [BUG] Calendar events break with invite To reproduce: 1. Players A and B are in the same guild. 2. Player B creates a gulid event. 3. Player A signs up for the guild event (in game). 4. At some point, B invites A to the event (not sure if this has to happen before or after 3). When A opens the armory app, they will see a flashing question mark over the events icon, and the event B created will show up as "Pending" in the events view. The event will be marked as "not signed up", but A won't be able to sign up or mark the event as tenative- the buttons are greyed out. The "remove" button isn't, but tapping it causes "The requested calendar event could not be found" to show up on screen. Additionally, player A can scroll through the list of attendees and see themselves marked as "signed up". I'm Player A in this scenario, so I don't know exactly what B did when they made the event. Is it possible to invite a character to an event they've already signed up for?Jackactually1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Companion app issue On the Companion app, I can't get on with any of my characters that can use the app. I open the app on iOS 10, and it says connecting. Once that goes away, I get the main screen with the option to either log in or account selection. I tap log in and it brings up my character list. I tap a character (doesn't matter which one, they all result in the same thing), and it takes me right back to the log in/account selection screen. I've restarted my phone, I've closed out the app even and neither has worked in fixing the issue. Please help.Jilliebean6 Oct 11
Oct 11 Legion Companion stops music from playing Hey guys! So I'm a huge fan of the Legion App, I open it on my way to and from Uni and it's really helpful! However, every time I open it it stops any music app from playing, it happens both in Apple Music and just the Music player app on Android. Any way this could be fixed? Thank you!Surprised2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Mobile Queue & Calander Event Notifications Yeah! Like like like!Tiranie0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Wow mobile Ah (Cannot buy) The entire wow mobile armory works except for when I try to purchase an item on the auction house it states "connection error". Any ideas on a fix? I'm using Android on a Samsung Galaxy and have not had issues until recently.Erõs1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Legion app - Heavy Armor Sets Not Working On the legion app, I just collected 1 set of armaments from the class hall work orders. (heavy armor set +5) Moments later I completed a mission where Heavy Armor Set was the reward, then I also got the bonus Heavy Armor Set. I went to apply to a follower, and I only had 2 Heavy Armor Sets to apply, not the 2 from quest and 1 from class hall work order. boo!Murdertrain4 Oct 11
Oct 11 Still can't use my Goblin The Armory lists my Goblin Rogue, Alybastor (US-Wyrmrest Accord), as a level 55 Worgen Death Knight. If I try to click it to use the character I get an error saying my character's level is too low. This has been happening ever since I did a realm transfer, from Nazgrel. I have tried completely logging out and logging in, making a new character, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Every other character is fine.Alybastor4 Oct 11
Oct 11 Can't use Libram of Truth with Companion App Mostly use the app at work so when i get home my followers are usually on missions. How ever it would be nice if we could use the Libram on the Mobile app to max out for bonus loot and not have to wait till i get home. Also may i suggest to add Artifact Knowledge to the research tab.Twistedelmo1 Oct 11
Oct 10 Armory App not working I've been having issues with the Wow armory app on iPhone since yesterday. When I open the app and login, it goes to the main sceeen except it's faded out and there's a constant "loading" or "connecting" circle. It constantly keeps refreshing and does not allow me to use the app. I've deleted the app and restarted my phone but having the same issue. Anyone else dealing with this or dealt with this before?Rijin7 Oct 10
Oct 10 Mobile Armory iLvl Bug Much like a few of the others that I've seen on this forum, I purchased a 'Delmar's Band of Amore' item level 850. I was using the Auction House app on my Android phone. As soon as I purchased it, it turned into a level 810 ring (as seen on my phone). I was completely upset, as that was a huge waste of money. There is a difference between purposely buying an 810 ring and seeing false labels in the app. I turned around and had to sell it for a large loss, as its a low level item. Fool me once, I was willing to accept this as my fault. Fast forward to yesterday, I saw another 850 ring that I picked up on the app. AGAIN, it turned into a 810 ring on the app. Again, I was frustrated. So I logged in and low and behold, the app is showing it as a 810 ring, but it is actually an 850 when in game. This is a huge flaw, and I lost at a large amount of gold due to it, which for me being a casual player is a big deal. I am no farmer, I have been with you guys from the very beginning (beta) and I love everything that you guys do. This was very frustrating for me and I just want to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else. You can see exactly what I'm talking about if you look at my auction house transactions.Slayve1 Oct 10
Oct 8 What I Would Love to See From Companion I like the current ability of the mobile app but I would love if you literally just copied a lot of stuff from the Rift Mobile App. The ability to earn in game resources every so often from a mini-game or slot is just wonderful as well as the ability to tap into guild chats, etc.Saltydbs0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Troop production I have 30k plus resources and currently trying to recruit a trent and some tree troops but clicking the train button isn't doing anything.Myrcyr0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Mobile app AH problem I bought items off the mobile app AH and one item was ilv 835 and the other was ilv 810. when i got them in game one was 772 and theother was 765. WHAT GIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like the item that i bought or a refund of the gold i spent on them. ive been trying to put tickets in but when it tells me to select channel it comes up with nothing.Icebreakèr2 Oct 8
Oct 8 Fix. The. Mobile. Armory. When the mobile armory app first stopped working a while back I patiently waited assuming it was a priority that was on Blizzards list of things to fix. More than 3 weeks later and now my patience has officially run out. Any company that has access to the resources that Blizzard has at it's disposal should be able to handle a broken app with relative ease. It may not be an emergency, but it's still something that many WoW players are concerned about because we've been using it so long that we've come to rely on it. Frankly given the current content drought during an expansion with the least amount of content in the history of this game, I think that players who are still loyal enough to be subbed deserve something more than a theoretical shrug of your shoulders and a stale blue post saying, "Hey we know about this problem and we'll fix it "soon™".Sangre13 Oct 8
Oct 7 Mobile Armory: Item Cannot be Traded Since the patch hit this a.m. I can post a number of items but can't seem to post blue leather or plate created items like the Bloodthirsty Leather Chest or Bloodthirsty Pyrium Helm. Attempting to post these results in a "Item Cannot be Traded" error. Seems to be limited to crafted armor items, I can sell greens or blues that are not crafted. This even happens when I use the re-list feature. So I know it is not soulbounc - its coming right off the AH and relist should put it back up. I do seem to be able to sell augmentation crafted items like Leg Armor and Spellthread. Thanks for looking into this.Strategos6 Oct 7
Oct 7 Wow Armory App will not load The wow armory app was working perfectly fine on my iPhone until I changed my email address associated with my account. Afterwards, I opened up the app, logged in, and am now stuck on a screen that shows the options in the background, but the entire screen becomes darker/faded as there is a "loading" wheel that continuously cycles. It's as if the app is trying to pull account information but can't. Once on this screen it doesn't let me do anything else. I can't log out or click any options. I have to delete the app, reinstall and relog, but it does the same thing. It's been doing so for about a week now. In comparison, the companion app is working fine for me.Rijin2 Oct 7
Oct 7 The WoW armory app is not working My app is not showing my characters in fact it is greyed out, and I cannot do anythingDundren0 Oct 7
Oct 7 Comp App - Swapping has wrong emissary When I swap to a character that has more than one emissary set up and then swap to my main which should only have ONE up, it still shows the alt's emissary list. I have to close the app and reload the main first to get the correct emissary that's active. Samsung, S7.Kurston0 Oct 7
Oct 7 Legion app broken changed email. iphone I can't seem to log in for whatever reason I have tried on my iPad and on my iPhone and both do exactly the same thing. I get on the start screen enter my password and email address, I press connect and it just tries to connect for ever, and never connects . I have never actually got into the app ever. I noticed some people said they had issues after they changed their email address. After I thought about it I actually did change mine many years ago as well, but I never tried to use any of these apps ever. So maybe look into that blizzard it seems it maybe the issue if you change your email address , in the past? If it makes any difference I'm on iOS 9 and on an iPhone 6s. Having the same issues trying to log on hearthstone as well.. I figured I would check that as well.Sabria0 Oct 7
Oct 6 iOS 10 Companion app can't recruit Currently I am amexperiencing an issue where I am unable to recruit troops using the app. I have restarted the phone, closed down the app and still can't recruit. I have only had this problem since updating to iOS 10 on the iPhone. Is anyone else having the same problem?Cirkas3 Oct 6
Oct 6 Amoury app wont work Hi guys I've tried reinstalling etc but can't do anything including pick my toon from the bottom right corner... it's just not there... so I can use any features.. Please help.. ThanksPsymonskitty1 Oct 6
Oct 5 Log In WoW Forums Whenever I try to log in on the forums, it does the lil spin icon load then it redirects me to log in again...and again...and again. I can't post on my phone if it won't log me in :{ It is a LG3 if that mattersCaskbreaker0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Armory App Not Working I just tried to open up my Armory app and it seems to log in but when the screen comes up with all the icons the screen goes darker and I get the spinning loading circle over everything. It keeps flashing in and out of the loading screen but doesn't go out of it enough for me to hit anything. I've recently changed the email on my account and figured I'd have to log out and log back in with the new email but it doesn't let me log out even. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. That let me log in with the new email as if it were a fresh app but when I got into the screen with the icons it proceeded to do the same thing with the loading circle. Any suggestions?Broncanus3 Oct 5
Oct 5 WoW Armory App buttons greyed out I installed the WoW armory app on my phone about 3-4 weeks ago. Back then the wow armory was undergoing some issues and I thought that the mobile app was a result of this. However, as of today 9-21-16 I still am having issues with the WoW armory mobile App. When I log into the Americas and Oceanic Region the following buttons are greyed out on my application: "Guild", "Auction house", "Guild Chat", "Events", and "My Characters". The rest of the buttons are available to me on the home screen but none of the buttons that I would use on a regular basis are available. I have tried logging out and in of the application, I have tried logging into other regions and then back out of them to see if that would clear the login data, I have pulled up my active characters on the World of Warcraft official site. I only have 1 World of Warcraft account, and I'm fairly certain my login credentials are correct. Is this a known issue? After scouring the forums I have not been able to locate any similar instances.Kâx2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Companion App Bonus Roll Failing When using the companion app, missions that I have 70, 75 and 80% bonus roll on fail to get the bonus roll every time. (170,175,180% mission success) Submitted a ticket and they said to post here because my screenshots show something is definitely wrong, but there are no reported problems. Anyone else having this issue?Jezibell0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Issue with App since recent update. Ever since the recent update to the Legion Companion App I have been unable to get the ask to work. All that happens is the Blizzard logo appears and then it switched to the screen with the *eye* searching back and forth and that's it. It doesn't even say connecting. I have tried deleting the app data and reinstalling, on wifi and on mobile data to no avail. Longest I left it running was 2 change. Samsung Note 4 running 5.1.1Lèvitas7 Oct 5