Mobile Bug Report

Mar 29 Legion Companion,champion icons problem Legion Companion App, champions counter icons not all displaying, all it shows is their basic countersStudmuffyn1 Mar 29
Mar 28 Add a "Are You Sure" button please I was just looking around my order hall upgrade but when I click "reset" it just cost my order hall resources and start researching and cannot be canceled so just hope u guys could add a "Are You Sure" to make sure player like me don't accidentally clicked reset and wast order hall resources yea T5 cost a lot now I have to get another 12000 to change it backMengada1 Mar 28
Mar 28 A way to lock researches I was messing around today in the legion companion app, and tapped on the druid research "Elune's Chosen." This provides the ability to create a seal of broken fate for order resources; however, I had the other one researched. I am not a serious raider, and I would never pick that research. When I tapped on it, it was loading slow, and I assumed it hadn't registered my request, so I tapped again, but this time the screen flashed with the research before starting it. Now, I am nearly broke in terms of order resources, and my hours of work doing world quests is for nothing, and I can't send more missions out. In short, there needs to be a way to prevent things like this, like a lock, or even a pause before allowing you to spend that much money like in mail in wow or buying pricey things. I shouldn't be allowed to bankrupt myself by misclicking.Winianvill0 Mar 28
Mar 27 Main Character missing on Armory I can't find my main on armory. The character's name is Aelisif - Dalaran. It says "Oops! Character not available"Aelistrasza14 Mar 27
Mar 27 Companion App Character Select I can log into the app, get to the character select and see the character I want to select, however everytime I select said character it boots me back to the log in screen.Dubkyle2 Mar 27
Mar 27 Character Missing in Mobile App My character, RebelPing, disappeared as an option in the mobile app a few days ago and has not reappeared. The character is available as an option to play in the game. Looking for assistance in getting this character back into the mobile app.Syrielliana1 Mar 27
Mar 27 Finished missions not "completable" I run into this pretty much every day on all capped alts that can use the app. It occurs when a mission is complete. I should be able to go to my app and complete the mission by either going to the missions tab, clicking in progress then clicking the green "completed" to clear it or click the specific mission chest on the zone it was in to pull up the same clear/complete option. The primary issue this causes is that it will not let me "complete" an obviously completed (0 minutes left) mission, so I cannot run new missions because my followers are still considered "in use". The rememdy is I have to log into the actual wow client go to my mission board for each toon to clear the completed missions. Then I can go to the app or in game and deply my followers correctly again. ThanksShoopi1 Mar 27
Mar 27 Can't see any characters on main realm. On the mobile app, I can't see or select my main, Randd, or any of my characters on my realm, Misha. I can select them on the armory and other features of the website. Just not the mobile app. Thank you.Randd195 Mar 27
Mar 26 Character missing in Armory I logged in to my mobile armory app and one of my alts, Alnath (Male Blood Elf mage on Alextrasza) is not listed in my characters list. When I try to view hom on the site, I get an error that says the character cannot be viewed due to realm/account transfer or deletion. As I have not initiated any of the above, I am concerned about the fact that the character is not showing up. Thank you in advance.Kelsangunar5 Mar 26
Mar 26 Missing Several Characters on Armory Up until yesterday the armory app was working fine for me. Then yesterday I went on to access the auction house and found that my primary character as well as a majority of my others are missing. The ones missing are actually the ones I play the most often. Only one of them was ever transferred across servers - Teregory was transferred to the current server from Lothar - but his transfer occurred back in January and prior to yesterday he showed up in the app just fine. The missing characters are all from the same server, Alleria. Two of my characters from that server do still show up, one of them being the one I'm currently posting as. The ones missing are: Laramynda (level 110 Druid, primary character) Teddylupin (level 110 Hunter) Teregory (level 107 Paladin) Elchimion (level 62 Death Knight) Kayleelupin (level 3 Mage)Buffysummerz1 Mar 26
Mar 26 Main character missing from mobile Armory My main character, Eillarius (Kul Tiras), is missing from the mobile Armory.Landrin2 Mar 26
Mar 25 Every Character I played today is missing Was using the armory this morning fine... Then after a few hours of gaming this happened Mar 25
Mar 25 Character missing from all character list I am trying to check my auctions on my warlock, but my character is not listed a part of my account. I am able to play the character in game. Why would this have changed. I was able to view the character last night.Anàkin1 Mar 25
Mar 23 authenticator is locking me out of my account I damanged my last phone (android) got a new phone (iphone). I removed the old authenticator off my account and when i tried to set up the new authenticator, it would skip over the screen that has the codes on it, and jump to the screen asking for the code to log into the account from the previous screen it would skip over. it locked me out of my account twice both needing customer support to unlock. I am using an iPhone 6s Plus with current iOS 10.2.1.Wendyclears0 Mar 23
Mar 22 Sold items, it sold the whole stack instead. Sold items on the mobile app per item, whole stack sold instead. It was living steels, was going to sell 30 of them, they were in two stacks of 15 from previous auction. Was trying to sell them separately, 15 stacks of one but they listed as 1 stack of 15 and didn't catch it in time before all 30 sold pretty fast, because of the mobile app taking forever to load auctions. So instead of trying to sell them 1k each, they got all 30 for 3k. Basically a 27k'ish bug or load issue with the app. Kel'thuzad server - I don't know who bought them because the app said Purchased by: nullÁlfa0 Mar 22
Mar 21 no my gold 200% la aplicación no funciona y por mas que salio en 200 % nada de oro es la cuarta ves que sucede. espero mi reembolso por 1 millon de oro o que solución me brindaran dejo la imagen Mar 21
Mar 19 Armory app reporting wrong ilvl The mobile armory app reports the ilvl of a boe ring on the ah is 810 when in game, the item is 804.Maltaneous0 Mar 19
Mar 17 Can't log into the WoW Armory mobile app. I can't log into my account on my WoW armory app. I have iPhone 5 with iOS 7. I also have an authenticator on my account. When I try to log in it says "Login Failed. Unable to establish connection to server."Cosmotonica76 Mar 17
Mar 17 [UPDATE2] Legion App Changing Mission Rewards A few times in the last several weeks, I'd be closing out my completed missions and think, "Did I really start a mission that has that reward? I don't think so." There are some things that I won't ever try to obtain, thus not ever start a mission for. Point in fact, just now I finished a mission on this character and the reward was a Valajar Insignia for 250 reputation. I'm already exalted with the Valajar and to save order resources I would never start a mission that rewards Valajar rep, not even to give to another character. Adding this to the several other times in the past where I was surprised, but still uncertain, by strange end-of-mission rewards and now I'm dead certain that the Valajar Insignia was not the reward that the mission initially displayed. I thought maybe it was a display issue at the end of missions within the app only, but I logged into the game and indeed found a Valajar Insignia in my bags. So it seems that it's a display issue at the start of the missions.Levíathan3 Mar 17
Mar 16 Missing Collected Items Good afternoon, I have a problem using the mobile companion app. I have experienced this problem in the past but I thought it was all in my head, today I think I have proven it is not! I have a level 110 Warrior that I use the mobile app quite frequently for. There have been times where I collect an item via the app but it is not on my characters inventory and/or is not usable while using the app. Just 15 minutes ago I collected a champion armaments but when I try to upgrade a champion using the just collected item, it says I don't have any armaments to utilize which is impossible since I just collected it so I know I have one. This happened in the past with 1 set of research notes, and armaments but I dismissed it at the time thinking it was user error. Assistance please..Devonra0 Mar 16
Mar 16 No character experience from mission On my Rogue, I was using the companion app and completed a mission that yielded experience. I got the completion and the bonus but when I logged in, I had no experience gained. The bonus was more experience, that was not provided to my character. He was still at 22% upon logging in. All the other times I did missions for experience, I got it. This time I did not, the only difference was that I was not in Dalaran (a rested exp area may be needed????) and was in Val'Sharah. GM Reply: Hey there ****! Game Master Udienzlae here, I hope this message finds you well. =) I'm seeing here that Jadaris may not have been given XP points when completing an XP mission in his order hall using the companion app. =( I definitely understand that you may be feeling concerned, so I'm here to hopefully provide some insight into the situation! What I did first was run some logs to see if you gained any experience from your missions while on your phone, and to my surprise I did actually find what we were looking for! =D At the time 2017-03-16 07:36:12, you earned 943 XP, which is probably why you didn't notice on your XP bar because this wouldn't count as a whole percentage. >< Anyways, I'm glad we cracked the case! But do let us know if you have any other questions. =) My reply: This was a class hall mission which usually yields 30k+ experience and I got the bonus which should have been 30k+ more experience. Doing any mission hall quest for 943 player experience is absurd and a total waste of 100 resources. I believe this mission was completed last night (3-15-2016) on my phone.Atrosity0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Armoury glitch?? I can't talk to my guild in the armoury at all. It's strange to me. I'm not sure why. I just downloaded the app for the first time. If I look at my character it shows that I'm in the guild but it won't let me post. Any advice?Andastian0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Can't connect to certain characters.. So I used to be able to connect to all my characters thru the app and go thru all of their missions, recruiting, etc. Now I can only connect to my alts but for some reason my main that I used to access on a daily basis thru the app is stuck at the connecting screen and I'm unsure as why. I can still do his stuff thru the client on the PC but thru the app I get stuck at connecting indefinitely. Anyone else having this problem or have found a fix for this? Currently using an Android Samsung Galaxy S7 with up-to-date Legion Companion App.Tiir0 Mar 16
Mar 15 Item ilevel changing post purchase Hello, So with the recent hotfix removing BOE world drops I decided to buy up a couple of items I've been watching on the ah. I use the mobile app while at work. I bought two items, which the tool tip clearly identified as being ilevel 835 and 840 respectively. However, once they arrived in my inventory they were ilevel 810 w/ prismatic slots! I did not receive the items I thought I was paying for. It was definitely not a misclick on my part as I double and triple check the item before I pull the trigger on it. Anyone else experience this? What is going on?!?Santine18 Mar 15
Mar 14 Companion app broken after character transfer Companion app was working beautifully, until I transferred realms from Tichondrius to Dethecus. I'm able to go through login, and get to the character selection screen, but upon selecting my character I get the following error every time: "Character is unavailable at this time." The character is fully transferred and working in game. I've deleted and re-installed the app, I've tried to login to Europe and then go back. I do not have another character at 110 to try and login to. Any other advice on getting this working? PS: When trying to submit this ticket I got the following error: "An error occurred. Please log out and back in, and try again.," Trying to re-post under a different character, seeing if this works...Ketraa14 Mar 14
Mar 14 Artifact Research Bug Artifact Research Compendium was supposed to bump my artifact level to 20. It didn't upgrade me from 17 at all. Help!Crazysara0 Mar 14
Mar 14 Wow armory login issues Wow armory stuck on loading soon as I enter my credentials. Uninstalled reinstalled, same issue. Signed in with my wife's credentials, no issues. Difference between our accounts is that I have multiple accounts merged into my which not all of the accounts are active (paid time) and when I log in the first toon it tries to load is one from the time expired accounts. So I logged into switched the toon and when I logged into the wow armory app it did change which toon it starts up with but loading splash screen just cycles and cycles. Is there a resolution for such an issue?Potilimis13 Mar 14
Mar 14 unable to establish connection Any one else have this problem in armory? Unable to establish connection to server. If so how do I fix it?Furydog3 Mar 14
Mar 13 Character unavailable on legion app Legion App gives error message "character unavailable at this time" when I try to log in. Been doing this all day today.Raandolph1 Mar 13
Mar 11 Wow legion companion mobile not connecting My Wow mobile app will not sign on. It just sits on the loading screen saying connecting for hours.Ashidise0 Mar 11
Mar 11 Legion Companion app notifications. So, I was never able to get notifications to show up properly ever since I installed it on launch. I pretty much gave up trying to get it to work on my Zenfone 2, not a big deal etc. Thing is, I recently got back a Galaxy S4 I let my mother borrow from me which I'm just using as a fancy TV remote, and lo and behold notifications work perfectly on it. I've been trying to figure out what is it that makes the app work on it with no luck. Both smartphones are running stock Lollipop with root access. Has this inconsistency issue ever been fixed?Nachtkerze1 Mar 11
Mar 11 Legion Companion stops music from playing Hey guys! So I'm a huge fan of the Legion App, I open it on my way to and from Uni and it's really helpful! However, every time I open it it stops any music app from playing, it happens both in Apple Music and just the Music player app on Android. Any way this could be fixed? Thank you!Surprised5 Mar 11
Mar 10 Class Hall Mission Swarm, Swarm Has Inconsist Class Hall Mission Swarm, Swarm Has Inconsistent Rewards On the Legion App, when you take a look at the missions in your class hall, you see that the mission Swarm, Swarm rewards an item to increase the item level of a champion. However when you get into the screen for the mission itself, you see that it rewards something else. Please fix. Screenshots at Mar 10
Mar 10 Account logged in when I am not. Over the past three days I have been trying to use the mobile auction house but the account logged in error message keeps appearing when I am not logged in.Zavulon31 Mar 10
Apr 6 Cannot access features of Armory I recently have not been able to access the Auction House or Events through Armory. I get the error message: "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved." However, on my Battlenet account, it shows that my subscription is active, and I'm able to log into WoW proper. It seems the lockout is localized to the app.Kitechi9 Apr 6
Mar 8 Guild chat on wow armory So I've been looking around the various forums and googling around trying to figure out this problem on the wow armory app. I've been trying to use the guild chat function on iOS and every time I exit the app, I get signed out of the remote chat. (I have an iPhone 6s that is fully updated, as far as I can tell) I've adjusted all sorts of things in the app and outside of it (like notifications on my phone) but nothing I've tried seems to have worked. Fortunately, I also have an android tablet that I mostly use as an e-book. I put wow armory on that device and it works flawlessly (it is a Nexus 7, android version 6.0.1, also fully updated as far as I can tell) Anyone know how to get it to work on an iPhone? Thanks in advance!Pallyvince0 Mar 8
Mar 7 Armory Down Again? Hey all, dunno if anyone else is having problems with the mobile auction house but I sure as hell am. After the last server maintenance I can log in but I keep getting the message that my server is down for maintenance. I have logged into the game several time since then. I'm on Shandris BTW and my phone is an HTC One M9 running Android 6.0. I've tried just about everything to reset the app, all the usual resetting and uninstalling. Only thing I haven't tried is porting it to Northrend Dalaran essentially sending it back in time to when it worked. Any fixes? Plz lemme know. Thx.Defunctio5 Mar 7
Mar 6 Screams of the Dead and the Meatball orbs.. Dono if this is the right place, but please make it so I can use these 2 important items in the Companion app.Gametime0 Mar 6
Mar 5 feedback I want to craft via phone, mailbox via phone, and pet battle via phone. I'd pay for it monthly if I didn't get told I was already logged in when I go to try to AH stuff on an alt while waiting for a raid to start.Bajadin0 Mar 5
Mar 5 Can't login into Wow Armory Wow armory stuck on loading soon as I enter my credentials. Uninstalled reinstalled, same issue. Signed in with my wife's credentials, no issues. Difference between our accounts is that I have multiple accounts merged into my which not all of the accounts are active (paid time) and when I log in the first toon it tries to load is one from the time expired accounts. So I logged into switched the toon and when I logged into the wow armory app it did change which toon it starts up with but loading splash screen just cycles and cycles. Is there a resolution for such an issue?Baisenheim1 Mar 5
Mar 3 Mobile armory will not conect to guild chat. Help! Please help my mobile Armory app will no longer connect to Guild chat it's been this way for over 2 months and it's really pissing me off. I'm running a Galaxy S6 with all the latest updates.Jazzmaster0 Mar 3
Mar 1 Mobile Armory broken still, after 3 years This will be my third (at least) post about this. Originally I was told it would be fixed when these new forums went live. Also I kept hearing "did you try this..." or "did you try that..." but the problem is absolutely on Blizzard's side of things here, not mine. This time, I even made a video of the problem with the app: Best viewed on desktop so you can see the annotations. TL;DR - I faction changed this character over 3 years ago and there's a phantom profile -- SEE: -- that's still lingering and is causing a big headache in the Mobile Armory app.Romo1 Mar 1
Mar 1 Auction house bug logging into the app is all fine and dandy until i try and buy something off the app. im usually at work so obviously not on computer and the chance of it being on or i left on is very slim. the App os allowing me to search the iteam i am looking for. soon as the search is done i find the amount im looking for, place in the number of stacks and hit confirm. then will recieve a connection error almost right after. how to get this fix? i tried uninstalling the app multiple times. thanks glencoco-thrallGlencoco0 Mar 1
Feb 28 [Suggestion] Better Character Support This suggestion was inspired by the new notifications feature which I like but is actually a little frustrating. I currently have ten characters doing missions. While the notifications tell me that a mission is complete, it does not indicate which character completed the mission. This means I have to search through every character until I find the completed mission. My first suggestion is specific to the notifications. You could make it so that clicking on the notification takes you straight to the correct character. Then there's no need to search. My second suggestion is more helpful. In the character list, in addition to or instead of having the server name underneath the character name, there are several different pieces of useful information you could provide. Here are some examples: Textual -- Indicate the time left before each character's current mission will be completed. If a mission is ready, indicate that. If the character is not running any missions, indicate that. Symbolic -- If a mission is ready, use the standard question mark in a circle emblem. Or if you want to get fancier, have a symbol for each type of mission reward: quest, faction, equipment, armaments, etc. Don't forget a symbol for those classes that have the ability to make devices allowing them to complete a daily quest on demand. You can also have symbols indicating that troop slots are empty or that new troops are ready to be claimed. I hope you find this helpful.Silk0 Feb 28
Feb 28 Legion app stuck on connecting Starting about 2 weeks ago, I have been unable to connect on the legion app on my Monk. It just hangs on "connecting." During this time I have had no issues connecting on my Rogue or Hunter so it seems to be a Monk issue. I have to go back to account selection and re-login then select the Rogue and it works fine. Any time I select or try to switch to the Monk it hangs. Anyone else see this? Suggested fixes?Caladbolg0 Feb 28
Feb 28 [SUGGESTION] weekly cache As title says. I'm currently unable to check my weekly chest after reset, and it would be nice that we could peek at it's content using the app. PeaceFelgong0 Feb 28
Feb 28 This Account has no characters It seems this problem has been going for a year or so for some peoples and is still happening. This problem started for me when I attached another WoW account to my account and now the mobile WoW armory has stop showing any of my characters on either accounts. I am able to use the Legion app with no problems it is just the armory app that's bugging out. Here's hoping for an update and final fix to this ongoing problem.Bamahut0 Feb 28
Feb 27 Legion App: Connecting... Just giving input: Im on a new Samsung Galaxy S7. Using the Legion app is complete hit or miss: I am spending more time Connecting and logging in/relogging in then I am actually running missions. Not an expert but with a phone as new as mine, I know it meets all the requirements to run the app. My connection with Verizon is at 4G (full bars no less) so Im not sure what the issue is. be it 8am or 8pm, this issue seems to keep happening. Whats the story with this?Kadatth6 Feb 27
Feb 26 Legion App Class Hall Research Times On the IOS Legion companion app under the research times it has the pre 7.1.5 class hall research times instead of the shorter ones that should be there.Keaidexiong1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Mobile Armory problem on Android When I try to purchase items via the remote auction house using the buyouts only option the app says unable to connect to server and then I have to close and restart the app to search again. If i use the all auctions option it will allow me to buy with no problem. Has anyone had this problem? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it didn't help. I don't mind using the all auctions button but with people posting 200 single stacks of items it takes forever to buy them and clear your mailbox. Most of the time somebody that has a fully functional auction house will buy all of the item and I miss out on really good prices. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.Fishticus1 Feb 26