Mobile Bug Report

Sep 13 Legion App - Droid alerts? hi, i can't find any option for this. My friend has it on Iphone, and he says he is able to turn on alerts for when missions are completed from his class hall, etc. I can't find any option for this. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!Neverdawn1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Legion companion app issues (running list) Done of these have already been posted about but I wanted to add some more and reiterate that I also have the other problems. 1. Can't see the locked abilities 2. Can't see xp needed to level champions except after a mission when the xp is rewarded. 3. Order hall advancement abilities not being taken into account. Specifically I'm referring to warrior (maybe the other classes with same tier ability as well) that if you research 20% mission duration reduction it is not calculated into duration before starting mission. 4. On this note the mission duration doesn't show minutes and hours. So if it says 3 hours it is anywhere between 3h0m and 3h59m. 5. I've had at least three to four missions that were successful for armaments that they aren't available for use. Note on this, I haven't been able to log in since this started happening and I know my bags were almost full at the time. 6. Maybe a feature request, but I can't see the artifact knowledge work orders/accept them. Would be nice to have. 7. Feature request, integrate armory into the app. Or at least make it so that when you look at world quest rewards you can compare the car with equipped. 8. On that note artifact relics only give you the item level and no other details. Maybe it's because the app doesn't know what spec you are but would be nice to fix that. I'll update this list if I can think of more. If anyone else had any please add.Baelavel3 Sep 13
Sep 13 App starting missions by itself Hiya, So I've been using the companion app since day one and I really never had an issue. I began to notice that sometimes, when I was arranging missions that if I minimized the app to say, answer a text, when I went back into the app it sometimes began the missions automatically. Unfortunately, it just did the same thing with a half-assigned, 56% chance of success Druid Campaign Mission. This completely wastes hours of time and was due to a bug, which I don't really think is fair. All in all, it's only a couple of hours and not a whopping "12-24 hour mission" so it isn't the end of the world. Sure, I'm really annoyed and now it's delaying my progress, but imagine the frustration of it happening on a rare 24 hour mission? And, just in case anyone wants to assume that I'm crying over a mismanaged order hall mission, I would like to clearly state that all of my followers/minions (save for the two put on the mission) are inactive, waiting to do something. I'm not going to touch them now until this mission is complete. Thank you all, good luck to you in the Broken Isles!Alarakk0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Legion app: cant upgrade recruit ilvls I have the items, i click to use them, nothing happensThesteve6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Character Missing from Companion app after transfer Hello, I transferred my warlock last night from Stormrage to Darkspear and today he disappeared from my companion app! I'm sure it's obvious why this might be frustrating, and any help would be appreciated.Clutchlock0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Companion app connection issues Ever since the app updated to 1.0.1 I cannot connect at all. Get an error message every time saying I can't connect.Massamune6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Mobile being redirected to battlenet login Hallo, I am fairly sure that this is not the right place to put this, but I am also unsure that tech support is the right place either so... here it goes. :) For the past few days whenever I try to go to on my phone I am always redirected to the log in screen. I have sub-zero desire to actually log in and do any kind of account management or post or what have you. If I go on my phone I'm just wanting to check on something real quick or read the forums. Is there any way to stop this redirect? Is this working as intended? It's kind of making me not want to bother with the wow site at all on my phone. :( If it is working as intended is there an avenue to express feedback to whomever works on the website side of things? Thanks in advance to any and all help on this matter as I will be afk for a while. :)Eirstc1 Sep 13
Sep 13 In-screen keyboard In the logging screen, when i try to type my mail and password, the keyboard does not appear, so i am stuck in that screen until i exit, my phone is a Samsung gt s7392l , and has Android OS.Osnu2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Legion app is ducking other app’s audio The iOS Legion app, even with sound effects turned off, ducks the audio playing from other apps. That is, if I have some music playing, when the Legion app comes to the front, the music is reduced in volume. This is quite unnecessary and annoying, especially when the sound effects have been turned off.Aimgol0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Alcatel A845L Crash on connect. I have an Alcatel Pop Star LTE running Android 4.3 and the Legion companion app crashes when attempting to login. I've tried running it from phone storage and SD card to no avail. I'm not much of a phone user but the download site says it's compatible with my device. I've submitted a bug report but was wondering if anyone else happens to have this problem and hopefully a solution.Vintorez0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Order hall talents and mobile app The reclamation buff for druid order hall does not appear on the mission screen in the mobile app. (This talent gives a chance missions will yield follower equipment or armor. I believe there are 2 other classes with similar talents) Cosmetic issue or does buff not work? nvr noticed any eq dropping when using the app.Namooste0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Companion App Mission success = no reward I downloaded the app yesterday... So when a mission was done for my class hall quest, the reward didn't count toward my quest, Sadly i will have to wait an extra 1-2 days to even finish that quest now, another issue i am having with the app, is the times it says but in-game is way different, on the app it said it would take 12 hours, so when i logged on this mourning to see it will take 20 hours, Not sure if you guys can help me at all but hope this helps with a fix.Anotherday3 Sep 13
Sep 13 No WP App representation.... IS the Bug I know not everyone is even keen to acknowledge the existence of the Windows Phone platform. Fewer still care about It's following. Is there any chance that the developers may take a second look at providing an app for us. They addressed it with the authenticator. And for that, we rejoiced. How about for the new legion companion? Again, I know that we are a smaller community than android and iOs. But in the great battle of retention... Are we not worth it? Thank you for your time and consideration. Baleion the Beholden BronzebeardBaleion0 Sep 13
Sep 12 Recruits appeared then disappear So earlier today I have 5 characters currently around 101 they all had recruits show up of the second-tier for the 85 resources I was able to start the training on them but then after logging out and logging back in all of the recruiting disappeared but it did take the Garrison resources out of my inventory but no recruitsDocterdoom1 Sep 12
Sep 12 App notification Bug. IOS On my iphone I am getting the notification bug. When going into the app and doing my normal business I usually click the home bottom to leave the app. Well every single time I leave the app it tells me that the research is done when it's not. Like currently my research has one day left. I have posted a video here to show you whats going on if you can't recreate the problem. Like i was saying in the video it happens every time I close the app and it tells me that my reclamation research is done when it's not. I have had this happen for some time now just wasn't sure where to post it. Sep 12
Sep 12 Companion app missing bonus rewards. I was claiming my missions on the companion app and got a bonus reward on the mission. The bonus reward did not show up in my bags when I logged in to the game servers.Maemi1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Legion App SFX problem I cannot disable SFX on the Legion App. I check the box, but then every time I open the App it is enabled again, plus it will continue to make loud announcement noises at inconvenient times.Valyndra0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Legion Companion World Quest bug On my Legion Companion app for the assault on Thunder Totem World Quest it listed an awesome ring as the reward. When I logged in and headed over to do it, the reward ingame was listed as some class hall resources.Totari1 Sep 12
Sep 12 [Error] Character Profile Unavailable After the recent multiple server restarts I started to receive the following error in the Android WoW Armory App every time I tried to access the calendar. ... This happens for all the characters I have tried, including my main and main alt that I played on last night. I have even tried clearing the cache and all data and I still get the error. I have also made sure I was updated to the most recent version of the Armory App. The problem has persisted through the update. For specific info I am using a Droid 2 Global, and receive the error on both my 3G phone connection as well as my home WiFi.Donhorn8 Sep 12
Sep 12 WoW app + Legion app I like to go back and forth between the apps but I have found that when I log into the Legion app and do my deeds then I move into the WoW app to post auctions, I am told that I am in the game already. Would the powers who guide us be able to have seamless access between both apps? Otherwise, I am loving the two apps.Safetymanual3 Sep 12
Sep 12 Companion App: Main Character not showing up after Realm Transfer Hello and good day, Like the title states, after I completed a Realm/Server Transfer last night, I haven't been able to use the app; since my character doesn't show up on the list anymore. Prior to this, I used the app fully and everything worked very well. I tried logging in and out of the app a few times, uninstalling it and re-installing. Nothing seems to work. Was wondering if this is just a problem the app has with the different character services, I wonder because I had changed the name of my alt, and also transferred him and it hasn't updated on my list. Shows up with the old name and not even at the correct character level. Any help with this, would be greatly appreciated, thanks.Stryy2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Legion- Work order equipment going to mailbox The follower equipment from work orders is going to the mailbox instead of inventory. This makes it so you can't apply the equipment to a follower unless you log into the actual game.Josa0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Warcraft Amory app won't finish loading The new Legion app works fine (love it!), but the Armory app just sits there at the main menu with the spinner spinning. I've tried removing it entirely from the phone and even iTunes, downloading a fresh copy but no change. I've also tried disabling wifi and using mobile data. I also found an old thread ( ) were others had the same problem and it was something on Blizzards side. I had changed my wow email a few days ago, the same day I installed the app, but I don't think I even logged in to the app it before I decided to change that. The app was completely deleted after that and reinstalled a few times though to make sure the login was with the new email. No idea what else to try. Any one else having this problem? iPhone 5s IOS 9.3.5Fionntána3 Sep 12
Sep 12 Mobile app event tab bug Not sure if anyone else is having this problem as i am only getting it on my main but every time i log onto the armory app and i try to go to the events tab I get the error "This character profile is currently unavailable due to a long period of inactivity" I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but that doesnt seem to fix it :(Tsulong23 Sep 12
Sep 12 Legion app will make buffs count down I logged out with 58 minutes left on my 10% rep buff then logged in to a 33 minute buff.Diivil0 Sep 12
Sep 11 Legion Companion: Unable to select character My 103 DK can't be selected because it says "Requires at least one Champion," and it also shows my character at 100, when she is 103. I have unlocked 4 champions so far. Tried completely logging out of the app and back in but it still persists. EDIT: I'm dumb and was looking at the wrong server. All good now, but can't figure out how to delete post.Chillyveins0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Companion App My "Fel Armaments" Reaseach still has 3 days left (today: 9/9/16). But I keep getting endless notifications on my iOS app that it's "complete". I've restarted my phone, deleted/reinstalled app, logged off and logged back on app, logged on WoW in game and still nothing. My app is bugged but I still want notifications when my follower missions are complete. Why is it bugged and how can I fix it? (Char: Puppetmastér-Stormrage-Alliance). Thanks.Puppetmastér2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Companion App Doesn't Open Authenticator When I am trying to log into the companion app, and it asks for my authenticator, it just sits there. It basically wants me to log out of the companion app to open my authenticator and then back into the companion app to log in. By the time the companion app loads, the authenticator code is out of date. A friend of mine says his minimized to open the authenticator and input the code, mine didn't do that. Anyone else have this issue?Orbitus2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Legion Companion TOOLTIP error In the Legion Companion app, the tooltip of the item SEAL OF VICTORY is displaying the wrong information. It says the reward for consuming it is 20 Artifact Power but it's not, it's actually 150. I have tested it numerous times, everytime I loot a SEAL OF VICTORY from bonus objectives it's always a 150 AP consumable item in my characters bag. Screenshot on APP (20 Artifact Power): Screenshot on PC (150 Artifact Power): Look at the mission title in my screenshots, this is the same mission in both cases but the tooltip says different information. I think this is critical because people may skip the +20 bonus AP item on mobile, they might not put efforts into getting it, but they are actually missing out on a +150 bonus AP item simply because of a text error. ThanksLilithal0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Locked champion abilities not shown in app While in game, it is possible to see which ability will be unlocked when a champion goes from common to uncommon quality. The companion app doesn't display this- it's just blank where the ability would be in game.Jackactually1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Remote Auction House Nexus 7 Android 6.0.1 Connecting over WiFi I had trouble with the Legion Companion app when it was first launched, but now it works like a dream. The WoW Armory app had not been working for me for months, and I was looking forward to getting back into the remote auction house. I can use all the other functions (although signing into guild chat can be hit and miss (OK, mostly miss)). When I try and purchase and auction (e.g., Felslate) using the app, I usually get the error: "Cannot establish connection" or something of the like. The reason I can't tell you exactly is that after a full 10 minutes of trying this morning, I can't even get that message, and the app completely crashes and says "Unfortunately, WoW Armory has stopped." I hit report for what it is worth. Extremely frustrating.Borgthor0 Sep 11
Sep 10 can't log into WoW Legion Companion app so, my authenticator app & companion app is running on the same iPhone. When I try to log in, I get authentication request to approve. When I approve the request on my authenticator app & switch over to Companion app, app goes back to sign in screen again. what am i doing wrong?Ishinomoto4 Sep 10
Sep 10 Class Hall upgrade- troops disappear After starting the upgrade to class Hall IV my elementals disappeared along with my apprentices. Logging in again I had the option to train more, although none would start. After another log in, it says I have all training slots taken although none of the trained troops appear for quest initiation. Previously (before upgrade- 5/5 named champions), the elementals were also available to be dispensed on quests, while the apprentices were not. Now, nothing appears besides my regular champions.Castìgo0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Port Access Needed I doubt it's a bug and more likely a firewall issue I'm running into. I added the WoW ports to my firewall but it appears the app uses additional ports as I can login but when I select a character it takes me back to the login. What are the ports for the app so I can add a rule to my firewall?Cebulous1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Exiting legion app- android? Am I just missing a menu or button within the app? It doesn't allow me to "back out" so I've been killing the app in my task manager.Saloril1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Legion app and WoW client login I was wondering if it was intended or if it is a bug that you can't log in to both at the same time.Miraluka2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Completion Notification On the new WoW Legion app, I have a notification that says my research is done when it still has 3 days. It gives me this notification every time I use the app and there's a 1 on my app button that won't go awaywhich my OCD hates. Thank you!!Ashkeri3 Sep 10
Sep 10 129% Mission Failed WoW Legion Companion App 1 counter, met. 129% chance. Mission failed. Deathknight, To Arms (Stormheim) (Topic moved from bug report forum)Onitagi3 Sep 10
Sep 10 how do you log out of new mobile app? how do you log out of the new mobile app? going through the app I did see a logout option, but it appears to be sort of a fake-log-out, I can still access my account information without putting in my id and password.Zahruk1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Really long mission name Posting as requested by @blizzardcs This cracked me up, on hubby's phone. We did get it working after 3 restarts. IPhone 6 (my Samsung Galaxy s5 active never has these problems; android>apple) Sep 10
Sep 10 Companion App Kicks you out of queue Sooo...waiting in the 90+ min queue to get on stormrage (I'll save my comments on that for another feedback session). Decided it was the perfect time to use my companion app to get stuff done while waiting. DOH! opening your companion app kicked me out of queue. RIP another 40 min wasted... Thanks Bliz... great Troll.. Fix something (companion app? queue times? BOTH!). Or, please atleast warn folks...Kixaa2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Mobile Auction House I seem to be having a difficult time buying from the auction house via the mobile armor app. Everytime I attempt to make a purchase I get an error that it's unable to establish a connection. The app won't refresh after that and I have to close and reopen to use.Kaytlin10 Sep 10
Nov 18 No characters in armory. I log in to the correct region, the correct account and password, even authenticate, but when I get in to the app, Guild, Auction House, Guild Chat, Events and My Characters are grayed out. I have no character select option in the lower right hand side, either. What can I do? Here's a shot of my screen: Nov 18
Sep 9 Plowshares to Swords I keep getting a notification that my order hall upgrade is complete yet its 2 days from being done?Ahndariel1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Legion app: Failed mission with 115% success Via the companion app, just about 30 or so minutes ago I collected the finished a 4 hour follower quest via the legion app. Don't remember the name of it, but was supposed to award a book with 150 artifact power. It had a 115% chance of success, but still failed. I know there is RNG, but that's a little extreme with over 100% chance of succeeding. Please fix this.Giberl0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Plowshares to Swords I keep getting a notification that my order hall upgrade is complete yet its 2 days from being done?Ahndariel0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Notifications at full volume I love the app, it's great and works well for me. But the notifications are much louder than anything on my phone (iPhone 6). I don't think I can turn down the notifications on only this app, so if not, is there anyway we can maybe add a volume setting? I like hearing the notification, just not at full volume (at work [in a meeting]). Thanks! Love, BurraBurrã1 Sep 9
Sep 9 [Legion] Common champion should be white text Currently common-quality Champions have their names in grey text. This deviates from the rarity standard which would dictate white text for their names. This has caused confusion for some users who've reported that their available champions are "greyed out" even though not on missions or assigned as a combat ally.Sounder0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Legion app: Error in display of mission times I'm using the Legion app on my ipad. When I am looking at the "Available" tab under the "Missions" menu, it shows that the current Unseen Protection mission will take 8 hours. But when I then tap on the Unseen Protection mission to bring up that mission's window, instead it says the mission will take 16 hours. And, finally, when I log in to WoW and look at missions in my order hall, it says that the Unseen Protection mission will take 16 hours, and indeed that's how long my previous Unseen Proection missions have taken. So, the "Available" tab is showing the wrong time span for the Unseen Proection mission. I believe this has been true for my previous Unseen Protection missions as well, that the available tab has shown the wrong information. I spot checked other missions, and the time span in the available tab seems to agree with the time span in that mission's window, although I cannot say whether they are always in agreement.Persimmon1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Can't send champions on missons- companion app Hey team, I have downloaded the legion app for class halls, and I am trying to use it. I log into it no problem and can use most of the features, but when I try to send my champions on missions, they are greyed out and unclickable. However I can attack my followers to missions no problem? Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Please help!Edbanga9 Sep 9