Mobile Bug Report

Feb 19 Mobile wow armory server maintenance error Me and wife have been having issues with the Mobile wow armory, everytime we try to load a character to use the Action house, it says that the realm is down for maintenance. This has been going for probably 1 week there anything we can do to solve it? We currently have Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoXeltes1 Feb 19
Feb 19 Armory App says realm is in maintenance My armory app has been saying the realm is in maintenance for the past two weeks. Tried reinstalling it and it didn't fix it.Astride85 Feb 19
Feb 19 Mobile Guild chat keeps signing in I downloaded the mobile armory app about a week and a half ago to use the guild chat feature. I hit sign out of guild chat, and logged out of the app. Now it's always showing me online/away, even when I'm in game. I've tried deleting the app, leaving my guild, leaving it on for a few minutes and then logging out, but nothing works. I'll be logged out and then suddenly I'll look and see the little icon. Anyway to fix this?Elixië1 Feb 19
Feb 19 AH on armory app down Auction House not working on armory app. Are there any fixes insight?Nosaj2 Feb 19
Feb 19 Turn off notifications? Using the Legion companion app was fine but since the update today I'm now getting notifications. (Android.) It's not like I need to know this stuff with urgency and I have enough notifications to deal with as it is. I don't see a setting within the app to disable notifications so I'm guessing the only way to remove them is to uninstall it completely? This is something I'm perfectly willing to do and my next step if no other option remains. Thank you.Heff2 Feb 19
Feb 18 Mobile app AH For about a wee now, I get a message about realm maintenance - when that's not the case - when I try to use the AH in the mobile app. Different toons, servers and factions all affected. Anyone else?Mojiko0 Feb 18
Feb 18 No longer receiving notifications from Authenticator I'll start off by saying that the problem very well may be an issue with my phone, but I'm posting this everywhere I can to try and find answers. And for reference I have an S7 Edge on Sprint. A few days ago my BNET Authenticator stopped sending me notifications for logins. I can still open they app and hit Approve, but previously it would just send a push notification that I could Approve without having to open the app. Yes I have notifications allowed for the app, even have them set to priority. I have tried booting my phone and there were no recent updates applied to the phone. The only things I haven't tried yet are reinstalling the app or factory resetting the phone. As I don't want to have to mess with removing the Authenticator from my account, if I can avoid it, or mess with all the work required to reset my phone.Organoth5 Feb 18
Feb 18 Mobile auction house down COME ON BLIZZARD!!!!!! How can this possibly take so long!!! AHHHHHH! FIX IT PLEASE!Dreadbird2 Feb 18
Feb 18 OH skill for WQ completion needs a button Skills like Fel Hammer's wrath, which allows you to instantly complete a non-elite world quest every 18 hours need to be able to be used on companion app as well. Please install a button or something on Legion Companion App so we can use this skill there as well!Roduin1 Feb 18
Feb 17 AH not working on Armory app PLEASE say you're working on the AH issues with the Armory app? Majorly killing my selling capacity this week...Lemonshark18 Feb 17
Feb 17 Mobile auction house Your auction house is not working. It keeps telling me that realm is under maintenanceEkull1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Auction House down in armory app Auction House down on armory app. App worked for a day and was awesome. But the auction house went into "maintenece" and has since been down for a few days. Blizzard can you fix this please? I'm in the DALARAN realm if that helps. Love the app so please help!Phecalmatter3 Feb 17
Feb 17 "This realm is currently in maintenance" WoW Armory stuck on, "This realm is currently in maintenance". It started on Monday and has not changed since. I've uninstalled the app twice, logged out and back in, restarted my phone twice..any suggestions?Ticklemastr6 Feb 17
Feb 17 Blizzard announces Wow retiring Blizzard is tired of Wow so they are reallocating internal staff to areas that arn't boring. The Armory never was the cash cow they hoped for anyway. The Remote AH is being discontinued. Now you know.Malmedula0 Feb 17
Feb 17 armory app on the fritz Wow Armory app is not working. Says error under character, and realm is under maintenance on the auction house page. Has been since wow realm maintenance.Ticktok4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Legion App: "Horn of War" isn't limited On both my paladin and demon hunter, there was an update to the app a while back that made their once-daily item (e.g. Rift Core for the demon hunter) to take out a single world quest only possible to craft if they didn't have one, disappearing if they did or once it was collected. I think it may have been around 7.1.5 when the artifact knowledge compendiums were added. My warrior recently finished obtaining that ability, and I managed to make three of them (the Horn of War) before I even realized that's what they were. Two were sent in the mail, one is still in the mail. Samsung phone/Android O/S - kept up to date. (I checked the Play Store just to be sure and there is no new update for the Legion App.)Eilethalua1 Feb 17
Feb 16 Mobile AH Cost me thousands I was browsing the auction house for some gear for my level 101 hunter to help speed the leveling process. Usually I do this in game by putting a filter on gear that is level 101-101 so that I only get pieces I can equip. I applied the same filter using the mobile app, and after browsing the listings, made a couple of purchases. The items were all listed as requiring level 101 to equip. I logged onto my character in game, and one of the items was level required 106, and the other level 109. I double checked the app for other listings and confirmed that the app will show gear as level 101 required when in fact it is something else entirely. I have screenshots of a listing of Ulfgor's Greaves of Bravery both in app and in-game that show the difference. I've contacted customer support and they won't do anything for me - I'm now out 20K gold without any gear that I can use, not to mention the fact that I dramatically overpaid for the gear given relative options that are equippable at that level. Any chance of getting my gold back given this bug?Korel4 Feb 16
Feb 15 Armory ah bug Armory mobile app: Auction house has been in maintenance since sometime yesterday.Bhadrakali0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Auctionhouse not working Auctionhouse not working since MondayBeastrunner1 Feb 15
Feb 15 200% mission failing to get bonus roll Some people are reporting that you may fail to get the bonus roll for Order Hall missions on the Legion Companion app even if you have a 200% success chance for it. Please fix!Roduin4 Feb 15
Feb 15 Wow remote app and Auction house. Hi there, Wow armory app is not working properly. It let's you login, chat but not buy and sell. It also has a error on your toon but let's you look at your gear. It says "Relm under maintenance " This has been since early yesterday morning. Tried to Uninstal and re installing but still gives me the same problem. ThanksCatpow1 Feb 15
Feb 15 I've never seen a painting... Dear Blizz: Money never sleeps, pal. Just made 800,000 in Hong Kong gold. It's been wired to you. Play with it. You've done good, but you gotta keep doing good. I've showed you how the game works. Now School's out. But noooooooo... This realm is in maintenance. Please fix. Or Darien's gonna be pissed.Zhomsprockle0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mobile Armory Greyed Out So I'm having a strange issue on the Armory app and I'm unable to solve it. As seen in the picture attached, the guild, guild chat, auction house, events and characters are all greyed out. I literally cannot do anything. I have tried reinstalling the app as well as the phone. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Image: Feb 15
Feb 15 Wow armory app, greyed out icons Hi, I am unable to use the wow armory app as the first 4 icons are "greyed" out. I am unable to tap AH, character, guild chat ect. I have the same problem on my Note7 and the same issue when I logged in to the app on my friends S7. Please advise!Jehüty11 Feb 15
Feb 14 Mobile Armory Down? I have not been able to connect to the mobile armory for the past few hours. I keep getting "The Armory encountered an error handling the request". Are the servers down?Rotule38 Feb 14
Feb 14 Last Chance Campaign Bug On the companion app I cannot complete this quest. It advises "The mission is missing an required companion". Please help...Ihunthord0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Legion app - stuck on connecting screen No clue what is going on with it. It's just stuck on the connecting screen for me. Armory and hearthstone loads up fine.Tilra2 Feb 14
Feb 14 wow companion app kills my battery so the app is kinda nice since i have two jobs, however, ive noticed that if i leave the app open it drains my battery AMAZINGLY fast we're talking only a few hours to go from 100% fresh off the charger to 0%. its a new s7 galax and no other apps are running. ive tested this a few times over, i know its the app.Neopal1 Feb 14
Feb 13 Can't Retrieve Orders for Artifact Research Hello, Currently, if you are near, or at the limit for current artifact research, the panel to create research disappears. While this is a great feature, you cannot claim completed research, and as a result, you receive the (1) notification that you have completed research. I suggest simply disabling the button to start more research, but allow for claiming the research. Thank you,Jovias0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Legion App - AK Not Longer Displayed When I reached AK23 the ability to collect Notes disappeared from the app. I know that currently AK25 is the maximum attainable so I expected to not be able to start new Research but not that the ability interact with the AK interface would be disabled. I'm not sure if this is a bug but I wanted to report the issue.Dezhraie2 Feb 13
Feb 12 Companion App - Character Unavailable Companion app stopped working after server transfer, which was 5 days ago. On login, it says "Character Unavailable". Can Blizz do something or do I just need to wait it out?Suprchikn1 Feb 12
Feb 12 Armory gold cap not matching legion Hey guys I'm not sure if you are aware or if it is intentional but when I use the phone app to post auctions I am not allowed to put the buy out price higher than 999,999 which was the old gold cap was wondering if it is possible to have this changed to meet the demands of the games ah?Freebackshot2 Feb 12
Feb 9 haste on Armory app. The death knight haste is totally wrong on app. It says I'm in upper 30% when actually I'm at 20.67. Please fix asap? Makes it hard to help others and plan what you should change if away. Not sure if any other classes or specs are affected. I should add I'm frost spec.Outcry0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Missing Hunter from Legion app One of my characters, my hunter, is not appearing in the legion app, even though she is 101, has followers and has started doing research. All of my 110s show up. What's going on?Brigitt0 Feb 9
Feb 8 Companion app problem Companion app issue. Followers have completed the mission. However, the app does not display the completed mission under 'in progress' tab to complete it. Able to see followers with mission complete on follower tab but mission does not appear to allow completion.Ministew0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Legion Companion App - switch character? How do you switch to a different character in the Legion Companion App? It's only once in a blue moon that it asks me to select a character and then it's stuck on that character for days or weeks. Also, I can't believe it still hasn't been programmed in - an EXIT app button? I have to swipe to force kill it to make it stop running. At least if that would then at least prompt me to select my character when it starts up but force quiting the app doesn't help either.Nidania2 Feb 8
Feb 8 Companion app: turn off notifications Is there an option to disable these new notifications from the latest version of Legion Companion app? They're ringing while I'm sleeping despite internet is on or off. I know I can disable it in the phone but this is something the app MUST have.Lenarios3 Feb 8
Feb 8 Companion App & Artifact Research Earlier today, I logged in the companion app (AFTER the patch) and everything was just fine, normal, etc., had just over 2 hours left on my artifact research. Logged in again just now to pick up that research note, and the option is gone from all my characters. It shows that there is something completed, but doesn't show anything to pick up at all. Closed the app, updated it, reopened it, still nothing. Makes me sad panda :( Anyone else having this problem?Mandlz15 Feb 8
Feb 7 Mobile Armory not updating character list Hello. I am having issues with my Mobile Armory. It insists on remembering toons that have been deleted ages ago. It has toons from my other inactive accounts mixed in with this one. How can I clear the list and reload it? Thanks Saelda117 Feb 7
Feb 6 Lost Artifact Knowledge So while I been away in the game I been doing my research to level 25 with my main character and whats happened is I logged in last week to power up my knowledge I noticed there was nothing in my bags bank or anywhere to be found? I tried seeing if my phone had did something but nothing it read it was level 25 then a few days when i logged to find it was only level 13. I dont know whats going on hopefully I can get this fixed so i can start leveling my alts.Mythadiirn0 Feb 6
Feb 5 Wrong Gender In PT-BR my character appear like "paladina" but the correct is "paladino".Zackael0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Remote Auction House Nexus 7 Android 6.0.1 Connecting over WiFi I had trouble with the Legion Companion app when it was first launched, but now it works like a dream. The WoW Armory app had not been working for me for months, and I was looking forward to getting back into the remote auction house. I can use all the other functions (although signing into guild chat can be hit and miss (OK, mostly miss)). When I try and purchase and auction (e.g., Felslate) using the app, I usually get the error: "Cannot establish connection" or something of the like. The reason I can't tell you exactly is that after a full 10 minutes of trying this morning, I can't even get that message, and the app completely crashes and says "Unfortunately, WoW Armory has stopped." I hit report for what it is worth. Extremely frustrating.Borgthor2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Unable to buy and sell in wow armoury The wow armoury app was working fine up untill last week. The game does not alow me to buy any items now either as buy it now or all auction options. The error message that it gives me is either connection error or unable to buy. Can someone pleas check it out as its really annoying.Margerlena3 Feb 5
Feb 4 Armory App Bug Armory App not loading? Just sits there and cycles over and over unable to access anything....Wyndaranu1 Feb 4
Feb 3 Mobile Auction House I seem to be having a difficult time buying from the auction house via the mobile armor app. Everytime I attempt to make a purchase I get an error that it's unable to establish a connection. The app won't refresh after that and I have to close and reopen to use.Kaytlin12 Feb 3
Feb 3 Changed my email and armoury app not loading Changed my email recently and now I can't log onto the mobile armoury, it just never logs in and keeps loading forever. It's definitely my account because I checked on another phone and it's doing the same thing, the legion app works fine D:Exand3 Feb 3
Feb 2 Wow armory app Wow armory mobile app not loadingKøí0 Feb 2
Feb 1 [Companion App] Notifications for finished AK, but can't access My level 110 Druid has 2 artifact knowledge researches done, but I can't access them in-app. The # is showing down as a notification (1 last night, 2 today), but I can't do anything with it. Screenshots: The character is Eula on Silver Hand-US. She used a 1-20 knowledge tome on the first day they were released. Her artifact knowledge without using the two finished ones is 23. It seems like since the #25 one started researching I have been unable to see it in the app. Basically it might be prematurely hiding that section? Shouldn't be hidden until I claim the research.Adele1 Feb 1
Jan 31 Missing Research Notes? Multiple characters on the Legion Companion App have missing Research for artifact power. My main that's AK25 has the panel, but it seems toons that are under AK20 do not. Have logged out and Uninstalled the app but to no avail. Anyone else, and help pls?Shìftîñ11 Jan 31
Jan 31 Mobile not connecting The mobile app won't connect this morning. Maintenance was supposed to be done at 6am, it's now 8:30am PacificAllegæon1 Jan 31