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Nov 15, 2018 Multi-threaded Optimization in 8.1 I'll be honest, I'm going to be lazy and not download the PTR because I don't really care about testing it out. I have a 7600k overclocked to 4.8GHz and a GTX 1080 that is hitting ~2125MHz and sitting around 40c. In Boralus I struggle to stay above 50FPS at 1440p in certain areas with high player and NPC density. Graphics card throttles down to around base clock of 1759MHz during this. Will multi-threading optimization help much with my setup? My monitor is capped at 60Hz and I set the limit to 70Hz just so the GPU stays cool.Heckindoggo13 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Why do people hate mobile games? This has been going around the internet for a while now, that there are constant people complaining about how much mobile games suck how a lot of people don't like them, and all of this kind of stuff mainly in the wake of the Diablo Immortal scandal, but here is what I am curious about... The main complaint about mobile games from a lot of people isn't that the screen is small, but it's the word "micro-transaction" is this the main reason? It's just that...let's be honest, world of warcraft has made micro transactions from years, your sub gives you what you need to play the game but if you want every single cool mount you have to buy things off the store...personally, I get mounts gifted to me and have gifted mounts and pets to others as Christmas gifts and so on, and I actually don't mind because believe me it makes my Christmas shopping much, much easier... So I don't hate micro-transactions they do have their benefits, they aren't the worst thing in the world...I suppose if it becomes mandatory to win the game to do the micro-transactions that would be a bit annoying. I mean personally I don't like mobile phones that much, the only time I'd ever play games on it is if I was waiting at the doctors surgery, but unfortunately my Android phone didn't come with free games like my old Nokia phone did. So I just use my phone to scan the internet when bored and nothing else to do. What are your thoughts?Elae9 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Can't convince my friend to upgrade to an SSD I have a samsung evo since 2015 changed my life. My friend who makes much more money than I do has a pretty good PC he built in 2015. He has an i7 6700k , 32 Gb of DDR4 2400 and he had an R9 he upgraded to a Gtx 1080 in 2016. The odd man out in his system is his single 4 TB hitachi 5200 Rpm Hard disk. Windows and all his games and everything are on that one drive. He has some rather slow loads at times in wow. He says oldschool hdd's are reliable and ssd's are not. Not that I would say they are not and inexpensive I have 2 non solid state drives in my system for a total of 3 TB of storage to get that with SSD costs an arm and a leg.Troposphere27 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 I now understand what 5mm looks like So I decided to go away from cheap AIO's and get a top of the line air cooler. Well my previous case couldn't fit it and I was over the RGB lifestyle so I went for clean and sleek white/black look. Then I realized that my Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ was 5mm within the clearance level. I'm probably going to sell the card and grab a GTX 1080 mini and a Gsync monitor. But damn is that close... Also I have 2 fans ordered, one will go below and one on the rear.Natsume8 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Fallout 76 so I see the reviews are pretty terrible so far, I haven't read them yet. I was semi interested in the game. Was wondering if anyone here has played and if the bad reviews are just cosmetic fixes or the game is just that bad?Oimâk54 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Looking for thoughts on a laptop I've been thinking on getting a new laptop (my old one is an alien m17x), and I found one, its an hp 17.3 laptop with a AMD Ryzen 3 (2ghz up to 3.4ghz) with a Vega 6 GPU but i'm not sure if it will run wow, I've been looking online for answers but i cant find anything conclusive. Everything I've found is on the 2200U or the 2500 and so on and so forth so I thought I'd ask the wow community on if this laptop is worth getting or passing on.Dkrobert1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 RX 570 OEM single DVi-D Output $135 Similar to my RX 470 that I just bought. Would recommend getting the square trade warranty as it refunds the purchase price if it fails. Warranty is only 90 days.Natsume0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Starter guides for Destiny 2? I am getting into Destiny 2. Where are some good resources for learning how to play and theorycrafting?Aerbota1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 which pc is better out of the 2 Hello guys im looking for advice on two computers that im curently looking to buy my price limit is in the area of 1200 to 1300 dollars. The first one is a HP omen desktop. It has a intel core 7th gen i7 7700 processor 16 gigabytes of ram and the graphics card is an Nvidia geforce gtx 1070 . The second computer is also hp omen . And that one has an. intel core 8th gen i7 8700 with 256gbs SSD and 1tb HDD and the graphics card is an Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 witch would be a downgrade from the other pc . But with the second pc it will upgrade with a ssd and a newer processor . Ok sorry for the long !@# list but help would be greatly appreciated . Also note im not interested in building a pc and i would like to run wow on medium to high settings while i atleast get 80 frames per second . Also i dont know to much about this stuff so thank youEinreich2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 RX 570 for $135 Using the mobile app and the promo code it comes to $135. Side note, that RX 470 I bought was an 8GB OEM with out DVI-D output. Still a good buy :)Natsume0 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Help needed buying a pc $400-500 budget I'm not that computer savvy and I need your help...looking to get the most bang for my buck within my budget. All that I need is a tower to hook up to my TV ( not looking to build a pc). My old inherited xps gives me less than 5 fps on minimum settings in raids/pvp brawls making them unplayable, so I'm not overly picky! I've been looking on ebay and newegg but am overwhelmed, any recommendations/suggestions appreciated.Sonofbumba21 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Razer Chroma Integration Hello, I currently play WoW the most of any games that I play. I set up my first rig last year with a coworker. I have a Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse and a Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I hadn't played Blizzard's other games since getting this set up. I tried Overwatch during the Free Play weekend and noticed the integration and really liked it. I also started playing Diablo again, and noticed the integration and have enjoyed the Witchdoctor class. Long story short, are there any plans for a World of Warcraft Official Integration like Overwatch and Diablo? If there are no plans (i really hope there are), does anyone have a Chroma Set up they love and would be willing to share? Maybe something role or class specific? Thank you for your time and reading this!Skittleshot22 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 What games do you want Blizzard to make? Serious question...what kind of games do you want them to focus on making? It's obvious that nobody except China wants them to make games on mobile phones. So my question to you all is, what do you want them to make? Personally, I think Starcraft 2 still has a lot of life in it left, could last easy for another 10 years on its own. Even so, Starcraft 3 on PC would be good. A Diablo 3 expansion or a Diablo 4 would also be long as it's on PC. A Diablo 2 remastered is still welcome. As far as warcraft is concerned, I am happy for WoW to keep going as it is, the state of wow despite the negativity in my opinion is that its genuinely going okay. Alternatively they could do a World of Starcraft or World of Diablo...(originally Diablo 3 was going to be a World of Diablo, but that idea got scrapped) Also, I have heard that Starcraft Ghost was never actually officially 'cancelled'. I am normally not into first person shooters but....if it's starcraft, it's kind of different. I guess to me I don't care about Overwatch, because to me the big 3 for Blizzard are Warcraft/Diablo/Starcraft. I don't like Heroes of the Storm, because that game craps on all the lore, putting heroes from various games all in the same place feels wrong to me, I don't like that. I only want these games on PC btw. If they want to do mobile games they should stick to games like Hearthstone that most of us PC players don't care about.Elae4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 Wife and I are gonna give WoW a break for the weekend and we thought of picking up Red Dead Redemption and play through it, just wondering anybody's thoughts on the game so far and if its worth picking it up?Anderson22 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Free Destiny 2 Thanks so much Blizzard for giving us Destiny 2 for free! Never seen such generosity from a gaming developer! Whatever the reason was why you did this, it's greatly appreciated. One thing though, i absolutely hate microtransactions, i'm sure i'm not alone in saying i'd much rather pay for a game and have these things obtainable by playing the game. That being said, i am really enjoying playing Destiny 2 and microtransactions haven't impacted the game play so far, so thanks again.Sinnistere18 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 The future of these forums So I don't know if any of you play other Blizzard games but their forums are getting redesigned For example look here If you scroll down there's a hardware forum like us, except that part of the community is dead Well the Heroes of the Storm Players migrated to a new website which is here There's no hardware forums on the new website We as WoW players are going to have new website for the forums too, there's no telling when Assuming we will follow the same footsteps as with the HotS community, this may be the end of these forums It may be a good thing because the toxicity here, will finally end to some. No more who's better than the other. No more "X is superior than the other", no more forcing or trying to make another person's choice in parts feel bad But to others who makes guides and go in extreme detail on why this computer part don't work in WoW, etc etc, will be saddened by it I believe. That being said, if these forums die here, enjoy while you canYou7 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Multi monitor and gaming Does any one know how to enable games to use multiple displays to expand your display across all three monitors? I am able to use my center for gaming while my other two are for windows and general use. I would like to expand the game screen on all three monitorsSeventhwinds10 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 1440p I’m about to buy a 1440p 144hz monitor, I’m only playing wow atm. So my questions is would my GTX1070 give me 100 frames at that res?? (I know FPS will always be inconsistent but outside of highly populated areas and broken areas like Suramar I average 135 FPS at 1080p) Outside of these “Broken areas” would I be able to get 100 frames on average with a 1070 at this res or should I upgrade? (8700k cpu, 32GB ram)Mikeybx7 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Delid I7 8700K and Copper IHS? Just wondering if anyone has successfully delid your I7 8700K and then using the copper IHS from Rockit Cool intead of the Intel nickel plated IHS. Just have some questions about it, mainly the contacts on the PCB that look like they may come in contact with the copper IHS when you relid. Do you insulate those contacts with some form of heat resistant material like nail polish before you relid?Zanidrel12 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 What happened to Pokemon Go? This game used to be huge, but nobody plays it anymore.Elae5 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Fallout 76... Looks pretty awesome. Could be game of the year for me and going to preorder it.Aerbota19 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 plants vs zombies gwf 2 pc classic mode? so does pvz garden warfare 2 for pc version have a mode like the first plants vs zombies weith the waves of zombies and all that? I just bought it off origin and thought it would be like that but instead have only been able to play some kind of shooter game crap. thanks everyoneKanyne1 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Scammy MMOs: Wildstar, EQNext, Bless So as many know by now Wildstar is shutting down. Farewell to a great MMO you'd say, most underrated MMO you'd say, what a shame it definitely had potential you'd say, but did it???? As someone who's played Wildstar since Beta I can say that I had a strong feeling that something wasn't quite right with it. I should have stopped right there, I should have left to only come back when and if it becomes a great game. But no, I chose to believe words and grandiose promises. I chose to believe someone's vision, that even they themselves didn't plan to bring to fruition. In short, I made a mistake of believing promises of what's to come, rather than concentrate on what's actually there. The big sucker in me got suckered in. The money was on the table, and like I wasn't a sucker enough already for buying into this mess of a game, I pre purchased the Deluxe edition ofcourse! The one with the hoverboard and a costume. You know, the usual pixelated items for suckers, to get them to pay double! Only to realise, upon login, that everyone else had the same 2 items and as a result everyone looked the same, because they got suckered in too! The leveling was grindy, there wasn't much variety in costumes, past ugly, brown leveling gear. No transmog or hairdresser. You could see how "lacking" this game was. 5 mans were too hard for the average player and the dungeon could take like 1 hour to complete with wipes on different bosses. Heroics were brutal so most people could not complete them with a gold score to get attuned to raids. Raiding was exclusive to hardcore guilds. As a result people either quit or stayed to tinker with Housing or roleplay because there was literally nothing to do there! The game only had 2 major patches with actual content! And they promise new content every months. That was a total bull!@#$ from the get go! I honestly believe that even the main Devs themselves didn't believe in what they were promising to customers! In other words: scam-artists and good ones at that! After the first major patch the content drought became real. And even though they eased the attunement for raids, most players left the sinking ship. Server merges and such were upon us! Instead of giving us the actual new content the Dev team decided to milk the players to the fullest instead! They came up with another little scam: buy Wildstar game boxes and get exclusive items for every physical box you buy in a shop. And, yes, many people, including me, got suckered into that too! I, as shameful as it is to admit, bought 3 boxes to get all 3 items! Once the Wildstar dev team got a taste for easy, scammy money, there was literally no stopping them. Soon after, a Madame Fay coin lottery-like system was introduced as well as an in-game shop with costumes, mounts, pets, potions etc... Ofcourse, being a sucker, I bought a few mounts and costumes. Why? Because there was literally nothing new you could get by playing the game, because there were loooooong content droughts and bored people just kept quitting. The ones who stayed, just kept waiting.... for the content... that the devs kept promising will come one day. I don't know what the devs have been doing at WS all this time. I do strongly suspect a massive mismanagement of funds in that game and that the plan was to hype the game up, get as much sales and later micro-transactions as possible and bail to other scammy projects. I'm almost 100% sure that that's what has been happening behind the closed doors on Carbine studios. And my mind is firm on this and I'm not gonna sway from this viewpoint position. I have no tolerance left for scammers in the MMO industry, especially after what has happened with the EQNext. Now after what has been said and done... Do I wish the Wildstar Dev team luck in their career? Hell no! Actually, I think they should leave the industry all together! A dev team that has been responsible for creating and maintaining such massively failed MMO should be black listed from all the successful gaming companies. And I surely hope Blizzard will not hire ANY of them! if you worked for this mess called Wildstar, you should not work for any other MMOs. You've done your part already, thank you, no thank you. There just needs to be some personal responsibility for failure like that, so that failed, scammy devs don't go around working for other companies and ruining their products. A decent developer would leave Carbine as soon as it was evident that the game is nothing but a money-grabbing scam. And if you aren't a decent developer then leave the industry or go work for one of those Asian MMOs, aka Bless, so you can be where you belong.Empathetic36 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 New machine worried about WOW performance Putting together a new workstation and wanted to play wow and a few others but concerned it wont be up to the task for gaming since its for professional work. Processor is I9 64GB ram GTX 1080 I keep reading it wont work well with multi core cpu because of game engine. I think graphics may be ok even with new cards being 2xxx series and these 1080 are old now.Sonagen6 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 FFXIV Closes In On WoW's Peak Numbers ... Keeping in mind these numbers include free users but that's still impressive. This article is a fairly interesting read. I play both this and FFXIV and both have perks but I definitely cheer for FFXIV and hope it finds immense success. I adore WoW too in many ways but the King of MMOs almost seems too comfortable in its title. It needs some good competition, I think. EDIT: To be clear the conversation I want to promote is differences in design philosophy and the possibility that FFXIV really could one day lock horns with WoW and how this is a good thing as healthy competition is needed on WoW's end. I really don't want people getting hung up on the numbers quoted in the article but that's what everyone seems to be doing.Shengyi141 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Any pnp rpg players? So lately ive greatly increased watching roleplaying streams like critical role (ive watched them on and off for years but now its much more frequent). I was a dm a good 20 to 25 years ago. Started reading up on dnd 5th edit rules for a while and watching lots of instruction videos for fantasy grounds (a digital tabletop system). So my questions are ...anyone out there that plays games with fantasy grounds? Anyone who hosts them as dm? I'm really getting ready to dive back into hosting games but I'm a total noob with online systems for pnp RPGs. Fg looks great but its pricey for a dm...want to get feedback from real users first. Thanks.Mythreus0 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Super Smash Bros Hype thread I'm ready, are you? Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Best Buy Black Friday deals starting now So Best Buy has some good deals going on now, doing their black Friday deals early. Thought I would point out some computer accessories that I think is pretty amazing for it's price For example 512 GB SATA SSD for $70, sounds pretty good for that price Logitech Orion Spectum for $90 Corsair void pro SE for $70 which I heard is pretty good for wireless headset This 128 GB flash drive for $19 is pretty amazing too, just ordered it myself So far that's what I'm seeing out of thisYou2 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Actiblizz sneaks microtransactions into BO4 They got around the reviews and had everyone onboard and then add some of the most evil microtransactions I have ever seen. You pay money to unlock not items but challenges that you have to complete to get items. And you only have a limited amount of time to buy them. It's like fortnite's method except you don't even get the items you just get the chance to get achievements which will eventually get you the items. These are the people holding the choke collar around blizzards neck. Never forget who the real prime evil is, no king rules forever my son. Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Troubleshooting 11-04 Still fighting some issues. Upon first login after power off, the graphic that normally displays on my Windows 10 login screen is missing. It's there on restarts, but on first login, it's gone. This is new behavior. Slight typing lag. Characters show up noticeably late on screen. It's not so much an issue for me typing as I touch type and rarely actually look at the screen. I've tried running Latency Monitor while I was typing and nothing popped out at me. My sound settings keep resetting to wanting my sound to output to the optical port. I've never had anything plugged in there. I can't imagine why Windows things I have something there. Yesterday my speakers were registering as a microphone in the analog portion of the RealAudio drivers as well. I had to unplug them, reboot, plug them back in, and go through setup again. "A" side GPU BIOS was apparently corrupted and had to be swapped out (no way to know for sure and my system isn't currently stable enough for me to risk BIOS flashing anything). Using Cinemark's Benchmarking software my GPU dropped from high 70s to low 80s percentile (for this card, not against all cards) to the low 20s. This is newish behavior - when the "A" side GPU BIOS was failing, my performance began to drop in Cinemark. When I swapped to the "B" side GPU BIOS, it picked back up.... "B" side GPU BIOS ran stable for about three days and then some of the problems that first showed up on the "A" side GPU BIOS started cropping up (for the record, I have a new GPU on order but it won't be here until mid-month). I moved the GPU out of the PCIeX16 slot to the PCIeX4 slot to stability test it in a different PCIe slot and didn't get appreciably different results. For the record, I moved it back since the PCIeX4 slot puts that card in an awkward place in my case. Some time in the past few weeks, memory usage on my GPU has started capping at 50% - I mean it's a hard, straight line on benchmarking. Before, I never actually recorded or saved what was going on there but it wiggled between 55-60% and 100% during benchmarking. Occasionally (not always) running Cinemark benchmarking it throws an error that it could not test any of my SSDs. This is new behavior. It's never just one of them. They either all test or none of them do. I can rerun benchmarking five minutes later and they might test okay then or they might not. Bear in mind, if it were simply a question of not being to access them the PC wouldn't boot. Windows 10 is on one of them. The Cinemark sofware itself is a second one. WoW is on a third. All of those still work, even when Cinemark tells me it could not test them. CPU, Memory, HDD, and SSDs (when they test at all) all test in the high 80th percentile and always have. Only the GPU tests lower, but that does not mean that GPU is bad. It could be a flaw in the bus. It could be . . . I don't know what.How do I narrow down what's happening? I do have a new PSU coming (for a build for someone else - I have permission to use it to test my own system until the rest of this guy's parts come in). I've run Aida64 stress testing on CPU/FPU/Cache/Memory together and on each one separately for overnights each and gotten no failures. I don't know how safe it is to run AIDA's GPU stress test as I've heard that stress testing GPUs can wreck them and I'm not in a hurry to destroy this thing (even with a replacement on order) as if the GPU's not the problem and whatever the problem is hasn't ruined it, it's resellable or I can use it in charity build. One thing I'm not 100% certain about is drivers. I grabbed what I thought were the most current drivers for everything I could find (except Adrenaline - anything after 10.6.1 causes huge issues for me) and installed them, but then I downloaded three separate "update your drivers" tools and installed them (not at the same time) and each of them reported all sorts of drivers that needed updating (and weren't the same between the three). I didn't actually allow any of those to install new drivers, I was just sort of investigating to see if there was a reliable way of getting them without hunting them down individually which brings me to the real "drivers" question: Is there a canonical way of getting ALL of your motherboard and device drivers? I don't recall this being this difficult to do back in the day. Contrary to popular belief, I do listen, I do pay attention. I just don't suffer fools well. Feel free to announce your product loyalty, make wild guesses, question my ancestry, anything you like. I'll pay attention to the posts that appear to offer concrete assistance.Ehiztari5 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Anyone else gonna get the Spyro remaster? I played the crap out of the Spyro games when I was a kid. Loved all of them and im quite excited for the new remastered version! nostalgia here I come lol.Hella3 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 $15 GOG I've been really enjoying finding some older games on GOG or Steam that I can finally play on my relatively modern desktop. What's your favorite game for under $15 on GOG or Steam? I figure I can buy a $15 game every month until I get inspired to jump back into BFA or the following expansion.Crolan18 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Any Fallout 76 fans here? TitleDfat29 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Logitech G13 replacement advice So Logitech apparently doesn’t sell the G13 anymore and mine is wearing out. I have hand problems and the g13 in combo with a good mouse really made total control with little fatigue game play experience possible. Using a keyboard and mouse not so much. Anyone have a replacement recommendation?Orphu13 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 2014 April foolsjoke was......Diablo mobile lol Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Taking a break from WoW Just to be clear this isn't a complaints post or whining over stuff. I basically just got bored of WoW and had decided to tackle my steam library for games so I am letting my WoW subscription laps. I don't think I will be able to keep posting on these forums after my subscription fully ends (in 30 hours) so I figured I would say farewell for now until I decide to come back. It has been a long journey playing since patch 2.3 in BC and had lots of wonderful experiences over the years but it is time to move on. I am going to miss you guys on these hardware forums and I have enjoyed all the debates we had over hardware. Take care everyone and game hard!Connoisseur10 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Rift Players - Trion Sold In case you don't know this yet, Trion is out of business. It was sold a few weeks ago to a German company that specializes in F2P on-line MMO games, has quit a lot of them, but none that I ever heard of. I guess all of Trion's games were included in the sale. Still don't understand why last year Trion purchased all the leftover equipment of another gaming company that had gone out of business, seems to be a money loss in that transaction. From the over 200 people employed by Trion, only 25 were retained, the rest have been let go. Enjoy looking for new jobs during the upcoming holidays. For security reasons, I deleted my credit card data this morning until more information on security is released. Maybe we'll meet on that game someday. I also play ESO, at least that seems safe, and they put out new expansions on a regular basis. German company's name is Gamigo. 6Sixsixxsixx2 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 RX 470 for $110 So the downside is, there is only a 30 day warranty, but it has a full 30 day refund (not just exchange). But the square trade warranty was $12 for 3 years. An awesome 1080p card for WoW and I just bought one for a system I am selling!Natsume6 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 @my hardware bros I cancelled my subscription after all these recent shenanigans. I will come back after 8.2 or so, probably. Until then, in going to just play old games and maybe catch up on my reading. Good luck to you remaining.Salhezar3 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Looking for a gaming laptop, specifically... one that runs WoW and HoTS well. But I'd also need it to be practical for programs such as Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, not stupid expensive, looking to stay under 1500.Tabenja4 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Diablo Immortal Sex Scandal If anyone needs a witch doctor there's one available on my facebook.Azumii4 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Diablo Immortal: An opportunity to amaze Ok, so surely everyone is nice and angry about this. And if you're not upset, then you haven't read the Forbes article or looked very deeply into this issue. Despite several missteps, already, Blizzard, you have a HUGE opportunity to turn this around. Instead of making some re-skinned NetEase pile of garbage and allowing Activision to convince you to monetize it with sleazy p2w tactics, turn this into a huge cross-platform experience! Either make it to where players on iOS/Android/PC/Console can all play either Diablo 3 together, or hold this back for the release of DIablo 4. Nobody wants to play these terrible mobile games when the market is flooded with them. But, if there was the ability to extend your Diablo experience onto a mobile device when you're away from your PC, and have that time be MEANINGFUL and translate to progress toward your game, that isn't a bad thing! One of my most memorable experience from the Trion title, Rift, was a silly little companion app that allowed me to scratch off tickets that resulted in actual in-game items and crafting reagents that were waiting for me when I returned to my PC. As silly as that sounds, it enriched my gaming experience. If you allow your Activision overlords to monetize this, slap the word DIablo on some Chinese junk, after being your big BlizzCon reveal, I fear you're going to do irreparable damage to your brand. Don't screw this up.Cryopier3 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Hardware upgrade(s) to fix Uldir FPS <10? Hello all, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 5675 (lower end - was on sale) and got back into WoW after a decade+ hiatus. I'm getting <10fps in several Uldir fights (Zul being the worst @ 6-7fps after pull, which is pretty unplayable). Was wondering what hardware I should prioritize to upgrade in order to get that into a more acceptable range My system is: AMD A10-9700 Radeon R7 (quad core w/Radeon R7 Graphics), 3.50ghz 8gb DDR4 AMD Radeon RX 560 GPU w/2gb RAM 1TB SSD Windows 10 Monitor is a Dell S2781D (2560 x 1440 resolution) I've googled for awhile and tried all the software optimizations I've been able to find (turning off windows, blizzard, and radeon DVR / recording functions, optimal power setting, prioritizing WoW over other apps, eliminating buffer computing capacity). My WoW addons use 200mb total memory according to the ? mouseover in-game. Thanks!Ynotredrum5 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Screen flicker while minimizing - G-sync. I notice a a flicker and random pixels in some spots for less than 1sec when i try to minimize WoW. I tried to change my monitor refresh rate.. but nothing happened.. Is this normal with G-sync?Edisbelee10 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 UPS Advice I recently got Xfinity Triple-Play and dang if that modem isn't THE most touchiest piece of electronics I've seen. The smallest brownout that won't kick our hungry PCs offline causes the modem to reboot itself, easily. Sadly, the power company around here is unreliable at times, and I am getting sick of waiting 5-10 minutes every time the lights go out for a split second, or even just a flicker is enough to cause it. So I was thinking of putting a UPS on just the modem. Our PCs can be rebooted in a couple minutes, but it sucks waiting on the modem to take absolutely forever to reboot and reconnect. However, I know from past experience, I used to buy these UPS units before, and one thing that really annoys me is the constant beeping anytime the power goes out, it has to beep every 30 seconds until power comes back on. I really don't need that happening in the middle of the night, or every single time the power goes out, so I'd like one that you can permanently mute (at least the On Battery and Low Battery alarms, I really don't need the thing telling me the power is out, I KNOW the power is out kthx). I'm hoping that such a unit (even if it's a small one that only lasts 5-10min), but I'm hoping the price would be reasonable. I don't need no $300+ brick just for a modem, lol. Any advice?Hirai5 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Why is my game getting spikes? Ever since a few days ago I get massive lag spikes in game and it's making it impossible to play. Anyone else have the same issue?Hps2 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 So... What was the Starcraft news? I can't find anything on a quick google search. Is no where covering that?Bretherezen15 Nov 8, 2018