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9m Budget Monitor I've been trying to find a new monitor fora while now, and have been suggested two different monitors. I'd prefer a 27', but it's not really a need. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I will be buying this today. These are the two that have been recommended to me multiple times:ío0 9m
30m need some advice so here is the run down I just got a brand new gaming laptop a MSI G663vr 6rf stealth pro about 4 days ago today I went back to best buy from were I got the laptop to snag a new mouse since mine went out I was walking buy the gaming laptops an they had a new computer that wasn't there when I got my MSI an alienware not sure of the model but I know what the spec but first I will tell you my computers specs MSI: intel 6th gen i7 6700hq NVidia GeForce gtx 1060 6GB DDR5 16gb DDR4 128GB SSD 1TB HDD 15.6" screen very small an light weight an is VR ready Alienware: Intel 6th gen i7 6700HQ Nvidia GeForce gtx 1070 8GB DDR5 16GB DDR4 128GB SSD 1TB HDD 17. something inch screen very bulky an heavy so what I am wondering best buy told me I could bring my MSI back an exchange it for the alienware was just wondering if it would even be worth it not much of a difference really better graphics card and a bigger screen which dosnt really bother me I travel for work so a gaming laptop is what I need in short am wondering what you guys would do thank youTimetoplay6 30m
49m How well will this pc run Legion? Possibly purchasing a pc from a buddy. I am looking for something to run wow on medium levels, nothing crazy. I mostly do arenas. I am a broke college student so building my own Pc is almost not an option, and considering he is selling for under 100 helps me out. Will this pc do what I am looking for it to do? Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Intel I3-2120 cpu @ 3.33 Ghz 4GB ddr3 ram 500GB sata hard drive msi gtx 460 cyclone 1GB Gddr5 video card Dell Vostro 260s motherboard 500 watt Rosewell power supply sata DVD burner lian computer case non side window All responses are appreciated!Rozko9 49m
6h If you are Building a New Computer Don't buy it now, wait until Zen releases their new chips. The quad cores and hexcores might be a little longer, but believe me it's worth the wait. $129 for an over clock able Quad Core from the red team in the works : ) Also keep in mind AMD has stated in the past that they will release all the chips at the same time, so there is a really really good chance quad cores and hexacores will be available on launch. It's a terrible time to purchase Intel products, aside from maybe the G4560 (ridiculous price to performance value). Release date for Zen and the AM4 platform is March 2nd. That includes all their processors (according to statements made by AMD) and 82 motherboards, available at launch.Teflondonald22 6h
6h Kaby Lake Vs. Ryzen - A Comprehensive Guide Howdy all, and welcome! With the launch of AMD's new Ryzen architecture, there's been a lot of speculation and even some misinformation spread lately about the specs of these new CPUs. So the aim of this guide is to show you what we know for sure, and compare Intel's Kaby Lake to AMD's Ryzen platform. We don't have any real post-release benchmarks for Ryzen yet, but I'll try and bring all of the confirmed information we do have together and let you all decide which platform and architecture is right for you. Now, before we get into it, I want to point out that whichever platform you choose, you will be making some trade offs. Even ignoring any purely performance-oriented advantages one has over the other, there are features and options on each platform (or the lack thereof) that you as a consumer may care about. For example, Ryzen's entire line of CPUs offer 8-cores/16-threads. Ryzen also offers automatic overclocking via their XFR feature on both the X370 Series and B350 Series motherboard chipsets, assuming you've got a good enough CPU cooler for it. Intel's Kaby Lake i7's only sport 4-cores/8-threads, and only support overclocking on the higher end K-Series CPUs, and Z170 and Z270-Series motherboard chipsets. On the flipside though, Ryzen's AM4 chipset does not have acccess to Intel's exclusive features such as Thunderbolt 3, which is kind of a big deal. The first generation of Ryzen chips also don't include any integrated graphics whatsoever. So any video-out ports included on the AM4 motherboards are just flat out dead. As a result, Ryzen also doesn't support QuickSync or equivalent hardware-based video encoding, though AMD hopes to offset this with the extra CPU cores. If however you're comparing Ryzen to Intel's more expensive enthusiast line of Broadwell-E CPUs like the i7-6900k in order to get a more 8-core/16-thread apples-to-apples comparison, keep in mind that Ryzen's AM4 only offers 24 PCI-E lanes as opposed to Intel's 40+, and only supports dual channel memory as opposed to Broadwell-E's quad-channel support. Though the average consumer won't care much about these. With that said, AMD's goal is to kind of position Ryzen in the gap between Intel's consumer Kaby Lake chips and their more enthusiast Braodwell-E chips. For most gamers, this is fine. We don't really need quad-channel memory or that many PCI-E lanes. However it's something to consider if you plan on a lot of expandability using PCI-Express in the future. Speaking of gaming, it should also probably be mentioned that gamers have been a big target for AMD's marketing campaign for Ryzen. Particularly Twitch streaming. So there's a lot of marketing bull that we have to sift through to get the real story. So that's just something to be aware of. The Specs Alright gang. This is what you came to read, so here we go. ... Note that these will not include any integrated graphics whatsoever. Though Raven Ridge Ryzen-based APUs should be coming in the second half of 2017. Now let's compare those to the more popular Intel chips they're poised to compete with: ... Again, we don't yet have confirmed benchmarks for the Ryzen chips, but comparing the specs side by side, it's pretty clear that AMD wants to place their Ryzen CPUs between the i7-7700K and the 6900K. The Take-Away Okay, so let's assume for a moment that the rumors and leaks going around are true, and AMD has mostly caught up to Intel's performance per core. What does any of this mean? If nothing else, it'll force Intel back into a price war with AMD. Intel has been sitting alone on the top for so long that their mainstream CPU lines have stagnated, leaving Intel free to set whatever price they wanted to charge consumers. AMD's return to the battlefield will force Intel to lower their prices, and if we're lucky, put a bit more work into their R&D for the next generation. In terms of performance, if Ryzen performs anywhere near what it's supposed to, it'll mean that gamers will have to make some trade offs. In games that don't make use of a lot of cores, like WoW itself, Intel's better single-threaded performance per core will pull way ahead of AMD's Ryzen CPUs. If however you favor a workflow more akin to that used on a workstation, or if you plan to stream those games you're playing on Twitch, Ryzen's CPUs make more sense, given all the extra cores on which to split the workload. Again, this is just an educated guess, but in short, if your game or workflow relies on single-threaded performance, I'd go Intel. If your game or workflow uses a lot of CPU cores at once, I'd go AMD. Either way, I doubt it'll be a definitive win for either camp. No matter which team you go for, Intel or AMD, there will be certain tasks that one team's line of CPUs will be much better at than the competition. So if you're planning on building a computer in the next few weeks, my advice is to wait for the Ryzen benchmarks and see which one performs better at the tasks you run the most.Stoneblade4 6h
7h This Processor will work good on wow legion? 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ mobile processor Powerful quad-core, eight-way processing performance. Intel Turbo Boost Technology delivers dynamic extra power when you need it, while increasing energy efficiency when you don't. 8GB system memory for advanced multitasking Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once. 1TB hard drive and 128GB solid state drive (SSD) for a blend of storage space and speed The hard drive provides ample storage, while the SSD delivers faster start-up times and data access. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics Backed by 4GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory for a fast, advanced GPU to fuel your games. NVIDIA Optimus technology optimizes the laptop for both graphics performance and battery life conservation.Leyzi2 7h
11h Parts ordered, The Hype is REAL!!! Part list: Ryzen R7-1700X NZXT Kraken x61 (already own) using stock cooler for now ASrock X370 SLI/AC Motherboard Phanteks Eclipse R400 Blk/wht EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW ACX 3.0 (Went EVGA for stepup to 1080 TI in a month or 2) 3x Corsair SP120 RGB 2x Corsair SP140 White LED Crucial MX300 1TB SSD 32GB 4x8 G.Skill TridentZ (wht/blk) EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550W 80+ Gold PSU Cable Mods Blk/White Cables Total cost: $2030 Current PC sold for: $1400 (4790k, 16GB ram 980 TI 512GB SSD) Credit card promo: $150 Net cost: $480Snaeb17 11h
12h Pc upgrade I7 3820-gtx 660ti what would i see the most upgrade from, getting a new i56600 or a RX 4808gig and i know ill have to upgrade mb and to ddr4Vrsasura4 12h
16h Building a Pc for wow and need advice. Hey guys I am trying to build myself a Pc for wow and I need some advice. Im looking for 60-90fps and I have a budget of 1,200-1,500. Any advice would be truly helpful. Also I would just like to note that this is my first Pc build so I am kinda lost with finding parts.Wanabeguldan5 16h
17h Getting accuse for being game addict Hey guys you ever had troubles with your folks thinking of you being a game addict? But your not? And i've proved for not playing for a week. I have that issue. they are making me play 5 hours a day one hour on one hour off. will it be still enough time to a raid or small one? And how long do you normally play how many hours a day and take breaks? I would love to hear you thoughts yes i still live with them I work near by 5 minutes away from my job lol but I help them out with bills if they need meAlpan11 17h
17h So I want to build a new PC... My old Alienware laptop that I bought a few years ago is starting to show signs of age. I would like to build myself a nice brand-new tower. Only issue is I'm kind of a newb at building a PC. Here is the parts that the guy from the store recommended... -Intel i5-6600 3.3 Ghz 6M Cache LGA1151 1 298.90 298.90 -Asus B250M-C/CSM Skt1151 MB 1 112.90 112.90 -Kingston Huper Fury Black 16GB 2x8GB 2133MHz DDR4 1 154.90 154.90 -Kingston UV400 240GB SSD 2.5" 1 104.90 104.90 -Seagate 1TB SATA III 64MB 7200RPM Hard Drive 1 64.90 64.90 -(Black) LG GH24NSC0 1 22.90 22.90 -EVGA GTX1060 SC 6GB Video Card 1 368.90 368.90 -Corsair Carbide Series Spec-02 Case (black) 1 78.90 78.90 -Thermaltake TR2-600 600W Power Supply 1 64.90 64.90 My question for you guys is this: Is this a strong set-up? Right now my old laptop is running the new Tomb Raider game at <30FPS and ARK isn't running so hot either. This is triggering me like no tomorrow and I really want to upgrade. I just need to know if this is a decent setup. If not please let me know which parts I should switch out. Thanks in advance! Also, altogether he's quoting me at ~$1400 for all the parts (CDN) is that high or low?Drugoth12 17h
19h Steel Series Rival 500 MMO Mouse Hi All, I recently purchased the rival 500 mmo mouse from SteelSeries. I am having some trouble getting WoW to detect the additional buttons on the mouse. I've used the 'advanced interface options' mod to check the box the GM's removed that runs the mmo mouse detection, but no luck. Manually the script looks like the following: /run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse() Is there something i am missing here? How do i get the game to detect the additional buttons?Nunzio13 19h
19h What is my best bet Hello, so i got a new monitor a couple months back but my old monitor was a tv from 07 and i upgraded to a 4k tv, currently i have a fx-8350 with a single 7870 and 8gb of ram, the 7870 had no problem running the 07 tv with decent settings but now the 7870 has problems running above 30 35 fps on lower settings. When i asked around i was told to get a 1060 or 1070, but when i was looking on good ole google i seen a lot of fx-8350 will bottleneck the 1060 and 1070 and that iam better off switching to intel but i cant afford that atm im really just looking to see what i can do with $500 i am not a fan of blocky images and stutter stepping, also mobo is a crosshair v formula z and a 750 power supplyTilvayne5 19h
20h Is this good enough? I have no skill in PC building and I don't have the time/patience to try. So pre-built is my only option. I need to upgrade from a Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260 (go ahead and laugh) that finally died this week. Would this laptop allow me to play on medium-high settings with no lag or freezing in raids? I have great connection btw. 20h
1d Batman: Arkham Insurgency (rumor) It's rumored that a new Batman game will be coming this year, titled Arkham Insurgency. It's supposed to take place 3 years after Arkham Origins (so 5 years before Arkham Asylum), and feature the Batmobile (but the earlier Batmobile from Asylum so no battle mode). Dick Grayson will be present as Robin. Developed by WB Montreal (as Arkham Origins was). If this is true, it's great news, because I absolutely loved Arkham Origins. This is all just a rumor so far, but it sounds neat from what they've said. Hopefully they don't botch the PC port and take 6-8 months to fix it like they did with Arkham Knight. The same "anonymous source" believes (but isn't 100% sure) that Rocksteady is working on a Superman game set in the Arkhamverse. And the rumored game based on Damian Wayne is in "development hell" but may come out in the future.Vralok1 1d
1d Black desert online players view on WoW You couldent make this !@#$ up, this is comedic gold right here. Apparently the only way to progress in this game is by doing dungeons.Redwaylene2 1d
1d Corsair scimitar was just wondering if anyone is using this mouse want some feed back if it is a good buy or not. I bought the rival 500 an that thing had nothing but problems would freeze up an the only fix was to unplug it an plug it back in just wanting to make sure the corsair scimitar doesn't have any problems like that steelseries has me a little gun shy to run out an but another mouse when my legendary wow mouse is still working atm. Thank you for any help in advanceTimetoplay10 1d
2d Something Wrong with The Forums? Whenever I try to make a post, it acts as if I posted, but the post never shows up, and within a few seconds the post is gone from my post history.Stoneblade4 2d
2d GPU Usage Issue Hey all, I started up my computer after getting home from work tonight, began to play a little bit of WoW when I noticed that; - My GPU was sitting at 95-98% load - Clock speed never moved from 1885 Mhz Before tonight my GPU never passed 40% usage while the clock speed would usually sit around 2000Mhz. I hadn't changed any settings on my computer, installed or removed any new software from before so I'm stuck as to why this is suddenly happening. My temps are still fine, sitting at 71c even after an hour at that load %. I've since updated my drivers to the latest hoping that it would solve it but it hasn't at all. WoW settings can be seen here - I can get the GPU usage down by turning off AA, but I don't believe I should have to do that given that I had it on those settings before and the usage wasn't there. I also have done a comparison to how my GPU handles other games, Batman AK on 100% max settings (including max AA) only hits an average of about 44% GPU usage. I can't think of a single reason why WoW should be requiring more GPU than that. System specs are; - i7 7700k (OC'd to 4.5ghz) - ASUS GTX 1080 - Stock clockspeed - 16Gb 3000Mhz ram Does anyone have any idea why this has suddenly started to occur?Sharrard2 2d
2d FX 9590 vs. FX6300 Good morning. I'm currently running an FX-6300 with 750 Ti build. It's good enough for now, but I am looking into upgrading since it's about time for that generation of hardware to retire. I don't want to have to buy a new motherboard and rewire everything, so I'm looking at my options within the AM3+ socket family. How much more would I profit WoW-wise from a 9590? This is currently the best CPU (to my knowledge) that I can attach to my motherboard. I'll be upgrading the graphics card as well, but later.Macávity11 2d
2d Decent laptop price range (US) I looking for a laptop to play WoW while I save up to fix my PC. I'm looking to play it at low to med settings, High settings are what PC's are for. I've stumble across this one. Think it'll do for a few months?Cautahnawkam14 2d
3d Going from G3258 to an i5 4690K CPU I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU to an i5 4690K from a G3258. How much of a performance gain should I expect? I currently run WOW at a 7 with Vsync on and it stays at 60FPS almost all the time with a 60 HZ monitor at 1080p. These are my specs Windows 10 64 bit G3258 3.2 GHz 8.00GB RAM MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850) VE247 (1920x1080@60Hz) 3072MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 280 Series (XFX Pine Group) 1 TB HDDRamoon5 3d
3d Why does my fps suck and how do I fix it? So this is my computer, I have all of the drivers updated and when I run SC2 on extreme with high texture I get around 10 fps on co op. I thought the 1080 was a beast, although I'm kind of a noob. Halp.Falamier8 3d
3d Whats your gaming rig? Hi all! This is a thread for everyone to list what they are currently gaming on. Judgement free zone here, don't care if you're running on a potato or a super computer, just want to see what the average gamer plays on. Comments and suggestions for upgrades welcome only if specifically requested. My current rig is: Intel i7 6700k Be Quiet! Pure Rock CPU cooler Phanteks P400s Tempered Glass Gigabyte Z170-HD3 mobo 256GB Intel 600P M.2 SSD 4TB Seagate Barracuda 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz TP-Link Archer T6E network adaptor Asus GTX 980 OC Strix Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Razer Naga Epic 2012 2x Samsung S24E450B monitors Would love to see what everyone is using :DSanarel27 3d
3d Ryzen motherboards and CPU on Newegg! And would you look at that, every single one of them affordable, especially those higher end ones. More affordable than getting this:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3938566 I'm set on getting that ASRock motherboard with the onboard wireless, the $259 one. Now look at those OFFICIAL Ryzen CPU prices from Newegg! Canadian currency, convert that to USD, the 1800x starts at $500 no doubt. Now where am I "wrong" at? And a bonus: Ryzen stock CPU fans are RGB! Skip end to see. A CPU that can do head to head against Intel and has its own badass CPU cooler? Pretty sure people are sold on that. I don't know about you but this stuff isn't a grain of salt.You13 3d
3d Ryzen 1700x on userbenchmark! Would you look at that, ranked 5th and it's not even on turbo or xfr! No way this info should be taken as a grain of salt. I mean look at it! It's doing great without any mentions of potential issues so far! What do you guys think?You6 3d
3d Razer Naga Mouse Problem - Num Lock going off So, those of you that have one should know that on the bottom of the mouse is a switch, containing the options 123 and num. In my case, I use the num option. This allows me to bind my numpad numbers onto the side of the mouse. HOWEVER IN ORDER FOR THIS SETUP TO WORK, NUM LOCK MUST BE ON. (At least for me.) At times, however, IT SEEMS THAT MY NUMLOCK RANDOMLY TURNS ITSELF OFF. This causes a good 12+ of my binds to not work until I notice that num lock magically turned off. Is there some key combination that turns of num lock? Because I know for sure that I am not turning it off on my own accord. Has anyone else had this problem?Stang4 3d
3d Ultra wide on a budget I have been looking at the 21:9 curved monitors. I am currently working on a new build and I would love to play on a ultra wide. Will the 1070 push a 31 or 34 inch at 1440? Or do I go to a 1080 GPU? Does anyone have any input on a decent to good curved ultrawide at a fair price? Or a 1080p of the same. Price is holding me back... Any suggestions would be great..Flidalas4 3d
3d Next Best MMORPG? What is your second go-to MMORPG? Looking to take a break from here for a while. I was thinking about trying WildStar or Bland & Soul. What are your favorites?Sacrilege28 3d
3d 2017 Taxes = New Rig. ~$2000 =] input please! So im going to have about 2k in monies left over after my tax return, any advice on building the best rig for world of warcraft? I cannot play on this macbook air anymore! horrible. interested in 4k but i dont have a monitor. cant decide between cpu or gpu. 1070 or 1080 new ryzen better than i76850? max budget is about 2400 dollars, not a cent more. please help guys, looking to get this rig on new egg asap. next year maybe ill upgrade from 1070 and get the new gpu thats comin out ?Taboogie4 3d
3d What Benchmarks should I run on my 1700x? I ordered everything and preordered my 1700x and board with priority overnight shipping. What benchmarks would you like to see? GPU wise I have a 980 TI, 1070 and 1080 to use as well.Snaeb4 3d
3d Computer help!! Hey guys, I need help!! My graphics card took a dump this past weekend. So off to Best Buy I went to get a new one. Got a new GeForce GTX 1050 ti...put it in...and my screen wouldnt turn on! After a few more trips to best buy and buying other things including a new still doesnt work. I finally tried another cord and plugged it into the slot on my motherboard rather than the graphics card. And it works! However, the graphics card seems to not work. When I go to play WoW it says that my graphics card isnt compatible with WoW. However, its not the new one I just installed...its the old one thats not even in there anymore. I tried to download the drivers and it just says that the graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. When I look that up online it says that I need to hook my monitor up to the graphics card but when I monitor doesnt work! Is the graphics card just too powerful for my crappy computer? How can I make it work?Holyvag5 3d
3d Here it is! Ryzen 1800x cinebench You20 3d
4d Will this run wow So here is my question will this system run wow on med settings? Model: Precision T3400 Form Factor: Tower Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz Installed Memory: 8GB Installed Hard Drive: 500GB Optical Drive: DVD-Rom Drive Graphics/Video Controller: GeForce GT 730 4GB VGA HDMI DVI Video Card Other Ports: 8 USB Ports, Audio In/Out, Ethernet Port Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 BITKrowmag6 4d
4d Help me with a good streaming setup Hi guys, I would like to get back into streaming Blizzard games again but it's been years and things seem to have advanced quite a bit. Thankfully Blizzard games are not especially demanding processor wise. So, I am playing on this system (let me know if anything here is hopelessly out of date): CPU - Intel i7-2600K @ 3.4Ghz, 4 Cores OS - M$ Windows 10 Home BIOS - American Megatrends 1305, 2011-02-11 RAM - 16Gb Webcam - Logitec HD Pro C920 Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Network Card - Intel Pro/1000 GT Hard drive - Samsung SSD 840 Series ATA Input Devices - Razer Lycosa, Razer Naga and Razer Nostromo Internet Connection - Up to 150Mbps download, up to 15 Mbps upload, 1 TB bandwidth a month With the above I was never able to stream 1080. I could do comfortable 720p with 30fps. What would be the best way to upgrade the above in order to stream 1080p? I also have a question, I see capture cards everywhere now. Like the Elgato Game Capture HD60 for example (which seems to be popular and with good reviews). How does this work exactly? It says it can stream to Twitch, does not that you don't need to run OBS when you have one of these? And how would that work? If you need OBS anyways then what is the point of this? If anyone is interested: My Twitch channel - My Youtube channel - 4d
4d Walmart special. Should I? Just got my modest tax refund and saw one of these at Walmart for $399 and wondering if I should get it and maybe drop a new GPU in it when I can afford one or try piecing together a system for around the same budget. My budget is pretty set in stone for now, so please don't bother telling me how I can add another $200 to get some machine that is 5 times better. It just can't happen right now. I have been doing some research and from what I found this should run Legion, just not sure how well. Most of the sites have it pinned at about 1/5 stars, but these same sites also said my Black Friday $159 craptop shouldn't even play WoW at all. But I have been playing on it for about 2 years now, albeit on lowest possible settings. The system: Dell Inspiron model 3650 (i3650-0635slv, for you who google) Intel i5-6400 (2.7GHz up to 3.3GHz turbo clocked) integrated HD-530 graphics 8GB ram 1TB HDD DVD-RW and other usual odds and endsGrumbledore3 4d
4d AMD Ryzen prices! Flagship could be $500!! ... ... To everyone that doesn't know about Ryzen: there are more CPUs than this at a mid/low range these are the top 3 CPUs, expect those prices much lower than these This is the same pre order website that predicted Kaby lake CPUs! Pickle: DO NOT buy that Intel build you got to wait to compare performance/price, the Ryzen prices rekts the i7 6700k/7700k, hell the flagship kills the 6900k. Looks like Kagthul and her lackey are going to recommend... CPUs now LOL Even if these Ryzen CPUs are slightly behind Intels performance it's going to piss off a bunch of Kaby lake owners that didn't wait.You61 4d
5d 1440p/144hz on rx 470? Tomorrow is the big day, buying the last of my parts for the new (re:second) system and this time no Kijiji monitors.. I was looking at the XG270HU by Acer, but was wondering if my rx 470 4g OC would handle its maximum resolution at 144hz. I only play wow so don't need info on other games.. Unless they bring out wow 2 in the next 4 years of course lol. Newegg Canada has it open box for 479 with free shipping so was thinking of going from the 24" 1080p one I was originally looking at to this one, which is basically its big brother. Even at this price its almost double the price of the original one I was looking at (best buy has the Acer 24" 1080p 144hz 1ms for 250 this week) so want to make sure it's going to be able to handle it. I've read alot of people running at this resolution say its drool worthy, so if possible id like to do it while I have the money now. Thoughts? Rest of system will likely be 7600k on a maximus ix formula with 16gb ddr4 3000 running off a 525gb mx300 525gb m.2 if that matters Also, anyone using this monitor? How's it look?Illyrria5 5d
5d Streaming on Ultrawide Just bought 34 inch monitor recently.... if you want to see what it would be like to play and stream in 21:9, check me out... 5d
5d Gtx 970 to gtx 1070 ? Hey all, I've been thinking of getting a 1070 , I currently have a i5-4690k @4.0 I hear for a lot of games it's a great improvement and I hear for wow it does absolutely nothing as it's heavy CPU based. I've got to assume that I could turn up render scale, shadows, view distance , ground clutter etc better then my 970? I considered a 144hz monitor but I would also need a graphics card to actually get that fps in most games so I thinknilll get the card for now. Anyone upgrade from 970-1070? Did it feel worth it etc Thanks so muchNinjato13 5d
5d Leveling in FF14 VS WoW Before I begin I want to note a few things: - This is not which is better, both are amazing games. - This is an off topic-ish discussion but it does follow the TOS to my knowledge and discusses WoW. - This is as indifferent and logical as possible and not some blabbery of how one or the other is so much more is amazing than the other. - I have played WoW for 2 years and I've started leveling on FF14 and will update this. - This only has theories about endgame but I will update this or make a new forum to include it once I get there in Final Fantasy 14 however, I've gotten very far into endgame in Legion. Now with this in mind let me begin: Both games as I said are amazing and have their cons and pros, and I personally have strongly wondered which is better for me and not in general because news flash, neither is. It depends on you. A very quick summary of the cons and pros of each for those who dont like to read. WoW: Story 9/10 FF14: Story 11/10 Walking/waiting while leveling annoyance: (Higher is worse.) WoW: 10/10 DPS Dungeon ques while leveling on average: 20-40 minutes FF14: 1/10 (There almost is none.) DPS Dungeon ques while leveling on average: 15 minutes tops no matter your level. 8 minutes on average. The rest below is very long and detailed due to the very technical nature however, you can easily see my rating for each. You may skip below if you feel content with what i've shared. Graphics: WoW: 8/10 though it may be hardware intensive for some, this is often because of the extra rendered irrelevant and barely noticeable pixelation. Since they cannot completely refine the graphics engine because they'd have to tear it apart, they simply add more flora, render the pixelation more, and refine the edges. Like MSAA. This does not really improve graphics too noticeably and uses a ton of graphics processing power for mostly irrelevant stuff. FF14: 10/10 with a completely refined and updated graphics engine that can last like WoW for decades, and also with the debatably annoying conjunctions set as parts of a mini zone, (For instance, if you want to go to a different zone, it has to load it, and you are in a sense, in a bunch of mini zones that have to constantly be loaded and can be very annoying if you dont have at least an Hybrid Hard Drive.) If you have an SSD the loading time is at most 5 seconds and not a problem. Since their graphics engine is updated, it is able to create flora, characters, equipment, etc with a graphics rendering system that is less intensive and much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, due to the small mini-zones and many loading screens, they are able to enhance their graphics dramatically without it taking too much of a hit on your computer, making Final Fantasy not only easier on weaker GPUs but also more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, on the lowest settings it can run at 60 fps on a very weak 200 dollar laptop and still look amazingly beautiful. On the other hand, on a 200 dollar laptop for WoW you'll find you cannot run at 60 FPS on the lowest settings, you'd be lucky to get 30 and it looks terrible, this is due to technical stuff that you probably wont understand. However, keep this in mind, just because your graphics card is being used more intensively doesn't mean it's going to be more aesthetically pleasing. There are many factors to this such as how the game's engine is rendering its graphics and how updated the game's engine is and if the engine is brand new or not. WoWs engine as you know is very, very old, to make up for this, they render graphics at a much higher rate which is very GPU intensive and not very aesthetically pleasing compaired to other much newer engines. However, WoW has done an amazing job keeping their engine as 'brand new' looking as possible. Endgame: To be continued, I am currently leveling in Final Fantasy and I know this is a very, very big deal and from my research, I can conclude theoretically that the PVE in FF14 is better but the PVP is in beta stage kind of mediocre. However, PVP and PVE in WoW are very well done and though PVE in WoW may not be as good, the PVP makes up for it. So if you like PVP go to WoW, its your endgame... umm game. Go to FF14 for PVE. If you like both PVE and PVP? Well both might just be for you. The PVP in FF14 may be in its beginning stages, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Long explaination: WoW: Story: It completely feels optional. Though it may feel optional, lately with Legion it has made you slowly begin to enjoy the story sooo much more. The story is in depth if you choose to read it but honestly, it may be in depth, it is often repeated as you will find many characters referenced in long past expansions. Which makes it feel... Well, unnecessary to follow. FF14: Story: 10/10 and completely feels necessary, though it absolutely isn't. There is a lot of reading in the story and a lot of very colorful side quests that will feel very meaningful and give many characters that seem irrelevant, personalities. The whole game feels so alive as you do quests and all the characters will have a personal effect on you. For me when I saw some creatures in trouble and as they gave me their quests, I began to really enjoy hearing their stories and felt an affection for them, especially the Sylphs, adorable creatures I might add. Keep in mind, if you do not like reading a lot then I'd rate this a 2/10 for you. Because of how strongly you will feel to read this beautiful story and believe me, it's worth it. It's like reading a book that you are inside. Walking/waiting simulator: Yes, this is a very, very huge factor, nobody likes mindlessly walking, especially when leveling, nor does anyone like standing around doing nothing waiting for ques. WoW: Very bad at walking/waiting simulation while leveling. Rating: 2/10 Que times are often 20-40 minutes for DPS. Quests take a loooong time to do, especially for first timers, and there is a ton of walking. You'll even sometimes find yourself lost trying to get to a certain area as a first timer sometimes spending hours figuring out how to get there only to have leveled beyond that area doing/waiting for dungeons by the time you figured it out. Final Fantasy 14: Amazing and very nicely done. Rating: 11/10 Very, very little walking, you can teleport instantly to your quests which takes seconds if you have an SSD. Loading screens can be annoying if you have an HD but still lots of less walking and waiting. Que times for DPS is at max 15 minutes no matter your level due to level syncing and only needing 2 DPS and shorter dungeons. FF14 has fixed a lot of leveling problems WoW had with waiting or walking around boringly which nobody rationally likes. At 20 you get a mount which makes things even faster, you absolutely will not be walking around and looking for your quest, nor mindlessly doing something while questing. It all feels amazing and story driven and very, very little waiting. I've not waited or walked for more than 2 minutes so far and I'm pretty far in. On the other hand with WoW i've spend over 2 hours just trying to find a !@#$ing area. Or I've spent on average just walking 10 minutes around for questing. Note: Do only the main quest, do not do side quests on your first run in FF14. The main quest is for leveling your first job, the side quests are for leveling the others. You'll get to them, be patient. Oh and they are not some boring side quests too, at least not generally. Level Syncing: In Final Fantasy virtually everything meaningful can be level synced and still make your ilevel not feel irrelevant. You'll find if you have a higher ilevel or a lot of rare gear, you will do better than those you synced with that has worse gear. Best part is the level syncing is well done and works on virtually everything, however, it also makes the game a bit grindy, easy, and tedious. Dying or having a challenge is very minimal. Rating: 6/10 In World of Warcraft only the Broken Isles can be level synced and that is even done better, you will find that having a higher ilevel is a huge deal and even with a good ilevel as you level, you will find yourself in many challenging situations if you are careless and you will die. It will happen. At this stage you should have a challenge however so you can learn how to do heroic raids/mythic keystone dungeons. Also it helps you to understand why you shouldn't PULL THAT %^-*ING SEAGULL OR BREAK THAT !@#$ING EGG YOU SON OF A- *Ehem* excuse me for that outburst. Rating: 10/10 So keeping this all in mind which is better in general for leveling? Neither, both are good depending on who you are. However, if you like PVE and only PVE Final Fantasy is probably for you. Also, believe me, you will love not having to make multiple characters, also, leveling is a lot faster in FF14 even with the heirlooms and such in WoW. This is because of the faster que times, level syncing, faster quest completions, and you also get exp boost equipment which games up to around 70 percent (I think) and in this game that's huge. In my honest and completely opinionated opinion, I think leveling in Final Fantasy 14 is waaaay better in so many ways than WoW. They seem to have just said, "What is WoW doing wrong and how can we do it better." and they did indeed do it better. Leveling wise at least. I feel like this game so far at first look is so much better than WoW. I remember 4 years ago when I first started WoW. The leveling was just annoying, so annoying I nearly quit but here... it's so amazing. Unlike in WoW, I don't want to leveling in this game to end or at least the quests, they are just so in depth. Also, the community in FF14 is very, very kind. Way kinder than WoW, I'm sorry but this is just plainly true simply because in FF14 you can get rewarded for being kind, you get mounts, pets, and many other things with player commendations. You get these at the end of a raid/dungeon. They mean a lot. However, being kind in WoW gives you absolutely no reward and often just winds up getting you trolled. Especially in high level Raids or Dungeons. People are afraid to speak in raids because they dont want to get kicked because we all know that's all it takes. Thanks to assistant raid leaders. Also, on that note, it's sooo easy to be mean or to kick someone in WoW. Assistant raid leaders are often given to all the tanks or the entire party especially in guild runs so if a single person doesn't like you even slightly they can kick you whenever they want, so let's say you are on the last boss and call out someone who wasn't doing what they should who was a tank and wiped us, well surprise! That guys just kicked you and now you gotta either do an entire raid over or find one on the last boss like you, enjoy. On the other hand, while leveling in FF14 I've never come accross this problem but admittedly i've yet to do high level raids or dungeons. However, I have leveled 4 alts and I know what it's like to level. Lets just say FF14 certainly has a nicer community. Well that's my long drawn out input on this matter, thanks if you read all this, I really hope this does make someone decide to try out FF14 because I assure you, you wont regret it if you give it a decent chance.Jocundbeast70 5d
5d Not another Ryzen thread I found this interesting article on earlier: I'm happy to see equipment manufacturers start to take an interest in making things attached to the IOT secure. I never thought I'd live in a world where I have to consider how effective my refrigerator's security protocol is.Pïcklejuice0 5d
5d Ryzen Vs Skylake i7 (Passmark) As many of you know, Ryzen is set to release on the 2nd of March, and that meant lots of early leaks have been appearing all over the web. One of the most recent leaks was was pertaining to the passmark scores of a r7 1700x locked at 3.4ghz. Anyways I decided to do a little bit of a comparison myself between the r7 1700x at 3.4ghz against my i7 6700k locked at 3.4ghz and posted my results on Adored TVs "Ryzen Fever" comments section. Enjoy ...Teflondonald8 5d
5d Buying a new laptop to play WoW Hello all. I've semi recently returned to WoW. I last played during Mists of Pandaria on a different account. I'm currently playing on my nephew's desktop but I will likely be buying myself a new laptop with my Federal and State tax refund. Most of my gaming is done on PS4. I don't see myself playing any games on computer other than WoW. With the info below, will this laptop play WoW decently? If so, how high might I be able take various settings? Here's the specs of my first choice: ASUS ROG GL702VM GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Core i7-6700HQ 16GB DDR4 256GB SSD /1TB HDD Thank you to anyone that reads this. P.S. If this was posted in the wrong forum I apologize.Stankman1 5d
5d FPS dropped at random Pre patch in the old arenas I would be getting 350FPS ( I know this isn't doing anything for me as far as game play goes) but now I'm lucky to be getting 100 in these same arenas. I recently was using my friends 144hz monitor and hopped back onto my old 60hz monitor I'm not sure if something got reset and is causing this issue or if its on the patches end. I'm running an i7 6700 with a gtx1070 with 8gb of ram. Anybody else experience anything similar?Montalina0 5d
5d Random freezes...? I keep having this problem where the game will freeze for like 1-3 seconds. Sometimes I can play at ultra settings in raids with decent FPS and no freezes. Sometimes it freezes every few minutes. Sometimes it freezes over and over with only a few seconds between. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I've disabled addons, I've cut graphics settings down to minimum, I've ended every single nonessential process, I've restarted my computer, I've updated and rolled back drivers. I've thought a few times that I fixed the problem because I would get on and everything would be fine. Then at some point it will start doing it again and the thing I did before doesn't fix it this time. It seems to be worse, or more frequent, during combat - regardless of where or how many things/players are involved. But then again maybe that's just when I get most pissed about it so it seems worse than it is. I've tried to monitor everything to see if there is a big spike in CPU or anything when it happens, and it doesn't seem like there is. Just sometimes everything works no matter what and sometimes it doesn't no matter what. Any advice would be appreciated.Spookington5 5d
5d Pre-built Need Tomorrow - Opinion? I need a new computer like tomorrow. Don't have the patience to build one so I'm copping out and hitting bestbuy for what's in stock (i know...booooo!!). Interested in: Asus G11CD is cheapest at $830 so I'm leaning that way. lol Compared to my 10 year old machine almost anything that will handle WoW looks good but I can't find a site with decent reliability records on desktop brands. Pre-built Cyberpowerpc decent or nay? Any help appreciated! Thanks.Gasserina5 5d