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17m Acer or Alienware? i'll buy 1 of these monitors soon to play WoW mainly, I want your opinion which one is the best choice. Acer Predator X34P or Alienware AW3418DW The 2 monitors have the same specifications, both are 3440x1440 120hz G-Sync Ultrawide, just change the brand and the price (Alienware is more expensive). I personally like more the design of the Predator, but Alienware is Alienware (better brand = better QC). Which one would you choose and why?Karkarof19 17m
1h Need a Laptop for BFA Hi guys, My graphics card on my Laptop (Alienware 5 years old) cant keep up anymore and sadly i cant just replace the video card on new Laptop time. I found one that seems to cover all the specs: Will this play BFA with no issues? Thanks, -MattMattshifts2 1h
3h Post your build! Hey all, i'd love to see all your builds here! Post the specs and a picture if you'd like! I'll go first, Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz - Corsair Watercooling ASUS GTX 1070 Strix 8GB 16GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD 2TB HDD Asus Z270 Motherboard 650W PSU Windows 10 3h
3h Need tips on gaming mice So I am looking to take here soon and buy myself a new gaming mouse. I've narrowed it down to a couple of options but not sure which one to get. My budget isn't the craziest to go with I'm only looking at upwards towards $100 maybe a little more but not much, got bills and what not to pay lol. With that being said I've looked through several different Corsairs, Logitechs and Razers and I think I've narrowed it down to either the Logitech G602 Wireless Optical 11-Button mouse, Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Optical mouse, or the Razer Naga Trinity Optical gaming mouse I've looked at reviews and stats for each one in comparison and from what I can tell they all seem roughly equal to each other in use but I've only had a couple of gaming mice in the past so my knowledge of what to truly look for is limited. If it makes any difference I am mainly a casual player however I will still run PUG raids and possibly if I can find a guild that works with my time schedule I would like to raid on a regular basis plus run Mythic+ when time allows it.Kreylivan17 3h
3h Help with New Video Card today for BFA Hi guys, I sadly logged in yesterday and with the new update my graphics card can't keep up. I need to buy a new one today, so I called Bliz last night and they told me to get: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4gb. This is for an Alienware Laptop. When I tried to google this, mass confusion set in and I have no idea how to tell which ones work on laptops. Can someone help with a link please? I am in driving distance of both Fry's and Best Buy, or I can order on Amazon. Can anyone who knows which one to get please help? Also if there is a slightly more expensive/better one than the one I listed I am ok with that also. Thank you, -MattMattshifts7 3h
5h WoW on a Mac I have a Mac and have been playing WoW on it for the past 2 years. It runs good, only complaint is the fans. It works good for me since I’m always on the go. Any tips for playing on a MacBook Pro or possible tips on how to not make the fans go crazy?Velaryian11 5h
5h [Solved]Win 10 Issue First boot this morning my primary and secondary monitors had been swapped, the 2560x1440 monitor couldn't be set to anything higher than half-HD, the 1080p monitor was sitting at 2560x1440 using that aliasing trick, the mouse was misbehaving, and the task bar settings had changed. I fixed the monitor issues by uninstalling and reinstalling the AMD GPU Driver. The task bar settings I just reset manually. But the mouse is still wonky. In BIOS, it's perfect. In Windows, after I've logged in and after the Logitech G-Driver has loaded, it's perfect. But on the Windows login screen, it barely moves when I move the mouse around and none of the "click" buttons work (left, right, or middle). But only there. I can't imagine where to even begin to look for settings for that. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate hearing them.Ehiztari11 5h
14h Acer or Alienware? i'll buy 1 of these monitors soon to play WoW mainly, I want your opinion which one is the best choice. Acer Predator X34P or Alienware AW3418DW The 2 monitors have the same specifications, both are 3440x1440 120hz G-Sync Ultrawide, just change the brand and the price (Alienware is more expensive). I personally like more the design of the Predator, but Alienware is Alienware (better brand = better QC). Which one would you choose and why?Karkarof0 14h
19h CPU Bottleneck? I have recently bought a new pc i7 8700, 16GB RAM, gtx 1080 ti I am gaming on a 4k monitor and settings approximately equal to pre-set 7. I am extrenely satisfied with the result except one thing I found out in raid/BG. According to Afterburner, it seems that my gpu is not utilized enough in raid. For example, when uncapped, my FPS can get to 140 ish in an area with gpu utilized at approximately 40-45%. Similarly in raid, when out of combat, it has high fps with usage 40-45%. However, when in combat, my fps drops to 45-70fps ish, and the GPU usage drops and is approximately 30-35%. I am wondering if there is anything else that can be done on my side. I have done a lot of research on low FPS issue, but it seems none was helpful for my case. Is the CPU limiting the info delivered to the GPU in raid? Thanks! Edit: it seems that most of my cpu cores are not even close to 100%. I have around 60ish fps in dalaran with gpu usage only at 25%. I am not sure what happens with the low usage with gpu now.Horsecrap12 19h
19h Cheapest setup to acquire better performance? Currently, I'm running the game on this: Frankly, it's not the best thing to game on. I barely get above 20 fps, and raids and battlegrounds are torture. I was wondering what the cheapest pc, whether prebuilt or put together, would be so that I could run WoW with High or Ultra settings and hopefully not drop below 30fps most of the time. Thanks!Corvinn18 19h
20h Comp Build in the Making I am working on building a new comp. This is what I am looking at for now. Any advise or suggestions is appreciated. CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K Coffee Lake 3.6 GHz LGA 1151 Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING LGA 1151 mini-ITX GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Overclocked Dual-Fan 6GB GDDR5 Video Card or ASUS Cerberus GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual-Fan 8GB GDDR5 PCIe Video Card Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3000 PC4-24000 CL16 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB MLC V-NAND SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive Case: Thermaltake Core V71 Blue LED Tempered Glass EATX Full Tower Computer Case Power Supply: Corsair RM750x 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Modular Power Supply 2018Goodhabit17 20h
1d Please help, computer build Would greatly appreciate advice on computer parts. I already have 500w power supply and case. I want to use Ryzen 5 2400g. Pleas3 recommend other stuff to get the best performance from WoW as well as not having to update the bios on a motherboard. Would 8gb be enough RAM? Thanks in advance.Borisdablade22 1d
1d Just picked up Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete on my PS4 it's so beautifulSalranas2 1d
1d Is having an anti-virus a must? Or is the windows built-in anti-virus enough to keep me safe? I only really go to half a dozen websites in my daily routine. I don't download torrents anymore either. I'm asking because they always come with problems. My latest one, Bitdefender, is causing kmode bsod crashes. Something about an atc.sys file causing critical errors.Samasha33 1d
1d AMD vs nVidia: Vivid Pixel Edited 6/18/18: this is really about how AMD and Nvidia cards handle monitor settings such as vivid pixel in my set up. So around Christmas I got an 8700k @ 4.9ghz and I was holding out on getting a GPU until the 11 series came out. I found a deal on a 1060 3gb mini on Xmas Eve for $179, so I got that to use in the interim. Far forward to last month, and I had to get another GPU for another computer so I ended up getting an XFX RX 580 8gb XX Edition. With vivid pixel turned to maximum, the image quality on the AMD cards is much, much sharper. No settings in Nvidia, even the color settings that are normally referenced to change when comparing the two, improved image quality on the Nvidia card. Otherwise, I can say that the AMD cards has observably worse FPS performance than the 1060 3gb in WoW. I'd wager that it's about 10% slower in general in regards to the lows, as it drops into the 40s and 50s much more often than the 1060 3GB. In DX 12 games such as Doom with Vulkan, it's better. Destiny 2 was difficult to tell the difference. That said, I'm perfectly content with it for now and will be upgrading to the 11-series of I find that the RX 580 can't keep up. I find that the image quality improvement is worth the FPS hit with the vivid pixel setting maximized on my monitor. Otherwise, I'll wait for the 12-series to come out, and I fully expect my 8700k to be sufficient for that time.Salranas19 1d
1d The Intel HD 620 runs this game well. I am running the game on 1080p with level 3 graphical settings on a laptop, and I tested the FPS in Dalaran, which is one of the more resource intensive locations in the game. I was getting around 35-40 FPS when I switched to maximum performance in the battery setting. This is an indication that the Intel HD 620 can play the game well. I would say it might be unplayable in large raids, but besides those, I would think that everything should run fine.Feelzbrah4 1d
1d Can game settings raise FPS? Hey All Outside of getting a new machine which i can't do right now what can be done in game to the settings to get better FPS? Specially when in raids? ThanksNightsnipér5 1d
2d Horrible render distance in-game So I recently built my first gaming PC, cost me $1,300 in all. Important parts include a GeForce GTX 970 graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and an intel i5 processor. Total overkill specs for WoW, I would think. But with all that power, why is the render distance SO short in the open world areas? Instanced dungeons are just fine, I'm mainly talking about open-world exploration. As I move around, the ground clutter objects (rocks, pieces of grass, etc) literally load in about 5 feet in front of my characteras I move, regardless of the render distance I set in graphics settings . And the pop-in is just terrible. Example: I run into a given area that looked empty two seconds ago, and all of a sudden a dozen different different players, NPCs, mobs, etc. load up in front of my face. It's kinda ridiculous. Is that just the way the game works for everyone and I'm overreacting, or is it possible my PC specs could be lacking in some way?Rivellin15 2d
2d Mod Load out orders Folks, just re entered the world of pc's and I'm getting my sea legs, learnin the ropes. I'm hangin in there. Wow runs excellent on the new lap top and skyrim is fantastic as well. So, I'd like some of your thoughts and maybe advice. I got NMM, got LOOT, got a whole bunch of mods, got some web sites and videos on the ready for load out recommendations. Just goin through old forums and videos from 1, 2, 3 + years ago is not my cup of tea. So, anyone on here running skyrim on windows 10 home? Got a good mod load order? any problems. Your thoughts guys thanksTmfcharlie2 2d
2d Burning Legion Version? **This is going to be a bit vague, however, feel free to comment your opinion/idea on the topic** Would anybody enjoy playing a game where you're an Agent of the Burning Legion? You choose to control one of many different types of demon soldiers (Man'ari Eredar, Nathrezim, Annihilan, Ered'ruin, Mo'arg, Syaad, and many more), each with their own array of specific/special abilities. Their race/breed, sex, and specific physical features are customizable. As you progress, you level up increasing your power and abilities. The more powerful you are the higher your rank rises among the Burning Legion. The campaign starts off as a single-player (possibly co-op/multi-player squad based?) where you complete missions (quests/objectives) and build your power/rank. Eventually your rank reaches a point where you can change how the game plays. Allowing you to assume the role of a commander; ie, StarCraft style gameplay. With this option, comes the option to swap over to a PvP style game. Also, allowing you to pit yourself against other players or A.I. (again, similar to what Starcarft currently supplies). Gameplay starts off as single-player/co-op/multiplayer squad-based first person/over-the-shoulder style (Similar to Skyrim, minus the crappy first-person view). You begin as either a melee warrior or ranged mage/warlock and fight through battles (Ever play Lord of the Rings Conquest?) with the option to select different worlds to battle upon. As you conquer each world you move onto the next, of course, each world would require multiple hours if not 15+ hours to fully campaign through. The first-person play style allows for the option to go from large scale battles out on an open field to smaller skirmishes fought in villages, towns, and cities, as well as small scale assaults on villages and towns. I fully understand that my idea is an incomplete thought with more holes in it than a wiffle ball, but, in theory it sounds pretty entertaining. If anything at all, what do you guys think of such a thing? Would you enjoy it? Would you hate it? What would you implement or remove to make the (theoretical) game more fun/possible? Is this a dumb idea?Tavernfriend1 2d
3d Really, really bad neck pain Let me preface this with saying I can be stubborn and hard headed about weird things: I got a new desk and chair about two years ago after getting a place of my own after leaving the military. I started having neck pain while sitting at my desk shortly after. I was able to shrug the neck pain off for about a year but it has gotten insane. It is to the point now where If I even sit down at my desk for a few minutes I will have enough neck pain all day as to be distracting. Can anyone suggest to me a new chair that can counter act the damage I have done? I plan to get a veridesk as well to adjust my screen height as needed. I am the type of person that enjoys playing wow 14 hours at a time on my days off. Thanks ahead of time!Hâeven6 3d
3d Returning player; buy or build PC? cont'd Seven years later... and I am an official returning player! I stopped to finish high school, and finishing high school slowly turned into finishing my masters. So here we are! I've finally got some money (and now time) to throw at this problem. Would it be worth it to buy parts separately and give it a go without prior PC building experience, or would it be better just to fork out a thousand+ bucks to just get one shipped to my front door? Can someone point me in the right direction? I've read articles, but they all seem to be terribly written, rambling messes. Thanks in advance!!Till24 3d
3d Gaming Laptop Suggestions Hey there! So I am currently moving out come July, and the room I have won't have enough room for my desktop setup and my bed, so in turn I am selling my desktop setup and bringing a smaller desk with me. With that being said I'll be needing a laptop for educational purposes and for my online business (ideally something on the lighter side with decent battery life). Now I know gaming laptops and good battery life are a paradox of sorts but I figure if I can snag one with at least 4-5 hours of life with settings turned down (while not gaming obviously) would be appreciated. I've been looking at the Razer Blade, Gigabyte Aero, MSI GS65, ASUS ROG Zephyrus to name some. I currently play on maximum settings (but that's for my desktop) but I'm willing to compromise. Money isn't an issue right now as I'll have extra cash from selling said desktop. What I'm Looking For: 100+ HZ screen (1080p is fine as it'll be better for battery life) i7+ processor (strong single core strength is preferred) ~ 3.5 lbs (lighter the better) 14" screen (will consider 15.6") ~1060 6GB (Nothing stronger as a 1060 is fairly future proof for WoW @ 1080p) Plain Chassis (I don't mind a keyboard that lights up, but overall not wanting a rocket ship) Currency: CAD I'm worried about throttling (not sure how to avoid or fix it) and QC as this will be an expensive investment of mine, any brands you folks would recommend? Any and all help is appreciated.Warskull4 3d
3d I Want To Run Future Games At 4K When Battlefield 5, Cyberpunk 2077 and other games come this autum, I want to play them in 4K. What I currently have is: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW DT GAMING ACX 3.0 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 32768MB RAM My motherboard has the extra slot and the power supply can run both. Would I get a happy 4K experience just adding a second 1080?Phitz3 3d
3d How to ship a pc build? Heya, I'm in college and I spend half of the year on one coast and the other half on the other coast and I was looking into ways to ship my pc or maybe just invest in a laptop + eGPU I wanted to know if anyone has experience in shipping pc builds or would alternatively recommend a mini atx build or perhaps just buy something like a gaming laptop and add on an eGPU. Any help is much appreciatedKoltiron17 3d
3d Adding flair to your RIG... Anyone doing any kind of special lighting setups? if you are what did you decide on as far as RGB fans and a controller ? I'm currently looking at Corsair and their Node/Commander with the LL series 140mm fans and just wondering if anyone else is running that and what feedback you have towards it, good or bad. Right off the bat I noticed the Corsair products are not compatible for controlling lights on the ASUS Motherboard :( so this could potentially make me decide against that totally which is rather disappointing.Holyrak10 3d
3d Laptop fan runs constantly while gaming So I recently got a laptop from a friend for free so I could play on a better graphical setting... and really solid fps (I had a core 2 duo on my old pc). Anyway I started playing wow on it and I noticed the fan is always running. I have never really had a laptop and I was wondering is this normal? The laptop gets warm after playing for a little. I understand there's not much airflow in there but should I be worried... I have a i7 and a gtx I think 766 or something close. Sorry I don't have access to my laptop right now.Sarsaparilla7 3d
3d is ibuypower a good website to build my pc was looking to buy a new pc for bfa but I would not have the first clue on how to put it together. I had heard there were websites that you could buy custom built pcs from so I went looking on google came across ibuypower but do not know if they are trustworthy anyone know if they are? if not what is a website I can useAdsila3 3d
3d WoW still the best? ESO? Others? I saw an ad saying that ESO has 12 million players now, which is close to WoW during its peak. Anyone play both? I'm considering giving ESO a try. Every time they cut something from WoW I get a little less interested. Homogenization is never the way imo. Not for a company that makes hundreds of millions. Go away Activision. Come back Blizzard <3Shop7 3d
3d Graphics card for BFA My PC has extermely low video ram according to my friends. Dedicated video ram is 128mb Thats not good. Im not tech savy but its not hard to tell. Question is, would a GTX 1050 be a good video card for BFA? I heard it should run it fine but i figured i ask the people who actually play the gameMettany29 3d
3d isboxer bannable? hello, was watching some youtube videos on isboxer. Is playing multiple accounts via this tool allowed by blizzard TOS?Morphimoo4 3d
3d Gaming keypad for right hand? I'm a lefty using the mouse, and I've been unable to find a keypad similar to the Razer Orbweaver to fit in my right hand. Are there any available? Alternatively, I thought of buying the Orbweaver and just rotating it to fit my right hand, could anyone with this device confirm if that works?Ashagon11 3d
3d lf help adapting/improving my play hi all, i'm looking for suggestions on adaptive peripherals and resources to help my gameplay.As briefly as possible,i have a syndrome that manifests as joint deformity in all fingers except indexs and thumbs,also some cognitive delay.i parse average imo but wonder what else I can do to be a better raider.i use razor naga mouse with associated addon. My keyboard hand is spacebar,wasd,tab ,caps,shift, and I can't reach anything else-my hands won't improve functionally.i do not wish to elaborate further on my medical. Thanks all cheersEllefar3 3d
4d I'm looking for a new PC I'm in need of a new computer and have been researching custom built rigs. I looked on PCPartsPicker, but am not sure what is good and what isn't best for what I want. I'm also on a bit of a budget and an hoping to stay below $900-1,000. Monthly payments may be easier especially if the price is higher. How does this one look? The payments would be manageable. 4d
4d New Build Pics Well, it's my old build, but I completely redid the cabling, painted two parts that have always bothered me that they didn't match the rest of the build, and (the cause of taking it all apart in the first place) everything except the memory sticks was removed from the motherboard, cleaned, and put back in place. This darned concrete dust. . . . I left the front cover off so as to be able to get decent pics. That glass was causing problems with both autofocus and reflections. Five pics. System Specs: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 (rev. 1.x) BIOS F22 Ryzen 5 1600 (OC to 3650) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 2x8GB RAM (clocked to 3000) Hynix Canvas 250GB SSD (Windows 10 and utility programs) Hynix Canvas 120GB SSD (currently empty but planning to put a Linux distro on it) WD Blue 250GB SSD (WoW and my add-on development tools) WD Blue 1TB HDD (behind the backplate - data and non-critical programs) LG DVD RW Optical Drive (Thermaltake says you can't put one of these in this case - pfffft) The housing for the optical drive was created for me by a 3D printing shop out of Cleveland, Ohio that I selected from 3DHub's list of vendors. The support for the optical drive is one of the components that is supposed to be used if you put a microITX board in this case. I repurposed it and drilled a hole in it (Oh my! The warranty is void) The IO Panel shroud was 3D printed by that same shop in Cleveland (this time around I just contacted them directly - they do good work at a decent price - I think both pieces together didn't amount to $50) Windows 10 Home OEM 1803 Build 17134Ehiztari7 4d
4d Small mini itx case Hi, I'm looking for the smallest available mini itx case I can get. I am using it for a travel build with old pc parts that I can put in a suitcase and take places. Not worried about thermals because I'm putting in a nvidia 700 series card and a i5 6400 processor. Prefer something that has some durability and I do not want to pay more than 70-80 usd for it. Any suggestions?Astrylan4 4d
4d Unable to start the PTR I have beta and i play it on occasion but tonight I tried to get into the PTR and when i hit launch it pauses a moment and gives me this error. Any suggestions? World of warcraft was unable to start up 3D acceleration. anyone have a work around?Puzzlepopple2 4d
5d Got WoW installing on Linux (Ubuntu) Spent a bit of time getting Ubuntu installed, then getting my vega drivers installed, then spent awhile with WINE and getting the app to work but I finally got it going about time... So now I got Windows 10, 7 and Ubuntu on a Ryzen 1800x and Vega 56 system now to find out if it actually launches once its done installing... lolYou9 5d
6d So theres still a way to get Windows 10 free So while I am finishing up my 2nd PC build, I just realized something.... I forgot to get a 2nd key for Windows 10... even though I will put linux on it, I still need a windows 10 OS on it as well So I was getting ready to go buy one, but as I was browsing around Google, I noticed something, I saw Windows 10 Education being as free. I never heard about it till now, so I decided to go look into it, and sure enough, it is free! You just have to be a student at some college, thats the catch. So I was able to get it, but since I was still waiting for a b350 board to arrive, i decided to install this Windows 10 Education on a virtual machine. It looks like Windows 10 Home/Pro the start menu looks like windows 10 I can install Battle.Net which means I can run WoW on it too So yea, if you are in college and would like to have a legitimate key and OS instead of paying like $25 on some grey market, this could be for you.You5 6d
6d It’s time for wow 2 The devs are surely grasping for straws on how to improve the game but with each huge move you further drive away a huge number of subs . From Crz to pathfinder and now level scaling you have lost probably 3 quarters of your playerbase. I hope behind the scenes a wow 2 is in the works because this game has become a shadow of what it once wasKimmygibblr90 6d
6d New Computer for BFA. Hello, In a month or so I will finally replace this 10 year old Laptop for a proper PC. I have had my eye on a PC at Amazon thats in my price range and was wondering if this would be fine for BFA. I don't know how to build a PC or really understand the parts well to be honest so I would rather not make one myself right now. Do you think this will be fine? If it is do you think It's good would need the +16 GB Optane Memory upgrade if I just plan on playing WoW and a few other games such as M&B Warband 2 and some Paradox strategy games?Arawn2 6d
6d BLess online HYPE! Are you tired of your beloved wow class being pruned to death? Are you bored of your new spec fantasy over class fantasy? Are you bored of your new 4 button baseline rotation? Look no more than the #2 game on twitch currently. Bless online. Maybe with more competition blizzard devs will lose the ego and listen to player feedback on class designSürval58 6d
6d Help Me Troubleshoot! Alright. Asrocks replacement board arrived. It's clearly a refurbished product as one of the fan header pins is mangled and there was dust on the m.2 slot but whatever. Computer still isn't working. Here's what I did. Replacement board arrived, No bent pins, Installed CPU correctly, Installed 8 pin CPU power, Installed 24 pin power, Installed GPU power, Installed all four memory dimms. Installed CPU fan. Move switch from A to B so the button in the back can be used as a power switch. Power on, fans would spin. CPU heatsink would warm up but no display at all. No bios. I try hard resetting the PSU about five times and never got a display. Next attempt - clear cmos, all of the above except I remove all the RAM and installed the mobo speaker. Turned it on and I get three beeps. No ram detected. Sweet. First thought was I have some bad ram. I know from their tech support to try channel A first to test. One at a time I check each dimm in channel A. Somehow each dimm in channel A would allow me to get into the bios and subsequently into windows. K. So my ram works. I tried channels A and B. That works fine. I tried all four channels again. I got into the bios but it's only showing ram in channels A and B, nothing in C or D despite all four being populated. So I tried installing ram in Channels A B and C and nothing. I mean nothing nothing. I hit the power switch and there's no fan movement. There's no psu clicks. There's no power going to the board at all. Sweet. Take apart everything. Paper clip test the PSU with a molex and 3 pin fan connected. PSU clicks and the fan spins no problem. Alright... Reconnect the cables to the board with all four ram slots populated. Nothing. No click. No fan spin. Remove all RAM except channel A. Nothing. Remove all ram completely. Nothing. Not even a beep code. SO, what do you guys think it is? I already ordered a new PSU and that should be here tomorrow. I'd like to hear some other ideas!Shottielol19 6d
6d planning on getting new computer for BFA this is the one i got my eyes on, i have a SSD already so i dont really care that it doesnt have one my main goal is a computer that can run wow on ultra while having a second account camping the AH (dunno how realistic that is) hoping for someone more computer savvy then me to give me some adviceKredim6 6d
Jun 13 Elder scrolls 6/Fallout 76 Anyone else hyped for both? :D I know we got a long ways till elder scrolls 6! But I cannot wait <3Ughash13 Jun 13
Jun 13 Anyone play D&D? My wife and I are trying to learn how to play 5E and right now we are creating characters. It seems really cool but without any locals to play with it might really stop us in the dust before we even start. Our friends aren't really into tabletop RPGs. Any suggestions?Salranas6 Jun 13
Jun 13 Ubisoft Attacked Blizzard @ E3 Ubisoft said Blizzard was getting worse. Will we, as Blizzard fans, let this injustice go unpunished?Giscô167 Jun 13