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4h Building a PC. Okay so a little history.. I originally bought an Alienware X51 in 2012 with a 3rd gen i7 3770, NVidia gtx660 and 16gb of ram which at the time worked great however I think now its time to upgrade and I want to build my own system because it's something id like to try. I'm on a budget sort of and I was thinking of using the components below. What do you think of the system build and how would it do in BFA do you think? Phanteks Enthoo Evolv micro ATX case Intel core 13-8100 3.6 ghz Cooler Master ML240L CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16gb DDR4 -3200 Memory Samsung 860 Evo 250gb SSD Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb GPU EVGA Supernova G3 750w ATX PSUUtchatayk1 4h
6h Fan Placement I have a Corsair Carbide 400c and i was wondering about fan placement. I was planning on buying the corsair LL RGB fans. It will hold 2x140mm or 3x120mm in the front, 2x120mm or 2x140mm on the top and a single 120mm in the back. I was wondering what layout I should do as far as which size and which are intake and which are exhaust. Thanks a bunch. Bonus question, Asus GTX 1080 Strix or EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2? Thanks a bunch :)Curtens10 6h
12h FF7 remake trouble... here we go again, it seems like they are now in developmental hell again just like FFXV. I can almost guarantee that its not going to be released until or after the PS5 is released. This might be an invalid opinion but why announce any project until you are putting the finishing touches on it and releasing within 6 months? Square-Enix has completely forgotten how to manage game project, might as well give the project to Blizzard and it could be done faster and be a much better job than anything made in-house.Lghtbringer4 12h
1d Ryzen+ Performance 1d
1d Unexpected Shutdown Just bought a new computer today and while updating the GPU driver (it was six months out-of-date) at the very end upon completion my computer shutdown without prompting me it would happen. Looking in the reliability event log it says hardware error with the error codes of livekernelevent 117 (several times) and one livekernelevent 116. Still well within the 30 day return limit so just wondering if this was a one-time goof or if it indicates something wrong with the computer. Any help is appreciated.Sarahpaládin0 1d
1d Your opinion before I start purchasing. In your opinion is the "build of the month" on MMO-C reliable? If not, any suggestions for what to buy for something in the "Unicorn" range? Looking to roll into BFA with a rig for good FPS on ultra settings. Building two of the same(marriage woop!). Thanks.Bloodplay23 1d
1d WoW on a Surface Book I couldn't find tons of info in the forums about how a new Surface Book from Microsoft ran WoW. Just incase anyone was interested in that, I thought I'd make a post about it. I recently bought a Surface Book, one of the higher end models, it's an I7 with 8 gigabites of RAM, 256 gigabites SSD, and a Nvidia dedicated graphics card. I also hook up to the internet with the docking station and an Ethernet cord. I found that if I played connected to WiFi I got weird jumps, I wouldn't call it lag because the FPS didn't go down and the latency didn't increase, but there would be a slight pause every now and then. It runs WoW awesome from what I've seen. I don't play at full resolution because it makes all the hotkeys and text very small, so I lowered the resolution and some of the settings are low while others are high. I average around 60FPS in most situations. In raids sometimes it drops to 40 or 50FPS, but for questing and running around it stays up at 60. I made a video of my settings and how the computer ran the game while in a raid, the link is here if you're interested! 1d
1d Computer shuts down after starting wow Everytime i start wow, my computer just shuts off, and sometimes when i turn it back on it just stays on the Gigabyte black screen and loads forever until it shuts off again. Is this my power supply going bad?Garthann10 1d
2d LFM: Discussions on how we use games Hi everyone, I am looking for other players to talk about how we play (or use) multiplayer online games. I am looking for players of any game in that category over the age of 16 who would like to take part in a discussion on this topic. Heads up, though, besides my personal interest, I am also doing it as part of my studies (I am currently doing my PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ). If you would like to contribute/share your experience and thoughts, but do not want to take part in a conversation or simply want to stay anonymous, please see the bottom of this information form for a link to a free-text survey instead. The focus of the discussion would be how you use a game of your choice (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, if you watch streams, write guides, etc.; but the main question will be what YOU think is important to describe how you play the game). This discussion would be held via skype or zoom and is expected to take 30 minutes for an interview, or 45-60 minutes for a group discussion where the other participants could be people you know (e.g. some friends or guild mates you asked to join). Participation is, of course, strictly confidential! I think/hope it would be an interesting conversation, but your help will also contribute to the understanding of how games are actually used, which is an important aspect for understanding the various effects games can have (which is what I am studying). If you would like more information or want to participate, please fill in the short form (~5 minutes) at (if I read the forum guidelines correctly I am not allowed to just list my e-mail address here, so you can find it on the "survey" form, but you can of course also add me in the app using my battletag and send me a message in-game). As thank you, you will receive a NZD15 voucher (or nearest local equivalent, e.g. $10 US or 10 Euro) for amazon, steam, or as riot points, depending on your preference. Thank you, and cheers, Florian P.s.: As mentioned above, I understand that not everyone who would like to share their opinion wants to take part in an interview, for various reasons. If you feel this way, I would like to invite you to describe how you use games in this online form ( instead. You can be as detailed or succinct as you would like to, and your participation is anonymous.Jojinn0 2d
2d Final Fantasy XIV continues to grow Not surprising. It's a great game. I actually cancelled my account here to go back to FFXIV because of the allied races rep grinds, and I've been having a blast. Don't think I'll cancel FFXIV again. There's a metric crap ton of stuff to do there and it's the closest you're going to get to a traditional MMO in the West these days. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already! Here's a link to the article: 2d
2d So... Who wants to see Ryzen+Vega in BFA? Not even home yet and I got the email saying I got in alpha! That being said, who would like to see Ryzen+Vega (maybe RX 580 too) performance in the upcoming expansion?You19 2d
2d EVGA GTX 1070 ti SC Black Edition I found this card somewhere for $500. But I tried looking up the card but can't find anything on the ti version only the normal version. I didn't want to commit without knowledge. Is there something wrong with this card that would cause people to not review it? As well on most forums people say "just get the 1080 it isn't much more". Is that true as well? ThanksFilbig5 2d
2d Hoping for GPU/monitor advice for 1440p Hello! I'm currently looking at upgrading my GPU and my monitor for wow, with an eye toward some mid-range options. I've picked out a 32 inch 1440p 75 hz monitor with freesync and an 8gb RX 580 that runs at 1380MHz and I can get the pair for $600. I'd pair that with my current set up which includes an i5 6600k overclocked to 4.3 GHz and 16 gb of ddr4. I don't expect to raid or pvp in 1440p with everything set at 10, but does anyone have experience with similar set ups or thoughts on what kind of frames I might expect with this set up in different situations? Thanks a lot for any help, I appreciate it!Greave8 2d
2d Should I upgrade my i7 4790k build? Hi there. Overall my system runs fairly smooth. I was wondering if I were to upgrade my CPU/GPU would I be able to run raids in high settings or even things like Ashran? For Ashran I would usually put my settings on low and turn off addons. One annoying thing is sometimes I will have a random d/c whether I'm questing or in a LFR. Is that something that isn't hardware related? My current system is: i7 4790k Gigabyte z97-x gaming 5 MOBO 16 GB DDR3 RAM Crucial MX300 SSD GeForce GTX 970 I built this system around 2014 iirc. I understand I'd have to change my mobo if I were to upgrade my CPU as well. Would it be worthwhile to do so?Thodius10 2d
2d Ryzen 2700x rekts the 1800x Vs Ryzen 2700x 2400 ram vs 1800x 3200 ram This is just stock speed! The only score to match it I seen so far is when the 1800x is lucky to reach 4.1 GHz+! Here's another score that's the same 2400 ram speed The average 1700x benchmark The average 1800x benchmark The scary part is the 2700x is not oc and not on 3200 ram speed or even higher Leak is a leak sure but now I'm curious what could the 2800x be if they ever announce that, perhaps saving it for last?You32 2d
2d Razer Mouse Problem So I have a Razer Hex V2, and every time I run around my DPI randomly changes and my character spins SUPER FAST to the RIGHT or to the LEFT! It even does it when Im not touching the mouse. But it only happens when Im wow, and not other games. What can I do to change it, or fix it? Any ideas?Kornbredkhan6 2d
2d Dell vs LG Monitor Dear All, Got some vouchers to use at JB Hi FI, out of these two monitors which one would you recommend ? i) ii) Money is not an issue as i have vouchers, but its just in terms of image quality and motion blur. Thanks in advancedSlashii2 2d
2d Walking Dead Computer Was playing not 5 minutes ago when my computer monitor displayed a solid green screen. Had to turn the computer off and after a few failed attempts it booted up to a screen saying Windows didn't load properly. Restarted from that screen and its working as normal. The motherboard in this computer became fried due to overheating so that was replaced some months ago. I've since been careful about keeping it dusted and in a cool environment. I am wondering now though if the graphics card was dmg'd during that time and is now on its last legs in terms of function. Any insight would be appreciated.Necronomicá14 2d
2d Monitor turning off for a sec then back on. This just started happening today and I've got no idea why. I was laying in bed on my phone and had WoW on the account login screen, and my monitor randomly shut off for a few seconds, then turned back on. No signal lost message or anything. Happened a second time not long ago while I was on the Vindicaar on my DK. Checked the Windows event log, no signs of driver issues or any other errors that could indicate a GPU driver issue. My DVI cable is tightly secured, GPU is seated properly, etc. All of my power settings are on high performance, and I have display turning off set to never. I'm guessing it's an issue with the DVI cable or perhaps the power cable itself. Any help is appreciated, I've tried posting on reddit and the tech support forums on here, but nobody is responding.Krugmar4 2d
2d Surge problem My Computer forcefully shut down if there's Power surge even though i 'm using a UPS . Can that damage my PC or is it safe?Smileshadowx4 2d
2d Need a logical upgrade for my tower Hello all, okay I'm currently on a tight budget and i want to upgrade my computer, my budget is about 500 CDN. My GPU is pretty whack i know. Below is a list of oy components. I want to play at a higher resolution. Im trying to get back into raiding and i need to be able to play at a higher resolution. CPU: INTEL(R) Core (TM) i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz PSU: 580 WATTT GPU: Nvidea Geforce Gtx 660 RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengance: ddr3 OS Windows 10 64 Bit 120 gb SSD MOBO: p8h61-m LE/CSM r2.0 Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Loktar!Jüiced4 2d
3d Should I get a Nintendo Switch? Been curious about the Nintendo Switch now that Pokemon will be dropping on it later this year. Is it worth getting?Erikah6 3d
3d Ryzen 5 or 7 I'm thinking of getting the following so that I can play the game on higher graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3G (my current desktop is almost 8 years old, you wouldn't believe the graphics card I have now!) Now, Ryzen 5 or 7? (not the 1800x) Thanks!Demetrio13 3d
3d Steel Series Rival 500 MMO Mouse Hi All, I recently purchased the rival 500 mmo mouse from SteelSeries. I am having some trouble getting WoW to detect the additional buttons on the mouse. I've used the 'advanced interface options' mod to check the box the GM's removed that runs the mmo mouse detection, but no luck. Manually the script looks like the following: /run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse() Is there something i am missing here? How do i get the game to detect the additional buttons?Nunzio19 3d
3d Post your build! Hey all, i'd love to see all your builds here! Post the specs and a picture if you'd like! I'll go first, Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz - Corsair Watercooling ASUS GTX 1070 Strix 8GB 16GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD 2TB HDD Asus Z270 Motherboard 650W PSU Windows 10 3d
4d Temperatures I was wondering what healthy temperatures are for CPU's and GPU's. When running WoW on ultra (10) with 144hz refresh my i5-8600k runs about 40-50c, I believe that is fine from what i've looked up. Although my GTX 1060 6gb runs about 70-78c at 1700Rpm's on 1950Mhz which seems really hot to me. Are both of those temperatures fine or should I be worried? Thanks :)Mohawk4 4d
4d Skyrim mods adding caves and dungeons.. Hey all. I am thinking of picking up skyrim again and one of the things i loved about the game was exploring caves, mines, dungeons for treasure. Does anyone know od a mod that puts a ton of them in the game? thanks :)Mokktarr3 4d
4d Genre is up for grabs. I never been more desperate for a good online multiplayer game than over this past year, especially how my other multiplayer game Marvel Heroes shut down :(. As an old school player who's been with this genre since 2001 I just can't get into anything that came since 2011, DC Universe and Marvel Heroes Online were exception thanks to their great IP. What do we know that's 100% coming this year so far? Anything that keeps your attention and why? I just can't enjoy current state of WOW. BC, Cata, Wrath and MOP were far superior for me and this has a lot to do with 10 man heroic raiding, no WOW tokens, far more guilds to choose from and competing on server, less sophisticated addons, and pruning of class abilities. Healing was also far more fun in a size 10 raid, less spam aoe healing as example. I only raid in Legion for first 4 months as a DPS and since then I've only been doing exclusively 3v3 arena.Kopogero24 4d
5d First World GPU "Problems" So, im usually pretty computer-savvy and up on what i need to know about things. I build lots of computers in any given year, do lots of work on other computers, but so far, one area that has mostly eluded me is GPU overclocking/enthusiast work. I've never really needed to worry about it, not having owned a top-end GPU until i got a 1080, and then a 1080Ti. As most of the people who post here frequently know, i'm also a small-form-factor enthusiast. I grabbed the 1080Ti FTW3 on a great sale last summer (cheaper than MSRP); at the time, i put it into my rig, which was in a totally different case (the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX) which had excellent airflow for an mITX case. Coupled with the fact that i was still running on a 1080p/60hz monitor, the card never got even remotely warm. When Coffee Lake hit, i took the opportunity to rebuild into a new case (entirely new rig except for the GPU) and sell the old rig (4790K, 16GB RAM, GTX 970) to a friend whose previous computer was literally a netbook for a reasonable price. The FTW3 -barely- fits in the new case (Phanteks Evolv Shift) mostly due to width. Had i been buying the GPU when i bought all the other parts i'd probably have grabbed a hybrid or blower style cooler, as this case really is built with that in mind, but i wasn't going to throw away a perfectly good 1080Ti. Fast forward to last week, when i grabbed a great deal on a Dell S2716DG gaming monitor at Micro Center. Open-box for 349.99. So far, so good - monitor, especially for a TN panel, is great. Colors are almost as good as my mid-range IPS, and its 144hz, 1440p and G-sync. Only issue (first world problems) is now the GPU goes crazy pushing all those pixels. And it isn't that the GPU cant handle it - its managed to be well above 120fps in every game ive played so far - its that given that the case has ... mediocre air flow for an open-face card, it gets hotter than it would in a case with better airflow. This is only really an issue because the last 10-15% of the fan curve is LOUD. Until it gets past about 80%, its very bearable and not that loud at all, but the last little bit is annoying as all get out. Being a small form factor enthusiast, i certainly dont expect silent operation.... but i'd like to find a way to perhaps limit the GPU to lower clocks - its pushing its max turbo all the way to the ~2000mhz mark (which is very good for these cards) and not throttling (just barely, rolling at ~80c)... I just dont need it to run that hard. If it were running at 1750 or 1800mhz it would still be pushing well over 100fps and wouldn't sound like a jet engine. If i could knock the temps down even into the high 70s, it avoid that last 10-15% of the fan curve and is totally bearable (cant even hear it over in-game audio a lot of times). Anyone know a reliable way to lock the GPU to not go over a certain speed? Figured i'd give it a go here before i went on an internet deep-dive.Kagthul24 5d
5d USB 3.0 Hubs ]I've been through about 20 USB 3.0 hubs in the past two years trying to find one that isn't complete crap. The worst very nearly caught fire. The best lasted for about a month before it started constantly disconnecting and reconnecting any device plugged into it. Anker, HooToo, Auker, Sabrent, UGreen, AmazonBasics, TP-Link (the one that nearly caught fire) - some powered, some not, prices ranging from darned near free to sixty dollars. All crap. This problem spans three PCs of mine - an ASUS laptop, my just-prior-to-this-one desktop (an MSI motherboard, if I recall correctly), and this one (a Gigabyte motherboard), so I seriously doubt the issue is my PC - again, pushing credibility that all 3.0 ports on all three of those were flawed. The only thing that stays plugged in most of the time is my cell phone. I also use this port to transfer data from my camera, move WIP samples of my roommate's writing to my Kindle (to check that we've not done somthing horrible in formatting), transfer the occasional file to or from my PC via sim card (through a USB reader), and a few other, very ordinary things). Does ANYONE make a 100% (or nearly) reliable USB 3.0 hub? I need on the order of 3-4 outlets. I'd like to have about a 3 foot cable built in (I can buy a cable though). There won't be a high power drain, so unpowered is fine, but if powered is what it takes to get reliability (something I assumed for a while, but did not prove to be true over time), I'll go with a powered one. I've been to the review sites. I've seen top ratings for devices that I've had multiples of where every single one failed (that's pushing "device lotto" as a cause to the limit). What gives?Ehiztari4 5d
5d Pain in back of hand when playing WoW Hi folks, The back of my keyboardhand often hurts when I'm playing WoW (90% of the time it's when I play arenas & slamming buttons aggressively), it's not really that painful, but more like a very annoying strain in the center of the back of my hand, enough to make me stop playing for a while. I was wondering if others have had the same and what they did about it, might getting an ergonomic keypad get rid of it?Jamoran23 5d
5d Mouse for left-handers I've been trying to find the "right" mouse for some time now, and unfortunately for the 10-ish percent of people who are left handed, this seems to be very difficult. What I am looking for is essentially two criteria: 1) Tilt wheel (tilt left and right are my preferred strafe binds) 2) Thumb buttons on the RIGHT-HAND side of the mouse, where my LEFT thumb would go There are plenty of ambidextrous devices with 1 or 2 buttons under your left thumb, but it is very difficult to find a larger set of thumb buttons there. Additionally, virtually every ambidextrous mouse I have found does not have a tilt wheel. So far, the only product I can find seems to be the 2014 version of the Razer Naga, which is the only year that included a left-handed model. Unfortunately, no one seems to have this in stock except for a very small handful of stores who sell it for $200. It appears to be discontinued. Can't be certain. The only other option is the Logitech G903, which has the tilt wheel, but only has two buttons under the left-hand thumb which mirror the other side as it is not a left handed device, but an ambidextrous device. Has anyone else found a mouse at a reasonable price that has tilt wheel AND left-hand thumb buttons? Halp!Noxtenebrae26 5d
5d shopping for a UPS trying to protect my new gaming rigs & not sure what to buy. im not sure how much power they actually draw. i would like to know if i should buy 1 big UPS or 2 smaller units, & can i plug a cheap power strip (with built in surge protection) into the UPS as well? as in wall socket --> UPS --> power strip with surge protection (strip would be plugged into the battery backup outlet on the UPS) --> everything else (tower, monitor, speakers)? the power strips/surge protectors are super cheap. i literally got 2 of them together for like 12 bucks. from what i read, higher quality ones plugged into the UPS could be bad, not sure. also the 2 rigs are sitting at adjacent desks so they arent far apart at all. just not sure if i should get 1 bigger UPS or 2 smaller ones. sorry if this is a bit confusing... i can clarify anything if needed, just trying to figure out how to best protect my new PCs from outages & storms & whatnot.Rainslash5 5d
5d Streaming on a budget PC feasible? To start I will lay out the technical data: ... The stream on Youtube: Can you stream on a 2 core 4 thread CPU? Absolutely. Do you need 16GB of ram? No you don't for WoW. I had the output at 720p and 30 fps and the stream looks very smooth. This also shows WoW in its current expansion runs very well on a budget chip so any CPU that is stronger than the pentium G4600 (any higher intel or any Ryzen CPU) will have better performance than what I got on this. The CPU usage stayed under 50% usage while live streaming so I am sure you could have your prefered voice chat program going and music playing in the background on top of live streaming. I used OBS to livestream and set output to 720p 30fps. I also set OBS to use Intel Quick Sync to do the live encoding on the Intel HD 630 graphics instead of pushing it on a ultra cheap CPU or a mid range GPU. I did have to enable the integrated graphics in the BIOS of the motherboard because it auto disables when I install a dedicated graphics card. I did use a RX 470 which is ~45% faster than the GTX 1050 ti so going lower on the GPU may result in needing lower game settings but I can imagine a GTX 1050 or RX 460 being able to run wow on 4-5 settings. I did a test near the end using a wii controller with WoW but the pointer on it is way to spazzy to replace the use of a mouse. I could not get the game camera to point where I wanted it and would default to the ceiling and spin. I did however play a couple Wii games on the PC using a wii controller on a seperate livestream. I did have the game sound up too loud at the start but I did lower game sound early on. Wii emulator on PC livestream: 5d
5d WC3 on the Blizzard Launcher? With the recent update I started playing it again. Not that it takes much to launch the game, but it'd be nice to have it on the sidebar just like the other Blizzard games, we have Starcraft Remastered so I think WC3 could fit in just fine.Cerônash4 5d
6d Which computer do I pick? I'm going with a gaming laptop for 2 reasons- space and portability, where I live I just don't have space right now for a desktop setup. With that said I have narrowed down my choices to 2 gaming laptops. ASUS Predator 15 G9-593 Intel Core I7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 15.6" LED 1920x1080 IPS 16GB DDR4/64GB Max 1TB 7200RPM 256GB SSD Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 Alienware 17 R4 Intel Core I7-7820HK 2.9GHz 17.3" Full HD TN 1920x1080 w/Tobii 16GB DDR4/32GB Max 1TB 7200RPM 256GB SSD Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 Both close in price and I know both a great computers. I like the fact the ASUS can be upgraded to 64GB of RAM for future needs but the Alienware is a 17.3" screen. I would replace the 1TB on either with a SSD and possibly add an M.2 drive as both have the ability. So they both have Pros and Cons. Any help would be appreciated.Asharrow17 6d
Apr 14 Question related to load balancer Hello there, I have two different load balancers that are not in use in my home however I plan on picking up a second Internet connection so that I can make use of the load balancing to evenly distribute my bandwidth across multiple devices and I would like some advice if what I'm thinking is even possible. What I'd like to do is use either my Asus RT-AC65R load balancer or TP-Link 470T+ with my Netgear R8800 Nighthawk while allowing the nighthawk to stay as the router and just use one of the others as a load balancer only. I was reading up on DCHP Relay but neither of my balancers have that feature and I'm unsure if I can allow one of my load balancers to send the two Internet connections to my netgear so I can utilize it's better wifi and qos technology. really unsure how to go about this as I just got the netgear today.Demonseven0 Apr 14
Apr 14 AMD Radeon RX 460 (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated) Will this help me play graphics at better than "fair" settings in-game? Thanks!Demetrio3 Apr 14
Apr 14 Hey You, Ryzen Refresh deets I'm impressed. The new R7 2700x, with 8/16, 4.3ghz boost, with a better cooler, and $329 price tag is very compelling. And the R5 2600, 6/12, 4.2, wraith stealth, at $199 is very competitive with the i5-8400 and looks to be hard to beat. Hat's off to AMD if they deliver on the reviews on the 19th.Salranas18 Apr 14
Apr 14 New laptop for WoW and School Hey there guys, i've just returned to WoW and would like to play more when im at school and such. I'm in the market to purchase one for school but while we're discussing WoW, i would like to have a laptop that can decently handle WoW. Im open to suggestions on which laptop you guys think.Monkyu7 Apr 14
Apr 14 LF FC5 Opportunities LF Far Cry 5 Co-op opportunities...Grubwyrm0 Apr 14
Apr 12 1050 with 1440p monitor Hey everyone. I have a GT 1050 w/ 2GB running WoW at 1080p right now at medium settings. I’m a raider and I get roughly 40 FPS on raid nights. I just bought a new 1440p monitor with 75 Hz refresh rate as a birthday present since my birthday sucked. I was just curious if you guys think my 1050 could run WoW at 1440p. I know I won’t get the FPS to match my refresh rate. Also if there’s any literature for overclocking the 1050 to try to beef it up a bit. Thank you for any help. For info on my specs: - Windows 10 Education - Ryzen 1500X 4c/8t @ 3.5ghz - Geforce GT 1050 w/ 2GB - 16GB DDR4 RAM - Samsung 960 Evo M.2 SSD (500GB)Chripallo11 Apr 12
Apr 12 Streamer LF starter PC Hi, I've been playing WoW and streaming on a gaming laptop for a while now and am thinking it's time to invest in a desktop. I am looking for suggestions for a build/pre-built tower and monitor (1 or 2 depending on what I can get with a $1500 maximum budget) for a setup that can be upgraded relatively easy and is capable of streaming at moderate to high quality resolution while giving great performance on my end. I have next to no background in pc building so something user-friendly would be ideal. Any tips are very much appreciated. Thanks!Evellon16 Apr 12
Apr 12 is Upgrading my GPU obsolete? Hey everyone, I was just recently given this pitiful A4-7300 CPU ( so yes I understand this is a $50 CPU lol, and AMD at that ) Anyyyyways. My question lies here I am currently using a GTX 1030 paired with this CPU and the game runs fine on settings 5, however raids are a little choppy. My buddy told me he would sell me his 1050ti for $100 and I know this is a steal but I'm wondering if it will actually even benefit me, and if the bottleneck would hinder the performance I'm getting atm. I do understand this is a very small cpu however I have had zero instances where the game has stuttered or froze, only frame rates. So If I am correct the thing to upgrade would indeed be the graphics card? I know this wouldn't be the case for many other games but I only play wow so I believe this would be my way to go. or buy the Athlon x64 around the same price since it uses the same chip set. Open you everyone's opinion thanks for the read.Putre7 Apr 12
Apr 12 Gaslands Picked it up last week at my LFGS. Looks like a lot of fun and a good excuse to start buying Hotwheels en mass.Stonebeard0 Apr 12
Apr 11 Pre Built Budget Looking for a pre built for 700 or less. I only play wow by the way. Only look for a 7 or so out of 10 on the graphic slider.Ahmhotep4 Apr 11
Apr 11 BFA Build :) I am looking for a $1000.00-$1250.00 build for BFA. Or an option of both. My main plan is $1000 but if the extra $250 would improve the build enough i'd be willing to spend that much extra. I already have a "Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD" so there is no need to add that into the pricing. Thanks a bunch for all the help you guys and gals provide for people like myself who aren't avid with building their own computer. :)Mohawk4 Apr 11