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2h Newer & Faster PC, Slower Warcraft? Hello everyone! First time on the forums; my apologies if anything's out of order. I recently purchased a new computer. It's an i7 8700, GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM with WoW installed on an SSD. This replaced my i7 4790k/GTX 970. WoW seemed to run well enough on the old computer, with Suramar and raids giving the pc some fits when stuff started to get crazy. I expected the new computer to handle WoW a bit better, or at least where raids and particle effects were involved, but it actually seems to be a bit worse. I only tend to notice the lag when the camera is near or looking at particle effects. It doesn't even have to be a lot of different particle effects, sometimes just a few is all it takes to drop my frames from the 90s to the 20s. Suramar, Dalaran, and even parts of Orgrimmar run at noticeably lower frame-rates than on the older computer, which I never experienced before with the exception of Dalaran. I know that WoW is CPU intensive and the GTX 1080 is way overkill, and I assumed that it ran this way for everyone, until I found a video of a guy on an i7 8700k with a GTX 970 FPS testing, and the raid he tested it in had a perfectly smooth FPS of 60 the entire video... Now, the i7 4790k runs at a clock speed of 4.0 GHz, while the newer 8700 runs at a clock speed of 3.2 GHz. Does it really make that much of a difference? Does WoW not have multi-core support or something silly? Does anyone have any idea of what's going on? Are there some specific settings in WoW itself that I should be changing? Similarly, I get some odd stuttering every now and again in Destiny 2, where I absolutely shouldn't be, so I don't know if there's a correlation there. One guess that I have is that the power supply may be having issues? I've heard that sometimes performance in demanding settings can be compromised when the power supply isn't happy... Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!Zanastis6 2h
2h How much should I price my laptop? Looking to upgrade my system, not sure what rig yet. I plan to sell the system I'm using now, but you guys probably know a lot more about where I should be pricing it. It's an Alienware 13 r2, the model came out in 2015 but is still in perfect condition. CPU -> i5 6200U 2.3ghz GPU -> GTX 960m 8gb ram 256gb SSD There is literally no damage to the machine except for a slightly used battery (it might only last 3 or so hours playing the Sims without dying, for example), and I even have the box it came in with a minor scratch on the front. I'm looking to get $450 off it, is this asking way too much? What would you guys suggest? (Original retail was $1100)Tsolake2 2h
2h 3DRudder for wow? Has anyone seen the 3DRudder? The company that makes it says it would be great for wow, but I have my doubts. I've been wanting a stinkyfoot board but They seem to be sold out, and found this in a google search. 2h
3h Performance: Desktop vs Laptop I've been looking at a new PC lately and I've been debating between a Desktop and a Laptop. With laptop prices being as low as they are now-a-days I start to question why anybody would buy a desktop. Obviously Desktops have more room for upgrades and are much easier to repair but they need additional things to work well. Really a Desktop needs a screen, speakers, and usually comes with a keyboard and mouse, but also needs a UPS back-up to be safe. A Laptop on the other hand comes with all of these things included (even though most will probably buy a keyboard and mouse). This makes a Laptop (to me) seem like a much better deal as a good UPS can cost upwards of $150-200 alone not to mention a screen. So this begs the question, is a Laptop with the same specs as a Desktop going to perform just as well? Now obviously Laptop processors are a little slower but many Laptops have just as much RAM and the exact same graphics cards as their Desktop counterparts. So is the performance going to be the same and is it really just a decision based on future upgrades and/or repairs or is there something I'm missing that makes a Laptop not as good?Empowerments4 3h
6h New Computer Help for non-Tech Savvy Canuck Greetings everyone, I haven't really played since Cataclysm and I'm itching to get back into WoW. However my computer knowledge is so minimal that, well, basically I suck. I've tried looking into this Ryzen vs Intel and the "conspiracy" and all that wonderful stuff, but it's just confusing me even more. I went on to PC Part Picker Canada (I shall be buying using Moose money) and all the tech info was slightly too much for me to understand. I'm not looking at high end ultra with 240fps or whatnot. I'm just looking for a decent computer build that will run WoW. I love questing at max settings, but I don't really need that during PvP or Raiding. 30-40 fps during raids/pvp at medium settings is more than acceptable to me. I looked up's website and this was their introductory "Gaming Desktop" Would that be enough to meet my needs? It comes up at $799 Canuck dollars(which I'd just finance). Or would it be preferable to do something else? Thank you in advance!Shagdog2 6h
8h Got WoW installing on Linux (Ubuntu) Spent a bit of time getting Ubuntu installed, then getting my vega drivers installed, then spent awhile with WINE and getting the app to work but I finally got it going about time... So now I got Windows 10, 7 and Ubuntu on a Ryzen 1800x and Vega 56 system now to find out if it actually launches once its done installing... lolYou4 8h
9h Lag issues lately So lately I’ve found myself having sluggish gameplay. Loading screens would take forever, I’d freeze up for interminably long times when I enter a dungeon, maps would take a long time to render, etc. On top of which, my mouse pointer occasionally freezes up in place (Which also occurs outside of the game). This has been only the past few weeks, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what might be causing this issue? Is this an issue with my graphics card which’ll be resolved if I replace it (God, I hope not! Money’s tight right now, so I’d rather not have to buy a brand new graphics card), or something else? I’d appreciate any suggestions, because this problem has made gameplay hard, even after I turned my graphics settings down from 4 to 1 (Although thankfully it’s not as bad as before), and has made me running Mythic 15’s far more difficult than they should be (And I have to say, I wasn’t all that popular amongst my teammates last night when I was running Mythics, due to these issues).Azrael3 9h
11h Final Fantasy XIV continues to grow Not surprising. It's a great game. I actually cancelled my account here to go back to FFXIV because of the allied races rep grinds, and I've been having a blast. Don't think I'll cancel FFXIV again. There's a metric crap ton of stuff to do there and it's the closest you're going to get to a traditional MMO in the West these days. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already! Here's a link to the article: 11h
16h Windows 10 and Steelseries Merc Stealth Hey all, so I still use a Merc Stealth keyboard by Steelseries. I love the built in gamepad, and have stuck with this thing through thick and thin. However they've discontinued the model, and thus support and it seems that just about every windows update it out to kill it. I found a work around online and it brings it back to some functionality, however I can't remap the buttons, even though they show up in ZEngine as mapped to the key I want. Anyone else out there still use this keyboard and have you gotten it to work with Windows 10 Fall Creators? Thanks :)Remo4 16h
1d Crypto-Currency run MMO This appeared in another MMO forum, but it could actually work if it were setup appropriately. Some sites like for example are giving their viewers the option to either run advertisement or allow the site to use their PC to mine crypto-currency as they browse. What if an MMO instead of taking a monthly subscription, cosmetic cash shop, or P2W to cover their costs were to use their player's PC to mine for crypto-currency as they play?Jerauld2 1d
1d Building A PC Just For WoW Hey, everyone. I'm planning on building a PC in a couple of months (when I get the money). I'd like to keep the expenses under $800, I think that's doable. I'd like to run WoW on ultra settings with 30 FPS minimum in active raid content. I'm okay with dips in performance in places like Dalaran and such. Any input would be great. I'll check back as often as I can. Thanks in advance for any responses!Gorerules25 1d
1d Hoping this PC can run WoW at ultra/60fps Will this gaming PC run this game at maximum settings with 60 fps? 1d
1d Ryzen Ravenridge So the reviews on the Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G are out..... Looks like it competes only with the very lowest end of GPUs and only offers an improvement over Intel iGPU and older APUs. Frankly, they seem unsuitable except for people who are very very low budget or HTPC, but I think even UHD 630 is good enough for HTPCs. As replacements for the existing Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 5 1400 they seem okay, but not very useful otherwise. I'm struggling to see what the actual demographic this is meant for. For gamers, it's still not enough to play anything except at the lowest detail at 1080 or even 720, and for everyone else, graphics isn't even an issue with existing iGPUs. I suppose just getting a Ryzen CPU without a discrete GPU required out there into the OEM is a good reason, but they command such a small portion of it anyway it seems kind of a fool's errand. Possibly an HTPC for the budget market until Intel releases B or H series motherboards. Thoughts?Salranas22 1d
1d Monitor Suggestions Hey all! I will be building a new pc in the next week or two, and am currently in search of some great 24" or 27" 144hz monitors, curved or rehular, and led or lcd, and am looking for some suggestions, currently only play wow, but with the new predicted pc I am looking to build, may branch out into a few other games. Looking to buy 2 of the same monitors, around the $250 to $300 range, and am looking to see what others use, or suggest. Currently have a Dell 24"(the model name eludes me) but I picked it up on black Friday almost 2 years ago for $100 (regular $200). Thanks for the responses!Gumballs4 1d
1d Help W/ video card for Small Form Factor case Hello, I'm moving into a very small apartment, and to help save space I'll be using a Small Form Factor computer. (SFF) I'll be adding a video card to the computer, but it has to be a half height card. Can anyone help recommend a card for me? It also can't use much power, and will fit into a PCI-E x 16 slot. I prefer Nvidia. I'm not looking for the latest and greatest card at all. Just one that is solid and meets BFA's minimum system requirements. I'm not sure what all I'm looking at, and would deeply appreciate any help.Ezbakeoven15 1d
2d DirectX 12 in BfA? Looking promising: GXAPI_D3D12 (New) - DirectX 12 Potentially really exciting stuff. Was hoping to see something like this with the developers removing support for older APIs and being able to focus resources on newer tech. I'll be happy if this eases up the load in intensive areas, such as Suramar. With 2x render scale, I downsample from 5K in that zone and my 4.1 GHz i7-6800K is still the bottleneck. I wonder how long it will be before there's some DirectX 12 -> Vulkan translation in Wine too. This might prove to be a massive benefit for players that run Linux.Kodiack16 2d
2d i3-8350k vs i5-8600k Here's the situation: I managed to end up with an extra Z370 motherboard that I can't return and don't want to bother trying to Craigslist. So I've decided to build a computer as a gift for a family member who really only plays wow. A big deal for them is that they like RBG so either way it's going to be getting a Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi. This kind of rules out the locked CPUs because already coming with a cooler is one of their biggest selling points. Also the motherboard is a very good fit for overclocking, so putting a locked CPU in it would feel like a shame. My debate is to spend $160ish on an i3-8350k, which I'm fairly confident I can get 4.7-4.8ghz with, or $260ish on an i5-8600k that can active nearly the same frequency. Considering they only really play Blizzard games like WoW, which offers the best performance for the money? I feel as if the i5 would offer more "future proofing" but at the same time those two extra cores would be wasted on WoW. I'm leaning towards the i3-8350k. What say you?Salranas20 2d
2d Laptop capable of running ultra What MSI laptop could I get by with on ultra settings or even high settings thanks in advanced ! QUEST ONHenchman7 2d
2d Think you can fix "Nvivia driver failed" ? Dropped a Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 750 into my intel core 2 q9550. Here is my speccy report. Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz 37 °C Yorkfield 45nm Technology RAM 16.00GB DDR3 @ 716MHz Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-E7AUM-DS2H (Socket 775) 34 °C Graphics Generic Non-PnP Monitor (1280x1024@1Hz) Standard VGA Device Adapter Storage 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000KS-00MNB0 ATA Device (SATA) 44 °C 14GB Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 USB Device (USB) Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio Realtek High Definition Audio I have fun SFC /Scannow. Verification 100% complete. "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations" I have Ran driver sweeper. retstarted in safe mode. ran driver sweeper. installed driver . nothing. I have tried multiple things.. Driver failed. They closet I have gotten so far is. If i go to Update driver. Choose manual. choose C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\384.76\Win8_Win7_64\International/Driver.Driver it takes a minute or two. then Finds it. says it installed my driver. names the card GTX 750 and tells me i need to restart. I restart and windows kicks it back to standard VGA adapter. I am using the latest driver from Nvidia 384.76 Next advice. Winner gets a prize. be specific.Blunttrauma35 2d
2d Ryzen Tweaks for WoW? Are there any tweaks to the WoW config I can do to help performance? My system mostly does just fine, but under some circumstances, the frame rates can dip into the low 30s, such as when I fly over the Horde area of Dalaran toward the flight point and just as I top the wall, and my system has to render 2 dozen extra players at once, or when coming around certain corners in Org, and, again, my system has to render a bunch of players. I've also seen it in many raids, as I'm sure other people run into. I've watched my task manager when this happens, and the GPU isn't even breathing hard, but one CPU core on my 1700X is capped out at 100%. Is there a way to get WoW to use more cores for things like that? (Running Win 10, Geforce GTX 980 Ti, NVMe SSD, 16GB of memory, all drivers and OS fully updated.) I'd appreciate any and all tips to help performance with the Ryzen.Knaak18 2d
2d Do I need to upgrade my CPU or GPU? Hello all! I have been having FPS issues while in groups with 20+ people. Here is my current build: Radeon R9 390 - 8GB 512-Bit GDDR5; Core Clock 1060 MHz Intel I5-6500 3.2GHz Running 16GB of RAM While doing solo content or 5 man content I NEVER have any dips whatsoever. I usually sit around 60-90 frame rate. My settings are set to high but I have lowered some various settings like view distance and ground clutter. I enjoy having everything on high if not ultra and i'd like to be able to keep it that way even while in raid while maintaining at least 60fps. But here is the question. Does my FPS dipping occur because of my GPU or CPU? I can't decide which to upgrade. Outside of raiding my FPS is amazing, but as soon as I hop into a raid boss fight and everyone begins to use abilities/etc I drop to around 30ish FPS which is too noticeable compared to what i'm used to outside of the game. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Ty for your help in advance.Pawgchamp9 2d
2d Upgrade or build? I currently have an AMD A6-6420K with integrated graphics, 16gb of ram. I was looking to build a new computer to at least play on setting 7, but with gpu prices being half the build cost, I started thinking about upgrading to an AMD A10-6800K with a gtx 1050 ti. I know it's a bottleneck but it's significantly cheaper. Any input would be freat. Thanks!Demonmoe3 2d
3d Acer predator helios 300 Hey guys!!! Hope you all are going well, seeking knowledgeable tech people. I am a complete noob with tech and have bo f##king idea what im doing but i was suggested this laptop for BFA I would prefer a laptop due to moving around a lot, what do you guys think about this model and if you own it do you like it? Wanting to be able to raid without massive fps drops and have my graphics set to high (or as high as it will let me) I know with BFA the rec specs are changing so how do you think this would hold up? Thanks for any help i really really appreciate it, if i went into a PC store i feel they will rip me off because i have no clue what to buy hahaVànz2 3d
3d View distance Does view distance affect how far away you can see enemy players? I'd love to turn it down for more stable FPS but I really don't want to lose the advantage of being able to see players at a long distance.Pepperstep3 3d
3d Rockit Cool Copper IHS I tested this today with a 7700k - 5.1ghz @ 1.345v Before Temps: 80 74 83 82 AVG 79.75c After Temps: 74 73 77 75 AVG 74.75c Exactly like GN, I dropped 5C on average. Not bad for a $14 part. I'd definitely recommend if you're bored and want slightly better temps.Shottielol17 3d
3d The absolute best computer for WoW? I'm a hardware noob but I'm getting a new computer for my birthday. WoW is the only game I play, and pretty much the only thing I need a desktop computer for. So, what do I need? What specific parts should I look for? What computer do you have, what does it do well with WoW, and what do you wish it did better? Is there anything out-of-the-box that does everything you want?Alieru18 3d
3d Is this a good start for my upgrade? I built my current computer around 16 years ago. Its being held together with duct tape, chewing gum and prayers. And it is now dying. No audio , no recognition of SLI, constant crashes, etc. With the new WoW expansion requirements announced I decided to use them as my minimum benchmark for my new build. Being on a very tight budget right now (think packaged Ramen for dinner), I'm having to do this part by part. So, as the topic says: Is this a good start for a build that will play WoW and keep me going for a few more years? So far: AMD RYZEN 7 1700X 8-Core 3.4 GHz (3.8 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 95W YD170XBCAEWOF Desktop Processor SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series 2.5" 250GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-76E250B/AM CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Memory Kit Model CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 I'm retired and haven't kept up with the changes in hardware.Panshredded13 3d
3d For WoW how does GTX1050 compare to GTX1060? I am about to replace my old laptop and have settled on either an Asus GL703VD ($1300)or Asus GL703VM ($1600). The more expensive of the two has a couple of upgrades that I know I couldn't make much use of since WoW is the only game I will be using it for, but the 703VM has a GTX1060 6GB graphics card where the 703VD has GTX1050 4GB. Both use an i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz, and both have 16GB DDR4 RAM. (I know it would be better to get a desktop rather than a laptop, but I will be using this at my job for work and gaming at home) My question is, what is the noticeable difference between the two graphics cards if the memory, processor, and storage are the same?Emilia4 3d
3d Help with new build Hello, looking forward new expansion i'm about to replace my older pc that barely runs legion in low settings and would like some advice into it. This is what im looking at (considering the country I live everything is WAY expensive than US): MoBo: Asrock AB350M PRO4 AM4 CPU: RYZEN 3 1200 3.1Ghz (I plan to OC in the near future) RAM: Crucial DDR4 8GB 2400Mhz Ballistix Sport x1 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 OC LOW PROFILE 4G HDD: WD 1TB Sata 3 6.0Gb/s Caviar Blue SSD: PNY 120GB CS900 Sata 3 2.5 (for OS and maybe wow) Case: Sentey A-20 Plus PSU: Thermaltake Smart 500W 80 Plus White Already have my old monitor that still works: LG W1942S 19'' 1440x900 I plan to play other titles beside wow too, if that means something to this set up. Im not fussy with ultra settings nor tons of fps, i'd like to run things in middle or so and stable fps. Thanks in advance.Strelokh17 3d
4d Help with Decisions Test, I'll post my original post just seeing if this goes through, spent 30 minutes getting all my specs right and it never posted.Malumine6 4d
4d Make Legion Raids Scale I would like for other Legion Raids scale and provide 910 Gear (Argunite Gear). Honestly, at the end of an expansion it becomes clear that very few people do previous raids (TOS, HOV, Nighthold). When there is little content at the end of an expansion to do, it would be alot of fun if players could have the option to do any raid they prefer.Unvarnished1 4d
4d adjusting RAM frequency etc. so i just built a new system- my uefi has the ram frequency set to auto & is picking it up at 2133mHz, but its clocked at 3000mHz. i have done some research on adjusting it, but i just wanted to check with you guys first. basically, the uefi has manual options for ram frequency, but 3000 isnt one of them. it does have 3066 & 2933 but not 3000. i tried using both of these frequencies, but the system fails to POST for either one of them. so, should i just update the bios ( & hope 3000 shows up, or is it that im supposed to adjust timings & voltage as well? i understand that updating the bios can be risky, which is why i wanted to ask yalls opinion before doing anything. also, my bios/uefi claims to be version 0806, & the updated version as of 1/26/2018 is 3803.Rainslash12 4d
4d PC randomly freezing This isn't really a problem with WOW but my PC in general. I have tried troubleshooting this issue for over a month now but because it happens so infrequent it is really difficult to tell what could be the issue. I have checked google and found two different articles with people complaining of this issue since an update with Windows 10 towards the end of last year (anniversary update I think). Both of the articles had several things various people tried that fixed the issue from them. Well at this point I have tried all of those things and the issue still persists. It probably happens anywhere from twice a day to once every 3 or 4 days. I have tried shutting down every background program I can and it don't seem to matter. The computer just freezes up and all you can do is hard reset it. I have had it happen while browsing the internet, while playing wow, while playing eq2, while playing various games on steam. The most recent lockup was while playing wow with nothing else running. I was'nt even running my virus program, steam does not autoboot, there was nothing but wow running. The time it froze while on Firefox I had nothing else running as well. Here are some (but not all) of the things I have checked tried. - Mem test. Ran both windows and a 3rd party ram checker and both came back clean - Virus/malware check. Rkill as well Nothing I do should put me at risk for this stuff anyways - Disk check. Checked both of my hard drives and came back clean - Update drivers. All of my drivers are updated - Reset and Increase Virtual memory. - Windows file checker - Reset windows app store (not sure how that helps but article recommended it) - Shut down all background programs that I could - Disabled power saver settings - Disconnect the 2nd HD (the 1 tb) My system has a amd k10 quad core CPU, 12 gig ram, 260SSD HD and 1 TB hd (most of my games are on the 1 tb except wow its on the SSD). The only thing on my C drive is Windows 10, internet software, and WOW. Everything else is on the 2nd drive. Even when I disconnect the 2nd drive I had a freeze so I don't think it is anything on there. So anyone have any suggestions on whats wrong?Monglo15 4d
5d Will my computer be able to run BFA? My computer has an Intel i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3G , 8 GB of ram and Intel HD Graphics 520.Aladd4 5d
5d Tech support CPU: Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6-Core Processor ($209.89 @ B&H) CPU Cooler: CRYORIG - H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler ($29.89 @ OutletPC) Motherboard: ASRock - Z370M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($111.98 @ Newegg) Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory ($99.88 @ OutletPC) Storage: Seagate - FireCuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Hybrid Internal Hard Drive ($75.88 @ OutletPC) Video Card: Zotac - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB Mini Video Card ($267.89 @ B&H) Power Supply: SeaSonic - S12II 520W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply Case: *Corsair - SPEC-03 Blue ATX Mid Tower Case ($53.34 @ Amazon) Monitor: Asus - VX238H 23.0" 1920x1080 Monitor ($139.99 @ Amazon) Windows 10 A thank you to everyone who has helped me, successfully, build my first computer! Everything seems to be in working order, except for a few some things. The font in Microsoft edge and any words I type seems to be a bit weak, slightly hazy and faded. Also the picture quality (from videos) isn't as strong as I like it to be. Not sure if these issues can be handled from settings or if its a wire issue. Regardless, thank you for all the great work!Donkeypwnch1 5d
5d Computer wont wake from sleep or boot I had an no name 400 psu and noticed my computer would randomly restart itself without warning. I thought my psu was going so I got a corsiar 650 bronze. After installing it, my computer no longer wakes from sleep mode. I also have to flip the psu switch off and on again to get it to boot. And to top it all off I am still having my computer restart itself. Did I get a lemon psu or is there something else going on with my computer?Lampray2 5d
5d Fortnite Who has Xbox and wants to play Fortnite with ya boy.Taímaq21 5d
5d Upgrading to VDSL from ADSL2+ Hello, I'm upgrading from 16.8MBPS ADSL2+ at 18.0DB to VDSL in the coming week or weeks, I'm curious to what speeds I might be able to estimate at 1000-1200 Meters or 4000-4200 Feet?Demonseven1 5d
5d Hopefully this scandal slows gpu shortage So if you weren't aware, Coinbase had a major problem. Coinbase is a crypto currency exchange that you pay whatever the amount you want to get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Or if you have alot of these coins that you mined with video cards, you could get money deposited to your bank account. people got charged double, triple or even quadruple amount of whatever amount for no reason. So Coinbase basically said, "it wasn't us! It was your Visa bank branch that caused duplicate charges go get disputed from them instead!" So Visa response was it wasn't even them. Coinbase is now twirling their thumbs and not even responding much. And that wasn't even the worst part Earlier today a scammer took advantage of this, made a fake Twitter account naming after Coinbase, and replied to the official Coinbase by stating: "As an apology, we are giving away 15,000 in Ethereum coins, click on this link to get started on your issue" So people clicked on it, it was a really a good hidden phishing web address. Whoever was fooled was asked to send .4 of Ethereum coin to this wallet address (like 50 character address) and return would have gotten more out of it. Basically Nigerian prince scenario but in crypto currency. The scammer made $10,000+ in Ethereum and he got away with it People were pissed off... If you like to read up about this go to their Reddit and look how many people just angry as hell Coinbase is one of the biggest exchange's too, maybe this would put a dent in miners to think twice about getting into crypto currency and maybe relieve video card shortageYou6 5d
6d AMD VS Intel Is there an answer to which is "better" for wow. Currently planning on building a new setup and and am looking for the optimal CPUBlokeofchaos10 6d
6d Bluetooth speaker skips when playing My uncle gave me a bluetooth speaker ( its about $50 to $60 in stores). Its great when listening to music off Youtube. Sounds very good. But when I tried playing WoW with it on, the sound was skipping really bad like the speaker was going in and out. Tried it with SWTOR and there was no sound at all. Anyone have a idea what might be causing this? Or is it just a bad speaker for gaming? It is Tsunami Black Web speaker. EDIT: My gaming headset works just fine and does not have this issue.Mursh4 6d
Feb 18 Where is the Blizzard Battle Royale game?! Yes, I know it's not a genre that is for everyone... I'm sure there are plenty here that dislike it. However, PUBG and Fortnite are making absurd amounts of money with their Battle Royale games... and they're hardly up to snuff when compared to the polish we've come to love about Blizzard games. Back in December there was a blip about Blizz looking for a Vehicle Gameplay Designer for a First Person View game. Speculation (and that's all it is) leads to this being a move towards the reigning champ entering the BR arena. PUBG is a lot of fun (especially with friends), but horribly optimized. Fortnite runs smooth, but many are not big fans of the third person view only and the over the top cartoon style. Is anyone else on board with Blizzard making a BR game? (Provided they don't pull resources from their established IPs) Maybe a free game with cosmetic micro transactions based on the Overwatch or Starcraft universe (like how Hearthstone is based on the Warcraft universe) Here's hoping! TL;DR: Blizzard should jump in and take over the amazingly lucrative and fun Battle Royale genre. Soon.Revaks3 Feb 18
Feb 18 WoW MMO Gaming Mouse - Not Working So... last night my World of Warcraft MMO Gaming mouse was workign fine in both WoW and OW... Today I log on and almost all of the buttons are no longer working. I uninstalled the drivers (like a dummy) and now I cant seem to find them again. The ones on Steelseries site, do not work for windows 10. Any help would be great!Nota10 Feb 18
Feb 17 Looking for advice on upgrades I'm what you would call computer illiterate. I know basic things but not a lot. I need a new processor upgrade. My brother was nice enough to give me his PC after my laptop died. My current one is an AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor so its pretty poopy. Any suggestions for a new one that isn't super expensive but not too cheap. I don't like to pay a lot but I don't want to skimp on quality. More like an in between. Thanks!Sylvoie6 Feb 17
Feb 17 256gb SSD and 2TB HHD on Predator laptop So I just got a laptop that has a 256gb SSD. I installed an 2 TB HDD as well. I'm running WIN10 and want to know if it's fairly safe to keep my OS, WoW ans Overwatch on the SSD. While I use the HDD for everything else. Those are the 2 games I play the most, so i'd prefer faster loadtimes with them. The other games, I don't mind being on the HDD.Hoeegaarden4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Other games you play besides WoW? Just curious. I enjoy alot of Rainbow Six Siege and Halo 5. What games do you guys like?Bashingskull61 Feb 17
Feb 16 Need help deciding on upgrade options for BFA In the past I've had issues with my computer getting hot while gaming, not hot enough to blue screen or crash the game itself, but still rather warm, imo. The highest it has gotten would be about 80ish during raids but I believe it stayed at the upper 70s for the most part, it tends to stay at 60-70 for the most part during questing in argus. I keep the game capped at 67 fps to try and help with this and I rarely see noticeable drops in frames while gaming. I tend to keep my settings at the 3 slider, tbh I'm more than happy with that, tried playing at the higher settings when i first got this computer and it hurt my eyes a little. Current rig, it's a few years old I've been eyeing up the 1050 ti as a replacement card because of the lower power requirement and built in fan, but I'm unsure if it would fit in my revolt case. If it won't fit then I'm wondering if I shouldn't just take the parts from the revolt and put them in a bigger case with a new power supply instead.Onoredecado11 Feb 16