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2h 8350k for WoW I run WoW at 1440p/144hz and am going to upgrade to a Coffee Lake CPU. I already have a 1080ti. If I primarily play WoW and have Netflix, other browser windows, and a voice client open in the background, do you think an 8350k overclocked to 5ghz would perform pretty much equally to an 8600k or 8700k overclocked to 5ghz?Maryjaina11 2h
5h South Park: The Fractured But Whole. (lol) Incredible sequel to the Stick of Truth. Anyone else play this brilliant game yet? Took me 18 hours for a Mastermind playthrough. Actually pretty lengthy, even when disregarding side-quests.Hafeshot0 5h
6h Threadripper has better single thread! not to mention its the king of the CPU scores on passmark, putting those Xeon cpus to shame. But besides that, i'm very curious on that single thread score. sure its just 1 test that someone did but imagine 4.2 GHz (perhaps more if someone is really lucky) on all cores with 3600 or more ram speed... I mean my 1800x passmark score is this: with 3200 ram speed too.You19 6h
6h DS3, LoG 2, or Witcher 3? Dark Souls 3, Legend of Grimrock 2, or Witcher 3? I will never leave WoW, but I need a distraction at times. I have played Skyrim and Fallout 3/4 - but I feel that I need something new. I am leaning towards Dark Souls 3 or Witcher 3, as they seem more "up to date" so to speak with graphics. Anyone else play these? Other titles I should look at? Was less than enthused by Dark Souls 2 (which makes me think 3 may be no better) or any of the Dragon Age games.Crylefach6 6h
19h Laptop Replacement for Legion I just need the cheapest Desktop (to build) to replace this laptop below: *Graphics Video Card SLI (2x) - NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 980M (16.0GB total) Total -Available Graphics Memory: 16356 MB -Dedicated Video Memory: 8192 MB -System Video Memory: 0 MB -Shared System Memory 8164 MB *Sager - 4th Generation Intel® Haswell Core™ i7-4910MQ *Primary Hard Drive - SanDisk Extreme PRO-Series Solid State Drive SDSSDXPS-480G-G25 (2.5", SATA Revision 3.0, 6Gb/s 480GB Storage) (upgraded/installed after initial purchase) *Secondary Hard Drive - 500GB SSD Samsung 840 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal (upgraded/installed after initial purchase) *Secondary Hard Drive - 1TB 7200RPM [SATA II - 3GB/s] *Optical Drive Bay 6X Blu-Ray Burner + 8X DVDRW/CDRW Super Multi Combo *Wireless Network Sager - Bigfoot Networks Killer™ Wireless-N 1202 + Bluetooth *16GB DDR3 1600MHz [2x8GB] Kingston HYPER X Memory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 1. Better Graphics 2. Better CPU 3. At least 250GB SSD 4. At least 16GB RAM Prefer: 1. Full Tower ATX to upgrade later when I have funds 2. Under $1000 3. Compatible with GTX 1080 ti for future upgrade Right now i just need a quick replacement because the laptop is gone, but ultimately I want to make a top build when I have the extra funds so would be nice to have bare minimum with the space to upgrade. This is why for now I just want anything that is better than my laptop which was a pretty damn good laptop.Aressupreme8 19h
23h Mouse program buttons problem i use the alienware AW958 mouse i am having a problem using my programmed buttons while running (holding left-right click) how can i fix this?Vino2 23h
1d Can I run ultra settings on this? Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a gaming laptop this Christmas and I think I've landed on one, but I want to make sure it can do what I want. I'm kind of a total tech noob and don't have anyone I know I can ask about this, and I don't trust anyone at a store or company to give me any truthful information. I wish I could get a desktop, but I live in the smallest studio apartment and literally don't have the space to set up a desk with a tower under it, and my current laptop is either going to melt or just burn out in the next few months. My budget is $1300 max and I've tried to look for a variety of builds to fit that, including a custom Origin build, the cheap Dell laptop, an MSI, and a Lenovo. I have landed on the Asus ROG STRIX GL703VD ($1299) with standard specs: 2.8 GHz i7 16GB DDR4 RAM NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB 1TB storage with 256GB SSD I currently play on a 2012 Macbook Pro leftover from college and play with my settings at the lowest possible point and pull 30-50 fps on average. My gameplay consists of a lot of solo content: questing, exploring, professions etc. I just want to enjoy the scenery of Azeroth to its fullest potential. I would like to play on ultra settings on a new machine. All I play is WoW, so I'm not really looking to play anything else. So would this machine get me there? Thanks!Norileiria5 1d
1d The new "Lord of the Rings" game "Middle-earth: Shadow of War," is fine. Not in the '90s sense, but in the literal sense. It's not a terrible game, and it's not a great game. It's fine. I've spent around 15 hours murdering orcs and arguing with the ghost inside of the game's main character. What I've found is an aggressively mechanical game with a nonsensical story that's as fun to play as it is rote. These are the highs and lows of "Middle-earth: Shadow of War.Shrit11 1d
1d RPG games 3DS and Steam Anyone have any good suggestions for some good RPG games for the 3DS or on Steam? I was told Fire emblem was one. I played Golden sun months ago and loved it. Much appreciated!Ghargan5 1d
1d gaming chairs im looking to buy a new gaming chair but im 5'11" and like 250lb's i am wondering should i be looking at the chairs that support my height or my weight? i would assume my weight. my biggest issue with my current chairs is that the back rest always breaks within maybe 2-3 years. it will not stay up. i usually don't keep it reclined but eventually it just stays reclined because it breaks. idk if this is more of a weight issue or what.Astura24 1d
1d Razer Naga or Corsair Scimitar HELP? So finally after 7 years my Razer Naga is finally taking a dump on me. It saddens me because it's my favorite mouse since I got it in 2010. I've been having the double click issue since 2012 but I kinda just fought through it but now the Right Click is going out which is terrible since I can't turn my character lol needless to say it's time for an upgrade. Now the reason I can't decide is I've tried a newer model Naga and I must say I can't stand how much wider it is. I loved the some what pear shape that my mouse has currently. The one thing I do like about the new Naga is the Tilt scroll wheel in-place of the 2 buttons on the side of the left click. So my only complaint is basically the size (kinda why I won't get the G600). Now anyone with current Naga I do want to know if they have fixed this double clicking issue or is this something that is still happening at times? Also I feel that the new model Naga is lighter and feels not as good of a build quality as the past model or is it just me? Now for the Corsair. I absolutely love the design and it seems closer in shape to my current Naga and it is optical which is nice. The only issues are that it doesn't have a tilt scroll wheel (not a deal breaker but something I want). I haven't been able to hold one in hand (literally there is no where in town that sells this mouse which sucks because I like to kinda try before I buy but whatever) so I can't tell if it's comfortable or not and I've never owned a Corsair product before. So basically could you guys tell me which mouse you have and why? Which do you prefer? Which do you think will last the longest (I'm a use it till it breaks kinda guy or if the new one is just a HUGE upgrade/update from the previous model that is game changing)? Should I just get a new Naga and get use to the size? Or should I go with the Corsair even though it has fewer buttons and I've never tried their product before? Thank you everyone for your feedback I will be making a purchase based on everyone's input. I've been going back and forth since last night on which to get and literally can not decide and it's driving me nuts! So once again thank you guys a head of time!Jinukia11 1d
1d Total War Warhammer 2 (mortal Empires) With the new DLC, i definitely going to replace this game for a while, anyone else feeling the hype?Shocknado1 1d
2d CL could use z270, Intel said No In summary.... Intel could of allowed z270 boards to be compatible with coffee lake, but Intel said no, because quick money grab. Asus said this themselves.... There is no major difference between z370 and z270, all the z270 needs is a BIOS update and kaby lake to coffee lake upgrade friendly would of been a thing... But Intel did a quick money grab.You11 2d
3d Diablo 3 Any good? Worth buying? I have a ton of gold and nothing to buy so I could convert it balance and buy D3 and all the extras for it.Arthurius35 3d
3d Destiny 2 has started an update... Ooh. 38gb.Jerauld0 3d
3d Is my PC too old? Upgrade or Trash opinions! I recently got back into playing WoW and I've been getting these bad lag spikes. I'll go from 39fps to 3fps and it will last 5 or so minutes. I'm thinking that my system is possibly too old now...I had it built in 2010. Hopefully there's some hardware guys that can give advice on whether I can do some upgrades to improve my gaming experience or move on to a new machine. Btw, WoW is the only pc game I play. Here are the specs: Case - CoolerMaster HAF 932 Full Tower Gaming Case Processor - Intel® Core™ i7 930 Processor (4x 2.8GHz/8MB L3 Cache) Processor Cooling - Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System (x58) Memory - 6 GB [2 GB X3] DDR3-1600 - Corsair Dominator Video Card - ATI Radeon HD 5870 - 1GB Motherboard - ASUS P6T SEMotherboard Power Supply - 850 Watt -- Corsair CMPSU-850TX Power Supply Primary Hard Drive - 64 GB Kingston SSDNow V Series MLC SSD Data Hard Drive - 640 GB HARD DRIVE -- 64M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s (WoW is on this drive) Also 2 1TB HARD DRIVES Any help is greatly appreciated.Huehef14 3d
3d Building a pc that will run legion on ultra. I have a budget of 1200. Would prefer intel cpu and nvidia gpu. Anyone recommend a build? In the U.S, btw. Would love to see to see all recommendations and opinions. Keep in mind will be running on a 24" monitor 1080p and wow on ultra settings. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds. Will check back in periodically, hope everyone has a great day!Ajandor62 3d
4d transfering a character can you use a token to transfer to another realmStummper2 4d
4d Brand New PC - Legion 10-15 fps Hi guys, I have tried to help myself online but can't seem to find a solution.. Today I received my brand new custom built gaming PC, installed windows and the latest Geforce Game Ready driver and my processors driver. Trying to play WoW I'm sitting on about 10 fps and only 30 fps on quality 1 graphics. my specs are as follows... intel core i5 7500 Kabylake 3.4 GHz 6mb asus ROG Strix H270F gaming motherboard 8GB DDr4 hyperx 2666 MHz ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 3GB If you hadn't already realised I am an utter noob with PC's, so I probably have not done something obvious and simple.. Any replies will be greatly appreciated! All the best :)Rhizo6 4d
5d What graphics can I handle with this? Core i5 6500K 3,2 MSI Gaming motherboard H150M DDR5 16gb Kingston HyperX fury Black DDR4 Ram Asus Strix GTX 1050 Ti Oc 4GB (opens to 12GB) DDR5 GPU 1 Tb seagate HDD Samsung LED 22" monitor What graphics can I handle with this potential built?Guewergues3 5d
5d Wildstar I actually tried it, and it was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as WoW. I picked an Aurin, because they seem like Sin'dorei in stature, but Kaldorei in beliefs, since they're tree huggers. It just seemed like a lot of the questing was forced, and you had to do it in order. I did make my Aurin into an esper, and they seem OP, because I was killng 3-4 mobs at a time. Although, I almost died each time. Has anyone else tried this game, and do you think the it is weaker in the whole gameplay compared to WoW?Ilidaria57 5d
6d who can get 60+fps on ultra in 20 man TOS? who can get/stay above 60 fps in 20-25 man TOS with ultra settings @ 1080p? 1440p? 4k? whats your specs?Anthema17 6d
6d GTX 1060 6gb good for 1440p? Hey guys look I am not even gonna play, when it comes to putting together PCs understanding monitors is my weak point so I need some help please. Just put together a nice little mid-range rig: Gfx: Evga 1060 6GB (I got the "Superclocked" one) RAM: 16gb of 3200MHz Proc: i5 7600K Okies, right now I am running this rig on an older 27" Dell Ultrasharp and save a few 20fps dips here and there I get 60 frames pretty much consistently. This monitor is 1080p. Okies so here are the questions <3 1) If I get a new monitor that is 1440p can I still run WoW at 60fps without turning anything down? My framerate MUST remain @ 60 2) What kind of panel do I get to make sure I have a wide viewing angle? This is very important to me. I am looking at something like this: Dell UltraSharp U2715H 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor Florence19 6d
6d I need advice on LOW Graphics setting laptop I am looking for a laptop that can run basic WoW, with Legion, on LOW settings. I know the specs necessary to run WoW now but I just wanted to get some idea of the lower end laptops that it would work on, on the lowest settings. Been looking into some (HP, Acer, etc...) but am more confused over what might work or what won't. What kind of models could I find at what prices? Was hoping to stay within a 300 (or more) budget if possible. To run basic WoW specs does it really take a laptop that's over 500 or so? I'm just looking for playability, not high end graphics for like raiding and stuff. Not looking for more games to add or anything else to load up on it, just want to find one at the lowest end of graphics that will work.Donovan9 6d
6d 2017 Laptop for Wow? I know this is asked a lot but hear me out. I might start traveling for work and thus would be interested in getting a laptop that will run wow well. I know I can get a great desktop but would like something portable. Was looking at this Asus ROG Zephyrus but it's insanely expensive. Can someone make some recommendations around 1k that would run wow well in it's current state? Please chime in with suggestions even not related to price points but to just optimizing the wow experience; I do like the idea of portable but my xps 12 from 2013 won't run wow well on integrated graphics :) Thank you!Gypsy2 6d
6d YOU are not prepared for.... Real life. And i'm speaking in general about WoW. The world is going so crazy and it's only getting worse. If studies like this were being done in 2003 and they're coming to fruition 14 years later...imagine what will happen in 4,5, or 6 years from now. Now imagine it gets so bad we won't be able to sit freely in front of computer screens and waste countless hours on video games. Are YOU prepared to give up WoW, XB/PS4, and possibly even the internet entirely? Hyperbole? Maybe, but I honestly think something big is going to change in how the world operates and it will affect online gaming. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Greatzombie38 6d
Oct 14 Witanlore: Dreamtime So, anyone tried this RPG out yet? It's on Steam in Early Access and worth checking out. Think Skyrim with bears. Yeah, there are some rough bits as it's still in development and it's not complete yet but definitely worth playing if you're looking for a good single player RPG.Blaidd0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Legion on Ultra? I’m looking to step up my gaming. Until this point I’ve been a casual gamer so I’ve always just played on my everyday PC (iMacs) never played on true gaming rig. Looking to build one now, and I’m still kinda noobish on the subject. Spent hours watching videos and reading up on parts but none of these things are wow specific. So I’m wondering if these will run wow on Ultra with no problem? All while Looking for something I won’t have to upgrade for awhile and still be able to run on ultra, will this do the trick? 4HGz intel core i7-6700k Nividia GeForce GTX 1080 16GB DDR4 Ram 256GB PCIe SSD , 2TB HDD I’m open to recommendations to change parts etc, I have roughly a $1500 budget I wanna go off.Mikeybx14 Oct 14
Oct 14 Had anyone seen the ryzen 1600 with 8 cores? While putting another box together here to expand, was still waiting for the 8700k when they didn't arrive in stock at the store here. I ordered an amd 1600 + x370 board and after powering it up I thought this is strange. I am seeing 8core with the chip labeled as 1600. Did a few bench marks and it is very much the same as the 1700 Even my purchase order shows the 1600, windows and software reads it as 1600 but with the extra cores/threads.Iceacid3 Oct 14
Oct 14 Can this handle ultra Not at all tech savvy looking to get a ironside computer nemesis ultra, Need to know this will get the job done for wow on ultra and destiny 2 please help.Têmpèst1 Oct 14
Oct 14 RGB Madness as in.. driving me mad. or something like that. So im doing a re-build primarily intended as a vanity rebuild project (my current rig does not need to be replaced, but i wanted more bling, and Phanteks released a new case i really wanted to use, soo..... ). RGB-ify all the things. One thing im not too up on, though, is what works with what. The motherboard i ended up with was the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-i mITX; its got some on-board LEDs and a single RGB header, or so it says. I'd LIKE to get as much of my stuff as i can synced to each other, and of course ASUS has their Aura Sync setup... But what does this work with? Its frustratingly difficult to find out if something is AURA compatible or not.... And i noticed that most RGB/LED stuff is 4-pins... But the RGB header on the motherboard is only 3? Is that even going to work with anything? (Primarily fans; i know the CPU block on the H80i v2 wont sync; im just going to set that to respond to CPU temp) Bleh. Ive tried wading through some forums but im just not coming up with anything concrete, particularly in regards to if the RGB header will even work with anything, and thought id throw this out there to see if anyone with more experience in this area is around.Kagthul10 Oct 14
Oct 14 Is this a decent comp? Hey guys I'm not a very tech savvy guy, and need a new computer. My friend offered to sell me his notebook which I am posting from now but he hasnt named a price, just letting me take it for a test drive before we talk price. So pretty much I just want you guys to let me know how much I should offer him for it and let me know how much its worth. I am mainly using it for gaming with a little bit of music downloading on the side hehe. MSI Workstation Notebook Windows 10 Intel I7-4710HQ@2.50ghz 16g Ram Nvidia Quadro K2100M Think that about covers it for the main specs? Let me know and thanks for the help!Horozon2 Oct 14
Oct 14 Will this run WoW okay? Howdy there. I'm not tech savvy in the least, and to be honest, I always struggle with computers and what not that can handle any kind of gaming. The only thing I intend to play is Wow, and I'm fine with it not being on the highest settings or anything, medium is good, I'd just like to be able to do bgs and dungeons while I travel for work. *Intel Core i5 6200U (2.30 GHz base/ 2.8GHz Turbo) *16GB DDR4 Memory *1TB Hard Drive *NVIDIA GeForce 940MX *1920 x 1080 *Windows 10 Home Thanks, in advance.Subwoofer1 Oct 14
Oct 14 Skyrim + Warcraft So I was playing Skyrim the other day just for the fun of it and it dawned on me, of how sweet it would be to have a game like that but based around the Warcraft univierse and lore. I'm sure someone has already said this before, but damn it would be awesome! Having the world of azeroth as 1st person along with going through the Dark Portal. Solo boss fights against Ragnaros and Arthas, or recruiting followers like Malfurion or Thrall to aid you in battle. I know Blizz would never make a single player game like that because they wouldn't be able to milk money out of it, but still.... I'd buy that! [Edited for Language by the Forum Moderation Team]Kuja2 Oct 14
Oct 13 Needed advice on a power supply Hello, I need advice on a new power supply. Right now, if I load a game, it instanly restart my computer, troubleshooting points to the power supply. Here are my computer specs : Motherboard: Z97X-Gaming 5 CPU : i5 4590 (3.3 GHz) Graphic card : GeForce GTX 970 RAM : 8 GB PS : EVGA supernova NEX750G1 (750W) I've been told that my PS has 4 rails and that would be the problem since I'm going beyond the continuous rating constantly. Thank you for your advices !Liftaker8 Oct 13
Oct 13 Alternate MMO's to WoW As the title suggests, looking for some alternates to WoW. Kinda over the way WoW has gone, and is heading. What do you guys recommend as an alternative?Shinzho38 Oct 13
Oct 13 The Best Three Video Games Ever 1. World of Warcraft 2. Warcraft 3 3. Herzog Zwei There are quite a few games like Civilization or Populous I could have put in at #3. What are your top 3?Belrythe158 Oct 13
Oct 13 When can we or should we expect WoW 2 I dont know if this question has been asked but im am asking it. Has WoW reached its term of life. Should Blizzard consider working on the next generation of WoW instead of updates or expansions packs ? Your opinions? just asking.Deenella175 Oct 13
Oct 13 New MMOs Currently getting burnt out of wow again, looking to try some new MMOs or maybe revisit past ones. Any suggestions?Fiztok37 Oct 13
Oct 13 8700k/8600k vs 7700k upgrade Hey all. I built a Ryzen 5 1600 PC OC to 3.8ghz/ 16gb 3000 mhz RAM last month and not liking it at all. For the games i play such as WoW, OW, LoL, CSGO, BF1, and maybe some other AAA titles, usually tends to favor better single core performance. I see drops in FPS compared to my old 4690k. For gaming, its the 7700k still worth it compared to the 8700k/8600k? I'm asking because i play 1080p/144hz with a GTX 1070. Since the purchase was early, i can still refund both my CPU and motherboard to the full price. I have until October 27 to fulfill the refund. EDIT: Reason i upgraded my 4690k was because i had 2 dead DIMM slots in which i couldn't run dual channel memory. I was also getting tired of playing games and wanting to watch youtube videos or twitch streams, the FPS would drop heavily because of the CPU maxing out.Hammerziet14 Oct 13
Oct 13 Going To Ask Again. Best Witcher 3 Controls? I asked this a few weeks back and it turned into some sideshow ego fest and the thread was closed somewhere around 20 posts in with no one answering my question. Witcher 3. Which controller would be best in your opinion.Phitz3 Oct 13
Oct 12 VDSL 2 + bonded any one use? Hey all I'm getting hooked up by years end with VDSL2 + bonding, wondering what speeds I can expect at exactly 1 mile, My local FTTC is on my street and currently has no meter on it, I was told by years end.Demonseven0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Desktop build help Looking to purchase components to build a desktop to ONLY play WoW (PvP only) and OW on HIGH settings (7). Would these components suffice? If not, what upgrades/replacements should I make to get desired settings? Thank you for any help in advance! Case- Corsair Graphite 230T Orange Edition CPU - AMD Athlon x4 760K 4 core processor GPU - HIS R9 270 2GB Graphics Card Mobo - Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz Power Supply - Thermaltake TR2 600w Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler HD - 500GBAesthetikkzz2 Oct 12
Oct 12 from 1080 to 1440 or 4k? Hiya folks, I am running an i5 6600k with a gtx 1070 card, so my video settings are at 10 and pretty much locked onto 60 FPS @ 1080p. Considering upgrading from a 27" 1080p monitor to possibly a 2k 144hz, or a 4k @ 60hz. Is it even worth upgrading? I have about $500 available, but could squeeze out maybe $700 in a pinch. Any recommendations?Maddfelle9 Oct 12
Oct 12 Blizzcon Exclusive Merchandise So I was looking through the merchandise on the gear store and I discovered something kinda scummy in my opinion. I could not view the product details unless I had a virtual ticket. I know this was not the case last year. As someone who helped pay for a ticket last year JUST so I could buy a shirt, I feel like this is a really dumb move. If I'm not allowed to even really view the item (except as a little picture) why the heck would I buy it? I was even considering trying to scrape together money this year (what, I'm poor). But this kinda just makes me not want to. Also I noticed that there was a disproportionate amount of Overwatch merchandise. Am I the only one who thinks all of their games should have about equal amounts of merchandise? I doubt Blizzard will see this, but it would be nice. What are everyone else's opinion about this? (I know this might not be the right place to post this but I don't think that there is a generic Blizzard forum)Celuka0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Thanks Google for the generosity From giving me $20 credit for my project fi cellphone plan because hurricane Harvey to giving me a Pixel XL 128 GB for free because of a battery issue on my old Nexus 6p (Long as I send back my old phone lol) Oct 12
Oct 11 Back-UPS question I've had my Pro 1500 for about a year now and I've always had it on my desk due to cable length of my systems being a bit short, I never thought about the cancer warning until now. Is the risk minimal or should I purchase longer cables and put the ups in another spot of my room?Demonseven1 Oct 11