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1h My god will the mining phase ever end? Already Rx 580s, 570s and desperate miners going for 560s are constantly going sold out in 5 minutes or less. Now said miners are going after Nvidia cards too?! This is a bad time for people who want to upgrade and they can't because of this. I feel sorry whoever wants to upgrade.You32 1h
3h Monitor flickering/black screen's So i am having some problems with display performance..First, my monitor will flicker (lamp flickering not on and off flickering) when loading or just sometimes playing a game. Sometimes it does it when doing other thing's like watching vids or other program's. I am running two monitor's: 22 inch 1080res & 28 inch 1440 res. When i move my mouse cursor over to my secondary monitor (1080res) the flickering stops. but when i move it over to my main display it resume's ( during loading screen's mainly). Second, recently my display has been black screening for abour 2-3 seconds randomly. I don't lose audio or response to my display or pc, i just lose visual. I have troubleshoot a lot of thing's and so far haven't worked, here is a list of thing's i have tried: Using a single monitor Changing cords Lowering graphic's Different GPU lowered resolution reformatted pc updated drivers different mobo pci slot Sent monitor to RMA overheated bios My GPU is not overclocked, and my monitor is pretty new. These issues aren't always happening. I can sometimes go all day without a problem but then sometimes it get's bad and i don't know what else to try...Please give any helpful input so that i can try to fix this! Thank you!!!Sloppymage1 3h
3h Video Card advice This may be a dumb question, but how do I upgrade to a better video game card? I want to play WoW, but now this thing pops up when I hit the play button telling me that I don't meet the minimum recommended specs for WoW. It says I could still play, but I don't want everything to be terrible or have a chance to crash. As a reference, it tells me that I have operating system: Windows 7 starter pack 1, and Video Card: Intel(R) HD graphics I don't think my operating system is the problem, so how can I upgrade or get a better video card? Is there a chance that there's a way that's free? I'm not great at computer talk. Again, sorry if this a dumb question.Zorther1 3h
5h Do not buy this board for AMD Ryzen!! ASrock announced that this board will be listed as EOL (End Of Life) because this motherboard can not reach 3200 for RAM speed so no more BIOS updates, buyers beware!! Source: 5h
6h WoW only Computer Builds for 1440p 144hz So I have been playing around with builds on another post but I think I am going overkill. So basically I'm trying to figure out a build that isn't too much overkill. I'm not really on a budget but don't want to pay a ton for a small performance increase. What I'm looking for is a desktop build and monitor for 1440p 144hz that can run WoW at a high frame rate. Im not into all the flashy lights and stuff and would prefer a windowless case. I have a young child and don't want to make it attractive to him. I would really prefer Intel processor and was thinking the i7 7700k but it may be overkill. Would the performance be noticeable between the i7 and i5? I would also prefer an nvidia gpu. I was originally considering the 1080ti. But again I'm thinking that is probably overkill. So all in all I want a computer for WoW only with Internet searching in the background (wowhead and such). No real budget but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg if the performance increase isn't very noticeable. I'd like to get 60fps+ at all times at 1440p 144hz but from reading it sounds impossible on the game engine. *Edit: I also really would like a SSD of at least 250gbMycota4 6h
20h Player Housing again I know I know, in before "WoD tried it" But I think everyone should see this Nixxiom video on it, as he has some good ideas. And to summarize he does have a point, almost any and all new or other MMORPGs have housing, and it's a lucrative business and healthy for the in-game economy...Auction Houses FILLED in these games that bank up currency. What do you guys think?Dedaru67 20h
20h Anyone else a swtor casual? I occasionally jump into Swtor to enjoy their great story telling, and I gotta say I'm absolutely loving the experience this time around. I just finished the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion this morning, and was just about to dip into the latest expansion before servers shut down for maintenance, bah! I was having so much fun too! What really draws me in is the choices you can make throughout the game that decides the fate of the people you meet along the way. It adds another level of story telling that you just don't see in other mmos. Hats off to the developers. So since I'm stuck like chuck until servers are back up, I wanted to know if anyone else jumps in from time to time specifically for the story?Nopawsbutton7 20h
22h Battery power strip is it worth it? Ok so my friend had a power blink that fried the power supply on his comp. Ever since I have been thinking of buying a power strip that comes with a chargeable battery that way If they power goes out I will have time to shut down my machine properly. Do you think the cost is worth it because I heard these power strips are pretty costly.Grumbley5 22h
23h Wireless gaming mouse recommendations I am looking for advice on a gaming mouse. After many different iterations, I have finally come up with an acceptable setup to play wow on the couch while my wife watches Netflix. In short, I am remote accessing my PC in the basement over a MacBook, setting it on a handy cushioned lap surface. Plugging my 12 side button razer naga works great, however it's annoying to have to move the naga up and down stairs each time I switch. The cord is also a little annoying while on the couch. I'm looking to buy another mouse so avoid constant up and down the stairs, preferably wireless if possible. The wireless 12 side button naga, however, seems to require that the charging station be wired into the laptop. The whole point for me is to remove the cord, not put it somewhere else! I'm willing to look at other brands, if such a mouse exists with a USB dongle rather than a clunky wire to contend with. Any thoughts? If I can't find one I'll probably just buy another naga and velcro up the wire as much as possible.Khimtorr5 23h
1d Best Intel CPU for Wow / Windows 7? Currently running an I7-3770K overclocked to 4.3 GHz (Normally 3.5) I have to run with graphics mode set to 8 for reasonable FPS. I'm looking to get it up to a solid 60 FPS at full ultra mode anywhere in game. Has anyone accomplished this with current Win7 supported CPU's and air cooling? (I'm using a large fan cooled heat sink and lapped the CPU heat spreader (It was distinctly concave) to get reliable performance at 4.3 GHz) So many choices out there, and I'm wondering if what I want to do is even possible..Fugubar2 1d
1d IDE -> SATA connectors For my ongoing computer build, I had 2-3 old computers laying around and I want to get some of the old data off them (old song ideas, pics, etc). Problem is they're IDE drives. I looked on Newegg and some other searches and the 5-6 products that keep coming up seem great. I mean, it seems like such a simple issue: convert one format to another with a connector. But EVERY review for all of these products are all the same "doesn't work." I noticed that MOST of the reviews are people wanting to actually USE these old IDE drives and they're annoyed with failure rates/ data transmission rates. I don't care about that. I just want it to work for an hour, so I can transfer stuff I want off them, then I'll throw them away. I tried plugging some jump drives into the old PCs, but for whatever reason they don't get recognized (usb version conflict, or Win98 issue, or just old hardware issue). Can anyone recommend a solution for this?Brocknor9 1d
1d Craigslist steal!!! So I was browsing CL today and saw a Ryzen 7 1700 for sale for $200. I didn't want to buy it but I asked what was up. He said he was building a gaming PC and lost his job and needs $200 to get a train to New York where his friend has a job for him. So he also offered me a GTX 1050 to and Corsair vengenace lpx ddr4 memory 2x8 for $300. I declined at first and he offered to go down to $250. I ended up paying him $300 because it didn't feel right. Anywho if you missed my stream, I rebuilt my original ryzen system and managed to OC the CPU and RAM. Below are the specs Ryzen 7-1700 Corsair H100i v2 Asus x370 Pro 4x8GB Corsair vengenace lpx memory (2x8 in the mail) Samsung 960 Evo 250gb nvme SSD Crucial mx300 1tb SSD Corsair 460x w/ 6xSP 120 RGB EVGA G2 550W 80+ Gold PSU EVGA GTX 1080 Hybrid CPU Ratio: 40 Core Voltage: 1.375V SoC Voltage: 1.2V Memory Voltage: 1.35V Memory speed 2933MHz Results: Package Temp: 48*C CPU Wattage: 55w Interestingly enough my Ryzen 5-1600 runs at 1.425V to hit 4GHz hits over 70*C and pulls.more than 100w. And the 1700x at stock pulled nearly 100W and 1.4V at stock.Snaeb3 1d
1d Razer Naga Mouse Problem - Num Lock going off So, those of you that have one should know that on the bottom of the mouse is a switch, containing the options 123 and num. In my case, I use the num option. This allows me to bind my numpad numbers onto the side of the mouse. HOWEVER IN ORDER FOR THIS SETUP TO WORK, NUM LOCK MUST BE ON. (At least for me.) At times, however, IT SEEMS THAT MY NUMLOCK RANDOMLY TURNS ITSELF OFF. This causes a good 12+ of my binds to not work until I notice that num lock magically turned off. Is there some key combination that turns of num lock? Because I know for sure that I am not turning it off on my own accord. Has anyone else had this problem?Stang6 1d
2d poor 4k performance Current PC: CPU - 5930k GPU - Zotac 1080 Ram - 16gb ddr4 2666 Hey guys, experiencing a slight issue. I'm playing without vsync on so my GPU usage is pegged @ 100% like I'd expect it, but my framerate just tanks in certain areas in broken isles, along with raids. If I run NH or EN, if there is more than 10 people in the group or a lot going on, my FPS plummets to below 30. Sitting in Dal I'm at a goo 90-120. I don't even have everything maxed out. Graphics are on high and view distance is set to 7. This isn't a really graphically intensive game so I'm a bit surprised at this poor performance. Any ideas?Chillytouch5 2d
2d Triss or Yennefer? (poss spoilers) With the Witcher Netflix series coming out I decided this would be an interesting topic to discuss with my fellow Witcher fans. Triss of Yennefer who do you think Geralt is better off with and why? I will get the ball rolling. I think Yennefer is the better choice of Geralt because of the that that she is not the kind person she seems to be at first.? If Triss did not know who Geralt was then I would let this slide. However Triss KNEW who Geralt was and KNEW of his relationship with Yennefer. However instead of doing the RIGHT thing and trying to reunite Geralt with Yennefer Triss decided to take advantage of Geralt's memory loss in an attempt to steal him from Yennefer. What Triss did was Low VERY LOW. That is why I think Yennefer is the better choice for Geralt. Feel free to comment below.Frakett0 2d
2d Steam Summer Sale 2017! What is everyone buying? I'm debating on getting Hollow knight. Anything else good besides Shadows of Mordor? and Far Cry? Looking for a neat FPS, indie, Rpg games.Jarthillon5 2d
2d Lenovo Legion 520 vs Asus GL753VE My wife and I have had our Sony Vaio F series laptops for almost 5 years now (i7 2.2ghz chip, GTX540M, 8GB Ram) and all we use them for is WoW (MacBook Pros for normal use). We were in Costco today and saw the titled laptops. I've been looking to get new laptops for us, and as I've researched, the consensus is that WoW really only uses 1 Core and therefore is very dependent on high GHZ CPU's moreso than other games. These 2 laptops both run at 2.8 GHZ with the i7 7700 HQ Chip, and they both have the GTX 1050i 4GB GPU, 16GB RAM, SSD+1TB drives. My question is, which of these 2 should I buy for us, or is there another brand/model I should be looking at in the $1200 range? The Asus is 1200, the Lenovo is 1000. While cost is not really a limiting factor, on principal, I'm just not willing to spend more on 2 laptops we will only use for WoW. Thank you for any suggestions.Latakia8 2d
3d GPU underperforming in Broken Isles It completely starts in stutter in the Broken Isles for no reason. My Computer is a powerhouse, it has top of the line specs, why is this happening?Naturesclaws36 3d
3d New Comp Build I just would like some ideas for a new pc build. All I want to know is the minimum requirements for running WoW on ultra at 30 fps. Maybe a little twitch streaming but that's basically all this build would be used for. Also are their any pre assembled packages made rdy to do this for a reasonable price? Laptops aren't out of the question if they come try to go. No Macs! Lol. Windows only. Thanks for any and all ideas.Vorgol27 3d
3d CPU max load at 30%? At complete max settings and 200% render scale at 1920x1080 I am seeing a average CPU load of 30%. This coincides with a 25-40fps frame rate in Suramar city proper. Is this a normal CPU load? i7-6700k gtx 1070.Kelotheron8 3d
3d Not very good framerate So I recently got a new gpu (MSI GeForce GTX 1060 AERO ITX 6G OC) but the performance in raids in WoW is extremely poor. It works fine in most open worlds (around 50fps on level 7 graphics) but in raids or other crowded area's the framerate is less than 20fps on 50% render scale and level 1 graphics. Current specs: Intel i7 960 @3.20GHz (quad core threaded to eight cores) 24gbs of ram (not sure about which kind of memory) 6TB Raid 6 HD space Windows Server 2012 (the os I used before, changing to Windows 10 soon) If there's any relevant specs I'm missing please tell me cause I'm tired and can't think. So why is the framerate so bad? I'm sure it should run better, being a 1060 that can run Overwatch at 80+ frames on maxed graphics.Pedrius4 3d
4d Blizzard MMO Does anyone ever think we would get a Star Craft MMO obviously similar to WoW's playstyle? I think it would be such an awesome thing being able to travel around space in the Starcraft Universe. What are all your thoughts on this and classes and storylines that could be implemented?Ithreliax28 4d
4d cant play WoW well from external harddrive I was trying to play WoW from my external harddrive since I've run out of room on my SSD and my INTERNAL harddrive isn't letting me install anything at all on it, no matter what, but I freezed horribly for 10 seconds or so at a time each time it happens, and so I went to uninstall it from the laptop (left remnant files on laptop and technically installed on there), and now having to reinstall the entire game on both SSD and external harddrive. someone PLEASE tell me there's a way I can properly play from my external harddrive!Onedrunkmonk9 4d
4d Why does Activision Want to make CoD into Starcraft? I hate Infinite Warfare.Unholyjerk0 4d
5d Deleted post deleted postChikpeas0 5d
6d Command Line I'm having troubles with my system and forgot the command line to open the system monitor tool that sees hard shut downs. I've used it in the past, but completely forgot what it was. It shows a graph of a time line with all hard shut downs. Thanks.Krumbles2 6d
6d Call of Duty WW2 on Since Destiny 2 by activision is coming to, Will we see other games like Call of Duty?Demonseven3 6d
6d IRADDIATE OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY TRAILER #1 FTWITACHI- #IRRADIATE! [ #LETSPLAY #OVERWATCH #POTG #ULTIMATE #GAMEPLAY #TRAILER ] via @YouTube Whatsup everybody, hope you enjoy our first of two trailers for "IRRADIATE" which is going to be an Overwatch Play Of The Game with all heroes using their Ultimate yes that includes Widowmaker and Symmetra :D haha, let me know what you think, stay tuned for our cinematic trailer number two, with this one focusing more on the gameplay aspect!  Got questions hit us up in the comment section and please be sure to check out the description box for all info, #Share #Like #Subscribe #Favorite #YouTube FTWITACHI- #IRRADIATE! [ #LETSPLAY #OVERWATCH #POTG #ULTIMATE #GAMEPLAY #TRAILER ] 6d
Jun 19 What was wrong with Wildstar? I just started the free try, it seem smooth polish and fluid. The combat seems fun, and the voice acting is top notch. Why did people loath it?Phelios22 Jun 19
Jun 19 Please help. I am coming back after losing my computer in a flood back in August. I am looking into buying a new setup. I would consider myself a semi-hardcore player when I was playing. You know not Glad or anything but not a casual player. Always was stuck in the 1900-2k area I guess. With that being said I have in the $1000 dollar range give or take some to spen on a setup. What I would like it to be able to do is run wow at fairly high FPS (50-70+ I assume is high and good performance?) while playing BGs/RBGS/Arena on high settings and streaming dual screen capability if possible. Keep in mind that I literally know nothing about computers and what it takes to get good performance out of them. The only thing I will be using this computer for is WoW, Streaming, Music while streaming. Please give recommendations with links. Everyones input and help would be greatly appreciated. You are welcome to tell me I am bat!@#$ crazy if I am expecting to much performance for too little money and can give me more of a ball park and direction I should be looking to get what I want.Cetroo7 Jun 19
Jun 19 Fun Balloon Popping Game Hey guys, ever heard of Bloons? it's a game where you use monkeys to pop balloons lol have fun :)Gratitude1 Jun 19
Jun 19 May I get some help on a build. I spent the last few days trying to educate myself on computer parts and putting the thing together. Frankly I'm more lost than before. I'm 3 episodes into a 7 part series and feel like I'm going to take a grand mal. I'm embarrassed to say, I don't know f*** all about computers. :| And I could use some help on my first build. I ran into our towns Staples, the 3 laptops they available were 1450$+ That's with out the taxes. After some Googling pretty sure I can build a solid tower for cheaper. I have a budget of 850$ The only game I play is WoW, and I'll be using it for occasional School work. "I have a decent computer screen at least :s" With that budget could I get good game play? The WoW errors now are insane. I'm at 7fps, and anytime there's Green Flames or Lava I crash lol. This computer doesn't meat the minimal requirements any more. If I could get some help "on a build" I would be soo grateful. It would be nice to play the game for the first time near high. WOULD THAT BE POSSIBLE? :O Thank you very very much. <3 Edit: Oh god, thought I should mention Canadian currency.Cribble8 Jun 19
Jun 18 WoW in 3D (Nvidia) Good Evening, I was wondering if anyone has been able to set up WoW:WoD to run in 3D using the Nvidia Glasses. WoW refuses to run in 3D for me. I have tried other games like Diablo 3, Tomb Raider, etc and they all work but WoW just doesn't. Please help!Shydori10 Jun 18
Jun 18 Proud slacker I only get to work from home 2 days a week (if I'm lucky). Most of the time, I'm in the office/ not doing work at home. My new rig has a SSD for the OS and gaming, and a HDD for all my work stuff (spreadsheets, etc). What I noticed is that when I first turn it on/ come out of sleep-mode, I can hear the HDD spinning up. But I'm rarely going to need this. Is there a way to keep the HDD "asleep" until I actually click on Excel or need something off that drive? Kinda defeats the purpose of building a super silent rig, and then RRRrrrrr-WHIIIRRRRRRR every time it starts up. To say nothing of the wear and tear... if I don't need it, don't come on.Brocknor11 Jun 18
Jun 18 GPU upgrade didn't do so much Hey all, I'm in the process of updating my PC since it's been about 3-4 years. I still get decent frame rates in raids, probably in the 18-30 range depending on what's happening. I play pretty casually now and only play WoW. PC Specs: AMD FX-6300 MSI Gaming 970 MB 8GB DDR3 GeForce GTX 750 TI Today I picked up and installed an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G to replace my lower end and aging 750 Ti, assuming it would give me the biggest upgrade potential. While it's definitely an improvement, I feel like the results are lackluster for the ~$300 I spent on the card. I'm going to guess that the CPU is a bottleneck. I've been eyeing the i5 7600k and LGA1151 MB of some kind with some DDR4 RAM as the next purchase. Would it have made more sense for WoW to do the CPU first?Rendishen24 Jun 18
Jun 17 Advertising Destiny 2 on Launcher Doesn't Blizzard realize that by advertising this game on their launcher they are saying it meets their quality standards? I hope that it actually meets Blizzards quality, b/c otherwise they are endorsing a poor product and Blizzard should never do so... Comments? Oh, and it's not like they need more money...Lightandsalt3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Destiny 2 to have PS4-exclusive content So in other words, Blizzard secured an arrangement whereby those of us who buy the game and play it via the Blizzard platform (aka will get less content for the same price as those who buy it on console. I guess that's just the way these things go anymore, but if Blizzard wanted to impress the gaming industry as a stand-up company they ought to pull support for Destiny 2 until the content is released for all platforms (or at least until the PC version is not locked out of any exclusives).Lorinall14 Jun 17
Jun 16 Razer Chroma Integration Hello, I currently play WoW the most of any games that I play. I set up my first rig last year with a coworker. I have a Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse and a Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I hadn't played Blizzard's other games since getting this set up. I tried Overwatch during the Free Play weekend and noticed the integration and really liked it. I also started playing Diablo again, and noticed the integration and have enjoyed the Witchdoctor class. Long story short, are there any plans for a World of Warcraft Official Integration like Overwatch and Diablo? If there are no plans (i really hope there are), does anyone have a Chroma Set up they love and would be willing to share? Maybe something role or class specific? Thank you for your time and reading this!Skittleshot1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Intel Core i3-6006U Processor My son is purchasing a laptop, on a budget of course. I know i3 is not good for ultra mode, he's not interested in ultra mode though. He just wants a beginning pc, that can play wow and some steam games. Will this suffice for basic game play on wow? I use an AMD my self and run my wow game, sufficiently enough to at least get some raids done. I would like some helpful advise on the i3 or should he get something with an i 5? I may be convinced to upgrade to i5 myself. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, in advance!!! I'm tech savvy myself, but want to clarify my thoughts on i 3 vs i 5 and AMD processors. I've been on wow since vanilla, and this is the first upgrade PC wise, that we have done as a family. So, we're super excited Lol thanks for the advice that anyone can give...;)Sáydie12 Jun 16
Jun 15 Need a new PC My Laptop is beginning to show its age and I need to replace. I want to go with a desktop and know nothing about PC parts, etc. I need some recommendations. I want to be able to play WoW on ultra settings, and be able to be in 40+ raids on max frames with no issues. Not on a budget and want to get my money's worth. Any recommendations? Also, I don't build I want an already custom made desktop. Thank you.Farlo8 Jun 15
Jun 15 Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Announced ...huh. I'd like to say I saw that coming, and I kinda saw that coming, but... ...didn't see that coming.Dreadfury2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Intel's new Video Game? Gotta admit, it's funny af!Snaeb0 Jun 15
Jun 15 HIYA - issues with ingame screen changes Just bought a new Razer blade pro 2017, and im experincing an odd issue where the loading screen and sometimes the screen in general will do odd things like the entire screen moves down as if im switching to another window or the loading screen changes colors - to a blue hue in this case or the screen just shakes a little. Its somewhat annoying but if anyone knows what might be the cause of this . Here are a list of specs, 17.3” THX Certified 4K UHD G-SYNC, 16:9 ratio, 3840 x 2160, with capacitive multi-touch NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 (8GB GDDR5X VRAM) Overclocked Quad-Core 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7820HK Processor with Hyper-Threading 2.9GHz / 3.9GHz / 4.3GHz (Base/Turbo/Overclock) 32GB dual-channel memory (DDR4, 2667MHz)Madpotato0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Can this Laptop run WoW without fps lag? I'm about to leave for vacation soon and I came across this HP laptop for $200 at Target, on sale now for $180 that I want to purchase for my trip and I was wondering if it can run WoW in Very Low graphics without any fps lag? The CPU is an AMD E2-7110 Quad-Core @ 1.8 ghz and the Graphics card is a Radeon R2. Here's the link to the Target page: I've been watching videos of the laptop running LoL, World of Tanks, and CS:GO well in low graphics so I was wondering if WoW could do the same?Arandene2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Ark: Survival Evolved So I've been playing some Ark: Survival Evolved. Nothing like wow. But sometimes I really think it would be excellent if wow had a similar but wowified housing system. Where you build your own house, segment by segment. You gather the mats to make a floor, walls, walls with doorway, walls with windows, staircases etc, and you learn mats as you level up. How could this translate into wow? Well, I kind of just had a thought. You have an instanced neighbourhood with its own chat so there's some forced socialisation there. Around the world they have quarries of different stones, some mud pits for terracotta and some forests you can mine for wood and scrapyards for metals. That gets you enough to build a house. Then any furniture or decorations are patterns that you can loot or buy, and as a skill (not profession) you can build it once you have enough mats which can also be gathered and looted from mobs. So yeah. Personally, the majority of assets and textures I would want are already in game. That, and it should look like wow and blend in. Was just thinking that if you were interested in having a house playing the game could be considered a treadmill/grind for your house while you get loot while you're there, or if you're not interested then you can ignore it. Kind of like how you don't have to collect pets but they're in game. Just a thought. But I know wow will probably never have player housing. Just thought some sort of creativity would be nice, and something extra to do. Then again the topic's been done to death and it's a firm no from Blizzard.Tumindie0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Leveling in FF14 VS WoW Before I begin I want to note a few things: - This is not which is better, both are amazing games. - This is an off topic-ish discussion but it does follow the TOS to my knowledge and discusses WoW. - This is as indifferent and logical as possible and not some blabbery of how one or the other is so much more is amazing than the other. - I have played WoW for 2 years and I've started leveling on FF14 and will update this. - This only has theories about endgame but I will update this or make a new forum to include it once I get there in Final Fantasy 14 however, I've gotten very far into endgame in Legion. Now with this in mind let me begin: Both games as I said are amazing and have their cons and pros, and I personally have strongly wondered which is better for me and not in general because news flash, neither is. It depends on you. A very quick summary of the cons and pros of each for those who dont like to read. WoW: Story 9/10 FF14: Story 11/10 Walking/waiting while leveling annoyance: (Higher is worse.) WoW: 10/10 DPS Dungeon ques while leveling on average: 20-40 minutes FF14: 1/10 (There almost is none.) DPS Dungeon ques while leveling on average: 15 minutes tops no matter your level. 8 minutes on average. The rest below is very long and detailed due to the very technical nature however, you can easily see my rating for each. You may skip below if you feel content with what i've shared. Graphics: WoW: 8/10 though it may be hardware intensive for some, this is often because of the extra rendered irrelevant and barely noticeable pixelation. Since they cannot completely refine the graphics engine because they'd have to tear it apart, they simply add more flora, render the pixelation more, and refine the edges. Like MSAA. This does not really improve graphics too noticeably and uses a ton of graphics processing power for mostly irrelevant stuff. FF14: 10/10 with a completely refined and updated graphics engine that can last like WoW for decades, and also with the debatably annoying conjunctions set as parts of a mini zone, (For instance, if you want to go to a different zone, it has to load it, and you are in a sense, in a bunch of mini zones that have to constantly be loaded and can be very annoying if you dont have at least an Hybrid Hard Drive.) If you have an SSD the loading time is at most 5 seconds and not a problem. Since their graphics engine is updated, it is able to create flora, characters, equipment, etc with a graphics rendering system that is less intensive and much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, due to the small mini-zones and many loading screens, they are able to enhance their graphics dramatically without it taking too much of a hit on your computer, making Final Fantasy not only easier on weaker GPUs but also more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, on the lowest settings it can run at 60 fps on a very weak 200 dollar laptop and still look amazingly beautiful. On the other hand, on a 200 dollar laptop for WoW you'll find you cannot run at 60 FPS on the lowest settings, you'd be lucky to get 30 and it looks terrible, this is due to technical stuff that you probably wont understand. However, keep this in mind, just because your graphics card is being used more intensively doesn't mean it's going to be more aesthetically pleasing. There are many factors to this such as how the game's engine is rendering its graphics and how updated the game's engine is and if the engine is brand new or not. WoWs engine as you know is very, very old, to make up for this, they render graphics at a much higher rate which is very GPU intensive and not very aesthetically pleasing compaired to other much newer engines. However, WoW has done an amazing job keeping their engine as 'brand new' looking as possible. Endgame: To be continued, I am currently leveling in Final Fantasy and I know this is a very, very big deal and from my research, I can conclude theoretically that the PVE in FF14 is better but the PVP is in beta stage kind of mediocre. However, PVP and PVE in WoW are very well done and though PVE in WoW may not be as good, the PVP makes up for it. So if you like PVP go to WoW, its your endgame... umm game. Go to FF14 for PVE. If you like both PVE and PVP? Well both might just be for you. The PVP in FF14 may be in its beginning stages, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Long explaination: WoW: Story: It completely feels optional. Though it may feel optional, lately with Legion it has made you slowly begin to enjoy the story sooo much more. The story is in depth if you choose to read it but honestly, it may be in depth, it is often repeated as you will find many characters referenced in long past expansions. Which makes it feel... Well, unnecessary to follow. FF14: Story: 10/10 and completely feels necessary, though it absolutely isn't. There is a lot of reading in the story and a lot of very colorful side quests that will feel very meaningful and give many characters that seem irrelevant, personalities. The whole game feels so alive as you do quests and all the characters will have a personal effect on you. For me when I saw some creatures in trouble and as they gave me their quests, I began to really enjoy hearing their stories and felt an affection for them, especially the Sylphs, adorable creatures I might add. Keep in mind, if you do not like reading a lot then I'd rate this a 2/10 for you. Because of how strongly you will feel to read this beautiful story and believe me, it's worth it. It's like reading a book that you are inside. Walking/waiting simulator: Yes, this is a very, very huge factor, nobody likes mindlessly walking, especially when leveling, nor does anyone like standing around doing nothing waiting for ques. WoW: Very bad at walking/waiting simulation while leveling. Rating: 2/10 Que times are often 20-40 minutes for DPS. Quests take a loooong time to do, especially for first timers, and there is a ton of walking. You'll even sometimes find yourself lost trying to get to a certain area as a first timer sometimes spending hours figuring out how to get there only to have leveled beyond that area doing/waiting for dungeons by the time you figured it out. Final Fantasy 14: Amazing and very nicely done. Rating: 11/10 Very, very little walking, you can teleport instantly to your quests which takes seconds if you have an SSD. Loading screens can be annoying if you have an HD but still lots of less walking and waiting. Que times for DPS is at max 15 minutes no matter your level due to level syncing and only needing 2 DPS and shorter dungeons. FF14 has fixed a lot of leveling problems WoW had with waiting or walking around boringly which nobody rationally likes. At 20 you get a mount which makes things even faster, you absolutely will not be walking around and looking for your quest, nor mindlessly doing something while questing. It all feels amazing and story driven and very, very little waiting. I've not waited or walked for more than 2 minutes so far and I'm pretty far in. On the other hand with WoW i've spend over 2 hours just trying to find a !@#$ing area. Or I've spent on average just walking 10 minutes around for questing. Note: Do only the main quest, do not do side quests on your first run in FF14. The main quest is for leveling your first job, the side quests are for leveling the others. You'll get to them, be patient. Oh and they are not some boring side quests too, at least not generally. Level Syncing: In Final Fantasy virtually everything meaningful can be level synced and still make your ilevel not feel irrelevant. You'll find if you have a higher ilevel or a lot of rare gear, you will do better than those you synced with that has worse gear. Best part is the level syncing is well done and works on virtually everything, however, it also makes the game a bit grindy, easy, and tedious. Dying or having a challenge is very minimal. Rating: 6/10 In World of Warcraft only the Broken Isles can be level synced and that is even done better, you will find that having a higher ilevel is a huge deal and even with a good ilevel as you level, you will find yourself in many challenging situations if you are careless and you will die. It will happen. At this stage you should have a challenge however so you can learn how to do heroic raids/mythic keystone dungeons. Also it helps you to understand why you shouldn't PULL THAT %^-*ING SEAGULL OR BREAK THAT !@#$ING EGG YOU SON OF A- *Ehem* excuse me for that outburst. Rating: 10/10 So keeping this all in mind which is better in general for leveling? Neither, both are good depending on who you are. However, if you like PVE and only PVE Final Fantasy is probably for you. Also, believe me, you will love not having to make multiple characters, also, leveling is a lot faster in FF14 even with the heirlooms and such in WoW. This is because of the faster que times, level syncing, faster quest completions, and you also get exp boost equipment which games up to around 70 percent (I think) and in this game that's huge. In my honest and completely opinionated opinion, I think leveling in Final Fantasy 14 is waaaay better in so many ways than WoW. They seem to have just said, "What is WoW doing wrong and how can we do it better." and they did indeed do it better. Leveling wise at least. I feel like this game so far at first look is so much better than WoW. I remember 4 years ago when I first started WoW. The leveling was just annoying, so annoying I nearly quit but here... it's so amazing. Unlike in WoW, I don't want to leveling in this game to end or at least the quests, they are just so in depth. Also, the community in FF14 is very, very kind. Way kinder than WoW, I'm sorry but this is just plainly true simply because in FF14 you can get rewarded for being kind, you get mounts, pets, and many other things with player commendations. You get these at the end of a raid/dungeon. They mean a lot. However, being kind in WoW gives you absolutely no reward and often just winds up getting you trolled. Especially in high level Raids or Dungeons. People are afraid to speak in raids because they dont want to get kicked because we all know that's all it takes. Thanks to assistant raid leaders. Also, on that note, it's sooo easy to be mean or to kick someone in WoW. Assistant raid leaders are often given to all the tanks or the entire party especially in guild runs so if a single person doesn't like you even slightly they can kick you whenever they want, so let's say you are on the last boss and call out someone who wasn't doing what they should who was a tank and wiped us, well surprise! That guys just kicked you and now you gotta either do an entire raid over or find one on the last boss like you, enjoy. On the other hand, while leveling in FF14 I've never come accross this problem but admittedly i've yet to do high level raids or dungeons. However, I have leveled 4 alts and I know what it's like to level. Lets just say FF14 certainly has a nicer community. Well that's my long drawn out input on this matter, thanks if you read all this, I really hope this does make someone decide to try out FF14 because I assure you, you wont regret it if you give it a decent chance.Jocundbeast77 Jun 15