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3h Laptop help Hey guys, I need a little help here. My girlfriend is picking me up a laptop for Christmas so I can play games (particularly WoW) on the go & while at work during slow times. I don't want her to break the bank account so I'm trying to search for something very affordable. Something around the $300> price range would be ideal. I did as much research as my laptop knowledge would allow & the best item I could find is this one from Amazon... According to the listing, the specs of the Laptop are: - Processor: 2MHz Core i3-550 (title says 5th Gen Intel Core i3-5005U 2.00GHz) - RAM: 6GB SDRAM DDR3 - Hard drive: 1TB HDD 5400 rpm - Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Graphics coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce (model not specified) What do you guys think? Would this laptop be capable of playing WoW with the above specs? A few things to note are that I am fully comfortable with playing WoW & getting only 20fps while on the most minimal settings & with the sound disabled. The only window I will have up will be WoW so there will be zero multitasking involved. Essentially, this laptop will be strictly for playing WoW (and *possibly* some other Blizzard games). No raiding will be done, only quests, PvE, professions, etc. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.Mikenator7 3h
4h RX 480 vs GTX 1060 freesync Im getting a lg34um67 ultrawide with freesync (2560x1080). I'm not sure which video card to buy...i know the rx 480 supports freesync and nvidia does not. however i heard some negative things about an amd gpu playing wow... right now im running evga gtx 760 sc 4gb. my current moniter is set to 75hz refresh rate. ive been using nvidia control panel to use adaptive sync with the moniter and it seems to work pretty well. so im wondering whether i can do the same with a new 1060 or should i just grab a 480 and go for the freesync? 4690k I5 MSI z97 Krait Edition mobo 16gb crucial ballistx evga gtx 760 sc 4gbValorek1 4h
4h GTX 1060 / GTX 1070 - max settings? For those who have either of these video cards, what settings are you able to play on and at what frame rate? If you want to include resolution, monitors, or any other useful info, that'd be helpful also. I'm currently on a GTX 570 (February 2012). Looking to upgrade on Cyber Monday. GPU: GTX 570 CPU: i7-5820k 3.30 GHz Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Edit: Added CPU and resolution specsFeridius13 4h
8h Laptop low budget I'm looking to buy a laptop for a friend who plays wow. Don't want to spend too much. It doesn't matter if the settings have to be on low. As they already are playing on low. Please suggest laptops that would work.Rosettene3 8h
8h Is gfx card dying? Currently have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti and while I'm sure most would call it a very old card, it runs the game fine. However, what I've recently noticed is that when it DOES run the game fine, I can hear the cooling fan running. It's quiet enough, but I can hear it. ...and the I'll notice the game not performing so well. Very slow responsiveness ... and I'll notice that the I don't hear the fan anymore. I would call that normal for when I close Warcraft. If I'm just reading web pages, I never hear the gfx card working (I wouldn't expect it). But does the game dynamically determine that it doesn't need as much juice in a certain area and the card throttles down? That seems unlikely to me. Wouldn't this just mean the card is getting ready to fail? Curious for feedback.Brocknor3 8h
9h 1060 vs 480 Which is best?Infekshun2 9h
10h New computer My laptop I've been playing wow on finally clunked out last night with a black screen of death. Won't boot up in any way. I'm really low with a budget and will likely get a used laptol/desktop for the time being. Just to run the game on Low everything with 20-30 fps what would I need MINIMUM: I'm not a computer tech person. Minimum hard drive space GHZ speed Will a i5 work?Syraitha3 10h
10h Audio shutting off when I type After I got the razer naga suddenly while in Skype and playing wow my mic would stop working. Tried different mouse and doesn't fix the problem. Doesn't seem to happen when just in Skype or just in wow and using bnet voice chat. Any suggestions?Snoww0 10h
13h mouse randomly cut off one day.. So I'm currently using the Steelseries Sensei, and one day while playing the mouse just shut off and i got the error message "the last device you connected has malfunctioned" i fixed my replugging the mouse, but ever since then its gotten worse and worse. Now it wont stay on for more then 3 seconds without shutting off completely. i've tried moving the mouse to other USB ports to no avail. my razor keyboard works flawlessly in all usb ports with no errors. i've tried updating drivers, i've also tried various youtube videos that claim to fix the issue and nothing. could my mouse just be flat broken? is there something els that i can try? please help =(Elerooze1 13h
13h Recommend specs for ultra settings? What specs would everyone recommend as minimum for WoW these days to run with the setting up to ultra and still run very smooth while in raids? Getting ready to build one and want to at least that covered :)Symplicity21 13h
14h First PC Build Hey everyone, Looking to put together my first gaming PC build. This is the build I have in mind at the moment: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor Asus H170 PRO GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB SC GAMING Video Card NZXT H440 Designed by Razer™ ATX Mid Tower Case EVGA 850W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Asus MX259H 25.0" 1920x1080 60Hz Monitor I know this build is not designed with overclocking in mind. I don't really believe I would have a use for it, or bother with it at all for that matter. So my question is: Is this build adequate enough to get some good performance out of WoW? Any suggestions are welcome. I'm just looking for some advice before putting down the money on parts.Cryogenica11 14h
14h Best PC games of all time. >In this tread we discuss our top five favorite PC titles of all time. Number 5 Halo It was the first game that got me hooked into FPS gaming with it's amazing single-player campaigns and wide selection of weapons. Number 4 Call of Duty 2 Great campaigns, player vs player maps and wicked weapons. My favorites being the MP44, Gewehr 43 and the M1 carbine. Number 3 Oregon Trail The first PC game I ever played in elementary school, that was fun, challenging and made you hope you'd never get dysentery... Number 2 World of Warcraft What can be side that hasn't already been said, with it's beautiful world zones and questing it'll keep you hooked as well as drain your debit card. And number 1 Battlefield 2 The first game I played that allowed me to direct the actions of over 30 other players, and use a wide variety of tools. Such as Artillery, UAV's and Satellite scan. And a honorable mention* Battlefield Vietnam Fun player vs player, and great maps such as Landing Zone Albany and Operation Hastings; and of course kick !@# ROCK N ROLL music.Meiji78 14h
18h Pokemon Sun and Moon Figure I make a forum listing for this. I got my copy of moon today :D. Starter will be Rowlette...or however it's spelled. Feel free to post experiences and moments here....just make spoiler earnings of course.Flaya25 18h
1d How often do you upgrade your computer? When do you guys think is a good time to upgrade? I've been mulling over on when would be a good time to start upgrading my computer, but as it stands it's met and exceeded my gaming needs. I play mainly Blizzard games and as such have had no issues with playing everything at max settings. Aside from Blizzard when I do dabble in other titles I have no problems playing them at max or close to max settings as well. I know there are a lot of folks out there that like to upgrade to the newest and greatest thing, but I'm more moderate when it comes to things like that. So I was just curious as to how often do you guys upgrade, and what do you base your decisions on? Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with, the basics of my build consist of a Gtx 970, i5 3570k, and 16gb of Ram. I've had the core of this build (the cpu and mb) for over 3 years now, and I have upgraded the gpu, ram, and power supply within that time period.Nopawsbutton9 1d
1d Laptop Advice For Secondary WOW Play I need advice on what laptop I should buy that I will still be able to play World of Warcraft with. Basically, I want to buy a laptop for approximately $600. I know that will not get me a laptop to play WOW at its best but I have a desktop computer for that. I already need a new laptop as mine is from 2006 and I need a new laptop. I am not going to play WOW on this laptop all the time; I just want to make sure it still will play WOW at least at its 2 or 3 graphic setting. This will be used when I travel mostly on any trips to see family like I will be doing soon for Christmas. I want to be able to still be able to play WOW when I visiting family at night when I have nothing else to do. So any suggestions on a decent laptop on Amazon or Fry's or Best Buy or where ever that's about $600 or so? I cannot go $700 but I can go a little bit over $600. Please let me know.... Thank you...Alliri1 1d
1d GPU is that okay if i use gtx 1060 3Gb ddr5 for 32 inches FULL HD monitor for max setting and not dropping below 60 fps in raids?Mamaminozz2 1d
1d 32" Widescreen or 34" Ultrawide Considering only World of Warcraft game play, general usage (internet, music, etc), and reasonable pricing, I've narrowed it down to the following: 34" Ultrawide 1080p 32" Widescreen 1444(p?) I currently have a 27" widescreen at 1080p and it's great, but I still want some more real estate. Although I feel like the ultrawide would be more immersive, I can't get past the fact that it's simply going to add more horizontal pixels/inches, since it's essentially the exact same size vertically as the 27". Also, the 34" at 1080p wouldn't improve the resolution. Does anyone have any anecdotes or has anyone tried both of these options? Does the 34" ultrawide feel larger than the 27" widescreen? Or does it only feel wider? Is wider worth it for World of Warcraft? Does it add anything of substance? Thanks!Arsisx6 1d
2d Was the gay character in Overwath revealed? I heard in blizzcon that one char that was gay would be officially revealed sometime later but i didnt follow up? Did they announce it? Pls be Winston, he is so cuuuuuteee :333Rãlphe16 2d
2d Insane rhythm game I don't really know if I can describe it. You're a space bettle flying through Pink Floyd album covers, and the resulting gameplay is like someone took Audiosurf, added weapons and obstacles, then gave you synesthasia while you're playing it. It gets absolutely nuts. I'm trying to find a better way to play it than with an Xbox controller though. The design of the Xbox controller buttons absolutely kills your thumb with this game. I just wish I could use a Gamecube controller. That huge A button would help immensely. Using keyboard for now.Vralok0 2d
2d Laptop that will run WoW smoothly >>Help<< Hey guys! Okay, so the laptop I had for the past 4 years finally gave out on me, the motherboard decided to go (As I believe it was the issue) and i'm in need for a new laptop, i'm willing to spend around 500-700$ Canadian, i'm not expecting it to run ultra with 100 fps but enough to gold farm/casual game play (I always wanted to raid but the laptop had some fps issues during this so I decided to not) I have come across a few ones I've been looking at and curious if anyone has suggestions or thoughts on my choices, also what fps would you expect it to run the game at? ^^This one is more then I would really like to spend, I wont take anything really less than a 15.6 inch screen, I'm hoping for an i7 (or i5? does it really matter much or is it more than the graphics card?) and I have seen that you can run WoW with around 60 fps on high/ultra with a 840m nvidia graphics card, I don't know much about other graphics cards and whats good or not... So any help will be great thank you !Fyp0 2d
2d Is this overkill or reasonable spec for WoW? Hello guys, I'm planing to buy a new computer, I have planed a custom build. I am so noob, so I need some help I want to play WoW in FHD, 60~ FPS in any circumstance (include raids and maybe even battle grounds), at Ultra or close to it. WoW will be my most spec required, and most played game. (rest will be LoL, CS GO) And I won't likely to upgrade it for years. If possible, I want to reduce as much as budget I can. PSU: Antec VP-600P 600W CPU: i5-6600 M.B: ASRock B150 Gaming K4 RAM: 16GB (8GB x 2) DDR4 3000MHz GPU: GTX 1060 6GB (Gigabyte windforce OC, since it seems the cheapest :P) Memory: 275GB SSD (Crucial MX300) 1TB HDD Any advice relate to my build, It will be appreciated.Manamana5 2d
3d Wow alternatives I need a break from wow, can anyone recommend a viable mmo alternative, like swtor, final fantasy, rift, black desert, elder scrolls online etc, preferably something that has an active and growing population ?Furrballs6 3d
4d New MMO Gaming Mouse Help Hey guys! I recently bought a Havit HV-MS735 mouse ( and I'm having trouble getting it to cooperate with the addon Clique. As you know, Clique uses mouse over macros to cast spells onto target frames or players. I can't seem to get the programmable buttons to work with clique. Anyone have a clue on what to do? I have the mouse driver/hardware installed.Sqwaat1 4d
4d Corsair Scimitar Does anyone recommend this mouse? the Scimitar looks pretty promising. Looking for something else with the 12 buttons on the side that's not a Razer Naga (Went through 4 of them in 3 years).Goboomsucka10 4d
4d Question for Assassin's Creed players Hi all - I took a long break from Assassin's Creed and am just coming back. When I last played, I seemed to recall that UbiSoft had added an online "career tracker" that showed you your completion percentage across all Assassin's Creed games. Now, unfortunately, I can't remember where that is or how to find it Can anybody please help me find this or remind me where it is? ThanksIshfire0 4d
4d Guzzlord from Pokemon... Anybody else think that it looks like a fusion of Yogg-Saron and HFC Gorefiend?Melithiria0 4d
4d fps drop out of nowhere I bought this computer a little over a week ago (dell inspiron,i7, gtx 960m) for a while i was able to play on ultra with no real problems while questing around and in a couple bgs and what not. Ive backed it down to 5/10 (recomended) graphics thinking i would then never have to worry about fps or anything but now im getting around 20-30 fps everywhere and sometimes less and it gets choppy. What happened?Petejonez2 4d
4d Need a new pc for WoW I need a new pc and want to buy a reliable prebuild as opposed to building my next pc. I have built pc's in the past and as fun and satisfying as it was, I am not steady of hand enough anymore to trust myself to the task. I am disabled so I can't get one that will break the bank. Any suggestions or recommendations will rock. Thanks in advance for yall's help.Thundersuck6 4d
5d best monitor for WOW I have a decent video card, Nvidia GTX 970 (according to dxdiag it has 12GB RAM). Am currently using a VGA flat screen monitor. Would I get a better, more impressive picture if I switched to an HDMI or DVI display? Is max resolution of a potential new monitor an issue? How do I get the best display? Thanks for any help. I'm fairly computer literate but when it comes to video displays I'm realizing just how little I know. I see CPU has come up in another thread, so let me edit that in. I have an intel core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (8 CPUs)Thérapeutic13 5d
5d 21:9 3440x1440 vs 2560x1080 I need advice from experts in choosing which monitor I should choose to buy. Both of them are 34" Ultrawide Monitors with FreeSync capability with same response time on IPS panel. (i) Cost(money) is not an object (ii) I consider myself hardcore PvPer and casual PvE raider (iii) Other issues are not object here (1) 2560x1080 (1080p aka Full HD), 144Hz vs (2) 3440x1440 (1440p aka Ultra WQHD), 60Hz Key Questions: Since I consider myself hardcore PvPer, 144Hz should be my choice. But do you really benefit from 144Hz in Arenas and BGs? I know higher refresh rates can actually make you perform better in FPS but does it really make a big difference in Arenas and BGs? Does WoW look better on 3440x1440 compared to 2560x1080? I don't see both resolutions in the list of supported native resolutions in video settings of WoW. Does that mean what I see on screen will be scaled down to the native resolutions supported by WoW and therefore what you see on 3440x1440 is identical to 2560x1080? FYI, 1920x1080(Wide) is the native resolution with maximum number of pixels that are supported by WoW.Holy19 5d
5d Final Fantasy XV? Is it worth the money or should I wait to get it used?Amaer6 5d
5d Brand which is the best brand for graphic cards .... which is better Nvidia or Raedon ? Which brands are better MSI or ASUS or palit or gigabyte or anythingelse u want to recommend ? Have a nice dayMamaminozz3 5d
5d Logitech gaming software issues I haven't been able to play certain games lately due to my G600 mouse being a pain in the rear. I've been using the gaming software for the past year or so, but recently it has been causing my computer a lot of problems. It would blue screen my computer almost immediately after start-up. Uninstalling through safe mode had fixed the issue, but then I learned I wasn't the only one going through that. Has anyone else been going through this? I'm sorely tempted to switch brands if this keeps up because I'm unable to keybind solely to my keyboard.Wirenth1 5d
6d WOW for 4k resolution (27'') which spec is good for max setting wow? my spec of PC is 6th gen CPU i5, MSI gaming M7 motherboard, GTX 960 2GB .. which do i need to upgrade if i want to play with 4k resolution? thanks guys Have a nice day!Mamaminozz15 6d
6d Question about my PC i7-6700 3.4GHz 16.3G of RAM which I think is 2TB AMD Radeon R9 200 Series 10G Video Card Memory 2TB Hard Drive Not overly technical or sure about this kinda thing. On my phone so I can't remember my exact PC specs right now but wanted to get this post up right away. When I first got it I could have at least 5 streams up and 10 different YouTube tabs. After about 6 months I noticed that I get wicked stream lag having multiple open. It didn't used to be a problem. I've had it for a year now and I can play most games max quality. Why does it do this? Video card? I know that I can stream at good quality as well. I opened up the MoBo and it wasn't dusty, my RAM wasn't loose (heard that it can happen) and my fans run like normal. What do I need to do to make it run smoother? A fan? Cooling system? New card? Could it be my Internet? I didn't think it was because I get 40 ms in game so I feel my connection is good or I couldn't stream either whether it be games or movie streaming. Edited for proper PC specsSixfootgiant14 6d
6d Razer Blade with a GTX 1060 - Worth it? Hey all, so right now I'm playing WoW off of my late 2013 Macbook Pro which I got while I was still a sophomore in college, now that I'm out, and my warranty is about to expire, it's about time for me to invest in looking for a new computer. So, while i love macOS, I simply have no desire to get one of the newer computers, the switch from NVIDIA to Radeon, as well as the swearing-by of USB-C ports turns me off big time from the laptop and while it's a great machine, its simply not for me. My current laptop has an Nvidia 750m, and the switch from OpenGL to Metal has made the game feel smoother at the cost of some FPS, and it's becoming a bit annoying. With that being said, the Macbook Pro has basically forced upon me a love of small and compact form factors, and that's a huge selling point for my next computer, and the only one I've found that doesn't look like trash is the Razer Blade. So my question is, for the 2k it's worth (1800 for me b/c of student discount + 512 SSD), is it a good machine? All of the reviews I've watched have painted it as a pretty good computer, and it packs of a lot of punch for its size. Another thing I've enjoyed about Apple products is that their warranty can't be beat, but seeing as I have a local MSOFT store, they offer a pretty generous warranty for the Blade, which is really leaning me towards this laptop. Going from a 15.4 inch screen to a 14 inch is going to take some getting used to, but I think its a sacrifice I could be willing to make. Do any of you guys use the Blade? How do you like it, how well does WoW run with a 1060?Cirez7 6d
6d The reason I stopped playing SWTOR Maintenance day is the perfect time to revisit games we took a brake from. One of my favorites was SWTOR. I say "was" because it's so poorly optimized that I need to redownload the entire game every time I launch it if I stay away for too long. That's 3 or 4 hours long. Sorry but no thank you. And I can't even discuss this on their forums, only paid members can post. Today I removed the game from my computer. So long SWTOR, we had some good times.Samasha17 6d
6d WTB Desktop, Recommendations Please? I'm in the market for a Desktop. I don't want to build one. I missed Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. I'm a derp. Can you recommend a Computer that will run WOW out of the box with minimal fuss and be relatively future proof? (IE last me a while). For about 800 or less? I'm partial to Best Buy, because I could just pick up from a physical store.Hellmans6 6d
6d Can I play with 60+ FPS with these specs? Hey all, So I recently got myself an early Xmas gift of an Alienware 15 r3, and I was wondering if I could push reliable gameplay running at maxed out settings, I've seen benchmarks of doom at near max and that game runs very smoothly, so I'm wondering what I can hit.. specs are as follows down below 15.6 Gsync 1080p display GTX 1070 16 gigs 2667 MHz RAM 256 gig PCIe SSD (might upgrade to an M.2 at a later date) 2.6 GHz 6700HQ i7 processor I actually managed to pick this up for a really good deal after haggling a Dell sales rep, so hopefully I don't get issues with it, but with those specs how well do you anticipate the game playing?Kevin1 6d
6d Worth upgrading CPU? Black Friday sale. Current CPU: Intel i5-4670K Target CPU: Intel i7-6700K This would require switching entire Mobo, RAM, HSF and cost about $600 with the Black Friday sales. When I run WoW at full 10 ultra / 4k... I get anywhere between 30fps - 60fps. When the FPS drops to about 40, my GPU shows being used 93%, CPU Cores are between 30%/30%/45%/70%. The question is, will the upgrade boost my FPS in this kind of scenario, or in general? Or am I being bottlenecked by the GPU. I have my sights set on the 1080Ti when it comes out, would it be better to just save money for that or will i get a significant FPS increase?Harkonnenn10 6d
6d Anyone Buy Skyrim Remastered? And what did you think? I might go PC this time...(Got it for XBOX1 5 ? years ago)Pharsalus4 6d
Dec 2 Razer update, can't run WoW Had this issue when I first got my blackwidow chroma keyboard and mouse. When I hit play on the battle net launcher WoW instantly crashes before the window can even open. I fixed this once and it had something to do with razer synapse but now I can't figure it out. i dont want to have to turn off synapse and turn it back on when im playing every time. I feel like im not making any sense but if anybody experiences the same as me I'd love some help :''(Kadaashi1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Help with RAM Please! Hey guys, on Black Fri I got a new humble little PC as a knock around for my office and I wanna upgrade my RAM, but I wanna be certain I am getting the right thing. Here is a screenshot of what I am running: ^^As you can see it aint much. Now this is what the MOBO's manual says I can run: I wanna do 16gigs. Can someone *please* tell me what's the best I can get. I am shopping here: ^^Am I on the right track? What should I buy for the most powerful upgrade to 16gigs?Florence18 Dec 2
Dec 2 I'm looking for a Cyber Week deal Not as computer-savvy as I used to be, was wondering if a kind soul could recommend a $600 or less machine that would play WoW at a pretty decent setting? Was looking at this one --> ... but I can't help thinking Walmart isn't necessarily the best place to buy a computer.Tehachapi7 Dec 2
Dec 2 Only able to run game on low I have an MSI GE62 2qd apache pro and in order to get smooth gameplay i have to reduce the legion settings to 1/10, which is everything at the absolute lowest. This way I get an average of about 100 FPS when running around solo in a zone with no one else around. I was under the impression a 960m (while not the best graphics card) would be able to at least do a 5/10 on the graphics scale with consistent gameplay. When I tried to increase it to that amount the gameplay is very choppy and I get around 30fps when mobile. Anyone have any thoughts on why this could be happening? Maybe theres a setting somewhere that'll fix the problem? The laptop runs at about 90 degrees celsius when in-game but I looked that up and they said it was normal for this laptop.Reroc3 Dec 2
Dec 2 Underwelming FPS with R9 280x So I just bought a few upgrades for my PC so i could start raiding But My FPS didn't Improve at all. I was getting about 20 FPS on "good" with my old set up. the Weird thing is when i tryed lowering the settings from "good" to "low" I only gained like 5 FPS. AMD Athlon x3 2.1Ghz 3Gb DDR2-667 RAM nVidia 610 Video Card 7200RPM HDD Well I saved up some money and decided to get some new hardware. I got 4 extra Gigs of RAM so now i have 6GBs and a r9 280x Video card well i can now play the game on ultra and get 20 FPS or go down to low and get 35 FPS In comparison my roommate just build a new PC that gets 150+ FPS and the only real Difference is hes got a AMD athlon x6 3.8Ghz, a SSD and 8Gb DDR3 2133. and i don't think that could make a difference of 130 FPS (he has a ATI 7870) anyways. I don't fell like that is much of an improvement over what I use to get do you guys have any suggestions about what i should do to get better frame rate. P.S. yes my divers are up to date, yes I have restarted my computer.Circuitz23 Dec 2
Dec 1 Building a pc that will run legion on ultra. I have a budget of 1200. Would prefer intel cpu and nvidia gpu. Anyone recommend a build? In the U.S, btw. Would love to see to see all recommendations and opinions. Keep in mind will be running on a 24" monitor 1080p and wow on ultra settings. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds. Will check back in periodically, hope everyone has a great day!Ajandor38 Dec 1