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6h Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Patch Today The Morrowind update patch is today, if interested you may want to log in sometime later to update your character setups in preparation for the expansion in two weeks.Jerauld0 6h
11h My new comp build Ok, I had this for a little over two months and now I got everything working just right here my setup. It runs everything that I do with easy witch is WOW for the most part I'm 4k ready tv and comp. I did have a little trouble with the case but got that took care of now this was my first comp build so if I can do it anybody can. The case power button stops working within a few days, so I got them to send me just the top half of the case and everything fine now.Bdm3 11h
12h Sudden lag in bgs Hi I've usually had absolutely no issues with Lag, and then the past two days I've gotten hit hard and it seems to only happen in battlegrounds. Any ideas of what I might be able to do to find out what my issue is or possible solutions? Latency is fine. Internet is fine. My FPS is going from around 80-90 down to 4-11 fps and making it miserable for me. Raids don't seem to cause any problems. Arenas are fine. Just bgsGiggleblush1 12h
20h Logitech G13 and WoW Just curious if anyone else out there has had success with their G13, and if so could discuss pros and cons. I have had mine for over a year now, and it was a bit of a task to switch from the QWERTY keyboard, but not an impossible one at all. Setting the top row to 1-7, the row below to Alt+1-7, Shift+1-5 for the next and Ctrl+1-3 for the bottom, then setting those keybinds in game with the addon, Bartender. Using Bartender also allows for easy configuration of the bars, as you can set your bars on screen to look identical to the layout of the G13 itself, which makes learning to find all the buttons really easy. I use a 2014 Naga for my mouse, and something I haven't seen elsewhere is using my scroll-forward on my mouse wheel as target next closest enemy. However using the G13 makes the huge amount of buttons on a mouse almost unneeded at times. The only time I have really utilised all buttons of the G13 and Naga is for my MW Monk doing SoO. The only time I actually use my keyboard, a G15, is literally to type things.Cryophobic9 20h
20h Programming G-Keys I am fairly new to pc gaming...I bought a Cybertron gaming pc then I bought a Logitech G19s keyboard...I have no idea how to program the G keys to work with Warcraft. I downloaded the software from logitech but it really does not help...I am confused between g-keys programming and macros there something I can download that can instruct me on g-keys and how to use them? Any help is appreciated..Elitehunter2 20h
21h Vanilla for console Bring Vanilla WoW to Xbox. I think that a lot of players not only miss the OG WoW, but new players could get involved who strictly play console. I understand controller issues, but I would pay 100$ for a game that comes with a wireless keyboard and a mouse. It would be cool to get some of my console buddies into the game, and I think it would make a few dollars in the process. You can even release expansions every year for more money, not to mention all the in-game purchases. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but it would be pretty bad !@#.Lôst1 21h
23h How much could I get for my PC if i sold it? 23h
1d Destiny 2: Console or PC? Which platform are you going with? Destiny 2 on sounds intriguing but I'm so used to Destiny on console.Moonbreeze8 1d
1d Looking for new gameing pc Looking into alienware for my next pc gameing upgrade is it worth looking into I have one in mind. 7Th Generation intel Core i5-7400 Processor 4-core, 6mb cache turbo boost 2.0 up to 3.5GHz 16GB DDR4 at 2400MHz, up 64GB 2TB 7200 RPM 6Gb/s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 Windows 10 Liquid Cooling cost 1199.99 any input would be greatly apperciableLuccien5 1d
1d iMac display running on a PC Good afternoon, yesterday at work I acquired a 27' iMAC display, and I wanted to know if anyone here has a PC but uses a iMAC display. I want to know their experiences and opinions from adapters to cables etc, and game play. Thanks and appreciate it.Twofortysx11 1d
2d How to reformat computer for a buyer? I'm in the process of getting a new gaming rig in about a month. Planning on getting a GTX 1080 build with the works, (also waiting on intel and the rumored i9 processors hoping it knocks down the prices a bit on the i7s) and i have a buyer for my old rig. It's nothing special but just wanted to know how can i guess reformat the computer so its a clean slate? I have all the important stuff i need on a backup harddrive that ill be using in my new PC once i decide on the parts in a couple weeks. Any help is appreciated.Demonhip4 2d
2d My new PC is built! So far my PC is working well and the build went smooth. System successfully posted on first attempt. Had left a completed build on PC part picker that has pictures of my new build along with my build video on YouTube. PCPartpicker: Pictures: YouTube build: So far its working great on WoW with great framerates on 10 ultra compared to my old PC and it just destroys my old PC in Adobe Premier Pro......Connoisseur10 2d
2d current needs, higher settings, please :D hi, im not sure what to post. i have issues with my FPS and im also very interested in seeing about running higher graphics settings on wow. please assist in the ways of the informed to the total noob that i might happen to be.Shovelready42 2d
2d Whats the most cost-effective upgrade? Currently I have a AMD phenom II x6 1090t with a gtx 550 Ti and 8gb ram rig which I made in 2011. It was performing beautifully up until Legion came out and now I have a hard time doing content with a lot of players like raids and bgs so I think that its just about time for an upgrade. I would like to spend as little as possible to get the biggest upgrade possible. Considering there are so many builds that cost about $500ish and can play current titles on high to ultra settings. The thing is that I shouldn't be reaching that number since I don't have to purchase a case, power supply, optical drive, motherboard or ram (I hope) so it shouldn't be close to that number. I use my pc to primarily play wow and work on word processor documents for work and school nothing intense. I would like to play this game on 10 Ultra at 1080p at 60Hz if possible for a long time to come. My current bottleneck is my video card I think. I think the RX 580 is the most attractive choice and should future-proof my rig for a long time to come. I will also use this opportunity to add an SSD to the system the Samsung 850 EVO which will replace my current HDD and have my HDD as my storage after copying everything over. I don't think that I need to replace my CPU right now but if push comes to shove I think the FX-8370 is the one I would pick because I can still use the mobo I currently have and it would also buy me a few years. Also, I know that the AMD Vega reveal is just around the corner which could push the price of GPUs further down since Nvidia will respond soon enough in kind. This is what I can think of. Anyone have any better suggestions that they could make?Silenser16 2d
2d Upgrading Windows Hello - I currently have a inactive windows. (Please see image below) I want to buy this. (see image below) Will the OEM product key work? or would I need to purchase an entirely new OS?Kishin6 2d
2d Will my specs achieve 4k? Im building my first gaming pc. Never have I experienced wow in all of its ultra settings glory. Been playing on craptops off and on for 10 years. I know these specs will allow me to play on ultra/ max settings, what about 4k? Processor: I5 intel 6600k Graphics Card: MSI Geforce gtx 1070 8g Memory: Corsair vengeance 16gb ddr4 SSD: samsung 850 evo 250gb 2.5 Internal HD: 1tb 7200 rpm internal drive Motherboard: asus z170- a atx lga1151 What do you guys think. Will this achieve 4k?Snedigar7 2d
3d Wife Gets a New System/SSD Rec's So the wife's system is an LGA775 board with a Q9650 that really has nowhere to go other than maxing out the RAM (currently at 8GB) and spending stupid money on a wasted high end video card for it so it is time to make it the backup system and get her a new toy. I have put together the following and purchased all but the hard drive option. Her graphics card is a slightly different model (04G-P4-6253-KR wasn't listed so I took the 6255 for the build list) and is what she is currently using. The RAM wasn't something I could pick as it doesn't seem to be available anymore (Patriot Viper Elite DDR4-2400's). When I bought it for my Z170 build it was only $114 for the 32GB (2x16). The plan is to see how one of the sticks works in her build. They are 15-15-15-35 & 1.20v: They don't show on the supported list for my MSI Z170 gaming M7 or her MSI Z270 Gaming M7 but they work fine on mine and the plan is to split them and have 16GB in each system and once all is stable I will look at giving her my other one and getting some 3000 or 3200 for my system. What I am left with is the hard drive. I have never used an SSD drive in systems I have built, I usually just moved my current HDD over and went from there. This one I am looking at using an SSD drive but could use some recommendations. Her system currently has a 640GB HDD in it that is partitioned into 3 drives but only using around 400GB total. The only real big thing she uses it for is WoW, surfing and such. No real music or picture storage or anything. Any brands to stay away from? Mushkin and Adata have some pretty attractive pricing (sub $200) on the 500GB range as does Zotac. This will be a fresh install not a cloned drive so it will take up less space than she is currently using and my thought is that if she needs more storage later, we can look at adding a HDD for that when the time comes. Or does it seem more logical to go with something in the 256GB range and start with storage from the beginning? Thoughts? Thanks!Alyssania16 3d
3d Help building a new computer. $1200 budget. Best processor and video card combo to play this game on ultra on a 1440p 144hz monitor at the highest fps possible? My budget for the overall computer is $1200.Clazgrukaj1 3d
3d Help with running WoW on max settings So, I'm a little stumped. I have a custom built PC I built and I built it to run 4k on most pc games. I achieve 50fps+ on most my games in 4K. Problem is, for some reason it won't run WoW on max settings above 40-50fps(unless im in BFE or an unpopulated sparse area, Dalaran I can get 60fps). I also just did a Court of Stars dungeon and dipped to about 15fps ish, with the setting on wow set @ 10 on the graphics slider. specs are: watercooled I7-6850k Oc'd at 4.3ghz 16GB Ripjaw DDR4 @ 2666mhz Samsung 960 evo 1TB SSD X99A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard SLI Gigabyte Waterforce 1080's Oc'd @ 2080mhz HX1200i 1200watt PSU and a bunch of other crap not really important beyond those core specs. I figured out of all my games, WoW would be the first one I'd be able to max. Am I doing something wrong with my settings or what? Should I switch the settings up some to go a little lower? Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys!Tydronox3 3d
3d Where is my Bottleneck?? My new rig Love it, just wondering where the weakest link is? Thanks all!Stormsz22 3d
4d New PC I am looking to get a new pc since my laptop isn't cutting it anymore. I really only play WoW and League on my PC. I was wonder if anyone knows about a PC that could run these games on the highest settings, but cost no more than $1000.Gronak9 4d
4d New tower What specs of a tower would I need to be able to play on a 4K monitor with like 60 fps.Tringuard10 4d
4d Thinking about bonus hardware jist wondering what are some favorite as far as bonus equipment for WoW like a razer naga or the programmable game boards/gamepads. Keyboards etc. I have a Ben-q monitor that I'm not letting go of haha. So everything but that. What's the best stuff?Geowarman14 4d
4d Need to build a rig Looking for advice on parts and pieces. I don't currently have a computer and I want to start playing again. Need help on what to get. Would like to play on quality 7 and budget around 800 or below. Preferably around 6-700Geowarman49 4d
4d Win10 vs Win7 - WoW Performance Looking for info about which version of windows is best for only WoW performance, ignoring all other pros/cons. I mostly just play battlegrounds and those large team fights, especially in 40v40 BGs are about as demanding on hardware as WoW ever gets. I'm running an OC'd i5 4670K and a 960gtx. I have most settings turned way down or disabled on the Raid/BG graphics tab. I maintain a very solid framerate almost all the time even in those massive team fights, but I'm looking to squeeze any extra few FPS out of my hardware if possible particularly for those situations where it does dip. I've been trying to find benchmarks comparing Win10 to older versions when it comes to WoW performance, but can't seem to find any. Only solid info I've found that sounds legit and not just "I upgraded and it's a bit smoother" was a reddit comment which said (of win10): The new Display Driver Model is more CPU efficient so most CPU intensive games (WoW being one of them) have better framerates out of the box. Is this accurate and at all significant when it comes to WoW fps? I know DX12 is reason enough for many to upgrade to 10 but that doesn't matter to me, basically the only game I play is WoW. Don't really care about anything else Win10 brings to the table either, just trying to find out if it's worth the upgrade for a performance boost in highly CPU/GPU-intensive situations.Shutitdown5 4d
4d 1500 for new pc hello everyone! i recently got a bonus at work and it will finally allow me to get a new PC! i would like to be able to run wow and the old republic at ultra settings but i also want to get more into pc gaming. what are some builds that will get me the most bang for my buck?Yaneera3 4d
5d Looking for Gaming Laptop Hey, I'm looking to buy a cheap gaming laptop. My budget is from 500 to 700 dollars. I already have a solid gaming rig, but I need something for traveling and school. I'm going out of the country for 2 months and my job has a lot of down time. Any suggestions?Frize1 5d
5d Running wow on HP Pavilion w/ i7, NVIDIA 940 How will (HP Pavilion 15.6 Gaming Laptop Computer, Intel Dual Core i7-6500U 2.5Ghz, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphics) run wow? Trying to get back into playing pretty hardcore and on the market to but a new laptop. Budget limit it $600. Thanks for the help and comments!Eurthor5 5d
5d 7.2 fps back in 7.1.5 i had 70+ fps in raids and now im lowering my settings and somtimes my fps is dropping to 30 im not sure what is going onSkullcrushe2 5d
5d Giant crack rock on Steam I bought this game last week, and honestly it has taken quite a few hours of my life thus far, and threatens to take far more. Dead Cells Marketed as a Rogue-vania, the game looks and plays like Castlevania/Metroid, with the loot and randomness of say, Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne. Controls are impeccable - you'll need a controller for the best experience but I'm sure kb/m is serviceable. I don't usually suggest games on a forum, but if you are looking for a quick in/out game that can suck hours of your life away, this one is an absolute gem. Fair warning - this joker is still in early access development (about $15 for the game) so it isn't exactly finished. However, the game in its current state has a good bit of content and they are looking to double the total by the end of development. Highly suggest this game for anyone that enjoys the Metroid/Castlevania genre and the randomness of your various rogue-like games. EDIT: 5d
6d Broken computer My laptops HDD and whatever else decided to crap out on me, and it would kind of be a waste of money for me to fix it versus just getting a new desktop. I have a budget around 500 which I know is not much at all, but can anybody make some reccomendations?Omën1 6d
6d Yooka Laylee Who else played/is playing it right now? I 100% completed it, only had to look up a few pagies/one secret skull. It wasn't perfect, as I think it had some definite flaws; Rextro's arcade games were okay at best, incredibly frustrating at worst, camera was pretty wonky at times, enemy variety isn't great, but I still had a ton of fun with it. Solid 8/10Byniri4 6d
6d Ashes of Creation Just made a tour of site, and some videos and blogs. Some good and original ideas, spectacular Unreal 4 graphics. Forced PvP. Sigh. So, basically, dead well before being born. If they get really lucky and all goes PERFECTLY they'll gather 80,000 players instead of the 800,000 without forced PvP. Why so many people keep literally killing their projects on the forced PvP fetish, beats me. WILL THEY EVER LEARN?Goodberry5 6d
6d Corsair Scimitar Pro Camera Spin Problem Greetings, I have had two Corsair Scimitar, the regular and Pro, and in the last few months they both spin WAY too fast when holding right click and turning the camera. Any ideas? Thanks.Thaon3 6d
May 15 .net corruption when trying to open Curse? I am trying to open Curse Client to update addons and look for some new useful addons'. I got a pop up that said " An error has occurred while attempting to load a configuration file. this is often an indication of a corrupted .Net installation". I followed a link that took me to the Microsoft page to download the framework service pack. I downloaded the service pack, clicked "save file" and nothing happened. I'd really like to use curse again. Any ideas? I'm using stupid Windows 8. If I was smart enough to install a new OS, I would. This is ridiculous! :) Thanks for any help anyone could provide!Staciee12 May 15
May 14 New PC New PC build I am considering, The three hard drives I am thinking of configuring to run together in RAID 0Vorsol7 May 14
May 14 Best $500 rig Im posting for a friend but what would you all think would be the best $500 rig and what kinda FPS would you see from it?? Thank so much in advance!!Stormsz24 May 14
May 14 Logitech G13 Game Pad Help I have a Logitech G13 Game Pad. Been using it since MoP. Today it started cutting in and out. When it does cut out, the keyboard still works fine. Then it will start responding again. We've uninstalled the software and re added it. Didn't help. Set the WoW profile as default, persistent, and locked. Pulled out a brand new G13 I have as a spare, still made no difference. Any ideas? Anyone else having problems like this lately?Cynedarå5 May 14
May 14 Sound Conflicts Windows 10, brand new ASUS laptop gaming system with 16 GB Ram onboard. I am having apparent sound conflicts so that I can't seem to run WOW with sound and Itunes at the same time (basically Wow silences Itunes output). Been doing searches and not finding any fixes that work. Turned off sound exclusivity controls in WIN10 etc but that does not seem to have helped. Tried running WoW in Windowed FS as well as normal FS. No difference in results. Any suggestions?Serophina1 May 14
May 13 Intel i9 Series Hype Thread - LGA 2066 Rumors are starting up. Take a look at this thread posted by wccftech. I'd love to get my hands on a 7800x or 7820x with a motherboard in the ITX form factor. What are your initial thoughts?Shottie2 May 13
May 13 Fan Starts, Video Card Blinks, Then nada So I got all my parts, assembled them all, my friend told me it's all put together correctly. But upon hitting the on switch, the processor's fan turns for a sec, then it's completely unresponsive. My friend said this is due to me only having one stick of 8 gig ram. Is that what caused this, or do you guys have some other explanations?Delthras11 May 13
May 13 Got some 1800x Benchmarks! Passmark single core is at 2055!!! made past the average score! compare it with: CPU-Z Score: Compare with and Cinebench: Compare with Setup: Yes I really did manage to get 3200 ram speed with 4 sticks, 32 GB, not kidding: Still trying to achieve 4.0 but at the meantime this is at 3.9 benchmarks.You23 May 13
May 13 Hearthstone Sucks It has less immersion than MOBAs.Prizma2 May 13
May 13 Screen Flickering While in-game Sup, nerds... hopefully some really pro nerds. I built a custom rig back in October of 2016, and put quite a bit of money into it. Specs are in the quote below. At first I was running super smooth on ultra settings, boasting about 120 fps on my 2K monitor while streaming. It was pretty sweet. But... I want to say about a month after I got the monitor in March, it was starting to have some fps issues and the screen would begin flickering. I lowered the settings, and just ran it like that. Now some time has passed and directly after a GPU software update about 3 weeks ago (there's been another since), my screen has started to blink again. Only the 2K monitor is blinking, and it's not a power issue (back light doesn't turn off or anything, it just goes black). I'm fairly sure it's my GPU, but... before I start planning on replacing it with NVIDIA, I thought I'd get a second opinion because that's about $500-$700 dollars I'm going to be tossing in... I'd be upgrading to a GTX 1080 - 8GB. ... Never getting a Radeon GPU again lol.Trissaiya3 May 13
May 12 Ryzen 1800x arrived! time to set up my PC! Will be posting benchmarks real soon!You6 May 12
May 12 What to do next (PC Upgrade) Looking to upgrade my computer, this is my current setup. All opinions and advice is welcome. -Blackwidow Chroma -Naga Chroma -Kraken v2 Chroma -Cyberpower PC Tower -AMD FX(tm)- 4300 Quad-Core Processor 3.80GHz (Overclocked to 4.1) -16GB of RAM -Corsair GS800 -Nivida GTX 970 -Corsair H100i v2 -MSI 760GM-P23 (FX) AM3+ AMD 760G + SB710 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard ???Kankei5 May 12
May 12 Is it me, or does Stormblood look meh? Not doing this thread to be a WoW "fangyrl", but just as a disgruntled FF14 player. I have a max level toon there (guess her name) and was debating with myself whether to do the effort to "be prepared" for the Stormblood (real lame title btw) expansion, as good old Illy would put it. It's no trivial feat, at they are very strict about the requirements. In order to be able to enter the Blessed Elite of Stormblooders, you have to complete all the Heavensward main story line. That means you have to beat the highest level dungeons (story line is gated behind them). That means your gear must be almost max level, or else you can't even queue for said dungeons. That means you have to grind the two previous-tier dungeons (which suck, as most dungeons in FF14) until you get said gear. I looked at the Stormblood site, the trailers, the benchmark videos etc. What I see is nothing much new as game play and some underwhelming new zones, mostly desert or badlands-like. Nothing in the videos "wowed" me in the least (notice that, for example, the preliminary videos for "Ashes of Creation" DID "wow" me now and then). And the story will be simply warfare, again, against the bad old Garlean Empire, which means a heavy emphasis on really ugly technology. The major selling point of the expansion seems to be... swimming (always with your shoes on of course), which every other game has since day one. So, I fear my FF14 days are over. Apart from the above, FF14 is a very gimmicky game with a lot of complex subsystems (for example, the simple act of transmogging is a pain, as you have to get the right level and type of gear, AND the right level and type of catalyst) and staying to par with it is hard if you don't play it as your main game and don't dedicate a lot of time to it. Even more so than in the other MMOs I played.Goodberry4 May 12