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Dec 7, 2013 Chocolate is in need of perfect configuration Hello World of Warcraft community , I will try to be short and right to tell what I need. I need a configuration which will handle World of Warcraft X-Split RaidCall WebCam LiveSteam WindowsMediaPlayerr at the same time . I want to livestream on ultra settings with 30 fps [ minimum ] . As long as I am looking for low - cost configuration 30 fps is fine for me as long as they are STABLE . for more information I will put the following : I will run a OS : WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE Will have installed ( nothing will change on it anymore ) . World of Warcraft X-Split Adobe After Effects RaidCall Firefox [ all kind of drivers for hardware ] Notes while building a configuration to post in this topic * I don't need more then 250GB SSD , even 120GB SSD is fine I think don't need HDD * I am a hardcore NVIDIA / INTEL FAN so don't offer me AMD / ATI configurations * When u post the configuration do it like this * Prefered CPU is an Haswell i5 I heard off they are fine for what I need ... The example above is because I will collect the parts by myself so I need the right model listed. Sorry if my english is too bad , really thanks in advance if u help me . All trolls and not-following my wish configurations will be ignored so please don't waste your time ruining my thread . I made it because I want help .Chøcølate6 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 Fps and overclocking questions seems my XFX Radeon HD 6850 isn't cutting it anymore. I'm pretty sure I ran ultra fine in the past but recent times I can run high with stuttering in places. In open world (timeless isle) fps is normally 15-20 frames running around looking straight. If I were to go into a cave, look down or into the sky, enter a dungeon/raid fps increases dramatically. I'm not experienced at OC'ing at all and was researching sites and found someone had 950 core 1150 mem. I tried that, seems to work fine but still get stuttering. Can I go higher? Temps are CPU 38 C (I'm in a fairly cold room) GPU 65 after like 2-4 hours. Or maybe I have a driver issue? (I've ran driversweeper and downloaded the best driver like a week ago) CPU maybe reaches 50% usage with monitor. Anyways full specs: XFX Radeon 6850 Black Edition (13.11 Catalyst) AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4GHz Black Edition Corsair HX Series 750W ASUS M4A87TD Evo MotherboardGathen1 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 Elder Scrolls Online - What do you think? I recently watched some E3 videos, and saw a booth for Elder Scrolls Online. Instantly, I was psyched. It was in good progression. I always talked to my friends over skype what adventures I had in ES games that day. They told me theirs. I never thought that I would ever have them in my game. I could see them running in, bashing everything, while I destroyed everything with magic. Though, as I thought more, I thought of Rift, Star Wars, and LoTR. All "WoW Killers", yet none could ever succeed. I thought this might happen, so I went to my source of opinions - WoW forums. I want to see what you think about an Elder Scrolls Online. Website: Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 Window's System Restore How long does this take? Got my PC to work finally... Windows went into sys. restore and has just displayed the logo for awhile...Lillèth13 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 Possible PSU failure, LF assistance Brief explanation: Woke up this morning and computer wouldn't turn on... no lights, fans, nothing. Tried it in a different room, swapped power cables, and still nothing while all my other devices still work fine. Heard 2 pops with 1-2 min gaps between after plugging it back into original room (this was after it wouldn't already turn on at all). No other PSU or computer to swap and test. Forgot to add, its a low quality PSU that came with my prebuilt computer. XION 700W to be exact. Worked for the past few years so never really complained. But my questions still stand just to be sure that's what it was so I can replace the right part/s. My question, is it just PSU failure? Could it be anything else? Could anything else be damaged? Detailed Explanation: So last night my computer was working fine. I wake up this morning to work on some homework for classes, go to turn on my computer and nothing happens. I check the power cable, and other devices plugged into the surge strip....all working fine. I take my computer into another room just to make sure and again nothing happens. Then I swap the power cables and try again, still nothing happens. So I go back to my computer room, plug it back in one more time in high hopes it magically works. Nothing happens so I just assume my PSU died. I leave it there and grab my laptop to start on my homework. As I go to grab my laptop from upstairs, my girlfriend asks me what that pop noise was. Go into room and as I enter I hear another pop noise and just unplug the strip, pretty sure that it was my PSU. Nothing smoked, didn't smell anything and there was no fire. I checked all the caps on my motherboard to see if they had any apparent damage but didn't notice any (per friends recommendation). Not a pro at computers so any assistance is appreciated.Maibhoppelld4 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Professional Look / Performance Laptop. I bought an Alienware (which I have not enjoyed) over 4 years ago now, and it's time for a change. I'm looking for a laptop with a professional appearance while still being able to perform and run 25 man raids smoothly. The worst parts about my laptop now are the appearance and the insanely loud fan noise. People in vent with me say that it sounds like an airplane in my room! I definitely want to avoid excessive noise. Looking to spend $1000 or less. I was considering the Lenovo y510 which is only $769 right now, but I was slightly worried about the appearance. Advice?? Thanks!Voltega6 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 NewEgg's Shipping Process Hi, I ordered on Thursday night for 3 day shipping. NewEgg is retarded and only counts business days so my $900 package I was expecting by Monday, won't be here until Wednesday. I'm curious if anyone is aware how they handle shipping? They have already shipped two items that are in transit from one order and sent me invoices. However, the other important items I haven't even received E-mail's for yet. Anyone have a clue why they don't just ship all of it at the same time? I feel like if they haven't started shipping the rest now, it might not be here by Wednesday. Thanks, LillethLillèth21 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 *Urgent Assistance* Hi. While finishing my build and my first boot actually worked (however windows had to go into a restore mode from a previous save?)... I noticed smoke coming from the front of the chassis. Luckily I had the case off and simple power killed it immediately from the PSU. After investigation it appears that the Power SW cable seems to have split and started to melt? I'm assuming I somehow plugged something in incorrectly and therein didn't short it correctly. The Power button on the front of my Chassis along with the Fan Controllers won't work either. The fan prongs are male 2 prongs with one female but I have no place on my motherboard or PSU for them... advice? I need to fix something obviously to keep my computer from setting fire next time I load.Lillèth4 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Laptop to run WoW on ultra I'm looking to purchase a laptop, price isn't too much of an issue, but I want it to be able to run WoW on ultra smoothly and have high fps during raids and pvp. I also want one that's going to last a long time through all the new games and the LoD expansion when it comes out. I don't know too much about tech stuff so I really need some help. Thanks!Islwyn6 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 So today in my Digital Logic Design class... My professor was talking about the delays through the circuit and why you need to keep in mind the clock speed when designing a circuit, and why if a clock goes too fast, it causes issues. This reminded me about a post Kalganized made when I was overclocking my old Radeon 6950's VRAM, essentially saying that that faster isn't necessary better. If it goes too fast, you can get errors with textures. With this in mind, I went to him after class and asked him about why overclocking something like a processor causes blue screens, and why you can even overclock components. From the information he gave the class and what he told me after class, the cores of a circuit, be it a GPU or CPU, at the very lowest level consist of some sort of flip-flop, D flip-flops in this case, that store data. Connected to that flip-flop are the circuit(s) that determine what is stored into the flip-flop, which I'll call the data input, and the clock. A clock is essentially a signal that alternates between a low voltage and a high voltage, and the clock input on most D flip-flops are positive edge-triggered. This means that the D flip-flop will store the data coming from the data input whenever the clock signal changes from a low voltage to a high voltage. Increasing the clock speed reduces the interval at which the D flip-flop stores data, so it's setting data into its circuitry more often. The data signal consists of many gates and such that I won't get into, but all of these determine what goes into the D flip-flop. Also, each component of this circuit has a delay that it takes to go through it. The overall data signal circuit will contain the delay for all of those components. For example, say the data signal has a 10 time unit delay to travel through the circuit. In the course of 100 time units, you'll have 10 different signal from that circuit. In turn, you want the clock signal to go from a low voltage to a high voltage only once during that delay in order to set the data signal. If the clock goes too fast, the data signal doesn't have time to change, causing an error. This error isn't necessarily a 0 instead of a 1 but can result in the circuit not being able to do anything, because it doesn't know what value it's working with. In the case of VRAM on a graphics card, this results in some sort of artifact on the screen. If this error occured in a GPU or CPU, the computer would blue screen or simply stop working. The engineer designing the circuit sets the clock speed at a speed that they feel reduces, or eliminates, the likelihood of these errors occurring. The reason we can overclock is because sometimes the clock speed they set is conservative, and the delay through the circuit is less than the clock speed. So, we increase the clock speed, and so the flip-flop changes and outputs values more often. Once we set the clock speed faster than the delay of whatever component we're working with, we run into the aforementioned issues. Anyways, this is just something I ran into today and felt like sharing since most of us here in the forum are computer geeks. Also, if there's an electrical engineer here that feels like I'm saying something that's incorrect, feel free to tell me; I've only had one semester of classes. I could also go into a mini rant about why clock speed doesn't really matter when comparing two different graphics cards or components if anyone wanted to, but I haven't really formulated how I would explain it. I think it can be basically summed up by some circuits do more in a clock interval than others. TLDR: Increasing the clock speed of a component too fast causes errors.Manik6 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 WoW Model Explorer (alternative to MV) Was trying to find ways to get the WoW Model viewer to be updated to run 5.4 armor and all and I stumbled on a Chinese-based Model Viewer called the WoW model explorer which supposedly is updated to run 5.4 I'm still doing tests but so far everything seems to be in order Here's the link to their sourceforge site Only concerns I have in testing: It can't register Titans Grip-based weapons (no dual wielding 2handers) I can't find the enchantment effects / Legendary Cape Procs I can't seem to edit/design the Tabard.Grazburz0 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Laptop for gaming and work? What is a cheap laptop around $800 (AUD) for gaming (Mostly WoW) and work (ill be studying next year)Lúdovic16 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Buying a new computer on a budget...HELP PLZ Hey guys and gals, I am about to buy a new computer and I am a bit lost when it comes to what is good for my price range. I have a budget of around $500. Right now i have a crappy laptop that i play on. I get about 8fps and I must say, it is time for an upgrade! These are the computers I am looking at on Best Buy. Please let me know what you think or if you know of what would be better for me.... THANKS IN ADVANCE! ANY advice would be great. I really just want something that will run WOW nice! I will use my laptop for email, web -stuff, etc.Holyseeker11 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Grapphic Card for World of Warcraft hi guys i was wondering if with a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 760 PCI-E 2GB DDR5 i can run world of warcraft at ultra with minimum 60 fps and max 80 100?Slycemz10 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Wanna Build my Own PC first time I just kinda clicked through what looked good based on some basic stuff I know, and came up with: Are there any places I made serious mistakes for cost/power, incompatibility or w/e? How well would a pc like this run wow on high or ultra settings? I've never made my own before and would like to start off with a good deal. I have been playing on a laptop that was more expensive than this build and is garbage now, don't wanna end up in the same situation. Thanks for any and all advice.Viyya3 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Can't use Vent? Hey guys! As the title says, I haven't been able to get my vent to work. I had no problems with it, then one day I went to log in and it suddenly stopped working. I use the push-to-talk setting because it suits my noisy surrounding better, and it lets me talk and listen while tabbed out of Wow, but when I bring wow to full screen, (or simply click back into the game while in window mode) it lets me listen, but won't let me talk. Like I said it was working fine up until about a month ago, and I haven't changed any settings on my vent or PC so I'm not sure what it could be. Any suggestions? (PS I have a Mac, and started noticing my Vent not working around the time I installed the new Mavericks update, maybe it has something to do with that? >_o)Javakulakity6 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 graphics card issue When I plug my new graphics card into the psu with both 6 slot connectors the pc wont start it just blinks. When I plug it in with one the system starts but does not recognize the card and when I try to update it only updates the integrated card. Any ideas? its a radeon 7870 HDThrashbar7 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Will my new PC run wow well? Okay so I am getting a new pc called HP Pavilion 20-b323w "All in one PC" here are the stats will it run WoW well? Integrated graphics provided by the E1-1500 processor Single channel memory architecture Two 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets Supports the following: PC3 10600 (1333 MHz) Supports 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB DIMMs Supports up to 16 GB (unbuffered) on 64-bit systems Amount: 4 GB Speed: PC3-12800 MB/sec (runs at PC3-8500 in this system) Type: DDR3-1600 AMD E1-1500 (Zacate) Dual Core processor (soldered down on the motherboard - cannot be upgraded) TDP: 18W Figure 3: Hard drive Size: 500 GB Interface: SATA Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM SORRY THESE ARE JUST BASICSSoulroot1 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 What Laptops are good for gameplay I'm looking for a laptop with medium graphics, and smooth running, good for PvP, and dungeons. with a price range of about $300-$500 bucks. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!Maverickdk15 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Runescape 3 Think's it can compete with WoW. I laughed hard.Garunix33 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 League of legends bans streams of Blizz games Starcraft and WC 3 were the grandfathers of the 'MOBA' genre This is simply an attack on free speech in my opinion, I used to consider RIOT the most lax and cool large gaming company but they simply don't love gaming, they love money and they are big enough now that they don't care who knows it. They sold out to the Chinese.Baddestbtch9 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 What's with Games Workshop and licensing? I love the Warhammer 40k universe, and I would love to see more games like Dawn of War and Space Marine, but why does Games Workshop keep picking the worst kinds of developers? They got Behaviour Interactive, who is well known for putting up games like Naughty Bear, to work on Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, an upcoming WH40K MMO. And just recently, a Warhammer 40k MOBA has been announced, and the development is, you guessed it, the Eutechnyx, the SAME people who recently released RIDE TO HELL: RETRIBUTION. It's sad, we could see some good Warhammer video games, but of all the developers that Games Workshop could've picked, they're picking the shovelware developers. >_>Steth5 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 780ti ponderings Ok, with the whole thermal issues and excessive power issues of the 290x, I am considering getting a 780ti instead when I upgrade my video card (in the next month or two). The 290x with proper cooling DOES pull ahead of the more expensive 780ti, but only at higher resolutions where the memory bandwidh becomes an issue (384-bit vs 512-bit). I don't plan on upgrading from 1080p at the present time, and it's looking like the 780ti has a fair advantage in 1080p (and plus it uses less power). Money isn't really a huge concern here (I know the 290x is significantly cheaper). I've pretty much narrowed it down to the two EVGA models (with the ACX cooler)...the regular clocked one for $699, or the overclocked one for $729. Is the $30 extra for the factory overclocked one worth it, or will the normal one overclock to the speed of the superclocked one just fine (since it has an aftermarket cooler and all)?Vralok23 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Crackling/Popping sound? I started noticing that my sound would start crackling after about a day or so of usage. I tend to leave my computer on for a couple of days. I only started noticing it after I installed the drivers for my g930. So, I uninstalled the drivers and went back to using my old headsets since the g930 sounds really bad without it and the problem still persisted. Thing is I had a problem similar to this but that was due to me using a velcro strap. This time I am stumped because there's no velcro strap. Also a simple restart will fix this problem just like it did the first time I had it.Aquarus3 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 I find this odd. I am unable to run wow past 30 fps on medium settings but I can run skyrim around 40 fps on high settings. What do? I've tried cancelling some background processes that take up a lot of memory but even still. I have tried razer game booster but I have noticed nothing changing.Lahgtah2 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Laptop to run WoW on ultra I'm looking to purchase a laptop, price isn't too much of an issue, but I want it to be able to run WoW on ultra smoothly and have high fps during raids and pvp. I also want one that's going to last a long time through all the new games and the LoD expansion when it comes out. I don't know too much about tech stuff so I really need some help. Thanks!Islwyn0 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Looking for suggestions on new hardware First of all comp is used for World of Warcraft World of Tanks watching movies through iTunes Some AutoDesk Inventor nothing real big normal internet stuff Current setup is AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor 2.80 ghx MOBO is ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 ATI Radeon HD 5570 6gb memory (hyper X brand) 1tb drive Framerates in Org at Auction House with about 20 toons in sight 45-55 fps graphics are set to mid On world of tanks it is 28-36fps graphics are set to mid really want to get graphics up to ultimate on wow and high on wot Suggestions??Drùknar12 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Verdict is in, R9-290 doesn't run hot! So Linus over at LTT tested the R9-290 with the new water cooling NZXT bracket with a kraken X40. Seen here: Not only did it actually beat the GTX 780 across the board, it ran up to 50*C cooler (Granted on an open bench): So the verdict is in, the card doesn't run that hot, the cooler was really a 10 dollar design.Stephí2 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Used XPS 720 - Win 7 help it? Hello everyone. While I was out of state a few years ago for military purposes, my dad purchased this Dell XPS 720. He spent some insane amount of money and he's has had no use for it. So.. I acquired it. Q6600 2.4ghz GTS 250 SLI Sound Blaster card 3 gigs of ram Wonderful Windows XP still My FPS drops during LFR to 15-30 FPS with most settings on low. None of the other graphic settings ingame are above good. Bad Company 2 has its up and down moments, but depending on the server I'm on, the FPS can be pretty choppy. Throwing it out the door and building my own computer would be the smart choice.. but it's a free computer. Would still using Directx9 be causing some FPS issues compared to DX11? The computer originally came with 2 8800 GTX and they burnt out sometime back. I replaced them with the two GTS 250 maybe 3 years ago for my dad. I've re did the thermal pasting on all the heat sinks plus a fresh install of Windows XP. Anyone have any suggestions to help improve the performance on this computer? I mean, the tower is HUGE, and you would think a Quad core with SLI, nforce 680 would put out some decent performance. I know stuff gets outdated within months of something coming out. Thanks!Klimkar1 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Front to Mobo Cables Hey guys, Building my pc up in my new case. I noticed that the cables that come from the front (heaphones, power, fan control, blah blah blah), are missing one pin each... is this normal? The male ones at least. I can see the cords going into them and the pins are all secure, but there are gaps between some. Newb question, just curious.Lillèth11 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Asheron's Call refugees. Where my Derethians at? I miss and love each and every one of you <3.Kzi0 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 2 year old gaming pc I built a gaming pc about 2 years ago. Specs listed at the link below. Up until now I hadn't really run into any limitations with it but I mostly play blizzard games which aren't ultra demanding and I recently started playing league of legends also not very demanding. However when I started running fraps in LOL for the first time I hit a wall with performance. I Kept dropping to like 30 fps or so. I overclocked my cpu to 4.7 and that helped some but having a hard time getting the system stable. What would be the best way to get a performance boost for 500 dollars or less? A new graphics card? A new cpu? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Who's all upgrading Be it just for WoD or not, i want to know who else feels it is the time to upgrade. I just bought mine today, it should be here in 1-2 days (free shipping too!) So excited It's not the most powerful thing in the world, it's just a laptop, but it will do what i need it to. I'm not going to link it or tell what i spent on it out of fear that someone will tell me that i could have bought X laptop which performs better for Y less than what i just paid.Averax4 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 WoW vs SW:TOR WOW vs SWTOR, SWTOR vs WOW? For weeks this is all I’ve been seeing on the forums and this really got me thinking….. which one is the better game? I’ve seen people on both sides of the fence claim that their product is superior. I’ve seen multiple reasons as to why they believe this to be so. Some of these reasons include graphics, gameplay, end-game content, PvP, etc. The biggest problem with this sort of reason is that it is all opinionated. Someone else may not like the same style of artwork or the same feel of gameplay as you do. All of these arguments are completely mute. There is however 1 type of argument that does in fact hold water as it can be proven, and that argument is the number of subscriptions. Here are the facts: World of Warcraft has more active subscriptions than Star Wars: The Old Republic. World of Warcraft has been steadily losing subscriptions. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been steadily gaining subscriptions. Take that information as you will, but they are cold hard facts and can’t be argued no matter what type of angle you take. Now, using simple logic with these facts, a few things can be determined. 1. Players are NOT returning to World of Warcraft as many people are claiming. If they were, subscriptions would not be declining. Are these players going to Star Wars, Rift, Hello Kitty Adventure Island, etc? It doesn’t matter. They’re NOT on WoW. 2. Will games like Star Wars, Rift, etc fail after 6 months? Again, it doesn’t matter what these other games do. The facts are that WoW is in a steady decline and will continue to lose subscriptions as they have been doing since before these games were released unless they start making some major changes. Does this mean that one game will “kill” the other? Absolutely not. What it does mean however, is that if both of these games are competing with one another to be the best, one of these games is running the race in the wrong direction, and THAT my friends, should be a major concern for both Blizzard and its fans. Hèctic90 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Upgrading eMachine EL1352-23e Hello all, Just got back into WoW and I'm looking for a way to upgrade my current computer to better support WoW graphics. I don't need to run on ultra or anything, but I would like to be able to raid without lagging out on the more demanding raid bosses and turn my settings up from low. I play on an unmodified (thus far) eMachine EL1352-23e and I was wondering what I could update for $100 or $150. Specs are as follows: Processor: AMD Athlon X2 255 / 3.1 GHz Memory: 4.0 GB / 4.0 GB (max) Hard Drive: 500.0 GB Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Shared video memory (UMA) Thanks in advance.Twinkgear8 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 cheap fast upgrades. HELP Fast and to the poin. What can iget to get better game play for wow on my laptop, Intel(r) Pentium(R) CPU P6100 @2.00GHZ 2.00GHz 3.00GB (2.86 GB usable) 64 bit operating system any advice ? ty in advance.Bowdown5 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Got the money to build this for christmas Dedicated 1080p LAN box. The thing is a powerhouse in a lunchbox. Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 pc help If my cpu usage is 90-100% should I upgrade just processor or processor and memory?Moocowheal1 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Enough Watts To Power Gtx 770? or R9 280x? I was going to buy either the GTX 770 or R9 280x for this build. Later I found out that both of these recommend a minimal power supply of 600 watts. I have already ordered everything but the video card, and my power supply has already been shipped to my house. It would suck if I had to return the power supply that I already bought. Or is my power supply O.K enough to power these? Where I found this out: Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Good Gaming computer for christmas?? So, christmas is coming up soon... I don't have really much I want, but a good gaming computer. Mine right now can run WoW on Good settings, with between 45-60 fps, unless I'm in a raid. I know people who can run it on Ultra, without a problem. I'm gonna ask my parents and grandparents to not by me a bunch of stuff, and just use the money they would have used, to pool it together and buy me a Gaming PC. So... Anyone have any ideas for a good one? :) I want it to be reasonably cheap, and better than the one I have right now. Links, or something? :) P.S. I know almost nothing of computers. :/Theelly5 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Do You Mess With People Sometimes? In online gaming, I mean. I don't mean trolling them hardcore and really making them feel like crap; I mean just going off on a tangent on things just to bring smiles to peoples faces and to have a laugh. I like to do this in League of Legends by starting up conversations during the match on completely out there topics. Two of my go-to things to get the laughs going are: - League of Legends: The Movie: I begin rattling off who will play what champion in the non-existent movie, like Channing Tatum as Garen or Labyrinth-era David Bowie as Vladimir. Gets even better when everyone else starts chiming in as to who will play what, like Jeff Bridges as Graves. - The Moose: Going WAY into left field, I begin to explain/rant as to how there are no moose based champions in the League. There are dogs, cats, fish, cows, foxes, pretty much any animal you can think of BESIDES the majestic moose. Typical responses to this query include as to whether or not I am Canadian or if, at one point, a moose once bit my sister. But that's me; what do you guys do if you like to just have some fun sometimes with people while gaming?Yinian5 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 SC2- PPOV - Analytical Point of View on Sc2 Players Point of View - A analytical approach to Starcraft 2 Hots from Diamond+ Players - Players point of view of Timings and Advantages - Discussion of when and where you could have won or lost - Send Replays to with a short description of the game; what you want to know about. EnjoyArmed0 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Online gaming contributes to violence before you flame the topic, i'm writing an argumentative paper for english 1101 on this topic. it seems like a good topic because it definitely has two sides. so basically, if you guys have any points you want to offer on for/against, i kind of want to see what other people think. if you don't think online gaming (particularly PvP situations is what i'm looking at) contributes to violence (such as aggression) in the real world, please post why! if you agree with the thread topic, please post why! i see a lot of threads kind of relating to this sometimes, so post your thoughts here for a few days and keep it civil! thanks guyz <3 edit: noticed this was moved from general discussion to games, gaming and hardware. please keep it civil (not too much intense arguing) so i can keep this thread and use it for my paper (i know this forum's guidelines are a lot more strict). thanks again!Realxx70 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 New Laptop, how will it run WoW? Specs listed Just ordered this new laptop, it is an Alienware 17. The specs are listed below. My question is how will this laptop run WoW, specifically an estimate on the FPS range I should get at High settings and on Ultra settings. No need for comments saying I made a mistake going with Alienware or a laptop, just looking for some information from anyone that is willing to help. Thanks in advance! 4th Gen IntelCore i7-4700MQ Processor (6MB Cache, 2.8Ghz, 3.4Ghz overclocked) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5 Memory: 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600Mhz Hard Drive: 750GB SATA 6Gb/s (7,200 RPM) And the display would be on a 17.3in WLED HD+ 1600x900Bearjaw3 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Will buying RAM increase my fps I'm currently running on low setting (all the way to the left) and getting choppy in raids and sometimes out front of org, deffinately in orgrimmar. Will buying more RAM increase my fps? If so, how much should I buy? Here are my settings: HP Compaq 4000 Pro SFF PC Pentium DUal core CPU E6700 @ 3.20 GHz Ram 4.00 GB (3.44 useable) 32- bit operating system thanks, GhostGhostbayne10 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Simple question will upgrading my ram from 2gigs to 4gigs increase my wow performance? I know that the recommended amount is 4 but would it be worth it to do?Defhunter8 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold DSI Should have realized that other people already thought of this, but I had never been to thi s part of the forums. When I arrived to make my thread I saw people were advertising their friend codes for other Pokémon games. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are a little dated now with Black and White, X and Y, but trading pokemon at the global terminal has revealed to me that plenty of people still play this game, so here's a shot. If you still play this game, here is my friend code. Feel free to add it and send me yours in return via the forums. 3525 8037 1443Piplup0 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Graphics Card (Fast Reply Needed) Hey everybody I just bought all my pc parts but when I was going to buy the Gigabyte R9 280x it was sold out, I have to order right now. Is there any graphics card that can pull the same preformance for the same price? I was thinking about getting the gtx 760 4gb version.Pyronova3 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Gaming Rig to Run WoW Decently Hi, I'm looking to build a semi-gaming rig for my brother, he's paying for it, only has a budget of around 400-600$. Basically he only plays WoW and Starcraft, and streams hd movies, and other basic stuff. I would like something to run WoW on Custom settings, not Ultra, but probably a lot of stuff on High. So I need something to can run SW, Raids, Etc with good FPS at mostly high settings. I know with Warlords coming out the System specs will change and I want to keep that in mind here, would to be able to run WoD on the same Med-High settings. I have built PCs before for myself, but I am a 3D animator so my builds are always really jacked out and pricy, not sure how to work out a budget build like this, I just can't seem to get the price low enough on PC Partpicker. I also don't know how low is low enough for the settings, because mine always run WoW on Ultra just fine, never had to try to build something designed for just above average settings and regular computer stuff like HD video streaming. If anyone could offer advice or a build link that'd be awesome, thanks.Gwill4 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Laptop question. I'm looking for a laptop that can play both WoW and EvE Online well, preferably at max settings. I would like for it to last a while as well, and play other games that come out in coming year. Also needs to run programs such as SolidWorks (I'm going into engineering)/other college things. Price limit is around $1000 to $1200. I was looking at Will this work for me, and is it a good value? Also, just out of curiosity, does having a 2nd graphics card make huge difference, or is it barley noticeable? Thanks in advance!Aryzn6 Dec 3, 2013