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Sep 14 ADSL 2+ to VDSL 2+ Improvements? Hello, anyone here recently gone from ADSL 2+ to VDSL 2? and what kind of speeds are you getting with VDSL2? I live in Chesterville Maine, We have 3 Projects underway for VDSL 2 and Fairpoint is offering 100mbps / 50mbps at there top tier plan, nothing is active yet so I'm curious to what improvements people saw. I currently have a max of 8mbps down, 0.40mbps up with adsl 2+Demonseven6 Sep 14
Sep 14 Nexus 6p get Pixel XL replace post warranty So to preface how I stumbled into this my fiance the other day decided to jump ship from Apple despite being a long time supporter because she prefers open source. I had a Nexus 6p that I purchased on 12/23/15 and used it til I got a pixel in November and since I haven't used it. 2 days ago she activated my 6p to see if she should switch to the pixel 2 when it comes out. She likes it but the battery is garbage probably due to sitting around. We called our local phone repair shop and they said $70 to replace the battery. That was a great price but I called Google first. ... So we went ahead and called google. We explained that we factory 3 days ago and have minimum apps. Battery saver makes it worse. They said that since I purchased it from Google (found my receipt) we qualified for a special exchange program. ... That's when I googled around and found this posted today. The phone order should be sent to me shortly. She's beyond happy about it but it's legit. ... This is really awesome that they are doing this even 9 months past the 1 year warranty. To my credit, I wanted to buy googles coverage but after they ship it you cannot add it on, you have to return the phone and repurchase it. They did do a preauthorized debt on my card for $770+tax but I just received the email to confirm my order. She is beyond happy!Snaeb4 Sep 14
Sep 12 New Laptop help? Hello all, I'm in the process of buying a new laptop and was wondering what kind/what specs would be able to run WoW comfortably. I also play Hearthstone ane League, so I'd like something that would be able to run a few games at a good speed and quality. I'm considering the $350-400 price range. Any help/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!Chins2 Sep 12
Sep 11 Building a pc that will run legion on ultra. I have a budget of 1200. Would prefer intel cpu and nvidia gpu. Anyone recommend a build? In the U.S, btw. Would love to see to see all recommendations and opinions. Keep in mind will be running on a 24" monitor 1080p and wow on ultra settings. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds. Will check back in periodically, hope everyone has a great day!Ajandor59 Sep 11
Sep 11 simillar games for garrison and missions? I especially like the Naval missions on garrison shipyard of wod. now looking for simillar games that more complicated and has challenging contents. anyone? p.s. im not talking about a legion class hall missions, the faceroll contents. i prefer higher difficulty games.Dln1 Sep 11
Sep 10 Razer Naga Chroma Sensitivity Bug I saw someone had posted about this a year or two ago, but it seems like this problem still persists. Not sure if it has anything specifically to do with WoW or not, though I only notice it in WoW. As stated, I have a Naga Chroma and have noticed recently (within the last few months) that my sensitivity will sometimes bug out and increase so much that a small movement will cause my character to spin. As in, the sensitivity will skyrocket and instead of smoothly turning, my character will spin a few times in circles. It doesn't happen all the time and if I release the camera control (right-mouse button) I can get it to move at my normal rate. However, it will bug again with in a few moments. My DPI is set to 5000 right now, polling is 1k hertz and my acceleration is set to 0. Also, I've noticed if I exit the Razer Synapse app, I don't have the problem. Unfortunately, this would also mean I can't switch the numbers on the mouse to correlate with the numpad.Dreamseer0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Black screen after bios Hey! Wifeys computer looks to be dying. i5 3450, gtx 780, 650w evga g2 etc, basic ddr3, asrock board. I'm compiling a list of troubleshooting steps to complete. Right now it's the basics. Clear cmos Try different GPU Try one stick ram yada yada Bios screen will flash. I can get into the bios. Windows loading screen appears, sometimes with what looks like artifacting running horizontally across the screen. Will not boot to the desktop. I'm thinking it's the GPU. Any other ideas for me to try please feel free to give suggestions.Shottielol5 Sep 10
Sep 9 Grinding/Whirring Sound-HDD Dying? Hey, all. As I play games, I'm starting to hear a bit of a grinding and whirring sound. I want to make sure that my HDD is dying before I go out and get a replacement. I have HD Tune Pro, and it gives an OK for the HDD. Even ran some error scans to make sure its good. Note: I use a SSD for my OS, so the only thing I'd lose is games that I can just redownload.Agen3 Sep 9
Sep 9 Gamepad and MMO mouse? Hey there! I have a useless index finger and can't reach too far with it. I do a ton of keybinds but want to see if it'll be simplified with a gamepad and mouse with extra buttons. My hands are probably slightly ahead of medium for dudes. I'm looking at the Logitech g13 and Razer orbweaver (looks smaller) and the corsair scimitar since you can slide the buttons around and a Razer hex v2. I claw grip so I think the corsair would be ideal? Do any of you run a combo like this and don't have Gregor Clegane sized hands? :o Any opinions before I make some purchases?Gorvius2 Sep 9
Sep 9 New Laptop for WoW and College I am going to be getting a new laptop in the next week or so and will be using it for college and WoW as well as other games. I am currently trying to pick between the gigabyte aero 14 and 15. I know they are very similar but does anyone have experience with either of them and recommend one over the other? Thanks Edit: Added links Aero 14 Aero 15 Sep 9
Sep 9 wasn't sure where to post this but.... the game is treating my character Overloard in the icecrown realm as if he is alliance but he's undead horde can you please fix this blizzard?Brisingr1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Computer upgrade i think i need to upgrade my computer its getting around 6 years old now and not handling wow like it use to . I'm not sure just to upgrade the CPU, ram and motherboard or just start a new build. trying to do it on a budget though like under $1500. my current specs are CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Ram DDR3 8 GB Graphics card Gefore GTX 770 motherboard Asus M5A88-M Power supply corsair tx850 was thinking of getting CPU I5 7600K GTX 1060 3GB SSD 500GB not sure on motherboard yet ram 16GB DDR4Tylael3 Sep 9
Sep 8 Ryzen 5 1600 the king of gaming for WoW? **UPDATE** I tried my Asus x370 Pro board and it will NOT post with my Ryzen 5 chip. My ASrock B350 Pro4 cannot OC memory. I did however just do a video on overclocked R5-1600 vs I5-7600k (700MHz over base each) and ran AotS, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Cinebench. I ran the games at 1080p/1440p. I'll be uploading tonight. I'll do some WoW raiding soon. So I will publish my results AS WELL as show the link to my channel, but this way if you don't want to give me views you don't have to! Now this is just the first tests and everything was at stock including ram at 2133MHz. But look below for the surprising results! Below are the platforms I used: ... ... Below are my results: World of Warcraft Flight from Dalaran to Starsong, Max settings 8 view distance/clutter 4xMSAA 1440p R5-1600 65.19 54.68 59.94 (Average) I5-7600k 55.81 60.10 57.96 (Average) GTA V 1440p Max settings (Ran this once each, need to rerun to validate) R5-1600 76.38 84.89 99.59 110.61 123.35 98.96 (Average of the 5) I5-7600k 78.66 77.77 92.16 106.60 80.91 87.22 (Average of the 5) Ashes of the Singularity (CPU Test) Extreme Settings R5-1600 28.9 I5-7600k 27.2 For Honor Max settings 1440p R5-1600 88.32 I5-7600K 90.09 Time Spy Frame Rate CPU R5-1600 16.36 I5-7600k 12.99Snaeb22 Sep 8
Sep 8 Rise of the Tomb Raider for $12!! That's 80% off it's retail price! That's a great deal! Best game to play too if you never heard of this game before. Plus in October you'll get more games out of this bundle when it fully unlocks! Humble Bundle is a legit website, they work with publishers and they get bundles of games at a super cheap price, then we buy them however we like (not for monthly that's set $12 a month).You0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Looking for WOW mouse replacement I have been using a wow mouse for several years now, I had the Cataclysm version that I loved but it eventually stopped working. I now have the Legendary edition, which I am not a very big fan of, but it has more than the standard number of buttons available in game. I use Healbot, and I like being able to simply put my spells on the buttons I want to use. I especially like having the small buttons on each side of the scroll wheel and the button below it as well. I currently use six buttons for healing via Healbot without having to put the spells on my actions bar or use macros. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with a different mouse (non-WoW mouse) that has 5-7 button that can be programmed in game using Healbot (preferably not the thumb buttons on the side). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Grolsch8 Sep 8
Sep 8 Upgrading to 1060 GTX 6GB Could my PC achieve a 10 in the graphics quality with an i5 4690K and a 1060 GTX 6GB with at least 60FPS? I have a 23" 1080P monitor, i5 4690K, 8GB of RAM (soon will upgrade to 16GB), and an R9 280. Currently it easily performs at a 7 with at least 60FPS. I always use Vsync.Murcielagos11 Sep 8
Sep 7 Games that doesn't take alot of times. Hello everyone. As a student myself, I am now busy with school, sports, job, economical and driving lessons and I can't simply keep up with the game anymore, I will return till I'm less busy, but WoW is too much of a time-consuming game for me currently and I'm looking for a fun game that isn't too much of a time-consumer. Any suggestions?Nothealed5 Sep 7
Sep 7 Obscenely low FPS in raids I have looked everywhere to figure out what's wrong. Discussed with many people and their solutions/ideas didn't help. I play WoW on graphics setting 7. World questing, dungeons, bgs, Dalaran, Suramar, etc. and everything is perfectly fine crisp 60+ fps. However for raids (noticed in Nighthold but also really terrible in ToS) I get extremely low fps compared to the rest of my game. It's so bad that I turned on the Raid and Battleground tab and set it to 1. Turned off/lowered everything I could in the Advanced settings. I even went and lowered everything in the Audio settings just to squeeze anything else out of my system. With all that being done, I still only manage 15-25 fps in raids. The worst bosses for this in ToS are Sisters and Mistress, where fps can go lower than that. My specs: 2 monitors - 1080p 60hz Ryzen 1700 3.7Ghz @ 1.25V Nvidia GTX 970 -OCd the Core clock to +150Mhz & Memory Clock to +300Mhz. Power limit 100% Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3200Mhz ram (although BIOS has it at 2133Mhz. I couldn't tune up the settings to be max speed without bootlooping.) GIGABYTE AB350-Gaming Motherboard Temps all look good when raiding ~65° on gpu and just under 70° for CPU. I just upgraded my setup back in April and the PC does everything I want perfectly fine except for wow raids. I tried other games like OW and PUBG and they are fine. I'd rather not spend another $500 to get an i7-7700k + motherboard just to raid properly in WoW.Hambearger4 Sep 7
Sep 7 What chair do you use for long sessions Hey all! Like the title says, what chair do you all run? I'm looking to "invest" up to 300 max for a solid one but would rather stick to under if possible. Any suggestions?Thodius1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Razer Chroma Integration Hello, I currently play WoW the most of any games that I play. I set up my first rig last year with a coworker. I have a Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse and a Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I hadn't played Blizzard's other games since getting this set up. I tried Overwatch during the Free Play weekend and noticed the integration and really liked it. I also started playing Diablo again, and noticed the integration and have enjoyed the Witchdoctor class. Long story short, are there any plans for a World of Warcraft Official Integration like Overwatch and Diablo? If there are no plans (i really hope there are), does anyone have a Chroma Set up they love and would be willing to share? Maybe something role or class specific? Thank you for your time and reading this!Skittleshot4 Sep 7
Sep 7 CPU and motherboard and ram suggestions? Something <$500 but if it's worth it I don't mind paying extra.Pedrius2 Sep 7
Sep 6 New PC for WoW Just looking for little input not to pc savey when it comes to what I'm looking for a good gameing pc. Did some research and I found this seems very reasonable for running wow. Inspiron Gameing Desktop AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400 Processor 3.4 GHz Windows 10 Home 64bit English 8GB, 2400MHz, DDR4; up to 32GB 1TB (64MB Cache) 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s AMD Radeon™ RX 570 with 4GB GDDR5 Graphics MemoryLuccien2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Best 14" and under laptops What are the best 14" screen and under laptops that could handle WoW at least on a 7 with 60fps? Also thinness is a big plus.Murcielagos2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Laptop hardware questions: GPU/CPU $500-1.4k~ Hey all thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and help me out. I’ve looked over a lot of builds on the forums going back for about 2 mo and haven’t really seen much for laptops except people posting for back to school stuff. (I work away from home a lot and so I’m looking for a laptop, weight does not matter as my truck can haul it just fine). History: -Since 2011 I really haven’t payed much attention to the market and what all has come out. As such I’ve spent about 100 hrs. these last two months getting up to speed or as up to speed as I can on what all I should be going for and been watching for deals to drop the price on some stuff. -I've been on the hunt for a laptop now for almost half a year, but only seriously started looking in the past month or so. Desktop I run with: -Main rig: desktop set up for gaming and built in 2011, gpu of 660 ti went bad 6 mo back and stuck a 1070 into it. Processor i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) -I really only run my build on preset 8 since it seems to run really well there. What I’m looking to do: -I am very much aware a desktop is always better -I’m not looking to make my desktop mobile, but if I can get something for a reasonable price that is on par that would be cool. -PvP: from Arena and pushing rating to rbgs and random bgs with friends. Looking for something that will run well enough not to have fps drop below 60ish (would love higher) -I don’t pve except when blizzard forces me to. -Being able to have a few browser windows open -Some word processing -Very light video editing, mostly fixing something last minute after doing editing on my desktop -and of course be able to use voice of some type. Twitch/skype/discord/ etc. -I don’t plan on streaming with it - I will be playing with it plugged in. browsing and other stuff would be with battery What I think I need: -i7 7700HQ, 1050ti min (pref 1060), 256gb ssd (pref with 1tb hdd back up) 1080p screen (probably not 4k) -I like the option of thunderbolt/3 and the fact I could potentially get a graphics amplifier someday if I need a upgrade for a specific game I someday want to play, however I really only play WOW Questions I have: -CPU: Should I really get an i7 for wow? I know I want at least an i5 though and I honestly know nothing about Ryzen, however I’ve seen it in some builds that have been posted on this forums recommending Ryzen so I’m really curious about laptop cpu now. -If i go i7 can i save by going with a 6th gen and get the same wow performance (ish)? -GPU: looking back it seems like buying an older laptop with a nvidia 960+ would be pretty good or even better than a gtx 1050. -Longevity: If I spend about $1000 on a laptop I’m sure I could play this for 4 years on mid-high, since laptops are not that upgradable the thunderbolt 3 seems like a good deal for being able to use a new graphic card down the road, but that bumps the price up to around $1300 range -Should I wait to buy since intel is putting out its new cpu and that could drop the price of what I’m looking at as well as maybe offer something in my price range that’s better then what is currently out there. -buying a laptop that mutli tasks well and can play wow on medium graphics for a budget price around $500-800 or do you fork more and break the $1k mark for something more relevant. My budget: -Kind of broad really, $500-$1400~ -obviously the $500 range gets me into an i5 but doesn’t get me much in the way of gpu and so probably is unrealistic at least I think? (See questions I have), while the 900+ get me into the i7. -I also feel that buying insurance on it may be worth it since laptop parts are smaller and parts that can go bad are not as replaceable as with a desktopStamaxim2 Sep 6
Sep 5 Concerning Gaming PCs As a person who sadly has no real clue how to build his own PC in terms of specs, I came here to ask one simple question. What would I need to run this game on Ultra graphics and maintain a full 60 FPS while doing such? I had recently purchased the ASUS G11CD and played World of Warcraft with the graphics on High/Ultra, only for it to break on me within 6 months. Any sort of specs or anything that could be referred to would be greatly appreciated.Kagrumok1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Rat 7 Mouse Software HI, I'm hoping someone can help me find the software from a secure site for a rat 7 mouse. I recently upgraded my computer and when I go to madcatz site and click on downloads nothing happens except I get an error message saying "trouble connecting to database". I googled a bit and it appears that madcatz has went out of business? Windows says that I have the most up to date drivers but I'm specifically looking for the profiles setup. I want to bind the thumbscroll wheel. Can anyone direct me where to look? Thanks in advanceBriandris1 Sep 5
Sep 5 I need a budget computer for legion and when I say budget, I mean budget. I am currently playing on a 6+ year old HP laptop that I use as a desktop with a floor fan blowing on to keep from overheating. I am graduating college on Dec 11th (WOOHOO) and currently looking for a job. I am going to be selling off my Magic: The Gathering collection, PS4 and PS3 to purchase a new computer to play wow on. To be honest. I need the cheapest option available. It can be a desktop, laptop, or anything really. Also, I have never built a computer myself before so buying parts and putting them together myself is a little daunting. Thanks in advance for the advice! If anyone has questions or needs clarification I will be happy to oblige!Bulwark12 Sep 5
Sep 5 New build: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Looking for anyone currently running with a ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6. I just want to know how the overal experiance is. Any quirks? Boot problems? Overclock problems? etc...Dlog2 Sep 5
Sep 4 I just played Destiny 2's beta There was no tutorial to speak of (I had to look through a bunch of menus to figure out what any of my character's abilities were), the "characters" in the "story" talked as if they knew each other even though I had no idea what was going on or who any of them were, and then I went on a mission. Naturally, the mission didn't have any kind of briefing, so I had no idea who the bad guys were, what they were doing, why they were doing it, or why they needed to die. The only thing I did learn is that the ones that looked like gorillas were from the "Red Legion". Then I fought a bunch of generic enemies, some of which had names like "Grogzor the Multidimensional" for some reason, then I fought a boss, then I got a couple of purple thingies out of a chest. I've seen multiplayer-only games with a more coherent storyline. And after enduring that little dosage of mediocrity, my biggest question is: Why did they make a sequel when nothing seems to be different from the original?Monlyth7 Sep 4
Sep 4 To My Fellow Gamer's Who Have a Mac: Hello friends, I'm a new proud owner of a new MAC and have a question: how do I ensure my games, and other high-storage applications, are correctly being installed on the traditional HD (disc) portion of the Fusion Drive and not the SSD? I tried to google this but am not really seeing any answers. Basically, I just want to make sure the 128gb of SSD storage I have is used for the OS and essential applications + updates only. The Fusion Drive I got comes with 2TB and I want everything else stored there. Do I have any say so with this lol? Can anyone explain to me how exactly it works? Thanks guys! Kings Honor, friend.Nebulyx97 Sep 4
Sep 3 Rig Not Beefy Enough For Steady 60 FPS? Hi there! I have been finally playing WoW for the last 6 months on a high/ultra settings with no HUGE problems after playing since TBC on office computers. I have one complaint and that is not having steady 60 FPS in some areas mostly dealing with Legion. My question is the title of the topic, basically. I play at 1080p No AA. Specs are as follows: CPU : Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz GPU : Radeon R9 290X Sapphire Tri-X OC Edition 4GB RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz Storage : 500GB Operating System: Win 10 64 PSU: Rosewill Stallion RD600Katoo21 Sep 3
Sep 3 Destiny 2 How do you download destiny 2 beta on the blizzard launcher?Bohin3 Sep 3
Sep 3 Help with first PC build! So finally coming back to PC gaming (wow, CS:go, non-AAA titles) but questing at 10fps isn't much fun on this PC. so looking to build a new budget PC. i have a rough idea of a build that is close to my budget (1,200ish) but was wanting advice on places where i might be able to save money, or parts were my money might be better spent to be optimum for WoW and occasionally other non-AAA games. I'll be gaming at 1080 too CPU: Intel - Core i5-7500 3.4GHz $264.00 CPU Cooler: CRYORIG - M9i 48.4 CFM $29.00 Motherboard: MSI - B250M MORTAR Micro ATX $125.00 Memory: Kingston - 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133 $108.00 Storage: SanDisk - SSD PLUS 120GB 2.5" $77.00 Video Card: MSI - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB GAMING X Video Card $429.00 Power Supply: Corsair - 500W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $85.00 Total: $1172.00 I'll also be buying a 1TB HDD and a monitor upgrade and a few other upgrades at a later date, but i feel like this would get me started. any info will be much appreciated!Lowatt8 Sep 3
Sep 2 New PC help I'll admit to being a total illiterate when it comes to knowing my PC specs and what is good and what isn't, and so I (impulsively) bought my second pre-built gaming desktop because I wanted to be able to raid (15+ people in a raid) on high custom settings at a stable 40-50 fps. Here's my PC: Processor 3 GHz RAM 8 GB DDR4 Hard Drive 1024 GB SATA III Graphics Coprocessor GeForce GTX 1060 Chipset Brand NVIDIA Card Description Dedicated Graphics Card Ram Size 3 GB Played on the new pc to find the game was recommending I play on a 4 setting. Raising the settings any higher and I was barely reaching 20fps in Stormwind on 7. It's baffling because my two year old desktop could run WoW a lot more smoothly on a much higher setting, so this "upgrade" makes no sense. Here's my older desktop, for reference's sake: If someone kind could enlighten me as to what the problem may be, or if another pre-built could be recommended for around the safe price range (850$) then it would be greatly appreciated!Johto5 Sep 2
Sep 2 Any REAL success with Samsung Gear VR?... Hey everyone, I have the Samsung Gear VR goggles and I have attempted to play WoW using the TrinusVR app with slim success... Is there anyone who has truly been successful in playing WoW specifically with Gear VR?... I have searched on many forums, websites, and videos for information only to find that people have claimed that it has worked for them. But HOW exactly?... I could use some specific instructions on how to get it working. I currently use Win7. If it is not as easy as "plug-and-play" then I can handle some advanced adjustments (but I'm no expert), much like Trinus has shown, but Trinus still has me stumped... What other programs are suggested? Who has walked the path and could shed some light on how it all works... Thank you. :)Nymh1 Sep 2
Sep 2 Logitech G403 vs Logitech G600 Hello all, I've turned to the forums in order to get some help! I recently made a purchase to upgrade my standard wireless keyboard & mouse for my first gaming style pieces of hardware (I am loving my simple, yet efficient Logitech G105!) but I am not sold on my Logitech G600. I bought this mouse after doing a lot of research, watching reviews and talking to some friends in-game I know who use one. After trying the mouse out for several days I've come to realize that I dislike the Gkey button, as I constantly hit it thinking it's my right click, and I don't feel that I can comfortably rest my thumb on the side of the mouse without accidentally clicking the side buttons. I'm very much used to side-gripping my mouse as I play, so I've done my best to position my keybinds away from the bottom of the mouse, but alas. Now, I know I need more time to play around with the mouse, learning something new takes times after all. I adore the top two mouse buttons, I have all my mobility abilities bound there for superior (for me!) usage. But after doing some more research I stumbled upon the Logitech G403, which has me thinking. I know that the G403 is primary used as a FPS mouse, but with a full load out of six programmable keys I wonder if it would be better for me to get started with. I like the look of the mouse, and having only two side buttons would be a lot easier to memorize. Designed with a standard mouse layout I believe I could comfortably rest my thumb on it without those pesky accidental clicks like my current mouse. If any Players out there have any experience with either mouse, tips & tricks on handling the mouse, using the programmable keys or can provide a stark comparison - please share with me. I'm very eager too start improving my gaming experience, which is why I ultimately went with the G600 series, but not every mouse is comfortable for every person. Until I find a solution, I will continue to train & teach myself. Thank you for any input, suggestions, advice or words of wisdom. It is much appreciated.Mahjøng3 Sep 2
Sep 1 GTX 1070 and i5 3570k bottleneck So my GTX 780 burned up the other day and I ordered a 1070 as a replacement. I expected a decent performance increase as this card is supposed to be almost twice as fast as the 780. Going into WoW I immediately reset all my settings to maximum, including SSAAx4. (The card has an 8 GB framebuffer why not use it). To my disappointment my framerate is unacceptable. I'm pretty sure I have a CPU bottleneck going on because there are areas where my framerate is like 30 and GPU-Z shows GPU load barely over 50%. During these moments I try changing graphics settings to see what has an effect and almost nothing changes it. Dropping SSAA to NO AA at all didn't improve my framerate by even 1. The ONLY setting that seems to have any impact at all is view distance.. but dropping this down with an expensive graphics card would be awful. Task manager however does not show any CPU core maxed out either so I'm a bit puzzled. I'd think a CPU bottleneck would be likely but I'm not sure. I'll list my specs below if anyone might know whats going on. Also I'm a techy person so feel free to suggest more advanced solutions or reply with the assumption that I'll know what you're talking about. Resolution and settings: Max settings at 2560x1440 CPU: Core i5 3570k (not over clocked) RAM: 16 GB GPU: GTX 1070 8 GB model PSU: EVGA Supernova 750w Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 512 GB SSDKatorie5 Sep 1
Sep 1 MMOs competing with WoW ... Do you guys have any MMOs that you think are "better" than WoW based on what you've played, even though WoW is top of the heap in terms of 'engagement rate' and player count?Zipzzo163 Sep 1
Sep 1 The Stone Brothers ( A Rp Warcraft Story) Sep 1
Sep 1 Asus Hi I was wondering if a Asus R556L was a good gaming computer for world of warcraft, worth buying?Sàpped2 Sep 1
Aug 31 Black or red pandaren? Which pandaren do you think it's better looking?Alpan5 Aug 31
Aug 31 Can I run raids with this build? I have a fx 4300 processor but will be upgrading it to a 6300 since im getting it from a friend for free, I want to know if I can run raids at 30+fps with this build below: GTX 750ti gigabyte windforce 4gb stock oc AMD FX 6300 ga-78lmt-s2 MB 1 TB HDD Stock coolers 8GB RAM It's what I can afford, and honestly WoW doesn't need a high budget computer to run it well so I'm not building a new one anytime soon, so if anyone can reply if I can run raids with this build it would be greatKinre7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Enermax Grace Mesh ECA3520 Unboxing & Review Had an absolute pleasure reviewing this!!! Thanks Enermax USA​ for giving me the opportunity!!! Pretty excited to do my first product review that was sent to me by a manufacturer. Enermax did not disappoint. Value: 9/10 Definitely offers a ton of value for $70. Having LED fans with tempered glass in this price point is awesome!!! You do get good cable management options, covered psu mount and 3 decent fans all for $70. But it is missing a few things outlined below. Function 9/10 Only 2 complaints outside of the ketchup and mustard cables for the fans (was able to hide). PCI-E covers were breakaway rather than screw off and my GPU did not line up that well. Outside of that, it has AMPLE space for a top 240mm radiator and a front as well as a rear (I used a rear and did fit push/pull no issues before rebuild). Good cable management around back, enough tie downs but would have liked to see grommets on the cable management holes but did not take points off for that. Aesthetics: 9/10 Tempered glass, LED fans, PSU cover slot, places to hide cables all contributed to the 9/10. The 10/10 is reserved for RGB/ultra sleek looking designs. However it does look really awesome with the lights off. Final Score: 9/10 I would use this for a customer. I am comfortable with recommending this case to anyone looking to spend $70 on a gaming case. While it does lack screw off pci-e covers and has ketchup/mustard cables, it offers good cable management, tempered glass, LED fans and good AIO support. You really cannot ask for more in a case in this price point. A fantastic case for $70 that I would more than gladly use for a build for a customer of mine. Probably one of the best sub $100 cases that I've worked with!!!Snaeb0 Aug 31
Aug 30 whats a good gaming mouse? i want something easy to use not too complicated just for someone moving from years of a regular mouse to a gaming mouse.Stabithabit8 Aug 30
Aug 30 Thinking of getting this gaming laptop There is a student discount so I was thinking of taking advantage of that. I am going away for college soon and I will be away from my desktop. I need a laptop where I can continue gaming and I was wondering if that would be a good deal. I use to be Desktop>Laptop for gaming but the mobility is just too good to give up when you are actually moving away from home. I will be in the dorms so I don't think it is going to be too comfortable or practical to bring my gaming PC.Feelzbrah25 Aug 30
Aug 29 Need help buying a new computer I am looking for a new PC as my old one finally went out, I've built several computers over my years, and I do not want to do it again, I've done it so many times, it's not fun anymore. I happened to be in Micro Center, and was looking at getting one of their "PowerSpec" PCs, which seem pretty decent, but I'm having trouble deciding what to do... I mainly play WoW, and OW, sometimes D3, and maybe if I'm bored CoD The computer I am looking at is the G221 ($849.99 Pre Tax) - Here are the specs. Case: Thermaltake Versa H22 MoBo: ASRock B250 Pro 4 CPU: Intel i5-7500 @ 3.4GHz Heat Sink: Stock Intel Cooler it looks like? GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB GDDR5 RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 2133 PSU: EVGA 500Watt SSD: 250GB HD: 1TB @ 7200  OS: Win 10 Home Here is the issue, if this computer will do those games at High / Mid @ 60+ FPS no problem, then I'm getting it, the thing I think that is holding it back is the 2133 on the RAM, well, I was looking at just getting some ram at 2666 or 3000, but it's around 160ish for 16gb... and if I do that, I might as well get this PC... The G314 (1079.99 Pre Tax) -  Here are the specs. Case: PowerSpec ATX 767C MoBo: MSI Z270 PC Mate CPU: Core i5 7600K (3.80GHz) Heat Sink: CoolerMaster HeatSink GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 - 8GB GDDR5 RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3000 PSU: EVGA 500Watt SSD: 480GB HD: N/A OS: Win 10 Home And then what woders me, is this one still uses a 500Watt PSU... Doesn't that seem a bit low? If the G221 will do what is needed, and wont have a FPS issue then, that's what I'm getting, but here is the kicker in all this... Will either of these computers be enough for the Samsung CHG70 Monitor? I want something that looks amazing when playing games, and I like this monitor a lot, but I feel as tho the PCs wont be beefy enough to make this thing shine.. What do you guys think? and is there a different monitor you would reccomend? I wouldn't mind having something that is  x1440p Res 1ms response time Curved would be cool, not required Also while at MicroCenter I ran 2 tests on the G221 using Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 -they didn't have the other computer  System Platform: Windows NT 6.2 Build (build 9200) 64bit CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz (3407MHz) x4 CPU Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (4095MB) x1 Settings Render: Direct3D11 Mode: 1920x1080 8xAA Fullscreen Preset: Custom (I set everything to highest) Quality: Ultra Tessellation: Extreme FPS: 50.4 Score: 1270 Min FPS: 25.5 Max FPS: 72.4 So I'm not sure if this info would help as well in the decision, in WoW I mostly will be playing at 1440 but I couldn't get this to switch to 1440 to run the test it would only do it in 1080 both times, but in WoW I don't like shadows or water detail so I know those two would be set to either low or off I know that's a bit of a draw in the GPU...Romillus8 Aug 29
Aug 29 All in one pc I'm curious if anyone here on the forums plays WoW on an all in one pc. If you do, which company did you go with? Do they perform well? What framerate are you getting in game?What are the temps like? The reason I ask is because I could use the space saving feature of an all in one by mounting it to my wall.Huntley11 Aug 29
Aug 28 Steel Series Cataclysm mouse Starting a few weeks ago, my software for the Cataclysm mouse has been acting up. It pops up a profile notification and it can't be closed, and selecting yes or no does nothing. I can only cover it up with whatever other programs I'm using, though it often tries to tab me to the popup (as if it just activated again) I tried reinstalling the driver, didn't work. Anyone else ever had this problem or something like it?Yzzami7 Aug 28
Aug 28 Fallout Reference WoW needs a Fallout reference of some sort since mana bombs are a thing.Syrelen5 Aug 28
Aug 27 this comp specs will it?Allstate3 Aug 27