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Jun 26, 2013 Laptop performance question - please help! Hello everyone so i bought this laptop about a year ago, Nvidia Geforce 555m 2g. Decent ram, etc. when i bought it it was runing cataclysm at 60 fps at high settings, now its barely runing the game at good settings runing at about 15fps i find it hard to believe that i already have to buy a new laptop idk if theres anything i can do to fix this, please help! thanks!Bèrd6 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Amazing Games You've probably Never Heard Of. While Steam, Xbox Live, and the iOS/Android mobile markets have done a fair amount to bring lesser known gems to the forefront, there are still a ton of games out there that deserve cult following. Sadly, they just aren't getting the attention they deserve. And truth be told, most of these have more ingenuity, polish, and heart put into them than the vast majority of the AAA titles we've all come to loathe. Trine Series: This is an amazing puzzle/platformer game where you take on the role of the Wizard, Thief, and Warrior, switching between them as you work your way through the game's physics-based puzzles, like smashing wooden crates against giant spiked balls to create platforms. And oh yeah, these games have co-op, and look absolutely stunning. A few people, including the Gamespot reviewers, complained about haphazardly cheesing the physics to stumble through the puzzles rather than cleverly discovering the intended solution. But honestly, I find the fact that you can come up wit your own solutions one of the better parts. It's not the game's fault they were too stupid to solve the puzzles. :p Natural Selection Series: Think AvP meets Starcraft. This FPS-meets-RTS indie multiplayer game is between the marines and the beasts. One player, the commander, sees the map from a top-down RTS view, and can vocally issue orders to his teammates who are in first person mode. Saying things like "build a bunker here", or "The enemy's building X! Upgrade Y to counter it!". The teammates don't have to listen, but they're pretty much screwed if they don't. Another gorgeous game. Add your own games to the list!Stoneblade1 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Most loved video game characters? I noticed one of the threads here talking about "Most hated video game characters," so I figured I would ask you guys who your most LOVED video game character(s)? I'll start, since I'm asking: Samus Aran from Metroid series Link from Legend of Zelda I may end up adding more when I think of them lol. Who's your most loved video game character(s)? GO!Hartoth18 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 FFXIV Anyone else been doing the beta weekends lately? I am so far a great fan of the revamp, I touched the original FF14 one time and was like...this needs serious work. So far this revamp has been enchanting and offers a very nice side break from WOW if you are looking for something that is super Lore-Intensive in true cinematic Final Fantasy fashion. The combat is A. in Beta so expected to be foggy a bit, and B. slower than WoW of course..but I don't feel it to be too sluggish...not when compared to a game like FFXI or the first take of 14..or Aion / Rift for that matter. I am excited to see how they develop this into launch, there's not a lot of graphics customization in Beta so I imagine it is difficult on a lower-end PC for now, even though I tried it on the "Low" preset option and was pumping max FPS on my 3 year old gaming Laptop. So I feel like it is going to be fairly friendly with some different ranges of gaming hardware. Anyways, anyone who's playing in it shout out on here with your shard and favorite class so far! Im digging the Pugilist..feels like a Monk should feel, all martial arts.Bob3 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Looking for a gaming laptop. I am looking at this alienware laptop and was wondering if it would run WoW at ultra. I have a much larger budget than this if I need to look at a better computer but I would like to not spend oodles of money. I pretty much only play Blizzard games. So if you could also tell me what estimated settings it could run DiabloIII and SC2 at that would be nice as well.Beloway2 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 New Alienware 14. Ultra power ? I want to know if the new Alienware 14 inch laptop can run wowo on ultraOceloters4 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 WoW Error.. How To Fix? Greetings, So recently I have been getting this error and it comes up everytime whenever the loading screen goes away. And it'll minimize the whole game and brings it back up. I've never had this issue so not sure where it's coming from. But it says.. "The program can't start because libcef.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."Pasaris2 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Game of the Generation As this generation is coming to an end, I would like to know what is your favorite game of the generation. You can list as top 5, 10, or just one...Yes, I know GTA V and Watch Dogs aren't out yet, but I feel that there is enough variety for this generation. All platforms are welcomed, late 2005-2013. Bare in mind that these are all opinions and the point of this thread is to post your favorite game of this gen. Bonus: Add your most anticipated game of next-gen as well... My favorite game of this generation has to go to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Of all the games in my steam library, this is the game I am most proud to own. When I got the game, I've spent days on it, having 43 hours of playtime. It is a unique combination of FPS, RPG, TPS, and Stealth. The combat itself is amazing, things like crouching and having the decision with lethal and non-lethal gameplay gives a shining example. The side-quests gave me a Majora's Mask vibe where I feel like I want to do the side quests, because they were not only interesting, but fun at the same time. The storyline is amazing, as it takes place in a dystopian, cyber-punk future where corporations are more powerful than the government, and biometric/cybernetics were the innovation for human survival. The amount of exploration, and choices are flawless. The only thing I am disappointed with in the game is really the boss battles, but focusing on everything else made me okay with it, and the director's cut should improve it. It may not be the original (Which I never played), but this game is a well-worth prequel to it. For these reasons, I have to give this my favorite game of this generation. My most anticipated game for the next generation is Star Citizen. I will explain later when I feel like it though. Your turn.Steth29 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Evoland Needing a break from WoW, I have been playing Evoland for the past day, it's a lot of fun. Very simple like zelda, you start off as a 8bit BW RPG and as you progress you evolve to 3d graphcs, kinda fun. Also it's on sale for $4.99 till the end of Sunday Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 SSD question I am current looking at getting a SSD drive. I am planning to use it just for my OS, is there a particular model people recommend and what is the common size used for OS installs?Ravenhawke3 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 requirements to run on ultra seamlessly i currently can only run on good recommended graphics settings what can i improve to make my computer able to run on ultra recommended graphics and just in general speed up my computer i usually will have iTunes and Skype open when i play wow my system specs are: OS: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 Processor: AMD Athlon(TM) 7750 dual core processor 2.70 GHz Installed RAM: 4.00 GB (3.25 GB usable) System Type: 32-bit OS Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7500M My Windows Experience Index Rating is 6.1Grfthhd15 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 WoW model viewer for Mac Does it exist?Triangle0 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 WoW on Ultra Hey Guys, Do you think this computer will be able to run wow on Ultra? If not, Please state why. Processor Speed (GHz) -3.1 Processor Type - Intel® Core™ i5-3350P Operating System -Windows® 8 64-bit Network -LAN, WLAN Graphics - Nvidia GT620 Graphics Optical Drive -DVD SuperMulti Drive HDD (GB) 1000 RAM (GB) 8 Thanks.Kerigen9 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 So has anyone figured out... ...why Nintendo has yet to cash in on a proper Pokemon MMO?Ostheena5 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 AMD vs NVidia AMD won this round, gotta admit despite most of the info being fluff and irrelevant it's still very funny.Stephí5 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 2013 Gaming Build/INTEL BASED Quick history that I think is reliable info for people looking on which to go with AMD or intel. Played wow since BC, quit around Cata and came back for Mists <3. Anyways I bought a gaming pc directly from ibuypower, spent 1200 and it took them 1 month to send it to me and build it etc. (!@#$) Anyways I ended up sending it back cause they sent me a faulty card AND I payed extra for perfessional wiring and they had wires going everywhere allover the case. ibuypower FTL... from personal experience BUILD YOUR OWN COMP it's fun and once you get the hang of it you can build a nice machine for 200-500 dollars cheaper then prebuilds. (price varies) Anyways here is something I threw together, open to feedback as the 4th gen tech intel is brand spankin new. On a side note, The ibuypower was amd 8 core and the graphics card was amd hd radeon 7950. ran WoW 60 frames on high NOT MAX alls I got was disappointment. Im sticking to intel, so much better. 2013 Gaming Build: Case Lighting: NZXT CB-LED10-WT Sleeved LED Kit - White, 1 m [$13.99 usd] Case (you can go with any ATX mid tower but heres a nice one for the price and it comes with lighting already in it): NZXT LEXA S LEXS - 001BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case [$79.99 usd] Power Supply:Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-750 750W Continuous @40°C, 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified, Modular Design, Single +12V Rail, ATX12V v2.31/EPS12V [$89.99 usd] HDD (hardrive/storage): Western Digital WD Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - OEM [$59.99 usd] *you can go bigger but I put 500gb because I will add in SSD's when needed* Motherboard: ASUS B85-PLUS LGA 1150 Intel B85 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOSModel #:B85-PLUS [$99.99 usd] Graphics Card (gpu): EVGA 02G-P4-2660-KR GeForce GTX 660 2GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card [$189.99 usd] Processor (cpu):Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell 3.4GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX80646I54670 [$229.99 usd] Memory (RAM): CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 [$72.99 usd] Optical Drive: ASUS DVD Burner Black SATA Model DRW-24B3ST/BLK/G/AS [$22.99 usd] OS (operating system): Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - OEM [$99.99 usd] Grand Total: [$959.90 usd] Notes: [/code]All of these parts are found and priced at You can copy and paste the names of each part into newegg search part then add to cart/wishlist. They are super good with putting all your parts into one box for shipping purposes. These were all priced on June 24, 2013 10:41 am Central Time havn't run WoW with 4th gen intel or gtx660 but im sure it should run WoW atleast MAX 60fps Please anyone with greater knowledge feel free to see if I overlooked something. Hope this helps all of the people frantically searching the internet for WoW builds, cause I know how troubling that can be ;)Clankspark9 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 ASUS ROG CHALLENGE Link: For anybody that ever wanted to pc game but thaught it was to expensive.. (giggles) well the nex gen consoles are priced about the same as a computer that could run pc games pretty good. Pretty much they have issued a challenge for the ROG community to build a gaming pc in the price range of the ps4/xbox one ($399-$499) check out the post and keep updated on it if you're one of those people that always wanted to pc game and intend on spending the money on a next gen console.. who knows you might find yourself rolling a new character on WoW around Christmas time this year ;DClankspark0 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Help! Hi! I just started playing this game last week and I'm a 100% newbie to this game. I wonder what addons I need since i'm wondering all i see in has addons. And i dont have any clue about macros. Yea sorry im indeed a newbie here.Majicero1 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Skyrim interface woes Alright. Anyone here figured out how the hell to fix the mouse lag problems with the PC version of Skyrim? The result of a failed port to PC from Xbox has resulted in a mouse pointer that instead of feeling like a ruler being snapped around or a pointer used on a chalkboard, feels like I'm swinging around a yoyo or a weight on a string trying to aim at things. The following changes got the system menus and such to a reasonable level: iPresentInterval=0 (this turns off VSync) bMouseAcceleration=0 (this turns off mouse acceleration) fMouseCursorSpeed=2.0000 (default I think was 1.0000 or .5000) None of the above fixes the fact that I feel like I'm pushing around a Hot Wheels car with really loose wheels on my desk when I move the mouse side to side in the skill perk window, the map, the stupid compass that pulls up when you hit Tab for navigation...Gozreh5 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Anyone else excited for BF4? Looks flipping amazing, not going to lie. Pretty much everything BF3 should have been. But of course DICE always makes games in pairs, and improves on them the second time around BF2 -> BF2142 BC1 -> BC2 Now BF3 -> BF4 Cant wait :D Also gonna need a new GFX card, this 6770 served me well.Morphball2 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 I want to build a computer on CyberPowerPC I have a really crappy laptop right now and i've saved up quite a bit of money and i'd like to get a computer from CyberPowerPC. I want to be able to run the game on Ultra graphics and be able to play other games like Skyrim or Dead Space with no frames dropped at all and really smooth gameplay. I no little to nothing about computers and when trying to build one on there I don't really know what i'm doing. I would just like some suggestions on what I should do like would I be able to hook up to the internet wireless or do I have to pick something to make that happen.Velinedice5 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 In the market for a new CPU cooler So summer has arrived and my room is starting to spike in temperature. I do not have the luxury of having an ac so my room will go up to 100f. Other then the fact that it is getting hot, I am really looking for a new one that is easier to maintain and clean. As much as I love my hyper 212 it is a hassle to clean. Was hoping the corsair h80 or h100 would suffice, but I am open to other suggestions as well.Aquorius2 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 New PC - feedback please? So I'm one of those people running what can only be described as a stoneage PC unearthed from some long lost burial mound. I'm not kidding either, my desktop is at least 7 years old, 1.5 GB harddrive, 512 MB of RAM, and some laughable integreated graphics. Because I've played wow this way from the get go (going back 2 expansions) I've essentially gotten "accustomed" to it. I have every graphic setting at the minimum, run no add-ons, and shut down any non-essential processes on my pc. With all that on a good day I get maybe 8-10 FPS but in any kind of city or raid, i'm looking more at 3-6 FPS? Mind you, I've raided with that, before LFR even, and been fine - not fun at times mind you, but OK. Aside from the obvious WoW angle, my PC is crashing several times a day and running very slowly during normal tasks like multiple chrome browser tabs, etc. My budget is well, tiny, but would a PC with specs like this really improve my gaming experience? HP Pavilion p6-2330 Desktop PC Processor•AMD A6-5400K APU (3.6 GHz ) •3.6 GHz •1 MB L2 cache Memory•6 GB DDR3 •4 DIMM •Upgradeable up to 32 GB DDR3 Hard drive•1 TB SATA (7200 rpm) Graphics•AMD Radeon HD 7540D (6 GB DDR3, up to 3 GB) When I say improve, just keep in mind where I'm coming from - getting 20-25 FPS and having fair/good/medium graphics would be a massive improvement for me. Does anyone have the above machine or a similar budget model and run the game? Can you comment on your experience? THanks!Dolcevita7 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Developer of the Generation I saw a thread on here the other day that sparked my interest in who you guys thought was the best developer this generation, and why? The thread I'm referring to is the "Game of the Generation", and on there, I didn't really state a game more than I did a developer. And that developer is Naughty Dog. I'm really impressed with what they've done this generation with the action-packed Blockbuster worthy Uncharted series and the grim, dark, and emotional tale of The Last of Us. The jump they made from Jak and Daxter to Uncharted was a massive one, and I'm completely blown away with how well they landed it. So what about you?Felwick5 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 New gaming headset help Hi I am in need of buying my first headset with a built in mic. Problem is I don't know what to look for, or if it even matters much in a headset. I want a headset that is comfortable and adjustable. I like ear muffs that fit around the entire ear, but have ventilation to keep my ears from sweating. I really want clear sound both input and output. It will be used for both PS3 and PC so thinking a USB connector. If anyone can let me know of a headset that fits this criteria, and has personal experience with it, I'd appreciate it. Please let me know what you recommend :) Budget: under 60 dollars Country: USA Isolation: I don't care if it is open or closed as long as they are comfortable. Purpose: Gaming on both the PC and PS3.Orriginal3 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Girlfriend is buying a laptop. Need advice. We are looking at getting a laptop to move about the house while we play. There is of course a money budget so we are trying to find what may be required in this laptop. I know we cant expect to get Ultra graphics without dedicated graphics, but are wondering how well we can expect to do with shared memory graphics. The laptop we are currently checking out is - I am pretty sure this will handle wow, I am just wondering to what extent? Low, medium ... high? If we push up the RAM to 8gigs and allocate more to the graphics? Thanks in advance for you advice and support. - AmatheonAmatheon1 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Looking to upgrade GPU hi everyone i am trying to upgrade my GPU in the near future i currently run with a Radeon 7870 2gb DDR5, and Intel i5-3750k (if that matters). My budget for a new card is roughly 400$. I was researching and saw the GTX 770 and curious, would this be a substantial upgrade, would it make a big difference? Any other suggestions? Thank YouNéptune4 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 WoW on Ultra w/good FPS What would I need to upgrade on this setup to achieve a smooth gameplay on Ultra settings just for WoW. I don't need anything crazy, just enough to get by without a problem. PC Specs: Processor: AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core (5000+) Hard Drive Capacity: 360 GB Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE Graphics Ram: 4 GB If you need more information the computer is a HP Pavilion a6200n I am looking to spend at most 400$. Thank you for your contribution.Soúr3 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Good run but time to move on Well, it's been a great run, and had more fun then I ever imagined since October 2006, but it's time to pull the plug on WoW, and moving onto Rift. What did it for me is several glaring issues that not only refuse to get fixed, but GC & Team seem to be hellbent on sticking with these changes, which is fine, but is no longer enjoyable for me. Yes, I may come back, but for now, Rift is where it is at, as they have several of the systems I want. that WoW has gotten away from and is sadly not coming back too. -Veteran Rewards: Rift rewards you for being a subscriber, what does Blizzard do to say, "Hey! Thanks for being a customer!". NOTHING. -Talent Trees. This is the big one. Rift's character customization choices with their talent trees is AMAZING! After being able to play around with this last night and then coming back to WoW's "new" talent system..........yah, I finally see what people are talking about when they say WoW is getting dumbed down. -Overall player base. From what I could see last night, much, much more adult/mature/whatever you want to call it then the troll filled cesspool WoW's player base has become. -PvE content. Unlike WoW, Rift's content does not have to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator that even a slug in a coma could get through with zero effort. I like challenges, not dealing with people who are botting or expecting the same results as those putting in effort. Is WoW an epic, fantastic game? You bet it is. Is it going on the absolutely wrong path, and becoming less enjoyable by the week? Unfortunately yes. So with that, I say thanks for all the good times and best of luck to all of you.Krôth46 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Power supply questions Ok, this PSU is probably going to be a bit overkill for my system, I know. But I want future upgrading room, like if I decide to get a second video card. I just want to make sure that Corsair is a good brand to get, I haven't really been keeping up with brands. I am currently using a 650w Thermaltake, but I have a friend whose PSU just died, and I'm using this an excuse to get myself a modular PSU. But this looks like a good deal if Corsair is a good brand. EDIT: This is another one I'm considering. It has better reviews and I know I've heard that Seasonic is good Right now I have an HD7950 900 MHz overclock, and an FX-8350. Will be upgrading to Steamroller and HD9000 series when they come out. I *probably* won't be running dual GPU's, but I would like to have the freedom to if I decide to.Mogrigg3 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 i wish WoW had things like this ;_; >Playing Skyrim >Come across a locked cabin north of Falkreath >It's night time and I'm playing an immersion run through on a Chaotic Good character. Surely the inhabitant of this house wouldn't mind housing a weary traveler. >Pick the lock >A Dunmer bandit comes up from the basement and starts attacking me >He accidentally trips on my dagger, R.I.P >Nothing bandit related in this house >Check everywhere to see if the bandit broke into the house and killed the residents or something >Eat some food that's laying around >Go down to the basement once more to see if I missed any hidden valuables (it's okay to rob bandits, gentlemen) >There's smoke or something coming from below a book case >Look around the basement for a minute and see a little red button >( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) >Press the button and a massive cavern beneath the cabin reveals itself >Go through the 3 floored cavern. The storyline of this "cabin", Pinewatch, is that bandits killed a family of woodcutters and turned it into a base of operation where they would raid passing caravans of traders as well as small groups of soldiers. They would then dump the bodies into the 1st floor below the cabin, some would live in the 2nd floor, and the more important bandits would live on the 3rd floor. >Bandits tragically slipping and falling on my dagger q_q >Notes were scattered around the cavern hinting at some kind of treasure room >Kill the Bandit's commander >Pick a difficult lock on a door in the room behind her >Go through a tunnel filled with traps that could basically instagib you >Reach the end of the tunnel and there's a tomb filled with cash money, enchanted weapons and armor, gold bars, rare metal bars, jewelery, etc. etc tl;dr it would be so tight if WoW had hidden locations you find off exploring, and then you can explore inside of it and stuff and get a reward at the end. EDIT: ... also the final image in the album is the tomb in the greentext narrative above. not pictured is the treasure chest behind it with even more stuff.Caristinn26 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 I rly need to stop advertising I got banned again for advertising my PC's lol. That PC I was selling was up to 455 on eBay. Then eBay took it down because they thought I was selling Windows 7 disks?? So I was in the hole because I have deadlines and not a TON of cash. Well a friend of mine just bought the PC today (eBay took it down earlier today) for 500 cash. So I am happy!!Stephí0 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 PC Performance Upgrade Question Hello, so i'm planning on upgrading my low performance PC, and I have a limited budget that I could use to upgrade the CPU and Graphics Card, heres the ones that I could afford: Upgrades: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1GB OC GDDR5 2DVI/Mini HDMI PCI-Express Video Card N650-1GD5/OC Intel Core i3-3220 Dual-Core Processor 3.3 Ghz 3 MB Cache Current/keeping: 4 GB Ram 1600x900 Monitor LG. Now before I cause a disaster, are these upgrades compatible with my G31TM-P21 (MS-7529) Motherboard? ============ And are they going to be able to handle High/Ultra settings ? I also raid in a 25 man guild. Thanks in Advance!Deathchoice7 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 mouse for mac I have a macbook and was wanting to get the logitech g600 but it says it is windows only. So what do you all think would make good gaming mouse for Mac? I can't afford to dump my mac and buy a new pc laptop as many have suggested.Zeppe3 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Recommend a GPU for me please I put this thing together early last year but I used an old GPU (8600 GT) that my brother wasn't using anymore but i would really like to get something better but not completely out of hand. Trying to come in under $250. Existing specs are AMD PhenomII x6 1100T 16 gb RAM 700w PS Monitors are an Acer H213H, and a Samsung SyncMaster 740bx When it comes to this stuff i have no idea whats good and whats a waste of money.Sevencharlie8 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Build to order laptops Hey there looking for a site that has good build to order laptops. I know of is there one that comes highly recommend?Stillywilly0 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 They didn't deserve it. Henry and Sam didn't deserve it. He should have saved Sam but he didn't!Cowmastr6 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Need advice on co-op pc (non fps) game.. Due to my home location, we have problems sometimes with being able to have a steady solid internet(terrain and zero cable/dps companies). We love to play games together, and are fans of fantasy games.. be it DnD or even space fantasy type games. But, we don't enjoy the FPS types.. Things like NwN's, Dungeon Siege, etc. So I was wondering if anyone had a good idea of recently(within last couple years) of a PC lan co-op or even xbox 360 game that falls into what I sorta covered. We already have played and not interested anymore in NWN/NWN2, Dungeon Siege, Diablo 1/2, Lego Games or side scrolling like the lego series.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Diablo 3 would of been ideal, but it requires the internet connection to play which is very unstable for us. We don't use hacks or the likes so please stay away from them.Hungwong0 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Needing help improving my wow preformance!! ^the link is what i'm using now. AMD E1-1200 Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics For optimal performance. 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM For multitasking power, expandable to 8GB. Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with double-layer support Records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media; also supports DVD-RAM. 1MB L2 cache memory For efficient system processing. 500GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 rpm) Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times. AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics With up to 1967MB total available graphics memory as allocated by Windows 8 for lush images and vivid detail. Multidisplay capable Allows you to connect a second monitor for additional work space (monitors not included). 6 high-speed USB 2.0 ports For fast digital video, audio and data transfer. Built-in 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN For quick and easy wired Web connection. Microsoft Windows 8 operating system preinstalled Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more. Software package included With CyberLink PowerDVD and more. Includes 1-month trial of Microsoft Office 365. ENERGY STAR certified Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. And all that for short, I run WoW on the lowest settings at max 20-23 FPS. I need to fix this without breaking the bank. I cannot do 25 mans and I would like to. If anyone could help me out, my money is limited but I want to improve my gameplay badly.Metëor1 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 What games would YOU want to see here? I started my own gaming portal recently at One thing I noticed about free game websites is that they're all filled with: a) Ads b) Registration requirements c) Navigation requirements d) Hundreds of games, most of which are bad I would like to have a portal that is simple, easy to use, ad-free, and spam-free. That means I don't make any money from it, but it really doesn't cost me that much either Now I want to fill the front page with about 30-40 games that you guys feel are the best / most fun games that you would love and expect to see in a gaming portal Looking forward to hear your opinions :)Hunterbrah0 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 "SOCOM" H-Hour: World's Elite Hey everyone people should checkout out this kickstarter David Sears the maker of PS2 era Socom 1 and 2 the first online game on ps2 that has broke many records will be making a Tactical shooter for PC and PS4 it will be just like Socom 2 I believe this will be the next big game If you ever played Socom you know about the experiance that Socom brought to you the addiction of wanting to keep playing I never experience this from any other game so please check out the kick starter if you are able to donate to help reach the goal thank you! Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Which Mouse? I have it narrowed down to two, and really wish I could actually TRY them both before buying. Razer Naga Hex -vs- Logitech G700 They are similar in price, so that's a non issue, and have a similar number of buttons, which isn't really an issue because both have plenty for me. I guess it is going to come down to an intangible. Maybe there is a flaw with one someone who has owned it knows about. Anyone have either one of these mice that can throw me some suggestions? And yes, I have considered many, and narrowed it down to these 2. I don't want a Naga Epic or one of the other 12 button mice, and the RAT looks good, but I think I'd have grip issues. So I'm down to these two. What do you guys think?Kronoh36 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 how well will this run wow? 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ processors Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English 8GB 1333Mhz Dual Channel memory * New 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 video card with 330W PSU* Slot-loading Dual Layer Blu-ray reader Integrated Wireless LAN card (standard) 256GB Samsung SSD Dimensions: (H) 13.5” (D) 12.5” (W) 3.74” i know i should prob build one myself but way to lazy just wondering about this setup its really cheap so was just curious?Dekode13 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Recommendations for a New Computer Dear All My computer broke yesterday. :( I am really really pissed. I am in to Pvp. I want a good computer to play wow on. I do not want to build it. If someone could recommend some websites. Thanks for reading.Zulhin0 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Gaming mouse issue I just my new gaming mouse. The problem is that when I use a keybind on one of the side buttons while the curser is hovering over an attack it uses the attack instead of the keybindIslotheangry1 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 FPS Issues on good machine? I recently got a new PC and it's an excellent machine. At first, it was running WoW amazingly. But then, on the same day, I got both Window's Updates and Blizzard hotfixes. Installed both and now I'm seeing an FPS drop. Everything else seems to run fine, so I'm inclined to believe it was in the hotfixes and not in the Window's Updates. All settings are on ultra. System: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name REBECCA-PC System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3400 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 1309, 10/5/2012 SMBIOS Version 2.7 Windows Directory C:\windows System Directory C:\windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514" User Name Rebecca-PC\Rebecca Time Zone Central Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Total Physical Memory 7.95 GB Available Physical Memory 4.94 GB Total Virtual Memory 15.9 GB Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1180&SUBSYS_28201462&REV_A1\4&BAB4994&0&0008 Adapter Type GeForce GTX 680, NVIDIA compatible Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Adapter RAM 2.00 GB (2,147,155,968 bytes) Installed Drivers nvd3dumx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvd3dum,nvwgf2um,nvwgf2um Driver Version I don't know if I gave you the right information or enough information, as I'm not very computer literate. If you need any other info, just let me know. Any help would be greeeeatly appreciated!Sabriela5 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Do You Still Use General Discussion? I'm just wondering if anyone else avoided General Discussion like the plague, like I do. I honestly can't stand being there for two minutes anymore, because of all the nonsensical threads and constant whining. I prefer to spend my time in the class forums and Games, Entertainment and Technology forums.Felwick13 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Starting to piece together a new desktop Hey guys and gals of the WoW crowd, I'm looking for some advice as I begin to piece together a new desktop for myself. My budget is at maximum $800.00 AUD (I'm in Australia). So, with that in mind, please help me piece together a system. I'm thinking at least an i3 3220 but preferably an i5. I will also consider AMD, however, I feel that Intel has the upper hand on gaming performance at the moment with better memory controller, utilization and speed -- not to mention their clock for clock performance winning. My goal with this system is to be able to run WoW on Ultra @ 1080p with at least 60fps avg min fps over 45. Here's a list: CPU: i3 3220 or i5 (probably i3 because it's cheaper) Motherboard: Unsure, 77 series chipset preferred RAM: 8bg min 1600 (or faster) G.Skill DDR3 GFX: HD7850 or better (GTX660Ti also considered) HDD: 1TB WD preferred -- I really like WD HDDs over others. I have had seagates and samsungs in the past; both of those hdds have failed numerous times. I've never had a WD that has failed on me yet. PSU: 80 Plus 450W or better Case: Whatever gets the job done (not important) Sound: Onboard is fine for me. I use a USB DAC with a headphone amp paired with HD650s for epic music listening and movie watching. So whatever there. I already have all the rest such as a keyboard, mouse, screen, and so on. Really, I just need the basic, barebones system for up to $800. If budget allows, I might even throw in an SSD since they give very good performance for the price. Thanks for stopping byMorticide2 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Metaspark sucks at Audacity! (Dark Souls LP) I've started a Let's Play of Dark Souls, if anyone is interested in watching! I've recorded an hour and a half long set, and completely forgot to turn Audacity on so my voice is completely missing...but it will be back for the next set! Anyway here's the basic idea of what I said at the beginning: I've played through Dark Souls and the DLC numerous times, so if you're looking for someone completely new who doesn't know what they're getting into, this is the wrong LP I've only played a Cleric once, and a heavy Faith build never, so that will be new to me I'm playing the Prepare to Die version on the PC The rest of the set will be up later tonight because I'm at work right now, so this first video is just a taste for what's to come If you'd like to co-op (or invade!) you can follow me on twitter where I'll keep things updated! Enjoy!Ostheena0 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 New Computer So i'm looking for something to replace my laptop as its starting to show its age. This time around however I have a tablet that can take care of 99% of my portability needs so I figured I would go for a desktop as the price for what you get is much better. Now can anyone throw me some suggestions. I don't really feel like building it myself, I know I can get a better bang for my buck that way but I just don't feel like it. Was considering a few things from Cyberpowerpc, and ibuypower. Most gaming will be WoW and some other steam games. Other use will simply be web browsing and some light photo editing. Along with the occasional use of Microsoft word excel etc. Basically educate someone with limited knowledge. I don't want to throw away money when something lesser would be good enough. I would say id like to spend no more than $1000, the less the better.Tiguro7 Jun 21, 2013