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May 28, 2013 AMD Kaveri HSA speculation (Blizzard) So I'm wondering if anyone here is speculating as to Blizzards support of the upcoming Kaveri APU from AMD and it's ability for HSA. Does anyone here think that Blizzard can use the HSA capabilities for improved performance in WoW / D3 / SCII ?Adimarcus2 May 28, 2013
May 28, 2013 Few Noob Questions Before Building Computer. As the title says, im building a computer but for the first time! However, i have a few questions about my build and what to expect. So here is my build (feel free to make any suggestions for changes): Optical: ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM Case: COOLER MASTER Storm Stryker SGC-5000W-KWN1 Black and White Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B BRONZE 120-PB-0750-KR 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Ram: Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX Motherboard: MSI ZH77A-G43 LGA 1155 Intel H77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Graphics card: SAPPHIRE 100351SR Radeon HD 7970 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card OC with Boost OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit - OEM (If you want to make a suggestion for a change, my budget is $1400, and the price of what if have now is $1286.91. The games i mostly play are WoW (10man raiding and PvP) and SC2). Now my questions are: Since im not planning on ever overclocking, i got the non-overclockable CPU and no aftermarket fan. Will the stock fan come with thermal paste already applied or come with some in a tube? Or will i have to buy my own? I've watched some videos on youtube on how to build a computer, and is wire management as hard as it looks? And last but not least, when people set up the main compenents to see if their system "posts" how do you turn the "skeleton" system off when you're done testing to see if it posts? They show you how to turn it on but not off... Not sure if you just unplug the power supply or what. Thanks in advanced for putting up with my stupidity in the subject! xoxoRellank5 May 28, 2013
May 27, 2013 If i were to upgrade? If i was to upgrade my video cards what should i pick, right now i'm using SLI 660 ti's 2X, so should i continue on going with the lower mid range model cards basically the X60's of nvidia's in SLI or should i try for something like one GTX 780, and would it be wise to upgrade to the GTX 780 just because its the next chipset of the gpu line for nvidia along with the titan? Extra info i basically play WoW alot but i do play some taxing games such as Crysis 3 both in 5760X1080p crysis runs great at half turned on ultra and half turned on high :)Invaindeath0 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 iBuyPower vs Newegg vs CyberPower PC To all of you PC enthusiasts or anyone experienced in building custom rigs...I'm planning on saving up to build one myself. Which of those three sites would be a great option for me as a beginner? One of my friends just recently built a rig and had gotten all his parts from Newegg because he says they're "more budget friendly" than the other two. I, on the other hand am no so much worried about cost or budget as I am about making sure that I get the best out of what I eventually pay for. In other words to put it simply, I understand the average gamer puts in ~$1000+ for his/her initial build and continues to upgrade from there. I'll lay it out there right now that I am willing to throw down ~$1500 so if you were to build a PC with that budget, where would you go and what would you get?Tooeezee1 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Guild Wars 2 Worth Going to? I was going to restart wow and level this toon to 90, but 5.3 killed that... How is GW? Is it fun? PvP?Chrollo45 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Graphics Questions Sadly, my new computer fund has gone down to the 500-600 dollar range. Normally, I would just keep the money back and save up again, but my current computer is about on it's last legs, having to post this on a friend's computer, and I might need a new one fast. Anyway, the questions are as follows. One of the computers I am looking at has Intel HD Graphics 2000. I have no idea how good that is, so could someone tell me what the equivalent for NVidea or AMD might be? And how good it might run WoW with an i5 2320 processor and 8GB of ram? Also, I know that is integrated graphics, and I have heard that a computer whose graphics are integrated can't be upgraded. Is that true? Because part of my thinking is to get a computer that is decent for now, but could be upgraded to something better down the road.Shadê1 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Best computer/laptop for $350? Is there a way to get an alright gaming computer/laptop for 350?Biago3 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Elric is giving his PC away entry is required 200 spots, 25 dollars/slot. 0.5% chance of winning per entry, unlimited entries.Chelsí0 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 How will this run WoW? Trying to build a computer so I can do schoolwork and play wow. I'm not really sure how this would run. Thanks for any help. Processor: AMD A6-5400K APU (2x 3.60GHz/1MB L2 Cache) Memory: 8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module - Corsair Vengeance Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7750 - 1GB - Single Card Motherboard: ASRock FM2A75 Pro4 -- 6x USB3.0, 1x eSATA-III 6Gb/s Power Supply: 650 WattXaleiron9 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Wanting to build a PC I have a budget of roughly $1000 and I want to be able to run wow on ultra, can I do it, and suggested parts? Thanks!Jullfer5 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Windows 8 and Vent I've just been given a new system and it's a Windows 8 machine. I thought that before it arrives I'd download the install files for programs like the Curse downloader, Vent, etc. So I went to the Ventrilo site that hosts my vent service and noticed the only versions of Ventrilo they have are for Windows 7 and below. My questions are this: If I install the Windows 7 version of Ventrilo will there be any problems or will it just do the compatibility thing? Or should I contact my Vent host and see if they have a Win 8 version in the works and wait until they have it? *edit: My old system was an XP machine so knowing what is compatible with a Win 8 machine is a little out of my knowledge base.Theoldman2 May 27, 2013
May 26, 2013 Need to Increase FPS I've had my laptop for a year now and for the first ten months it ran wow fine. I usually had 25+ fps constantly, which was good enough for a casual gamer. But recently my frames have dropped completely. I now have 15- fps constantly. I have cleaned my computer and it still runs the same. Any help would be fantastic. I will try to answer any questions about specs and whatever. In advance, thanks.Jacoros3 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Config PC, help me out! Trying to make my own pc, but i'm not very experienced in the area. What I really need is that someone tells me wheter my components matches, or not. Here we go: (unfortunatelly, i only have links on Portuguese) Motherboard GA-B75M-D3H Graphic Card HD 7870 Ghz Edition 256bit 2GB Core i5 3570k HD Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm 64mb (ST1000DM003) SSD Samsumg 840 120gb Ram memory corsair vengeance black 8gb dual channel (2x4gb) 1600mhz Power suply Seasonic 620w 80 plus S12II I can post links to specifications but I believe it matches completely (sockets, slots, etc), can anyone confirm?Etherealness3 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Starcraft 2 blurry on 32'' tv screen So I hooked up my pc to a Panasonic 32''' tv, it took a bit for me to get the resolution settings correct on my Nvidia control panel. But so far it works well for WoW. Decided to try it out on Sc2 but not with much luck. The screen went all blurry and there's no option to be able to fix the resolution for the game before it loads. So do I have to play around with the Nvidia control panel again to try and get it to work with SC2?Lithios6 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Help me pick a PC!!!! Hey today i am going to buy a new computer online.... Let me start off by saying I AM BUYING IT TODAY lol, and I do not know all the ways to build my pc or whatever, so I want a pre-built pc. Don't comment on this video if you're going to say just build one. I know it may be cheaper and better, but this is the first actual good pc I'm buying, and I don't want to build. Now For the Specs I'm Looking For First off I want to be able to play WoW on atleast Ultra... I say this because I want to play RIft at a pretty decent looking spec. I also want it under $1000. If you have any suggestions on a good one let me know.Angerx3 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Hapless Newb with $500-600 in Wife Allowance [Edit: Removed Image and Components Listed at Bottom] Hi All, Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at this and to give me your input. Before I get started I just want to thank the community for being extremely helpful over the past few years. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that there are people out there who are willing to ply their expertise for a hapless consumer. Basically, I'm an avid gamer and I've noticed that my system is falling behind in a lot of areas and I'm not really getting the performance I want out of current or even near recent games. I still have to run a lot of things on low and still have some framerate issues with the majority of titles released in the last couple of years. My adoring wife has agreed that I can spend $500-600 on upgrades but I have to be honest: I don't know my !@# from my ankles as far as where I should invest it and what parts I should replace first. I've scanned and posted a link to the list of components I currently have in my computer and I would be ever so grateful if anyone could provide any advice as to how I should proceed. I've never installed my own components before but I think I could be up the challenge (though the idea of installing my own processor still makes me freeze up and panic). Anyways if you find that the scanned image is annoying and would rather I type it out, just let me know. I'm at your mercy. - Karooth Intel Core i5-2500k Quad Core 3.3Ghz Gigabyte GA-Z68a-D3H-B3-Z68 ATX Kingston Hyperx 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 Coolmaster Hyper 212+ Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6950 2G DDR5 Seagate 1000gb Baracuda 7200 Asus 24x DVD-RW Black Sata Antec Dark Fleet Full-Tower XFX Pro750w ATX12v & EPS12v Windows 7 107GB SSDKarooth3 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Best Graphics card for WoW! Hi, this is my first post on the forums. I plan to build a new PC in a week or two. I plan to really get into this game. I was wondering would you guys recommend an AMD 7950 Graphics card? I would like to play on most settings if not all settings on ultra. I already have what I want for the rest of the PC just can't decide on Graphics card. Thanks!Ärtorius2 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Your favorite N64 game? Since N64 is arguably my favorite console ever (Next to SNES and PS2), I was just wondering what the WoW forum dwellers favorite N64 game titles are! List em here :D Mine has to be either Mischief Makers or Paper Mario (Not listing OoT and Majora's Mask because they are too popular), and Megaman 64. Just too much fun :)Dreleth54 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 How is Guild Wars 2? Sadly, it looks like my time in WoW is starting to come to an end for various reasons. One of my friends recommended I check out Guild Wars 2, but I just wanted to get some more opinions before I drop some money on it to know if it is worth it. I know that it is F2P, but hopefully it is not pay-to-win right? Also, how is the endgame PvE and is their anything like raids in it? Thank you for any advice!Streetsmart38 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Using an Xbox 360 Controller This area of the forums seemed right to post this but you can use your xbox 360 controller to play games on your pc. So long as you have a USB wired controller you can do it free. Wireless controller, than you will need to get the adapter for it. You can use the controller as a super powered joystick on your gaming or as a mouse. And since Microsoft is trying to kill of Xbox 360 with Xbox One, why not use your controller for this fun act? This is the cool part, games like skyrim, honored, and any game that was made for pc and xbox will switch game controls when you sees you plug in your xbox controller. Hook up your laptop or computer to your tv and boom, you have yourself an xbox console but better (depending how good your pc is). Some games, however, doesn't do this. Dragon Age 1&2 doesn't seem to have this built in on the pc version. That is alright because there are programs out there that gives your buttons certain usage. For example button A could be number 1 on your key board. So every time you pushed A you are also pushing 1. I use the program Xpadder 5.7 and it works great. Sadly, the person that made this program is now asking for money for you to download it and use. You can use another similar free program or find a way to get Xpadder in a different matter. Sadly there are some games that doesn't work great with the xbox controller. The only game I have noticed is Half Life 2. I looked at the game and it seemed that the game was designed to use a simple joystick, not a dual joystick like the xbox controller. Even with Xpadder on it will not work correctly. That being said, you can still play lots of games as if you were playing it on your xbox. So if you are tired of the controls of the pc skyrim and feel like you will have more fun if it was just on xbox, all you need to do is plug it in. Side note: Plugging in the xbox controller should make your computer search for the updates, program, and ect to make it work. If it doesn't do it right away give it time. Could you do this with WoW? Yeah. So long as you have the right program like Xpadder up and working you can totally play WoW. I tried it out and at first I was lost like a lamb, but giving myself time and practice I know how to play WoW on the controller. Here is the catch though, if you do than you will only be able to use up to 12 abilities. So far, my controller only controls 9 abilities because the other three buttons are being used for different things. A, B, X, Y, LB, and the arrow keys are all on abilities. So far, it is working great, but the higher the level you are, the harder it will be (Unless you built up to it while playing the controller.). This is due to what ability is more important to use. A, B, X, and Y are primal abilities. These abilities are something that you always use in the start of battle and towards the end of the battle. The arrow keys are minor abilities, the ones that you keep just in case you need to get out of certain jams (shields, silencers, potions maybe, ect.). The LB button is use as my very important skill. Something that I need to use almost right away or in the certain times that nearly always come around. Rogue is stealth, deathknight is the deathgrip (currently going to change it once I get new abilities), or even a self heal ability. The rest of the buttons are being well used but if you don't normally use that button you could switch it for an extra ability space. My button controls. A=1 B=3 X=2 Y=4 Arrow up=5 Arrow left=6 Arrow down=7 Arrow right=8 LB=9 RB=tab LT=left mouse RT=right mouse Back=m Start=ESC the left joystick WASD controls and the right joystick is the movement of the mouse. Pushing down on the left joystick is space and the right joystick is Num lock. If you don't know what some of those buttons do on WoW than give them a try. Tab is important for Range but is still very useful for Melee because it gives you a target of a monster in a certain range towards your direction. Number lock lets your guy auto run. If you like to do the quick loot (Left Shift) you can go into the interface and click on the box for auto loot upon loot. This saved me a button space. Now if you are using Xpadder, I found that the best mouse space numbers are 65 65. You can change it if it is too fast or too slow for you. The change is done with the program of Xpadder, not your mouse speed control on your computer. After playing for 3 hours using the controller, I find it really easy to play the game. This is with only on my low level characters ranged from 1-60 so I cannot say how easy it will be if you jump on your 90. Doing Dungeons, I have heard, is dis-advised. The only kind of role you will do best at is healer, hunter, or deathknight. Healer so long as you have your great healing spells on your primal and kept your mouse hand near the four player tags on your top left you should do great. Hunter so long as you keep away and don't pull yourself. Deathknight so long as you keep bloodboil on Y (it is stronger if you have a disease on the target which is why it isn't A). Pvping itself, I have not tried and don't wish to try. Unless you have mastered the controls and feel you can do it, I say go for it. Playing classes that have more than 4 important skills like shamans and mages will be harder to play with. Rogues are easier since their abilities are split from non-stealth and stealth. Well the more you know and if you have some issues look it up online to find the answer.Nyxdarkness0 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 15% off desktops/laptops @ Use promo code: refresh13 make a new account if needed, up to 100 bucks.Chelsí0 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Xbox-1 release highlights Highlights of the Xbox-1's announcement event. Opinions? describe it in as many or as few words as you choose TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,Sports,Sports,Sports,Sports,Watercooler,Call-of-Duty,Duty,duty,duty,Call-of-duty dog, tv tv tv xbox go home for those that the link is TL;DRTaggthemage5 May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013 Help with screen waving So I recently purchased a new computer for gaming and I've run into an issue. Whenever I play a game there's a feint waving going on, as they move up and down. They're very noticeable with a darker background and I can't seem to get rid of it. I was hoping someone had some ideas as I'm not the greatest with computers. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon 7850 and I purchased a 22" LG monitor. Things I've done; 1. Made sure the connections were secure between my computer and tower. 2. Updated my graphics card drivers. 3. Made sure both my graphics card and monitor were in sync (size/refresh rate). Any help would be greatly appreciated. ThanksHeàlzor0 May 26, 2013
May 25, 2013 Multi monitor and gaming Does any one know how to enable games to use multiple displays to expand your display across all three monitors? I am able to use my center for gaming while my other two are for windows and general use. I would like to expand the game screen on all three monitorsSeventhwinds6 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 TUG: The Untitled Game Hey, I just wanted to make everyone aware of this cool kickstarter game. TUG is sort of a MMO Minecraft with a plot. It's very free-form and you move through the story by discovering ruins. There's also pets, mounts, and customizable gear. It's a really cool looking game, so you should check it out if you like exploring, crafting, or pets. Again, it's a kickstarter, and they need some help to get the game made. So, if it looks cool, please contribute! May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 Xbox One in a Nutshell The title explains it all. May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 Blizzard should hire the Camelot guys for pvp Apparently the guy who did the critically acclaimed dark age of camelot have quit swtor and is now trying to focus on a new pvp only game. The world, the maps, would be tiny compare to AAA mmos. Now the man suck making pve games and that was why faikhammer, daoc and swtor failed. His passion is in pvp. And by all he was the greatest pvp since slice bread until he tried to include pve stuff in his game. Well, by his account pvp are cheap to make. He only need a measly five million with a crew of 17 altogether . Since blizzard have proven they could scale stats in pvp, why not hire the man since he's cheap to get and let him rework the pvp elements of WoW? PvE and PvP can stay separate just like now. Pvp is a small group and easy, pve is more costly and more time consuming to make. Let the man who made great pvp make a great pvp game for you.Crappytank9 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 New PC build Hey guys so I am doing some research on putting together my very first gaming computer and was hoping to get some feedback. Below I will list part by part what I am thinking about buying and if you could help me determine if my PSU can keep up, if my parts are compatible with each other, and any other information would be great. Thanks so much. Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme6 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard, not sure if it supports 3 PCe? Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000) Desktop Memory Model CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9R, Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7850, Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive, Power supply: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W ATX12V v2.31/ EPS12V v2.92 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply, Case: Rosewill BLACKHAWK Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, come with Five Fans, window side panel, top HDD dock, Operating system: Windows 8 or 7 is Optical drive: ASUS 24X DVD Burner - Bulk 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM Black SATA Model DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS – OEM, SSD: Seagate 600 Series ST120HM000 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Processor: AMD FX-6100 Zambezi 3.3GHz Socket AM3+ 95W Six-Core Desktop Processor FD6100WMGUSBX oh and I am looking to stay around $1000Xuluu4 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 How will this computer run wow. So I'm looking for a new computer, and a buddy of mine has one for sale for cheap,saving me about $400. It has an AMD fusion E1-1200 dual core processer, with intergrated graphics radeon HD 7310. Also running windows 8. My question to my fellow wow players is how will this run WoW? I'm not looking to play on max setting, just don't want to play on the lowest setting anymore. Please help. Thanks in advance.Dyota4 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 I want a gaming computer Right now...I play on an Aver laptop, my latently, on average, is at 1000 and at a MAX I have 12fps and it gets really frustrating. I only play wow, I pvp a ton, and I get mad lag spikes when there's a huge collision for a flag or something. I'd really enjoy an actual computer. One that allows me to play wow on ultra settings with no problem and lasts a long time. My budget is $600-$1000. Help is appreciated :)Lifebloõm0 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 Looking to Update my Processor Howdy folks. I'm looking to update my processor. I've got one in mind that I'm interested in, but I have a question first before I take the plunge and order it. The question, is whether or not my current Motherboard can handle it. My current Motherboard is a ASRock H61M/U3S3, whereas this, is the processor I'm looking to update to: My old processor, is a Intel Pentium G630 2.7GHz Dual-Core. Will it be alright to update to the one I've linked to, or are there other things I need to take into consideration first? Thanks in advance for your help.Yinian12 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 I want to switch MMOs WoW just isn't as fun as it once was for me. Anyone know one like it that has a community?Årrow38 May 25, 2013
May 24, 2013 League Of Legends I have been Playing League Of Legends for almost a month now. I must say this PvP is fun again :). Anyone else play? My favorite is Pantheon Freaking Beasting it up!Janwuheals3 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Xbox One [The next gen console] Hnnnghhhhggghhhh. Shiny do want. Also anyone else watching the livestream?Orseka71 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Intel Core i3/i5 or AMD APU Laptop. I'm trying to find a new laptop, around $500-600 or so. My choices appear to be Intel laptops using the onboard Intel integrated video, or AMD laptops using an AMD APU. Now clearly the Intel processors are faster, but the AMD APU laptops smoke the Intel laptops in terms of graphics power. WoW has always been very CPU intensive so I was/am leaning toward the Intel laptop, but all of the benchmarks i've found seem to show the AMD laptops as actually running WoW faster. Example: (Scroll down for WoW benchmarks). So that has me really considering an AMD laptop now. The only thing I'm wondering is that those benchmarks were obviously taken at equivalent video settings. If I just ran Wow at low settings, would that take enough of the burden off the GPU to allow the faster CPU to come out ahead? I don't really care about things looking pretty, I just need the best performance possible in raids.Galindiae3 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 1080p vs 1440p, HD 7950>GTX 680 Interesting test here: But at 1080p, it's a whole different game.Chelsí1 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Help me build a gaming PC? Hey guys, this is a question for anyone out there smarter with technology pc-wise, than I could ever be. I am looking to get geared up to date for Elder Scrolls Online, and I know not being able to currently enjoy my WoW on high settings, that EOS won't be too fun in my current scenario. I am looking for recommendations as to if I need to buy parts and install them in my current pc (only 2 years old) or build from scratch? Money wise, I don't want to spend too much, so hopefully I can manage under 500 for everything I do need, for instance I know the default graphics card has to go, but do I need fans/power supply?? Thanks guys: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard System Model: p6-2133w BIOS: Ver: HIB_716.ROM vHIB7.16 Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 7664MB RAM Page File: 5084MB used, 10243MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 11 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode ------------- One thing to note is that i haven't upgraded a single part in this pc since I got it. So along with graphics/video card, I do think performance wise, there is a much needed update on other parts too, but what they are and what i need..i don't know!Jaqenhghar4 May 24, 2013
May 23, 2013 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare steam free weekend So I'm trying this game out and it is a lot of fun so far. Anyone else try it?Skeptìc0 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 alienware Interesting thread at LTT: Here is my response: Honestly, Dell and Alienware do not sell to us. They sell to an uneducated market. Morally, they should sell better products at maybe a slightly more reasonable cost, but from a business side why? No matter what they do, anyone who is educated enough to build their own PC won't buy from them. So why cater to our needs? The fact is, they will continue to make stupid money selling sub-par level products at a premium and it would be STUPID for them to do otherwise. /discuss?Stephí20 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Is my laptop terrible? Specs: CPU and RAM: Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200) (9200.win8_gdr.130108-1504) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz Memory: 6144MB RAM Available OS Memory: 6004MB RAM Page File: 2130MB used, 43874MB available Graphics capability: GPU processor:GeForce GT 635M Dedicated video memory:1024 MB DDR3 Total available graphics memory: 3770 MB System video memory:0 MB Shared system memory:2746 MB Extra Intel HD 4000 Card: Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Display Memory: 1664 MB Dedicated Memory: 32 MB Shared Memory: 1632 MB I Have pretty terrible performance in WoW, honestly, it's fine in less crowded areas but still does this fps stuttering thing when i move around for a while or make a sharp turn, In populated areas it always lags when i move and turn at the same time. So is WoW poorly coded or does my computer just suck? Davuda4 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 is this a good choice for the price? coming from a sony vaio vpcAlkmene1 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 AlienFX Lighting So as far as I can tell WoW doesn't support AlienFX yet. Which is really sucky considering I like how the lighting increases focus on the gameplay. I decided to look up a few things and found on EU forums a player stating it's against the rules to use an addon to make them compatable. I recently talked to technical support and they said it is not against the rules considering it doesn't give an unfair advantage to opposing players. Anyone know of a good software to make an addon for this, or even an addon itself? (I appolagize if this is the wrong spot for this thread.)Leb1 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 HD 7970 329.99 @ NCIXí0 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 New Gaming Build, anything I should change? 3570k @ 4.5Ghz sabertooth z77 32gb g.skill ripjaws z 1866 ocz vertex 4 128GB x2 Asus Titan PCI Express 3.0 Cooler Master HAF X 942 Cooler Master Silent Pro 1200w Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme 81.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler 27" IPS LED CrystalPro Monitor WQHD 2560x1440 I keep vsync on which maintains 60 fps at full ultra with 16x Texture Filtering(Anisotropic) and 8x Multisampling. There are some areas in krasarang where it drops to 52ish, and in raids I do have fps drop down to 40ish range briefly. I have to assume its my CPU bottlenecking, which I didn't realize that would be possible at 4.5Ghz OC. Did I get the wrong CPU? or are there some adjustments somewhere other than video settings that I need to make?Grazbrez3 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Walkthrough Hey guys im uploading a call of juarez gunslinger walkthrough series hope you all enjoy it Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 (Both endings) May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 F2P, Brand Switching, and Imagination There is compelling data that shows the F2P model continues to gain momentum in the PC mmorpg segment and there are many folks that pay to play World of Warcraft, and also play other games, albeit for "free". Of course "free" is a loaded word that only implies you can play the game on a limited basis, and any upgrades or regular content has to be purchased on the go, but it makes me wonder how long this game can continue to pump out content at such a rapid pace and keep up with the competition? In my industry (as in many others) brand switching is a fairly common occurrence and people do this all the time. A good example of this might be if you decide to purchase the private label in-store brand of corn flakes instead of the name-brand product at your local grocery store. It doesn't mean that all of a sudden you won't ever purchase the name brand, it just means you wanted to try something similar but didn't want to pay the premium. How this model hurts name brands is that eventually consumers realize they are getting the same exact product without all of the bells and whistles that the "name brand" implies. It is a slow but steady progression away from the name brand, but it happens. Purchasing a brand name product means you are purchasing based on things like reputation, quality, consistency, and good craftsmanship. But the truth is that 90% of the store-brand private label products are actually manufactured by the same companies that make the name brands. As a final example think of Costco brand products vs. everything else - still relatively good quality but not the premium price. Now circle back to WoW. There are plenty of "imitator" brands out there now and subscribers are finding other ways to entertain themselves. Why? There is a lack of good craftsmanship because content is pushed out too quickly. Example: creating a million daily linear quests and having those dailies tied-in to your PVE performance, has backfired (I won’t go into too much detail because this post is already super long). Creating LFR, which I first thought was an interesting idea, has also backfired in many ways. Cross Realm Zones and Cross Realm BG’s and Cross Realm Everything has homogenized communities and people are basically just a number on their server, devoid of personality or camaraderie. The aim of this post is to plead with the developers and the higher-ups to do what all of the NPC’s in Pandaria keep telling us to do: slow down! You are in the business of making games. Your company pillars are all about putting the player first and making games that are FUN. While there are still MANY positive things about the game that people enjoy, does anyone think it’s fun to do dailies a hundred times over? Please stop pumping out content every 3 months. Please stop reviving the damn Zandalari trolls and let them rest in peace already. Please stop giving so much importance to the Horde side of the story and focus on the game and story as a whole – as it was done during the RTS versions of the game when the story was AMAZING. Please stop nerfing PVE for the sake of PVP and vice-versa! Also, LEARN from your competitors! Tera and Neverwinter’s combat system is really fun! Being a fast-follower is a completely viable business concept, so how can we incorporate this or a version of it into WoW? How can we finally get guild housing? How feasible would it be to merge servers instead of creating cross-realm zones, as this would alleviate the bad community issues where no one cares who is in your group??? Can we update the really old character models already? Not just 1 or 2 every three years?? Can we have an option to flag ourselves for PVP regardless of faction (i.e., Gurubashi arena everywhere instead of just a few places in the world????) Can we design our own dungeons and quests? What would the pros and cons be? On that note, can we have dungeons randomize themselves like in Diablo? What happened to treasure chests in dungeons? Can gaining rep with a faction mean more than just having access to items? Why are NPC’s so uninteresting? I remember a point in time where every NPC was interesting and I would click on all of them to see if they had a clue about the game or if they could reveal things that no one else knew. Why was the Onyxia questline so amazing and why has nothing like this ever been done again? Instead of a dungeon journal or map that tells you everything about a dungeon, why not have the dungeon journal update/annotate itself with information AS YOU PROGRESS, with possible hints about bosses and treasure instead of outright descriptions of mechanics and floating boss pictures. The people that created this game grew up playing D&D games, like I did, where your imagination was the most important thing. I don't have the answers to all of my questions and maybe there are no answers. Further to this, there isn't going to be a silver bullet that fixes all of these things. What I don't want to hear is that there is no money or not enough resources because I won't buy that excuse. I will always love this game and I just want to see it evolve because there is still so much potential. Sorry for the ridiculously long post. Edit: edited to retract egregious statement about my favorite game company not being innovative enough!Mannifresh18 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 FX-8350 vs I5-3570K I compiled the information from LTT testing and put it into a video! Link should be live soon!!Chelsí6 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Feedback on my new twitch background I made a background for the new twitch layout and I need some feedback, anyone? (this is using the new twitch layout, should be red and orange with a firehawk)Tigerx6 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Want new computer Help Looking to spend 500.00 dollars on just a tower I know that's not alot but what will be the best prebuilt that I can get to run wow. Right now I'm only running around 15fps at best and some fights 25 man I get around 5fps. I'm not sure if prebuilt is better or would I get a better computer out of building my own, if so were can I find a list of what i need to buy that would work the best for 500.00 dollars.Acherôn1 May 23, 2013
May 22, 2013 Need computer I am looking for a desktop that can run wow at good setting with high fps. Price range is $500. No monitor.Perilas3 May 22, 2013