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Oct 8 Upgrades for WoW Hello friends, I need to advice on my next upgrades. I thought of getting a new GPU. Below are my spec CPU : Intel core i5-6400 2.7GHZ 6mb cache RAM :- 8gb ddr4 vengeance ram MoBo :-MSI B150M Bazooka S1151 micro ATX GPU :- ASUS 970 GTX strix Word of Warcraft ( 20man ~25m)on high settings (1980 x1080, if not mistaken) Note: major FPS drop during lust and add spwans or sudden heavy combat for my current graphic card. For work, I usually do Rendering ,graphic design and modelling. ( architecture design) Advice and suggestion are highly appreciatedVaxine13 Oct 8
Oct 7 Destiny 2 worth it? Thinking of using my WoW tokens to convert to bnet and buy Destiny 2 for PC. Worth playing? I used to play lots of CoD. Is Destiny2 like a FPS MMO? Tks!Nommi2 Oct 7
Oct 6 Modem recommendation? Hi guys, I need to shop for a modem soon and need recommendations please. It needs to be compatible with Comcast and very budget friendly. Anyone have something in mind they can recommend? Thanks. I have a separate router.Whïtström7 Oct 6
Oct 6 Need Advice for Upgrading Current Computer Currently I get 13 - 17 FPS while sitting in my Garrison, and it gets no better when I'm raiding/5-Manning. I have my settings at the recommended level of low, but have view distance on ultra because I like to see what's ahead. My game play has a slight lag to it, like a heart-beat rhythm of just a slight pause, like running on a mount it seems I slow down for just a quick moment then go back to full speed. I would love to have my settings at ultra, but right now I can only afford to do an upgrade to make my game middle-ground/passable. Or at least fix this NPC issue of NPCs not showing up until I'm 2 feet from them (followed all the advice to fix that, and nothing changed). I'm looking to stay under $300, because over $300 just sounds like a new computer would be the better option. What I can't understand is should I look to upgrade my CPU/Motherboard, or my graphics card. I'm hoping my graphics card, as the CPU/Motherboard replacement sounds like a pain. My current ASUS computer: Processor: AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.20 GHz RAM: 16 GB Operating System: Windows 8.1 Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series Chip Type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6760) DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHz) I'm not an expert inside my machine, but I feel comfortable enough to do the replacement myself. If I need to provide more information, I'd be happy to. As a separate side problem, my Logitech Mouse has been freezing up in WoW, mainly when I fish. To get it to work again you have to remove and put back in the same battery. It gets annoying to do every 3 or 5 casts, and you're aiming for fishing achievements. I've tried WoW Support's suggestions of testing add-ons, updating mouse drivers, and the WTF folder, but that didn't fix the problem. The only solution someone claimed to work was disabling hardware cursor in Advance System Settings, but I can't handle my cursor response time being that delayed. Just wondering if anyone found any other solutions to this Logitech Mouse issue.Lilliánn5 Oct 6
Oct 6 Current recommended List of CPU's While I am off getting married, I might revisit a PC buying Guide again. With the release of Coffee Lake, I have been seeing now the recommendations are split based on price point. $100-120: I3-8xxx $150-230: Ryzen 5 (1400x-1600x) $250-300: I5-8600k (Unless multitasking is important Ryzen 7 1700) Above $300: I7-8700k From what I have since, while IPC and Single threaded performance was not touched, the more efficient architecture and increased core count matches the Ryzen 7 1700x/1800x and continues to walk away especially at 1080p 144Hz gaming. I am hoping that Zen 2 responds with higher clock speeds (it's biggest issue), improved architecture and a good bump in IPC.Snaeb4 Oct 6
Oct 5 In the market for new Gaming/MMO mouse I was hoping some one would have suggestions for me? I currently own the G600, and after getting used to it I fell in love. Unfortunately my mouse has developed an issue where M1 will double click or not register, making just about everything much more difficult when using my desktop. Just opening the '+ NEW TOPIC' took me 5 attempts to type this out... Apparently the G600 has a design flaw that causes static to build up when in a dry environment (South AZ), so getting another one does not seem to be my best course of action. So now I am looking for something that will offer as similar button layout as possible to the G600. Specifically, at least Six reachable thumb buttons, and some alternative to my soon to be dearly missed M3 (far right click) button. (The Later request is not as important to me) Any help is appreciated, thanks :)Barash4 Oct 5
Oct 5 Legion - Max Settings I currently play on a HP P7 1240 ( What would I need to play on max settings?Lanathel4 Oct 5
Oct 5 Curved Computer Monitor Hello All, I was thinking about getting a Curved Computer Monitor and was wondering if it is worth getting to play WoW on, in terms of would it make it look better. I have a 8GB video Card in my computer and use HDMI cables for my monitor that I have not which is a LG Led Flat screen. Also if it is a good idea which brand is best?Ghosttigers7 Oct 5
Oct 4 Class fantasy for classes that don't exist This seemed too random for general discussion area. I was curious what people thought about trying to get the class fantasy for classes they love from other games in a WoW class. For example, I really like Bards in other games, and struggled to choose between Monk or Priest for that Bard-like feel. Both can heal- the only type of true team support that exists in Wow. Priest has mind magic and illusions (phantoms), but monk has illusions (storm earth and fire, wind illusions during Fists of fury, Yu'lon appearing on Revival cast) and a teleport with lots of mobility, even buffing other's mobility in WW spec, so that's what I went with. That "felt" most like a bard to me. So how about you? Did you play a shadow priest or Death Knight because you usually play necromancer? Did you choose Holy Paladin because you like playing battle-hardened clerics? Perhaps you enjoy rangers, and are playing a hunter, even though they don't quite have nature magic abilities. Is there a class fantasy you like that guided your choice in WoW classes?Raylos0 Oct 4
Oct 4 FFXIV Closes In On WoW's Peak Numbers ... Keeping in mind these numbers include free users but that's still impressive. This article is a fairly interesting read. I play both this and FFXIV and both have perks but I definitely cheer for FFXIV and hope it finds immense success. I adore WoW too in many ways but the King of MMOs almost seems too comfortable in its title. It needs some good competition, I think. EDIT: To be clear the conversation I want to promote is differences in design philosophy and the possibility that FFXIV really could one day lock horns with WoW and how this is a good thing as healthy competition is needed on WoW's end. I really don't want people getting hung up on the numbers quoted in the article but that's what everyone seems to be doing.Shengyi137 Oct 4
Oct 4 Laptop choice? MSI Apache VR Ready Gaming Laptop GE62VR 7RF-430CA 15.6" 2.80 GHz Core i7-7700HQ, 1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD, 16 GB, GTX1060 3GB Or +$100 MSI Phantom Gaming Laptop Computer GS43VR 7RE-072CA 14" 2.80 GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 256 GB SSD, 16 GB, GeForce GTX1060 6GB smaller screen bigger ssd no hdd and 6gb 1060Ragetrain4 Oct 4
Oct 4 Steel Series Rival 500 MMO Mouse Hi All, I recently purchased the rival 500 mmo mouse from SteelSeries. I am having some trouble getting WoW to detect the additional buttons on the mouse. I've used the 'advanced interface options' mod to check the box the GM's removed that runs the mmo mouse detection, but no luck. Manually the script looks like the following: /run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse() Is there something i am missing here? How do i get the game to detect the additional buttons?Nunzio16 Oct 4
Oct 3 Witcher 3 On PC. Which Control System? Which control system do you recommend? Keyboard/Mouse or Game Controler (Give me some makers)?Phitz16 Oct 3
Oct 3 Code Vein To the Dark Souls players, what are your first impressions with Code Vein trailers and gameplay? I don't think it's going to be better than DS but i believe it will be entertaining.Vincentiu1 Oct 3
Oct 2 Razer Taurtarus cant edit buttons Razer Taurtarus is not letting me edit my buttons and I reinstalled and now I cant move the buttons out of the middle of the screen. Anyone else having this issue?Drexden4 Oct 2
Oct 2 Never Play Hearthstone VS A Shadow Priest If you lose he/she will send you to the Shadow Realm :OMortis6 Oct 2
Oct 2 BIOS Update Did Not Go Well Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 ATX Motherboard (Rev 1.0) - BIOS Version F7 Ryzen 5 1600 CPU OC to 3750 CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 2 x 8GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) OC to 3200 PowerColor Red Devil RX-480 Factory OC GPU Four times since I built this thing and locked in the BIOS settings I've had a failure to post that resulted in the system resetting the memory speed back to the default. It doesn't happen often, but it has happened and I see now that there are two new BIOS updates available, R8 and R9d. I'm hoping someone else out there with this motherboard has tried one or both of those BIOS versions and can let me know if they're safe and stable. Thanks.Istrebiteli7 Oct 2
Oct 2 Keybinding for Carpal Tunnel/RSI So, I've been a loyal WoW player for... Honestly, the literal majority of my life. I'm in my mid/late teens and I've spent the last ten years online. Recently, I've run into a huge problem. I don't know if it's RSI or CTS, but either way, I need to be more mindful of the way I do things. I've tried out keybinding before a few years ago, but found it a bit difficult due to some coordination issues I have. However, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to keybind to fit my needs better? Would this make the risk of strain worse, better, or not really improve it at all? Thought this might be a good place to ask because I know plenty of people who develop these types of issues from gaming for long periods of time (Though for me, it's probably a combination of gaming, drawing, and endless typing due to being an aspiring writer.) Oh, and if anyone with personal experience knows; how often should I wear a brace while gaming? It kinda gets in the way and seems to make the pain and fatigue worse sometimes, but I've heard that I probably shouldn't take it off at all. I have done a bit of research here, but I feel like it's best that I just ask directly rather than trying to understand conversations between people who already have experience with keybinds.Veremore2 Oct 2
Oct 1 graphics card Hello, Looking for some advice. Long story short, graphics card over heated (didn't realize fans were not working for sometime). I am looking to purchase a new card. I only play WoW & Overwatch. I built my computer 3 years ago (on a budget). Current CPU is Intel - Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor. Should i go with a 1060 or 1070 gpu? i play at 1080p. Thanks for any advice !Biofreaks4 Oct 1
Oct 1 ALIENFX I'm not sure if this has being posted in a while, but does WoW or will it ever support AlienFx for Alienware computers? I would love to see my RGB lights change to different statuses in game, such as combat, close to death etc. Is it possible at all to set this up? Please and thank you.Mythaeus5 Oct 1
Sep 30 Tartarus or Orbweaver Question I am looking at buying a Tartarus or G13 for my boyfriend, because I just got him playing WoW, but he is still struggling with the controls (he has never played a WASD-style game). I think the joystick for movement on one of the game pads might be easier for him. However, I was curious if anyone can tell me whether the joystick on the Tartarus/Orbweaver also acts as a button if you press in the center of it. From what I gather, the G13 has this functionality, but I can't find any info on whether the Razer products do or not.Kraylenya1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Recommend a good mic for WoW plz Hi, I'm a shot-caller for my raid group and have been using my desktop mic. However, I cannot use push-to-talk as it significantly interferes with my ability to DPS properly. I tried voice activation but because the mic is so close to the keyboard it keeps getting activated by the keystrokes (I have a loud, mechanical keyboard). So I think the best solution would be to buy a headset with a mic or a mic with an adjustable arm stand that I can position in front of my mouth. Can anyone recommend me a light-weight, quality mic or a headset for the purpose of raid communication? Thank you.Metoprolol14 Sep 30
Sep 30 Those that use Logitech G13s,Orbweaver, etc I want to know your opinions on using those types of gaming keypads for those of us that have never used them. For example, do you use them often? Why or why not? What's it like to use them? Would you recommend them or not?Murcielagos10 Sep 30
Sep 30 G13 Hey guys. Just got a g13, and I can't seem to make the joystick move my character. I've tried leaving it with the default WoW profile(assigning each joystick direction to WASD) and I've even tried changing each one to the arrow keys, but every time I get in game the joystick just moves my mouse. Any solutions?Pstachío4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Final Fantasy XIV I have quit WoW, and moved on to playing better games. A friend of mine suggested checking out Final Fantasy XIV and OH BOY, the storyline is amazing, and the gameplay is great! If you are looking for a game rich with content, creative storyline delivery, IMMERSION, PLAY THIS GAME! This game will keep you busy for HOURS on end. It even has surprises you won't expect! You will feel a plethora of emotions when you play this game. We all know what happened with Square Enix and this game's initial negative reaction. The company since then LISTENED to their playerbase and turned the game from bad something LEGENDARY! I only paid $25 for the game, and I have had such a blast playing this game. Why pay that much money for a stupid non-flying store mount, when you can experience a storyline like no other! You pay 25$ and you get the GAME AND 30 DAY SUBSCRIPTION GAME TIME! There will be no MMOs out there that will be considered a WoW killer, it's more like WoW has killed itself. And oh, there will be flying there. See you in Eorzea!Soulkitty93 Sep 30
Sep 30 Why isnt hearthstone on the xbox one? I think it would be a good fit. Is it because you need the b net launcher?Multan8 Sep 30
Sep 29 Help Building a PC If there are any kind souls out there who know their stuff and have the time, I could use a bit of help with trying to pick parts out for a budget PC. I'll try to keep it short. Budget: ~ $1000 Preferences: - An i7 CPU - A GeForce GTX 1060 (at least) graphics card -At least 16 gb of RAM I am going through pcpartpicker to make my list. The kicker is that I don't have things like a monitor, keyboard, case, or Windows so I have to factor things like that into the price as well. I don't know much about computer parts, so any help is appreciated.Kirela8 Sep 29
Sep 29 Warcraft Remastered? Anyone think we can expect this at Blizzcon? Id love to dive into this game and check out the stories!Xereit14 Sep 29
Sep 29 upgrading destiny 2? not sure where to ask this...but i got a free copy of the game from buying a new GPU i wanted to get the Ditgital deluxe version is there any planed way to upgrade from the base game? and if so how? thanksDefies2 Sep 29
Sep 28 Post your build! Hey all, i'd love to see all your builds here! Post the specs and a picture if you'd like! I'll go first, Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz - Corsair Watercooling ASUS GTX 1070 Strix 8GB 16GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD 2TB HDD Asus Z270 Motherboard 650W PSU Windows 10 Sep 28
Sep 28 Advice on building/buying Laptop Getting back into the game after being absent since 2013. Having minor trouble finding a good machine. I definitely want a laptop. My spending range is 500-900$ I bought a 380$ pre built laptop and was not very happy. The price/specs/reviews on laptops that I believe would perform well for me do not make me very happy. I'm here to inquire if building my own laptop would be cost efficient. The idea of building my own laptop is something that intrigues me and is something I would very much like to do. I need reccomendations on good sources for parts. I feel like building my own would be the best way have a powerful machine without going over my budget. All advice and opinions greatly appreciated. Would like to know if itd be cheaper to buy a laptop that's ready to go. Im starting from scratch and would need an OS and Wi-Fi receiver etc, etc. This laptops sole purpose will be playing WoW and pretty much nothing else other than Google and team chat.Tílíkum4 Sep 28
Sep 28 Looking for a budget graphics card i3 6600 @ 3.7ghz, 16GB ram, HD530 graphics is what I'm dealing with now. Running Ubuntu, so unless AMD drivers have gotten better when I wasn't looking I'm probably after an NVidia card. Budget is ~100, I work retail so at some point over the holidays I might be able to stretch that a bit, but I don't see going over 150 ever. Any tips? Also might consider upgrading other hardware if you all think it would work better for the budget I have. Only significant stresses on my graphics performance are WoW and Diablo III. While I might try a few more games once I have the better hardware, I'm unlikely to have terribly high demands. I'd just like a bit better than I've got.Linaran4 Sep 28
Sep 27 Upgrade me. I'm looking to upgrade my computer. My poor little i5 is struggling to keep up with the times :( . I love it to death as it has served me well. Core - i5 2500k 3.30ghz (<3) I wish I could marry it. LOL) Video - Nvidia GTX 760 RAM - 8gig ripjaw I have no SS, just a standard Black 1Tb harddrive. Also will -probably- need a new Motherboard for the new "core" and possibly a new power supply. (Have a 750) Side note - Need a new case too. The kids totally jacked it up (RIP Phantom case). It has hello kitty stickers from my daughter sticker phase and the door was broken off to serve as a "life-raft." Have a newborn so I need something that's "life raft" proof and sturdy for years. (No one poking out the screens and "feeding the computer"). I would like to get the VIVE (Who doesn't want VR?) so need something to run it while keeping cost under 2k. Is that possible these days? I guess I just need a new computer eh? >_<Sonathemaven1 Sep 27
Sep 27 PC Hardware Issues Specs: CPU: i5 6600k GPU: MSI 970 RAM: 16G G Skill Ripjaws MOBO: MSI z170a gaming m5 PS: Corsair 750w So I've been having blue screens for awhile now and i only recently decided to do something about it once it became more frequent. After completely restoring my system 3 times I am still having blue screens and now my CPU is running at .74-.8 GHz instead of like 3GHz. So i'm hoping there is some setting i need to change because this is a new issue that I've never run into before. P.S. Temps are not an issueMesokaza3 Sep 27
Sep 26 Stupid question But is there any way u can hook a monitor up to your laptop to play on? 17 inches is just to small for me.Treefiddy2 Sep 26
Sep 26 My 1800x benchmarks: UPDATED!! I got 4.0 on my 1800x after tinkering around some stuff in my bios! My gigabyte x370 k7 got a new bios, so I was able to have a bit lower voltage than what I liked before CPU-Z BEAUTIFUL! Passmark: AMAZING! 2102 SINGLE THREAD SCORE! Been aiming for 2100 and i got it!You2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Destiny 2 I've never played the original Destiny and haven't played 2 yet, but my question to those that have: Does Destiny 2 have enough rpg and PVE elements to make it comparable to WoW in terms of scope and content? I still play WoW and find it entertaining, but I feel my interest waning. I'm looking for something else to fill that void and capture my interest like WoW has for soooo many years now. I've watched several videos and it looks like it could, but I'm just not sure. Anyone have any feedback?Coldslab4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Updated BIOS. Now my PC is having trouble. Here are my specs: CPU: Ryzen 1600 Motherboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 I updated the motherboard to version v18 from v15 yesterday and it's having trouble booting ever since. I've reverted the BIOS back to v15 and also tonight tried v17, but no luck there. I've reset the BIOS settings a couple of times. Sometimes I can get Windows to boot and even log in for a minute or two, but it reboots seemingly at random. I've removed one of the RAM sticks. Tried each individual one in the main RAM slot. Tried resetting Windows through the UEFI tool. I've tried three different HDDs with Windows to see if it's the OS itself, but that hasn't made a difference so far. Really not sure where to go from here. Could someone help please?Jerthaden3 Sep 26
Sep 26 Some advice about a PC build im working on Hey All I am incredibly INCREDIBLY new at this and I was hoping for some advice if possible on this build. I've always wanted to build my own computer. The goal Is that it handles Legion and potentially a few expacs from now at Ultra settings (I don't want to upgrade a year from now). I want to see what Death and Decay ACTUALLY looks like :D. Currently, I've been gaming on an ASUS G73 and its had a fantastic 5 year run but its just not keeping up anymore. My budget currently is: 1500 CDN (1200-1250US) Here's what I got so far. Ignore the Windows 10. I'm also thinking that it might just be worth it to go for a bigger storage SSD instead of smaller SSD and 1tb HDD. I saw a 1tb SSD for like 300. Any thoughts on SSD vs HDD? For me, I do want at least a TB of storage as I have a ton of music and I like the option of having the space. I will also be going out and buying a monitor. My monitor budget is 1000 US/1200CDN ish) but obviously id rather not spend a lot if I can help it. I was thinking of a larged curved gaming monitor (haven't done much research here yet.. this can come later. Much more worried about the unit itself) 3D/VR/4k capability is not necessary but would be a nice bonus. Any thoughts on even some of the parts I chose? Would you have an alternative that's cheaper or even a bit more expensive but can do the job much better? Im happy with any constructive criticism/advice anyone can offer. As I said, super super fresh at this. Thanks so much!Veoxess7 Sep 26
Sep 25 Whats your side MMO? TL;DR: What game do you like to play when you're not playing WoW? We all love playing WoW, but lets be honest, we all get burned out sometimes. What MMO (or other kind of game) do you guys like to play when you're taking a breather from the game? What would you fall back on if anything WoW related imploded for no apparent reason? My side MMO: GW2. I decided to give it a second chance since they announced the new expansion. I feel it looks cool, and have been enjoying the game a lot! My side non MMO: Yakuza 0, and DOTA 2.Rasdaan92 Sep 25
Sep 25 Desktop Help! I'm looking into either buying or building a PC (I have absolutely no idea what I really need) and am in need of what would run WoW at good FPS and graphics. I've been looking into CyberpowerPC's and I've heard great things from them. I currently play on my macbook pro for college but decided that gaming on it is getting harder and harder and I've wanted a desktop. Does anyone have preferences of builds they might have or pre-built pc's they would recommend?Niepti5 Sep 25
Sep 25 This is more than good enough, right? I was hesitant about this laptop, because it's a Dell, but the specs seem good, right? Sep 25
Sep 25 Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Starter? Heya! So, I thought it could be fun to talk about which starter you'll be going with in the upcoming Pokemon games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon releasing in November. Still on the fence about getting it, but still want to talk about starters! I'm thinking... Shuppet! Banette is one of my favorites, with Ghost being my favorite type. With the recently given away Bannettite, I can possibly get Banette to mega-evolve during the playthrough. Maybe even a shiny one. I'm also kind of feeling an Onix. Honestly not sure why, but I've always enjoyed Onix since seeing one as a kid while watching the show. Steelix is pretty cool! So is the mega. Part of me wants to mix it up and use a Pokemon I've never used before. Like a Mareep! I haven't seen an Ampharos in years. So! What about you? Which starter do you plan to use?Zenjii6 Sep 25
Sep 25 Razer Naga Mouse Problem - Num Lock going off So, those of you that have one should know that on the bottom of the mouse is a switch, containing the options 123 and num. In my case, I use the num option. This allows me to bind my numpad numbers onto the side of the mouse. HOWEVER IN ORDER FOR THIS SETUP TO WORK, NUM LOCK MUST BE ON. (At least for me.) At times, however, IT SEEMS THAT MY NUMLOCK RANDOMLY TURNS ITSELF OFF. This causes a good 12+ of my binds to not work until I notice that num lock magically turned off. Is there some key combination that turns of num lock? Because I know for sure that I am not turning it off on my own accord. Has anyone else had this problem?Stang8 Sep 25
Sep 25 Uninstall CCleaner if you have it, NOW Not my PC: CCleaner got hijacked and hackers are putting malware on this software Sep 25
Sep 25 dying keyboard on MSI laptop hey guys, never posted here but this issue popped up in the last 3 days and it has completely ruined my ability to play the game. I've had this MSI laptop for 2 years with 0 issues but very recently, multiple keys on the keyboard are unresponsive, or periodically stop working. holding down my strafe key will move my character, but he 'clips', as if the key stops registering the command for a split second. Sometimes the key stops working entirely. I thought it was just some dirt or something under the key, but then it happened on 3. Then alt and tab. It's happened on over ten keys now. I don't notice it when i'm not playing, but then again I don't use the keyboard even 1/10th as much. I've already uninstalled my keyboard driver and rebooted, didn't work. I don't have an external keyboard to plug in and test. Not really sure what to do here. Possibly a system restore to an earlier date? I find it strange that this started happening very abruptly. If anyone has any hunches or has experienced this kind of thing before I'd love some assistance, thanks.Worship3 Sep 25
Sep 24 Where to begin the upgrades? Hi! Wondering what upgrades are going to have the most effect as well as making sure this system can last into the next xpac. Will only be doing 1080p and don't need to have maxed out settings at all. Currently running: -i3 2120 oc'd @ 3.3 -stock fan (have never had heat issues) -Radeon HD 7850 w/2 gb -8 gigs ddr3 -MSI-B75MA-E33 -Seasonic 620w power supply I get about 45-60 fps @ level 7 graphic settings with MSAA8x when questing and I would be happy to just maintain these settings throughout the next xpac. Would a CPU upgrade or GPU upgrade be a better investment? Was thinking of going with a GTX 1060 3gb, but I am concerned that it will be bottlenecked by the CPU. I could spend the money on a CPU instead or I suppose I could spend a little bit more and upgrade both to a lower tier combo like a GTX 1050Ti and whatever CPU that will fit and still be an upgrade. Any thoughts are appreciated!Cocoñut2 Sep 24
Sep 24 Looking to buy new laptop - advice on specs Hi all, Looking to buy a new laptop and I've come across Metabox Alpha N850HJ Details are: 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 IPS WVA Matte 60Hz LED NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 VRAM Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor (6M Cache up to 3.80 GHz) 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ (1 x 16GB) SK Hynix SC308 256GB SATA 3 M.2 SSD 1TB 5400RPM Slim Line HDD Intel 3168 AC Dual Band WIFI/BT (up to 433 Mbps) Just seeing if anyone has any advice if this will be good enough to run wow with system / graphics settings turned up high? Or if any suggestions on another laptop would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanceRejuvonnate7 Sep 24
Sep 24 Anyone getting Destiny 2 on PC??? Yeah I know I'll probably get a bunch of flak for doing this but I don't care. Spinecloud#1859 Would be awesome to hit the raid next month with some like minded PvE'ers. Definitely going to be doing weekly raid clears. Add me if you're going to be hitting that upCaennon4 Sep 24
Sep 24 Advice? Considering an upgrade (GPU/CPU) Hey there. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on upgrading my PC. I'm currently seeing a lot of frame loss with my current system when flying around in Legion areas. I see massive FPS loss in raid settings with almost all of my settings on low. Current system: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: i5-2500K Memory: 8GB DDR4 GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (4GB VRAM) I can't really tell if I'm getting loss due to CPU throttling or due to my GPU. I've done some research and have seen several claims that the 290 is still a very powerful card for 1080p. On the other hand, my CPU is pretty ancient (good ol' Sandy Bridge). I was eyeing the GTX 1070 but was hoping to get some opinions from you all on how much of an upgrade this would be or if it was more related to my CPU. I would like to stay below $400 (because I'd otherwise just get a Vega). According to this: upgrading to a 1070 in 1080p is about a ~60% increase in performance. If you're curious about my configured in-game settings, they are in the picture below. Thanks for any help in advance!Furzerker3 Sep 24