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Apr 3 Low FPS Hi I am getting very low FPS lately and I do not know why. It seems to occur since 7.2, but it could have been before as I had been playing less before 7.2 I've tried deleting WTF/Cache folders and it changed nothing What else should I try? I used to get 60+ FPS in busy zones My system: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 6500 @ 3.20GHz 23 °C Skylake 14nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1063MHz (15-15-15-36) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H170-PRO (LGA1151) 27 °C Graphics S27F350 (1920x1080@59Hz) S24F350 (1920x1080@59Hz) 8192MB ATI AMD Radeon RX 480 (ATI) 34 °C Storage 465GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB (SSD) 25 °CSotth2 Apr 3
Apr 3 Best Monitor for the game Ok guys, I already have an LG Monitor 29" 29UM68 IPS with my Nvidia GT1060 . That means 2560x1080 resolution while I play. Im planning to go higher, and probably get a LG Monitor 34" 34UM88, or an 40" LCD Full HD TV, wich one would be a better choice?Guntharius4 Apr 3
Apr 3 My Ryzen PC build Here's a list of what I want and what I already have at this time: Here's how it looks! Got the case from Amazon Germany the LG optical drives are from Amazon US the XFX PSU is from OutletPC the SSD is from NCIX Canada and today I got the Firecuda from Amazon US I got the SSD because it was on clearance, so why not? the graphics card, cpu cooler and ram are place holders. I'm not sure if I should wait for Vega or get the gtx 1080 ti, Ram is gonna be 32 GB but I don't know which brand yet, cpu cooler not really sure yet.You5 Apr 3
Apr 2 New MMO - Dungeon Master Kickstarter I found an exciting new MMO, check out the Kickstarter here: It's called Dungeon Master-Online. The really cool thing is it's interactive and you get to manipulate the environment! You can BE the dungeon master (!) seriously. You're raiding against another person, not an AI. Let's hope this one gets off the ground, it's going to be really cool.Suzybelle0 Apr 2
Apr 2 New laptop is choppy So I'm on th road a lot. I got a new latop to play wow with when I'm in a hotel but when I go to do my first mythic its choppy as heck.Did I buy the wrong pc or am I missing something. Its a HP HP 17-X116DXUsed12 Apr 2
Apr 2 What do I upgrade to get the best results? What do I upgrade to get the best results? Memory, graphics card, or both? Upgrading computers with the intention of using them for WOW, Overwatch, and steam games. Right now, we get some lag in raid and dungeon situations when there is a lot going on around us, even with graphics minimized as much as we can. currently running 4gb in ddr3 1600, amd 3.4 ghz phenom II black Deneb cpu, with a Radeon HD 6450 2 GB 64 bit ddr3 graphics card. I m trying to figure out the best way to improve the lag/freezing. Is it to upgrade to more memory or to upgrade the graphics card or what? Also, would this MSI GeForce GT 730 DirectX 12 N730-2GD3V3 2GB 128-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready ATX Video Card be an ok card to switch to? Thanks for any input!Tarasq4 Apr 2
Apr 2 New PC I'm trying to buy a new pc that will be able to run WOW on the best settings and Skyrim. Found this computer and want to see if it will do the job. Now would I be able to build a better computer while staying under the same price. Any help is welcomed. Thanks.Greatculex11 Apr 2
Apr 2 AM4 MATX motherboards Since I am still waiting for my taxes to come back, expected in 6 to 8 weeks since Revenue Canada's screwup that I just had corrected, I have been researching matx ryzen boards. There are two things I am not pleased about in this form factor: 1. After 2 months of release the sheer lack of reviews on matx boards 2. The lack of x370 chipsets in this form factor I have been looking into several motherboards and trying to figure out which is going to be the best but with the lack of reviews it has been very hard to see how they actually perform. So far this is an overview of what I had gathered: Asus PRIME B350M-A -No heat spreader on VRMs -chipset on motherboard idles VERY hot, 70c+ -average top OC using this board 3.8 GHz no matter the chip used MSI B350M GAMING PRO -Ram speed cant exceed 2400 -Very unstable -Known to brick when updating BIOS Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 -Ram speeds have trouble passing 2667 on this board -VRMs reported to run 130c under load, I have little confidence on this lasting years like that -Believe it to have a 7 phase VRM MSI B350M MORTAR -Did not find any reviews on this board at all -Backordered everywhere I checked ASRock AB350M Pro4 -Did not find any reviews on this board at all -Does have the most practical looking heatspreaders on the VRMs, I mean its not a solid piece of metal like the MSI boards, its finned for surface area! -Has 9 phase VRM Source: I have a few wants when building a new Ryzen system. I need at least 6 SATA ports so if I need to buy a PCIe card for more of them I will. I want to have an OC of 4.0 GHz on a chip and once taxes come back the 1800x is in my budget so it all comes down to motherboard. Has to be MATX form factor as I already have the case I plan on using, Fractal Design Arc Mini r2. I do no need SLI/crossfire. I also want the motherboard to last me a good many years. I would prefer to find a board that can also run memory close to 3000 but I can't be too demanding here with Ryzen's overall outcome with memory. I was actually considering the ASRock board in "hopes" that it can achieve the 4ghz mostly because the aesthetics of the board doesn't force red down your throat. The other thing is I can use the NH-D15 cooler for it instead of the Dark Rock Pro 3 as the top PCI slot is the 1x slot so the overhang on the noctua cooler won't be an issue. If you were me what motherboard would you pick and why? Perhaps someone has seen something I have not so extra eyes on the matter won't hurt.Connoisseur3 Apr 2
Apr 1 Will this system run WoW well? Someone is offering this system for sale and I need a new machine but don't want to buy something that won't run WoW well. Also maybe haves the system requirements for upcoming Legion as well, would the following computer be fine for that? Not a raider or hardcore so I won't be flooded with spell effects, just general game play Heroic 5 mans, BGs and such. Thanks in advance. system: WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 BIT VER 1511 BUILD 10586.3 LATEST, CLEAN INST SPECS: INTEL E6300 2.8GHZ DUAL CORE CPU MSI P6NGM MOTHERBOARD 2GB DDR2 MEMORY NVIDIA GFORCE 8800GS 384MB DDR3 MEMORY 256BIT VIDEO CARD WITH 2X DVI OUTPUTS NEC ND-2500 DVD RECORDER 250GB WESTERN DIGITAL WD2500JS 7200 RPM SATA HARD DRIVE 430 WATT POWER SUPPLYAfua24 Apr 1
Apr 1 Graphics card First Off I am not Rich and I am disabled with very Limited funds BUT I now own a Dell Vostro 470 320GB Intel i5 3450 3.1GHz Quad Core 8GB RAM Win10 PRO HDMI DVDR that was given to me and it runs really well. Currently I am using the Intel hd 2500 graphics that came with it to run wow it runs ok on medium and great like on setting 2 or 3. It has a 350 watt PSU which I can upgrade at a later time. I am looking for an inexpensive Graphics card that will run no not on the highest setting but like 4 or 5 for lfr's and will make the game a little more enjoyable. My budget is around 75 to 90 dollars any suggestions?Satanslave8 Apr 1
Mar 31 Any overclock pros here? Or even non-pros :) Just curious: to anyone who has gone from a standard clock to an overclock in WoW, did you see a huge increase in performance? My next upgrade will be a SSD, but after that it will be time for a cooler upgrade to begin OCing. Using i5-4690k + GTX 1070.Vaix6 Mar 31
Mar 31 Long time WoW player looking to upgrade PC After playing WoW for about 10 years now, on low end regular pc's, I'd like to upgrade to something that will perform decently. It doesnt have to be ultra settings or anything, but i'd like a change from the low settings i've been playing on for so long. Would be happy with medium-high settings. I'm not too entirely computer savvy, but i'm not grandma status either. Sooo bare with me. Currently i'm playing on an HP Pavillion 500. Model no. 500-214. Maybe that will give you something to compare to? Runs fine-ish on low settings, but in raids it tends to stutter up a bit (especially when dk's use that damn frost move that cakes the ground). I'm only looking to spend 500-600 I know its low, but im sure i can get better performance than what i am currently getting, right? Leaning towards maybe: I know build is better, but i dont have much time having a kiddo these days to build, nor do i know how. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!Jibbly4 Mar 31
Mar 31 Need help with laptop Looking for a new laptop for traveling and doing school work but would like to be able to run WoW on it very well. Would like to stay around $700 Or less. Thanks for any help! School work is Bachelors in Cyber Security if interested :PChillbroskis1 Mar 31
Mar 31 How do I clean this Gaming Mat? hey guys I bought the heartstone oversized mouse mad, and i was wondering how do I clean it? here is the one i bought for those that are unaware. Also anyone know a good site that I can buy other oversized mouse pads as I like to change them up every so often.Zetrov4 Mar 31
Mar 31 Something similar to Blood DK? I love the idea of a fighter that heals through combat, are there any games that have characters/classes like this? An example would be like the Reaver from Dragon Age: Inquisition.Lrazgriz0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Elder Scrolls Online & Dark Souls 3 .Soliouss8 Mar 30
Mar 30 Breath of the Wild. Getting Perfect Score From all reviews omg.... 10/10 Tomorrow its the day guys!! They are calling it the best game ever creater by nintendo, Enjoy it.Bamboo75 Mar 30
Mar 30 7.2 Mac Fullscreen Issue Has anyone experienced issues regarding Fullscreen for iMacs? Before 7.2, settings were fullscreen, 2560x1440, with various other graphics settings. Adjusting everything back and selecting Windowed(Fullscreen) is fine but selecting solely Fullscreen (previous setting), resolution and FPS is garbage. Prior to 7.2, FPS fluctuated between 60-90 fps with prior settings.Spify1 Mar 30
Mar 30 YouTube channel benchmarks wow? Is there a YouTube channel that benchmarks wow in heavy load areas. Kinda like to see how high end hardware performs against mid tier hardware.Tìm2 Mar 30
Mar 30 Taking a shot at youtubing! Some feedback would be much appreciated! If anyone out there can give me some pointers that would be great too! So far I have a few videos up! Heres a link to my channel. I hope you enjoy! Mar 30
Mar 30 Nerf DH'S Nice "Nerf" on dh's, even tho they're still the most op class for arenas. Thanks blizz.Attîla2 Mar 30
Mar 30 FPS Issues Since 7.2 Hey Guys, Bought the following from Newegg as an entry level gaming PC/Home Use. Pre 7.2 my FPS was 40-45 always. Since the patch i'm barely getting 15-18 to the point it's unplayable. Anyone else experiencing this? I only bought the CPU a couple weeks ago so I'm well within my return window if I got bad advice and shouldn't have bought this. Thanks in advance for any help.Vaynquish4 Mar 30
Mar 30 Surge Protection Question I ordered a new custom PC online which has a Gold 850w power supply. Do I need to get a surge protector for it that has over 850w rating for me to use it? Does the surge protector need to have 850w or higher for the power supply to actually get its full use? Would a cheaper regular power bar be good enough, or do I need one of those expensive bigger ones?Hulkroguen5 Mar 30
Mar 29 GPU upgrade lowered my recommended setting. I upgraded my HDD and graphics card today. HDD is the same, just a larger capacity. The graphics card went from a GTX 650 Ti Boost to a GTX 1050 Ti. Here's the issue - my recommended setting for WoW graphics is now 5, whereas before it was 7. Am I missing something? I'm running an Intel i5 3570 3.4ghz (not overclocked), since I know CPU is relevant to WoW graphics.Lyyna7 Mar 29
Mar 29 new wow desktop Hi, I am trying to build a new desktop for my girlfriend who plays WOW a lot. My budget would be around 1200$ CAD. The ultimate goal is to run the game on ultra at a good fps. this is what i came up with. Any suggestion? Mar 29
Mar 28 New Computer Question I've had an iMac (i3 3.2ghz/ATI 5730m/4gb RAM) since 2010 and am wanting to get a new computer since it can barely run WoW now at 20 fps in Legion areas all on low. I want to switch to a laptop to save space and take it with me on work trips. I don't know jack about cpus/gpus anymore, how would something like this run WoW? I know WoW can run on a toaster plus I've googled it and it seems okay but not sure. I just want to play Legion and then the next couple of xpacs at 30+ fps. Thanks. i7 6700HQ GTX 1060 8GB RAM SSDBarelybearly2 Mar 28
Mar 28 Overwatch should be free.. During maintenance. tyDebbyanne7 Mar 28
Mar 28 New Laptop: Thoughts? So for my day job, I am planning to start video editing. This is the laptop I am planning to purchase for that task. Asus ZENBOOK Pro UX501VW-XS74T Intel i7 16GB 512GB SSD GTX 960M Touchscreen Windows 10 Pro Laptop | How will this work as a gaming rig for WoW? I'm sure it will be much better than my current laptop, just curious if any of you have experience with Asus rigs for gaming. #MAGADrumpf3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Solid Black Screen - graphics card dying? UPDATE: My computer is only black screening for WoW. No other game or computer function or website is causing this. Even exiting WoW is giving me a blackscreen. The scan and repair option in the blizzard/bnet app is giving me a black screen. ANYTHING related to WoW is blackscreening me ever since they put 7.2 on the backloader. I have a 9 year old laptop, but it was cream of the crop when I bought it for 2.5k. So I have had ZERO issues with this computer (hardware wise) since the day I bought it UNTIL lastnight. I zoned into BRH M when my screen suddenly went all lines. I can't even describe what it looked like. I could see what I was doing, but it was like 1/100th inch lines across my screen and it made things very blurry and like a 90s atari game. This affected my whole computer, not just WoW. I alt tabbed and even chrome and my desktop background was like this. I did a proper restart of my computer (I went throught the shutdown phase instead of just pillow smothering the powerbutton) and it fixed it.Bolmung9 Mar 28
Mar 28 I Would Throw Money At My Screen... For a remasted Warcraft 1 and 2.Frostscythe23 Mar 28
Mar 28 Bulldozer CPU on WoW? So I won't link my channel to avoid advertising but I did a basic FP test for WoW on an FX-6100+R7-370 4GB GDDR5 and it performed close to the G4560+GTX 1050 and I5-4460+GTX 960. I think I need to do some more performance testing. Here's my question, which raids, settings and hardware should I use? ... CPUs: Intel Core I5-4460 Intel Pentium G4560 Intel Core I5-4690k AMD Sempron 145 Ryzen 7 1700x Ram: 4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz 1x8GB DDR4 2400MHz 1x8GB DDR3 1600MHz (Have 3 sticks actually) GPU's EVGA GTX 1080 FTW MSI GTX 1070 Gaming EVGA GTX 1050 EVGA GTX 960 MSI R7-370 I probably will use the hard drives, cases, coolers and my external SSD for the setups though due to time constraints.Snaeb7 Mar 28
Mar 28 Pc build So I'm looking to build a PC on a 700 dollar budget. My pc rn runs wow at like 10 fps if im lucky. I want something that can run wow with ultra settings at decent fps but not sure if 700 bucks will do it. I also want to be able to run games like skyrim or battle field. Any advice on what parts to buy will be super helpful. Thanks.Ezect36 Mar 28
Mar 28 Can you stream WoW on a Dual Core? Apparently you can: On level 7 settings a G4560+GTX 1050 did instances/small PVP 70 FPS + and 25 man raiding at 30+. I did an FPS Benchmark while streaming and the min was 31, max was 58 and average was 43.78. Color me impressed!Snaeb6 Mar 28
Mar 28 FPS performance Improvement Looking for some input on improving FPS performance in game. Our PC's were on the pretty high end when new, but 5ish years later they're probably due for some upgrades. Specs listed below. -In Dalaran my FPS jumps around 75-89FPS -In Order Hall FPS sits around 80-99FPS -In Nighthold I sit around 50-60FPS average during a boss fight, but drop to 5-10FPS when we do a big trash pull like before Skorpron where we pretty much just pull the entire hallway. Keeping an eye on memory usage I noticed since Legion came out the game is always using 7GB+ of the 8GB RAM, so I finally got around to ordering an upgrade on that & will be doubling it to 16GB when it comes in this week. So, with the above info, and taking the below specs into consideration, how much benefit would upgrading video card to a GTX960 or GTX1050 series be? Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i7-3820 CPU @ 3.6 GHz Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Memory: 8GB Ram (16GB upgrade ordered & in the mail) Hard Drive (Install): 500GB SSD ISP: A 10GB download wireless ISP none of you will have heard of but it's the fastest I can get living in no-mans land in the desert. MS of 90-120 is average for it and my only other option is satellite.Celareith8 Mar 28
Mar 27 PC > Console. After looking at this post I have decided to pull it and change it. NEW DISCUSSION Which is better for Overwatch in terms of skill? PC or Console.Trenaris9 Mar 27
Mar 27 Skullcandy Uproar built in mic headphones does the mic get detected even though it's technically not plugged into the mic jack? i want to use these headphones. either these or Razer Kraken usb headphones. tyCupcakedemon2 Mar 27
Mar 26 Keyboard Just got a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (2016). Can't stop typing. Click is too satisfying. Please send help. I think my wife will either kill me or the keyboard soon.Flufferfunk5 Mar 26
Mar 26 Took a break from WoW--Other MMOS I recently took about a 3 month break from WoW. I felt as though I was done with the game even though I love MMOs. WoW had gotten stale to me though. I wasn't happy with the RNG systems in WoW. I wasn't happy with the Diabloesque direction of the game. Legendaries, RNG professions, RNG Ilvl on any gear etc. My friend and I then decided to find a different MMO. One that gave us the thrill of discovery and that difficulty of content again. As you can probably guess we came back to WoW due to a number of reasons, however I wanted to get all my thoughts down, and I see a whole slew of questions about other MMOs on here. So I will place them in the order that I enjoyed them and the primary reason I left. Wildstar Wildstar is probably my 2nd favorite MMO. The game has amazing combat. The dungeons are some of the best I have ever played in an MMO and the classes are different enough that having alts is a blast. This has the single best housing sidegame on the market. You can look up youtube videos of what people have created. I would probably be playing that over WoW except for one glaring problem. Population. The Population even after just having one server for the whole US is woefully low. So this causes terribly long dungeon ques. (One time was 5 hours long on a Saturday night that I had free.) This game however has one of the best F2P models on the market. It is truly fantastic and I suggest you check it out. Final Fantasy 14 Final Fantasy 14 is a great game. Truly one of the best around right now. The reason I have ranked it below Wildstar for ME is two reasons vs the one above. One is personal preference the other is a complaint I have seen a lot of others make. Crafting is fantastic in this game. The fact that you can do everything on one character is also amazing but a bit overwhelming at first. Every class you can play on one character and level separately and the grind really isn't that bad to do it. I have never been a fan of the JRPG story telling or art design. While the game looks fantastic it is not something that I enjoy. The armor is over the top while the landscape is pretty bland. Therefore I consistently feel out of place. It just feels disjointed. The story really didn't grab me as well. It didn't flow well at all. Also the amount of different...genres...I guess you could say crammed into it just seems poorly done. Now the problem that a lot of people seem to have with it. The combat is SO SLOW. The GCD is quite a bit longer, which lets you think about what you want to do more but in turn takes what look and feel like really cool dungeons into extremely easy grinds. Star Wars the Old Republic This one I would have ranked above all including WoW except for three HUGE problems. I will get to these after listing out the good things about the game. If you are a Star Wars fan at all. The single player story telling experience is the best in any MMO bar none. Each class has its own separate and unique storyline up until you hit the first expansion that was released. The stories were actually written by people that have wrote Star Wars novels in the expanded universe. They are absolutely fantastic. HOWEVER this lends to the first major problem. This is not a friend friendly MMO. Grouping in this MMO is actually more of a problem than just playing by yourself due to the way the class stories work. Its a real bummer. The combat is extremely similar to WoW. So similar in fact that I believe when SWTOR first came out someone actually made charts on how they copy/pasted classes from WoW because the abilities were almost identical just name differently obviously. Still really good. The amount of content that is there is also really good and well done. Which leads into the 2nd problem. They seem to have taken the focus off of any grouping content at all at end game. They haven't come out with any new dungeons or raids in several years. Which then leads to the reason why I left WoW. The endgame loot is 100% RNG. You can get endgame loot off of doing anything with this fancy Galactic Command UI and mechanic. You essentially level you GC by doing any content you want and you get loot boxes for doing this. Similar to how Overwatch works, but it is completely RNG. And the 3rd thing. This game has the worst F2P model I have ever seen. Its really really bad. They even limit the amount of action bars you can use. You have to subscribe to use them all. There shop is filled to THE BRIM with pretty cool stuff, but it is some of the most expensive pricing I have ever seen in an MMO market. Rift I played this game when it first came out and enjoyed it immensely. The major problem with this game can just play WoW. There really isn't much more to say about it. For a marketing campaign that had a slogan of "you aren't in azeroth anymore" they made a game that is damn near identical. The only intriguing thing about this game really is the talent system. You can really customize your character any way you want. This is fun when questing but if you want to raid there of course is optimal ways to build your character that people will expect to see. The old cookie cutter builds hold VERY True in this game. This game also has a great F2P model, but it has one glaring problem. The store. The store you can actually buy raid gear. Not the most current but the tier just before. To compare, you would be able to buy ToV and EN gear when Nighthold was released. This is how Rift works. BAD. The Elder Scrolls Online I have ranked this last. I see a lot of people talking well about it but it is by FAR the worst MMO I have ever played. I have played Aion, Warhammer Online, DAOC, Ultima, Everquest, Age of Conan, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, BDO, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, EVE, Tera, DDO, Vanguard...and many more. This was the worst experience I have ever much so I actually can't list anything about it other than its looks good. The game looks like an Elder Scrolls game. It runs well, but the actual base of the MMO is so bad. Crafting is terrible. The combat is boring. It tries this mix between Tab targeting and Manual. it falls woefully short. It is also tries to do the Limited action bar that Wildstar does but the actual combat is so uninteresting that having so few abilities just makes it feel like you are spamming the same ability over and over and over. Wildstar makes it work because having to dodge telegraphs and the MIX of abilities makes feel different even with the few you use. The story is also boring for an Elder scrolls game, and it is very poorly represented. The way they introduce you to new content is also incredibly poor. They recently came out with an update that allows you to do any content at any time much like an Elder Scrolls game. Great for single player NOT FOR AN MMO. For a game that touted PVP combat is one of its primary end game features reviving the old three faction system, it is terribly unbalanced. If you don't build your character out a certain way, which is counter to what they have tried to represent by leveling the skills the way you play. It is a terrible experience. You can also buy gear through the store loot boxes. Bad. The F2P model is also pretty limiting. Where they actually limit bag space and bank space. If you want any more details just leave a question here. Thanks for reading.Balyne21 Mar 26
Mar 26 Looking at desktops Hi all. I'm currently looking at bestbuy for a decent desktop to help my wow experience. I currently use a laptop on the lowest settings and it's not that great to me. I want something that I can run normal graphics on, nothing to special to run the max settings. Also have around 40 fps or something like that so I don't keep jumping around 15-30 fps. My budget is at 850 and any opinions or even suggestions would help a lot. Thank you.Bairon6 Mar 26
Mar 25 Change character height? I know this was brought up already, but that was a few years ago. I was thinking how cool it would be to change your character height. I'm usually a night elf in the game because i like to be a druid but i really hate being so tall. Does anyone think they would add that option to the game? (ignore my spelling errors please.)Dellera1 Mar 25
Mar 24 Pantheon's combat I know it's still a game in alpha, but come on. I hit you! enemy takes 1 damage I hit you! enemy takes 1 damage I hit you! enemy takes 1 damage I hit you! enemy takes 1 damage It's so bad it's funny. But seriously, I can't wait to see the real combat. I hope it's a lot faster and flashier. Do you guys think this will be a game with the same quality level as Rift, WoW and SWTOR? Personally I have doubts. Maybe they should stop posting pre-alpha footage because it's not doing it for me.Samasha0 Mar 24
Mar 24 @Kagthul - will you please spare your time? @Kagthul I know recently you posted giving me some feedback on a build I posted in another thread. If I asked you for your build ideas for $2500 limit, need 2 monitors and the rest. Already have keyboard, mouse, speakers, mic, headphones, etc... would you please educate me with your knowledge? I mostly just game, various games. The only constant throughout the years has really been WoW but I like to try a bunch of different games etc. Could potentially work from home time to time. Thank you again for your time sir.Pho18 Mar 24
Mar 23 Random screen off and on? lately I have been noticing my Acer Predator 27" going to a black screen randomly and quickly going back to normal, this happens while playing World of Warcraft. I am unsure my 1080 is having a heating issue as the Temperatures are as follows. Case: 26C GPU 1: 135F GPU 2: 150F I've been trying to research online about it as that's the only issue I have and it's random at best.Demonseven4 Mar 23
Mar 23 Change character height? I know this was brought up already, but that was a few years ago. I was thinking how cool it would be to change your character height. I'm usually a night elf in the game because i like to be a druid but i really hate being so tall. Does anyone think they would add that option to the game? (ignore my spelling errors please.)Dellera0 Mar 23
Mar 22 How is FFXIV? Kinda burnt out on the WoW grind as someone who usually plays 5-6 mains all expansion Legion has been strenuous to keep some characters caught up with Uni taking up a lot of my time. Is FFXIV fun? When does it start improving? Im at level 29 right now playing very very casually over the years but it never keeps me hooked Any other thoughts?Kerromar31 Mar 22
Mar 22 Advice on good monitor? I'm getting a desktop with a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor (4-Cores, 8MB Cache, Turbo Boost 2.0, up to 4.2GHz) and a Nividea GEFORCE GTX 1080 with 8GB DDR5X What would be the key specs I should look for in a monitor? I don't want to have a jam up computer with a !@#$ monitor. any advice?Rekface8 Mar 22
Mar 22 Mass Effect: Andromeda I've played the 10-hour trial, and I have to say apart from some minor flaws, the game play is very fun, building a character however you want is pretty freeing. Some of the characters are a little forgettable, but others are quite interesting. The combat is easily the highlight of the game, while the exploration elements are enjoyable too. Looking forward to playing more! By the way, if you're worried if your computer can run the game, as long as you have an I5, and at least mid-tier video card, you should be able to run it on at least medium. I have a 4770k and a gtx 70, and it runs everything on high very well.Skittex9 Mar 22
Mar 22 Will a gtx 1050 run 1440p? I recently upgraded from a gtx 460 to a gtx 1050 and was wondering if it could play at 1440p. If not 1440p what about 2560x1080 ultrawide?Devilgoat2 Mar 22
Mar 21 Looking for a good laptop at a cheaper price So earlier today I spilled a cup of water all over my laptop, and it did not survive. I'm in need of a new laptop at a budget. Around $500, give or take a bit (preferably take). I know absolutely nothing about computers so I was wondering if anyone could help me out.Rorevorna1 Mar 21
Mar 21 Death of a Game: Age of Conan Remember when this was supposed to kill WoW? As a warning, it's a fairly lengthy video.Damienkarras39 Mar 21