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5h Broly So a new Broly is becoming canon in DBS’ new movie. I’ll link the trailer, I’m so HYPED!!! 5h
5h Metallica Fans? If interested, I have some videos from my old Metallica Tribute Band (the one that Metallica showed up to and played WITH us!). Just converted it from old VHS to DVD. Here's the link if you want to give your $0.02 on how close to the original we were and yes, I am looking for honest feedback. Hopefully Blizz is OK with this:òria1 5h
6h If you could make any aging band... ...young again, and thus extend the cool music they make by decades, who would you choose?Woodspath7 6h
7h Game of Thrones filming is over, my it RIP. 7h
21h What are you listening to now? V5 Another day, another glorious thread! Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way [rock] 21h
22h Star Wars: The Clone Wars It's finally getting the final season it never had due to the disney buyout. IIRC, it's supposed to cover what happens between the last episode up until the end of Revenge of the Sith from Ahsoka's point of view. Fans thought this season would never reach the light of day, as any plot gaps had been resolved in two novels that were released after netflix put out season 6. Teaser trailer: 22h
1d Favorite bad song? Post Malone: Why don't you love me? 1d
2d Looking for specific 2007 WoW Machinima The memory of a specific video is eluding me. I don't have much to go on except it was 2006-2008 Machinima. I remember 2 lines from it. "Grab your sword and fight the horde" and the outro to the video was "It's not easy being green" and an orc floating through darkness. I vaguely remember it being a rock music video, but not 100%. I feel like only players who were around for Classic would have any chance of knowing what I'm referring to but maybe I'll get lucky. Here are some other Machinima's that were popular around that time BIg Blue Dress That's the World of Warcraft that you play Myndflame Jimmy's Warcraft Story Nyhm 2d
2d Anybody into RWBY ? I just binged watched all 5 season within a week. I've really enjoyed it and know there are future volumes coming out. I'm not really into shows or anime either. It would be cool to talk RWBY ! By the way, Pyrrha is my favorite!Hellsßelle4 2d
2d Sargeras vs Superman who would win?Dicedfox5 2d
4d Who are your favourite villains? I like Palpatine the First Order the Borg and Daleks. I think Palpatine was a very good effective villain because be taught Anakin to be patient and bide is time. I like the First Order because I actually didn't care when they blew the Resistance to smithereens as truthfully there were points where I was fed up with the man hating in that movie that I actually sympathised with the First Orders point of view. Also I used to feel sad for the hosnian system but if you ever had your rights voted away by an oppressive majority watching the First Order blow the crap out of the hosnian system really struck a chord with me. Yeah it felt like episode 4 rip off but when you realize planets were leaning to first order anyway you realise that democracy is a joke. I like borgs and Daleks as they seek to bring purity and perfection even if don't agree with their methods. My vote is First Order first borg second daleks third. What about you top three favourite villains?Elae29 4d
6d R.I.P Ray Emery Ray Emery, a talented and mercurial goaltender who played for four NHL teams over 11 seasons, drowned early Sunday while swimming at a yacht club in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was 35.Vanyllaa1 6d
6d France WIN !!! France won the fifa world cup 2018 Hourra ! Vive la france ! /french kiss /don't hateVanyllaa19 6d
6d Asterix needs a movie. So I have just seen the Tintin movie again and it got me thinking. You know needs a movie ......Asterix. The thing about Asterix is not only would it be funny and fun to watch but the movie could work for both live action or animated. Also it would do very well as a game spinoff as most movies have (ya and ya friend coop playing as Asterix and Obelix beating down Romans will give hours of fun.) So what do you think? Do you think Asterix and Obelix deserve their time in the spotlight?Skarin1 6d
Jul 14 Soccer or Football I need to knowVanyllaa48 Jul 14
Jul 14 A Quiet Place I've heard both extremely bad, as well as extremely good, about this. It seems that there is no middle ground. I just watched it and it was INCREDIBLE. I've not seen a more original, fantastic movie in a long time. The budget was about $17,000,000, small for a movie (with leads Krazinskietiieie (SP) and Blunt, even) The gross so far, $328,559,730 It earned every gosh dang penny.Kybeorie1 Jul 14
Jul 13 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) I been waiting for this film for quite a long time next Saturday we should see 1st trailer for. and yes Godzilla will have more screen time then last filmGhaghzull0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Why Kylo Ren is the best Kylo Ren is what Darth Vader would have been if he hadn't lost to Obi-wan Kenobi. Kylo Ren is able to overthrow his Empire and take over the galaxy, and he isn't anyone's underdog. He is the most powerful man in the galaxy. His victory over those rebels was epic, they've been crushed to near extinction!! He was told that was no Vader, just a child in a mask by Snoke, what an insult...technically he has the exact same personality as Anakin Skywalker before he became Vader, let's face it Palpatine simply put Vader in the suit as a deterrent to trying to overthrow him, but Kylo Ren had no such limitations. Now the rebellion has been crushed and our hero Kylo Ren rules the galaxy, and the galaxy will know true peace!! who else can't wait for episode 9 to watch the final annihilation of the rebels and the final victory of the first order and the rebirth of the peaceful empire!! And also give Rey one last chance to rule the new galactic order by his side!! Seriously...if she wants to do good for the galaxy, best place is within the Order...not in a fleet of rebels.Elae4 Jul 12
Jul 12 Avatar the last airbender Waterbending is the most powerful. Not only can you control people through the water in their blood, but you can bend any element via controlling the movements of a specific bender. I know this isnt WOW related, but I just needed to get this out. Waterbending>>fire, air, earthNeronyn2 Jul 12
Jul 7 Another famous rapper passes Death in general is sad, unless they are a truly evil person nobody ever deserves to die. However, I find it sad how on social media whenever a big rapper dies the media explodes with grief. What about actual heroes. Firemen, military, law-enforcement? They risk their life everyday and you have people who are happy when they pass it's truly disgusting.Praystaytion45 Jul 7
Jul 7 Rick and Morty If I could live in the Rick and Morty world I would want to live in the dimension where new episodes of Rick and Morty streamed 24/7.Gocartmozart0 Jul 7
Jul 6 Humans are OP In detail.Shilsta0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Rogue One was awesome let's face it, even if Star Wars Episode 7 sucked and 8 got a narrow pass, Rogue one was an epic story line and was amazing, loved it. Han Solo movie logically will be epic too, but no spoilers please! Anyone else going to see it?Elae29 Jul 5
Jul 5 Attack on Titan!!! What an amazing show!!!, but can someone tell me where I can read the Magna online pretty plz and thank yaJustcold3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Books that you could not finish Most of the times you start to read a book you read from beginning to end.But some time you just pick a book you want to read but you just cant finish for one reason or another. The story bogs down to a crawl. The story may piss you off. It my not make a damn bit of sense. Maybe its too long. One book I could not finish was Les Mis. after about 50 or so pages on the battle of Waterloo, I just flat out gave up set the book down and said nope. What about you guys?Beringer14 Jul 5
Jul 4 Resto druid 2v2 arena video! 2k+ First arena vid on druid, let me know how I did! Hope the music isn't too bad... Thanks in advance!! ^_^Cry0 Jul 4
Jul 1 Kacey's List Of Music This is a list of Kacey's favourite music :D What is everyone else's favourite music? I love metal of all kinds with some punk rock mixed in! # - 1349 - +44 - 3 Doors Down A - AC/DC - Accept - Adrenaline Mob - Alestorm - Alice Cooper - All That Remains - Amon Amarth - Acolyte - Annihilator - Anthrax - Arch Enemy - As I Lay Dying - Audioslave [Not metal but still a good band :)] - Avenged Sevenfold - Aerosmith - AFI - Anvil - Axenstar - Architects - Avatar - As Blood Runs Black - Acheron - Anciients - Asking Alexandria - Angeles - Anshelm - Angelus Apatrida - Amorphis - Annominus - Alien Weaponry - ASG - At The Gates - Aboleth - A Silent Truth - Airbourne - After Bridge - Aeges - Ateyu - Anti-Mortem B - Bad Religion [Punk Rock :D] - Baroness - Beartooth - Behemoth - Black Label Society - Black Sabbath [Duh] - Black Veil Brides - Blood Ceremony - Bolt Thrower - Bon Jovi - Bullet For My Valentine - Blackmores Night - Bad Wolves - Bleeding Through - Blue Oyster Cult - Between The Buried And Me - Buckcherry - Black Majesty - Bury Tomorrow - Blackstone Cherry - Beneath The Silence - Bleed From Within - Brymir - Barren Earth - Burn The Priest - Between Oceans - Bad Company - Bloodhound Gang - Black Tide - Billy Talent - Black Stone Cherry - Black 'N' Blue C - Children Of Bodom - The Casualities - Crossfaith - Cranius [For his WoW themed music] - Cane Hill - Celesty - Cyronic Temple - Code Orange - coldrain [The band spells it with little letters o.o] - Celldweller - Crystal Eyes - Capathian Forest - Converge - Clutch - Creedance Clearwater Revival - Chevelle D - Death - Deep Purple [Ritchie Blackmore :D] - Deftones [They suck live though] - DevilDriver - Dio [The god of metal] - Dionyus - Disturbed - Doro - Dream Evil - Dragonland - Dreamtale - A Day To Remember - DED - Demon Hunter - Derdian - Dragonland - Dreamtale - Dimmu Borgir - Disembodied - Destroyer 666 - Death Alley - Downplay - Dropkick Murphys - D.R.I. - Dark Funeral - Damjan Mravunac - Drown This City - Dead Girls Academy - Deceptic - Disco Ensemble - Disco Risque - Drowning Pool E - Elf [Dio!] - Entombed - Exodus - The Exploited - Electric Wizzard - Excalion - Escape The Fate - Equilibrium - Eternal Champion - Emperor - Evil Drive - Engel - Elvenking - Eagles Of Death Metal F - Fall Of Humanity - Fallujah - Five Finger Death Punch - For All Eternity - From Ashes To New - Fairyland - Fight The Fade - Fear Factory - Fiends - Follow The Cipher - Fragments Of Unbecoming - Finger Eleven G - Godsmack - Greyhaven - Gojira - Guns N' Roses - Glasslands - Gorgoroth - Gruesome - Ghost - Gus G - Green Jelly - Grimmer - GroundCulture - Gozu - Gravemind H - Halestorm - Hammerfall - Hatebreed - The Haunted - Havok - Helloween - High On Fire - Holy Moses - Holy Grail - HELLYEAH - Human Fortress - Heave Blood And Die - Hardcore Superstar - Heaven & Hell - He Is Legend - Haste The Day I - I Prevail - Iced Earth - Immortal - In Solitude - In Flames - Iron Maiden - In This Moment - InVisions - Iron Fire - Iron Mask - Iron Reagen - Issa - It Dies Today J - Jorn - Judas Priest - Joan Jett - Jet Liar - Jonathan Davis - John Denver - Jay Ray - Jimmy Eat World K - Kataklysm - Killswitch Engae - KISS - Khemmis - Korn - Kreator - Krokus [Best Rock 'n' Roll] - Kyng - Kyuss - Kobra And The Lotus - Kalmah - Kamelot - Kvelertak L - Lamb Of God - Last In Line [This band has some of Dio's bandmates] - Lich King [Thrash metal, with an epic name!] - Light The Fire - Light The Torch - Lords Of Black [Lead singer Ronnie Romero sounds like Dio] - Lynch Mob - Lakeshore - Limp Bizkit - Leaves' Eyes - LIMBS - Lizzy Borden - Levels - LANDMVRKS - Lordi - Luca Turilli - Lynyrd Skynrd - Lost Society M - Manowar - Machine Head - Marliyn Manson - Mastodon - Megadeth - Metal Allegiance [They do cover songs] - Metallica [Duh] - Motley Crue [Dr Feel Goooood] - Motorhead - Mudvayne - Miss May I - Motionless In White - Magic Kingdom - Maestrick - Myles Kennedy - MØL - Mustach - Micawber - Medieval Steel - Mystic-Force - Motorjesus N - Napalm Death - Night Demon - Nile - No Connection - Novelists - Nothing More - Nightwish - Ninth Circle - Nostradameus - Nale - Nekrogoblikon - Nervosa O - The Offspring - Onslaught - Orchards - Overkill - Ozzy Osbourne [Duh] - Of Mice & Men - Orden Ogan - Odd Palace - Orbit Culture - Of Virtue P - Pantera - Papa Roach - Polaris - Power Quest [one of my favs] - Prophets Of Rage - Parkway Drive - A Perfect Circle - Primus - Poison - Plague Vendor - Pop Evil - Powerwolf - Putrid Pile - Palm Reader - Primordial - Primal Fear - P.O.D. - Pixel Perfect - Phil Colen - Puddle Of Mud Q - Queensryche [Duh] R - Rainbow [New lead singer = Ronnie Romero = Dio's Voice] - Rancid - Ratt - Rings Of Saturn - Rob Zombie - Rhapsody - Rammstein - Rhino Bucket - Rough Cut - RVIVR - Ross The Boss - Raven Black - Rhapsody Of Fire - Rivers Of Nihil - Rage - Running Wild - Red Fang - Royal Republic - Rise Against - Rev Theory S - Sabaton - Saxon - Senses Fail [some punk rock] - Sevendust - Sick Puppies - Simple Plan - SLAYER - Sleep - Shields - Slipknot [Duh] - Snow Patrol - Social Distortion - Sodom - Soil - Speaking With Ghosts - Steve Jones - Stone Sour - Shinedown - Stick To Your Guns - Suicide Silence - Seether - Savage Circus - Slash - Secret Sphere - Sacrificed Alliance - SikTh - Serj Tankian - Sacred Reich - Suffocation - Scar Symmetry - Sirenia - Slugdge - Stephen Pearcy - Steel Attack - SoulFallen - Sons Of Apollo - Starset - Skogen - Soilwork - Shadows Of Intent - Skindred - Sandberg - Sink This Ship - Septic Tank - Symphonity - Skid Row - Smoke Below T - Testament - Toxic Holocaust - Trivium - Type O Negative - Three Days Grace - Tribulation - Thy Majestie - THE FEVER 333 - Twilightning - Tengger Calvary - TesseracT - The Dead Daises - Turisas - The Ocean - Tool - Turmion Kallot - Tristania - TRC - The Raven Age - Twitching Tongues - Tankard - Truckfighters - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Nearly Deads - Tremonti - The Sword - Thin Lizzy - Trapt - The Blasters - The Vaughan Brothers - The Silver Shine - The Gaslight Anthem U - Underoath - Unleash The Archers - Unprocessed V - Vader - Van Halen - Vault Of Valor - Vital Remains - Vision Divine - Vanden Plas - VENUES - Valis Ablaze - Vixen W - W.A.S.P. - Warbringer - Warlock - White Zombie - Witchcraft - We Came As Romans - Wintersun - Wolf King - Whitechapel - Warlord - Winger - Wovenwar - Wolfmother - Work Of Art X Y - Yellowcard - YOB Z - Zeal & ArdorKaceys92 Jul 1
Jun 30 Rick Astley is still killing it Feeling depressed? you're welcome: Just realized the other day, this guy put out a pretty damn good song 2 years ago.Drukaz4 Jun 30
Jun 30 Westworld, are they ALL robots? Hi all: Thank you very much for any responses. As much as it seems like it would be right up my alley, Westworld sort of bores me. I sort of fancy Dolores, then Bernard, then May. After that, meh. So... are they ALL robots?Nusku13 Jun 30
Jun 25 Why did Star Trek Enterprise fail? *spoilers* Do you think that people will appreciate Enterprise more because Captain Archer was male and white, and it was the last Star Trek show before all this identity politics was shoved down our throats? I just watched the whole four seasons of Enterprise and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, I found the third season with the Xindi a little boring but the consensus is that the reason that Enterprise failed is because the first two seasons sucked, but I actually much preferred the first two seasons of Enterprise to Star Trek Discovery. Thoughts??Elae18 Jun 25
Jun 25 Hunting Down the Last Loot Cards A friend of mine and I have started doing box breaks on YouTube. We usually do Pokemon cards, but we have recently decided to track down the remaining WoW TCG booster box sets and see what loot cards we can get! MANY more coming soon.... Here's a link to the one we just did: Jun 25
Jun 25 World Cup starting tomorrow So, what's your expectations for the group stage? I would say (not necessarily in this order) A) Egypt, Uruguay B) Spain, Portugal C) France, Denmark D) Croatia, Nigeria E) Brasil, Costa Rica F) Germany, Sweden G) England, Belgium H) Poland, ColombiaSteelheart1 Jun 25
Jun 24 What are you listening to now? V.4 Thread number three capped, throw your hands up for v.4! Phil Good - Sleeping In (Acoustic) or Amazing =)Breakbeat500 Jun 24
Jun 20 XXXtentacion pronounced dead RIP xxtentacion was young and confused yet brilliant and imaginative always spread his music with a deeper meaning poor dude dead at 20.Bubblebuddyx36 Jun 20
Jun 20 Non-Metal WoW Fans I always judge all the newer WoW fans who like generic electronic beats and dubstep instead of metal or rock. Like, shouldn't you be playing an fps like Counter-Strike? Anyone else think the same way?Prizn15 Jun 20
Jun 19 Lovely Music (Prog/Psy/Tech&Other) Here's a thread for me to share some music. Just looking to find some fans of the music I listen to. I've been mixing sets for a while now, though it's mostly just a hobby. Feedback is appreciated, but I'm happy just to share the music I have fun with. Please do enjoy. Fasntnig 01 (Psy Trance) 01) Oliver Prime feat Papiewski & TJP - Free Hugs [JOOF Recordings] 02) Moshic - Suddenly Bursts [Contrast Records] 03) Tegma - Tribal Nature [JOOF Recordings] 04) Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance On Ayahuasca [Geomagnetic] 05) Motion Drive - Spring Thing [Iboga Records] 06) John 00' Fleming - The 10th Life [JOOF Recordings] 07) Kintar feat Venes - Sahara [Sudam Recordings] 08) Airwave - Atlas Winds [L*C*D* Recordings] 09) Sunstryk - Open Heart (Mummerah Remix) [Cherry Pickers] 10) Ectima - Info Stealer (Cristo Disto Remix) [Moon Spirits Records] 11) Ace Ventura & Gaudium - In Between [Iboga Trance] 12) E-Clip - Indian Spirit [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 13) Frenetik Control - Planet Lost (Green System Remix) [Speedsound] 14) 00.db - Dharker [JOOF Recordings] 15) Talpa - The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix) [TesseracTstudio] 16) Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Shamans [Speedsound] 17) Mechanimal & Psibindi - Chromatic Space [Aphid Records] 18) Intersys - SychoActive [Midijum Records] so much fun... so much fun!!! fuuu...Gnoes57 Jun 19
Jun 18 SW Episode 8 They made a can you hear me now joke in the first 5 minutes.... I'm still unclear what went wrong, the alliance apparently had a massive armada ready to defeat the one ship that could stop their escape. And why was there a super long drawn out tribute to WW2 bomber crews. Snoke putting kylo ren in his place, awesome. Luke telling Rey to piss off and forcing her to train, also awesome. The original jedi texts is a cool reference, the books even had a symbol that was from the EU. Since when have has fuel ever ever been a thing in SW.... Kylo ren has a moment when leia dies and he didn't kill her Luke has a moment when he walks into the falcon again, but why those weird golden gangster dice things? New leader, check. Wait you mean the plan that actually allowed the resistance to escape? Why would she demote him? Why do they now hate Poe, isn't he hero, can't you hear him now?Ziryus6 Jun 18
Jun 15 FIFA 2018. Root for your favorite team! Go Argentina!Innavoig18 Jun 15
Jun 14 Halloween trailer For starters let me say that I am against the policy of coming out with a sequel that asks us to pretend that previous sequels never happened. When it comes to sequels you should either connect the dots or stop making dots. Halloween already pulled this garbage with H20 asking us to pretend parts 4, 5, and 6 never happened. Now the new sequel is asking us to pretend that every sequel after the original never happened. Bad policy. All that being said, the trailer just dropped and it does look amazing. So for all of you slasher fans out there, start your countdown to October 19th.Cowpow4 Jun 14
Jun 13 Avengers - Infinity War thread Totally shocked there isn't a thread here on it yet. So, I'll kick it off. Just saw it last night. I am still trying to process what I saw. Its was one of the rare times in a cinema when the credits roll, and I actually said out loud a long, 'Woah...' So intense. I think some people are going to dislike it a little because of how it ends. But it did not disappoint in delivering the Thanos confrontation 10 years of movies built up to.Volrog18 Jun 13
Jun 9 Netflix - Warcraft I read an article this morning about Warcraft 2 may not happen because of how poorly it went over in the US. Does anyone else feel that we do need more big/small screen Warcraft? I personally think that a Warcraft movie/tv series on a Netflix/Amazon Prime would do very well. In today's market, if you don't make a blockbuster hit like the Marvel/Star Wars movies, there really isn't a point to go to the big screen. Look at several of the good Netflix movies and tv series that probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere if they were on cable or released on the big screen.Sceneit19 Jun 9
Jun 5 Lyrical Nanoha Spinoffs Who else thinks that Lyrical Wolken( and Medical Shamal( needs Adaptation into Spinoffs? Neither show actually exist in Real Life except as Trailers made only for the Commentary for the 2nd Lyrical Nanoha Movie( so they can still be adapted at any time. Since Seven Arcs the company that made the show permitted a Vivid Adaption by another company A-1 Pictures(which did a direct adaption instead of doing things that happened outside the Manga like Seven Arcs does and did to make Vivid Strike) one would assume it might be easy for any company to get a greenlight on making either or both shows! Any other Lyrical Nanoha Fans agree?Yvenathilm4 Jun 5
Jun 4 Solo Movie Review SPOILERS Was making Han Solo a dead beat dad who left Leia in her greatest time of need not enough Han Solo for you? Have you always wanted to see a character that didn't even get mourned by his closest friends and whose best friend instantly replaced him with a new pilot, ruined more? Then you are in luck, because Han has now been completely emasculated. In this stunning and brave Kathleen Kennedy production, Han is someone not even worthy of having a real surname. We find out that the name Solo is given to him by the Empire when he signs up to escape a planet, because he arrived alone. You must think I'm kidding, but I'm not and this isn't even the most laughable thing in the movie. Han and Chewie meet and Han speaks Shyriiwook (yes he actually tries to sound like a wookie). How, when he apparently grew up on the planet he escaped? The same way Rey did. No explanation given. From there we get a progressive dong to dong shower scene with Chewie and Han. No really, this actually happens. Anyways...this Han is not confident and not really bright. Luckily there are many women around him that are much tougher, smarter and confident, including a 16 year old Rebel girl whom you have seen marketed as Enfys Nest who is basically Season 5 DK overpowered. At no point does this actor sell you that he is Han, but at least Donald Glover kind of sounds like Billy Dee Williams. Lando has a female droid girlfriend named L337 (no I am not making this up) who makes Rose Tico and Jar Jar look cool. I would rather watch a cop buddy movie with those two, than ever hear anything L337 says again, especially about "droid rights". As far as cameos we have one. Darth Maul or as I like to call him in this movie, "sequel bait" shortly shows up as a bad guy behind the scenes and he lights up his lightsaber for no reason on a skype call. There is no resolution with the character and it's frankly pretty pathetic and this comes from someone who eventually accepted Maul in Clone Wars. So is there anything worth watching in this movie. L337 dies. It's the feel good moment in the film. Since Lando is apparently DTF anything though and since the writing is fan fiction slash tier, I have a bad feeling that somehow her core will be placed in Lobot in the Lando stand alone movie so that they can ruin Empire Strikes Back to. Can't wait until they emasculate Boba Fett.Dëathjester9 Jun 4
Jun 3 Letterboxd+Weekly Film Discussion ideas. Wow, this website is so great. I had no idea it existed until a few days ago. It's a pretty fantastic site with lots of access to films so you can catalog what you've seen and create a watch list of future films you wish to see. If you use it or are going to start using it we should share profiles so we can follow each other. Here's mine, for reference. Only got a thousand or so films on there at the moment because well it's hard to remember all you seen and time consuming, haha. Maybe we can start weekly film discussion if anyone is interested? I'd be interested to do so around here. Depends on if anyone wants in on making this a more active community or not. I, or anyone else, can pick a film for everyone here interested to watch and then comment upon. Preferably something most of us haven't seen to get a real discussion going , but old favorites are not out of the question. Maybe we submit suggestions to a roulette wheel where it will randomly pick a film for us to watch and discuss, meaning anything can really go into it. One or two films per person.Pärker1 Jun 3
Jun 1 If you had made Star Wars episode 7... What would it have been about to you? Everyone says Disney ideas suck, so what do you think they should have done?Elae2 Jun 1
May 31 JJ Abrams on why fans hated The Last Jedi Let's take a look at the EU's Episode 7,8,9. The Thrawn trilogy. Head of New Republic. A woman. Mon Mothma. Person under her. Leia, who is training with and uses a lightsaber in the series. Other people in charge of the government. Included a lot of aliens, unlike Disney. They are more human than the freakin Empire was, which was mostly pro human. Female force user. Multiple and just as many as men. One woman is one of my favorite SW characters ever with a wonderful arc and character growth that makes Rey look very shallow in comparison. Luke's 2nd Jedi Student. Also a woman. (no spoilers please for those who didn't read it). "Minority" characters. Lando is a genius businessman and has a huge role in the series. Beats being a space janitor with pointless scenes unrelated to the main plot. Talon Karde could also be any nationality. In an audio book I listened to he sounded like Ricardo Montalban and in the comic he looked a bit like him to. So I am going to say Latin. Past that. Character that was going to be the focus of the EU Skywalker Legacy moving forward. Jaina Solo. Book series by Christie Golden was to be called Sword of the Jedi. Disney cancelled it. Calling shenanigans on Disney. Please show me any proof of people trashing the Thrawn Trilogy which was a big reason Star Wars came back into the public eye when they came out. Getting sick of being called a racist or a sexist if I don't praise Hollywood's and mostly Disney's newest product. No company should have this much power over the industry and critics. They ARE the evil Empire at this point.Dëathjester15 May 31
May 31 Deadpool 2 (no spoilers) I just watched Deadpool 2 today. I had not seen the first one, and only had a rough knowledge about the title character. It wasn't too bad, but I found a lot of the humour sort of felt "forced" to me. I know the character is supposed to be funny, but it just felt like it was trying too hard and coming up short. Too many pop culture references which are then trumpeted "pop culture reference!!" in case you missed it the first, second and third times. Anyway, my 2c worth.Jim6 May 31