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2h Inserting WoW into other Media. Anyone ever do this? Sometimes i'll watch clips of another movie and just use my imagination to replace all the characters on screen with WoW characters.Lewdlady1 2h
4h X-Men going to Marvel =D I grew up reading X-Men. I love them. Dont like the movies. I wouldnt say they are bad, but doesnt feel like X-Men. Pretty excited about the possibility of a good X-Men movie. Even if they have to keep it under the Fox umbrella to keep aspects of their universe R rated. Im giddy with excitement. This is almost as good as getting playable Ogres. Almost. /glare at BlizzardRickflairwoo74 4h
4h Podcasts you'd recommend Currently listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and his series on World War I (Blueprint for Armageddon). Engrossing. Any other recommendations? Zigra, in search of.Zigra9 4h
7h The Avengers would destroy the Justice League In all aspects. Intelligence, strength, and diversity of powers. It would be an absolute wiping of the floor of that universe. It is almost laughable. Batman can't think his way out of this certainty. Moderator note -- Please make sure to post threads like this in the appropriate forum.Scaryuncle51 7h
7h Spiderman homecoming sucks! I just wanted to say what the hell is wrong with Rotten Tomatoes and Hollywood these days, I couldn't even get through this movie I was falling asleep in it, why is this movie considered good there was no epic or awesomeness like in other movies, they better make Star Wars Episode 8 good unlike Episode 7 that was just New Hope 2.0 or its true, Hollywood is dead of ideas and originality. just wanted to get that off my chest thanks for listening.Elae17 7h
8h Anyone else seen SW:TLJ? Just got out of an early showing and it was amazing. There wasn't a minute of it that I didn't enjoy.Aquadots12 8h
11h Blizzard Cosplay From BlizzCon 2017 11h
1d What Movies/Shows do you HATE What movies/shows that other people will not stop bleeping raving about as the best thing like...ever... do you absolutely despise. Or at the very least what shows do you think are not worth their rabid fan base. Be honest, embrace the hate you will receive from rabid fanboys everywhere! And don't be completely obvious (example: Twilight). I'm looking for real against the grain confessions here. I'll go first. Family Guy & South Park This is the best I can do, what can I say I'm a mainstream type of person. But I get more backlash for my hatred of these shows than anything else.Whimze54 1d
1d Most disturbing movie you've seen As title states. What is it? By disturbing I don't mean blood and guts, unless that is what you find disturbing. I'm a huge horror movie fan. Blood and guts are gross, and I usually look away, but they don't really disturb me. For me, the psychological thriller/horrors get me the most. I watched Requiem for a Dream over the weekend and that entire movie was amazingly unsettling. The soundtrack, the atmosphere, everything about it was straight up disturbing. I'm amazed that I have only heard of it recently. So which movies made you unable to sleep at night? Lay em on me.Mistblossom114 1d
1d Is it just me (The Last Jedi) NO SPOILERS Or does older Luke look just like Chuck Norris?Amaer0 1d
1d What are you listening to now? V.4 Thread number three capped, throw your hands up for v.4! Phil Good - Sleeping In (Acoustic) or Amazing =)Breakbeat265 1d
1d Has Hollywood run out of new ideas? I'm sorry but I just wanted to express my frustration. I think that Hollywood has run out of creativity and ideas, when will we get to see something new, unique and different for a change or has everything finally be done under the sun?Elae16 1d
1d STAR WARS! IS HERE! Not WoW related, you say? I beg to differ. As Pandaren when you choose to be Alliance, one of the people outside SW Keep has a line of, "Look carefully Lucas. the light is strong with them. Particularly that one."Randálthor8 1d
1d will net neutrality be.. will the courts repeal the FCC for a 3rd time?Krissignacia0 1d
1d Any Animes you suggest? Not sure what to watch! Not as big into anime as I use to be growing up, but I've had a itch to watch a series or movies! Just can't really find one I like. Any you recommend everyone should see before they die?Gortuk34 1d
1d Coco I just finish watching and it was awesome. You know I sometimes have to wonder how Pixar seems to managed to top themselves each time. Although mid movie I kinda saw the twist and thought "yeah this is gonna get a Frozen villain twist".Zerde1 1d
1d WHY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE? Seriously, why did the NFL pick Justin Timberlake for their halftime show? I can think between 1 and 10,000 reasons why he is a poor idea for a halftime show, the least of which being is that Timberlake was responsible for the crapshoot that was the Super Bowl 40 halftime show. I'm not going to share exactly what happened cos I would get banned if I described the incident in full detail (if you're curious, google Janet Jackson + Justin Timberlake halftime show incident), but suffice to say that halftime show resulted in one of the worst cases of mass hysteria since the Salem Witch Trials. And after the dumpster fire that resulted, Justin Timberlake went on to become a huge star, and Janet Jackson, who was SUPPOSED TO BE the main act, had her fame lost because we in America are quick to blame women for anything while letting the men go free (and I say this as a 19-year old man with a bad reputation) I guess what I'm trying to say is, Timberlake already was in one halftime show, and was able to single-handedly destroy a fellow singer's reputation for life. And now he's the main act in Super Bowl 52. I don't get it. Someone help me out and explain the NFL's decision...Gorev14 1d
1d Warcraft movie I saw this when it opened in theaters and thought it was good, I liked it, and gave it a 7 of 10 that I have now changed to a 7 1/2 of 10. Last night, it caught me by total surprise. I didn't even know it was playing yet on movie channels , caught it late and thought it was great, maybe better than when I saw it in the theater the day it opened. MAYBE I am blinded by all the aspects of the game but I don't understand how people could not like this and how it did so poorly at the American box office. My biggest hope is that it was their plan a ll along for the movie to follow suit of the video games and it is going to go from Warcraft to World of Warcraft to find it's audience because it looks like Warcraft 2 is not happening. Maybe it is going to have to go to FX or AMC or SyFy to amass it's following because , honestly, it really should get a larger one the more people who see it.Pazuzzu11 1d
2d Ready for Walking Dead?? I didn't watch the preview show but I spent about 5 hours yesterday binge watching and getting ready. Switched to watch the Orville instead of the preview show. Fear the Walking Dead lost me last season -- I just don't care about them, haven't watched any of this season and most likely won't catch up.Cihys18 2d
3d Really good news! Tremors 6 has just been confirmed. Kevin Bacon will return, Michael Gross will be in it. and Fred Ward may also be there too. Kevin bacon has had about a decade and a half of some rogue aging, so he might look a little rough around the edges. But...still pretty cool.Beefpatty3 3d
3d RIP ANGRY GRANDPA ANGRY GRANDPA aka Charles Marvin Green Jr has passed away this is in dedication to a man that has brought smiles to everyone my condolences to his family 'takes a knee'Aevelamue2 3d
5d The sword I was kind of hoping that they would have had Thunderfury in the movie and then there would be a scene where they would be like "we need a sword to beat these orcs" and then someone would say "Thunderfury?" Then someone else would say "Yes we need Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Wind Seeker, hurry now go tell the others" Then someone else would say, "So what was that swords name again?" And Another man "Didn't you hear? They said Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windeeeker" Then all o the workers would have to be told about this Legendary sword. Would have been really cool. 100% of everyone who plays wow would have gotten that scene and it would have annoyed critics even more. So put it in the sequel. I want to see it.Beefpatty0 5d
5d Made a new YouTube video Intention and focus was mainly meant for my guild to get pumped for Battle for Azeroth, and for our guild recruitment posts. However, I'm on here because I just wanted to share my creativity with you all. Thank you! Leah1 5d
5d Warcraft 2 Hey there, Does anyone know if there will be a warcraft 2 movie? The only thing I’ve heard is that the production and release wont be in Us theatres but they will in EU and Asia. Has anybody found more about this? Also IF there will be a warcraft 2 movie. Where would I be able to find the casting calls. I’ve been searching all over the internet and asked my agent but nobody really knows. I’d love to participate for the warcraft 2 Movie. Thanks for reading and have a wonderfull day.Pvpcrîtter8 5d
5d Ready player one trailer Just saw that trailer on youtube, and with much surprise, I saw an Overwatch character in it. Was cool.Apollokai1 5d
6d Knightfall Anyone else watch it? Thought it was pretty nicely done. Looking forward to next episode.Rukwar3 6d
6d Pixel art and animation I couldn't figure out where to post this, but I figured this forum was the best fit as it contains video games and entertainment. On a whim, I started teaching myself pixel art and animation last night and was wondering if there is anyone here with experience who might know of good resources for people interested in learning. I started really basic, 32x32 to like 60x60ish sizes. What I've made so far: Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!Yehzu1 6d
Dec 6 Three Billboards Went out to see this over the weekend and enjoyed it a lot. I think it may pass In Bruges as my favorite Martin McDonagh film so far. I see it get labled as a dark comedy, but I don't think that's totally accurate because while it does have darkly humorous moments, calling it a comedy feels like a stretch. It takes its characters a lot more seriously than either In Bruges or Seven Psychopaths. All the characters felt like real humans with both good and bad qualities and none of the over-the-top silliness like his other films. I expect Sam Rockwell to deservedly win lots of awards for his part, he was amazing.Nunepi0 Dec 6
Dec 6 LotR TV Show Apparently Christopher Tolkien wants a LotR TV Show created. Obviously judging from his comments about the Movies and how he is limiting which characters can be used he wants a Childhood Fantasy Series that focuses on World Building over Action. Honestly he should just straight up have them call it the History and Folklore of Middle Earth so that people don't go in expecting Action packed scenes. The main areas for what he wants should obviously be the Shire, the Old Forest, the Barrow Downs, Bree, Chetwood, Midgewater Marshes, Weathertop, the Trollshaws, Rivendell, Moria, Lothlorien, Gates of Argonath, Amon Hen, Fangorn, Caverns of Helm's Deep, Isengard, Dead Marshes, Ithilien, Minas Morgul, Shelob's Lair, Minas Tirith, Drúadan Forest, Paths of the Dead, Cirith Ungol, Mount Doom, Barad-dûr and the Grey Havens. All other areas don't contribute to the Lore and World-Building in anyways and thus should not be included very much(in otherwords the Battle for Helm's Deep should be off-screen while Gimli is in the Glittering Caves and we learn it's history).Yvenathilm7 Dec 6
Dec 5 Star Trek Discovery Are we all excited, its on tonight ?Furrballs33 Dec 5
Dec 5 The Last Jedi Trailer TONIGHT!Turok19 Dec 5
Dec 4 Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Actual theory vs magic. Really? It is like Transformers fighting GI Joe. There is no comparison. Robots will always win.Scaryuncle102 Dec 4
Dec 3 Muse song from Blizzcon 2017 help I can't for the life of me find a certain muse song, or the video that went with it, that i saw on the blizzcon virtual ticket. I believed it was played during an interlude of either heathstone of heroes of the storm championship matches, it was a muse song, it had scenes from all the blizz games i believe, but that's about all i can remember. Any help would be appreciated to find the song name and possibly the video as well.Nuparu0 Dec 3
Dec 2 Justice League [SPOILERS] I don't think any movie has ever disappointed me as much as Justice League. First of all... what the hell were they thinking with that half-CGI faced Superman right at the start of the movie (the vertical video that the kids talking to him took)?! I think someone at WB was having a laugh at the viewer's expense! That was TERRIBLE! I feel like the new characters -- Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg -- were just tossed into the mix; there was no emotional connection to them at all, and no real connection between them and Batman, WW, and Superman. Aquaman was cool but didn't do much. I was also hoping for some epic, awe-inspiring return of Superman -- because he's !@#$ing SUPERMAN, the "beacon of hope" that these movies are all centered around -- and BOY was his return a let down. It felt like an afterthought and carried absolutely no emotion at all. And the villain, Steppenwolf (and ultimately his demise), was pointless, confusing, and stupid. The only thing that they absolutely got perfect in this movie was Superman, himself. He is finally who he is supposed to be... but he got less than 10 minutes of screen time. On a 0-10 scale, I think 4 is too low but 5 seems to high. I'll say 4.5/10.Cryogent4 Dec 2
Dec 2 No RWBY References Ya know I have seen a LOT pop culture references in wow yet I have yet to see any that reference the show RWBY That is a shame and I hope we see some RWBY references with this new x pack.Baldr67 Dec 2
Dec 2 Avengers: Infinity War Hype Dec 2
Nov 27 A Funeral Cinematic (Last Night) Nov 27
Nov 23 David Cassidy in Critical Condition I know that just by knowing who he is, let alone caring, I'm kind of outing myself here as an old...but it looks like David Cassidy is dying. Nov 23
Nov 18 WorldChallenge, MontyPython style WoWShorts Gnome Hunters have a killer, (furthermore mechanical and cool) bunny Combat Pet. I have a challenge...,Create a proper movie short in world, in the style of "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" depicting the scene of "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" using your own voice overs, and all various Race Class Faction levels 1 - 9 characters, named according to the character parts of said script. Post said WoW short on Youtube or preferred video site. Then post the video link here in reply. If it makes me laugh I will forward it to my friends and they will view it too. Be creative. Make it happen. And for the love of WoW have fun. It just might be seen world wide. Bless Us. LOLKillinit0 Nov 18
Nov 16 Song stuck in your head? Right now I have two of them different bands, same singer. Mudvayne - Happy? Hellyeah - Hush Nov 16
Nov 15 Deadpool + Bob Ross ************* WARNING LANGUAGE AND INNUENDO ******************** Nov 15
Nov 14 Kurt Vonnegut's books Anybody else here a fan of them?Stivers6 Nov 14
Nov 14 Family Shows Do you find them cliched, repetitive, and catering to the so-called "Lowest Common Demoniator"? Frankly for me, I never enjoyed watching anything from that genre (with exceptions from Modern Family, but it doesn't have a grip on me anymore as it is becoming more a generic dramedy rather than it's own thing.) My biggest beef on that particular genre is that it has to have a cheesy, whimsical, and forced appeal to well you know, families. I get it that kids are too young for crime dramas or adult sitcoms (depending on the parental culture of the family), but in the same time I think family dramas are all the same. Some token minority family member who is adopted from a foreign country or is LGBT and there is some unrealistic and overly specified drama and angst in the family that I myself can't relate too. Such as this 16 year old daughter is pregant, or a 14 yr old boy with some social disabilities and then there is the housewife mother who is like a tiger mom stereotype and the dad is a worker at a office job and there's the 12-13 year old girl who is the third child who is most likely an adopted foreigner or a spoiled brat who causes trouble for the main characters. There's lots of tropes i can name but this is the most recurring theme I have seen lately.Dirona7 Nov 14
Nov 13 companies shi**y business practices ea and activision so corruptKonsequences0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Cutting Cable TV. What do I need to do? I'm a geezer by some of your standards (54 yo), and a youngin' by a few. Our cable tv provider is a nightmare (no names, but their initials are S-C). We want to switch to an internet streaming tv service. What's the best way to go about this? We already have Netflix. We have a smart 4k TV. Our internet is more stable than our TV feed for some reason so we'll keep that from S-C, at a nearly obscene rate. Our house is serviced by WiFi, from my computer. Any help from you tech savvy horde or ally is appreciated. Zigra, 6 unproductive "we'll send over a technician" episodes later Zigra10 Nov 13
Nov 11 Roosterteeth Extra-Life 2017! Hey all! I was just coming by here to spread the news. Roosterteeth of Red vs Blue, RWBY and the internet is streaming to benefit Extra-Life! Extra-Life was started by the Sarcastic Gamer community back in '08, Mainly one Jeromy "Doc" Adams. It's grown each year by leaps and bounds. It's a charity benefiting children's hospitals. It started in the us and has been slowly spreading across the globe. We're over 8 MILLION TOTAL raised this year! If you can't donate please spread the word. Us gamers can leverage the internet for good! You can learn more and donate at if you're a Roosterteeth fan then go to Nov 11
Nov 9 Reality TV Show pitch 10 unrelated Narcissists each with only a knife, survival handbook, 20 feet of rope, flint rock, and 3 days worth of food; they have to work together to survive for 30 days in a desolate forest. What makes this any different? They're all Narcissists, they will end up trying to dominate each other, blame everything on someone else, lie about everything to get the upper hand and feel superior to everyone else. Chances are they won't last more than 5 days, but who knows...Jerauld5 Nov 9