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4h 3D Prints of WOW models! Hey I am trying to find a way to obtain a 3D print of Blizzards in game Durotan, Grommash, and my very DK. I know there is Figure prints but I think they may have gone out of business. I was curious if there was any information out there on; if its possible, legal, and WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING IT.......thanksTodesfaust0 4h
6h In the news is America becoming China? This is how it starts, and we all should be worried. Notice the article below it, this is what china does. First you silence the reporters then you state sponsor news and media. Fastest way to lock down a country. This is scary stuff its leading down a path America should never travel.Iskandi1 6h
14h What are you listening to now? V5 Another day, another glorious thread! Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way [rock] 14h
20h My Books finally out! "Sage" "There existed one man who was destined to protect us from the vile evils that plague these lands. We join Leon the Sage on his epic journey through foreign lands where he battles terrifying creatures, slays fierce demons and protects the lives of the innocent people. Leon's story brings us tales of magic and his ongoing battle to bring justice. Along the way, he befriends the most unlikely people including an assassin woman who attempts to kill him, a beautiful vampiress who may or may not be looking for a snack, and the young prince, Cyrus, who challenges his every step. While friendships and romances grow along the way, threats arise around every corner to shake their strengths and their bonds. Through near death experiences, assassination attempts, the undead, creepy monsters, as well as all the food Leon could possibly eat, these adventurers keep pushing forward and looking for new ways to test and strengthen the heroes’ abilities while also trying to learn who and what Leon truly is. Though Leon doesn't remember much of his past, he knows there's a little voice that keeps telling him to pursue his destiny no matter the cost. But what will it take for them to fulfill their quest? Will they ever find Niztin and will he have all the answers that they seek?" If the price is too much, here's the Kindle version: Definitely take a look, share and if you buy it, leave a review and lemme know whatcha think. It's been a long time coming, now for the fun part of promoting it. Enjoy! RogueLéón2 20h
22h Biggest loss, George Michael, Prince or MJ? Come on guys.....these are legends!!Saline144 22h
1d Your preferred way of listening to music... ...while playing? I'll set some sort of playlist on Youtube to play in the background, usually. How about you?Woodspath8 1d
2d Bagpipes Techno WTF!? GG. Came across this song last night. It's very catchy once you get into it. Attempt to listen to the whole thing, and your welcome. Bagpipes Techno WTF!? GG. The Sidh - Iridium Vvarleader1 2d
2d We need Ring vs the Nun Crossover Any of you watched the Nun or at least(like myself) watched the Trailers and read summaries? Do any of you agree that the villain of Valak should go up against Samara Morgan from the Ring? We already heard of Sadako vs Kayako so a Samara vs Valak would be interesting especially if it were Canon to both the American Ring Universe and the Conjuring Universe. For instance we can have Samara still possessing the body of Julia(like she did at the end of the Rings), still be plotting unrelenting vengeance against the Race of Humans that spawned her abusive Adoptive Parents as well as that Insane Asylum and reveal that Valak is the voice that told Samara's mother to drown Samara as apart of Valak's evil schemes thus giving Samara reason to target him. We know that Samara's mother's claim that Samara was the daughter of a Water Demon was wrong(she was the daughter of a lustful Priest) so having the voices demanding that Samara be drowned as a baby come from a less reputable source should be expected as well. Samara's birth has ties to the Catholic Church so Valak can easily use his Nun form against Samara while using her fear of water to terrorize her in every confrontation. What do you think of this idea? Is it good or bad?Yvenathilm0 2d
2d It's okay for Dr Who to have a female Doctor! Hi, I just wanted to say that there are people crying tears over how the Dr Who regenerating into a female is identity politics gone mad how it's the end of Dr Who as we know it, and all of that kind of thing... Even some of the actors that portrayed the Dr believe that the Dr in their view was a 'good role model for boys'. But I am personally excited about a female Dr, and I'm not even a feminist. I just think that it's a natural thing of Time Lord species that regenerating into the opposite sex is something that CAN happen. Anyone else looking forward to it? Comes out in October.Elae7 2d
2d Your favorite Disney movie? First off, I'm a 25 year old straight male. I work construction, played sports in school, and am simply in no way a hipster. Point being, even I love Disney so I'm going to assume everyone else in their right mind does. With that said, Pocahontas is just the best animated film ever...even though I hated it as a kid.Andrsonsilva81 2d
2d Are you guys excited Are you guys excited for Lil Pump's new album Harverd Dropout?Baltharn4 2d
3d Netflix - Warcraft I read an article this morning about Warcraft 2 may not happen because of how poorly it went over in the US. Does anyone else feel that we do need more big/small screen Warcraft? I personally think that a Warcraft movie/tv series on a Netflix/Amazon Prime would do very well. In today's market, if you don't make a blockbuster hit like the Marvel/Star Wars movies, there really isn't a point to go to the big screen. Look at several of the good Netflix movies and tv series that probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere if they were on cable or released on the big screen.Sceneit31 3d
3d Captain Marvel 1st look I have bad feeling about this one I have some feeling this could be start of SJW for marvel.Ghaghzull8 3d
4d The Warcraft movie we deserve... So, with Henry Cavill out as Superman, and in as Geralt, it seems the tide is turning for video games in cinema. Could we maybe look at this as an opportunity to get talented actors (perhaps Cavill himself) who are passionate about the source material, and writers who value the integrity of the narrative and rich world that exists in the Warcraft universe? The story is already written, a story that would broadly appeal to western audiences, would be easily accessible for non-WoW players, and satisfying for the WoW community to see depicted. Warcraft: Arthas.Tyyrus4 4d
5d Kacey's List Of Music This is a list of Kacey's favourite music :D What is everyone else's favourite music? I love metal of all kinds with some punk rock mixed in! # - 1349 - +44 - 311 - 3 Doors Down A - AC/DC - Accept - Adrenaline Mob - Alestorm - Alice Cooper - All That Remains - Amon Amarth - Acolyte - Annihilator - Anthrax - Arch Enemy - As I Lay Dying - Audioslave [Not metal but still a good band :)] - Avenged Sevenfold - Aerosmith - AFI - Anvil - Axenstar - Architects - Avatar - Anti Flag - As Blood Runs Black - Acheron - Anciients - Asking Alexandria - Angeles - Anshelm - Angelus Apatrida - Amorphis - Annominus - Alien Weaponry - ASG - At The Gates - Aboleth - A Silent Truth - Airbourne - After Bridge - Aeges - Ateyu - Anti-Mortem B - Bad Religion [Punk Rock :D] - Baroness - Beartooth - Behemoth - Black Label Society - Black Sabbath [Duh] - Black Veil Brides - Blood Ceremony - Bolt Thrower - Bon Jovi - Bullet For My Valentine - Blackmores Night - Bad Wolves - Bleeding Through - Blue Oyster Cult - Between The Buried And Me - Buckcherry - Black Majesty - Bury Tomorrow - Blackstone Cherry - Beneath The Silence - Bleed From Within - Brymir - Barren Earth - Burn The Priest - Between Oceans - Bad Company - Bloodhound Gang - Black Tide - Billy Talent - Black Stone Cherry - Black 'N' Blue C - Children Of Bodom - The Casualities - Crossfaith - Cranius [For his WoW themed music] - Cane Hill - Celesty - Cyronic Temple - Code Orange - coldrain [The band spells it with little letters o.o] - Celldweller - Crystal Eyes - Capathian Forest - Converge - Clutch - Creedance Clearwater Revival - Chevelle D - Death - Deep Purple [Ritchie Blackmore :D] - Deftones [They suck live though] - DevilDriver - Dio [The god of metal] - Dionyus - Disturbed - Doro - Dream Evil - Dragonland - Dreamtale - A Day To Remember - DED - Demon Hunter - Derdian - Dragonland - Dreamtale - Dimmu Borgir - Disembodied - Destroyer 666 - Death Alley - Downplay - Dropkick Murphys - D.R.I. - Dark Funeral - Damjan Mravunac - Drown This City - Dead Girls Academy - Deceptic - Disco Ensemble - Disco Risque - Drowning Pool E - Elf [Dio!] - Entombed - Exodus - The Exploited - Electric Wizzard - Excalion - Escape The Fate - Equilibrium - Eternal Champion - Emperor - Evil Drive - Engel - Elvenking - Eagles Of Death Metal F - Fall Of Humanity - Fallujah - Five Finger Death Punch - For All Eternity - From Ashes To New - Fairyland - Fight The Fade - Fear Factory - Fiends - Follow The Cipher - Fragments Of Unbecoming - Finger Eleven - Falconer G - Godsmack - Greyhaven - Gojira - Guns N' Roses - Glasslands - Gorgoroth - Gruesome - Ghost - Gus G - Green Jelly - Grimmer - GroundCulture - Gozu - Gravemind H - Halestorm - Hammerfall - Hatebreed - The Haunted - Havok - Helloween - High On Fire - Holy Moses - Holy Grail - HELLYEAH - Human Fortress - Heave Blood And Die - Hardcore Superstar - Heaven & Hell - He Is Legend - Haste The Day I - I Prevail - Iced Earth - Immortal - In Solitude - In Flames - Iron Maiden - In This Moment - InVisions - Iron Fire - Iron Mask - Iron Reagen - Issa - It Dies Today - Iron Saviour J - Jorn - Judas Priest - Joan Jett - Jet Liar - Jonathan Davis - John Denver - Jay Ray - Jimmy Eat World K - Kataklysm - Killswitch Engae - KISS - Khemmis - Korn - Kreator - Krokus [Best Rock 'n' Roll] - Kyng - Kyuss - Kobra And The Lotus - Kalmah - Kamelot - Kvelertak - Kill The Kong L - Lamb Of God - Last In Line [This band has some of Dio's bandmates] - Lich King [Thrash metal, with an epic name!] - Light The Fire - Light The Torch - Lords Of Black [Lead singer Ronnie Romero sounds like Dio] - Lynch Mob - Lakeshore - Limp Bizkit - Leaves' Eyes - LIMBS - Lizzy Borden - Levels - LANDMVRKS - Lordi - Luca Turilli - Lynyrd Skynrd - Lost Society M - Manowar - Machine Head - Marliyn Manson - Mastodon - Megadeth - Metal Allegiance [They do cover songs] - Metallica [Duh] - Motley Crue [Dr Feel Goooood] - Motorhead - Mudvayne - Miss May I - Motionless In White - Magic Kingdom - Maestrick - Myles Kennedy - MØL - Mustach - Micawber - Medieval Steel - Mystic-Force - Motorjesus N - Napalm Death - Night Demon - Nile - No Connection - Novelists - Nothing More - Nightwish - Ninth Circle - Nostradameus - Nale - Nekrogoblikon - Nervosa - Norther O - The Offspring - Onslaught - Orchards - Overkill - Ozzy Osbourne [Duh] - Of Mice & Men - Orden Ogan - Odd Palace - Orbit Culture - Of Virtue - Our Hollow, Our Home P - Pantera - Papa Roach - Polaris - Power Quest [one of my favs] - Prophets Of Rage - Parkway Drive - A Perfect Circle - Primus - Poison - Plague Vendor - Pop Evil - Powerwolf - Putrid Pile - Palm Reader - Primordial - Primal Fear - P.O.D. - Pixel Perfect - Phil Colen - Puddle Of Mud Q - Queensryche [Duh] R - Rainbow [New lead singer = Ronnie Romero = Dio's Voice] - Rancid - Ratt - Rings Of Saturn - Rob Zombie - Rhapsody - Rammstein - Rhino Bucket - Rough Cut - RVIVR - Ross The Boss - Raven Black - Rhapsody Of Fire - Rivers Of Nihil - Rage - Running Wild - Red Fang - Royal Republic - Rise Against - Rev Theory - Rage - REO Speedwagon S - Sabaton - Saxon - Senses Fail [some punk rock] - Sevendust - Sick Puppies - Simple Plan - SLAYER - Sleep - Shields - Slipknot [Duh] - Snow Patrol - Social Distortion - Sodom - Shokran - Soil - Speaking With Ghosts - Steve Jones - Stone Sour - Shinedown - Stick To Your Guns - Suicide Silence - Seether - Savage Circus - Slash - Secret Sphere - Sacrificed Alliance - SikTh - September Sky - Serj Tankian - Sacred Reich - Suffocation - Scar Symmetry - Sirenia - Slugdge - Stephen Pearcy - Steel Attack - SoulFallen - Sons Of Apollo - Starset - Skogen - Soilwork - Shadows Of Intent - Skindred - Sandberg - Sink This Ship - Septic Tank - Symphonity - Skid Row - Smoke Below T - Testament - Toxic Holocaust - Trivium - Type O Negative - Three Days Grace - Tribulation - Thy Majestie - THE FEVER 333 - Twilightning - Tengger Calvary - TesseracT - The Dead Daises - Turisas - The Ocean - Tool - Turmion Kallot - Tristania - TRC - The Raven Age - Twitching Tongues - Tankard - Truckfighters - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Nearly Deads - Tremonti - The Sword - Thin Lizzy - Trapt - The Blasters - The Vaughan Brothers - The Silver Shine - The Gaslight Anthem U - Underoath - Unleash The Archers - Unprocessed V - Vader - Van Halen - Vault Of Valor - Vital Remains - Vision Divine - Vanden Plas - VENUES - Valis Ablaze - Vixen - Vince Thrill W - W.A.S.P. - Warbringer - Warlock - White Zombie - Witchcraft - We Came As Romans - Wintersun - Wolf King - Whitechapel - Warlord - Winger - Wovenwar - Wolfmother - Work Of Art X Y - Yellowcard - YOB Z - Zeal & ArdorKaceys106 5d
5d 2018 concerts! What are the best shows you've been to this year? What do you have coming up you're excited for? It's been a pretty slow year for concerts for me this year, especially compared to the past few years. So far I've been to Montebello Rockfest this year in Montebello, Quebec, (an amazing weekend where I saw bands such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Dimmu Borgir, Prophets of Rage, Stone Temple Pilots, and Steel Panther), and Foo Fighters in Toronto a few weeks later. However, three weeks from today I'm gonna see Gorillaz in Toronto, whom I've wanted to see for 17 years, so I'm absurdly excited for that. Share your concert experiences this year!Stylo1 5d
6d Whats your favorite vampire movie? My favorite is The Lost Boys. Also I just love Marko, he is my favorite character from that movie.Cindariel20 6d
6d The Dragon Prince, pretty good I just streamed this thing non stop, well if you could call 9 "22 minute episodes, streaming non-stop." I was kind of like watching a movie, in a way. I really liked the kind of anime style of it, while seeming more fast paced than anime stuff I was used to watching back in the day. The look of it is pretty amazing. I found it really entertaining to watch!Kypookins1 6d
Sep 16 What’s everyone’s favorite metal ? What metal genres/bands is everyone feeling these days?Daveyhavok146 Sep 16
Sep 15 Books that you could not finish Most of the times you start to read a book you read from beginning to end.But some time you just pick a book you want to read but you just cant finish for one reason or another. The story bogs down to a crawl. The story may piss you off. It my not make a damn bit of sense. Maybe its too long. One book I could not finish was Les Mis. after about 50 or so pages on the battle of Waterloo, I just flat out gave up set the book down and said nope. What about you guys?Beringer30 Sep 15
Sep 14 Unpopular opnion:starwars prequel movies phantom menace attack of the clones the revenge of the sith were all great movies better than the force awakens and especially the last jedi I'll never understand why they get so much hate........... On the other hand I will say Rogue one easily beats them all.Baldär34 Sep 14
Sep 14 Anyone Know Song Name? Method Stream Hey Everyone! I was watching Snutz do Mythic Uldir and this song came on. I will link a twitch clip to listen to. If someone could tell me the song name I would appreciate it! Thank you! Sep 14
Sep 13 The Federation in Star Trek is evil!! I would like to say that the Federation of Planets in Star Trek is a very evil organisation. This is not surprising considering that it was meant to be this ideal version of the United Nations. They are presented as the good guys, but in reality they are evil and this is why... 1-They violated their own Prime Directive on countless occasions. Even Picard violated it several times. Hypocrites. 2-They criticise the Borg for wanting to assimilate others into their collective, yet as we are seeing in Star Trek Discovery that's exactly what Starfleet is trying to do to the Klingons. 3-Sisko himself in DS9 from memory orchestrated a false-flag attack to manipulate the Romulans into war with the Dominion. And let's not forget Starfleet's response to the Dominion was trying to commit genocide against the Founders. anyone agree that the Federation is evil?Elae15 Sep 13
Sep 12 Share a movie confession with us. I'll start with... I have never watched a Sharknado film.Woodspath12 Sep 12
Sep 11 New Madoka Magica Anime! Madoka Magica is getting a new Anime! Interestingly enough it is based on a mobile game where everyone is in a city where Magical Girls instead of transforming into full Witches manifest their Witch Corruption outside their Human Body as Doppels without breaking their Soul Gems' outer layers(leaving only Grief Seeds to serve as the base of the Witch). The Witch Transformation is basically the same as what happens when a Human gets turned into a Monster via Evil Nut(Monster manifests out of Human body and reverts back into Human when defeated) except the Witch manifests from a Soul Gem and Soul Gems' outer layers don't permit a Witch's body to manifest so the outer layers are broken off leaving only the Grief Seed. Doppels are clearly a means of bypassing the Soul Gem's outer layers thus allowing the Magical Girl to continue controlling her body when the Witch form manifests. Of course the Witch form's connection to the center of the Soul is weakened due to the Soul Gem's outer layers and dies shortly after leaving the Magical Girl with a clean Soul Gem. A pity Homura never knew of Doppels or she probably would have got a Magical Girl to contract in her home city to make certain every Magical Girl in said city had a means of manifesting Witch Corruption in Doppel form without breaking their Soul Gem's outer layer! It is also a pity Homura never considered spying closely enough to cut into Mami's conversation with Sayaka on her choice of wish(to heal the object of her crush) by asking Mami that considering she healed Kyubey why isn't she volunteering her Soul Gem for healing Sayaka's crush's hand since she didn't want Sayaka to make a Wish that was intended to make her crush indebted to her? Sayaka and Mami might take Homura's Armor Piercing Question as a mocking taunt yet it would spare Sayaka from suffering even if she does become a Magical Girl somewhere down the line(as she would have already seen how neglectful her crush is by then). Such a shame Homura didn't know about the advantages she could have exploited... Let's hope there are more than one Homura time traveling so that we could have one with better knowledge to use than the one from the Main Series.Yvenathilm2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Hereditary For those who've seen this movie, what are your thoughts on it?Woodspath4 Sep 11
Sep 11 Stan Loona Stan Talent Sep 11
Sep 10 I finally watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi And it was terrible. How the hell did it get 93% Rotten Tomatoes score? (it's 48% user score and I'm not even sure how it rated that either)? What a horrible movie. :pOnoswun35 Sep 10
Sep 9 Attack on Titan!!! What an amazing show!!!, but can someone tell me where I can read the Magna online pretty plz and thank yaJustcold6 Sep 9
Sep 9 Spider-man game How's the new Spider-man game so far?Senseimoonk3 Sep 9
Sep 8 Mobile Audio Fans? Primarily SQ/SQL? Not SPL ( maybe in my younger days 88') Would like discuss if others enjoy the hobby.Denslow1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Can' t believe Burt Reynolds died. Just wow...I grew up in the 80s so this is just crazy to me. Smoky and the bandit, man!!!Jatook55 Sep 8
Sep 7 You are like cinnamon! I don't know how many of you have seen the recent Bad Lip Reading YouTube video, Hostiles on the Hill. I was wondering if anyone could think of something similar with WoW cinematics?Amaer1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Went see "Searching!" ... So I first saw the trailer, it seemed like a promising story. Involving a bit of actual daily life, all the modern aspect of the computer and everyday life aspect, such as facebook, texting, skype, face time. I mean I get it, it is based off an actual story. But the god dam entire movie is filmed up close computer screens and we could see HD pixels up close the entire time. It was bad, actual scenes would have been better. 100% of the movie is screen records, I did not like that.Emeraldas1 Sep 7
Sep 6 Azeroth Football League I made a fantasy football league for anyone who wants to join a last minute, auto-pick league for fun. A super casual league for fans of the game, old and new. It should be Public on ESPN Fantasy under the name listed in the title. If you would like to join and cannot find it, let me know. I will get your email and send you a direct invite that way. Lok-tar ogar!Ammasril3 Sep 6
Sep 4 Lovely Music (Prog/Psy/Tech&Other) Here's a thread for me to share some music. Just looking to find some fans of the music I listen to. I've been mixing sets for a while now, though it's mostly just a hobby. Feedback is appreciated, but I'm happy just to share the music I have fun with. Please do enjoy. Fasntnig 01 (Psy Trance) 01) Oliver Prime feat Papiewski & TJP - Free Hugs [JOOF Recordings] 02) Moshic - Suddenly Bursts [Contrast Records] 03) Tegma - Tribal Nature [JOOF Recordings] 04) Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance On Ayahuasca [Geomagnetic] 05) Motion Drive - Spring Thing [Iboga Records] 06) John 00' Fleming - The 10th Life [JOOF Recordings] 07) Kintar feat Venes - Sahara [Sudam Recordings] 08) Airwave - Atlas Winds [L*C*D* Recordings] 09) Sunstryk - Open Heart (Mummerah Remix) [Cherry Pickers] 10) Ectima - Info Stealer (Cristo Disto Remix) [Moon Spirits Records] 11) Ace Ventura & Gaudium - In Between [Iboga Trance] 12) E-Clip - Indian Spirit [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 13) Frenetik Control - Planet Lost (Green System Remix) [Speedsound] 14) 00.db - Dharker [JOOF Recordings] 15) Talpa - The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix) [TesseracTstudio] 16) Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Shamans [Speedsound] 17) Mechanimal & Psibindi - Chromatic Space [Aphid Records] 18) Intersys - SychoActive [Midijum Records] so much fun... so much fun!!! fuuu...Gnoes59 Sep 4
Sep 3 Alright Misfits fans Where are you and what's your favorite song? My two favorites are Die, die my darling and Helena.Cindariel0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Asterix needs a movie. So I have just seen the Tintin movie again and it got me thinking. You know needs a movie ......Asterix. The thing about Asterix is not only would it be funny and fun to watch but the movie could work for both live action or animated. Also it would do very well as a game spinoff as most movies have (ya and ya friend coop playing as Asterix and Obelix beating down Romans will give hours of fun.) So what do you think? Do you think Asterix and Obelix deserve their time in the spotlight?Skarin3 Sep 3
Sep 3 Anybody here like David Bowie? Title says it all.Cindariel59 Sep 3
Sep 2 Warcraft 2 Movie ever? Will there be one?Kaspiyskiy10 Sep 2
Aug 31 Gojira Fans? Hello folks! Anyone else a major Gojira fan? From Mars to Sirius is one of my all-time favorite albums! I can't get over the guitar tones and how intense their drummer plays. I would have to say my favorite song is The Art of Dying from the album The Way of All Flesh. That begining part gives me the chills and I always imagine myself (as an Alliance character) being tied up by a campfire while a bunch of Trolls do their rituals as they dance a long to the beat. Creeps me out in the best way possible!Cornstalker5 Aug 31
Aug 29 Metallica Fans? If interested, I have some videos from my old Metallica Tribute Band (the one that Metallica showed up to and played WITH us!). Just converted it from old VHS to DVD. Here's the link if you want to give your $0.02 on how close to the original we were and yes, I am looking for honest feedback. Hopefully Blizz is OK with this:òria12 Aug 29
Aug 27 Creepy Hands We really need characters with creepy hands in animation. Hands like this: and like this: And like this: Anyone else agree we need characters in Cartoons with such creepy hands? Anyone else further agree we need Good Guys with creepy hands like this(as well as a creepy voice like to go with it)?Yvenathilm0 Aug 27
Aug 27 One of my favorite rock/metal bands... Jackyl! I love these guys so much. I sometimes queue up a long playlist on youtube while I play WoW. They for sure know how to rock.Woodspath0 Aug 27
Aug 25 Happy 25th Anniversary To the greatest piece of cinematic entertainment in history, Robin Hood: Men in Tights!Adrianv9 Aug 25
Aug 23 TMNT needs more Japanese culture! Anyone else agree? For one thing it needs Yokai! For another it needs one of those Hell Painters(painters who bring Painted Oni on Horseback and 3-headed Serpents to life) from Inuyasha: preferably Michelangelo considering him being big in the culture department. It also needs the Foot Clan to have a Shinto City(one that resembles Bleach's Seireitei) under New York(substituting the 2003 TMNT's Foot Clan Laboratory and Atlantis both of which were under New York). It should come complete with Foot Clan Ninja Academies, Foot Clan Barracks, Foot Clan Noble Houses(complete with Nobles) and Foot Clan Shinto Shrines(complete with Priests, Priestesses and Miko). The Shinto Shrine Miko of course would need to wear the Miko Uniform( while the Priestesses can wear that uniform as well as and Raphael should take over the Foot Clan like he did in the Comics. That way we can see Foot Clan Trainees(in Uniforms resembling, Priests, Priestesses and Miko in the Turtles' Lair! The Foot Priestesses and Priests can of course slack off alongside Mikey leaving most of the work to the Foot Clan Miko with the Miko who joined for the Uniform(I.E. the ones who didn't join for Japanese culture) constantly going through 5 day training to become Priestesses so that they can start slacking off. There should also be appearances of the mythical Ninja from Japanese Myth(which Kishimoto used in Naruto): Jiraiya(complete with the Sharingan which Kishimoto claimed came from him), Tsunade and their apprentice Orochimaru. Anyone think that all this added Japanese Culture would be a good thing for TMNT?Yvenathilm8 Aug 23
Aug 22 Warcraft in Popular Culture (TV + Movies) Greeetings Friends, Here are 10 Times World of Warcraft appears in Mainstream Pop Culture for your viewing pleasure! :D Aug 22