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2h What are you listening to now? V.4 Thread number three capped, throw your hands up for v.4! Phil Good - Sleeping In (Acoustic) or Amazing =)Breakbeat452 2h
8h Deadpool 2 (no spoilers) I just watched Deadpool 2 today. I had not seen the first one, and only had a rough knowledge about the title character. It wasn't too bad, but I found a lot of the humour sort of felt "forced" to me. I know the character is supposed to be funny, but it just felt like it was trying too hard and coming up short. Too many pop culture references which are then trumpeted "pop culture reference!!" in case you missed it the first, second and third times. Anyway, my 2c worth.Jim4 8h
15h R.I.P. John “TotalBiscuit” Bain Very sad to hear of his passing. While I didn’t always agree with him, I enjoyed his style. Loved his WoW videos. Gone way too young.Yrev0 15h
1d Darth Nihilus vs Vitiate I wonder who is stronger?: Darth Nihilus or Vitiate/Valkorion? Vitiate made a Void in the Force where Nihilus did not but let's remember that the Void was infact made by the Machine God Zildrog constantly feeding Nathema's Force Energies into Vitiate. Vitiate as far as we are aware of only drained 2 Planets and only 1 with an actual Force Drain(the other with the Machine God Zildrog) while Nihilus drained multiple planets by his own power! I would say Nihilus is the more powerful Sith and would kill Vitiate instantly(Nihilus only lost when he drained the living Void in the Force known as the Exile)!Yvenathilm1 1d
1d feeling down.. have some happy feels 1d
1d Rogue One was awesome let's face it, even if Star Wars Episode 7 sucked and 8 got a narrow pass, Rogue one was an epic story line and was amazing, loved it. Han Solo movie logically will be epic too, but no spoilers please! Anyone else going to see it?Elae2 1d
1d Solo Movie Review SPOILERS Was making Han Solo a dead beat dad who left Leia in her greatest time of need not enough Han Solo for you? Have you always wanted to see a character that didn't even get mourned by his closest friends and whose best friend instantly replaced him with a new pilot, ruined more? Then you are in luck, because Han has now been completely emasculated. In this stunning and brave Kathleen Kennedy production, Han is someone not even worthy of having a real surname. We find out that the name Solo is given to him by the Empire when he signs up to escape a planet, because he arrived alone. You must think I'm kidding, but I'm not and this isn't even the most laughable thing in the movie. Han and Chewie meet and Han speaks Shyriiwook (yes he actually tries to sound like a wookie). How, when he apparently grew up on the planet he escaped? The same way Rey did. No explanation given. From there we get a progressive dong to dong shower scene with Chewie and Han. No really, this actually happens. Anyways...this Han is not confident and not really bright. Luckily there are many women around him that are much tougher, smarter and confident, including a 16 year old Rebel girl whom you have seen marketed as Enfys Nest who is basically Season 5 DK overpowered. At no point does this actor sell you that he is Han, but at least Donald Glover kind of sounds like Billy Dee Williams. Lando has a female droid girlfriend named L337 (no I am not making this up) who makes Rose Tico and Jar Jar look cool. I would rather watch a cop buddy movie with those two, than ever hear anything L337 says again, especially about "droid rights". As far as cameos we have one. Darth Maul or as I like to call him in this movie, "sequel bait" shortly shows up as a bad guy behind the scenes and he lights up his lightsaber for no reason on a skype call. There is no resolution with the character and it's frankly pretty pathetic and this comes from someone who eventually accepted Maul in Clone Wars. So is there anything worth watching in this movie. L337 dies. It's the feel good moment in the film. Since Lando is apparently DTF anything though and since the writing is fan fiction slash tier, I have a bad feeling that somehow her core will be placed in Lobot in the Lando stand alone movie so that they can ruin Empire Strikes Back to. Can't wait until they emasculate Boba Fett.Dëathjester0 1d
3d 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo I just bought one for $500. Blown head gasket, very rough paint, tires shot, hoses look like they were old when Moses was a young man. Wiring is a mess, will probably have to rerun everything. I think the heater core is shot too. Oddly enough, the only rust I could find was a bit of bubbling on the rear wheel wells. and under the driver door. The block and head look straight, so I've got a foundation. I'm a pretty happy guy! The Mk3 Supra has been something I've wanted since I was a kid. The Mk4 is what everyone lusts over because of Fast and Furious, but the Mk3 means more to me.Roaald3 3d
3d Best Dungeons and Dragon's scenario? So I was browsing reddit and found something that got me thinking again. What was one of your craziest DnD scenarios? I'll get started: Alright. So a few things to note here - I was DM for this campaign. This campaign went sideways real quick. Like, level 3 orc barbarian triple critting and decapitating an elder dragon real quick. With this campaign, my rule was "if you roll a natural 20, anything can happen." To give this credence - when the group was trying to grab a moving train with their 80,000 gold, one of them rolled a 20 on a crafting check to make a cart. So, I made the hammer of Thor fall from the heavens and he crafted an AMAZING cart. Yeah, that kind of stuff happened. So the group has made their way into the city. They are trying to figure out the local politics and meet with the local city lord. The local city lord is a golden mechanized individual who constantly sits in a bathtub and can only move with the legs at the bottom of the bathtub. Also he has a giant man-servant who pours molten chocolate on him. So they meet up with Hedonism Bot, who gives them a "bomb" in order to take out the evil army at the gates. The group didn't trust Hedonism Bot, so when they leave they work with Jambe to figure out how to get back into the throne room. FIGHT ACTUALLY STARTS So the group infiltrates the throne room with the help of Jambe. As they make their way in, they see a throng of large golems that are lined up next to each other. Hedonism Bot greets them, and Jambe, releasing his repressed rage and hatred, flies at Hedonism Bot. He is instantly crushed by one of the Adamantite Golems. So the group spreads out and one throws the bomb at Hedonism Bot. The bomb explodes, and molten chocolate goes everywhere. So they were right to not trust him. Anyways, the group spreads out, and the rogue (the one who rolled Thor's hammer earlier) decides to do a disable device check on the back of one of the adamantite golems. He rolls a natural 20. Well, ok then. So the rogue opens up the back panel of the Adamantite golem and jumps into the cockpit. He proceeds to pilot the gundam around, taking pillars off and smashing them into other golems. The rest of the group is busy fighting off the golems and Hedonism Bot. So the fight turns into a Gundam vs All situation. Eventually, there's a loud roar at the gates, and the undead burst in. The group have to fight off the undead while the Gundam continues to fight off the other golems until only Hedonism Bot is left. Hedonism bot retreats, but is quickly crushed by a Dracolich. The Lich Dragon roars and then is quickly smacked in the face by a giant pillar by the gundam. So it starts to fly away. The group hop on the Gundam and proceed to jump after it. The Orc Barbarian (quick backstory here, this Orc has an intelligence of 8. He can only say the word "Chelsea." That's it) somehow requests to be thrown at the Dracolich. The Gundam throws the orc, and he somehow safely lands on the dracolich. So the orc then does a handle animal check to see if he could even ride the dragon. He rolls a natural 20. Ok, he's fine. Then he rolls a persuasion check. Another natural 20. Well, crap. Ok, so the Orc Barbarian manages to persuade the Dracolich to stop attacking their friends and be on his side. The Dracolich agrees. So the Gundam and the Dracolich begin to destroy the undead army that is ravaging the city. They go around just crushing everything in their path. After a while, the "evil overlord" pops up, and then crushes the phylactery that held the Dracolich's soul. The dracolich dies. He then proceeds to basically !@#$% smack the Gundam, and the Gundam goes down. For unknown reasons, the evil Overlord retreats. The group has saved the city. TL;DR - Natural 20s cause weird things to happen. Post your favorite stories!Hornreaper1 3d
3d Kacey's List Of Music This is a list of Kacey's favourite music :D What is everyone else's favourite music? I love metal of all kinds with some punk rock mixed in! # - 1349 A - AC/DC - Accept - Adrenaline Mob - Alestorm - Alice Cooper - All That Remains - Amon Amarth - Annihilator - Anthrax - Arch Enemy - As I Lay Dying - Audioslave [Not metal but still a good band :)] - Avenged Sevenfold - Aerosmith - AFI - Anvil - Axenstar - Architects - Avatar - As Blood Runs Black - Acheron - Anciients - Asking Alexandria - Angeles - Anshelm - Angelus Apatrida - Amorphis - Annominus - Alien Weaponry - ASG - At The Gates - Aboleth B - Bad Religion [Punk Rock :D] - Baroness - Beartooth - Behemoth - Black Label Society - Black Sabbath [Duh] - Black Veil Brides - Blood Ceremony - Bolt Thrower - Bon Jovi - Bullet For My Valentine - Blackmores Night - Bad Wolves - Bleeding Through - Between The Buried And Me - Buckcherry - Black Majesty - Bury Tomorrow - Blackstone Cherry - Beneath The Silence - Bleed From Within - Brymir - Barren Earth - Burn The Priest - Between Oceans - Bad Company C - Children Of Bodom - The Casualities - Crossfaith - Cranius [For his WoW themed music] - Cane Hill - Celesty - Cyronic Temple - Code Orange - coldrain [The band spells it with little letters o.o] - Celldweller - Crystal Eyes - Capathian Forest - Converge D - Death - Deep Purple [Ritchie Blackmore :D] - Deftones [They suck live though] - DevilDriver - Dio [The god of metal] - Dionyus - Disturbed - Doro - Dragonland - Dreamtale - A Day To Remember - DED - Demon Hunter - Derdian - Dragonland - Dreamtale - Dimmu Borgir - Disembodied - Destroyer 666 - Death Alley - Dropkick Murphys - D.R.I. - Dark Funeral - Damjan Mravunac - Drown This City - Dead Girls Academy - Deceptic E - Elf [Dio!] - Entombed - Exodus - The Exploited - Electric Wizzard - Excalion - Escape The Fate - Equilibrium - Eternal Champion - Emperor - Evil Drive - Engel F - Fall Of Humanity - Fallujah - Five Finger Death Punch - For All Eternity - From Ashes To New - Fairyland - Fight The Fade - Fear Factory - Fiends - Follow The Cipher - Fragments Of Unbecoming G - Godsmack - Gojira - Guns N' Roses - Glasslands - Gorgoroth - Gruesome - Ghost - Gus G - Grimmer - GroundCulture - Gozu - Gravemind H - Halestorm - Hammerfall - Hatebreed - The Haunted - Havok - Helloween - High On Fire - Holy Moses - Holy Grail - HELLYEAH - Human Fortress - Heave Blood And Die - Hardcore Superstar - Heaven & Hell I - I Prevail - Iced Earth - Immortal - In Flames - Iron Maiden - In This Moment - InVisions - Iron Fire - Iron Mask - Iron Reagen - Issa J - Jorn - Judas Priest - Joan Jett - Jonathan Davis K - Kataklysm - Killswitch Engae - KISS - Khemmis - Korn - Kreator - Krokus [Best Rock 'n' Roll] - Kyng - Kyuss - Kobra And The Lotus - Kalmah - Kamelot L - Lamb Of God - Last In Line [This band has some of Dio's bandmates] - Lich King [Thrash metal, with an epic name!] - Light The Fire - Light The Torch - Lords Of Black [Lead singer Ronnie Romero sounds like Dio] - Lynch Mob - Lakeshore - Limp Bizkit - Leaves' Eyes - LIMBS - Lizzy Borden - Levels - LANDMVRKS - Lordi M - Manowar - Machine Head - Marliyn Manson - Mastodon - Megadeth - Metal Allegiance [They do cover songs] - Metallica [Duh] - Motley Crue [Dr Feel Goooood] - Motorhead - Mudvayne - Miss May I - Motionless In White - Magic Kingdom - Maestrick - Myles Kennedy - MØL - Mustach - Micawber N - Napalm Death - Night Demon - Nile - Novelists - Nothing More - Nightwish - Ninth Circle - Nostradameus - Nale - Nekrogoblikon - Nervosa O - The Offspring - Onslaught - Orchards - Overkill - Ozzy Osbourne [Duh] - Of Mice & Men - Orden Ogan - Odd Palace - Orbit Culture - Of Virtue P - Pantera - Papa Roach - Polaris - Power Quest [one of my favs] - Prophets Of Rage - Parkway Drive - A Perfect Circle - Primus - Poison - Plague Vendor - Pop Evil - Powerwolf - Putrid Pile - Palm Reader - Primordial Q - Queensryche [Duh] R - Rainbow [New lead singer = Ronnie Romero = Dio's Voice] - Rancid - Ratt - Rings Of Saturn - Rob Zombie - Rhapsody - Rammstein - Rhino Bucket - Rough Cut - RVIVR - Ross The Boss - Raven Black - Rhapsody Of Fire - Rivers Of Nihil S - Sabaton - Saxon - Senses Fail [some punk rock] - Sevendust - Sick Puppies - Simple Plan - SLAYER - Sleep - Shields - Slipknot [Duh] - Snow Patrol - Social Distortion - Sodom - Soil - Speaking With Ghosts - Steve Jones - Stone Sour - Shinedown - Stick To Your Guns - Suicide Silence - Seether - Savage Circus - Slash - Secret Sphere - SikTh - Serj Tankian - Sacred Reich - Suffocation - Scar Symmetry - Sirenia - Slugdge - Stephen Pearcy - Steel Attack - SoulFallen - Sons Of Apollo - Starset - Skogen - Shadows Of Intent - Skindred - Sandberg - Sink This Ship - Septic Tank - Symphonity T - Testament - Trivium - Type O Negative - Three Days Grace - Tribulation - Thy Majestie - THE FEVER 333 - Twilightning - Tengger Calvary - TesseracT - The Dead Daises - Turisas - The Ocean - Tool - Turmion Kallot - Tristania - TRC - The Raven Age - Twitching Tongues U - Underoath - Unleash The Archers - Unprocessed V - Vader - Van Halen - Vault Of Valor - Vital Remains - Vision Divine - Vanden Plas - VENUES - Valis Ablaze W - W.A.S.P. - Warbringer - Warlock - White Zombie - Witchcraft - We Came As Romans - Wintersun - Wolf King - Whitechapel X Y - Yellowcard - YOB Z - Zeal & ArdorKaceys80 3d
5d Non-Metal WoW Fans I always judge all the newer WoW fans who like generic electronic beats and dubstep instead of metal or rock. Like, shouldn't you be playing an fps like Counter-Strike? Anyone else think the same way?Prizn11 5d
6d What women like as far as looks in a guy... What women like as far as looks in a guy is concerned. I noticed Asian girls and white girls like fades. There's 7 types of fades: Low fade, medium fade, high fade, spiked fade, bald fade, slicked back fade, and flat top fade. Spiked fade comes from putting gel on a medium fade, high fade, or flat top fade. Mexican girls and black girls like shaved heads (better shaved with a razor over hair clippers). Mexican girls are the best so that's why you shave your head. Also girls notice guys more when guys wear black. Not navy blue, charcoal grey, or red. And Asian girls and white girls like it when guys wear nice look clothes like tuxedo/business/mafia suits, blazers, leather jackets, etc. Mexican girls and black girls like it when guys wear thuggish/gangster clothes like Dickies, Ben Davis, Yago, Solo, Cal Top, jean jackets, etc. I have still yet to figure out if girls like it when guys wear hats or beanies. And it's pretty obvious that girls like muscular guys. Not fat guys or skinny guys. But that doesn't make that much a difference because I've seen fat guys and skinny guys with hot girls. And girls like tall guys, but that doesn't make that much of a difference too because I've seen short guys with hot girls, hot girls even taller than the short guy. Also confidence level and money play a huge factor too. So yeah, if you have everything, the outfits, the haircut, the body, the height, the money, and the confidence, you can probably get with the best looking woman possible. Because hot women can be even way hotter than other hot women. There's a hotness scale/level amongst hot women who are already hot.Mackinmobsta12 6d
May 19 Hunting Down the Last Loot Cards A friend of mine and I have started doing box breaks on YouTube. We usually do Pokemon cards, but we have recently decided to track down the remaining WoW TCG booster box sets and see what loot cards we can get! MANY more coming soon.... Here's a link to the one we just did: May 19
May 18 Rick Astley is still killing it Feeling depressed? you're welcome: Just realized the other day, this guy put out a pretty damn good song 2 years ago.Drukaz3 May 18
May 17 Avengers - Infinity War thread Totally shocked there isn't a thread here on it yet. So, I'll kick it off. Just saw it last night. I am still trying to process what I saw. Its was one of the rare times in a cinema when the credits roll, and I actually said out loud a long, 'Woah...' So intense. I think some people are going to dislike it a little because of how it ends. But it did not disappoint in delivering the Thanos confrontation 10 years of movies built up to.Volrog17 May 17
May 17 Netflix - Warcraft I read an article this morning about Warcraft 2 may not happen because of how poorly it went over in the US. Does anyone else feel that we do need more big/small screen Warcraft? I personally think that a Warcraft movie/tv series on a Netflix/Amazon Prime would do very well. In today's market, if you don't make a blockbuster hit like the Marvel/Star Wars movies, there really isn't a point to go to the big screen. Look at several of the good Netflix movies and tv series that probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere if they were on cable or released on the big screen.Sceneit17 May 17
May 16 Lovely Music (Prog/Psy/Tech&Other) Here's a thread for me to share some music. Just looking to find some fans of the music I listen to. I've been mixing sets for a while now, though it's mostly just a hobby. Feedback is appreciated, but I'm happy just to share the music I have fun with. Please do enjoy. Fasntnig 01 (Psy Trance) 01) Oliver Prime feat Papiewski & TJP - Free Hugs [JOOF Recordings] 02) Moshic - Suddenly Bursts [Contrast Records] 03) Tegma - Tribal Nature [JOOF Recordings] 04) Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance On Ayahuasca [Geomagnetic] 05) Motion Drive - Spring Thing [Iboga Records] 06) John 00' Fleming - The 10th Life [JOOF Recordings] 07) Kintar feat Venes - Sahara [Sudam Recordings] 08) Airwave - Atlas Winds [L*C*D* Recordings] 09) Sunstryk - Open Heart (Mummerah Remix) [Cherry Pickers] 10) Ectima - Info Stealer (Cristo Disto Remix) [Moon Spirits Records] 11) Ace Ventura & Gaudium - In Between [Iboga Trance] 12) E-Clip - Indian Spirit [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 13) Frenetik Control - Planet Lost (Green System Remix) [Speedsound] 14) 00.db - Dharker [JOOF Recordings] 15) Talpa - The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix) [TesseracTstudio] 16) Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Shamans [Speedsound] 17) Mechanimal & Psibindi - Chromatic Space [Aphid Records] 18) Intersys - SychoActive [Midijum Records] so much fun... so much fun!!! fuuu...Gnoes54 May 16
May 15 Babymetal!!!! Previous thread: They were freaking mind blowing!!!Auroranar1 May 15
May 15 (Fan-made)WoW Cinematic end of legion (Spoilers) Sargeras Sword Impact Cinematic on the End of Legion I didn't see anyone post this on the forums yet, give it a look everyone, super great cinematic from this guy on the story based on the sword impacting and it looked like to those that were there(RIP), you guys should give it a lookLothao2 May 15
May 14 Billions Don't know how many people here watch Billions but it's a Damn good show. Not many shows get you to where you want to root for the bad guy and the good guy. The last one to do it for me with The Sopranos. But I think you all should check out billions. May 14
May 14 Metallica Fans? If interested, I have some videos from my old Metallica Tribute Band (the one that Metallica showed up to and played WITH us!). Just converted it from old VHS to DVD. Here's the link if you want to give your $0.02 on how close to the original we were and yes, I am looking for honest feedback. Hopefully Blizz is OK with this:òria0 May 14
May 14 Carl! so who's ready for the walking dead?Aevelamue7 May 14
May 14 First Contact Day (Star Trek) Any Star Trek fans here? Good! Today's First Contact Day, a minor holiday in the Trek universe that celebrates humanity's first warp flight, where we ended up meeting the Vulcans, humanity's greatest ally. Let's celebrate! What's your favorite season? Who's your favorite captain? Which Trek film do you like the best? Do you think we'll meet aliens in the next 56 years? Do you think they'll be friendly, like the Vulcans? Have fun and be civil. Live long and prosper!Watcherly2 May 14
May 11 Why do people hate women in movies? why do movies like the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot get so much abuse, and why are people hating on the new Star Wars movies being too progressive?Elae103 May 11
May 10 The New Avengers Comic I picked up the first issue, and absolutely loved it. It's a very interesting team: Cap, Iron Man, Thor (Odinson, not Jane), She Hulk, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Ghost Rider. Some great writing, some awesome art, I was happy from top to bottom with this, and this is coming from someone who was never much of an Avengers fan in the comics (I've always stuck with X-titles, Ghost Rider & the occasional oddball). Top notch!Shaynarra0 May 10
May 9 Did Thanos Spare you? meme of the day Its been all over my discords <3Telithice8 May 9
May 6 May the Fourth Be With You Should have had the Solo movie open today. Disney, you dropped the ball big time.Tinkerizmo27 May 6
May 6 <SPOILER> Infinity War and Broxigar Did anyone else suddenly think of Boxigar when Groot gave his arm to function as the handle for Thor's axe?Chashmona7 May 6
May 6 Books that you could not finish Most of the times you start to read a book you read from beginning to end.But some time you just pick a book you want to read but you just cant finish for one reason or another. The story bogs down to a crawl. The story may piss you off. It my not make a damn bit of sense. Maybe its too long. One book I could not finish was Les Mis. after about 50 or so pages on the battle of Waterloo, I just flat out gave up set the book down and said nope. What about you guys?Beringer12 May 6
May 4 Awkward! If you could pick any scene from any movie, which would be the most awkward one FOR YOU to have been a part of? For me, it would have to be the infamous gimp scene in Pulp Fiction. Being tied to a chair and having a gimp watch over me, with a ball-gag strapped in my mouth, would just be super-embarrassing and awkward for me, lol.Nicholais2 May 4
May 4 The world needs more Macross. Well the west does anyways. So much incredible animation and then fan made stuff like: Anyone else enjoy Macross?Motors9 May 4
Apr 30 Karaoke Suggestions Wanted My 30 year old son and his long term GF are going to get married. It's going to be small and low key, after the ceremony there will be Karaoke and I need suggestions. Would like to find a nice, happy, love/celebrate the occasion type song that wouldn't be creepy coming from a mom to her son :p I have a pretty good folky voice lower range for female so no super high notes and try as I might, I can't do hard edged/rock stuff well. I don't think my standard Karaoke choices like REM/"Losing my Religion" or Freda Payne/"Band of Gold" are really fitting... So suggestions please! Hit me with your best shots -- and remember it's got to be popular enough that it will be available.Cihys0 Apr 30
Apr 29 WARCRAFT 2?!?!! Okay I just finished watching warcraft for the 90th + time since it's came out. I'm just going to say this. Blizzard if you allow these !@#$s deter y'all from creating the warcraft movie legacy it's gonna be like the Jimmy story. Jimmy going aldor for the freakin blue staff. Blizzard WE ALL WANT THE EPICS!!!!! EPICS!!!! So with that being said please for the love of all your faithful fans don't let the millions and millions of us down. MAKE WARCRAFT 2! PS give me a role In the movie Bladereaper3 Apr 29
Apr 29 Malcolm and Jurassic Park I've looked back on the Jurassic Park Novel and it makes it clear that Malcolm(the biggest critic of Hammond and Jurassic Park) isn't worried about Scientists destroying Earth or Humanity despite abusing both(they can adapt) but of it causing a revolution that dethrones Science(he is a Scientist after all). Personally I would wonder how such a revolution would start. What would be so bad that Science is stripped of authority? Even the existence of millions of Mad Scientists like Cave Johnson from Portal wouldn't be enough to dethrone Science despite them killing themselves while advancing their research! The public of the Real World saw the Jurassic Park Movies and blamed the cheapskates on everything so how would actual Mad Scientist shenanigans dethrone Science? The blame would go towards general incompetence as always!Yvenathilm9 Apr 29
Apr 28 JJ Abrams on why fans hated The Last Jedi Let's take a look at the EU's Episode 7,8,9. The Thrawn trilogy. Head of New Republic. A woman. Mon Mothma. Person under her. Leia, who is training with and uses a lightsaber in the series. Other people in charge of the government. Included a lot of aliens, unlike Disney. They are more human than the freakin Empire was, which was mostly pro human. Female force user. Multiple and just as many as men. One woman is one of my favorite SW characters ever with a wonderful arc and character growth that makes Rey look very shallow in comparison. Luke's 2nd Jedi Student. Also a woman. (no spoilers please for those who didn't read it). "Minority" characters. Lando is a genius businessman and has a huge role in the series. Beats being a space janitor with pointless scenes unrelated to the main plot. Talon Karde could also be any nationality. In an audio book I listened to he sounded like Ricardo Montalban and in the comic he looked a bit like him to. So I am going to say Latin. Past that. Character that was going to be the focus of the EU Skywalker Legacy moving forward. Jaina Solo. Book series by Christie Golden was to be called Sword of the Jedi. Disney cancelled it. Calling shenanigans on Disney. Please show me any proof of people trashing the Thrawn Trilogy which was a big reason Star Wars came back into the public eye when they came out. Getting sick of being called a racist or a sexist if I don't praise Hollywood's and mostly Disney's newest product. No company should have this much power over the industry and critics. They ARE the evil Empire at this point.Dëathjester13 Apr 28
Apr 24 Eat the Elephant New A Perfect Circle album 8.75/10 Growing on me the more I listen to it. Favorite songs so far are Eat the Elephant, Disillusioned, Hourglass, and Get the Lead Out. Anyone else listening to it?Griefs1 Apr 24
Apr 23 Why did Star Trek Enterprise fail? *spoilers* Do you think that people will appreciate Enterprise more because Captain Archer was male and white, and it was the last Star Trek show before all this identity politics was shoved down our throats? I just watched the whole four seasons of Enterprise and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, I found the third season with the Xindi a little boring but the consensus is that the reason that Enterprise failed is because the first two seasons sucked, but I actually much preferred the first two seasons of Enterprise to Star Trek Discovery. Thoughts??Elae15 Apr 23
Apr 22 Lord of the Rings Ending I just got done watching the Lord of the Rings movies starting with the Fellowship of the Ring, then the Two Towers, then the Return of the King. What I don't understand about the ending of the story is, why did Froto Baggins right as he was about to throw the ring into the lava, why did he put on the ring? Wasn't his whole quest, the sole reason for him making the journey to Mordor, was to throw the ring into the lava to end Sauron's evil once and for all? He risked the whole earth's safety just so he could turn invisible again? Also, was Golum just acting like "Smegal" the whole time leading them to the spider lair, or did "Smegal" actually turn evil by his alter ego?Jaylawk37 Apr 22
Apr 21 Glass Blown Open ? Any other WoW players going to Emporia Ks for the Disc Golf tourney the week of 4/23-4/28 ? there are 4 of us from Pittsburg Ks, going.Gashna1 Apr 21
Apr 19 War of the Worlds Sequel: Is it Good? So, I just finished another excellent read-through of my favorite piece of science fiction, H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. This time, however, it has come to my attention that there is an official sequel to the story that was written by Stephen Baxter called The Massacre of Mankind. I've read War of the Worlds dozens of times, listened to the Jeff Wayne musicals (old and new), and really put the old story on something of a mental altar. So, guys and girls, could you please tell me your thoughts on this book before I order it? Would a long-time fanatic like it, or would it leave me wishing for the black smoke?Siouxsè3 Apr 19
Apr 18 Underrated Movies Movies that didn't get a lot of hype or fanfare. I'll start: Searching for Bobby Fisher A film about the world of chess as seen through the eyes of a true Chess prodigy (Josh Waitzkin) played remarkably by Max Pomerac. The films undertones are how we treat children who are truly exceptional at something. There is a great scene with Joe Montegna and Pomerac's teacher where he has to explain to her about "this chess thing"... "He is better at this than anything I have ever done in my life. He is better at this than anything you will ever do in your life" Joan Allen is Pomerac's mother and there is great push and pull between her and Montegna over how to raise Josh. Lawrence Fishbourne plays a drug addict who plays chess in Central park and wants Josh to play from the soul as opposed to Ben Kingsley, his teacher, who wants him to play from the book. Other great lines: "Don't move until you see it" and one I use quite often, "You've lost, you just don't know it" Taking Chance This movie stars Kevin Bacon as a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who volunteers to transport a dead Marine back to the latter's hometown in Montana. Essentially a look at an untold portion of war, and all that goes into the preparation and transport of a deceased service member. Soldier This is a Kurt Russell film about two generations of soldiers in the future. A lot of the plot makes no sense, Gary Busey is also in the film as an over-the-top Officer. (As is Jason Isaacs (Malfoy) What the film does very well is show the difficulty 'Todd' (Russell's character) has in integrating back into a society, even a society on a trash planet. (Where the colonists, like he have been "discarded") The film also illuminates why, as distateful as one might find conflict, whether you like it or not, sometimes you need those people around. If you've read 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman, you can see similar themes.Pharsalus47 Apr 18
Apr 18 R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey. Gonna miss you gunney. Semper Fi! Apr 18
Apr 14 Art Bell Passed today at 72. I haven't listened to him in years, but I loved staying up way too late to catch his show back when I was around 13-16. Was like listening to people who took X-Files way too seriously. I can't hear Neil Diamond's Coming to America without thinking of his show to this day.Nunepi2 Apr 14
Apr 11 What subjects would you want for LotR Show? With all this in mind what would you want for the LotR TV Show? They stated it takes place before Fellowship of the Ring and what's there is limited to 5 potential Eras: 1. Witch King of Angmar: This indestructible Undead King forced Cardolan to submit to the King of Arthedain's rule and later wiped out the 3 Kingdoms of Arnor. The political intrigue(from the Kings of Arnor as well as those trying to manipulate the Witch King or kill him) as well as flashbacks into the Witch King's past before Sauron gave him his ring would make an interesting show. 2. Rohan: this Kingdoms history is an interesting story to say the least. 3. Moria and Lothlorien: the history of these two Kingdoms does have potential and since they are tied to each other it would be perfect for one show. It would be to those Kingdoms what The Hobbit was to the Kingdoms of Erebor and Mirkwood. 4. Fall of Númenor and the Last Alliance: Seeing how Sauron manipulated Numenor's destruction would be interesting yet would hardly be enough to fit 5 Seasons so it would also need to include things involving the Last Alliance including the founding of the Grey Havens and Rivendell. 5. Gondor: This would unfortunately have to serve as a sequel to the Witch King of Angmar show in order to make sense. Personally the Witch King story shows the most promise especially since it involves Arnor which includes wondrous things such as the Old Forest, the Barrow Downs, Tom Bombadil and Gildor Inglorion.Yvenathilm8 Apr 11
Apr 9 Who loves 80's music? I was born in 1982. I have a love for 80s music.. Funk, Pop, even some rap in that era. Phil Collins is calling me right now.. To the night. I can feel it coming in the air tonight. Lion King... Hold on..Nadieya25 Apr 9
Apr 6 Just watched the Warcraft movie again And in my opinion I appreciated it more the 2nd time round. I think it was completely underrated and I really and truly hope they make a sequel.Ulfen10 Apr 6
Apr 4 Rey's Parents Apparently JJ Abrams did have a different plan for her parentage despite what Daisy Ridley stated... So... Who is her parents? Many fans have come to the conclusion that she is a clone of some sort... But of whom they are divided. I personally assume that she's a clone of Senya. JJ Abrams oversaw the Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion of SWTOR so Rey's resemblance to Senya might not be a coincidence. Whom would clone Senya? Valkorion obviously. Since it has already been revealed in The Last Jedi novelization that Snoke isn't what called out to Sidious and what called out to him taught Snoke the secrets of the Force he needed to become as powerful as he was I assume Valkorion is alive in Canon despite being dead in Legends. I'm also going to assume Jakku is Nathema(his homeworld which he drained of Life and where he broke Vaylin) and that Sidious's claim of it being a place of significance is more accurate than Luke's claim to it being nowhere. I assume JJ Abrams will have the Immortal Emperor appear as he did in Knights of the Fallen Empire due to Snoke being killed off and made a lackey by Rian.Yvenathilm0 Apr 4