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1d Any Animes you suggest? Not sure what to watch! Not as big into anime as I use to be growing up, but I've had a itch to watch a series or movies! Just can't really find one I like. Any you recommend everyone should see before they die?Gortuk4 1d
1d Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 This is one of the best movies of the last ten years imho. Movies should interest you and entertain you and make you care about the characters. This one delivers across the board.Whïtström1 1d
1d Baseball 2017 Growing up in LA and watching the Dodgers, they always put a pretty competitive team on the field. However, this year is a whole different species. Not even the 1988 or late 70's teams did what this year's team is doing. They're just steamrolling. I'll watch a game or two a week and I can't remember seeing them lose since...May? I can't imagine how disappointing it would be if they get knocked out in the playoffs, after the trades and season they're having. Don't want to curse it, but... Zigra, probably more of an Angel fan really.Zigra6 1d
2d GOT oh my holy freakin S07e04 OMG, can't even. OMG? OMG!Kybeorie17 2d
2d Confess! We've all been there. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T SEEN [insert movie apparently everyone has seen]!? You have got to be [CENSORED] [CENSORED] me." So confess here. This is your safe space. The Godfather (any of them.) Planes, Trains & Automobiles (this one is embarrassing because I love John Candy and John Hughes) Citizen Kane* Casablanca* Big Trouble in Little China Coming to America Close Encounters of the Third Kind Taxi Driver Chicago The Blues Brothers The Rocky Horror Picture Show *There are a ton of movies I haven't seen that were made before 1970 (I'm only 38) but I included these two because they're considered some of the greatest movies ever made. ... I just realized I haven't seen the top three greatest movies ever made. Damn I suck.Tovi12 2d
3d Favorite movie? I'm going to have to go with a list of a few in no particular order: American Psycho Gladiator The Road ( I love apocalyptic themes) The Quest Bruce Lee movies Jumanji James and the Giant Peach Forest Gump The MatrixCromah31 3d
3d What are you listening to now? V.4 Thread number three capped, throw your hands up for v.4! Phil Good - Sleeping In (Acoustic) or Amazing =)Breakbeat139 3d
3d How did Robin Williams Play WoW? When someone leaves us, many of us find comfort in finding some similarities (have a distinct connection) with that person. I was just curious about his play style in the game. Was he like me? How did he enjoy the game? What faction did he play? What class did he play? Did he had a ton of alts? Was he raider, did he even down garrosh (did he even play this expansion)? Did he like to pvp? did he like arenas? Did he even had a trade? Wonder did he like to hang out in town or do dailies? Was he part of a large guild, and did that guild even know? Did he play the AH? Would be nice to know. -MembraneMembrane20 3d
3d The Strain... I have watched this off and on. It's definitely not Sparkly Vampires, and it's definitely not Bela Lugosi. Think 30 Days of Night only with a much slower build. Right now it's in S4, which will be the last season. Guillermo Del Toro did the book, and when he originally pitched the idea, the studio in question wanted to make it....a COMEDY. /smdhPharsalus1 3d
4d Not sure what to think of this song... Stuck at work, have TV on for background noise and heard this: 4d
6d Conor did Paulie dirty I don't know about you guys, but, I hope Conor gets slapped up for being a jerk. Edit: The footage is out... Paulie is a lying little weasel.Muddybiggs0 6d
6d Tom Hanks If Tom Hanks was a werewolf do you think he'd be nice?Uncleßeano6 6d
6d It (2017) I'm both a bit excited and skeptical about this movie. Watched the trailer a few minutes ago and just from the bit I seen, looks pretty creepy. However, the IMDB doesn't list any actors for the adult version of the kids. This is concerning. To me that says they are going to either split this movie into two parts or they're just going to cut out all the scenes with the adults. If you read the book, you know this really isn't a good thing... So, fans of the book, what are your thoughts?Tovi5 6d
Aug 10 Rip Haruo Nakajima aka Mr. Godzilla I am big G-fan since I was 7. I feel shock that he passed away. He made Godzilla what he is today.Ghaghzull2 Aug 10
Aug 8 Next Expansion revealed at Gamescom 2017? They did with Legion 2 years ago, just wondering if you all think the same way as I do. I know 7.3 is still 3 months out, but I think Blizzcon is too far out and with the lifespan of this expansion coming to a close, one would think it's time for some juicy information of whats next. Who agrees?Vindicious4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Mayweather vs. Mcgregor Who you got? Ding Ding Ding!!!Prugo53 Aug 8
Aug 7 Dat GoT EP [spoilers] Anyone else loved the new GoT ep?Frostscythe17 Aug 7
Aug 6 Lovely Music (Prog/Psy/Tech&Other) Here's a thread for me to share some music. Just looking to find some fans of the music I listen to. I've been mixing sets for a while now, though it's mostly just a hobby. Feedback is appreciated, but I'm happy just to share the music I have fun with. Please do enjoy. Fasntnig 01 (Psy Trance) 01) Oliver Prime feat Papiewski & TJP - Free Hugs [JOOF Recordings] 02) Moshic - Suddenly Bursts [Contrast Records] 03) Tegma - Tribal Nature [JOOF Recordings] 04) Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance On Ayahuasca [Geomagnetic] 05) Motion Drive - Spring Thing [Iboga Records] 06) John 00' Fleming - The 10th Life [JOOF Recordings] 07) Kintar feat Venes - Sahara [Sudam Recordings] 08) Airwave - Atlas Winds [L*C*D* Recordings] 09) Sunstryk - Open Heart (Mummerah Remix) [Cherry Pickers] 10) Ectima - Info Stealer (Cristo Disto Remix) [Moon Spirits Records] 11) Ace Ventura & Gaudium - In Between [Iboga Trance] 12) E-Clip - Indian Spirit [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 13) Frenetik Control - Planet Lost (Green System Remix) [Speedsound] 14) 00.db - Dharker [JOOF Recordings] 15) Talpa - The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix) [TesseracTstudio] 16) Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Shamans [Speedsound] 17) Mechanimal & Psibindi - Chromatic Space [Aphid Records] 18) Intersys - SychoActive [Midijum Records] so much fun... so much fun!!! fuuu...Gnoes46 Aug 6
Aug 6 Metal/Hard Rock Band Name Recently a few friends and I thought it'd be fun to start a metal/hard rock band just as a fun thing to do on the side. Problem is, we've been thinking for days about a cool, possibly edgy name. I'd love to hear suggestions!Hecatae9 Aug 6
Aug 6 ToS Video My friend made a video of my guild in ToS let me know what you guys think. Aug 6
Aug 6 Metallica vs Manowar My friends and I got into a bit of a debate today over "What was the better band?" the two options were Metallica or Manowar we each had one song to prove our point I had chosen Manowar and I used as proof but one of my friends that chose Metallica used as his side so I came to the Forums to SERVEY the answers Manowar or Metallica?Thol22 Aug 6
Aug 3 Movie/TV Personality you are Most like in RL It could be an actor, or a character in a movie/animation/TV series, etc. I'm like Dharma (Jenna Elfman) in the TV series Dharma & Greg (If anyone actually knows that show *lol*) Yeah, I'm older. :D Alternately, if no one is familiar with that show, I'm also like Phebe (Lisa Kudrow) from the TV series Friends. Although, not as "quirky" *lol* Yeah, I'm kind of a hippie at heart. <3Selosse18 Aug 3
Aug 2 Castlevania on Netflix Anybody checking out Castlevania on Netflix. The show is super well made and the voice acting is superb along with its animations, give it a try. If only Warcraft had a series like that of its own, our favorite game is full of these darkish elements. Check out the show you wont be sorry, its inspired on the game by Konami called Castlevania.Mohicano3 Aug 2
Jul 31 Guides for Tablet Artwork Hello everyone! I recently was given one of those surface books with a performance base by my work. I've been looking to pick up a new hobby, and I figured drawing or sketching on a tablet might kind of be a fun new craft to play around with. Can anyone recommend any guides/tutorials/books/resources to start working on some fantasy or MMORPG-inspired concept art? More general tutorials are welcome as well! Thanks!Lunary0 Jul 31
Jul 31 The Rick and Morty Season 3 Thread! DISCLAIMER: This thread can and most likely will contain full spoilers for Rick and Morty. Keep reading at your own risk! So Episode 2 was just aired. I'd assume anyone who was looking forward to that one Samurai Jack episode saw the first episode on April Fools Day. So what did y'all think of it? I admittedly kinda liked the whole Mad Max theme of the episode and I feel like the divorce side-plot is definitely going places. It's also pretty interesting to see Rick pretty much destroy another reality by stealing the green rock that ultimately gave that post-apocalyptic universe their electricity and actual civilization, kinda like how he physically destroyed that microverse back in Season 2. Also, Pickle Rick is next week!Dreadquinzel0 Jul 31
Jul 30 Favorite Naruto Jutsu What's your favorite Naruto Jutsu? Mine is the Assimilate All Creation Jutsu from the Filler Episodes from the first Naruto Anime(the one before Naruto: Shippuden)! It assimilates the properties of nearby objects and substances and gains their natural abilities. Just think of the potential in the hands of a visionary: Want to manipulate and create Honey/Beeswax/Tropical Punch/any other absurd substance just so you can? Use Assimilate All Creation Jutsu! Want to get samples of the Meteorite used to create the dangerous Mysterious Peacock Method just so you can give it to Orochimaru for study without stealing the Meteorite getting in trouble with the Hidden Star Village in the process? Use Assimilate All Creation Jutsu to make more of the Meteorite's substance! That's my favorite Naruto Jutsu. What's yours?Yvenathilm0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Need Support For Remix Competition Just submitted my remix of Rain Man & MAX's "Do You Still Feel?" into a remix competition on Splice. I figured I would share and see if I could get support to increase my chances of winning. You can hear the track on Splice and vote for it by liking it (heart icon): I also have the track on YouTube if you would like to check it out there! Jul 30
Jul 30 g-eazy underrated rapper discussLovelierxo21 Jul 30
Jul 29 Symphony X is GOD-MODE Extremely off-topic, but this is General Discussion right? Yes I know the cool thing to do is turn your car stereo up to max and blast some chugging zeroes and diminished chords from brutal bands like born of osiris, whitechapel, emmure, ect. but if you want to hear a genius at work Michael Romeo is the best composer since Beethoven and holy crap at his ability. It takes me days or sometimes weeks of constant practice to a metronome to be able to play his solos at speed. Now if you aren't a musician it probably won't be your cup of tea but anything is better than this breakdown band horse that's been beaten into a puddle of decaying mush for the past 10 years. Sorry, you can go back to your brutal chugz now. Don't worry, I'm sure someone is going to create that epic dubstep deathcore band you've been waiting for.Deathikus9 Jul 29
Jul 28 The Emoji Movie's Ratings Are Already In... ...and it has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9% on Metacritic. That feel when literally everyone knew the movie would be a failure of cataclysmic proportions almost immediately yet it's still worse than everyone expected.Dreadquinzel1 Jul 28
Jul 27 Supreme Leader Snoke's identity Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? I have noticed many theories that may all be plausible. What do we know of Snoke? He saw the rise and fall of the Empire. According to the Writers he knew Leia personally and finally we know that Leia believes him to be the Dark Side Force Presence that reached into Ben Solo's mind as an infant. The first possibility brought up by fans is that he's Darth Plagueis who is confirmed dead by the Writers of Star Wars. Are they lying? The second possibility is that he's the Dark Side presence that reached into Ben Solo's mind as an infant during Star Wars Aftermath Empire's End. Leia definitely seems to think so. We also know that it has posed as Darth Vader to Kylo Ren(he asks Vader to "Show me again, the power of the darkness") and that it contacted Rey after she beat him to get her to kill Kylo Ren. Of course if that was the case than how could Snoke be a personal acquaintance of Leia? And why would Snoke try to kill Kylo Ren after telling Hux to retrieve him so that he could complete his training? Could Leia have been wrong about Snoke being the Dark Presence? Then we come to a more recent Theory: The character Benicio Del Toro plays dubbed DJ is Snoke theory. This guy is apparently according to sources someone Leia sends Finn to that's a friend of hers so this theory at least matches the writers claims that Snoke is a personal acquaintance of Leia. Of course if this theory put forth by Fans is correct that still leaves us in the dark to whom the Dark Side presence that Sidious, Kylo Ren and Rey got in contact with... They'd also have to explain why most official sources call Snoke an Alien when DJ is clearly human.Yvenathilm2 Jul 27
Jul 27 I love anime Post ur favorite animes below!!Ilovemydogxo20 Jul 27
Jul 27 Most disturbing movie you've seen As title states. What is it? By disturbing I don't mean blood and guts, unless that is what you find disturbing. I'm a huge horror movie fan. Blood and guts are gross, and I usually look away, but they don't really disturb me. For me, the psychological thriller/horrors get me the most. I watched Requiem for a Dream over the weekend and that entire movie was amazingly unsettling. The soundtrack, the atmosphere, everything about it was straight up disturbing. I'm amazed that I have only heard of it recently. So which movies made you unable to sleep at night? Lay em on me.Mistblossom65 Jul 27
Jul 26 Sequel to the Warcraft Movie? I realize that the Warcraft movie did not do well in NA, at least when taking into account the budget. However it did do well everywhere else and it had an astounding success in China and the rest of Asia. What is the current status / rumors re; possible sequel? I really hope we'll get one, I for one loved the movie. Also, if we are going to see a sequel, any rumors whether it would be The Burning Crusade or perhaps Assault on Blackwing Lair related? I really hope they will continue with the movies...Gellix19 Jul 26
Jul 22 Arena for the Gods boardgame WoW version? Since starting in WoW in 2006, ive always thought a boardgame version of the PVP with tight fast paced rules would be sweet af, a boardgame version more approachable to people who arent into having to memorize novels worth of rulebooks just to play a minis game. Nearly all of the fantasy skirmish miniatures games out there still could be whittled down for more fast paced effective gameplay. We are just now starting to see where this niche has always had the potential to go. Enter Arena for the Gods boardgame. Played it last night, and it scratches this itch completely. Im sitting there already thinking of a version / house rules that would adapt WoW classes and abilities. Get to it blizz chop chop.Evilmon0 Jul 22
Jul 22 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #11 All right! New thread! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) This might be a bit unrelated to everything but for my very first attempt at fanfiction, I wrote up a story about my character, but everypony in the story is a pony. Has a basic plot structure, but considering it was written in about four hours I think it turned out pretty good. Any feedback you can give would be much appreciated. Edit: Lol sorry, forgot link: Also, I've unsubbed in case anyone cares. My subscription should end on the 28th so I've got another three weeks of posting on the forums until then. Just thought I'd put it out there. Edit from over a year later(!): Turns out my link to the fanfiction was faulty. Back in 2014, there was a fanfiction forum that Blizzard had around for a few months. It was pretty cool for people to post their own unique fanfictions in. But over time, they re-updated the forums again and the roleplaying forum just became the new fanfiction forum. As a result, any old fanfictions posted in the destroyed forum just leads to a broken link page. It was a shame too. I actually worked pretty hard on that thread. Future me, I'm writing to you to tell you that Fallout 4 comes out in three weeks and it looks pretty awesome. Edit in here later on to tell me what you think of it! 2nd Edit from four months later: It was a whole lot of fun, past me. I beat it a few months ago, and I'm still consumed by thoughts about it. Turns out that once you beat the game, there isn't a whole lot more I can really do. Lots of repeatable quests. Still, I'm determined to level up my stealth abilities because there's no level limit in the game! I got to level 66 before beating the game. Future me: I'm writing to you wondering about my school year. I'm taking three classes and it feels like I have midterms every single week. It's hard to maintain both my video game/tv watching schedule and still not get too stressed out over school. Does it get any better, or is it just worse from here on out? 3rd Edit: Hello past me's! I'm just writing to say that yes, things do get better. It is now January 28th of 2017 (yes I know, 2017 seems way futuristic). Fallout 4 is now considered one of my most favorite games of all time. Classes got a bit harder last quarter, but this quarter things are pretty chill. I have school stuff sure, but most of my free time is occupied in watching video game speedruns online, watching old shows on amazon, facebook, and playing cool steam games. I've also resubscribed to WoW, mostly out of boredom. I did miss these forums, and it's nice to be back in them once again. Future me: What kind of a job am I going to get? It's early in the year, and my job looks pretty unclear. 4th Edit: Hello from August. Hi past me, no job as of yet. I signed up for LinkedIn, which is a job website and updated my profile on there, but for the most part I remain focused on my video games and studies. I went through graduation about two months ago, but I haven't officially graduated because I wanted to pursue my philosophy minor. In about four months, I'll be officially graduated with a Psychology degree so I'll be able to get a real job. I recently got into this game called Oblivion, and it's highly addictive. I'm about 150 hours into it, and there's no end in sight. It's pretty worrying considering I have a new philosophy class on law starting in two days, and it has tons of reading beforehand. So it's hard to balance the two problems. Future me: What kind of a job will I get? What is working like? Is there much less time to play video games than before? Is my capacity for video games diminished?Vynathlon329 Jul 22
Jul 22 RIP Chester Your rocked blizzcon and many of our lives. May you find peaceSnòòp82 Jul 22
Jul 21 RIP Chester Bennington Linkin Park was the best rock band of the late 90's to early 2000's. You will be missed. 2017 can end for all I care.Skinwälker18 Jul 21
Jul 21 Game of thrones books vs show Are there any differences between the show and the booksGronak5 Jul 21
Jul 17 R.I.P George A. Romero People die all of the time but this guy had a large cult following. I loved most of his movies with the original "night of the living dead" as my favorite This guy basically started the modern zombie genre and the spinoffs I first saw the night of the living dead when my older brother was babysitting me and had friends over to watch movies. I came out in my pajamas with the feet in them and watched wide eyed standing up behind the couch. That was my first horror mover ever and I have been a fan ever sinceSalome2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Game of Thrones starts today! Stark family all become white walkers. You heard it here first...Skandy1 Jul 17
Jul 15 Summer Reading What's everyone reading? I'm 2/3 through Ready Player One - E. Cline Loving it so far Nearly done with The Wrong Side of Goodbye - M. Connelly Excellent Bosch centered drama. In queue for re-reading: Replay - K. Grimwood Such a good book, it gets reread every few years. Zigra, so now let's hear your list.Zigra9 Jul 15
Jul 14 Peaks Freaks? It IS about the bunny!Repooc0 Jul 14
Jul 13 john wick 3 is cometh <3Serpent0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Game of Thrones'..., rejoice! Winter is coming this July 16th!Shadol23 Jul 12
Jul 7 Need help finding a wow track I have been searching (futilely) for the name of this track off and on for a while now. I have even listened to the soundtracks from beginning to end and still can't find it. If anyone knows the track that is playing in Bellular's video (linked below) and could tell me the name of the song/track or at least give me a solid lead other than a snippet in the background of a video, I would really appreciate it. The music in question is playing one minute into the video: Jul 7