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Jun 29 Any 'Song of Ice and Fire' fans? May contain spoilers for those who haven't read the books/seen the show. So I am just starting to read the books, I've watched the series but the books always daunted me with the character switching every chapter. That being said I was hoping to get a little insight, or maybe some clarification on my part (because maybe I am misinterpreting thing.) ... I realize Robert was cursing Cersei from the start. Why? Found on Reddit is a fans take on this curse. ... 'Other' being capitalized and different than 'whitewalker', because the Others were Ancient and different than the multitude of walkers they were creating. And just like any tv or movie adaption this was one of the many things they changed. Those tall towering, blue eyed sentinals? Others. Not Whitewalkers. Whitewalkers just became the catch-all once the show took off for things that went bump in the night. Back to the original theme of this post. Why would he curse Cersei so vehemently from the start? I don't remember the shows saying why, except saying he didn't get to marry Lyanna Stark due to dying from fever. Foreshadowing? I mean Many marriages in those sort of time frames though were political and not love/lust driven. He married her for power. I don't believe Robert truly knew about Cersei and Jamie, or maybe he had a gut feeling (that big old gut of his! God could you imagine someone being as tall as he is suppose to be in the books and having gained? Six and a half feet tall and having gained at least six stone, on top of what he weighed already? Crazy!) But maybe he didn't want to believe that the affair was happening, or maybe he knew and he just knew that he couldn't say any different or else his "heirs" and family name would not be legitimized. I mean if anything, Robert should be grateful. Tywin murdered Rhaegar's children and took Kingslanding. Did all of Robert's dirty work for him. (Even though the Lannister's didn't officially join Roberts side until after the war). You'd think he wouldn't speak ill of Tywin's children. Tywin gives Robert all the gold he can use for eating and whoring. On the other hand he was going to make Jamie Warden of the East, so he can't hate the Lannisters that much? Or it's just Cersei. Complications! Any book nerds want to weigh in? Like I said, I may have this ALL wrong. (I have read through some of 'The World of Ice & Fire')Sharbers3 Jun 29
Jun 29 Why would anybody... ...try to rip off a ‘Kung Fu' Panda? Everybody fightin'!Shadol3 Jun 29
Jun 27 Wonder Woman: Is It Worth? So Wonder Woman is the first live-action DC movie to actually get amazing reviews in almost a decade. Without spoiling anything, is it worth it? I have a lot of free time tomorrow afternoon and I feel like I wanna watch this after Captain Underpants (which is also getting amazing reviews).Dreadfury11 Jun 27
Jun 27 My little pony Where are my Bronies and Pegasisters @? Can the best animated series ever get some love?Kohune49 Jun 27
Jun 25 Attack on Titan!!! What an amazing show!!!, but can someone tell me where I can read the Magna online pretty plz and thank yaJustcold2 Jun 25
Jun 24 Old god board game So there is this board game I have been eating up called Cthulhu wars and I was thinking instead of the great ones and their armies from the lovecraft universe how about we replace them with old gods and their armies. Sounds like a good idea from me anyways.Tavvans0 Jun 24
Jun 24 RIP Stephen Furst You may know him as... Vir Cotto in Babylon 5 Dr. Elliot Axelrod in St. Elsewhere Kent "Flounder" Dorfman in Animal House I ran into him in the hotel lobby at Rebel Con. He talked to me an my friends for 5 mins and took pictures with us. A really nice guy I must say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you oughtta go back home and crawl under your bed. It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it’s not for the timid. — QSolaru1 Jun 24
Jun 24 Rest In Peace, Adam West Sadly he passed away today at age 88. Rest in peace, Caped Crusader.Pärker7 Jun 24
Jun 23 Anime thread.. Um just checking to see if there would be interest in this... Just an all around thread, what are you watching, what are you planning to watch, anything that caught your attention and all that... I think we had one here some time ago but it might of just been a "your favorite anime" thread or something. Well anyway for me I've been watching the entire Pre-cure series more or less which is quite an endeavor as there are a ton of episodes, it's been pretty fun though. I also went back and re-watched the last few episodes of Evangelion for whatever reason since I had the DVD lying around.Pherisan16 Jun 23
Jun 21 The Last Jedi anyone else stoked for the potential drop of the trailer today?Xarik78 Jun 21
Jun 16 Photo thread? Is it allowed here? Or no where on the forums Tried in general and got deleted, completely forgot about this section because I'm not very smartNelarielo1 Jun 16
Jun 14 RIP Chris Cornell Passed suddenly at 52. You will be missed.Cenas165 Jun 14
Jun 13 47 Meters Down Does anyone else hope they all die?Jerauld2 Jun 13
Jun 13 Cavs-Warriors in the finals! Give me the Warriors in 6. KD gets finals MVP. Bron Bron leaves Cleveland and goes to the Spurs lol.Nagasis12 Jun 13
Jun 9 World of Warcraft movie Hello! I don't usually pitch ideas, so cut me a break here. I had a bizarre dream, but brilliant Idea pitch last night for a Blizzard Movie. The idea was a World Of Warcraft movie; rather than the beloved Warcraft series. I understand the order of things cannot be tampered with; so this may take some time. The idea would be to make it realistic and give the real feel of playing the game. My idea was to work on the movie expansion by expansion, starting with "Vanilla" WoW. The movie would start off with a human male Hunter (probably someone like Benicio Del Toro, or anyone else badass)with his family in a small shed in Elwynn Forest. Him and his family dread that he is going into the Molten Core Later, to defeat the evil that is Ragnaros. Now is when you can choose to include Lore, or some chat between him and fellow raiders at a bar in Stormwind. The climax of the movie is of course Molten Core. Compared to the Warcraft Movie, this one should be somewhat gritty and raw; kinda like Game of Thrones. That realisticness is what is going to draw fans in. So further in, they kill all the bosses (every boss in Molten Core should be included) they get to Ragnaros. (Thunderfury has to drop and be used by final fight). At this point in the movie, the raid will wipe for the first time on Ragnaros. Our hero will get crushed by Sulfuras. All the raiders come back as ghosts and run to their body. They eat food and buff up. They then continue to kill Ragnaros. End of movie. Oh, and my arcane mage has to make a cameo as a raider. He also has to be played by Willem Dafoe. Any further suggestions?Teronidas2 Jun 9
Jun 8 Youtube Music Mixes Do you guys ever make these? Personally I like doing it from time to time. I made a 200 song playlist of a bunch of random songs on Youtube. It's a music mix, though mainly tailored to my own tastes so Indie, Alternative, Rock, Electronica, Metal. I tried mixing it up around but you can always put it on shuffle. Do you guys got anything else?Pärker0 Jun 8
Jun 2 Free Children's book! Hey everyone! I am here today because I wanted to pay a good deed forward on this wonderful Friday and give you all with children (or if you just simply like children's books) the opportunity to get in on a free deal on Amazon! Who doesn't like COMPLETELY free stuff, right? Running over the weekend is a deal to get the children's e-book: Bedtime Bubble Rhyme for free of charge. Just look it up. You won't be disappointed! Have a nice Friday everyone :)Feròcity0 Jun 2
Jun 1 RIP Gregg Allman First Cornell and now Allman.... Jun 1
Jun 1 Could someone recommend good horror movies? I've become drained with the same ol' plot accompanied with atrocious acting. "A group of teenagers go on a trip.." "Single mom moves to new house with her children.." You get my point. However with that said, I'm open to pretty much anything if the horror is good. The only thing I can say I'm definitely not looking for is human vs human horror. I'd more so like to see unique antagonists (monsters, ghosts, ethereal beings, etc) Sorry if this isn't the place to ask but I thought i'd give it a shot since we all already have 1 common interest. Warcraft.John27 Jun 1
Jun 1 Any Dragonball Z fans? Who wants to take a break from WoW talk and discuss what the most crucial moment in DBZ was? Tell me your theories and I'll share mine!Jayge51 Jun 1
May 30 Sometimes Imgur Zigra, topical trolling.Zigra0 May 30
May 30 Cosplay Questions about warcraft movie Ok I'm about to take on the task of doing an exact cosplay of Gul'dan from the warcraft movie. I'm trying to figure scales, like how tall Gul'dan is while hunched over. And how tall his staff is. How big his hands and feet would be but I can figure that out with his height. How wide his body is, I'm thinking about 5 feet wide by looks. And about 6'5 standing while hunched.Dotzfortotz0 May 30
May 30 Peaks Freaks! Any other Twin Peaks fans? Or Lynch for that matter. Loved the premiere last week. Felt more like Fire Walk With Me than the show, but I loved it. Can't wait for tonight's 2 hour episode.Potentia1 May 30
May 28 MUSIC CHALLENGE I challenge the WOW Universe to collaborate with me to create new concert music for Darkmoon Concert. POTH is worn out. Anyone that has the power of the recording studio. That is all.Chillaxen0 May 28
May 28 Painkiller > Breaking The Law Discuss.Weemadarthur17 May 28
May 26 13 Reasons Why Just started this Netflix series last night, at the recommendation of my son. 4 episodes in, and I'm hooked. No spoilers please. Zigra, because July and GoT is a few months off.Zigra13 May 26
May 25 Happy bday starwars! Happy bday starwars!!! 40 years ago today a movie called starwars was made ! Thank you starwars!Darthkitana1 May 25
May 22 Alien Covenant Awesome movie. Excellent sequel to Prometheus. Great story development! Check it out if you haven't already!Rhyzael27 May 22
May 20 RIP Chris Cornell Sad news. The man had one heck of a set of pipes. From Very Special Christmas Album 3, Ave Maria -- something you wouldn't expect from Chris. May 20
May 20 Alien Covenant (Possible Spoilers) So this main post will not contain any spoilers (in-case of mouse-overs on the topic page). I'll say this though, as a diehard Alien/Aliens fan and all things Xenomorph, the movie was ehh. Not bad, but not great either. Worth seeing in normal cinema but not IMAX or Dolby Experience. Once you see it yourself you'll understand. Anyways now that the thread is up (didn't see any others), anyone else see the movie yet? Also spoilers are allowed (hence spoiler warning in title) since now the main post is done.Illixeno1 May 20
May 20 Why Iron Man > Batman Classic Batman Cartoon intro. Classic Iron man Cartoon intro. I rest my case.Frakett6 May 20
May 20 Music files on MAC Hi, I've been doing a research to extract the music files from legion on my mac, but i only found something for windows for the 6.0.3, Does anybody knows how to extract them? I would love to listen that music when im not playing.Agrarianmaik1 May 20
May 19 I need ZA.. I need the trinket! I come here begging for help. Way back in '08 there was a Ventrilo recording of a WoW player named Zeromaz who was begging for ZA runs so he could get his hex shrunken head trinket, resorting to singing to get carries. My brother and I have toiled to find any trace of it, after all, its been almost 10 years, and we finally came across proof that it existed and even where it was hosted. Unfortunately, the hosting site has since changed its formating and has likely lost the files. If anyone has any information on if these recordings were ever uploaded elsewhere or if you even have a precious copy, please help! Below I have included the original post on the WoW Forums outlining this info. Edit: Dardanos was the one who recorded and posted this amazing event and all props go to him I just had to share it with more than just Demon Soul. Edit: For those who would like to have teh lulz without reading just click the two vent recordings. (Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger drunk, and singing pop music about wanting a shrunken head trinket.) It started with... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q u o t e: you've probably guessed it. im a horde warlock, and im looking to go to Zul'Aman with a raid group. My guild is too small to go with. I will respec affliction and dps if i get the chance to go with anyone. And if it matters im only going for one drop, Hex shrunken head. The rest i won't roll on, i don't care about the other drops. If i get the head i won't leave the raid either because i got what i wanted, i'll finish it out. Please send me a message in game if we could arrange something. Thank you Zeromaz ok i have resorted to paying for this shrunken head... give me a time and a price. send me a piece of mail in game, a message... whatever. im a pvp warlock and i have no way of getting this trinket myself, please help. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now has progressed to... (Vent Recordings) Original threads... Edit: Switched the Vent recordings around to the proper order. Update: If you would like to hear a specific song please post in the song request thread! Update: Digg it here! May 19
May 19 Twink 101 Rogue Montage - Instanced and WPvP :DFyngore0 May 19
May 19 rewatching FMA Brotherhood... *****Spoiler Ahead***** Hey all I'm rewatching full metal alchemist brotherhood and it got me to wondering wouldn't amerstrian alchemy die without father since he controls that type of alchemy ?Löx0 May 19
May 17 Just started: The Last Kingdom Netflix Series. Finished Episode 2 Very engaged so far. Nice pace, good characters, interesting plot, well acted. Don't tell me the ending, Mrs. Zigra and I are binge watching it in our 1-2 episode-a-night pace. As a fan of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Stranger Things, and other made for tv gems, this one kind of snuck by my radar. Glad my son recommended it. Great so far. Zigra, looking for gemstones on the plains of clay.Zigra19 May 17
May 17 Havoc DH PvP montage Hello everyone :D I recently made a montage including a few bgs and arena. I haven't made one in a long time and it actually pretty fun. Please check it out! Tell me what you think. May 17
May 17 Question Why are the Orcs so much darn bigger in the Wow movie than humans...... You see that beginning cut scene.....where the human and orc face off.... I mean know that "huemee" was in vendor bought "greys" about to get the smack down in WG.......that Orc had an epic equipped I bet.... F that ....Im running flag or not...... Just saying..Thraxxis0 May 17
May 15 Gilmore Girls Is such a great show.Prizma1 May 15
May 14 Samurai Jack Okay I'm gonna dodge some spoilers but, I just can't believe what happened last night! It was truly shocking and i am gonna be both excited and scared for the last episode of season 5 (which will be next sat, the 20th). If you guys want to find out what the heck is going on in season 5, go look at youtube (ppl there have full episodes of the entire past episodes of season 5) and go watch the latest episode of "C" (episode 9) in this weds and thurs as repeats from last night! Episode 10 (CI) is gonna be the last episode of the series! Can't wait for next sat night!Dirona1 May 14
May 8 Your Favorite Music For me, right now I'm listening to a lot of aggrotech, deathcore, and black metal, and I'd say they're my favorite genres. Some of my favorite bands at the momet would have to be: Make Them Suffer Psyclon Nine Combichrist Xehanort Shadow of Intent Born of Osiris Right now I'm listening to a remix of Psyclon Nine's song "Crwn Thy Frnicatr", and I've been listening mainly to their first three albums for the past few days.Wolvigar6 May 8
May 7 Looking to Start New Guild/Anime Club! So you read the topic correctly... Looking to start a new guild with casual players who also love to watch/read anime! Not going to bore you with ton of rules but I am considering a few initially: Must act with respect towards all players in guild No harassment of any kind! Must have knowledge of the basic mechanics of WoW game play All players welcome, new or old Must participate in at least 1 guild event per week (still deciding on this) And last but not least, LOVE anime of all types Since this is in it's early stages (guild) I am definitely also looking for anyone who wishes to help me recruit and build this guild. Please feel free to add me pmrodrig #1671 Also looking for some ideas around the guild name, please share your best ones and I can tally and poll to see which is the best one. I will provide training and assistance to any new players, and I expect everyone in the guild to do the same. Once I see the amount of interest we can also decide on which server to play on, I am open to anything at this point. Let me hear ya!Lobo1 May 7
May 5 Lost City of Z Did anyone see this one yet? I'm curious about it but haven't been able to find the time to go just yet... I want to see it sooner rather than later if possible then edit with my own reaction at some point.Pherisan0 May 5
May 3 New-ish Romcom anime? [Maybe Spoilers] I'm in search of a really good romcom anime where the MC actually gets kissed. I've seen toooons of the older stuff, like Ao Haru Ride, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, and Toradora. Those were all good shows. :( Now they're all done and ended and I'm in sure of something that's kind of recent. That's came out within the last few years. Thanks for any suggestions!Kelsey2 May 3
May 2 Overlord Ainz To which class is he more similar Mage or Warlock.Nephrites0 May 2
Apr 23 NA Alliance M+ Runs I stream 5-7 days a week and I regularly try to help the community with some of their M+ keys big and small. This week we have some of the easiest affixes so lets run some if you're NA Alliance. You can find me at I do plenty of other WoW related things as well including giveaways so if M+ isnt your thing thats ok. I wish you a great day If I dont see you around and may the loot Gods be good to you in your chests and on your bonus rolls.Lyftedstorm0 Apr 23
Apr 23 Big Bang Theory - classify the characters In the show we learn that Sheldon is a Night Elf Rogue and Wolowitz is a Night Elf Hunter. What about Leonard and Rajesh? What race and class might they be? (I am not asking you to find out what they really are, just what seems appropriate.) And if you don't like Howard and Sheldon's races and classes as shown, what would be more appropriate? Sheldon - Howard - Leonard - Rajesh -Amallo62 Apr 23
Apr 23 You Tube Videos Just wondering how may Warcraft players have You Tube videos? I know I do. Post links to your channel. Apr 23
Apr 23 World of Warcraft Action Figures. So I was at Toys R Us with my niece and nephew and seen that there was action figures from the Warcraft movie. I think it would be really cool to see more action figures on the market, or at least the Blizzard website. I would so buy a Ragnaros, Lich King action figure. What would be even cooler is coming out with a Customizable Figure (to an extent) that you can swap armor pieces like in the game. It might be a far fetched idea but it would definitely be sweet to see some more figures from other parts of Warcraft on the market either way.Chaalyn5 Apr 23