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Dec 14 I Miss Dark Matter/Killjoys Night TV is pretty cruddy. Liking Sci-Fi type stuff, there is just not much on TV. If I LOVE a show, it is the kiss of death. I thought Firefly was a great show. I think this is because I just turned 50. So I have an appreciation for shows they could not have made while I was growing up. I mean, TRY to watch the old Battlestar Galactica or something like Space 1999. The only amazing Sci-Fi I can think of from when I was young was the original Star Trek (in syndication by the time I saw it, of course) I think TNG came out when I was 19 or something? I remember watching the first episode and how boring it was and not giving the series a chance, until years later when it was in syndication and I binged it. But now, they can make shows with pretty amazing effects. They are still expensive, however, which means they often don't last very long (SCI-FI shows don't usually get the best ratings.) So I was surprised when Dark Matter and Killjoys came out, both on the same night! There became kind of a Dark Matter VS Killjoys thing, on the net, of people who liked one or the other. I really grew to love them both! So working all week until 1 am, one of my highlights was coming home on Friday night and downloading both of those to watch with some beers. Now they are out of season! So I can find anything else to really watch on Friday. The highlight of my weekend is not until Sunday night now, with my Walking Dead and Westworld double feature (the later one is INSANE, I can't really believe how good that show is.) They can make insanely good Sci-Fi now, with the tech they have today. Tv shows can rival the Cinema. Ratings are king, though. Lawyer and Cop shows cost about 20 bucks to make, so they churn those out instead. They probably think "Law and Order, Omaha NEBRASKA!", would do better in the ratings than a great SCI-FI show (they are probably right.) So it gets a bit ridiculous. I'm hoping that stuff like Walking Dead and Westworld have more of a crossover audience. Any time I like a space opera, I get nervous; I'm so glad Dark Matter and Killjoys are still not canceled.Kybeorie7 Dec 14
Dec 13 Are you on the square? Are you on the level? Are you ready to swear right here right now Before the devil That you're on the square That you're on the level That you're ready to stand right here right now Right here right now This song has been stuck in my head for months...Jerauld3 Dec 13
Dec 12 Garfield or Robbie rotten battle to the death who would win frame of reference Robbie Garfield Dec 12
Dec 12 Christmas is Coming It's great that despite all the divisive issues going on, that we can all come together as humans every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It might not be the exact date, but it's the thought and intention that counts. It's a time for prayer, community, giving, sharing, kindness, compassion, and most importantly it's a time for spending that hard earned money on things we don't need. What do you want for Christmas? Merry Christmas EveryoneGnomobama30 Dec 12
Dec 12 The Polyrhythms Won't Leave My Head Now. It may of been suggested before... I must share this with people who believe there's no soul and talent in metal music as a generality. TesseracT - Altered State I'm sure most of the prog guys already know of this, but as a musician myself, I believe this changed my entire aspect on not just progressive metal by itself, but my entire way of seeing music has drastically changed. The polyrythms and melodies have been stuck in my head for over a week since I first listened to this album. When I picked up my guitar, now all I can do is make a melodic tune with a progressive bassline. It feels like my understanding of music has been honed and rejuvenated. I feel inspired now, I now have the hope I need to believe some day I can bring back the soul of the metal genre whenever I compose my own band some day. It's a long shot, but i'll give it my best... In due time. I hope this reaches out to other musicians.Gashadokuro0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Westworld, Omg (spoilers) Omg. Omg. Omg. I figured out William, when he was going dark. Then he had hat. Omg. Omg. Delores' self, center of maze. Omg. Not for him. Omg. Bernard/Arnold. Best show ever. Serious.Kybeorie1 Dec 12
Dec 9 Make your Own Game of Thrones House So, I have just finished watching season 6 of A Game of Thrones. And now I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for a new house. I want to make a Northern house but have been kind of been struggling for a name and especially a sigil. I would really like some help and would love to see some other people's ideas.Yunqisuen0 Dec 9
Dec 8 Decent music, list. TechnoGanatheriees0 Dec 8
Dec 7 Anyone into sportscars? motorsports? Where are you? What do you drive? What kind of driving do you do? I live about an hour from Hiroshima,Japan in a little town called Iwakuni. At the moment I drive a 99' RSII Mazda roadster, because I am trying to pay off any debts while still going to the track and touge (mountain roads). The roadster is cheap and easy to maintain, so I'm driving that now. My debts will be paid off in less than a month, so I'm looking at an s15 Silvia. Since Canada has the 15 year import rule, all 99'ish cars have gotten more expensive, so I have a few options in case one is simply too expensive at the time I'm looking. Maybe an R34 GT Turbo, jzx100 Chaser or Euro, if they weren't so expensive.Settofail32 Dec 7
Dec 6 Your Life Goal? What do you want to do with your life? Where are you at now?Razorik8 Dec 6
Dec 5 youtube new layout? so in the past few days, ive noticed that i cant post any comments on youtube videos other than reply. Anyone else have this problem? Also comments are on infinite scroll and cant be changed from top comment to newest.Blackeyepeas0 Dec 5
Dec 5 Pop songs Can you guys please recommend some of your favorite pop songs?Mamaminozz6 Dec 5
Dec 3 Blizzard Themed Coloring Books Adult coloring books seem to quite popular these days. Personally, I love them. They can be really amazing for refocusing my mind when I'm dealing with an anxiety attack or when I'm just really stress out. They seem to come in so many different themes. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Swear Words, Wine.. Almost everything you can think of. What I would like to see is coloring books based off of Blizzard Games. I've bought large coloring posters featuring Harley Quinn and The Joker, and I would happily buy coloring books or posters featuring the fantastical worlds of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, etc.Lunasia5 Dec 3
Dec 2 The Mandella Effect Conspiracy So there is this thing that has caught my attention called the mandella effect What it is is a large group of people remembering an event one way, but in reality it happened differently than what everybody remembers Now since this is the Movies TV and Entertainment section I will use examples relating to these things Example #1. In Star Wars, Darth Vader NEVER said "Luke, I am your father" what he ACTUALLY said is "No, I'm your father." Example #2.C3PO has a silver leg now, most of us don't recall this Example #3.In snow white, the evil queen does NOT say "Mirror Mirror On the wall" she instead actually says "Magic mirror" Example #4.Forest Gump says Life WAS like a box of chocolates, not IS Example #5.Berenstein Bears book series became BerenstAin somehow There are TONS more examples but these are just a few to get you familiar with the idea. Do YOU remember any of these movie lines wrong as well? Do you think we are all just REALLY !@#$ing stupid and we all literally have misremembered, or do you think something more is going on here? Perhaps our timeline has been altered even. Thoughts?Jahbulon0 Dec 2
Nov 29 Washed up Streamer Hello, Shalom, Privyet. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. Introducing myself as a Multilingual streamer. Ive been in the gaming scene my whole life. and ever since i started I wanted to let the whole world know of my expertise and how fun/funny i can be. Currently Im on if you would like to check me out [b][/b] is where you can find me im a evening/night raider and stream during those hrs just about every-freaking-day. I want to get big and show everyone that I am capable of this. I love what i do and I want to continue doing it.Lîfeless2 Nov 29
Nov 28 Creating a Game of Thrones House So I want to create a dornish noble house, this has nothing to do with WoW. I would like a house name, words and a banner. If anyone has any ideas please share them. I have already made one called House Greyheart their words are "The old gods will hear us" Their sigil is a red heart pierced by a grey sword.Yunqisuen5 Nov 28
Nov 26 (Off Topic) STATE CHAMPIONS! My Greyhounds are INDIANA STATE CHAMPIONS! A 16-13 victory over the Center Grove High School Trojans ended on a Carmel High School field goal in OT. Congrats, Carmel!Gorev0 Nov 26
Nov 25 Any good anime to watch? Anyone tell me any good anime I can watch? I know there are plenty of anime I already heard of I need to watch, but I want to see if you all know any that I probably haven't heard of before.Zorther132 Nov 25
Nov 24 Streaming NO HEALER 5-9 KEYSTONES! Demon hunter PoV! Rank 35 on my havoc weapon. Rank 34 on my Vengeance weapon. Tanking and DPSing these NO HEALER runs!! Come check it out. Come ask questions about DH I'm more than happy to chat and discuss everything about DH in the current patch and in the future patches or just come and hang out in my super sweet stream! Come check out the madness!Aziyax6 Nov 24
Nov 23 AP rank 35 DH STREAMING! Demon hunter PoV! Rank 35 on my havoc weapon. Rank 34 on my Vengeance weapon. Tanking and DPSing these NO HEALER runs!! Come check it out. Come ask questions about DH I'm more than happy to chat and discuss everything about DH in the current patch and in the future patches or just come and hang out in my super sweet stream!Aziyax0 Nov 23
Nov 23 What are you listening to? Been a while since we had a music thread. Let's make it a discussion this time rather than just posting links for people to not click! :P What are you listening to? What genre(s) if any do you prefer for a particular activity? I prefer fast-paced electronic music for PvP and when I'm running STM. Pretty sure it actually raises your heart rate, so it's good for short periods of intense play, but exhausting to listen to for too long. Krewella - Come & Get It (Hard techno/dance-pop) Nov 23
Nov 22 Lets talk about pokemon gen 7!!! New changes.. who will be ubers ,OU,PU,UU,NU. all that who was your starter? my starter was poppilo, originally i was going with rowlett i liked all 3 forms. but water/fairy typing just stood out more i saw way more use in a fairy type over a ghost type. that and primarina was just straight up gorgeous. tbh with its hidden ability i see it in OU and alot of use in team battles. but out side of that 1 pokemon. kommo-o is the only other non legendary pokemon i see above PU. gen 7...was rather slow. maybe 2 pokemon over the speed stat of 100. which is a bummer for me. because i like faster pokemon.Sherei2 Nov 22
Nov 22 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them We went on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately for her, the lady across the aisle from me apparently thought it was ok for her to play some bowling game or something on her phone. After asking twice for the "cell phone to be shut off" I got up and stood next to her until she put it away. The film is dark. Both visually and thematically. My hubby thought the movie was basically going to be a pokemon hunt for various critters -- not so, although there are certainly some critter chases :) The film is long. I warned my hubby to pace himself on the super-sized soda and he regretted that he did no take that advice! I think it's a good start to a new franchise. I like the actors chosen, especially the nomag (the American term for "muggle", no magic). I like the look. I like the dealing with "adult" issues.Cihys2 Nov 22
Nov 21 Favorite fictional characters What are your favorite fictional characters? Do you want to see them in other works of fiction? Here are mine(mostly mysterious Wizards/Witches/Assassins): 1. Gandalf from LotR(who in Norse Myth is an Elven King which would make for a great Cartoon) 2. The White Witch from BBC's Chronicles of Narnia(would like a Cartoon Adaption of the Norse's Angrboda based on her) 3. Moocluck from WoW Machinima(would like to see him in a Cartoon) 4. Master of Whispers from Guild Wars Nightfall(would like to see a Cartoon Parody of him) 5. Doctor Cornelius from BBC Chronicles of Narnia(would like to get a parody him into Elven King Gandalf's court in a Cartoon) 6. Drexle from the SNES adaption of LotR(would also want him in Elven King Gandalf's court) 7. Death Phantom/Wiseman from Sailor Moon(better character than those teenagers on the show) 6. Darth Traya from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. 7. Arch-Thief Rafaam from Hearthstone(would like a Cartoon good guy based on his unleashed design) 8. Tom Bombadil from the LotR books 9. Gul'dan from WoW(would like to cross his back spikes with Death Phantom) 10. Zeratul from Starcraft 2(would love to see a tiger parody of him in a cartoon) 11. Artanis from Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void So what are your favorites?Yvenathilm7 Nov 21
Nov 21 Doctor Strange So I went to see Doctor Strange today. The first film I have seen that I can say that I'm glad that I wasn't seeing it in iMax 3D. Boy was the movie trippy AF! They certainly captured the essence of Doctor Strange and his reality. Definitely worth spending the money on (in 3D if available).Amaer3 Nov 21
Nov 20 Kargath Bladefist in the Warcraft Movie!!! Does anyone else notice that Kargath Bladefist is in the Warcraft movie, when Blackhand is receiving his sentence from Gul'Dan?Waterlogged1 Nov 20
Nov 19 How did Robin Williams Play WoW? When someone leaves us, many of us find comfort in finding some similarities (have a distinct connection) with that person. I was just curious about his play style in the game. Was he like me? How did he enjoy the game? What faction did he play? What class did he play? Did he had a ton of alts? Was he raider, did he even down garrosh (did he even play this expansion)? Did he like to pvp? did he like arenas? Did he even had a trade? Wonder did he like to hang out in town or do dailies? Was he part of a large guild, and did that guild even know? Did he play the AH? Would be nice to know. -MembraneMembrane10 Nov 19
Nov 18 Last Concert You Went To All this talk about best evers and all that, and a joyful day of Weird Al posts, I was thinking back to my concert going days. I'm 56 now and admit readily that I don't get out much any more. However, my son has a very lovely lady who is into 80s music and last month we saw Echo and the Bunnymen at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The Moore is a nice small theater, under 2k seating I think. It was a good time but the sound system was a bit overblown so it was hard to understand some of the lyrics and when Ian was talking. Still, the overall sound was amazing. The guys have held up well for all the years :) My favorite has always been "Never Stop" The encore and Liz's woohoo! "Lips Like Sugar" Nov 18
Nov 16 The best live performance of all time. So, one problem with many bands I find is that while they are amazing sounding on an album, if you see them live they're well... Garbo. Not so with Rush. I was so happy to finally find this on Youtube, and I just had to share it. I know it's long, but trust me its worth it. Nov 16
Nov 15 suggested spiritual documentaries got any?Opasmea3 Nov 15
Nov 14 I missed all the Sunday Posts today... But... enjoyed one of the best NASCAR Races of the entire season. Watched one of the best Football games in YEARS (Dallas vs Pitt) Great episode of TWD tonight... (no spoilers... but F U NEGAN!) AAAAAAAND... I bought a new cooker the other day. The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer. Cooked an 11lbs Pork Shoulder on this thing today with an applewood rub.... OMG sooo good!Redblueblurr0 Nov 14
Nov 10 [Off Topic] - The World Series. More sports, more smack, more betting. This is life. If you want in the pool, please let me know. 100g buy in. Send to Zigra (H) or Svendeta (A) by start of Game 1. First Pick the winner. Second pick the number of games. Third: pick the total runs for both teams scored in all games until the winner is decided. (tie breaker) So for my pick, Zigra: Cubs, in 6 games, 42 total runs.Zigra48 Nov 10
Nov 10 New trailer New international trailer for Star Wars Rogue One Hyped!! :)éseùs0 Nov 10
Nov 8 Young Justice is BACK It's official, Season 3 incoming and also here Nov 8
Nov 7 Anyone hyped for UFC 205? Can't wait for this on Saturday it's the biggest show the UFC has ever done. Gonna go ahead and post my predictions for the main card. Feel free to do the same if you are also a UFC Fan. For Alvarez vs McGregor I got Alvarez by UD For Woodley vs Thompson I got Tyron by KO For Joanna vs Karolina I got Joanna by UD For Weidman vs Romero(very hard prediction) I got Romero by TKO For Gastelum vs Cerrone I got my boy Gastelum by UD For Tate vs Pennington I got Miesha Tate by submission. Im most excited for Woodley and Wonderboy that fight is going to be amazing. Overall this whole card is insanely awesome. Can't wait for this. 206 and 207 are going to be amazingly good cards as well. Very well done by the UFC to end off 2016Fuego0 Nov 7
Nov 4 Diaz or McGregor? #WARDIAZ!!!!! EDIT: I get it. Nerds don't like combat sports. You can post about other random stuff in GD but if you post about UFC you get down voted.Davidians40 Nov 4
Nov 3 Good Eats is coming back! So, Alton Brown made the announcement a few days ago that he will be picking up where he left off on Good Eats with a new internet show starting sometime next year since he is taking a break from Cutthroat Kitchen and getting back to what he actually enjoys doing. This internet show will not have any ties to the Food Network though because he basically wants the freedom to do what he wants, cook what he wants and base the episodes on what he wants. I, personally, am looking forward to this more than any other show, movie or game currently in the works. You can watch the video here of him talking about it: Nov 3
Nov 3 Clearing out the old games I have a LARGE box of old game systems and games. I have another LARGE box of old computer software. Not going to mess with the software but I am going to go offline and into Real Life and sort out the games. A new used game shop has opened up near me and are very excited to hear that I have inventory for them, most of which includes the original boxes and materials that they came with. A lot of them are junk but some are sought after for various reasons. I'm keeping my Super NES. I know I will be keeping the Diddy Kongs and Yoshi's Island and Super Mario. Not sure about the rest. If I still have the 64, I'm getting rid of that hunk of junk and all the games. Never liked that system. They already have Ataris and are not particularly interested in the two working ones I have. One is the wood patterned/extra button model that is the desirable one. However, they are interested in my games. Gameboy(s) plural. I might keep one and a couple of the games. Maybe not. The Sega Genesis and all of its games got pawned by son's Junky uncle :( That's too bad, I think my Earthworm Jim was Sega?? Wii is staying. I don't use it often but I like the 3d real life of it. Don't remember if I have a working original Nintendo. I know I have a gold Zelda, was that from original? I also have the robot thing for putting games in, although one part is somewhere in my sewing room. I know there are collectors who want that/want my parts. My PS2 is "marginally" working. Will likely get rid of all games except Spyro the Dragon. All I know is that it will be a fun afternoon of remember old times.Cihys1 Nov 3
Nov 3 watched so much and looking for similar I look for new media to enjoy which gets hard every week since I have watched thousands upon thousands of shows and movies so I have been looking for a site to list my favorites and find suggestions. any tips?Opasmea1 Nov 3
Nov 3 What are your phobias? Any rational or irrational fears? Personally, I have claustrophobia and thalassophobia. Tiny spaces make me very anxious and I cannot stay in elevators if they don't have windows. If I'm in there too long, I'll start hyperventilating and may start panicking. The ocean also gives me the heebie jeebies. I do just fine in a swimming pool; I can see what's at the bottom without worrying. But the ocean or large bodies of water that aren't entirely clear scare the hell out of me. I will not set foot into the ocean! Being in a submarine would be an absolute nightmare for me.Razorik35 Nov 3
Nov 2 VHS Is anyone a fan of those movies? I love them for some twisted reason. :)Shimmerfae19 Nov 2
Nov 2 Most/Least Favorite Halloween Treats? In spirit of the season and to remember fond Halloween memories, what were your most favorite and least favorite treats? Most Favorite: Chocolate Bars -Kit-kats, Twix, Reese's, Snickers, Milky Way, Mr.Goodbar, Crunch, Butterfinger... those are REAL treats! Least Favorite: Tootsie Rolls -They're not chocolate and they're hardly candy... but they are absolutely disappointing and boring.Razorik13 Nov 2
Nov 2 Your music you play as you drive to work? Mine are very very random. Depends if I want to annoy other drivers or sooth them while my windows are down. As of late I listen to various movie soundtracks.Niphilim4 Nov 2
Nov 2 When You Invite A Guildy To The Karazhan. In World of Warcraft Legion patch 7.1 we decided to finish Karazhan dungeon last night and we bring alone are rouge in the guild.....Lmao god dam we !@#$ up lol. Never in the history of World of Warcraft did I ever completed a dungeon that took 4 hours long to beat my life hanging like that nuts and squirrel world quest mission. %^-* was wild and crazy. But i hope you guys and girls get a laughs out of the new Leeroy Jenkins as well as i did. Nov 2
Nov 2 Should Cowboys bench Dak for Tony Romo? Tony romo is supposedly getting more healthy and will be able to play again. why would they let him play again when they're 6-1?Loomiess5 Nov 2
Nov 1 New Pychedelic/Alt/Rock Poconos, PA Hey everyone, checkout my bands debut single Nov 1
Oct 31 What happened to MMOs? From the beginning it seemed like there was just a huge variety of MMOs, each unique and brought their own amazing aspect to the world. UO/EQ/DAOC/EQ2/SWG/Eve/Runescape/Guildwars/WoW and plenty of others. Each game was so different from one another, but each brought pure joy. It seems like ever since WoW has come out, the MMO scene has sort of plateau'd and has been stuck at the WoW level ever since. I'm sure you all have heard the term 'wow clone'. That's what they all are now. Maybe I'm just getting older and don't enjoy video games like I use to. It just seems like none of the MMOs I play today really give me that 'spark' and want to play hours on end. It's kind of depressing really. Looking for opinions of older gamers and their thoughts. Are you guys as into these MMOs as you once were?Naisikras3 Oct 31
Oct 31 Westworld and Walking Dead It is time for my Sunday night WW again. Enough Shocktop beer, check. Downloaded Westworld, Check. Downloaded Walking Dead, Check. Hurrah!Kybeorie0 Oct 31
Oct 30 Indians or cubs Who are you cheering for?Scytheblade35 Oct 30
Oct 29 Horror novel fans? Thought I'd bring this up since Halloween is soon. I feel like I always want to be a fan of the horror genre, but to be honest very very very few horror novels actually scared me. Most haven't even creeped me out a little. They often come off more cheesy than anything with undeveloped characters that I don't really care much about. Horror novels are often shallow and even gimmicky with little to no substance. Yet I hold out hope that one day I might find that special book or special author that satisfies me. That said, I love the idea of horror novels. A lot of them are based on good ideas, but just fail to deliver. I've heard some people say it's because we're all so desensitized by television and films. With special effects how they are these days, it's very hard for a scary book to compete with the grisly visuals and creepy sounds we get on the screen. I just read Hell House and even though the premise is right up my alley, the book itself barely kept me interested at all. What about all of you? Have you read any novels that truly freaked you out and made you want to sleep with the lights on even as an adult? Have you been impressed by any truly well written and developed novels of horror? I like dark stories that are about the paranormal and hauntings and stories that leave me feeling disturbed and on edge and even frightened but they are rather hard to find. Thoughts?Ambrel5 Oct 29