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Nov 18 Last Concert You Went To All this talk about best evers and all that, and a joyful day of Weird Al posts, I was thinking back to my concert going days. I'm 56 now and admit readily that I don't get out much any more. However, my son has a very lovely lady who is into 80s music and last month we saw Echo and the Bunnymen at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The Moore is a nice small theater, under 2k seating I think. It was a good time but the sound system was a bit overblown so it was hard to understand some of the lyrics and when Ian was talking. Still, the overall sound was amazing. The guys have held up well for all the years :) My favorite has always been "Never Stop" The encore and Liz's woohoo! "Lips Like Sugar" Nov 18
Nov 16 The best live performance of all time. So, one problem with many bands I find is that while they are amazing sounding on an album, if you see them live they're well... Garbo. Not so with Rush. I was so happy to finally find this on Youtube, and I just had to share it. I know it's long, but trust me its worth it. Nov 16
Nov 15 suggested spiritual documentaries got any?Opasmea3 Nov 15
Nov 14 I missed all the Sunday Posts today... But... enjoyed one of the best NASCAR Races of the entire season. Watched one of the best Football games in YEARS (Dallas vs Pitt) Great episode of TWD tonight... (no spoilers... but F U NEGAN!) AAAAAAAND... I bought a new cooker the other day. The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer. Cooked an 11lbs Pork Shoulder on this thing today with an applewood rub.... OMG sooo good!Redblueblurr0 Nov 14
Nov 10 [Off Topic] - The World Series. More sports, more smack, more betting. This is life. If you want in the pool, please let me know. 100g buy in. Send to Zigra (H) or Svendeta (A) by start of Game 1. First Pick the winner. Second pick the number of games. Third: pick the total runs for both teams scored in all games until the winner is decided. (tie breaker) So for my pick, Zigra: Cubs, in 6 games, 42 total runs.Zigra48 Nov 10
Nov 10 New trailer New international trailer for Star Wars Rogue One Hyped!! :)éseùs0 Nov 10
Nov 8 Young Justice is BACK It's official, Season 3 incoming and also here Nov 8
Nov 7 Anyone hyped for UFC 205? Can't wait for this on Saturday it's the biggest show the UFC has ever done. Gonna go ahead and post my predictions for the main card. Feel free to do the same if you are also a UFC Fan. For Alvarez vs McGregor I got Alvarez by UD For Woodley vs Thompson I got Tyron by KO For Joanna vs Karolina I got Joanna by UD For Weidman vs Romero(very hard prediction) I got Romero by TKO For Gastelum vs Cerrone I got my boy Gastelum by UD For Tate vs Pennington I got Miesha Tate by submission. Im most excited for Woodley and Wonderboy that fight is going to be amazing. Overall this whole card is insanely awesome. Can't wait for this. 206 and 207 are going to be amazingly good cards as well. Very well done by the UFC to end off 2016Fuego0 Nov 7
Nov 4 Diaz or McGregor? #WARDIAZ!!!!! EDIT: I get it. Nerds don't like combat sports. You can post about other random stuff in GD but if you post about UFC you get down voted.Davidians40 Nov 4
Nov 3 Good Eats is coming back! So, Alton Brown made the announcement a few days ago that he will be picking up where he left off on Good Eats with a new internet show starting sometime next year since he is taking a break from Cutthroat Kitchen and getting back to what he actually enjoys doing. This internet show will not have any ties to the Food Network though because he basically wants the freedom to do what he wants, cook what he wants and base the episodes on what he wants. I, personally, am looking forward to this more than any other show, movie or game currently in the works. You can watch the video here of him talking about it: Nov 3
Nov 3 Clearing out the old games I have a LARGE box of old game systems and games. I have another LARGE box of old computer software. Not going to mess with the software but I am going to go offline and into Real Life and sort out the games. A new used game shop has opened up near me and are very excited to hear that I have inventory for them, most of which includes the original boxes and materials that they came with. A lot of them are junk but some are sought after for various reasons. I'm keeping my Super NES. I know I will be keeping the Diddy Kongs and Yoshi's Island and Super Mario. Not sure about the rest. If I still have the 64, I'm getting rid of that hunk of junk and all the games. Never liked that system. They already have Ataris and are not particularly interested in the two working ones I have. One is the wood patterned/extra button model that is the desirable one. However, they are interested in my games. Gameboy(s) plural. I might keep one and a couple of the games. Maybe not. The Sega Genesis and all of its games got pawned by son's Junky uncle :( That's too bad, I think my Earthworm Jim was Sega?? Wii is staying. I don't use it often but I like the 3d real life of it. Don't remember if I have a working original Nintendo. I know I have a gold Zelda, was that from original? I also have the robot thing for putting games in, although one part is somewhere in my sewing room. I know there are collectors who want that/want my parts. My PS2 is "marginally" working. Will likely get rid of all games except Spyro the Dragon. All I know is that it will be a fun afternoon of remember old times.Cihys1 Nov 3
Nov 3 watched so much and looking for similar I look for new media to enjoy which gets hard every week since I have watched thousands upon thousands of shows and movies so I have been looking for a site to list my favorites and find suggestions. any tips?Opasmea1 Nov 3
Nov 3 What are your phobias? Any rational or irrational fears? Personally, I have claustrophobia and thalassophobia. Tiny spaces make me very anxious and I cannot stay in elevators if they don't have windows. If I'm in there too long, I'll start hyperventilating and may start panicking. The ocean also gives me the heebie jeebies. I do just fine in a swimming pool; I can see what's at the bottom without worrying. But the ocean or large bodies of water that aren't entirely clear scare the hell out of me. I will not set foot into the ocean! Being in a submarine would be an absolute nightmare for me.Razorik35 Nov 3
Nov 2 VHS Is anyone a fan of those movies? I love them for some twisted reason. :)Shimmerfae19 Nov 2
Nov 2 Most/Least Favorite Halloween Treats? In spirit of the season and to remember fond Halloween memories, what were your most favorite and least favorite treats? Most Favorite: Chocolate Bars -Kit-kats, Twix, Reese's, Snickers, Milky Way, Mr.Goodbar, Crunch, Butterfinger... those are REAL treats! Least Favorite: Tootsie Rolls -They're not chocolate and they're hardly candy... but they are absolutely disappointing and boring.Razorik13 Nov 2
Nov 2 Your music you play as you drive to work? Mine are very very random. Depends if I want to annoy other drivers or sooth them while my windows are down. As of late I listen to various movie soundtracks.Niphilim4 Nov 2
Nov 2 When You Invite A Guildy To The Karazhan. In World of Warcraft Legion patch 7.1 we decided to finish Karazhan dungeon last night and we bring alone are rouge in the guild.....Lmao god dam we !@#$ up lol. Never in the history of World of Warcraft did I ever completed a dungeon that took 4 hours long to beat my life hanging like that nuts and squirrel world quest mission. %^-* was wild and crazy. But i hope you guys and girls get a laughs out of the new Leeroy Jenkins as well as i did. Nov 2
Nov 2 Should Cowboys bench Dak for Tony Romo? Tony romo is supposedly getting more healthy and will be able to play again. why would they let him play again when they're 6-1?Loomiess5 Nov 2
Nov 1 New Pychedelic/Alt/Rock Poconos, PA Hey everyone, checkout my bands debut single Nov 1
Oct 31 What happened to MMOs? From the beginning it seemed like there was just a huge variety of MMOs, each unique and brought their own amazing aspect to the world. UO/EQ/DAOC/EQ2/SWG/Eve/Runescape/Guildwars/WoW and plenty of others. Each game was so different from one another, but each brought pure joy. It seems like ever since WoW has come out, the MMO scene has sort of plateau'd and has been stuck at the WoW level ever since. I'm sure you all have heard the term 'wow clone'. That's what they all are now. Maybe I'm just getting older and don't enjoy video games like I use to. It just seems like none of the MMOs I play today really give me that 'spark' and want to play hours on end. It's kind of depressing really. Looking for opinions of older gamers and their thoughts. Are you guys as into these MMOs as you once were?Naisikras3 Oct 31
Oct 31 Westworld and Walking Dead It is time for my Sunday night WW again. Enough Shocktop beer, check. Downloaded Westworld, Check. Downloaded Walking Dead, Check. Hurrah!Kybeorie0 Oct 31
Oct 30 Indians or cubs Who are you cheering for?Scytheblade35 Oct 30
Oct 29 hey check out this sick movie my friend made Oct 29
Oct 29 Favorite Movie Lines "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"Razorik14 Oct 29
Oct 27 lf books Hi, I read, a ton read all the classics, Tolkien, farmer, Chalker, etc. I am interested in books that are not well known but have a great story, and omg if you mention game of thrones you need not post, those are old, I'm looking for NEW BOOKS, I read quite fast, I'm rescinding Ericksons malazan series, I enjoy yes stuff like that, darker the better, bonus points if hero dies, like Elric.....I rant, but would love a good new book,Syntàxx13 Oct 27
Oct 26 Chicago Cubs After 71 years of last appearance and 107 years of last win, the Cubbies finally did it! Congrats Cubs you finally did the impossible and good luck at the World Series! Im a Tigers fan but I'll root for you after all you've gone through, and best wishes to any Cubs fans reading this <3Dirona6 Oct 26
Oct 25 Climate change I think everyone agrees that the weather changes. So why do politicians bring up climate change so often?Beefgordita6 Oct 25
Oct 25 Giving Streaming a go. (Online) Hey all. I used to stream Diablo 3 back in the day, and have decided to try to get back into the streaming scene. My gameplay isn't the best, but I will try my best to entertain, and take constructive criticism at the same time.. If you would like to join me, I can be found at If you stop by, please mention that you are from the forums. Thanks in advance, ~GimpzorGimpzor13 Oct 25
Oct 24 Westworld If you're not watching this show, check it out. It's really interesting. Many philosophical themes. Great actors and a great story; so far anyway.Zsigmond3 Oct 24
Oct 24 Your earliest memory? How far back can you remember your life and what were you doing around that time? Earliest memory I have (circa 1987, 1988) is laying in my mother's arms and being set down into the baby seat in the back of my dad's blue 1980's Buick. It was night time and the radio was playing Genesis "Tonight Tonight Tonight" while I was gazing through the window at the stars and the moon. Power lines passed by silently and I was wondering what I was looking at. Then I fell asleep.Razorik13 Oct 24
Oct 22 Star Trek TNG: Night Terrors discussion. This episode freaked me out as a kid. I think it was the slowly increasing insanity of the crew combined with the dark imagery of Troi's night mare. The episode starts out with the ship encountering another ship. Everyone was dead except for 1 person who was catatonic. Shortly thereafter it's discovered no one aboard the enterprise could sleep except for Troi. But her dreams were night mares. She would find herself floating helpless in space toward's two bright lights and all she would hear is "Eyes in the dark. One moon circles". The whole thing w as dark and creepy. At one point the doctor is talking to Capt Picard and lets him know that the lack of sleep is driving the crew to madness and this is what killed the other crew. Big problem. Well somehow data figures out the message that Troi was getting was actually information on how to escape and gets them out of there. But the overall sense of impending doom and Troi's nightmares really gave this the edge to be one of TNGs scarier episodes. Probably not as dark as "Frame of Mind" but still up there. I give it 8/10 for atmospheric and dark story. Would have been better to see the crew get closer to madness, but nonetheless. This has been your Halloween review of Star Trek TNG episode Night Terrors.Scöurgebane1 Oct 22
Oct 20 I need fresh ideas for my Pathfinder games I've GM'd many Pathfinder games on Roll20 and it seems as of late my campaigns last for 5-6 sessions. For me that is short... like... REALLY short. I can't tell the difference between if its my players trying to plow through the story/plot or if I am getting disinterested. To be honest the last campaign felt like a huge failure to me despite them saying they had a blast playing it. I'm not trying to spill my feelings or anything just putting out some background real quick. So I've come to these "Entertainment" forums to ask my WoW peers for some suggestions for my next Pathfinder campaign. (Hell, I've been debating on running a Star Wars one.) Oh, also, I use dragons in my stories like... alot... I want to steer away from them for once and maybe surprise them, other than that... I don't know what to do anymore.Nomedria3 Oct 20
Oct 19 Football!!!!! Hey there folks! I am new to likening football and looking for a second team to root for! Any team that's not in the Nfc west! So came down to few options! Raiders, steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Vikings, Cowboys, and Packers!Gohhan11 Oct 19
Oct 18 Just to make someone's day Oct 18
Oct 18 Jason Voorhees vs Leatherface Alright guys, I KNOW MKX and MKXL has been out for a little while now, but i always sort of disliked the two slashers facing off. What are your thoughts on it? Although if they fought movie-wise Jason would absolutely destroy Leatherface.Jatkalaz4 Oct 18
Oct 16 New Streamer, Long time wow player Im a new streamer and im going to start out with a bang i just came back to wow for legion and i used my free level 100 to make a WW Monk on illidan. ill be making my first stream a 24 hour. feel free to stop by. going live in less then an hour. 3 pm Alberta canada.Jinxcombo0 Oct 16
Oct 15 Warcraft movie flop I wish I could have my money back. Totally not worth the 14 bucks I paid to see this juvenile catastrophe. I'd rather re-watch 'Dragon Ball Evolution' and 'Super Mario Bros.' failures than stomach sitting through 'Warcraft' again. eww =(Laozu30 Oct 15
Oct 15 Favorite times to play WoW? When is your favorite times to play WoW? Morning, afternoon, etc... Myself, I love playing in the morning. It just goes well with my coffee rather than any other time in the day.Dicedfox8 Oct 15
Oct 13 Comics & Manga Read any graphic novels lately? I've slowly been collecting the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. In the last couple years Viz Media have been releasing the JoJonium edition hardcover books from Japan in English (sadly with some name censorship due to copyright of all the 80's bands / artists) I also own and have been re-reading through Lone Wolf And Cub, published by Dark Horse Comics. I only have the original small volumes, 1-28, not the omnibus version which is 3-in-1 volumes with bigger pages and easier to read text. I'm also looking into collecting the New Lone Wolf And Cub series taking place immediately after the events of the first series' final book which is 11 volumes I believe. And finally, I also have Berserk Volume 1. I would love to collect more, but it's a daunting task at times, some books are sold out and you have to pray for a reprint. I've read the series digitally, and love it to death. But having it on the shelf is another thing entirely.Tsun3 Oct 13
Oct 13 Machinima anyone? Hello everyone. I have been making WoW Machinima Music videos for the past year and a half now. Still learning techniques and whatnot. Any suggestions regarding improvement are always welcome. This is my latest one made for the Hallow's End event. Always looking for new subs! Please check out my channel and feel free to sub if you see something there you like!ïce0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Warcraft: Red box release? DVD release 27th Anyone know when it will be available. I see the DVD / BD release is ......27th which probably just pick it up then.Peqvals1 Oct 13
Oct 12 My New Track: Azeroth Heros You welcome! Oct 12
Oct 11 Sony Z5 premium or I phone 7 hay guys i'm looking to buy a phone and what should i choose ? should i choose sony Z5 premium or should i choose I phone 7 ? Or is there any other brand u guys want to recommend? come on guys.. waiting for your advices .. thanks in advanceMamaminozz0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Good alien movies? I liked Starship Troopers, Independence Day 1, and Edge of Tomorrow. Anyone know of any other good alien movies?Mackinmobsta10 Oct 11
Oct 10 Looking for some new Shows / Movies to watch Title says it all, just as an example for what Tv shows I'm interested in here's a list. Feels like I'm running out of stuff to watch, either that or I just don't know where to look. Movies are accepted on here as-well. I like Science Fiction/action/comedy/horror/occasional drama depending on the back story. -Breaking Bad -Game of Thrones -Torchwood -Doctor Who -Firefly -American Horror Story -The Walking Dead -The 100 -Weeds -Freaks and Geeks -Life ------------------ Movies -Interstellar -Star Trek (newer ones) -Guardians of the Galaxy -World War Z -Saving Private Ryan -Project X -28 days/weeks later -The Fifth Element -Chappie -District 9 -Lord of the Rings -Hobbit -Wild Card -Prometheus -Predator -Troy -Donnie Darko -AliensChapstíck23 Oct 10
Oct 7 Suggested Anime Just finished watching SAO and Seven Deadly Sins, I'm not to keen on anime but I do have some spare times in the mornings (hence why I'm here) and I enjoy something to drink a beer to. I obviously prefer action stuff, my fav so far is Fate/Stay Night: UBW, but since I don't know anything about anime I never know how to find a new one to watch.Ignition61 Oct 7
Oct 4 Warcraft Movie Blu Ray wont play I bought it. I played it once on my Xbox One to see the bonus features. And I played it once all the way through downstairs on a normal blu ray player. We left it in the player overnight, and the next day it wouldn't load anymore. It'd start up, show the "universal" loading circle thing, then.. nothing. Black screen. Same thing on the Xbox, cept it boots out of the blu ray player completely after a little bit. So, thinking maybe something happened to the disc, I brought it back, exchanged it for another one. That one is doing the same thing, except it never played at all. Whats the deal?Itharri6 Oct 4
Sep 28 Ghost Rider vs Daisy in AOS Anyone keep up with AOS? Since it was announced that Robbie would be debuting in AOS, a recent update from AOS saying that Daisy will "take on vengeance" kinda implies that the two will be squaring off. Thoughts?Bálor2 Sep 28
Sep 27 New Youtuber Hey everyone, I recently started getting very engulfed in making youtube videos of my WoW travels. I have played WoW since vanilla and it is by far my favorite game of all time. I play a ton and I post a lot of content. Most of it is informative, such as easiest way to solo something, or how to get some where, and then complete the objective. I have focused very much so far, on showing a lot of the cooler world quests and in my opinion the best ways to do them. I do also raid, although we are a casual guild 7/7 -- 1/7 so there are some casual raiding kill fights posted as well. I dabble in arena so as this patch progresses I will have some arena things as well. I am by no means an expert arena player so you would probably be watching that for more of entertainment quality than instruction. I have a passion for WoW and am genuinely excited when I see something neat, or discover something new. I care about facts and helping people and if I am in fact able to grow my channel I will be more than willing to cater to subscribers and post videos more focused on what they enjoy watching. I realize this may not be a conventional place to post something like this, so I won't put a link or anything like that and just say to look me up as "Lord of the Warcraft" I already have dozens of post Legion videos posted so there is a lot to go through if you are into that. Thank you for your time to anyone who bothered to read this and have a great day!Behomiir13 Sep 27
Sep 26 Add this to your WoW mix! Made this remix a few months back and decided to upload an audio react to tha Tubes. Hope you enjoy! Sep 26