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Nov 5, 2012 Get a sketch, or draw one yourself! Hey guys! Let the fun begin! Here's the link: p.s. Blue, please don;t throw us in the basement again... :( These threads are fun! Y'know, you blues could always join in... >:)Sylvanelf451 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 What are your least favorite Movies? The Mutations Manos:The Hands of fateAngelßøw42 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 New ESPN Fantasy League starting today. Not sure where to put this, but if anyone is interested in an ACTIVE fantasy basketball league, we have a new one starting today (Nov 5th) which will be live drafting at 4pm eastern. We're looking for active owners, who plan on setting their lineups on a regular basis. If interested, do a search for - Handful of Balls P.S. Pay no mind to the league name. Thanks.Videodrome0 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Having a horror movie marathon on 31st What are your favorite horror films? Horror films that made you cringe, cry, hide behind a pillow, or wish you were at a church? I'm trying to make a list of movies i'm gonna see during Halloween night. Screw dressing up... I'm gonna scare myself til I can't sleep anymore.Pandabearr6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Silent Hill Revelation *MINOR spoilers but I'll try to behave. Also short because I'm sleepy and am in need of food.* Was it good? For me yes. Good: -Set design. -Only ONE really cgi monster. The rest were practical. Although I'm not so sure on the "final" monster. I'm a complete sucker for practical monsters. -Malcolm Mcdowell -No spoilers.....but if you love Pyramidhead you're going to love some parts -Whoever played Heather did a very good job with what she was given - Very good lighting and camera work when Heather was alone. Felt more like the video games. Bad: -Obvious plot tweaks but that's a nit pick since they did that in the first movie. Stuff is going to be kind of sort of majorly different then the game plot -The writing in this movie is really bad. It felt more like the dialogue was dumbed down for the more "common" movie goer. Rather then pander to what the fans would already know. Some of the lines were redubbed or sound like they were added in for Post Production. That or Sean Bean really didn't give a crap. Sure sounded like some of the actors didn't. -A TACKED ON ROMANCE FOR THE COST OF SOME COOL CHARACTERS! I hate when movies do that. Seriously screw that Vincent character. That's my only real rage with this movie. The rest are just critiques or nit picks. My final verdict though is that it's obvious this movie was made with a lot of love. Just not a lot of thought. But that doesn't make it a awful movie. It MIGHT. Stressing this. MIGHT be a let down for some viewers. If you loved the first movie this is going to be absolute candy. Because it was for me. Also there was one part in the movie where I threw my hands up in the air in a "YES!" fashion. Ugh there are a few moments I really really REALLY want to talk about but I don't want to give away spoilers. Damn. I will say this. The ending. Made me squee like a little fangirl. The final part of the movie with the ending. So many squees.Rosenivy19 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Lich King meets Death Note universe If the Lich King met Light Yagami shortly after Light became Kira do you think he'd be able to convince Light that he's on the side of justice(after all The Lich King said he'd show Bolvar The Justice of The Grave) or would he just kill him and take the Death Note for himself and start killing criminals as Kira to increase his army secretly(even if the police see him reanimate the bodies L would most likely think he's taking advantage of Kira not knowing his name and face) and since The Lich King can see through his minions eyes would he use the corpse of a fly to spy on the police and L so that he could toy with them?Archpaladin2 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Metal meets Anime Just found this the other night. Gotta admit I was more than a little impressed with the fusion of metal, Japanese lyrics and the old ditty "country roads". Hope you enjoy it. Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 know a good website to promote films? I've been cast in an Independent, local Sci/FI, fantasy Film Called "Falcyyr" we have a website and are set up on face book and twitter, but we really need a wider scope to reach people about the flick and I'm drawing a blank on where else to try and promote it? anyone have any suggestions? any information would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks guys have a great day.Johnette1 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Tonight = Dexter and The Walking Dead {◕ ◡ ◕}Sarym6 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 I made a dubstep track.. it's not a patato. Let me know if you like.Powernerd9 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 is burn notice worth watching all six seasons i am trying to decied if its worth torrenting the full sixSubföcus2 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 deleted deletedDàrkàn1 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Are deleted scenes considered canon? I purchased season 2 of The Walking Dead and there is a whole alternate storyline for the first episode that took place directly after the last episode in season 1. It's feasible it could have happened in addition to the actual first episode that they used. I know the books themselves are considered canon but the show has many differences and kind of branches out a bit from the comic. I'm speaking in terms of the lore of the tv show, would it count if it never aired?Asthoriam2 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 America! Riddle me this! What are you getting into tonight? ;) Nov 3, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 RIP Mitch Lucker I figure this may bring the trolls in since Deathcore isn't the most popular genre and Suicide Silence usually gets bashed but his music helped me through some bad times and he was a good father and worked with charities. He will be missed. inb4 trollsJingle2 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Mama June Okay, now anyone who has seen any episode of The Soup recently knows that Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is known as the Human Thumb (she's shaped like a thumb!). Okay, my question is, if she's the thumb, where's the rest of the hand!? Is she a lone thumb or is there somewhere in the world a pinky, a pointer, a ring, and a middle finger to all come together to make one giant hand!Trudy0 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Imagenarium So Imagenarium is releasing soon (Yes in Canada) and I wonder if there has bean films based on albums before (excluding) A rumor of a film based on the Keeper albums (Might replace Scorpion King in my top 10) If you are not aware what Imagenarium is check this trailer: (looks epic for a movie based on an album0 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 I want the New Jedi Order for Ep. 7 Just do it.....great series, great characters, great action.....the next wave of Jedi.....DO IT!Chill1 Nov 1, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 kick starter my buddy has a kick starter page for his album hes trying to put out. im posting here because i think people will donate once they here his voice. he love singing and its all he wants to do Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Helloween Straight out of Hell 2013 I honestly cant wait for Helloween's new album Straight out of Hell to come out I have bean a fan since the day I was bourne (Same day as the Keeper of the Seven Keys part 1) and I am excited tell me what do you expect out of Helloween's new albumThol1 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Firefall Montage HD ✯ Beta Keys Giveaway! Just made a montage on one of the most anticipated games of 2012 (Firefall): I am also giving away 2 free beta keys for firefall! Just comment and subscribe to my channel -s0jooman Also for anyone interested I have a beta key for planetside 2 ready to be given away! Oct 30, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 HMS Bounty Hey, my sister is (was) the cook on thi ship that just sank. She's safe. She said the ship capsized but the whole crew had dry suits (gumby suits) on b4 it turned over. My sister was in the helicopter with 5 rescued crew members.Dwarfbanker1 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 NBA FANTASY, How is my team? PG Mike Conley, Mem PG SG Joe Johnson, Bkn SG, SF SF LeBron James, Mia SF DTD PF Anderson Varejao, Cle C, PF C Serge Ibaka, OKC C, PF C Marc Gasol, Mem C G Damian Lillard, Por PG F Kenneth Faried, Den PF UTIL Kawhi Leonard, SA SF, SG UTIL George Hill, Ind PG, SG DTD Bench Jonas Valanciunas, Tor C Bench Harrison Barnes, GS SF Bench Thomas Robinson, Sac PF DTDAbolishier0 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Biker gamers Anyone else here into motorcycles and video games? Im a fully patched member of a california 1%er club and also into video games.Fracket5 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Symphonic Metal You know that I am a huge power metalhead but I also love Symphonic Metal I just forgot what was the first Im guessing it was either Lacuna Coil Therion or Rhapsody What was it? PS I would apreciate it if anyone found Symphonic Metal from CanadaThol10 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 28, 2012 New The Hobbit Trailer And it is simply AMAZING. Oct 28, 2012
Oct 28, 2012 Signature guitars from Fender Not sure how big of fans people are on these forums of the Foo Fighters but today they came out with Nate's and Chris's Signature guitar and Bass. They are pretty expensive but look really cool. Will probably buy both though. What do you guys think about these models? WOuld you buy them? Link: Oct 28, 2012
Oct 28, 2012 Kung Fu Movies MoP and the Kung Fu monks got me to start watching Martial Arts movies. I am kind of addicted now. So far I have really liked... Ip Man Ip Man 2 (I am pretty sure it's a kung fu remake of rocky 3 but thats cool.) Red Cliff Fist of the North Star True Legend Drunken Master 5 Deadly Venoms I sadly could not watch the Ong Bak movies... The Thai language... it annoys me. :( Have any suggestions? I need a Kung Fu fix until MoP opens. :)Malrin92 Oct 28, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 \m/ Metalheads \m/ Hey just wondering what metal bands you guys like! Any genre! And if your in a band, give us a link! Anyway some of the bands i like are: Bloodbath , Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Death, Deathchain, God Dethroned Caina, Gorgoroth, Summoning , Windir, Evile, Whiplash, Slayer, CoB, Amon Amarth, Bal Sagoth, Blind Guardian, Dimmu Borgir, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Kataklysm, Korpiklaani, Lamb of God, Rhapsody, Skull Fist, Solstafir, Spellblast, Tyr, Turisas aand i cant think of anything else off the top of my head xD thats a good list to get started offGohhl28 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 It's Coming... ... on October 12. Atlas Shrugged Part 2. I can't wait.Ragefang44 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 Toss I was at the movies today with a bunch of friends, and we couldn't decide what movie to watch between us. This girl pulled out her phone and and starts typing in couple of movies that were playing and have the app randomly selects it. Life is so much easier when someone else makes the decisions. Anyways its an android app Why the hell does it keep saying "movie" is spelt incorrectly? Stupid chrome :|Emf3 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 Mockingbird Lane The pilot aired tonight, and if the ratings are good enough, NBC will order more episodes. I quite enjoyed it. There was a fair amount of dark humour, and it was twisted enough to appeal to me. I'm looking forward to more of it. Therefore, it is a given that it will be the only episode.Rictras1 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 Theater of Tragedy vs Leave's Eyes Rumors are going around of whether or not ToT is reuniting without Liv. Now If you ask me one of the greatest voices in heavy metal would be Liv Kristine Espaenes but I wonder what group did she do better off with Theater of Tragedy (1990s - 2002) or Leave's Eyes? (2004-Present)Skano1 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Favorite Non-Disney Animated Movies Here's where you can post your favorite 2-D animated movies that did not come from Disney. Here's mine -Cat's Don't Dance -Watership Down -Sailor Moon MoviesHantao22 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Who here loves watching Total Drama Island? I was hoping to hate the television show when a friend of mine introduced it to me five years ago, and I tried real hard to hate the television show as well. It turns out that the television show is way too hilarious, unpredictable and entertaining to hate. I'm twenty one years old, and it's humiliating that I enjoy watching this show. Even if it is humiliating that I enjoy watching Total Drama Island, I won't hide the fact that it is sadly one of my top five television shows of all time. Who else loves watching the Total Drama cartoon?Danget3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Bowser meets Madoka Magica If Bowser were to somehow end up in the Madoka Magica universe how would Bowser react to witches, magical girls, and Kyubey. In my opinion Bowser would try to control witches by tricking one of the more incompetant school girls into making a contract with Kyubey involving a wish that specifically states that Bowser gets control of witches of course when the poor magical girl finds out that Bowser's using the witches to take over the world she ends up falling so deeply in despair she'd become a witch under Bowser's control herself and since Bowser is too meatheaded to think of why she became a witch he'd end up searching for ways to turn magical girls into witches eventually finding out that it happens when the soul gem completely blackens and yet still dosen't figure out that the blackening of the soul gem is because of despair and so he would start doing everything in his power to make sure magical girls do not get their hands on any grief seeds in an attempt to increase his witch army. Of course the only way he'd be able to keep magical girls from getting grief seeds is by moving all witches to safe locations and only have familiars attack civilization until he gets his unstoppable army of witches and uses them to take over the world.Archpaladin6 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Really sad TV shows hey, so i for some reason really love heartbreaking, tearjerking, heart in the bottom of your stomach shows...does anyone know any really good tv shows like this that i can watch online? i have xfinity tv so i believe i can watch on my laptop? thanks!Teepeez20 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Your favourite music A question for you all: When you're listening to your music, whether it be on iTunes or iPod or whatever device, what songs MUST you stop at and listen to? What makes them so special compaired to the other songs on your playlist? A few of mine are: Bad Company, Walk Away, Hard to See, and Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch. I just love the way they're sung, and they're very good for beddie-by. Hellbound Earth and Grand Ball by Turmion Katilot. I just adore these. The beginnings of the songs are catching, and I love how they feel dark and heavy. They can either pump me up or calm me down.Annadette40 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Best Band In The World We posted on the metal forums at Ultimate Guitar about our band and one of our self-appointed trademarks is the age old punk gimmick of being total !@#$%^-s to people. They did not like that. We got banned. Metalheads have no sense of humor. I guess I felt kind of bad too though, I sent one of them an apology. I thought they'd be *!@#$%^s too anyway. So if you post, you may be greeted with an -*!@#$% response, though it's not definite. It's just kind of what we do. All in good fun, all part of the show. The folks on the metal forum were also uncomfortable with the fact that we are in fact, 13 years old. That's okay. We don't like metal. Maybe a little. We're more into punk which is why I think people will take more kindly here. And punk to me has always been a youth culture movement, thought that doesn't mean it's restricted to youth. If you don't like us being young, we likely will not respond at all. Even though it disgusts me when people, punks especially, show to be prejudice against kids and teens getting into punk rock, we won't care. Don't think you've made any effect on us. So there's really no point. When I say "we", I refer to me and my friend Jared. Now Jared and I are not from the same place. We met on the internet. Both of us happened to be thirteen, and we shared a gross out sense of humor and a passion for punk rock. We ended up getting together this band. Jared has this software LMMS for making electronic music. And of course, we don't like electronic music, but he started making these spoof dubstep songs, like electro covers of Kerplunk-era Green Day songs, under the name Glenn Pakendasen. And Jared put them on his record label Big ^-*!. He asked me to make a song for him using the software, so I downloaded LMMS, and I made this song called Whoa @#$% The Movie, which had no structure, no timing, just complete ^-*!ing noise. I showed it to Jared and he just said "Okay, well this is @#$%ing stupid, you can be in Glenn Pakendasen. We'll be a duo." Within a day, we had released a full length album, ^-*!ception, on None of our friends liked it. We didn't actually like it either. @#$%ception was a joke. It was a wonderful joke though. It was like an early 90s cult film in that it was so awful that it actually had some kind of value. 15, 20 second songs of pure metallic noise and bizarre sounds. This was beyond spoof electro. It was beyond punk or metal or anything. And even though it was sloppy and loud, we knew it was impressive that we finished it in less than a day. We finished ^-*!ception around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. I went to bed and when I woke up Jared said, "Okay, start making songs for the new album, we're going to release it tonight." And of course, we did. It was called Our Last Album Had @#$% In It But This One Doesn't. As of now, we have four full length albums, our third being Nobody Likes Us which features more of the crappy instrumental LMMS songs we're "known" for as well as some vocals done by Jared and yours truly (Check out the Jealous Again cover if you please), a demo called Songs To Hate Satan To featuring a bunch of songs with Jared on vocals and guitar, a ska inspired EP Glenn Pakendasen's Favorite Songs, and Solf Tatled, the first thing Jared released by himself under Glenn Pakendasen. We just released a new LP. Though it's more than just punk, this album will be more relevant to the punk and metal music we've always loved. Still noise tracks, but also a lot of great songs that sound...Well, somewhat pleasant. Here is our page for our discography so far. Please listen. Please talk to us. Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Starting PvP videos... Other than the need of fraps, which i already own a legit copy of, I want to know how i can edit my pvp videos. Using a FREE program, Sony vegas video editor sounds nice for this but i don't have the money to buy a freaking 100$+ thing for a thing i don't even know i want to do yet. I want to be able to have a crit animation, like if i crit big to be able to zoom in then shine. Like crits in the "boom" video on youtube about a lvl 80 arcane mage in wrath. Tips? I want to edit this video: I recorded it, through it into windows movie maker (which isn't what i want! it has no editing that makes a pvp video spectacular), then uploaded it. Besides the fact its extremely small, which i need to know how to fix, i want to be able to edit it more! "Want" is a key word in here apparently - say it a lot! :P ------Please and Thank you for anyone who helps :D-----Tigrea1 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 What are your NFL predictions for this week? The Seattle Seahawks (4-2) versus the San Francisco 49ers (4-2)=The Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-3. The New York Giants (4-2) versus the Washington Redskins (3-3)=The New York Giants beat an injured Washington Redskins team 35-32. The Cleveland Browns (1-5) versus the Indianapolis Colts (2-3)=The Indianapolis Colts beat the Cleveland Browns 20-13. The Houston Texans (5-1) versus the Baltimore Ravens (5-1)=The Baltimore Ravens beat up the Houston Texans 34-16. The Tennessee Titans (2-4) versus the Buffalo Bills (3-3)=The Tennessee Titans crush the Buffalo Bills 38-10. The Green Bay Packers (2-3) versus the St. Louis Rams (3-3)=The Green Bay Packers beat the St. Louis Rams 20-19. The Oakland Raiders (1-4) versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)=The Oakland Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-16. The Dallas Cowboys (2-3) versus the Carolina Panthers (1-4)=The Dallas Cowboys beat the Carolina Panthers 35-27. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) versus the New Orleans Saints (1-4)=The Tampa Bay Buccaneers slow the New Orleans from coming back by beating them 31-23. The New England Patriots (3-3) versus the New York Jets (3-3)=The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets 31-30. The Minnesota Vikings (4-2) versus the Arizona Cardinals (4-2)=The Minnesota Vikings beat the Arizona Cardinals 29-14. The Cincinnati Bengals (3-3) versus the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3)=The Pittsburgh Steelers beat up the Cincinnati Bengals 38-17 with what the Steelers have left. The Chicago Bears (4-1) versus the Detroit Lions (2-3)=The Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions 33-27 in overtime.Danget6 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 R.I.P, Pooh. Ken Sansom, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, died over the weekend with a stroke. Climb those honey trees in heaven, you silly Bear.Kiwe4 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Found an awesome new band! If you're into anime, I'd suggest Tokyo Majin. Not only was it super awesome, but it introduced me to the J-Rock band ACID, and they rock, by every stretch of the word! I'm now watching Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and it is top-notch as well.Varnish0 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Something fun I made... with my kids, Imovie for Ipad, and Action Movie FX app. Enjoy, and be gentle. Oct 22, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 Seven Psychopaths Anybody else see this movie? What did you think? I saw it yesterday and thought it was great. Not as dark and dry as In Bruges, it has more laugh out loud moments. The theater was nearly empty, which makes me a little sad because I hope the writer/director will make more movies like it and In Bruges, which becomes less likely if his movies don't do well 8(Nunepi3 Oct 21, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 I'm Enjoying This Radio station immensely. Hoodie Allen radio on Pandora. Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi just came on. The only song by him I really like. Its gonna be a long night of slow music ladies and gents. And I'm 100% okay with that.Graahk1 Oct 21, 2012
Oct 20, 2012 This is Hallow's End! Well, not quite. Buuuuuut here's a little video to boost your Halloween/Hallow's End spirit! Oct 20, 2012
Oct 19, 2012 Merlin, the BBC show So does anyone else here watch the BBC show Merlin? Its fifth season just started last week in the UK, with it premiering on Syfy Jan. 4th next year, and the first two episodes were great for this season. If you love medieval/fantasy shows, I'd suggest giving it a try. The first season starts out kinda meh, but as you progress through the show its quality just gets higher and higher.Jaifralon3 Oct 19, 2012
Oct 19, 2012 DA BEARS Will lose to Da Lions 20-26Kenokost0 Oct 19, 2012