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Nov 15, 2018 10+ Mythics LFG :( I find it incredibly difficult to find groups as WW as most 10+ groups are looking for ranged which I get that, but what do we really offer over other melee classes? If anyone has any tips to get into mythic groups besides the obvious "increase your IO" that would also help me out a bit.Warbrewz7 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Reverse harm dead before it got a chance Seems like blizzard ignores all positive comments towards the monk class and finds a way to make sure monks stay bottom tier, pointless honor talents and nerfing the only decent one and "buffing" the alpha tiger haste one when haste is !@#$ for monks. Clearly blizzard is more focused on the mobile diablo than their horrible game that has dropped millions of subscribers. bring back fists stun and tigers eye brew original. Stop reading the monk complaint forum and look at the actual problems with our classWindvane23 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Dh compared to WW Demon hunter - fel eruption 4 second stun 30 sec cd Chaos nova 4 or 5 second stun 1 min CD -reverse magic 1 min cd -consume magic(purge)10 sec cd. -incap 45 sec cd -manaburn 10 sec cd -darkness 3 min CD Increased magic damage 5% Monk Legsweep 1 min CD Incap 45 sec cd Disarm 1 min cd Increased physical dmg 5% When you compare the utility of these classes it’s pretty obvious which one is better. What about mobility? DH Fel rush 10 sec cd Double jump+glide Disengage 25 sec cd Meta leap 2 min CD Monk Roll 20 sec cd FSK 25 sec cd Port 45 cd. Tigerlust 30 sec cd If a dh takes a snare it would be completely impossible to catch up to him as a monk ontop of that he is immune to our damage every 8 seconds and mess up our rotation. how about healing? Dh 10% passive leech 30-40% leech while in meta, can enter meta every 45 seconds and ever 2 minutes. Monk Guess you have to through in chi wave or eye of the tiger which heals way less than impassive visage. Casted heal vivify. You could take cotm but you need to trade this for disarm or wall. It’s clear who’s healing is better. What about defensives? Dh Blur 1 min cd 50% dodge 30%dmg redux. Darkness avoid 70% of any damage. Blade dance 100% dodge every 6-8 seconds also main damaging ability. Rain from above 1 min CD Monk Karma 1.5. Min CD redirect up to 50% hp to attackers Fort brew increase hp and dmg redux by 20% Fof wall ramps up to 60% dmg redux every 24 seconds takes longer to ramp up than it actually lasts. It’s clear who has the better defensives. Dh is also immune to damage when they meta leap so they can immune a tod, gpie, karma damage, stuns, CC’s. Why did they feel the need to nerf monks so hard in BFA? I’ve heard our MVP say it was because DHS complained. Does this make any sence to anyone?Omnipotentjc53 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Monk Transmog Rate I capped the last thread: Same ol’ same. Rate the mog above you and please don’t skip people!Lidmilla179 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 G'huun orb running solo? I took my first stab at G'huun last night. Seems like between 3 rolls and dragon kick i should be able to run an orb by myself Does tiger's lust remove the snares? Anyone have any experience with this?Zydrax22 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 ToD should have 2 charges Now that ToD does significantly less damage why not give it two charges so it could be used more smartly in PvE. This would also give it a little more of a scary edge in PvP as you could put it on two players or put two on 1 target, or hit once let them use a cd, then reapply.Pouljikhan5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Mana food? Hi guys, Newer to bfa and I noticed while healing m+ dungeons I go oom super fast. It seems like the mana food I'm using is super slow so I was just wondering where I can get cheap mana food that also restores mana at a decent rate so I can get back in the fight after pulls. ThanksCarpediiem5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 New WW traits thoughts and feedback Windwalker Monk Azerite Traits Thoughts and Feedback I have recently been testing some of the new Windwalker Monk Azerite traits on the gear I have available. I would like to start this post by listing the Azerite traits that have been removed for WW. The first trait that has been removed is “Swift Round House”; it was replaced by the new Azerite trait, “Glory of the Dawn”, Rising sun kick has a 25% chance to trigger a second time, dealing X dmg physical damage and restoring 1 chi. The next trait removed is “Meridian Strikes”, it has been replaced by “Dance of Chi-Ji” Spending Chi has a chance to make your next spinning crane kick free and deal X additional damage. The third trait to be removed from WW is “Iron Fists”, which has been replaced by “Fury of Xuen”. “Fury of Xuen” Your combo strikes grant you the Fury of Xuen, giving your next Fists or Fury a 3% chance to grant X haste and invoke Xuen, The white tiger for 8 seconds, Stacking up to 33 times. Now that I have explained how some of the new traits work, I’d like to list each new trait in order of how they feel in the rotation for WW, and which ones I personally have enjoyed using. Dance of Chi-ji: This has been by far my favorite new trait for WW. I was lucky enough to have Azerite pieces on for my helmet, shoulders, and chest that had this trait. When you stack this trait 3 times it does considerable damage. I was about 370 ilvl and regularly hitting with this ability for about 30k, and 60k critical strikes. When this trait procs it gives you a 10 second window to use the proc before it expires, which gives you some time to plan when you would like to use it in your rotation. I will say it did feel much better with “Serenity” than “Whirling Dragon Punch” you images split the over all damage you do between your 2 images it dosnt feel like it hits as hard. Fury of Xuen: This was my second favorite Azerite trait. It looks really cool when you use your fists of fury and suddenly Xuen pops out and starts attacking your target. If you take the “Xuen the White Tiger” talent it will summon 2 Xuens. While it looks nice, you can’t control both, and I think it may be more beneficial to just increase the duration of the existing Xuen than give you two, while also possibly increasing damage while the proc is active. My biggest problem with this ability is that it is tied to Fists of Fury. I feel it could would work better if it was tied to Crackling Jade Lightning so you could build up stacks then use them during your cooldown window or on priority targets during and encounter. Glory of the Dawn: This is my least favorite new trait coming to WW in the next patch. The reason I don’t enjoy this trait is that it’s proc rate seems very low and when it does proc it’s a bit lack luster yes it gives ww the old legion double back flip animation when it pros but during an encounter you never see it and it changes your rotation in now way. One improvement I could see is to raise the proc chance, but then I’m also afraid we may go back to spamming blackout kick just to reduce the CD on rising sun kick so we can fish for double kicks. I believe a better option would be to make this ability work as follows; Rising Sun Kick *and* Fists of Fury have a % chance to make your next Rising Sun Kick hit twice, stacking up to 2 times, but only consuming one stack per Rising Sun Kick. This could raise the proc chance without fear that you would stop using Fist of Fury single target, it also avoids a double proc and losing one if you happen to get one off a RSK and one off a Fists of Fury, it also gives you some control of when you use the damage. I will say that as a WW player that has played WW or MW since MOP, my favorite thing about monk has been its predictability. I don’t like a lot of pros in my spec I like a lot more control and these changes I’m suggesting all give at least to some degree of control of where my damage goes and when it goes out. The spinning crane kick traits RNG element doesn’t feel as bad because its an ability we don’t regularly use in single target so it feels like getting the Black out! Proc from tiger palm but also has the added dmg feel like the antorus set bonus for WW. Any thoughts or feedback on these new traits or proposed changes would be welcome! Side note: one last thing I’d like to add is that currently none of the new WW PvP traits are working, reverse harm somewhat works in that it heals you but doesn’t redirect the damage. None of the other talents work at all, at least the new ones don’t. I’m a PvPer at heart and would love to be able to test these abilities before the patch is released in a few weeks thanks!Harver16 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 MW Monk 100 Talents DEVS, We have seen you push to tweak some of the azerite traits and talents (i.e. Talents for Enhancement Shaman) going into 8.1 and I believe this is will be a huge hit with players craving class design versatility. How about taking a look at Mistweaver? Let's take the 100 Talent Row for example. If you were to bump up the # of seconds Rising Mist increases HOT duration for as well as the instant heal this could be a viable talent! It would create a different type of MW monk that would be more incentivized and able to fit in Rising Sun Kick's. How about Upwelling? What if we created an azerite trait that gave essence font a 5% chance for each bolt to clear all diseases from its target? I understand its not all this easy just to flip a switch and add them as balance is always a concern. But its not only balance we want..we want a challenging and diverse set of abilities as well! Thank you!Ojwasguilty1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Sheilun's Gift fantasy/Renewing Mists Glyph? I really miss the fantasy of the Mistweaver artifact ability, "Sheilun's Gift." I loved seeing my mists spread around the battlefield, even if it was only visible to me, and knowing that as that built up I could use it on demand as a powerful heal. The whirling animation of the mist and the quick channel of it to the target also looked amazing (although, the bell on the target looked a tad tacky to me). As a Mistweaver, I love the idea of weaving more and more mist into the fight. The particle effects play big into that fantasy for me, obviously not so much as to obfuscate my surroundings, but enough to feel like I'm using my chi to generated a persisting healing mist. I'm definitely against adding button bloat, and don't necessarily feel like that spell is missing from my toolkit (Enveloping Mists and Vivify are usually enough to deal with heavy single-target damage quickly), but I do miss the visuals. Perhaps a Renewing Mists glyph could be added (visible to caster), that created a lingering mist on the target as it travels from target to target.Voidfist1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 is there any hope for monk? i never played mop but i heard that monks were actually pretty good in mop and weren't bootleg rogues/mindnumbingly boring tanks and healers. throwing your piss barrels like you were donkey kong and head butting people sounded incredibly funVehrjin7 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Lore wise. Monk seems basic. Lore wise in wow it makes it seem like its a pick up weekend special. Like you can just pop a video in and train someone to be a monk in azeroth. Yet lore wise of other classes it takes years of work to get where they are. Most of these people woulda been another type of class or a villager and just out of nowhere learn to fight like these so called mystical martial artist. Like saying picking up a sword makes you suddenly a mighty warrior. With allied races it feels this way since they could have no contact with monks and one can come along and anyone can master it. Nightborne who haven't had contact with the outside world. Zandalari who killed anyone not Zandalari before the horde came. Dark Iron Dwarves, another kill anyone not dark iron for awhile. Suddenly these races mastered being a monk like that? Mag'har? They just arrive and they can already be monks? Lore wise no one stayed on dreanor after the iron horde and legion where defeated there. monk just feels cheap and diluted lore wise to me. I'm surprised all the vendors and stuff in the cities aren't monks it seems so easy to become.Prasios8 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Current bugs with WW honor talents 11/14/18 Reverse Harm: not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. The wording on the ability is a bit confusing. Technically it says the target takes dmg based on the amount that reverse harm heals the target. I have found with this ability is that if you are at 100% life and you are Overhead when you use Reverse harm it does not damage the target. That is taken further to if you say have 5k missing HP and reverse harm heals you for 5K and another 5K over heal the enemy target only takes 5k dmg Pressure Points: quite a few bugs with this ability. Firstly, if you apply TOD to the target before they get to 10% health then get them to 10% health or lower TOD does not go off and instantly kill the target. Another bug is if you get the target low enough that TOD is the ability that kills them it does not Reset the CD on TOD. Third and finale bug (or possibly working as intended but with the other bugs it’s hard to say) if you apply TOD to the target at or below 10% life it will instant kill them and it will reset the CD. All in all, this ability is Bugged to hell ATM. Turbo fists: This ability just doesn’t work. It does not apply the slow also nor does it do full dmg to all targets in your fist frontal cone. It also does not parry all abilities in you FoF. EDITED*Wind Waker: Again, this ability just does not work. (edit)So this ability is working it just gives little to no indication that it has been triggered All the old pre-8.1 honor talents still work for WW. Alpha tiger is a new Honor talent as of 8.1 that did not work last patch and now it does so some of the abilities are working, but now all, i will update this port if i find any more bugs or if the abilities start to work properly.Harver2 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 BrM Vs. Mythic Fetid. (logs) Hey guys, hoping I can get some info from some of you. We're working on mythic Fetid and for this fight I'm in the OT role to take the Thrashes. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong because I'm getting brew starved pretty quickly while also feeling like my stagger is being pierced. What I'm thinking is maybe I'm just trying to clear my stagger too often and make it easier for heals...leading to me taking too much damage later. For the monks who have tanked and killed fetid - how often are you clearing stagger? How do you manage your brews for this? what does your % of damage mitigated look like? Purifying after every thrash isn't an option - at least not for very long. Basically I'm just looking for an assist and any info on how to best make this an easy fight for my healers. I know monks are a great tank for this, I'm just not sure I'm utilizing stagger and purify as well as I could be here. Logs of our wipes if curious: (1st night of attempts) Gear/talents are same as I was running.Hypebrews5 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Brewmaster 8.1 Has anyone played Brewmaster on the PTR yet? I've read the patch notes on wowhead and it seems like the nerf is justified and okay. It just sounds like extra damage being done by stagger and we will be punished more for not having iron skin up 100% of the time. Is this true or is brewmaster stuggerling in 8.1? Thanks!Angsonie10 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Tigereye Brew? I don't understand it's purpose, It could potentially have a very rewarding boost window for PvP but it's just so restrictive. 1 stack every 3 chi spent but it doesn't count anything used from serenity, it takes a really long time to build up and for some reason includes a handicap of reducing your damage just like SEF... I like brews, I don't like when blizzard went the way of splitting up specs so much as to have very little cross over abilities. Monk needs a lot more thought put into it's design.Wafture23 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Xuen's Battlegear Can we get a fix on the bug that removed our elbow pads please?Psyphon1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 RJW Toggle Removed So they are taking away our RJW energy ability and giving us that bull!@#$ chi crap again. For %^-*s sake blizzard, I enjoyed that spell for farming old content and the slower play style for current content. Don't do this........Tychi29 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Pressure Points [Honor Talent] Prior to this last update it wasn't working retroactively, not that I've noticed anyway, and it's pretty smooth as far as the trigger goes. I'm not sure if this is the "fixed" version or it's broken in a new way but right now Pressure Points works as; If the target is above 10% health then Touch of Death will work normally If the target is below 10% health then Touch of Death will instantly kill them If the target drops to, or below, 10% health at any point within the debuff duration then Touch of Death will instantly kill themObviously these are just duels but It feels really nice to use. Has anyone else gotten some time to play around with it lately?Talbyy1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Windwalker Feedback: Rushing Jade Wind Hey guys! I wanted to provide some thoughtful, measured feedback on my experience in with windwalker monk. Something I've heard Blizzard say a few times in the past year is "gameplay first". It's got to -feel- good, then everything comes after. I personally believe Rushing Jade Wind is antithetical to this philosophy. I groan when I have to take it. I honestly believe it should be deleted. Here's why. -It has no spell interactivity. It stands on its own as "a thing you have to toggle on to do the damage" -It can be frustrating/confusing. If you cast Tiger Palm at 50 energy, it turns RJW off. This doesnt feel good, especially to a new monk player that may not understand how everything fits together -It takes what is already a low APM (action per minute) spec and makes it even slower. Im not trying to rag on slow specs. Its -good- we're not all fury warriors and I like the pace of monk. However the second I turn on RJW it is.. infuriatingly slow. I know Im doing more damage but at the cost of.. well.. fun. It makes everything feel bad. -It has no Azerite trait interactivity. Im not a theorycrafter, I dont know how to balance this, I know it just feels bad. That being said, I have a suggestion for a replacement talent. Fury of Xuen Fists of Fury now applies Fury of Xuen. Fury of Xuen grants a stack of mark of the crane and increases the aoe damage taken by 10%. This would allow us to empower our aoe in such a way that taking this talent feels good. You get that rising sun kick into a fists of fury and put it into a BIG whirling dragon punch. Then you start your spins. Suddenly you have spell interactivity, a competitive talent for that row, and less tedious micromanagement in dungeons. It could even interact with the new azerite traits. Thanks for reading guys.Breq3 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 WW Uldir Parse Advice? Hey monk and specifically windwalker friends! I have been playing WW since MOP and I am trying to improve my parses for each fight in Uldir on heroic. WW doesn't have much variation in terms of talents right now PVE wise, so I've got that down. But one each fight, how do I maximize my performance and are there any special tips/tricks for specific fights to get the most out of my parse? Shooting for orange parses and high purple parses. I know parses don't mean everything of course, but it's something I want to improve.Senseilimb6 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 I don't have a target. Whenever I use Storm Earth and Fire, I for some reason can't target an enemy. The dagger symbol designating an attack target pretty much disappears for me. I can only target enemies far away. Any enemies within melee range of Storm, Earth, or Fire can't be selected for attack. Until the ability is (almost) done, I can only select friendly targets. If I preemptively use the ability before entering combat, I can't target any enemy, therefor, I can't use of my attacks. I can't generate any chi for my other attacks. If I target before using the ability, I can't change targets once my initial target is dead. It also causes me issues when the target has a move ability that takes them away from me. It make reengaging them in the fight difficult. While it has happened to me more than once, I have not done any extensive tests. I have only 'tested' it in one general area in Zuldazar(please excuse any spelling errors). If there is an issue, I don't know if its with the ability or with the area. I don't remember having any problems with it yesterday, so I don't know why I'm having a problem today. Is anyone else having that problem? Is there a fix for it? I'm hoping a simple log out and back in fix it. If not, I'm taking it to Blizzard bug report.Jadeblackpaw1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Need advice on how to play WW. Hello! I swapped over to WW after tanking since the start of the expansion, and I have started getting more comfortable with the spec but I feel like I am not playing it optimally. Saturday was my first time DPSing a mythic boss (Zek) and we finally downed him, I was top 5 on DPS, and #1 on damage done to Zek, but upon checking my parse it was really low. I was wondering what I could be doing wrong that 59% of other monks are doing right. Below is a link to the logs: I know my HoA has a pretty low ilvl, but this will be resolved once 8.1 arrives since my main is revered with CoA. A couple of guildies recommended taking both white tiger talents, I was using Ascension and Hit Combo instead, but I don't really think chi generation is a problem, especially with the increased energy regen. But Xuen has brought a pretty nice bump to my dps after the fact, although I do still prefer Jade Wind for AoE fights. My gear is still a WiP (especially the rings) but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to optimize my DPS and catch up to the other 59% of monks that are out dpsing me, I appreciate any advice!Khzm2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 MW complete lack of stun protection The biggest issue Mistweavers (MW) face in the 3v3 arena environment is their inability to recover after being stunned and focused down. Our defensive cooldowns (CDs) simply aren't usable when we are stunned, and more often then not we won't make it out alive.This situation forces us to rely on our partners to save us for every stun swap on us when the enemy uses CDs. However, better opponents can cross crowd control (CC) our partners, and we are dead in the water. MW are a squishy spec that has always been susceptible to stuns, which is why in the past we have always had ways to deal with them. Way of the Crane broke and made us immune to stuns, Healing Elixirs procced while stunned, Dematerialize made us dodge all attacks and spells for 2 seconds after stuns, Nimble Brew was a trinket for stuns, and Life Cocoon was usable while stunned. Since these have been removed we have no CDs whatsoever to deal with being stunned and killed. Essentially, we have the surviveability of a resto druid without Bear Form, or being able to use bark Skin while stunned. TLDR: Please consider an option for MW to survive stuns on our own, whether that be one of the old ways we did it, or an entirely new one. It really wasn't fun this season, feeling absolutely helpless dying in stuns, and I really want something done about this in 8.1 so the next season isn't so miserable. Thanks.Psyxz8 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 I wish MW was an agility spec Hello everyone, Monk is my absolute favorite class, it's so versatile and you don't see many monk classes in other games. But I really don't get why Mistweaver is a caster! I know there is that niche sub-spec, Fistweaving, but honestly Mistweaver should not have ranged heals at all. Especially after BfA we are pure casters, we are in the back, standing in the same spot, casting spells... And that's not what I think a Mistweaver should do! We should be in the first line, punching enemies and healing our allies as we deal damage. We shouldn't be standing in the same spot for almost all fight... We should be all over the place, in the real battlefield! Both Windwalker and Brewmasters are very dynamic specialization, with lots of different abilities that can serve the situation properly... But Mistweavers (even though I think they actually have MORE spells than the other two) are pretty plain and flat... And that's a shame! I feel like blizzard had the chance to make a very unique healing spec with Mistweaver, forcing it to fight side by side with the tank and DPS, but unfortunately I think they missed the chance. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that "speccing" into Fistweaver really gives you that thrill... It's a much more complicated playstyle that only exists around two talents, while I think Mistweaver should use its fists as a baseline.Eathiel5 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Enlightenment Do you no longer get a quest every ten levels for a new training quest/1hr enlightenment buff? My monk is currently level 32 and never received the quest you use to get at level 30Vannadiir2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 2h for Wind Walkers Is there a way to xmog my main hand as a staff? I miss wielding a 2h as a wind walker.Lht4 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Mana issues?? Hello, So I’m new to mommy healing. I main a Druid. Hit 320 and went to the LFR and straight to G’huun....went oom faster then I knew what hit me....changed up play style. Evolop mist, Viv combo to get the 25%. Essential font on cool down. Still felt like I Oomed fast. It’s possibke everyone was just standing in bad... which they were. But my question is.. What are the best tricks for monks to be efficient on mana? Is mana tea 100% needed raiding? Should I not cast soom/Viv combo and just hard cast them? Any tips helpJaxlyn14 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Sef focus & gcd I haven’t seen anything on this, and wanted to see if maybe I am hallucinating it... WW’s sef has the ability to press the button a second time to “focus” your clones from aoe to a single target. In Legion I remember using it even while channeling fof. Now, not just the ability sef has been added to the gcd, but also the secondary “focus” ability and it cancels channeling... This needs to be changed - no reason the focus to single target should be triggering the gcd.Gorodan7 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 help! struggling vs Fury/MW Hey friends! pushing ww/disc around 2k right now - trying to get that 2.1. It feels like every time I que into fury/mw its a automatic loss, because its impossible to peel the fury and If the mw is good, you can't catch them. Do you have any tips on how to have a better matchup against this comp?Dîelema4 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 cant find a horde race in legion I absolutely loved my belf monk. we logged in and walked around dalaran together making mana bun jokes. I had too many belfs at one point (had 6 now I have 2) so I race changed so many but for monk o made him a female nightborne and simply cannot find a mog I like. for leather armor I cant finf anything better than belf, besides dwarf of course. help me :(Worldwarborn13 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 8.1 Monks Good Morning So im bring my Monk back into the fold and when i play a class i enjoy playing all specs of that class and wondering how Monks are looking in 8.1 Brewmaster, Getting a little nerf to Stagger but nothing major so seems it will be fine. Mistweaver, Getting a little nerf to healing but seems fine. Mistweaver, Also seems to be getting a nerf??? They are no where to be seen and getting a nerf? Have i got this right?Blythyie12 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 RJW is diffrent for WW on PTR now It lasts 6 seconds and costs 1 chi but it works off of mastery now and is a combo strike. I like that more than the constant annoying energy drain that starved WW even more and it makes the rotation feel fasterTtoki11 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 TOD - no damage if rogue vanishes WHY. You cast TOD on a rogue and all they have to do is vanish and it doesn't do damage? SHOULDN'T it take them out of stealth, and do damage?Dîelema9 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 KT Human Monk Name Guys! I am planning on possibly switching to maining a KT Human Monk once 8.1 drops. I need a really solid name though. Any ideas? Planning on male and I do enjoy solid puns. Also, I use the nickname Jarebear, so anything with "bear" in the name would also be appropriate. Thoughts?Jearbear0 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 New monk talents I may be wrong but some of the talents actually look pretty good. For instance, the expel harm is definitely a buff. Also there is a new trait that gives RSK a 25% chance to hit twice, not sure if that's any good but it seems good to me. Windwaker looks sick. It just seems like we have so many options on our talent tree. I'm actually liking it.Carpediiem9 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Celerity v. Chi Torpedo I’m familiar with all of the arguments in favor of chi torpedo, and I have, in fact, been using it myself. However, in dungeons I often find that I’m hesitant to torpedo out of mechanics because it moves me so far, putting me in danger of aggroing another pack; I wonder if celerity wouldn’t serve me better. Thoughts?Kahless5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Tank trinkets? New to tanking and was curious on why everyone runs fathoms?Kreton6 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 ToD & Serenity Does serenity increase the damage of touch of death?Alien14 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Strength of Xuen, ToD replacement. ToD is a bad design for World of Warcraft. Assassin rogues don’t get reduced effectiveness to vendetta in pvp? Neither do any other class with their main offensive cooldown and it speaks volumes about how this is a bad mechanic having it for monks and is a contributing factor to monks not being viable in pvp as well as having a lot of your pve damage tied to a two minute cooldown making you feel more like a walking cooldown than a fighter. My proposal is to remove touch of death and replace it with a new ability/mechanic Strength of Xuen. Most monks can agree tigereye brew was something that made monks amazing and that it didn’t make much sence replacing it with touch of death. Strength of Xuen would operate like when you deal damage or take damage you would have a new resource bar that fills up too 200 you could call it battle power or combat focus upon reaching 100 you could use this filling you with the Strength of Xuen have a cool lightning visual effect and increase your damage and healing by 25% maybe even movement speed too. I wouldn’t know what rate gaining this resource would work to be fair but I feel like this is a cool idea and a modern twist to our old tigereye brew and would be reliable in pvp. It would also give you a chance to store up more resource for a longer burst and maybe it could be usuable without max resource for a shortend duration. If they had this kind of ability over touch of death in BFA monk might be able to fun and more playable like it’s glory days in MoP. I’m not saying we don’t need a little help in other areas like cc... but tbh if they brought this into the game I would probably shut up and over look the other problems.Omnipotentjc15 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Proposed Mastery change for Mistweaver I mained a monk as swing heals last expac and I just started leveling my monk (healer). The change in mechanics with Vivify and Renewing Mist is original and engaging. I cannot wait to heal a raid with it. It also gave me an idea on how to improve our Mastery (which is sub optimal since it does not scale for raid heals) Mastery could buff our Vivify instead of creating "Gusts of Wind". This would allow it to buff both ST & AOE heals. ST heals through EM followed by Vivify; AOE heals through RM followed by Vivify. Just a thought.Zenaaru9 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 JSS weak aura I’m lf a weak aura that can track when statue is channeling and tells me when it’s not, current on mythic mythraxx and it would be nice to have a WA that helps me out so I don’t have to remember.Serethh1 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Fistweaving? Is it at all viable for moderately difficult content? How much can you dps to heal? Looking to possible role a monk with my boost. TIAWetrobrute9 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 FoF buff in latest build Looks like FoF got the first half of the buff it deserves! Now it needs the 50% secondary targets restriction lifted and PvE should be solid. Reduce the leg sweep cooldown, extend the para duration and we will all of a sudden a spec to be reckoned with again.Dravidia8 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 How are Brewmasters compared to DKs in... I know Mythic + Dks are kings of tanking but for raids how are Brew masters? Are they fun? Reason I ask if I love my DK but he is SOOOOOO slow. lolCrisix6 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Yet another FoF PvP idea What if instead of giving us the stun back for FoF they made it so as long as enemies are inside of the FoF channel they are silenced. It would fix the back to back stun "problem" that was leg sweep into FoF. It would make it not OP because you could still walk out of it. If you slow a healer before hitting it that is a decent amount of silence time to do some damage or occupy a healer while his dps die.Dravidia0 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 MW 2's comp and tips Hey all. Fairly new monk healer here. And was just curious what the better 2's partners are for monk healers currently. I'm running with a survival hunter and frankly we are some 1400 try hards. We both have quite a few alts and comps available. But seem to be having the most success with this. If success is what you would call it In summary. What dps are you fellow monks climbing with. And tips to help surviving stun heavy comps. Or the plague on the ladder that is rogue preist. We are finally climbing slightly. But could always use helpful feedback. Thanks !Punches5 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 WW communication It's been well over a year since a blue posted in our class forum. There's been polite and not so polite posts on multiple forum topics asking for communication, suggesting ideas etc etc. At this point all we need is some communication. If it means anything I really only want more survivability. That is all thanksFigurines34 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Clunky mess Finally leveled up my monk, typically 2400 in legion every season, stuck at 2k MMR first few days... 1.5sec global on everything is stupid. If you try to hike twice, might as well just get kicked because it’s the same thing Paralyze is on too long of a cooldown now considering you have to expose yourself To use it The only healer without the ability to do a single thing while stunned Wotc costs 25% mana and only protects you from roots.. that’s a bit much to sacrifice considering any non dr CC will just kill it off due to it being short lived Bubble legit eaten by single abilities Mist wrap not allowing you to move while maintaining soothing mist.. dope class fantasy kill off there So now we are much more immobile, die in a 3sec dr stun with ease unless you prewall a stealth open, insanely mana inefficient if you’re using your way, our cc dr’s with just about any comp at all, high healing output, in exchange for the dumbest juke mechanic of all time, major reworking needed... I’m not saying you can’t get 3k as a mist weaver bc clearly you can, however not everyone is playing with rank 1’s, or has a dedicated team They’ve got clone repentance mind control hex grounding, all these awesome tools, monks shafted hardcore in terms of mechanic playability I used to love monk even after mistwalk was pruned, but now, I’m just frustrated not even having fun, if I die in an arena it’s after out playing mongo players for 2 minutes until I’m out of stuff, die in 4 seconds in a stun without trinket, not rewarding at allNómana1 Nov 7, 2018