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1h Spinning Crane Kick Do I need to let this finish channeling before casting another ability? Or can I press it and immediately continue casting other abilities?Arcanosaur5 1h
1h Monks are OP 7.3 (PVP) You know, I'm sick of hearing people say that Frost DKs are OP right now, they clearly haven't taken a look at monks. Mistweavers specifically, they literally cannot die. In almost every battleground when I encounter a MW monk, it takes 10 people to kill them. It's sad, and they need to be nerfed.Drakarathas15 1h
2h mistweaver macro tip! If you get annoyed a lot by little things like me, you might have noticed that after casting your artifact ability Sheilun's Gift, your staff stays equipped in your right hand and you continue to cast awkwardly with it out and swinging about everywhere. Well, that simply wouldn't stand for me because it was driving me absolutely insane. So there's a way around it! The rationale is: you make macros for your main skills that also force a weapon sheathe. This works in combat too, but it's sometimes a little bit weird but is consistent enough. Here's the line to add to your macro: /run if GetSheathState()~=1 then ToggleSheath() end Example macro for Renewing Mist: #showtooltip Renewing Mist /cast Renewing Mist /run if GetSheathState()~=1 then ToggleSheath() end good luck!Murrigan1 2h
4h 2018 Rate the Monk Trans-Mog I call this one my McGivor-Bear-Monk it is all about the utility belt , now I have a spot for my mushrooms and chicklets! Now I just have to get the rouge pants and I will have room for more stuff like bear and chips!Juárez282 4h
6h What race did you choose, why? Curious, what race did you guys all choose for your monk? Why did you pick that race? I started out as a night elf, loved the shadowmeld racial and the transmogs. I leveled up this void elf, because my night elf was too tall, and because Preternatural Calm for mistweaver. Man do i miss shadowmeld though!! But she's so cute as a void elf!!! So what did you guys choose?Akello63 6h
7h BfA Alpha I am in the alpha and have been a monk main since MoP beta. I have been testing monk class today and if you have anything you would like me to test drop a message here. I will do my best to accommodate but obviously I can not get to everything. Also consider add on's do not work in the alpha so please do not ask me for dps rotations or best in slot talents as those both require sims and dps add on's. Here is what I have so far and will update as I run into more issues. 7h
8h Dealing with a bad healer (brewmaster) I was recently doing a dungeon run on normal difficulty trying to grind out those last levels to get 110 and continue on with the broken isles story. While I was in the dungeon my healer was constantly letting me drop to <25% while we were doing trash. I also got very close to dieing on almost every boss. As a brewmaster I know that my self- healing wouldn't exactly be called "very good", so how should I deal with situations like this in the future? I thought maybe they were more focused on doing dps and would heal me in between mobs but I often had to rely on my healing spell. For a little context, I was the highest level at lvl 109 and everyone else was around 100-103. It was 4 ranged characters, 2 priests and 2 mages. I'm fairly new to the game but I'm thinking about "maining" monk in the upcoming expansion (i kind of want to try priest) so any advice on the situation would be great. Thank youFuzzyshadow7 8h
9h Should I avoid monk if I only like 1 spec? I'm trying to decide if I should play another class or stick to my monk, I only play mistweaver because I really dislike energy of windwalker. Would it be a better idea to play a class I enjoy at least 2 of the specs? thanks for any feedback.Nyte6 9h
14h Renewing mist marco help is there an way of making an marco for Renewing Mist cant be cast on an player if already affected?Bubbleboy6 14h
14h Mad BrM's can't self sustain I like farming and doing achievements such as raids in WOD etc and maybe some hard content. I can do it on a VDH and a DK easily and somewhat a Paladin. On BrM I have a hard time when it comes to harder content. I even struggle with the Mage Tower. My Ilevel and it's not the one in my profile is 950. Are we one of the worst self sustaining tanks although we have the smoothest inc. damage? Anything I can do to counter this?Untouchable15 14h
17h new BFA monk changes Don't really know how to feel about them. Just a few I wanted to mention. ... ... ... ...Holdmyweave10 17h
18h delete deleteBhelailia0 18h
19h T21 4pc bonus, or 55 item levels? Basically, is the 4 pc bonus worth the 55 item levels that I am giving up to equip the two set pieces? WW spec! Thanks!Kungfudwarf2 19h
22h Help with my BM please I'm not sure if I'm just really bad and not doing my rotations right(which I think it is this) or BM is just really weak. I don't think they're weak and even if they are I really enjoy the playstyle so i would like to make it work. My problem is that I die quick. Quicker than any other tank I've played. Could someone help me out and let me know what the proper rotation should he on a brewmaster?Chubbî3 22h
23h Thinking of starting over with a new Monk Hello everyone :) I have some questions about starting a new Monk. A little about my play style. I love to solo tough stuff. I play my Blood DK and he is fun. My only problem is with the DK class you only have a Tank and DPS. With the Monk I could play all 3 types. I just came back to the game pretty recently and before I jump back on my DK to far. I thought about seeking some advice on the Monk. I love to solo pve stuff and dabble in pvp. So here goes the questions. 1. How tough is the class overall? 2. How well do they solo, and which is the best spec to solo or are all 3 great at it? 3. How tough is the rotations? I am an old fart and hate having to worry about a mass amount of buttons to worry over. 4. How fun is the class/specs? 5. Do I have to use those hand weapons looks? Or can I tmog them to swords? 6. Anything else you think might be helpful or neat to know :) Thank you all so much for looking and hopefully answering my questions, feel free to elaborate :)Phantomfrost2 23h
1d Mistweaver Monk Macros Mistweaver monk macros; if you have discovered any effective macros please post them here! Basic fistweaving/mistweaving macro's: #showtooltip /cast [harm] Jab; Soothing Mist; #showtooltip /cast [harm] Tiger Palm; Surging Mist; #showtooltip /cast [harm] Blackout Kick; Enveloping Mist;Undeadmonk28 1d
1d 1 handers for ww in bfa? Is the default going back to 1 handers for ww? CheersSolvexx1 1d
1d Help me with a name. Should i pick flying hoof or fighting hoof for a tauren monk?Bubblingftw4 1d
1d Fistweaving may be returning in BfA you'll notice Rising Mist on the 100 tier, which states: "Rising Sun Kick heals all allies with your Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, or Essence Font for [ 20% of Spell Power ], and extends those effects by 2 sec." i have to say, that on its own made me go from ambivalent to extremely hyped for BfA. i've always wanted both a return to the original Mistweaver style (SooM centric, instant cast during channel) and the return of Fistweaving in the style of Eminence (as opposed to the current style, which is... a shadow of its former self). while this isn't the exact same thing Eminence was, it's close enough that i feel we're only a stone's throw away from what Fistweaving used to be. extremely satisfied with the direction MW is being taken here. i'm praying it doesn't get cut. thoughts?Sora18 1d
1d BfA WW changes. Who's actually excited for them? Granted, we haven't seen all the Azerite stuff, but am i the only one that's worried? I mean we're getting our cleave nerfed. A lot. MotC is going from 40% to 10%, and FoF does 50% reduced damage against 2ndary targets. We're getting utility nerfs with Para CD and Transcendence CD increases. SotWL is becoming a talent. Hit Combo is still a talent. And we're losing Artifact trait stuff, most notably the "double" RSK and karma heal traits. And what do we get in return? Baseline nerfed leg sweep and ring (still a joke of an ability), and BoK reduces CD of FoF and RSK. Though, i have to admit, the inner strength talent seems pretty good. Oh and i guess the removal of Chi Orbit as a talent is a "good" thing, but we get something we have now (Thunderfist) from artifact to replace it which is rather insulting. The gradual slowing of our rotation has also yet to be addressed, and we're gonna feel it extra hard in BfA since we're losing our extra 40 energy. TP used to cost 40 energy in MoP, then 45 in WoD, and now 50, and i have a feeling it's not gonna be addressed. And to top it all off. For an xpac themed around faction conflict/pvp, we don't get access to some of our best PvP abilities. 5.4 Ring of Peace, baseline fort brew, nimble brew, passive AND exclusive sparring, healing spheres, baseline grapple weapon, etc. Meanwhile we're losing our hardest hitting ability in SotWL which we never got to play with at full power for more than a season. Am i the only feeling like we're getting shafted? Edit #1: So... after this thread got revived by recent changes who here would rather WW just not change, at all. Even with us losing artifact trait related stuff. Because, personally, I'd rather have a janky rotation because of overcosted TP and reduced max energy cap (i believe we're going from baseline 140 to 100), than deal with what's on the alpha. ... It's funny how when ppl say that, bad things happen.Yangxiaolóng29 1d
1d How much you love your Monk in 5 words! More than lefty and righty!Sungu36 1d
1d WW artifact I love the our artifact and all I am just a little bummed and puzzled as to why our artifact's lore is not connected to Pandaria as the other 2 monk spec's weapons are. Anyone else ever thought of this?Hâru3 1d
2d BiS Single Target Legendaries I'm confused! What are the best single target legendaries to use? I don't use serenity cuz I don't like it. Also I'm only missing emperor's and katsuo. I have the 4 set too. So what's the best for me atm? Oh whoops forgot to put WW in the title.Jessikah2 2d
2d Brewmaster and leveling So I've been leveling my new brewmaster alt and having a hard time in some of the dungeons. At the moment Im in the 45-50 range and even with keeping ISB up through most of the damage and using the black ox brew at appropriate times I'm getting hit like a truck. Should I be using different talents? Am I missing a mitigation ability here? strath seems to be particularly terrible for this at the moment.Felsae18 2d
2d Looking to play a healer Hey guys, Is MW easy to pick up and play? I don't know when damage is going to go out or stuff like that, so wondering if i can pick up and go with this class. How is this class in PVP? How is Monk for leveling? THanks,Easy8 2d
2d Sheilun's Gift animation, help please. Hi. Let me preface this by saying it may be strange. I last played WoW in early WoD. I have been an on-and-off again player since November 2004. I watched a few popular Legion youtube videos due to BFA hype, in one of them, I saw someones character holding their staff upwards to the sky to cast something. As soon as I saw this, my mind flipped its !@#$. I don't know what is was about this animation, but I lost it. After doing research, I rolled a MW monk, to get to 98, bought Legion and can now cast Sheilun's Gift. I have no interest in progressing at all through Legion content or anything. I just bought Legion for this animation. I like to PvP the most in WoW, so I like to just log-in, queue for a BG, use Sheilun's Gift. And I am loving every glorious minute of it. Now, the question - what will happen to this casting animation when BFA is released? If Artifact weapons are no longer a thing, can I get this animation in some other way? Is it possible for me to just stay in Legion (not buy BFA) and somehow have this animation? I am assuming that the artifact weapon will no longer have this ability come BFA. I don't even care which class has the animation, I will roll that class. Just need the animation.Varianmonk0 2d
2d Question about Alpha / Beta Is soothing mist an active spell again?Ugh29 2d
3d Not sure on monk or shaman for BFA I main Resto/Enh and have a 110 monk that has just done questing but am considering for BFA as a MW/WW I like enh because it is an extremely complex, involved dps spec with like 14+ active abilities in rotation and the spell effects are a !@#$ing BLAST. I also like monk because i love the mobility and the rotation is very involved like enh. It also feels so fluid and well designed. I admit the attacks and spell effects are really disappointing aspect of the spec, though. The thing i hate about enh though is the lack of mobility and squishyness. Literally you die from nothing and with the involved rotation and lack of mobility it really feels like an uphill battle. In addition, i hate playing shams in world pvp because you just get steamrolled. I really enjoyed WW while questing because frankly it's really really strong in a 1v1 setting and it's so so so %^-*ing mobile. However, the self healing was super annoying. You literally have to spam healing key 8+ times to get half your health lol. Will this still be a problem in BFA? The main thing im worried about is MW. I havent tried MW since questing in WOD but it was super annoying that you had to channel that spell every time you have healed someone. It just felt like it defeated the entire purpose of playing a mobile class. it was literally optimal to stand there channeling. Will this be a problem in BFA? Also, will MW have good utility in BFA? Every time i play a healer besides shaman i miss how much utlity i had like Windrush totem, spirit link, and healing tide totem (although i know MW Has revival) If someone could help answer my questions i'd be really happy. Picking between these two classes is difficult.Winrawr4 3d
3d Undead Monks Why are we so rare. I don't think I have seen any Undead Monks here on the forums and I have only seen 1 or 2 throughout my Mythic+ adventures. It seems to me like they fit well in the monk fantasy (Particually BrewMaster) with the Forsaken's whole deal being making these plagues and such. So this might end up being a dumb post but it just feels like it makes soooo much sense to me. P.S. this being, moving around while casting Soothing Mists does look pretty retarded.Leylin47 3d
3d People don't like Rising Thunder? So I was reading some of the changes healer monks are anticipating in the next expansion, and one request that kept popping up--one which startled me--was that they wished the Rising Thunder Talent (Rising Sun Kick resets the cooldown on Thunder Focus Tea) would be replaced. This struck me as odd. I use Thunder Focus Tea to get off instant Enveloping Mists. Since I upkeep Essence Font on all targets, that causes Gust of Mists to hit for 300% effectiveness on the target (100% for each gust, doubled by Essence Font, +50% from Mist Wrap EM, again doubled for both gusts). That can bounce the target up from as low as 30% to capped if they're in danger (I'm geared for Mastery, Gusts does 400k+ by default). Then I run in and use Rising Sun Kick to reset the tea so that I can do it again if another target takes a big hit. Is there a reason many monks dislike this talent? I'd imagine Vivify-casting monks would prefer Focused Thunder, but I wouldn't say Rising Thunder is without merit. What are your experiences with the Level 100 talent row?Iojahber7 3d
4d Stuck getting to Morning Breeze Village For the mount quest Incant grt to korning breeze village, no torando, no npc, no way to run there. Help?Nocturnos10 4d
4d Increasing our ilvl on artifact weapons? How do i increase my artifact weapon ilvl? i have bunch of high ilvl relics but those arent good as to what i'm using.. does the ilvl of relic i use, effects the weapon's ilvl?Mehksauce30 4d
4d I really want to make a monk for BfA. But.... I want to try a monk out, maybe even switch to it as my main. But... the weapon going from visible to disappearing with some moves drives me completely crazy to the point I can't play one. I seriously can't play monk for this one reason alone. Anyone know if this is getting fixed anytime soon?Valnaa20 4d
4d Dismiss Black Ox Statue Is there a way to dismiss the Black Ox Statue with a macro and if so what is it?Cosmickid3 4d
4d So can monks just not hold threat till 60? I tried doing proving grounds and even with using keg smash and breath of fire I cant hold aggro on multiple targets.Seldryn3 4d
5d 3200 Raider I.O/2400 Arena exp MW Monk Stream Hey all, I'd like to share my stream for those who are interested in watching some Mistweaver gameplay. I push Mythic + keys, I compete in rated PVP, and I'm just learning how to mythic raid for the first time ever. I started this stream to help others learn and get excited about mistweaving but I play lots of other classes too. Come hang out! 5d
5d WW BFA Changes Repost from the alpha forums to allow discussion from my fellow monks! Hey all. I recently got alpha access and hopped right on to test out the big changes to windwalker. What i thought was a talent rework turned out to be a pretty big gameplay shift due a few changes, and it is not good. I want to provide this feedback in the hopes blizzard tackles this before release because in its current state, windwalker is a sad hollow shell from what it felt like pre legion, and over the course of legion. Firstly, the overall issue; the spec is resource starved. I played around with talent combinations for a long time, and none of them seemed to give me the speed or decision making i find myself doing on live to chain together combos. Here are a few examples: Point A, resource starving) Tiger palm energy cost nerfed again from 40 to 50, why? In legion the nerf from 30 to 40 felt bad enough but was reasonable with the remodeling of how WW worked, and the introduction of the combo mastery and our new artifact ability. This 50 energy cost simply is too much, and causes us to be resource starved, which compounds on top of something else.... Being resource starved removes a lot of speed from how windwalker plays. How I explain this is that to keep a combo rolling, you want to try to cast fists of fury and rising sun kick on cooldown, while also filling in with as many spells as possible like blackout kick, chi wave, and obviously tiger palm. On live right now, a lot of the thinking comes from how you will be juggling your chi around while also managing cooldowns. It's fast paced gameplay that is very engaging. On the alpha, you lack resources, so the combo mechanic feels almost pointless. Point B, lack of pace, purpose, and abilities) Sure, I know that I can't cast the same ability twice in a row to maintain my combo, but when the wait between abilities is so long anyway now, this feels not at all impactful and requires far less thought than before. Now, our resources feeling strained in the form of chi/energy is not the only issue here. I now feel like I am ability starved. What do i mean by this? Well, we no longer have our artifact ability, and more importantly, blackout kick now has a three second cooldown. This means we have far less wiggle room to decide what to cast between FOF and RSK cooldowns. I can see where they were going with this. If you did not know, BOK now reduces the CD of FOF and RSK by 1 second per cast. I can see that on paper nerfing the CD of BOK but resulting in more casts of your powerful abilities works. But in gameplay combined with the fact we are so resource starved now leads to more sitting around than this spec has ever had. So much, in fact, that I sometimes had to sit there for 5 or 6 seconds at a time with fists of fury available, but not either not having the chi to cast it, or not being able to cast it while benefitting from our mastery because of the cooldown on BOK.Senseilimb25 5d
6d Is WW gonna be viable for raiding in BfA? Probably too early to ask but based on testers' impressions so far, is WW any good in BfA? I've looked up some videos but I've never played monk before and wanna try maining it as my melee for this exp (prob gonna roll a hunter as my range main). To the people who have been playing Monk for a while, how's monk looking in BfA for raiding?Boolwinkle3 6d
6d Give BrM Self Sutain in BfA pleaseeeee Prune celestial fortune and nerf stagger by however much is necessary to give this spec some form of active healing.Tenby82 6d
Apr 16 Hopes for BfA Brew I love brewmasters, I really do - and I enjoy the current iteration of the spec, mostly because it executes the Legion brewmaster fantasy really well, a tank that shrugs off huge damage but still needs some support. However, going into BfA, the potential for the azurite system is huge. I'd really like to see the ability to build sets around content, for example stack traits that nerf our stagger/dodge to an extent in order to give us some self sustain - that would let brewmasters build around pushing high keys without being forced to play a DH/DK. Maybe somebody would rather buff their raid tanking and stagger, and sacrifice a bit of our existing self healing. The possibilities for targeted builds would be incredible if the system was designed for it. I could just be an idiot though - thoughts?Prepint2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Rolling off Cliffs When I first started playing my monk, I was given a valuable piece of advice by a more experienced monk player: He said, that when you are playing a monk, if you aren't rolling off of cliffs to fall to your death at times, you aren't doing it right. Zen Flight was a wonderful save to this, letting us roll around carelessly without having to fall to our death every time we had stood too close to the edge, jumped too late, or aimed a little bit too much to the left. Since Zen Flight was removed, I've had to wait on my goblin glider to get off cooldown to resume my favorite pastime activity of rolling around in high places for no particular reason. That and I've accidentally fallen to my death on more than one occasion.Eldrena14 Apr 16
Apr 16 Brewmaster squishy while leveling? Just what the topic says. I keep Ironskin up as much as possible, run Eye of the Tiger and keep the Hot up 100% and use Purifying Brew when my stagger gets up around 40-50%. Yet I still feel really squishy compared to other tanks I've leveled. Am I doing something wrong or does this get better as I get better geared. Does unlocking mastery help at all?Trudee23 Apr 16
Apr 16 Mistweaver monk changes in BFA beta So I've been perusing the current state of the class changes in the BFA beta (found here: and when digging around in the Mistweaver Monk changes it looks like nearly every spell has had it's effectiveness drastically reduced. They are described in terms of percentage of attack power, and it shows the old value and the current value. I'm assuming I don't understand something rather basic about those numbers, but it seems like a vast nerf to our healing power. Does anyone have a better understanding of these numbers and what they will really mean? I realize they're not set in stone and will change, probably a lot, before BFA goes live.Corvae51 Apr 16
Apr 16 Just got my monk to legion content Now i have to actually start caring about the gear that i slap on. What secondary am i looking for as a Windwalker. Thank you.Zunde3 Apr 16
Apr 15 Crane arenas I'm getting some conflicting messages about Way of the Crane and AMA. In 3s arenas which should I use and when? Some people say crane all the time. Others say it depends on the enemy comp. Some say 3s has too much damage to use crane at all. I'm relatively new to arenas so this is all very confusing.Telkawa7 Apr 15
Apr 15 Fist of Fury, Chi generators not working. My Wind Walker Monk is only lvl 41. She was mailed two Sword of the Singing Wind, which are one handed melee swords, for the monk weapon changes. I have both equipped. However, I cannot use Fist of Fury.. or any chi generators.. when my character fights.. she uses her fists and ignores the fact she has weapons on her back, equipped. I have unequipped both, and reequipped, but nothing. I am getting really frustrated, I see other old posts about this, but none have answers. Don't make this one the same story, please. I want to level all my toons, but this is making it impossible to function as a normal hero. If I can't fight, what am I suppose to do? Run around declaring world peace in a game called World of WARCRAFT?? Help please.Cinthya10 Apr 15
Apr 15 MW does more damage in 3s then me? So i Main WW and i tend to do around 37638k but MWs tend to do about 30000k is this normal? I took a massive break from WoW lolLingchun1 Apr 15
Apr 15 Mistweaver Mythic Plus Healing Guide A little late in the expansion, but I posted a couple youtube videos on my channel about Mistweaver healing in mythic plus dungeons if anyone is interested. My channel is Odett the Priest. I'll be hitting up BFA pretty hard so look for additional guides coming your way!Ödett0 Apr 15
Apr 14 Best Looking Alliance Race/Gender For Monk? Hey guys! I've been convinced to roll up a monk and I was wondering, after over a year to test/see monks of all race + gender combinations, which one do you think looks the best? It's up to personal taste, of course, but I'm curious about your thoughts anyway. Currently leaning towards panda, nelf, or draenai.Laintimes29 Apr 14