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8m #BRING MISTWALK BACK Hello Blizz, listen I really like chi wave, but not at the expense of mistwalk. I enjoy the talent it is good in PVP and is good in PVE (certain circumstances) There are other talents that are not ever used at least by me like (rushing Jade wind, Rising thunder, spirit of the crane) there are several PVP talents that are not used that often either that could be removed (refreshing breeze, healing sphere, way of the crane, fast feet.) Mistwalk is an awesome part of the new monk playstyle don't take that away. If you support this please up vote. Info 7.2 PTR mistwalk was replaced with Chiwave.Lram7 8m
17m Brewmaster advice Hey, got a question about Brewmasters. I tank for my guild as a Brewmaster, we're doing Heroic NH and I'm all for helping in any possible way I can. Recently I started looking at my damage output in the logs, and I'm only parsing in the 44-50th percentile for Brewmasters (unless I misunderstand and I'm parsing against all data, which would make sense I am a tank after all.) I understand that this doesn't really matter too much, but again, I want to help my guild in anyway I can. For some info, the stats I'm going for are 25-30% in both haste and mastery. Then looking to go for crit once I reach those amounts. I usually take Rushing Jade Wind on add heavy fights (like Skorpyron), and special delivery for fights that are largely single target (like Krosus). I usually hit around 120-150k, but I can get up to 250k on training dummies (according to Skada.) My character is Autumnfur-Proudmoore. If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it.Pèarl1 17m
32m Monk Class Mount & Colors So for our class mount, are we gonna get different colors for each spec? Because from what I've seen all the other classes have more than 1 color, while the Monk one does not, at least if I didn't miss anything. Thoughts? I kinda want a white/blue one.Ponk7 32m
37m Mistwalk gone I noticed that on the 7.2 talent calculator mistwalk was taken off. Is this a mistake....?Kullen9 37m
47m Can we get a March of the Legion buff TitlePoonthrasher0 47m
1h DHC BUFF In the newest ptr build it looks like they are changing it to include serenity also!! And increasing it from a 0.3 sec buff to 0.4 for each chi spent so excitedNithradith5 1h
1h MW 4 piece or BiS stats? Hello! Some days ago I got the heroic chest, and completed 4 piece. But because I would lose a lot of crit, and some versatility, I'm not using it. Should I remove my Harness of Smoldering Betrayal, and my Splotched Bloodfur Leggings for the 4 piece bonus? Or I wait Elisande to drop my head? Thanks!Misuzu2 1h
2h How are MW for myth+10 and above? Looking to roll a healer and have watched a lot of vids on the different classes. Monk heals look the most appealing, and I was curious how they fair in higher myth+ content. My guild currently lacks the number of dedicated players to raid, so that is not a concern of mine at this time.Orthoclase9 2h
2h New monk player Hello everyone, i m thinking of start lvling a monk and i wanted to ask you which is the best spec, and which is the most funLilrath5 2h
4h Rate that Transmog Being a big fan of the many looks in WoW. Though it would be cool to see what people have put together. This is what I'm running with right now.Chunfu481 4h
4h I'm doing something wrong & I need your help. Hello fellow Windwalkers, I'm coming on here with my pride intact to admit that I am doing bottom dps in Nighthold. I'm struggling big time and need help analyzing what I'm doing wrong. First, here is a link to my warcraft logs: So here's some things I've noticed about myself so far: - Certain boss fights such as Tich require constant switching, those fights I tend to do the lowest on..running back and forth. - There are times during my rotation where I do not have enough energy for tiger palm to get chi when FoF and SRK is up. (energy completely drained) So here's basically what I do on a pull: - Tiger palm to generate chi - Earth, storm, fire - Touch of death - Strike of the windlord - Energy brew - Fists of Fury - Sunrising Kick - Whirling dragon punch After my initial burst, I'm pretty much left between tiger palm and blackout kick (sometimes it procs, other times it doesn't) as filler until my cool downs come back up. Once they come back up, I immediately use them based on priority. i.e. fists, strike of the windlord, etc.Salenia14 4h
5h talent question for my lvl 45 talent what one would be best to pick for a ww monk ? thank youLilmama3 5h
5h Current state of mistweaver I stopped playing Monk a while ago, how are they playing now? Are they still hindered by mana starving issues? I remember stats were very different on raids and on dungeons, does it make such a big difference? How are they performing? Thanks for your repliesZekkari26 5h
6h MW tier 20 set bonus I was just on mmo champion and saw the set bonus they have planned for tier 20. While the top healing classes druid, pally, shaman get direct increases to healing (as if they need it) MW gets -Your healing spell casts have a 10% chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%. -Consuming Surge of Mists resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea Thoughts?Zearoh17 6h
16h [BUG] Fists of Fury I know that it is latency issue but it is not an excuse. Fists of Fury going off in pvp but the initial hit not hitting the target causing the talent, Heavy Handed Strikes, to not activate...... I have had it with losing to scrubs just because blizz thought our FoF was over the top and need neutering......... EVEN WHEN STANDING BESIDE THE TARGET IT MISSES SOMETIMES! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!Crazèd7 16h
17h Monk Help Forum Considering I've seen a lot of people looking for help on these forums for PVP, thought I'd post this. Info about myself: 2x 3k (3097 highest) exp. 8x total r1s across three accounts 2x r1s just last season Top WW atm with Chunli. I multispec Brewmaster, Windwalker AND Mistweaver. If you have any questions about monk in PVP, just post here and I'll help you out. P.S. I'm not a WWDK rat. So you already know that I'm not !@#$. lul.Telarine3 17h
18h Why do you main monk? Monks are still fairly new besides our demon hunter brothers and sisters. Yet they are still the least played class in WoW. I'm curious, why do you monk mains do it? Is it the lore? The gameplay? Something else?Manowa55 18h
18h Monk Lets Play Help So I am doing a Monk Lets play and not sure where to go with it . What is every ones favorite Spec? I am a Mistweaver right now and ive been enjoying it. Also any tips on spell rotation and skills to be using would be greatly appreciated. If you want to check out my lets play you can find it here and please enjoy the rest of my content on my channel and hit that Subscribe button to be notified when new content is coming out. Thanx 18h
19h I am a Brewmaster and it is not fun. I tried. I read all the guides. I tried so many different ways of playing. But it is the most un-enjoyable class I have ever played in an MMO ever. The thing is... Back when it was just a joke in Warcraft 3... It was my DREAM to play a "Drunken Master" and when MoP was announced I was geeking out in every direction! It released around my wedding anniversary.. so on top of EVERYTHING else we did for that awesome event.. My wife presented me with a copy of Mists of Pandaria when we returned from vacation. I made my Brewmaster and loved it! But these changes. ARG! Ok. I see the class "Identity" thing going on. I get it. I drink various Beers to slow the effects of the pain and other Shots to cleanse that pain from ever happening... etc.. The Story aspect of how they play is pretty good. I am a "drunken" master. But the reality is the least enjoyable class I have ever played in an MMO in my life. Look. Legion is simply the best expansion I have ever seen in an MMO. Is it perfect? No. But it is the BEST an MMO has ever had in 15 years of playing MMOs. But sweet freaking moose crap... this is not an enjoyable class to play. Ok end rant I am curious what everyone thinks of Windwalker and Mistweaver thus far. I tend to Tank or Heal in MMOs. But I hear DPS tends to kill quickly while leveling.Viasind325 19h
23h MW are the worst Raid healers - Solutions? I am sure a lot of people have seen the metrics. MWs are the lowest HPS healers in endgame Raids by a non-trivial margin. Probably Mythic Ursoc is the most telling of all I am not going to go into utility, but I think that everyone agrees that MWs have some of the lowest utility and some of the weakest CDs in Raid content. That is a discussion for a different day. Is there a good solution to this? What do you feel is holding MWs back in terms of Healing in comparison to other healer specs? (As in any rational discussion please do not try to dispute the outcome from the Mythic content metrics with personal anecdotes of how you have outhealed a specific few people in your guild. Lets keep this constructive. Thanks).Hecrates414 23h
1d Feedback from triple spec Does anyone here play all the 3 specs from the best class in WoW which is of course monk? I'm asking because I won't be a hardcore player who does mythic raids frequently etc, because adult life sucks and I don't have time. Having said that, it doesn't interest me to have 1 ultra powerful spec. I was wondering how viable is it to level the 3 specs at the same time? Can I clear heroic content no problem if I don't focus in only 1? (and maaaaybe low mythic dungeons? :D) I want to enjoy all the fun my class has to offer but I hate to feel week at the same time, so I'd be glad to get some feedback from you guys. ThxWeissrunner12 1d
1d Mythic + How are monks performing in mythic +? Asking mostly from a healer perspective but I would also like to learn how to tank. I enjoy my monk but have been trying to decide between maining my monk or druid.Kimaroth4 1d
1d Rate the Name Rate the monk name above you on a scale of 1-10!Baroque221 1d
1d [BrM] this week affix question: Necrotic Hey all! Hope all is well with you all. Now, my weekly affix question will most likely have no clear answer. Concerning Necrotic stacks, how do you feel/judge when to kite to drop the stacks? I guess that its not a clear number of stacks, but more depending of the situation. But aside trial and error and going for your gut reaction, is there something that you consciously check for when to decide to kite to drop them stacks? And thanks in advance!Dokebi7 1d
1d WW PvP 1 trick pony WW needs a sustained DPS buff in PvP. The only way you force any cooldowns from anyone is if you have Xuen and all your offensive cds up and then maybe you can kill something. When im bursting I can do 200k + dps When Im not bursting I do 70k dps Its a massive difference and there needs to be a medium.Gooeyx21 1d
1d is WW Legendary dependant? I see some saying no, and some saying to just reroll if you don't get DHC/Boots on first month or two. True or false?Tastey38 1d
1d Chi Torpedo/Roll overextending Hey monks...I'm new to monk and I have a problem where whenever I Chi Torpedo it overextends and I end up rolling way farther/past my target. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know how to fix it? Cus I hit the button a second time to stop where I want to stop but it doesn't do it. But whenever I try WW spec and use Flying Serpent Kick it lands at the correct location.Toy13 1d
1d I hope this 7.2 legendary system is worth it ...because this legendary RNG is trash. 5 legendaries now and as a WW main, not having a single one of the top 4 throughput legendaries is just annoying. Every one of the 5 times orange has popped up on my screen it has been frustration and annoyance. I am not aware of the intentions of the system, but I doubt that was the intended cause.Tempo8 1d
1d Mistweaver hidden appearance???? I play mistweaver, and since first week of EM came out I have been trying to get my hidden appearance from dragons. I have 8 LFR kills (didnt realize u could get it until a couple weeks ago) 12 normal kills, and 16 heroic kills, totalling 36 dragons kills. I still dont have my appearance. Every other monk i talk to that has it got it on first or second kill. Am i just super !@#$ing unlucky? im getting real tired of pugging these stupid bosses lolSpoilerkid10 1d
1d Chi-Ji Question I'm curious if Chi-Ji is like a HoT that will continue "ticking" if the Monk dies or if it despawns upon death?Dezhraie2 1d
2d Monks have to use 1 handers that's not fair why the !@#$ are they making ww monk use 1 handers i want to use my cloud song glave that's the whole reason why i did challenge mode gold. plzzz blizzard make it so i can use my cloud song glave all you have to do is remove fist of furry's 1 hander requirement.Riperony18 2d
2d PVE: Time to Reconsider Eye of the Tiger First, let me preface this by accounting for the fact that I have the 4 set and Katsuo's Eclipse. I do not have Draught of Souls but it should support this idea somewhat. I also have more haste than I'd like, but it is a progressional thing. It also takes into account many fights in Nighthold which affects player haste/time. From a numbers standpoint, Eye of the Tiger does 172% AP over 8 seconds or 21.5% AP DPS. Chi Wave does 91% damage 4 times every 15 seconds resulting in 24.3% AP DPS. The basic winner here is Chi Wave. But, let's look at some defenses for each. GCDS EotT does not require any globals to cast, resulting in 4 gained GCDs per minute compared to Chi Wave. Now, as WW are not typically a GCD locked class, this gain could be reasonably dismissed. For my set up, I normally have something to hit every button regardless. The 2 set really helped with this. Crit ChanceAn attack which hits 15 times over 15 seconds will have more chances to crit than an ability which hits 4 times per fifteen seconds. What this leads me to believe is that for those of you with higher crit chances, EotT could do more damage overall because of crits. This defense is largely RNG dependent. Hit Combo Because many fights in NH include mechanics which increase the cool down reduction rate, Xuen can be used more frequently than every 3 minutes. Many fights also have cleave targets, so I've been finding myself enjoying Xuen. That being said, many people run hit combo still. And that is perfectly okay. The talents are reasonably balanced to the point that player error is more likely to make a difference. Chi Wave helps build up Hit Combo stacks before the pull aiding in much faster burst damage at the beginning of a fight. It also allows you to cast it during boss downtime when you can't attack anything in order to keep up Hit Combo. EotT does not. Conclusion: I, with my own gear and bonuses and stats, have found that Eye of the Tiger works out better for me. Compared to the other WW on my team, EotT can do upwards of 1.2-2% more damage per pull than Chi Wave. My damage is normally higher as well due to the extra GCDS. With the right gearing, you no longer need Chi Wave in order to fill in rotational gaps, but that could be a while away for many players. Alternative Statement: Chi Burst is doing okay, but in order for it to surpass Chi Wave you need to constantly be hitting more than 2 targets with it. The buff in 7.2 should help this ability a little bit.Eckoes13 2d
2d SEF or Serenity in 3s? Hey all - I tried SEF for a bit before the Xuen nerf, but didn't really like it. The clones seem to just run all over the place, far less reliable than 'ol Serenity. Plus, the "fire n forget" of Serenity making everything (FoF + SOTWL + RSK) free is pretty great. It helps with the "need burst NOW" windows that I get playing TWD. Is really SEF that much more damage? Currently at ~1850mmr I haven't once been outdamaged by another WW (although I have seen some scary burst from SEF builds). Is it just preference, or am I *really* missing out by not learning clone micro and WDP? Does my DK going Unholy 2 weeks ago change which build is stronger for our comp?Snaredlol4 2d
2d Good guide / recommendations for WW? Hello - I just leveled a WW to 61 over the weekend and I plan on boosting her later this week. The thought of getting through WoD again gives me agida (did it on five toons/garrisons and that's enough for me). I'm really enjoying WW and I think I have a pretty good handle on basic mechanics / abilities. I'm wondering if you could point me to some good guides. I've read Icy and think it's ok but not as thorough as some of the their other guides - like rogue, lock, hunter, etc. For example, different builds for raiding vs M+ dungeons or even mast/crit vs mast/haste (which I found on another guide or is it basically an ST buiild / AOE build and swap according in raids and go AOE for M+). Thanks for the feedback.Jiangshi2 2d
2d Is Fistweaving a Thing? So, got my second legendary (Leggings of the Black Flame) the other day, and like the first (Lunar Glides, feet), it is a "fistweaving" legendary. I don't understand why I'm supposed to be fistweaving and how I"m supposed to do just that. Can't find any videos of monks doing fistweaving, and the icy-veins write up is pretty vague. Any of you MW Monks actually fistweaving? If so, when and/or why are you doing it? I just don't understand it...Motefu25 2d
2d Hit Combo nerfed? LOL who's the idiot doing PvP balance? Where did the big bad monk touch him? 50 percent nerf to Hit Combo? Rofl PvP balance team is a joke.Iuckycharm2 2d
2d So why am i 22% percentile... Im pretty sure i do all my rotations right and stuff, but i still get !@#$ dps for my ilvl apparentlyNerfmeharder7 2d
2d Stormfist help been doing withered scenario every 3 days since launch. still nothing, very disappointing. anyone else have this bad of luck?Wrøgzilla25 2d
2d Impending danger Please please tell me this is the last class hall quest? I thought I was done after the 5 Freya ones.Shaolinfury2 2d
2d Legendary choices So recently got the legendary trinket and super thrilled about this. Getting this one makes 6 for me. I guess my question is which legendarys should I be using where? In raid now I use the legs and trinket. I have the legs belt chest sephuz ring wrists and trinket. In mythic plus I use legs and belt. However I feel as though I should. E using something other then the belt. It seems so weak to me, espiecally when I get to 13 keys or higher. Tried going on the MW discord but they were of no help.Serethia0 2d
2d Unarmed glyph I remember there being an unarmed glyph a while back that made it so you use your fists instead of your weapon. Is it still in the game? I hope so, I don't really like the ww monk artifact weapon, it doesn't look very good on a gnome.Toefu4 2d
2d Brewmaster PvP Has anyone done extensive PvP as a Brewmaster after 7.1.5 came out? Previously, I found myself, when stunned, that I would take a LOT of damage because I don't dodge, which ultimately made me switch to my Prot Warrior (more armor) for FC and Base Sitting. However, this all happened before the last buffs to BrM. I'm just looking for anyone who has had a BrM and PvPed a lot with the spec. ThanksIllídari4 2d
3d Brewmaster Mythic+ with Teeming and Skittish Well this is a new level of hell. WTB dizzying haze or Chi explosion please.Stigma32 3d
3d Devs responded to some MW concerns We've been asking long enough and they finally let us in on what their thoughts are on some of our concerns 3d
3d Windwalker Artifact Transmog Limitations Why can I transmog my Frost DK's swords into maces, or blood dk's 2h mace into a 2hs etc. but on my WW monk I can only transmog my artifact into other fist weapons and not other weapon types he can use? Seems like an unfair limitation on monk artifact transmogrification?Ilz5 3d
3d WW Trinket Help I have Nightblooming Frond and Entwined Elemental Foci. Which is best for single target? i have both on same ilvl (875) ThanksZekkari1 3d
3d Can Blizz revert MW to what it was in WoD? I miss Chi and Mana Tea. Oh, and getting brought to mythics.Toughpaw10 3d
3d Monk race I really want to make a monk it will mostly be mw but would probably play all specs. Right now i am torn between panda for the food buff and nelf for shadowmeld or female draenei for tht int boost. I am wondering what opinions people have on these races and which they think i should choose.Zandakar25 3d
3d Brewmaster in nighthold How does it feel overall? any fight that is too hard, or too easy? Deciding between prot warrior and brewmaster monk, prot has a hard time on a boss (makes me want to never play that boss) and brewmaster should work well, but i don't know if there's too much sustained damage (the weakness of brew)Kartzhan22 3d