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10m bfa mistweaver patch I have been away from the game for a good bit of time now. I saw that a nerf happened. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could convince me these nerfs wont make monks less desirable than other classes in high mythic + and raids..? I'd prefer not to invest in this toon i just hit 110 on, if I am shoehorning myself into disappointment. I would rather go play my hunter if so. That aside, i do enjoy the monk, i just don't enjoy being outshined by all the other classes in all facets of content.Yäzzle11 10m
39m Feral Druid (Cat) vs Monk in PvE Farming? I was planning new character for the new expansion. I was thinking Kitten Druid or Monk (not sure the DPS one is called sorry). I played the Druid in the past and it was not too bad though not always a fan of the dot based DPS but outside that not bad. Overall I'm just wondering if anyone has played both and can help tell me their strengths and weaknesses between the 2. Also how well they one on one soloing mobs like grinding / farming a mob for a drop of equal level, etc. Thanks :)Discharge2 39m
1h Worried about MW in BFA PvP I feel like that Mistweaver has lost a lot in BFA with no stun immunity especially with the loss of Rising Thunder. The loss of stun immunity doesnt bother me if we still had rising thunder. What is the point of crane with no instant envelopings? We dont have the utility to survive. Crane will be much easier to counter and it will be difficult to survive if cocoon is unavailable or fortifying brew. Even in live right now crane is not sufficient to heal through a frost dk burst and you need those instant envelopings to get through it or recover. If you got kicked you could still do dmg and set yourself up for an instant enveloping after it etc. Everything I read about MW in pvp for BFA is really bad. I've tried it on PTR and it doesnt feel very good at all.Xinwugc5 1h
1h Paladin or Monk bfa Leveled both to 60 and really am torn between the two. I have always mained as a support role According to videos and forum feedback Paladins arent in the best place right now, whether its their core design in bfa or a numeric perspective i do not know I enjoy proc based game play Mobility Instant casts PvP viability in bgs,rbgs 5m mythic Mistweaver has been getting good feedback in terms of its feel, Paladins may be boring but i know they bring a lot of raw throughput, but i dislike the idea of dpsing to make a spec shine. Would love some feedback.Sentennial14 1h
3h Staff WindWalker is back! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Blizzard! Its so nice to be back to being a staff wielding WW. So happy! For those who don't know what i'm talking about, the horrible one-handed requirement on WW's fist of fury has been lifted as of the most recent beta patch! So for all of us who missed and wanted to use staff or pole-arm we now can, yay!Velysra36 3h
3h Monk race struggle I can't decide between male Pandaren or male Human. Pandaren are simply really cool and they bring with them everything about Pandaria's lore that I love and their voice acting is great. Everytime I see a Pandaren player I think how nice they are. Humans on the other hand it's really hard to find a leather transmog that doesn't fit them well, everything simply looks too good on them and they give me more of an agile feeling that pandas don't. I don't care for racials and like both their animations. I was wondering if ya'll could share your thoughts on this? Do you play either of those? What made you choose? May the mists protect youAvedostra6 3h
13h Best Monk Names Round 2 Best Monk Names of 2018!! And.......GO!! I really like mine :pBrewtalmonk11 13h
16h is Havoc DH easier to learn than WW? I'm new to dpsing I always healed on my monk is havoc DH easier to get the hang of than a windwalker monk?Nyte17 16h
20h Are WW monks good for soloing content? just as the title says it I want to solo stuff and I dont want to be a healer/tank so I was wondering if WW is good for soloing contentDarkarthas4 20h
20h Crackling Jade Lightning suggestion I know that soon we will have expansion, but i would like to give suggestion... As BrM lost any possible range pulling skill, please make Crackling Jade Lightning better, maybe making it "castable while walking" or dmg tick could go instantly instead of after 1 sec.Japonka0 20h
1d BFA Mistweaver - it got changes? I was wondering how the Mistweaver Monk was doing today in BFA? Did it go back to the way it was in mists of pandaria? 1d
1d BFA armor changes Well i've rolled into PTR last time and i've noticed one thing, My BRM monk on live has 41% physical dmg reduction which fall down into 22% At the same time my protection warrior has 57% physical dmg reduction on Live, which decreased to 51%. And i don't think it's only because of artifact weapon lose. It gave us 35% extra armor, but for warriors it was 20%. Something is broken with scale.Japonka4 1d
2d Dual Wield BrM in BfA? Was wondering if BrM had the option to dual wield in the expansion?Haspian0 2d
2d Brewmaster in BfA Dear Blizzard, As far as Rated bgs are concerned Brewmaster is a solid flag carrier. Please do not nerf us to the ground by removing traits such as "swift as a coursing river". Currently pushing 2k and it has been difficult, but possible. More importantly it's fun, so please don't change things drastically! Thank youFigurines0 2d
2d WW monks in bfa Hey, been playing WW monk for a little bit now, and i'm having a lot of fun! How are they looking right now in bfa?Exitmonk8 2d
2d Bravo Just saw the new guard in action today and it looks great. I know it's probably not a popular opinion because the number it absorbs looks so small. But it's strength lies in the fact that it's not 100% of incoming damage being shielded. For how brewmaster is designed I much much prefer this over the old guard. The numbers can be changed and tweeked but it's not about how much it absorbs it's about how well you utilize that. If your in a tight bind you can really stretch it by stacking it with other CDs to give you that much more control over your hp bar and preventing the one shots. Having every tanks focus around how fast they can fix their hp bar being low is totally stale. The best part about brewmaster is not how fast you can fix a low health bar like superman doing it all by yourself... But instead controlling how slow it falls and being able to hold out while your healers juggle around their priorities and can breathe easy that your health isn't going to spike around like the fastest yoyo ever made. While BoC baseline would be cool from a defensive look at the row it feels pretty good as is. Guard would benefit from any type of potential dps increase so it really fits but all in all the ability meshes super well with what brewmaster is... the smoothest tank out there. And on 30 second CD you can get alot out of the talent over the course of a fight.Vitogobleone1 2d
2d rate the monk transmog monk tmogs, how do they work? lay it on me and the next person - keep it going. put the mana bun down and rate the tmog.Mushroom23 2d
2d 2018 Rate the Monk Trans-Mog I call this one my McGivor-Bear-Monk it is all about the utility belt , now I have a spot for my mushrooms and chicklets! Now I just have to get the rouge pants and I will have room for more stuff like bear and chips!Juárez344 2d
3d Are WW Monks fun? Looking to Boost WW Monk to 110. Do you recommend a WW Monk?Corannix29 3d
3d Mistweaver Monk PTR problem Hey, is it intended that trying to instant cast Vivify or Enveloping mist, using a mouse over macro, breaks the Soothing Mist Channel and instead casts normally? That would really suck, and would mean that Mistweavers would constantly have to hard target people to take advantage of the new Soothing Mist effects. Can a Blue look into this please? Is this a bug?Rélig12 3d
4d What race should my new monk be? I want to level a monk and see if I like it. Should I be voidelf or blood elf? I kind of like too dwarf but I'm talking female only so idk how many transmogs she could pull off. I want to play either brewmaster or mistweaver. I dont have voidelf unlocked yet I'm super close like 5,000/21,000 to exalted. It's such a struggle. However I dont have many ally characters so that makes me on edge about void elf. They look pretty neat though. I also like high mountain but the casting animation for soothing mist is really...odd.Lemonroll30 4d
5d Was hoping a brewmaster could advice. Hoping someone can give me a few pointers here. I've started a monk for more or less the first time out there with the intent on tanking it up to level. Was hoping a Brewmaster out there could give me some tips on how to actually use the class low level. I've seen countless guides for the brewmaster itself but nearly all of them assume that you are at 110 with it's artifact weapon already done. I was hoping I could get some tips more on the 15-60 area as I can't seem to find much out there. Thank you to anyone who replies.Kegaran22 5d
5d Problem with Fists of Fury When I use Fists of Fury and kill is complete, there is a 5+ second delay for my mount to light up so i can get on. Tried making a ticket but all they want is self serve it seems. Anyone have this problem or can give suggestions? Thank youZetta10 5d
5d BfA WW changes. Who's actually excited for them? Granted, we haven't seen all the Azerite stuff, but am i the only one that's worried? I mean we're getting our cleave nerfed. A lot. MotC is going from 40% to 10%, and FoF does 50% reduced damage against 2ndary targets. We're getting utility nerfs with Para CD and Transcendence CD increases. SotWL is becoming a talent. Hit Combo is still a talent. And we're losing Artifact trait stuff, most notably the "double" RSK and karma heal traits. And what do we get in return? Baseline nerfed leg sweep and ring (still a joke of an ability), and BoK reduces CD of FoF and RSK. Though, i have to admit, the inner strength talent seems pretty good. Oh and i guess the removal of Chi Orbit as a talent is a "good" thing, but we get something we have now (Thunderfist) from artifact to replace it which is rather insulting. The gradual slowing of our rotation has also yet to be addressed, and we're gonna feel it extra hard in BfA since we're losing our extra 40 energy. TP used to cost 40 energy in MoP, then 45 in WoD, and now 50, and i have a feeling it's not gonna be addressed. And to top it all off. For an xpac themed around faction conflict/pvp, we don't get access to some of our best PvP abilities. 5.4 Ring of Peace, baseline fort brew, nimble brew, passive AND exclusive sparring, healing spheres, baseline grapple weapon, etc. Meanwhile we're losing our hardest hitting ability in SotWL which we never got to play with at full power for more than a season. Am i the only feeling like we're getting shafted? Edit #1: So... after this thread got revived by recent changes who here would rather WW just not change, at all. Even with us losing artifact trait related stuff. Because, personally, I'd rather have a janky rotation because of overcosted TP and reduced max energy cap (i believe we're going from baseline 140 to 100), than deal with what's on the alpha. ... It's funny how when ppl say that, bad things happen.Yangxiaolóng74 5d
5d Fellow Brewmasters. Fav Artifact skin? Ive been using the Ancient Brewkeeper on my main monk for quite awhile. I just unlocked Bearer of the Mist (Whew!) and Ive been using brewkeeper so long I Feel weird switching lol. What do you fine ladies and gentlemen use?Worldwarlord5 5d
6d FoF stun...well Fortnite is Fun. Haven't been on this game in a while....but it looks like every time I try to come back Blizzard makes some dumb changes like this. Remove cc and just give us sustain like every other 50iq class. Great move. I'd much rather waste my money on random Fortnite skins...than stick around for BFA.Balrogadin36 6d
Jun 14 Proper fist weaving makes its return Well in the midst of the incredibly mediocre changes to the ww and bm talent trees so far on the beta, we recently got a really cool proper fist weaving setup back. We have a mix between the old mop style and some newer legion mechanics which work really well together. Vivify is now uplift from MOP. It heals people with your renewing mist on them. Thunder focus tea now gives you a 30 second renewing mist instead of no cooldown. Rising mist is a new talent that causes RSK to heal anyone with your HOTS on them and extend the duration of all hots including essence font. Thunder focus tea causes RSK cooldown to be massively reduced. I've been enjoying this a ton on the beta. Mixing in instant cast vivifys and actual healing from our melee damage again makes me want to play mw again.Senseilimb8 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mage tower windwalker Magetower for ww i been wondering how to make a macro for the fel surge totem does anybody know?Pandamoniums13 Jun 14
Jun 14 Black Ox Statue Range So, I may have missed something, but there doesn't seem to be any range on Black Ox Statue. It's not particularly hard to figure out where 30 yards ends but it would be nice to get a radius indicator, at least when placing the statue. In tight dungeons like Maw of Souls this ability is a bit annoying to place as I have to eyeball the range between mob packs.Zatokun1 Jun 14
Jun 14 Multiple GCDs for MW in BFA ...Fox12 Jun 14
Jun 14 What do you like about being a MW Monk? With BfA approaching (and any new expansion in general), I like to consider options and look at trying a new class. I played quite a few healers in Legion and previous xpacs at various levels of content (Druid, Priest, & Pally). I'm considering playing a MW Monk in BfA. Hoping to get some feedback about the class here from people who have played it over a period of time. What do you like about MW in general? What don't you like? I personally enjoy M+ (think 10-15 level keys) and causal raiding, any concerns with the class at that level of play? What are you looking forward to in BfA about MW? What are you going to miss in BfA that you had in Legion? How do you think other players view MW in comparison to other healers?Lyiria11 Jun 14
Jun 13 MW 2V2 3V3 I was wondering what the best combo for mw is ? I have a warlock and a hunter.Pýst1 Jun 13
Jun 13 MW Revival Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death, but I haven't read anything anywhere; Is there a visual effect change for Revival in the works? MW is my favorite healing in part because of the visuals. It's so appealing and pretty to me! And our big raid CD is so lackluster, in my opinion. Not live, of course -- can't miss that big pretty dragon. But I was recently invited to Beta, and I was excited to see if we retained the dragon or at least the mist part had more visual punch. And I am so disappointed to see it be so ... small.Jubilance6 Jun 13
Jun 13 Orc Monk Name! I need help coming up with an Orc Windwalkler Monk name! I will be PVPing with it most of the time. I like names that have to do with race, class, spec, or pvp if Im planning on doing it with that character. If they are funny, witty, or ironic that's a big plus also. I don't mean to be so picky but if I don't have a name I really like I wont play the character, I'm OCD like that! lol HELP!Otoome15 Jun 13
Jun 12 Make sure to keep your Smelly's Luckydo Make sure to always have Smelly's Luckydo in your bag. It gives you +5 more chance of legendaries dropping.Confushissay11 Jun 12
Jun 11 The changes MW and BrM needed! Blizzard just posted these new changes for BrM and MW! I for one think these are excellent changes. ... ...Selissi7 Jun 11
Jun 11 Brewmaster Mage Tower I'm sure I'm many days late and many dollars short on this, but I just wanted to comment and say that this is possibly the most unfun (if that's a word) thing I've ever done. I main WW and have that mage tower down, but figured it might be fun to try the other two specs. I was incorrect. This is akin to being punted in the shins by a soccer player. I don't understand how this was designed either. The most powerful Priest in Azeroth can't heal for beans? My raid healers could do better than this without trying very hard. The fight itself is a DPS check, not a tank check. And the fight doesn't even care if you can tank and mitigate damage, it just wants to shove you off a cliff constantly anyway. If you've completed this, my tip of the cap to're far more patient than I. I just think it silly that a +15 dungeon seems like a walk in the park compared to this, tank wise. That seems like a far better test of your tanking abilities than this. I can't wait to see what MW has in store.Jenyu31 Jun 11
Jun 11 WW in BFA is laughable so is blizzard ever going to address the fact that: Legsweep is a 3 second stun Fist NO longer stuns Incap is 45 second CD They removed fist stun in Legion Beta and it was a complete disaster, so they eventually brought it back, lets hope their this smart this time around. If not, guess DK's will be welcoming us into the club, "no CC, no setup, just damage club"Resilients41 Jun 11
Jun 11 MW Spec Broken Revivals visual doesn't even show the dragon to other people. This Spec literally has no purpose.Arthurmonk14 Jun 11
Jun 11 what spec do you solo as this is my alt monk so don't pay attention to gear. recently I've only been playing brewmaster, and last night I was soloing a heroic dungeon (ilvl 944) and had a way harder time than I thought I would trying to do a quest. granted it was court of stars and I hate the mobs there but still, brew is the only tank I have trouble soloing things on. is brm inherently harder to solo content than other tanks or am I still just bad. note, I don't have any of the dps legendaries just wrist and ringWorldwarlord2 Jun 11
Jun 11 Tauren vs Orc Monk...the ultimate decision I'm more concerned with animations than racials...since both races have decent racials for monk. I'm a loyal Horde player that has played WoW since the first Beta and I have come to the hardest decision in my world of warcraft career. Aesthetically...should I go with a Tauren or Orc monk? Why not Panda? There are a wait a BILLION Panda Monks in WoW. Panda Monks are as mainstream as Fox News. I like to be different. Why not Undead/Blood Elf? All my friends that decided to not play a panda went undead or blood elf. I think Panda, Blood Elf, and Undead are the most over played monk races in the game....aside from human. Why not troll? Giggle So it comes down to Tauren or Orc Monk. Does anyone know if there are more tauren or orc monks in the game? Which has better animations? Which looks better in Monk armor at 90?Kaíne42 Jun 11
Jun 9 Echo of Chi-ji no longer being used. Anyone notice something weird happening to the celestial follower? I do use order hall/master plan addons for my order hall and Echo of chi-ji hasn't been used in a week, where it was almost always used on cooldown before. I've even tried entering him into missions manually but he never seems to have a positive effect on percentage anymore. Did something change?Puf0 Jun 9
Jun 8 Class mount quest I just hit exalted with Armies and finished quest line yesterday, ported to temple and no new quest. Logged out a couple times, ported to reload class hall, nothing... Looked at guides, but nothing says anything about waiting I have no class hall quests, and only the battle ground and mage tower quests in my book for artifact.Wodanon3 Jun 8
Jun 8 Need to Learn WW with the xpansion right around the corner , I need to learn WW , cause I dont wanna level as a healer . anyone have any good sources on talents, rotations, stats? Thank you in advanceMothamonker3 Jun 8
Jun 8 Storm Earth and Fire Mog Can we have a glyph that makes Storm Earth and Fire not change our transmog? The ones it changes our hard-made mogs into don't impress me. It can still change the colors and things but the mog itself, can we have an option to keep it the same?Wunderbilly6 Jun 8
Jun 8 Hyrja on tyrannical So was attempting a 20 HOV last night and was healing fine until I get to hyrja, would like some advice on how to handle her on a tyrannical setting 20 or higher, also I would like only MISTWEAVERS who have cleared a 20 or higher on tyrannical weeks to reply to this please, not trying to be rude but would like some advice from people that have actually done a 20 tyrannical hyrja as a MW. Thank you.Serethia9 Jun 8
Jun 7 WW BFA Weapon Question Are WW's going to be using 1h sword/axe/mace or fist weapons in BfA? The sole reason I haven't played my WW much @ all in legion is because they made us use fist weapons. The 1h weapon sheath on back was like the coolest thing aesthetically imo.. Anyway... does anyone know yet?Abigail2 Jun 7
Jun 7 Need a little help wrapping my head around WW Okay. I'm liking this WW a lot. I'm experimenting with rotations and dps and proper time to use CDs ...blah blah blah. I'm usually a Resto druid so being ranged and paying attention to my team is my usual mode of operation. I do some tanking and dealing with mobs is easier because they are or aren't stuck to you and most peripheral damage can just be soaked or sidestepped. Now melee dps, this is the one that is completely alien to me. Do i just step back when things start getting crazy? For instance, Lower Kara. the tank pulls the crowd of mobs after the Opera and the floor is completely clogged with all sorts of bad and i find my self just kind of standing there trying to look busy. eventually its less of the big bad and more little spots of bad everywhere (Pennies from heaven) and so i move in and get to work and get clipped by one. I'm really trying to be aware of them but they are everywhere and moving and i'm not sure if they are predictable. The same for all sorts of spots where i ended up wondering how to dodge specific mechanics while being in so close ..... Fel Strike in CoeN, Crackle in HoV. Sometimes i try to dodge preemptively and just run into another one. I can see my raid warning telling me "so and so has been targeted" but where they are in relation to me can be difficult to figure out in the zillosecond before the spell comes crawling out of the tight little pack that i am on the edge of. How are you dealing with it? Is there some trick? I've healed bad melee and good melee and i can spot the good ones because i don't have to spend much time on them and the bad ones i have to focus too much attention on ....i dont want to be the bad kind. a little insight would be appreciated.Steevoh1 Jun 7
Jun 7 WDP BASELINE Blizzard, can we please get WDP baseline and try to make the level 100 talents interesting for a change? The fact that WDP isnt baseline makes no sense to me. its about as Windwalker as it gets. Please considerTinsben6 Jun 7