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18m Please give us a Weapon Anim glyph Its cool and all we use our fists to fight, but sometimes we want to put our epic new weapons to use instead of hanging uselessly at our backs. Please provide us with a glyph that lets us swing our weapons in battle. Thank you.Minaeva5 18m
26m Brewmaster is underwhelming at best Yet again we are going to be relegated to progression only content. Though I'm not sure of even that with the current strength of stagger. Brm has only had things taken away and given nothing to compensate for. Secondary stats being nerfed. Stagger being nerfed. No armor buff. No hp buff. Sustain being nerfed. Damage being nerfed. No real utility for groups. Guard is useless because we are forced into high tolerance. We are only a tank if we have a healer. As usual. And as usual Blizzard really doesn't seem to care about it. Brm feels just okay if you have a healer. Completely useless if you don't have one. Brm is quite literally paper now. Anyone know of any buffs coming before the raid releases?Wthisamonk22 26m
34m Azerite traits. Whats your fave so far? As the title suggests. Latest one i got was Iron fists. if they have one for energy regeneration instead of chi return I'm all over that thing.Berusein15 34m
41m Windwalker is fun, but wonky. Changes i want to see: -> Reduce the energy costs of Jab and Fist of the White Tiger -> Nerf Touch of Death (ToD) -> Nerf Touch of Karma (ToK) -> Buff damage to compensate for Touch nerfs Right now i like the spec in general just feel way too reliant on both ToD & ToK. I will frequently have boss pulls where they will do a combined 35% of my damage. It's way too cheesy, and makes us far too reliant on cooldowns. To add to that, the periodic lulls when I'm bottomed out on energy, just waiting for CD's to come up kinda take some of the fun out the rotation by slowing it down to a degree that I think is too extreme. Overall, the class is pretty well designed, but I think some tweaks to a target few abilities (as mentioned) could go a long way.Abigail2 41m
46m WW Monk... wtf (PvP) Way to ruin a class. Make it great again. KthxJasyn31 46m
51m Monk 1H Weapon heath to the back Is it just me, or do all monks 1H weapons sheath to the back now? I change my mace to a sword and no matter which sword or other 1H I pick they all sheath to the back. In the past only certain 1H would sheath to the back. Does this happen to anyone else?Rainfable4 51m
1h Loving WW. Tell me it won't be bad at 120. I hit 120 on my Druid a couple days ago (leveled Balance), and even though I found the content amazing, I wasn't really having that much fun. By the time I was ready for a change, I was already 117, and just decided to finish leveling on that character. So, after hitting 120, I went to check out my characters to see who I could level next. I purchased Mists of Pandaria on day one, and immediately started leveling a Pandaren Monk. I pretty much played non-stop until I hit 90, and was actually one of the first in my guild to do so. Unsurprisingly, however, I hit 90 and was burned out completely, and quit. Since then, this Monk has sat at 90 on my character select screen (and I haven't play much WoW since then). So, I decided to use my 110 boost on this Monk the other day, and have been leveling as Windwalker - and, I have to say, I'm loving it. The flow of the rotation, the abilities, the damage, the speed, the "feel" of being a's all just great. I have the survivability, DPS, and mobility that I just didn't have on my Druid. I'm curious, though - do things change at 120? Does our DPS fall flat? Is it still this good at 320+ iLvl?Pastry8 1h
1h MW genuinely feels great. Title. PvP feels amazing, has a really nice toolkit which was lacking from healers last expansion. PvE feels great too. Soothing mist return is amazing, I love it.Erectribtion5 1h
2h The current and future state of Ww monk So far WW monks are similar to their Legion version, only worse. Worse healing No healing elixir No karma healing No teleport healWorse CC/utility Teleport CD increased to 45 seconds paralysis CD increased to 45 seconds leg sweep stun duration lowered to 3 seconds Fists of fury stun in pvp goneWorse rotation/playstyle Various QoL improvements removed and replaced with nothing (such as the increased energy cap) due to artifact weapons retiring Very few new abilities available Storm, Earth, Fire put on the GCD SOTW gone and replaced by an underwhelming talent Crackling Jade Lightning is almost useless again, except being an aggro puller instead of also having a use in the rotation thanks to the legendary No free and increased damage blackout kick! procs due to the removal of tier bonuses Energizing Elixir nerfed and put on the GCDWorse AOE Fists Of Fury AOE heavily nerfed SOTW goneSpinning Crane Kick heavily nerfed I'm very worried about the current and future state of ww monks due to these reasons. Azerite gear so far has been extremely underwhelming and won't be able to replace all the things we have lost. Expansions are meant to expand, not take away.Flooben29 2h
6h Remove "Good Karma" A damage talent has no place in the tier 60 talent row. Forces you to take it. Remove replace it back with Black Ox Statue. Also screw Chi Burst, remove that Chi generation on it and give us MoP Expel Harm baseline. Fixes some healing issues and promotes choice in that row. All other traits have perfectly viable choices, but these two are a must take.Yungstorm0 6h
7h PVP MW Concerns These are the top 3 concerns I have with MW monk and hopefully they can be addressed before the next pvp season comes out. I ordered them starting with the most severe issue and descending from there. The biggest issue I've had with mw is playing way of the crane spec in arena, and how the GCD changes have affected the playstyle. I play turbo in 3s, and in order to set up my way of the crane burst I need to 1)tiger palm once, 2) twice, 3) three times in order to stack up teachings of the monastery. 4) paralysis the healer, 5) legsweep the kill target, 6) mana tea, 7) way of the crane ----> burst. It takes 7 globals to set that up. (If you're wondering why I'm using mana tea it's because way of the crane takes 25% of my mana bar if I don't.) This not only makes it frustrating to set up to do dmg, but also limits how effective it is defensively to heal as well. The next issue is that mw are too vulnerable to dying in stuns. With the removal of way of the crane removing stuns, and healing elixirs not proccing in stuns, mw flops too easily when caught in stuns. Defensively speaking, we are akin to a resto druid without bear form or barkskin. Last but not least, when using focused thunder and thunder focus tea on rising sun kick, the CD on rising sun kick will not reduce below 6 seconds if you have enough haste to bring the CD to 9 seconds. Thunder focus is supposed to reduce the CD by 9 seconds (as it says in the tooltip) but won't reduce the CD to 0 if you have a base RSK CD of 9 seconds. This makes the way rotation even clunkier because there is a 3 second gap between each RSK. It doesn't feel good.Psyxz4 7h
9h Why are polearms not allowed for WW anymore? Stupid to not let FoF be cast with one anymore. Not like you can FoF with swords/axes in your hands. They just sit on your back as well. Why no longer allow them...Yungstorm8 9h
10h Thunder Focus Tea Macros (but for real) I googled this and there's a thread asking about it with nothing but people saying "I prefer to not have it on a macro" and, while that's exactly what I expected from you people, it's also the exact opposite of an answer. So I'm asking it again. What do people like to macro Thunder Focus Tea onto? I feel like I'm wasting it by saving it for when I absolutely need it. I have enough other "OH SH!T" cooldowns for that. Also Thunder Focus Tea is on a 30 second cooldown so I feel like I should be using it a lot more. So I'm looking for advice on macros.Doushio1 10h
10h Fellow Monks: Why do we do it? The few, the proud, the monks. We are not exactly a highly populated class. Brewmasters, Windwalkers, and Mistweavers why do you guys do it? I'm really just curious. What makes you want to play a monk? Monk quickly topped my favorite class list pretty early on. For me personally its a combination of things: The satisfying sound effects of the punches, my love for all things Bruce Lee, living out my inner twelve year old's fantasy of being Goku, saving the day in dungeons or pvp. I main a Windwalker so I can only really speak to that experience, but I'm curious what you other specs have to say.Sepsis24 10h
12h Best Monk Names Round 2 Best Monk Names of 2018!! And.......GO!! I really like mine :pBrewtalmonk170 12h
12h MW Dungeon Talent Is there any consensus on which talent is best for difficult dungeons in the 100 row? I'm sure its either upwelling for the extra 4 seconds on the double mastery buff or focused thunder in order to get 4 RM out at a single moment. But I can't tell which. You guys' thoughts?Telkawa9 12h
14h BRM Provoke Black Ox Statue problems Not sure if it's just me, but has anyone else been having problems provoking the black ox statue? Even when I manually target the statue, then I hit provoke, it keeps saying invalid target? Anyone else having problems taunting the statue to pull the agro or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.Psye2 14h
16h Best horde race for a monk Hi everyone, i want to make a monk in the horde, what is the best race for it in your opinion? My first option is a troll or high mountain btw PS: Try to avoid answer belf, i dont like themKazrael8 16h
16h BRM or WW for leveling Which is faster?Unlivable17 16h
17h Can we get an instant heal back? Expel harm would be sick as heck dude. I just came back and saw that they removed healing elixirs. Real sad since it was really good for everything. It healed a ton sure, but it was feels weird not having anything but '4th name change channeled heal'. (Seriously don't get why it is changed every expansion lol.) Also it is still only a pvp talent for the instant heal version... super lame. Expel harm with an 8 sec CD healing like 10-15% of your health and giving 1-2chi would be great.Yungstorm3 17h
17h It's been a while... It's been since Cataclysm since i last played. I have lvl 100 Pally/Monk and LOVE to heal/tank. With the current changes what would be best if i were to level my monk? Are they still good healers? Are they better tanks? Are they worth playing over pally? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going to start playing again as of this weekend!Biessie3 17h
20h Windwalker at 120 How are you guys doing right now? Considering jumping ship for another mdps class, but I don't want to get stuck with the same problems feral has. I leveled a monk on beta, but didn't really play much after getting 120. Do you recover well from losing your legendaries? Are you able to easily manage your resources? Is there any survivability?Sylanorra7 20h
23h Windwalker PvE Guide for Battle for Azeroth I wrote a guide for windwalker going into pre-patch and BfA which can be found here Our discord can be found within the guide or here: If you have any questions feel free to ask here on in discord Edit: Guide fully updated for BfA as of 8-12-18Ww41 23h
1d Leveling as brewmaster Has anyone ever tried to level as a brew master??Shihtzuguy10 1d
1d Flying Serpent Kick travel distance Is it just me or does it feel like it is about 3 yards shorter than it should be?Sultriss8 1d
1d Tip for a slight speedier gear up for heroics Before each boss check all the gear for each spec and roll for the spec with the most gear (usually one spec had one extra piece) hope it helps!!Vegeta3 1d
1d MW dungeon troubles I find MW extremely frustrating to play in a 5 man setting. Group damage is very difficult to deal with even with decent mist spread. We have no spells that can pick a group up easily, and if you are in a situation where you mists havent spread well you are just left with no tools at all. essence font does so little healing you dont even notice it, and the follow up gusts after dont seem to help much. The only reliable way to solve group wide damage is the crane. revival only heals for ~15k health and is needed to be saved for cleansing.Tcjefe12 1d
1d Making traits out of things we already had. Heal removed from Karma, don't worry we added a azerite trait version that is 100x less healing to make up for it. Example: "900 Health per second while Touch of Karma is Active." ????? How little do you care about the class to think that is at all exciting for players to see on their gear. "Hey look at this skill that has been relatively the same for 6 years." "Oh no they removed the healing from it." "Wow this trait makes my Karma heal! Sick!" Lmao yeah right. WW was translated so poorly to BFA is sad. I've been playing Brewmaster now and its insane how well it works and how they realized that nothing was wrong with it in Legion so it remains mostly the same now. Windwalker on the other hand is gutted in every single way. Lame.Yungstorm4 1d
1d bad idea to play monk only for MW? I always healed in WoW I am absolutely terrible at dpsing I just can't wrap my head around it. Would I be gimping myself if I leveled my monk to 120 just to play MW only or should I play my rogue where i am sorta getting the hang of the spec.Stats7 1d
1d Renewing Mist I thought I had read somewhere that Renewing Mist was going to be pushed to a new target if you use it on somebody who currently has the HoT. Did I misunderstand something? This is definitely not happening for me currently.Sindustry7 1d
1d Whats the optimal WW weapon? 2 swords? axes?Monkolia2 1d
1d ReM behavior sketchy If you happen to overwrite or stack non TFT empowered ReMs, the extension is up to a maximum of 25 seconds. Meaning, if there is an existing ReM buff of 5 seconds, and you cast another on the same target, it will be 25 seconds. If the pre existing ReM is at 15 seconds and you cast another, it will still be 25 seconds. TFT empowered ReMs have a maximum of 40 second duration(after extension/stacking). There is a weird... issue. If you cast an empowered ReM, it will be a 30 second duration. But, if you 'extend/overwrite' it with a normal ReM, the duration will be REDUCED to 25 seconds. Basically (in order) Empowered ReM - > Empowered Rem = 40 second max duration. Normal ReM - > Normal ReM = 25 second duration Normal ReM - > Empowered ReM = 40 second duration Sketchy one below. Empowered ReM -> Normal ReM = 25 second duration. Even if your prevailing ReM is at 30 seconds, it will be cut short into 25 seconds.Sybianjoy1 1d
1d Detox bugged? When I try to dispel an enemy as mistweaver, detox spends mana and triggers the GCD but doesn't remove any enemy buffs. I've tested on numerous mobs and different magic effects and every time nothing happens, but it dispels allies just fine. Wanted to know if anyone else has come across the same issue.Kordava7 1d
1d Meditate Emote Any chance the other monk races that are not pandas getting the meditate emote.. it's really cool and would be a shame if other monks couldn't have it.Evicerial5 1d
1d Brewmaster dual-wield Were we ever given a reason as to why brewmaster monks can no longer dual wield? Obviously with last expansion being a staff, we weren't going to do it at that time. I was focusing on trying to get some 1h weapons so that I could go back to my favorite transmog and found out we couldn't dual wield at all now. I'm at a loss for words as to why they would take this ability away from us.Xiphoen4 1d
1d Tanking as a Mistweaver? So, I'm sure this won't exactly scale well into higher difficulty stuff, but I'm currently queuing in the tank role for random Azeroth dungeons and having a very successful time of it. I wanted to share some of my findings here with my fellow monks and get some of their feedback: The "Overflowing Mists" azerite power is crazy good. There's no internal cooldown (like there is for earth shield), so a target can actually have an easier time living if more targets are hitting them (so long as nothing deals TOO much damage). I haven't confirmed if multiple "Overflowing Mists" azerite traits stack. I typically reflect a style of "kickweaving" based on the level 100 "Rising Mists" talent. Extending the duration of the Enveloping Mists buff also extends the duration of the associated "Overflowing Mists" azerite power. Because of the two items mentioned above, I use thunder focus tea with Rising Sun Kick exclusively. It's fairly common to be able to keep up 3 different enveloping mists (if needed) and extend their durations by 4 or 6 seconds (effectively doubling their duration) via Rising Sun Kick + Rising Mist talent. Rising Mist triggers the heal on HoTs that allied mistweaver's have on your party (I'm uncertain if this is intentional or not, but it produces a lot of cool synergy between multiple mistweavers). Rising mist does NOT extend the duration of allied mistweavers' HoTs, just your own. Sunrise technique is incredibly powerful as a DPS option for your azerite powers. Using Rising Sun Kick twice to debuff two different targets then spam Spinning Crane Kick (refreshing debuffs as needed) is one of your highest DPS options for multiple targets, since Spinning Crane Kick will trigger the extra damage from the debuff 3 times per channel. Because of the synergy on "Overflowing Mists" and "Rising Mist", you can actually have any member of your party "tank" so long as they have your Enveloping Mists HoT on them. My brother and I have done some really stupidly insane (and fun) pulls in the low level dungeons so far. Again, no idea how these will scale into higher difficulties, or how they'd work with an actual tank in the party... but they're really fun at the moment!Brohvine2 1d
1d WW monks weak? Is it just me or are WW monks like, really weak right now? It's taking me a while to kill normal mobs, and it takes a lot of my CDs to kill some of the big boy mobs without dying, although maybe I just feel spoiled from the power scaling in Legion. I'd like to hear some of your guys' opinions since monk is the only DPS class I've played this expansion so far. Thanks for reading.Yangarang17 1d
2d Returning Player Hello Monk community! I mained a monk in MoP but took a break from the game shortly before release of WoD. But now, i am back! I've decided to focus more on the PvP aspect first. I am leveling my rogue to 120 then focusing my attention on my monk. I was in a top 3 guild back in MoP (on my realm), on the PvE side of things. So, my question is; 1) Is WW still viable DPS for PvE? I don't want to tank, and i have heard MW is decent for PvE right now but i still think i'd rather DPS UNLESS healing is THAT much better. PvP: I mained a MW monk in PvP back in MoP as well, i got decent rating experience. But I've heard mixed reviews on how MW monks are doing in PvP. I would just like some input. In MoP they were OP as hell, but i've heard that has changed. (Everything has in two expansions!) Sorry for the ramble, but i want to commit to leveling my monk next (90-120 Ugh). Feel free to add me Furax#11750 Thank you guys!Pluxy2 2d
2d ?? Regi3 2d
2d Low DPS in dungeons Hey everyone. My ww has only been my main since the prepatch went live (he’s boosted) and I’ve noticed that in questing, my dps is usually somewhere between 2.3-2.7k. Same against mobs in dungeons. However, when I get to a boss or a big single target encounter, I drop to about 1.3k (which was good enough to drop lower than the healer last night ). I suspect part of it is a rotational problem, but that wouldn’t explain all of it. Some could also be movement to avoid boss AoE stuff. Anyway, has anyone else experience this? What can I do to fix it (I’m following the icy veins rotation fairly well)Gooblyn7 2d
2d Who's sticking with WW for 8.0? I rolled a WW at the start of 7.3 as i wanted a class that was viable in raids, m+, and pvp and monk fit that need. I loved the damage, movement, utility, and CC capabilities. After 8.0 obviously the class feels a little undertuned with the loss off FoF stun, healing elixers, and nerfed CC but the class still feels satisfying to play. My damage has feel off a bit though as i'm hitting for less than I sim for when before 8.0 i was pulling just above my sim values. PvP isn't as bad as some people say, you just have to change your playstyle as you can't permastun someone and global them anymore. My question is that i'm not sure if I should stick to my WW, I primarily will be PvEing, specifically M+ which i've heard WW will be good at for 120, but i'm not sure when monk is a volatile class if WW gets nerfed there's no backup DPS. I'd hate to get geared up and then have them nerf karma without buffing anything else for example. Only other classes I have at 110 i'm sort of interested in played would be my ret (which is going to 100% be nerfed soon) or my rogue (also going to be nerfed) that I just recently started to learn and i'm not that much of a fan of the playstyle enough to master itMurkrow28 2d
2d Karma should not do most of our damage. Monks should be about kicks, punches, in and out of combat, martial arts type stuff. I don't find suiciding into a group of enemies to hope to one shot them with karma and a few rising sun kicks to be in any way a fun play style, but so far most of my damage in large scale pvp encounters has been from touch of karma. Karma should do less damage, and heal. It should be a purely defensive ability. Things like, I dunno, our "main damage" abilities (fists of fury, blackout kick, rising sun kick, etc.) should do more damage than it.Wunderbilly4 2d
2d Do we get a new temple in BfA? I know class halls are not part of this xpac, but the monks had the temple in MoP before all this class hall tomfoolery. Are we going to have access to the old one, with our old teachers and dailies for rested XP? Or are we stuck on the turtle, forever?Kotoyo3 2d
2d Monks shouldn't have magic They should be pure physical like Warriors.Unlivable15 2d
2d MW feels terrible. caught in a stun without trinket? dead. clunky GCD. surging mist spam. take enveloping off bars. healing elixer no longer proccing by itself. gimped mobility and utility. sucks.Kanstilxd18 2d
2d ww only can use fists? someone please clarify! it says to cast fists of fury i need to have a one handed weapon. I equipped a one handed sword and i still cannot use fists of fury. Does this mean I have to only use fist weapons?Zacharygames3 2d
2d Doing good DPS but feel energy/chi starved? Hey all. I'm not the most experienced monk but I did a few 120 dungeons/heroics and the dps feels really good on boss fights/aoe. Only problem is i'm feeling a little energy/chi bottlenecked at times. How have your experiences been?Munkbrah6 2d
2d WW and weapon animations Can we do something about this already, I miss when we had Jab and we actually used our weapons that weren't just there to be stat sticksTinnel7 2d
3d MW - Any weaknesses? I am still in the process of figuring out which alts I will be leveling in BfA. So today I tried out my MW monk and it feels AMAZING. I am loving the old play style of soothing mist making your other spells instant cast again. But now I am wondering. For those who have tested MW at 120, does it have any weaknesses. No class is perfect and I am sure that there is something that other healers do better. The only thing I could really think of was that MW doesn't really have a damage reduction CD for a tank. Other than than I am pretty happy with how it feels.Wujichi8 3d