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34m NEW windwalker 8.1 PVP ONLY talent changes Keep in mind this post is specifically for the new pvp talents as of the fresh ptr that is out right now. So these changes are fresh, so who knows what could change, but it looks like they have removed a few pvp talents and changed them with ACTUAL better pvp talents for once. 1. The first pvp talent i want to go into is called {Pressure Points} which is basically a sharpen with warriors, if anyone doesnt know what sharpen is, it is a cooldown by warriors that cuts healing by half for 4 seconds on an enemy and increases your damage of the next mortal strike, with pressure points, Touch of death also applies (Sharpen) to an enemy AFTER it procs on an enemy and cuts healing by half for 4 seconds. This could be good for mongoloid ww cleave comps in 8.1 2. The next pvp talent is called {Reverse Harm} Which replaces our vivify casted heal, (this ability is basically what expel harm is with no cd and only generates 1 chi, it redirects all healing back to the enemy) it is an instant cast heal and in ptr right now it heals for about 11k, it is SPAMMABLE until out of energy at a 40 energy cost. you can also cast it on allies. Can come in handy with a rmp but versus any melee cleave other pvp talents are gonna be more important (prob good for duels) 3. Turbo fists- fists of fury now deals full damage to all targets hit and reduces all movement speed by 90%, and you parry ALL attacks while channeling fists. This talent replaced the other one which reduced their damage dealt by 20% stacking. This is way better against melee cleaves like turbo which will mainly sit you, and even if not it provides a HUGE peeling mechanic that we couldnt provide before with our disable. Could definitely be Meta against melee cleaves, tsg/tsdh/turbo 4. Wind Waker (yes waker) - When you or allies with your windwalking (our passive 10% movement speed increase that affects allies in range) are snared, the snare is instantly removed and they become IMMUNE to snares for 4 seconds, can only occur once every 30 seconds. MY FAVORITE BY FAR, this is huge and can be a change to how windwalker comps can get to enemies like mages. Considering tigers lust is a 30 sec cd, and so is this, this talent could also be a game changer for peeling and getting your healer out of danger while peeling with Turbo Fists. 5. Alpha Tiger- Attacking new challengers with tiger palm fills you with the spirit of xuen increasing your haste by 30% fort 8 seconds, cannot occur more than once every 90 seconds. This is way too long of a cd, and seeing as haste isnt our stat priority, unless something changes we probably wont be running this. This is all JUST RELEASED IN PTR as of last night 10-09-18 so things might change but i think this could definitely help our peeling problem, if scaling helps i really think windwalkers can survive better with these peels and be more aggressive.Windvane120 34m
44m random SEF suggestion They should make it to where when you SEF you randomly turn into either the Green, the Orange, or the Purple image, instead of just strictly the Purple one like we have now. Back in the day when SEF functioned differently in MOP/WOD, we would randomly turn into one of the three colors when both images were present, they should do that again.Resilients2 44m
3h Incoming Brewmaster nerf? Ion considers Brewmasters and Blood Deathknights having way too many survivability. He also mentioned plans to have Guardian Druids and Prot Warriors catch up to the other tanks. Hard to say whether there will be only nerfs, buffs or both; but from the sound of it, druids and warriors will definitely get buffs thats for sureSenseimoonk17 3h
3h New monk talent idea There needs to be a passive talent for monks that reduces fall damage taken when you do a successful roll immediately after falling. Call it "Tuck and Roll", lets get this done people!Bijimon2 3h
3h Mw players, how you liking it? Ive never rolled a momk but i wanted to heal again. Miss it. How are you liking mw?Swansdk15 3h
6h Reverse Harm thoughts Not that I've done any extensive testing yet, this being more a first impressions view. But does this seem a bit over the top broken to anyone else? Seems a bit like triple dipping, 8% spam able heal that copies as damage and generates chi. Does this effectively remove tiger palm off our bars? I'm having trouble seeing any reason you'd bother using TP with this talent. Kind of shocked with all the Hybrid healing nerfs that have come out, that they'd bring a healing ability with this much bloat in. Could be entirely wrong, curious how others have considered it. Fairly disappointed with the talents in general, with the exception of Wind Waker. I'd still rather have a 15-20sec Paralysis than these changes but its something I suppose.Rßk34 6h
12h I will become the most powerful ww monk hero of all time I hear monks are in an iffy place with ww, but I was recently granted powers that will allow me to train and become more than I could. I am weak now, but with time, I will become the single greatest monk hero that ever lived.Midoriyâ25 12h
13h Misty Titles Been looking around for some good MW titles. My Legend of Pandaria is getting old, and Proven Healer just doesn't have a panda-ey monk-ey mist-ey feel to it. Any suggestions?Melinsifu1 13h
14h Seeking MW pvp advice Hey all, so just wanted to get other MW's input on things to make sure I'm not dropping the ball somewhere - Overflowing Mists x 3 is a must right? - Surging Mist is worth casting over Enveloping Mist unless needed for prempt healing - If I get caught in a full kidney or something with no trinket or fort brew, sometimes I'll just die right there if i don't get a peel, am I just missing defensive traits or something? - Song of Chi Ji, I usually never take this over RoP in 3s (or RBGS), I'll use it for 2s but it always feels like trying to get one of those off properly in 3s means I'm gonna fall behind or get caught in a bad spot - When do you take Chi Ji over Statue? Only time I've been using Chi Ji is against like RMP or in certain RBGS Also, just downloaded weakauras so I can be more aware of cds all around and whatnot, any experienced MWs mind sharing the weakauras they use?Ratgodx4 14h
16h Mission bug in Peak of Serenity I was researching how to get the object "Serene Yellow Belt" reward of mission to level up that is delivered in the Peak of Serenity, Kun-Lai Peak so I can transfigure it in my monk that I am currently leveling and read in wowhead that is achieved In two ways. The first as a reward for leveling up, every 10 levels gives you a mission to go to Cima Kun-lai that supposedly give you two belts of different colors to choose from. The second one is bought by the troll "Master Canon" in the same place in case you have destroyed or sold them by mistake. My problem is that neither gave me any belt as a reward to level up or sell me any object the troll. I sent 2 tickets to blizzard and two game masters confirmed that this was a mistake of the game, later I investigated a little bit more and I learned that this bug persists since 2016 and today we are almost at the end of 2018 and still continue in the I play this bug. I have already reported this error as recommended by a gm and I would appreciate it if you could do the same, it is the only thing we can do.Pablochele0 16h
16h Coastal Surge or deadly navigation? As you can see I have deadly but wondering in the long run which would be better for raid and then mythics?Sootheme9 16h
16h Orc Monks = the most insane combo in wow Monks are about being zen and calm and serene. now places those attributes on any orc, just looking at an orcs face makes you think they are microseconds from leaping towards you to sever your head. That is the glint in all orc eyes. Then you have Orc Monks... they are the most aggressive looking monks possible, every single one looks like they are about to break some code and go to the dark side.Midoriyâ69 16h
17h Stagger Math New Monk player here and I want more information on how Stagger is calculated. I understand it's based on Agility, but what's the base formula, roughly speaking? 80/20? Any insight is appreciated.Bearsy1 17h
23h Monk Transmog Rate I capped the last thread: Same ol’ same. Rate the mog above you and please don’t skip people!Lidmilla124 23h
1d Question about BOAs I've only got my cloth BOAs up to 110... is there any reason not to use cloth when leveling a healing monk?Indrct6 1d
1d Get gud or Threat Issues? So our guild has unfortunately cycled through three off tanks now. The first was just bad and had to be replaced, but the other two (a B-DK and a Prot Paladin) we’re both solid. On more than one occasion, each of the latter two have passively pulled boss threat off of me just from damage output. Unless I am actively weaving in a few taunts during my opener, losing threat is an actual risk I face. Do you all use Provoke a few times at the start or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!Sindustry12 1d
1d I luled when someone said WW is a worse HDH WW monk? a worse version of Havoc DH? Never. I said this last week. I luled at one of you and said you dont know what youre talking about. boy was I wrong. I have been playing through my classes and the more I play WW monk the more I dislike it and I found myself saying to a guildie its like DH but worse in every way (almost). So yea, whoever I disrespected the other day I apologize. (there was 4 of you actually but really whos counting right?)Worldwartyr9 1d
1d Human, Undead or Belf Monk? Hi all, Been intrigued about monks for the longest time and decided im going to commit to levelling one. Having a lot of trouble making the final decision on race. Been a predominantly horde player. I realise unless im trying to min/max race doesnt matter and I should go for whatever I prefer. Basically I think Monk gear looks good on Belf/undead/human. I am slightly siding towards human because of the racials (enables two trinkets in pvp, more stats and rep). Belf the arcane torrent ads chi). Undead I just like the look. I know the choice is mine, I just really need someone to tell me what to rollÄimbot14 1d
2d this uncomplete spec pre karma kidney, it breaks i die through 80% to 0 to RMP Another game I successfully peel the enemy mage on their setup, JK my druid dies solo to an assas rogue 100% to 0% in 1 stun with vendetta face a turbo, they play like chimps, overlap everything, we still lose because even tho I pre port their go, the reconnect 3 seconds later and kill me 100-0 through wall in storm bolt My rdruid dips to 5% vs a RMD, disarm rogue, kicked mage on frost, dispel my rdruids poisons, then start spam healing, JK rdruid still ends up dying because somebody at blizzard HQ didnt realize that a 6% nerf to assas was nowhere near enough, and my Lsweep/Para was already on CD from our setup a few seconds earlier.. Or the game where we face Fire mage RMP, they overlap Cauterize/Block/Trinket PS like chimps after forcing my trinket karma, next setup? I get kidney/bombed and die 100-0 when it wasn't even combust or vendetta with full prehots, sick game! OR how about the DH Boomy Rsham game where all my teammates are in CC, however the enemy Rsham is in CC & boomy is at 4% with bear form skin, I COULDNT DO 4% of a boomkin's life in a 4 second Para timeframe BECAUSE OUR DAMAGE OUTSIDE OF IMAGES IS SO BAD sick game! 9.5k RSK with triple roundhouse traits! SICK game! TLDR------- all in all my point is that this is an uncomplete spec and even if you play well overall or outplay the enemy, you have such a small outcome on the game as a windwalker You know its bad when your teammates LITERALLY roll on the damn floor laughing at how bad your spec is after an arena. Also after every arena you hear from your healer "Holy !@#$ your spec is actually so bad.. Ive never seen a spec that take much damage outside of their main defensive".. Our spec may suck but atleast we'll get expel harm backResilients10 2d
2d WW communication It's been well over a year since a blue posted in our class forum. There's been polite and not so polite posts on multiple forum topics asking for communication, suggesting ideas etc etc. At this point all we need is some communication. If it means anything I really only want more survivability. That is all thanksFigurines9 2d
2d Stat boost Xuen? I am trying to figure out the best cd rotation. Does stat boosting trinkets, potions, and racial's effect our summons like Xuen and STF?Warbrewz7 2d
2d New to Monk - *Mistweaver* So I decided to roll a monk for heals. I saw very few monk healers in Legion (and haven't really seen any in BfA, but that's also because I literally only play with my guild), so I decided to try it out. In dungeons I feel pretty good. Depending on the fight I get anywhere between 5k-13k HPS per boss (I'm only 310 ilvl, so I know that's kind of low). However, I want to get into raiding with this toon. I just did my first LFR and decided to kickweave instead of the ST tanksitting healing build, and man was I low. I'm talking 3k HPS, and the other monks/priests were sitting at a comfortable 10k. I was pretty sure I was doing everything right, too. Tiger palm x 3, essence font on cd, rising sun kick, blackout kick, rising sun kick, renewing mists on cd, the whole shabang. I know it's difficult to tell me what I might be wrong without a log, so I think I'll be doing another LFR and recording so that I can post some info. If you guys can think of that I might have been doing wrong, common mistakes you see, etc. feel free to let me know. Thanks!Healzcookie12 2d
2d Help with WW Hi Guys, I am new to Monk and I would like to know what are you using for talent and azerite Trait. My main problem its when it come to outside activity. I feel like i don't have any utility to survive if i got accidental pull and Im always running out of energy. Sometime i need to wait like 5 second before being able to put an Tiger palm to generate combo. If someone can give me advise that will be much appreciate ThankAilanya22 2d
2d Brewmaster: Surviving Zek When tanking both void lashes from zek, what exactly is the strat to survivng the 8 seconds of 100% healing reduction? I typically run with blackout combo for the stagger pause but this phase of the fight seems super sketchy.Artórias6 2d
2d Spear Hand Strike for MW? (Apologies if this shows up twice, I think my post got ate.) Didn't we used to have Spear Hand Strike on the Mistweaver spec? Anybody know why it was removed? It's not like healers having an interrupt is unheard of - Shamans get Wind Shear in every spec. Since we're in melee anyway applying Mystic Touch (if not outright fistweaving), we might as well have the ability to help out with the interrupt rotations.Flashelas9 2d
3d WW PvP talents Why on earth do we have no pvp talents that increase the amount of damage we deal? I log onto my Ret and my DH and I get jelly beans. Half their talents give them all these kick !@# options for doing more damage or really good defensive talents. Assuming everyone is roughly equally balanced for PVE dmg output. (Let's be real even from first to last it's not that huge of a gap for the majority of players) WW immediately gets put at a big pvp disadvantage: -our main offensive ability ToD is reduced against players -our other huge dps cooldown ToK only deals damage against mentally challenged people -we have to talent into defensive pvp talents and we are still squishy as hell -we don't even have the option to increase our pvp damage via talents God damn give us back expel harm or healing elixirs, FoF stun, fort brew baseline and then make Tiger Eye brew not reduce our damage against 90% of classes. What the hell is that? Bloody Teb should be neutral against cloth, and straight up dps increase against leather and up at the god damn minimum. Give us some bloody options. Axe ToD in pvp idc, it's a $%^- *!@ ability to be balanced around. Make it a talent that no one will take cause it sucks (I don't mind it for pve) Make our tier 1 talents actually feel like they do something Make our defensive tier feel like we actually gain some defensiveness Make our mobility tier more than one option. Everyone and their dog takes tiger lust cause the other ones suck. Gtfo with good karma, make that #$%^ baseline and give us 20 second para instead. Holy hell what have to done to WW blizzard I'm going to -*!@in snap.Mönks36 3d
3d Some Mog bug but i like it I had this happen while i was raiding awhile back. While at character sheet my appearance was different than what i had on. Just finished and Island Exp and well this is what i saw. This is the mog that i had on while doing the Isle. Anyways i realize this is some sort of bug. I don't have either the head or chest piece that makes that appearance. Anyone know what these pieces are so i can track them down?Dabfu4 3d
3d Heal talk I've been progressing through Uldir and Keys. I usually just take the gear that has a higher ilvl. right now my stats are: mastery - 50% crit - 20% haste - 12% Vers - 3% these are pretty much "the cards that I've been deal" so to speak. I'm not having trouble healing at all. But I wonder if I could be better with different stats. In a raid I usually fistweave with rising sun kick and spirit of the crane. I pretty much keep renewing mist and essence font out on cooldown and go through my dps rotation. using tea for kicks. I noticed that Rising mist does not proc Gust of Mists, which makes me sad, renewing mist does. So I usually try to keep 1 charge of renewing mist handy in case someone needs a little extra quick heal. putting RM on someone procs Gusts and we know that essence fonts causes double Gusts so it makes RM a pretty decent instant burst. Of course in emergencies I'm hitting EMs and Vivify as well. I also use Chi Ji for raids. Now for 5 mans or if I'm designated to heal the tanks, I use Jade Serpent Statue and lifecycles. only pop essence font when needed and keep RM out on as many targets as possible. Being mindful of rotating Vivify and EM. In both scenarios I'm usually pretty high on the heal charts and medium to low on overhealing. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.Mikeyd8 3d
3d Proposed Mastery change for Mistweaver I mained a monk as swing heals last expac and I just started leveling my monk (healer). The change in mechanics with Vivify and Renewing Mist is original and engaging. I cannot wait to heal a raid with it. It also gave me an idea on how to improve our Mastery (which is sub optimal since it does not scale for raid heals) Mastery could buff our Vivify instead of creating "Gusts of Wind". This would allow it to buff both ST & AOE heals. ST heals through EM followed by Vivify; AOE heals through RM followed by Vivify. Just a thought.Zenaaru3 3d
3d Post QnA. Tanks Tank balance is something that the team is looking at. Brewmaster and Death Knight have too much survivability compared to other tanks. Protection Warrior and Guardian Druid are lagging behind. Some of that is numerical tuning, some (with Prot Warrior) has to do with rotational flow. Changes coming to the PTR in the not so distant future. It's important to remember that tanks bring different things to the fight. When evaluating tanks, keep in mind what they are bringing to a fight as part of their toolkit. A lot of the elements that make a tank skilled aren't quantifiable in terms of damage taken or mitigated. Numerical stuff matters, but at the end of the day tanks shouldn't be in constant danger of death (outside of some exceptions). Feeling like you did everything right but your tank just fell over and died isn't great. Bosses could literally two shot a tank in the past if they had a bad avoidance streak. That didn't feel great. There are things such as Spirit Link that are desirable that aren't reflected in HPS logs. Ancestral Vigor is another thing that just doesn't show up in HPS logs. cbf with formatting, read the minutes on mmo-champion. INCOMING BREWMASTER NERFS!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!Sybianjoy9 3d
3d Where can i find a rope belt? I'm looking for a rope belt to use in transmog purposes, but all the ones that i find on wowhead are no longer available and the AH doesn't seem to have any either.Xuniao10 3d
3d Question For Tanks I'm leveling a new character for the first time in forever. Most of the dungeons have changed dramatically since the last time I've done them. I'm also tanking them for the first time. That said, I don't usually chain pull at light speed. I tend to look around the room for packs of mobs and pats to ensure I don't pull too much, or the wrong thing. Some groups are totally cool and just sit back and go with this flow, and I've even been complimented on the tanking. But sometimes I get these impatient af groups. They don't say anything, but if I take longer than a micro second to pull, they just run ahead and pull, and then I have to fight to try to get aggro off them. I find this frustrating, but I realize these people are probably on their 20 th alt. What do you do during these times if you have experienced this? Do you try to pick up your pace? Or just keep trying to take aggro off everyone? Or switch to windwalker mid dungeon? Lol. Curious from the tank community. Thanks!Pressw4 3d
3d BrM's Nimble Brew... -_- Anyway this PVP talent can be distributed to others players more conveniently? Not only do you have to hand them out through trade window, but then the player has to find a dedicated slot to keybind it, unless they want to open their bag slot and then click on it to use itSenseimoonk1 3d
3d Reverse harm idea What they should do with this, imho, is slap a 6-10 second cooldown on it. Buff the heal to 10%. Buff the chi generation to to 2. And put this in the PVE talent row where good karma is or just replace good karma with it. Something like. Reverse harm: 8 second cooldown. Replaces vivify. Cost 40 energy. Generates 2 chi. Heal for 10% max hp. Reflect the damage to nearest enemy. That could help a lot in pvp AND pve for survivability. I feel like it would put us in line with other similiar specs healing capabilities.Ultrios6 3d
3d How is WW compaired to rogue? Looking for an alt to mess around on and level up when I'm bored. I was thinking about a monk but I'm wondering if they feel much different from rogues since they use energy and chi. I'm looking to switch it up but many of the classes I don't like that much. Pally was good but every spell basically feels the same with a different animation.Melti3 3d
4d im tired of my belf monk I have too many belfs. I need a new race of monk. my ally dwarf monk is the best thing since latinas in yoga pants. what race should my horde Monk change too. note. not nightborne or orc. I have 3 of each on those as wellWorldwartyr27 4d
4d brewmaster rotation? I tried looking at the icyveins and that for playing a BM. using keg throw, Firebreath, blackout strike, and tiger palm... while trying to keep the buff ironskin brew up... though i'm not sure 'why' ironskin brew is important.. since it just lets me have a higher stagger, doesn't seem to adjust how much stagger I take... or how much is 'shunted' to stagger.. .at least that i noticed. Tried tanking a dungeon with a friend (holy paladin), and found that it was highly... painfull, to say the least. Even using that 7 minute 'oh crap' button each pull felt like it was a 'ami gonna die'. type fight. tactic usually was 'throw ox statue, try to taunt one or two ff the statue, kill them then kill the rest on the statue' but even with the limited pulls, was painfull and i died... alot. are low level BM's just, horribad atm or.. am I just wrong gear, extra squishy, wrong tactics?Bhelailia16 4d
4d 8.1 Windwalker changes Eh.. I guess none noteworthy right? Besides Karma? Haha, we were all... trying to be hopeful about WW being better in 8.1. But looking at the... rather sparse attention... feels bad man. I guess we had to whine louder. On a side note, the crackling jade lightning 'change'(made me laugh when i saw it), was it really called for? Or... am I suspecting that they're bringing back legendary abilities in 8.1 new azerite traits as a reliable horse to make things exciting again. One can only hope... but blizzard hasnt be reliable enough to go all the way in any good direction this expac.Sybianjoy9 4d
4d Hows WW atm? i used to play windwalker in legion but havent touched them since how are we atm?Ðemeter19 4d
5d Another reason to not nerf Good Karma The MAIN point of Karma is to keep you alive, right? I think we can agree on that? It last 10 seconds. At 100%, it is very likely I will get the full 10 seconds of this protection. At 50% health max, I will most likely not get 10 full seconds of protection. Please do not change this Blizzard. Just make raid bosses immune to the damage or and then buff our other abilities to make up for it. You are going to ruin a good defensive to try and balance our DPS.Sultriss9 5d
5d Serenity It be cool to have this baseline and make SEF talent so you could get wdp with this or something similar to spiritual focus ..or just scrap SEF and I am a fan of it but would take serenity over it any day if I could have more fillers for when serenity is on CD. WDP would work so well with it...or just WDP baseline would work rotation would feel so much betterDävë12 5d
5d Changes I'd like to see 1. FoF single target stun ( slight CD increase to FoF) 2. Paralysis brought down to 20 secs 3. Delete current ToD, and bring it back as an execute, like a 15-20 sec CD chi builder/spender 4. New Good karma baseline, Healing elixir's take its spot in talent row 5. Small % buff to compensate for FoF cd increase, and ToD 6. Overhaul on PvP talents or just copy/paste MoP WW I'd be good with that.Rßk1 5d
5d Life Cocoon feels lame Life Cocoon used to be the biggest and only "OH SH--" button we had. And now its still the only one we have, and its weak as ever. It shields for 75k HP at ilvl 360, which is half of an average player's health pool. In legion not only was it a stronger shield, it also healed "baseline" (artifact trait) I know everyone got changed in BfA, but monks don't have Ironskin, Pain Supp, or BoP to give other players, just a health shield that's hardly stronger than a disc shield. It's kinda pathetic. EDIT: Also forgot to mention It's possible I'm completely wrong. I'd like to hear that too.Beps8 5d
5d Best healer to tank a BM? I will be doing some tanking in some Mythic + dungeons and raids from time to time and wanted an opinion on what kind of healer my group should utilize. (AKA wife who normally plays boomkin but has 3 classes that can heal. I typically play WW but tank off to the side.) This is purely about what tank/healer combo would be best. I thought druids as they should be fine for the BM stagger mechanic. This is assuming DPS knows their stuff in a perfect world and not take much damage. What do you guys think.Berusein7 5d
5d Essence Shear on Black Ox Statue Just a quick question I thought about and see if anyone has tried this. If the Black Ox Statue gets hit by Essence Shear by Mythrax will this generate green orbs?Björn4 5d
5d HOW DO YOU STAGGER! Started playing brew master yesterday instead of healing or dps and the spec is heck of a lot of fun and all, but I CAN'T UNDERSTAND FOR THE LIFE OF ME HOW STAGGER WORKS! I think it's just because i'm stupid, but every video I watch on YouTube I never fully understand what they’re talking about when it comes to staggering. From what I understand its suppose to make big hits feel like itty bitty tiny hits and you are suppose to use brews to help with stagger, but no matter what brew I use, I always find myself messing up stagger. To sum up, ill just ask some questions 1. Simple but stupid question, what exactly is stagger? 2.What does light, moderate, and heavy stagger mean? Is that how much damage i'm taking, or how much I'm avoiding? 3. What brews should I use to help stagger 4.Basic rotation for brew master ? (Right now I rush in with keg smash and breath of fire. Then I use provoke on any mobs I miss with the first two abilities and use Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew when I start taking damage) 5. How are my talents looking? I read though most of them and picked the ones that would help me with stagger. Thanks! EDIT: Not sure If i need to add this, but I'm talking about rotations and playing brew master in PVE situationsAngsonie37 5d
6d Brewmaster Self Healing? I have to doing something wrong because I am getting smoked doing world quests. If I pull more than 3 regular 120s or even 1 rare 120, I have to stop and heal. It seems like I might get one expel harm a fight...maybe? I dont have great gear, but this get better? Right now it is a pain doing WQs. I am running 1,2,111,2,1 as a spec. I main heal so my tank weapon sucks.Billbrasky12 6d
6d Brewmaster and Grevious How do Brewmasters handle grevious weeks? Our orbs don't seem to heal enough. Do you just run at 5 stacks all run long? Do you have to run with specific healers?Dragonyx4 6d
6d Ring of peace sometimes not pushing people I've had it happen a few times this expansion where I'll lay down a RoP and some players just stand around in it like it's not working at all. The best example I have is a warrior, because I play warrior and I know what we have that can deal with RoP (Bladestorm, ranged execute). I threw down a ring, and the dude was just casually walking around in it like nothing happened, beating the tar out of me. Anyone else had this happen with the ability?Buggylol5 6d