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21m Simcraft question I feel like I am doing something wrong with simcraft because it is simming me at 153k patchwerk. Which can't be right if I am doing 2m+ single. I have never had this problem with other characeters. Any idea on something that I am forgetting to add?Grèener0 21m
32m MW monks fun? Was thinking of creating a MW alt have always mained an Rsham Never played the monk class is it easy to pick up?Btcdream21 32m
3h fist weapons I know there's been a lot of stink during BfA about only being able to use fist weapon tmogs, and although I personally preferred fists, I completely understood the complaint and was on the same side for argument because I knew this would happen to me in the future. And it did. Now knowing that we're going to weapon drops in BfA I'm going to be very sad not to use fist weapons again. I'll be happy that there's more variety for those who want it, but I personally have always loved the non-weapon, pure hand to hand combat fighting I get when I tmog my fist weapons into the handwraps I'm using now(that give you no weapon appearance at all). I really hope they fixe the weapon tmog system soon, to better benefit everyone, because I really am going to miss have my 'no weapon' monk style of fighting.Pstachio5 3h
3h leveling a monk, is it that bad? since getting the allied races i have been healing again as a disc priest, and after 51 or so levels i groan inwardly whenever i see a brewmaster tank, they are like really hard to heal, but i'm wondering, this this a lack of skills at that level, or something i'm doing wrong as a disc priest? i mean, i'm looking for a challenge, i terms of tanking/healing, demon hunter tank was just to easy, healing/tanking on paladin and druid is a snoozefest, so if the challenge is with monks, i'd really like to give them another look, would be interested i hearing what everyone things, and any tips i could get to make it less of a "bang head on wall" frustrating leveling experience, for me and the healer (if i'm tanking lol).Kelcera21 3h
5h 2018 Rate the Monk Trans-Mog I call this one my McGivor-Bear-Monk it is all about the utility belt , now I have a spot for my mushrooms and chicklets! Now I just have to get the rouge pants and I will have room for more stuff like bear and chips!Juárez153 5h
8h Don't change the combo mechanic It's a joy to play monk. I love the combo gameplay. It's strategic and doesn't kill my fingers and it's fun. I'd like to see more competitive choices in some of the tiers of talents. But please. It's not broken. Don't "fix" it.Deebeezee9 8h
8h Are WW monks OP? I finally got my monk to 110, he is on a seperate server and I don't really play it often. I simply leveled by going to invasions when they are active and doing the world quests. I also had a great deal of unsullies tokens, so I am sitting at ilvl 850ish. Slowly working my way through Antorus quest chain (because I always do on alts because it is the best casual place to gear up) and even with this lower gear score... I tear through everything on the monk, my time to kill anything is amazing. Only other class like this was Frost DK. I have done Antorus on (the zone with undergeared guys) Druid (moonkin) Warrior (Arms) Warlock (Affliction) Priest (shadow) DeathKnight (Frost) Monk (WW) Monk and DK have been by far the "fastest to kill" class's, I would say DK with Deathstrike has better sustain and survivablity, but I think the monk kills a little faster. Anyway, what do you guys think?Moccoo3 8h
10h Nerf all monk specs (ESPECIALLY MW) It's way too overpowered and needs major tuning immediately.I expect nothing less than some roll-playing monk to get salty and and upset.I may have just stepped on fire. Nerf incap range, and raise all their cooldowns by an extra 15 seconds, minimum.Malwartz28 10h
12h MW and soothing mist So I'm coming back to the game after a hiatus and I'm in that classic state of wondering what class I'm going to play next expansion. The issue I'm running into right now is that I WANT to play my MW monk. In MoP, MW's kit seemed like it had been thought out, and everything felt fluid and fun. The passive soothing mist has really killed the spec for me. It's just not fun anymore. I don't even care if it was the best healing spec in the game, it just feels boring. So my question is, has there been any word on if they are changing it up? Also I'm curious to know if anyone else feels this way. I don't frequent the forums much so I am genuinely curious if I'm all alone over here or if there are others.Zahn5 12h
18h Ancient Mistweaver Arts - Removing From Bars? Hey all, I'm having some issues figuring this one out. When I talent Ancient Mistweaver Arts (if only it were baseline again), and I place the talent on my bars - it disappears when I log off and I have to place it on my bars each time I log back in. Fixes?Flexwire5 18h
19h xp buff efficiency 7.3.5 With the changes to 7.3.5, what's the most efficient way to utilize the daily and every 10lvls xp buffs? I leveled my 2 current 110 monks prior to 7.3.5 just spamming dungeons and it was insanely fast, but now that dungeons are a little slower, is it still the quickest route? I'm trying to determine whether more bonus xp will be lost due to only having a few quests in dungeons or running all over a zone between quest givers and quest objectives.Yehzu3 19h
19h Monk fighting Animation Why am I wearing fist weapons but not attacking with my fist weapons.... whats the point in having weapons for monks at all...Deebeezee8 19h
21h Terrible Monks reminder for TMW. I know this is pretty dumb but it helps me so I thought I'd past it here for anyone else who might need it. ^1^T^SGUID^STMW:group:1NleIOfibbVk ^SPoint^T ^Sy^F7489762613002240 ^f-46^Spoint ^SBOTTOM^SrelativePoint ^SBOTTOM^Sx ^N13.128173828125^t ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SCLEUEvents^T ^SSPELL_DAMAGE^B ^SSPELL_CAST_SUCCESS^B ^t^SType^Scleu ^SStates^T ^N2^T ^SAlpha^N1 ^t^t^SDestUnit^Starget ^SSourceUnit^Splayer ^SEnabled^B ^SName^SRising~`Sun~`Kick;~`Tiger~`Palm;~`Blackout~`Kick;~`Whirling~`Dragon~`Punch;~`Fists~`of~`Fury;~`Touch~`of~`Death;~`Crackling~`Jade~`Lightning;~`Spinning~`Crane~`Kick ^t^N2^T ^SType^Sbuff ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSound ^SSound^SYou~`Fail! ^SEvent^SOnHide ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SOnlyMine^B ^SEnabled^B ^SName^!@#$~`Combo ^t^t^t^N81209^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N1 ^^ This is for TellMeWhen it'll tell me what the last ability I used so I don't re-use it and tracks hit combo for me, and yells at me when I screw up. For other terrible alt character monks like me.Pandabuffet4 21h
21h Mistweaver Monk Question Hey there, As the title states I'm currently leveling this monk as a Mistweaver. My question is, is there any reason at max level, end-game content you would use tiger's palm, blackout kick, and rising sun kick? I'm not sure if it does something different at max level such as restore Mana or give you a buff. I'm only asking this because I'm trying to decide if I should give them main use keybind or harder to hit ones if I'll never use them. Thank you!Huruin3 21h
21h BFA talent calculator live; not good Level 30 choices make us choice between Tiger's Lust and Healing Elixirs. GG BlizzCloutgodx34 21h
22h (Arenas)MWs vs Healing Elixir? Hey everyone I boosted a monk and started doing arenas with it so im still a little lost and have a few questions to active MWs that PvP since I have quite a lot of buttons to press and I am struggling with it: Do you put Healing Elixir on your bars?Nubabaca5 22h
22h No Zandalari monks. Take what you will from it. Maybe it could change. Mmochamp just datamined these classes. Zandalari Troll Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Druid. Feelsbad.Orctar18 22h
23h monk damage suppose to be very low in arenas? i can't seem to kill anything and even hpallys outdamage me. Should i go frost dk guys! lolLingchun3 23h
23h Brewmaster and leveling So I've been leveling my new brewmaster alt and having a hard time in some of the dungeons. At the moment Im in the 45-50 range and even with keeping ISB up through most of the damage and using the black ox brew at appropriate times I'm getting hit like a truck. Should I be using different talents? Am I missing a mitigation ability here? strath seems to be particularly terrible for this at the moment.Felsae6 23h
23h The Monk xp buff Is it meant to stack by the hour if you continue to do the quest each day? I'm 90% sure it's always worked like that but people are screaming exploit.Zunde4 23h
1d Ban-Lu... ...should have an extremely low chance of actually telling the story of The Hozen and the Buttercream pie.Chapley9 1d
1d Momento of Angerboda or Shadow-singed fang? I have the Momento of Angerboda (960 ilvl) and a Shadow-singed fang (945 ilvl). Which trinket should I go with as a Windwalker Monk?Riseagainst3 1d
1d Goblin Monk Roll So I just did the "Love is in the Air" quest where the Goblin questgiver in Stormwind disguises you as a Goblin too (you run outside the city and grab a crate). Anyway, I noticed the animation for the Roll ability worked beautifully. Compare this to the disguise in Suramar City where the Roll ability just makes your Elf float a distance forward. Is there any other Goblin ability that uses the Roll animation? I'm not that familiar with them really. Or is the animation there in preparation for future Goblin Monks?Xenlea11 1d
1d Paralysis 1 min CD Hello all, to anyone that didn't know, paralysis is becoming a 1 minute cooldown CC in BFA. Given that it breaks to anything and doesn't last more than 3 seconds in PvP I feel the duration should go up to compensate. Hoping this change happens, if not then paralysis will literally be useless in pvp.Fogboxer32 1d
1d CJL - Energy spenders should generate Chi Please consider changing Crackling Jade Lightning to generate Chi in BFA, like it did in MoP. It's an energy spender, and logically it should generate Chi.Sultriss2 1d
1d AoE for overland questing pre-end game (WW) Sorry if this is a tired topic. I've checked out guides but they are very general and tend to focus on end-game. I've been slowly leveling two toons and alternating between them. One is a monk. As a MW I find AoE easy in the open world as I can spin-to-win to my heart's content but when I try to spec WW the 3 Chi cost for Spinning Crane and the 23 second cool-down on Fists of Fury are limiting. I also use that split into three elements ability. More than 2-3 regular sized trash mobs can become a challenge in a zone matching my level range. Could my armor which still has some MW pieces contribute? Or the new level-scaling? I get the basic idea of balancing generation of Chi by spending energy with spending Chi while energy regenerates and using cool-downs effectively, but I'm curious what you think a level 80 AoE combo would look like and how many mobs you think it could handle. Thanks! (I will keep practicing and experimenting.)Fanecorse3 1d
1d Strike of the Windlord as baseline? IDK if this has been brought up already, and I hope I'm not contributing to the repetition of this request ad nauseum but please keep Strike of the Windlord and make it a baseline ability -- and not a talent! Change it's name to something else if needed. It adds a great dynamic to the rotation for WW and it's also, imo, visually amazing. (it also doesn't make sense, lore-wise, for a master martial artist to forget a martial arts move just because their weapon, which are technically attached to their fists -- and therefore can just use their fists, breaks or something.) Also, on that note, I think it would amazing if Mistweavers got to keep the Yu'Lon effect when casting Revival as it adds a lot of visual flavor to the spell, even if its just the caster who can see it.Haoyan12 1d
1d mw monk in mythic + just boosted this guy and looking to start running mythic + dungeons what are the stats i should be going for and talents i should be using ? any tips appreciatedSteelow30 1d
1d Best Enchant WW Monk WPN heirloom after 68+? Best Enchant for WW Monk after 68+? (weapons heirloom) I search, but most of the answer i get is "oh it doesn't matter/leveling so easy/no need enchant w/e." But that's not what im asking. Im asking whats better after elemental force that can help carry me to 98. I saw a spreadsheet but still not sure what to use that is most efficient. I notice elemental force doesn't do much now that im 68. Thanks in advance for help! EDIT: Gold doesn't matter, i just want to know whats best after elemental force for leveling.Nazru1 1d
1d How to beat a dk as a monk? Team help!Magic12 1d
1d Best Leveling Spec for Monk? Just resubscribed after a 3.5 year hiatus. So much has changed. I am trying to make a new monk toon to learn the class. Which class is best for leveling?Ceasurfer13 1d
1d Best world PVP WW Legos? Just thought I would check as I know it probably doesn't matter that much :) Which would you use. I know I just got the cloak which is I am sure awesome and there is pryduz but also the chest is great you can store stacks up and do a ton of damage fast to someone who isn't aware of what it can do. Thoughts?Majesty12 1d
2d Reason I dont play a Monk Its a silly reason but as RP, Only Pandas got /sit that looks like meditate and they havent implemented a /meditate although on wowhead that emote exists in dressing room.Sjarogkhar10 2d
2d How do I Mistweaver Quite literally... how do I mistweaver? I have no idea how thiss spec works. What do I do? How do I quickly heal someone? How do I heal someone A LOT? All my heals seem super weak. How do I AoE heal?Voidbuddha5 2d
2d Void elves can be monks but lightforged can't? excuse me?Cerele1 2d
2d Zen moment and tiger eye brew. Zen moment does not work with tiger eye brew in pvp. i should get a stack of tiger eye brew with one zen moment because i consume 3 chi, but it doesn't happen. any ideas?Kisani0 2d
2d BrM Rotation for mitigation Just want to make sure I understand this...I am casting IronSkin Brew every 8 seconds to make sure I have the buff 100% of the time and then I purifying brew when stagger is yellow\red. Other than that I am Keg Smashing, Tiger palming etc etc. use Exploding Keg on cool down, fortifying brew is is my o@#$@# button. Is that it in a nutshell or am I doing it wrong. Reason I ask, I was kicked twice from a Timewalking group..It did seem really sloppy and I felt I was taking a ton of damage. jumped on my pally and hit the same dungeon and I got compliments for my tanking, so I felt like I must be missing something.Grumpfu5 2d
3d Healing Elixir/Chi-Torpedo Watching Venruki's stream pretty much every time he went to use lust to break a root he said, "Oh yeah... they moved that." and proceeded to sit there in the root. Can we get this switched with another talent or just brought back to the setup we're currently used to? Having to choose between the almost always necessary healing elixir or tiger's lust is kind of irritating.Fogboxer12 3d
3d WW Fists post legion. Since we won't be locked to fist weapons anymore, does this mean we may not be able to use the skins we've unlocked? I can't imagine people who want to use them will be able to access fist weapons at all times while progressing. The same can be said for brm/mw skins. Have they said anything about this?Camiel1 3d
1d Rework Suggestions - WW As a long time Monk player, some suggestions to make play more interesting. Replacing Jade Lightning with 'Throw Chakram' or similar type weaponry (comparable to Throw Glaive in damage, slows target at a range) New level 100 Talent: Styles of the Wind (WIP name) What does it add? New button, has a moderate cooldown (20 seconds or more as appropriate), changes several abilities to consume ALL available Chi to empower the ability. Ability still goes on Cooldown as usual Roll -> ...into the Shadows! Performs a short roll, turning invisible at the end of it and lasting for 2 seconds x Chi consumed Fists of Fury -> Hand of Lei-Shen Charges up lightning in a hand before rapidly rushing through foes in a straight line Deals (up to) high damage in a line (a charge similar to Highmountain Tauren racial), damaging all targets it passes through (ignores armor) (may consume more Chi than Fists of Fury, and therefore may deal more damage as a result) Paralyze -> Frightening Gaze Channel the ferocity of the tiger to briefly terrify enemies Turns paralyze into an aoe-frontal cone fear (very very brief) Chakram -> Chakram of the Storms With greater might than usual the Monk flings a Chakram through all enemies in a straight line, before returning back to him. Damages all enemies on the way out and back to him, should deal bonus damage or ignore armor if it hits a target on the way back (or hits the same target twice) -- It's not perfect, but would definitely add some new or interesting features to Monks, and is optional for those who don't want it. Except Chakram, Jade Lightning is boring and poor design, at least for Windwalker Monks.Dârkness8 1d
4d What do you want out of BRM in BFA? So BrM is what I have mained since MOP and I really love the class, but it has gone through a number of changes, pruning, and outright removal of class play. I think a lot of the class fantasy is there...and yet a lot of it isn't. So I want to know what others really want in the coming expansion. I hope they can keep us feeling fluid, maybe improve on the actual 'monk' theme of things. While I love brew, I don't want to only be about that. It would be nice to have some abilities that really sell us as cool. I mean more than just another keg. We are brewmasters, but we're also monks. It was cool when we had chi-explosion and kicks. Right now it sort of lacks the monk feeling. Most of my screen is kegs and fire. I'd like to see more martial arts thrown in somehow. I'd also like to see some added utility and maybe even some sustain. While we are great for progression, many other tanks have that coupled with the ability to survive in lower content. I can't really think of another tank who has that issue. It feels as if we need a little more control, though I do understand this is a delicate balance. Utility at least needs a look, if sustain doesn't sound that important. We only really bring the power of stagger to the table. It is great, but alone it is not a great draw. In BFA I hear they are wanting t make classes stick out more. What do you all think a good draw for us would be? Things like clash were sort of nice. Ultimately I ended up very happy with the Legion changes. Though I am concerned because of some of the things they were even considering doing during Legion. The idea of capping out stagger, or making BOS a 14 sec CD, and the treatment of critique during legion beta really have me a bit nervous on how we might be spun in this next iteration.Managan5 4d
4d Which race for WW/BrM? Gnome or VE? Title says it all, debating between the two, trying to base it off of pvp and pvp viability. Thanks in advanceKevorkianphd7 4d
4d Monks in BFA I really hope that they add some new animations and abilities for WW monk. Everything I've seen so far is them recycling sotwl animations into 2 different abilities. What happened to hurricane kick ? I want another move like that and also to be able to glyph out of the stupid fists of fury animation or change it to something that doesn't look like wet noodles lashing out at your opponent.Ìpman5 4d
5d MW: Tank/spot healing vs raid/aoe healing New to MW and in healing in general. I heard that MW can do finely do both type of healing. Which style is more forgiving/ beginner friendly?Tomatoplant6 5d
5d Which windwalker legendary ring should I use? I have to pick March of the Legion or Insignia of the Grand Army. March of the legion has a much higher crit(3075vs1745). Is the %50 buff from insignia better?Bobpage7 5d
5d Fire Mines? I am in the process of trying to improve my Windwalker Monk. I noticed on another Monks DPS recount that they had top damage from Fire Mines? Where does that damage source come from? Maybe a trinket?Halestorm3 5d
5d Switching mains So im very much enjoying monk and i think i would like to main it. Are there any things i should be doing in legion before BfA drops? A must have check list? There are so many things in this expansion to do that i can't possibly do it all before the end of legion.Deebeezee4 5d
5d Just want to say Monk life is good. So **chi-ing good. That is all.Dizzitsu2 5d
5d Monk Disc?? Is there a monk Disc channel? Hoping to find some knowledgeable peeps who can help on a variety of questions.Shaoliñ2 5d