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8m who thinks monk healing was better in MoP? Having soothing mist be a castable ability instead of something that happens automatically feels so much better to me... its so strange to swap in and out of pvp on my mistweaver and having my play style change completelyHaiyu7 8m
1h MW and M+ Question Hello all, As a tank, I rarely see MW when doing M+ dungeons. Is there any reason for this?Eeshen22 1h
2h Brewmaster and Tier 21 Hey Guys Ok so our Tier Bonus allows us to dodge more and all that which seems good. Argus, The Burning Throne is mostly magical damage tho which cant be dodge? Am i missing something or have we been given a Tier set that allows us to dodge more in a raid where most boss attacks cant be dodge?Blythee4 2h
5h Sell me on monk Hey guys, I got to 110 not long ago (not 890 ilvl yet). I have been loving all 3 specs quite a lot. Like a lot. Thing is I have been loving druid healing also. I mainly do mythics +, but I might raid in the future when I get better and gain more experience. How do MW compare to Rdruid in M+? In raiding? I love both class, but I'm really leaning towards monk. The thing is, are monks wanted? I do not want to feel like a burden to anyone, or worst, feel weak in higher end content. The forums are misleading (how ironic right?), and seeing all the negative posts makes me second guess my choice. Another hillarious yet a bit annoying thing about WW monk: Fist weapon disapears when you 'punch', but that is for another topic ahah. TL;DR: Thread title. MattAcamaxy1 5h
5h Rate that transmog Trying something new with my BrM. My DPS might suck for WW, but at least we can look good doing it.Twin319 5h
6h Is it just me Or does it feel like monks should also be able to double jump...?Momau14 6h
6h WW & Brewmaster: Mythic+ How are both specs doing, specifically in Mythic+ dungeons?Vanhealsing2 6h
8h Why is WW Monk a Shadow of it's former self? It's come to a point I now miss WoD's Windwalker Monk gameplay. From the useful ranged utility of Chi Explosion, to the outright fun burst of Hurricane Strike, to the jittery feel hearing the whisper of Touch of Death instantly snap someone's life away... now, it's a constrained repetitive shadow of it's former self. I miss the free flow style of the old WW Monk and want it back badly. It just makes me sad that a class I really loved has became such a drone. What did WW Monks do that Blizzard hate so much? It's really pissed me off.Khosrow24 8h
14h percentage stats max Question how can I tell if I have to much of my stats such as crit,ver, and mastery? I use pawn on my addon it's not giving me what I want keeps telling me go to crit isn't suppose to be intellect>crit>mastery>vers>haste? please let me know thank you so much.Alpan2 14h
14h Monk starting late in Legion I picked up a monk 2 weeks ago (and i am having an absolute blast). Decided to go for my class hall mount, but ran into what seems like is going to be a big problem. [Championing our Cause] is the part of the questline where you have to complete a legion mission. Well like i said i am only 2 weeks old, and despite being lvl 110, followers all lvl 110, they are stuck at around 765il. Im getting 3-4 low level missions a day, because my followers iL are so low and MAYBE 1 is for armaments missions. I cant progress my followers any faster because monks cant order armaments. I feel like this is going to take weeks to complete this quest.Kanlin8 14h
1d Fistweaving Can you raid heal with just fistweaving alone? can you do mythic+ with just fistweaving alone? Can you do 2v2 3v3 5v5 with just fistweaving alone? whats the main purpose of fistweaving?Jacquette14 1d
1d MW monk crucible I need a little help on crucible stuff.. New relic today on my MW monk and 2 of the last traits are essence of the mists and tendrils of revival. Cant find anything about tendrils and how its weighted vs EF healing. ThanksAiaria1 1d
1d ELI5 Stagger: I just don't get it... I love Pandaren. I love Monks. I don't understand stagger mitigation. I'm not really a numbers person, I really hate numbers actually, but I do learn how to do stuff through visual aid and layman's explanations. I haven't really found one for stagger though. Can anyone explain to me like I'm 5 years old how it works? Example ELI5 explanation: If you throw a keg on what you're fighting (Keg Smash), and then blow fire all over it (Breath of Fire) it will do more damage because alcohol is flammable, and you just covered your enemy in it and lit them on fire. So do that. In fact, it hurts them a lot. Do it every time. Watch the world burn. NOT ELI5 explanation: Use KS then BoF to dot the target causing 97.2% of your total Attack Power over 8 secs in your single target rotation. For some reason my brain isn't clicking with how stagger works, can anyone dumb it down as much as possible for me? Thanks!Shaokun12 1d
1d Make Monk Mail-Wearers Why doesn't Blizzard make Monk a Mail-wearing class? Seems like a lot of loot and monk playability (esp brewmaster) could be evened out if they were on this armor class.Frobes16 1d
1d Brewmaster Questions Considering leveling a BrM, just wondering what the pros and cons will be when compared to Prot main, as Prot is pretty fun, but somewhat spikey. Also, who has the best YouTube channel about BrMs?Eeshen12 1d
1d Tanking Goroth Mythic Hey Guys During this fight there is a time where you receive Burning Armor and then Infernal Burning procs and you have very little time to use 1 ability after Burning Armor drops before Infernal Burning Kills you. I find that Chi Torpedo does not out distance the radius of Burning Armor. So basically Burning Arm drops off i use Chi Torpedo but am still short of getting to the pillars. Am i doing something wrong?Blythee3 1d
1d Tired of FISTS!!!! Cmon blizz cant you just make it to where we can mog swords axes fist weapons and maces're killing me I REALLY hate mogs on my monk nowKlütch10 1d
2d Mistweaver tier 20 Out of curiosity - does the set bonus beat everything? At the minute I'm holding on to it but replacing 950 gear with 900 ilvl (and 2 935 pieces) to do so... which feels incredibly painful ^^ I drop down about 10 ilvl overall for the bonus. Anyone know at what point sheer power should make me break it?Pandamonea2 2d
2d Tauren Monks Hey everyone, I just recently made a Tauren Monk, I thought the peacefulness of a tauren would mix well with it. They are kinda bulky, however. Anyone a tauren monk? Is it really fun?Hrukarn73 2d
2d Healing orbs radius Why can I walk straight through a brewmaster orb and not pick it up. Note I am not at full health. And on windwalker I get “close” and it picks up. I like windwalker radius and am frustrated on brewmaster orbs. Any positive feedback would be appreciated.Hamule0 2d
2d Soothing mist macro with healbot Soothing mist macro only works on self when using heal bot... anyone know what changes have to be made on heal bot or to macro to have it work on other players as wellDabkilla2 2d
2d MW in mythic+ Hey all, I'm switching from rdruid to mw monk to run mythic+ with some friends and am just wondering their effectiveness running decent to high (14-17) mythic+ runs. I don't have much desire to raid, so mainly focused on mythic+ and the occasional pvp. I appreciate any input!Buffmeplzlol6 2d
3d How to get to old Peak of Serenity? How do you Get to the Old Version of Peak of Serenity? Was doing my quest to unlock the fist weapon vendor, and as soon as I finished and went to him, the Peak phased to the destroyed one.Pariahdark8 3d
4d ...I have turned to the misty side. ...I am planning on maining my monk. I already got a taste of it in yesterday's raid for more progression based stuff with the guild after bringing her back to my home server to stay with friends. It was really good! I topped heals against people that seemed way more geared than I am, and even managed to push some respectable dps (for a healer, of course.) In the end, we killed it after 3 pulls, my monks got her aotc, and it was possibly the most fun I've honestly had healing since maybe Nighthold. Now the only thing that stands is get her a nice mog, get her some more nice gear, and start pushing to learn Mistweavers more. I think I'm already pretty good at the spec, I know it better than restos. But there's always room for improvement. And so, I leave you with this, monk forums. Thank you for showing me the true path. The path of mists. <3Syanah3 4d
4d brewmaster 2 or 4 set i have my 4 set, but i have really good gear that i would like to equip... in the slots that take up my set (hands, back) is it worth keeping 915 gear for my 4 set bonus? or should i equip my 940-950 gear and keep my 2 set?Lunarbear3 4d
4d How long will it takes to be up to date? Hey there, I left my monk in the middle of NH raid, my monk is iLVL 900 and I didnt even have the flying unlock on him ! Do you think it would be a lot of work to "unretire" my monk and let him see the world again ? What course of action would you take to bring him up to date ? (I am in a 5/9M guild so I will have access to heroic and even 3 or 4 M bosses weekly with him)Crôw7 4d
5d (BrM)A few questions I was curious for talents choices , should I change out Dampen Harm for something else? i.e. Healing Elixers or Mystic Vit, and then pick up Black ox statue? Also wondering what the BIS legends are, mr.robot says wrists and belt(anvil hardened wristguards , Gai Plin's Soothing Sash), and icy-veins says chest and ring(Sal'salabim's Lost Tunic along with Jewel of the Lost Abbey) just curious which of these are the best.Facefisted5 5d
5d BrM stats going into Antorus Searching for info on this right now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are we looking to drop mastery in exchange for versatility? I imagine so considering mastery dropping value with t21 2pc as well as the influx of magic damage in Antorus fights, wherein flat DR (i.e vers) will be more valuable for us, no?Seck8 5d
5d Buff brewmaster. Old Guard back please. more heals. more damage. thanks.Paichintou16 5d
5d Soothing Mist Macro not working I took the honor talent Ancient Mistweaver Arts. I can't get any macro to work with soothing mist. It doesn't even work with healbot either. Any help would be great thanks.Crypticsoul12 5d
5d Brewmaster - Lets talk about Clash baby For anyone that doesn't know. Clash was an ability brewmasters use to have. Now you might ask, what did it do? ... Sounds great right? Well Blizzard decided we were too much like Warriors so they decided to take it away from us, this is also when we lost Guard but don't get me started on that ability and the pvp abomination its become. Blizzard, Give us Clash back. You took it away from us for no reason in the first place, Bring back Clash. Now you might think, blizzard included... "But Brewmasters, we can't just give you that kind of power back..." Then take something from us. My suggestion would be. Take Chi Torpedo. Swap it for Clash. Giving us the option of Celerity, Tigers Lust or Clash (as brewmaster) Monks need our version of Deathgrip or Charge back. Or ask how many Brewmasters actually pick Chi Torpedo... TLDR - Take Chi Torpedo, Give us back ClashSyphonfilter6 5d
5d Should I keep the set over stats? (MW) I was wondering, I have the 4 set. But a few of them are the LFR versions. I am having bad luck getting the higher ones. Should I always keep the 4 set or are stats more important over the bonus for raiding? New to MW, and loving it so far!Remidy2 5d
5d HIDDEN ARTIFACT HOW TO SELECT? I unlocked the hidden artifact the monkey king by selecting the barrel in the house when you zen, where do i select to equip it? I go to the artifact appearances tab and its not there i went to transmog and its not there, any help from you fellow monks would be appreciated.Pinji4 5d
5d The Monk Trainees at our Class Hall At the training dummy they just keep spamming Spear Hand Strike, which in turn makes the training dummy.......gurgle? When they all get going it sounds like a brothel in Amsterdam. I feel gross just standing over there....Anyone else?Voodoo3 5d
5d Celestial fortune A little confused on the wording of this spell effect, does it mean healing done by myself active it or external healing proc it?Makeme3 5d
5d Rate my gear I am only recently a MW monk having previously been a Brewmaster. I have cobbled some gear together and would like some input on my current setup. Note; Legendaries equipped are all I have that are not also tank legendaries.Monoloco1 5d
5d Vers, Crit, Mastery Hey guys So i have been reading Peak of Serenity and it basically doesn't say which of the above are the best two. I have Legendary Bracers which require me to Dodge so i would assume i want Mastery as it helps with Dodging to trigger the effect of the Bracers. So from a pure defensive point of view would Master (Dodge) and Vers be the best?Blythee4 5d
5d Face Palm Tiger Palm has a 50% chance to deal 300% of normal damage and reduce the remaining cool down on your Brews by 1 sec. So 2 questions, 1. If you increase this by using a relic slot does it then reduce your brews cool down by 2 seconds? Or deal more damage what happens with more ranks? 2. Does this count for fortifying brew? ThanksBlythee2 5d
6d Brm Mage Tower Hello all, I've recently leveled this guy and he's been 110 for about a week or so and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for the kruul mage tower scenario. I'm 899 when I'm fighting kruul (heirloom trinket) and my issue is that I am pushing Variss too fast and just die due to lack of self heals and for not having niu-zao up for kruul. I only have the chest legendary as it stands. My best attempt was getting kruul to 13%, but died due to a lack of self heals. I've seen videos, but I'm sure someone out there figured something out that helped add some survivability. I am just running out of velen orbs when I need them the most. For reference, I've completed this challenge on my prot war, blood dk, guardian druid, and vengeance dh. I have the gist of it down, but brewmaster is just stumping me right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.Ineedthat1 6d
6d Best race? What’s the best alliance race for ww monks that plan to do both pve and pvp?Zeer8 6d
6d Brewmaster doesn't feel like a martial artist I remember when Monks launched and Brewmasters had a kit that felt like a martial artist with lots of punches and kicks and a baseline Guard ability that felt like a guard stance you'de get out of a Fighting game (at least to me) while nicely incorporating the whole brew theme. In Legion (I cant speak for WoD) it feels like the brew aspect has come to heavily eclipse the Monk aspect now that I'm throwing kegs that come out of mallet space every 7 seconds and breathing fire more than I am actually performing a martial art. Is it just me? If its just me I'll shut up but when we only have 2 abilities that tie "BM" to "Martial Artist Monk" (those being Tiger Palm and Blackout Strike) I can't help but feel like I'm some sort of firebreathing alchemist who got his green belt in Judo five years ago than a strong martial artist. Edit: I don't really count utility moves like Leg Sweep or Spear Hand Strike as they aren't used enough (as part of a regular priority list) to significantly impact the visual language of the spec IMOMooselord16 6d
6d Horde Monk Race Recently deleted my undead monk because I didn't really like being a zombie ninja. What horde race has the best animation/lore/looks for a monk? ThanksNightwalkr23 6d
6d Storm, Earth, and Fire bugged? I'm not sure if it's intended, but SEF is not affected by Tigerseye or other certain buffs/spells like it was in prior expansions. Is there any way that it could be fixed or would it simply be too strong? Would add a little bit more depth to the specChunlî6 6d
6d nasty ww pvp clip I always record my gameplay just because and i got this clean !@# skirm 1v2 i was quite proud of in retrospect. Sure theyre both not so good and the rando DH baited a few of their CDs (by getting one shot) but id say the odds were against me 6d
6d MW or HPal more fun? Not an objective question but is Holy Paladin or MW Monk more fun? I've heard that Pally is more useful/stronger but also that they are very boringKoadhiro11 6d
6d [BUG] Another Storm, Earth & Fire Bug Currently there seems to be a bug with SEF that causes you to not receive your second charge. I was FIGHTING KJ and I used one charge at the beginning of the fight (I don't spam press buttons), AND I was saving the second charge for when the ads come out, but for some reason it was already gone. I never used it and the duration of SEF was the normal duration for one charge. I tried restarting the game multiple times, turned off all addons, etc and I still only receive one charge. I thought I was crazy, but I found a YouTube video from September with someone experiencing the same issue. (not sure if I can post those on here). I submitted a bug report, but I'm really hoping someone may know a fix, because even though I know Serenity is better, I greatly prefer the play style of SEF. I can deal with other bugs, but this one is extremely annoying. I know some people are not experiencing this, so it means something is triggering the issue. I've been pretty much on a break from Wow, except progression nights with my guild. Two months ago, before I started a more laid back play style, this was not happening, this issue is recent within the last month or so and consistent. Multiple days in a row I've played my monk with only a single charge. I'm posting in hopes someone may know a fix or to shed more light on it in hopes it'll be fixed. I love my monk, I've stuck with it through the bad times and the good, but I don't find the play style of serenity enjoyable and not having both charges is enough of a problem that I'm going to be forced into serenity. Thanks for any help.Laeluh5 6d
6d Stagger and Defensives Do Defensive reduce damage taken from damage already staggered? So if im taking 2 mil damage tick from stagger and i use a 50% damage reduction do i then only take 1 mil damage a tick?Blythee0 6d
Oct 12 AOE feels clunky? Playing my WW this week in dungeons and sck just feels gross, does this smooth out ever?Jigowatts7 Oct 12
Oct 12 arena help hey all, other than the typical troll response "stop being bad" I find myself struggling with catching up on healing and kiting. As crazy as it sounds, I always find myself 2 or 3 seconds short of a cool down to get away from something and in the end it keeps kicking my !@#. I played s1 of legion to 2k and then stopped playing and now without mistwalk I feel lost.... any tips? Thanks :(Honeybunz3 Oct 12