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18m Be Racist! Hi all, About to roll my monk over to horde side!! I primarily PvP: Which race is the best for PvP, between orc and blood elf for a WW? Also, which female version of these races has better mogs and animations? Thanks for any advice!Dèmonik14 18m
39m Revival Hello community. I'm a new player (been around for 3 months) and I like to read through forums and watch experts videos in order to get a better understanding of my character. I've seen a lot of negativity and disappointment among MW players, be it because we struggle to reach top HPS marks, some bugs (Essence Font HoT no critting, for example) or the fact that people wish we had more utility. That doesn't change the way I feel towards the spec (the other spec that I love which is disc priest also receives a lot of negativity so whatever :-)) and I'll continue to play it regardless of what people say. That being said, I'm curious about one specific spell. Very often people mock Revival as being too week for a cooldown ability. Correct me if I'm wrong, but along with Blessing of Yu'lon, which leaves a HoT that will heal for an additional 30%, we end up with 720 + 216 = 963 spell power heal that also cleans people from debuffs (is this correct ?) I just want to understand why people think it's so weak. It might be because I'm still not experienced, but it really doesn't look bad. Thoughts?Pallathea0 39m
47m MW Bugg at PvP talant - INSTANT EFFUSE! When taken in pvp talent in DPS spec "Control the Mists" (4th tier, most left) in action in healing spec running instant HEAL Effuse :) My video: Ps.: dont bann me... discovered it by accident :)Fitil1 47m
1h Touch of Karma Does Touch of Karma redirect all damage you take back to the target? Are there limitations like fire on the ground or something? Is it a viable move to use to clear in a similar situation to the fire from Xhul in HFC? Haven't played Monk since MoP launch and I never really understood how this worked, mainly been playing MW.Rõland11 1h
1h Got the 940 KJ's Burning Wish... And I wish I could do the good deed to give it to someone who would use it proudly in their PvE domain, since I am just a casual PvPer (instanced to be exact.) But since I can't, I'm gonna play around with it.. but was curious if anyone else has it and if they have done any WPvP with it? And if so .. is it pretty sweet as anyone would assume it would be? I'm one of those who doesn't deserve this trinket, because I got it by winning a ToK BG.Hellboss5 1h
2h Whirling Dragon Punch Can Whirling Dragon Punch get a mechanic that makes it so if we time it right, we dodge or immune things like shaman charge totem or storm bolt or typhoon? It'll add more skill cap to the spec, sort of like how a rogue uses Death from Above to avoid incoming cc sometimes. We're good, I got it, just think it'd be coolFístedd0 2h
2h Chi torpedo > Tigers lust I've been adamant on tigers lust forever until I tried torpedo. Looks wayyy cooler and frees up a spot on my action bars. Sorry guys, I've switched teamsHoohaw11 2h
2h MW are the worst Raid healers - Solutions? I am sure a lot of people have seen the metrics. MWs are the lowest HPS healers in endgame Raids by a non-trivial margin. Probably Mythic Ursoc is the most telling of all I am not going to go into utility, but I think that everyone agrees that MWs have some of the lowest utility and some of the weakest CDs in Raid content. That is a discussion for a different day. Is there a good solution to this? What do you feel is holding MWs back in terms of Healing in comparison to other healer specs? (As in any rational discussion please do not try to dispute the outcome from the Mythic content metrics with personal anecdotes of how you have outhealed a specific few people in your guild. Lets keep this constructive. Thanks).Hecrates236 2h
2h 7.2 PTR updates to Artifact ... They look interesting if they make it live. Especially the Revival CD, the new buff to SG and the new interaction between Effuse and SG.Hecrates7 2h
2h Mistweavers in mythic prog? To the Mistweaver monks clearing mythic content, Are you finding yourselves competing well in mythic content with other healers? I'm finding it hard to get good feedback outside logs and parses.Braff18 2h
3h WW offically bottom of the DPS Barrel On Simulationcraft that is... but we are doing just fine.Weednim28 3h
3h Rate the Name Rate the monk name above you on a scale of 1-10!Baroque148 3h
3h Monk Class Mount For those of you who have not been following Blizzcon at the end of the class campaign in 7.2 all classes are getting a class specific mount. Currently shown for monks is a tiger type mount that personally seemed very underwhelming compared to the other class mounts as far as class identity. I would like to propose a new class mount that has way more class identity for monks and requires very little effort on the part of the developers because the models are already in the game. I propose monks get Yu'lon, Xuen, or Niuzao depending on your spec. Seeing someone riding around on one of these mounts, there would be absolutly no doubt as to what class we represent. And since, as Grandmaster of the Monks, we are leading our class to defend the world from the legion it would only be fitting that the spirits of these Celestials would carry us to victory in battle. Please Im begging the Developers to make this happen. I love my monk and this would be the ultimate expression of class pride ^.^Pinkzen43 3h
3h Why do people hate SEF Yes it can be buggy sometimes but I still do way more DPS with it with drinking horn, yes I even followed the serenity rotation on walking the wind. Anyone else here an SEF player?Nerfmeharder0 3h
3h Which legendary is the best upgrade? I have no idea Do i upgrade the gloves, cloak or bracer? I use bracer 100% of times and switch between the cloak and gloves I noticed the gloves have way better/higher stats than the cloak so is that worth upgrading?Nerfmeharder3 3h
4h Skorpyron Statue Does the statue pull all the scorpions or only the active ones?Caskbreaker2 4h
5h WW Trinket Help So ive been lucky enough to get a few good trinkets. my question is, should I use the proc trinkets or trinkets with set stats? 885 Bloodthirsty Instinct 875 Urn 895 Fate of Convergence I am using BI and FoC but thats alot of Mastery I am losing from Urn. Thanks for your help.Cquan6 5h
14h Deciding on a tank alt... Blood DK or Brewmaster?Shamura24 14h
16h BrM stat priority So I'm wondering what works best for brewmaster monks in terms of stats. I see Icy Veins says go for haste until you get 30% then get crit over mastery. But yet I see lots of BrMs have a combination of both mastery and crit. Was wondering if there's a percentage that I should try to keep my mastery and crit around in terms of stats or does it matter that much?Rockspeaker12 16h
18h Aspiring Brewmaster - Tips on Brews? So I've picked up a brewmaster monk because they're fun as hell, but I'm struggling a little learning the playstyle because it's so different from other tanks. So I think I'm supposed to Ironskin Brew BEFORE I start getting hit, then purge it off with Purifying, but am I supposed to try and maintain near 100% uptime on Ironskin? And any other tips?Birix10 18h
18h Upcoming dps buff for BrM Saw this info on the eu forum, supposed to come 1/24/17 as per blue post! "Brewmaster Keg Smash damage increased by 10%, and it no longer deals reduced damage to 6+ targets. Breath of Fire damage increased 11%. Designer Notes: Brewmasters could use a bit of help on damage, especially in AoE." 18h
18h Touch of Karma Does tok effect dots/bleeds applied before the tok cast?Spellscream2 18h
18h BrM Sustain Can a fully geared BrM in endgame have anywhere near the sustain of a Blood DK or Vengeance DK? I've been leveling one, and lack of self-heals really urks me. I took a look at the legendaries this afternoon, and the belt looks like it has potential. What do you guys think? I appreciate your help.Zushio14 18h
19h PvP tallent newb trap I just recently leveled my Mistweaver monk to 110 and have been really enjoying it but was kind of disappointed when i saw that Surge of Mist still exists in the same state as launch date where i was kinda disgusted by it. Sure it gives you instant surging mists but since you cant spec out of it until you hit pvp level 22 I feel like its just a giant trap for new players and was disappointed when it didn't get changed with the blood DK KYS talent. Here's an idea that took me 2 seconds that at least makes it a viable alternative. Surge of Mist passive Enveloping mist is now instant cast, but has 2-3 charges and each charge has a 7 second cooldown.Lachpunch3 19h
22h List of Mistweaver Bugs Mistweaver Bugs (as of PTR build Essence Font's HoT effect does not crit. Source: (chain of HoT ticks starts around 00:38.004) Sheilun's Gift does not start its Soothing Mist channel if your last cast spell is Renewing Mist. The Mists of Wisdom artifact trait affects Refreshing Jade Wind, but neither of the other two Level 90 talents. Source: The Jade Serpent Statue's Soothing Mist channel is not affected by Enveloping Mist's healing boost, whereas Refreshing Jade Wind and Chi-Ji's healing is. Also, the increased Critical Strike healing from Drape of Shame or the Dwarf/Tauren racial abilities does not effect JSS's Soothing Mist. Chi-Ji stops casting his Crane Heal at seemingly random, necessitating us to start him up again through either a macro or from the pet bar, losing out on casts he can do while he is active. The Essence Font bug is the biggest one in the list; when a quarter of its total healing is unable to crit, that's a definite healing loss. The other bugs just make aspects of the spec inconsistent with itself. This list may be coming in on the tail end of 7.1.5 PTR changes, but I hope we're able to get these bugs noticed and a confirmation that they're being worked on going into Nighthold.Gargabrew46 22h
22h NEW SEF BUGS (SEVERE)! ! ! ! ! Even though in the patch note says that SEF has been fixed. I found out that there are more bugs in SEF, some of them are even more severe compared to the bugs that known to exist in 7.1. 1. The clones will not engage in combat/target with enemies that join the fight later , if they are not in combat with when they are summoned. If I use SEF during a boss fight, and the boss summons a few adds, the clones will not target the adds and apply mark of the crane on them. 2. The clones will stop replicating your abilities once their current targets die. With a few more test I found that after their current targets died, the clones will only cast WDP and Spinning crane kick. But not any other abilities. 3. Last and the worst, the spinning crane kicks cast by the clones are losing at least 1 tick (some times two) per cast per clones (like the old FoF clone bug), regardless of the haste I have. This bug severely damages our AOE damage and making us perform even worse than 7.1.Naudords16 22h
23h How do the brewmaster buffs feel? As the title says how do the brewmaster buffs feel to you guys? Figured I'd ask other brewmasters to see what everyones thoughts are. Personally I feel very good especially since I got the legendary helm pre 7.1.5 and now its a pretty good defensive boost, especially since zed med is garbage without it. Haven't had a good chance to try out mystic vitality, dampen harm is great for an extra CD but I found that not having healing elixers is very noticeable. Being able to have some kind of sustain besides ox orbs is very nice. Wish it was baseline. Once we get our tier we will have endless brews and having 95% stagger with high tolernce and 4 set will be great. All in all I think we're in a pretty good spot now but having some reliable aoe aggro outside of RJW and healing elixers baseline would be my dream. What do you guys think?Raern11 23h
23h Final(?) Word: SEF/WDP vs. Serenity So, SEF was "fixed" in 7.1.5, but several "bugs" have been reported since. Many of us used Serenity instead of WDP prior to 7.1.5; I know that I have switched back to WDP/SEF since 7.1.5. Personally, I find the workings of SEF a bit awkward for my rotation, which may be because I had a good rotation with Serenity and I'm not used to SEF yet. So is it worth pushing through to get comfortable with SEF? Or are the newly reported "bugs" significant enough that Serenity is still the better choice?Urugao6 23h
1d Thinking of switching to MW Monk Hello Monks! I currently main a Restoration Druid. My guilds raid team as 3-5 druids out of 20 every raid night and we lack a few classes in general. I have been thinking of switching to a Mistweaver Monk as we do not have a monk. We have a holy priest, resto shaman, two resto druids. When needed we have 2 more resto druids, and a disc priest. How is the utility monks bring? I've heard MW Monks have bad mana issues likes restoration druids but without innervate? How will a MW monk compare to the other healers? Thanks for your time!Symbiosis10 1d
1d [BM] Agi vs Stam trinket? Hey all, Started getting into tanking and can't find a definitive source that says if agility or stamina is better on a trinket. Have any insight? ThanksZyni2 1d
1d Serenity 20k dps behind WDP If only there was some way to make Serenity good again....... HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMircurial8 1d
1d WW Trinket Question Hello, I have these three trinkets and I'm trying to figure out which two to use: 865 Bloodthirsty Instinct 865 Spontaneous Appendages 880 Draught of Souls Any advice or insight would be appreciated, thanks!Panella3 1d
1d WindWalker Monk Haste vs Mastery Food I was simulating with mastery food and haste food and seem to consistently get about 20k more DPS with haste food even though Mastery is supposed to be the main stat. My stats unbuffed are: Critical Strike: 26% Haste: 9% Mastery: 46% Versatility: 8% Is haste a better stat when below 10% haste? Or does Mastery have a soft cap that's making me do lower DPS with Mastery food?Gindrik2 1d
1d Why don't I see more WW monk in bg ??? Hey guys, still learning my ww monk and I love it (also still debating between my 107 Havoc DH or my monk but monk seems more satisfying to play). I am very casual and I like to do a bit of everything (pve and pvp), that's why I left my mage on the shelf, in casual bg, he just sucks ! :) now, I think my ww monk just do GREEEAAATTT in bg but why am I almost always the only ww monk in each bg I take part in ???Crôw17 1d
1d Comp for MW(2's/3's)? What do you think the best comps are for MW in 2's or 3's? Just switched to MW and looking for fun in arena.Tøppèr1 1d
1d Rate that Transmog Being a big fan of the many looks in WoW. Though it would be cool to see what people have put together. This is what I'm running with right now.Chunfu393 1d
1d Good Lord Drinking Horn Cover + Convergence of Fates is amazing.Taumro0 1d
1d Stats for MW mythic + I'm around 876 now, but I started by mainly doing pvp. I'm wanting to start healing in mythic +, I want to get as high as I can, and after being comfortable maybe progress to raids. However, what should my stats be? I understand the stat priority in icy veins but what about the actual numbers? Is there a cap or a goal I should try to reach in each category? And if so what are those caps? I can't find them anywhere..I know with mainly pvp gear the stats won't be as good, but I'm trying to figure out where I need be to get started and what I should be replacing.Jartho11 1d
1d MW Monk Immunitys so far in nighthold i haven't been targeted Control chaos from botanist. Can anyone confirm or deny?Sumar0 1d
1d Asess my tanking. Be rough with me. This is from the Normal Nighthold raid I cleared today. I know I have plenty of room for improvement, just interested in where some of my fatal flaws are.Tanksanon5 1d
1d Monk or DH Hi all, I just wanted to get some input on how you guys think monk is doing compared to DH in both pvp and pveHollygrove6 1d
1d Xuen or hit combo pvp Xuen does pretty insane damage can solo a person if they don't pop a defensive, is it worth dropping hit combo for it?Onepunch30 1d
1d Chi Orbit and Stealth Can Chi Orbit prevents rogue/druid from sneaking near, by breaking stealth with damage?Rainfable2 1d
1d xuen vs rjw Which do you think performs better in mythic plus and the new nighthold. I'm sef with wdp and have the drinking horn. I'm looking at max aoe capabilities. With sef, the clones jump around to tag unique mobs before I use sck, so how important is rjw in this regard. Last question, rjw will tag a max of four, but do each clone add to that. Say there is 12 mobs, pop sef pop rjw, let the clones do their thing and now I have 12 stacks of mark of the crane, or still just four. Thank you and looks like we are going to be highly desired for nighthold.Twin8 1d
1d Mistweaver in PvP I enjoy running around in random Battlegrounds as a healer ( never done any rated BG's or Arenas in my life and I'm super late to the Legion expansion). When I get attacked in BG's I try running for my life towards a group of allies and pray someone pulls stuff off of me. But today in a BG I watched another Mistweaver Monk stand and fight with a melee on several occasions. I looked at the other Monk's gear just quickly and they do rated PvP by the looks of it, but their name had the accent marks in it so I couldn't look them up ( couldn't remember the exact characters). Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to be fighting a single attacker rather than trying to get away? If so is there a talent build/artifact build I need to be working on? Thanks a bunch for any advice.Kublah2 1d
1d Uh oh, we are almost toward the nerf hammer Not saying we are op but blizzard tends to gut the !@#$ out of top performing dpsNerfmeharder6 1d
2d Class Hall Upgrades.. Which ones? Not sure which way to go both have benefits and drawbacks, which ones did you go with?Braellynn25 2d
2d How exactly does stagger even work Like I get it fundamentally of course. But I've been in a pinch multiple times on another monk where I had like 3000 health left and 8500 staggered damage and with no healer or healing except a single emergency Effuse I somehow came out of it just fine. And this has happened more than a couple times. I was under the impression that you basically just take 50% damage and the other half immediately and fully bleeds into a DoT on you, but now it's confusing to me... is it something Ironskin Brew does? >_> I didn't drink it all away with Purifying Brew (I had no charges left at the time) so I have no idea but it just feels like suddenly all the stagger bar disappears sometimes. Is it an out-of-combat thing? Maybe I'm an idiot of some kind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Nihau3 2d
2d How is the new Dampen Harm calculated? As you know, the new dampen can block up to 50% damage. Do any of you Brewmangs have the equation or know the thresholds?Shern0 2d