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56s how to kill a monk monks have allways made bobos nuts thay evin have this thing were the more bobos hits um the more thay heal it makes bobos very upset plz help bobos with any tips about killing monks and or getting away from monks ty all vmBobos1 56s
1h Am I Missing Something, Brewmasters? Why is it that I can do whatever I want on any other tank I have. Druid, Warrior, Paladin, Demon Hunter, and I basically CANNOT die in the world. Regular mobs don't phase me, elites don't phase me, I have tons of heals and sustainability and everything is fine. But then on Monk I am constantly in trouble? Even to regular mobs. Even using my brews properly and everything it seems that I have mage survivability compared to my other tanks. What am I missing? What's going on? I want so badly to love Monks but I can't when they are this squishy. Please tell me it's something simple I dont have done and a good way to fix it...or are they just the worst tanks overall by far?Vyxas19 1h
1h WW doesn't add up I noticed this problem early on in my journey with this spec, but I figured I'd bring it to the attention of the forums and breakdown the math behind it a little. There's an odd issue with the way WW is meant to be played, and the amount of resources available to execute that play style. In its simplest form (let's disregard EE and serenity), WW performs most optimally when you use as many RSKs and FoF over a fight as possible. Meaning you want to have the chi ready to cast each as it comes off CD. With the NH 2pc setting our rsk CD around 6-7 seconds (should be baseline but that's another story) and fof CD being about 20 seconds, we can cast 3 fof per minute and about 10 RSKs. Assuming you have boots, the total chi cost per minute to use our most important abilities with maximum efficiency is 26 (3 fof at 2 chi each = 6 ; 10 rsk at 2 chi each = 20). Now take the potential amount of chi we can covert from energy per minute: 140 energy to start + (10 energy per second (we don't like haste so this isn't too far off)) 600 energy per minute=740 energy one minute after combat starts. Tiger palm costs 50 and generates 2 (effectively 25 energy=1 chi) so we divide 740 by 25 and we get 29.6 potential chi per minute. Seeing as it requires 26 chi per minute to effectively cast our 2 main abilities, that leaves us with 3 chi per minute to use elsewhere. That means over an entire minute we can only use our "filler ability", Blackout Kick, 3 times. That just seems a little bit tight to fit the otherwise intricate and well thought out design behind the WW play style. AND thats with a legendary. Without the legendary boots there literally isn't enough potential chi per minute to efficiently cast our most important iconic and impactful abilities. I also didn't add in the artifact ability which is another 4 chi per minute required (so that's actually leaves us short by 1 chi according to the math above). I understand the EE talent row is supposed to help with the resource generation but in reality it only helps us get off one or two of rsk/fof/sotwl that we would otherwise not have immediate resources for. Seems kinda silly overall just thought I'd bring it up see what other people think. Obviously our current rotation is almost GCD capped and serenity makes chi per minute pretty irrelevant in most scenarios but it still seems like a gaping hole in what is otherwise a very well rounded spec. 3 potential casts of our filler PER MINUTE like yo...hello?Babexx12 1h
1h is Gathering Clouds a real spell? I recently started leveling my MW Monk for PvP healing. And I'm very confused on one aspect of the monk. I will randomly get a buff called "Gathering Clouds" the tooltip of this buff says that it "Can be consumed to heal friendly targets for x amount every 1 sec for 6 sec" I have absolutely no idea where this comes from besides that it seems to happen when I use healing spells. And I can't find a single spell that consumes this buff, not even Sheilun's Gift. If anyone can tell me what this actually is/does it would be greatly appreciated.Önyxwolf2 1h
8h MW Monk in Arena is Terrible Another season where MW monk is the worst healer in arena. Please Blizzard you need to buff us mechanically. Figure out a way to make us viable in arena without making us completely to op for RBGs. MW go out of mana the fastest out of any class in the game. I constantly telling my 3s team that I am OOM every game and I consider myself very mana efficient. MW monk needs a rework very badly. Here are my suggestions: Make fortifying brew usable on allies and ourselves while stunned. One charge of mistwalk Give Mw back Dematerialize Overall I think MW monk warrants a complete mechanical rework. Please do something to make me not have to reroll from the class that I have played for a long time.Jbrew14 8h
10h WW Monk in PvP? How do WW Monks perform in BG and Arenas? I want to continue playing my Monk level 64, but I read the forums and I get depressed about our status within WoW. Any idea how we do in PvP? I haven't played this game in 7 years, so I don't know the state of the classes.Vashnuga23 10h
15h How much does gear change gameplay? My monk is only level 106 but it is almost like crawling through mud. I know all classes et better and faster etc. but does monk speed up at all, does it have a lot of downtime? It might seem obvious, but i like the fantasy of monk and the gameplay on paper, but sometimes i sit with zero energy and like 3 chi but can't spam BO kick or i lose hit combo. So yea, i was curious if it got any quicker/more enjoyable with decent gear.Drugsàrebad13 15h
16h WindWalker Difficulty How hard is Windwalker compared to classes like Survival hunter, Shadow Priest, and Feral Druid as far as complexity?Chetick5 16h
20h White Xuen Battlegear Am I the only one who's a little dissappointed that they scrapped the white version of Xuen's battlegear? (Link for reference, 4th down) I feel like it would have gone well with some of our other tier (like t16) and it had a green closest to our color of chi. I just came back after a break I started in February, and I think this was probably the thing I was most dissappointed about. I mean, come on, it's Xuen the White tiger.Eckoes6 20h
1d [MW] Antorus trinkets! Which ones are you aiming for and why? I'm still unsure, personally. I think that Highfather's Machination will be neato, thought I'm not sure if mastery will work out well with my playstyle. Garothi Feedback Conduit is also catching my attention. I think haste will have a higher value if you decide to go for the 2-pc, but that's just my opinion. Let's talk trinkets! What do you guys think?Nôvak2 1d
1d What kind of healer is MW? I have grown to hate my resto druid. I feel like all I press is rejuvenate in raids. My holy priest is ok but not a lot of flavor. What is the mistweavers role in raid? Is the healing more involved then druids? Currently leveling a monk at 103 now. Having fun but just curious of the feel at 110. Thank you in advance.Savagedonut48 1d
1d Rate that transmog Trying something new with my BrM. My DPS might suck for WW, but at least we can look good doing it.Twin245 1d
1d AMA Button disappears after any pvp instance Any way around this? It disappears off my bars every single bg or arena I do... And if I click into WPVP out in the real world i wont have it on my bars either.Khaigan5 1d
1d Tips for solo tanking Maiden's Hammer? It's odd, I die to this on Monk, but my DH can solo tank that ability no problem. I'm guessing it's the magic portion of the damage that wrecks my BrM. On my DH, I pop SW/DS/FB and I can solo tank it and still have about 30% HP left. With my BrM I used ISB with Zen Med and still got 1 shotted. Do I have to just pop everything? ISB/Zen Med/Fort Brew? Guessing I'll also need High Tolerance and Mystic Vitality?Ginjuice21 1d
1d Brewmaster Monk Animations (Opinion) I'm just throwing my opinion out there on this subject. Any updates coming for nonpandaren races for Brewmaster Monk Animation? It's a bit bothersome to me. This guy swings his staff like he's swatting at a fly, dodges attacks like he just stepped on a tack, and occasionally swings his left arm at the mob like he's never thrown a left hook before - little less being a trained martial artist. I leveled a pandaren male brewmaster to level 36 ( one afternoon after work ) and loved his animations. I just do not like their looks. When I made this guy was instantly disappointed in the animation differences between the two. It's so bad I might remake my pandaren when I get home after work and just put up with the looks! Fighting this guy at level 20 for the first monk quest - * * - really let's you appreciate the possibilities with this class build, animation wise. His staff attack animations are top notch. C'mon Blizz - Give us and update on Brewmaster attack animations please, even if it's a copy of the pandaren's animations!Apolleo3 1d
2d How are Monks doing these days? i slow-levelled this character with the full intent of him being my main but swapped to rogue midway through Legion. how are monks doing now? specifically WW? i miss the mobility...Mojori4 2d
2d 5/9M large/active guild. Need heals <Toast> is a Mythic raiding guild on Area 52. We strive to create a unique gaming community that caters to a wide variety of gamers. With an active roster of nearly 1000 players, you'll never have to say "There's nothing to do." Our number one priority is to create an incredible guild environment for all of our member, in both casual and progression. In Toast, we have 8 raid teams that are scheduled at a wide variety of days and times, allowing for a balance between game and life. There’s bound to be a raid team to fit your scheduling needs! Each team is ran by our professional and skilled Raid Leaders with years of experience behind their belt. Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: Cutting Edge Raid Schedule: Team 1: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11. Recruitment need: Currently in need of a healer. Willing to consider all types. For further information or if you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our officers in game through the following battletags; ihealdrunk#1812 Reapr#11416 Batoo#11891Ihealdrunnk0 2d
2d Wish Ban Lu Mount would talk less Cool to have the only mount that talks but wish he would talk less...Nommi8 2d
2d Need help leveling as brewmaster! Any tips for dungeon grinding? Because with full heirlooms I am s0oo0o0o0o0o squishy atm (while keeping ironskin up as much as possible) like even a single trash pack is near enough to push me into the orange/red range T.T makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. small edit; Is there a certain level the class will start to feel better?Thicci2 2d
2d Windwalker artifact invisible I know this has been brought up but it needs to be addressed. The entire Legion expansion is about powering up Artifacts to stand up to the power of the Legion. Yet, WW monks are stuck with invisible weapons while every other class has their flashy weapons. It is a shame also that we are locked into 30-40 weapon skins. I know Monks are not weapon use heavy but having them displayed makes your effort in powering up and acquiring the Artifact mean more and them being the prime core this expansion, and 90% of the time we cannot see them.Nexcoyotl34 2d
2d PVP MW Talents Just as the title says, and honor talents too. Thank you in advance!!!Drkrogan7 2d
2d My second Mistweaver rant! ...After getting my little monk to 920... it's hard not to reroll. Like... holy crap. Not only are the heals feeling actually pretty good, it's so fun. Sometimes when I want to just fool around in a dungeon or something I automatically think monk. Unless it's like a guild dungeon run or something. My monk isn't on the same server... if it was though. No hesitation. Just gaah, I love it so much.Syanah6 2d
2d Best horde Race for Monks? I was gonna pick Draenei (inspired by Averyx) but that's alliance obviously :( Maybe a blood elf? I don't know.Arrudek27 2d
3d Whoever designed MW mage tower skin Thank you for making it ugly AF, so I have no need to beat my head against the wall trying to complete it. I have guildies running MT this weekend going through hell to get theirs and that's some stress I don't want to deal with.Choopsuey10 3d
3d WW Monk Mog Hey fellow Monks, I am having a difficult time finding a good Monk Mog.. I can never find any cool styles, and I'm not in favor of using the old PvP vendor gear. I am not creative at all. Can someone help me out with my Monk Mog and give me styles and locations?Cinns40 3d
3d I must be the worst MW monk ever =( I want to like my Monk, It's a class I've been interested in since it came out..but no matter what I do or how hard I try I just can't get healing down. I keep Renewing Mist on Cooldown, Vivify when damage is going out (And with procs), my Arti weapon when it's needed or if it's at 12 stacks, I use Enveloping Mist instead of Effuse (Not sure when else to use it..) and of course my Cool downs (Teas and such) Yet I still manage to be the worst of the worst =/.Leyaeris10 3d
3d [MW] Here are the real questions... What trinkets are you aiming for in Antorus? Do you think our tier is worth acquiring? Will the set bonuses affect our stat distribution? Why?Nôvak6 3d
3d Brewmaster (self-sustain??) Do ya got any self-sustain? I have both a DK and Druid tank that I mess around with occasionally. They can pretty much last forever against whatever world bosses you throw at them. Can the same be said for brewmasters? They look incredibly fun but I need them to have self-sustain somewhat as I solo at weird hours sometimes.Miresham6 3d
3d Rate the Name Rate the monk name above you on a scale of 1-10!Baroque396 3d
3d Fists of Fury Stun on Nameplates Can the Fists of Fury stun be added to enemy nameplates already? It's been over a year at this point. We also still have duplicate training dummies in our order hall. If anyone knows a script or addon to show the stun on the default Blizzard nameplates, please let me know. I don't like nameplate replacers.Shiezko0 3d
4d hit combo cover I was looking over some talents since i just capped a DH and noticed unlike WW the talents work together and i just realized it would have been a much better talent set up if drinking horn covers effect was switched with hit combo then it would allow our talents to have some sort of synergy while making the legendary just as powerful without the need to have it nerfed as much as it has been. That was my take on it after all most legendaries seem like an interesting talent choiceZantheus2 4d
4d Balance Druid or MW Monk? I guess they aren't really comparable aside from the fact that their overall class can do all 3 roles (with druid having both types of DPS). However, I really just can't decide. I like healing on Monks, and they just feel so mobile and enjoyable. On the other hand, Balance Druid is one of the few DPS specs I have enjoyed playing, the whole sun/moon & nature/arcane thing is cool, and druids have so many boons (stealth, insta-flight, etc).Aurede2 4d
4d State Priority Hey guys Whats main stats? I have seen guides saying its Mastery/Vers and others saying Crit/Mastery Whats our top 2?Blythee7 4d
4d mw arena help i feel like if i get tunneled im dead everytime. please help me out im looking for macros for pvp honor build suggestions survival tactics i usually play with a frost dk.Xflip4 4d
4d Handy MW PvP Macros (2400 player) Someone was inquiring what macros I use, so I figure if I'm going to reply to him, I may as well make a post about it since I'm putting a fair amount of effort into it. Enjoy. -------------------------------------------------- Ring of peace without a green circle at cursor location. ... Ring of peace at your location ... One every mistweaver should have: ... Trinket combination. I also use the reverse of this as well on another button. ... Cocoon on target (will not use it without a target). So if your target dies, or is in a smoke bomb, it won't pop your cocoon on yourself when you try to use it on them. ... Cocoon at self ... Enveloping mist target macro, includes a stipulation for AMA. ... Self version of the above macro ... Effuse target macro, includes a stipulation for AMA as well. ... Self version of the above macro ... Power Effuse, includes AMA ... Power effuse at self, includes AMA ... Paralysis on your focus target if you have one, if not, Para on your current target. ...Fox24 4d
4d What race for horde monk? Here is what I'm thinking: Female Panda Female Orc Male Troll Male Undead Male Blood Elf Any other options are not considered.Valados21 4d
4d Crane vs AMA Is it just me or does crane seem stupid strong vs melee comps? I don't have AMA yet as I just decided to pick monk back up, but Way of the Crane seems really nice vs melee. Like a pumped up version of melee wings. I was just queuing a bit and hit some 750k+ rsk with my current gear set up. And most games it was my number one heal by quite a margin. Just rsk and blackout kick on cd and fill with spinning crane kick vs double melee keeps my whole team topped for 15 seconds. What's everyone else's thoughts on crane vs AMA?Imistyou2 4d
4d PvP WW Monk Sustain I'm leveling a monk right now, just hit 100 and got my artifact. I'm just wondering if Monk gets a little more threatening at max level with your artifact weapon leveled up. With serenity I feel strong, but outside of it I feel kinda useless. I'll be focusing healers in the backline of the enemy team in BG's and it really feels like I'm almost not there as far as damage is concerned sometimes. I guess it feels like sub rogue felt outside of SD (I'm not sure which patch it was im specifically referencing) when they had hem instead of sin strike. I'm not hoping they can 100-0 people without CD's or anything, but i'm just wondering if the class is truly entirely dependent on serenity to pressure people, or if the sustain gets better as you reach end game.Wao2 4d
5d BrM Trinket Help Hey! So let me state that I purely run Mythic+ content on this guy. I'm also not hard core, I push my score and keys but 1526score has been my highest so far. (Mostly 13-16keys). I currently have a 900 DMD Trinket for armor and a 905 leviathans hunger. In my bag sits a 890 Nerubian Husk. Should I use dbl armor trinkets? Personally the leviathans hunger has saved me loads of times (especially when healer dies or is overwhelmed with dps's health). So I enjoy that Trinket but if dbl armor is better I'd run it instead! What do my more experienced BrM tanks feel? I also have a 915 talisman of the cragshaper if that is worth anything.Caedom43 5d
5d Replace Serenity with Tigereye Brew As the title suggests, i started leveling a WW monk and noticed Tiger Eye was missing, i capped a monk to level 90 back in MOP and went back to my feral druid, So i decided to level another Monk for 7.3 and play as Windwalker, going through the talents it seems you took out tiger eye brew and left the windwalker with Serenity, Brewmasters should not be the only one to chug brews for buffs...Monks in general are beer drinkers from a lore standpoint, but from a gameplay standpoint Windwalker was always a very bursty spec... So here is my solution, Replace Serenity with Tigers Eye Brew: after each successful strike you gain a stack of tigers eye brew that deals 4 percent damage stacking up to 10 times, for 40 percent damage. And give Serentiy to PVP. Keep the Mastery the same but design tigeres eye to work like Hit Combo, where if we mess up we lose our stacks, make it punishing, but also rewarding if we play the spec right.Sainera14 5d
5d SCS trink counterproductive for us? Playing with my trinkets today I had a thought with Shifting Cosmic Sliver. My initial plan was to use it with the legendary chest and boots and to get maximum reduction for the FB cooldown but the problem I'm seeing with that is the SCS runs counterintuitive to our evasion playstyle and I'm leaning more towards my standard Prydaz/Chest legendary set up with The maiden and host trinkets for the extra shield and passive heals. My question to the upper echelon BrMs is am I right about the SCS or am I missing something to maximize its usefulness?Kyonari0 5d
5d is WW easy to play compared to arms? im looking to finally main a melee dps and these are the only 2 outside of enhancement shaman that i really enjoyed. recently played arms at low levels and liked it. WW i haven't played since WoD but loved it. im kind of leaning more towards monk because i rarely see them as much compared to warriors or MW. i've played since cata mostly healers and ranged dps so melee is still fresh to me but i am wondering which of the 2 would be easier to get into? i also like that monks can go MW since i used to heal and have that option. idc much for tanking. double dps or tripple dps specs are cool imo but im not the type of person to be swapping between dps specs. i like to stick to just 1 and swap to a healer OS if i need to. would you suggest monk or warrior in this situation? also how is there rotation now compared to WoD? is it kind of similar outside of the mastery or did it get gutted badly and feels entirely different. i know some specs feel kind of similar to me such as resto druids and shamans they feel practically the same imo.Astura4 5d
6d clip Fof? so i have Tier 20 4 set and I run with WDP....i know your suppose to clip FoF when running serenity but what about WDP? could you get more RSK with clipping? or just let FoF go then RSK the mob in the face?Ltderp8 6d
6d Fistweaving talents should be in one tier I think mistweavers have a disadvantage compared to other healers in that 2 tiers have effectively only 2 choices because one choice is related to fistweaving which very few people take (this is gained from personal experience as well as Would it be a good idea to lump all the fistweaving talents into one tier? This means that spirit of the crane and rising thunder along with some other fistweaving talent in a tier so that, that tier is the fistweaving tier!Branol7 6d
Sep 15 Request: Glyph of Jab Blizzard please could we have a glyph that uses the old Jab animation instead of this new tiger palm, so that we can see our fist weapons with our chi generator ability instead of sheathing and un-sheathing every few attacks, thanks!Gekyo0 Sep 15
Sep 15 9% Why the need for such a massive buff?? I know it is due to the new mechanic netherlight crucible coming out creating another set of balance issues but 9%? considering WW monks were close to bottom for both tiers and now they are getting an overkill of a buff - why not tweak ability damage throughout the other patches?Severussnape22 Sep 15
Sep 15 Why is Effuse to useless? Why is it such a pitiful heal for WW? I get that we're DPS, not heals. But every other dps class that has a comparable spell (Ret, Enhance, Feral), it heals for twice as much! /rantRyozen12 Sep 15
Sep 14 The Wood of Staves So in my class order hall in legion, The Wandering Isle, you can go anywhere you want in the entire island...except the Wood of Staves.... Since the beginning of the expansion, the Wood of Staves has been blocked off with green fire, is there a reason for this? Is there going to be a final part of our order hall campaign during or after 7.3 that will conclude our class story in which we will finally have access to this sacred grove? Maybe we will commune with the spirit of Master Shan Xi; or heck, maybe even Liu Lang himself. Maybe we could get to see Aya or Ji again, and have them as our champions, becasue these two have been oddly absent from a lot, if not our entire, Monk campaign.Räìden2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Tanking Kill J Hey Guys I was wondering how Brewmaster Monks handle Fel Claws? Keep in mind i have never tanked it but want to make sure im prepared. All the Guides say you need to have a CD up for Fel Claws. We have 3 CDS, Dampen Harm: 2min CD Fort Brew: X Zen Meditation: 5min CD With only the above to choose from and you take a set of Fel Claws every minute (according to guides) how do we survive it with out a CD? ThanksBlythee10 Sep 14