Apr 5, 2016 Level 90 windwalker talents? Quite conflicted Hello all. So basically, to my knoledge at the moment the best talent is chi torpedo (all theTåro3 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 5, 2016 lvl90 WW talents? Quite conflicted. (pvp) Hello all. So basically, to my knowledge at the moment the best talent is chi torpedo (all of the monks at the top of the ladder are using it) but I just don't like how it feels. I prefer roll tbh. So that leaves me with Xuen and RJW. Xuen seems like a definite no, because he does a lot of consistent dmg, but also prevents you from CCing, which is super detrimental. Which leaves me with RJW. How do I use this talent for single target dmg? It's a huge energy drain so it can't be part of your rotation, and since I'm not gonna use serenity(I'm going with hurricane), I can't really use it when I burst. And if I take it for the sole purpose of an aoe (I'm focusing on 3v3), it's gonna be rather useless (maybe a slight boost is dps when all 3 are in range). So should I just bite the bullet and go with chi torpedo, or is there an effective way to use RJW as a single target dmg giver? I do have a lvl100 monk btw, I'm just posting on this toon since the talents will be for him. Thanks for any replies friends :)Tåro1 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 5, 2016 Monk question Ok so I was in a dungeon the other day, and I had my secondary active, it was an oversight, you know sometimes you're in the middle of killing something, the dungeon finder pops up you're dungeon is ready so you kill the mob and pick ready. Anyway I went in as Brewmaster instead of WW, somebody mentioned it,and I promptly switched and mentioned that I solo with Brewmaster because it has a higher survivability, and promptly died because I had the wrong taskbar up, and was kicked- which is fine I have no problem with that, but one of the guys said even with guard WW was better. My question, is it just me, or is Brewmaster better for soloing? Guard coupled with chi-blast and expel harm keep me pretty safe, as do all those little yellow bubbles, and jab along with tiger palm let me do immense amounts of damage- oh and Xuen every 3 minutes helps too. With WW I do a ton of damage real fast, but I also take alot of damage and have to wait between fights. Is it just my style of playing involved here, or am I doing it wrong?Heeyah11 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 5, 2016 tiger palm not a priority? I have a 95 monk atm and i have been watching a few pvp videos lately and i see a lot of monks not use palm strike first before rising sun kick and others. I thought tiger palm was always supposed to be used first because of the 30% ignore armor to give you much more damage? i'm confused as !@#$ now.Wrêçk5 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 4, 2016 Brewmaster for arenas and rbgs I just got a monk up to level 17 today, but am having just a few issues I want to resolve before I level him. Firstly, I enjoy pvp far far more than pve. It may be because I'm inexperienced in pve, but every time I try to raid I get bored and frustrated with people not following the mechanics/wiping that I just go to pvp instead. I do enjoy this unholy DK for pvp but want something with a bit more mobility, so I considered monk. (I know warrior is more similar but eh just doesn't interest me.) However, the image of the brewmaster is super cool to me, and I want to be a brewmaster pvper, drinking beer and throwing barrels and smashing them over enemy players' heads, before rolling and spinning into a new fight. But is this viable? I love the image of brewmaster. I love the legion artifact for them. I want to be a brewmaster. But I also am worried that I'll level as brewmaster and just find that I do no damage and get melted by damage in arenas. I may go windwalker, but I'd like to know if brewmaster is functional that way first.Sammysprite23 Apr 4, 2016
Apr 4, 2016 Legion - Orbs, suggestion, question With any of the specs that end up with healing orbs or chi orbs sitting on the ground. Could it be possible (especially when tanking) to have them just slowly draw toward the monk's position? Trying to run around chasing these precious resources on the ground among the clutter and the repositioning a boss directional cone seems silly. Most of my healing globes and up sitting when I'm tanking and completely going to waste. Does anyone else have this issue?Lastreturn1 Apr 4, 2016
Apr 4, 2016 Archi Mistweaver Trinket. I've heard so many bad things about the mistweaver trinket from Archimonde. But I can't see where it's bad. By not having to switch target to heal someone in melee range, it has reduced my mana usage. Of course I am spreading renewing mist and uplifting like a bandit, but when the tank and melee are taking heavy damage, I use a soothing mist with the combo of thunder focus tea, surging mist and topping this rotation off with an enveloping mist all at once, putting a great heal on the tank/tanks and all those around him/her. I picked up an easy extra 20k hps by using the trinket. But I also got rid of the glyph of mana tea, and replaced it with soothing mist, to give me a boost of speed to help with the raid mechanics. There's nothing worse than having 10 to 12+ stacks of mana tea and only being able to use 2. Yes with the trinket I have to be more mindful of my mana, and stick to my rotation more closely, lmeans I have less room for errors but that's why I play a mistweaver, it's a challenge and not some push button 3 ability face roll class. I love the trinket, I did have to change things around a little to compensate for the lack of spirit, but that wasn't to difficult. If you have any comments on the trinket post it and let me hear your reasons why you do or don't like the trinket.Weavemaster60 Apr 4, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 Post Your Monk Ideas Here! Hello friends, so I was watching the Heroes of the Storm spring tournament tonight and while watching Kharazim being played it made me think of this thread. I know this thread has been made before during MOP but I haven't seen one in quite a long time. I'd like to see you guys/gals come up with some cool concepts and ideas that you think would improve the flavor of this class. We're already awesome, but there's no such thing as too awesome! Your ideas can be anything from glyphs, abilities/talents, or even cosmetic like mogs and visual changes like our Glyph of Rising Tiger Kick and Fighting Pose glyphs. NOTE: Keep in mind major glyphs have been removed in Legion. (?) = rough estimation and can be changed for balance purposes. To get things rolling, I'll post a few ideas I had back in WOD beta: Name: Seven-Sided-Strike Type: Ability (100 talent that could replace the boring Chi Orbit talent) Description: Single target. 45-90(?) second cooldown. No resource cost. Deals X damage over 2-3(?) seconds to the target. The monk will follow the target as they move and can be CC'd during its effect to allow counterplay. Basically it's a monk version of Killing Spree. Intention: Chi Orbit is boring. We need more interesting choices, not boring ones. Hurricane Strike or this would be great because it's a medium cd whereas the other two are short and long cds, giving the player 3 different playstyles to choose from. The animation would be like this: Name: Glyph of Mixed Martial Arts Type: Minor Glyph Description: Fists of Fury's visual now shows a mix of jabs and kicks. Intention: More character customization and it's awesome. Its animation would be just like this: Name: Foresight Type: Legion PVP Talent (replaces Double Dragon) Description: Your Roll, Chi Torpedo, and Flying Serpent Kick now requires a target and has a maximum range requirement. Can be used on both allies and enemies. Intention: To be honest, we already have a lot of mobility. Having an extra FSK charge in Legion is overkill. This would be a talent that not only opens up a new playstyle choice by allowing you to dash to an enemy or ally like Kharazim in HOTS but it would also be convenient for some players who prefer more reliable mobility vs enemies at the cost of not being able to flee across the map. Seems like a balanced and fair trade, right? Name: Glyph of the Exploding Palm Type: Minor Glyph Description: Touch of Death causes the target to explode. Intention: How awesome would it be to Touch of Death someone (Tiger Palm animation) and after a few seconds when the damage activates, a big explosion occurs just like in Diablo 3? Blizzard pls Animation: Tiger Palm animation when applied and an explosion on the target when it procs. Name: Glyph of the Ways Type: Minor Glyph Description: Practice the fighting styles of your specialization for 8 seconds. Intention: Zen Flight is pretty cool, but you know what else would be cool? Having a minor glyph that allows the monk to stand still and practice their jabs/kicks or other related styles related to their specialization. Name: Cyclone Strike Type: Ability (Replaces Dizzying Kicks/Ox Statue in the Legion 60 talent row) Description: Pulls up to 4 enemies within 5-10(?) yards toward the monk and stunning them for 2 seconds. 45 second cooldown. No resource cost. Similar to DK's Gorefiend's Grasp. Intention: Monk's 60 row has always had trouble competing with Leg Sweep. Ring of Peace has been reworked so many times including in Legion and still won't compete with Leg Sweep. Charging Ox Wave was terrible as well and has been replaced with another talent that won't compete with Leg Sweep. With Cyclone Strike this will be very useful for grouping mobs in PVE as either Brew or WW and will also be great for stun/grouping utility as Brew or WW in PVP similar to Gorefiend's Grasp. Ox Statue should be baseline for Brew to begin with and this will be competitive with Sweep/Ring.Nightwind6 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 How is Chi Explosion used? Just wondering how people effectively use Chi Explosion. I generally never use it or blackout kick when I only have two chi since I tend to stock up chi to combo, so with Chi Explosion, it usually is 4 ticks (which I actually find kind of annoying when it limits my use of other abilities that are off cd, like fists and rising sun kick). However, the issue is, the energy and chi consumption is now used tenfold in comparison to just blackout kick, so the tempo has been lost, at least how I've been using it. What is the best way to use this ability?Splooshie2 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 Leg Sweep Remove this !@#$ty stun from the game or fix it. Story: Enemy team was stacked 2 on top of the platform and 1 on the ramp with me. I used the ability near the black text and it missed all three of my opponents. This isn't the first time this worthless ability has missed. I swear I lose so many games because of Leg Sweep magically missing targets. /rantWodweaver3 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 Is the 59 percent soft cap on multistrike? Quick question. Is the soft cap on multistrike when I hit 59 percent buffed or hit 59 percent unbuffed?Beardrac5 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 WW monk end game pvp trinkets? Hello. So I found a couple posts on this, but nothing really covered my question. I noticed all the ww pvpers at the top of the ladder are using the two same trinkets. Warmongering gladiators insignia of conquest, and warmongering gladiators badge of conquest. insignia of conquest: when you deal damage you have a chance to gain 1104 agility for 20sec. badge of conquest: increases versatility by 1160 for 20sec. insignia of conquest is really self explanitory. obviously the best trinket you could take. But my question is, is badge of conuest really that great for ww monks? I heard that versatility is no where near the most important stat for ww, so is there just nothing better? Or am I just totally wrong, and veratility is amazing for monks?Shishai2 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2016 Brewmaster - Ox Statue & Dizzying Haze Let's discuss L60 talents, In theory, the "CC" row. Summon Black Ox Statue being a taunt ability, feels like it should be on the same line as Invoke Niuzao, The Black Ox, which is a summons that can also taunt but I would prefer to see Ox Statue baseline again. Dizzying Haze is a range ability that applies a 30% slow to targets. I feel it would fit better on the CC row, allowing the Monk to still be the tank that can kite adds well, but at the sacrifice of an AOE stun.Celes1 Apr 3, 2016
Apr 2, 2016 Pvp Stats WW Hi! I'm having trouble to gear my char, u know. Which stats i should choose to do pvp? Askmrrobot shows me only pve setups, and i really don't know what to do, maybe multi>versa>haste=crit? or Versa>multi>haste=crit? heeeelp :B ty all!Vaätu1 Apr 2, 2016
Apr 2, 2016 name help starting a little female gnome WW monk and trying to think of a cute name for her any ideas ? also one more question I know to start I will be using the boa staff but when I'm able to use 2 weapons do I switch to the 2 hammers or stay with the staff ? thanks for the responses :)Lalena2 Apr 2, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Flying Serpent Kick/Diffuse magic macro? Hey guys, I have a macro for my warrior (included below) that I can use if I am Bladestorming and it will cancell bladestorm with the first press and use Spell Reflect on the second press. So I can basically double tap the button for a pspell rflect. I have a similar thing to cancel BS and use charge and cancel BS and use Victory rush etc. #showtooltip Spell Reflection /cast Spell Reflection /cancelaura Bladestorm /stopcasting That macro works fine, exactly how I want. No issues with it. MY PROBLEM I am trying to make a macro that cancels FSK and on the second press uses diffuse magic. I know most people are likely to say cancell the kick and use DM - BUT! I like having this bound to ALT+Scroll Down, and bound like that it makes it super easy to get it off witth ease (as with warrior) I thought just changing the spell names would work, and I think it would BUT when I use it it says "Can't do that while silenced". It seems that JSK silences me and then I can't cancel it. #showtooltip Diffuse Magic /cast Diffuse Magic /cancelaura Flying Serpent Kick /stopcasting I know the ability itself works a bit weird where the same button is used to cancel and use the ability already, unlike Bladestorm, for example. I was wondering if anyone knows of a macro for this that already exists or if anyone knows the proper command for using JSK as its intended, that I could use in my already existing macro. I'll keep playing around and try and get it to work but Im a bit stuck. Thanks in advance for any help!Bagster2 Apr 1, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Looking forward to Legion BrewMonk Really looking forward to when BrewMonks are released on Alpha but i am also disheartened by it at the same time. Currently being a BrewMonk myself I like how the spec is doing. Sure we are the squishiest of all the tank specs but we have alot of abilities to make up for that. Combined with Stagger + EB and our other mitigations we are a spec that rewards greatly those who know how to play it with massive Guards. However, by looking at the information available I am disheartened for the spec in Legion. Guard is now a PvP talent, EB is gone, Zen Med is reduced by 30%, Parry (From Chi Exp) is gone, and most sadly Expel Harm is gone. It seemed that we are now going to be relying on Stagger and Dodge to mitigate damage. Even though stagger is getting a buff that doesn't mean that damage is gone. And with Purifying brew sharing charges with Ironskin Brew we can only clear so much damage. And we cannot Dodge everything. That was why Guard was so good. Guard made up for our squishiness by providing a large absorption shield. And even then a 700k Guard can go down in 4 Secs flat. I wouldn't mind the changes if Blizz just let is keep Guard., our largest cooldown. I understand that anything here is not 100% so I am hopeful that the Devs see this and I have high hope that we do get to keep some of our current kit.Pändá9 Apr 1, 2016
Mar 31, 2016 WW Worst class for PvP I've heard that Monk is the least played class in WoW, and I've recently discovered why. It's horrible. In a way, I guess it's the best, because you have to actually be good to play it. But how do you do that? I haven't won a single skirmish or bg (partially because I'm Horde) in the past week, and I just can't do anything. But I'd love to know how. It's really fun. Just hard.Rêptile40 Mar 31, 2016
Mar 31, 2016 so... im torn on what race for horde BM im torn between BE to look sexy AF,orc for the damage, or i guess maybe tauren for the health and my guild is xferring at the end of the week lol, or of course could stay panda but BE is very temptingJouseiteishu13 Mar 31, 2016
Mar 31, 2016 MW Legion Alpha Question I was looking at all the monk talents on mmo champion for Legion and I came across something that seemed kinda OP and was wondering if anyone had tried it out yet. For the normal PvE talents we have a talent called Rising Thunder which resets the CD on thunder focus tea when you use rising sun kick. If I understand it, rising sun kick has a 10 second cd now and there is no stance change required to use it since I believe the fist weaving stance is gone. There is also a PvP talent called Zen Focus that gives us an aura mastery when we use Thunder Focus tea. So does that mean we essentially get an aura mastery every 10 seconds when using these two talents? Because it seems all you would have to do is just use RSK on a melee thats training you and boom you get an aura mastery again. Seems kinda OP and I was wondering if anyone who has alpha access has tried this yet.Aridivh0 Mar 31, 2016
Mar 31, 2016 I honestly can't decided for legion Between WW Feral or Spriest for legion. I need an outside opinionFaeta8 Mar 31, 2016
Mar 30, 2016 good 2v2 comps with a MW monk? thank you :)Kagony1 Mar 30, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 question: brewmaster dung leveling hey so I mostly heal as I'm leveling a new char but I decided to switch to tanking for a change with this char. So I'm feeling lackluster compared to other BrM monks I've healed, I thought once I got purifying brew it would be different. It definitely helped but I still can't do big pulls unless the healer is actually healing me or I die. I've put purifying brew percentage and shuffle timer on tellmewhen and keep up shuffle almost all the time, either prepull guard or guard when I feel I'm in trouble and save up elusive brew to at least 10 stacks unless guard is on CD and I need some mitigation other than that I use leg sweep when I don't have elusive brew stacks or guard and expel harm + chi wave on CD if I'm not 100% health I don't know what I'm doing wrong tbh any advice is appreciated.. I know this might be silly but I'd like to do bigger pulls as much as I canNevergiveupx3 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Gnome great for monk? Hi there! I was a big monk junkie back in MoP playing several monks for rating back in the day and loved loved loved them up until wod came out..That's when I picked my druid back up..but now I am back interested in the monk. I was looking at alliance races and I saw that gnomes could have the opportunity to be a very good race for the monk regarding the energy and mana pool increases, escape artist, and the haste increase. I was wondering if gnome was a good enough race to play competitively against in PVP and PVE. Thank you for your time.Zack2 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Legion Wind Walker Self Healing needs fixing I wanted to create this post hoping to get noticed by the dev's talking about Wind Walker self healing on the alpha. As it stands right now in WoD we have 2 instant heals one is expel harm, and the other is using our chi brew to proc our healing elixirs, yes you can proc it from tigers eye however it is a 1.5 min cooldown on the alpha. With 1.5 mil health on my monk and effuse healing for 86k non crit, it takes around 18 effuses to heal up to full. I timed how long it would take to cast 16 effuses (thinking that I would be at 10%-%15 health) and it took me 31 seconds to cast 16 effuses. Remember this is WITHOUT any DoTs on me. In a pvp scenario, you will NEVER see someone waiting 31 seconds while you heal up. I would like to see a buff to effuse because we have no instant casts so if we have to kite, we can heal up 3-5 seconds to a decent amount of health and get back into the fight. I will also be making a video about this to help it get noticed. I hope the devs are listening and hope they can fix before launch :)Xuen48 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 WW Monk Legion - Ease of use I have a WW Monk alt and I really struggle with her. I'm brand new to melee DPS and I find the playstyle difficult. Does anyone know (perhaps if you're in Alpha) if the upcoming Legion changes soften the learning curve? A little bit or a lot? I'm considering rolling another melee DPS that might be more accessible with a more traditional playstyle just in case I can't "get" WW -- as I do enjoy melee DPS after being a healer for so long. I'll give WW Legion monk a try anyhow. But I was just curious to see what experienced WWs think of the changes. I know one of Blizz's goals was to streamline things. Thank you.Arialena25 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 28, 2016 New Ww monk Boosted a ww monk for a compll my guild wants to run in 3s. I'm having a difficult time grasping how to play him though. I have a few max toons and usually have no problem setting up bars but there are so many abilities that everything feels cluttered. Can someone who actually knows what they are doing help me out and explain how to play this guy? I'm usually against boosting for this reason and need to put some time in with him. A nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated. Openers, main defensives, just the basics. I don't want to gimp a bg team without knowing what I'm doing.Exorcisst8 Mar 28, 2016
Mar 28, 2016 I can't see my healing sphere? it was normal? or it was a problem with my setting? i want to do (Detonate) but i saw nothing on the floor...Hôôhôô5 Mar 28, 2016
Mar 28, 2016 we are the rarest of the rare I love it that way and if you do..... sign this MONKS UNITE!Chidumpster63 Mar 28, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 Please Help, MW PvP Resources Hey Monks! I'm going to start Legion off healing to try something completely new and was wondering if you'd be so kind as to point me towards some helpful guides and demonstrations to start practicing on Live. Strictly talking about PvP. Nayoko's guide is a great starting point for builds and stats, and looking for some good players to watch and learn from. Thanks in advance!Krieghart2 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 Is this right? I was getting max 103k dps in multiway combat, but it seems I range from 25k-45k dps in single target once in a burst I did 54k and as low as 15k when messing around without TEB up. What should my dps be as a windwalker?Namiru27 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Monk Names MW mostly, its a pandaSniperfunk19 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 MWs - How do you cheese healing meters? :) That's right, you heard me. What are your techniques for end-game raiding (Heroic and mythic HFC) for cheesing healing meters. I don't want a lecture on why healing meters don't matter or do matter, I want tactics for raw number output meter cheesing. Let er rip!Parzival28 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Brewmasters CAN PVP Look at this clip I made . I did not play Brewmaster for around 2 months before making that video it's a crazy class that is unknown all you need is practice and you can take on a raid!!Jayon31 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Monks are far and few... why? Title... Why are we so rare?Cecillia74 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Roll too Short? So after maintenance today, I felt like Roll just wasn't... right. It's like It's like I'm not going as far as I did before, and it looks like the animation is going much faster. A guildie of mine also feels like it's been cut short. Has anyone else noticed this?Misako5 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Legion changes - For the better or worsE? I hear people yelling that monks are outraged at the changes for all three specs... What's the opinions of this?Cecillia42 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 Fist of the Heavens I appreciate how they moved away from Pandaria to get us our artifact weapon. I just hope that the skins look pretty awesome, and that they'll show in combat more. Brewmaster's are getting the Monkey King's staff. Mar 26, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 Legion MW monk burst dmg? So new build includes a PvP talent by the name of Way of the Crane which increases dmg by 50% immunes roots and snares and heals nearest allies for 200% of dmg you deal for 15 seconds. Well firstly... interesting idea, but the only moves to do dmg with are still Tigers palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, and Spining Crane Kick. Sure that is something but it feels limited with no meat to it, right? So even though it opens up a unique door for things it seems like something that would be really hard to pick over Ancient Mistweaver Arts and even Surge of Mist. But I have an idea for this, something that would make it and the melee talents quite a bit more interesting. And that's simply putting a dps ability on Thunder Focus Tea's list of empowering abilites. One spell in particular could use a little love and I'm sure no one could really arguee about it either, and that's the misunderstood and fairly unused ability Crackling Jade Lighting. It could be empowered into being useful for once, a Mistweavers fist of freaking fury! How amazing would it be to have this sudden burst phase of 50% + dmg with Focused Thunder? That could be two MEATY channels dropped into your burst target with the added bonus of possibly saving someones life too. This would make this talent really unique and hold a great synergy with a number of other talents to. With the best part being giving people a CHOICE to how they want to play it. Do I want to blow a big heal on burst dmg? Or am I good to go with a reset via Rising Thunder anyways? It'd also make for some amazingly fun arena matches where a dps actually gets a little worried by the healer. Of course though this hardly seems balanced said like this but it -could- be balanced it's definately possible. Forget Fistweaving whatever this melee healer build is I could get hype for it. But without this potential Thunder Focused attack (Which btw Thunder Focused empowering Jade Lighting, so obvious it hurts) I doubt I'll be interesting in it even if it is strong healing with it's limited toolkit So what does any other monk think? Sound good or what, personally I can't stop patting myself on the back thinking of this. But I invite you to tell me I'm stupid and explain why too.Nasty5 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 abilities you miss the most form windwalkers? -Fist of Fury that did not need a target -Healing Sphere -Disarm Felt good when you good disarm a arms war when they had die by the sword up -Old ring of peace -Path of Blossoms -Old rushing jade wind -Old chi wave (Think it came back in legion) -Nimble Brew(Legion)Rikagh11 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 Something that has been bothering me. Roll. Since the change to roll in Warlords of Draenor roll (visually) is very weird. Because of the 25% increase in rolls speed the animation goes by too quickly and we don't actually roll. No idea how it looks on other races but you get that leap into roll but it kinda just stands up without doing a complete roll. Just a small pet peeve ever since I'm using a different talent set-up for random bg's. Do you fellow monks have any pet peeves?Wildzen0 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 MW monks on BGs: want some advice :) Hey everyone. I love playing my Ally monk, but I'm pretty newish to pvp. I've been mainly focusing on arenas but want to step a bit more into BGs, and since this is BG bonus event week, I thought I might as well start now :P What I'd like to ask is what should I change in my setup for MW monks between Arenas and BGs? I assume Pool of Mists is basically mandatory on BGs, correct? Should I use Glyph of Renewing Mists? Any notable changes? Would also appreciate some general tips and pointers Thanks in advance!Züljïn7 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 I made a WeakAuras 2 Stagger meter. I was tired of only really having a vague idea of what my stagger DoT was ticking at and when might be an efficient time to pop Purifying Brew. So I made a meter. The Stagger DoT has an intensity range, where 0 - 2% of max health per tick is Light, 2 - 4% is Moderate, and 4 - 6% is Heavy. So, the text component displays what % of your max health the dot is ticking at (along with the 6% ceiling for clarity), and the texture is a progress bar with its maximum set to 6% DoT intensity. The two components are below and must be imported separately. Feel free to change any aspect of them for higher visibility or more information. Thanks, hope you monky-monks enjoy! Screenshot: StaggerMeter: dC0jjaGir6sss0OaXPaPvrrvmlkvULKi2LcLFPQidJiDmL0Yuv1ZOumnjHRPQKTPq6BkunokQCovL6EuK9rbKdQQOwOcXdLeLjsbDrjjSrjj9rkGAKssDskqRuv6LsI0mvvXnPq2PK6NuOgQQcwQQc9uPMkLCvLWAPOQAUsIQ9c9xkLgmvhwLftr5Xe1KfXLjTzf8zcJMioTqVwvLMTGBRi7wIFlQHROwoWZvQPJCDqTDLOVtrvA8uQ68QI1trvz(ua2pQXv0c7jStWobTWwohYa0cRxX6vS(pwVI12G1RyDfy9ksyldVP8KLApH9aCrMI5ceO8l7SZo7aLGbf23eiweJnKbthbjTkhBDi1o2HSOePMoHqbqsNd3JcsHYEgWUuOFArjsvRxGKy0zpK05W9OGuOq5xTKGnCHarHqbOf2YWBkpH9aCrMI5ceOSZo)Yo7SZEilFb2drHeQPtiua7MyFrjsgQMbpmajDoCpki1o2t)jkKqS30jekifk)Yo7SZEilFb2NYjk4iLA6ecfWUj2xuIKHQzWddqsNd3JcsTJ9uJYjk4iL9MoHqbPq5x2zND2dz5lWUe9w(00jekGDtSVOejdvZGhgGKohUhfKAh7PvR3Yh2B6ecfKcLFzND2zpKLVa7Lm10jekqty3e7qcrHeQPtiua7MmXEjgGY(vsyhYuorbhPnDcHcy3Kj2lXau2Vsc7qKO3YNMoHqbSBYe7Lyak)Yo7SZoqjyqH9sMA6ecfOj8RwsqcBz4nLNSu7PfZjhPyRl1cH9qUqvnCIn2gVW6hdwxfyFL40rXCbTWEthGqlSPNzf7zGUvc7zGUvc7TeqS8lsypelXTe0cB6zwXEgOBLWEgOBLWElbel)IesytGOqOa0cB6zwXwgEt5jSLH3uEYwjXefBkoPjyldVP8KHWGJI5c2dWfzkMlqGYo)Yo7SZEilFb230jekWWmXUj2HSOePMoHqbqsNd3JcsHYEgWUuOS)j2xLYVSZo7ShYYxG9nDcHc(GcK1cXUj2HSPtiuGHzI9pX(IsKQwVajXOZEiPZH7rbPqHYU5H9vPs5x2zND2bkbdkSVPtiuWhuGSwi7yF0XKAh7eaw5xTKWo78l)ID5M0nAH1Ry)tuiHyVPtiuaw)hBJYjk4iL9MoHqbyTnyxTElFyVPtiuasyldVP8e2dWfzkMlqGYo78l7SZo7HS8fypefsOMoHqbSBI9fLizOAg8WaK05W9OGu7yp9NOqcXEtNqOGuO8l7SZo7HS8fyFkNOGJuQPtiua7MyFrjsgQMbpmajDoCpki1o2tnkNOGJu2B6ecfKcLFzND2zpKLVa7s0B5ttNqOa2nX(IsKmundEyas6C4EuqQDSNwTElFyVPtiuqku(LD2zN9qw(cSVPtiuGMWUj2HeIcjutNqOa2zdWe7Lyak7za7qMYjk4iTPtiua7SbyI9smaL9mGDis0B5ttNqOa2zdWe7Lyak)Yo7SZoqjyqH9nDcHc0e(vlj8l)YV8l)YVyllrL)fB45KJuSLH3uEYw6zwXEthbVXorndEyW6zwXU6p)rJQ6IFqc7eDFem4ifndBjAuiHWQ(1428T5gVI)MZCRvi9)3R4qLuXOytQ9uLLdzaAH1Ry9kw)hRxXABW6vSUcSEfjSd5lbTWgER2g0LAandB6cAHqlSNGdueTqcjSLd3EJwyVJfrqX2iJRRuSNGdueTW2iJRRuCeKqc79SkJwyVJfrqX6vSNGdueTW6vCeKqcBqoOOf2tWbkIwiHe2WB1w58KzhHJGn8wTvoC7noc2GtwrlSNGdueTqcjSH3QT7zvghb7HtMI5cAH9eCGIOfsiHDqxQbBZZk4OmaBdKjSd6snG9QuStIddrz4a9GwypbhOiAHesiHDuoxWrWojUNd3ttN8VBSRszShYavaYWLel1EcgOyBP2tWaDx59SgcFwMIlpkMlgVubH7zx5lcuC6i4jSFmEyyRewlDmPsLwX)X)xXOs)2MX)c7c8KfikekyJ1RydurmxSEMvSNbzbq3BsTNGbk22B8WWwjSw6ysLk1Mrh9)Q0VTz8VWowIKTY5P5GsAcwVI9Mo5F3vwUqxSmPfcBdw3g0WQaBZxopH1sX(GPmoc2xssKI5YfSLarHqbB0cjSJjy30jekWiLua2M3ycjbR6xJo6O)n3xF))7vP2yZ4MdhQKk(c7miQf6OyUGD1g)rdA(nU26Z)G9Mo5F3Fihle2JySLLXg9rdAGR2cjS3y)FS1XKo264yVeRxR4)ksic StaggerText: diKgeaGivKlPczuQKoLkQvbvuZcQi3IsWUKs(fuHHHuhteltk1ZqsMgr6AQuTnkvFtLY4ujoNu09qs1bHQSqPqpuqMiLixuG2OuXiPK6KcQvsj5LiP0mvH6MqvTtI6NsLgkLOwkuPNsAQsCvPG5kG9Q8xrAWcDyqlMsOhdyYIYLPAZsvFgXOrIttXRPumBGUTQ0Uvv)gkdxvSCipxsth11fvBNsPVJKIXRcoprSFcVKvMAMgwUee3o4fkyGWH6kRbEqgVYPgaSFkafOniykb5(FADA7wjTOBLCB670SPzRmnZuFaHsk(bE6raIioer7hnfiVYyVf)apTp)dWgS)1ZcRerruefrqmaiOiwziH4ilHXIi1fXRn8nSYqcXrxp9acL4OtNfrmKisFweXHiMqlSsefrruebXaGGIyLHeIJSSJa8plIuxeVwziH4ilHX4OHVHT2HGmf8HhUE6bekXrNoFgNtOPfwjIIOikIiNZrFrSYiZN0Qhd9c5RNoQvs)jCseRmKqCKLDeG)5ZcR8F2uKtmy)IKhFk7h4Pa5vg7T4h4gEYGSp1T1)8ugziehTY0m3I599fjp(uRXdx870WXt)WxVUYKtMESHqHfrLHeIJMC7P4JL5ii7IOYqcXrtMQPw7qBLiIkdjehnE8uywMHnyFiykJmeIJQRmEQKU99vNNmDlAA623KA)(L20uL0((uQXKXuwhP3BM0K(sZl2VKivQDPR3csVn9N)wqgcXr1jNmLIBiu41X(9MuDN(Yn6KlnTFJw66TG0Mtp0TVV68KPBrtttLD7TtOBs1T7tbXGzRmLHG(Nxz6BoiBwz84PaGWADLPvZNa6tXVRm1oEA9XbwzA18jG(KtgpnZ03BaYbzjRm9nhKnRmE8uegOVY03Cq2SY4Xt7HaSb7VY03Cq2SY4XtZREA9XbwJtZREkaiSwxJtZREka2RfH8ACkcc4Rm9nhKnRmE84PMSPkdjehv8d84PWvMIpwMJGSlIkdjehnnSCjiUDWluWaHd1vwd8GmELtnay)uakqBqWPhBiuyruziH4OPHLlbXTdEHcgiCOUYAGhKXRCQba7NcqbAdcMsqU)NATdTvIiQmKqC00WYLG42bVqbdeouxznWdY4vo1aG9tbOaTbbtrE24P2o5ePTtgVbSybela3 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 [Legion] Wind Walker Feedback suggestion I don't have the ability to post in the Legion forums but I do keep up with all monk class feedback threads and had a suggestion that could address one of the main complaints being brought up in the Wind Walker feedback thread. The Complaint Many monks are having issues with the Rotation feeling unrewarding & punishing, while also feeling like it is on rails due to the long cooldowns and new mastery. After around 40 seconds of a fight you are simply hitting the spells as they come off cooldown and making sure not to hit Tiger Palm or Black Out Kick in sequence (since they are the two spells that do not have a cooldown) My Proposed Solution My Solution is adjusting the function of Combo Breaker. (The passive that currently grants an 8% chance to allow a free use of Tiger Palm or Blackout kick on live). Solution A: Change Combo Breaker to function similarly to Fire Mage's passive "Fired Up!" Such that every critical striking ability will grant one charge of Combo breaker, if a consecutive critical strike is scored off of a Monk ability (granting a second charge of Combo Breaker) than the monk will gain Combo Break (Name could be changed to fit class fantasy more) which would grant them a free charge of Rising Sun Kick (With a small chance of the Rising Sun Kick to be a Fists of Fury instead). Solution B: Allow Combo breaker to function off of Tiger palm (the new jab) and grant a charge of Rising Sun Kick (Instead of Tiger Palm) or Black out Kick, with a smaller chance of granting a charge of Fists of Fury. Also increase the overall chance of Combo Break occurring. I feel like both of these solutions would help solve the issue of the alpha rotation feeling stagnant when waiting on cooldowns while still staying true to the class fantasy of "Dynamic Fighting Games" that was described at Blizzcon. This is just my 2 cents. Would be interested to hear what everyone thinks about it.Clonk5 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 No0b Monk, wanting to get a hang of tanking Hi guys, I just made this guy about 3 days ago or so and so far I found I have a good fun with it. My question is what are the main skills I need to use when tanking? Like, Keg smash opener dizzying haze and Dragon's breath? And then Expel Harm and Guard? Thanks! I'm really new at this guy. ^^;Keerathaen4 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 Omg..You must see this Idea! (WW Legion Pass) So I was reflecting on the Legion changes to WW Monk and reading through talents and I had the idea of a LIFETIME just hit me. I know WW Monks were one of the first specs to be introduced in Alpha testing and they are about to do a 2nd pass on them so using feedback. MY AMAZING IDEA (you are the judge of that): MASTERY: Combo Strikes Your abilities deal 10% more damage when they are not a repeat of the previous ability. new passive* Using Tiger Palm twice in a row increases haste by X% for 20 secs. new passive* Using Blackout kick three times in a row increases damage of your next Rising Sun by 15% and cause it to be free. When you think of a Martial Artist: One of the things that come to mind is fighting styles. Different fighting styles are used in different situations to counter other fighting style, the current mastery is interesting, but becomes too repetitive ( and predictable from a pvp standpoint) thus making it easily counterable , and eventually very boring. So thats my simple yet amazing idea , what are your thoughts?Oplee6 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 WW PvP Help I'm curious what's the difference between taking 2 one-handers vs. a 2-hander? Also, which is better to use.Wakkle3 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 697 ww in need of help. Hey guys. I'm new to windwalker and I have read icy veins and no if but I have a few questions. On certain fights like assault I see my dps really low like 25 to 30k and then on others like killrog and council I'm higher around 42 to 48dps. Basically I'm just trying to figure out if I'm doing anything wrong such as hearing or with my rotation. And if I am what is it and how do I correct it. I feel like my dos is to low because when standing at the dumbed in storm shield unbuffed I sustain 55 to 60k. I know in raids it's different then just standing there doing dos. I'm just trying to figure it out because I will be maiming monk in legion cause my disc is getting destroyed. I will provide a link with last nights logs if anyone would like to take a look. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you.Carrdeaa7 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 WW Wep Theory Crafting - Dual Wield is Better So , theory crafting for this is actually really simple. Using staff provides a 1-2% dps increase over dual wielding assuming dual wielder is using 2 mark of war song enchants. But what if a dual wielding monk uses a Shattered Hand and Mark of Warsong Enchant? Nobody ever considered shattered hand enchant because it was a basic enchant. Just my little 2 cents ^_- . -- So feel free to tell me if I am right or wrong below, post numbers too is welcome!Juicelee9 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 Chi Torpedo When pressing Chi Torpedo after being gripped by a dk I just roll in place. Is this normal or am I just bad?Wodweaver3 Mar 23, 2016