Aug 11, 2015 WW 4pc idea mild pvp quick fix? thoughts? I may be out of line here, but I feel this alone would be huge in pvp, why not make the 4pc 2% damage reduction per stack generated and not consumed up to 10 stacks (20%) dropping 2 chi-brew off the bat and getting some mitigation up I feel would help the squishy-ness. It would then atleast be on par with other melee on the drawbacks of mitigation warrior-D stance is less rage gen=less dmg dk-blood stance is less runic power=less dmg rogue-feint small energy cost=less dmg a change like this would be the risk/reward system, for how bad we are kited we could handle a bit more punishment hold your TEB for mitigation and lose it for dmg/healing seems like a very poor design to have dmg mitigation, damage, and healing all wrapped into 1 cd. who knows it could even open the option for hurricane strikes to be a choice now by decreasing the need for so many stacks from chi-exInnö0 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 11, 2015 Is there any way to cancle chi torpedo. Hi, is it possible to cancel chi torpedo? I have discovered the power of sweep into a chi burst, Rsk, torpedo, fist of fury combo. The only thing keeping me from having full success is torpedo launching me across the map. This is a very fun combo, but I'm starting to think about phasing torpedo out of the kill window, but i love the damage it does.Sinaca3 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Zen flight bug! i have expert riding, i have the flight masters license but it says that zen flight "Cant be used here". Im outside in stormwind.Darthlore7 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Is Zen Flight bugged? I have flight masters license and cold weather flying but no matter where I go zen flight is unusable. It just says "Cannot be used here" or something along those lines. Does anyone know what's wrong?Taiye7 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Worried about the "sameness" of Monk DH There is already enough overlap in rouge v ww monk as they are both light melee with high mobility and share gear sometimes. Brewmaster doesn't look visually different enough from WW already. MW you can only really tell by weapons if not casting. With short bursty moves I hope they do something ability wise to make Monks really look and feel distinguished as for me I am feeling there are only 2 melee classes already plate slow hitters and cloth/leather fast hitters. Am I the only one feeling this?Kahelbrun11 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Recruitment Sinister swarm horde bonechewer We are currently recruiting new members for our guild. We do it all. We not only guild for wow but for many other games and have been around for 16 years Please check out our website for Information and application Thank you and looking foward to meeting you in gamesAllwinds2 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 RBG/10 man MW Monks Mechs broken Hi, I've been pretty successful as a MW in RBGs. I've got Hero of the Horde 5 times. The reason I've loved MW so much in the past is because of the player's decision making between whether to use Uplift or Enveloping Mist. Right now in RBGs (and I'm assuming any other 10 man content) Uplift is not worth casting because of the buff that EM gives, and because of how weak uplift is. Which kinda ruins the entire MW experience. You get your chi and you simply spend it on someone who needs direct healing. In the past EM and Uplift have had high skill caps because you needed to use them both correctly, and if you weren't then your team was at risk of wiping. Just someone I would really like to see somehow buffed (maybe make it stronger if it hits less people, idk) Monk is my passion. It's my main, and I have 4 of them at max level. Please help me fall in love with my class again, and give me the chance to distance myself from the noobs. Thank you very much.Socksie3 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 PVP Priorities as Windwalker. I dont really know much about this expac pvp and its a little different than it was in MoP in this xpac, i hear people talking about 4-2 set bonuses, 2h and 1h and what talents and stat priorities to use depending on wether you use 2h or 1h. So can someone tell me what the priorities are for 1h and what the priorties are for 2h?Throatkick4 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Wind Walkers in PVP Just want to say that I am not skilled in any way, nor will you ever see me with any kind of meaningful rating. That being said, for the past few days of playing, this spec and glyph combo has been putting me in 2nd or 1st place in damage and KB's almost every game I play. I also am not dying as much and seem to be getting lots of killing blows.... People !@#$% that the spec is weak atm but is that really true? Has anyone else found themselves in my boat? I haven't done many rated BGs, but that's only because no one will TAKE my spec.Sedwin11 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Windwalkers! What do you think... So they have hinted at a bit of an over haul to the Windwalker spec so it stands out a bit more from the other classes in the new class driven wow era we are moving towards. What do you want to see done? What do you think they will do to make WW stand out from DH and other classes?Valascia22 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Stance of the Fierce tiger bug? Hi probably nothing but i cant find anything about it i was doing brawl arena and died, when i spawned i noticed the Tiger stance buff wasn't there, i wasn't getting the move speed or damage on my character card and as far as i can tell theres no way to re apply it. something tells me this has been goin on for a while?3 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Question please! I noticed no Tier gear for Monks in stormwind, do they not get any till 90? I checked both pve and pvp vendors and just saw leather that druid, rogue, monk can use. Really loving my monk, but would suck if im limited to Sooo and ToT tier gear for mogs, since no one does those raid no more :(Tinkaboo2 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 WW Dps Having issues with correct stat prio. I am running Ascension and Serenity. I mainly heal but lately we have more healers than is needed so i fill a dps roll.,d=0,c=8 Pretty much having an issue with dps in general. I don't like being a burden on my guild or raid. So if anyone has any pointers i would appreciate it.Sumar18 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 WW monk survivability needs fix! I have been doing so much arenas on my monk testing them out and when I go against a hunter I am dead no matter what. If I transcendence behind a pillar and get off a good 4 surging mists I lose health in the end because his pet is attacking me and kill commanding thorough the pillar and dots eat me alive from warlocks etc. Also pallys can bubble karma, priests can mass dispel it. Another thing is that we do not get instant cast surging mists. Why do Ferals and Rets have instant casts healing but WW does not? We are a hybrid class. We also need some sort of bass damage reduction passive. Dks have blood pres. Disc has the base 30% damage reduction. Warlocks have the 20% damage split between pet and the passive 10% unending resolve if glyphed. And there's loads more. BLIZZ PLZ FIX!Chijitsu14 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Well it's been fun boys About 50/50 chance I'm rerolling Demon Hunter next expac, depending on how they play. Would be a nice change of pace from this waterworks of a forum. Granted, it's gonna be a tough choice if DH is fun, but monk's probably the most fun I've had on wow in years. If it's too easy to play though no way am I switching mains.Michiro18 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 WW Monk vs Rogue (pve) hey all, maining a rogue right now but considering WW monk for the next expac. never been big on the rogue flavor/identity and the monk appeals to me more in that regard. but, everytime I look at the toolkits between the two classes, the rogue looks so superior on paper! can any WW monks give me a breakdown of what you think the monk really has over the rogue in a pve context? or what are the major differences in feel - what makes you enjoy playing the monk over a rogue? just looking for opinions and experiences. thanks!!Sandcaster5 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 WW Artifact Weapon. Here's for hoping its a spear! But I bet we'll get some sort of Fist Weapon. What would you guys like to see as potential weapon perks? I'd personally love to see a perk that gives RSK a chance to reset the CD on FoF.Sydrîan45 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 Windwalker still no response Blizzard you replied Demo locks, ele shams, Spriests, arms nerf and you STILL haven't replied windwalkers. Do you want to lose more players?Äÿsa23 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 MW in 3s I am having a terrible time trying to do 3s. I am constantly being CC'd and have a very strong feeling that my own CC capabilities are a bit underwhelming. Also I am running out of mana quite fast, a lot faster than other healers at least. Any tricks for this or advice for these issues (or others you may know of)?Rae3 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 MW PvP 4pc I'm guessing that I should be using the offpiece legs with versatility and multistrike and the tier chest? I've got the points to drop on one of them so I have my 4 piece and I'm kinda torn on which one is the better choice.Punypunches4 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 New Monk: Need Help! Macro! Im looking around at all the abilities and pretty much what I'm wanting to do is make a good "oh !@#$" button. I was thinking Life Cocoon Thunder Focus Tea Surging Mist I just don't know macros that well, anyone know how to do it or if it's possible! I don't like using macros too much but I felt this was a good one to try and make. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Edit: it's goin to be used in raid to save someone. Idk if life cocoon is any good as a shield in raids or of the damage in HFC will be too much and it would be better to just go without the cocoon and keep TFT and Surging mistAlfheim4 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 DH mogs Think of all the kickass Demon Hunter style mogs we are going to access to now! Rogue gear can look cool sometimes. Druid gear has the odd good looking piece or set, but man oh man that demon hunter style looks pretty rad. More leather options is better. I'm freakin jazzed!Mönks1 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 I can't pull high numbers as ww Hey all, I've been playing WW monk since MoP. and I enjoyed it a lot, I mastered the class and spec quite well, and almost always was top dps in raids and dungeons (280k-320k single target) and even became one of the top monks on my old server.At the beginning of WoD I pulled pretty decent numbers (15-18k) on boss encounters, and got proving grounds gold couple weeks after the release. but now my dps is pretty bad considering my ilevel, I can barely pull 30k on long fights and my cleave damage is bad. Can anyone give me suggestions? tell me what to do, how to improve my dps? I've read plenty of guides about ww monk and I tried to do as they said but they haven't quite helped me... Thanks in advance. P.S. Ignore Chi Explosion in my talent, I usually use Serenity for single target.Eybrom4 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 MW Weak in 5-mans? I've been playing WoW since vanilla with lots of breaks, and have played various healers since the early days. I've always been a casual player, though, and didn't get into raiding until MoP. That said, over the years I've run countless dungeons as a healer. So I have lots of experience, and consider myself a competent player but certainly not elite. I just came back to WoW in the past month or so and first leveled my rest druid, then my disc priest. Then I turned my attention to my mistweaver. Suddenly it felt like healing dungeons became an exercise in futility and frustration. I know that Blizz tinkered heavily with healing again, but I pretty much find myself repeatedly spamming surging mist on the tank while channeling soothing mist just to keep the tank from wiping. Meanwhile, DPS is taking splash damage and I can barely keep them up. I've read up on the mechanics of MW healing and understand them well, but most pulls I feel like I can't spare a single GCD to do anything else but spam surging mist. Renewing mist heals for practically nothing, and even with it spread around the group I often have difficulty sparing a GCD to cast Uplift, lest the tank go down because I'm not spamming surging mist on him/her. Heaven forbid Life Cocoon or Revival are on CD. With a good group, it's not quite as bad. But if I get a tank that misses an opportunity to mitigate damage or a DPS that stands in something for a split second too long, it instantly gets so much more difficult to heal through than on my druid or disc priest. Is it just me (entirely possible) or is it that MW are now pretty weak healers for dungeons? I've read that they shine in raids, but at this point I'm faced with the prospect of long queue times as a WW just to gear up for LFR.Feranos2 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 everyone who decided to boost a monk! If you are on or plan to be on emerald dream, you should consider joining monastery of celestials! Its a monk exclusive guild :)Momau35 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Interesting realization.. Demonology Warlocks were severely nerfed in 6.2, as Blizz didn't want the most complicated spec to out perform the easier ones. While this did indeed punish players for playing a notably harder spec, it should also be noted that Warlocks could still do DPS by simply swapping to a different spec. They then announced that Demonology Warlocks were going to be revamped to be much easier/different. What does this have to do with Monks you ask? I'll tell you. Windwalkers received a notably harder nerf in 6.2 (35% damage reduction, compared to Demonologies 25%), but was shortly reverted. Let's make a quick comparison between Windwalkers and Demonology. Windwalkers: Difficult to play, outperformed the other Monk specs. Received an enormous nerf in 6.2 (though it was reverted). Demonologists: difficult to play, outperformed the other Warlock specs. Received an enormous nerf in 6.2. So, putting two and two together, I came up with this.. Windwalkers were going to keep their 35% nerf, as Blizz didn't want them to outperform other specs (not just Monks), and were then going to be revamped in 7.0, to be much easier/different, just like Demonology Warlocks. However, Blizz decided to revert the nerfs, as unlike Demo, Windwalkers were unable to simply swap to a different DPS spec. This may or may not be true, its mainly just my observation. But if it is true.. Windwalkers might be receiving a revamp in 7.0. Scary to think about. Anyways, forgive my rambling. Just thought id share my thoughts.Titusmonk9 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Do not go gentle into that sweet night. We will not fade without a fight. We will not dissipate before the Demon Hunters' might. WW shall endure so my WW friends do not go gentle into that sweet night. In all seriousness i'm super stoked for DH, but i fear it will bench WW monks given the crap condition we're in right now.Yangxiaolong9 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Monk staff animations Ill keep this short: I was extremely disappointed that monks didn't have staff/polearm autoattack animations. Chen in the MoP cinematic kicking !@# with his staff was exactly the type of thing i was looking forward to doing. Come on, it should have been in from the get go.Skkorgeta4 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 WW pvp 2h vs dw pvp does it matter? I know ww pvp is pretty terrible right now but I still enjoy playing. I'll be buying my pvp weapons soon tho and I'm curious if there is an advantage going one way or the other?Bekroh8 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 New expansion means we get buffed? I hope so Death Knights came out. They were arguably OP. Next expansion they were changed a lot and nerfed. Next expansion they were buff back up and viable, although may not as fun as they were originally. Monks came out. They were arguably OP (at least their healing) Next expansion they were changed a lot and nerfed. Makes sense. introduce something new, make it near OP to attract players, then try and tune it better in next expansion. The problem is, Monks were WAY MORE FUN that Death Knights, so when they were nerfed, it was like going from eating $20 steak, to having to eat gruel. I want to play my toon that was super amazing fun in MoP, but in WoD it's like having to eat glass while listening to Miley Cyrus songs. Can you PLEASE give Monks some of their survivability tools back in the next expansion??? In other words, buff them some. Monks are the only class that has not 1, but 2 survivability abilities tied to a PvP set bonus. This means, without the set bonus, you technically do not have the same survivability equality of other classes. This is unacceptable. Step 1 fix that ^ Step 2 bring back spinning fire blossom, an ability that was very needed, a skill shot, and as far as I can tell pruned just for the sake of pruning. Step 3 Monks have great mobility, but you took away the ability to heal while moving for monks, while other melee can proc instant heals. Please give monks something than can let them heal WHILE they use their mobility, otherwise the mobility really doesn't help.Sultriss15 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 request to stop chi torpedo meta Chi Torpedo does not promote a healthy WW play style. It encourages Losing you mobility to compensate for dmg that should already be in a guaranteed hit like RSK. Not to mention it also compensates for our lack of reliable self healing with 20-25k heals. It has to much baked into one skill, similar to TEB overload. Honestly even without being able to hit 60k's, when i take RJW or Xuen it just feels so much better. I don't get kited as hard, I feel like I actually have up time, and play like a monk should feel. EDIT: Possible solutions would be to increase RJW base dmg, or make it non physical so it actually hits decently on armor. Along with some sort of single target Buff. Keep everything the same, but nerf Chi torp dmg and buff RSK 15-20% (probally more considering chi torp hits up to 80k's in full gear. we would be losing a ton of dmg, and aoe) Do nothing and watch the class further detoriate.Helvectius6 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Zen Flight still broken over a month later Can this PLEASE get fixed? Every zone gives the error message "You can't use that here"Kayli5 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Mistweaver Crane/Serpent weapon visual I just want to say, if the Artifact weapon changed from Crane to Serpent visually as we changed stances, that would be AMAZING.Kayli3 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Mistweaver monk help? Hi all, i am a veteran mistweaver monk/windwalker but i have a few questions need answered. my skype is shae1607 and my btag is shae#1607 just wanting help. Need some knowledge on at least Socrethar to answer my questionMonkyheals0 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 This class is awesome I've played this game since vanilla, and every class I played, it always felt like something was missing. Then the monk class came out. In a game where it is a lot of fear dependency in PvP, I feel like monks are one of the classes that absolutely shines when played correctly. A lot of streamers I watched said "monks were a mistake." But I think we are great in every way. I'm excited for monks now and the upcoming expansions. This class is amazing <3Mysticall4 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Is pandaren the worst for pvp? I know, picking racials for looks or preference is recommended, but based on existing racial abilities, is pandaren the worst pvp race option for monks? It appears to be that way on paper.Ref7 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 RL kept me away, but im back I've been gone since like January, so its been a while. Did monks get hit with a huge nerf stick since i left? My dmg seems to be rather low compaired to before. As you can see my gear is outdated now but still feel like i am hitting like a wet noodle than before. Given i only played for about 2 hours last night so i could just not be back in my rotation and TEB & trinket sync yet. Also trying to do some research what are the better talents now. Serenity for single target and Chi Explosion for aoe fights still? Stats wise MS > Crit > Haste for serenity vs Haste>Muli>Crit for Chi Explosion? Thanks for the help in advance!Zexualharas1 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 This may very well be goodbye for a bit. You may not know me, and that's fine, I don't expect you too, I haven't been as active on these Forums as I was before. But, I just thought I'd let you all know, that I'm likely going to depart from the Monk Forums for a while, to try and help out on the Demon Hunter Forums. It's not that I don't love being a Monk, because I do, Brewmaster is by far my favorite Tank. But I feel as though I must give Demon Hunter Tanks a go. I do not know if I will find them more or less enjoyable. If I find them more enjoyable, I'll probably consider maining one. Not because it's the FoTM, but I feel that I want to play what I find the funnest. If I do not find them enjoyable, I'll probably still stay on the Demon Hunter Forums, to educate new Demon Hunters wanting to Tank. As much as I am going to miss this Forum, I feel like the massive influx of Demon Hunter Tanks is inevitable, and that I must try my hardest to educate this new generation of Tanks, to make the Dungeon and Raiding experience more enjoyable for both the Demon Hunter, and the people running with them. So.. yeah. When I am able to play Demon Hunter in Alpha/Beta/Live, I will depart, and might not return for a long time, in an attempt to help new Demon Hunter Tanks. Of course, you might not even know me, so if you don't, that's okay lol. Just thought I'd let you all know about my decision. TL:DR: Leaving once Demon Hunters arrive, to go assist the new Tanks.Titusmonk0 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Monk spirit question for pvp if i have 10 tigerseyebrew and i put a clone on another guy and pop my 10 stacks does he get the bonus damage or no because if they are grouped up and i pop 10 stacks and i hurricane strike they would take huge damage. also if the clone hurricane strikes next to another target will they take the damage as well?Facebender0 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 Detonate Chi? Detonate Chi: Instantly detonate all of your Healing Spheres, causing each of them to heal a nearby ally within 12 yards of the sphere. 15 sec cooldown. Unless I'm missing something, this spell in my opinion seems really redundant. For example, I'm healing a boss fight, 3 Healing Spheres proced near me, I take damage, they heal me... Or I Detonate Chi, they overheal me and are useless... So unless Detonate Chi brings something better to the table like, increased range on explosion or when you explode the Healing Spheres they provide an extra absorb, etc. I don't see this spell being good at all.Sparkl11 Aug 6, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 Bring back Fire Blossom in new expansion DO IT. JUST DO IT!Sultriss12 Aug 6, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 What is the benefit of running Chex? I love hurricane strike. I love the burst and the way I can nuke people with one ability, although I see a lot of monks with 2h go Chex. Why?Yvelda2 Aug 6, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Sacred Draenic Incense a downgrade? So I just got this, and I am pretty disappointed in it. Am I wrong on the numbers here? Currently AMR is telling me that keeping on my Elementalist's Shielding Talsman (610 spirit, multistrike proc) is 6% more healing... after a few boss fights with the Sacred Draenic Incense I really felt like I was doing more with the Talsman.. Does anyone have math to prove me wrong or is that Arch trinket pure garbage?Tinzen4 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Monk race suggestion Hey fellow Monks. I recently moved servers and in doing so I lost my name and randomly typed in a few words and ended up with Dudeforceone (previously Hux.) However, I really dislike my name. I was planning on changing my name tonight but after some contemplation I figured I'd just do a race change just to add some flavor to my play time. I originally chose human when rolling this character for the bonus reputation but after playing my druid I noticed that the rep bonus is minimal. For instance the time it took farming Steamwheedle reputations on both toons was not noticeable at all, I'd say my Monk got exalted maybe an hour faster if I guessed. With that being said I am not overly attached to my Monk and for flavor I would like to race change since I do not like my characters name. :) What would you suggest? My choices based on preference would be one of these two: Dwarf or Night Elf. Out of these two what do you think is better suited for the class, Monk, whether your reasoning be aesthetics, racials (for pvp or pve reasons), etc. Please, help fellow Monk out, and make a suggestion! :)Dudeforceone2 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Gnome Monk name? WrenchMonkey y/n? I was also thinking "Waistdown", "Littlesensei", or just "Dirpz"Sonofålich14 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Mistweaver Advice for Mythic Dungeons I ran some Mythic Dungeons for the Weekend Event and had a rough time on this toon and I was hoping for some advice. I know her gear is meh but I figured it's good enough for Mythic but I had a lot of trouble filling up bars. The DPS in my last run wasn't great and tended to stand in the bad a lot but even spamming Surging Mist on them while Channeling Soothing it seemed like their Health Bars hardly moved. The same thing went for the Tank. When he had a bunch of mobs on him I felt like I couldn't heal through the damage. I tried some different builds. Pools seems more like a Raid Talent so I played with ChiEx but maybe I just wasn't used to it so I wen back to Pools. Breath seems like it would be hard to position in a 5 man and only helps for a short time anyway. When the group would take big AoE damage I at first tried to get Enveloping rolling on everyone and then I tried using Uplift but neither seemed great. I also felt I never had time to drink Tea since every GCD was filled trying to heal. I'd love some advice even if it's just get better gear or just better in general.Wutango10 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Brewmaster Survivability ...Is actually pretty good. I was doing Mythics for a free box o' junk and had the group die at around ~50% on the third boss of UBRS. (And then again on the dragon, but I think his big "sweep the bridge and kill everyone" move has a bugged hitbox. It hit me while I was pressed into the door.) I have no idea how they died, still. I blinked and I was alone. And then I killed the boss! So that was neat. The "No-CD Expel Harm <50%" set bonus is pretty nice. Anyone else solo-killed (Or, well, MOSTLY solo...) things they probably shouldn't have? I don't feel like my gear is THAT far ahead of that content.Matelk8 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Chi-Ex viable for Single Target fights? :) Hello all, I am reading in quite a few places that Chi-explosion is viable for single target fights.. Is this true? I personally love chi-explosion simply because I don't have to waste combo-breaker procs, I can cleave all day long and it is a lot more convenient to play. (I also love wielding two weapons!). If Chi-Ex is viable for ST, would that require stacking all haste possible and letting go of MS quite a bit? Any fights in HFC where it may be absolutely garbage compared to Serenity? Thanks, ZedZedray10 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Changes i want to see in 6.2.1/7.0 Aesthetics wise. Can we change how our abilities that are altered by the glyphs for White Tiger look like? I can scarcely notice the change. Maybe have a tiger roar as a sound effect. Or just make the colors/look more noticeable. Let our salvage yard weapons be the weapons we see the Shado-Pan wield rather than MoP greens. Seriously all the other classes have amazing weapons form salvage yards, why do we get crap? Also make our shoulders/gloves from the salvage yard be xmoggable. Been waiting ages for this and it still hasn't happened yet. Let us interrupt as much as we damn want. We're master martial artists we should be able to throat punch nerds whenever we damn want at the cost of like 20 energy. Or at least change the CD to 5 sec because solo murdering healers with little form of burst is impossible. It would improve our utility in the Socrethar fight from HFC. Revert Ring of Peace back to it's former MoP glory. Was an amazing ability. It let us deal with a lot of things in PvP and PvE. Notably plate melee in PvP and it was god-like for Garrosh mcs. Remove the target requirement for Fists of Fury. Targeting requirement for fists of fury is a pain in the rear to fulfill when u have cats, rogues, and the occasional speed pally dance around you in circles. Also make the five yard range bonus you get from the glyph baseline. Make our Haste stat scale better. We have so much down time in dps now. Feels like I'm playing rogue or kitty druid. I miss having 15 energy regen/sec. Take Touch of Karma off the GCD. Makes Fort+Karma combo marginally more convenient. Also don't make karma a DoT. Make the damage instant or make a glyph called "Instant Karma" that does that. And let Karma go through immunities like ice block, BoP, Bubble, and det to make the phrase "Karma is a !@#$%" more believable. Right now Karma is more of a slight inconvenience. Also not having a giant symbol over our heads when karma is up would be nice. Change the Touch of Death Threshold to 20% instead of 10%. Would be amazing in PvP and i would love to use it more than once in a raid encounter. Either that or half the CD. As for how the improved version in Ashran would work. Just let Touch of Death kill anything that is the same level as the player. It would make suicide runs into alliance balls to take out AA waaay more fun and it would give monks something to do other than sit in the back or charge into the alliance deathball just to get wasted. If it's not already, make the knock back effect for Crackling Jade Lightning happen right when you cast it (if the target is in melee range). That way we'll have a reason to use it in PvP or at the very least lead to some for of experimentation. Buff Diffuse Magic for PvP use by letting it be used while under the effects of CC. And let it get rid of curses on the basis that curses are magic related spells/schools. Make a glyph for Jab that auto applies disable for PvP use. Or increase the range on disable.Yangxiaolong3 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 energy issues (WW) Im new to the monk, esp WW and despite taking the time to read and watch every guide i can find having alot of difficulty finishing the gold proving grounds (PVP gear) and it mainly falls down to having no energy for jab, or expel harm, the timer ticks down but nope i cant hit them for another 2 or 3 seconds D: even my Dk with rune generation didnt frustrate me this much while learning which is a similar mechanic but the difference being that my RP gives me back runes, spending my Chi doesn't refill my energy bar. Is there something im missing here? Edit: switched to it encase anyone wants to check my stats/talentsHypermega6 Aug 5, 2015