Feb 20 Unarmed glyph I remember there being an unarmed glyph a while back that made it so you use your fists instead of your weapon. Is it still in the game? I hope so, I don't really like the ww monk artifact weapon, it doesn't look very good on a gnome.Toefu4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Brewmaster Mythic+ with Teeming and Skittish Well this is a new level of hell. WTB dizzying haze or Chi explosion please.Stigma32 Feb 20
Feb 20 Windwalker Artifact Transmog Limitations Why can I transmog my Frost DK's swords into maces, or blood dk's 2h mace into a 2hs etc. but on my WW monk I can only transmog my artifact into other fist weapons and not other weapon types he can use? Seems like an unfair limitation on monk artifact transmogrification?Ilz5 Feb 20
Feb 20 WW Trinket Help I have Nightblooming Frond and Entwined Elemental Foci. Which is best for single target? i have both on same ilvl (875) ThanksZekkari1 Feb 20
Feb 19 Monk race I really want to make a monk it will mostly be mw but would probably play all specs. Right now i am torn between panda for the food buff and nelf for shadowmeld or female draenei for tht int boost. I am wondering what opinions people have on these races and which they think i should choose.Zandakar25 Feb 19
Feb 19 Brewmaster in nighthold How does it feel overall? any fight that is too hard, or too easy? Deciding between prot warrior and brewmaster monk, prot has a hard time on a boss (makes me want to never play that boss) and brewmaster should work well, but i don't know if there's too much sustained damage (the weakness of brew)Kartzhan22 Feb 19
Feb 19 BrM Stat Weights Looking to pick up my BrM monk and tank with him. I'm still fairly new to using Simcraft. According to Finalbosstv, Simcraft can get wonky for tanks. I went ahead and simmed anyway, and I got these weights. Agility=0.45, CritRating=-0.01, HasteRating=0.36, MasteryRating=1.03, Versatility=0.96 The above is very different from IcyVeins, which just says Haste 10-30% Mastery=Crit=Vers Is there another way to get reliable stat weights for a tank, or should I use one of the 2 above? Any help is appreciated.Lornirdin7 Feb 19
Feb 19 Mw trinket BiS list? I can not find one anywhere. Newer to mw and was just wondering what trinkets I should be farmingIlisse10 Feb 19
Feb 19 Convergence of Fate vs Draught of Souls? 890 Convergence of Fates vs 895 Draught of Souls? Thoughts?Braff11 Feb 19
Feb 19 JSS stops working in BG's? Lately in BG's I've noticed that Serpent Statue has been bugging out to the point that it only reliable activates on my soothing mists a couple or so times after my initial cast of it. After this point it simply does nothing until I cast another statue, regardless of how many times I activate soothing mists. I currently use AMA, so I can't reliably say it's doing the same with soothing mists' normal functionality, but while using AMA it simply stops activating within 5 or so seconds of planting the statue. Also to note, I haven't tested this in World or in a raid environment, just random battlegrounds. Is anyone else having problems with this?Dubmuffin3 Feb 19
Feb 19 Goblin Monk Roll So I just did the "Love is in the Air" quest where the Goblin questgiver in Stormwind disguises you as a Goblin too (you run outside the city and grab a crate). Anyway, I noticed the animation for the Roll ability worked beautifully. Compare this to the disguise in Suramar City where the Roll ability just makes your Elf float a distance forward. Is there any other Goblin ability that uses the Roll animation? I'm not that familiar with them really. Or is the animation there in preparation for future Goblin Monks?Xenlea10 Feb 19
Feb 19 Goblin Monks Blizz, hurry the hell up with Goblin Monks. No reason lorewise that shouldn't exist ( not anymore of a stretch then Goblin Shaman) and we know the animations are out there.Teacher6 Feb 19
Feb 19 Chi I would like to make another melee dps and monk looks appealing with high mobility and a more complex rotation. However, I've never played a class that uses combo points like rogue or chi for monks. Do you find it a pain constantly watching your chi points to see what skills you can use at any given time ? Do you watch them over the mobs head or is there an addon to make chi tracking better? I use Elvui and weak auras 2. I would think watching chi all the time would be detrimental to performing raid mechanics. I made a trial character and there was a skill (can't remember) that did more damage if you hit several mobs first with certain skills. Do you keep rotating targets hitting several mobs to get the extra dps? I was thinking that could be a real pain too?Anacryss2 Feb 19
Feb 18 Black Ox Statue Macro So I am trying to make a macro where as soon as I put down the statue I automatically focus target it. The macro I made is this, #showtooltip Summon Black Ox Statue /cast Summon Black Ox Statue /focus Black Ox Statue But it does not work. I am able to set it down but it doesn't focus target it, any help?Kegs11 Feb 18
Feb 18 WW Monk Trinket Ranking. (Mostly NH) I have these 4 trinket Convergence of Fates ilvl 885, Ethereal Urn 875, Entwined Elemental Foci 880, and Nightblooming Frond 880 Rank from best to worst? I tried to find a spreadsheet ranking for these but I cant find one. Anyone know any links?Tangjitsu2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Target party members 1-4 refers to? Hello, I'm levelling a new Mistweaver, and have zero healing experience in dungeons, raids, or levelling zones. I'm trying to keybind "Target Party Member", and would like to know if Party member 1 = Tank Party member 2 = First DPS (frame closest to the top of my screen) Party member 3 = Second DPS Party member 4 = Third DPS (frame closest to the bottom of my screen) Since there is no "Target Party Member 5" in the keybinds menu, I'm assuming I am not included. Are my assumptions correct? Thanks.Healtopo10 Feb 18
Feb 18 Ring of peace Any other BRM use ring of peace in M+? I'm loving it, put the ring near a caster and push it in to the grp so all the mobs are stacked. Caster sitting in sanguine and won't move, ring and fixed. Necro stacks getting high, mobs can't hit me while I hide behind the ring.Rombull3 Feb 18
Feb 18 Does taunting black ox apply admonishment? Does taunting your black ox statue apply the actual provoke debuff? Or does it just taunt without a debuff? I am asking this for purposes of if using this with admonishment in pvp would apply it to everyone in the area. Would give black ox a use in pvp lol.Ursor3 Feb 18
Feb 18 Draught of Souls Hey folks, Just wanted to get a second opinion on this trinket. I've seen both good and bad on it, so figured I'd ask folks who use it. I had an 890 Arcanogolem Digit and an 875 Entwined Elemental Foci (with a socket) until last night when I get an 880 Draught of Souls to drop. I know the on use ability is pretty good for DoS, but is that worth losing the flat agility from one of the other two since haste is our worst stat? The buffs from EEF are pretty nice when they're going and I know AD is one of our best. Just wanted to see which of the three folks would recommend using. Thankee.Jenyu0 Feb 18
Feb 18 March of the legion underrated? Mentioned it for the first time to my guild on elisande and they told me to wear it, once I wore it we finally downed her on heroic. My guild was praising the movement speed throughout the fightNerfmeharder10 Feb 18
Feb 17 DHC + Katsuo's Hey, These are the first (and only) 2 legendaries I've gotten, but I know that they have some negative synergy together. Have you all found this to be an issue, and is there a way to remedy it at all?Kombatelf13 Feb 17
Feb 17 MW Trinket Question Hey, i've read everything on the subject, and know what is considered best in slot for this tier, but I'm not sure what to do in my current spot. Basically i have Brinewater with Crit, Perfect cake, and an 870 Mythic 8 Warforged (1055 vers, 3744 active int) Horn of valor. No guide mentions a horn of valor of this quality as a viable option, but I should be using it right?Crazysam4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Zen pilgrimage, working as intended? I noticed a while ago that zen pilgrimage works different after level 100? the pilgrimage buff now dissapears after you leave the wandering isle or peak of serenity. Was this intentional or do you think they broke it? I liked the way it worked before :-( it was weird but useful lol.Ursá8 Feb 17
Feb 17 WTB UPLIFT Want to trade essence font to bring uplift back...with uplift proccing mastery on everyone with renewing mist on them. Think about it...Cùra12 Feb 17
Feb 17 Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher Why does this piece of crap even exist? Because I play two specs, Brew and Mistweaver, I was trying to get my second Mistweaver legendary as my 4th legendary (2 and 2). But this garbage is so awful that my Brewmaster legendary helm is actually BETTER than a Mistweaver legendary solely because it has more intellect. Is that seriously acceptable? I mean seriously? Double Cocoons absorb? No CD reduction, no fancy AoE shielding, nothing. That is almost completely worthless. I can't even think of exceptional circumstances where I would want to put this on as a way to deal with a mechanic -- Unlike Priest's Phyrix's Embrace or Paladin's Tyr's Hand of Faith (These are the only two similar items) which might have some practical uses -- Even if they are still !@#$ -- And Priest's Phyrix was changed around to be more practical, after many Priests, including myself, complained. The most easy way to buff it is just to make the Absorb go way higher than the 100% increase, likely buffing it to 300% would make the item have some interesting practical uses. Or have it also buff the 50% increased HoT healing to 100%, better yet, let that 50% effect LINGER exactly like Phyrix does with Guardian Spirit. Could even reduce the CD on Cocoon by 50%, even that would make the item at least more appealing to help deal with a mechanics. After all, legendaries are supposed to be swapped around, as said by Blizzard, to help deal with specific encounters -- or at least that was the vision and I didn't get the memo? *Edit for spellingTortoise17 Feb 17
Feb 17 Black Ox Statue Hey guys, as a WW i'm not sure when this would be applicable for use, any ideas?Fogboxer26 Feb 17
Feb 17 Monk Class Mount For those of you who have not been following Blizzcon at the end of the class campaign in 7.2 all classes are getting a class specific mount. Currently shown for monks is a tiger type mount that personally seemed very underwhelming compared to the other class mounts as far as class identity. I would like to propose a new class mount that has way more class identity for monks and requires very little effort on the part of the developers because the models are already in the game. I propose monks get Yu'lon, Xuen, or Niuzao depending on your spec. Seeing someone riding around on one of these mounts, there would be absolutly no doubt as to what class we represent. And since, as Grandmaster of the Monks, we are leading our class to defend the world from the legion it would only be fitting that the spirits of these Celestials would carry us to victory in battle. Please Im begging the Developers to make this happen. I love my monk and this would be the ultimate expression of class pride ^.^Pinkzen61 Feb 17
Feb 17 Crit or Mastery for WW? Ask Mr Robot now recommends Agility > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery . Before the Nighthold patch it recommended Mastery > Crit > Versatility. What's going on here, has there been a change in combat mechanics? And should I change all my Mastery gems/enchants to Crit?Steinman23 Feb 17
Feb 17 MW stats priority For raiding is MW monk stats priority supposed to be crit/mastery or crit/vers ? Or both are good but require different playstyle such as one focusing more on vivify another on essence font?Stemfine8 Feb 17
Feb 17 T20 Monk's Bonusses Item - Monk T20 Brewmaster 2P Bonus (New) Your attacks have a chance to grant you Effusion, causing your next Effuse to be instant and heal for 400% more. Item - Monk T20 Brewmaster 4P Bonus (New) After consuming Effusion, you clear 25% of your Staggered damage. Item - Monk T20 Mistweaver 2P Bonus (New) Your healing spell casts have a 10% chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%. Item - Monk T20 Mistweaver 4P Bonus (New) Consuming Surge of Mists resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea. Item - Monk T20 Windwalker 2P Bonus (New) Rising Sun Kick applies Rising Fist to the target for 8 sec, increasing the critical strike chance of your Fists of Fury against the target by 25%. Item - Monk T20 Windwalker 4P Bonus (New) Fists of Fury increases the critical strike chance of your next Rising Sun Kick by 50%. Any experienced monk who can tell me how good/bad they are? I'm quite new to monk so i can't really tell, they seem good but i'm not sure how much I know they are PTR and subject to change, but even if numbers (the %) changes, i doubt the description will changeZekkari6 Feb 17
Feb 17 WTB UPLIFT Want to trade essence font to bring uplift back...with uplift proccing mastery on everyone with renewing mist on them. Think about it...Cùra0 Feb 17
Feb 17 Trinket help Spec: Windwalker I just picked up a Nightblooming Frond (ilvl 865) which could potentially replace my Nature's Call (ilvl 855 + socket). I can't really tell which one is ultimately better through testing, anyone have some insight that could help? Nightblooming Frond seems to be focused around increasing auto-attack dmg which doesn't make up a large portion of my overall dmg - so I was leaning toward keeping my Nature's Call equipped at this point. Thanks in advance for your response.Zen0 Feb 17
Feb 17 ...why do monks wear leather, exactly? From a lore perspective this makes very little sense. Shouldn't peace-loving monks that try not to kill unnecessarily prefer to wear synthetic armor over leather? I feel like mail would be a perfect substitute. Not to mention the fact that it would even up the balance for gear types. Competing against 4 other classes wearing leather compared to 2 other classes wearing mail doesn't make much sense. I understand that monks were wearing leather before demon hunters, but it could've been changed for legion.Indubitable21 Feb 17
Feb 17 BrM level 100 talent questions Hey, I have some questions regarding the BrM tier 7/level 100 talents Currently my only legendary are the wristwraps Is it worth taking Elusive Dance for the extra dodge synergy? How effective is haste at reducing cooldowns on the Brews If i am running High Tolerance and go into red stagger - how much time will this shave of my Brew cooldowns roughly? Thanks,Krundle2 Feb 17
Feb 16 Any monk got a SCK advice? The concept is easy, but pulling it off in very large AOE packs with the current state of tab targeting nets me lackluster AOE (though not too low), especially when tab goes bonkers and name plates are stacking like pancakes off their Ritalin. Anyone got detailed videos on how to strategically/precisely use this in hectic large AOE M+ situations when tabbing goes wrong? Or really some recent videos of a high M+ leaderboard WW would also be appreciated (I Can't find any). What are some nice macros or nameplate/targeting addons to allow easy spreading and watching of the debuff? Will missing the debuff on too many mobs make my dps fall "too" low in M+?Tastey3 Feb 16
Feb 16 March of the Legion WW Legendary Question March of the Legion. If you didn't already know about this legendary it provides a 15% increase to the passive ability Windwalking, improving the ability so it provides a total of 25% increased movement speed. It just dropped (I know, lucky me), and I was wondering if I could use it in either Brewmaster or Mistweaver spec to buff the Windwalking passive of another WW in a raid group. As it's my legendary I know this probably isn't possible, but I was curious if it worked. The description is relatively vague (it doesn't say YOUR Windwalking). Btw I know the stats aren't the best for something like MW, but for the time being the buff is too good to ignore on some bosses (I'm looking at you, Elerethe Renferal). Thanks!Wuxi9 Feb 16
Feb 16 Daily Mastery quest bugged I submitted a bug report about this already, I was wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue. Quest: Practice Makes Perfect - Master Tsang When I try to complete my daily mastery quest I am told to talk to master Tsang to begin, problem is master Tsang is on vacation. I cant find the npc anywhere. tried re logging reloading the UI, nothing. Anyone else?Fightman4 Feb 16
Feb 16 Brewmaster statistics? Why does Brewmaster have such terrible tanking statistics? Is it really weak, or is the tanking metric just broken for the spec? Regardless, it makes it tough to get raid spots if the numbers look that bad.Eatmorbabiez9 Feb 16
Feb 16 That 1 Part of the Wandering Isle We Can't Go I don't know about you, but the Wood of Staves was probably my favorite part of the pandaren starting zone. It's just so sad and beautiful... essentially a natural graveyard for elders who have passed on. It's also the only place in the whole zone that monks cannot access. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain every other location that pandaren lowbies quested through can be accessed now by monks except this one. Come on. :( There's a wall of green magic protecting the one entrance to the Wood. It's the one where you have to kill some quest mob in order for the way to open. But obviously there is no mob there for us now... and thus, no way to get in. I know it's small and doesn't effect game play whatsoever, but it's just exceedingly disappointing that I can't revisit the (in my opinion) most serene and emotional location on the Isle. Is anyone else bummed by this, or should I just slink back into my hole and wallow in whatever the second-saddest place on Shen-zin Su's back is? If I've somehow missed the way to get in and there actually is a passage I can take, then please, PLEASE inform me because I'm dying over here.Eliraden3 Feb 16
Feb 16 4th Legendary.. I've been thinking about getting into a little more raiding, and I was doing Heroic EN to fill the gaps of any lower ilvl gear I need to replace and I ended up getting The Emperor's Capacitor which makes it my 3rd Legendary. My other two is The Drinking Horn Cover and Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish. Now I know we can only equip two of course but was wondering which one I should stick with.. Now I'm sure KJ's Burning Wish is priority, which leaves it to the other two. Granted when they buffed SEF a while back it made Drinking Horn more valuable, and I'm not sure how often WW's will need to use Crackling Jade Lightning, but I know it at least has Mastery and Crit for stats... but I'm not really PvE intelligent so I'm not sure overall which one would be more beneficial. Which should I make priority to maximize damage?Hellboss8 Feb 16
Feb 16 Did we ever figure out monks hidden effects? I've heard lots of speculation toward Brm drunkenly singing and windwalker is pretty damn obvious but not much about mistweavers. Did we ever nail down Brm and MW's hidden artifact effects? seems long enough into Legion for blizzard to just outright tell us.Wafture9 Feb 16
Feb 16 Transmog WW? Can I Mog my fist weapons as swords please? I'd really appreciate it.Immörtalcry0 Feb 16
Feb 16 WW Monk WPVP, how is it? Hello Monkey friends! I currently main a survival hunter and as much as I love her, I would like to also play my WW monk and possibly Brewmaster. How are the Walkers of the Wind in World PVP? I don't care much for instanced stuff, so the WPVP is where I want to be. I do very much enjoy playing the monk so I plan to level her, but anything I should know? Thanks everyone!Sumia10 Feb 16
Feb 16 New Video. WW Arcane 2s 2500+ MMR 2s as WW Arcane. Pretty sure we're the highest double DPS team on ladder that ISN'T Rogue Mage ;)Telarine6 Feb 16
Feb 15 Help with monk stats I'd like to play all three monk specs. However, reading the icy veins guides MistWeaver and WindWalker have very different stat priorities not only between each other, but also in each situation (multitarget/single target or raid/mythic+) Is there an "overall" build i could use for the three of them? even just one stat priority for each spec would be better I could also use stat weights if you have, maybe the priority is not that important within the same spec Edit: since i plan on playing all three specs, which is more legendary dependant / has better legendaries? to decide which loot spec to useZekkari3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Which relic is better? Just got a 900 RSK relic, should i replace it with my 860 FoF or 875 SCK?Nerfmeharder7 Feb 15
Feb 15 Where did the WW's go? I realize this is an anecdotal observation; but I can't help but say that I've noticed a huge drop in WW Monks sightings in PvP. There never was a ton of them, but I used to see at least one per game in a Random BG. Now I'll run 3-4 Random BG's and maybe see one WW if I'm lucky. What happened to you guys? Where did all the WW's go?Xenophob17 Feb 15
Feb 15 WW open world pvp is awesome invincible!Kalel6 Feb 15
Feb 15 Monk appearance question ive started playing a monk..but ive noticed even with shortswords..staff whatever, my monk never truly holds the weapon they just stay on his back. This is fine as i want hand to hand..but my question is this, if i equip a fist weapon...say one of those kewl claw lookin ones...will they appear when fighting or will i never see them visible the toon?Siendall3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Class Hall Upgrade: Brewhouse Hey Blizz, just curious if monks can get the brews to stack x5 like the demon hunter buffs from their class hall so we don't need to chew up so much bagspace. Thanks! #firstworldproblemsKrömbopulos4 Feb 15