Jul 19 Raid healing I want to heal raids but I really don't know how to use anything besides healium which I love for 5 mans. It's too much for raids though. I'm confused on mouse over macros, is there anything simple I can use or learn?Adanyia21 Jul 19
Jul 19 Just fist transmog for WW monks? Just fist transmog for WW monks? How do you get them :) I would love to get rid of my knuckle dusters. Thanks in advance for your help < ^.^ >Lotusgarden5 Jul 19
Jul 19 new mistweaver needs help ive looked at guides, you tube videos. Ive been running some dungeons through the dungeon finder. However the last few have just been dreadful. I cant keep the tank up, and if he loses aggro, which seems to happen often, last few runs in Dire Maul, trying to heal the whole group has gone south fast. typically i start with enduring (meant enveloping) mist, then renewing mist, then vivify. i will hit others with renewing mist if i see their bar go down a little. anything stick out in my spec that is way off? I dont have these issues with my shaman. I am new to being a mistweaver, and really liked it up to now.Pandablaze37 Jul 19
Jul 19 Black Temple Tanking Issues? I am in this forum to check how BrM's were doing in the Black Temple Raid this week. The reason I ask is that as a Paladin my dmg was super spiky while the druid I was with had his incoming smooth. How was your tanking experience with the raid and did your health spike?Untouchable4 Jul 19
Jul 19 Relic help(FoF relic vs non FoF relic) Just got a 900 relic that reduces the CD of serenity by another 4s. My current relic I'm using is an 860 FoF relic. I'm wondering how big of an ilvl decrease is reasonable to keep a lower FoF relic over a higher relic with a useless ability.Pangsoo14 Jul 19
Jul 19 DPS RANKING 7.2.5 (WW) Guys? Wouldn't that be good?Uckermann59 Jul 19
Jul 18 Fel Totems Fall Guide (For Mage Tower) Hey all! Decided to make this in hopes that some of you geared WW's and other classes who have access to this trial can give this a whirl! Unlike others, this one is actually possible, and despite everything, this isn't a troll or 'git gud' thread. However, I am still failing this, and I have an item level of 899 equipped, almost 900. No 4 piece set bonus, but do have Cinidari. Throughout the fight these are the simple things you need to know in order to potentially beat it: Interrupt Turrog Feltotems Fel-Blast! This is very important, let this go off once, you're dead. You can kick it, if you need time on your Spear Hand Strike/kick in general, you can CC Turrog to ensure that you don't have to take it before your kick comes off. Monks, for us this is Paralysis and Legsweep. Fel-Surge Totems: These have 2 health and act as a delayed, harmful Capacitor/Lightning Surge totems for us PvPers out there. For those that don't, it's a giant stun, and does deal considerable amounts of damage. Bile Worms: I've found it's better to not kill them in an egg state, as you don't get much out of it, however I'd definitely kill them when they're in their worm state, as then they drop healing orbs and allow you to continue the fight on! (This is as far as I've gotten and will update further when I get further) Now, as the fight goes on Turrog will continue using his Fel-Surge Totems, and Fel-Blasts to try and nuke you down, while the worm behind you is using small little blasts that can barely hurt. Your main focus for this phase is Turrog and I'm unsure if you're supposed to kill or kite him- I've been trying to kill. The best ability you have to survive is to disengage when you need with a double tap Disable to root him, an incap, and a legsweep if you can afford it so you can get effuses off timely, as well as using your Transcendence and Transcendence: Transfer in order to get the most out of your Healing Winds trait, giving you a sizable heal. I do admit, I have a slight advantage with the worms, as I've Cinidaria, and the fact that I can 1 shot 1 mil health with a RSK and heal for 30% of that is relatively nice. You primarily need to either work on killing Turrog Asap, or surviving him until the worm loses its carapace, then killing Turrog and then the worm. The talents I use are the basic WW ones, but with a small twist: Eye of the Tiger Tiger's Lust Energizing Elixir Leg Sweep Healing Elixir Hit Combo Whirling Dragon Punch. I have not tested Serenity or Chi Orbit and would actually like to, but this has been what's worked best for me. For those who have gone farther, comment below on what you experienced during the fight! Please, have fun and don't stress yourself over this challenge to much! It is -really- overtuned in its current state right now. Thanks, this is your friendly neighborhood Monk, and I'll update this more! -SilSilärion11 Jul 18
Jul 18 Monk Rising Sun Kick Bug on Sisters While transitioning during the moon when you get Astral Purge if you Rising Sun Kick during the transition it adds 2 stacks of Astral Vulnerability. If you watch the video I am under star with the Red Transmog Weapons. You will see me cast serenity RSK and SCK and the weak aura in the bottom right corner shows me getting 2 extra stacks of the debuff. Any monks noticing this?Sunkèndrêams0 Jul 18
Jul 18 FIST WEAPONS ARE GETTING F$%^ING BORING Please for the love of all that is holy, let WW monks mog over fist weapons. There really isn't a whole lot of great looking ones and it kinda gets stale after almost a year of having ONLY fist weps. I know this has probably already been asked for numerous times in past, but PLEASE for our sanity just let us mog swords, maces, etc.Aiderfists25 Jul 18
Jul 18 brm magic mitigation how much magic stagger do we have?Rubmykeg3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Monk animation I just boosted a monk and I have a green swirling circle thats constantly around me, its annoying as hell, is there anyway I can remove it.Furious4 Jul 18
Jul 17 Brewmaster too strong? I have not done any heroic raids yet as brewmaster, but for normal i fet like i had absolutely not idea about what to do, and managed to complete the fight quite well. Unlike paladins or warriors where you must know when to mitigate, brewmaster is just drink a brew to have it 100% of the time, and you are naturally easy to heal Does it get harder on heroic? its actually a bit boring not having those oh !@#$ moments (which i used to have before brewmaster was buffed)Zekkari4 Jul 17
Jul 17 [A] 8/9H <Oathbound> NEED MW IMMEDIATELY Hello and thank you for taking the time to inquire about our available RAIDING positions. The CORE team will be comprised of 20 team members we feel are reliable and ready to complete mythic at our own pace. FILL-IN POSITIONS are 10+ team members who will be able to raid Normal & Heroic alongside the CORE, as well as, having the opportunity to join the core team should the need arise during a raid. You must have a MINIMUM of 52 Artifact Traits in your weapon and a 900+ EQUIPPED Item Level to enter our Raid Trial period. Below you will find a list of Classes and their Specs that we are currently interested in for filling our CORE. Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage Balance/Feral/Restoration Druid Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlock Havoc Demon Hunter Shadow/Holy Priest Frost/Unholy Death Knight Assasination/Outlaw/Subltety Rogue Retribution/Holy Paladin Arms/Fury Warrior Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk Elemental/Enhancement Shaman Marksman/Beastmastery Hunter With that being said this DOES NOT mean that any and all players are discouraged from inquiring about joining. We would like to, at the very least, urge you to whisper an officer and have a talk with us about joining the team. We are always looking to fill up our FILL-IN POSITIONS. A few basics that I'd like to go over before going further is our progress at the current time. We are currently 9/9 Normal Tomb of Sargeras, 8/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Skilled players are a great asset to any strong Guild and we are constantly looking for people to join our team as we work together to complete the most content available to us. <Oathbound> relies heavily on our family atmosphere and we feel strongly about putting the team as a whole above any one person. We use Discord to communicate with our Guild members and all team members are REQUIRED to be in Discord with a WORKING MICROPHONE to participate in raids and events. <Oathbound> is an ALLIANCE Guild on the US Server Sargeras. The Guild raid times are 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. SERVER TIME taking place on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday nights is our Heroic farm night. Friday and Sunday is what we call "YOLO Raid Night" where we farm AP from Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, and Nighthold Heroic (these raids are highly encouraged to be utilized by ALL of our Guild members.) Saturday is when we do our Guild Events (essentially mini games & events we hold to bond with our team members while having the chance to win prizes.) For further information please contact a member of our Guild Recruitment Team with any inquiries, questions, and/or comments: Riscatto#1858 Caluuss#1366 LigerZero#1494 Pookiepox#1718 You may also fill out a Guild Application at Jul 17
Jul 17 Glyph of Zen Flight I would love for this glyph to be able to be active in combat. Not being able to fly obviously but to hover similar to priest's levitate. I love MW and I love the idea of the Monk class fantasy as well as the play style of Zenyatta from Overwatch. The two of them seem to replicate and compliment each other very well. Just my two cents.Showalker1 Jul 17
Jul 16 What can detox dispel? I want to know all the CCs that can be dispelled by detox. Can it dispel poly? Hex? Cyclone? Mind Control? Fears? Certain specs dots? Any types of silences?Pangsoo4 Jul 16
Jul 16 Trinket Question I just got 920 pvp trinket with Agility and on use vers. It lines up nicely with serenity effectively giving me ~7% more dmg on serenity. I am wondering if the simulator is undervaluing this. Will a 915 ceaseless toxin trinket really be stronger?Jovanabin0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Few gearing questions about WW monks 4p+chest/wrists vs 4p+2p wrists/? Looking around the usual sources I wanted to clarify if 4p+2p was worth pursuing and how strong the resulting bonus is. Is there an ilvl breaking point where 4p and the raw stats pull ahead? Using both Ceaseless Toxin and Specter at the same time. These trinkets in my practice are annoying to work together and I'm curious if I should use a different trinket+Specter. Both are 900 and 910 respectively and I'm wondering if that 10s forced on-use GCD devalues either to the point of replacing it with a convergence or 900 chrono shard, which are my current choices.Prideful1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Good alt for WW? I'm bored af tbh, only really play WoW to do 3s, team isn't on. So in the mean time what can I level up as a good alt? I have a DH already.Mustañg3 Jul 16
Jul 16 New to serenity ok so just got the 4 set and decided to go serenity, currently my serenity opener looks like this with 16% haste: TP->FoF->ToD->Serenity->RSK->SoTWL->BoK->SCK->RSK->FoF->RSK Anyone have any better suggestions Ive look thru Babs on Peak of serenity i tweaked it to remove the wait this is what theres looks like theres didnt exactly work for me. whats your guys opinion? RSK -> SotWL -> BoK -> (wait)RSK -> BoK -> FoF -> (wait/cancel FoF)RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> (wait)RSK -> FoFLtderp1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Blackout Combo + Breath of Fire The amount of CD reduced was lowered. It's messing up my rotation. I couldn't find a reason why this was changed in the recent patch. Does anyone know?Dilemma5 Jul 16
Jul 15 Add-Ons for Situational Awareness I can't play without looking at my spell bar like 90% of the time. Probably 95%. Any addons where I can look at monsters and stuff to get out of and my spells at the same time? I'm strugglingMynn4 Jul 15
Jul 15 Monk Sucks Now WHELP, I think for the first time since Mists of Pandaria released I am going to be rerolling. Monks aren't top DPS in PVE. Monk legendaries nerfed to death. Monks just aren't rogues or warriors in PVP. I think it's time to reroll, but I like having high mobility and challenging classes so I think Demon Hunter is gonna be a good fit for me. GL HF ... ... April Fools! I would never leave this class. Monk is love, monk is life!Nexius15 Jul 15
Jul 15 Help on where to get the Handwrap T-Mog? I went to the old Serenity peak but it's been turned into an infernal wasteland. thanks!Rànma15 Jul 15
Jul 15 WW fun in new brawl Reducing the players down from 10 to 6 on each team just lets us utilize all our tools much more effectively such as ports FSK, Karma, Para, Sweep because we're met with many more 1v1 / 2v2 situations where we don't just get mowed down by facerolling warriors and DHs aoe attacks when there not even targeting you, it's much less hectic allowing for much more outplay potential so WWs can excel. #soloque #make6v6athingPangsoo0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Forced to use One-Hands forever?? As many of you probably know Fist of Fury requires us to use one-handed weapons to even use. Now I don't know about others, but a big aspect i liked with my Monk was the theme and concept of being a staff-wielding monk. I've gotten through this x-pac just fine with out it, but I find myself being afraid that this is a permanent change. So do you think Blizzard will keep this requirement on FoF after Legion? Are WW Monks just never going to being able to truly use Staffs and Polearms anymore?Vyspera3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Zen Cloud equal to flight speed. Considering Druids currently get flight form that is instant cast, can be ridden AND can harvest herbs all in the same form, i feel monks should have their zen cloud speed increased to your maximum flight speed. Good idea or not?Brittle20 Jul 14
Jul 14 Monk Boosted my monk from lv70 and I'm loving it, easily my new main! Been playing Shaman since MoP but this takes the cake, where has it been all my life?Ross1 Jul 14
Jul 13 No more downvoting This change makes no sense, now people won't know when they made a dumb thread. Personally I have never made a dumb thread, but you know, a lot of people do. HAHA try to downvote this thread :) I know you would if you couldPangsoo21 Jul 13
Jul 13 Where are the Healing Dummies? Maybe I'm dumb or impatient, but I can't find a single healing dummy in the Monk Class Hall. Could someone identify where the healing dummies are? Alternatively, if there are no healing dummies in the Monk class hall, could someone point me to a convenient healing dummy that's not in Warspear?Swillery8 Jul 13
Jul 13 WW Energy Problems I've been back for about 6 weeks or 7 weeks now and I've been finding myself in moments with no energy and just sitting there and melee'ing waiting for energy gain. I was hoping if someone could point me towards some useful sources as I'm trying to improve my usefulness to my guild. I did my first guild raid run with this new guild I joined they did the run last night. I got super lucky, I'd say the luckiest I've ever been. I got 6 pieces of gear upgrades! All the more reason I want to get better so that I can be a lot more helpful to them back. Thank you in advance!Zen5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Youtube Channel (Monk Perspective) I'm a MW Monk who loves to raid and have fun in wow, I started a new Youtube Channel for WoW videos and Raids/PvE/PvP, All things wow. If you're interested in seeing things from someone elses perspective check out Aezlea Games on youtube. Link- Jul 13
Jul 13 Question about WW monks Hello everyone. I recently started having problems in my neck, shoulder and hand. So I've cut down my game time a lot and invested in more ergonomic chair/KB/mouse. What I want to change in game for myself is the classes/specs I play. I've found out that very fast (APM wise) specs cause difficulty for me while playing. So I've recently started switching to slower specs. I came here to ask if WW monks fill that niche. I wont be doing PvP, Mythic + or Mythic raiding. I raid but only with my guild. Any and all inputs will be appreciated. ThanksDhamaka9 Jul 13
Jul 13 Opener with Serenity questions Thinking about swapping out from WDP to Serenity 1) Only swap to Serenity with 2pc T19 and 4pc T20 correct? I still have one more piece of T20 to go I have DHC 2) According to Peak of Serenity the opener would be: "An example of a Drinking Horn Cover/Katsuo's Eclipse opener with around 10% haste, tier 19 2p and Bloodlust is as follows: TP -> TOD -> FoF -> Serenity+RSK -> SotW -> BoK -> RSK -> FoF -> RSK -> FoF -> RSK; you’ll cancel your Fists of Fury casts with Rising Sun Kick and still get 3 ticks out of it." Is there enough time in Serenity to get FoF -> RSK -> FoF ? Seems like FoF would still be in cooldown, even with the 50% cooldown reduction. My CD on FoF is 20.9s at 15% haste, so about 10.5s CD during serenity, how can you go FoF to RSK and then to FoF again?Leisiulong3 Jul 13
Jul 13 Brewmaster Guide Hey guys, I don't see one stickied anywhere, so was wondering if there is a site like onestoplock for monks? If that's not the case is there a guide for Brew mastering? I got the general gist from reading the forum post/icy viens. 1. Keep up ISB. 2. Get some WA's. 3. Learn when to use PB. Anything else major? My other concern is not being able to heal when we got lower. I only see passive healing and effigy. Is not getting low enough to worry just something you learn through rotation or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.Geshira3 Jul 13
Jul 13 What are WW BiS Raid Legendaries I was hoping if anyone could give some insight on this. I've had discrempencies from what I've found online and from what people have told me in game. I wanted to see if my monk sisters and brothers on the forums could help me out. I've only ever gotten the 2 I'm currently wearing and to my knowledge they're basically mid-tier Legendaries for the WW spec.Zen9 Jul 13
Jul 12 Insight on Spectre of Betrayal? Has anyone been using Spectre in raids yet? I know it's a little early but I want some insight. It sims pretty !@#$in high compared to my Elemental Foci 910 version compared to my 915 Spectre. I tried it on some test dummies and it looks like it does a laughable amount of damage. Tooltip says like 620k damage. When you have two ghosty things out it will do around 1.2 million damage (ignoring crits of course) based on the tooltip damage since that seems to be the amount of ghosts the CD allows for us to have out. Maybe I just don't see it but that doesn't seem that great. It splits damage in aoe and it requires 100% perfect positioning of boss. Someone want to explain this to me like I'm five as to how this is so high on the trinket lists and sims?Acefu3 Jul 12
Jul 12 Brewmasters Currently? Thinking of making a brewmaster, but last time I tried, in early Legion, they felt incredibly squishy were stressful for me to play. Has that been lessened at all? I know they're never going to be super "tanky", but being a LITTLE more so wouldn't have hurt them. What are they like now?Keldaxus21 Jul 12
Jul 12 WW 7.2.5 DREAM So I finally achieved the dream...DHC+Katsuos+perfect itemized 6 set(t19 2pc+t20 4pc)+rsk/fof relics and I have to say this might be the best iteration of any dps spec blizz has ever designed. And that's coming from a veteran multi class god. It's simply the most skill rewarding play style I've experienced. Timing and planning your CDs for maximum use/uptime and seeing those juicy RSKs all crit during serenity it's just amazing. Finally gcd capped and basically just the perfect spec. Weaving resources into SCK to pad on fights like mistress and harj without losing boss damage omg just so fun when you execute it properly. Anyone else acquired the dream and have thoughts on current iteration of WW pls indulge with me and share your thoughtsBabexx2 Jul 12
Jul 12 That was fun Actually it was the Monk class quest has (much to my surprise) turned out to tie Pally and DK so far for me. The spec feels like it needs guard and zen sphere back. So far it's being a little cheeper for the unlocking Cordance of Legion's Fall (AP cost wise)Cedartusk0 Jul 12
Jul 12 BM's great tanks but last on rankings? Hey all, hopefully someone can answer this question. I've read everywhere that BM's are one of the "top tanks" for ToS however according to, our survivability is dead last ( Maybe I'm reading the site wrong and someone can clarify this for me.Kungfyou8 Jul 12
Jul 12 Anybody else tired of WW? *I just want to clarify that i'm not bashing the class, i love monks. Ww is just starting to feel stale to me and i was curious on if anyone else feels the same* I just recently started playing wow again, (took a nice little 6 month or so break and decided to come back for ToS) but for some reason, my monk just doesn't feel as fun anymore? I played so much of monk during the end of WoD and start of legion. Loved this character so much but for some reason the gameplay now just feels, meh? i dunno, it just seems so repetitive still? Like nothing has really changed other than some numbers since the beginning of legion. rotations the same, and it just seems like muscle memory now. I'm just curious on if anyone else feels this way towards wwSnuffý14 Jul 12
Jul 12 7.2.5 WW Monk PvP Guide So I made a long PvP guide for WW, where I cover all the abilities and talents and all that. I'm not a rank one player, but this should be somewhat helpful if you're just getting into PvP or looking to improve your play a little bit. (At least, I hope it is T.T) Timestamps in the description if you wanna skip through it a bit. Feedback appreciated.Kòrra3 Jul 12
Jul 12 Touch of Death Question #2 It reads: "Use ancient Pandaren knowledge of anatomy to inflict mortal damage on an enemy. After 8 sec, the target will take damage equal to 50% of your maximum health, reduced against players. So after 8 secs it does 50% of my current HP or 50% of my normal overall HP? Edited out question #2b due to finding out the answer.Overseas2 Jul 12
Jul 11 Touch of Death - Not fun... First, I think monk is generally great fun. I've recently switched over to make this my main. I just wanted to comment that I find Touch of Death not fun to use. It has a boring mechanic, strategy, and visual (even with the glyph). It is basically a "boost my dps" button you have to remember to hit every so often. Snooooooooooore. I would like to see something that does about half the damage but procs every so often. Like it has an increasing chance to proc every time you X or chance to proc on each Y attack. Maybe I just miss the days when procs mattered. I loved playing my paladin when every proc of avengers shield mattered while tanking. Every time it lit up i would get excited. Procs introduce some RNG, sure, but that RNG can add some excitement too. My $0.02.Oakenfist19 Jul 11
Jul 11 Mage tower all legion dungeon skin Can they be done on normal? Just got my appearance not to long ago and want the orange skin was to match my mog. I'm wondering if they can be done on normal difficulty so I can que as a healer and play WW to speed through them.Pangsoo5 Jul 11
Jul 11 Master Who? (spoiler) There is a teleporter west side of the weapon trainer guy in the class hall that takes you up so you can walk west.Jastina7 Jul 11
Jul 11 BrM Nerfs Now that the dust has settled, what do yall think about the 7.2.5 changes? I feel like it was blown out of proportionCaskbreaker11 Jul 11
Jul 11 GoTM/High Tolerance stats Does anyone know if haste has increased value with this build? Reason I ask is because my legendaries are Galpin and Keg smash shoulders. I also have a ton of haste gear if I equip max ilvl (including 2pc T20 and the haste/leech trinket Leviathan's Hunger). Since the shoulders increase my DPS greatly, I was thinking that stacking haste to around 20% instead of 10% might be a good thing for brews/keg smashes. Has anyone tested this?Steelsack2 Jul 11
Jul 11 S3/4 PvP movie (WW) Thoughts?Calmshadow15 Jul 11
Jul 10 Touch of Death and Monk Profession Question What enemies are deserving of me using ToD as a opener? In dungeons most enemies are dead before the burst. PvP and Bosses, I assume should be the enemies, that are deserving for this spell but I want to make sure that I am or am not doing something wrong by not using this on trash mobs. Also, have any of you leveled Enchanting on your Monk? I was told it would be a easy and useful profession but I feel as though I am leveling out of the gear that I can disenchant. I find myself running 1 or 2 lower level dungeons that drop the correct disenchantable gear. Seems like I be leveling a profession that doesn't hinder my Character Leveling, or is there not such a profession?Overseas2 Jul 10