May 26 Monk Solo So I'm interested in rolling a monk. One of the most important things for me when deciding a class is how good it is solo. So my Q is how are Monks when it comes to soloing difficult content? Can a Monk solo a Broken Shore rare?Excision14 May 26
May 26 Blackout Kick CD and GCD (WW?! smh) So I ran into the oddest glitch today. Logged in to find that my WW monk had the default 1.5 sec GCD and a 3 second CD on Blackout Kick unaffected by haste. I just spent the last hour and a half doing world quests with this "change" and frustratingly scouring the forums here trying to see if anyone else was frustrated with the change... I assumed it must be 7.2.5 changes being secretly hotfixed into the game and so I read up again on the monk changes... No change at all. So there I was wondering what in the hell could Blizz have possibly thought was ok with slipping this change in on us while we hadn't been informed and so secretively. Then I logged out to check the game version and logged back in after seeing it was still 7.2.0. And then there was my normal GCD and no CD on Blackout Kick. So if this happens to you, don't be a raging noob like me, just relog. :D Idk if this has ever happened to anyone else, but only time it's ever happened to me. Just thought I'd share a little bit of my humorous impatience with the rest of you guys, and if someone ends up with the same problem, maybe they'll find this post! Keep those fists punching, folks!Tsube2 May 26
May 26 Mistweaver Jade Statue broken? So ive been playing mw lately cause ww is garbage. But recently using Summon Jade Serpent Statue in arena my statue decides to stop working. Ill soothing mist my self in LOS of the statue and in range, and my statue time to time just doesnt soothing mist. It just sits there and does nothing till i summon a new one. SImple Fix: Take Statue off gcd and make its a 5 sec cd. Why 5 sec cd? Cause it wont bug that often, i have had it bug 3 seconds left on cd.Kifner5 May 26
May 26 Fists of fury + Serenity bug? when FoF comes off CD after using it during serenity its unuseable for some seconds, even though I have the chi and it shows the ability available. anyone else experience this?Sketchylili5 May 26
May 25 Monk Healing or Tanking? I have recently come back to WOW mid Legion, and after some shifting around have rekindled my love for the Monk play style. However, I am stuck deciding between Brewmaster or Mistweaver as my main spec. I know you are able to play both, however with the artifact weapon and the grind for gear I really need to choose one spec as my main. There are pros and cons to both specs for me, overall I want to focus mostly on raiding and dungeons, with some PvP elements to it. I really enjoy the wobbling drunken style of Brewmaster that allows you to take hits to the face. But I also enjoy the flow of the mistweaver. Both classes provide utility and help players in different ways. Which I enjoy. I am just looking for your opinions on which you find the most fun, and if you have any ideas or tips to help me settle on one spec. Thanks!!Glazikus5 May 25
May 25 Monk weapons So..I just got legion..Is it true that I will ONLY use the artifact weapons for the rest of the expansions? And therefore I can never transmog to anything besides fist weapons? Because if so I feel like I got totally robbed..I've only ever played my monk with crossed swords on my back and this change is a slap in the faceKyola6 May 25
May 25 BrM mitigation better in 7.2.5? With all the changes to our stagger and rotation mechanics, etc. Is our mitigation going to be better? My reason is that although our incoming damage may be smooth just because of stagger, it can still spike once in a while as opposed to a pally or warrior and even a druid. It seems as I do higher M+ dungeons our incoming damage isn't so smooth. I am hoping these changes that I see noted in the PTR notes help with our mitigation.Untouchable9 May 25
May 25 Tier Set changed? "Your healing spells have a chance to grant you surge of mist reducing the mana cost of Enveloping Mist by 75%" "Using Surge of mist resets the cooldown on Thunder focus tea" Now on ptr "Essence Font Has a 30% chance to grant you surge of mist reducing the mana cost of Enveloping Mist by 75%" "using surge of mist grants 12% more healing for 12 seconds" I'm kinda upset about this. The whole point of reducing the mana cost of vivify and Essence font was to help us on mana. and this set was really good along with our nighthold one. I don't have to many mana problems for the soul reason i just don't use that aoe hardly at all and it's new buffs made is more usable. This set just... it's going to suck making us use Essence font so much and we're going to have more mana probs then before. please fix spells! not make us use them if you want us to use them.Bropunch1 May 25
May 25 Quick question: Novice's Handwraps A friend of mine is able to acquire them, but not transmog them. Is this normal, or is there a specific form that she needs to acquire? (since there are like 12 different ones at the vendor)Calibron1 May 25
May 25 How do I get back to WoD? After accidentally zen journeying back to pandaria? I've gone back to the peak of serenity and presumably there will be a portal in Sw somewhere? Ive done the opening WoD part up to where I planted my alliance flag. Then zenned back to pandaria. How do I get back to the place where I was about to gather wood or whatever??Mojori6 May 25
May 24 #1 Worst Arena Class Monks have two arena specs: Windwalker and Mistweaver. Both specs are completely irrelevant in arena right now, and one of them is in for nerfs next patch. When you compare Windwalker to any other DPS class in the game, it is hands-down the worst. Even if another spec happens to be worse than Windwalker, they can change to a different DPS spec. If Monks want to play DPS in arena, they are currently the least desirable. Looking at Mistweaver, you see that they are once again the worst healing class in the game when you consider that Holy Priests can just re-spec Disc and heal Jungle. Even if someone wants to do everything they can to get rating on their Monk, they don't even have the option of changing roles to compete. Blizzard has yet to even recognize this fact and do what needs to be done to save an entire class from obscurity in the arena. I still find Windwalker to be the most fun DPS spec in the game, but not to play. Its mechanics are the most fun, but playing it is downright depressing. It doesn't matter how much you outplay someone, you'll always be outclassed. The impending nerfs to Windwalker will put the nail in the coffin for Monks and completely kill their representation. I hope that Blizzard intends to counteract these nerfs with PvP changes, or I will not even queue 3's when 7.2.5 drops. Even PvE isn't an excuse for this neglect anymore. The nerfs will make a middle-of-the-pack DPS spec become sub-par. These changes are universally disliked and should never see the light of day.Shiezko38 May 24
May 24 I cant decide. Monk, DH or warrior? I really love them all but i have to pick two of these classes because I dont have enough time to focus and level three. So I would like to ask you: 1. Which is better in pvp? 2. Which is better in PVE? 3. Which has better and fun rotation (This can be subjetive) 4. Which one is more appealing? 5. Which one is faster paced and better mobility? (This is important for me)Oswill10 May 24
May 24 Tell Me When - Stagger Number help Hello, I've been trying to get the Tell Me When addon to track Stagger. I've got the Light, Moderate, and Heavy Stagger set with the Buff/Debuff icon What to track portion of Tell Me When and it will tell me the time left on Stagger. But I cannot find anyway, using Tell Me When, to make Stagger numbers instead of time left. Apologies if someone else has answered this I cannot find it. Thanks for the help.Sdswørd0 May 24
May 24 Fists of Fury = Stuck in Combat Everytime I use FoF, I get stuck in combat for 5-10 secs. Is this on purpose? because it's annoying and makes me not want to use a valuable ability because I have to stand there and wait until it goes away so I can remount.Sílentpaw7 May 24
May 24 New Legendary Ring! Before it was released I asked myself if they would even make one for monks because of how terrible our talents are. Sure enough...well...we have a new contender for worst in slot! Thanks blizzard :DKyoshë17 May 24
May 24 Ironskin and fort brew hotfixes I see they've been "fixed". What was the problem? Any clarification?Badunkamónk2 May 24
May 23 Is it possible for mw to keep up? I've been doing heroic NH for only a few weeks now and they have 898ish ilvl gear. I'm not sure if it's my gear and once I get that high I'll be able to come close to them but they are usually pulling 60k+ hps while i'm stuck at barely getting 40k. In a perfect scenario, are mw able to come close to the hps of druid/sham/pally in legion?Badclassfile10 May 23
May 23 Please give me insight I'm trying to decide between Mistweaver and Holy Priest. I was hoping you guys could what are the things that make you feel good and bad when playing Mistweaver can help me decide. What is nice about it when it comes to dungeons, raids and questing? Also, is it nice in PvP regardless of the removal of Mistwalk? I won't take into account what other options the classes offer (let's say, the possibility to be a tank as Monk or being able to play 2 healers as Priest). I'm also not interested whether people believe Mistweavers are viable or not (I know this is a frequent argument). I'm a casual player who is not interested in very high level game content. I'd appreciate it if you guys could provide me with your experience as Monk healers.Avedostra13 May 23
May 23 Staves, etc, in Next Xpac I know the xpac is a way out, but I want to bring this up now as they're still developing it. Gives them plenty of time. Do you still want a glyph for monks to use their weapons for most -if not all- melee attacks? Please pitch in! Many people have been asking for years for a glyph that allows monks to use their weapon(s) more often, if not exclusively. I don't know what the plan is for the artifact weapons, but for the purposes of this, I will assume they will be ditching them. I feel it is not too much to ask to allow a glyph of this kind. Lorewise, it feels it should be mandatory for WoW, given that Chen Stormstout, the staple monk, almost exclusively uses his staff in the introductory cinematic/trailer for MoP. But in addition, we already now have Blackout Strike for Brewmaster Monks. Let at the VERY LEAST a "Glyph of Blackout Strike" be an option for Mistweavers and Windwalkers. I think Tiger Palm and Spinning Crane Kick could quite easily be switched to weapons as well, though they might take a bit more animation art (unless - Bladestorm animation??). I think it makes a lot of sense for Fists of Fury and Rising Sun Kick to be without weapons. The central idea with FoF is to have devastating hands in a very up close kind of way, and for RSK, legs are often incredibly more powerful than jabs or even swings from a stick, so that's understandable as well. That said, more variety never hurts, so glyphs for those would be nice as well. Another glyph that could either be baked in, or be set aside as a separate glyph would be a Glyph of Sheathed Weapons or something of the sort, where we would have our weapons in hand as we stand ready to fight, similar to how the Brewmasters already have with their artifact weapon, but for each spec/stance. EDIT: I forgot to mention, our class icon is a staff and not a fist. I mean come on. Of course I'll keep playing monk, but I would TOTALLY use a weapon glyph on my WW if given the opportunity. Keep fighting the good fight, Let everyone know if you agree! Peace.Jalzari7 May 23
May 22 [Brewmaster] Optional Visual Suggestions Thought I'd post this here to see what others think about these. What originally drew me in to play a Brewmaster was how fluid their combat animations looked, all the way back in Mists of Pandaria. I personally enjoyed the agile brawler vibe they seemed to exude during combat. Here's two things I miss the most from watching old VoDs. 1. Swift Reflexes Animation - Swift Reflexes was a passive that simply caused you to return damage when you parried an attack. Most importantly, it had a cool reaction animation that triggered when it occurred. This passive was removed with WoD, and with it the animation. I was thinking the animation could be reintroduced, possibly when you dodge an attack via your mastery and not the base dodge chance. The animation is DefenseSpecialUnarmed for those using model viewers to see them, it still exists. 2. Glyph to allow Weaponless Combat - I loved when I was able to use fist weapons, which along with the jab glyph effectively removed any type of weapon from your fighting style. Some sort of glyph that would just hide the staff, and replace Blackout Strike with Blackout Kick while remaining functionally the same, is something I've dearly missed. Anyway, those are my thoughts. I personally don't see any harm in adding purely cosmetic visual options. Brewmaster already has a solid enough class fantasy with how it uses brews and smashes kegs of beer on their enemies. Hitting an enemy with my large staff doesn't feel like a requirement for that, and limits the flexibility the player used to have when they were introduced.Koltaris0 May 22
May 22 How's MM, Chunli? Since WW is just never getting buffed, I heard Chunli is playing Marksman. How are you enjoying it?Crownless0 May 22
May 22 Crosswinds trait This trait feels very underwhelming, accounting for maybe ~1% of windwalker damage on a given fight. The visual appeal/aesthetic is there, but the gold trait performance could use some help I think. Perhaps adding an AOE explosion/damage on impact component to the clones that spawn from Crosswinds (like the Tyr's Enforcer prot paladin trait) would help stabilize the AOE power of FOF without increasing the single target power of it, which appears to be the direction of the proposed 7.2.5 changes. Thoughts anyone?Fauxtron2 May 22
May 22 Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas As a mistweaver what is the proper way to utilize this legendary. Like I don't even know what uplifting trance is. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!Emmi3 May 22
May 21 Question Regarding Relics and Mythic Plus If a relic drops from a certain boss in a certain instance, what chance do you have of getting that in a mythic keystone?Saltymilk6 May 21
May 21 MW Legendaries ... are truly awful. Amirite?Taumro23 May 21
May 21 MW Monk Stat Priority? im kind of new to monk for pve. doing heroics now where stats are kind of a big deal. what are the stat priority?Brewkahkee2 May 21
May 21 WW Monk Legendary/Trinket question.. As someone who mostly PvP's when I do PvP I tend to get my fair share of luck in getting PvE gear as of late. I have about 8 or 9 Legendaries, I've been upgrading my tier and weapon ilvl, and now I've been working on trinkets. Looking into now and 7.2, what current WW Monk legendaries are around the BiS? I have Kat's Eclipse, DHC, Emp Capacitor, Kil'J Burning Wish, Forbidden Touch, Cenedril, Prydaz, Sephuz Secret, and Cinidaria. Also working on my trinkets I just got a new one.. Bloodthirsty Instinct, which what I've read has been in old post about it being a really good trinket for us.. but is that the situation now? Is it still good? I figured since Haste is last in stat priority if it's still one of the best one's to have. I also have 880 Windscar Whetstone, 890 Cruel Glad Badge (which is 1,875 agi, and on use 2,726 vers on a min CD)and a 885 DoS. I suppose it's situational, but figured I'd want to know the best for mythics and best for raids.Hellboss1 May 21
May 21 Mistwalk 7.2 if you do not know, Mistwalk was removed in 7.2 and replaced with Chi wave. On the PTR chiwave heals like a level 60 bandage it is really horrible. I am hoping other monks will support the cause to keep Mistwalk. There are many other talents that need reworked or removed rather than Mistwalk. I can agree with those of you that would rather it be a PVP talent. Though I do not want it removed all together especially for a talent that is just blah. #SAVEMISTWALKJdam31 May 21
May 21 7.2.5 changes I feel like monks should be getting buffed not nerfed... what is this :c I hope that 5% buff goes towards literally everything or we might be even worse in arena when the patch hits. My friends already dont want to play with my monk D:Ruyi2 May 21
May 20 Trinity Opener Is the bug with Serenity+RSK guaranteed to happen every time? I've been testing on a training dummy for a while, and i noticed that it's on and off if i get the extra RSK. I've been trying to delay using the macro to ensure that i don't use it on a GCD, but sometimes RSK doesn't get it's CD reset/bugged.Yangxiaolong10 May 20
May 20 Way of the Crane - PvE Please! So I dusted off my monk who I haven't really touched in legion and got it up and somewhat going. I know there a lot of issues with monks right now, and I was reallllly turned off when they gutted fistweaving somewhat in Legion. However, that being said, I really love Way of the Crane in PvP, coupled with Rising Thunder. I can actually put out some decent damage in PvP burst situations and help land kills while keeping myself and others alive. Here's my main problem - why is this PvP only?! This is what fistweaving SHOULD be in PvE as well. We should rush in for 15 seconds, pump out some serious damage that heals others, and then port back out and start weaving heals again. That in and out play of putting out burst damage, and then healing should be what monks are - we're combat healers and were billed as such when created. Kinda pissed they gave that to Disc. So yeah, please make Way of the Crane a PvE skill???? Edit: just so clarify, I think this should be a PvE talent and not a forced playstyle. If you want to sit back and heal, that's fine, but give us an option for PvE playstyle like that as well with this talent. I think a solid replacement PvP talent would be making LC castable while stunned for honor talent, and move this to PvE talent.Wujo8 May 20
May 20 Tak-tak can fly you to broken shore since im convinced this is not well known, the monkey tak-tak, near loremaster cho at the temple of five dawns, can fly you to the broken shore (presumably after you finish the introductory quest) this tidbit has been a huge QOL+ for meNastykong8 May 20
May 20 Alchemist Korlya needs a rework I'm guessing the quest was either pushed out in a hurry, or intended for someone far more geared than me; but this quest is the biggest asspain I've had since slamming my face against the Feltotem scenario. On top of getting one-shotted by a mechanic that doesn't appear to have a visual indicator (appears to be a graphical bug) I have to corpse run the entire length of the Broken Isles just to try it again. At the bare minimum, move us to another spirit healer so I only waste 10 minutes of my time corpsewalking (because !@#$ flying while dead amirite? /s) back to this nightmare instead of 12. EDIT: After looking up footage of other people, I see the green puddles. They don't show up in my game however.Vesudeva7 May 20
May 20 Invisible Weapon I really like to play monk, but it's annoying that you like the weapon you use and can not see it when you're in combat, it just disappears and it just comes back to press "z" again. Why, this may sound like bull!@#$, but it's not. First blade is a beautiful weapon just like the mace art, killing an enemy with a beautiful aesthetic of character would be much more pleasurable! Help Blizz see this to correct, and who does not agree tell your opinion of why not without fights. Good game to everyone, and help improve the gameplay with the class!Néfilim5 May 20
May 19 Windwalker/BrM Trinket Help It's a simple question. For Windwalker I have the following trinkets: - Draught of Souls - 895 - Entwined Elemental Foci - 890 - Tirathon's Betrayal - 915 - Spiked Counter weight - 885 Which 2 would benefit me the most? Also, for BrM, is Tirathon's Betrayal - 915 worth it since my other trinkets are only 865 and lower and also, if I have an Ilevel 910 haste trinket that's for Mists, is it worth using for BrM since it's a high level for the haste stat? Again, my brm trinks are all 865 and lower.Untouchable4 May 19
May 19 Why are windwalkers getting nerfed? Fists of Fury Pummels all targets in front of you, dealing [5 * (525%420% of Attack power)] damage over 4 sec. Can be channeled while moving. Effect #5 School Damage Value: 0 (AP mod: 5.254.2) Range changed from Melee Range to 8 yd range Spinning Crane Kick Spin while kicking in the air, dealing [4 * (100% of Attack power)] damage over 1.50 sec to enemies within 8 yds. Spinning Crane Kick's damage is increased by 50%40% for each unique target you've struck in the last 15 sec with Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, or Rushing Jade Wind. Spinning Crane Kick's damage is increased by 50%40% for each unique target you've struck in the last 15 sec with Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, or Rising Sun Kick. really a huge nerf to our trash damage and no compensation on single target, smh.Xiaoloong17 May 19
May 19 BrM - Need leveling help I don't know what it is. Ever since they took away Dizzying Haze I haven't wanted to play a Brewmaster Monk. I figured I would switch my WW to BrM and give it a shot. I just feel like I cannot hold aggro to save my life. I was just in a Hellfire Ramparts and lost aggro to the healer a few times. It even cost his life during the first boss pull. I keg smash, BoF and use my brews. I'm just not sure how I feel on my aggro. I've looked for guides and there are some seriously decent ones for end-game. But leveling...I need some help. Maybe I was just spoiled playing a Guardian with with massive AoE aggro holding, but BrM seems so much more fun to me. Any advice for leveling?Jeïce11 May 19
May 19 BrM leveling... does this get better? So my monk is like 36 right now, and I need to know if it gets SIGNIFICANTLY better. I can barely run dungeons, I pop ironskin brew, and much more rarely purifying brew if needed, but other than that, I can't do a lot. Well I die about 5 times a dungeon right now, even pulling less than I would on other tanks. Are brewmasters underpowered as hell or did they just severely miscalculate leveling on them?Cainric16 May 19
May 19 BrM PvP advice please. Hi! I'm new to Brewmaster, but I really enjoy the playstyle. I have always been a PvP player primarily, and even as a tank, I would like to PvP effectively. Is there any advice (inb4 play dps or healing) that anyone can give me to make any attempts I make at arena less heartbreaking, or at least make me more competitive in BGs? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :DMoomoobrew4 May 19
May 19 Current State Of Windwalkers I step into an arena > I pop burst > I do mediocre burst > I run out of burst > I sit there forced to do 100-300k RSK's and barely 100k blackout kicks I then have to hear the ramblings of my mage complaining about how pointless it is to play w/ a WW and how much better a warrior is. Cool. The fact that theres absolutely 0 reasoning to play a Windwalker or with a Windwalker is beyond disgusting. Yet I sit here and watch these Warriors mindlessly gain hundreds of rating Cool.Untaintedx1 May 19
May 18 Mastery Stacking on BrM and Mist Question I looked on wowgraphs and saw some top players stack mastery. What would happen if I stack Mastery and use primary as seconday for the following: BrM: Primary Stat Haste: so Mastery > Haste > Crit > Vers. - What happens to incoming damage and mitigation in Myths/Raids and in general Mist: Primary Stat Crit: so Mastery > Crit > Vers > Haste - What happens to healing and ease of healing in Myths/Raids and in general.Untouchable4 May 18
May 18 I am the best tank Hello, I am an experienced brewmaster tank and have never felt more durable than i do now. using Gai Plin's Soothing Sash above ilvl 900 is a very satisfying boost in self sustainability. Even without the belt it is hard to kill a Brewmaster however. As a brewmster I can solo tank in ways that are incredible feats of prowess, such that no other tanks can so reliably take on the world and live to tell the tale. With Stagger being able to reduce 90% of the physical damage I take, it is hard to create scenarios that actually stress a Brewmaster. My healers are always able to heal the ticking stagger damage, because it converts that painful stuff that they CAN'T heal in to something they can. Regularly, I am alive after my cotank dies to insignificant damage, and I will continue to tank a boss through an extremely high tank swap debuff stack while simultaneously being the recipient of all of the burst damage the boss directs at the tank. As a result of objectively being the most durable and survivable class, I find that my ability to retain full sovereignty over my strengths is waning. My raid makes excessive demands upon me to contort a raid around my class strengths, as they have come to rely on my class as an ability sponge and less as a living, breathing Pandaren Monk. I am at less liberty now to roll around and experience a raid encounter as I see fit, because my raid needs me to solo tank while picking up adds and standing in the meteor soak by myself, which seems like an unfair division of raid duties. Curious what the denizens of World of Warcraft - Monk Class think about this. Thanks for reading, ComfynauticaComfynautica3 May 18
May 18 I don't feel like i have mana Probs I'm a tank healer. I don't use essence font hardly at all and soothing mist does a good bit of my healing besides vivify and renewing mist. When i was aoe healing i ran out of mana so fast it was not funny, i'd sit almost out while everyone else was 40/50% vivify is kinda strong on a single target with mastery and some aoe made in it. I just wanted to say i feel like we are made to tank heal. the diffidence in mana is shocking and i stay right with my co healers on mana/healing done most of the time now.Brewmonsters4 May 18
May 18 WWs are trash dps They are good for killing trash and that's it.Rubmykeg16 May 18
May 18 How to solo as WW? So my Monk is basically a Brewmaster 24/7. It's the only spec I really play. I doubt I'll ever get to tank in raids though. Maybe they would let me heal, but I haven't gotten any MW Legos yet. So it's pretty much DPS or nothing, but I never use WW. I've read the rotation guide, and it's pretty much what I was already doing, but everything kills me. How can I solo as WW when I know I'm mere seconds away from swapping back to my invincible Brewmaster. So, like, how do you survive as Wind Walker? Do I need a bodyguard to tank for me or something? I have Li Li as is.Zenico4 May 18
May 18 Purifying Brew Hi there, Is there a way to see how much damage this is removing with Warcraft Logs? I can't seem to figure it out.Fenier4 May 18
May 17 Is ww 4 piece worth it Are say 890-900 ww tier (horrible stats on them mostly) pieces better than 915-925 pieces with better stats like mastery/crit?Rubmykeg6 May 17
May 17 Brewmasters are not tanks They are just WWs with more HP and better aggro. Stagger doesn't even mitigate any damage. A monk has like 30% damage reduction. A real tank like a bear druid has like 70%.Deathchicken36 May 17
May 17 Fist Weapons and Transmogs This is definitely not a new subject, but I was wondering what the current thoughts are on this with the community. As it is right now, Windwalkers have only one type of transmogs they can use for their weapons, and it is the smallest pool of weapon appearances at that. Since monks don't even use their weapons to attack, I don't see why we can't go back to t-mogging the other 1H weapons we have available to us. Monks were unique in that we sheathed our weapons on our back, and admittedly that was part of the appeal for me when I originally began to play monk. I think it would be reasonable if, with some changes to the minor instances our weapon models ARE used in attacks, it be made that we can transmogrify the other 1H weapon types onto our weapons and they just remain permanently sheathed on our back or something. T-Mog hunting is one of my favorite things to do in this game, and monk is easily my favorite class. It's just a shame I no longer have a use for any of these great weapon models, given just how poor and limited fist weapon appearances are.Anime5 May 17
May 17 Why are monks unpopular? Lowest representation even during the expansion they were released in. Its unheard of for a class that can play all 3 roles to be so far down in population consistently.Navitas87 May 17