Jan 24 WW monk hidden artifact I've been doing research and can't find a definitive answer. Does this appearance drop after finishing the scenerio at any point? Or Must you reach the end of the scenario and beat all bosses? If anyone here has gotten it either way please let me knowJaycito7 Jan 24
Jan 24 Switching specs So say I had a change of heart and decided I wanted to roll as WW instead of brewmaster. Is the current gear I have decent enough to play as it? Minus the belt and on use trinket, of courseHoohaw3 Jan 24
Jan 24 Energy usage I'm having an issue with m energy usage... It feels like I'm constantly out of energy.Cecillia1 Jan 24
Jan 24 910 to 940 Are the legendary effects boosted too or is it just a stat bump?Caskbreaker1 Jan 24
Jan 24 What is the Brewmasters Active Mitigation First off, let me say that I'm not a fan of Brewmasters in Legion. I don't like this ironskin/purifying brew concept. That could just be me, but it does not feel satisfying in the slightest to use these abilities, just punishing if you don't get it right. Also, my stagger bar disappears all of the time, which means I'll probably need to create a weak aura for it.... Have to have addons to succeed at this class... The big question I have is what does the game think a Brewmasters active mitigation is? Last night my guild got back in to HFC (we were 4 bosses shy of finishing Mythic before we took a break) and decided to see how our classes now play with Legion. We went in to heroic upper tier, and some of us were having fun (I wasn't) and then we got to Mannroth. Well, as you know, you need to have active mitigation up (and note that here I'm talking about what the game considers active mitigation, not just tanking abilities that help like self healing stuff) to make sure a dot does not get applied to you when Mannroth casts his massive blast/glaive combo. Now, I have enough gear that it doesn't really matter, and we one shot him anyway, but I kept trying to use ironskin brew, and I kept getting the debuff... Here are the logs: What was I doing wrong? It didn't matter on that fight, but I know some boss abilities (ie: last boss in Neltharions Lair being one) that use abilities that punish you with additional debuffs if you don't use what the game considers active mitigation. The real problem here? Why did you take the clarification off of the ability tool-tip? If you were trying to make it simpler for new players you have failed completely. If the idea is to give players all they need in game you have missed the mark. Here I am, and experienced tank, leaving the game to make a forum post to ask "What is Active Mitigation on a Brewmaster". You probably need to put those clarifications in the game if your expecting players to be able to get all of the information they need in the game to overcome these obstaclesMecheté8 Jan 24
Jan 24 Travel Further with FSK If you're specced into Tiger Style, jump at the end of FSK to travel further, look - Enjoy yourself xdKorrâ7 Jan 24
Jan 24 DHC question for WWs Just wondering if any pro WWs out there can guide me with the best way to utilize this legendary. I'm assuming the goal is to get at least 2 full FoFs, SotWL, and a WDP with each SEF cast. The problem I'm running in to is the second cast of FoF is just slightly too long for how long I can extend SEF. It's easy enough to generate the chi, but I'm being limited by the GCDs even with the 2pc. Plus every proc of the free blackout combo makes it slightly worse. What I've been doing is using 1-2 SCKs to ensure SEF will last long enough for the second FoF. It's pretty difficult for me to sim so maybe someone has already figured this out. Should I use SCK to extend SEF or just not worry about the second FoF and get as much of my normal single target rotation in as I can? Thanks!Pandarøx0 Jan 24
Jan 24 Both SEF charges being used im in brawlers guild and i cant tell if its a bug or not but when i use my 1 shot macro, i realize its sometimes using both of my storm earth and fire this intended or am i retardedIproof6 Jan 24
Jan 24 Well Unfortunately, I Got My First Legendary And it's the Drinking Horn Cover. Not only do I prefer Serenity, but I don't exactly know how to best use SEF. On top of all of that... My simulation comes out with Serenity 2k higher DPS even with DHC equipped lol. Who has experience with Drinking Horn Cover... Storm, Earth, and Fire, and can give a brother some insight into what I should do with this item. Oh... And how the heck do you open fights now without Serenity!? ThanksDabcontrakt3 Jan 24
Jan 24 Upcoming dps buff for BrM Saw this info on the eu forum, supposed to come 1/24/17 as per blue post! "Brewmaster Keg Smash damage increased by 10%, and it no longer deals reduced damage to 6+ targets. Breath of Fire damage increased 11%. Designer Notes: Brewmasters could use a bit of help on damage, especially in AoE." Jan 24
Jan 24 Xmog please blizz Can you let monks xmog to 1h swords and maces at least please. I understand the class fantasy and all that but if thats the case shouldnt monks sort of be weapon masters? I dont know alot about it so not sure but would really like to be able to change up the look of my weapons even if they are predominately just sitting on my backKráshh13 Jan 24
Jan 24 Stats for MW mythic + I'm around 876 now, but I started by mainly doing pvp. I'm wanting to start healing in mythic +, I want to get as high as I can, and after being comfortable maybe progress to raids. However, what should my stats be? I understand the stat priority in icy veins but what about the actual numbers? Is there a cap or a goal I should try to reach in each category? And if so what are those caps? I can't find them anywhere..I know with mainly pvp gear the stats won't be as good, but I'm trying to figure out where I need be to get started and what I should be replacing.Jartho12 Jan 24
Jan 23 Thinking of switching to MW Monk Hello Monks! I currently main a Restoration Druid. My guilds raid team as 3-5 druids out of 20 every raid night and we lack a few classes in general. I have been thinking of switching to a Mistweaver Monk as we do not have a monk. We have a holy priest, resto shaman, two resto druids. When needed we have 2 more resto druids, and a disc priest. How is the utility monks bring? I've heard MW Monks have bad mana issues likes restoration druids but without innervate? How will a MW monk compare to the other healers? Thanks for your time!Symbiosis22 Jan 23
Jan 23 Whirling Dragon Punch Can Whirling Dragon Punch get a mechanic that makes it so if we time it right, we dodge or immune things like shaman charge totem or storm bolt or typhoon? It'll add more skill cap to the spec, sort of like how a rogue uses Death from Above to avoid incoming cc sometimes. We're good, I got it, just think it'd be coolFístedd6 Jan 23
Jan 23 Why do people hate SEF Yes it can be buggy sometimes but I still do way more DPS with it with drinking horn, yes I even followed the serenity rotation on walking the wind. Anyone else here an SEF player?Nerfmeharder18 Jan 23
Jan 23 Legendaries. Im looking for data on the best ones for WW. Can anyone direct me?Apisi10 Jan 23
Jan 23 Need help with ww dps? I'm 884 equipted and I still can't seem to ever break more than 420k DPs. I average around 400 and sometimes drop to 380. I'm doing my rotation right and read all the guides on walking the wind, the only thing that's wrong are my stats, but should that bring down my DPS that much? But when it comes to aoe DPS I always top the !@#$ out of those charts with constant 800k dpsNerfmeharder4 Jan 23
Jan 23 Trouble with Nibbleh in Brawlers - Help Hey guys I was cruising through all the other bosses without any issues then I come to this slithery prick. I cannot seem to kill him. I've only managed to get him to 25% before the rain of fire burns my face off. Has any other WW had success with this snek? If so, some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)Tevan3 Jan 23
Jan 23 Monk Concept: Dark and Light force. Hi guys, so i was looking for some lore and stuffs in WoWpedia and then i saw this about monks: Force was the planned main resource to be used by the monk class, coming in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion. They would also have chi, which would be used to build up Force. There were two sides to the Force, a light side and a dark side. Each side would have its own benefits. As of the Mists of Pandaria beta there are only two resources used by the monk: Chi and energy. And then i decided to look videos about it and i found the Blizzcon 2011 showcase: Put at 5:55 min. So i was thinking, why they decided to scrap this? I mean the whole concept is really cool and i think it fits with the class, all the balance stuff and the Pandaren philosophy. Not only that but it seems really unique, so what you guys think about it?Alarishanir3 Jan 23
Jan 23 Fists of Fury? What level do I have to be for it to stun enemies?Magnorn3 Jan 23
Jan 23 Fixing MW's Problems Firstly i made a post on this thread after i made that i struck me that the best way to improve our class is give solutions rather then point out what was wrong. I thought making a post to higlight that might be better for MW over all, so heres the quote below, and leave your thoughts conversation section below. "where god dam close to being up there, we just need something. - viv procing master on cleave would make mastery worth it to take, and let us scale better. (this includes the proc from ef) Envolping mist being on a 10-20 cd, but applying incressed healing from all sorces and not just yours would give us the utitly we need. Lastly our mana and this is the most tricky, the quick solution would be to incress our passive mana regen. the better solution reloves around the lvl 45 tir, Lifecycles, Spirit of the Crane and Mist Wrap. Firstly make Mist Wrap baseline, and southing mists is borderline unsusable with out it. southing mists is a skill that makes you a a living hot, witch !@#$s on the fast moble monk fell. Mist wrap helps that ALOT as it lets us heal on the move. Life cycles needs a bit of a buff, it should be taken when your tank healing, but even then it can be a little iffy. SotC agen needs a buff - even if your not fist weaving there are times in a fight where im eather in melee or using Lighting depending on the fight, so using that time to genrate mana is rely nice. unfortly it dosnt give enugh back For the last talent i think we need something new, maybe someting that decressed the mana cost of your next spell if its not the same as your last? though i fell like that might be diping into hit combo. in saying that it would make us fell like where weaving mists. maybe every X seconds the next healing spell has its mana cost reduced by X amount? Im not shure what should be here, but i think this row should be our mana conversion row, and how you want to consurve mana is up to you."Akibimi0 Jan 23
Jan 23 Mastery and not enough buttons I am having a hard time using a different ability each turn without either wasting chi or energy capping. Is it worth it to just double a blackout kick to dump chi when I need to? Should I use RJW to keep the mastery bonus...also how the heck does hit combo come into play. The penalty for doing the same attack twice would be terrible I think. just real confused here, I mean I can hack my way through it but I seriously bet I am underperforming. Granted, my gear sucks as I've only been 110 for a little over a week. Coming from feral, where wasting combo points and energy capping were amongst the most taboo things to do. thanksFerrash4 Jan 23
Jan 23 Need MW advice For higher level keystones, for example Brh +13. On the second boss, the mechanic where he dashes to everyone..he instantly kills me without grape bubble. On tyrannical, he does this mechanic twice and bubble cannot be up a second time. So i instantly die...Is there something im doing wrong Here?Monkmyjunk1 Jan 23
Jan 23 Touch of Karma Does Touch of Karma redirect all damage you take back to the target? Are there limitations like fire on the ground or something? Is it a viable move to use to clear in a similar situation to the fire from Xhul in HFC? Haven't played Monk since MoP launch and I never really understood how this worked, mainly been playing MW.Rõland12 Jan 23
Jan 23 RSK vs FoF Relic Is rising sun kick relics now higher value vs fist of fury now? I just got my two piece and my RSK dmg is insanely high now. Do you guys think RSK will now be weighted greater than FoF with set bonus? My damage has noticeably increased just from RSK 2 piece. It's really good. Just don't know whether or not to prioritize RSK over FoF now.Kungfoobrew1 Jan 23
Jan 23 Meatball Follower How does this guy work for the mission table? He's not considered BrM, WW, or MW spec. Is he simply an assist follower akin to an overpowered troop?Caskbreaker1 Jan 23
Jan 22 MW Bugg at PvP talant - INSTANT EFFUSE! When taken in pvp talent in DPS spec "Control the Mists" (4th tier, most left) in action in healing spec running instant HEAL Effuse :) My video: Ps.: dont bann me... discovered it by accident :)Fitil2 Jan 22
Jan 22 Monk or DH Hi all, I just wanted to get some input on how you guys think monk is doing compared to DH in both pvp and pveHollygrove7 Jan 22
Jan 22 Double WW 2's Free 3k rating Even the best & most prepared "good comps" (aka DK/healer) just can't do anything vs itGilmour7 Jan 22
Jan 22 WW Trinket Help So ive been lucky enough to get a few good trinkets. my question is, should I use the proc trinkets or trinkets with set stats? 885 Bloodthirsty Instinct 875 Urn 895 Fate of Convergence I am using BI and FoC but thats alot of Mastery I am losing from Urn. Thanks for your help.Cquan8 Jan 22
Jan 22 Got the 940 KJ's Burning Wish... And I wish I could do the good deed to give it to someone who would use it proudly in their PvE domain, since I am just a casual PvPer (instanced to be exact.) But since I can't, I'm gonna play around with it.. but was curious if anyone else has it and if they have done any WPvP with it? And if so .. is it pretty sweet as anyone would assume it would be? I'm one of those who doesn't deserve this trinket, because I got it by winning a ToK BG.Hellboss5 Jan 22
Jan 22 7.2 PTR updates to Artifact ... They look interesting if they make it live. Especially the Revival CD, the new buff to SG and the new interaction between Effuse and SG.Hecrates7 Jan 22
Jan 22 Mistweavers in mythic prog? To the Mistweaver monks clearing mythic content, Are you finding yourselves competing well in mythic content with other healers? I'm finding it hard to get good feedback outside logs and parses.Braff18 Jan 22
Jan 22 WW offically bottom of the DPS Barrel On Simulationcraft that is... but we are doing just fine.Weednim28 Jan 22
Jan 22 Which legendary is the best upgrade? I have no idea Do i upgrade the gloves, cloak or bracer? I use bracer 100% of times and switch between the cloak and gloves I noticed the gloves have way better/higher stats than the cloak so is that worth upgrading?Nerfmeharder3 Jan 22
Jan 22 Deciding on a tank alt... Blood DK or Brewmaster?Shamura24 Jan 22
Jan 22 BrM stat priority So I'm wondering what works best for brewmaster monks in terms of stats. I see Icy Veins says go for haste until you get 30% then get crit over mastery. But yet I see lots of BrMs have a combination of both mastery and crit. Was wondering if there's a percentage that I should try to keep my mastery and crit around in terms of stats or does it matter that much?Rockspeaker12 Jan 22
Jan 22 Aspiring Brewmaster - Tips on Brews? So I've picked up a brewmaster monk because they're fun as hell, but I'm struggling a little learning the playstyle because it's so different from other tanks. So I think I'm supposed to Ironskin Brew BEFORE I start getting hit, then purge it off with Purifying, but am I supposed to try and maintain near 100% uptime on Ironskin? And any other tips?Birix10 Jan 22
Jan 22 Touch of Karma Does tok effect dots/bleeds applied before the tok cast?Spellscream2 Jan 22
Jan 21 PvP tallent newb trap I just recently leveled my Mistweaver monk to 110 and have been really enjoying it but was kind of disappointed when i saw that Surge of Mist still exists in the same state as launch date where i was kinda disgusted by it. Sure it gives you instant surging mists but since you cant spec out of it until you hit pvp level 22 I feel like its just a giant trap for new players and was disappointed when it didn't get changed with the blood DK KYS talent. Here's an idea that took me 2 seconds that at least makes it a viable alternative. Surge of Mist passive Enveloping mist is now instant cast, but has 2-3 charges and each charge has a 7 second cooldown.Lachpunch3 Jan 21
Jan 21 NEW SEF BUGS (SEVERE)! ! ! ! ! Even though in the patch note says that SEF has been fixed. I found out that there are more bugs in SEF, some of them are even more severe compared to the bugs that known to exist in 7.1. 1. The clones will not engage in combat/target with enemies that join the fight later , if they are not in combat with when they are summoned. If I use SEF during a boss fight, and the boss summons a few adds, the clones will not target the adds and apply mark of the crane on them. 2. The clones will stop replicating your abilities once their current targets die. With a few more test I found that after their current targets died, the clones will only cast WDP and Spinning crane kick. But not any other abilities. 3. Last and the worst, the spinning crane kicks cast by the clones are losing at least 1 tick (some times two) per cast per clones (like the old FoF clone bug), regardless of the haste I have. This bug severely damages our AOE damage and making us perform even worse than 7.1.Naudords16 Jan 21
Jan 21 How do the brewmaster buffs feel? As the title says how do the brewmaster buffs feel to you guys? Figured I'd ask other brewmasters to see what everyones thoughts are. Personally I feel very good especially since I got the legendary helm pre 7.1.5 and now its a pretty good defensive boost, especially since zed med is garbage without it. Haven't had a good chance to try out mystic vitality, dampen harm is great for an extra CD but I found that not having healing elixers is very noticeable. Being able to have some kind of sustain besides ox orbs is very nice. Wish it was baseline. Once we get our tier we will have endless brews and having 95% stagger with high tolernce and 4 set will be great. All in all I think we're in a pretty good spot now but having some reliable aoe aggro outside of RJW and healing elixers baseline would be my dream. What do you guys think?Raern11 Jan 21
Jan 21 Final(?) Word: SEF/WDP vs. Serenity So, SEF was "fixed" in 7.1.5, but several "bugs" have been reported since. Many of us used Serenity instead of WDP prior to 7.1.5; I know that I have switched back to WDP/SEF since 7.1.5. Personally, I find the workings of SEF a bit awkward for my rotation, which may be because I had a good rotation with Serenity and I'm not used to SEF yet. So is it worth pushing through to get comfortable with SEF? Or are the newly reported "bugs" significant enough that Serenity is still the better choice?Urugao6 Jan 21
Jan 21 Serenity 20k dps behind WDP If only there was some way to make Serenity good again....... HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMircurial8 Jan 21
Jan 21 WW Trinket Question Hello, I have these three trinkets and I'm trying to figure out which two to use: 865 Bloodthirsty Instinct 865 Spontaneous Appendages 880 Draught of Souls Any advice or insight would be appreciated, thanks!Panella3 Jan 21
Jan 21 WindWalker Monk Haste vs Mastery Food I was simulating with mastery food and haste food and seem to consistently get about 20k more DPS with haste food even though Mastery is supposed to be the main stat. My stats unbuffed are: Critical Strike: 26% Haste: 9% Mastery: 46% Versatility: 8% Is haste a better stat when below 10% haste? Or does Mastery have a soft cap that's making me do lower DPS with Mastery food?Gindrik2 Jan 21
Jan 21 Why don't I see more WW monk in bg ??? Hey guys, still learning my ww monk and I love it (also still debating between my 107 Havoc DH or my monk but monk seems more satisfying to play). I am very casual and I like to do a bit of everything (pve and pvp), that's why I left my mage on the shelf, in casual bg, he just sucks ! :) now, I think my ww monk just do GREEEAAATTT in bg but why am I almost always the only ww monk in each bg I take part in ???Crôw17 Jan 21
Jan 21 Comp for MW(2's/3's)? What do you think the best comps are for MW in 2's or 3's? Just switched to MW and looking for fun in arena.Tøppèr1 Jan 21
Jan 21 Good Lord Drinking Horn Cover + Convergence of Fates is amazing.Taumro0 Jan 21
Jan 21 MW Monk Immunitys so far in nighthold i haven't been targeted Control chaos from botanist. Can anyone confirm or deny?Sumar0 Jan 21