6d Cocoon not casting Soothing Anyone having issues?Xuene1 6d
6d Can't channel Soothing Mist while moving Anyone else not able to channel Soothing Mist while moving in PVP with AMA talented? It was working for me this morning but seems to be broken as of midday.Tizfu2 6d
6d Twisting Nether vs Brewhouse I play both Demon Hunter and Monk, and each have a similar Order Hall option for getting items that enhance characters while on the Broken Isles. The problem i have is DH items are stacking while Monk items are not. Is this intended? It doesn't make sense that items that are virtually identical in acquisition and function don't behave similarly.Mattdaemòn5 6d
6d Wanderer's Hardiness how many times can I upgrade this trait?Teuk1 6d
6d Monk ST What changes has happened to ww that its dps is slightly above middle pack dmg for ST currently? I remember it being one of the lower ST dmg classStemfine9 6d
6d Monk Discord? Whats the Monk discord channel , Ive been looking and I keep finding expired links.Onodera1 6d
Jan 15 MW no buff? Really no buff with the class changes yet we r lagging behind!! Love the class but need an buffGasbills15 Jan 15
Jan 15 Final Road to 8 pvp movie Hey everyone .. Finally my movie is out!!! So stoked on this project. I learned a lot doing it and couldnt be happier about it. This is my first pvp movie and first real project that will lead into more soon Thank you everyone that watches it and plz like and sub for more content Jan 15
Jan 15 Haste Priority Increased now? So since RJW is now effected by Haste in both cooldown AND duration, would it be fair to say Haste could/should be a higher stat priority if you wanted to stick with for all scenarios? And if so, does Ascension finally come into play for use?Cåiñ2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Best Ally WW RACE? Just wanted some opinions on best alliance WW Race atm, thinking of race changing. Seen on walkingthewind a while ago that gnome was simming really high now? Wanted to know what the difference is and as to why, as I thought dranei was top race for us for quite a while.Georgeofjung4 Jan 15
Jan 15 SEF Macro I've been having trouble creating a macro for SEF. To make your clones single target you have to cast the ability twice. Everything I tried doesn't make them single target. Here's what I tried: /cast Storm, Earth, and Fire /cast Storm, Earth, and Fire also /cast Storm, Earth, and Fire /toggle Storm, Earth, and Fire Can anyone help??Tylerozo3 Jan 15
Jan 15 Gift of the ox proc rate stealth nerf? Tanked some M+ today and I noticed that a rarely if ever had any GotO orbs up to consume. Compared my logs before and after patch and it's pretty clear the proc rate was massively nerfed, though this doesn't show up in the logs at all. Take a look at your pre and post patch logs and confirm...Eatmorbabiez5 Jan 15
Jan 15 7.1.5 Brewmaster Arenas I dream about this guys. What sort of viability do you think brewmasters will have in 2s or 3s? I had some success the other day running skirms against burn teams but also I'm lying to myself. With the changes to guard (and all that juicy stagger) and a little bit more damage from hot trub, I feel like maybe i could run with a melee cleave and help peel and deal em a bit. Hit me with some thoughts. I can TAKE IT.Ingtor6 Jan 15
Jan 14 Stop Changing Ring of Peace and just revert it to it's former MoP SoO glory. Such a change would open up new options for PvP and PvE. A six second (i think that's how long it was back in MoP, but I'm not sure) aoe silence/disarm would be amazingly nice and would provide stiff talent competition for leg sweep. So instead of literally every monk to just talenting into leg sweep, we get some diversity. It would be relevant for raid encounters like M Nythendra when she mc's part of the raid and you need them interrupted, but not stunned. Because if you stack, an unlucky set of rots will instagib like half your raid. It would be great for M+ because the silence/disarm isn't really affected by DRs and silences/disarms on that scale aren't common.Yangxiaolong4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Good Healing trinkets in Nighthold What are some to look out for? Or is the Helya and EN ones better? I'm still stuck on a 850 Vial of nightmare fog.... looking for an upgrade And Darkmoon Card Promises how is this for MW? I see very few MW use this trinket on warcraftlogs for some reason compared to say Rdruids or Priest healers.Kitteykat1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Emperor's Capacitor Thoughts Hey all, what do you guys think about this legendary effect? Obviously right now the item is bis thanks to it's itemization but I'm very interested in seeing what your experience is with the effect. I still haven't had a chance to test it and don't expect the actual effect to be anything besides a filler during low energy/chi downtime. What are your thoughts? Jan 14
Jan 14 Adding Artifact Ranks Anyone remember when Blizz said they were going to do this? I can't decide if I should not spend my 2 artifact points until they put them out or just put them in the hidden bonus.Taumro2 Jan 14
Jan 14 legion 7.1.5 windwalker What is the state of windwalker in raiding this patch ? is the damage competitive enough ?Stemfine5 Jan 14
Jan 14 Dumb question...buying Artifact Trait So, I have only my final artifact elite trait (one with the golden dragon portrait around it) to buy on my MW weapon. It's "Blessings of Yu'Lon" and everything else on my weapon is complete. However, when I hover over the final trait it says there are no active links...? Is this gated behind something else beside AP?Tulaani2 Jan 14
Jan 14 How do you use Energizing Brew effeciantly? Hello! I'm trying to make the change from using Power Strikes to Energizing Brew for my Windwalker lvl 45 talent. I've used the talent for a little bit now to see how I could effectively use it, but I wanted to get some insight from anyone that has been actually using the spell for more then five minutes (like me ;p). When and how do you use Energizing Brew; when would it be an efficient time to use it? What do you primarily use the talent for (AoE?) Thank you in advance!Konakona5 Jan 14
Jan 14 karma karama should do 100 percent of the damage back to the karma victim up to 100 percent of my health not 50, the baseline plan for arena for all teams is dps right through karma, it should keep them from attacking u for that time, I don't like to compare other classes but bop for ret ur immune to physical while u go off, same with bubble, hunters turtle shell cant be touched, dispersion (not long but still) magic shell, theres so many defensive moves on classes that they cant be touched I don't know why the monks big defensive can just be just dpsed through. they should be dead for being stupid enough to attack u in it, to many things in this game takes no thinking anymore just hammer buttons our comp is better then urs takes the skill out of itMazathrakk1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Why does simcraft prefer haste when using SEF When i have the dragon punch it says haste is my worse state, i switch to serenity it is my worst statNerfmeharder8 Jan 14
Jan 14 WW Rushing Jade Wind > HC? Haven't seen a thread on this yet. So as af 7.1.5, is RJW better than HC for WW aoe? The way I'm seeing it, it costs 1 chi to tag 5 enemies for SCK, as opposed to alternating TP and BoK and RSK. With SEF out, I can tag 9 targets in a big pull easily without RJW... I reckon HC is the best for single target dps, but I haven't tried. Has anyone tested this out yet? Or is HC winning out on average?Atodaso5 Jan 14
Jan 14 7.1.5 Serenity Hello, I'm writing this post in hope that now that SEF is working well, with much fewer bugs than before, that maybe we could open discussion to revert serenity to how it behaved before 7.1.5. It was a fun, fast paced talent with a high skill cap that the a majority of the vocal monks enjoyed. There are two easier to play talents in that row already, so why can't we listen to the player base and realize, "ok, this was not how we intended this spec to play, but the player base really does enjoy how it turned out. Lets balance the talent around it functioning as it did prior to 7.1.5, and let it be a unique CDR talent" Throughout the 7.1.5 PTR and focused in the PTR WW feedback thread that got some blue attention, there was a very unanimous plea to revert CD snapshotting on the back-end to the way it had been since legions release (this was also voiced consistently int he monk discord). This was generally ignored or just lost in the discussion on the SEF bugfixes. Now 7.1.5 is live, and I have yet to see anyone who enjoys the new serenity as much as the old. Most people are playing WDP, so there isn't that much focus on the new serenity as I hoped there would be, but there still is grip of people who do enjoy/want to play serenity, and as monks start getting their 2 set, more people will begin to play serenity again. I realize that blizzard wanted serenity to match how haste worked, and that part of the reason it changed may have to do with pvp, but why change it when you had a talent that was unique and fun? Serenity was a talent that performed well even if you used it the intuitive, albeit subotimal way of fitting all of your higher damage spells into the window (full fof channel during serenity), but also had a very high skill cap to min/max the ability. It brought a skill cap to monk that really made a lot of us enjoy the class and the spec that much more. The bug was in the game throughout beta and for months in live, players got used to the ability, and now it just feels really awkward and less rewarding to play. To me, it doesn't feel good to spend half of every serenity in a fight channeling FoF. It was extremely enjoyable before patch to have variation throughout the fight on what you pressed during the cooldown, and sometimes using all 8 globals during the cooldown. What do you guys think? TLDR: I'm hoping to open discussion to revert serenity to how it behaved prior to this patch. How does the rest of the monk community feel about that now that 7.1.5 is live? ThanksGreii12 Jan 14
Jan 14 New serenity bug So after using FoF during a serenity, I notice this happens quite frequently. Fof will show off cooldown after serenity ends (this is just a build in blizzard action button). I will try to activate it, and nothing happens. Of course i have enough chi. The ability shows ready to use. Nothing. I spam the ability and it's lik a rubber banding cancellation every time i press it, almost like I'm lagging and a target isn't in range. It is NOT lag. Then a few seconds later it will actually work. It's beyond frustrating. Aside from that, not using SotWL on the second serenity cast feels so wrong. The whole fluid flow of the playstyle is disrupted. The change is awful and introduced bugs I would much rather they change it to the way it was and reduce the dmg if necessary. The way it works now is not good. They have ruined a good thing for no reason at all. UghhhUltrios8 Jan 14
Jan 14 New Storm, Earth, Fire Bug! Once the target attacked by the clones die, the clones just stand there and do auto attack. The clones then only copy spinning crane kick. Fortunately, this bug only appears for AOE. You have to cast it again to re-focus other targets and make the clones to copy all the skills.Wulang1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Monk ST buff Monks still need a buff in single target pve. Compared to warrior, paladin, dh, and probably feral Druid Ww monk is one of the lowest, except survival, performing specs. If you look at logs a equal skilled monk vs a equal skilled dh, ret, warr still get blown out of the water. One could say monk's niche is aoe damage but warriors and dh do very good if not better in that department as well. It is depressing. SEF is still an all around trash dps cd and it is still a great dps loss on single target it seems.Sagya2 Jan 14
Jan 14 BRM - Failling proving grounds I'm trying proving grounds endless, and I fail a lot at wave... 10 (?) I think. 1 Mogu + 1 caster. My DPS/healer focus the Mogu. Soon after a monkey spawn. I can't hold everything with Pyroblast hitting me with 1m+ damage, and I can't interrupt everything. Any tips? I'm trying to get better at tanking. Any tips for the insects too? They drop all the agro, go to the healer, and sometimes ignore my taunt, and my Keg Smash.Misuzu0 Jan 14
Jan 14 Race for MW PvP Im hearing a lot that Orc is the way to go for PvP What is everyone's opinion?Mostrosis3 Jan 14
Jan 14 Still no MW Hidden Artifact Ability? Did this ever get figured out??Ajira4 Jan 14
Jan 14 How does it feel? To actualy have to be good to win in arenas now. To not get a 100 to 0 stun lock with unlimited mobility? TROLOLOLOLJimorenzhe5 Jan 14
Jan 14 Brewmaster Hidden Appearance Change? My husband mains a Brewmaster and normally runs around using the blue hidden artifact appearance. After 7.1.5 he noticed on the front tip of the staff that there is an extra tassel hanging down, apart from the four on the keg end. Since he doesn't frequent the forums, he asked me to ask you mighty Brewmasters if this was indeed a change or if he just didn't notice this whole time. Sorry this is random, but thanks for your time!Kyxia11 Jan 14
Jan 14 Which necklace is better for a WW monk? Neck 1- Neck 2- My stats without a neck on- I seriously cant tell :/Nerfmeharder3 Jan 14
Jan 14 Are my stats ok for M+? Can someone check out my monk to see if i could handle mythic+? I sometimes have a difficult time with regular mythics depending on the group. I was prioritizing haste -> mastery for 5-mans. My haste is at 23.45% and i was focusing on mastery...Anti7 Jan 14
Jan 13 New BRM bracers? So last night I got the new bracers for brewmasters that were added in with the new patch. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on them since they are new I wasnt able to find a ton of info. To me it seems they are going to be amazing for mythic+ especially when combined with exploding keg, I'll be able to use that as way to recharge brews during big trash pulls However they seem pretty lackluster for raids during boss fights like ursoc. Anyone have any other thoughts?Xarenthe16 Jan 13
Jan 13 Worth replacing a high ilvl relic for FoF? Is it worth replacing a 880 Tiger Palm relic for a 875 FoF? My artifact currently has a 875 storm FoF and 2 Tiger Palm (880 iron & 870 Storm). is 25% FoF buff worth it?Korruh5 Jan 13
Jan 13 What talents are you using for arena PVP? What are you running now for the last 3 tiers of your regular talents? Is Dampen Harm any good over Healing Elixir? Also do you run the Xuen + WDP + SEF combo, or the old Hit Combo + Serenity? (Mostly asking for 3's arenas)Rollandd4 Jan 13
Jan 13 Brm Buffs in 7.1.5 really noticable? I am wondering if our upcoming buffs for Tuesday are going to really boost our survivability up to par like druids and other tanks? I tried to tank heroic trial of valor @ Ilevel 870 as well as +10 and up and my health spikes a lot compared to others. I am to the point that I am about to reroll because I feel really overlooked compared to other tanks.Untouchable34 Jan 13
Jan 13 BRM Losing aggro I keep losing agro to other tanks passive damage while quite literally spamming my abilities after this patch My co-tank is a warrior Any ideas?Organics9 Jan 13
Jan 13 ww black ox usage Ok ran a brh mythic 7 and brought along Dave. I dropped him strategically and the pally seemed to hold aggro well. Was I suppose to taunt through this? I have the aoe macro or is just dropping Dave enough. I missed leg sweep but if this is some awesome utility we bring now id like to know. If I taunt and then do damage do the mobs attack me then?Twin16 Jan 13
Jan 13 New bug with SEF. If you cast SEF and then right after cast FoF your clones just sit there doing nothing. It based upon whether or not they are in range to cast the spell, if they arent in range they just run to the target, and do nothing while you're casting FoF.Waferz11 Jan 13
Jan 13 Lucky Envelope CD Does it reset by the daily reset or 24 hours?Caskbreaker0 Jan 13
Jan 13 7.1.5 Windwalker PvP template Stat Template Agility increased by 2.5% -5% crit -2% haste -1% versatility Paragon Points (35th trait) do not work in PvP CombatSkill Template Fist of Fury damage went down by about 5% Rising Sun Kick damage up by 50% Rushing Jade Wind damage up by 4% Blackout Kick damage up by 33% Strike of the Windlord Damage up by 10% Spinning Crane Kick damage down by 3% Whirling Dragon Palm damage up by 9% Chi Orbit damage is through the roof% (bug?)Cooldown Template Serenity's total damage bonus reduced by 5%_________________ As always if you find something out of place please let me know so I can fix it. Expect some changes tonight and throughout the week leading up to Nighthold because that is when the item level cap will raise and PvP stats will increase again as players get more gear. I might make some changes to how things are worded to prevent confusion (for you and myself) regarding abilities / stats that are below or above 100% of the base value. A 4% increase might be 4% over current PvP value but the end result might be 81% effectiveness on the template instead of 80%. I just dont want to make any mistakes like that personally ( might have already lol) or confuse people.Talby11 Jan 13
Jan 13 Anyone else notice this with the new SEF? So, I think this is a new bug with SEF since Patch: Enter into combat. Press SEF. Finish off mob. SEF clones will not engage new targets you were not in combat with when you pressed SEF. Anyone else notice this?Xiangliu9 Jan 13
Jan 13 Mastery and M+ (WW Specifically) Is anyone having their Mastery rating drop when they enter a M+? Because i just did a M+ Arcway and I ended up losing roughly 700 mastery when i went into the instance. Anyone know what's going on?Yangxiaolong0 Jan 13
Jan 13 ignore Sorry multiple postsRollandd0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Today I log out mediocre and log back in weak I was online just now until the server shut down. I took screenshots of every ability, every stat. Spent some time on the PTR yesterday testing SEF changes, I do not feel confident about this class' direction. Blizzard said this patch supposed to make our classes more exciting to play. Not feeling excited at all. Serenity is nerfed (yes i tested it last night, still nerfed-"bug fixed"). SEF is buggy and some of my clones were still not duplicating my moves after activation (the red one was just autoattacking at times but they did have more health than live-'yay?'). Both recount and skada don't show clone pet damage correctly, even the updated ones ,so it's hard to judge if SEF is on par with Serenity or even close.. I had to sit there and do math for every move and both meters show different readings and/or the clones as seperate entities even tho they are all set on merge pets. I feel like every other class got some overhauls and buffs but WW monks just got Serenity nerf and possible SEF fix (somewhat since my testing still showed 1 out of 2 clones auto-attacked randomly instead of duplicating moves). Today I log out mediocre and log back in weak :( I noticed rogues got blind which is good I might play my rogue again. I noticed DH got buffs which I can't even understand the mentality on this one since they can aoe cleave people down in PVP. When a class does 3x the damage of a frost dk (and they hit really hard and have spread damge too), /shrug! #feelsbadmanBrewtle13 Jan 13
Jan 13 Dungeon drop bug in Pandaria Just want to know if anyone is having problems with the gear drops in pandaria dungeons? Everytime some gear drops on my lvl 86 alt the gear says i can't equip it till lvl 90. It's only the blue drops green drops seem to be working fine. Just wanted to bring this to the Devs attention.Aronn0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Basic PvP rotation? Debating between on leveling my Priest or my Monk but for PvP my monk felt a bit clunky and i was always out of recourses and ruined my hit combo thingy I know im doing it wrong but i was hopin for some advice on how to make it better? Also MW is weird all around for me and i dont get how you get burst healing out because enveloping is a HoT .-.Jittråk5 Jan 13