Sep 6 Brewmaster Hi Just got my Monk to 110 and learning everything. I have a couple of questions. Zen Meditation, So it breaks when you get hit by a melee attacks. Does that 1st melee attack have it damage reduced by 60% or not? If not what is the real purpose of this one?Blythyie2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Mistweaver Artifact quest- aieeee! Is it just me (I know it is, but still), or is the 'Emperor's Gift' quest to get the Mistweaver weapon nigh impossible? I have always played the tank spec for my monk, and recently was persuaded by my daughter to go for the Mistweaver spec which she plays really well. I am at 110 with an iLevel of 838, and now have the Rod of the Broken Temple (level 740 Int staff) AND some Flasks of the Whispered Pact. The NPC (and the Jade LIghtning I can fit in) do so little damage against even the first boss that he starts emanating those rings of damage that make it hard to keep us all healed. On one fight, after dying/rezzing, I just switched into Tank mode and was able to knock him off quite easily, but this did not work against the second (water) boss at all. I need to use the healing spec to keep my guys healed but they take SO LONG to kill the beast that bad things eventually happen. Is there some secret I need to know about this fight that would make it possible for someone who is not already an expert healer? Please and thanks for advice on this!Menzin1 Sep 6
Sep 6 soothing mist re apply What is wrong with soothing mist every time I go to cast soothing mist on another target it makes me re apply it twice and its so annoyingNomansland1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Monks are fun Man I dunno why, but I haven't had this much fun on my Monk since MoP. (Pointless thread, just letting you all know)Xanu4 Sep 6
Sep 5 Fix ama 2 globals to swap soothing mist to a different target after 7.3 was implemented. Please fix it :(Hellokittyxo9 Sep 5
Sep 5 Healing target dummy in class hall? Hello everyone, This may be a dumb question and I may just be blind - I've been running around the class hall looking for healing target dummies... I main a holy pally and we have them in that class hall. Do monks have them in the class hall? Thanks in advance!Tunäre2 Sep 5
Sep 5 WW monk much needed buff? So my main is a monk and I've been doing some dungeons since the new patch, I remember the beginning of the expansion when monks were extremely good on aoe but now they seem like meh, I mean arms warrior and frost mages out dps me on aoe and my overall damage for a dungeon isn't very great for a ww monk and I think we should be in a better place, single target I do fine but even with aoe trinkets I don't feel like I am where I should be damage wise, and I honestly think that the 5% damage buff would be nice but realistically just fist of fury,Blackout kick or strike of the windlord getting a minor buff would be enough to make me not want to main another class, I mean isn't enough for monks having to wear tier 19 and are screwed legendary wise because you need legendary boots for you to output the maximum damage and stay competitive to other classes, I'm just unhappy with my favorite class not getting a buff and it's sad to see that monk are getting no love from blizz like other classes areZaradoria16 Sep 5
Sep 4 Stuck getting to Morning Breeze Village For the mount quest Incant grt to korning breeze village, no torando, no npc, no way to run there. Help?Nocturnos7 Sep 4
Sep 4 Monk Mission Table I haven't played this gal for awhile & I can not find the mission table in the Monk class hall. Can someone please help me? Thanks so much!Kickachu3 Sep 4
Sep 4 Male Orc BM Appearance Do Orcs look good as Brewmaster? I'm thinking about making one to play with friends. Do anyone have any images of what Orc looks like with the artifact since it is a unique way of holding the weapon?Tinysteroid3 Sep 4
Sep 4 Have Monk Heals Been Nerfed in PvP? Feels like in pvp now I can't keep up. There is legit unhealable damage. Cocoon lasts about 2 seconds sometimes. In 2s have double melee not even using cc on me the just smash my spriest down instantly in a stun. I don't think it was this bad a month ago... Looking through the logs he is getting hit for between 500 and 700k sometimes back to back. Double DH is the worst. Double sub rogue. Rogue and warrior... Basically any melee. This is not fun anymoreCowardclass2 Sep 4
Sep 4 MW Monk a good choice for new pvp healer? Title basically. Wanted to make an alt for pvp healing, wanted one of the easier healers to start out with. Mainly just interested in arena but maybe will find myself playing RBG's as heals if I really enjoy the class. Thinking of MW, Rdruid or mayybe disc.Zomani4 Sep 4
Sep 4 Special delivery bugged? Was trying out leveling up a BM Monk and tried out the special delivery talent and it doesn't seem to be working?Ironlocked1 Sep 4
Sep 3 Why can undead be monks? Using Chi (Life energy) as an undead seems even more contradictory than using Light. Also, we literally have no flesh surrounding our joints, which would make hand-to-hand combat very unlikely. Not that I'm complaining, I love contradictory class/race combinations. Goblin Shaman is another good one.Vitaemortem14 Sep 3
Sep 3 MW T21 Set Bonuses Underwhelming from the looks of it. So our mastery procs an 8 second HoT that heals for -- according to the journal -- 30kish. Then my heals have a chance to send out a chi bolt at all players affecting by this HoT for 4k? I'm guessing these numbers are a bit off... I'm hoping these numbers are very wrong. These bonuses look really boring. I was hoping for something a bit more dynamic.Nôvak7 Sep 3
Sep 3 Pandaren Passive This is probably a noob question but does the Pandaren Passive Epicurean apply to brews that the Brewmaster uses such as Ironskin Brew?Gornbrellek1 Sep 3
Sep 3 Resto Shaman vs Mistweaver Monk I just bought a level 100 boost token and was pretty set on Mistweaver Monk. However, I ran into a snag. I had a level 90 boost from a while back that I used on a shaman that I didn't play because I dread going back to WoD. Boosting the Shaman will have the benefits of profession boosts but I am all about the gameplay. I love healing. It's been my go to role for quite a while. I know it'll probably be biased asking this question here, but should I boost a MW monk or a Resto Shaman? What are the pro's and con's of each class in end game?Gnostalgia8 Sep 3
Sep 2 MW Monk or Resto Shaman? I am trying to decide whether to make a Pandaren Mistweaver or a Dwarf Shaman. I have played MW before and it was fun, but I have never played shaman. The fact that they only use one element turned me off, until I realized they probably use the others for their offensive spells. So which has better lore, better artifact, better class hall, better viability, and is more fun to play (engaging, good animations, good ascetic)Jathel5 Sep 2
Sep 2 Need Advice on MW Healing Can someone please give me advice to improve my healing? I feel that I always wait for revival to arrive until I can massively burst my healing. Outside that, I always try to use vivivy or essence font for spam healing. When thunder focus tea is up, I always use the 2 available charges for enveloping mists. I also try to use sheilun gift, but it's just takes too long to cast. My largest problem is, I always quickly run out of mana despite only did medium amount of healing, even for trash pull. I almost always need to drink mana potion during boss fight. I main holy paladin, and mana is hardly ever be an issue for me. If you be kind enough, I am open to all suggestions, such as (but not limited to) - stat priority - heal rotation and spam heal - mana conservation - talent - legendary (I use leg and wrist. I also have sephuz, and cape) This is my log from normal fallen avatar Thank youOrphell8 Sep 2
Sep 2 Brewmaster difficulty I want to play a Brewmaster with a group of friends but I am afraid to try it because I am not a good player and I heard that it's difficulty comes from all the buttons you use where some other classes are hard based on strategy. I'm not a very good mechanic based player. How difficult is brewmaster?Tinysteroid4 Sep 2
Sep 1 brm magic mitigation sucks Feels like crap even with MV. Physical damage is lol ur like Superman durable but magic hits are like kryptoniteRubmykeg4 Sep 1
Sep 1 7.3 T21 WW Setup Seeing as these set bonuses are so garbage but being full 945s+ will outweigh the current ones just from agi alone, I'm assuming we won't have much of a choice but to drop the current 6 pc setup. I'd like to open the floor for some theorycrafting/discussion about what the new BiS leggos will be. I'm guessing it'll look something like helm+chest+serenity but I have no sims or PTR testing to back this up. The free blackout proc from helm should synergize nicely with the new garbage set bonuses. Still confused about what that extra chi will even contribute towards lol but /shrug. Anyone have thoughts? RIP 6.5 sec RSK :(Babexx3 Sep 1
Aug 31 Windwalker Relic Comparison Is Split Personality better (20 sec cd reduction on Storm, Earth and Fire) or Rising Winds (25% more damage on Rising Sun Kick). I am not using serenity build because I don't have any good legendary or Tier gear, I'm WDP spec. Please let me know? thank you.Lobatomy1 Aug 31
Aug 31 WW Challenge Fist Mogs (Devs?) I finally got the challenge skin the other day. I've wanted them badly ever since I laid eyes on them - the game Okami is a favorite of all time for me, and the base challenge skin is basically Okami! But I'm struggling with good mogs for them. Right now I'm wearing SoO tier with the base skin. It's a good match, but I'd love to get other ideas. I waded into Rated BGs for the green variant, which I love, and as far as I can tell, NOTHING goes with that one. I'm also wondering about mogs that go with the other two. So basically, share your ideas here! Jingjing should only use this skin for the rest of her life! But that shouldn't mean only wearing SoO tier.......... (And hey, it would be insanely awesome if somehow the artists that made this could weigh in on thoughts they had when they made these color combinations!!!)Jingshui4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Tier 21 brm set bonus Any one see the tier 21 brm data mined set bonus. They seem to me to be pretty interesting. Could make the chest bis again for dps and mitigation.Esho9 Aug 31
Aug 31 Glowing green after combat windwalker? Anyone else glowing transcendence green after combat? Its really annoying.Immortalcry2 Aug 31
Aug 31 New Monk Legendary in 7.2.5 - discuss! So with the new legendaries coming in 7.2.5, the monk one has been revealed to be a helm called The Wind Blows, which reduces SotWL's cd by 20% and makes your next BoK cost no chi. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Seems like for now current legendaries like KE and DHC would still be BiS, but I haven't done any PTR testing with this new one.Budasac3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Mistweaver advice? Hello! So... as the title says... I'm looking for some advice when it comes to my mistweaver! c: I wanna know how to improve, what I'm doing wrong, how I'm not casting this enough, and all that. So far, I think I don't have enough crit. ...And my mastery is probably over what is probably recommended. :P But still! Other than that, I'm curious on the things that could help me be better. I'm pretty sure the armory shows talents and all that... so I don't really need to go into that much. Anyway! This character is a little new, so she only has three legendaries. Soul of the Grandmaster, Shelter of Rin, and Doorway to Nowhere. I've looked at Icyveins, but I wanted to get some opinions from other mistweavers to see how they've found these legendaries. Here are my logs. c: I need to start trying to use logs myself honestly, haha. I'm a little bit of a noob if it isn't obvious. ((And I have no idea if it'll work to link... I hope it will!))Àvelynna14 Aug 31
Aug 31 Up to date MW PvP Guide? Poking around I didn't see anything. Where muh MW PvPers at?Zaxn6 Aug 31
Aug 31 Avoidance nerfed - How bad is for BrM ? ... seeing that BrM MASTERY is about this... so, is nerf for BrM? How bad ?Draksha6 Aug 31
Aug 30 Windwalker macro help Can someone please link me their windwalker macros so i can copy and past it please. Thank you kindly :)Chyloe2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Up to date MW PvP Guide? Poking around I didn't see anything. Where muh MW PvPers at?Zaxn1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Windwalker Artifact Severe Clipping I want to bring the clipping issues occurring with the windwalker artifact to the attention of the devs and hopefully get some good discussion going. For an appearance that many have worked hard to get, we are greeted on several races with clipping examples such as these This is unacceptable, not only do we not get to show off our weapons while they're sheathed like many other classes. But we are also greeted with examples such as these when they are unsheathed. This Reddit thread also voices the concerns of many Windwalkers that have gone through the trouble to acquire this new appearance. I hope that this issue can be resolved as these weapons are truly beautiful when they're not clipping through your characters legs.Zholik12 Aug 30
Aug 30 Any Brewmasters concerned with the Crucible? After giving it some thought I'm finding the mechanics behind the Netherlight Crucible more and more disturbing, so I thought I might share my reasoning and see if it really will be as bad as I'm thinking. As it stands currently Brewmasters (just like WW) scale poorly with weapon ilvl, to the point where our artifact weapon is a glorified stat stick. So relic traits become much more important for optimizing a BrM, and hence you will often see high performing Brewmasters having artifact weapons at a much lower ilvl. It is well established right now that having Face Palm relics for offense and Hot Blooded (or Potent Kick, to a lesser extent) relics for defense trump weapon ilvl by quite a large margin. So the solution to this unfortunate situation in the past was to run M+ in order to obtain these coveted relics. Now enter the Netherlight Crucible. If you were not aware previously, the Crucible makes it so that each relic has three random traits available to it as "secondary" traits. Seems great at first, right? Every relic has a chance to have Face Palm or Hot Blooded. Here comes the problem, however: you don't know which traits a relic has until you place it in the crucible. And furthermore, it becomes bound to your character and unable to be traded to other raid members after doing so. This puts me in the unfortunate situation where I am burning relic after relic looking for Face Palm, which is of course not feasible for my raid to put up with. I guess this doesn't change anything if I want desirable relic traits; I'll just have to continue running M+ hoping for good ones at decent ilvl. But still, it seems to be quite a horrible position to be in. What do you guys think? How will you be going about getting relics come the patch?Indubitable4 Aug 30
Aug 30 WW Antorus Set Bonuses Is this real? It is so underwhelming compared to what we have now. Has blizz said anything about changing it?Yangxiaolong1 Aug 30
Aug 30 My Akuma/Gouki Transmog USING GOOGLE URL SHORTENER FOR WOWHEAD'S URLS Here is what I came up with... (yes, my character's name, after all, comes from him): Basically Xuen's Battlegear but with Chi'ji's Meditation Spheres and the lvl 20 Monk Pilgrimage belt. Oh! And a headband so you don't cover your face. For weapon's its up to you. Head: or simply hide the helmet Shoulders: when implemented Chest: Beads!! Without covering the face!!! Wirst: / Doesnt really matter since gloves are gonna cover this. Hands: Belt: (from monk's pilgrimage at lvl 20) Legs: Feet: Now, if you cannot get your hands on those tiers (which I haven't myself), Nocturnal leggins and tunic are acceptable alternatives with these Head, Shoulders, feets and hands keeping the wirsts and waist (we loose the beads TT_TT ): Head: or simply hide the helmet Shoulders: or hide them Hands: Feet: In your Order Hall. On both alternative i'd hide the cloak and thats why I ddnt look for one. Edit: Any of the monk's pilgrimage belts work xD.Gôki0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Help with low level heals? I realize many heal specs suck for levelling compared to the past expansions, but is there anything I can do that would up healing output more than just a tiny fraction? Stuck with the looms I have and the junk I find, I am mainly curious since I had the same issue with HPal in 7.2.5.Rashagulu1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Did WW get a buff? I just checked my sims after the patch and my default DPS went up by 45k. I know we got versatility added to Touch of Karma and Touch of Death but that seems a bit too much of a buff for those. Was there anything else they did for us?Ránmá4 Aug 30
Aug 29 Stormfist: What is confirmed? Hello there. So, i've been trying to get this appearence for a few weeks now. Doing the scenario religiously every 3 days.. still nada. I just wanted to make this topic to ask for a little help here, because after so many tries i'm just felling i'm doing something wrong. I have some answers and questions, if anyone wants to help me out. Answers: -Score: Apparently there is no score limit. You can either do it with 200 score, 1000 score or even 0 score (not sure about the 0 score one). -Chests: From what i gathered, they drop directly from the final chests, don't know about the ones you get during the run (little and big ones). -Tries: Apparently, there is no "do x tries and get it on the y trie". My questions: -Is there a chance to drop it on the other chests? Will it helps if i collect then? -Is there, by any chance, something that triggers it? Like, going to a specific part of the scenario, getting a specific chest and all that? -Do i need an X amount of withered in the end to increase my chances (i know, dumb question)? -Is there anyother thing i'm missing out during the scenario? Oh and i have almost all the itens that makes your withered go berserk and all that. Thanks for the attetion. <3Jayzebra3 Aug 29
Aug 29 A glyph to help WW weapon visibility problems Any ascetically minded windwalker is aware that we have a host of problem with regards to our weapons. One of those problems is that our weapons will seemingly disappear and re-appear in the middle of combat. The problem is simple: Tiger Palm. It makes sense - an ability with *palm* in it's name should strike with the palm, but moving the character model's hand in such a way would be weird and crazy with a weapon equipped, so they just made the weapon invisible for the attack. This problem is made more apparent if you are using abilities strictly on the GCD. If you keep using abilities immediately on GCD after using tiger palm, your weapons will not 're-appear' like they're supposed to after being hidden for the tiger palm animation. For example, if you have 5 chi, do Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick (all queued together on GCD), then your weapons will not be visible for the entirety of your combo. But if you just wait a couple seconds after Tiger Palm, you'll see your weapons re-appear, and then be visible for all the kicks you can do with your chi. My solution: Glyph of Jab. A glyph you can put on Tiger Palm that will replace the animation to actually use your weapon. It's honestly been too long for me to remember if the old Jab spell animation used fist weapons (there were a LOT of changes to how monks actually used their weapon animations in MoP), but I'm just hoping for a quick and dirty way to use a weapon strike rather than the Tiger Palm animation. I agree that it would be a bit weird if Tiger Palm by default did not use an actual palm animation (and I honestly like the Tiger Palm animation if I'm using the hidden fist weapons for maximum Kung-Fu feeling), which is why I think a glyph is the perfect solution to this problem. Doubly so if Blizz and re-use an existing animation such as Jab (hopefully). Maybe it's too late in the expansion to expect anything, and maybe all of the numerous problems with monk weapon animations will be fixed by 8.0, or will never be fixed, but seeing Paladin get a fun little divine steed glyph this patch gives me a little bit of hope.Sermet0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Chi orbit? I got the legendary ring, Is it possible to disable to chi orbit animation? its so annoying.Immortalcry15 Aug 29
Aug 29 MW vs Resto Rant Man I love my druid and have played one for so damn long, he is Equally geared as my monk ... But the difference In Healing is Night and Day , I struggle with trying to keep people alive on my Druid , My druid feels clunky I have mana issues on my druid . My monk ... Ah , what a relief , Heals just flow like butter , its so easy to keep people up, No mana issues what so ever . Really wish I discovered this character in Mist , I'm hanging up the coat on the druidMothamonker14 Aug 29
Aug 29 BM - Pulling aggro with damage? I am having a problem tanking and taking aggro via damage. I never have problems when co-tanking with a dk or warrior, but for some reason when tanking with druid, dh, and pali I always take aggro off if I put out the most damage I can. I don't even have the dps legendaries (shoulders/chest) and I'm still watching my aggro creep past 100% if I'm not careful. Me and my guild co-tank (pali) are both geared, he's even higher than me at like 934. But still I'm having these problems and having to pull back on my dps is a bit annoying to say the least (especially on something like mistress where I need to keep aggro on adds with my aoe) Are there any other brewmasters out there with this problem? Thanks fam!Primemonster3 Aug 29
Aug 28 Survival or Windwalker I'm interested in both classes but need a direction to go with this decision. Honestly I would like to play the class that has the least difficult time doing end game content, I've watched videos and I can tell I will have fun on both, I know both are in somewhat poor standing currently but would prefer to play the one that's in a better position.Deadlightt7 Aug 28
Aug 28 New patch another zen pilgrimage bug!! New patch means more monk zen pilgrimage bugs. After patch installed for 7.3, Zen pilgrimage no longer returns you inside of instance now places you outside of it. I checked the patch notes and did not see if this has been changed or is a stealth nerf to monks. Anyone else having same issues?Gawdcomplex1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Advice on progression (Legendary wise) So while I am only 93 right now I am looking for some advice. This is my monk alt and I am looking to play around with Brewmaster and Mistweaver. With the way legendaries system goes, I am looking for advice on for which spec I should focus my legendaries on. What type of content am I focused on for this toon I think is an important factor. For this toon I am only going up to heroic raiding and probably +15 keys at most. So I guess I am trying to figure out out of the two specs, which spec would be worth to farm legendaries first as far as performance goes for selected specs. I hope this is making sense its still early here. TY for your time! :DLèmuel1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Can RJW get massively buffed so that it's better than hit combo? Thanks.Suspended14 Aug 28
Aug 28 Help - Choosing Monk for leveling, pug (myth+/raid) and FUN... better monk tank or monk healer? now, leveling, both spec lookslike fun...but for ending game, what is better? Wanted to know your satisfactions and frustrations playing with tank and/or healer. PS: I gave up on WW because low performance in raid (seeing wowlogs) and Difficulty for DPS to get invite for myth+/raid(pug)Ukiel13 Aug 28
Aug 27 WW starting to feel like trash. I was enjoying the general feel after a long break and geared this guy up to 900 then started on an alt, only then did I realize how little DPS I am doing for the effort im putting in. My arms warrior and aff lock are miles ahead in terms of ease of use and DPS. It's a little discouraging since 7.3 has no DPS buffs.Megahurtz25 Aug 27
Aug 26 WW/Spriest Wep Transmog Please blizzard... lessen your grip on transmog. I don't mean to sound needy but this whole problem started in cata..... I mained a rogue which basically meant that I only used daggers... daggers only transmog into daggers.... MoP was glorious as a monk... fist weps.. swords... maces everywhere! Yea it sucks that you couldn't mog the fist weps into other types but you could at least mix and match the others. Sometimes I even had a fist In my off hand or mainhand and another weapon type in the opposite hand allowing for even more variation.. WoD was similarly a positive environment for weapon tmog besides being forced into fist weapon mogs early on in Highmaul. Enter the artifact weapon system and everything goes down the tubes... I started the expansion as a shadow priest... yea... daggers and that's it. Sucks a lot! Now I am back to playing my monk and as someone who has collected many of the unique fist weapon skins in the game I have to say that the options suck.. and in almost every case the weapon clips halfway into my legs and comes out through my knees. TL;DR blizzard needs to lessen restrictions on specific weapon types when it comes to transmog, I get that it doesn't work with some attack animations but I don't care.. make it work.Gleyal0 Aug 26