Apr 11 I miss Serenity Storm, Earth and Fire is boring and not fun to use. Make Serenity Good AgainHitt31 Apr 11
Apr 11 Hidden monk skin, how many times a day How many times a day can i do it? i can't find any info on this. I did it twice after eachother when i first started it. But i can't seem to do it again. Is it a daily or can i only do it once a week?Gnonk2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Mage tower WW appearance issue Hey there, For those that have managed to get the appearance, or anyone that's seen it in game, are you guys as disappointed as I am about how bad it clips into your character? Since the "buff" to BE female wep size and the way these they hold fists pointed inward, I can barely even see the blades while standing around. They clip entirely into and through my legs. Very sad that something that took so much work is so immersion-ruiningly-unusable. I find that I can't even stand seeing them because this issue is so outrageously obvious. Hopefully at least a few of you feel the same? #bringbacksmallwepmodels #allthatworktohideitKwu5 Apr 11
Apr 11 Some awareness moving forward in 7.2 w ToS so I wrote this little peice to illustrate some issues with Windwalkers in the present before we move into future content. Mainly issues with resource spending, transitioning between damage styles, and in a way the issues with T19 / T20 tier sets and the potential requirement to switch between these sets simply because we dont get to deal damage the same way everyone else does and selecting the tier set that buffs the ability we're going to devote all of our time into using is the most logical solution. It hurts as a player and it hurts the spec to be held to this WCL standard of more or less padding or "parsing blue", being a liability for single target damage, constantly hearing "just get a ____ they do what we do better" People are picking up alts and out damaging there windwalker mains because the strength of our class comes from accidental cleave basically or full blown devotion to AoE by sacrificing everything related to single target.Talby0 Apr 11
Apr 10 Clique and soothing mist AMA (pvp) I haven't found any solutions online for this, so figured I'd come to the forums... I'm wanting to use AMA more, but it's tough to use it with my playstyle, as I have been using clique with ElvUI to heal for at least 5-6 years now. Is there a way to make soothing mists-AMA to work with clique?Stonëheart2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Just a fun observation ... WW monk + kiljaedens Burning wish = hudoken lol. Just saying :-)Ursor2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Thanks for MW improvements Thanks blizz for giving us 4 amazing new weapon traits. Having a shorter revival, and being able to have way faster clouds and being able to use them as an aoe healing (all that with super low mana cost) has really improved my healing. Now I can use a super low mana cost healing rotation when there is low raid DMG incoming ( effuse x 12 - artifact weapon aoe healing if needed + chi burst if needed) saving my mana for the high dmg bursts. The option of having 2 free raid wide healings with no mana cost (chi burst and new gold trait) is amazing and having revival so often gives us just way more burst. People complaining that MW monk has mana issues should really focus on learning how to use this new gold trait and chi burst efficiently and stop spamming essence font. We just have more options now, let's learn how to use them efficiently.Karugarr11 Apr 10
Apr 10 A question to Brewmaster monks ! Why do you play brewmaster monk? Do you feel safer playing with it ? Do you think you survive more than if you played other tank ?Nelfshame23 Apr 10
Apr 10 Whispers of Shaohao I am hoping someone can shed some light on this for me: Tooltip: Consuming the Mists of Sheilun causes each active mist to additionally heal a nearby target for 200% spell power. My question(s): Does the additional healing affect an ally near the mist? Near me? Near the target I am healing?Nôvak1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Can we update SEF's animation please You would think that a cooldown would look much better than this... I mean at least make it wear the gear we currently are wearing and not put us in some robe with the shado-pan hat. Even if people would be upset about making SEF wear our gear, maybe let it be a glyph option? Edit: I haven't played my Monk in a while and I noticed they at least removed that huge Keg that used to be on the Earth one.Osamu8 Apr 10
Apr 9 Whispers of Shaohao Quick question about our new golden trait that I couldn't find anywhere. Can the extra healing from whispers of shaohao critically strike? And is it worth going straight for it? Hoping for answers from someone that actually has the trait and not just speculationSlcwinder6 Apr 9
Apr 9 Chi Ex I'd like it if they figured out a way to bring this back and replace chi orbit with it. Would be cool if they could make it work off a stack system similar to sck for a pure aoe build or something like that. Just somethin to mix things up.Faung5 Apr 9
Apr 9 WW damage question hi guys i have use simcraft and i do 420 k dps with ilvl 877 its it enough? thanksHyandra19 Apr 9
Apr 9 Trinket list Has anyone seen a list that shows the weight of healing trinkets? i've been looking but haven't found an updated one. If you can help me that would be amazing.Sumar4 Apr 9
Apr 9 Please revert Katsuo's Eclipse Hi Blizzard, The fun I'm having this patch with my monk has all but plummeted. I had a 1chi FoF for well over a majority of my windwalker playtime. Now that I have to get used to the 3-chi FoF (because now the boots aren't as viable) with CJL chestpiece, I feel like I have no more resources to do anything. I lost over 40% of my blackout kick casts and CJL just doesn't feel like a monk ability. I'm sitting around waiting for crap to do and having to self-stun myself every ~30sec (with CJL) just to stay viable. The 3-chi, hell, even the 2-chi FoF rotation is incredibly oppressive. It's extremely punishing and hard to time and is completely mucked up at the slightest "GTFO" mechanic. It requires way more attention to my resources and it noticeably makes it harder to play without any tangible benefit. Losing any ticks of FoF due to "GTFO" mechanics is now 3 times as punishing. It shouldn't be this way. With [old] Katsuo's, I was excited every time FoF came up. Now I dread the moment I see FoF halfway done cooling down because with the 2p bonus it means I'm effectively doing nothing for the next 10sec because I can't spend any more chi on blackout kicks lest I miss a RSK or FoF. It doesn't feel right. Not to mention, New katsuo's completely mucks up our ability to not need EE to fill a ToD window with every chi-spender and WDP. That utility is gone. That was the best utility out of the boots by far. Now I have to choose between EE in ToD, or saving EE when I could legitimately use the extra energy (More often than not, it feels like using EE to fill a ToD window always coincides with a high energy bar and no chi... kinda like at the beginning of fights). It doesn't feel good. Seriously Blizzard, revert this change immediately. I'm honestly more excited about leveling up a fresh toon to replace my monk than to keep grinding him in preparation for Tomb. You gave us the catch-up mechanics in 7.2 to do this, maybe that's the message you're trying to send with the Katsuo's change? That my class is worthlessly hard so I should just switch classes? 1-chi FoF feels right. It's already a self-silence, there's absolutely no way that that isn't enough to make it 1-chi baseline. Our "most powerful/iconic ability" shouldn't both self-silence us AND cost an oppressive amount of resources.Brewstep58 Apr 9
Apr 9 MW PVP Artifact Trait path 7.2 I'm only at 37 artifact traits and don't know if I should go down the new trait path or upgrade my existing traits. What do you MW PVPers think?Distortiøn4 Apr 9
Apr 8 Can't find any reliable info on this Just recieved KJ's Burning wish today, and I already have the drinking horn bracers, as well as the fists of fury boots. Since the nerfs to the boots/bracers, would it be worth swaping one out for the trinket? If so, which one? Can't find any sims/info on this. All I know is that the chest is now BIS.Senseilimb5 Apr 8
Apr 8 Life Cocoon Why is life cocoon the most worthless 'CD' in pvp?Clammyjonez5 Apr 8
Apr 8 Best Trinkets for Windwalker? So, is there a trending best trinket combo now? Most BIS sites just say use whatever.Fistz9 Apr 8
Apr 8 Handy MW PvP Macros (2400 player) Someone was inquiring what macros I use, so I figure if I'm going to reply to him, I may as well make a post about it since I'm putting a fair amount of effort into it. Enjoy. -------------------------------------------------- Ring of peace without a green circle at cursor location. ... Ring of peace at your location ... One every mistweaver should have: ... Trinket combination. I also use the reverse of this as well on another button. ... Cocoon on target (will not use it without a target). So if your target dies, or is in a smoke bomb, it won't pop your cocoon on yourself when you try to use it on them. ... Cocoon at self ... Enveloping mist target macro, includes a stipulation for AMA. ... Self version of the above macro ... Effuse target macro, includes a stipulation for AMA as well. ... Self version of the above macro ... Power Effuse, includes AMA ... Power effuse at self, includes AMA ... Paralysis on your focus target if you have one, if not, Para on your current target. ...Fox7 Apr 8
Apr 8 WW 7.2 DPS issues I came back to the game before 7.2 after having taken a break right about when ToV came out. At the moment I'm struggling to pull good single target damage, comparatively to other classes. For example, in my guild raids, the DK is doing at least 150k more than I am. My multi target damage is doing well, assuming I have enough time to build up some stacks for SCK. Basically, I'm trying to figure out how I can increase my single target damage. All my relics are FoF, I use SEF when both FoF and SotW are ready, keep combo strikes up full time, and otherwise prioritize as I'm supposed to. I'm not fond of my trinkets at the moment, but there isn't much I can do about that.Quadav2 Apr 8
Apr 8 ama with healium i use ama in arenas but can not seem to figure out how to put it in a macro to use with Healium addon i use that will allow me to heal the player i want with out having to manually focus them. since it is not like other spells that you just drag to the healium frame and it is good to go i have no idea how to write it. any suggestions?Thebadguy3 Apr 8
Apr 8 Thinking of race changing I'm thinking about changing to a female panda for my monk, but I'm concerned about any clipping issues I might have. I have a dwarf warrior that I hate because any weapon on his back either clips through his cloak or is too long and drags through the ground and for some reason it makes it unplayable. I feel like I'm playing my monk wrong if it's not a squishy panda and I hope to be one soon.Rawnblade1 Apr 8
Apr 8 (PVP) Jade Statue not working Hello, is anyone else having a problem where jade statue doesn't channel soothing mist ONLY when targeting self? The statue heals my teammates (although it's clunky and buggy even with a stopcasting macro) but doesn't heal myself (The statue will channel soothing mist, however it does not heal). If anyone knows how to fix it or is having this bug as well please comment. edit: this is only with the talent ancient mistweaver artsFlappybirdjr1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Brewmaster confusion So I've never tanked in all my years of playing WOW so I made monk to be my first tank. First of all I'm not too sure what I'm really doing with the different defensive cooldowns. I kinda just click on the brews randomly throughout fights when they are up. Secondly I don't entirely understand the thing with healing spheres and how to proc them etc. I just realized expel harm may be important for my rotation which I never knew so that's good haha. Any tips on the different brews, healing spheres, and expel harm?Chakrra2 Apr 8
Apr 7 WW taking more damage now (pve)? I'm not sure if its scaling issues on broken shore, or what, but I swear my survivability went down with 7.2 I used to be fearless on my monk, the survival abilities(pve) were very good, while on my demon hunter, I was far more cautious as the healing for that class didn't compare to the WW healing. Now its almost as if my DH has better survivability than my monk, I often get taken to half health, where before I was nearly always at full. Anyone else notice this in PvE? I am wondering if this is just one more reason there are so many DH now, and so few windwalkers around..Felrond2 Apr 7
Apr 7 Damage cap on staggered Too bad that's not the April Fool's day joke.Shogi14 Apr 7
Apr 7 WW: Do I have the wrong colour appearance? In the intro sequence and also in our order hall, our challenging appearance is the white-coloured one. But the one on our hands is the green one, and the white one says it needs 10 RBG wins to unlock. Is it backwards? Should we really have the white one instead?Barthalomew5 Apr 7
Apr 7 Reevaluate Serenity and Hit Combo in PvP For a while now SEF and Xuen have been the only options for WWs in PvP because the serenity nerfs (both pvp-template and CDR) and hit combo nerfs (50% nerf in PvP only) made them nonviable choices in arena. SEF should have a place in arena, and the improvements to it were much needed, but it shouldn't be the only viable option. In PvE both specs can work, but in PvP WWs have been cornered into using Xuen and SEF which has become problematic for the following reasons: SEF continues to have bugs that result in DPS loss. One known bug this patch, for example, is that the images do not channel FoF immediately after being summoned. These types of bugs are particularly frustrating in PvP. WWs have very few talent 'options' in PvP. Chi orbit and serenity are never played. Hit combo was nerfed too severely making the also nerfed Xuen still the only option. Xuen breaks a lot of CC but provides good extended burst and was the alternative to the sustained damage of hit combo. As a reminder, Xuen was initially buffed to give WWs more talent options. This backfired when it turned out to do way too much damage. Instead of just tuning down Xuen, hit combo was nerfed even more severely than Xuen. Serenity was changed in a way that would have been a nerf in PvP but no template adjustments were made. That is, serenity has been nerfed in every aspect of the game (perhaps justifiably at the time) but it was never reevaluated. I hate to compare specs because it invites an entirely different type of discussion but at the moment many DPS specs in arena have a DPS CD comparable to serenity that has not been nerfed or is just as strong as serenity was pre-nerfs. WWs were nerfed in a very important and in, some would say, uncalled for way: FoF stun was reduced by 1 second. Some people complained that Serenity allowed WWs to fist 'too often' because they would get stun locked. This FoF nerf, plus the CDR changes, makes that less of a problem now. In 7.2 WW appear to be less competitive than many other specs. Serenity is once again being used in PvE due to changes this patch. This reminds us of how fun and somewhat skillful playing serenity can be. It feels a lot smoother and more reliable than trying to rely on images in PvP. I really hope blizzard will consider making serenity and hit combo viable options in PvP again. To sum up, instead of template changes to agility or overall damage, I think WWs need to have talent options in PvP. Serenity and hit combo should be reevaluated as viable options. I don't think many people are content with always having to take Xuen and WDP in arena. However, Serenity and Hit Combo will not be used unless at least some of the nerfs to those talents are reverted.Metrical13 Apr 7
Apr 7 God-Tier, the ascension of the Brewmaster. Hello everyone, I'm a relatively newish Brewmaster monk. I am currently 3/10H NH and am looking to improve my monk game so that I not only have more fun with the spec, but also more independence as a tank. I have heard stories and always see discussions come up that whenever players rate tanks. It always goes Guardian/Paladin/Warrior/VH/Monk.... However, if the monk is good, the Monk is always the best tank. Is this true? Are monks capable of reaching this so called God-Tier of playing? How would one go about doing this?Azshiiri2 Apr 7
Apr 7 Drinking Horn Cover tool tip bug Hello. I recently got the bracers and it has a weird display bug. It is showing at 0.1 instead of 0.4. It shows correct on the armory. I tried deleting my cache but the issue remain. I was wondering if anyone is encountering the same issue or has any idea on how to fix.. thank you in advanceMdh3 Apr 7
Apr 7 The Highlord's Return help? Have any of you Brewboyos managed to down this? I'm 909 equipped and doing Nether adds > eyes > boss > infernals. Using consumables, etc. Any of you champs got any advice? I thought I was a good Brewmaster up till now, have never got my !@# kicked so hard.Shern6 Apr 7
Apr 7 Mana costs for MW needs to be adjusted This has been my feeling the whole expac. I find myself having to decide to heal conservatively and save mana for the last phases of boss fights, or pull some throughput to compete with other healers, but then run out of mana way earlier then everyone else. This discrepancy is more pronounced with MW then other healing classes ( I heal on a shaman as well). I understand Blizz's logic about having to be selective with spell usuage and such, but I feel not on par with other healers in their choice between througput and mana conservation. I hope Im not the only MW feeling this way.Leisiulong22 Apr 7
Apr 7 WW Races, Belf feels required Used to be a blood elf WW monk, recently race changed to Undead. Not having an emergency chi as a third for SCK, or for covering mistakes like not enough chi for FoF is terrible. Not to mention how OP doing an aoe silence is for m+ dungeons. I regret changing to the race I want to. The raw dmg difference in a short window of being at 2 chi no energy vs a Belf in the same situation is too huge. Buff weaker racials, or have Blood Elf give just Energy instead. I don't think DK's get free rune recharges with their racial, or rogues combo points. Edit: also Pandaren get no benefit from theirs during leveling or questing when they don't eat food, I am sure giving them half of their racial even when they don't have a food buff would be too hard (like for arenas). /endrantFiréguard15 Apr 7
Apr 7 Mistweaver Macro Bug? So i havent played in a while and i got on my mistweaver monk. I have macros for all the basic healing spells for mouseover but none of them are working please help. Here is one of them #showtooltip Enveloping Mist /cast (target=mouseover) Enveloping MistBoomtaztic4 Apr 7
Apr 6 Dear Brewmaster's Just curious.. I've been playing a monk for a while well since mop. With legion and the changes brought about by 7.2, do you feel like ur taking more damage then normal and also our self healing is it % base from our healing spheres or just a base amount.. cause unlike other classes that all seem to heal way more then we do through self healing and absorbs. I find my self just spamming expel harm when I hit 35% and just non stop spamming it hoping for a big orb to drop so I can do a few more attacks before I start spamming expel harm again. Anyone find this bothersome?Adevia9 Apr 6
Apr 6 windwalker gloves legendary Question ok, so without the gloves, my ToD starts at 1.7 mil (50% of my HP), and ramps up to 3.5 with my burst. but WITH the gloves, it starts at 2.38 mil (as it should), but won't ramp up past 3.2 mil? meanwhile my guildy is pulling a 3.5 mil ToD without gloves, and 5.4 mil with. what did I break?!Onedrunkmonk14 Apr 6
Apr 6 Chest legendary for ww Hey fellow monks! i just got chest legendary for my ww monk. is it good or better than belt legandary?Deathdeny6 Apr 6
Apr 6 WW damage in pvp I am consistently the lowest damage in arena. Any other WWs experience this? In games longer than 5 mins I'm outdamaged by basically every other melee and usually by casters as well unless they're the ones being sat on. I just played a 2s game where I was on a spriest basically the whole game, he didn't juke me much, and somehow he outdamaged me by 30%. Is it just me or does WW do !@#$ all for damage in pvp?Sarasa12 Apr 6
Apr 6 Are we the underdog class? I feel as if our class is kind of overlooked by Blizzard in ways I can't seem to explain. We are the least played class, which might be why I feel this way, but I feel like we don't give the same thrills as other classes, like order halls and animations... Can someone reassure me that we are the master-class?Notserious31 Apr 6
Apr 6 Splinters of Agronax trinket - WW Any other WW no is picked one of these up? I just got a 905 one this week and it seems like the damage scales with hit combo. You can see the trinket reacting actively as you increase your stacks when your character screen is active much like equipping the nightbane chest with any of it's related items. When I did a (no cooldowns) aim of the trinket on our (GOD AWFUL) targets in our class hall, it was a surprisingly large dps increase over my 890 trinket off spellblade (~65k DPS increase on those sometimes-multitarget dummies). Was this because perhaps the hotfixes of "gained stat" trinkets bug hadn't gone through yet, or is this trinket really that good? Thoughts/other peoples' sims very welcome :).Slimstar1 Apr 6
Apr 6 7.2 Ei'thas buff. so, how are you guys finding the new legendary mistweaver boots? i've been shooting for these and i was wondering if that was the right choice, or, if i should swap toward trinkets to try and get a Velen's? i know Velen's is the right choice, but, i just find Ei'thas as a more interesting option since it buffs Vivify. i imagine Velen's is still far and away the best choice, but eh.Cherché2 Apr 6
Apr 5 How did you come up with your name? Guys, I've seen the name rating threads, but often see a name and wonder, how a person came up with it, or what it means to them. Usually there's a story. With mine, I saw monks and panderan in general as a people that love their exotic brews, always trying to perfect them. When I saw other monks having a hard time in content, I would tell them they should have drank more, since they empower you. So when I made my monk, the name seemed fitting. Tell me your story? :)Drinkmore152 Apr 5
Apr 5 866 ww monk mage tower epic fight guys Apr 5
Apr 5 Artifact Challenge is Dissappointing I'm okay with it being difficult, that's not the issue here. The Challenge simply has nothing to do with "mastering" MW monk. When all the other classes are included in the same challenge it takes away from the actual mastery of one individual class. It relies heavily on legendaries and IL as well as other classes having an advantage over others based on their classes' utility. I enjoy that it's challenging, I'm just disappointed that it has little to do with mastery of your class. I just think it should have been more individualistic to one specific class spec.Skooter7 Apr 5
Apr 5 WW and the Mage tower From what I've gathered from the forums so far a lot of players are struggling with the mage tower. With some classes having an easier time than others due to having better CC, self healing and kiting. How is it so far with WW? What mechanics do the bosses do that I should know and what advice do you have for those who attempted it so far as a WW? I would like to know when I attempt it later when I'm done work.Shëntzu38 Apr 5
Apr 5 Windwalker Artifact Severe Clipping I want to bring the clipping issues occurring with the windwalker artifact to the attention of the devs and hopefully get some good discussion going. For an appearance that many have worked hard to get, we are greeted on several races with clipping examples such as these This is unacceptable, not only do we not get to show off our weapons while they're sheathed like many other classes. But we are also greeted with examples such as these when they are unsheathed. This Reddit thread also voices the concerns of many Windwalkers that have gone through the trouble to acquire this new appearance. I hope that this issue can be resolved as these weapons are truly beautiful when they're not clipping through your characters legs.Zholik8 Apr 5
Apr 5 We ww monks are forgotten again Is it me or is the new legion assault transmorgs do not have fist weapons...Kokonut0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Mistwalk 7.2 if you do not know, Mistwalk was removed in 7.2 and replaced with Chi wave. On the PTR chiwave heals like a level 60 bandage it is really horrible. I am hoping other monks will support the cause to keep Mistwalk. There are many other talents that need reworked or removed rather than Mistwalk. I can agree with those of you that would rather it be a PVP talent. Though I do not want it removed all together especially for a talent that is just blah. #SAVEMISTWALKJdam30 Apr 5
Apr 5 Brewmaster Mage tower So after giving about 15 attempts I can say this is a force to be reckoned with. Guardians seem to be the only tank (At this moment) Getting past Phase 1 by breaking it. They're using kitty form into CC to do stop the aura of dread from spawning under the boss. (A maximum 8% HP reduction that stacks every 3 seconds for like a 12 second duration.) I've met one brew on his best attempt he got to 45% on the first phase. I have not managed to get past 60% I just go down due to Adds and damage I cannot heal through. This is a rant but also a suggestion page for brewmasters on how to complete this hornets nest. I'm sure there will be hotfixes coming soon to address some of the issues. Overall this seems nearly impossible for brewmaster (That's being optimistic.) Keep in mind at the time I'm writing this post the tower has only been available for 4 hours. I'm sure there is something were all doing wrong. -Prot pally and DK bosses have 89 Million HP. Druids, warriors, and Monks have 45 Million HP (Inquisitor) -Invis potting and paralysis' the inquisitor doesn't work to stop the aura from spawning. -If facing away from adds you are knocked away after there cast is completed. -As a tip use paralysis to stop his life drain cast. It's safer then stepping onto the aura to interupt him. -The small adds debuff is a short duration. You can kite them out with chi torpedo/roll/leg sweep. -Infernals damage themselves down to 15% HP. Not sure if you can kite them to the point where there AoE pulse doesn't damage you. -Use orbs to give you a breathier to drop add stacks/stop infernal damage. -Place transendance near the inquisitor. Incase you fail the infernal knock off mechanic you can hit transendance transfer quickly to avoid getting knocked off the platform. I'll update this with suggestions and confirmations as people comment with methods/potential strats. I'd also like to point out that I'm typically not the player to complain about hard content but to be honest this seems rather over tuned/more difficult for certain tank roles. Without much self healing options it makes me wonder if they designed this for brewmaster to do with having next teir's 2 set.Crayolas19 Apr 5