Jun 22 Monk ? - Feedback appreciated I ran into a Tank spec monk in a WPVP zone. He dodged / parried every attack and took no damage from any source (including artifact) I had over those course of about 15 sec. He killed me quicker than any tank spec ever has. I repeated this several time in short periods with other dps on him. It did seem he take some damage from casters magic but I have never seen someone completely immune to melee damage. I would assume a tank would have some form of mitigation that may give short term 100% dodge / parry but I have never seen anything like this and wanted feedback before I accuse someone of cheating. Whatever this effect was it was up every time I engaged him. TYMortus11 Jun 22
Jun 22 brm needs nimble brew back guard gone ? blk out kick =shuffle gone ok ! but why would u take away our stun/fear break for pve doing a quest and the elite I was fighting kept fear bombing me and reseting i know it was a bug and that's kool but getting feard for 5 secs as a brm sux when your getting feared running away getting hit from behind and sent in to a pack of elites and droping like a brick ! idk about the rest of you but seeing how they want us to relay on our beers don't u think we should get nimble back or atleast a passiv stun/fear reductionOìshi4 Jun 22
Jun 22 Which leggos are you BrMs upgrading first? Just curious on which legendaries all the Brewmasters are deciding to upgrade first. I just got the 970 helm which is nice, but for me personally it would be either chest/stagger ring or chest/trinket.Rëlic7 Jun 22
Jun 22 Tracking RJW The duration and CD of this seems to have changed, yes? I think before the duration and CD were 1:1 so whenever it was available you could cast it. Now it seems the duration is longer than the CD with a cap of 10s. You don't need to cap it but you should notice that you might be wasting GCDs by applying it too soon. Food for thought.Caskbreaker2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Brewmasters... are any of you using an addon to help you keep track of ISB time now that we have to actually pay attention to it? If so, which one? I just installed TellMeWhen but I havent had a chance to play with it yet.Shinchan10 Jun 22
Jun 22 BrM and ISB Cap - From Dynamic to Dreadful I cannot believe that this 24 second cap is what went live. It just reinforces the meme that NOBODY at Blizz plays a monk. I went from having an interesting and demanding play style of weaving purify and ISB to achieve the strongest position for the rest of the fight, to being A GOD DAMN MACRO. Why? Because now there isn't a single thought in this rotation besides: Can I purify without dropping ISB? There is no choice in how I'm using brews anymore, I'm clinging to ISB and slipping in purify when I know it's not going to cause ISB to drop. I can't purify twice without having to drop another CD to cover the ISB loss. I can't even spend downtime preparing for future damage anymore, just standing there like a retard hoping BoB is back up when I'm taking damage again and trying to pull every single purify with BoC and tier set TP. In b4 "Get the darkmoon trinket" and "just wait for the set bonus", that BS doesn't stand up to the fact that mid expansion, a week before the biggest raid, my whole play style gets thrown in the garbage. Maybe it will be just as strong in time, but I can say for sure that it will never be as engaging. The hell is wrong with you, blizz, that you couldn't figure out a more appropriate nerf? I'D PLAY A WARRIOR OR A DRUID IF I WANTED THIS BRAIN DEAD DEFENSIVE ROTATION.Laghima36 Jun 22
Jun 22 WDP? So is wdp really that far behind serenity now? During 7.2 it was close enough where it didnt matter too much. But after reading through the last few articles over at peak, I havnt even seen it mentioned. It looks like serenity or nothing at the moment. If you raid that is.. Thanks in advanceSashaahh4 Jun 22
Jun 22 Windwalker Xuen Feels Weak So I've been reading patches, and looking into 7.2.5, and it appears that we're going to maintain the same simple cookie cutter hit combo build. I just feel so cornered in my talents. Part of the reason I play WW and chose WW to begin with was Xuen is one of the coolest talents in the game IMO, yet if I try to use it in any scenario in current patch, it's weak and under performs compared to Hit Combo. Why is it that Xuen hasn't received a buff, and also, are we going to be at the bottom of the meters forever :( I just being a class that requires A+ effort to be on par with a C+ Hunter or FOTM spec.Gubby6 Jun 22
Jun 22 Energy seems slow? For some reason my Energy on my WW Monk feels like its coming back significantly slower after the patch got added. Like before the patch, I could at least keep my rotation going for a good period of time, then pop Elixir, and then I'd be able to keep my rotation going long enough for Elixir to come off CD. But now, I run out of Energy so fast and I can't keep up. I didn't get any gear upgrades since before the patch so all my gear is the same, meaning my haste % has stayed the same. I end up running out of steam about 30 seconds into Elixir's CD and it gets to the point where I have to sit around for a few seconds so I can get enough energy to TP again to keep my HC going. It's really throwing me off, like I can barely keep my energy up to even do my rotation at all. I'm just really curious if anybody else is noticing this at all, or if it's just me for some reason.Silicana6 Jun 22
Jun 22 Monks need Super Saiyan Would be dopeAndissiel23 Jun 22
Jun 22 Monk Idea: Sha as Resource Monk Idea: Energy just kind of feels, not in line with the class. And to be honest, using energy to build chi points feels pretty much no different than using energy to build combo points mechanic wise. So talking about classes and expansions with guildies, we sort of came up with the concept of windwalker monks balancing sha and chi energies. The Sha were a great aspect of Mists and they are intertwined into both monks and pandarens quite tightly, it feels a little odd that there's no call-back to them. Mechanics wise, it could be more like how old boom-kin druid used to be, having to maneuver your rotation to always be in balance. Use a lot of sha resource moves and it empowers your next chi cost move, and visa versa. It would be kind of a cool thing to get those sha particle effects going around your deadly punches and kicks. Just a thought to try and push monk to feel more uniquely monk class in the resource mechanic.Fistofpanda20 Jun 22
Jun 21 WW is such a slept on spec Title says it all.Cheesedìp3 Jun 21
Jun 21 New Leggo Ring -- new possible talent? When equipped it "gives" us Chi Orbit. But we already have chi orbit unless...they're gonna remove it?!?Cåiñ4 Jun 21
Jun 21 Legendary question For mw, is Prydaz better than Unison Spaulders? Or are there certain instances where one would trump the other. TY :)Bruise5 Jun 21
Jun 20 BrM changes Explain the whole ISB 24 cap problem to me like im stupid. At first I thought it meant you could only get up to 24 seconds on ISB until you had to let it fall off and re apply it so it was like you could only stack max ISB buff for 24 seconds. Then I realized the buff doesn't even stack (I might actually be stupid). So can't you still have 100% uptime? How'd it work before? Should I be trying to use them close together now or wait till its about to expire to re use?Footpunch6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Inc. Brew Nerfs for June 20th Stagger now has 40% effectiveness against Magic damage (was 50%). Brewmaster Monk Tier 20 2-piece now has a 40% chance to generate a Gift of the Ox Healing Sphere (was 100%).Confushissay13 Jun 20
Jun 20 The Hozen And The Buttercream Pie Dear Blizzard, When are we actually going to hear the ookin story about the Hozen and the Buttercream Pie? It is a total pain in my dookers when my mount is always telling me about this wikket story, but never actually tells it. After all, to speak of grookin' without being willing to take action is like digging a hole to catch a cloud serpent. Thank you in advance ya Ookin Wikkits!Niuzao4 Jun 20
Jun 20 BM tank viability 7.2.5? I am looking to maybe brush my Brm tank off but I had some questions that I wanted to field past the community. It has been some time since I played this guy and I have no idea where they stand in 7.2.5. I know that ToS is still a bit of an unknown but people that played on the PTR I'm hoping have at least a quick snapshot idea. Here are my questions and I thank anyone and everyone for their input and answers ahead of time. 1. How viable is Brm as a tank in this patch for raiding? 2. Can they pull off self sustaining fights or are they really reliant on healers? (I mainly ask this about WQ and those brief moments where you pull out all the stops and pull off a win from the jaws of defeat on say clutch boss fights where heals goes down in the last seconds). 3. How do healers overall feel about them? I see post saying Brm tanks are right behind druids in being viable but healers saying they are at the bottom for them when it comes to healing. 4. If you had to say 1 thing you love and one thing you hate what would they be about playing a Monk tank. I am not looking for fotm, I just want to have fun but also be informed. I again thank everyone for any viewpoints, opinions, and help lent.Meadstorm22 Jun 20
Jun 20 Rate that mog Out of 10 :D Have fun!Xeng219 Jun 20
Jun 20 Best monk legendaries? I play all three specs. I mostly heal or DPS. I'm wondering if people have opinions on which are the best legendaries. I'm pondering which spec to set as loot spec to aim for the biggest overall increase through a legendary for just Mythic+ dungeons. I have no interest in raiding. I do play both WW and MW, with BRM only occasionally. Thank you for your input.Kimbasan8 Jun 20
Jun 20 Class Mounts -- No Color variants So I was reading around this morning about class mounts since it appears they're out now. Apparently from what I could tell before WoWhead ate all of my RAM, we're the only class I could see without color variants. Every other class has at least 3 (or like 5/6 if you play a Paladin), but Monks have one. So that's pretty cool I guess. Edit: Actually enjoying this. I think it would be really cool if they made a Glyph to turn Xuen into his skin.Zåx25 Jun 20
Jun 20 New Idea for Artifact weapon Skin! Well Alot of monks on my Sever is wish to have Master Tsang Swords as a new skin They are an amazing set of swords for the monk! Also it open us up to be able to Tmog swords that we would like!Aassvik0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Mw talents? Hey new to MW What talents for M+ and also raiding? Any tips of stats to aim for?Elbowin3 Jun 19
Jun 19 Legendary Tunic or Cap I was lucky enough to get Sal'salabim's Lost Tunic from NH on Friday. It is my third "spec" legendary and I now have four total. I've been using Fundamental Observation and Gai Plin's Soothing Sash. My fourth legendary is Cinidaria, the Symbiote (still not sure how I got this as I had the Sash already and they supposedly lessened the chances of getting one belt if you had the other). I am assuming I should equip Sal'salabim's over Fundamental Observation? With the nerfs we got, however, I had been reading how the chest was "useless" - a claim that I'm sure is overblown. Thoughts? Obviously hoping to get the wrist lego to pair with the chest but....Publican2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Brewmaster Ironbrew Cap I literally switched my main to play brewmaster and the cap on ironbrew is disgustingly annoying, the loss of haste on your black outstrike makes the rotation so stupid, you ruined the one class i had fun with, thanks a lotAltostratus7 Jun 19
Jun 19 Zen Pilgrimage not working? I use it, it takes me to the class hall. I use it again, either nothing happens, or I get an error message.Rohniks2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Help needed: Should I go BM I'm having a hard time deciding if BM is right for me. I love the lore of a BM as a Pandaren but I honestly never rolled a tank spec I've always gone dps so I'm not sure how I would do in dungeons and stuff?Alderues7 Jun 19
Jun 19 Helm of Somber Gaze Xmog Changed! I hope this is a bug and it's going to be reverted. It's now a recolor of the Heroic BRF version of the helm....god nooooAndois16 Jun 19
Jun 19 Ring of piece Please fix the bug where ring of peace does not keep out bm hunters pets....Gabriyei3 Jun 19
Jun 19 My MW feels weak? Could someone take a look at my healing monk to see if stats/talents are bad.. I've noticed people in dungeons keep getting really low and it takes a lot to get them up. Even if i cast vivify on proc, their hp bars barely move up. And essence font seems to do little healing as well. I haven't played my monk for a LONG time, but want to start again since it's the most fun. Maybe im playing it wrong rotation wise.. Any general tips?Razzity12 Jun 19
Jun 18 Way of the Crane The damage and healing of Way of the Crane seems tuned much too high. Anyone else feeling the same?Aspeckt9 Jun 18
Jun 18 Zen Pilgrimage Return Bug So I've noticed this twice now, and it's a pain because I have to ultimately get back from Stormwind to the Tanaris area in order to get back to where I was leveling. There's a bug where if you use Zen Pilgrimage and get teleported to MoP, the "Zen Pilgrimage: Return" buff is never applied, so when you use Zen Pilgrimage again, you are brought right back in front of Master Hight. If you use it a third time, it will teleport you to the Peak of Serenity graveyard because it doesn't know where else to put you. So, to summarize: In Tanaris - Use ZP Sent to Peak of Serenity - no ZP:Return buff Use ZP again (in PoS without buff present) - taken to same place in front of Master Hight Use ZP again (in PoS with buff present this time) - taken to Peak of Serenity graveuard At that point the only way back is Portal to Stormwind > Menethil > Theramore > Tanaris. Lots of flight time and certainly annoying.Zên0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Tigereye Brew PvP Talent. A couple months after Legion came out I came back from a usual break I take during the end of every WoW expansion I rerolled from Ret to WW (I get it may be a bad choice to most, but I needed a change) and I didn't know much about the Monk class, especially WW's.. I just knew during MoP/WoD that FoF and ToD hurt and don't DPS a WW during Karma... Anyway I guess Tigereye Brew use to be a talent/ability, and I guess they brought it back... what I want to know is it a good one to use? Or no, compared to Heavy Hand Strikes? Or is it situational? I'm just glad they got rid of that awful Spinning Fire Blossom.Hellboss7 Jun 18
Jun 18 BRM feels squishy as hell in high keystones Can't purify nearly as much, so taking way more damage than before. Constantly feeling like im walking on the doors of death cause Ironskin falling off is a death sentence but can't afford to purify. 24 isb cap is pretty awful. t20 cant come soon enough.Rubmykeg15 Jun 18
Jun 18 How much dps does brm lose without BOC I assume aoe dps is pretty much the same (especially with the chest) but what about single target? BOC feels terrible at a 3 sec cd and the 24 isb cap makes pooling brews and focusing on empwering tiger palms really risky on anything remotely hard hitting. Boring old HT is prolly the new go to talent.Rubmykeg3 Jun 18
Jun 18 MW Healing So pre patch i loved MW healing, I have since i changed mains in early WoD. After patch i am even more happy with it. The main thing i'm enjoying is moving around with essence font. Another huge thing i've noticed is I no longer have nearly the amount of mana issues. My talents currently are tuned for comfort since we are Prog on M gul'dan but would swaping chi-ji for RJW be ideal on this? ALSO did they remove the buff essence font gets from RJW?Sumar11 Jun 18
Jun 18 A Mistweaver Macro Question Hello all, I've recently entered into a new stage of learning my Monk and taken up the mantle of Healer. I'm nervous, but excited and ready to try and learn the arts of Mistweaving. I've been having a lot of difficulty trying to string together Macro's for my Spec however; the more complicated they become the less likely they are too work. Granted, my understanding of macros is fairly simplistic in scope to keep things easy, but as a Healer I thought I should look into more direct macros to aid me in becoming better. In particular I cannot find a way to string together a code that interacts properly(?) with Sheilun's Gift, our Artifact ability. In essence I am trying to find a string that lets me cast @mouseover, @focus & @player with Sheilun's Gift, while letting me [mod:shift] into Renewing Mist which also has the same parameters. Each time I've tried a macro one of three hurdles has affected me: 1 - Neither spell is cast. 2 - Only one of the spells is cast, shifting does not function 3 - @mouseover doesn't work or @focus doesn't work I've been really struggling the last few days too find a solution to this problem; I almost feel that Sheilun's Gift does not interact properly with anything more complicated than a basic [mod:shift] macro, which did work. However, once I started applying parameters it all falls apart and Sheilun's Gift no longer functions. Renewing Mist will always cast, but not Sheilun's Gift. I may be overlooking something incredibly tiny, so any help would be fantastic. I could not find a lot of current or up-to-date Mistweaving macros using my Google-Fu; so if any of you Mistweavers out there would like to share yours, please indulge me and our fellow Monks. If you have any suggestions for a new Mistweaver, please leave your experience and knowledge here as well. I would be most grateful and appreciative of any new information I can learn to make my segue into being a Healer easier and more enjoyable. Cheers!Mahjøng2 Jun 18
Jun 18 zen flight blizzard should make zen flight a mount that go 100/310% like travel formMarshawl6 Jun 18
Jun 18 Pulling trash dps as WW I would like some advice, i'm currently pulling between 400 and 500k sustained damage as WW Is there something im doing very wrong, or the spec is just bad without legendaries? edit: training dummy log Jun 18
Jun 18 Touch of Karma Been doing 2s since the patch and I think Touch of Karma should absorb up to 100% of your health now because many classes like fury,arms,and frost can get rid of Karma in less than 5 globals. Fists of Fury should also receive a 20% damage buff(revert it to its damage before the patch and then buff the damage). If both of these changes are implemented WW can at least match up with curb stomping classes like warrs and dhs.Eatmyfîsts3 Jun 18
Jun 17 Zen Pilgrimage "Return" is broken. I feel like no elaboration is needed. You teleport to the Temple, and you're stuck there.Zenico8 Jun 17
Jun 17 Theorycrafting BrM Stat Twists for Tomb 2 Set: Consuming a brew has a 100% chance of generating an orb 4 Set: When a orb is consumed, it purifys 5% stagger It's pretty apparent blizz is pushing us away from brew stacking with the ironskin duration change and pushing us into a direction that utilizes the effects that the new set shall bring us. Also the nerf to hot blooded is something to keep in mind. First thing I notice is that Hot Blooded becomes less of a priority, and Overflow becomes more attractive. We shall also generate more orbs and this equates to more healing and more purifying over time. This also makes Crit look very interesting to stack due to Celestial Fortune making healing stronger as we will be dropping orbs far more frequently from the set bonus. This would also make Healing Elixir hit harder as a side note. This also brings the talent Gift of the Mists into light as more orbs = more healing and more purifying. This wasn't really favored before as the amount of orbs generated paled in comparison to the control and utility that Black Ox Brew brought us. Though now it makes me raise an eyebrow in consideration. I always handled BrM in Legion as, "Your secondaries don't matter as much as molding your 100 talent choices around them." But it makes me wonder if crit stacking with potentially mastery as a secondary could be a thing. This is all speculation and spitballing ideas though. What are your thoughts on statistic molding for the future?Starweaver12 Jun 17
Jun 17 Zen Pilgrimage bug Anyone else facing this issue where after you use ZP to get back to our class hall, it goes on cool down for 30 seconds, and then you are unable to teleport back to where you came from?Ironschlong2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Losing 10% magic stagger? Stagger now has 40% effectiveness against Magic damage (was 50%). I don't understand this change. Not a game breaker but magic damage is brm achilles heal and tomb doesn't have a huge amount of magic dmg going out.Rubmykeg0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Class mount question How do you turn off the Genuine People Personality? It sounds like a self satisfied doorPillowpantz3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Soul of the Gradmaster, brew Got the new leg ring last night. Anyone have it yet and messed around with it? Really feels great to have healing elixirs again. Anyone get the shoulders? Those are the ones I really wanted.Voodoofu3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Jade Wind VS Crane Question First, I apologize if this has already been brought up after the patch. I did look, but admittedly not very hard. In raids, I have often used the Crane talent over the other two choices, against Jade Wind in particular because of the high mana cost. What have your feelings been on Jade Wind with the recent buffs and the change to Essence Font? Is it the best option for that tier?Yùjìngmài8 Jun 16
Jun 16 Brew Trinket Help So I just got a 900 Darkmoon Deck: Immortality trinket. But I'm not sure which of my current two trinkets to replace! I assume replace Chrono Shard but not positive with the recent changes to BrM! I currently have 875 Chrono Shard 865 Arcanocrystal 900 Darkmoon Deck: Immortality Also not sure how good arcanocrystal is at a lower ilvl. For example if I get a mythic+ trinket at 900 would that be better? If so which ones? Like my Prot Paladin was lucky and got a 905 Nerubian Husk. Any help would be great!Tianrohk2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Mistweaver monks good for Mythic NightHold? Hey guys, a bit more detail for you. I have a friend in my guild who is running Heroic NH fine with his mistweaver monk, but he is saying there is no way he would be able to do mythic NH healing because monks are held back a lot and need other healers to pick up the slack. What I wanted to know what does the Monk community think of this?. Thanks for your help.Chaôsengine8 Jun 16
Jun 16 Thunder Focus Tea + Essence Font 7.2.5 Are you guys ever pairing this up? Of course its so much better than pre-7.2.5; but it still doesnt seem as effective as pairing your TFT charge with another option. I would've liked to see it increase the duration (by 50% or so) therefore throwing out more of its HoT rather than just speeding up the existing total amount. It would be nice replica for those who found themselves using Essence Font twice in a row for certain situations before 7.2.5Confushissay4 Jun 16