Dec 3 Monk PVP in a nutshell. Touch of death + Serenity = Ed,Edd & Eddy Sumo wrestler sound effectJoshdiesalot3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Ring of Peace Eonar Anyone tried this? I will next timeCaskbreaker5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Purify Build? Is there a purifying brew build, or does it all just focus on ISB now? I really enjoyed the class a lot more when PB was our big thing.Zenrao2 Dec 3
Dec 2 Legiondary question Is there any aoe situation where I should take off the chest?Wayofthecow2 Dec 2
Dec 2 50% exp buff So i made a monk and i got at level 20 a 50% exp buff from some quest in panda land. can i save these up to spend it on later levels? Or do you need to use them directly? or else they won't be doable anymore at a later level?Monkas4 Dec 2
Dec 2 Macro Help When I cast Life Cocoon and the the target dies then giving me the Life Cocoon is annoying. Is their a macro I can stop this from happening. No mouseover, no healbot addons. I don't want a whole discussion where you all talk about having mouseover is better or getting this or that add-on will help. I don't care. Give it to me straight. Is there a macro that stops this? If so, what is it.Lemon1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Wishing there were more fisticuffs classes I don’t know about you guys. But I’m never a huge fan with the whole Swords and Magic stuff. Mainly because it’s been done to death and it’s ehhhh... I wish there will be more classes that revolves more on fist weapons.Joshdiesalot8 Dec 2
Dec 2 WW T21 Check in. So...We are like a week away from Antorus, and after many posts and suggestions, and some talking with Blizzard to change WW T21, where are we at?Yangxiaolóng6 Dec 2
Dec 1 Make fist weapons visible. Plus let us see sheathed fist weapons and not have our weapons disappear every time we use the main skill in our rotation. I had a blast leveling a wind walker and then its just ruined in legion with my magic disappearing fist weapons that disappear when I sheath and tiger palm. It just seems lazy to be honest. Please fix it......pleeeeeaaaassseeee.Çaleb7 Dec 1
Dec 1 Ultimate monk leveling experience help! I didn't play my monks now for a bunch of patches, so i am kinda out of touch with things, so i need some help. I like to level, i like it a lot. I got 20 chars or something at 110 a bunch at 100+ ( 2 monks, 1 blood elf 110 and 1 gnome 110. but now i need a new challenge. I wan't to level a new monk for best possible monk damage output in dungeons but also for the most damage output possible in bg's ( basically need to be good for both, but excel at pve more ) I need a race that isn't gnome or blood elf but brings me the most damage possible basically for monk. I only like to dps, and i like to stand at the top of the list in every dungeon while i leveling. So the questions are: 1) What windwalker spec should i run for, to maximize my damage output 2) What race should i choose. 3) What enchants should i pick 4) What stats to prioritize. My budget is around the 100k to spend on it. Thanks for the help already.Gnonk0 Dec 1
Dec 1 BM monks and new raid Was just wondering how BM is performing. I’ve only made it through the first few bosses on normal so far.Rudÿpoo11 Dec 1
Dec 1 WW and Antorus Questions So what's the new build for us? Are we back to using SEF? Is Serenity worth using w/o DHC? How much is the leggo helm throwing off your Serenity/SEF windows? What are the new optimal leggos? Also, just in general. How are is everyone liking Antorus and how WW is now? My take on it is that our rotation feels a bit sluggish/slower than before (post tier nerfs), but the extra chi from tier is kind of nice. I find myself throwing in occasional SCKs just to burn off extra chi.Yangxiaolóng1 Dec 1
Dec 1 Arenas - WDP or Serenity I just recently came back to wow after a break. It seemed like everyone went back to Serenity from WDP. However i am now seeing more people using WDP. I am currently playing casual 3s with some co workers (ww/fdk/hpriest) . Should i be running WDP or Serenity and why. I appreciate any help in advance!Religions4 Dec 1
Dec 1 Void Elf Monk Thoughts, concerns, suggestions.... Discuss.Shavarlan25 Dec 1
Dec 1 Anyone still using Serenity in 3v3? I'm still using Serenity, but I noticed 99% of the monks on Arenamate are running it. I've never played WDP, and I'm honestly worried that swapping might hurt my playstyle -- I've played this long without having to worry about Chi in my go windows, and it would really suck to derp and out miss a FoF or SotW because my Chi management is bad. Is the answer to just learn the obviously better spec? Or should I stay on the less-optimal Serenity build because I'm comfortable playing it? Playing around 2k mmr btw, and don't want to hurt my teammates by changing spec.Meleelock1 Dec 1
Dec 1 Did WW monk really needed a PvP nerf? I can't believe this atrocity.Feelzbrah7 Dec 1
Dec 1 Tigereye brew Is the tigereye brew talent worth taking over heavy handed strikes in random bgs? It weakens your shots but bypasses how much of a burst spell is it anymore?Momau3 Dec 1
Nov 30 Raid/PvP healing. Maybe it's because my monk isn't 110, but I rarely find myself spamming or using effuse. I'm literally soothing mists everything while keeping up renewing and enveloping on the tank. I'm 78 right now, going to 110. Advice or two copper with fortune turned might be nice. Any advice really. :<Àya7 Nov 30
Nov 30 Gnome Tiger Palm I noticed on videos that tiger palm on other races make a loud impact sound when it hits. I tested it on several test characters with different races to see if it had to do with my computer or something and it won't play on Gnomes specifically, why :-( ?Alewit11 Nov 30
Nov 29 Mastery for MW with Tier 21 Anyone able to inform on how mastery is looking in terms of priority with this new set bonus? It seems to make it look more useful in raids than it has been. But I am unable to find anyone talking about if we will actually want to run more mastery with this tier. Thoughts?Nomally4 Nov 29
Nov 29 WW Vs MW for Arenas Tryna hit 2k this season, Just wanted the opinion of people who have been PvPing, and what they think is easier to reach 2k as? Ive hit 1821 last season as WW but am considering switching to MW just cause it may be easier to find teams overall.Aaron3 Nov 29
Nov 29 WDP or Serenity. Now.. I know numbers and min max wise that Serenity is the go to choice for most situation. But I mean.. come on, Whirling Dragon Punch is so badass.Lewdpaw16 Nov 29
Nov 29 Best looking monk race that isn’t panda? Any suggestions???Warriorbrah80 Nov 29
Nov 29 Zen Flight Exactly what is the point of this we cant use it anywhere? Why cant it be like normal flying mounts when you cant fly you cant use it. Id love to sit around in a dungeon hovering on the cloud waitin for the team to come in or something. Its a pretty lame spell. cant even use it in our own class hallDrkrogan6 Nov 29
Nov 29 any tips for Soloing Mythic BRF? Trying to solo my way through, getting my butt handed to me by Hans and Franz and the operator. Damage gets out of control expecially with the twins hopping around. any advice to clearing this raid solo?Dune0 Nov 29
Nov 29 sadness Unfortunately, my fellow mistweavers, I must depart. FOR NOW. The raid lead needs me on the druid for vantus runes for tonight. ;-; I must actually remember how to resto. Which is probably just rejuv rejuv win, but... I will return! Monk will always be life. remember meeeee...Neptunes7 Nov 29
Nov 28 I just don’t get it. Why would they reduce fist of fury damage? Granted, it’s not a huge lost. But still why?Joshdiesalot1 Nov 28
Nov 28 4th spec possibility So, I've been thinking about the prospects of Blizzard adding a new spec or 2 to the game after BfA (I'm doubting a new class at this point all things considered, but who knows). And for a while I was legitimately lost as to what they could add for Monks. But then I had an idea. What about a Lorewalker class that either summons or channels historical figures from Pandaria's history (ergo the GW2 Revenant class). I'm not even sure how it would work per se, but seeing Demonology made me think of a monk reading from scrolls and sending images of Lei Shen or Zao Sunseeker to attack the enemy. It could be a caster or maybe even use a bow while it recited tales from the backlines. Granted if anything remotely close to this happens it will be well into the future, just thought this could be fun to discuss.Schang12 Nov 28
Nov 28 Brewmaster or Windwalker? Hi, I'm trying to decide whether I should play a BM or WW monk (PvE) BM: Thematically, I like this spec more: love the artifact staff but I feel (right now at lvl 100 with my gear) too healer-reliant (more than other tanks) which I hate. Mythic dungeons is a bit of a struggle if the fight last too long: I mean if all 3 of the dps and the healer are in full invasions gear, I cannot last that long. WW: this spec seems really strong and rotation is smooth, much better than wod. The only thing's holding me back is the artifact weapon. The default version looks like, idk, some children's toy?? Help me decide, thanks.Sassyfist25 Nov 28
Nov 27 What stats for MW? On icy it says Mistweaving: int, crit, vers. Mythic +: Haste=Mastery vers I'm not a numbers/stats guru... But why does mistweaving say complete opposite of mythic? Should i essentially just go for haste and mastery? I plan on doing more mythics and raid healing. Also, what does the haste=mastery actually mean? Last question.. Does anyone know a good percentage I should shoot for with these stats?Gortar13 Nov 27
Nov 27 How do I max mistweaver DEEPS? This isn't really a serious question, but which stats should I stack as much as possible? Seems like a lot of people say haste, so I managed to scrounge together a bunch of haste gear for like 16k haste, but I can only do like 800-850k on a test dummy. If the fight is short enough i can peak at like 1.2m. So the real question I have is; haste > vers > crit or haste > crit > vers mastery doesn't factor into dps at all which is a shame, considering our mythic+ stat prio is haste, mastery Yeah, I'm bored.Poolala3 Nov 27
Nov 27 MW how are we Looking coming into the new raid this week? I've returned to the game after a few months break and slotting back into my raid team to clear Antorus. I'll enjoy healing as I always do as a MW but just curious as spec are we in a good spot etc. *When waking a tiger, use a long stick. Better yet, tell your friend to wake the tiger instead*Mnk4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Level Boost Monk I have a level 35 monk that I'm super excited to play at a high level. Is boosting a monk worth it? It super fun to play and i love the way they look. I'm just unsure what to use my level boost on as it will be my first ever boost and just wanted some opinions. ThanksAshis11 Nov 27
Nov 27 MW Trinkets? Anyone know a good page to see what trinkets stack up against what?Tasle8 Nov 27
Nov 27 Zen Pilgrimage Bug? Hi everyone, Not sure if it's a bug or if it's how it's suppose to work, but since it seems odd I thought to ask. "Ze Pilgrimage: Return" is described as Returns your spirit back to its body, returning you near to where you once were. But I always go back to the nearest graveyard instead of where I have "left" my body. Is this normal or is it a bug?Eathiel4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Will they remove the SCK mechanic in BFA? I do not enjoy it. I personally would like to just click the SCK button at 3 CHI, no gimmick. It is not about the difficulty. It is mostly about the game's combat and targeting style making this rather clunky. Especially combined with chi and energy. There shouldn't be 3 layers to aoe when most other classes it's 1-2.Blackpower12 Nov 27
Nov 26 So excited! I've been playing wow since BC and for once in my life I think I have found my main in monk. I'm a terrible altaholic but I keep coming back to my monk. I love MW and WW so much. They aren't boring like I'm finding other classes and I can easily solo things. My heart belongs to monk and I'm excited I finally have a main :D Anyone else have tons of love for monk?Adanyia14 Nov 26
Nov 26 Serenity is so sexy. Like I just ended so many people with that skill alone. I wish it last longer...Joshdiesalot6 Nov 26
Nov 24 Serenity opener since 7.3 What is a good opener now?, Serenity + DHC? I have 9% haste and I end up doing this: TP - EE - Touch of Death - FoF(interrupt) - Serenity - RSK - SotW - BK - SCK - BK - SCK - RSK - BK - SCK - BK - wait - RSK - FoF So that's 3 RSK and 1 unclipped FOF but there's only milliseconds in it, sometimes I miss the last FOF. In the 7.2 action scripts for windwalker it has a line invoving BK after only SotW or FoF (but not if the prev.gcd ability was anything else?) I guess it is somehow related to a phenomenon I've noticed sometimes that if you are mashing the keys then sometimes the next ability happens before the full GCD of the old one has expired - not sure if that's a bug or what but I haven't been able to control it more than to notice sometimes it does happen and it's really nice.Steinman10 Nov 24
Nov 24 BfA Request: New FoF animation please? There's no fury in it. Hell I'd even be happy if you put some lightning around the monk and speed up the current animation to the point where its going near warp speed.Kamísama4 Nov 24
Nov 24 Chi Explosion I want Chi Explosion back. ThanksDay11 Nov 24
Nov 23 Returning Player With Questions Hello everyone! I am a returning player after 6+ years, when I quit after fighting tentacle Deathwing. I've taken a break from MMO's for a while, then experimented with other MMO's such as GW2, FFXIV, and ESO. I've decided to come back after hearing good things about the Legion expansion. I've had my eye on Monk for a while since they were first announced in MoP. A fun looking, mobile, leather armor class capable of tanking and dps? Awesome. I've leveled up to 15 on a new character, but I have some questions before I commit. 1. ) After reading on the forums for a while, I hear mixed reviews on present day Brew Master and Windwalker. I'd like to hear some more honest opinions on how these two specs stack up against other classes with similar jobs, and would like to know the general direction the dev team has in mind for Monk? (I'm not likely to get up to Mythic tier or anything big like that within this patch, so I'm more curious about the potential future state of the class). 2. ) Monk was originally defined as a melee fighter who uses his hands and feet, only drawing their weapon for devastating finishers... Is the latter part still true? So far none of my abilities have had me draw my weapon yet. Did weapon animations exist once but were removed for some reason? It would suck to get a pair of shiny blades only for them to sit on your back at all times. Thank you!Arathtil4 Nov 23
Nov 23 brewmaster t21 - 4p Sal'salabim's Lost Tunic Equip: When you use Keg Smash, the remaining cooldown on Breath of Fire is reset. just reminding you guys that this item exsists, you must have forgot about it when you made the recent hotfix to brew tier 21. once again every brewmaster must wear it and ignore tier.Sinvictus6 Nov 23
Nov 23 My appreciation of Ban-Lu Ban-Lu, Thank you for the small things you do. Your idle flight animation makes me smile but it is your dialogue that I love. When farming for materials you even wish me good luck. You'll be with me, always.Harthul4 Nov 23
Nov 23 Some fun 1V2 WW PVP :) Hi there. Just wanted to share as just getting back into doing some videos. Not a pro or even an arena player but it's fun to skirmish up and have some fun and even analyze your screwups and mistakes and what you did great and what you screwed up :) Apologies for the cluttered UI and the sloppy editing as I don't really do this very often. Thanks! (PS - Any editing tips would be appreciated)Minstrel0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Question about the 4pc/2pc. I've got all the Lego's that WW Monks would use (except the crafted boots which I don't need) and I took a little over a month off, came back to some changes.. even read somewhere that the whole 4 piece ToS / 2 piece NH isn't as good anymore. Is that true? If so does that change anything based on the whole Katsuo's Eclipse/DHC combo in terms of legendaries? Decided I would do a little more raiding again instead of just PvPing.Hellboss3 Nov 23
Nov 22 How powerful are monks lore-wise? The reason I ask, I play classes not only based on whether I have fun and Monk is loads of fun but also the roleplay feeling I get from it. What I mean is this: when I play a mage, I feel like I am in the ranks like Jaina, able to largely shape battles with my power alone. When I play my priest, I get the lore feeling that I'm a spiritual leader but also able to keep my allies alive, or forgo healing altogether and turn to the shadows (hehehe). With monk, I just feel like an ordinary person waving a stick around. Are there any reputable monks in WoW lore? And what is their power like compared to people such as Jaina or Khadgar?Aeromatic94 Nov 22
Nov 22 Would it be cool if Monks have grapples? I think it would be pretty awesome if monks have the ability to grapple people or like death grip them. What do you guys think?Joshdiesalot16 Nov 22
Nov 22 Goblin/worgen monk timelines Made this thread on GD last night, but I figured I'll post it in here too, since most people who play/care about monks will be here to see it. So the biggest argument against goblins and worgen getting monks is that their starting zone is timelocked to Cata, and it wouldn't make sense to have a panda trainer in the starting zone. Fair enough, I'll accept that. But shouldn't that also prevent draenei and blood elf monks? In the draenei starting zone, you wake up from the Exodar crash, encounter a night elf who has never seen draenei and is so unfamiliar with them she thinks they're all eredar, and a gnome who is actively working for a very-much alive Kael'thas. The questline in Ghostlands involving the death of Dar'Khan Drathir makes it clear that the blood elves haven't officially been accepted into the Horde yet. Both these starting zones are most definitely timelocked to Burning Crusade, so it makes just as little sense for a panda to be chilling on Sunstrider Isle or in Ammen Vale as it would for them to be in Gilneas or Kezan, completely dissolving the biggest lore argument against them. I like my troll monk, but c'mon let me roll (ha, monk pun) my goblin monk already Blizz! TLDR: goblin and worgen monks make as much/little sense as blood elf and draenei monks, and we deserve to play as them. Thoughts?Warheart8 Nov 22
Nov 21 Storm, Earth & Fire Just looking through some parses and I can see the Earth & Fire are doing damage, but I have no storm damage. I see the tooltip is written as: You directly control the Storm spirit, while Earth and Fire spirits mimic your attacks on nearby enemies. So basically, am I the storm spirit when I use this cooldown, and that is what they mean by directly controlling it, or am I just not controlling it and losing that damage entirely? If so, how do you control it.Korillo5 Nov 21