Jun 18 Pulling trash dps as WW I would like some advice, i'm currently pulling between 400 and 500k sustained damage as WW Is there something im doing very wrong, or the spec is just bad without legendaries? edit: training dummy log Jun 18
Jun 18 Touch of Karma Been doing 2s since the patch and I think Touch of Karma should absorb up to 100% of your health now because many classes like fury,arms,and frost can get rid of Karma in less than 5 globals. Fists of Fury should also receive a 20% damage buff(revert it to its damage before the patch and then buff the damage). If both of these changes are implemented WW can at least match up with curb stomping classes like warrs and dhs.Eatmyfîsts3 Jun 18
Jun 17 Zen Pilgrimage "Return" is broken. I feel like no elaboration is needed. You teleport to the Temple, and you're stuck there.Zenico8 Jun 17
Jun 17 Theorycrafting BrM Stat Twists for Tomb 2 Set: Consuming a brew has a 100% chance of generating an orb 4 Set: When a orb is consumed, it purifys 5% stagger It's pretty apparent blizz is pushing us away from brew stacking with the ironskin duration change and pushing us into a direction that utilizes the effects that the new set shall bring us. Also the nerf to hot blooded is something to keep in mind. First thing I notice is that Hot Blooded becomes less of a priority, and Overflow becomes more attractive. We shall also generate more orbs and this equates to more healing and more purifying over time. This also makes Crit look very interesting to stack due to Celestial Fortune making healing stronger as we will be dropping orbs far more frequently from the set bonus. This would also make Healing Elixir hit harder as a side note. This also brings the talent Gift of the Mists into light as more orbs = more healing and more purifying. This wasn't really favored before as the amount of orbs generated paled in comparison to the control and utility that Black Ox Brew brought us. Though now it makes me raise an eyebrow in consideration. I always handled BrM in Legion as, "Your secondaries don't matter as much as molding your 100 talent choices around them." But it makes me wonder if crit stacking with potentially mastery as a secondary could be a thing. This is all speculation and spitballing ideas though. What are your thoughts on statistic molding for the future?Starweaver12 Jun 17
Jun 17 Zen Pilgrimage bug Anyone else facing this issue where after you use ZP to get back to our class hall, it goes on cool down for 30 seconds, and then you are unable to teleport back to where you came from?Ironschlong2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Losing 10% magic stagger? Stagger now has 40% effectiveness against Magic damage (was 50%). I don't understand this change. Not a game breaker but magic damage is brm achilles heal and tomb doesn't have a huge amount of magic dmg going out.Rubmykeg0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Class mount question How do you turn off the Genuine People Personality? It sounds like a self satisfied doorPillowpantz3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Soul of the Gradmaster, brew Got the new leg ring last night. Anyone have it yet and messed around with it? Really feels great to have healing elixirs again. Anyone get the shoulders? Those are the ones I really wanted.Voodoofu3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Jade Wind VS Crane Question First, I apologize if this has already been brought up after the patch. I did look, but admittedly not very hard. In raids, I have often used the Crane talent over the other two choices, against Jade Wind in particular because of the high mana cost. What have your feelings been on Jade Wind with the recent buffs and the change to Essence Font? Is it the best option for that tier?Yùjìngmài8 Jun 16
Jun 16 Brew Trinket Help So I just got a 900 Darkmoon Deck: Immortality trinket. But I'm not sure which of my current two trinkets to replace! I assume replace Chrono Shard but not positive with the recent changes to BrM! I currently have 875 Chrono Shard 865 Arcanocrystal 900 Darkmoon Deck: Immortality Also not sure how good arcanocrystal is at a lower ilvl. For example if I get a mythic+ trinket at 900 would that be better? If so which ones? Like my Prot Paladin was lucky and got a 905 Nerubian Husk. Any help would be great!Tianrohk2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Mistweaver monks good for Mythic NightHold? Hey guys, a bit more detail for you. I have a friend in my guild who is running Heroic NH fine with his mistweaver monk, but he is saying there is no way he would be able to do mythic NH healing because monks are held back a lot and need other healers to pick up the slack. What I wanted to know what does the Monk community think of this?. Thanks for your help.Chaôsengine8 Jun 16
Jun 16 Thunder Focus Tea + Essence Font 7.2.5 Are you guys ever pairing this up? Of course its so much better than pre-7.2.5; but it still doesnt seem as effective as pairing your TFT charge with another option. I would've liked to see it increase the duration (by 50% or so) therefore throwing out more of its HoT rather than just speeding up the existing total amount. It would be nice replica for those who found themselves using Essence Font twice in a row for certain situations before 7.2.5Confushissay4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Zen Pilgrimage Return not working Zen Pilgrimage: Return will not replace Zen Pilgrimage after I use the ability. Instead, I have to wait for the 50 second cooldown, and then try to use Zen Pilgrimage: Return. When I do that, however, it does not take me back to where I came from, it takes me to another area within Peak of Serenity.Spunc6 Jun 16
Jun 16 Zen Pilgrimage Return Bugged?? Has Blizz done something to mess up the Zen Pilgrimage spell so that now it ALWAYS returns you to Peak of Serenity?? I mean no matter where you 1st cast it from, the return point is there.... I do not want to go back to the Peak of Serenity, but to where I was before taking the pilgrimage, and I cannot find a way to go anywhere except the Peak of Serenity. Is this a bug, or supposed to be dong this?? Thanks in advance!!Fluf5 Jun 16
Jun 16 Please revert the changes to Blackout Strike The new 7.2.5 brewmaster rotation feels terrible, and the locked 3sec cd on blackout strike seems to be the root cause. I've spoken with other brewmaster mains who have a lot of experience on the class and literally every one of them dislikes the rotation changes. I can deal with the large dps nerfs, but this clunky disjointed rotation feels like I'm playing the beta version of a different class.Swagmilf20 Jun 16
Jun 16 Mistweaver Viability? Looking to roll a healer, and their DPS capabilities really drew me in, but I'm reading mistweaver has some issues actually being competitive in HEALING. Which is an issue. Obviously. Is this true? I heard they're the worst healers currently with horrible mana costs.Keldaxus39 Jun 16
Jun 16 Hit Combo in PvP just looking for some general info... ive heard that hit combo is cut in half with pvp, so currently its only 6% . i have searched online and cant find anything to support this. i have played monk as an alt since mop.. so figured i woulda heard about it.. any info is helpful thanks.Wrøgzilla3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Cata Race Monks Would you play a Worgen or Goblin Monk if they existed? My answer: Worgen Monk: Yes please!Liáll20 Jun 16
Jun 16 Soothing Mist Disappearing in Arena I looked but couldnt find any answers on this. I am having to drag soothing mist onto my bar every match but this doesnt happen in bgs. Any help is appreciated for this inconvenience.Ragncaucazn2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Gearing Brewmaster hey guys I'm trying to figure out which gear is best for BM. what i have equipped is not all the gear i possess. I main WW so I have kiljeadens burning wish, all 5 tier pieces, the legendary chest and katsura eclipse (feet). I run kiljeadens and katsuos with the 5 piece and my WW ilvl is 901. For BM, my relics suck, I've still gotta do quest line at broken shore for new artifact traits, and I've basically swapped out gear for as much haste as possible. Im at 32% haste with kiljeadens on. without it its 31%. I have a 2 set bonus from tier and I'm wearing my only tank trinkets. What should I be shooting for for gear/stats? Should I just wear my WW gear or use what I have on for the 30-33% haste? With my WW gear on i have 17% haste but my ilvl is 901. Also, I just got that sephuaz leggo ring, I heard it sucks but it's got haste on it so I guess Im running with it. Should I just use kiljeadens since i don't run RJW? Any help's appreciated.Uncleight6 Jun 16
Jun 16 Is WW monk worth getting into? So I'm interested in monk and rogue rn, I really like both the concept and abilities of the monk but I'm concerned with the numbers because all I've been hearing is that the class is bottom of the barrel for both pve and pvp in terms of dps. Is it even worth maining?Avioli34 Jun 16
Jun 16 Ban-Lu annoying. Ban-lu... Runs his gums way too much. It was nice in the beginning but its grating my nerves. Did anyone find a way to mute him via addon yet? I'm having no luck.Curtirillan10 Jun 16
Jun 16 WW Change Idea I love the concept you are doing with the windwalker monk, making all it's abilities even so that they all can be used and none feels like a waste. So going off that line of thought I'd like to propose a concept. Change how Chi Orbit works, or remove it. This goes against the whole theme and its very under powered as I'm sure you know. If Chi Orbit does 69,693 damage every 5 sec that is 278,772 every 20 sec. Whirling Dragon Punch(WDP) does 600,315 with the same stats but that is 2.15% better that Chi Orbit over a 20 sec period. Now I love WDP and Serenity, but Chi Orbit is just boring and those who take it have a particle effect around them screaming to other monks who is the new/dumb monk. So make it fun by instead of having it explode, activate it to throw a mini Chi Burst (with about double the numbers what it is now), this would be awesome, and give monk a bit of range dps.Jambidextrus0 Jun 16
Jun 15 Legendary loot spec I really enjoy monk so i plan on playing the three specs, although mainly healer and dps My question is : which is better to set as loot spec? Mistweaver legendaries all seem good to me (they have cool effects, none i would regret getting) but on the other hand usually higher dps have a bigger impact than higher hps, but many WW legendaries have bad effects Which one loot spec would you recommend? im not sure about how legendary dependant is each spec (how much my hps/dps would increase by getting two random non-bis legendaries)Zekkari6 Jun 15
Jun 15 lol weak hotfixes Blackout Kick damage increased by 8%. Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 8%. Tiger Palm damage increased by 8%. 2 mean almost nothing. 8% of a 70k damage ability? 8% of a 300k damage ability? RSK buff is somewhat ok, but really... We get somewhere around 20k dps from this. There are classes who do 200k more ST and this doesn't reduce that gap at all.Yungstorm26 Jun 15
Jun 15 4 piece Brewmaster set Tier 20 So, it says when A Gift of the Ox Healing Sphere is consumed, the current Stagger amount is reduced by 5%. Does this mean consuming for example 3 reduces the Stagger amount by 15%? And on that note, does this make Gift of the Mists more viable as a talent? Lastly, how does every monk feel about Brew changes? I feel a bit more clunky on my rotation without the haste = less CD on BoS, but I feel like it's much easier to dodge basically every other auto attack. I generally feel weaker overall though. Might just be I haven't gotten the proper new rotation into practice.Fanille6 Jun 15
Jun 15 WW hotfix buff! Monk ◦Windwalker ◦Blackout Kick damage increased by 8%. ◦Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 8%. ◦Tiger Palm damage increased by 8%. not a whole lot, but it's better than nothingOnedrunkmonk10 Jun 15
Jun 15 So just got the new ring No Longer have to pick between magic mitigation and self sustain on BRM. Can have both MV + Dampen Harm on hard heavy magic fights also. IMO it's the best leggo for brm now.Rubmykeg1 Jun 15
Jun 15 BrM after patch So I haven't had the chance yet to jump into any real content to test it out. But how do they feel right now for Mythic+ dungeons. Before hand it was a joke, but I know we have changes to stagger and our brews. Also, I have the chest/wrists for legendaries. Is there still a big draw for the chest legendary? I really didn't understand the changes in that area of the patch notes! And if the chest isn't that great anymore what should I look for as my 2nd legendary for mythics+ content? I do not raid so not interested in raid legendaries!Tianrohk18 Jun 15
Jun 14 Ban-Lu Summoning Animation I'm curious, how does everyone feel about the Ban-Lu Summoning Animation/casting pose? I personally love it. How do we go about getting that casting animation to replace the default racial ones? Could it be something that is added through a Glyph? Thoughts? Cheers! SobaSobafox5 Jun 14
Jun 14 Monk spec to level? Hey guys, Just got a level 100 monk. I'm going to be healing at 110. Should I level as mistweaver or is the tank or dps spec faster for questing? Looking for input! ThanksElbowin11 Jun 14
Jun 14 T20 set bonuses got swapped. so is this a buff or nah? because I know I was gonna use 4 pc T19 and 2pc T20, but now we have to use 4pc T20 for that extra crit chance (it got buffed from 50% increased crit strike chance to 65%!). however, we'll lose the 2k mastery buff from the T19 4pc ( for playing properly). thoughts?Onedrunkmonk2 Jun 14
Jun 14 7.2.5 gear and stats. I'm pretty sure stat priority hasn't changed. However I was wondering if it is better to put on my higher I'll gear now and forego the tier sets or are they still bis with class changes.Esho6 Jun 14
Jun 14 Why does Blizzard hate you guys so much??? Monks are so cool, why does Blizz have to treat u guys like this im so sorry.Temmiy5 Jun 14
Jun 14 Trinity Build Did blizz fix the serenity/RSK bug that lets us get in an extra RSK?Yangxiaolong5 Jun 14
Jun 14 7.2.5 Windwalker Monk feedback 7.2.5 PTR Article: PTR Feedback thread: Jun 14
Jun 14 What is going on here? Ok so I log on today after school to test out our WW changes. So I pull up on a dummy and start practicing, like usual I open with using serenity and then spamming as many tiger palms into that 8 second duration as humanly possible. Then I look on the meters and am surprised to see I was doing !@#$ dps.... i don't understand what I'm doing wrong in here, like does blizz really hate us WWs that much?Pangsoo4 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mistweaver Buff? It seems like Envelop is 5% MORE than before, viv isnt more healing than it was either? Am I wrong or is this actually screwed up?Xjones6 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mythic tier 17 Helmet Anyone else seeing the heroic version instead of the mythic model?Winniethefu1 Jun 14
Jun 14 How to compensate for the FoF Nerf I think a good compromise with the Fist of Fury 20% Damage Reduction is by buffing Fist of the Wing Artifact Trait by 20%.Confushissay5 Jun 14
Jun 14 What's so good about the Brewmaster? Hello, I'm brand new to Brewmaster. I picked this spec to level with, since it seems to much easier to level as a tank vs. dps or heals. I also heard Brewmaster was a solid tank. I leveled a Prot Pally to 110 and it was very smooth sailing. I'm struggling with Brewmaster, though. If I get jumped by about 6-7 mobs, that have a mix of spellcasters, I can't seem to stay alive. I understand Stagger is our main mechanic and that we don't have much else in the form of active mitigation. I use Ironskin brew on CD, my heals on CD, and that Fortifying Brew if I can and I get wrecked. Stagger doesn't seem that useful for trash since it seems designed for large hits vs. lots of smaller ones? I didn't really have any damage to purify since the stagger damage was small and just running out so quickly it didn't seem to matter. Outside of those, I spam my AOE attacks on CD to kill them before they kill me. I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to be doing. My Prot Pally seems a lot more solid with Hand of the Protector, many active mitigation cds, shield of the righteous, the artifact spell, bubble, blessing of protection, etc...Mïtsukï33 Jun 14
Jun 14 New Brewmaster Rotation Anyone else think that it's !@#$ing hilarious how Blizzard's attempts to make the brewmaster rotation less awkward (Wasn't actually awkward) have now just made it so much more awkward and less forgiving than it ever was?Drezda11 Jun 14
Jun 14 WW hot fix DPS better then it was, I logged in after hotfix.. but sadly my main hunter scares me to log in.. looks like a buff/nerf thing..Redseal5 Jun 14
Jun 14 ironskin brew bug? ironskin brew is supposed to +8s per use i find sometimes in combat using it only gives 1-4s... (when it has ~12-14s remaining) am i being delusional or indeed a bug?Confucious3 Jun 14
Jun 14 No Brewmaster change I'm currently live, and the change to blackout strike getting the 14s cd doesn't seem to have pushed with the patch, nor any of the other changes. Is anyone else having this?Grimpath6 Jun 14
Jun 13 Windwalker monks Patch goes live, I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Monk voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.Sushibull4 Jun 13
Jun 13 What Brewmasters Lost. What we lost: ISB stagger reduced by 5% through skill. ISB stagger reduced by 5% through loss of tier. Purify reduced by 6%. Fortifying Brew stagger amount reduced by 18%. Blackout Strike and Keg Smash not reduced by haste. Hot Blooded cut in half. What we gained: About 3% extra physical reduction through extra armor. 3 stacks of elusive brawler every keg smash rotation (with legendary chest). The problem I see with these changes are as such. We shouldn't be able to stagger 100% of attacks. I think that should be clear, but without tier 19 we will really only be staggering 75% on average now, which really isn't broken in anyway. losing 10% from that, or possibly 20%, is a really big deal. Staggering 95% should have never been allowed, but the difference is that 85% (what would be the new "max" with high tolerance) is one third as powerful as staggering 95%, in respects to the initial damage taken (taking 5% of a hit vs 15% up front). That is a big deal, and it is further compounded with the hot blooded nerf. The Purifying Brew nerf I see as a slap in the face. Staggering around was considered the most worthless of traits. The solution was to replace it with something that was desirable, more purifying %, and then to nerf Purify so that now we not only don't purify as much, but we lose the small benefit we got from our massive cooldown. Both skills are now worse off and that trait is just as unimpressive. It is no different than if they reduced Purify by 6% and got rid of that trait completely. The armor buff, and the extra stacks of elusive brawler are something, but the mitigation from armor is extremely small and shouldn't counteract the hot blooded nerf, especially with relics, and the elusive brawler buff is somewhat lackluster, especially with both Blackout and Keg Smash not being reduced by haste. Finally, capping ISB at 24 seconds means that a mechanic that is NOT an active mitigation in the sense that Shield Block, Shield of the Righteous, Ironfur, or others are, by actually reducing the damage taken (instead increasing the duration the damage is taken over), is being made to be used as those skills are, but at a lower effectiveness. Conclusion: I understand they don't want stagger to be able to cheese as many mechanics, and i have no problem with that. What I don't understand though is how reducing the effectiveness of all these skills without adding anything, truly, is the solution, and how nerfing our damage through a fixed cooldown on our two largest damaging skills further helps us. Brewmasters are strong on live, for sure, but are they so strong that every one of these nerfs is necessary? Is their damage so strong that it needs nerfed? Is their ability to avoid damage so amazing that everything surrounding the effectiveness and generation of their brews needs nerfed, especially relative to the other 5 tanking options?Emmesmonk23 Jun 13
Jun 13 What class are you rerolling to? FeelsBadMan Title :(Xuene50 Jun 13
Jun 13 WW So we are one of the worst dps classes since legion, and we're constantly getting nerfd in every patch that comes out. What are blizzard trying to do with ww monks?!!!! I love my monk but this has gone too far. I feel that WW monk need a whole change to the class just like sub rogues.Vyndarin3 Jun 13