Sep 19 Black Ox Statue Range So, I may have missed something, but there doesn't seem to be any range on Black Ox Statue. It's not particularly hard to figure out where 30 yards ends but it would be nice to get a radius indicator, at least when placing the statue. In tight dungeons like Maw of Souls this ability is a bit annoying to place as I have to eyeball the range between mob packs.Zatokun0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Normally dont go TriHard mode but This is all for PvE MW raiding Mythics btw. was looking at stat prioritys and on ask Mr Robit its. Intellect > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery > Haste > Leech Iceyveins is Intellect; Haste; Mastery; Versatility; Critical Strike. and for giggles Noxxic Intellect > Crit > Versatility > Mastery > Haste ( I understand it WAS bad and horrible not sure if it has improved its ways since Watcher called them out.) Seems Noxxic and Ask Mr Robot mirror each other.Skyfer2 Sep 19
Sep 19 A new bug: Chi Ji inactivity Chi Ji just randomly stops auto casting its heal, making it a worthless talent, we need a fix for those its even more game breaking than roll bugTtoki2 Sep 19
Sep 19 If I level a WW I can use swords... It makes no sense for our fist weapons to not transmog into swords. People say its because the animations are for fist weapons and the abilities are all called jabs and kicks yet i can equip some sword from earlier expansions and everything is fine. Even Demon Hunters can tmog their warglavies into swords. Transmogging is meant to be a cosmetic feature and we have been cut back to one style for no legitimate reason. I wouldn't even be as frustrated as I am with this change if I could at least see my fist weapons. Any weapon bigger than brass knuckles sticks half of the weapon through my Blood Elf's legs and Waist like I stopped cutting myself in half midway through my body.Fettyswaps5 Sep 19
Sep 19 Question: to monk players This is the only class I have never touched in WoW. I see that they are still one of the most least played classes, Why is that? I noticed there damage is actually pretty good but no one really plays them.Trakzar7 Sep 19
Sep 19 Blizzard you STILL haven't fixed Roll/FSK Come on, this is just inexcusable blizzard. Arena season is next !@#$%^- tuesday and you haven't fixed our bread and butter movement skills. Thanks blizz, you killed the class. No point in playing this class if our movement is going to be at enhancement shaman levels the entire time.Moardakka13 Sep 19
Sep 19 Meditate emote for monks Hi! I think it would be nice if we monks had a /meditate emote. it would basically be a second sit emote, but with the posture of zen meditation (without all the green glowy things. simply legs crossed levitating with eyes closed). It's a simple addition that would add a lot of flavor and help fulfill the class fantasy of the monk. I feel kind of lame when chilling with the usual sit emote while every npc monk around levitates with eyes closed like true monks... We, Grandmasters of the monk order in legion, should be able to meditate too! The animation for every race is already in the game exactly as i described, so it wouldn't be too much trouble to add. It's the "meditate" animation that you can see on wowhead when viewing gear on characters. I know we have zen flight to achieve a sort of similar thing, but zen flight can only be used outside and in certain areas with flight, and also has that cloud, green glowy hands and an eventually annoying sound. A simple meditation sitting emote would be very nice. It's a little thing that would add a lot, in my opinion. thank you for reading.Shailu2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Brew Barrel Transmog !! Can We Please have a costume transmog with a barrel on our monks back ?? that would make the Monk status so Epic and Brew-tasticly Awesome!! side note...guldan's robe with hood for any cloth wearer Thank You, that is all...for now XDGruldan4 Sep 19
Sep 19 Guardian Druid friend copied my appearance... ...and proceeded to have the coolest !@#$ing fist animations ever, like a double handed overhead smash and a spin kick into a double straight arm punch Like these moves looked so sick and here I am the master of fists with these very timid animations like what the heck man?!?!? I am seriously considering changing my rogue to a panda and mogging fists if that is the default pandarean move set for them.Colin4 Sep 19
Sep 19 Snared Is there a specific build or something for monks to help with snares/roots/ices/slows , things like that? Something more then just Tiger's Lust , to help us with kiting classes like hunters? Its aggravating to not be able to get into distance for mellee. Maybe its better at max level but im not that far yet. Is it a certain build or something? Help please.Scaramanga4 Sep 19
Sep 19 Stormfist/Hulkhands Fix Wow Blizz. This is a neat weapon... but... can you do something about the clipping? I cannot use them because on my female human they clip through over half my body. It looks bad. Sep 19
Sep 19 How is Brewmaster post damage nerf? How do you guys feel about it? Are Brewmasters still viable tanks, and workable in PvP? I really just started to fall in love with the Brewmaster and I'm worried that this (ridiculous and rather lazy) blanket nerf might've hurt our damage output. :(Taldrien7 Sep 19
Sep 19 MW PvP Spec? Looking to alt a healer and haven't enjoyed disc so far like I have in the past so I figured why not try MW.... However, I have almost zero knowledge on MW and I can't really find any pvp guides out there for it. Looking for some advice on different viable MW specs :)Ceejae3 Sep 19
Sep 18 With the energy cost of CJL being added.... Will they be buffing the hell out of its damage or something? Cause 6k ticks is garbage. Only kept it on my bar to gain a stack of Hit Combo or i'd use it if I had a brain fart and forgot what skill I had just used when going from fight to fight.Rionduil10 Sep 18
Sep 18 WW monk minimum haste? I know stat priority is agi > mastery > crit = versa > haste. That being said I have 847 ilvl and my mastery is like 7000. My crit and versa are mid 4000. My haste is like 1700. It feels like im beginning to get energy starved all the time. Is there possible a minimum haste we need to have to keep us using all our gcds? Or is it still a damage upgrade to keep dropping haste and stacking mastery > crit = versa and have more open gcds. What is everyones thoughts? I'm sure I could test on a target dummy when I get home.Ultrios48 Sep 18
Sep 18 Belf monk roll call !! How many of us are out there !Mnk40 Sep 18
Sep 18 I have good news In this ptr build it says Touch of Death will instead be doing 50% of our hp instead of 100%, but i just did the math 3 times and found that it IN LIVE CURRENTLY does 50% so this is no functionality change. Only tool tip change AND this build also says effuse will be buffed by 100% turning it into effectively a 4% heal into an 8% but this i cannot confirm also everyone stop losing your minds over the Strike of the windlord nerf, we are gonna be fine even great stillDønut7 Sep 18
Sep 18 Brewmaster Staff Positioning Would it be possible for Brewmasters to rest all staves over their shoulders like they do the Legendary Legion weapon? I just think it looks really freakin' awesome, for some reason.Ginmao0 Sep 18
Sep 18 First time Brewmaster.... Never played BrM before, here is what it felt like from a new player perspective. I figured I would take full advantage of the new Legion perk allowing for us to play all specs. I did some studying (you tube guides, icy veins); rather quickly acquired my artifact weapon, practiced up some and then decided to hit some content. My impression after 2 days...I certainly don't 'feel' tanky in the least! Without a dedicated healer stuck up my !@#, my survivability is seems very underwhelming! Dungeons generally went ok. Dungeons actually were my favorite to play as BrM. I wasn't a super tank, but with an at least average healer healing we could finish the dungeon without issue as long as we didn't over pull. PvP felt awful as a BrM! Can't emphasize this enough, Arena PvP was my most worst experience as a BrM! Just miserable to PvP as BrM currently imo. When the arena match came down to a 1v1 solo situation; I was losing to every class. Hunters, DH, Rets, Ferals, Boomie... So frustrated with BrM PvP, I found myself frequently rage quitting. One time I got so angry in a 2's match vs a feral after losing I actually punched my computer monitor. Thankfully I punch like a girly man, so it didn't break. Random BG's were much better than the arena, but I was still being put to shame by other Tanks in PvP. Random BGs were just ok. Anyway, from the perspective of a first time BrM tank player, it wasn't very much fun, I didn't feel tanky in the least, I felt without constant baby sitting from a healer I would die rather quickly, as the inability to purge off the growing Stagger DoT seem to catch up to my health bars frequently, and with limited 'oh $%^-' CD's, limited ability to heal up (very RNG), the healing spheres seems to be very stingy to me, leaving survivability feeling most unimpressive for sure. Again PvP was just a mentally taxing and horrendous experience for me as BrM. Not impressed, will be going back to WW and MW. Im sure i have much room for improvement as I have previously stated Im a newborn infant to BrM; BUT.... it ALL ME, or is the class lacking in the 'tank' department? 2.Are BrM the worst tanks? I'm no expert on tanking, but surely this class is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to tanks? I don't know, guess I was hoping for more out of my first experience with BrM....and I came away from the experience left with a negative impression. :( I know anytime some has 'negative' comments they are downvoted early and often, however, BrM from a new player viewpoint felt very negative and was a overall most unpleasant experience.Zenin14 Sep 18
Sep 18 What i have done as a Brewmaster Hi, i decided to try out something interesting as brewmaster and it has given me amazing results in terms of damage intake. #1 I stacked mastery until i reached exactly 45.5% with my base 9% dodge chance( up to 10% depending on your agility). This will always let you dodge then 3rd successive hit against you, Averaging out to 55% effective dodge, varying by rng each fight because you could potentially dodge the 1st, or 2nd hit. I switched to high tolerance because with that much mastery i could'nt use BoC effectively. The upsides here are i dodge the majority of all melee hits against me (by a thin margin but nonetheless) and i stagger 85% of the damage of hits that i do not dodge. The haste from high tolerance has allowed a 100% uptime of ISB w/ light brewing. my mastery rating is around 13k. I have the Arcway trinket for an amazing absorb cd. And i have never felt tankier. I tried optimizing for every other stat as i have a ton of 840+ gear to choose from and this was by far the best. The only problem i've had is tanking magic damage. It shreds me. I thought i would take the time to post this here because it is incredibly effective, there are even some mechanics like Cordana's knockback kick that i dodge half the time and do not get displaced from. I'm really liking this playstyle maybe some others out there would like to try it out. - KungKungvoodoo16 Sep 18
Sep 18 Ancient Mistweaver Arts + Mist Wrap (pvp) When I take both of this talents and according to tooltip descriptions, I think I should be able to cast Effuse and Enveloping Mist while casting Soothing Mist and moving. However, it says I can't do it. Working as intended?Nieblas0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Who to deactivate Which champions should I deactivate in my class hall?Taloc4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Quest: Ample Stockpile in Class hall If you don't want to waste gold and have about 30 minutes of spare time. You can farm big gamy ribs very easily. Go to High-Mountain zone, and travel to Nesingwary's Retreat. If you look out from it there are some small hills about 100 feet away from the flying point and there are Sated Hillstrider that are on about a 30 second spawn timer and there are about 10 of them. Almost every one of them drops x2 Big gamy ribs! Took me about 30 (maybe less) minutes to farm 100 of them for this questNadeya2 Sep 18
Sep 18 BrM Artifact effect... Hidden Effect: Your monk has a little extra to say when he or she is drunk! Anyone actually have anything happen? I've spent about 10 hours drunk in game talking, hoping to see it in effect, but have yet to see -anything-. I just want to know what this ability does!!!!Orimdal1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Stealth Nerf to SotWL I've noticed a few other posts on here and the EU forums, but it would seem that a stealth nerf has been applied to SotWL. First noticed it in PvP earlier when it hit someone for less than 500k total, and later on when it was doing less in PvE as well. Supposedly, the nerf to secondary targets was not applied yet, but after yesterday, the second hit of the skill seems to be hitting for a lot less. Even just hitting a training dummy, it hit for 109k less than the indicated damage. It's no longer making it into the list of top 3 damage skills either. Am I just imagining it, or did blizz nerf us with no warning or indication?Baguazhang2 Sep 18
Sep 18 848 Mist Weaver Stream All my Mythics are locked. =( But I'm totally down to give tips and answer any questions you guys have. I also love to talk about different strategies of healing with MW. I will be around the rest of the night. Sep 18
Sep 18 Enlightenment Nerf Enlightenment seems to have gotten hotfix nerfed from 50% to 20%. anyone confirm?Ellidan6 Sep 18
Sep 18 Monk Scaling is crap but we're getting nerfed anyway. We are mid-pack now in single target, good with burst aoe, but really not overpowered at all in sustained aoe. The biggest issue is that our scaling is crap, and that has not been fixed.Ratok29 Sep 18
Sep 18 WW or Brewmaster for world content? Hello monk friends, As I plan on maining MW for PvE/PvP content, I need an offspec so I can actually kill things in the world by myself. Which of the two specs would be better/faster for doing this? I leveled as Brewmaster and had no issue with damage or survivability, but I'm wondering if WW catches up at some point (with better gear maybe?) and becomes the better solo spec. I've never mained anything but MW on my monk so any tips or advice are appreciated.Fetmonk13 Sep 18
Sep 18 Tracking The Mists of Sheilun Most convenient way to track when The Mists of Sheilun buff procs? Trying to benefit most from the buff and especially when the healing explosion goes off. Prefer not constantly checking through our buffs on top screen corner.Confushissay2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Resto Shaman in PvP Honor level: 22 Calming Waters After being interrupted while casting a spell, you become immune to being interrupted while casting for 20 seconds. Yo. Really?Cinos1 Sep 18
Sep 18 3's Comps for WW Monk forums hasnt had enough positive energy.Lets start talking about comps that would look good for us. Im personally a monk reroll so idk much about the comps. But i know I'd like to try WW/Frostdk/X not sure what heal would go best with that. Pretty sure it was a thing in wod but i didnt play much in wod. WW/Spriest/Shaman also sounds pretty good, I remember how annoying shaman/spriest synergy was in mop with life swap.Thesadsavage7 Sep 18
Sep 18 Idea - Zen Flight -> Levitate So yeah. I remember way back when Monks could use Zen Flight to go fishing. It was pretty awesome. Now though, the spell is unusable in current content, and despite having a wind based class, we have no slowfall ability. So why not make Zen Flight useable as a levitate in areas where flying is unusable. Oh, and I'm totally not under the impression that I'm the first to think of this idea. I'm sure many have suggested it, but hey, one more pot on the fire right?Zenico1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Brewmaster Clash Hello Guys!.. Anyone else miss and think its perfect to have Clash ability back again? :')Drugpaw2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Curious what war-torn and s1 look like? Check my avatar. I'm missing the amazing matching gloves. I have the belt but like the look of the one i have. Also as a green orc the mop monk set with the glowing dragon face and shoulders match well for combining. This is also t19 recolored. I really like it. Also I think at high enough prestige there are claws that are white maybe?Ultrios3 Sep 18
Sep 18 BLIZZARD FIX THE ZEN PILGRIMAGE This is game breaking for people who used the Boost to 100. Why did you fail so hard on this.Meanboy4 Sep 18
Sep 18 How much haste are you guys sitting at? (Windwalker) I'm seeing really mixed things about it and I don't really know what is best. I'm 846~ ilvl in my max mastery/versatility gear which completely ignores haste only having 1%. (26% crit, 44% mastery, 11% versatility) ilvl 847 - Or use items that give me some and have around 5%. (31% crit, 38% mastery, 8% versatility) What do you guys think?Stormruler3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Something is Missing Playing around back on the Wandering Isle, I couldn't help but notice the Ox Initiates practicing with a weird yellow-orb ability. It surrounded their whole figure as if it was trying to Guard them from something. Obviously this must be a bug because I don't know of any Brewmaster monk who has the ability to use such an ability.Eckoes1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Should Hit Combo be removed? I think with the addition of the energy cost on CJL they really just want this ability to be that much harder to use. I think it should be removed and just give us a 10% damage increase, and give us a new talent in the row. Everyone is 100% forced to use it because of how powerful it is, but it isn't exactly fun to. I would love to use RJW, but I never will be able to with this talent being mandatory.Stormruler16 Sep 18
Sep 18 Beat Withered Training didn't get Stormfist Anyone know what the deal is? I thought we got our hidden appearance from this place.Drunkenpalm7 Sep 18
Sep 18 Leveling a brewmaster is boring now Until I get the artifact weapon I rely on long CD aoe spells to draw agro, if they miss healer wipes. I need that barrel spam back so I can run instead of run-stop-statue-wait-pull-spam spells. I want to go back to Run-roll-pull-spam spellsCámeron4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Won't Let Me Dual Wield Hey guys i have problem which i tried to research and coulndt find a answer it says that at level 10 i get the passive to dual wield as a brewmaster monk so i bought these two herilooms; and and it still wont let me dual wield is this because they aren't "unique"? Thank YouKaount1 Sep 18
Sep 18 mythic dungeon MW rotation I usually never PVE but in this expansion you are almost obligated to, my item level now is 843 so I feel like I am ready to start doing mythic dungeons. the problem is I feel my healing abilities very lack luster, essence uses up a lot of mana and when the tank gets low I use enveloping mist then vivify but i feel like it takes a while for him to once again be topped off, is their any sort of rotation i should constanly be trying to keep up?Phäsed23 Sep 18
Sep 18 Fists of Fury? fists of fury in pvp not hitting and when it does ticking for 10k? after i prestiged?Dependence2 Sep 18
Sep 18 How about a brewmaster hotfix are you joking thanks blizzFoodai4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Question About WW Monk Hi so i have recently started back playing wow. I played for a few months when Mists of Panderia came out but fell out of it. I maybe have 6 months in the game total. I recently started back playing it and found the game much more enjoyable after my main reached 60 and higher. Well i was thinking of buying Legion and boosting a ww monk to 100 to play the high levels woth my gf who loves the game. Ive played mostly a ret paladin and liked it but thought I'd try something new. How does a ww compare to a ret? Does ww have any emergency heals like ret has or what is a good play style? I have heard good things about monks in the latest update and i like the lore so i thought id try it out. Thanks for the help!Caedoor3 Sep 18
Sep 18 WW Hidden artifact I don't get what I need to do. I cleared the Withered Army Training thing. Twice. I've gotten all the chests I could possibly find, killed every single enemy with a score of over 650, and still the hidden appearance hasn't showed up. What am I doing wrong?Dune1 Sep 18
Sep 17 CJL Nerf (Windwalker, Brewmaster) Crackling Jade Lightning now costs 20 Energy, plus 20 Energy per second. D:Motoki51 Sep 17
Sep 17 WW Animations Can someone tell me why our animations don't seem to be consistent. Like tiger palm uses no weapons, but when I pop fists of fury they magically reappear in my hands. On another note I got the Stormfist Hidden Appearance today and I wonder if they even bothered to look at a character actually holding them during testing because on the human model it clips almost completely through my legs while standing still and I'm sure other models have similar issues.Fistbringer1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Monk Campaign(How is it?) Hey fellow Monk players, was wondering how is the Monk campaign? Any cool or neat lore, as you progress through? The monk class is one of the few campaigns I didn't spoil myself on, during the whole Legion beta testing from YouTubers. Just wanted to hear your guys thoughts, since I hear Priest got the short end of the stick for their campaign sadly. So is it a drag? Some neat things happening? Any important lore characters we get to work with?Yukairi5 Sep 17