Sep 16 clip Fof? so i have Tier 20 4 set and I run with WDP....i know your suppose to clip FoF when running serenity but what about WDP? could you get more RSK with clipping? or just let FoF go then RSK the mob in the face?Ltderp8 Sep 16
Sep 15 Fistweaving talents should be in one tier I think mistweavers have a disadvantage compared to other healers in that 2 tiers have effectively only 2 choices because one choice is related to fistweaving which very few people take (this is gained from personal experience as well as Would it be a good idea to lump all the fistweaving talents into one tier? This means that spirit of the crane and rising thunder along with some other fistweaving talent in a tier so that, that tier is the fistweaving tier!Branol7 Sep 15
Sep 15 Request: Glyph of Jab Blizzard please could we have a glyph that uses the old Jab animation instead of this new tiger palm, so that we can see our fist weapons with our chi generator ability instead of sheathing and un-sheathing every few attacks, thanks!Gekyo0 Sep 15
Sep 15 9% Why the need for such a massive buff?? I know it is due to the new mechanic netherlight crucible coming out creating another set of balance issues but 9%? considering WW monks were close to bottom for both tiers and now they are getting an overkill of a buff - why not tweak ability damage throughout the other patches?Severussnape22 Sep 15
Sep 15 Why is Effuse to useless? Why is it such a pitiful heal for WW? I get that we're DPS, not heals. But every other dps class that has a comparable spell (Ret, Enhance, Feral), it heals for twice as much! /rantRyozen12 Sep 15
Sep 14 The Wood of Staves So in my class order hall in legion, The Wandering Isle, you can go anywhere you want in the entire island...except the Wood of Staves.... Since the beginning of the expansion, the Wood of Staves has been blocked off with green fire, is there a reason for this? Is there going to be a final part of our order hall campaign during or after 7.3 that will conclude our class story in which we will finally have access to this sacred grove? Maybe we will commune with the spirit of Master Shan Xi; or heck, maybe even Liu Lang himself. Maybe we could get to see Aya or Ji again, and have them as our champions, becasue these two have been oddly absent from a lot, if not our entire, Monk campaign.Räìden2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Tanking Kill J Hey Guys I was wondering how Brewmaster Monks handle Fel Claws? Keep in mind i have never tanked it but want to make sure im prepared. All the Guides say you need to have a CD up for Fel Claws. We have 3 CDS, Dampen Harm: 2min CD Fort Brew: X Zen Meditation: 5min CD With only the above to choose from and you take a set of Fel Claws every minute (according to guides) how do we survive it with out a CD? ThanksBlythee10 Sep 14
Sep 14 Mw monk tier 21 set bonus'. Thoughts. What are people's thoughts on the perposed tier 21 bonus' for me monk. They look interesting. First look. Would make mastery more beneficial for the higher absorbs. Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Gust of Mists Applies Absorb Name changed from "Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Vivify Chance to Heal 4th Target" to "Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Gust of Mists Applies Absorb". When Gust of Mists heals a target, they gain Tranquil Mist, absorbing 20% of the amount that Gust of Mists healed for. Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 4P Bonus - Renewing Mist Casts Heal Gust of Mist Targets Name changed from "Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 4P Bonus - When you cast Renewing Mist, you have a 15% chance to send a bolt of healing Chi at all targets affected by Tranquil Mist.Esho11 Sep 14
Sep 14 Fistweaving Is this still a viable play style? Is it still possible to play this way?Stori1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Suggestion - Glyphs for Racial Identity? Hi guys, Firstly I have no idea if this idea is burnt out to death or not, so please be mindful. Anyway, I've been leveling a female orc monk over the last few weeks and noticed between 1-10 that a lot of iconic animations for the monk class weren't there (blackout kick, combat stance, auto attacking etc) until i dinged level 10 and was forced into a spec, most of which had the standard female Orc animations you would find on any other class unarmed. My point being that I actually surprised myself in that i enjoyed feeling like a graceful brawler, with my rough stance and heavy haymaker punches, rather than being a master martial artist. Would people like the option to have a few glyphs that would range from switching to a racial combat stance and/or auto attacking etc. This was typed out on the phone and i think It's clear I started trying less and less Thanks for reading :)Solidmustard1 Sep 14
Sep 14 How Much Stagger Hello, Just as a general rule was wondering when people like to drop there stagger using purifying brew? I have heard 60% of your hp thrown around a bit, is that 60% per tick or total? So if for simple maths i have 1mill hp and my stagger amount reaches 600k or do they mean 600k per tick? ThanksBlythyie5 Sep 14
Sep 14 Cool Downs and Stagger Hey Guys When using a CD (60% damage reduction) does this reduce the damage already taken that is being staggered? Or only damage taken after using it? ThanksBlythee1 Sep 14
Sep 13 Loving WW Monks but..... Our heals are trash. I mean there are other dps classes with decent heals, why are ours such trash???Kassady5 Sep 13
Sep 13 Monk tanking while leveling I'm leveling my monk as Brewmaster right now through random dungeons. I want to possibly tank too at 110. I watch youtube videos and research my class keep 100% up time on iron skin and occasionally purify when my stagger gets too high. I have heirlooms and even enchants. Yet I just got kicked by the healer because he was unable to heal me. I had done about 50% of the DPS total and had done 30% of the healing while using my CDs and holding all the aggro. Yet when we died I always was blamed and eventually kicked by the healer. I did not even say anything to the healer when it was probably his fault and I was doing everything right. Now I'm wondering If I even want to do tanking If I'm always going to have to deal with situations like this all the time? Oh and I checked his HPS was .7-.8k HPS I don't know if this matter but the next group I was in the priest was doing about 1.2k HPS and it was the same dungeon and was easily completed. Just wondering how often as a tanking pugging will I have to encounter this?Abs3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Petition to add better monk transmogs Tittle speaks for itself. The transmog selection is awful. Give us something cool pleaaaseeeeeInyoribs13 Sep 13
Sep 13 WW Talent Choice PVE I know this post is probably longer than necessary, but I just wanted to put in my thoughts on it, and see what other players thought. I am currently running Power Strikes (PS) over Energizing Elixir (EE). I know EE is supposed to pull well ahead of PS, but when I take it I am usually just sitting on maxed energy until my chi is gone. My question is basically this: is EE really much better than PS? Since PS is completely passive it leaves more room for errors. EE produces 5 Chi per minute and PS produces 4 per minute, but with EE you want to wait for FoF and RSK to be off CD before popping it (so in the long run you get a little less than 5 Chi per minute). Also, like stated before when I pop EE I sit at maxed energy, while PS technically saves me 100 energy without capping it from the 4 extra Chi.Kegu4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Next Tier BrM Monk I should have paid more attention, but I just looked it up now. Please tell me that's just a place holder for actual tier abilities. Is the idea that monks are 'good' tanks baseline, so give them basically nothing?Arcøn0 Sep 13
Sep 12 I was told to look up how to play WW So I was in a successful M 8+ when a fellow member at end of instance asked me to look up how to play WW. I didn't discard his advice because I have only played Monk for like 3 or 4 months since I'm a seasoned wow subscriber. What I want to know is if my monk stats good or bad looking at my profile? and what talent have I messed up for not reaching the DPS potential I should be? there are ton load of abilities for a monk which I mostly don't use like what is the use of this Transcend? i only use/apply damage abilities, dps boost CDs and that is about it. Your input much appreciated!Chilldoc3 Sep 12
Sep 12 Monks are OP 7.3 (PVP) You know, I'm sick of hearing people say that Frost DKs are OP right now, they clearly haven't taken a look at monks. Mistweavers specifically, they literally cannot die. In almost every battleground when I encounter a MW monk, it takes 10 people to kill them. It's sad, and they need to be nerfed.Drakarathas11 Sep 12
Sep 12 Weak Auras/Tracking Stagger Damage Hey Guys Is there an add on the tracks how much Stagger Damage you are taking per seconds? Also whats the magic number before using Purifying Brew ThanksBlythyie3 Sep 12
Sep 12 Elusive Brawler in M+ Hi guys I have noticed that Elusive brawler (the brewmaster monks mastery) allows you to dodge particular abilities in M+ The one in particular I am referring to is the first boss of EoA's Spear, if you have 100% dodge you can completely dodge the ability while tanking it. My question Is there anymore bosses/abilities that interact this way with Elusive BrawlerDrvegamonk1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Which Legendary? I use DHC. I also have the leggo ring (two talents), Cindaria and the leggo that lets you ToD twice. Keeping DHC, but not sure which other one is better, been using the ring, but debating going back to Cindaria or possibly even the ToD one, though I wasnt particularly imrpessed with it when I was testing it out.Leisiulong9 Sep 12
Sep 11 Gift of the OX Hey Guys I havnt seen any orbs and I'm lvl 110 and tanked few Mythic+s Any idea?Blythyie2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Healing Spheres? Just got back to Legion from WoD, so forgive the question if it's been answered elsewhere. First of all, I know they've been changed. I know they're not widely considered viable. HOWEVER, with the dispel feature added to them, I can't help but wonder why they couldn't be against certain comps... Upon testing them, I discovered the possible reason: a 1.5/2 second delay when placed under targets for the heal/dispel to take effect. Mind you, I tested this on stunned targets with great ping and I know how to aim them. So... am I crazy, or is this delay on healing sphere activation a bit redic?Jao3 Sep 11
Sep 10 Iron skin Brew All the guides I read say that we need to maintain 100% uptime on Ironskin brew but how is this possible when it lasts 6 seconds and we have a 21 second recharge time?Blythyie4 Sep 10
Sep 10 MW Mage Tower =( I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong =( I've been following the guide exactly on Wowhead, I have both BIS leggies, all consumables, 931 Ilevel and I literally cannot beat the first phase If anyone has any kind of advice for me on the first phase, like when to use Velens, drums, what to use my FT on (I've been doing lots of ENV) I'm more than happy to take it T_T Most of my defeats are from running out of rolls/CC/whatever to avoid the focus and also others dying while I'm being focusedMoonbabe3 Sep 10
Sep 10 Chen Stormstout????! Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am concerned with the "tanking follower" Chen Stormstout. I started using this follower thinking "hey, its a tank! My pally healer uses his tank follower, what could go wrong?" Well he's total garbage! Is there any way to fix this by rasing his item level or maybe another follower that can actually "tank"? I cant believe the utter disappointment in this follower when I see other tank followers do 100 times better than this worthless heap of .... Thank you all for your time.Punchypunchy5 Sep 10
Sep 10 Mistweaver stats? Its best to focus on vers, mastery or crit for M+?Kwanxin2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Storm, Earth and Fire bug As you can see, SEF goes on CD even though it had 2 charges prior to use. Please test this and see if it also happens to you, any suggestions for the cause of this are more than welcome.Rsk4 Sep 10
Sep 10 New Brewmaster Help I just need help understanding this class I guess. I'm constantly dying in dungeons for whatever reason even with just 3 adds at a time. I've got a very basic understanding of stagger and what I've been trying to do is start off with Ironskin Brew and if the bar under my Energy bar goes about halfway I will use Purifying Brew, otherwise I either clear the pack of mobs or use Ironskin Brew again once the first one has run out. Either way I find myself dying constantly like not every pull but on some packs of adds and some bosses and I really don't want to switch back to Mistweaver or Windwalker because both of those are boring to me. Any advice?Zenwei11 Sep 10
Sep 10 WW Monk Artifact Transmog question Yes or 7.3, can WW Monks transmog their fist artifacts to one handed swords?Sambrog4 Sep 10
Sep 10 Dafuq Fist Weapons Why is is that bear druids fist weapons are always showing while WW's who solely use this !@#$ are almost never visible during any of our attacks????? easy change, jeebus christo.Theoretics3 Sep 10
Sep 9 How do I deal with MW in PvP? How do I deal with MW monks in PvP guys? They have such a high mobility that it is difficult to catch them if they decide to rush off and heal themselves. They have a plethora of stuns avaliable to them that makes gameplay frustrating as you have to sit and wait for the blasted thing to end. Their DPS output, while not the best, is absolutely gruesome when combined said stun and self-healing abilities making Monks some of the nastiest fighters out there.Saehen20 Sep 9
Sep 9 Stats %s for Mistweaver Monks? What stat percentages should we be aiming for?Mintyheal5 Sep 9
Sep 9 How Hard is Windwalker I was thinking about rolling one to play with a group of friends however how do they feel playing at end game? I really think the class looks enjoyable but I don't want to playing something nobody wants in raids and dungeons. How are they later in the game?Thundeerr38 Sep 9
Sep 9 Semi-New Brewmaster Is RJW > Special Delivery for M+? Raids? I get wrecked in mythic+, health fluctuating a lot, do I need to change any talents (besides Healing Elixir, I use Mystic Vitality) or any trinkets? Are my stats okay? Opening rotation for M+ is Black Ox Statue, ISB, BoS, Keg Smash, BoS, BoF (tiger palm for filler)(ISB when Brew Stache expires/Purify when in Red or Yellow stagger) I only have the boots and the purify belt legendaries. I did a M+ +8 MoS and it hurt pretty bad, am I just not geared enough for that level of content?Fwomp5 Sep 9
Sep 9 Help with DPS (ww) Hey everyone, I recently came back to the game and started fresh on a new server as a windwalker, been at level cap for about a month. The guild I'm in recently had some people leave so asked if I would be interested in raiding, but I've been having problems with my dps, so am looking for advice. I have no idea what I "should" be at, but my armory profile should be accurate. I know I'd ideally like to have less haste and more mastery, and some different legendaries, but drops have not been kind for me. Essentially I'm really struggling to even get to 700K against heroic Avatar (last fight I did, so fresh in my mind, but it's a problem with all bosses). Usually just sitting around 630K-680K. Can pretty much only do it if I don't have to constantly move. I know one of my problems is dropping hit combo stacks on the rare occasion, which is a L2P aspect on my part, but I feel for the most part I do ok with it. So just looking for any advice, rotations, gearing advice, etc. Just frustrating, other dps around same gear level are just pumping out so much more than me, and obviously I want to improve so I'm not just a wasted space. Thanks for any assistance.Etheleam13 Sep 9
Sep 9 Fix Now Soothing Mist Bugged Smooth out some of the many awful mechanics you gave us Fix Fix My god Fix Im sick of getting kicked from 3s teams Kinda weird im loved in RBGs but not 3s. Why does Thunder Focus Tea break soothing mist IDK, i guess thats to say, "haha, you have to channel to heal, loser! enjoy being tier 3!" IDKVincevice22 Sep 9
Sep 8 MW clear this up please I recently came back to playing this character after a long break (since WoD). In the past i played as a MW and loved it. However, since coming back it is completely different. which is fine. My question is this : is there a way to trigger soothing mists without casting another heal first (effue, vivify etc..)?Abhidharma6 Sep 8
Sep 8 Ban Lu's Advice. "The wise monk chooses their own style rather than letting popular opinion dictate it." somehow this feels out of place when you're on a demon infested planet smashing heads. hahaha.Ursá5 Sep 8
Sep 8 Razer Synaps and WoW i just bought a new razer mouse because i thought the sensor on my last one was buggy. but my dpi skyrockets ONLY when im playing WoW. it's brief but consistent and annoying. any fix?Vincevice3 Sep 8
Sep 8 MW Arena Playstyle? How do you deal with pillar humping/going out into the open as a MW? Been pugging lately and I find my team getting rolled if I'm ever forced to come into the open, whether it be because my DPS are outranging me, or are tunneling a target behind a pillar and LoS. Even at low rating, the second I jump out there I'm almost instantly swapped to and as we all know, MW's basically crumble when stunned. Games where my DPS stay near enough to me and I can just sit at a pillar and poke my head out to heal is where I seem to do really well, but more often than not the games don't end up going that way and we end up losing. When a DPS is on the other side of the map dying, I have two options: -Follow him, probably save him and get him to a decent health but usually get myself killed in the process, or stuck in a CC chain. -Stay near the pillar and stay safe myself but DPS will end up dying unless he makes his way back to me. Any tips here, or is this just what you have to deal with pugging at low MMR?Nekrosis1 Sep 8
Sep 7 Opener/Burst Rotation using Serenity? I recently got the legendary bracers, so I switched to Serenity after using WDP exclusively thus far. I have the Tier 20 2pc set bonus that gives me reduced cooldown on FoF when RSK crits, and nothing else for now. Was wondering if I'm doing something wrong or sub-optimally, as when I sim, I seem to get a noticeable damage output using WDP. My openers are as follows: Using WDP; FSC -> ToP -> ToD -> SEF + RSK -> EE + FoF -> WDP -> SotWL -> BoK = end of my initial burst, with SEF still having maybe 5-6 seconds left. Using Serenity; FSC -> ToP -> ToD -> Serenity + RSK -> SotWL -> BoK -> SCK -> RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> BoK -> RSK -> FoF with Serenity ending right as I FoF. Am I doing something wrong or is it just my gear that I need to get optimized? I know my stat priority is wonky right now, I have way too much haste and not enough mastery. My opener using Serenity is also sort of weird considering the maximum RSK's I can fit without the T19 2pc is 3, which is why I BoK + SCK so much in my Serenity opener since I'm waiting for the next RSK. Any advice/tips?Budasac2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Fist of Fury not working sometimes? I've had my FoF come off cool down on the action bar and have it simply not work for about 3 or 4 seconds after words. It normally only happens after serenity ends with the T20 4 set. Does this happen to anyone else?Izarha2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Just remove Serenity. You literally have no idea what to do with it. Now it's damn near useless in PVP, and compared to that crappy damage it has without burst, it's even worse.Meowcicles10 Sep 7
Sep 7 Make our Brew Items usable on Argus Please make the daily brew items we can retrieve from our Class Hall usable on Argus.Confuciussay3 Sep 7
Sep 6 Pvp Boots Bug Any one else having a problem with tir 21 pvp boots? Sep 6
Sep 6 Can't buy Ban-Lu Trying to get the Monk pet Ban-Lu. Finished Monk campaign, got Concordance rank 52, and did Breaching the Tomb. Still no pet available from Mei Chele. I am suspecting that I also need to get Armies of Legionfall rep up to Exalted (now Revered). Anyone know for sure before I grind this out and find it is not the issue? Thanks!Menzin5 Sep 6
Sep 6 MW only for arenas ORC or BELF? What do you recomend?Zeezee3 Sep 6
Sep 6 PvP Monk Viability Hello all, I've decided to level up a monk and have some general questions about the class, mostly concerning PvP. I plan on testing both WW and MW out because I would really like the ability to play a *viable* DPS and healing spec within the same class. What are a couple of the most successful 2s and 3s comps for WW and MW? How does WW stack up compared to Sub Rogue, Feral Druid, or Ret Pally? Is MW in a healthy spot for PvP compared to the other healing specs? Thanks for any input, i'm just interested in everyone's opinion and will continue to level the class regardless.Mular1 Sep 6