Mar 28 I can't see my healing sphere? it was normal? or it was a problem with my setting? i want to do (Detonate) but i saw nothing on the floor...Hôôhôô5 Mar 28
Mar 28 we are the rarest of the rare I love it that way and if you do..... sign this MONKS UNITE!Chidumpster63 Mar 28
Mar 27 Please Help, MW PvP Resources Hey Monks! I'm going to start Legion off healing to try something completely new and was wondering if you'd be so kind as to point me towards some helpful guides and demonstrations to start practicing on Live. Strictly talking about PvP. Nayoko's guide is a great starting point for builds and stats, and looking for some good players to watch and learn from. Thanks in advance!Krieghart2 Mar 27
Mar 27 Is this right? I was getting max 103k dps in multiway combat, but it seems I range from 25k-45k dps in single target once in a burst I did 54k and as low as 15k when messing around without TEB up. What should my dps be as a windwalker?Namiru27 Mar 27
Mar 26 Monk Names MW mostly, its a pandaSniperfunk19 Mar 26
Mar 26 MWs - How do you cheese healing meters? :) That's right, you heard me. What are your techniques for end-game raiding (Heroic and mythic HFC) for cheesing healing meters. I don't want a lecture on why healing meters don't matter or do matter, I want tactics for raw number output meter cheesing. Let er rip!Parzival28 Mar 26
Mar 26 Brewmasters CAN PVP Look at this clip I made . I did not play Brewmaster for around 2 months before making that video it's a crazy class that is unknown all you need is practice and you can take on a raid!!Jayon31 Mar 26
Mar 26 Monks are far and few... why? Title... Why are we so rare?Cecillia74 Mar 26
Mar 26 Roll too Short? So after maintenance today, I felt like Roll just wasn't... right. It's like It's like I'm not going as far as I did before, and it looks like the animation is going much faster. A guildie of mine also feels like it's been cut short. Has anyone else noticed this?Misako5 Mar 26
Mar 26 Legion changes - For the better or worsE? I hear people yelling that monks are outraged at the changes for all three specs... What's the opinions of this?Cecillia42 Mar 26
Mar 26 Fist of the Heavens I appreciate how they moved away from Pandaria to get us our artifact weapon. I just hope that the skins look pretty awesome, and that they'll show in combat more. Brewmaster's are getting the Monkey King's staff. Mar 26
Mar 25 Legion MW monk burst dmg? So new build includes a PvP talent by the name of Way of the Crane which increases dmg by 50% immunes roots and snares and heals nearest allies for 200% of dmg you deal for 15 seconds. Well firstly... interesting idea, but the only moves to do dmg with are still Tigers palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, and Spining Crane Kick. Sure that is something but it feels limited with no meat to it, right? So even though it opens up a unique door for things it seems like something that would be really hard to pick over Ancient Mistweaver Arts and even Surge of Mist. But I have an idea for this, something that would make it and the melee talents quite a bit more interesting. And that's simply putting a dps ability on Thunder Focus Tea's list of empowering abilites. One spell in particular could use a little love and I'm sure no one could really arguee about it either, and that's the misunderstood and fairly unused ability Crackling Jade Lighting. It could be empowered into being useful for once, a Mistweavers fist of freaking fury! How amazing would it be to have this sudden burst phase of 50% + dmg with Focused Thunder? That could be two MEATY channels dropped into your burst target with the added bonus of possibly saving someones life too. This would make this talent really unique and hold a great synergy with a number of other talents to. With the best part being giving people a CHOICE to how they want to play it. Do I want to blow a big heal on burst dmg? Or am I good to go with a reset via Rising Thunder anyways? It'd also make for some amazingly fun arena matches where a dps actually gets a little worried by the healer. Of course though this hardly seems balanced said like this but it -could- be balanced it's definately possible. Forget Fistweaving whatever this melee healer build is I could get hype for it. But without this potential Thunder Focused attack (Which btw Thunder Focused empowering Jade Lighting, so obvious it hurts) I doubt I'll be interesting in it even if it is strong healing with it's limited toolkit So what does any other monk think? Sound good or what, personally I can't stop patting myself on the back thinking of this. But I invite you to tell me I'm stupid and explain why too.Nasty5 Mar 25
Mar 25 Legion's version of Chi Torpedo This isn't about how Chi Torpedo is losing its damage in Legion. It is, instead, about how Chi Torpedo is replacing Momentum. I don't have access to the alpha, so I can't post this there. Momentum is my preferred, go to talent on that tier. I'll switch to Celerity on the occasion that I may need the extra roll for a particular boss fight, but I vastly prefer the boost of speed that comes with Momentum. I'm disappointed that, in order to keep that burst of speed, I'm going to have to give up the visual of the Roll. I feel that the Roll is one of the iconic visual abilities of Monks in WoW. While I'm sure that there are others that enjoy the Chi Torpedo visual, I prefer the Roll. Since they're changing to be mainly visual effects in Legion, will there be a Glyph of Roll that we can apply to keep our regular roll? In fact, wouldn't it be better to have a Glyph of Chi Torpedo instead, so that those who prefer its visual can use it for both Momentum or Celerity?Gianavel4 Mar 25
Mar 25 abilities you miss the most form windwalkers? -Fist of Fury that did not need a target -Healing Sphere -Disarm Felt good when you good disarm a arms war when they had die by the sword up -Old ring of peace -Path of Blossoms -Old rushing jade wind -Old chi wave (Think it came back in legion) -Nimble Brew(Legion)Rikagh11 Mar 25
Mar 25 Something that has been bothering me. Roll. Since the change to roll in Warlords of Draenor roll (visually) is very weird. Because of the 25% increase in rolls speed the animation goes by too quickly and we don't actually roll. No idea how it looks on other races but you get that leap into roll but it kinda just stands up without doing a complete roll. Just a small pet peeve ever since I'm using a different talent set-up for random bg's. Do you fellow monks have any pet peeves?Wildzen0 Mar 25
Mar 25 MW monks on BGs: want some advice :) Hey everyone. I love playing my Ally monk, but I'm pretty newish to pvp. I've been mainly focusing on arenas but want to step a bit more into BGs, and since this is BG bonus event week, I thought I might as well start now :P What I'd like to ask is what should I change in my setup for MW monks between Arenas and BGs? I assume Pool of Mists is basically mandatory on BGs, correct? Should I use Glyph of Renewing Mists? Any notable changes? Would also appreciate some general tips and pointers Thanks in advance!Züljïn7 Mar 25
Mar 24 I made a WeakAuras 2 Stagger meter. I was tired of only really having a vague idea of what my stagger DoT was ticking at and when might be an efficient time to pop Purifying Brew. So I made a meter. The Stagger DoT has an intensity range, where 0 - 2% of max health per tick is Light, 2 - 4% is Moderate, and 4 - 6% is Heavy. So, the text component displays what % of your max health the dot is ticking at (along with the 6% ceiling for clarity), and the texture is a progress bar with its maximum set to 6% DoT intensity. The two components are below and must be imported separately. Feel free to change any aspect of them for higher visibility or more information. Thanks, hope you monky-monks enjoy! Screenshot: StaggerMeter: dC0jjaGir6sss0OaXPaPvrrvmlkvULKi2LcLFPQidJiDmL0Yuv1ZOumnjHRPQKTPq6BkunokQCovL6EuK9rbKdQQOwOcXdLeLjsbDrjjSrjj9rkGAKssDskqRuv6LsI0mvvXnPq2PK6NuOgQQcwQQc9uPMkLCvLWAPOQAUsIQ9c9xkLgmvhwLftr5Xe1KfXLjTzf8zcJMioTqVwvLMTGBRi7wIFlQHROwoWZvQPJCDqTDLOVtrvA8uQ68QI1trvz(ua2pQXv0c7jStWobTWwohYa0cRxX6vS(pwVI12G1RyDfy9ksyldVP8KLApH9aCrMI5ceO8l7SZo7aLGbf23eiweJnKbthbjTkhBDi1o2HSOePMoHqbqsNd3JcsHYEgWUuOFArjsvRxGKy0zpK05W9OGuOq5xTKGnCHarHqbOf2YWBkpH9aCrMI5ceOSZo)Yo7SZEilFb2drHeQPtiua7MyFrjsgQMbpmajDoCpki1o2t)jkKqS30jekifk)Yo7SZEilFb2NYjk4iLA6ecfWUj2xuIKHQzWddqsNd3JcsTJ9uJYjk4iL9MoHqbPq5x2zND2dz5lWUe9w(00jekGDtSVOejdvZGhgGKohUhfKAh7PvR3Yh2B6ecfKcLFzND2zpKLVa7Lm10jekqty3e7qcrHeQPtiua7MmXEjgGY(vsyhYuorbhPnDcHcy3Kj2lXau2Vsc7qKO3YNMoHqbSBYe7Lyak)Yo7SZoqjyqH9sMA6ecfOj8RwsqcBz4nLNSu7PfZjhPyRl1cH9qUqvnCIn2gVW6hdwxfyFL40rXCbTWEthGqlSPNzf7zGUvc7zGUvc7TeqS8lsypelXTe0cB6zwXEgOBLWEgOBLWElbel)IesytGOqOa0cB6zwXwgEt5jSLH3uEYwjXefBkoPjyldVP8KHWGJI5c2dWfzkMlqGYo)Yo7SZEilFb230jekWWmXUj2HSOePMoHqbqsNd3JcsHYEgWUuOS)j2xLYVSZo7ShYYxG9nDcHc(GcK1cXUj2HSPtiuGHzI9pX(IsKQwVajXOZEiPZH7rbPqHYU5H9vPs5x2zND2bkbdkSVPtiuWhuGSwi7yF0XKAh7eaw5xTKWo78l)ID5M0nAH1Ry)tuiHyVPtiuaw)hBJYjk4iL9MoHqbyTnyxTElFyVPtiuasyldVP8e2dWfzkMlqGYo78l7SZo7HS8fypefsOMoHqbSBI9fLizOAg8WaK05W9OGu7yp9NOqcXEtNqOGuO8l7SZo7HS8fyFkNOGJuQPtiua7MyFrjsgQMbpmajDoCpki1o2tnkNOGJu2B6ecfKcLFzND2zpKLVa7s0B5ttNqOa2nX(IsKmundEyas6C4EuqQDSNwTElFyVPtiuqku(LD2zN9qw(cSVPtiuGMWUj2HeIcjutNqOa2zdWe7Lyak7za7qMYjk4iTPtiua7SbyI9smaL9mGDis0B5ttNqOa2zdWe7Lyak)Yo7SZoqjyqH9nDcHc0e(vlj8l)YV8l)YVyllrL)fB45KJuSLH3uEYw6zwXEthbVXorndEyW6zwXU6p)rJQ6IFqc7eDFem4ifndBjAuiHWQ(1428T5gVI)MZCRvi9)3R4qLuXOytQ9uLLdzaAH1Ry9kw)hRxXABW6vSUcSEfjSd5lbTWgER2g0LAandB6cAHqlSNGdueTqcjSLd3EJwyVJfrqX2iJRRuSNGdueTW2iJRRuCeKqc79SkJwyVJfrqX6vSNGdueTW6vCeKqcBqoOOf2tWbkIwiHe2WB1w58KzhHJGn8wTvoC7noc2GtwrlSNGdueTqcjSH3QT7zvghb7HtMI5cAH9eCGIOfsiHDqxQbBZZk4OmaBdKjSd6snG9QuStIddrz4a9GwypbhOiAHesiHDuoxWrWojUNd3ttN8VBSRszShYavaYWLel1EcgOyBP2tWaDx59SgcFwMIlpkMlgVubH7zx5lcuC6i4jSFmEyyRewlDmPsLwX)X)xXOs)2MX)c7c8KfikekyJ1RydurmxSEMvSNbzbq3BsTNGbk22B8WWwjSw6ysLk1Mrh9)Q0VTz8VWowIKTY5P5GsAcwVI9Mo5F3vwUqxSmPfcBdw3g0WQaBZxopH1sX(GPmoc2xssKI5YfSLarHqbB0cjSJjy30jekWiLua2M3ycjbR6xJo6O)n3xF))7vP2yZ4MdhQKk(c7miQf6OyUGD1g)rdA(nU26Z)G9Mo5F3Fihle2JySLLXg9rdAGR2cjS3y)FS1XKo264yVeRxR4)ksic StaggerText: diKgeaGivKlPczuQKoLkQvbvuZcQi3IsWUKs(fuHHHuhteltk1ZqsMgr6AQuTnkvFtLY4ujoNu09qs1bHQSqPqpuqMiLixuG2OuXiPK6KcQvsj5LiP0mvH6MqvTtI6NsLgkLOwkuPNsAQsCvPG5kG9Q8xrAWcDyqlMsOhdyYIYLPAZsvFgXOrIttXRPumBGUTQ0Uvv)gkdxvSCipxsth11fvBNsPVJKIXRcoprSFcVKvMAMgwUee3o4fkyGWH6kRbEqgVYPgaSFkafOniykb5(FADA7wjTOBLCB670SPzRmnZuFaHsk(bE6raIioer7hnfiVYyVf)apTp)dWgS)1ZcRerruefrqmaiOiwziH4ilHXIi1fXRn8nSYqcXrxp9acL4OtNfrmKisFweXHiMqlSsefrruebXaGGIyLHeIJSSJa8plIuxeVwziH4ilHX4OHVHT2HGmf8HhUE6bekXrNoFgNtOPfwjIIOikIiNZrFrSYiZN0Qhd9c5RNoQvs)jCseRmKqCKLDeG)5ZcR8F2uKtmy)IKhFk7h4Pa5vg7T4h4gEYGSp1T1)8ugziehTY0m3I599fjp(uRXdx870WXt)WxVUYKtMESHqHfrLHeIJMC7P4JL5ii7IOYqcXrtMQPw7qBLiIkdjehnE8uywMHnyFiykJmeIJQRmEQKU99vNNmDlAA623KA)(L20uL0((uQXKXuwhP3BM0K(sZl2VKivQDPR3csVn9N)wqgcXr1jNmLIBiu41X(9MuDN(Yn6KlnTFJw66TG0Mtp0TVV68KPBrtttLD7TtOBs1T7tbXGzRmLHG(Nxz6BoiBwz84PaGWADLPvZNa6tXVRm1oEA9XbwzA18jG(KtgpnZ03BaYbzjRm9nhKnRmE8uegOVY03Cq2SY4Xt7HaSb7VY03Cq2SY4XtZREA9XbwJtZREkaiSwxJtZREka2RfH8ACkcc4Rm9nhKnRmE84PMSPkdjehv8d84PWvMIpwMJGSlIkdjehnnSCjiUDWluWaHd1vwd8GmELtnay)uakqBqWPhBiuyruziH4OPHLlbXTdEHcgiCOUYAGhKXRCQba7NcqbAdcMsqU)NATdTvIiQmKqC00WYLG42bVqbdeouxznWdY4vo1aG9tbOaTbbtrE24P2o5ePTtgVbSybela3 Mar 24
Mar 24 [Legion] Wind Walker Feedback suggestion I don't have the ability to post in the Legion forums but I do keep up with all monk class feedback threads and had a suggestion that could address one of the main complaints being brought up in the Wind Walker feedback thread. The Complaint Many monks are having issues with the Rotation feeling unrewarding & punishing, while also feeling like it is on rails due to the long cooldowns and new mastery. After around 40 seconds of a fight you are simply hitting the spells as they come off cooldown and making sure not to hit Tiger Palm or Black Out Kick in sequence (since they are the two spells that do not have a cooldown) My Proposed Solution My Solution is adjusting the function of Combo Breaker. (The passive that currently grants an 8% chance to allow a free use of Tiger Palm or Blackout kick on live). Solution A: Change Combo Breaker to function similarly to Fire Mage's passive "Fired Up!" Such that every critical striking ability will grant one charge of Combo breaker, if a consecutive critical strike is scored off of a Monk ability (granting a second charge of Combo Breaker) than the monk will gain Combo Break (Name could be changed to fit class fantasy more) which would grant them a free charge of Rising Sun Kick (With a small chance of the Rising Sun Kick to be a Fists of Fury instead). Solution B: Allow Combo breaker to function off of Tiger palm (the new jab) and grant a charge of Rising Sun Kick (Instead of Tiger Palm) or Black out Kick, with a smaller chance of granting a charge of Fists of Fury. Also increase the overall chance of Combo Break occurring. I feel like both of these solutions would help solve the issue of the alpha rotation feeling stagnant when waiting on cooldowns while still staying true to the class fantasy of "Dynamic Fighting Games" that was described at Blizzcon. This is just my 2 cents. Would be interested to hear what everyone thinks about it.Clonk5 Mar 24
Mar 24 No0b Monk, wanting to get a hang of tanking Hi guys, I just made this guy about 3 days ago or so and so far I found I have a good fun with it. My question is what are the main skills I need to use when tanking? Like, Keg smash opener dizzying haze and Dragon's breath? And then Expel Harm and Guard? Thanks! I'm really new at this guy. ^^;Keerathaen4 Mar 24
Mar 24 Omg..You must see this Idea! (WW Legion Pass) So I was reflecting on the Legion changes to WW Monk and reading through talents and I had the idea of a LIFETIME just hit me. I know WW Monks were one of the first specs to be introduced in Alpha testing and they are about to do a 2nd pass on them so using feedback. MY AMAZING IDEA (you are the judge of that): MASTERY: Combo Strikes Your abilities deal 10% more damage when they are not a repeat of the previous ability. new passive* Using Tiger Palm twice in a row increases haste by X% for 20 secs. new passive* Using Blackout kick three times in a row increases damage of your next Rising Sun by 15% and cause it to be free. When you think of a Martial Artist: One of the things that come to mind is fighting styles. Different fighting styles are used in different situations to counter other fighting style, the current mastery is interesting, but becomes too repetitive ( and predictable from a pvp standpoint) thus making it easily counterable , and eventually very boring. So thats my simple yet amazing idea , what are your thoughts?Oplee6 Mar 24
Mar 24 WW PvP Help I'm curious what's the difference between taking 2 one-handers vs. a 2-hander? Also, which is better to use.Wakkle3 Mar 24
Mar 24 697 ww in need of help. Hey guys. I'm new to windwalker and I have read icy veins and no if but I have a few questions. On certain fights like assault I see my dps really low like 25 to 30k and then on others like killrog and council I'm higher around 42 to 48dps. Basically I'm just trying to figure out if I'm doing anything wrong such as hearing or with my rotation. And if I am what is it and how do I correct it. I feel like my dos is to low because when standing at the dumbed in storm shield unbuffed I sustain 55 to 60k. I know in raids it's different then just standing there doing dos. I'm just trying to figure it out because I will be maiming monk in legion cause my disc is getting destroyed. I will provide a link with last nights logs if anyone would like to take a look. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you.Carrdeaa7 Mar 24
Mar 23 WW Wep Theory Crafting - Dual Wield is Better So , theory crafting for this is actually really simple. Using staff provides a 1-2% dps increase over dual wielding assuming dual wielder is using 2 mark of war song enchants. But what if a dual wielding monk uses a Shattered Hand and Mark of Warsong Enchant? Nobody ever considered shattered hand enchant because it was a basic enchant. Just my little 2 cents ^_- . -- So feel free to tell me if I am right or wrong below, post numbers too is welcome!Juicelee9 Mar 23
Mar 23, 2016 Chi Torpedo When pressing Chi Torpedo after being gripped by a dk I just roll in place. Is this normal or am I just bad?Wodweaver3 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 Pvp advice for new monk with problem Hi there, I just started pvping on my monk. I'm having one persistent issue that I was hoping someone could help me with. Specifically, I recently switched to WW from BM to play around with it and I'm struggling with FoF on moving targets. Particularly, dealing with a good hunter as they bounce around trying to get away from me. Either I'm too far away or I'm moving (I guess I find it natural to keep moving in pvp). Should I take the glyph or does anyone have tricks they've developed to overcome this? Thanks in advance. Sorry for any typos too!Kaigun2 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 weapon question hello all I just hit lvl 10 on a ww monk and was wondering what is the best weapon to be using should I be using the burnished staff or use 2 one handed boa weaponsJesa1 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 Reliable Touch of Death for TellMeWhen How do i get ToD to work with TMW?Shiad1 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 22, 2016 Basic WW advice I've been thinking of getting back into trying to do normal HFC raiding. I was wondering if someone could enlighten a noob like me what my pull rotation should be and my actual normal rotation so I have a good base to start on. Read the guides just need it explained more simply and yet explained why to do what. I am awful but love this spec.Jirtbekka3 Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016 monk power :) used to play a WW gnome monk awhile back and had a blast with it . I don't do any raiding or PVP so I would be strictly PVE and just solo dungeons . Can someone pls give me some feedback on how they are doing in PVE and if it would be worth leveling one to use as my main once again. Thank YouJesa2 Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016 How are WW Monk DPS wise Just brought legion and thinking of boosting a monk, are they viable in PvE damage wise???Quickflixx12 Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016 WW legion yea yea its early but i was wondering how everyone felt about WW pvp in legion? Main reason i stopped playing my monk was because of how idk... clunky? not smooth? it felt. i could do everything on other characters much easier than i could i my monk and they would do it better. anyone feel that monks will be viable or have more of a chance than just dk/ww in legion?Wesen3 Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016 Level 100 Talent Hello, I have been playing around with the level 100 talents and have not found one that I love. I know this game is about how you play so I am hoping to hear you guys/gals play styles with each of the tier 100 talents.Jora6 Mar 22, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 SUGGEST me a gnome monk name? I'm making a WW gnome monk.Naturezwrath34 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 Tips vs Rets Sure I can run away... But Honestly they seem to blow me up fast and of course karma relativelyuseless Any tipsTegernako1 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 Fistweaving Healing Guide/Discussion Rather than post a giant wall of text all over the place- I implore you to please check out Fistweaving in Crane Stance- give it a shot, and give your honest feedback. The fistweaving community could really use your support, especially if we'd like to encourage blizzard to reconsider keeping it for Legion Mar 21, 2016
Mar 21, 2016 Monk guilds? Are there any all monk guilds around? Can be either Horde or Alliance. ThanksGnub0 Mar 21, 2016
Mar 20, 2016 WW monk RBGs no one wants a monk in RBGs so Blizzard will you play with me please?Reindeath5 Mar 20, 2016
Mar 20, 2016 WW/BM PvP weapons? Hi! I'm gearing for some WW/BM PvP, should I be using two handers or a polearm? What difference does it make? Or is it just cosmetic? ThanksChema7 Mar 20, 2016
Mar 19, 2016 Which enchantment should i use? I just got the heroic version of xu tenash, and since I was dual wielding 705, it's obviously an upgrade, and I was not sure of what enchantment use, and why? Thank you in advanceKyouma2 Mar 19, 2016
Mar 19, 2016 Neat Monk tricks. Hey guys, thought I'd make a thread that could showcase some cool tricks you can pull off with Monks, both PvE and PvP related. Feel free to post your own tricks, I'd love to see what you guys come up with! Edit: I have decided to put everyones tricks in this post! Credit goes to everyone who has responded to this thread, you guys are awesome :) All Specializations: Provoke can be used to stop a Rogue from stealthing. Fortifying Brew interacts with several abilities in very beneficial ways due to the health increase. It can be used to buff Touch of Death's damage by 20%, buff Touch of Karma's damage/absorption by 20%, buff Healing Elixir's heal by 20%, (if you use Fortifying Brew with the Healing Elixir buff up, the heal will still benefit from Fortifying Brew) and buff Gift of the Naaru's heal by 20%. By resetting the boss, it is possible to have multiple Xuen's up. You can use Detox to remove several powerful effects from your allies, which can be gamechanging. Devouring Plague, Dk Diseases, Rogue Poisons, Hunters Serpent Stings, and Hunters Wyvern Stings are all dispelled by Detox. Ring of Peace can CC Hunters through Deterrence, and Paladins through Hand of Protection. Transcendence can be used to reset boss fights by taunting with Provoke, then porting out of the boss room. You can counter the Stealth-Man 54's walking speed restriction by using Roll/Chi Torpedo, or Flying Serpent Kick if you're a Windwalker. Zen Sphere can hit targets in stealth. When fighting a Dk, you can use Chi Torpedo, then place a Transcendence immediately after it ends, so that you can evade the upcoming Deathgrip. You can Paralyze a Rogue's Evasion to prevent it from dodging. As a Windwalker, this allows you to Paralyze the Rogue, then Fists of Fury them, which can score a kill if you do it correctly. This also works for a Warrior's Die by the Sword. Chi Burst can destroy Shaman Totems. You can use Transcendence while rooted, although it will not break the root. You can heal yourself multiple times with a single Chi Burst by using Chi Torpedo or Transcendence to get in front of it again. With the Zen Cloud Glyph, you can prevent falling to death if you are in zones with Flying Enabled, and can fish over water with it. You can also cast your Hearthstone while on it. You can use Transcendence to counter knockback effects, such as the Nether Star on Archimonde, or Massive Blast on Mannoroth. (if you're Tanking it)Windwalker only: Your Storm Earth and Fire clone will cast Hurricane Strike and Chi Burst if you use Spinning Crane Kick before casting said abilities, even on single target, allowing the abilities to do about 40% more damage. You can send your Storm Earth and Fire clone to counter a Hunter's Traps. Hurricane Strike can be used to avoid the stun from a Hunter's Binding Shot. Paralyze refreshes Disable on the target. You can use Flying Serpent Kick to dash over water quickly. Storm Earth and Fire can be used to avoid the root from a Druid's Barkskin The Tito pet spawns Tornados with attackable Cows within them. By using Touch of Death on the Cow with either Soul Capacitor or the Legendary Ring active, you can receive a decent DPS increase.Brewmaster only: Guard also increases the healing of Healing Elixirs by 30%, in addition to all your other heals. With Glyph of Breath of Fire, you can use Breath of Fire to disorient large packs of mobs, making this a great interrupt. Guard benefits from Trinket procs, Armor Potions, and the Legendary Ring, which can lead to Guards being able to break 1.5 million absorption. Mistweaver only: With Crane's Zeal and Tiger Strikes up in Stance of the Spirited Crane, Revival will actually do more healing than in Serpent Stance. With Diffuse Magic up, you can use a Revival to dispel an Affliction lock's dots without being one-shotted by Unstable Affliction. With Glyph of Thunder Focus Tea, you can also use Thunder Focus Tea to avoid the silence as well. If you cast Enveloping Mist on a target, then LoS said target, your Jade Serpent Statue will still cast Soothing Mist on that target through LoS, if you are casting Soothing Mist on yourself. Gift of the Naaru benefits from Life Cocoon's 50% periodic healing increase, causing it to do 45% healing based on your max health, instead of 30%.Titusmonk53 Mar 19, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 [Rising Sun Kick] Bugged Mar 17 Build Imgur< Guys this happen mostly when im in a pvp combat and happens way to much its like 40% chance or something [Rising Sun Kick] deal like 15k~25k dmg instead of full dmg but the artifact copy is 15% still working fine like 30k. can someone post in legion WW spec thread because i cant. here is the imgur. look at [Rising Sun Kick] Combat logFashionistas0 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 MW in RBGS Do you find it enjoyable compare to other healing classes?Çrucifix2 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 According to all known laws of aviation, ther deleting all this so people stop bumping this thread.Yassan16 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 MW Mana Tea with Mark of Shadowmoon question? Just wondering if Mark of Shadowmoon effectively works with Mana Tea. So basically what I'm asking is if when I gain the buff that gives me an extra 500 spirit from the weapon enchant, am I able to see more gains back from Mana Tea if I wait to use until I have this buff??? At first I'm thinking probably not because Mana Tea works with unbuffed spirit correct? Just want to make sure. Still working on some gear and contemplating using Mark of Shadowmoon over the Multistrike wep enchant until I can secure a tad bit more base spirit. Currently sitting at 1696 base spirit and doing--for the most part--alright on maintaining mana throughout the fight. Of course trying to end at 0 mana as the boss dies.Lilcrayne2 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 noob question regarding dps so guys I'm new to wow and as a windwalker I feel. like I'm not playing to class right as I feel my DPS is always low .... I'm ilvl 664 and I can't push my DPS beyond 22k-23k ?? am I doing something. wrong or is it normal?Fistzerker3 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 Help me understand the Legion MW changes. I don't understand the need to simplify MW. Is it really that hard on live? Why does Soothing Mist need to be passive? Channeling it is not hard, certainly more fun than a passive, and being able to cast heals through a channel is one of the most unique aspects of the spec. What if I want to Soothing Mist a target just to top off their health? I can't do that without hard-casting something now? Why get rid of Uplift? Like, in general, why? There's no replacement for it. I can kind of understand removing Chi for Brewmaster, I've hit a few moments where I felt defensively strapped because of even the slightest Chi mismanagement, but I don't understand removing it for Mistweaver. It's extremely easy to generate and makes MW more interesting than healing specs that sit around and spot-heal. And on the topic of sitting around and spot-healing... Why is fistweaving going if we're keeping abilities like Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick and are probably going to see many instances where we'll be contributing to mdps anyway? FYI before people downvote and report me and stuff, I'm asking genuine questions. They aren't rhetorical. I don't have Legion testing access, so if I'm wrong and the changes offer new complexities/fun, tell me why I'm wrong. But, from what I've read and seen in preview videos, it seems like there's a major attempt to make the spec idiot-friendly.Artura8 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 Crackling Jade Lightning Right now my auto-attacks hit for about 5k, while Crackling Jade Lightning ticks for about 3k. The autos hit faster and for more, and don't cost mana. Is there any chance this will change in Legion? I doubt it is used very much in the other specs except maybe to pull something at range, but if I'm not in mistweaver spec, there are the chi burst/wave talents for ranged pulling. Anyone have input from alpha on CJL? It seems like such a waste of a spell at the moment.Purpleleaf5 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 WTB Monk Friends I'm procrastinating, love me.Woahno7 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 16, 2016 Looking for some WW help Hey there monk log masters! I am looking for a bit of help. I recently made the switch from healing to dps and to be honest, I am absolutely garbage at dps these days. I really feel like there is something really big I am doing wrong but I don't know what it is. My damage is WAY below what it should be at this ilvl. I'm attaching some M archimonde logs because I figured its a good mix of aoe and single target. I have plenty more logs I can link if needed. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me out here. Also, I sorta think I am doing the chi torpedo move wrong, Jump+Chi Torpedo into a giant pack of imps, is that all there is to it and I just suck?Comfortable5 Mar 16, 2016
Mar 16, 2016 Am I healing this right? Looking for feedback on what I could improve and where. 93 MW monk in Bloodmaul Slag in LFG Normal My gear on that page is out of date. My leather looms only go up to 90, sub in cloth int looms for wherever there's leather. Edit: No wipes or deaths, we pulled a lot of trash, a lot, mainly because I was bored with 1 or 2 groups at a time.Outhealurdmg1 Mar 16, 2016