Sep 6, 2016 Pandaren Mistweaver: Male or Female? For a mistweaver monk does a male or female mistweaver look better with the gear, artifact, and abilities.Jianhel8 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Minor glyphs including Jab I am really missing this glyph like immediately. It was great. Any of the new glyphs have the same effect, or is there a way to that effect again? (where you leave your weapons sheathed)Kzorel0 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 What Class gives you trouble From a pvp perspective what class gives you challanges 1 on 1?Shockacon1 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Eye of the Tiger stacking Any reason why they decided not to have Eye of the Tiger's debuff and buff to not stack? Too op making chi Burst and chi wave underpowered? I'd think it would compensate based on skill cap as it takes more interaction and planning.Confushissay1 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 ANIMATION SUGGESTION in one of the quests in Highmountain, you are given the task to suppress the fires with a wind totem ability. The swirling wind effect looks absolutely great and it made me wonder WHY is it not being used for Strike of the Windlord? For an ability that is SO closely tied to the wind element, it is very underwhelming visually. Please match the visual effects to the absolutely satisfying raw output of this skill, I adore my monk, this wind effect would definitely elevate my Kung Fu fantasy in Azeroth :)Nightcoil0 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Brewmaster mulan reference There's a passive artifact called like the coursing river. If you've ever watched mulan and remember be a man song you'd know what I'm talking aboutGalefist2 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Bubbling Keg location? Where exactly is the bubbling keg from Brewhouse order hall upgrade located? I have not been able to find it. Thanks for the help.Pwrtrip17 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 PSA hidden WW artifact Wanted you guys to know a little more about this. I've seen posts about the *charged lighting* effect when falling, that will knock lesser mobs up and back and interrupt them. I believe it even does a very small amount of damage. I read somewhere that you couldn't make it work with WDP anymore by pressing WDP at the height of the jump. That is actually correct, because the artifact effect has nothing to do at all with the *height* of the jump. It has everything to do with the hang time of the jump. So if you want to proc this with your whirling dragon punch on cooldown, you can! Simply jump, and wait to press whirling dragon punch until just before you land. You will shoot back into the air and have enough hang time to proc the effect on WDP cooldown while in combat wherever you go! This is of course easier on slopes or anything with a room to jump down. This is not worth working into your rotation because it can cause timing issues and be a hassle, and the risk isn't worth the reward. It is pretty fun for style points, and could have some battle ground pvp uses.Ultrios3 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Brewmaster raiding I don't see how i'm going to stay alive in Emerald Nightmare, due to all of the bosses having ALOT of magic damage compared to WoD, has anyone tested brewmaster in these raids to reassure me?Chucknoreiss6 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Loving WW Monk and Legion I just wanted to post and say how much I'm enjoying the play style of the WW monk and how incredibly awesome the legion expansion is! I've been playing wow since Wotlk and mained a variety of classes in my time. I only played a tiny bit of monk in Mists and wasn't Ovally thrilled by the play style. I took a gamble with legion and thought to myself you know what I've never truly enjoyed playing a monk and always quit early in lvling but this time I'm going see it through to end game, and oh my God what an amazing decision that was! I absolutely love the play style. Introducing the new way WW mastery works along with the talent point option "Hit Combo" has really made the class fantasy feel alive and extremely rewarding to play. I really didn't enjoy WoD and had my doubts about legion, but Blizzard certainly have picked up their act this expansion and delivered such incredible content for us to immerse ourselves in and have certainly reignited my passion for Wow. Well done Blizzard and thank you!Borntobrawl1 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Mistweavers: What second spec? Fellow Mistweavers, what second spec do you think is best for us? I was thinking Brewmaster could be a good idea for world quests and farming because of their survivability. I think that WW has good DPS but it's very squishy. I want to hear your opinions.Samaela10 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Brewmaster viability at 110 Anyone have experience BrM in heroics and raids yet? How do we fair against other beefier tanks? I'm stuck between going BrM or WW and really the crux of the argument lies in BrM's durability as a tank.Alarajai45 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Soothing Mist Usage and Mana Sustain Hey all, I just hit level 110 and am re-learning MW. The Icy-Veins guide kind of glossed over this section so I thought I'd ask the wider community. How are you all dealing with keeping up Soothing Mists? Keeping Renewing Mists on CD like the guide recommends constantly interrupts SM leaving me without an efficient heal. Any tips for this? I've also been using Life Cycles and cycling between Vivify and Enveloping Mists, but when my dungeons get hammered I run into sustain problems, even when prioritizing TFT for Vivify. I pug pretty much everything so my typical dungeon group is made up of people who don't exactly play at a high skill level, basically standing in everything that looks pretty. But it gives me a chance to dealing with the increased healing demands of a raid. So anyone have any tips for improving mana sustain? I've read multiple places by other MWs to never use Effuse.Chisana8 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Gnome Boogers I know this is rather trivial, but it's still relevant and it's pretty dang aggravating. I would venture to say that approximately 30 to 35% of my rolls and an even higher percentage of FSK's are stopped dead in their tracks by tiny little twigs, blades of grass or the occasional invisible mystery object. Think we might fix this a little? I mean, you got this monk traveling 100mph doing his huge majestic flying serpent kick thing and he finds himself face down in the dirt because he was tripped up by a discarded 3-day old gnome booger. That shouldn't happen lol.Spicyßisquit2 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Zen Med arrival location Since the majority of what we're going to the Order Hall for is at the bottom of the stairs of the temple, can we land there instead of at the top when we port in? Minor thing, but it's just tedious. I've only put a bit of time into my monk as you can see from my level and I've done it enought o know that I'm going to hate it by the time we're done this expac.Meixie1 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 MW Stat Priority PvE Buckle up buckaroos because we're going down the rabbit hole So after switching from resto druid to MW monk I have been trying to figure out what my stat priority is going to look like for legion. In doing so I found very little reliable information. I went too the 4 most prominent sources I could find Icy vains/ Noxic, which are not exactly known as reliability sources among mythic raiders when it comes down to thier guides. Mistyteahouse/Crainstyle healing, both sights have a lot of good information but when it comes to stat priority they disagree which brings me to my main point ALL 4 SITES GIVE CONFLICTING STAT > LISTS I get that you need to reach a haste brake point for your mana before anything else but as far as crit, vers, and mastery go everything seems up in the air I've never had such a problem finding reliable info about my class before and I'm loving MW this expansion and want to be at my best for raiding PLEASE HELPLue4 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Brewmaster/Mistweaver hidden artifact effect? So I know the windwalker artifacts blow all enemies away when you fall from a certain height, but what do the tank/healer artifacts do? Gotta be something just as cool!Rebellis0 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Falling As a monk, when I fall i begin to "charge" and as i hit the ground i do a "shockwave" animation. I have no idea what it is.Senseî3 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Weapon damage or stats? Hello chaps, trying out monk for the first time, it is quite fun so far, kicking ugly things when my party doesn't need gas treatment and what. One thing that confuses me though, is that monks are always attacking with their bare fists/feet, regardless of what weapons they have equipped. Does this mean that my damage output is not determined by the weapon damage of the weapon, but the agility it gives?Caxxil1 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Rushing Jhade Wind question So if you are specced into rushing jhade wind will you still use Spinning Crane Kick in your aoe rotation? i feel like its just a waste of chi In my opinion Rushing Jhade Wind should just replace spinning crane kickDeathhui3 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Dedicated MW website. I cant remember what is was called can anyone post it thanks.Skyfer1 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 What am I missing in my Campaign? Heya folks, I know I am missing something in my campaign. Having not played beta it's absolutely killing me. I am 110. I have all 3 artifacts. I completed all Order hall campaign quests I see offered except for An Ample Stockpile and Tracking the Tradeskorn (since the missions are so long, but I'm doing it). I did all of Suramar & Kagdar quest lines. Yet, here I sit with only 4/6 followers and a ton of Campaign quests in the various wikis that I have not seen. I know for a fact I was not given the quest Storm Brew. However, I have done up through Inner Sanctuary. Unfortunately, Icy Veins is not updated for Legion so I can't go that route to connect the dots. Can anyone help me figure out what the heck I missed?Badmafrost24 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Quit Spriest, started monk Spriests are beyong bad, so after hitting 110 and being severely disappointed I started leveling my monk. Looked at my moves and saw that I have a 15 second cool down 4 second spell lock... LOL. Immediately realized this is my class. Shhh... Don't tell blizzard that's extremely OP and should be on a 1-2 minute cool down hehe.Joelikesmen5 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Split artifact power between specs ok? Hello! I have been struggling with a bit of a dilemma. In the long run I was wanting to probably go Mistweaver on monk. However, I am on a PvP server, so I have had a difficult time justifying any amount of artifact power investment to anything but Windwalker for personal safety in the world. Windwalker is fun, but I feel a bit stuck. Is it ok to spread some power around, or would I become hopelessly behind if I don't focus? I also have basically been tanking dungeons with 0/300 artifact power staff as well.... being a bit too scared to actually use it on anything but my windwalker weapons now that I have commited so much to them for personal safety. What is your opinion on this? Because of this I have not actually healed once this xpac so far even...Zvahl4 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Easter Egg in Class Hall Discovered it today wandering around. If you take the teleporter pad by where you learn Artifact Knowledge, and go west on the bridge (towards Wood of Staves), you can see an NPC named Venerable Shaman, which is a Pandaren Shaman in some heirloom gear. He spawns, run towards the temple, mines two copper ore nodes, and ghost wolfs away. This is a reference to Doubleagent, the person who leveled a Pandaren without leaving the Isle.Rubixfel1 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Hands down, we have the best Order Hall We're given the entire Pandaren starter zone as our order hall. All of it is free to explore, NPC's where they should be. It's like our own world that we can go off and explore. Really, Blizz has out done themselves. I mean it sucks cause only monks can access Pandaren start zone (all nonmonk Pandarens, sorry), but its cool to claim a chunk of unused assets and say its my little area I can relax in.Kenram31 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Can Anyone Explain Monk's Place in WoW Lore? Never thought I'd wind up playing a Monk, but I find them exceedingly fun/enjoyable. However, for some reason I have a hard time feeling like the class really fits in with the WoW universe compared to other classes, they seem detached from everything. Any of you lore experts care to elaborate on how they fit in? Its okay if you're very detailed because my knowledge of WoW's lore is slim to none. Also wondering if there's any lore specific to WW monks.Ceejae16 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Storm Earth and Fire needs alot of work Biggest problem with it: Since when should poping a offensive cooldown in any circumstance be a dps loss? and a large one at that, too many times do my clone stand around auto attacking whill i do 20k damage BK's, having to slam the SEF key multiple times just to get the clone to attack something also turns into a dps loss because it interupts your FoF and breaks your momentum up big time Stop trying to be cute and just give monks a proper cooldown, SEF can add flavor but shouldnt be a detriment to your dps like it is in most cases, remove the split damage from it and just make it a generic 30% more damage ability with 2 chargesTtoki5 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Serenity VS Storm, Earth and Fire Hey, I hope this topic can be seen by Blizzard because it's making me mad. Overall, I like the monk design and positioning in Legion. Monks are strong especially Windwalker! In PVE, I do a lot of damage, on both single target and multiple. Therefore, I tested both Serenity and Storm, Earth and Fire(SEF), and I found Serenity is more fun, and it does provide more damage than SEF. However, when I look into the item design, I found the gears are all pushing me to use SEF other than Serenity. For example, the trinket from The Nighthold Raid(NH) give you a chance to reduce SEF's cool down by 5 seconds while attacking. If you choose Serenity, then this trinket will be useless because the two skills are one or the other type. That means, if you want to do PVE, you have to pick SEF rather than Serenity. This definitely limits players' play style. So does the legendary wrist. The better design is more like "if you choose Serenity, then the trinket can reduce it's cool down by 3 seconds or something..." (you design the balance). I mean, at least you don't want to use gears to make skills useless. I play monk so I know that cool down is the main key for damage output, cuz monk's skills are very powerful. I think the designers understand the class in the same way. That's why they design that trinket and wrist. But, you need to let players choose, don't let gears force the player to play styles in which they don't want to. I hope Blizzard can actually see this and look into it. Let's make monk a better class!Cpii6 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Can I get a Roll Fix? ever since patch 7.0... I'm here trying to roll, getting blocked by invisible walls... why!?Eii3 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Wish I could transmog to swords I enjoy playing a windwalker, even decided to use my boost on it. Although my preferential weapons are two swords on my back. I was able to do that before getting my artifact Fists of Heavens. Now my transmog options for my weapons is far more limiting. Any other windwalker monks out there that prefer having swords?Kessing1 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 2-3 seconds of no chi during a fight? (ww) hey guys, im a WW monk. during long boss fights there goes 2-4 seconds where I can only do TP and BK until i get like 2-3 chi going. but it feels wrong that i run into times when I have to wait that long for me to generate 3 chi during the mid of a fight. is that normal? (maybe im out of energy?? also as far as rotation goes on single target bosses I always use my weapon skill if its up and also i try to get Rk and FoF on cd so I can use WDP. if none of those are attainable I use TP and Bk until i can generate enough chi to get to my WDP. also is SCK used for singel target at all? and yes i try to use SEF if its up for FoFUnshookable3 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Brewmaster in BGs Hey guys I was just curious if anybody had any time to do some random BGs yet as Brewmaster. One thing I loved about maining a BrM tank in WoD was it was also pretty damn fun in BGs, had good damage, great survivability and lots of stuns/slows. Is it still pretty fun in BGs or no? Was thinking of going Guardian if Brew is bad in pvp.Trapspringer4 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Monkey King was funny Until I realized his voice was vaguely familiar..... Metzen.Galefist2 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Windwalker Artifact Suggestion (Visual) Just brainstorming a few possible ideas to counteract the fact that our artifact weapon can't be seen when not in combat and during some combat animations. What would be visually appealing and fit with the fantasy of the class is to have spell/visual effects around or bodies or fists. Monks are supposed to utilize their whole body as a weapon and seeing as we have acquired a powerful weapon, we can extend this power to our bodies as well. What would be cool is to have lightning crackling around our fists or some full body spell effect when in and out of combat. It would help to reinforce class identity and make our artifact more visible to people when it is sheathed, signifying that we have a powerful weapon just like every other class. That is all, just a few thoughts and would be glad to see suggestions from other people regarding this topic.Zholik2 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Mongoose Illusion The color is really close to all our chi magic, and it's a big enough graphic to almost completely hide my little bronze knuckles. It looks like spiritual energy falling out of my hands when I fight and it's visible almost constantly. Looks damn cool! Just a thought for anyone unsafisfied with our artifacts. The illusion has a chance to drop from Moroes in Karazhan. It's a lowish drop rate but it's account wide like the other mog stuff. Have a good evening!Retharios1 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Brewmaster artifact I don't have Pandaria flying. How do I do this quest?Rustydustpan7 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 The better melee PVP class -monk or rogue which performs better in pvp? monk and rogue is the top 2 meleeUcantfindme1 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 No Trade Chat In Monk Class Hall So, I thought this was normal for all class halls then I did the quests on my druid and got to the Dreamgrove and was able to join "/2". Any reason for not having it in the Monk Class Hall? We can't use general chat either and have to communicate by "/s" or "/yell". I just think it's odd that some class halls have it and some don't.Gerwazbek4 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Viewable Fist Weapons Hello and welcome! I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe make our fist weapons be shown maybe hanging from our belts or attached to our backs when they are sheathed. Because you can't see them being displayed otherwise unless I am in combat or I forcibly unsheath them, and I think having such a wicked artifact weapon of such power it would only make sense that we would want to display our weapons proudly.Mellowsoul0 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Monk or Lock for my next DPS char? So I haven't delved into the numbers, nor am I that hardcore about it, but which class is faring better in Legion as far as playability is concerned? I want to enjoy it, but don't want it to be such a hard struggle in it all.Kusinoki8 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Storm, Earth, and Fire Hi guys, I checked the 7.0.3 known issues Blue topic and didn't find anything about this so i'm making a new topic about it. Storm, Earth, and Fire mimicked abilities list seems to be out of date / missing some spells. Here's the description of the spell: Split into 3 elemental spirits for 15 sec. Elemental spirits summoned, mirroring all of the Monk's abilities. The Monk and spirits each do 45% of normal damage and healing. Here I want to talk about the Healing part, and more specifically about Effuse. When you use SEF, your own damage and healing abilities such as Effuse is reduced to 45% of normal healing BUT your 2 spirits will not mimic Effuse meaning instead of healing for 21k total (without SEF) it will heal for about 9k (with SEF). That's a problem. SEF shouldn't be nerfing/reducing your healing output while using Effuse on yourself or a teammate. Or does it? Doing researches I found a Blue Post from the Game Designer @Celestalon on April 22 . Here is his post: ... So by reading this, Effuse should be part of the mimicked/mirrored abilities list. When you would target yourself or your teammates for Effuse, the 2 spirits from Storm, Earth, and Fire would do the same. So instead of healing yourself or a teammate for only a single 9k it would be 3 times 9k (27k total) That would be the correct form to match the description of the spell and to make it a good one. Because right now in Live servers, without SEF a Windwalker Monk can heal for about 21k with Effuse on a friendly target, but when Storm, Earth, and Fire is up it only heal for about 9k... It's been a little while already, Legion is hitting soon and so I hope he or anyone in Blizzard's team didn't already forgot to update that list. :P Secondly, there is also a bug on our Monk's Roll and Flying Serpent Kick spells. Sometimes your character will be stuck in place while performing these 2 abilities. Thanks for listening,Emprise10 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 General chat not showing up in order hall Disabled all addons, cleared cache and wtf folders, etc, but when im on the wandering isle i cant use general chat... general works fine on my other characters, so im wondering if this is a monk thing...Prinzze0 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Warcraft Tank and Healer Union Maybe this will come off rantish, maybe it is just a cry for attention, and I know these threads come around every once in a while but I feel like it just needs to be pointed out there every once in a while. The intention is for this to be a change in the way we go about playing this game, because I come here to this world to enjoy the company of like minded people to accomplish a common goal. For years the good people who play Tanks and Healers have been underappreciated, over-criticized and become increasingly more defensive in their reactions to eachother. I know 1 wipe isn't so bad in a heroic, but when you remember the days of olde' where heroics involved CC not because it was completely neccecary, but because it was a luxury to go through a run without ANYONE dying.Everyone knew exactly what mobs to CC because they hit too hard and we all knew how to focus fire, the Tank would wait for the healer to get mana because stressing out the healer makes them grumpy. Nowadays it's all just people taking every bit of constructive critisism and responding with "kill yourself" or "seems like a healer/tank problem". The Tanks used to respect the Healer when they were too squishy and the healers knew when they couldn't handle healing things. I had a tank in a heroic with sub 800 weapons, now I know that's not a problem, but it shows a lack of time invested into actually tanking. He was extremely squishy(I assume from misuse of cooldowns), and we had a wipe because extra things were pulled for no other reason than a lack of paying attention. I made the comment "you're not that geared" and got a !@#$storm from the whole group who proceeded to turn on me for it. Now, I honestly am not a aggressive person(which is why I love my monk so much) so I wasn't intending to be an %^-*!@#, but as soon as anything was said I got flak for it. I for one am tired of trying to better myself and progess as a group and everyone getting offended about everything which usually results in petty name calling. I looted the first boss, gave em a nice "all I made was a comment and I'm getting flak for it, have fun waiting for another healer"(which although a bit petty myself, wasn't too agressive) and left the group. So I am calling for a union between the Tanks and Healers of Warcraft! I will continue to be polite and not just put up with it "because I have to if I want to play the game" and I'm hoping some of you will band together with me. We've all got to live on this planet together, we might as well get along and enjoy ourselves, right? tl;dr Tired of spending more time in heroics etc. due to carelessness and negative attitudes, time for the healers/tanks to take a standOm3 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Brewmaster Blackout Combo Rotation Good Evening Friends, I am playing around with the blackout combo rotation and I am a bit uncomfortable with it so far yet it yields the best results as I have just started doing heroics with guild mates. My major questions are; 1) Do I wait and use blackout strike (2.55 sec) every other ability using the general priority Kegsmash>ISB/PB>Breath>Tiger Palm for the buffs or use other rotational abilities to fill the CD between blackout strikes? Ex) BS, KS, BS, ISB, BS, Breath, BS, Tiger etc etc 2) I am currently talented into Black Ox Brew but find myself hilariously needing charges when stagger gets way high. How are you guys using your ISB/PB as I find myself at pull popping all 3 stacks of ISB popping Black Ox Brew then popping the remaining 2 for ISB and leaving one for PB in case stagger gets nutty. Should I be using ISB/PB as needed or stacking ISB to maintain uptime then using PB as needed? Thanks again friends for helping me out as I have found love with the monk as the same time many struggles in comparison to other tanks I have played. Its mad hard but hilariously satisfying when everything is flowing.Kiyasumeni4 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 question I have just come back to wow after over a year off and I kept my monk character and did the legion senaros , and I got 2 axes but every time he fights he uses his hands instead of the axes. Is there a setting for him to use the axes?Anntah2 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Healing Team Comp Hey guys, for legion so far our healing comp consists of a holy paladin and a Resto Druid. Am just looking for input on how people feel priests, shamans and monks are doing healing wise at the moment Also any input for healing comps for 20 man in legion would be greatly appreciated.Malstrin1 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 What race looks best as a mistweaver? Personally, I like the Pandaren as monks. It suits them. But male pandaren have that sloshy belly and I hate that. What race looks best as a mistweaver?Jianhel2 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Brew Stun?? Can i have some of whatever the devs were smoking wwhen they made this 10+ sec stun?Soulmageddon7 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Handwraps AKA Invisible Fist Transmog Will these ever return? I would very much like to able to buy/use these to focus on the class fantasy of being a martial artist who uses the body to take down and dispatch foes. I mean the monk artifact is cool but I haven't seen how the multiple models work on the human female model 'lest of all in actual combat; fist weapons tend to be very bulky and jarring to the point I rather just use bare hands with no weapons at all.Erenne28 Sep 4, 2016