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Dec 19 Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons Index: FAQs: Basic information on the Pet Battle system -Basic Questions and Getting Started -Maintaining Your Collection -Pet Rarity and Family -Pet Battles -Wild Pets -Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP -Theorycrafting -Multiple WoW Accounts -Pet Battle Stones Links: Places around the web that are full of helpful information Macros: Key-bind your way to pet battle awesomeness! Addons: Because sometimes the Blizzard UI just isn't enough ******************************************************************* Thanks to: Blizzard for adding Pet Battles Lithuen (Kilrogg), Nullberri (Lightbringer), Simca (Malfurion), Shalura (Anvilmar), Aieny (Medivh), Lilfrier (Mannoroth), Rescind (Lightning's Blade), Stryph (Anvilmar), Wrelch (Wyrmrest Accord), Twixi (Garrosh), Elderbrand (Anvilmar), Layton (Wyrmrest Accord), Tgwaste (Korialstrasz), Vasala (Baelgun), Warla (Dragonmaw), Chainheal (Kael'thas), Falinari (Medivh), Tlym (Netherstorm), Jaede (Dalaran) for contributing directly or posting some great information that I've compiled here. **************************************************************** Change log: 26Sep2012 – first version (and various edits through-out the day) 28Sep2012 – added some additional information/editing, changed title from Index of Available Pet Battle Information to Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons 29Sep2012 – Re-organized to allow space for more FAQs; re-organized FAQs; added general topics to FAQs 16Oct2012 – Added an upcoming Patch Notes section (going to see how this works out) 01Dec2012 – Updated to reflect 5.1 changes; added Bug section to upcoming Patch Notes Section 19Dec2012 – Updated to correct typos and 5.1 hotfixes (RIP alt-f4'ing) 22Dec2012 – Updated with 5.2 PTR notes 16Jan2014 -- Using some of my free game time Blizzard sent me to clean up some outdated sections 17Mar2016 -- Updated to reflect WoD changes 03Aug2016 -- Updated to reflect 7.0 changes and upcoming Legion changesPhaedra185 Dec 19
Apr 2 Which Pets to Level to Complete Achievements EDIT: I have added a list of "very good pets I did not use" based on other posts. I also added some info on optimized breeds where applicable, but these optimized breeds are not required for someone just looking to finish off the achieves. This is a pet list for anyone looking to complete all of the pet battle achievements efficiently (i.e. do the bare minimum). There are a million ways to do this, but this was how I, after wasting time on many useless pets, did it. I hope it is helpful for all the beginners out there. No TCG or store pets are needed, and while some of these aren't easy to obtain (as some have commented), you will need to do an equal amount of work to get by without them IMO. With this list, it is possible to complete all of the major "PVE" pet battle achievements - there is no simple formula for PVP, but many of these pets are excellent in PVP as well. I will not go into detail on what each pet is used for, but if you follow many of the popular guides out there, you will find that most pets on those lists can be substituted for those on my list. First, a few helpful tips: All of the pet trainers in Pandaria can be defeated with only an Emeral Proto-Whelp and Anubisath Idol, making this route very efficient for leveling pets - even if you have minimal level 25's. Someone has posted the details for each fight to wowhead. Always complete your garrison menagerie dailies. These will provide you with a constant stream of tokens to increase the quality/levels on pets you need. Start running old raids to get "raiding with leashes" achievement asap - you will need Anubisath Idol and Chrominius for many reasons, and it may take several weeks to get the drops. Howl Bomb: It is a method of killing extremely high-hp single enemies. It can be implemented several ways (and most guides will help you with this), but the core pets are a Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius, supplemented by either the Darkmoon Zepplin (celestial tournament) or Unborn Val'kyr (outside tournament).The List: So here is the list, sorted by: 1) what I consider to be my go-to pets (used daily), 2) which ones I use regularly (~weekly) and 3) others I used infrequently or for gimmicky fights (e.g. to complete "An Awfully Big Adventure"). 1) Core Pets (9 total) Anubisath Idol Emerald Proto-Whelp Chrominius Pandaren Water Spirit Clockwork Gnome Darkmoon Zepplin Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Any Snail (Rapana Whelk is best) Terrible Turnip (weakening blow cannot kill, so it's perfect for collecting low-level pets)2) Used Often (9 total) Any Moth w/ alpha strike, cocoon strike, and moth dust (P/P Yellow Moth is best) Eternal Strider (or equivalent, P/S breed best) Darkmoon Tonk Any Spider w/ strike, brittle webbing, and leech life Any Frog w/ water jet, cleansing rain, swarm of flies, and frog kiss (S/S Leopard Tree Frog or a P/P Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog are best) Nexus Whelpling Scourged Whelpling Stinker (used to heal in celestial tournament) Unborn Val'kyr3) Used Infrequently (17 total) Adder (this is a great first lvl25 - high speed + counters critters) Amethyst Shale Hatching Blighthawk Chi-chi Core Hound Pup Elekk Plushie Fel Flame Flayer Youngling Kun-Lai Runt Lofty Libram Mud Jumper/Swamp Croaker Nether Faerie Dragon Prairie Dog Sea Gull Spawn of Onyxia Sporeling Sprout Tiny Snowman A second Moth (I've even used 3) A second Frog (I've even used 3) A second Spider4) Other very strong pets (that I never needed): Gilnean Raven Crow Xu-Fu Iron Starlette Feline Familiar S/S Rabbit P/P Emporer Crab H/H Spirit Crab Teroclaw Hatchling Alpine Foxling Lil' Bling Ghostly Skull Ghastly Kid Zalandari Raptors Electrified RazortoothJeack23 Apr 2
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11h Chromie Battle Pets for those in need. So for those collectors out there who don't do the gear grind, or are otherwise incapable of really doing the Chromie event, I'm starting this post to get out some of the extra Ageless Bronze Drakes and Bronze Proto-Whelps. These are totally freeeee so if you need them, please leave your battletag here with which one(s) you need and I'll get to you as soon as I possibly can. Happy hunting! Edit: Adding my battletag here so people can add me :P Alkavar#1432Alkavar23 11h
21h I'm actually skick of winning pet battles Yes I'm actually winning THAT much this xpac [I'd estimate I'm winning 80-95% and well over 50% of games I win with 3 pets alive at the end!] i'm rumming a teroclaw/kid/and infinite whelpling. There's only a couple of teams I have trouble with and even then I can usually win on a rematch for example I recently went up against a broot/singing sunflower/son of seth team ( good team nonetheless). anyway im ready for a new round of pet battle rebalancing and here's the things id like to see: * reduce all backline healing by 25 to 50% * possibly reduce backline AoE/damage by 5-20% as well * reduce all healing by 1% per round after round 50 (multiplicatively so that after another 50 rounds healing is down to .99^50 ~= 60% effective. * nerf the teroclaw by putting dodge and nature's ward in the same slot so they can't both be selected. * haunt might be a little op but it sure is fun, it might need a SLIGHT nerf 5-10% of damage idk? *healing in general this XP is OP but its the ONLY good way to swap pets a lot. I'm not sure how to really address this. The main issue may be that pet swapping is too expensive at a 1 turn loss; but OTOH, excessive pet swapping is perhaps not costly enough. anyway, feel free to provide further suggestions maybe Bliz will read this or comment on the ones I gave here.Ccloudstlkr15 21h
1d Dalaran Pet Battle "RNG" For context: when I created this thread, Sir Galveston had appeared as the Dalaran pet battle WQ three days straight. Including those three days, this is the recent pattern of Dalaran WQ "RNG"... Day 1: Sir Galveston Day 2: Sir Galveston Day 3: Sir Galveston Day 4: Sir Galveston Day 5: Rats! Day 6: Rats! Day 7: Rats! Day 8: Rats! Day 9: No battle Day 10: Sir Galveston Day 11: No battle Day 12: No battle Day 13: Stitches Day 14: No battleValarc25 1d
2d Sumprush Rodent Battle Pet! (7-20 9PM) TONIGHT at 9PM Central time on Moon Guard, I will be putting a Rodent Crate out in Lion's Landing in Krasarang Wilds to spawn the rare Sumprush Rodent battle pets. I wanted as many people as possible to benefit from the spawn, which is why I'm making this post. They will remain active for 1 hour from the time I place the crate down. I will create a custom group "Kerigann's Sumprush Rodent Party!" that you can join and ensure you're in the proper phase. You will need to have completed the Lion's Landing prerequisite quests, so check out this little guide/picture I made to hopefully answer all your questions. Good hunting!Kerigann10 2d
2d How to spot old collectors All of them have 11/19/2014 as date for their "So. Many. Pets." achievement. Is there a way to look into the dates of previous achievements for the series ? Just wondering.Mooer44 2d
2d WTB-WTT Hatespark Got TCGs None available on my realm. Like 100k gold on US-WRA or a trade involving pets as I don't have that much gold on other servers, got some nice TCG ones. Add Sindorei#11264 if you got a burning cinderling to deal!Loreyalian0 2d
2d Mobile / iPad app Any thought by dev team to do this? Would help engage more people into pet battles and this stuff is all the rage now ( hello Pokémon). I think it would be great to have an app to do this. Please consider!Zehia14 2d
3d Entering the Wailing Caverns Pet Battle I'm trying to get into the Dungeon pet battles. My understanding was that these started with Wailing Caverns, but I've been unable to get the initial quest. Neither Breanni nor Lio is offering it to me. Is there a pre-requisite for it? (For the record, the character I'm looking for it with is L110, Alliance, and in the Legion version of Dalaran, in the pet store - as far as I know, those are all of the requirements.) Can someone tell me what I'm missing here? Thanks.Kathleene5 3d
3d Eye of Inquisition :/ Does anyone else have a fuming hatred of this pet? I've killed over 10,000 of the inquistors according to my addon, but I have still yet to see it drop. This DOESN'T count the presumably thousands of kills on my alts, as I only have the addon enabled on my main. Is anyone else in the same boat as me? Is there a reason they chose to make this pet non-cageable, but not add SOME SORT of bad luck protection?Maizou6 3d
4d So what are the meta pets I just started trying pet battle quests and stuff and found I levelled up a bunch of useless pets because they were my favourite pets (stupid me) Now I find out its basically a "LOL too bad you don't have these 3 pets at max lvl otherwise you could beat me" thing with quests. So in short what should I be levelling.Kubone3 4d
4d The Snobold Runt is a lie Been rotating six characters a week for a few months now in ToC with not a single drop. This is brutal farming.Maltah3 4d
4d Finally got my Snobold Been commiserating with people on the forums about how I have been chasing the Snobold Runt drop from ToC. I finally got him today. Patience pays off I suppose. *cheers*Raegan3 4d
4d Looking for SandStorm! Hi there! I'm patiently waiting for a sandstorm for my silithid hatchling. If you happen to notice one going on on your realm could you please post here so i can jump to it! Thanks!Brig0 4d
4d Minfernals 3 minfernals are up on tichondrius, just a friendly heads up. Good luck and happy hunting.Minimints0 4d
5d Family Familiar Blues and QQ Two days in a row there have been no FF trainers up. I now have completed 81 out of the 120 fights and I have yet to see either Tiffany Nelson or Vareene spawn for a fight. I have completed all the fights I need to with Odrogg, Bredda and Sir Galveston. So it is getting harder and harder to find a trainer to fight for the achievement. This makes the Celestial Tournament look easy. At least in the CT it was just get and level the right number of the right pets. With Family Familiar you are at the mercy of the RNG gods.Baadboy2 5d
5d #Family Familiar Hi all, Slowly chipping away at this and enjoying it somewhat. Just keen to discuss it with anyone else working on it or has completed it. Flummox is really hard, I find I'm just avoiding him all the time, maybe not with the undead type. Varenne's quest [Chopped] just hasn't spawned for me at all. I'm exalted and finished [Suramaritan], but not the new quest chain. Am I doing something wrong? A few of the tamers seem to spawn very rarely for me.Krixooks9 5d
5d Why no Class Hall Battle Pets Has Blizzard ever explained why there are 5 classes that haven't gotten a Battle Pet from their class of right now Hunters...Priests...Mages, Pally's ..and Warriors as far as I know can't get a class hall battle pet...Druids get two.....DK get come we get left out?Moused17 5d
6d Can't see Nexus Whelping Hey guys just looking for any advice you can give me for finding Nexus Whelpings, I never see any of them in Coldarra. I've done all the quests and the dungeons and raid in the area but still can't see any across multiple characters. Also I've tried looking after resets and after the server came back up from maintenance but still no luck.Elressa2 6d
6d Deadmines Pet Battle Just completed the dungeon twice for the achievement. Not as difficult as wailing caverns in terms of repeating it for achievement and pet coins, since it doesn't a challenge mode where you can't revive pets. A bit disappointing in rewards too, a basic rat pet and 2 mechs that are just Meh. However it was still a bit fun but hope they improve.Cafeaulait28 6d
6d Non-Combat Pet Search Is there any way to look up just my non-combat pets? I've checked both WarcraftPets, and in my pet journal. I may be missing something obvious, but I'm not seeing any way to do a search for just all non-combat pets, which are typically not assigned to any specific family. I have over 800 unique pets, and it would be amazing if I could remember every pet's name, but sadly I can't, lol. Sometimes I want to get one of my non-combat pets out, but it's getting pretty hard to find them. I can't even find a simple list of non-combat pets anywhere.Lazuliann1 6d
6d Macro for weekly pet battle dungeon check Heya, folks! Is there a script/macro that I can run that tells me if I have completed the weekly pet battle dungeons? Thanks!Pekti2 6d
Jul 15 Tranquil Mechanical Yeti I checked and there's no topic on this, but I've been petitioning the Devs to bring back the questline ("A Yeti of Your Own") that allows Engineers to make this. It makes no sense to allow the pet, and still allow the Engineers with this schematic to continue making these pets, but remove the quest tree to allow new Engineers to learn how to make them. Have the Devs ever given us any feedback concerning the possibility of bring back this recipe, whether by reinstating the old questline or letting us obtain it in some other way?Loncis3 Jul 15
Jul 15 Looking for a third pet to complete pvp team I've had huge success with a kun lai runt (2,2,2) and a mechanical pandaren dragonling (1,2,2). The runt does huge amounts of damage and the dragonling sweeps it up. I'm wondering what a good third pet might be. I've been using the slot as flavor, so I've been putting Stardust (2,2,2) in just to rough them up at the start. Unborn Valk was pretty much useless because the Kun-lai runt will kill pets before the valk becomes effective. I've been toying with boneshard (2,2,2) or something like that. Ideas?Sipiri7 Jul 15
Jul 13 Glory of the Tomb Raider Hi all, looking to gage the interest on creating a pug of pet collectors to do the achievements in the most recent raid which awards a pet. Former hardcore raider and I am convinced that even the most casual people can even clear normal and its achievements. I am a pet collector myself, and thought it would be fun to do it as a group of collectors. Just reply to this post or send me a in-game mail if anyone is interested, if enough people are interested we will try till make it happen. Not sure what gear requirements would be required, but we can nail down any details if enough people are interested.Korlicx31 Jul 13
Jul 13 Having trouble getting Nexus Whelpling My friend and I have been having trouble getting Nexus Whelplings. We never can seem to find them. Can anyone give us any helpful hints to get them? Thank youTsp4 Jul 13
Jul 13 Wailing Caverns Weekly reward? WTH Blizz? I have run this now for 3 weeks and I've gotten 1 Bandage, 11 charms and a 1 battle stone as my reward twice. How come the reward for running this whole instance is so minor compared to the Celestial tournament? At least with that we could work towards a reward, but nah let's just play RNG like the rest of Legion and just have a chance at getting these pets. Weak Blizz, really. Up the rewards if we're gonna be doing this and future dungeons.Vivec29 Jul 13
Jul 13 Why are "Mr" and "Mister" "mature language"? And why is any name with "Mrs" considered "reserved? Why can't I name my pets after characters that are known as "Mr. [x]" or "Mrs. [y]"?Edxecute14 Jul 13
Jul 12 Learning the Ropes I decided to give pet battles a try. I picked up the quest learning the ropes after buying the training. I went to the green paw on the map, the pet trainer Zunta, he has two little pets standing by him, outside of Orgrimar. I picked out one of my level one pets and put it in the slot. I have no idea how to start the battle itself. I can't seem to click on anything or figure it out at all. What am I doing wrong? Any help on how to actually start a pet battle appreciated, I have read the FAQ section, Wowhead and some other sites and cant figure it out. edit: I have also flown all around the blue areas and see no creatures with the green paw over there heads at all (like in the you tube videos)Rastlin30 Jul 12
Jul 12 cant win agianst trainers/world quests since i have done most of the story line i thought i would try and do the pet battles. i have always collected the pets in game so most of them i have are rare. i have about 50+ that are 25 spread out in the different classes. recently i though i would try and do some of the world quests for the pet token things. i cant seem to kill even one of the pets that i have to fight. i have tried multiple world quests and the only pet ones i can do are the " capture or defeat" and those come around rarely. what could i possible be doing wrong? or is it this hard for everyone? i try changing up my team but they still all take 50% less and have speed so high that by the time i can attack once my pet has half health or less. then the next round they die then the next pet and then its over. since this is the only thing i have to really work on i would like to actually be able to do it, and win once in a while. if i cant figure it out i might as well quit the game entirely until the next big content patch. any HELP would be nice. thanksRustynip6 Jul 12
Jul 11 Old Whelp Pet model updates? It's really annoying comparing these old whelplings that just plain don't look as good in the game today to the newer whelps we got from Legion. (Emmigosa, Stormborne Whelp, etc.) I hope they update them like they did with the old Bunny/Rat/Squirrel models. Anyone else feel the same?Blastgamer0 Jul 11
Jul 10 Legendary Pet Brawler: title? It just seems to me that there should be some kind of title associated with this achievement. Anyone else think so?Agorel1 Jul 10
Jul 10 PVP - Death Talon Whelpguard I'm relatively new to Pet Battles, but am having surprising success with Death Talon Whelpguard, especially considering what a noob I am. His Spiked Skin ability lasts for 5 rounds and is great against DoT moves. Amazing against them in fact. I bring him out against haunt teams to soak the haunt, or against any pet with DoT's. I remember one match where he had several DoTs on him, none of which could break the skin, and he blocked all of them... this resulted in about 10 seconds of him going *block* *block* *block* each round until the opponent ran away, I'm serious! He also had a mortal-strike ability for 2 rounds which has helped me against heals teams. He also hits pretty hard, and with his armour he blocks a chunk of both of Teroclaws first strike attacks, and I've raced Teroclaws with this guy before. My AddOn hadn't seem to have recorded my Win:loss ratio with this team, but it's pretty good: Wyrmy Tunkins Death Talon Whelpguard Lil' Ragnoros I find they're all good against the meta: Rag's Son's wrecks Decoys from Mechanical Pandaren and Darkmoon Zep. His stun is always good and he just hits hard. Wyrmy Tunkins is great at busting up combos. His Nether Gate can swap powered up pets opponents out, and his Jar of Smelly liquid can dampen big attacks. He's soloed lots of PvP pets for me. Then Death Talon Wehelpguard comes in to tank DoT's and Teroclaws. Played 7 round last night with this team and won 5/7, I aveneged the 2 losses once I'd figured out how to beat them. Anyway, really just wanted to talk about Death Talon Whelpguard because I can't find much about him,Ungulate12 Jul 10
Jul 9 Wolfhawk Pet Any chance of getting a Wolfhawk (or Wolfhawk pup) pet? I've always liked it when my Mount, Pet, Havi and Vanity Pet all match, makes me feel like my Hunter is riding with his pack. Plus, they are really cool looking...Ruathan1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Need Help Understanding Numbers Hi: I dabble in battle pets but don't know very much about them (I take the easy path and google pet battle strategies that other people have used... and I just sort of follow the instructions). Anyway... I've seen people posting this sort of thing about their battle pets: Clockwork Gnome (1,2,2) Kun'Lai Runt (1,1,1) Sharptalon Hatchling (2,2,1) What I'm trying to understand is what the "1,2,2", "1,1,1", "2,2,1" means when it comes to battle pets. I see people use those sorts of numbers a lot and my guess is that it has something to do with pet settings... but I can't really say for certain. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for responding to my post.Listerine5 Jul 9
Jul 9 pet battle range issues I'm new to the game (1 week into my 2nd sub) and picked up pet battles, my 3 pets are currently level 7-11. I go to the zone on the map that has the appropriate pet level but all I find is level 1-3 critters that give no experience.Zarisana3 Jul 9
Jul 9 Nether Faerie Dragon Appearance It was changed to more of a sprite darter with different color fins instead of its previous "nethery" appearance. Anyone know if this was intentional? I haven't found any notes on it yet. Appearance updates are usually supposed to be better, but this is a downgrade.Wruen20 Jul 9
Jul 8 Best Pet Charm Pets The only pet I have purchased using the Pet Charms is the Fel Piglet. I have about 250 to spend and may not get anymore for a while. Lost Netherpup? Alarm-O-Bot? Other? Just trying to pick your brains to see which you found the most useful. Thanks for any suggestions.Congo11 Jul 8
Jul 8 Sun Darter Hatchling found The WoW Secrets Discord found where the Sun Darter Hatchling is, and after a long day of testing/trial and error, they figured out how to bypass all the puzzles/obstacles. Google Doc documenting their progress: Guide from Secrets Discord: Wowhead guide: The pet is located inside Cavern of Consumption, a cave on the northern coast of Winterspring. You'll need a total of 15 consumables + Perky Pug + a consumable looted while inside the cave. Major Fire Protection Potion Major Holy Protection Potion Major Shadow Protection Potion Major Frost Protection Potion Major Nature Protection Potion Major Arcane Protection Potion Noggenfogger Elixir (have a stack just in case) Scotty's Lucky Coin Water Stone (looted inside the cave from the pool of water) Dire Brew Pygmy Oil (have a stack just in case) Perky Pug "Little Princess" Costume Ethereal Oil (have a few just in case) Winterfall Firewater Gordok Ogre Suit Scroll of Intellect (level 1) You need to use each consumable (sometimes combined with other ones) at specific locations in the cavern to get past obstacles that will otherwise teleport you out. The pet is BoP but cageable. One loot per character. GL everyone and happy collecting!Quintessence47 Jul 8
Jul 8 How do I remove nameplates in pet battles? Hi all! Recently, I've noticed that my pets & enemy pets automatically gain nameplates above their head when I enter the pet battle mode. Since there is a huge health bar ui on the top of the screen, I felt these nameplates were unnecessary. Is there a way to turn them off? (I am aware of the ctrl+v, but I would like to 'only' disable the nameplates during pet battles)Ggoo1 Jul 8
Jul 7 Diminishing Pet Returns? I was fortunate enough to get a Darkmoon Eye and a Syd the Squid a long time ago. I have yet to see another drops from the Darkmoon Faire pet tamers. Are you limited to how many drop like the garrison pet battle pets? Thank youHalestorm7 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is the Pet weekly bugged? Whenever I switch toons I find my quest abandoned. When I go to pick it up again my progress is reset. :(Agorel1 Jul 7
Jul 6 7.3 Pet info Theres a new pet dribbler listed from Leprous pet supplies. - pet trainer outside gnomeregan NEW Hallows End pet Naxxy - literally a baby floating Naxxramas castle. Ghost Shark - nat Pagle fishing garrison.Cyprux23 Jul 6
Jul 6 Qiraji Guardling Just a friendly reminder the Qiraji Guardling is out since its summer! Gotta catch'em all! Part of the achievement Kalimdor SafariBrig1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Please keep trying new stuff the new pet battle dungeons have been a delight but i think you guys could do better and expand on this idea by making a co-op pet battle experience(like an actual pet battle dungeon with 5 people all filling different roles) i think this would make allot of the battle pets that don't ever get used useful againHudgebob9 Jul 6
Jul 5 Darkmoon Faire Pet Hi, I just did the Whack a Gnoll. Got 28, went back got 24, went back got 27. Got the prize box, 1 ticket, but NO pet. What did I do wrong? I may be too dumb to play these games, ha ha. GGwenadin3 Jul 5
Jul 5 . .Rhonstifor7 Jul 5
Jul 5 Super Sneaky Frostfur Combo I'm assuming this is a well known combo but I just came across it today and it almost made me tear my hair out: Frostfur Rat (S/S) - Sneak Attack/Refuge/Darkness Frostfur Rat (S/S) - Sneak Attack/Refuge/Darkness Any Rabbit (S/S) - Flurry/Dodge/Stampede I thought I was well equipped against this fight as I had Pygmy Direhorn against him and I was churning out tons of anti-Critter damage and he had quite a few misses against me. He finally got my Direhorn dead and I had most of his team almost dead (he made sure to keep all of his team alive and since I couldn't stun or root them he could change them out at will). I brought out my Northern Hawk Owl who pumped out a bit of damage but after it fell to less than half life I was no longer faster than any of the opponent's pets...and that's when I discovered I couldn't do damage anymore. He would bring out a Frostfur Rat and cast Refuge, shielding each enemy pet for the next six rounds on a 6-round cooldown. He would then eat the next attack. He would then bring in his faster Rabbit, eat an attack from me and then Dodge. Then he would Flurry (while still dodging) and Flurry one more time. He would then bring in his second Frostfur Rat and Refuge and then start the process again and could then grind me out because every single one of my attacks would be either blocked or dodge while every 5 turns he got in a Flurry. My only choice was to very, very slowly die or quit out. I have never run into this combo before but it's quite a hard lock. Because it was just he and I queuing up I simply thew in some Speed/Balanced flyers with Bite and he auto-quit. But I gotta tip my hat to that combo because it didn't hit me until the 6th turn into the combo that I was never going to get another hit in.Nivmizzet6 Jul 5