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Sep 26 Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons Index: FAQs: Basic information on the Pet Battle system -Basic Questions and Getting Started -Maintaining Your Collection -Pet Rarity and Family -Pet Battles -Wild Pets -Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP -Theorycrafting -Multiple WoW Accounts -Pet Battle Stones Links: Places around the web that are full of helpful information Macros: Key-bind your way to pet battle awesomeness! Addons: Because sometimes the Blizzard UI just isn't enough ******************************************************************* Thanks to: Blizzard for adding Pet Battles Lithuen (Kilrogg), Nullberri (Lightbringer), Simca (Malfurion), Shalura (Anvilmar), Aieny (Medivh), Lilfrier (Mannoroth), Rescind (Lightning's Blade), Stryph (Anvilmar), Wrelch (Wyrmrest Accord), Twixi (Garrosh), Elderbrand (Anvilmar), Layton (Wyrmrest Accord), Tgwaste (Korialstrasz), Vasala (Baelgun), Warla (Dragonmaw), Chainheal (Kael'thas), Falinari (Medivh), Tlym (Netherstorm), Jaede (Dalaran) for contributing directly or posting some great information that I've compiled here. **************************************************************** Change log: 26Sep2012 – first version (and various edits through-out the day) 28Sep2012 – added some additional information/editing, changed title from Index of Available Pet Battle Information to Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons 29Sep2012 – Re-organized to allow space for more FAQs; re-organized FAQs; added general topics to FAQs 16Oct2012 – Added an upcoming Patch Notes section (going to see how this works out) 01Dec2012 – Updated to reflect 5.1 changes; added Bug section to upcoming Patch Notes Section 19Dec2012 – Updated to correct typos and 5.1 hotfixes (RIP alt-f4'ing) 22Dec2012 – Updated with 5.2 PTR notes 16Jan2014 -- Using some of my free game time Blizzard sent me to clean up some outdated sections 17Mar2016 -- Updated to reflect WoD changes 03Aug2016 -- Updated to reflect 7.0 changes and upcoming Legion changesPhaedra187 Sep 26
Jan 20 Which Pets to Level to Complete Achievements EDIT: I have added a list of "very good pets I did not use" based on other posts. I also added some info on optimized breeds where applicable, but these optimized breeds are not required for someone just looking to finish off the achieves. This is a pet list for anyone looking to complete all of the pet battle achievements efficiently (i.e. do the bare minimum). There are a million ways to do this, but this was how I, after wasting time on many useless pets, did it. I hope it is helpful for all the beginners out there. No TCG or store pets are needed, and while some of these aren't easy to obtain (as some have commented), you will need to do an equal amount of work to get by without them IMO. With this list, it is possible to complete all of the major "PVE" pet battle achievements - there is no simple formula for PVP, but many of these pets are excellent in PVP as well. I will not go into detail on what each pet is used for, but if you follow many of the popular guides out there, you will find that most pets on those lists can be substituted for those on my list. First, a few helpful tips: All of the pet trainers in Pandaria can be defeated with only an Emeral Proto-Whelp and Anubisath Idol, making this route very efficient for leveling pets - even if you have minimal level 25's. Someone has posted the details for each fight to wowhead. Always complete your garrison menagerie dailies. These will provide you with a constant stream of tokens to increase the quality/levels on pets you need. Start running old raids to get "raiding with leashes" achievement asap - you will need Anubisath Idol and Chrominius for many reasons, and it may take several weeks to get the drops. Howl Bomb: It is a method of killing extremely high-hp single enemies. It can be implemented several ways (and most guides will help you with this), but the core pets are a Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius, supplemented by either the Darkmoon Zepplin (celestial tournament) or Unborn Val'kyr (outside tournament).The List: So here is the list, sorted by: 1) what I consider to be my go-to pets (used daily), 2) which ones I use regularly (~weekly) and 3) others I used infrequently or for gimmicky fights (e.g. to complete "An Awfully Big Adventure"). 1) Core Pets (9 total) Anubisath Idol Emerald Proto-Whelp Chrominius Pandaren Water Spirit Clockwork Gnome Darkmoon Zepplin Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Any Snail (Rapana Whelk is best) Terrible Turnip (weakening blow cannot kill, so it's perfect for collecting low-level pets)2) Used Often (9 total) Any Moth w/ alpha strike, cocoon strike, and moth dust (P/P Yellow Moth is best) Eternal Strider (or equivalent, P/S breed best) Darkmoon Tonk Any Spider w/ strike, brittle webbing, and leech life Any Frog w/ water jet, cleansing rain, swarm of flies, and frog kiss (S/S Leopard Tree Frog or a P/P Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog are best) Nexus Whelpling Scourged Whelpling Stinker (used to heal in celestial tournament) Unborn Val'kyr3) Used Infrequently (17 total) Adder (this is a great first lvl25 - high speed + counters critters) Amethyst Shale Hatching Blighthawk Chi-chi Core Hound Pup Elekk Plushie Fel Flame Flayer Youngling Kun-Lai Runt Lofty Libram Mud Jumper/Swamp Croaker Nether Faerie Dragon Prairie Dog Sea Gull Spawn of Onyxia Sporeling Sprout Tiny Snowman A second Moth (I've even used 3) A second Frog (I've even used 3) A second Spider4) Other very strong pets (that I never needed): Gilnean Raven Crow Xu-Fu Iron Starlette Feline Familiar S/S Rabbit P/P Emporer Crab H/H Spirit Crab Teroclaw Hatchling Alpine Foxling Lil' Bling Ghostly Skull Ghastly Kid Zalandari Raptors Electrified RazortoothJeack25 Jan 20
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4h Wondrous Wisdomball Ive done every KT emissary since launch & nowadays Im doing it on 13 characters everytime its up & I still havent got the Wondrous Wisdomball. Do I just have terrible luck or am I missing something? Its driving me crazy that Im still trying to get this after so many attempts.Sharpbladez2 4h
11h Uuna world tour Anyone having a problem with Uuna when trying to start the world tour at the Gates of the Setting Sun in the Vale? After doing a secret questline you will have to take Uuna to various places around the world and it starts at the Gates. But I can't seem to trigger the event despite having tried for at least an hour... I went to the exact coordinates I found but it's not working =/ Anyone? :(Guewergues0 11h
12h Hatespark the Tiny Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum but I have a couple statistically rare pets I'm looking to sell. I rarely if ever use pets, so I'm willing to let them go for a bit below the average market price. For most I'm really only looking to sell on Proudmoore-A or Moon Guard-H, but for Hatespark I'm open to any realm for the right price. All prices are OBO, all pets are level 1. So, I don't have many, but here's a list of some of the rare ones. 1. Hatespark the Tiny -12% of profiles owned - average price listed: 310k I'll say 280k to start but if a lot of people are interested we can do some bidding. 2. Nightmare Whelping - 17% of profiles owned - average price listed: 58k I'll let this one go for 50k obo 3. Death Adder Hatchling - 24% of profiles owned - average price listed: 34k 28k OBO 4. Twilight Clutch-Sister - 7% of profiles owned - average price listed: 11k 11k OBO My battle tag is predomic#1186Baege4 12h
12h A tool for finding substitute battle pets I wrote a small online tool for finding battle pets that you can substitute for each other. So if a guide or comment says "I used an Elfin Rabbit with Dodge and Burrow, but any rabbit will work", you can use the tool to get a list of Critters with Dodge and Burrow. For example: If you don't want to restrict the search by pet family, there's a toggle for that. For example, the Elfin Rabbit search done without family restriction also includes the Core Hound Pup. If you're trying to help someone, you can link them a search. The syntax is:;SKILLSET PETNAME can use spaces or underscores. SKILLSET is the 3 digits that people commonly use to describe the skills on a pet, such as 012, 202, 1x2, ??1, etc. Any character other than 1 or 2 counts as a 0. So searching for a substitute for an Elfin Rabbit with Dodge and Burrow, could be linked as:;021 Rabbit;x21 The tool is rather bare-bones at the moment. It doesn't have tooltips or anything, but does provide links to Wowhead. I have a few ideas for improvements, but wanted to do a proof-of-concept and see if anyone finds it useful. I've tested it in Chrome and Firefox on a desktop and my mobile phone. It looks squished on my phone, but still works if you zoom in. /shrugHeartblossom2 12h
15h Pets You Want But Can't Have Mine is One-of-Many. The most adorable pet I've seen in WoW, ever. Not being able to get him is killing me softly. What pets do you want but can't have? Including, "This model is awesome and it's a crime it's not catchable!" and minis of bosses, also "I wish this pet came in that colour."Aliandrin13 15h
17h Everliving Spore Pet Does the everliving spore pet still drop from the Wailing Caverns pet dungeon reward? My friend and I each received one within one month of the dungeon dropping and have done it every week since without receiving another. I've searched online about the pet on wowhead etc but anyone who received one also got it within the first few weeks. According to it's a 5% drop from the stachel, however according to only 3 are on the auction house across all US realms and has been that low quantity for a while. So I suspect either it's drop rate is much much lower than 5%, or it hasn't dropped from the satchel since the first few weeks of the dungeon launch or it may only drop once per account. I'd love a confirmation that it still drops though. Thanks!Cåt4 17h
17h Zookeeper Nerf? I realize this is very RNG, but I've noticed a sudden drop off in Pile of Pet Goodies during the past week. I used to get at least one during my daily WQs, but suddenly I am getting none, when the number of mobs I'm killing hasn't decreased at all (if anything, I've been doing more than I was before). Is anyone else experiencing this?Tennueth3 17h
22h Rarest pet in the game Is it Murky? Has anyone seen one in the flesh?Mistrahl2 22h
1d Other player disconnect in PvP? I was about to win my first PvP pet battle (one attack away), and my client suddenly disconnected from wow. My internet connection has been rock solid up to that point, and I was able to immediately log in again, but was not in the battle any more. Has anyone else seen this, and is this a common practice (to be able to disconnect the other player)? What would the benefit of this be?Rayang3 1d
1d Your pet leveling strategy I am currently working on leveling my collection of pets. My current daily pattern is to do all of the Pandaren battles. It usually takes me about an hour to complete. I am curious how many battles you would do a day. Also, how many different battles are possible in a day? Thank you for your time.Halestorm14 1d
1d 1000 pets.. can we get 2k? How about it Blizzard... Can we get 2k pet limits plzz. Thank you.Sanstus3 1d
1d Can't fight pandaren spirit tamers? They won't do much more then talk to me, not actually giving me an option to battle them. I want a pandaren water spirit that wont cost my entire bank but I just can't seem to get them to fight me. Is an achievement needed?Epiphyllum11 1d
1d Make Battle Pets Sellable to Vendors My banker alt has 3 tabs full of common battle pets that are easy to get (holiday/event/boss drops. etc) and there are so many of them saturating the AH they are not worth even listing, because they are so easy to get (and we can't have more than 3 of each and some only 1 of each). I think it would be nice to make them so they can be sold to a vendor once you get them. Even if it is for 5g each like the armor tokens. I can't find enough people to take what I have, and I am tired of looking at 20 Spring Rabbits, 10 Sinister Squashlings, etc. The Emmigosa pet that is a quest reward is sellable for 30g to a vendor, why not make them all vendor sellable?Vixenrose7 1d
1d Pet idea's and suggestions. Hey. i'm rather new to WoW but I see a few in game models that aren't pets. and being a huge Collector. I was hoping to give off an idea suggestion, in game. we only have 1 or 2 true legion inspired pets. i.e. the fel hound and etc... So I was thinking why not make a legion npc into a mini pet version. like say the legion inquisitor. he could be magic. with moves set to. "fel blast. summon dps eye. summon healing eye. fel immolate. fel shield and apocolypes." I think a mini version of him would not only be cute. but really useful for people wanting either a mini-legion of their own. or even just a strong magic type. P.S. could have the illidan inspired pet and the fel inquisitor pet fight to the death. if they are Summoned and put too closely together.Etaka55 1d
2d Family achievements Doing my family battle achievements and running across so many mindless metas, I had to laugh when I ran across this one guy that had renamed his pets: Critter team This is torture Please surrenderSickfreak3 2d
2d What does S/S and H/H mean? I have been reading alot about the hidden stat distribution. Is that S/S and H/H mean? also is there a website i can go to to see more info about this?Norsen11 2d
3d WTB Critter AOE ability 1 mil pst. Willing to shell out more if it hits like a truck. The sound of Bone Serpents breaking on the back line would give me goosebumps. <3Brawler4 3d
3d pet idea call it mini lich king and one of its skills is minigosa i like itObamawannabe0 3d
3d A sincere plea Please allow the Zookeeper enchant to carry over into BFA or add a BFA Equal to this wonderful shoulder enchant.Zunde0 3d
4d Cavern Moccasin Colour Trading I have a gorgeous purple one I would like to trade for a light blue in either the same breed as I have, or a speed one. Purple is frankly the objectively best colour, and stands out the most, I'm just not a fan.Aliandrin2 4d
4d PvE Battles - Collection Suggestions Hello all - I just got into pet battles two weeks ago and am loving it. It was just last week that I found out about breeds lol. I have been trying to collect as many useful pets as possible. I was hoping someone could take a look at my noteworthy pets below and give a few suggestions as to what I am missing :) would greatly appreciate it! This is not a full list, just pets that are/were listed as helpful in certain battles and/or guides that I have read. I am working on leveling up listed pets that are currently under level 25. Humanoid [25] Anubisath Idol H/H [25] Kun-Lai Runt P/H [22] Bonkers P/S [11] Stunted Yeti H/B [01] Grumpling P/P Dragonkin [25] Emerald Proto-Whelp P/P [25] Chrominius H/H [25] Nether Faerie Dragon P/P [25] Nexus Whelpling P/P [25] Spawn of Onyxia P/P Flying [25] Teroclaw Hatchling H/P [25] Ikky P/S [25] Junglebeak P/B [25] Mechanical Axebeak P/B [25] Sentinal's Companion P/S [25] Yellow Moth P/P [22] Garden Moth H/S [22] Silky Moth S/S [14] Gilnean Raven B/B Undead [25] Bone Serpent S/S [25] Fossilized Hatchling P/S [25] Son of Sethe P/S [25] Scourged Whelpling P/S [25] Unborn Val'kyr H/H [25] Fragment of Anger H/P [25] Froswolf Ghostpup P/P [25] Soulbroken Whelpling S/B [25] Stinkrot P/B [11] Spirit Crab H/H [01] Blightbreath H/S [01] Scraps P/S [01] Stitched Pup H/P Critter [25] Shimmershell Snail H/P [01] Spring Rabbit S/S [01] Spring Rabbit S/S [20] Twilight Beetle P/P [12] Cockroach H/H [22] Tolai Hare S/S Magic [25] Servant of Demidos P/P [25] Syd the Squid H/P [25] Hyjal Wisp S/S [22] Nordrassil Wisp S/S [25] Toxic Wasteling B/B [11] Jade Oozeling H/H [25] Extinguished Eye P/B [17] Arcane Eye P/S [01] Stardust S/S Elemental [24] Fel-Flame H/S [25] Jademist Dancer B/B [25] Nightmare Lasher H/P [25] Terrible Turnip P/S [25] Broot B/B [25] Cinderweb Recluse P/S [24] Phoenix Hatchling S/S [23] Dark Phoenix Hatchling H/S [01] Magma Rageling P/P Beast [25] Zandalari Anklerender P/P [25] Zandalari Kneebiter P/P [25] Cinder Pup P/P [25] Fel Pup S/S [25] Leyline Broodling H/B [25] Alpine Foxling Kit B/B Aquatic [25] Emperor Crab P/P [25] Mud Jumper B/B [25] Benax H/P [25] Emerald Turtle B/B [25] Fen Crab P/P [21] Moonshell Crab P/P [01] Pengu S/B Mechanical [25] Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling S/S [25] Darkmoone Tonk H/P [25] Iron Starlette P/P [25] Lil' Bling S/S [01] Tranquil Mechanical Yeti H/BFahdal0 4d
4d Anyone interested in Baby Winston pet? Please contact me in game if you are. #Shadowdance1043 PS: This in game combat pet is not tradeable, cageable in game. It is a Pet that you claim from owning the Over Watch Collector Edition. I happen to have a few codes from damaged boxes that are up for grab.Ramose52 4d
4d Looking for Arctic Fox Kit Is it possible to hop realms and find a server with it snowing in Storm Peaks? I need an Arctic Fox Kit to complete my safari achievements and have checked 7 servers with all my characters that are high enough level to get there. If it is snowing on your server, in Storm Peaks - Northrend, please add me. Jango#11192Poisoner0 4d
4d Looking for Shu-zen mount (Gifted) Looking for the new mount released in the shop. Gifted of course, here is what i have to offer. Ashleaf spriteling Albino River Calf Bush Chicken Cursed Birman Dark Whelpling Darkmoon Eye Darkmoon Rabbit Dibbler Draenei Micro Defender Eye of Observation Fox Kit Gilnean Raven (P/B) Hyacinth Macaw Ji-Kun Hatchling Moon Moon Nightmare Bell Nightmare Whelpling Rotten Little Helper Savage Cub Seaborne Spore Servant of Demidos Silithid Mini-Tank Son of Animus Sprite Darter Hatchling If interested please contact me at Lloyd#1841Flaya0 4d
4d Menagerie pet dailys Hello! Quick question, For Serr'ah's daily quest for the 5 master pet trainers, is that a daily? I haven't had it populate for the last 2 days. Is this a bug i should report?Morbidia3 4d
5d Idea to interest nonpvp players to pvp A new queue that causes both players to receive completely random battle pets to go against the enemy player. Better yet, don't let the other player know the enemy player's team before the match begins. Rewards would be the same as the regular current queue that uses the current team of the player. I'd do some pvp matches if this was implemented. It's also a neat way to have players new to pvp "learn" the battle pets. Thoughts?Furrlex15 5d
6d Just a question... Whats the best battle pet in the game?Bluezminion6 6d
Feb 13 Crysa ain't lovin' on me After serveral months of visiting Crysa, I only have one Albino Buzzard. I guess I just don't have what it takes to turn on Troll women. :( Come to think of it, it ain't just Troll women ... but I digress.Baadboy15 Feb 13
Feb 13 Best Celestial Pet for Tamers/PvE Hey all, I finally beat the Celestial Tournament for the first time! However, I really cannot decide what pet to get first. I've searched the forums, google,,, and it seems like there is no consensus. Probably because people are giving their opinion based on everything like pvp, pve, cuteness, etc. I've spent a long time looking up the pets and their abilities, and still can't decide. The pet dailies will reset in 17 hours, so I thought I'd ask you all and hopefully decide before them. I am only interested in PvE, specifically to make my life easier in battling the tamers, fabled beasts and pandarian spirits, and even the Celestial Tournament itself. I'm looking for a "main" pve pet, kinda like how Anubisath Idol can solo some of the Tamers. I'm not interested in PvP. So can anyone help me decide? Which celestial pet is best for PvE only?Goldbrand14 Feb 13
Feb 13 Best battle pets for each family I have leveled some of my pets to level 25 and was wondering if there was a website that lists the best pets in each of the families. I have been to, but they only list the best by ability or rating - it doesn't break them down by family.Katelana36 Feb 13
Feb 12 2 account 1 ip can't que for pvp? so i was queuing for pvp pet battles and my fiancee wanted to do some aswell, i was getting a battle with in 30 seconds while she sat in a queue for about 10 mins and got nothing, i had 3 battles in the time she had no queue pop. We both were using all 25 pets (if that matters). We also tried using a 3rd account on a 3rd pc and only i was getting into games. I stopped queuing and then suddenly she could get into battles and i then when i tired i could no longer get in. Whats up?Evani2 Feb 12
Feb 12 New Pet Goodies shoulder enchant With 7.1.5 there is a new shoulder enchant available for sale in Dalaran. You can purchase Boon of the Zookeeper from Draemus in the Magical Menagerie pet store. Upon killing mobs in the broken isles you have a chance to obtain a "Pile of Pet Goodies" My first pile included: 6x Pet charms 3x bandages 1x Flawless Critter stone 1x Vendor trash Second pile: 9x Pet Charms 2x Magical Biscuit 2x Vendor trashCyprux16 Feb 12
Feb 12 900 Unique Pet Club? Curious how many people here are at 900 Unique Pets? I just hit it today, and only have 17 more I can realistically obtain. (I'm not counting RAF, Collectors Edition, or Blizzcon pets, or the 2 Plushie Pets as they're never in stock in the Blizzard Store) And for those who are at 900, what are the remaining ones you're still aiming for to one day get? For me, it's: Celestial Calf (In my dreams, lol) Crawling Claw (I'm so tired of Archaeology though) Darkmoon Rabbit Everliving Spore (I've given up. Did it every single week for months, and nada) Eye of the Legion Hippogryph Hatchling Knockoff Blingtron Lagan (will get in BFA) Landros's Lichling Living Fluid (I kill LFR primordius when I remember to. Still nada) Mailemental (Glares at Blizzard) Micronax (also in BFA) Sand Scarab Shadow Spineclaw Crab Stunted Direhorn (Still need like 50 battles? I just find Pvp pet battles boring) TwilightMaizou31 Feb 12
Feb 11 Wailing Caverns Weekly reward? WTH Blizz? I have run this now for 3 weeks and I've gotten 1 Bandage, 11 charms and a 1 battle stone as my reward twice. How come the reward for running this whole instance is so minor compared to the Celestial tournament? At least with that we could work towards a reward, but nah let's just play RNG like the rest of Legion and just have a chance at getting these pets. Weak Blizz, really. Up the rewards if we're gonna be doing this and future dungeons.Vivec52 Feb 11
Feb 10 Random Pet Battle Ranked Matches Would randomly choose from three level 25 rare pets to queue in a ranked pet battle match. You'd have to have a minimum of x amount of level 25 rare pets and x amount of rare 25 pets for every class. Yea or nay?Blackbeard1 Feb 10
Feb 10 We need a pre-saved pet team feature. Hello Devs, I think just about everybody who is seriously into pet battles would like to see more support in general for the minigame, including more rankings (MMR) and stat keeping like ranked pvp has. But more specifically I would like to see the option to save certain teams, just like how in xmog vendor you can now save pre-determined loadouts to switch to all together, not singly. For example, I'd like to have presaved "main team", experimental team I'm checking out, and elemental counter team (since that is pretty popular in pet PvP). It's a real hassle and waste of time to switch between a couple different teams that I'm frequently switching between, its very redundant and time wasting. Especially since most pet collections are fairly large, and it DOES take quite some time to navigate between all your guys, especially if they aren't favorited. It would be a very nice QoL feature to have the ability to save up to say 10 different teams, I would be grateful if the devs can add this in.... and also show more love in general to this, I feel like pet battles got absolutely ZERO love in WoW 7.0. WoD and MoP showed much more love for the minigame. Thank you.Gabesgreed2 Feb 10
Feb 10 Sissix Pet battle ive used all 7 of my level 25 pets , in dif combos, but i cant beat this snake girl i dont understand whats going on, some one help????Wowworg46 Feb 10
Feb 9 Huh. Draenor trainer circuit been nerfed? Long time now been using Draenor trainers to fast-level lowbie toons. Have a mage buddy with a 2-seater flyer that patiently portals my toon to Stormshield, spent part of an evening flying me to all the necessary FPs, and now with the two of us I quickly do 5 trainers. LOTS of XP. 5 trainers cause 6th one in Gorgrond has hovering flyers that take out a lowbie real fast. Once a lowbie hits 60 and is flying, can handle all 5 trainers by his/herself. Till then needs the buddy with the flyer to be able to do any but Vesharr at Veil Terokk (edit: 40 with fast mount can usually do Taralune in Talador no problem). So tonight, for first time ever, I'm being carried as a level 30 Void Elf and get dismounted from flyer over Shadowmoon Valley as we head to Ashleigh. Die quickly and horribly soon as I hit ground of course. Tried twice more from different approaches, is obviously a lowbie-exclusion zone there now. Gave Ashleigh up. No problem with trainer in Spires, as always. But same thing with Taralune in Talador. Flyer got me close, but dismounted before could reach her, and know I'll be offed trying to run to the trainer. This never happened before. Suspect Blizzard tired of players leveling toons through pets. Level a toon too quickly and doesn't take as many months of sending money every month? Wondering if it's a glitch or more folks seeing this ? BTW, lesson I learned, do NOT wanna level all the way to 110 with pet battling before getting serious about Legion stuff. Artifact Weapon scenario truly brutal then. Update: Yeah, they nerfed us. Just had to check out Tarr the Terrible battle in Nagrand, Draenor Nagrand. Got dismounted quickly and even a destro warlock at 30 goes down fast to a 100 elite. Kneedless6 Feb 9
Feb 9 The Elfin Rabbit, huge and gold? IS the Elfin Rabbit supposed to be huge and gold now? Feb 9
Feb 9 A win that makes me uncomfortable I am by no means great at pet battle pvp, but I've learned some of the basics - especially from reading these forums. I just won a Family Fighter battle that made me sad. I'm doing the Undead family - a blighthawk, bone serpent, and infected squirel - works great, with only the bone serpent being really high powered. I came across a mixed team, can't remember the exact families but one was a dust bunny, a bat and...the last escapes me. The problem this team had is that only the last one was rare. The other two were white and gray. Even though they were decent pets they didn't really stand a chance because of their quality. I wished that I had been able to stop the fight and talk to the player, advise them about it, but we can't do that. I sort of hope it was a high level player messing around with a throwaway team, but I doubt it. I just hope I didn't upset a beginner so much that they decide to quit pet battling.Midgit18 Feb 9
Feb 8 Battle Stones before leveling? Just started pet battling a few days ago on my 90 alts for experience, enjoying it so far but had one question that I was hoping to get cleared up. I have some common/uncommon pets that I want to level, but should I upgrade them to rare BEFORE I start leveling them, and if I don't does this somehow adversely effect their stats per level or will the battle stone correct this later on? (Other than the -2 levels obviously.) I tried looking through the FAQs and some of the other threads but couldn't find anything definitive. Thanks!Ragepuff10 Feb 8
Feb 8 Tips for Getting Kun-Lai Runt to Spawn? I've been hunting around the mountains in Kun-Lai for hours now trying to find one of these guys, and I've seen none. Is there something I can do to make one spawn? Am I just really unlucky?Ruo8 Feb 8
Feb 7 Tottle Has a very good movepool.Zunde18 Feb 7
Feb 7 Family Brawler Team Suggestions? Title. Anyone out there have suggestions for teams that have good synergy/win rates for the Family Brawler achievement? Like, I know 2x Jellyfish with Tentacle Slap/Rain Dance/Squeeze with a third Aquatic is a solid team, (I used Tottle and won my only matchup) But I'm at a loss on where to even begin for the other families, so figured I'd see if anyone had suggestions.Maizou5 Feb 7
Feb 7 Winston team I have had Baby Winston for a while, not even sure how I got it. Any are there any good teams using Winston? Most of the time when I meet a team with Winston, I normally win. I think it would be fum to play him on a teamBaadboy8 Feb 7
Feb 5 WTT Darkmoon Rabbit 4 Crawlin Claw Want to trade my Darkmoon rabbit for your Crawling claw Succesinmind#1797 LmkPeqvals0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Pet trainer dailies in Kalimdor Can only horde unlock those? I'm leveling an alliance alt (level 30 atm) through Kalimdor and realized that the pet trainer dailies are not available to her. Is there something I must do to unlock them? Maybe create a horde character and get an achievement they unlocks then for all my toons?Tinkerizmo3 Feb 5