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Aug 9 Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons Index: FAQs: Basic information on the Pet Battle system -Basic Questions and Getting Started -Maintaining Your Collection -Pet Rarity and Family -Pet Battles -Wild Pets -Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP -Theorycrafting -Multiple WoW Accounts -Pet Battle Stones Links: Places around the web that are full of helpful information Macros: Key-bind your way to pet battle awesomeness! Addons: Because sometimes the Blizzard UI just isn't enough ******************************************************************* Thanks to: Blizzard for adding Pet Battles Lithuen (Kilrogg), Nullberri (Lightbringer), Simca (Malfurion), Shalura (Anvilmar), Aieny (Medivh), Lilfrier (Mannoroth), Rescind (Lightning's Blade), Stryph (Anvilmar), Wrelch (Wyrmrest Accord), Twixi (Garrosh), Elderbrand (Anvilmar), Layton (Wyrmrest Accord), Tgwaste (Korialstrasz), Vasala (Baelgun), Warla (Dragonmaw), Chainheal (Kael'thas), Falinari (Medivh), Tlym (Netherstorm), Jaede (Dalaran) for contributing directly or posting some great information that I've compiled here. **************************************************************** Change log: 26Sep2012 – first version (and various edits through-out the day) 28Sep2012 – added some additional information/editing, changed title from Index of Available Pet Battle Information to Pet Battles: FAQs, Links, Macros, & Addons 29Sep2012 – Re-organized to allow space for more FAQs; re-organized FAQs; added general topics to FAQs 16Oct2012 – Added an upcoming Patch Notes section (going to see how this works out) 01Dec2012 – Updated to reflect 5.1 changes; added Bug section to upcoming Patch Notes Section 19Dec2012 – Updated to correct typos and 5.1 hotfixes (RIP alt-f4'ing) 22Dec2012 – Updated with 5.2 PTR notes 16Jan2014 -- Using some of my free game time Blizzard sent me to clean up some outdated sections 17Mar2016 -- Updated to reflect WoD changes 03Aug2016 -- Updated to reflect 7.0 changes and upcoming Legion changesPhaedra186 Aug 9
Sep 3 Which Pets to Level to Complete Achievements EDIT: I have added a list of "very good pets I did not use" based on other posts. I also added some info on optimized breeds where applicable, but these optimized breeds are not required for someone just looking to finish off the achieves. This is a pet list for anyone looking to complete all of the pet battle achievements efficiently (i.e. do the bare minimum). There are a million ways to do this, but this was how I, after wasting time on many useless pets, did it. I hope it is helpful for all the beginners out there. No TCG or store pets are needed, and while some of these aren't easy to obtain (as some have commented), you will need to do an equal amount of work to get by without them IMO. With this list, it is possible to complete all of the major "PVE" pet battle achievements - there is no simple formula for PVP, but many of these pets are excellent in PVP as well. I will not go into detail on what each pet is used for, but if you follow many of the popular guides out there, you will find that most pets on those lists can be substituted for those on my list. First, a few helpful tips: All of the pet trainers in Pandaria can be defeated with only an Emeral Proto-Whelp and Anubisath Idol, making this route very efficient for leveling pets - even if you have minimal level 25's. Someone has posted the details for each fight to wowhead. Always complete your garrison menagerie dailies. These will provide you with a constant stream of tokens to increase the quality/levels on pets you need. Start running old raids to get "raiding with leashes" achievement asap - you will need Anubisath Idol and Chrominius for many reasons, and it may take several weeks to get the drops. Howl Bomb: It is a method of killing extremely high-hp single enemies. It can be implemented several ways (and most guides will help you with this), but the core pets are a Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius, supplemented by either the Darkmoon Zepplin (celestial tournament) or Unborn Val'kyr (outside tournament).The List: So here is the list, sorted by: 1) what I consider to be my go-to pets (used daily), 2) which ones I use regularly (~weekly) and 3) others I used infrequently or for gimmicky fights (e.g. to complete "An Awfully Big Adventure"). 1) Core Pets (9 total) Anubisath Idol Emerald Proto-Whelp Chrominius Pandaren Water Spirit Clockwork Gnome Darkmoon Zepplin Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Any Snail (Rapana Whelk is best) Terrible Turnip (weakening blow cannot kill, so it's perfect for collecting low-level pets)2) Used Often (9 total) Any Moth w/ alpha strike, cocoon strike, and moth dust (P/P Yellow Moth is best) Eternal Strider (or equivalent, P/S breed best) Darkmoon Tonk Any Spider w/ strike, brittle webbing, and leech life Any Frog w/ water jet, cleansing rain, swarm of flies, and frog kiss (S/S Leopard Tree Frog or a P/P Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog are best) Nexus Whelpling Scourged Whelpling Stinker (used to heal in celestial tournament) Unborn Val'kyr3) Used Infrequently (17 total) Adder (this is a great first lvl25 - high speed + counters critters) Amethyst Shale Hatching Blighthawk Chi-chi Core Hound Pup Elekk Plushie Fel Flame Flayer Youngling Kun-Lai Runt Lofty Libram Mud Jumper/Swamp Croaker Nether Faerie Dragon Prairie Dog Sea Gull Spawn of Onyxia Sporeling Sprout Tiny Snowman A second Moth (I've even used 3) A second Frog (I've even used 3) A second Spider4) Other very strong pets (that I never needed): Gilnean Raven Crow Xu-Fu Iron Starlette Feline Familiar S/S Rabbit P/P Emporer Crab H/H Spirit Crab Teroclaw Hatchling Alpine Foxling Lil' Bling Ghostly Skull Ghastly Kid Zalandari Raptors Electrified RazortoothJeack24 Sep 3
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10m Raiding with Leashes V Outcomes For the Data! I'm plotting to do all 25 and half heroic, half normal just in case of bugginess. Firelands [14] Runs [5] - Blazehound - Shannox [2] - Cinderweb Recluse - Beth'tilac [3] - Infernal Pyreclaw - Majordomo Staghelm [2] - Surger - Baleroc Dragon Soul [14] Runs [5] - Corrupted Blood - Spine of Deathwing [3] - Faceless Mindlasher - Yorsahj [1] - Unstable Tendril - Deathwing 1 Lifebinder Throne of the Four Winds [14] Runs [6] - Drafty - Nezir -bugged out loot, kill slower or dismiss pet [2] - Zephyrian Prince - Al'Akir The Bastion of Twilight [14] Runs [5] - Bound Stream - Elementium Monstrosity - kill slow [4] - Faceless Minion - Cho'gall [4] - Twilight Clutch-Sister - Valiona ( Blackwing Descent [14] Runs [3] - Discarded Experiment - Maloriak [1] - Rattlejaw - Nefarian [2] - Tinytron - MagmatronVhale70 10m
15m Where are the Pet Masters of Legion? In every region so far there was an achievement 'Taming Kalimdor'' ''Taming Eastern Kingdoms'' etc where you had to defeat the pet masters but in Broken Isles i dont see any achievement of that kind and i also dont see any pet master marks on the map does it mean that there are are not pet masters in Broken Isles?Spongebobt10 15m
32m Qiraji Guardling Obligatory reminder that there's less than a week for anyone interested in capturing this pet to do so. It spawns around the AQ gates in Silithis and will disappear with the end of Summer not to return until next June.Grarn6 32m
2h PSA: Brewfest I should have put this up yesterday, but just so new pet collectors are aware, the Brewfest has pets that are purchasable with Brewfest Tokens, which you can earn by doing dailies for the Brewfest NPCs, outside of Ironforge (Alliance) and Orgrimmar (Horde). Stout Alemental (Elemental, P/P only, Health: 1400, Power: 341, Speed: 244): Purchasable with 200 Brewfest Tokens. Wolpertinger (Critter, H/P only, Health: 1546, Power: 289, Speed: 260): Purchasable with 200 Brewfest Tokens. It should be noted that the item to add this to your pet journal (Wolpertinger's Tankard) is also a reward for a very simple quest (Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!) available from the Brewfest NPCs Goldark Snipehunter (Alliance) and Glodrak Huntsniper (Horde). You may wish to save your Brewfest Tokens for something else and just get this item through the quest. Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (Critter, H/P only, Health: 1628, Power: 306, Speed: 228): Purchasable with 100 Brewfest Tokens.Loncis0 2h
3h Fisher Friends -Ghost Shark 9-21 The Night Elf Ghost that sells the Ghost Shark is up today. She's pretty close to the Azuna Quartermaster/Illidari perch. Join a raid group in group finder and get your ghost sharks! The rep was faster for me than Margoss was. I got Best Friend, 2 sharks and the toy in a couple hours or less. And all the fishing items/rare bait drop in the same pond.Vhale0 3h
4h Fel Lash Has anyone seen hide or hair of this pet? I'v seen plenty of the skinning pets drop but this one seems to be completely missing in action.Zunde30 4h
9h Pets getting 'stuck/pausing' midfight Hey guys, as title says, I am beginning to get really annoyed when the enemy pets are almost every fight getting stuck in an animation, anywhere from a few seconds, to a couple of minutes, before they get back into position for the next 'round'. I cannot recall this happening more than a week ago, but I have changed nothing on my system for ages, and can think of no other reason why this would have recently begun to occur. System is defragged, latest drivers etc, and my wife hasn't had this occur to her alt all on her comp. Has anyone come across this, and if so, know of a fix? Considering giving up on the whole pet battle system if I cant fix it, becoming too frustrating. Thanks all.Zurtankoblin6 9h
19h Family Fighter - Your Progress? Title. Curious how far people are in on Family Fighter. For me, it's not so much it's hard as it is tedious, as after all, it's a minimum of 180 pet battles. With failures due to RNG and crits, it's more than that. Been slowly doing a few a day, and so far I've cleared all 6 in Krokuun and 3 in Antoran Wastes. I know a few people have probably completed it by now, but curious where everyone is at.Maizou35 19h
20h PSA: Mistweaver Xia For those of you who need the Infinite Hatchling (Dragonkin) or the Paradox Spirit (Elemental) pets, please be aware that Mistweaver Xia is up, as of today, on Timeless Isle. Each pet is 2200 Timewarped Badges. Timewarped Badges are collected by doing Timewalking dungeons and are also available as a drop in the Chromie quests. In attempting the two events, I find that Chromie quests are better for collecting the Badges. There's no wait, since it's a solo instance, rather than a queue for five players. And you can keep right on doing them. I average around 100 Badges per Chromie instance. If you need the pets and don't have the badges, I would suggest you start collecting right away, before Xia is gone. Each dungeon only rewards 10 each and may also give some as a drop off of mobs. You will also likely get a one-time quest per Timewalking cycle, of a turn-in that rewards 500 badges. Which still leaves you 1700 left to collect. So, get busy! There are some useful strats on Argus that call for these two pets because of their unique Temporal Anomaly ability, which reduces the entire enemy team's speed by 25% for nine rounds. These are valuable pets to have, and if you miss them this time, you will have to wait several months before the opportunity to collect these pets comes again. One more thing: If you're on a PvP server, as I am, you may want to get a friend to help you realm hop to a PvE server. The PvPers, realizing that players are going to be flocking to Mistweaver Xia, have turned this area into a PvP magnet. I was able to get one of my pets and do the turn-in, because some of my fellow Alliance players formed a raid and decided to remove the dominating Horde players from the area. And they succeeded long enough for me to do my turn-in and get one of the pets I needed. (I don't have enough badges for the other one. Working on it.)Loncis4 20h
22h Looking to get into pet battles but my mom wont let meRaelar1 22h
22h Weather for Pet hunting I've noticed that some pets can only spawn in certain weather conditions, like Blizzards or Sandstorms. How often does weather change? Is the weather conditions the same on all realms (universal)?Tinkerizmo3 22h
1d Glory of the Tomb Raider - U.S. Horde This is a direct link for U.S. Horde sign-ups. A 3 hour time frame has been blocked off on Saturday, October 14th from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST. Level 110 is required and we will shoot for 900+ item level. If you have not familiarized yourself with Tomb of Sargeras yet please do so before signing up by completing/reading/viewing: • Raid finder • Wowhead Guides: • Achievement Guides: • Fatboss Videos: We will be using Discord. You do not have to speak but you have to be able to hear and follow directions. We will need 3 tanks for several of the achievements as well. Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to Kelly#12973.Kelly0 1d
1d Armory pet collections not updating? Just curious if this is happening to anyone else, or just myself. Over the last couple days, my pet collection on the armory has not updated. I first noticed when attempting to update my collection on I had added several new pets, and upgraded others, but nothing changed with my collection on the site. I first thought it could be their site, but when I checked the armory, I saw that my collection had also remained unchanged. And yes, I had fully logged out and left the game before checking. Anyone else? Thanks in advance for any info.Kaldrik8 1d
1d That queue though... Has anyone else noticed the incredibly long PVP queue times lately? I swear, the past week it's almost been unplayable. 15 minutes or longer at peak hours is just ridiculous. How hard would it be to combine all the pet battle servers together? Isn't that how rated battlegrounds work now?Brawler11 1d
1d Gloamwing with Aquatic team ...anyone done this yet? Seems impossible.Ralivia17 1d
1d Your opponent in PVP When you see your opponent in the Pet PVP BG, is that what they look like in the game, or is it just an random character Blizzard fills in?Baadboy3 1d
2d Cant access any pets When i open my companions tab it jus shows blank. The only time i can summon one is if i just aquire one.. go click it and it opens up its tab in the pet thing and i have to put it on my bars to click to summon it. i know ive aquired many pets and companions thoughout the years. why can i not see them when i open up the tab. Wont even show collected or not collected. just blankSfscxpaladin2 2d
2d Missing: Xorvasc When was the last time this guy was up? My FF list is down to a select few and he's on my list. Grixis could show up again too. I know he's been recently but he could pop today. That'd be cool.Lilwaggletea3 2d
3d Gulp Froglet Looking to trade for one of these froggies, if anyone has a extra one for trade let me know what you want for it. Thanks!Korlicx1 3d
3d Anyone doing Squirt that could inv me? Hello all! I was hoping to level this character and some of my pets through squirt, the only issue is I thought I could unlock the menagerie before having a lvl 3 garrison. I was wrong hehe xD (it's been a long time since WOD!) Is anyone doing the squirt battles that could invite me and let me do some pet battling in their garrison? Thank you all! <3Azzhara1 3d
3d Your Best Pet Name(s) There doesn't seem to be a thread on this anywhere in the first few pages, so I decided to start one. What's the best name you've given to any of your non-combat pets? As for me, either my sanity is impaired because it's 1AM, or I've been hit with a stroke of inspiration, because I just named my clouded hedgehog Quillidan Stormrage. :D (Actually "Quillidanstrmrge" due to technical limitations. Closest I could get, sadly.)Icpitl35 3d
4d Pet Battle Delay Bug? Has anyone else experienced this lately? Occasionally when doing pet battles in the Argus patch abilities will take quite a long time to finish their animation. A couple of the affected abils are Surge and Powerball, typically anything that has that rushed look to the animation. Is this just me? Does anyone know what may be causing it?Windgrace7 4d
4d Breed Stones Just like we have pet leveling stones, stones to make the pet a rare, it would be nice to have Breed stones where you can change the breed of a pet.Baadboy17 4d
4d Odd Bug: Lowercase Pet Names With this new patch, I have had the strangest bug occur. All of the names of my pets that I manually named are now lowercase and can't be changed back to their default name. I am sure it is one of my add-ons, but the odd thing is that it will fix itself randomly throughout the day so I am having a heck of a time trying to tell which add-on is doing this. Anyone else have this bug?Aoihikari5 4d
4d Looking for Black Tabby Cat Anyone willing to help me out? Can't afford AH prices and need it for the crazy cat lady title. If anyone is willing or has an extra let me know; also the cat can be caged once learned.Ashearah1 4d
5d Need Black Tabby Cat Hey Guys! Looking for the black tabby cat for the title.. wondering if anyone can help? The cat can be caged and mailed even if its learned. Let me know!Ashearah0 5d
5d Guide to Squirt - Regular Up 10-1 Dates: Super Squirt October 16, 2017 - Monday November 30, 2017 - Thursday Regular Squirt: October: 1 (Sun), 31 (Tues) November: 15 (Wed) December: 15 (Fri) Who/What is Squirt? Squirt is a repeatable Pet Battle Trainer on the Warlords Garrison rotation that gives reasonable pet and player experience. When, Squirt rotates in during Pet Battle Bonus week she can take a pet from 1-25 in 2 fights, if the player uses the Safari Hat or Lesser Pet Treat. To take full advantage you want: An exp buff (a Safari hat toy or treats bought with charms), pet bandages (optional), a team that can carry a level pet (suggestions below) and access to a Garrison with a level 3 pet building. Garrison Faq Grouping: You can join another person's garrison if you do not have your own or the pet building. Join the group, fly/ride/walk into the garrison. If you aren't there, go back outside. Right click your name and pick View Party Leader's Garrison and walk back in. If the leader leaves their garrison it will port everyone out or back to their own garrisons! Alt Experience: The exp is the same in a raid. You can bring very low levels but getting them there is your challenge. My alt went from 102 to 109 last Holiday. Getting there: WoD can be reached by mage portal, summons or an underwater cave at Timeless Isle. Sit at the bonfire, click it and it will port you to Gorgrond. Coordinates 65/74. Supplies: There is a vendor with pet treats and a pet healer but a stack of bandages will still come in handy. Popular Teams: (Full strats in next post) Team 1 (Average Time 1:45) - Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (crafted)/Level 6+ Pet/Ghostly Skull (Vendor, Dalaran) Team 2 (Average Time 1:25) - S/S Bronze Whelping (drop)/ Widget the Departed (holiday vendor)/ Level 1+ Pet. Spectral Cub can replace WIdget Team 3 (Average Time 2:10) - Enchanted Broom (Horde Argent Tourney Vendor/BMAH)/ Weebomination (WOD Pet Supply Bag)/ Lvl 1+ Pet Team 4 (Average Time 1:35) - Enchanted Broom (Horde Argent Tourney Vendor/BMAH)/ Boneshard (Wrath Icecrown Raid Drop)/ Lvl 1+ Pet Buffs and Exp Totals: Safari Hat (10% exp) - Toy (acheivement reward for defeating 40 master tamers) Super Fight: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 17 -> 25 Regular Fight: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 11 -> ?? Pet Treat (50% exp, stacks)- Vendor, 10 Pet Charms or 1 Celestial Coin. Lio the Lioness or Serra'ah. Does not refresh! Must remove buff to apply new treat! Super Fight: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 18 -> 25 Regular Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> ?? -> 22 Lesser Pet Treat (25% exp, stacks)- Vendor, 10 Pet Charms or 1 Celestial Coin. Lio the Lioness or Serra'ah. Does not refresh! Must remove buff to apply new treat! Super Fight: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 18 -> 25 Regular Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> ?? Stacked Buffs Both Pet Treats: Super Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 19 - > 25 Regular Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> ?? Both Pet Treats and Safari Hat: Super Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 19 -> 25 Regular Fight 1: Lvl 1 pet: 1 -> 14 -> 20 -> 24 -> 25 Both Pet Treats and Safari Hat, lowest possible Pet to 25: Super Fight 1: Lvl 13 pet: 13 -> 24.9 Regular Fight 1: Lvl 22 pet: 22 -> 24.98 Boon of the Zookeeper (Shoulder enchant) - Draemus, New Dalaran Pet Shop Vendor. 160-200g depending on Kirin Tor Rep. No reputation needed to apply, can be used on alts under 110 leveling in Legion. Pile of Pet Goodies drops from mobs which contain random items such as Pet Charms, Battle Stones, Lesser Pet Treats, Bandages. Add ons: Rematch Rematch lets you create Teams for pet Trainers and create a leveling Queue that will swap in pets when you're done leveling with a previous one. Very handy! Pet Journal Enhanced or Battle Pet BreedID Adds "hidden" info such as what breed pets are. Derangement's Pet Battle Cooldowns No Longer being updated D: If you have Elvui or another UI mod you may have to leave pet battles as Default Skin to use this. But it places a number over your pet battle abilities as they are used and shows the enemy team's setup.Vhale28 5d
5d One-of-Many vs Humanoids solution Humanoids versus One-of-Many was quite challenging, especially as I don't have Deathy (murloc pet with healing debuff). After reading the WowHead comments and some experimentation, I came up with a strategy using three S/S Flayer Younglings (1/2/1 each). The order of attack is: Kick, Dodge, Blitz x2, Kick, Dodge, Blitz x2, repeat. Swap in a new Flayer if one dies or is at very low health. This way he only gets one Consume per round, minimizing his healing. This strat still requires some lucky RNG though.Greer0 5d
6d Gloamwing - All Aquatic This is the strat I used that got it down on the first time, keep in mind there is some RNG involved here. 1. Benax - 1 -1-1 2. Gulp Frog (B/B breed is what I had) - 1-1-2 3. Ghostshell Crab - 2-2-1 Use Whatever 3 - 2 (You must be hit twice here!) Swap to Benax Whatever again You are swapped to Gulp 2-3- at this point you HAVE to have exploded on him, if not, start over! If yes, yay you basically win if you aren't critted! Next pet brought out : Benax: 3-2-1 Last pet (Crab) 1-2-1-1 Ideally you should still have bubble up when you bring out your crab, so you're able to get it back up again and kill it. Courtesy to my husband who figured this out!Saravi0 6d
6d Eye of Inquisition Price? So some people may know me. I'm the person who prodded muffinus on twitter constantly about the Eye of Inquisition and why it has such a low drop rate/no bad luck protection/etc. I've killed over 10,000 inquisitors in Suramar across my 12 toons, and still have yet to see the pet. Yet I know multiple people who got it while questing. (frustrating to say the least). So imagine my joy when I find out 7.3 was going to make them cageable. However... for some reason, people on my server priced them at 35k, which is the same price as *most* of the TCG pets on my server. (some have been going for close to 100k, to add insult to injury). I understand it's been rare and elusive for me, but for many, even non-pet collectors, it hasn't been too hard to get. So why did people decide it was worth so much from the get go? Thoughts?Maizou5 6d
6d No blizzcon pet? Hi Guys! Maybe I am over thinking this but I have tried searching through the article blizz posted to this site as well as googling/checking our pet logs etc but I can't find the answer anywhere; because this year they are offering the mounts for blizzcon, does that mean there won't be a pet? The mounts are available right now in game so I was guessing if there was a pet it should be showing up in the pet log/journal? But there is nothing there! The mounts look great but I really really really hope we will still be getting a pet too! Anyone have any insight/ideas?Missunknown7 6d
6d Elemental Escalation - Snozz I keep trying multiple strats that use Tiny Twister + Crazy Carrot + Ominous Flame. Bottom line, the pets don't last through his damage (why does an ability with a "chance" to hit 3 times always seem to hit three times for this jerk?) Anyone have a better idea?Superdaedra4 6d
Sep 14 Crysa bug? I have an alt parked next to Crysa so I can battle her everyday in my quest for getting the Albino Buzzard. However, everytime I fight her I experience some delay in the fight, like if I'm lagging. After, the 2nd or 3rd round Crysa doesn't react for like 20 seconds. I know its a minor bug, but it's a bit annoying when you have to complete this fight everyday.Yokoloca2 Sep 14
Sep 14 (Closed) Here's what i got Firefly Eye of observation Purple puffer Empowered manafiend Empyreal manafiend Servant of demidos Ji-kun hatchling pygmy direhorn Tiny green carp Nightmare Bell Bananas Skunky alemental Corrupted blood Darkmoon eye Docile skyfin Energized manafiend Filthling Fragment of anger Gilnean raven (P/B) Gulp froglet Hungering claw Hyacinth macaw Leyline broodling Lumpy Magma rageling Moon Moon (S/S) Ominous Flame Ore Eater (S/S) Periwinkle calf Rotten little helper Shore crawler (P/P) Death adder hatchling (S/S) Snowy panda Spineclaw crab Tideskipper Trigger Twilight clutch sister Wicked soul Young Venomfang Zangar spore If interested please notify me at Lloyd#1841Flaya2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Legendary/Elite/Boss Battle Pets on Argus So while roaming around Argus a the day after it first came out, I saw an Elite/Boss Battle Pet. I decided not to battle it, as my highest Battle Pet was 13, but now I have a full 3 team of 25s and now I am wondering...Do you get anything from winning them? I know there are Daily World Quests to defeat certain BPs and they give you a reward, but again, I found a new BP Boss (Retch) in Krokuun, and am wondering, since 25 is the max BP level, will you even get a reward? Will you get BP Tokens, A BP Stone, or the Boss Pet as a reward for beating it? I'm curious to know what you get, if anything at all.Neloth2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Help To Get Stardust? ETA: Got my Stardust now - YAY! I'm on the quest for Stardust. Now I don't use addons so I don't track "breeds" of pets. I am more a collector, not a pet battler. I *need* to win the battle for this pet. Now I saw strats that used like Anklerender or some other pets - NONE of which I have @ 25, nor do I know which breeds I have. Anyone know a strat I can use WITH pets I have at 25? Help appreciatedXiata2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Battle Rez problems on Retch fight. I was trying to do all the Family Fighter fights on Retch last night. The undead and mechanical fights would not complete for me. As soon as one of my pets "rezzed" I was kicked out of the fight. Interesting thing was my Family Familiar Helper addon showed both as complete. Has anyone else experienced this problem on Retch? (I did report it as a bug).Silvercircle1 Sep 14
Sep 13 Shadow - In-Game Shop Just looked through my unlearned pets and saw a new pet I've never seen before! Shadow! It says In-Game Shop, but I can't find any info anywhere! It definitely was added today or perhaps the day before. I've been checking my pet list pretty frequently so I know it's new! The little fox changes color from void to light and back to void with some REALLY amazing special graphics!Tristful16 Sep 13
Sep 13 New PVP addon Just went to Curse and was delighted to see PetBattleLogKeeper (c'mon guys, how bout a catchier name huh? lol) was finally released. I know this has been in the works for quite some time now and I personally can't wait to try it out. My only qualm being that I wish I had this addon 4k+ battles ago. I should note that this addon won't necessarily help you win games though. It just keeps track of who you've played, how the battle panned out, what your recent win ratio looks like, etc. Still all very cool stuff for people who spend a considerable amount of time in the PVP queue. Credit goes to Gello (creator of Rematch), CloseToZero and Grainne. ^^bBrawler3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Argi Greyed Out I own her, but I can't summon her. I can summon my other purchased pets though. Looking over old topics, this caught my eye ( and I'm wondering if 7.3 is to blame?Bonn10 Sep 13
Sep 12 Pet from WoW shop disabled I don't know why but all the pet i bought from the wow shop are disabled, i see their name in yellow like i own them but their icon is grey.Benøit0 Sep 12
Sep 12 #Family Familiar Hi all, Slowly chipping away at this and enjoying it somewhat. Just keen to discuss it with anyone else working on it or has completed it. Flummox is really hard, I find I'm just avoiding him all the time, maybe not with the undead type. ... Finally got him, wasn't a bug, just didn't spawn for a long time. A few of the tamers seem to spawn very rarely for me.Krixooks12 Sep 12
Sep 12 Shadeflicker help Looking for ideas for beating Shadeflicker with a magic team. I've tried numerous combos and have come close but no cigar. Thanks!Woodford3 Sep 12
Sep 11 Lost of Lordaeron breed I'm going to be adding a second undead to my team. I was wondering which one is the better breed overall. There's a H/H one, and there's a balanced one. Any suggestions?Urbersproak3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Wild Battle exp nerf Title - has anyone else noticed a drastic decrease in how much pets level from wild pet battles? Using the Icespine Hatchlings around the Horde Garrison as an example, I can remember plowing through these little guys during Warlords to a pretty decent experience rate, hitting 8 on the first battle, 12 on the second, and taking no longer than 2x fights for later levels (20-25). IIRC the experience per battle was about 1200-1400, with the Safari Hat. Now it seems to wildly fluctuate between 400-800, averaging at 600exp per fight. It used to take me upwards of about 10-15 minutes to level one pet to 25 during Warlords off wild battles. Now I'm barely pushing level 22 (3x battles from 21-22 where it normally took about 1.5) after 28 minutes. E: Final result, about 45-47 minutes just to hit 25. This is absolutely insane to expect of any regular player to sink into if they're just wanting a pet to 25 with the Dailies exhausted and no stones at their disposal! Totally understand that the charms/stones would have made bruteforce wild leveling obsolete, but I don't understand why a nerf was necessary in tandem to it. Charms are relatively hard to come across in-bulk (even with Zookeeper/targeting missions/dailies), making mass-roster leveling a chore. Not only that, but the reduction for wild battles essentially bottlenecks anyone looking to level large quantities of pets (hell, more than two an hour) into either farming Charms for stones, or revisiting Pet Trainers to boost maybe five pets a day to 25. If anyone's had better luck in a Broken Isles area or has experienced strange experience gains, feel free to share, because as far as I can tell the Icespine Hatchlings offer precisely zero difference in exp gain compared to any pet on the Isles (testing 1x battle per zone, same exp gain w/ or w/o the Safari Hat). (It's incredibly frustrating since I've already blown 1K charms on stones, only to reach a brick wall at 12/14 for Family Fighter due to a lack of very specialized/newly added pets.)Sparx3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Foulclaw Foulclaw seems to be broken to me. every 2 rounds he casts a 3 round 50% shield which pretty much makes him immune for 3 rounds because it stacks with 50% boss. There is no way to survive through his attacks while barely getting any hits on him. It;s like they forgot he already has a 50% reduction.Unidus49 Sep 11
Sep 11 Gnomaregan pet battle dungeon Did this go live yet? If so what are the requirements to do it?Tinkerizmo3 Sep 11