Pet Battles

Mar 21, 2014 Closed Hi All, As the topic title says, I would like to sell some of my pets! I have available: Most sold on AH so post is now closed Have a great day! :)Killerbite5 Mar 21, 2014
Mar 20, 2014 I have no idea what I'mt doing... Help! Hey folks... I've just started doing this pet battle thing in the last couple of weeks. For years I've been a big fan of collecting companion pets, add in being a bit OCD, I want to own 'em all! lol. Basically I've just been doing PvE Pet battles... capturing rares, uncommon if I get sick of grinding for a particular pet, and other than growing my stable I'm not sure what it is I'm supposed to be doing. I've leveled a fair number of my pets to 25 and am still leveling more. Where I get lost is when I go to Wowhead and see in the comments "P/P", "H/B", "S/S", people discussing breeds and how each pet can be multiple breeds. At first I assumed they meant skins (like Rat which comes in several colours) but now I've managed to glean enough from other sites that it's referring to something else. Then there is the quality of a pet (Poor, Common, etc) and the ability to upgrade them with battlestones. I get that the Polished stone can take a pet to Uncommon, and the Flawless Marked can bump a pet to Rare. How does that affect the pet's stats though? For example; If I had a Poor quality critter and upped it to a rare would it be the same as upgrading the same pet if it was Uncommon to rare? Should I just run around capturing any quality pet, or is it worthwhile to hang out trying to nab a rare? I don't dare try PvP battles yet, and the Celestial Tournament just kicks my... butt. I am, albeit slowly, getting the hang of which pets should fight others (Critters V. Undead, Beast V. Critters, etc). I there an Idiot's Guide to Pet Battling out there somewhere? I could use the link if so. :) Thanks! (I'm pretty sure something like this has been posted before, but after looking through several pages of results, I gave up and posted. Sorry if it's a re-post of something recent that I missed).Khimaira5 Mar 20, 2014
Mar 20, 2014 What # of pets will the next collect achv be? Minus the early ones where you get a pet every 25 owned (back when they did nothing but look pretty), we had one achievement at 150 pets then 250 then 400. What number do you think will be required for the next one? I was thinking about this today as I noticed I'm over 520 owned now. My guess would be 550 if it follows the 250 to 400 jump level. Wonder how many new wild pets we will get with WoD.Wuby4 Mar 20, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Missing my Spirit of Competition Pet I am very certain that I had this pet, I opened a ticket and GM said that he couldn't give it to me even though he could see that I had the achievement, I'm assuming he saw that I did once have this pet but because no one has the license to do so and the item that gave that pet no longer exist it couldn't be done. I feel pretty cheated. Anyone else have this problem and had a GM resolve it and you got your pet?Jadeus20 Dec 12, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 Get your Snowy Owl now! Hi, just a PSA for my fellow pet battlers: If you don't have the Snowy Owl yet, get it today, because I'm pretty sure it won't be back again until Dec 21. It's a winter pet, and this is the last day of winter. You will need it to get the Zookeeper title. I just missed the summer pet by a few days because I was unaware that they use the equinox as the deadline. So I can't get my title til June. Happy hunting!Savannahh0 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 Beasts of Fable quest reset Don't know if this is a common problem but I am going to guess it is because of the amount of times that it has happened to me. Ever since I've started doing these quests they seem to mess up (though it is rare) and it abandons the entire quest or just doesn't register wins. Today I had completed beast of fable 2 and 3 and was on Kafi finishing up beast 1 and after defeating Kafi it didn't register the win. So I closed the game and restarted it only to see that it had abandoned all 3 quests entirely acting as if I had done no progress on anything. This has happened to me before but I just go get some food or do some pvp and forget about coming here and asking about it. This seems to happen alot if I let the quest lap into another day, such as I kill 2 or so beasts that the quest requires but don't finish for some reason that day, then the following day I go to finish it and the quest is gone and I have to restart all over again. It happens randomly while still on the same day for some reason but i've only had it happen about 3 times in the past few months. Has this happened to anyone else and if so do you guys know what the trigger is for it happening? I would ask blizz but all they ever say is "uninstall mods, redownload the game, burn a prayer, then get at me bro"Blassphamy2 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 Red Cricket P/S 370 Power? So I was looking at the Red Cricket's stats today at level 25. (Mine is currently level 1) It says at lvl 25 he has 370 power. That seems very high for a P/S breed. (his only breed) Is that correct? Does that mean he hits/heals exceptionally hard?Arfthas6 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 What would a "Hearthstone" pet be? We have pets from Starcraft and Diablo, and you know Blizzard will never miss out on a chance to cross franchise, so what do you think it will be?Hina13 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 Anyone happen to be doing Rodent Crate? Wondering if anyone was planning on dropping a any time this weekend? I am no where near the amount needed so thought I'd ask.Asheria4 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2014 How to explode the meta in one step By "explode" I mean "include as many pets as possible." Step One: Buff the critter racial. Expand on the idea that critters are immune to CC. Have that immunity include the normal susceptibility to a free attack when swapping into the front line. You could swap your critter in with impunity. This was being considered to replace the elemental racial I believe several months ago (which thankfully didn't happen). But now you could add it to the critter racial. Why? 1) Critters as a race are very weak (with one or two obvious exceptions). This would make them very strong as a race. 2) Critters are strong vs. Undead, arguably the most powerful race. Yet they are themselves very weak. Undead as a consequence have a high degree of power and less than the normal degree of counters. (In particular, there is no cooldown burst attack that is strong vs. Undead, but that is another topic.) Undead are very prevalent in the meta, and if critters were up to snuff, critters would be also. How would this affect the meta? Critters would be played a lot more. Undead would have more counters, bringing them rightfully down a notch. Beasts would start being played more to counter the influx of critters. Suddenly with one move both of the overpopulated underrepresented races would be piling into the meta, and the most OP race would be checked and balanced for the first time. Thoughts? Praise? Flames?Hudax12 Mar 19, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 Legendary Pet Brawler I just earned this achievement today, and felt the need to share a few thoughts on my experience. First and foremost, there are some fantastic pet battlers (many of you post to this forum) in Azeroth. Your teams are spectacular, your play is expert. I applaud you and have enjoyed fighting you tooth and nail. In addition, for all the QQ about pet battles (and the system admittedly has some flaws) I think Blizzard has hit a home run with this mini-game. Kudos to them for integrating such a fantastic system into WoW- I look forward to what WoD has in store for pet battlers. Finally, to those of you who are clawing your way to this achievement, as well as those who have already completed it: see you on the battlefield. -NickelNickelnine22 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 Serious question: Why have hundreds of pets.. ...when only a very small handful of them are viable end game? I was highly disappointed when i reached end game and found that my pets, the ones I leveled and have fun with, and had a personal attachment to for one reason or another.. aren't really viable. Furthermore the pets that you go up against at the end game are always the same handful of pets. It's not even like my pets are lopsided in skill sets. They have a nice range of skill types to counter a variety of pet classes. But since they aren't crap like Unborn Val'kyr or Darkmoon Zeppelin.. or those death adders...etc.. they are gimped. So you are either playing as specific select few or another specific select few to counter those. So exactly whats the point in having hundreds of other pets in the game.. if you planned on making it so only a few certain pets could be used to obtain actual victories why bother with any others? FYI: I refuse to level up any of the end game pets I've seen repeatedly usedSeabeard18 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 WTS/WTT Hey fellow pet battle enthusiasts! I'm looking to sell or trade my level 25 Ethereal Soul-Trader. I'm not entirely sure on the value, but I know on my server they sell for roughly 125k. I would prefer to sell it, but I am also willing to take trades of pets I'm missing. Pets I'm looking for: Darkmoon Rabbit Crawling Claw Droplet of Y'Shaarj (Or however you spell it.) Living Fluid Spineclaw Crab Or pretty much any of the pets I'm missing. I'll be working most of the weekend, so it's generally best to try to contact me on weekdays. Add me and we'll try to work something out: Veritanostra#1673Katnips8 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 WTT pets for P/P Spineclaw Looking to trade my P/S Droplet of Y'Shaarj (level 1) or Tiny Red Carp for P/P Spineclaw Crab (any levels) Add raorao#6981 if keen :)Eugimiir1 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 Gilnean Raven -- Nevermore I've read in a few different places that it's bugged. I'm considering splurging and buying one, but not if the ability's bugged. If anyone uses the raven in battle, can you tell me? or if the ability is useful? Seems interesting.Praxxis2 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 Having some success with a triple imp team. I suppose you could say my pet battling skills have...imp-roved?Tadkins7 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 TCG pets and mounts If interested add me: daenon#1252 WTS Feldrake on Kil'Jaeden H WTS Dragon Kite Anywhere WTS Soul-Trader Beacon Anywhere WTS Amani Dragonhawk on Kil'Jaeden H WTS Tuskarr Kite Anywhere WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME on Kil'Jaeden H WTS Corrupted Hippogryph on Kil'Jaeden H I will take gold on other servers but I will not transfer. ... And also ... -Darktower page 20 Thread #30 ... -Reic page 24 Thread #30 ... - Pyx page 25 Thread #25 If references are needed. I take gold or possibly trades if they are proffitable only. I DO NOT take real money! Thank you. Add me daenon#1252.Daenon18 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Beast of Fable Has anyone been having trouble today with the Beast of Fable dailies? I've defeated Gorespine, Ti'un the Wanderer, Kafi, and Dos-Ryga multiple times and am not receiving quest credit for the win(s). This is especially aggravating since I do all the "bag" quests daily. Submitted a bug report but doubt I'll hear anything on it.Ergroka2 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Treasure Goblin Animation Bugged? Is it just me or does this companion spam his sword animation constantly? Even when I'm running I can hear the audio file of it playing and it's driving me insane I love this little guy but he's really annoying to have out. Is anyone else experiencing issues with him?Hitorì2 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 WTT/S S/S Gilnean Raven I have a lvl 25, stoned Gilnean Raven for trade. I am looking Droplet of Y'shaarj, p/p preferably. I'll also consider a combination of rarer pets as well. All offers considered, so let me know if you have something else in mind.Denarian0 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Best Way to train pets? I just started pet battles this afternoon, I battled through some of Kalimdor's pet trainers. However after 8 levels or so I have decided I want to change my lineup. Is there an easy way to level pets up? Or do I just have to grind through random crittersAddelaide13 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Lil Pit Lord and Lil Eredar Pets. Do it! and make them have special pet models like the Lil KT did.Balschjun2 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Trading Soul-Trader for a Tuskarr Kite Anyone keen on such a trade? btag is worstinslot#1622Duelists0 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 WTS Rocket chicken and hippogryph hatchling looking to sell my Rocket Chicken and Hippogryph hatchling, let me know if interested add me in game gmccubbing#1939 also what are going prices? on ysera btwDreemzz3 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014 Stoned S/S Death Adders for trade Hey trainers, I have a handful of stoned S/S Death Adders. Usually I sell them, but if anyone has anything they'd like to trade, let me know. I'm not in-game often, so replying here in this thread is the best way to communicate. Thanks!Praxxis3 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 issues with pet battles before I go making a big fuss, I'm wondering, has anyone been having errors with pet xp? Trying to level up some of my pets, so using a lvl 5 and 2 10's to combat various lvl 10 pets. The lvl 5 gets in one or two hits, then i use the other to to mop up. But only 1, of my pets is listed as getting xp (using an (5) untamed hatchling, (10)chrominius, and an (10)emerald boa).. but only my chrominius has been listed for getting xp. and yes, my hatchling has done damage and survived, but it hasn't leveled up after 3 or 4 fights, and each fight only the chrominius has been listed as getting xp... Tried fighting without the one, and the pet that 'got the killing blow' seemed to get all the xp.Kaleria0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 Trainer Hina reporting for duty! Phew, that was a rather long journey, but happy to check that off my pet "to do" list ^_^ Well, technically, I am not Trainer Hina since I like title/name alliteration too much, but all of my "T" alts shall be rocking it :D Thank you all for various tips and strategies, and if I came across you in battle, whether I won or lost, /salute! P.S. The 5k achievement can go die in a fire (._.)Hina22 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 Unable to battle Lindsay I have a quest to battle this little girl but when i talk to her all she does is talk about her rabbits. Is there a way to fix this (I tried to abandon my quest but was unable to...) I saw several old posts about this same issue but nothing about a fix.Desmonda6 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 MPPM: Perky Pug Sigh . . . the time has come; Major Payne has finally decided to really put you tamers to the test, and see if you have all the necessary skills and training to really become a champion. Okay, I know, that sounds more grandiose than it really is. Basically, you have to come challenge me to a 1 on 1 duel, then you need to p.u.g. enough dungeons to earn one of my own kind. Pretty straight forward, though I should warn you, I am probably a tad over-powered. No matter! Have you gotten a Perky Pug yet? I quite enjoyed leveling mine up to 25, but we'd love to hear how your experience has been with this amazingly handsome companion in Pet Battles!Crithto39 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 Team help? I'm trying to make a team using my Pandaren Monk and my Lil' Ragnaros. I W=was thinking of using a gilnean raven. Does fury of 1000 fists have a higher chance to miss in darkness? Also what breed of raven should I use?Steelknee1 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 Complete Any way i can turn a lvl 25 Viscous Horror into a spectral tiger cub and dragon kite plus something? I see spectral tiger cubs and dragon kites have hit an all time new low on many servers being at 40-45k each :( but they are the last two tcg pets i am missing. Feel free to leave me info on how i should expect a trade like this to go! And by all means if your offer includes the kite and cub leave me an offer.Teddy6 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 Selling Viscous horror Doesn't matter server or faction Tyler#11892 or post with offer.Tyler4 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 Major Payne in the [Expletive] *shakes fist* poor leveling pet =\Quidamtyra0 Mar 14, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 WTB Tuskarr Kite I'm looking for a Tuskarr Kite. I have nothing but gold to offer. Or maybe I can buy a TCG pet from the AH in case you're not interested in gold. Thanks.Elxadal2 Mar 14, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 Legendary pet battles I don't pet battle, but my mom does. So when she spotted this legendary pet we were both like oooo whats it do, whats it give. She fights it 3 times wins and it gives nothing not even alot of xp. So what exactly is the point of these legendary pets to battle? She was really disappointed. All she does is pet battle, forever lvl 65Nicé3 Mar 14, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 WTT Darkmoon Eye for Son of Animus I'm not sure if anyone would go for it, but on my server Animus only goes for around 20k, while the Darkmoon Eye goes from anywhere between 48k to 100k. I am more than willing to farm for the Eye again, but the Animus pet is the one I have been waiting for before trying the tournament again. My Eye so far is only lvl 4, I can quickly get him up to lvl 9 or 24 if anyone is looking to add to their achievements. Breed is only available as P/S, so no worries there. If anyone is willing to go for this, add me on realID with Puurr#1362. Just put the reason in the note so I know you are adding me for the pet.Genavere10 Mar 14, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 WTB: Viscuous Horror As the title says, I am looking to buy a viscous horror for 140k Also have a Swift Shorestrider on MoonGuard Alliance side that I would like to trade for a Viscous Horror. Btag: Velkroe#2891Ichobod5 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 Recommendation for first team to 25 I haven't done much Battle Pet wise and I'd like to try to get my first team up to 25 so I can engage "farm-mode" and collect ALL THE THINGS. My current lineup is as follows: 1) Terrible Turnip (Elemental) - rare - lvl 16 ; reasoning is because of its Weakening Blow ability, which will be useful for one-shotting lower level pets(down to 1hp) for collection. Not really that great a fighter though, at least from what I've experienced. 2) Cenarion Hatchling (Flying) - rare - lvl 15 3) Celestial Dragon (Dragonkin) - rare - lvl 16 ; probably the best of the three in terms of damage and self-healing Currently, I don't have much else in terms of high level rares, but I'm fairly certain there are others in my possession which would make a better team matchup. I know next to nothing about perfect compliments though. D: Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm definitely open to constructive criticism. :DBullderp5 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 Quest bug and help I need your help pro battlers! I just won a match finally again and my quest is still showing 8/10 won pvp battles. Is the quest bugged? Please don't tell me I have to restart it :( Also, any tips on finding a good compilation? I hate FoTM comps but I can't seem to find a good team despite the number of pets I have at max level.Harunna3 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 WTB Battle Pet Stone Tab Please Blizzard, Within the Pets & Mounts page, please add a pet stone tab where all of our characters' stones can be on a single page without taking up bag space. They would of course still upgrade pets and be tradeable in 3's for a different kind of family stone. I heard they are adding an heirloom tab/journal in the WoD expansion and I think a pet stone tab would be awesome. I have so many stones on so many characters I am starting to lose track of them all. Thank you.Nembulis2 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 13, 2014 MPPM: Gahz'rooki You may not need a mallet to summon this little hydra, but for those of you who enjoy Pet Battles, taming your very own Gahz'rooki is almost a must! Chances are, many of you already have so let us know how this Aquatic, three-headed demigod of the troll empire has fared in battle!Crithto60 Mar 13, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Droplets of Y'shaarj for trade/sale I have 3, willing to trade 2. I have 2 level 1's and a level 17 or 18, no idea on their breed, i don't really pay attention to that honestly as i am not a hardcore pet battler, just a collector. id sell outright for 10k negotiable, and i will make an alt on your server to collect the gold and figure out how to get it back to myself. Will take trades, i like purple pets. I Like dragon pets also, but i have most. I would really prefer blue quality as i am not collecting green quality. Look through my list, if its not purple, its trade-able, lol. just a new way for me to stay interested in the game, and it is enabling me to see some of the world i have not seen yet and explore maps. Rudedog55#1927 if you send a btag, please put pet battler in notes, as i was a big arena/rbg'er in season 13 and still have oquque as an addon and occasionally get an oqueue invite.Auroraabeth15 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Just fought the same team nine times in a row For my weekly - I beat some random team once, for my first win, before encountering this team: Three Fossilized Hatchlings. With my current team, I beat them 9-0. At the end I was begging the guy to just forfeit. I was(and am) tired. Geez, how can someone run the same three pets and fail at general tactics? He'd just randomly swap his raptors around at the oddest times. He'd fail to heal when it was beneficial and heal when it was a pointless endeavor. It was a chore to slog through the raptor bones.Gravecrawler10 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 LF Son of Animus/Death Adder Hatchling (S/S) I don't have much in the way of rare pets, but here's what I have to offer: For Son of Animus I would be willing to trade both my Gusting Grimoire and my Eye of the Legion. For a (S/S) Death Adder Hatchling, I have all of the Pandaren Elementals or a Gooey Sha-Ling. Really, you're welcome to browse through what pets I have to see if something catches your eye. I'm happy to negotiate if you're willing to make a trade.Wumeek5 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Thundering Serpent Hatchling I've heard there's a guild who has the Thundering Serpent Hatchling and lets people join their ranks to get the pet. Does anyone know the name of that guild and the server they play? Thanks. Edit: A lot of people have been really helpful and there are several guilds who are willing to let you join them so you can get the pet. - Ctrl Alt Elitez a guild from Alliance Side in Borean Tundra has the pet and gives you gold (the Thundering Serpent Hatchling costs 300g) in exchange for another pet. Whisper Bosspriest for an invite. - Pango Honoratus on Twisting NetherElxadal17 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 So is it common... ... for people who are losing to just forfeit the match to deny their opponent a win? I just now started to try PvP pet battles, and I've had that happen on two fights in a row. What sportsmanship! OK, I just noticed that I got credit for the wins towards the achievement, but my wins for the "What We've Been Training For" quest did not increase. I started it last week with 2 wins. So, either you either have to restart that quest after the reset, or it doesn't work on a different character than you started it on.Alklok7 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Trying to Come up With Reduced Hit Team I've been thinking of coming up with an avoidance/hit reduction team for PVP. It would be something really annoying, but I'm not good at assembling PVP teams so I need some advice. Some of the candidates for this team would be: (S/S) Nordrassil Wisp, (S/S) Death Adder Hatchling, (H/P) or (H/S) Skunky Alemental, (S/S) Highlands Skunk, (S/B) Pengu. Any other hit reduction pets you can think of? I suppose the idea would be to get as fast as possible pets with blinding/hit reduction moves like the annoying (S/S) Death Adder Hatchlings that keep popping up. Do any of the pets above have any kind of synergy to make a decent PVP team?Zandalaria1 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Who was looking for a Spineclaw crab Honestly, i cannot remember, it was one of the folks that got a Droplet from me. anyway, i have procured a spineclaw, hit me up tonight and we can talk about it. i see prices all over the park on these, but, you know me, i'm pretty fair, i am sure we can work something out.Auroraabeth0 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 WTT Pets What I have for trade: 12x Vengeful Porcupette 18x Harmonious Porcupette 1x Zandalari Kneebiter 1x Untamed Hatchling 5x Direhorn Runt 3x Pandaren Earth Spirit 1x Pandaren Water Spirit 1x Enchanted Broom 1x Teldrassil Sproutling 1x Dun Morogh Cub 2x Sunreaver Micro-Sentry 4x Cobra hatchling 5x Toxic Wasteling 4x Father Winter's Helper 2x Winter's Little Helper 2x Proto-Drake Whelp 1x Spirit of Summer 2x Green Wing Macaw 1x Death Adder Hatchling 1x Clockwork Rocket Bot 2x Lil' Bling 1x Dandelion Frolicker What I want: Viscous Horror Darkmoon Rabbit Any TCG pet that I do not own (I have Landro's Lichling, Eye of the Legion, Sand Scarab and Landro's Lil' XT) - Depleted-Kyparium Rocket. - Geosynchronous World Spinner. - Jeweled Onyx Panther.Madmartygan7 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Legendary pet battle exp Anyone know why battling such tough battles reward such little exp for pets that are not lvl 25? Shouldn't they be equal to at least the equivalent of beating a pet battle trainer?Triginhil3 Mar 11, 2014