Pet Battles

Feb 17 Token Change and Primal Flamesaber The token change and HoTS mount If you don't peruse the general forums, the change where wow tokens can either buy game time or battle net balance went through today. Currently tokens are selling as fast as people list them so the price is spiking. Also, there's a pretty sweet new mount, Primal Flamesaber) being offered on HoTS for playing 15 games with a friend. I figure most of us probably have heros from getting Graves ;) Edit: better linkVhale13 Feb 17
Feb 17 Deathwatch Hatchling Are there any guild's out there from Dentarg/Whisperwind that have completed the Challenges Warlords: Gold achievement and are willing to throw a guild invite to one of my alts? I will pay you back by tossing a bunch of random pets in your guild bank as a thank you. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Please whisper "Grayworm" in-game or leave a post here and I will contact you.Grayworm4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Squirt Up in NA and OC Feb 3rd & 18th Squirt Up in NA and Oceanic Schedule See: Feb 17
Feb 16 Paradox Spirit When will this pet be available? I just noticed it in the pet journal. It appears to be sold for 2200 Timewalking Badges; but the Timewalking Cataclysm vendor, Kiatke, isn't selling it at this time.Elunatic3 Feb 16
Feb 16 Howl..... Issue? The tool tip states it last two rounds, but it does not. 1). NPC Pet turn. 2). I cast Howl. Buff shows (Increase damage by 100% - 2 Rounds. 3) NPC Pet turn. 4). My Turn, doesn't matter what move I use, once it is completed the Howl buff is removed from the NPC pet. Am I missing something?Fenril5 Feb 16
Feb 16 Forbidden names So... it is forbidden to call my pet Nintendo but I may call it Apple..... why? Joke apart, there are many many many forbidden names.... I can't name my pet because most of the names I think of are forbidden... (and they do not contain mature language)Sãcajawea10 Feb 16
Feb 15 Why anonymous? I've never seen a good reason why pvp pet battles are anonymous. If someone harasses you over a pet battle, you can report them and/or ignore them. It could be a great opportunity to make a friend in game or even in real life. These are just my thoughts. Some assembly required. Offers may vary. Consult your doctor if you have a pet battle that lasts more than 100 rounds. EDIT: Downvotes for asking an honest question. Gotta love this community. Thanks for all the sincere replies. Those are appreciated.Volkard25 Feb 15
Feb 15 Journey to 5K Achievement Where are you at on your journey to 5K achievement? I am at 3015 wins. My biggest joy in the achievement quest (besides winning) is making my own successful teams. My meta is varied, some days it is triple Ironstarrlets, triple Nexus Whelps, T-Claws, F. Imps, Disco's Teams , and Sunny Day teams. My win percentage is a few points over 500, so every battle is epic. I don't use T-Claws, F. Imps or Graves, but I do use Bone Serpent and Ore Eater. The last time I used Magic Crawdad was on 4/17/16. I went 396 rounds (not proud of this) against a Puddle Terror, Son of Sethe and Ruby Droplet. It would be fun to hear where you are at and any stories you want to share.Senatorjones9 Feb 15
Feb 15 Ranked/Achievemnt Pet Menagerie Can we have a ranked system and rating for our pet battle skills. Rewards like a pet menagerie for those who have collected a certain number of pets done a certain amount of the pet battles/quest achivements or those who have a high rated play. Something cool like a spa for your pets a place to Lounge. :DPaincakes3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Battle Pet for Rogue (companion only) Does anyone have any good ideas for a pet that that accompany my Rogue for visual purposes only? I'm thinking pets with poison or stealthy pets.Tukwilla10 Feb 15
Feb 14 Battle Pet Mobile App. simple question, what would a mobile app for your phone or pad have to include to make it worth a download, in your opinion, even to pay a minimum for the app.?Latree32 Feb 14
Feb 14 No Bonus XP!!! I played several games on a server in which it was Tuesday 1:30am and received no bonus (triple) XP for my pet battles. I then switched to an alt with a server time of Monday 10:30pm and still received bonus XP for those pet battles. The calendar shows that the event should go to Tuesday 4:00 am.Rosnia0 Feb 14
Feb 13 Looking to offload lots of battle pets Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this but I'm looking to sell the majority, if not all, of my pets. If the price is right I can do business on any server but I'd prefer to sell them on the following realms -Illidan -Aerie Peak -Blackhand If you're interested post ITT or contact me in game, my btag is Real#1331Donnie0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Opinion Dump on Pet Battles Let me preface this by saying I've never really visited the forums, and I just wanted to post some opinions that I've been developing about pet battles since MoP. Before that though, I want to say how excited I am for the upcoming pet dungeon. I feel like this is definitely a step in the right direction, and nothing has been nearly as interesting as this since the celestial tournament. Now what I want to do here is express some of my feelings about the current state of pet battles and some of the changes/improvements that I feel would address those feelings. My first feeling is that pet battles tend to be a little stagnant, and they do little to bring the community together that enjoys them. Other aspects of wow have no problems like this. For instance, it's not hard to get people together for dungeons, bgs, raids, and the premade groups function can pretty much find a group for anything you desire. We as pet battlers don't have this. The only resources we have are outside the game, like these forums. Now I understand that pet battles are mostly a solo experience at this point in time, but I feel like there should be events that bring us together, which would greatly encourage us to want to pet battle more. Some solutions to this would of course involve coop pet battles. With the upcoming pet dungeon, we can expand on that, and perhaps have 2v2 pet battles that we can queue up for, or pet dungeons where multiple people can be present. I also think we should have something akin to the battle system in Pokemon. By that I mean that at the end of each generation of Pokemon, they have a battle area (Battle Frontier, Battle Maison, Battle Tree, etc.) where you go in and you fight increasingly difficult battles with your chosen team of three. There are even options for 2v2 battles as well. I think this would be the greatest form of challenge in pet battles right now, because you are limiting yourself to three pets, and will have to think carefully on what you would use, whereas the issue with events like the celestial tournament can easily be brute forced down by having enough pets. This battle place would also alleviate the aforementioned problem of not being able to enjoy pet battles with other people by implementing the 2v2 part of it. Another suggestion(and this is mostly just to bring pet battles in line with pvp) would be to have a rated system for pet battles. I don't feel as strongly about this one, but it would be a neat concept to have rated and unrated pet battles where unrated pet battles could function as they do now, and rated pet battles could be something akin to arenas, where your team of three can have it's own rating and winning consecutively could aware bags, sort of like champion strongboxes we get from winning bgs, and these bags will have pet supplies, charms, stones, and a little AP. This could be a new way to get exclusive pets, or perhaps toys, such as a toy that allows you to transform your battle pet into a mount temporarily and use it like a traditional mount. This system would also work well with what we've already seen pet battles utilize in the past; achievements. A lot of the most fun stuff we've done in pet battles revolves around achievements and a rated battle system could give us additional achievements to obtain. Now, I mentioned at the beginning that pet battles tend to become stagnant. What I mean by that is the max level pet battles don't offer much at the moment. I don't do them a lot currently, because there aren't many rewards for this. I actually really enjoy pet battles with my lower level pets to level them up, because you generally are facing a lot of varied pets at lower levels, and it tends to be more challenging, especially when you want to overcome a level disadvantage. I find this to be a lot more fun. Another issue is the meta. Now I'm not complaining about this, because I don't necessarily lose to these teams, but I find it perplexing that probably half the pet battles at max level that I've done since Legion came out has had either Ghastly Kid, Fiendish Imp, or Teroclaw Hatchling. When I play at max level a lot of my battles will be against two of these three. Now what this suggests to me is that we need more balancing in pet battles. We of course see balancing in other aspects of the game, so some pet balancing once in a while would be great. We have a ridiculous amount of pets already, and more to come, so it would be exciting to see a lot more of those represented in max level battles.Magicbeard37 Feb 13
Feb 12 Mount So far, I've met quite a lot of angry and ticked off people who complain they have to pet battle in order to get the Falcosaur mounts. The main reason is because they haven't even tried out pet battles, so they have to start from level 1. As for me, I'm a avid pet battler and collector and easily received 2 Falcosaur mounts. I just laugh in their face for complaining. Does that make me a bad person?Ylenaris48 Feb 12
Feb 12 I'm new: Poor quality pets? Should I keep or let go of poor quality pets that I catch? Should I even be trying to catch them? Hypothetically, would a level 1 poor pet leveled to 25 and then converted to rare end with the same stats as the same pet were one to be found at level 25 rare or even a level 1 rare pet brought to 25?Feridius20 Feb 12
Feb 11 Teroclaw Hatchling with 390 speed? Ok... a quick look in the forums and I don't see any mention of this. How is it possible that there are Teroclaw Hatchlings in PvP with 390 speed at level 25? Everything I read has it with only one breed and a maximum speed of 260. Every time I come up against the 390 version... the other team almost solos mine. :-(Trønder8 Feb 11
Feb 11 Pet Battle Dungeon... Any overviews? I'm not looking for a walkthrough (I want to go through the dungeon on my own and defeat it myself), but I've been doing a lot of googling and can't find much on it. I've found a few brief write-ups... but has anyone seen anything to the point that overviews the dynamics of it and the bosses. More specifically all of the bosses in the dungeon and the comps of the pets they are running? (Maybe even with moves?) It might be to early for some of this information, but I would like to start planning ahead (although I feel I will be fine). Thanks!Ashief14 Feb 11
Feb 11 So I had just gotten the Anubisath Idol... Which pets synergize well with this pet? My current lineup is Anubisath Idol, Chrominius, and Crusher. The Idol and Chrominius are level 5, whereas Crusher is level 4. I plan to get this team to max level because I've heard these pets are awesome for PvP battles, but I'm not sure if they go well with the the Idol.Bamboohunts3 Feb 11
Feb 10 Pet Battle World Quests Gone Finished family familiar a few weeks back and I've noticed I haven't seen a single pet battle world quest since! It's just toon specific though, and when I log to another 110 I can see them all again. I just wonder if anyone else has had this problem?Alinadice1 Feb 10
Feb 10 Traded, thank you! Hello all, if this isn't permitted, please lock/delete the post. (I saw selling codes wasn't ok, but what about trading?) I'm super interested in the Feldrake TCG mount (but that's if someone was feeling very generous haha). Willing to make a toon on your server for trade (learnable at lvl 20 isn't bad!~). For other offers (I love mounts?), I'm Horde side on Durotan! My battletag is Patromeris#1889, message me anytime, thanks much. :) *For context; I just so happened to find an unopened Cataclysm CE in Wal-Mart yesterday for $20 and snatched it up!Scox8 Feb 10
Feb 10 Dutiful Squire/Dutiful Gruntling Suggestion For many of us avid pet collectors, the prospect of grinding to PVP prestige 7 on a character of each faction to obtain both the Dutiful Squire and the Dutiful Gruntling is both daunting and extremely off-putting. I have already personally grinded to prestige 7 on Alliance and prestige 1 on Horde, but I'm out of steam. It is my suggestion and hope that Blizzard grant both sets of faction prestige pets to a character that has reached the appropriate prestige level. I submitted an in-game suggestion via the Help menu earlier, and I'm encouraging others to do the same. With 7.2, Blizzard is allowing prestige mounts to be shared across alts, so there may be hope for cross-faction pvp pets at some point. My whole gripe is that I don't mind working hard over an extended period of time for something, but I don't want to do the exact same grind for essentially the exact same reward. The prestige grind is partially redundant already, since the mounts are the same for both factions.Octarine6 Feb 10
Feb 9 Mischief I just read that the sales of Mischief raised over $2.5 million for Make A Wish. My wife and I are raising a child who has many challenges so that kind of news does my heart good. We all see our share of negativity in game and in the real world and we all have our own struggles and trials so it's extra special to see something so positive result from something so simple. I've never said this before but thanks for all the Mischief!Tagherus5 Feb 9
Feb 8 What do you do with xtra pet charms? I have about a thousand of these sitting in the banks... I still do the pet dailies, but am starting to question why. What do you guys do with the extra pet charms? I have all the pets, I have the toy... what's left? Is there something big coming that I'm going to need them for?Praxxis7 Feb 8
Feb 7 No exp for low lvl pets in high lvl fights I'm not gaining exp. I fight lvl25 with a low lvl up first and switch to my lvl25. When I win, no exp is given to the low lvl pet.Shanxs4 Feb 7
Feb 7 Hunting Lesson: Stormstruck Beaver Thought I'd post this having spent a fair bit of time on the quest lately lol. I'll try to address 2 quick issues I've experienced and seen discussed online to varying degrees. First, I know the spawn rate for these is a common complaint and, had I continued to look only in the marked quest areas, I'd totally agree lol. It turns out when I dropped down around 51.92, 64.82 I found 2 of them just sitting there, way outside of the marked quest areas on the map. They DID give quest credit too, so it would seem you get credit for ANY Stormstruck Beaver in Stormheim (not just the ones in marked quest areas). Second, I ran across some Spiketail beavers and, even though they showed the quest with the little 0/3 thing it does when you mouseover a quest item, and were in the marked area, they did NOT count for the quest. Not entirely sure why it acted like they were quest-worthy upon mouseover, but you do have to kill the Stormstruck ones as none of the other beavers in the marked area will give you credit. Parting note for those that haven't looked elsewhere - no, you don't have to actually attack anything in the fight with the Direbeak, you just need it on the team. Let the 2 mechanical pets do the dirty work ;) CheersSchnozzberry1 Feb 7
Feb 7 Matchmaking So is it just one other player playing? Rock Paper Scissors and I'm scissors vs rock three games in a rowCaskbreaker2 Feb 7
Feb 7 Drudge Ghoul Last one I need and it is horrendously expensive on my realm :( Anyone have a spare that they want to trade for other battlepet(s) that are part of the newest raiding with leashes meta? Figured since I have had some luck in he past trading around for pets that perhaps that it would happen again I have quite a few of the other ones so if interested drop me a line :DFreezingcold39 Feb 7
Feb 7 Can't Crate Soul of the Forge? I am sure I've seen these on the AH, but when I made one, I couldn't crate the thing. (Was greyed out) Any tips?Pharsalus3 Feb 7
Feb 7 Beasts of Fable I just completed the Beasts of Fable quests and cannot complete it. Apparently, you turn in the quest at The Shrine of the Seven Stars but the NPCs are red. This has never happened to me before. Any advice?Applejohn3 Feb 7
Feb 6 Warcraft pets? Has it gone the way of E's Anglin?Hruin2 Feb 6
Feb 5 Pet Battle App? I was thinking, would it not be a great idea to have an app to pet battle? This would be a GREAT time killer when just hanging out and about like hearthstone. Any thoughts? It would be more exciting than Pokemon Go as well...Kudrat2 Feb 5
Feb 5 pet breed calculator I know it has been asked before, but I cannot find the topic. Trying to find a good way to determine the breed of a pet before wasting my time caging it, only to find out it is one of the bad ones. I do not mean an addon persay since curse does not work with my computer. but some way to tell the p/p ones on sight. For example : albatross chick is what I am trying to get. What are the stats for each of the qualities for a P/p one without having to capture all of these fairly rare pets?Lostadruid2 Feb 5
Feb 5 New Battle Pets for DK and Monk class halls. New pets are a coming....3 for DK depending on your spec...and 1 for monks....if you haven't leveled up either class...time to start.... Feb 5
Feb 3 Pet Tamers are a fickle folk. I've noticed that none of the Pandaren Spirit Grandmaster Pet Tamers offer a quest to fight. Is there a prerequisite?Applejohn3 Feb 3
Feb 2 Nightmare Treant Can I just say this is pretty much the worst reward for FF? It doesn't do anything. You can't ride it. It doesn't have any pretty animation. It's the most underwhelming reward for that long, long achievement. Can't you put some cute animation to it? Like have it burst into flames like resto druids can in treant form? Or turn it into a mount? Or have it do one pet battle daily for us each day? Have it solve world hunger? (XD!) The wonderball was so easy to get in comparison and at least it has some interesting interaction thing. The raiding with leashes pets do thing. I mean, go into ICC and hit the boss once, and get a little critter who does bone storm. Spend 5 months grinding this long achievement, waiting patiently for the right trainers to finally (finally!) pop up, and ... nothing really. Please Blizz! Q.QMirabilia8 Feb 2
Feb 2 Lagan is no longer tradeable Just FYI from Hotfix today : ... Wisdomball Next ?Boombo7 Feb 2
Feb 1 My team of numpties needs help Hey, first of thanks for reading. I have a wood tier team of battlepets, but they're all cute so I want to use them anyways. Can you guys help me pick the best skills for general pvp/pve? I'm definitely not too serious about it, but I like the idea of having them : ) I have: Mischief Frostwolf Ghostpup Nightmare Whelpling Thanks in advance! If you know of any changes that would help let me know too! My only request is to keep Mischief.Arkontas2 Feb 1
Feb 1 Aulier! Yep. Only have magic left...Xu-Fu's strat worked great.Orilux6 Feb 1
Feb 1 And I'm just waiting, waiting for RAIN!!! So I am on my last pet battle for the achievement Eastern Kingdoms Safari & title of Zookeeper. I have spent days waiting on Jaguero Isle for effing rain I need a baby ape. It never bloody rains in all the hours I have spent waiting - sitting there waiting. Why won't it f*cking rain??? Jesus christ.Demonskiss26 Feb 1
Jan 31 Best Tank and Heal Pets Just curious as to what everyone else is using. Would Anubish Idol be the best tank and Magical Crawdad best healer? I guess by "best" I mean something that is also versatile and powerful enough to fill other roles if needed.Rade22 Jan 31
Jan 31 No more Bredda! Finished the last FF battle with her, don't have to bother with her anymore even if the reward is a bajillion charms and a stone that makes all of your pets legendary because she can go die in a fire and I'll dance in her ashes. I do skip a trainer eventually when winning with a certain team becomes too RNG and aggravating (hi Flummox), and I almost did with her on a couple of teams because nothing I tried would work, but I stuck with it and the rest were easy, and now you can stick a fork in me because I am SO done with her xDJakjak3 Jan 31
Jan 31 Suggestion: pet battling app Alright hear me out, I spend 10 hours away from my computer and usually just waiting for clients at my job or whatever.. I have the WQ and armory apps.. and really want to start pet battling but I can't commit to it rather then building my characters or farming or leveling... what if there was a pet battling app, allowing us to progress and lvl our exsisting battle pets.. I've always ignored this part of the game so my highest lvl pet is 15, wish I didn't have to spend countless hours trying to catch up instead of doing the things I love in wow. Thanks!Shivani5 Jan 31
Jan 31 Vinu pet battle team tips Vinu is a good one with his barrels. The first, inebriate, lowers the hit chance of your team by 25% The second, barrel toss does 832 damage to your pets. The third, dive, is pretty self explanatory. For the Bloodgazer world quest pet battles with two beast pets, I drew this battle. Vinu is an elemental class npc. It took a bit of hunting to realize spike tailed beaver was a perfect match for this. His abilities: tail slap, buried treasure. and beaver dam. Spam tail slap the first two rounds, you may take a barrel on the toss but that is okay. If it is a critical hit and kills the beaver, reset the battle. When. After the barrel toss, Vinu goes to create another barrel. Set up beaver dam at this point. Vinu will dive. Buried treasure to heal, then tail slap. Repeat this combination and Vinu should be killed on the second or third series. I had a second beaver type just in case, but the spike tailed beaver soloed most of this fight. I let the bloodgazer finish off the last pet to be sure I got credit.Lostadruid0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Dream Whelpling help Hello fellow pet collectors! A while back some people were offering to stay inside the emerald nightmare so people could get the dream whelp pet! I was wondering if anyone was still running these? I have both horde and alliance toons at 110 and don't do current content raiding so would be extremely grateful! Thanks all ^_^Evê11 Jan 31
Jan 31 Pet Battle already in progress Spam Anytime I am doing a pet battle I continuously get spammed in my chat with "Pet Battle Already In Progress" to the point of it covering up all chats that may be there. Has anyone else had this issue and know where the problem is from?Darielyia1 Jan 31
Jan 31 World Pet Battle Quests Not Counting I'm doing quest lines for the falcosaur mounts, and more than once I've not received credit for the quest that requires you to complete 3 pet battle world quests with a specific falcosaur pet. I've made sure the pet is both in the team line-up and summoned just in case. I just defeated Bredda Tenderhide and got credit, then defeated Varenne and didn't get credit (making sure the hatchling stayed alive in both fights). Is anyone else having this issue or any idea what's causing this?Orual7 Jan 31
Jan 30 No credit for completing falcosaur quest I did not receive credit for completing a pet battle world quest with my falcosaurs for the 0/3 complete world quests with X falcosaur, here is a screenshot showing that the falcosaurs didnt die, they were in the battle, and i didnt get credit. Is blizzard really incapable of even giving credit for quests?Thorblakmane11 Jan 30
Jan 29 Pet battles are so fun. Not only they are fun but people are super original using their own mix of pets which include. Unborn val'kyr , harmonious porcupette ,bone seprent. Im so impressed by what kind of mixture of pets I engage with in Pet Battles!Kapitanobi17 Jan 29
Jan 29 Crysa and Torn Sack Finally got my Albino Buzzard from Crysa and much to my surprise in the same bag I also got a Porcupette!!! But now I'm wondering: Is there anything else? I have an alt parked at Crysa and I just log on that alt and fight her each day trying for the Buzzard. On Wowhead, the "Torn Sack of Pet Supplies" doesn't actually show what's possible to drop. So are there other pets and I should keep farming? Or are these two it?Brocknor13 Jan 29