Pet Battles

Sep 20 Other humanoids Now i know their are hundreds of humanoid races in wow that arent the playable ones. we all know that. as such many of those races get put in One or two zones then forgot about completely once new content comes out. If the Quilboar are never gonna have a bigthing in the story (which they should have something, atleast Agamaggan, he is a wild god too, u could do soething with him. u brought back quite a few in cata and evenmore in legion) Course ur killing them off in legion still not sure why ysera and possibly cenarious had/has to die. its just the beggining of the story so we will see. *fingers crossed* make it good guys i play cuz if the lore. make it good. Anywho like i said we could totally have a quilboar battle pet. i mean we have a gnoll, sea giant, sporeling (love em), their are many u could use. Please eventually give us the chance to have em. You know what else would be awesome is if you finished up the Qiraji humanoids. you have the battlegaurd and the prophet, now u just need to add the qiraji gladiator...ling. hahaLorejunky0 Sep 20
Sep 20 cant decide on ultimate battle stone pet Considering it would be my first 25 pet what do you think would be the best type of pet to use my battle stone on. My most used pets are: Core hound pup, molten corgi, everbloom peachick, winston, doom bloom, jade crane chick(though that is uncommon), graves, I also have a felbatpup and emigosa but havent tried them yet.Trollsong6 Sep 20
Sep 20 Zoom multiplying like bunnies I did the achieve to get zoom. I now have 6 zoom pets from 1 ach on 1 toon. Every time i log and come back he creates 2 more zooms.... This may be great for some but it's driving my ocd nutsKalyn4 Sep 20
Sep 20 "Boss"? Cmon, really? Just name the buff "Artificial Difficulty."Invisusira1 Sep 20
Sep 19 Lanticore Spawnling? Hello. I was soloing the heroic version of Upper Blackrock Spire for the past week in hopes of finding The Lanticore. Well, he spawned today and I killed him, but no pet. It was my understanding that the Lanticore Spawnling is a 100% drop when set to "Group Loot". I noticed it was on "personal loot" before I pulled him but could not change the loot options. I invited my sister to the group before the pull and still I could not change the loot rules. My question: Is there another way to change the loot rules?Anais8 Sep 19
Sep 19 Battle on the broken isles Has anyone been able to complete this achievement yet?I've been stuck on 29 quests for days and keep getting repeats.Tormento3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Any tier 1 legion pets? Are there any tier one battle pets in Legion so far, focus on pvp.Soitainly12 Sep 19
Sep 19 Legion Master Trainers So is the only way to fight the Master Trainers in Legion when they are apart of a World Quest? Was looking at getting started on the Family Familiar.Krymorious2 Sep 19
Sep 19 CE pets are verboten. But Mounts? The whole debate about rare pets; CE, the Olympics one, etc etc rages about every 3 weeks on these forums. I would love to hear a final, OFFICIAL word on the subject, since my beloved Swift Zulian Tiger is in the BMAH today! So it's ok to have rare, once-of-a kind pets... but the mounts we'll open to the highest bidder?? NOT COOL. >(( Why even have rare drops then Blizz? Just put them all in the AH. Hell, put them in the money store to get your greedy money. Risk should equal reward, and RARITY should mean something. Some Db that exploited garrisons and the pos WoD should not be riding around on a retired mount. Just give everyone a Murky for logging into Dalaran. Seems fair. >(Brocknor7 Sep 19
Sep 19 Pet Forum groups for achievments? Would there be interest in arranging groups of Pet Forum regulars/lurkers to go after achievements like "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and the Lanticore Spawnling? Obviously, logistics such as faction, group comp, and time would need to be worked out.Phaedra4 Sep 19
Sep 19 Help a Whelp World quest Made a quick video of my first attempt at the Help a Whelp world quest in Azsuna. How are you guys beating all the world quests in Legion? What sort of teams did you use to beat this daily?Gackto6 Sep 19
Sep 19 Best battle pets for each family I have leveled some of my pets to level 25 and was wondering if there was a website that lists the best pets in each of the families. I have been to, but they only list the best by ability or rating - it doesn't break them down by family.Katelana29 Sep 19
Sep 18 Dust Bunny Guide There's been some trouble capturing this elusive pet (which is required for the Broken Isles Safari) so I figured I'd do my best to clear some things up! How do you obtain the Dust Bunny?: You must first find a Dusty Rug in Legion's Dalaran. What does the Rug look like?: It's a blue rug with a gold trim. It's the exact same rug you see underneath you when you hearth to Legion's Dalaran, but that one doesn't count (it's not dusty enough...) Where can it be found?: -->Barber Shop - not the entrance rug, there will be a rug on the checkered floor -->Ledgerdemain Lounge - upstairs -->Breanni's Shop - behind the desk -->Alliance Inn (Greyfang Enclave) - behind the Paladin portal -->Horde Inn (The Filthy Animal) - outside on the sewer cap As far as I know the spawn rate is 15 minutes and will spawn in one of the above. What to do if you find it?: Click it as fast as you can! If someone beats you to it they get the buff and the rug disappears. If you click it you should get the buff "spring cleaning". While you have this buff you'll be able to see the dust bunnies (don't worry, they won't be difficult to find and will be the only pets you'll see). My advice: -Get an S/S breed first (it's the best breed for PvP/PvE)! Don't worry about quality! -You have a limited time (15 minutes) and I nearly missed out on the S/S breed because I took my time. You can change the quality, you can't change the breed. -Ideally, have a Molten Corgi (Superbark does massive damage and can't kill them) if not Terrible Turnip (Weakening Blow) along with a strong flyer (axebeak) and strong mech (iron starlette) to kill the aquatics and beasts (you be surprised how fast 15 minutes burns up.) This is what an S/S Dust Bunny's stats will look like once captured (@ level 23): Rare: HP1296 ATK209 SPD329 Uncommon: HP1204 ATK193 SPD304 Common: HP1112 ATK177 SPD278 Poor HP1020 ATK161 SPD253 Final thoughts: Was really hoping the Dust Bunny would have some dust inspired moves to make it stand out as a bunny (Sandstorm, Sweep, Blinding Powder), but all it has is Smoke Bomb, which is cool, but you'd be better off with dodge or you can't chain your evasion moves as well. That said, I loved the mechanics and hope Blizzard offers more unique means to capturing pets in the future!Éve10 Sep 18
Sep 18 Issues with cage pets bugging? So this has happened twice now, once for one of the foxes in highmountain and once now for the spiketail beaver (both adds) also in highmountain. My journal is at 999 and I entered battle with a pet, saw there was a rare add -the spiketail beaver- burnt down the health of the other 2 pets and then was not able to cage the beaver because I have too many pets or already have 3 of this pet. (Neither are true, I have one slot left of my overall pet limit and I have no spiketail beavers.) And of course because the primary pet was killed I have no way of forfeiting and resetting the match. Just to be certain it wasn't a log issue I then went to a random rabbit nearby and was able to cage it successfully. This is very frustrating and has thusfar cost me two rares already :( Anyone else having this issue?Zarakai2 Sep 18
Sep 18 World Quests: Battle pets Hello, a fellow guildie is having a bit of a problem. She is an avid pet battler and actually ranked 1st on our server for the number of collected pets. However, the issue seems to be that world quests for battle pets aren't showing up for her. Does anyone have a problem like this, or even a solution to this problem?Vogekth3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Anyone else think pets are too tiny? My crab vanity pets look like a tick running after me. Can't Blizzard make them a little bit bigger? Is there a reason for making them so small you can't see the detail in a lot of the models? I remember them being a bit bigger. Maybe Blizzard could make the option of having slightly bigger pets and disabling Papa Hummels pet biscuits if you chose that option? Does anyone else think they're a bit too small? Thanks in advance for any feedback, ideas or explanation.Moofits4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Interrupted during EVERY pet battle-sewers Not sure if this is working as intended, but my pet battles are cancelled by random players who attack me in the new Dalaran Sewers. There are some pets I like to cage but players attack me while I am pet battling and cancel my pet battles. Yes, I am on PvE server, not PvP server. Yes I paid the Raethan NPC in the sewer 5 gold for 5 minutes of pvp immunity. It does work. The immunity is cancelled when everyone in the sewers is able to pvp.Chirpybird16 Sep 18
Sep 17 Pet WQ overtuned? I'm kind of curious as to the purpose of the world quests. As far as I can tell they're mostly a sort of 5 minutes or less daily quest. They often take longer due to really terrible directions and map points, but that's another subject. Pet battles on the other hand, seem to come in fairly easy or extremely hard, and not a lot of in between. Are they supposed to be a new tournament, effectively out of reach of more casual pokem-pet battlers with maybe 5-7 25's at best? or are they meant to be just another way to get garri-order resources and AP besides flying to a location with some kind of special mechanic or mobs to kill and no directions, and tabbing to wowhead to find what should be in the game? If it's the first one, then they should be as difficult as possible so those with 100 of the rarest blue pets can feel challenged and get pet related rewards (like yet more pets, titles etc). If it's the second, and just an alternative to killing 20 Fel Bad Guys, maybe a more forgiving set of ablities that doesn't require perfect counter comps would be nice. I'd prefer option two coupled with a tournament or legendaries so the pet masters can get their challenges too.Sarnen7 Sep 17
Sep 17 Best pet to use to catch low level pets I may be wrong but I remember hearing about an ability that won't let you KO a pet and instead will leave their health at 1. Is this correct and if so what is the ability name and what pet is best to use that has it? Many thanks!Unth15 Sep 17
Sep 17 Please remove Pet Battle Cap Amount of 1006. Dear Blizzard, If at all possible, can you remove the cap of allowed Battle Pets Per Account? Or possibility double it? I do not understand the justification and logic of having a limit of 1000. I do not enjoy releasing/selling any of them. I know a few of us, as a Pet Battling community, can relate. I am a collector, and have been for 11+ years now. Already, I've had to cage or delete at least 50+ pets, and it's barely two weeks into release. With all these new pets offered in Legion, it just feels heartbreaking. The WoD memories of deleting countless at that time, makes the wound just feel deeper. I have been near this cap since Mists of Panderia, I know a few others like myself are the same way. Thank you for reading, and keep up the amazing job with Legion and beyond!! - A Satisfied Guardian Druid Respectfully, DarkTragedyDarktragedy7 Sep 17
Sep 17 Help Wanted: Leviathan C'mon Blizzard. How hard is it to make a dragon-type pet with aquatic moves? Ya know, a REAL Leviathan-esque pet. Not some lame water hydra. Give it Surge, Whirlpool, a Rain effect, maybe a magic or dragon-type move, etc. I'm not picky. The point is no pet fits that racial/moveset description and if it did indeed exist, it would make everyone think twice about rolling out Teroclaws all day err day. You don't have to nerf every good pet/ability. You just have to create a boogie man per se to keep it in check. (e.g. Ghost Pup > Graves)Brawler2 Sep 17
Sep 17 Virtual Ticket in-game items From: EEE!! TWO Murloc pets for WoW - faction dependent. Legionnaire Murky & Knight-Captain Murky There comes a time when every murloc must choose a side. Will you mrglgglllgl for the Horde alongside Legionnaire Murky, or dive into battle for the Alliance at Knight-Captain Murky’s command? And an in-game D3 pet? Yeah, I'm going to get the virtual ticket.Phaedra19 Sep 17
Sep 17 Spirit healer pet Who else wants a spirit healer pet? That way we can complete the Val'kyr trioDenona1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Tired of Teroclaw It's the same garbage every time, same three abilities, it might as well not even have the other three. Tired of having to stack against this pet. I'd like variety and some actual fun instead of having to scramble to counter this frustrating annoyance. It does flying damage which hurts water but water is the only way to counter it's healing spam elemental form. Everything is in this pet's favor. I know the strategies on how to beat it, I'm just tired of the repetition that is dependent entirely on this one pet.Sariias23 Sep 17
Sep 16 Pet Collection in Armory Anyone else noticing that the armory isn't showing new additions to our pet collections the last day or so? Just curious since I know warcraftpets uses our armories to update our info on their site. Happy hunting!!Shadowdamna3 Sep 16
Sep 16 Looking for someone with Creepy Crawlers Trying to get the three ghastly pets, anyone still has the item? I will tip you if you are from Illidan. Many thanks! My battletag is Andysui#1350Henbiantai6 Sep 16
Sep 16 Mechanical Passive + Repair I recently fought a pet battle against someone who used this combo with a Clockwork Gnome and got destroyed. After thinking for a bit on how it all went down, I've found myself troubled by the possibility that there might not be any real counter play to this. I was able to kill the Clockwork Gnome before the big heal of the Repair kicked in but of course immediately after, the Mechanical passive happened. Was there any opportunity for counter play here? I feel as if after the Mechanical passive, all buffs that belonged to the pet in its first "life" should disappear. The risk-reward of Repair is that you might not survive in time to get the heal, right? I feel like the Mechanical passive trivializes this risk a lot. It makes it really easy to get back to full health after the first death.Tathel3 Sep 16
Sep 16 Legion idea : Raiding with Leashes 4: Gods of Death edition. So i'm hoping that Blizzard is working on this, and so here is my idea for it. 1. Marrowgar ICC - Lil Bonestorm 2. Loot ship ICC - Alliance or Horde themed gunship, depending on who summons it 3. Professor Putricide ICC - Rotface/Festergut styled Abomination 4. Dreamwalker ICC - Scourged Green Whelp 5. Faction Champs ToGC - Ashen Verdict Gruntling/Page, like the Argent one, but can show Sunreaver/Silver Covenant banner/Crusader Banner/Ebon Blade Banner 6. Anub'arak ToGC - Lil Anub 7. Mimiron Ulduar - Mimiron Head pet form! 8. Assemble of Iron Ulduar- Iron Golem 9. Yogg Saron Ulduar - Lil Verax 10. Razorscale Ulduar - Mini Razorscale 11. Halon Ruby Sanctum - Twilight Whelp 12. Sindragosa - Scourged Proto drake, more to get them to make a scourged proto drake mount =D reward for getting all 12: Micro Vo7tr0n pet! thoughts mmo-champ thread here: Sep 16
Sep 16 Option to disable pet battles. So currently there is no way to clear your battle-pet slots, or disable pet-battling. A feature that I don't personally enjoy. I find it quite annoying that there is no way to hide all pet battles, or not enter one once you have pets in the battle slots. The only way that you can actually remove the pets from the battle-slots is to character transfer which is a fail-safe so they don't bug or get removed. I think it would be a good option to add something that disables all pet battles in the option, so you don't misclick on the pets and accidently start a battle. There used to be a macro that removed the battle-pets from the slots, but apparently it was removed as it broke the default UI, according to a GM I spoke with. If anyone has any thoughts or things that could be added to this post, feel free to add to it.Zealqt9 Sep 16
Sep 16 Shaman class halls pet? Hello fellow pet collectors! A long while back I remember reading about the new pets for legion and I do remember a pet that was tied to the shaman and from memory it was class specific so only the shaman could obtain it? Does anyone know what that pet is, and if it is still only obtainable by the shaman and if it is tradeable? Also are there any other class only pets? I ask as I will make and level a shaman now if that is the only way to get the pet! And I would love to be able to level now while the invasion event is still on! Thanks so much ^_^Angelbecky4 Sep 16
Sep 16 Pet types? Maybe a dumb question and I Googled it but is there a way to know the type of pet you are fighting? I.E critter, etc.Jardous2 Sep 16
Sep 15 Raiding with Leashes IV new achievement on the PTR. Raiding with Leashes IV Delve into Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and Ice Crown Citadel in search of rare pets and the chance to do battle with a new Celestial foe! The pets look fantastic. stand out OP pet might be baby lord marrowgar with bonestorm at level 10/15/20. Could be placeholder but the pets look fairly complete. edit: omg the reward for collecting them all is a quest to get a spectral/constellation bunny.Cyprux18 Sep 15
Sep 15 Good battle pets to level? I have a bunch of rarity upgrade stones and level upgrade stones, and I was wondering what battle pets are good for PVP and for the master tamers in Legion? I'm particularly fond of my Sky-Bo, Crimson Welpling, and Unborn Val'kyr, I was thinking of upgrading those to rare quality. I've been using the sticky post to get a general idea, but I just wanted other opinions on what people found were the best pets.Faeliriana4 Sep 15
Sep 15 Can't fight pets Hello all, I noticed in Legion when I click the animals with the green paw above them it doesn't do anything. Is there a quest or something I need to do before fighting pets or am I just missing something? Thank youJardous5 Sep 15
Sep 15 Been gone a while.. So, I just recently returned to the game (tonight, actually). Doubt anyone remembers me, lol. I used to be a pretty avid pet battler. Was the #1 ranked monk in the west for pvp pet battles when I left, so I knew the ropes pretty well once upon a time. Haven't played since around when the Celestial Tourney was introduced. Glanced at the Legion patch notes for pet battles to see what's changed, so I'm mostly aware of the most recent changes like Undead racial, etc. Anything else I've missed out on that I should know about before I get my feet wet again?Triggers12 Sep 15
Sep 15 Blind Rat Problems I love pet battles, and this expansion but i do have a problem, The Blind Rat from the Dalaran Sewers. Its location makes it extremely difficult to get a good breed much less a rare with a good breed. Fifteen time now i have encountered a poor or common version with the breed i want, but every time I try to capture I get attacked by players because of the pvp area, and hiring a bodyguard dose not help as they dont last long enough or the No Guards buff and Debuff change .This is super frustrating. Please relocate this little blind guy, or make it so battles cant be interrupted by pvp.Zalissa3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Kosumoth the Hungering The Orbs have been fixed today to have no CD and no Limit to touching them. If the rumor is to be believed the mount will be up this week but the pet will be up next week so make sure you get your mounts/clawsZunde6 Sep 15
Sep 15 Deathwatch Hatchling Are there any guilds still inviting members to obtain the Deathwatch Hatchling battle pet?Aerandir5 Sep 15
Sep 14 Unable to see Battle Pets Hi all - I'm unable to see battle pets anywhere. I don't seem to have Battle Pet Training in my spell book, although the trainer tells me it's already known. I've disabled all add-ons, that made no difference. This toon is fairly new, hopefully I'm just missing something simple... any idea? Thank youDilligad1 Sep 14
Sep 13 whelpling pets Hi I wanted to start getting more in to the pet battles and was wondering if the whelplings where any good as the crimson one was always my favorite petTrusprague7 Sep 13
Sep 13 One of my pets cant be summoned or used I have Core Hound Pup, it still shows I own it but its been grayed out. So I cant summon it or us it in battle. I know I didn't get ride of it because it was one of my strongest Battle Pets I used or put in the Farm place. So does anyone know why this happened and how to get it back? Thank YouKthulhu4 Sep 13
Sep 13 What to name my Spectral Tiger cub? Currently, his name is Mervin.......... I guess I'm not that creative.Peqvals4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Any standouts from the new legion pets? Which of the new pets are worth leveling up and keeping on your roster? Benix seems cute as an undead counter but I haven't come across many others that seem promising yet.Lysandra2 Sep 13
Sep 13 EVERY new Legion pet is poor? It may not be a large enough sample size, but I've caught almost 10 new Legion pets, and ALL of them have been Poor quality. In all my years of collecting, I've never had a run that bad. Is it just coincidence? Or is that a really, Really, REALLY lame way to get people to start spending tokens on upgrade stones?Brocknor11 Sep 13
Sep 13 Dust Bunny? Does anyone know of a spawn timer yet? A friend of mine accidently clicked on the rug while we were looking for it, and I wasn't able to capture one of the 6 bunnies that showed up. Is there any way we can make the bunnies public at least? O.o Or does anyone know the timer?Skyè3 Sep 13
Sep 12 World of Warcraft: Legion Companion App Now if only they did this for pet battles. My life would be complete ^_^Ylenaris5 Sep 12
Sep 12 Darkmoon Eye ( Jeremy Feasel ) I've looked through some guides and seen where the pet battle line-up is as follows, a mechanical pet, an elemental pet and a leveling pet. What I don't understand is why are people putting Lil' XT up against a Magic pet, why are they NOT using a Dragonkin pet ? Or am I missing something here ?Çirçe5 Sep 12
Sep 12 Master Tamer Flummox Did not give me credit for defeating him using a team of dragons. Is it working for any other pet familys?Zunde9 Sep 12
Sep 12 Are there a lot of pet battle bots?? Or is it just me? I'm trying to lvl some pets and I keep getting opponents who let the timer run out every move... What gives? Any ideas?Helpêr7 Sep 12
Sep 12 CORGNELIUS I have Corgnelius the corgi pet on US-Stormscale Horde for sale 200k add real ID for infoImbake1 Sep 12