Pet Battles

Oct 30 Advice on pet charms, best way to spend? So i have 12 toons max level. ( world quests) I log on to each toon every day and try to do the WQ legion pet battles usually 1- 3 depending what or where they are. in cave in highmountain not gonna happen. lol Anyways so building up the pet charms i have bought everything you can buy with them. I used to buy the mystery bags, but now im wondering if the pet treats even though i will only get about 3 -5 battles on every alts depending on how much time i waste getting to the pet battle then log back out. ( this is over a few days 2x ( 10 charm + 5 charm ) pet treat buffs say 2 battles one day still have 40 minutes left next day then 20 minute left the next day, so on average the buff last 3 - 4 days ) With the pet charms, i am able to get 8k xp rather then 3k ( round about) Is it better to get the food treats for XP until every pet i have is maxed out ? I have about 300 out of about 1000 pets that are not max level. Also does anyone know a good pet add on to get rid of uncageable duplicates ?Mctesterson2 Oct 30
Oct 29 Why is the NIghtmare Treant so... bad? For a pet that requires such a dedicated (and time consuming) achievement to earn (Family Familiar, beat 12 pet tamers in the Broken Isles with teams of each pet family), the reward is... very bad. First, it only comes in a B/B breed. They didn't even give it a pure P/P or S/S breed, or even a H/H breed. Then it's moveset is honestly rather terrible. It has a basic elemental attack and an elemental attack w/ poison in the first slot, a magic-based mortal strike or Leech Seed in the second slot, and Call Darkness or Entangling Roots in the 3rd slot. I literally cannot see a single viable moveset to use with it. The only thing it seems to be useful for is countering the blossoming ancient with Nightmare and Call Darkness, but its basic attacks are too weak to actually kill it. And a pet that takes this much to get should not be a niche pet meant to counter a single blizzard store pet (Which, again, it can't really do due to how weak the basic attacks it has are) At least with Trunks, the other pet that required a long and annoying achievement (but not nearly as time consuming or difficult as this one, as this one will take most people 3-4 months to complete due to RNG of the pet tamers even just being available), it had a viable moveset and a decent breed. But the Nightmare Treant... is garbage. Am I the only one who thinks this is a huge slap in the face to the pet battlers who actively are working towards this pet? Is there any hope of them fixing this to be a more worthwhile reward, even if it means changing the moveset and breed of it?Reinhilde20 Oct 29
Oct 29 Are the Falcosaur questlines not working? I obtained a Bloodgazer Hatchling and a Snowfeather Hatchling then did the quests to level them both to 25. Guides indicate I should be getting quests from them to go to a major city with them, but I haven't gotten anything. I tried going to the cities anyway, but I still didn't receive anything. Do I have to wait until tomorrow? Am I missing something?Zenurio17 Oct 29
Oct 28 Havent gotten a falcasaur pet :( ^^title I tried looking for it (both of them, although highmountain had phasing issues, and I got dc'd twice :P) But I helped kill the matriarch, and went to where it should be (in azsuna) and no pet :/ So I hung around and killed some more mobs...well, my wq completed itself soon after but I was under the impression i could still catch it as long as the wq was up for i logged out/in, also got dc'd one more time, and fought the matriarch once pet :'( Should i report this as a bug?? Or do i have to wait for another wq to pop for me to get one?? D: Also, does phasing have ANYTHING to do with that?! Any advice appreciated!! Thanks!!Nikkikole6 Oct 28
Oct 27 Battle-Stone World Quests Have Pet Battle world quests given Marked Flawless Battle-Stones prior to 7.1? I thought they always gave ordinary Flawless Battle-Stones (The tradable version) instead. Is this a stealth nerf?Gelevren2 Oct 27
Oct 27 PetTracker Addon Does anyone know how to update the addon called PetTracker? I cannot live without this addon. It's buggy since 7.1 patch.Ylenaris5 Oct 27
Oct 26 Stuck in queue So someone declined the queue and now I'm stuck in a loop of being in queue while not being in queue. (Schrodingers queue?) How do I fix this? I've tried relogging, and restarting the game, but nothing works.Zazonion3 Oct 26
Oct 26 7.1 Pet battle weather effects lagging me Acid rain (cleansing rain) weather effect is really really lagging me after 7.1. I've only done one pet battle so far, so I'm not sure if all the weather effects cause the same lag. Is anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know what settings i need to lower so that the cloud won't lag me?Alonnie1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Random Pet Battles with Dar. Pick three of my pets and I will attempt 10 PvP battles with a team using them. It doesn't matter if it's your favorite team to use, or if it's 3 totally random pets. You choose three of mine, I will try 10 fights with them and report back the results. Who knows, maybe we'll find out that there are more than "10 pets that are worth anything". After some thought and experimentation I've decided to add the following....... Give me three pets to use ( any three pets in my collection). I will attempt 10 battles and report the results back here. I'll be filling in the gaps between assignments with teams I build using a random number generator (thanks Teaghan).Darmand372 Oct 26
Oct 26 Collecting Wild Pets I am currently building my collection up and I was wondering how everyone here went about collecting new wild pets. The end goal is to have all of the wild pets, rare quality, with the breed(s) I want. So how do you go about collecting new pets? Do you collect the first one you come across, and upgrade later? Do you wait to get the breed/rarity you want before capturing?Hookem11 Oct 26
Oct 25 Ironskin - Undertuned? A new pet battle ability, Ironskin, found on the Runeforged Servitor, Ironbound Proto-Whelp, and Direbeak hatchling, seems to be undertuned. Like the Shell Armor ability, it has a 2 round duration, and prolonged cooldown. Unlike Shell Armor, however, it only absorbs 1/3 the damage. Shell Armor's base value is 15. Ironskin is 5. Shell Shield, a similar ability with 5 base power, lasts 5 turns. I understand that Shell Armor has 1 round longer in cooldown, but should Ironskin not be slightly bumped up in power, one way or another?Grimgør0 Oct 25
Oct 25 Tier List Update This list hasn’t been updated in a long time due to the POTM being on hold. However, the list is going to be used for PBL season two. No pets from this list will be allowed in the league (there will be other restrictions as well). So I want to ask: 1. Any new pets that should be added to the list? 2. Even though it won’t impact the PBL, are all of the pets still on the correct tier? There are some pets that I would like to move, but I prefer this list to be more of a community consensus than my opinion. Here is the current list: (taken from 1st tier Bone Serpent Fragment Of Anger Graves Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Murkalot Ore Eater Teroclaw Hatchling 2nd tier Anubisath Idol Blighthawk Bronze Whelpling Death Adder Hatchling Dread Hatchling Emperor Crab Fiendish Imp Fossilized Hatchling Frostwolf Ghostpup Gilnean Raven/Crow Ghastly Kid Jademist Dancer Junglebeak Lil’ Ragnaros Magical Crawdad Moths (due to rng) Rabbits Scourged Whelpling Snarly (and other crocs) Son Of Sethe Warbot Weebomination Unborn Val’kyr Vengeful Porcupette 3rd tier Blackfuse Bombling Blossoming Ancient Bonkers Chi-Chi Clockwork Gnome Creepy Crate Curious Wolvar Pup Darkmoon Tonk Direhorn Emerald Proto-Whelp Hydraling Ikky Infested Bear Cub Kun-Lai Runt Lil’ Bling Mechanical Axebeak Nexus Whelpling Nightshade Sproutling Qiraji Guardling Scalded Basilisk Hatchling Sen’Jin Fetish Singing Sunflower Son Of Animus Spirit Crab Stonegrinder Trunks Xu-Fu Zandalari Raptors ZomstrokDiscodoggy49 Oct 25
Oct 25 Meat to pets feels very cruel 3 Days worth of CD for a chance to get the 3 materials you need to craft it 7 day wait after performing the transmute for the item to "Hatch" 1/10 Chance of actually getting a new pet as opposed to vendor trash petsZunde35 Oct 25
Oct 25 Banshee Pet? There are all sorts of pets in the game, from succubi to mini abominations and other undead family pets. Why is there no banshee pet in the undead family?Vanescula2 Oct 25
Oct 25 Silithid Hatchling Hello, I am trying to complete the Kalimdor Safari and I need to get the Silithid Hatchling. I understand that it is in a sandstorm only. What's the best way to find a sandstorm? Is there any particular time that's good to watch for it? Thank you!Kelinn3 Oct 25
Oct 25 Family Familiar Strats/Discussion Thread With the recent talk about the Family Familiar achievement I thought it might be worth discussing strategies in a single thread. What is the Family Familiar achievement? It is a meta achievement that requires you to defeat all 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all 10 families (meaning said teams are entirely comprised of ONE family.) My tip is utilize WoWhead's pet filter system. (Quintessence, if there's a way to filter on WCP can you tell us how? WoWhead's system is kind of wonky, if WCP is more streamlined, I'll change it. I just want to filter x pets with y abilities.) Example: You're going against an elemental and need to use critters, but want to dish out strong damage. WoWhead will allow you to filter out critters with aquatic moves and show Snails can use dive. I haven't thought too hard and I don't plan to do this achievement myself, but these basic teams may offer a way to get passed certain NPCs. I'll throw in a rating system 1=bad 2=poor 3=fair 4=good 5=great Beast: 3 Fox Zandalari Anklerender Direhorn Undead: 5 Graves (If you don't have Graves Bone Serpent works just as well if not better after Graves gets nerfed in Legion.) Bone Serpent Bone Serpent Humanoid: 3 Murkalot (If you don't have Murkalot use Anubisath Idol) Anubisath Idol Anubisath Idol Dragonkin: 5 Nexus Whelpling Nexus Whelpling Nexus Whelpling Magic: 2 Arcane Eye Brightpaw Enchanted Broom Aquatic: 3 Frog Frog Frog Elemental: 4 Nightshade Hatchling Blossoming Ancient (if you don't have one Singing Sunflower) Singing Sunflower Mechanical: 5 MPD MPD MPD Flying: 3 Teroclaw Hatchling Dread Hatchling (if you don't have Gilnean Raven or Crow) Gilnean Raven or Crow Critter: 3 S/S Bunny S/S Bunny S/S Bunny If anyone wants help on a specific fight. Just mention the WQ and what family of pets you're using. I'll do my best to answer and invite anyone here to pitch in as well! If you want to message me in game for a more immediate response my is Eve#1598Évè9 Oct 25
Oct 25 Plump Turkey Names Anyone else unable to name the Plump Turkey Hillary Clinton? I can name it Donald Trump..... And it does jump into a fire....Theläna6 Oct 25
Oct 25 Need a Little Stratgey Advice Every week when the PvP pet battle weekly resets I consistently run into this guy - this ONE guy (or girl) - who runs this team: Ghastly Kid - Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt S/S Fiendish Imp - Burn, Immolation Aura, Nethergate P/P Emperor Crab - Surge, Healing Wave, Shell Shield All tier 1 pets - go figure - and he knows how to run them. I have beaten this guy maybe once that I can remember. I'm not a novice and I don't mind losing, so this is not a rant. I'd simply like some suggestions as to what combo I could use to at least have a fighting chance against this team and not get my !@# handed to me and have no choice but to peace out every time he shows up on my dance card. Thanks.Xstrada9 Oct 25
Oct 24 Never seen Enchanting Pets I've never seen one of the 3 new pets that Enchanter's can create. I see them for sale in the AH, maybe 5 of each for about 10k. Does anyone have an opinion on their viability in PvP? Do you think there will be a good time to buy them? Should I wait until 7.1?Tukwilla3 Oct 24
Oct 24 Taming The World......... I had battled an alliance pet tamer on my horde toon, but it was not the starting quest. I battled a level 9 tamer. Then I read that you need to battle the level 2 tamer, so I went and made a new alliance character to get the starting quest and there is NO starting quest, the only quest available is the one to do pvp battles. Did I screw every thing up or will it be ok ?Saerlyn2 Oct 24
Oct 23 Which Hallow's End Pet? What would you recommend from Tricky Treats if you only had 150? Birman, Widget or Feline Familiar?Beerhaus9 Oct 23
Oct 22 Vinu General strats? I personally hate hit % debuffs, so I roll with Nimbus and Focus pets. Flamering Moth (Alpha Flight, Cocoon Strike, Nimbus) Land Shark (Water Jet, Focus, Swallow You Whole) *any 3rd pet*Brawler3 Oct 22
Oct 22 i did not get my lil ragnaros Yesterday i had a lil Ragnaros gifted to me and i still have not gotten it. so, my question is "how do i get my lil Ragnaros? is it going to email a code to me or will it pop up in game later and how long will it takeTestenf2 Oct 22
Oct 22 Prioritizing Pets So I have quite a few pets and many of the ones commonly used in tactics posted online, but I still often find myself reading a tactic going "oh, i have that pet" only to realize it's still low level. Wondering if anyone has a good approach to prioritizing pets for leveling them up? Is it just a matter of creating a list and pecking away at it? Is there some master list out here on the internet? An addon? Just looking for suggestions on how to establish an order for leveling the hundreds of pets I have to insure the most useful ones are maxed first.Josue1 Oct 22
Oct 22 Menegerie daily account wide? I did the pet daily today on one toon, but it is no longer offered on my other toons. Is this intended or are pet battles really messed up right now? I don't see anything in the patch notes.Lookatmyhat58 Oct 22
Oct 22 Dream Whelpling up in LFR! As the title says, the Dream Whelpling is available to catch in the LFR as soon as Xavius is defeated. There are several spawns all around the Emerald Dream. One important thing to keep in mind is that they DO respawn, so you can just hang out if you're looking for a rare and keep battling until you catch one. In my case, everyone eventually left the raid, leaving me as the sole person to wander around. Good luck and happy hunting.Carnation13 Oct 22
Oct 22 Why is the Harpy Youngling so rare? I've been walking around the northwestern tip of the northern barrens for a while now and I've not seen a single one. I looked it up and nothing recent comes up, most of what I can find is from 2013 and people talk like they were everywhereSleid7 Oct 22
Oct 22 Which pets are good to have multiple of? I normally only have 1 of each but which ones would be benificial to have multiple of? PvE or PvPTakeno10 Oct 22
Oct 22 Don't you hate when... You turn in your quest "What We've Been Training For" (10 PvP wins) on Tuesday and miss the ability to get a new quest for the week? Argh it just happened to me (I forgot to turn it in yesterday). Only that quest entices me into PvP. So now I will wait a whole week for it to come up again. PS: I wish there were more PvP related quests. I have so many ideas...Tukwilla5 Oct 22
Oct 21 Pet Charm Farming Hello, Just wanted to check and see if the best way to reliably farm pet charms are still the Draenor dailies (despite reduced yield)? Not sure if there was any good way to get them in Legion. I know that the pet battle world quests can sometimes rewards them.Tekumseh9 Oct 21
Oct 21 No daily pet battles I now have a level 3 garrison on horde side and level 2 on alliance side. Neither give me a daily pet battle. Anyone have this problem? I cant figure it out and GM wont help. They say its a known bug but I haven't read anything on it anywhere.Saranna2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Pet Cap needs to be Bumped UP I have had to agonize over which beloved battle pets to release, because there are so many out to catch, all different types, colors, and breeds. I accidentally almost lost my beloved Primrose, a rare health, level 17 Mountain Skunk, because of a distraction going on in home..A wonderful GM gave her back, and mentioned that I should ask others to show their support for this thread. Please DEVs, don't force devoted Battle Pet Collectors to release any more Pets! Please remove the current cap, or at least bump it up. After all the love and attention I have given to my beloved pets, having to release them back into the wild, is very very cruel. Also, irresponsible to the current local wildlife! I want to catch them all, and each shade, too!27 Oct 21
Oct 21 Confused Ok I battled Techy Tinytech on my Horde toon and went in several days later on my Alliance toon and do not have the option to battle her. So what gives ?Mëîlì2 Oct 21
Oct 20 Trainers respawning in the same day Is it just me, or do the world quests against master trainers tend to respawn in the same day with a different reward? I'm happy to do them again for a different family of family familiar but it seems too consistent (perhaps buggy).Nzete6 Oct 20
Oct 19 Is there a best PvP team now? Graves, mechanical pandaren dragonling, and weebomination is dead, but I haven't seen any 3 take their place. It seems people are more inclined to try lots of different teams now which is awesome. Is there a fotm right now though?Dognition18 Oct 19
Oct 19 Stuck at 757 Heyo! I feel like I am stuck at 757 unique pets..and it's bothering me more than it probably should lol. I still need about 15 or so tradeable pets :( But once you check the AH and the ridiculous prices it's pretty much a no go unless your walking around with a giant wad of cash. If anyone wants to trade pets or have some strategies on completing my collection lemme know! I am on warcraftpets :) as Ninni (my mage) I have my duplicates listed there or comment in here! Xo - catch em all!!!Alvira1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Traps Other than swapping in a critter to avoid the stun, what other options are there for dealing with traps? IIRC using a move like Clean-Up or Grave Destruction just blows the trap up right underneath you and you eat the damage as well as the stun. Shouldn't abilities that "remove any object from the battlefield" do exactly that? The only way I know how to (somewhat) mitigate these traps is by using Arcane Storm. Hypothetical: Let's say you're constantly running into a player in the pvp queue using... Curious Wolvar Pup Lil Rag Terrorclaw Hatchling How would you start to build a direct counter to this team?Okgoodbye9 Oct 19
Oct 18 Leveling? All of my pets seem to get really low xp now when I have them doing the dailys? Did they not want us leveling pets this way? I don't really get why... So now to level pets do we have to go fight other pets or is that low xp too?Kitten12 Oct 18
Oct 18 Pet Battle Daily Routine? What pet battle related things do you try to do on a daily (or weekly, etc) basis. WQs are the obvious ones, but are ther other things of value thay should be done frequently?Grollog2 Oct 18
Oct 18 Need AddOn that shows opponents' moves I think I have most of the popular add-ons but none of them do what I need. I want an add-on that shows me the 6 possible moves (in restricted combinations of 2s) that any pvp pet I'm up against can have. Right now you can find this info in the pet journal but running a search every time is tedious and hard to manage within the turn timer. I know that Blizzard deliberately broke addons that scanned the moves/cooldowns of pvp pets. And that's fine as it makes things more interesting. But I just want an add-on that displays the potential enemy move-pool quickly. Knowing which moves the enemy could have selected from is pretty crucial for high level play. And I can't memorize the move set of the hundreds of pets out there :P Anyone knows of such an addon?Naxa18 Oct 18
Oct 18 Going to start raising battle pets... I had a stone lying around that levels a battle pet to 25. Can someone look through my pets ( and tell me which one would be best to use it on if I want to use it to level other pets? I don't want to sink gold into a new pet for this, is why. Thanks. =]Pandabums4 Oct 18
Oct 18 Quintessence of Light 7.0 Haven't seen posts or strats (post-howl bomb nerf) on quick and easy methods for this fight. H/P Shimmering Snail - Shell Shield - Ooze Touch x5 - Shell Shield - Ooze Touch x5 Dead. 12 rounds. I'm sure there's quicker, but this is über simple and with a single pet.Doublejump4 Oct 18
Oct 18 any of the new legion pets good? I am still trying to decide where to use my ultimate battle stones, I figure upgrade two then catch another and I am good. Leaning towards upgrading either, Baby Winston, Graves, fetid waveling, or benax. But not sure on some good ones to catch.Trollsong4 Oct 18
Oct 17 Frogg Saron I don't really know where to post pet suggestions but this is just a pet idea I had while I was joking around with a friend. It would be a frog-like thing with mouths for eyes and croak a bunch of nonsense noises.Sichel1 Oct 17
Oct 17 cant use pet? so a guildy of mine tried to give me a lvl 25 pet, and when i right click it says "can't add pet to your account". what does this mean?Redaeran3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Stuck on Steadyfist I’ve been a long-time fan of collecting pets since I started playing in Burning Crusade (sadly I wasn’t able to get the collectors edition of that expac, but I have every one since) However it wasn’t until the end months of Draenor that I really started getting into the Pet Battle scene, and wanted to ‘catch em all’ as it were (I know I will never be able to have them ALL but at least the ones that require the achievements) I am now in a bit of a predicament: I have been struggling to level pets over time as it seemed like I could only level a bunch of favourites by small increments as I progressed through zones to even have a chance of capturing higher level pets. I then started trying to do the pet tamers across the zones (but again lacking the various classes and levels of pets I hit a few stumbling blocks) Forward wind to present day, and I discover there is a Safari Hat which increases pet XP by 25% However to acquire the hat, means defeating 40 pet tamers – and I’m stuck on 36 Am I missing something, or am I completely terrible (unlucky when it comes to RNG) that I can’t get past Bordin Steadyfist? (I can’t get any further without beating him) Is there any specific foolproof strategy that will beat him and allow me to progress? Pets / Breeds / rotations? Seeking help from the wider pet battling community CheersGerda6 Oct 17
Oct 17 WQ Randominization It feels so off to me. There are a handful of quests I haven't seen and the quests with the tamers for the Family Familiar seem like they're always the same ones. I got one part of the meta but ugh... so much time hoping a new one will pop up. :( I have three alts maxxed now though... 2 of which can do WQ's so I guess that will help my odds but ugh so RNG even with these quests.Aayah6 Oct 17
Oct 17 Cloud Serpents So I just did this quest on my Hunter I had forgotten about it. It has you collect all four colors of the cloud serpents. They follow you around... I totally want a pet that is all four of those at once. It doesn't even have to be a battle pet. I just want all four cloud serpents following me around. That'd be awesome.Solder1 Oct 17
Oct 16 Dream Whelp Anyone want a dream whelp? I have a lock out till 10/17/16. Just message me in wow. In order to get this pet, warning raid spoilers. Kalyn#1830 Editted it to change dateKalyn26 Oct 16
Oct 15 Broot. Hey blizz, any chance you can make it so we can cage broot? Gotten 3 and can only have 1. Or at least make it so I can have 3.Jezaa12 Oct 15