Pet Battles

Oct 1, 2013 TIL ... If a singing sunflower is stunned during its recovery phase, it can then be swapped out :/Nesson3 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT Stones for Thundering Hatchling Guild Inv Hello! Since my guild (and myself) have absolutely no interest in doing CMs, I am reaching out to anyone who A) is in a guild that has the pet unlocked and B) can invite me! I have at least three (3) of every family specific Battle Stone, three (3) BoE Flawless and one (1) BoP Flawless that I would be happy to trade and haggle with. In exchange I would request a guild invite + 300g (cost of the pet) to a guild that has the Thundering Serpent Hatchling unlocked. I will just level something random via quests until I hit revered and then skedaddle! You will not even know I am there except for the unavoidable achievements that pop up ^_^ If this is workable for anyone, please let me know via Btag (Lanikitty#1100) or this thread. Thank you!Hina3 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Am I supposed to capture all 3? I have always wondered since I can 3 of every pet, does that mean I am supposed to actually go and capture 3 of them? or am I good with just 1 rare and the 2 others?Xyretrr5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Pet Leveling 21-25 Question? I was following a guide to power level my first pet to 25 ( ). Problem is, to get to 25, guides say to fight Eternal Striders to 25. Of course, since 5.4, this seems to be broken. So any ideas on another way to level to 25? or do I have to grind out the last levels?Sycklius5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 NPC Scan work while Pet Battling? Can anyone confirm if NPC scan DOES go off while you are in the middle of a pet battle or not? It can get boring camping, and pet battles would surely kill some time, as they are all around me. However I do not want to miss my NPC Scan alarm going off if a pet battle is in progress.Shenq5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Scary Sprites nerfed? So all last week I was getting 12+ Scary Sprites to spawn and today only got 6. Anyone else notice a drastic decrease in their spawn rate?Hamstar4 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT P/S Droplet of Y'Shaarj for a P/P breed. I have a level 25 Y'Shaarj. H:1400 P:289 S:289 Need the P/P breed level doesn't matter. Have Dandelion Frolicker or Ashleaf Spriteling I can also trade with the droplet. Tag is Logdude1295Precision0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Scary Sprite Personal Best Spawned 18, but was only able to kill 17.Hamstar19 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Idea: Mobile Pet Battles Oftentimes when I'm on the go, I wish I could spend time grinding out some pet battles. Even text-based would be great, I'd like an option to spend time in WoW doing other more active things and do pet battles while waiting around at the DMV or what have you. I love the mobile auction house and think there's definitely room to add more functionality to the app, and pet battles would be a great addition. Anyone agree/disagree? Blizz, is this even feasible?Owllyberry1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Mini Malthael? thoughts on the possibility of a Mini Malthael from the new D3 expansion collector's ed? would go well with the mini tyrael... pretty sure a hell of a lot of people would want one seeing as how people can't get the mini tyrael without dishing out like $1000.Macleod6 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Pet Teams Mod Is there a mod that lets you organize pets into teams? I have a terrible memory and I don't want to constantly write down/look up which pet combos were effective against certain fights.Lazulae2 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT Stones for Pets! Let's make a deal! I have three (3) or more of each family specific stones, three BoE stones and one of the BoP Flawless stones. The pets I do not have are on the pricier side, but I would be willing to throw in any of the non-rare TCG pets (Puffer, Grell, Grimoire, etc) into the deal as well. Go to: Select: [Wanted] Then let me know if there is anything you would like to trade. Please note that I do NOT care about level or breed as I am primarily a collector ^_^ EDIT: Adding my Battletag would probably help ~_~ #Lanikitty1100Hina3 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 3 dragon team feasible? My pets are lvl 17 and they are 3 black dragons. - Onyxian Whelp - Little Deathwing - Dark whelpling Is it feasible to play with just these 3 pets? Takes too long (for me) to level others up. Thanks!Nommi7 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Upcoming Pet Changes We have a few hotfixes to share with you and these changes should be in game now, or will take effect once the realms have been restarted: Pierre and Rascal-Bot are no longer Bind on Pickup; they can now be caged and you can collect up to 3 of each. Rascal-Bot's Phaser spell is now a one-round ability. The tooltip still erroneously states that it is a two-round ability which we plan to correct at a later date. Jadefire Spirit's Fade ability now has an eight-round cooldown.Crithto120 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Trading X-51 Extreme and Vengeful Porcupettes I am looking to trade away the X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME and Vengeful Porcupette For the Rocket I am looking for combinations or individual trades consisting of mid-high end TCG pets, ToT pets (excluding sandling) and possibly darkmoon rabbit (S/S). For the vengeful porcupette I am looking for SoO Raid pets or low end TCG Pets. I currently have two vengeful porcupette but should have enough for another soon enough. Please remember to leave your battletag.Rootfifth4 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Scorpid 6 round Poison is just too many round Scorpids throw out a 6 round poison which is just way too many rounds. Often results in my pet dying... Pls reduce the number of rounds.Nommi1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 How well do these pets do? Good evening all. I'm new to pet battles. In fact, I haven't even played a battle yet. I've done my reading, so I get the idea. Just wondering, how good are the pets I have? I have 3 pets that I'm proud of at the moment: Withers, Tiny Flamefly, and Ravasaur Hatchling. The Flamefly is from a quest, the Hatchling is from a single spot in UGC, and I don't remember where Withers came from 2nd Question- Does anyone know where Withers comes from?Alcone4 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 No Stone Quality Upgrade Hoping Blizzard will take this idea into account. Please bump or comment on this post if you agree with the following. We are all aware of the pet battle stone upgrade, however, we are also aware of RNG. For love or money I can not find stones to upgrade the pets I want to rare. Why has blizzard not implemented the following: Poor quality pets upgrade into common after so many battles that gain them experience. Common quality pets upgrade into Uncommon after so many battles that gain them experience. Uncommon quality pets upgrade into Rare after so many battles that gain them experience. This would allow players such as myself who not only like to collect the pets, but play with them in battles as well. With the way things are now if you want a rare quality pet that is already hard to find can take hours, maybe even days to find, or even given up on and never captured at all. I'm aware people are just going to say "Go collect stones." Believe me, some of us just have terrible luck with this. Please bump or comment if this is even remotely something pet battle players and collectors alike would be interested in seeing soon!Draemei3 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTB Ethereal Soul Trader for Gold. Area 52 Looking to buy an Ethereal Soul-trader for around 90k on Area 52 horde. The pet market here is pretty busy and I'm sure you could find something you were interested in. Orione#1332 to work out a deal.Oriune1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT Ruby Droplet/Stones(LF Mech Stones) What I have to trade: Ruby Droplet: 1 (Looking for quality pets I don't have) BOE Universal stones: 3 (I am only trading these for mech stones, 2mech=1 flawless, this is a better deal than turning in 3 mechs for 1 flawless at the vendor). Aquatic BOP stones: 4 (my 3 for your 2 mech stones for first deal, 1-1 for final aquatic) Flying BOP stones: 3 (1 to 1 trades for mech stones) Critter BOP stones: 2 (1 to 1 trades for mech stones) I'm also open to other potential trades so it wouldn't hurt to list a pet I don't have and what you're looking for in return. I'm most active Mon-Fri 0800-1700 EST and almost NEVER online on the weekends, FYI. Gitmo#1217 - Please add battle pet reference in request message or it may get deleted/blocked.Buckcommnder1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Does Scary Sprite exist? Please help. ------------------------------------------------------ Update: Got my Dandelion Frolicker off of a crystal with 90+ Angry Sprites that spawned 1 Scary Sprite. Good luck to everyone else!! ------------------------------------------------------ There's been a lot of uproar lately from a great number of people not seeing Scary Sprites spawn when they interact with the Neverending Spritewood. For those who don't know, Scary Sprites are the NPC's that have a chance to drop the pet, Dandelion Frolicker. This is a once per day, per toon event that you can participate in if you're able to camp/find the Neverending crystal and click on it. The Nice Sprites around you will turn into Angry Sprites, and at that point, Scary Sprites are supposed to spawn. Angry Sprites are not known to drop the pet, only Scary Sprites. So this becomes a large issue with you do the once a day event and don't even see a Scary Sprite spawn. All I ask is that people track how many Angry Sprites they killed, and how many - if any - Scary Sprites appeared. Including anything like where you stood or even what crystal you clicked would be nice. Just trying to see if there's some pattern in this madness. And not to be rude, but I'm really not interested in posts that only contribute "I killed some stuff and saw one once". It's not helpful if you can't provide numbers at the very least. Starting off: 9/15 12:45pm - clicked crystal at 47.8 73.7 (one on the back right wall facing East) pulled everything to the middle and killed 94 Angry Sprites. No Scary Sprites spawned. I was grouped with someone at the time. I healed him while he killed them.Gygz180 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Master of the Masters achievement Why isn't this an account-level achievement like all of the other pet-related ones?Ilzaire5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Celestial Pets Lackluster Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I'm finding myself slightly wary when it comes to choosing which Celestial pet I want next. I chose Chi-Chi for my first pet, because out of all the pets I thought it was A) A well rounded addition to the flying family, and B) It doesn't suck. Yu'la is probably the second best among them, with an interesting move pool that can offset the low health stat (Life Exchange). Xu-Fu and Zao are poor choices in their current state, in my opinion, and do not embody the versions we fought in the tournament as well as they should. I am of the opinion that in order for these pets to gain some usefulness, certain changes need to be made to them. The changes I feel should be implemented are as follows: 1) Xu-Fu: Breed changed to P/S, HP reduced to 1350, Power reduced to ~300, Speed increased to ~300 /OR/ Swap Moonfire with Vengeance (The first option would allow Xu-Fu to take better advantage of Vengeance by allowing enough speed to ensure Vengeance can be used to better effect, the second option allows for the Xu-Fu attack combo the Tournament pet uses, as well as a Prowl/Vengeance combo, while still allowing for a Prowl/Feed combo.) 2) Zao: Breed changed to H/H, HP increased to ~1800, Power reduced to ~260, Speed reduced to ~220, Dominance should switch places with Headbutt and be changed to an ability similar to Extra Plating (4 round CD, 50% DR for 3 rounds). (Zao, the Ox, should embody something more akin to a tank. Having a choice between a damage reduction ability or Wish, with the improved health pool, would seem to fit that role better. The lower speed and power stats would help balance the tankiness of the pet, making him almost always go last, with slightly lower damage. However, you then have a choice between Headbutt and Charge as power attack choices, and well-rounded choices in Horn Gore and Trample to suit specific needs in the first tier of abilities.) I believe that the above changes would be much more in line with making these two pets better options to pick from, giving them unique flavor among other pets of their kind that allow them to stand out as something special to round out a team.Githany20 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Trade complete. Got my bunny!Awkward12 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT/S Timeless Isle Pets Dandelion Frolicker Level: 25 Breed: H/S Ruby Droplet Level: 10 Breed: B/B Ominous Flame Level: 10 Breed: P/S Pets I'm interested in trading for: Tiny Red Carp Ji-Kun Hatchling Gu'chi Swarmling Spineclaw Crab Darkmoon Rabbit Jadefire Spirit Vengeful Porcupette Viscous Horror Kovok Pierre Rascal-Bot + all of the TCG pets (except Sand Scarab & Nightsaber Cub) Add Larcin#1532 to discuss trading options!Pokémonk1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 I had the Quest but now it's gone I want to do the next Master pet trainer quest so i got it but now after i tried it twice and failed it twice the quest has disappeared and when i go back to the pet battle trainer guy the quest doesn't show.. I've gone on all my toons and it's not there.. Please help.Swiftshöt2 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Team to get though tamers? Hey! So I have been leveling a new toon and have really gotten into pet battles. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions about what pets would work best to get though all the tamers. Currently I am using Anubisath Idol, Disgusting Oozeling, and Nether Ray Fry. I would say that Nether Ray Fry is my weak link in my team right now. If anyone has any ideas on what to replace it with that would be awesome! Or if they all stink and can think of a better team that would be great too! I am just trying right now to get though 10 more tamers so I will be able to get the Safari hat to level what ever pets I feel I need/want. Thanks for the help! SameiSameiduh6 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Celestial Tournament needs nerfed. Sorry, I just wasted, repeat WASTED a week of my time jumping into pet battles to meet the need to enter the Celestial Tournament only to find out I need to waste even more time to collect and raise some 40 other pets to level 25. Also have to make sure they're rare and have proper stats and all that joyous grinding and time consuming garbage. Best of all NONE OF IT GUARANTEES A WIN! This is BULL!@#$ blizzard. I realized that leveling up and doing the trainer battles I had to get varying pets, but this this isn't just spitting in your costumers face this is kicking them in the %^- and laughing at them for thinking they were going to accomplish something. I understand that the tournament is supposed to be tough. You don't make each encounter a 3 part legendary fight with pets so OP they can one shot at random and then remove the ability to heal your pet if you're so unlucky as to have that happen. Another wonderful thing is if you do lose your team you need you have to start those 3 battle ALL OVER AGAIN! Then you get the final encounter which makes Lil' Oondasta look like your grandmother's 70 year old cat with four broken legs! I'm not asking you to make the tournament easy blizz I am asking you to make it do-able with out spending a WHOLE YEAR getting prepped for this crap. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After reading many of the posts I feel like adding something else. One, great strategies thanks. Just what I wanted to hear another minimum of 41 pets to level and on average of 3 1-25 a day that will be FUN! ... ya screw that concept. I am more aggravated with the standards for entry being so low. I mean for !@#$'s sake blizzard if you're gonna send us in to line up for personalized beatings the least you could do is tell us how bad it's gonna be. "15 pets of any variety for the play to come and have fun in the final stage of pet battles for pandaria." HA! Like step in realize how bent over we can make you then get so frustrated with it you'll never attempt it again and the love you had for pet battling is ruined because there's no sense of scaling here.Tsuri29 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 trade complete COMPLETEScïntilla0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Is Spirit of Competition any good? I'm considering leveling mine up, but wanted to know if he's promising.Kamazhi2 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 [Completed] Trade Completed.Nibenon0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT or Buy Darkmoon Rabbit S/S I am looking for a S/S Darkmoon Rabbit (preferably) I would be willing to trade or purchase this battle pet, paying very well My battle tag is: Ninjutsu#1431 ThanksSisterhealer0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Ji-kun hatchling I got this pet some time ago and was a little disappointing that it didn't have quills. Granted, it's one hell of a flying pet and I love its move set, but it should have quills....Nabril3 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 WTT Battle Stones for pets I've accumulated quite a number of these battles stones. I'm willing to trade them one to one for: Pandaren Spirit (of any flavor) Netherspace Abyssal Coilfang Stalker Voidcaller Or many stones for pets of higher value dauntilus#1389 Aquatic Critter Dragon x5 Elemental x2 Magic x4 Beast x4 Flying x2 Humanoid x1 Also have Flawless generic x2Beardulon0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 My winning Celestial Tournament pet List Thought I would share the list of pets by pet boss, and in the order I used them to take all seven celestial pet teams/bosses down and earn my new battlepet Xufu. I didn't know you get a bonus 2 extra coins the first time you take them all out, to buy your first celestial pet. Also linked some strategy videos I used. Kiryn eye of legion, sea horse, mr. bigglesworth Blingtron 4000 direhorn runt first, core hound secod, snowman or frigid frost third Wise mari (Preview) darkmoon Monkey stun first, feline familiar next, Mountian panda and submerge before puddle explosion xufo fox kit, mechanical yeti, menagerie custodian yula peddlefeet (or winters helper), soul of the aspects, anubish idol Zao gilean raven, clockwork gnome, darkmoon tonk Chichi voodoo figurine, disgusting oozling, wisp Good Luck!Filthÿrich0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Adding more upbeat music like in pokebattles would do wonders for pet battles. It makes the turn based combat feel more action oriented and is a huge reason poke battles felt engaging and eventful rather than slow and methodical like chess.Hexxs0 Oct 1, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 WTT or Buy a P/P Spineclaw Crab I am looking for a P/P Spineclaw Crab (preferably) I would be willing to trade or purchase this battle pet, paying very well My battle tag is: Ninjutsu#1431 ThanksSisterhealer0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Trading Corrupted Hippogryph Mount For Pets!! Kks well, its simple.. i have a Corrupted Hippogryph loot card TCG mount in stock in realm Lightbringer atm im willing to trade in-game for some pets.. so, if interested look here and contact me in-game info is listed bellow! ~~~~~ ... ~~~~~ ... ~~~~~ If you wanna buy for gold that is ok, or pets and pet items "like flawless stones" as well as ill do a mix, but ill take 250k gold alone or 175k in pets, im not picky on pets really, but i will do research on what pets are offered to make sure all = out to 275k in my realm, so i wish you luck and hope this works =D also note, to use the mounts you will least need a level 20 toon in my realm light bringer to be able to learn them and have on any realm besides one im in, pets will have to be traded first after, i will trade mount item.. i wish you all luck! =DShizimiru0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Winning Because of RNG is Fun I thought I'd turn this around and look at the problem another way. It's probably happened to everyone already: You make a mistake, or bring a pokemon that just doesn't work for the encounter, and by way of a lucky crit, or your opponent missing his 95% Conflagrate, or maybe you brought a Crow and as a last effort of desperation, you hit Nocturnal Strike even though you did not have a round left to hit Darkness first, and shock, gasp, FSCHITCHKT, it actually hit! For me, this saps all the fun out of the game. I know I shouldn't have won. There's no satisfaction in that. Maybe most people are different. Maybe they get a feeling of exhilaration when they thought they were going to lose, and they won instead. Well I'm cool with losing. This is WoW so I've accepted that I'm always going to lose. If I wanted to win sometimes, I'd go play a grinder and build up my character because you can actually do that in a grinder with steady effort. When I win, and I know I should have lost, I honestly want to abandon the quest and start over. I actually would if I could, but unfortunately the cheaters who decided to exploit Nishi for thousands of levels when her Sunflower was bugged stopped that.Aliandrin8 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 WTT for Death Adder Hatchling (s/s) Greetings! I'd like to trade my Ominous Flame (level 1) for a Death Adder Hatchling of the S/S variety. Level and rarity don't matter at all. Hit me up if interested. Yenta#1414Yenta0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 MISSING AT 100% WUUT?!?! Some of my pets have a 1--% hit chance ability that misses! This is ridiculous!Suparmon22 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 I just had a Gu'chi Swarmling pet vanish. Attempted to put it in a cage in order to give it to a friend. The pet left my pet journal and I did not get a caged pet in my inventory. Had 8 inventory slots open so the issue wasn't that my inventory was full. Not sure what to do now. >.<;Aeolyn11 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 What are the best breeds for the 5.4 pets? I'm not 100% sure if all of these come in multiple breeds or not, but according to my addon they do. Ashwing Moth Flamering Moth Skywisp Moth Ashleaf Spriteling Ruby Droplet Death Adder Hatchling Skunky Alemental Spineclaw Crab Gulp Froglet Swarmling of Gu'chi Jademist Dancer Azure Crane Chick Bonkers Moon Moon Blackfuse Bombling Droplet of Y'Shaarj Gooey Sha-ling KovokAurial8 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 The BEST PET? Nexus Whelping. I mean, seriously. Well, technically any pet with mana surge and arcane storm, but I havent found any of those. I think its bugged, because it either misses all three times, or hits for about 800 each time. I have taken down almost whole TEAMS with this pet!Suparmon17 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Vashj'ir Pet Battle Implementation The only Aquatic pets I've encountered were Amphibious. As in Water and Land. Such as the crab, Water Strider. All aquatic pets that live only in the water are found in outside sources. Such as Fishing ( Sea Pony ) or quests ( Fishy ). I think it would be neat to add some true Aquatic pets in water. Such as Lakes, Ponds, and Even Vashj'ir. It could open opportunities. It is just a thought ^_^ thank you.Raëlian1 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Pets and mounts from raids How does the drops of pets and mounts work in the newer raids, is there any definitive answer? Can you weekly get a chance to get a drop from each LFR, Flex, and Normal or do they all share the same chance? Do coins work?Kelrox4 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 PVP queue dismount is a drag This is new for 5.4. When I am mounted and enter a random pvp battle, I get dismounted when the pet battle ends. I have dropped to my death a couple times. I can't imagine why this would be intended, so I'm calling it a bug.Stygimoloch3 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Zero Timeless Isle Pet Drops Complaining about bad luck here. This makes me lose interest in spending time here. What do I do with my 50,000 coins?Tukwilla19 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 5.4 Pets for Trade; LF Ghostly Charger I have: Level 1 Lil' Bling (uncommon) Level 1 Ominous Flame Level 25 Jademist Dancer (S/S) Level 25 Jadefire Spirit Level 25 Swarmling of Gu'chi (H/S, stoned to rare) Level 25 Ji-Kun Hatchling, (P/B) Level 25 Dandelion Frolicker (H/S) Basically anything up for grabs here: Can also level pets, turn-around time is 6-12 hours. (2k per pet.) I'm looking to get a Ghostly Charger. I can level/trade pets for one. The price range is between 100-150k currently, based on ebay prices. If there's something you'd like that I don't have, ask me about it and I can see if it's affordable on my server. :] I know this is a long shot lol, but I figured I might as well try! crowfur#1436 if interested~Alyeska0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 nopenopenope BLANKShizimiru0 Sep 30, 2013