Pet Battles

Sep 11 Gnomaregan pet battle dungeon Did this go live yet? If so what are the requirements to do it?Tinkerizmo3 Sep 11
Sep 10 Best Argus wild pets with breeds I think I've caught one of each of the Argus pets so far and most seem meh but a few seem interesting. I was lacking in Magic wild pets and the 2 or 3 new magic ones have added some depth to my collection. Q for the experts... which Argus pets and breeds are worth getting?Tinkerizmo2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Cannot queue for Find Battle on Argus? Do I need to progress further through the Argus zone to unlock this? I want to PvP pet battle and queue for PvP pet battles in the new zone, surely we won't have to go all the way back to Broken Isles or Dalaran to do so?Creeks4 Sep 10
Sep 10 Addon to track enemy CDs Are there any currently functioning addons that track the cds of the moves your opponent uses? Call me stupid but I have trouble figuring out "can he overwrite my weather yet?", "Is the stupid Teroclaw gonna Dodge again?", etcJakobus4 Sep 10
Sep 10 What Do You Think of the Cuteaclysm Pets? Title. I'd be interested in hearing peoples' thoughts on these pets. I don't have very many of them, but they're certainly different. Do you guys see interesting possibilities for any of these or are they just meh substitutes for better pets?Loncis4 Sep 10
Sep 9 Suggestions with the Feasels I'm still searching for the right pet combination to get past Jeremy Feasel. I so far make it as far as Fez and then get destroyed. Once I get the DM eye pet that reminds me of the eye of Sauron I plan to go to Christoph. For right now it's the eye I'm really wanting Does anybody have any suggestions on the right group?Tahani5 Sep 9
Sep 9 Draconic Destruction - Snozz Has anyone found anything even close to defeating this with a dragon family team? Gloamwing/Snozz both took 30ish attempts with Aquatic, but I am up over 50 with various Dragon teams on Snozz and nothing has come close.Nelaphim29 Sep 9
Sep 9 7.3 Pet info Theres a new pet dribbler listed from Leprous pet supplies. - pet trainer outside gnomeregan NEW Hallows End pet Naxxy - literally a baby floating Naxxramas castle. Ghost Shark - nat Pagle fishing garrison. Raiding with Leashes - see brawlers nice post Family Familiar 2.0 - Kill all argus beasts with specific families 15+ new argus pets. lots of wild capturables - some quests - some drops from rares. theres a lot. even a non combat dranei ghost kid. Winterveil Yeti petCyprux36 Sep 9
Sep 9 Dungeons? Hey guys! Pretty new to battle pets. I do the world quests etc and I really like it!! I keep hearing about pet raids & dungeons? So I researched the celestial tournament. I'm not ready for that yet, but I understand how it works. Then I researched Wailing Caverns, which I might actually try! But what else is there to do? Are there pet raids? Thanks!!!!Alsandra4 Sep 9
Sep 9 Minixis What is the best way to get to Minixis on Argus? Lots of hard-hitting elites there.Fudgy11 Sep 9
Sep 8 Flawless Battle-Stone I just earn a Flawless Battle-Stone from doing a wild pet battle and its not "account bound". Is this a bug or an intended change? It use to be I could send all my battle-stones to one character to hold/organize them all but she is on a different server than where I earn this one.Angenie2 Sep 8
Sep 8 No pets inside Invasion Points? Traveling to a bunch of mini outdoor zones located on many different planets, and no wild battle pets roaming around? Seems like a missed opportunity to introduce a lot of interesting exotic pets.Vespero0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Family Fighter - Shadeflicker Ok, so I thought that Foulclaw was ridiculous to beat with his 100% immunity 75% of the time but I managed to find teams that beat him. I've since beaten all of the legendary pets on the Antoran Wastes and Krokuun, then the Corrupted Blood of Argus. I'm trying to find a humanoid team that works for Shadeflicker but it seems actually impossible. The closest I came was with a team on Wowhead but it just doesn't have quite enough damage to finish the job. Anubisath Idol - 1 1 1 Father Winter's Helper - 2 1 1 Rotten Little Helper - 2 2 1 It gets him to ~100-300 health each time but it just can't finish the job. I tried also... Wretched Servant - 2 2 1 Dandelion Frolicker - 1 1 2 Squirky - 2 2 2 But that doesn't seem to work at all... Has anyone found a humanoid team that beats him without insane amounts of luck?Youco14 Sep 8
Sep 8 Dalaran Pet Tamer Level Requirement? Is there a minimum level requirement for doing the Legion Dalaran pet battles (Tiffany Nelson, etc.)? I've done several on a L110 character but was unable to see the tamers on a L101 character. I'm sure the answer to this is out there somewhere, but I've searched for over an hour with no results and am very frustrated. If someone can help me out with this issue, I'd be very grateful.Kathleene3 Sep 8
Sep 8 PvP Prestige pets- 1 grind = both factions Per Grainne on and Eggs on EU!!! I'm P11 but I wont be home for some time to check this out. ... Confirmed and bought, woot!! Though it was 500g for me. My alt has no rep at all.Vhale4 Sep 8
Sep 8 Pet Battles Cannot Save You ... from the Paraxis!Jere0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Pet Battling Isn't Newcomer Friendly To start this post, I'm a noob at pet battles. I'm not saying I should be doing awesome immediately. I understand effort should be required to get rewards. I'm just trying to give a fresh perspective as a frustrated outsider, and explain to people who have been doing this since it came out, why people like me probably won't/don't do pet battles, ever again. But alas, here was my crappy experience pet battling this week. After having never really pet battled before, I saw a 200% bonus experience, and figured what the heck lets give this a shot. I leveled up 12 max level pets for the first time, feeling pretty good about myself. I even got some of the legion pet world quests done, which at first seemed impossible. So overall it seemed like something I could really get into and was surprised I hadn't really touched before. But after stepping into pvp pet battles, I can say with 100% certainty they are the least newcomer friendly activity of this entire game and far, far too frustrating to bother with from a new players perspective. First, the learning curve is ridiculously steep. It actually starts off fairly easy, as I had level 3 pets that could almost solo a team of level 5's as I leveled up. But once your maximum level, everything changes. Requiring an addon to know about breeds? Why is that a core requirement of this aspect of the game? I can't think of any other part of WoW which REQUIRES addons to play... Maybe deadly boss mods for PvE, but even with half a brain you can deduce not to stand in fire... Then once I was actually in PVP pet battles, it was worse than banging my head against a wall. Watching my team get destroyed as I can't even beat a single pet, let alone all 3, for over fifty matches? I personally probably gave over 8 people their victories for the weekly quest to beat 5 players. Bottom line, the hours I spent this week training and getting multiple max levels didn't even put the smallest dent into getting a PVP pet battle victory. And that sucks. Second, basically requiring over 200-400+ max level pets to even stand a small chance at a 50% win rate is absurd. I've even read some guides that suggests having 600+ pets, to really kick butt. If it weren't for the 200% experience this week I wouldn't have gotten anything to 25, so expecting a new player to stick around obtaining a large, diverse team before attempting to be competitive seems fairly unrealistic. A grind that long for a newcomer just isn't going to be worth it in 2017. If most people with 600 pets have been playing since pet battles released, how does anyone expect a newcomer to compete in that atmosphere? There are too many other accessible parts of this game and other games that can be fun for a new player, faster. I really think something should be done to allow Pet Battling to be more newcomer friendly. Perhaps make the 200% experience buff baseline to allow leveling at a decent pace, since such large teams are required. Or keep the current experience rate and just add about 1000% more rewards to battling. Gold, transmog, titles, mounts, anything that makes the long grind more appealing to new players. I'm not the expert, but again, as a fresh player who hasn't stepped foot in the pool until this week, this was my perspective.Zeetro13 Sep 8
Sep 7 Cross Gazer I just started farming demon eyes for this, and wondering why two different posts on wowhead mention you need to farm 2700 eyes, when the pet only costs 1000 eyes. /confusedTriggz3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Magpie - Pet AH Tool I haven't seen this site mentioned much here so I'm going to assume it's still a little unknown. It apparently started on it's own site and has now migrated to Xu Fu's blog. It can be found under Tools. It does quite a few nifty things. It will search the armory and the AH for pets you don't have or duplicates you could list. It will also compare two servers and give you price differences between them. A word of caution. I sell pets frequently. It's a slow market most of the time and some servers are saturated with sellers. Don't get tooo excited when you see it's price list. That is IF you have a buyer. Not money in the bank. But I find it very worthwhile to maintain an alt on high-pop servers like Area 52. Sell pets when they are hit (like Argus and raiding with leashes 5) and turn around and buy the TCG pets. They tend to be far, far cheaper on full realms than quiet ones. I made enough gold last year during Halloween farming those pets on alts, that I bought every TCG pet I was missing. So, it can work very well. But don't spend your bank thinking you can flip pets form one server to another. That's pretty risky. I think its better to sell 4-5 very pricey new pets then turn and buy 12 older ones that are cheaper. Dibbler might be a good example. He's apparently common. Sells for a lot now because he's new. Will probably be dirt cheap later.Vhale0 Sep 7
Sep 7 Explode I noticed this last week during the pet event. Using explode did not always give xp to the carry pet. Has this happened to anyone else? I just used a level 10 carry doing Chopped with no xp granted.Ziv6 Sep 7
Sep 7 Skyfin Juvenile Did anyone figure out how to get them? They fly so high.I see most of them above buildings with no way to reach.Tormento5 Sep 7
Sep 7 Crysa don't love on me no more :( I did 18 fights with Crysa and she dropped an Albino Buzzard. I fight her every day, but she don't show me no more lovin'. Not a single buzzard in well over a month and a half.Baadboy12 Sep 7
Sep 6 Pets with unique behaviors So I was just watching my darting hatchling scampering around and it occurred to me it'd be nice to have a list of cosmetic pets with unique behaviors. So please post here with the pet(s) and associated behaviors. Pets that interact with critters: Creepy Crate - in addition to its idle flip / tongue animations and creepy noises, it will death grip + eat nearby critters. Sunblade Micro Defender - hits nearby critters with green chain lightning. Toxic Wasteling - Will eat nearby critters and grow several times after each critter devoured. Unborn Val'kyr - Revives critters that have died in a nearby area. Willy - Kills random critters around with eye lazer. Pets that interact with other pets: Clockwork rocket bots - when they meet they will fight to the death. Crawling Claw - when met with another Crawling Claw will play rock paper scissors. The losing hand will blow up. Grunty/Zergling/Starcraft pets - when they meet they will fight to the death. Spring Rabbit* - lays Easter eggs that hatch into baby rabbits when it encounters another Spring Rabbit. Stinker - falls in love (demonstrated by floating hearts) and chases cat pets. Pets that run/hop/move around: Chaos Pup - runs around in circles. Darting Hatchling - darts around (dust trail included) in several different directions before quickly zipping back to your side. Egbert - darts around in several different directions before quickly zipping back to your side. Spring Rabbit* - hops around and if it gets any significant distance, will make one large leap back to the owner. Pets with unique idle behaviors: Cloud Serpents - will do loop de loops. Dragon Kite - sometimes gets struck by lightning. Jade Tentacle - travels underground if you move away and pops up beside you. Lesser Voidcaller - occasionally causes "Wayward Spirits" to roam the area around it. Lil'bad Wolf - falls asleep. Manafiend pets (Nagrand) - will do Arcane Explosions in their respective colors. Panda Cub - falls asleep. Pandaren Monk* - practices its fighting styles when idle. Rocket Chicken - has a common rocket-hover animation and a rare blast off animation. The blast off ends poorly for the chicken. Singing Sunflower - sings. Sinister Squashling - normally runs around on a long stem, but when idle, he collapses into a seemingly ordinary jack-o-lantern. Terky - dons a top hat and dance. Tideskipper - farts green bubbles. Tito - spawns a tornado and will get pulled up into and it spins him around. Venus - will go underground if idled with just its head poking out. Pets with miscellaneous behaviors: Alterac Brew Pup - will dispense beer if you click on it. Cats - target a cat and /sit and it will hop in your lap. Includes Fluxfire Feline, but not Feline Familiar. Disgusting Ooze - will apply a debuff turning you green and lowering your stats Ethereal Soul Trader - harvests souls from kills that yield honor or experience; souls are currency for his vendor goods. Feline Familiar - flies behind the player on a broom when you are in flight. Fiendish Imp - summoning portal animation will rarely spit out Kil'rek (with some whine text) from the Karazhan Illhoof fight. Mojo - blowing a /kiss at Mojo will cause him to turn you into a frog. Pandaren Monk* - If you /drink or /bow it will respond with either raising a mug, or bowing. Plump Turkey - "senses his destiny" and jumps into any cooking fire. Rotten Little Helpers - will rude emote and give you a raspberry and despawn if you summon them out of season. Snowman - will despawn/melt/die if you summon it out of season. * - these pets have behaviors in multiple categoriesWyler20 Sep 6
Sep 6 Pet battle world quests not showing up So everytime I use my companion app I see there are several world quests active which are for pet battles but when I log into the game the quests are not there. I checked my filter and still nothing. Is there a quest or something I need to start before I start seeing them pop up?Saviourself18 Sep 6
Sep 6 Deathwing I just get so frustrated on the fight on his back, takes me like 5 - 6 times to get it right. I think I may just buy the pets rather than farm them :(Baadboy19 Sep 6
Sep 5 Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu So I've been trying to get this pet for a while now, and I just got 52 points in my weapon. I went to the vendor Mei Chele for Ban-Fu and it was not available. What am I missing?Zenlarge13 Sep 5
Sep 5 What's there to use Pet Charms on? I had capped on them on one character and just ended up buying the 200 charm pets to put on the AH, but was wondering if I'm better off just spending them on whatever I want (battle stones)? Is there something I'm missing to spend them on or is everything just there at Brieanni's store in Dalaran?Vivec6 Sep 5
Sep 5 Pet Animation Stuck - Workaround Hi everyone; I searched and didn't see this topic covered - apologies if it has been mentioned before. Lately, battle pets are getting stuck during their attack animations (Flyby, Cocoon Strike, etc). Sometimes it lasts a few seconds, other times it can take a minute or so to complete the attack. I found a quick workaround for it. When the battle pet is stuck, open your Achievements tab. The battle pet will immediately complete the attack. I discovered this yesterday while doing Wailing Caverns. Every flying pet was getting stuck in it's Flyby attack. At one point, it would last a couple of minutes. I figured I would get timed out so I just started clicking anything, and voila! I repeated this multiple times throughout the instance. No idea why it worked, just glad I found it. Hope this is useful for anyone else experiencing the same issue.Tasha4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Cristoph von Feasel 2-pet teams It looks like the newest member of the Darkmoon Faire pet team is up with this month's faire, so what teams have you found success with against him to level a carry pet? After a little experimenting, I was able to get him with a team of, ironically, all post-6.0.2 pets. Bronze Whelpling (2,1,1) (S/S or H/S) Iron Starlette (1,1,1) (mine is P/S, but I think any breed should work) Start with the Whelpling, use Fly to avoid his first Whirlpool, Tail Sweep otherwise. Once Syd dies, use Early Advantage the first turn against Mr. Pointy, then Tail Sweep until the Whelpling dies. Bring out the carry pet, then immediately swap to the Starlette. One Powerball, Wind-up, and Wind-up will kill Mr. Pointy. Then Wind-up, Supercharge, and Wind-up will handle Otto. I was just trying to take him down tonight with the breeds I have levelled, but I'll see if I can get a clearer idea of which ones work or don't work as I fight him during the rest of the week.Wolfeson36 Sep 5
Sep 5 Rival List What happened to my rival list of pet battles? I thougt that it was a tab in the Pet Journel.Sabelse5 Sep 5
Sep 5 How I beat Fight Night: Heliosus First attempt at the Fight Night: Heliosus quest in Dalaran. What type of strategy did you use for this quest? Id like to think mine worked fine, but im sure there is always room for improvement.Gackto18 Sep 5
Sep 5 Missing purchased pets & core hound pup I'm currently missing both my Core Hound Pup (from getting an authenticator) & pets that I've purchased (Cinder Kitten, Argi, Twilight & the Guardian Cub). I still have the Luminous Starseeker in my mount inventory. I have disabled all my pet add-ons. None of those pets show up in either "collected" or "not collected". Xu-Fu's Pet Tracker, WarcraftPets and my WoW armory all show that they should be in my pet collection. HELP!Bonn3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Family Fighter is a breath of fresh air Been a while since I've posted something on this forums and this is because what I have to say is very important for me. I've been playing this game since 09 and when pet battles were introduced I was among those guys who said "this is a waste of time", but slowly and surely I started doing a little bit of them and... one thing led to another and now I'm going for every pet in the game. Still, the actual fun was the collecting part. The fighting part was always boring. The celestial tournament was hard at first when you have 30-40 pets, but once you get into the 100s you don't even have to check the strategies, you just send random pets at them (strong VS) and you can bruteforce your way into a win. The azeroth "master trainers" are pretty much as easy. They were all a joke. Once you start doing them the actual hard part is flying the world, not the fighting itself. As for the recently added Wailing Caverns challenge, I thought it would actually be a hard thing, à la celestial tournament, but with the zandalari cheese it feels kinda cheap going through the whole thing with even less pets than the celestial tournament. Even the last boss you can defeat with 1 pet. It kinda sucks. That's why I think Family Fighter is by far the best addition to the game. The fact that it's not something like defeat 5 of them with a certain family, no, it's defeat ALL of them with 1 specific family, for all families. Sure there are some families where you can just steamroll (any with stampede cheese), but there are some where I'm sure not even the devs planned it and they thought "well the community will find a way". Never before have I had a challenge like this with pet battles. And the awesome part is that even considering Xu fu strats are in the early stages, there are some particular fights where there are no single pets you can use to steamroll, you really have to think about the whole team and some strategies you actually need RNG. As dumb as it sounds I really really love how Blizzard made that. Dragonkin vs Pilfer and Magic vs Foulclaw gave me a lot of trouble and overcoming actual challenges with pet battles is something I've been looking for for years. Mac'aree is still not available for me but I really can't wait to get there because doing the 2 zones have been a blast. Thank you Blizzard for this achievement and I'm looking forward to something similar in the next expansions/patches!Stand15 Sep 5
Sep 4 Ghost Shark (Closed) I have 2 Ghost Shark fishing rep pets from IIyssia of The Waters I am looking to trade. BTag: Logical1#1576Oaklei7 Sep 4
Sep 4 Major Problems with PvP Pet Battles Since the patch there has been something wrong with the PvP Pet Battle queue. DoT moves like poison spit are sometimes counted as your move for four turns. After the first 140 damage, each 70 damage hit is being counted as your move, not allowing any changes in pet or move set. Moves like Surge, get stuck in a loop, not allowing your opponent a turn (this has happened 4 times to me). Twice no win or loss was given to me, and I have lost twice because I was not allowed to move or change pet. This has happened on different realms like Dalaran, Thrall, Anvilamar too. Anyone else having similar problems?Everyman9 Sep 4
Sep 3 WTT for Corrupted Blood Offering any two of the following RWL-V pets: Discarded Experiment [x2] Twilight Clutch-Sister [x2] Faceless Minion Surger ...alternately, too many other older pets to name, so if you're looking for something else just ask. Falynn#1806 for trades, will be around for a couple of hours and then back tomorrow.Falynn0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Sun Darter Hatchling reverted Something I noticed with the Sun Darter Hatchling today was that it became dragonkin and is no longer a critter type. My question is why tho? It was an oddball sure but it didn't really cause any problems.Duristrano1 Sep 3
Sep 3 Forest Sproutling What is the best breed for pvp? Do I go for speed, or Balance or Health and Power?Baadboy3 Sep 3
Sep 2 Maybe it's just me but... All of the nicknames in my pet journal are all lower case...Renotarshil12 Sep 2
Sep 1 Uura I did the quest to get the mob to spawn for this new (non battle) pet. After killing the boss I didn't get a drop this time. Does anyone know if I have to do it all over again tomorrow or can I just click on the green bones to spawn the boss? Reason Im asking is I cant find the bone effigy in my bags.Pestísíde6 Sep 1
Sep 1 LF Unstable Tendril Trade As the title says I'm looking for an unstable tendril to finish RWL5 I can give 2 of the following pets for it Tinytron Bound Stream Cinderweb Recluse Drafty Twilight Clutch Sister Or trade it one for one for Corrupted BloodTriggz6 Sep 1
Sep 1 Squirt day? Hi All! From the websites I've looked at, Warcraft pets and WoWhead, it says that today (september 1st in Australia) should be the day that Squirt should be up in the garrison but I have the three mana puffs instead. All my alts on both sides have these 3. Do the Oceanic realms got Squirt a day later than North American servers? Any help is appreciated :)Tëmpest4 Sep 1
Aug 31 Pet Tracker not working Argus Has anyone gotten Pet Tracker addon to work.....I have the box checked to show zone tracker.....its up to date too....reload screen ...log out and back ...can't see the list of new pets on Argus on my screen. I know I had issues with it not showing before but I have forgotten how to get it back too screen is that is the issue then....anyone got any ideas how to fix this.Moused1 Aug 31
Aug 31 WarcraftPets Discord! You all rely on for the latest in pet news, pet battle stats, collection scores, and forums for discussing pet battle strategies, leveling, and collecting tips. But did you know there's a WarcraftPets Discord server too? There is! There is! Fire up Discord (or use a web browser) and join the server We offer real-time discussion of everything WarcraftPets. Wait! What's "Discord"? Discord is the premiere voice/video/text chat solution for gamers. You can use Discord in your browser, download the Discord desktop apps for Mac and Windows, or use Discord on your smartphones. It's all in sync!Pommie3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Rebellious Imp In the Veiled Den you can collect Imp meat from the Small mobs combine 100 of them into a feast to spawn the Rare that drops this pet at the north pool. You need to farm the 100 Meat every time you want to summon her so have fun with the piss drop rates on rare drops.Zunde6 Aug 31
Aug 31 Boon of the Zookeeper: low levels I'm wondering if anyone has tried using the shoulder enchant on heirloom shoulders and leveling from 1 and on. I'm lvl59 right now with the enchant on my heirloom and I'm curious if anything will actually drop. (Sorry if this is the wrong category, wasn't sure where else to ask this!)Zeraniloki6 Aug 31
Aug 31 Are Pet Charms being nerfed from PB WQ's Total is yet another day where half the Pet Battle WQs offer Order Rescources in stead of pet charms. Two others offer battle stones, which is OK. But I am swimming in Order Resources and since they won't spend for pet improvements I do not need them. Are Pet charms being nerfed?Morrage16 Aug 31
Aug 31 Why Isn't Demon A Pet Type? I thought about this for some time now, but I always figured there were just not enough, but now with all these new ones there should be enough for it, it's just strange something clearly demonic be classified as something else that doesn't make much sense.Elaice3 Aug 31
Aug 30 Addons currently working for new pet types? Are there any addons currently which will show the types (S/S, H/P, etc.) for the new Argus pets? BattlePetBreedID and Pet Journal Enchanced don't seem to have it up yet.Falathiel0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Gnasher I'm looking for suggestions as to how to beat Gnasher with critters. (No, you cannot skip it. This achievement requires you to defeat ALL the pets with ALL pet families.) Dragons are also pretty much useless against Gnasher, even Chrominius. No dragon I have works. He's not easy because he's faster than most critters (with a speed stat of 328) and has an obscenely high power stat (518). He always opens with Apocalypse (so his first move is a throwaway). And uses Maul and Rip. He has one-shotted certain critter pets, such as Darkmoon Hatchling. (I had high hopes for this pet, since it has beast attacks.) I've tried other pets with attacks that are effective against critters, such as Scooter the Snail, Trashy. I've also used stampede abilities to try and increase damage with the Shattered Defenses debuff. The problem is that the follow up pet never survives due to his power. I suppose I could try using critters with Avoidance and Healing abilities and let him Apocalypse take care of him for me. But I need a combination of three critters that can survive 15 round with him. That's not looking good. If anyone needs any suggestions for other classes, I've only done Beast and Flying so far, arguably the best two to use against critters. For the Beast achievement, my Zandalari Kneebiter soloed him (speed stat 341) with the classic moves: Black Claw, Hunting Party, Bloodfang = Dead Gnasher. For the flying pets, I used Direbeak Hatchling (1, 2, 1), Teroclaw Hatchling (2, whatever, whatever) and Dread Hatchling (the third of which I did not need). I've tried this combo three times, and it's worked both times. (No, Teroclaw Hatchling cannot solo this, at least not with the classic moveset.) Round 1 and 2, Falcosaur Swarm (No, you do not start with Ironskin.) Round 3, Ironskin Round 4, Predatory Strike Round 5 and 6, Falcosaur Swarm (By this time, Gnasher should be around 500 health.) Direbeak Hatchling dies; switch to Teroclaw Hatching (or any flyer with Alpha Strike). Round 7, Alpha Strike, Gnasher dies. I'll add more strats if I come up with any. Addendum: Undead Pets: Unborn Val'kyr (B/B, 1, 2, 2) Macabre Marionette (1, 1, 1) Scourged Whelpling (2, 1, 2) Unborn Val'kyr: Curse of Doom, Shadow Slash until Immortal Round, Unholy Ascension) Macabre Marionette: Dead Man's Party, then (if still alive) Macabre Maraca Scourged Whelpling, Call Darkness. Gnasher dies. Mechanical Pets: Lil Bling (2, 2, 1), Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (2, 1, 2), Any Mechanical (What's interesting to note about this fight is that the Mechanical Pets' Resurrection ability is useless. When Gnasher lands a killing blow, you resurrect, but the Bleed he has placed on your pet will kill it again before it even has a chance to attack. There might be some exceptions to this, such as pets with Extra Plating active or very large health pools, or if the Bleed kills the pet rather than the attack itself, but for the most part, your Mechanical Pets' Resurrection ability will be unavailing.) Lil Bling: Extra Plating, Make it Rain, Inflation. Lil Bling dies. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti: Call Lighting, Thrash, Ion Cannon. Gnasher dies. Note: I did try to come up with an exploding strat with Iron Starlette and Darkmoon Zeppelin, but it's not worth it. A first level pet became a fourth level pet with my Safari Hat. Magical Pets: Trunks (2, 1, 1) Blood Boil (2, 2, 1) Trunks: Headbutt, Ethereal, Smash until dead. Blood Boil: Expunge, Drain Blood, Ooze Touch Aquatic: 3 pets to set up Rip and Blood on the Water. You figure it out.Loncis6 Aug 30