Pet Battles

Aug 30 I Miss LFR Pet Drops I miss having rare pets and mounts drop from current LFR bosses. As someone that likes playing solo and collecting pets I cant really find any reason to do raids anymore. I would love a new Celestial Tournament and rare zone specific pet drops that can not be sold on the AH. There are way to many AH pets. I feel like the pet battle hunt is gone from the game.Noku3 Aug 30
Aug 29 Glory of the Tomb Raider Hi all, looking to gage the interest on creating a pug of pet collectors to do the achievements in the most recent raid which awards a pet. Former hardcore raider and I am convinced that even the most casual people can even clear normal and its achievements. I am a pet collector myself, and thought it would be fun to do it as a group of collectors. Just reply to this post or send me a in-game mail if anyone is interested, if enough people are interested we will try till make it happen. Not sure what gear requirements would be required, but we can nail down any details if enough people are interested.Korlicx37 Aug 29
Aug 29 Realms are up early! woot! Good luck folks!Vhale1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Patch Day Where are you parking all of your toons tonight? I have one in gnomer that will remain there for many months. I have 5 outside BRM ready to attempt the raid pets. Main is waiting to go to Argus for wild pets.Jaxxonus10 Aug 29
Aug 29 Chromie Battle Pets for those in need. So for those collectors out there who don't do the gear grind, or are otherwise incapable of really doing the Chromie event, I'm starting this post to get out some of the extra Ageless Bronze Drakes and Bronze Proto-Whelps. These are totally freeeee so if you need them, please leave your battletag here with which one(s) you need and I'll get to you as soon as I possibly can. Happy hunting! Edit: Adding my battletag here so people can add me :P Alkavar#1432Alkavar52 Aug 29
Aug 29 Ok Blizzard, I did it. i fought 56 player battles, and I got my 5 wins. I leveled the last member of my team to 25 with the bonus exp, then proceeded to grind my face against high tear meta. Got matched against the same 3 people over and over. Let me just say, this is the worst experience I have ever had in a blizzard game, and I played hearthstone against decks full of legionaries with nothing but commons and blues. (You know, because it's pay to win.) Your pet matchmaking is garbage, and you should fix it, or remove weekly quests to use it.Vikzul10 Aug 29
Aug 29 Looking for the Creepy Crawlers Garrison Does anyone still have the Garrison with Creepy Crawlers? I really want the Ghastly Pets. Hope someone can help me, thanks. My Battletag is Meteoric#11522. Horde is better.Furnack8 Aug 29
Aug 28 Whatever happened to Murkalot? I quit pet battles about 3 years ago and am just betting back into it. I have yet to see a team with a Murkalot, what happened, did it get nerfed?Baadboy2 Aug 28
Aug 28 New to pet battles Is there a certain combo of pet styles I should use or are they not as hard as I think they're going to be?Strankes7 Aug 28
Aug 28 PVP Counter Thread Just a wee bit a help for people new to the PVP scene and who find themselves constantly running headlong into tough, stalwart teams who appear, from a novice's perspective, to have no weaknesses or flaws. Whether it's the pet battle weekly, leveling an alt thru pet PVP, the 250 win achievement or even the vaunted 5k. (Though this "guide" isn't for you latter folk) Don't give up! Although not always an easy task, even with a counter, EVERY team can be beaten. There are a plethora of threads/guides out there giving outstanding advice on how exactly to hand a trainer his own !@#$. And thank you to everyone who takes the time to put those together. (Jere is a genius btw) But when it comes to PVP and surmounting the "top tier" mountain we run into frequently, there seems to be a bit of a void for people in search of answers or direction. Disco and others have shared some amazing teams in the past years and you can find people like him and Hiru doing their thing on youtube anytime, which I recommend. This, however, is more of a simpler thread. I jotted down the "best" (I know that's subjective) PVP pets in the game right now and then gave three or four of the best counters to said pet. Again, pretty simple. I just wish dearly I would've had something like this when I first started down the 5k road. The headache it would've saved me. I know the feeling of grasping at straws and losing 5-6 battles straight before giving up and logging out back in those early days. I want to help those people out. The more people in the queue and the more people having fun battling each other, the better. Full disclosure: I'm no pro. That's the truth. I'm not even at 4K wins and I skipped MoP entirely. But I love PVPing, hold a steady 75% win rate and know which rocks beat which scissors handily. Lastly, I want to keep this list updated. The meta is always changing and I want this list to reflect that. So, with that being said, input and (respectful) opinions are very much desired!Brawler39 Aug 28
Aug 28 How Do You 2vs3 Brok & Bordin Steadyfist? I can beat them just fine, usually. But how do you 2vs3 these two trainers if you want to level up a lowbie pet? I don't include them in my dailies because they do not award bags, but I'll battle them on leveling toons for XP. Brok is in Hyjal and Bordin Steadyfist is in Deepholm.Elunatic6 Aug 28
Aug 28 Max Number of Consume Corpse per Battle? Is there a world record number of consume corpse's someone has gotten off on an opponent or has been the recipient of? A couple of weeks ago I played against a Wicked Soul called Chicken Parm (I think that was the name), and the team he/she was playing got off 5 or 6 CC's against me. This happen to anyone else?Everyman4 Aug 28
Aug 28 My Battle Pet Wish List Hey Guys, I just wanted to share my ideas for some battle pets I wanted to see added to the game and wanted to see what everyone else was really hopeful for. So here's my list of pets I really want to see added to the game. 1. Lil' Aspects - We have Deathwing, but I would love to have a small version of the other aspects. Please let me see a lil' Ysera, Alex, Malygos, and Norzi! 2. Any Devilsaur! I'm shocked we don't have a devilsaur pet yet. 3. Tiny Old gods! We have all their servants, but I want to summon a tiny Yogg or a mini C'thun! 4. Tiny Titans? That's all I can really think of right now, but there must be more we want! Anyone have anything I'm missing?Niburu4 Aug 28
Aug 27 Need Some Pet Recommendations Noob, trying to decide what pets to level, really appreciate any help y'all can offer. Thanks!!!!! What pets are good against: Humanoid - leaning toward Grotesque Undead - using Trashy, he's ok Magic - using Fel Flame, he's ok Elemental - I can level Bleakwater Jelly or Leviathan Hatchling Beast - I often use broom, but leaning toward Tranquil Mech Yeti Aquatic - just leveled Sentinel's Companion, anything better?Alsandar4 Aug 27
Aug 27 "The Unfavorable Faction" is quest bugged? Is this quest bugged or is there a trick to it? The quest states that your Bloodgazer needs to be present when you win three PvP pet battles. My Bloodgazer is present running around my feet when I enter the battle. He is not on my team. I win the battle, he is still present after the win, but I don't get any credit towards this achievement. I have tried it with Horde toons and Alliance toons and still no credit. I even put the Bloodgazer on a team, he was present, won the battle and still no credit. What am I missing?Everyman2 Aug 27
Aug 27 Holy Pet Charm WQs! *squee!* Oh I'm going to be tired by the end of today.Vhale4 Aug 27
Aug 26 blizzard please stop making pet's in achievements for mythic dungeon. Poor unfortunate souls. is the reason for my rant. i can't get anyone to run it period. no one will run it for that achievement. i have toon's geared enough that is not a problem. the problem is getting anyone else to do it. then there is the tos raid one. are you kidding me..................... please just stop with the non-sense.Warbringers1 Aug 26
Aug 26 level 25 darkmoon rabbit Looking to sell a level 25 darkmoon rabbit on any serverKaboodel1 Aug 26
Aug 26 I think I have lost my soul I think I have lost my soul, at least that was what was going through my mind last night. I have this list of Master Trainers that I go through to level pets. I have alts located at the trainer, I just log in, make sure my pet treats are up and that I have my safari hat on. I then go through a quick set of fights, logout, and go to the next trainer. Takes 3 to 5 minutes per trainer, and in 3 fights I have a pet to level 23 when the Pet weekly isn’t on. The first Trainer I go to in Ashei. There she is, this adorable little Draenei pre-pubescent girl. She is in the golden years of her childhood, with her cute little pets. She sweetly asks if I want to pet battle. I charge in like a Kunlai Runt on !@#$. I pop out my little beast, er dragonkin the Nexus Whelpling. Pixiebell does a Moonfire, I hit poor Pixiebell with an Arcane Storm followed by Mana Surge. Pixie dies on the second or third hit from Mana Surge. Ashlei brings in her totally defenseless Doodles. Doodles normally get hit in his cute little face with the third Mana surge. I swap in my level 1 and Doodles gets a level 1 love tap. Back to the Nexus Whelpling, Arcane Storm on cooldown and tail sweep the defenseless Doodles while a little girl stands there an watches me mangle her favorite stuffed pet. Somewhere in the fight poor little Doodles loses an eye and then is life. Up pops Talley, chewed up by the Arcane storms, probably 650 health left. The Nexus Whelpling hits him in the face with a Mana Surge. Talley attacks but the Nexus Whelpling usually has just enough health left to smack him in the face with another Mana Surge and the fight is over. RNG being what it is, about every 5 or so fights, my Whelpling dies fighting Talley. And sitting in the wings is my Zandalari Kneebiter, SS with Black Claw and Hunting Party. The Kneebiter can take Talley without breaking a sweat, but he is seldom required. The whole massacre takes about 2 ½ minutes So, I will ruin the childhood of a sweet Draenei child, shred her pets in front of her, just to go from level 1 to 13 on one of my pets on a normal day. I probably need a better therapist with better meds.Baadboy5 Aug 26
Aug 26 Pet Battle Week, plans? So what are people up to for Pet Battle Week? I haven't done full rounds of the trainers in awhile, so I'm going to hit up Draenor and Pandaria. If time allows I might stop by Tanaan but my favorite pvp brawl is this week so that's unlikely. Maybe between matches!Vhale4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Wondrous Wisdomball - why multiple? There's really zero sense in being able to have more than one as it cannot even battle.I wonder if this was a simple oversight when they made it uncageable?Thegon9 Aug 26
Aug 26 How to record pet battles? I want to record pet battles so I can play them back and really understand some of the magic moves the other player was using. Any pointers to a good resource would be appreciated.Baadboy2 Aug 26
Aug 25 Pet Battle App Please? I know I'm not the first to think of this. Can we can a pet battle app for our phones and other devices? I mean one that we can actually do pet battles. How cool would that be? I'm really enjoying the Legion app so why not a similar one for pet battles?David9 Aug 25
Aug 25 With the new raiding with leash's coming I can't help but ponder if the cutaclysm will feature a curve ball like we got with the Drudge ghoul / wicked soul. It would be quite cruel to run these raids 15-20 times only to discover half the pets will only drop on 10m Normal/heroic ectZunde5 Aug 25
Aug 25 Guide To Creating PvP Pet Battle Teams Note: the most updated version of this guide can be found here: Discodoggy’s Guide To Creating A PvP Team Lately I have seen more threads asking how to get started in Pet Battle PvP. I figured rather than respond to each of them individually I would make this guide. Pet battle PvP is quite different from PvE. When facing the trainers you know exactly what move sets they have and often the sequence in which they perform these moves. In PvP you will be facing a thinking opponent and you have no idea what type of team you will be facing. Creating teams to face these thinking opponents can be a daunting task. What is the purpose of this guide? This guide is intended primarily for people who already collect and have leveled pets from each family and would like to start PvPing at max level (which is 25 at the time of writing). Choosing your team is a huge part, perhaps the most important part of being successful in PvP. The goal after reading this is for you to be able to create your own viable PvP teams. What this guide isn’t. It is not a leveling guide. It is not a pet battle PvE guide. It is not a how to PvP guide. The actual act of pet battle PvPing will be up to you to learn after you create your team. This isn’t a guide on how to make a team that will steam roll every other team you encounter. It’s here to get new PvP battlers started making their own teams. What are my qualifications? I was a pet collector before MoP and one of the most anticipated parts of the new expansion for me was pet battling. You mean I can actually use these little guys that I’ve been spending absurd amounts of gold on? Awesome! I started PvP pet battling on day one of MoP. I pet battle every day that I play WoW. At the time of writing this I have around 2,900 PvP wins. I know this doesn’t necessarily make me “good”, but it does make me experienced. One of my favorite parts of pet battles is putting together pets that work well with one another to form competitive teams. I would like to share some of my methods. Preliminaries Before getting started there are a few important facts that you need to know. If you have already done some pet battling then you probably already know this. I have included it nevertheless. Preliminary Knowledge A: Families Pets are classified into 10 families. In order to PvP you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each family. Every pet and every attack has a family classification. If an attack is strong against another pet then it does 150% of its normal damage. If an attack is weak against another pet then it does 66% of its normal damage. A major part of being successful in pet PvP is using strong attacks against your opponents. Listed below is each family, what it is strong against and what it is weak against. Humanoid is strong against Dragonkin but weak against Beast Dragonkin is strong against Magic but weak against Undead Magic is strong against Flying but weak against Mechanical Flying is strong against Aquatic but weak against Dragonkin Aquatic is strong against Elemental but weak against Magic Elemental is strong against Mechanical but weak against Critter Mechanical is strong against Beast but weak against Elemental Beast is strong against Critter but weak against Flying Critter is strong against Undead but weak against Humanoid Undead is strong against Humanoid but weak against Aquatic Note that a pet may have attacks from a different family. For example, a Bat from the flying family has flying, undead, and beast attacks. While I have heard the terms used differently in other games, this is the way I will use the following terms: Hard counter - This pet’s moves are strong against you. My Emperor Crab is a hard counter to your Fel Flame (elemental) because my Surge (aquatic attack) is strong against you. Soft counter - Your attacks are weak against this pet. My Arctic Hare (critter) is a soft counter to your Fel Flame because your elemental attack is weak against me. Double counter - Your attacks are weak against this pet and this pet’s moves are strong against you. My Shimmershell Snail is a Double Counter to your Fel Flame (elemental) because I have an aquatic attack (Dive) which is strong against you and I am a critter, so your elemental attacks are weak against me.Discodoggy42 Aug 25
Aug 24 Over Powered WQ Battle Pets About half the WQ Battle Pets are so overpowered that none of my combinations can beat them. I am still new to this so I may be missing piston, but it is very frustrating.Morrage14 Aug 24
Aug 24 Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike abilitys These spells are supposed to be used hand in hand. Call Darkness: 5 Round Cooldown 100% Hit Chance A shadow falls across the battlefield, dealing 513 Humanoid damage and turning the weather to Darkness for 5 rounds. During Darkness, all pets are considered Blinded and all healing received is reduced by 50%. Nocturnal Strike:3 Round Cooldown 50% Hit Chance Deals 586 Flying damage. Always hits if the target is Blinded. It seems regaurdless of whether the target is blinded this ability still misses often, and this is not in scenarios where the opposing pet has a dodge buff. It happens both in npc pet battles and albeit more frustratingly in player versus player battles. I've tried bug reporting this multiple times to no avail. Here is just the most recent example that happened to be in my pet battle log.Kek122 Aug 24
Aug 24 Anyone know what this could be? Does anyone happen to know what this could be? A friend noticed it & asked if I knew. It's located at the flight master at Thunder Totem. They move like a game of "Candy Crush". Aug 24
Aug 24 3 Unborn Val'kyrs Hi. I have 3 unborn val'kyrs and am wondering if there is a pet battle strat for using 3 or if that is a bad idea.Xartanum4 Aug 24
Aug 23 What 7.3 pet are you excited for/dreading? Simple question really. For me, I'm excited for the Marsuul pets. They're so adorable, totally taming one on my hunter as well. Also excited for the cartoon-ized mini-naxx for Hallow's End. SUPER Excited that Eye of Inquisition will be cageable, so I'll have an iota of a chance of finding one. Lol. Literally at over 10,000 kills and still haven't had one drop. >_< I'm BOTH excited for and dreading Dibbler. It's so freakin adorable, but considering I STILL haven't seen an Albino Buzzard, I don't have high hopes for getting it. (Same with the Everliving Spore. :/ RNG is not fun for me, as referenced above with eye) I'm dreading the Herbalism and Skinning pets. I went all of WoD without EVER finding one of the mining or herbalism pets myself, I had to get them off the AH. And finally, also dreading the Spine of Deathwing/Deathwing pet, because soloing spine is a pain, even if it's manageable.Maizou6 Aug 23
Aug 23 Wailing Caverns So, I did the pet battle dungeon on my lunch break today, and logged into an alt just now and was able to run the dungeon again. Was this changed recently to allow the dungeon to be run more than once per week per account?Jaxxonus7 Aug 23
Aug 23 K'ute ongoing sound Mmk, so got my K'ute the other day and to my great annoyance realized its chimes abruptly end after a few seconds, that it has virtually no on-click sound and does nothing special (let alone actually -battle-) Can you at least make the chimes sounds continuous Blizz, please? Is it that hard to make it into a continuous loop, instead of killing it after a few secs? =/Seiorái8 Aug 23
Aug 23 getting attacked while pet battling Several times over the last few weeks, while in the middle of a pet battle, a beast or monster from the close proximity of the battle zone has attacked me. This stops the pet battle. I am wondering if this is something new to pet battles (I hope not) or is the game glitchy? Thanks for your input! - CoezzetteCoezzette17 Aug 23
Aug 23 Battle Pet on other Characters? - sorta solved- after hours of messing around, a pet with a green paw above its head showed up out of the idea.Puresoul6 Aug 23
Aug 23 And all I got was this crumby Tee Shirt I finished Family Familiar and now I own a Nightmare Treant. The quest was fun and I enjoyed the challenge. The pet is very unimpressive. I will level it to 25 tonight or maybe tomorrow with the pet battle bonus.Baadboy6 Aug 23
Aug 22 Pet Question Kind of a noob question, I really really want a black footed fox pet and a artic hare. How can I obtain these? Can I fight them and get them?Dastage5 Aug 22
Aug 20 Please, No More PvP Pets [This... this is really more of an open letter to Blizzard than anything else. If I can get one mod to read it and maybe pass the gist of it on to someone, I'll be happy. Anyone who is not up to reading an extensive rant/minor nervous breakdown may want to skip on to the next topic. I did warn you.] Dear Blizzard, Blizzard, please, I am begging you - I am literally begging you I will get down on my knees if I have to - please do not add any more PvP pets. Or if you, do, at least make them cost Marks of Honor and leave it at that, so people who only care about the pets can get them, get out, and leave the PvP to the PvPers. I hate PvP with every fiber of my being, but I'm a hardcore pet collector. Pet collecting is a big part of what has kept me playing WoW these last several years. It's fun, it's relaxed, it's cute, it gives me a reason to run around in old content, and done right it even makes me a profit in-game (some of which will be spent on more pets). A key part of that, though, is *relaxed*. I have *crippling* anxiety issues. PvP is not, and never has been, fun for me. It is at best tolerable, and at worst like pulling teeth. I know I'm an extreme case, but I doubt I'm alone. There is a wide variety of activities people in WoW prefer, and pet collecting is at the far low end of the stress scale, while PvP is at the far high end. "Blizzard is just getting you to try something new. Try it, you might like it," I've been told. I have tried PvP. That's how I know I hate it. Blizzard seems really keen lately on trying to lure or even force people into doing certain kinds of content, like making people run dungeons (at times even mythics) just to finish advancing their professions, and they are probably pleased with the improved participation in certain areas. I cannot emphasize this enough, Blizzard, but Participation =/= Enjoyment. If I enjoy doing something, I'll do it. You don't need to blackmail me. "If it's that bad, just skip it," someone is surely writing. A lot of people underestimate the mentality of the collector. For a certain type of person, there is a deep satisfaction in completing a set of something, and great irritation and disappointment at being unable to complete it. I have to accept that there's no way I can get a few of the pets, such as Murky, Mini Tyrael, and the early collector's edition pets, but if I have an actual chance to get a pet and I miss it, it will eat at me. It still bothers me. for example, that I didn't get the collector's edition of Wings of Liberty. (And that when I tried to get the digital deluxe SC2 bundle later, I couldn't because I already had some of the content. What the hell, Blizzard, I was trying to give you money and you wouldn't take it.) "Sometimes you have to do things you don't like to get something you want." someone else is writing. Okay, first off, this is a game. It's supposed to be fun. That is literally its entire purpose. Second, I can deal with every other pet in the game. I don't even care about the Prestige 1 pets any more, even though they're part of the reason I took a break for so long, because after the nerf they're pretty easy to get with just world quests. Raid pets I can buy on the AH. RAF pets I can effectively get for the price of $5 and a WoW token. The million gold pet? I'm patient. I can wait an expansion or two until inflation makes the price effectively lower. Lagan is annoying because I don't run mythic dungeons and I'm convinced if I try to get Poor Unfortunate Souls I will die repeatedly and ruin the achievement for everyone else, but again, I'm patient; if nothing else, I can just wait until next expansion when it is trivial and get it then. Pets requiring guild achievements? I can and have made alts on other realms to get those. The Prestige 7 pets? Those are something else. If Blizzard even keeps the Prestige system at all next expansion, it will probably still wipe current progress and remove current rewards, so if I don't get them this expansion, I likely never will. To get them, I have to do an obscene amount of extremely unpleasant work, on two characters. Let me break it down for you. The safest way to get honor is doing Warden Towers, for 900 honor a day (assuming you don't have an invasion in one of the zones when you're trying to do them, which you often do). In order to reach Prestige 7, you need 22,000 + (6 x 44,000) = 286,000 honor, or 318 days of Warden Towers (ignoring invasions). Doing three on two characters takes me 30-40 minutes, counting flight time, so being generous, this is 9,540 minutes or 6.625 solid days of one of the most repetitive and boring world quests in the game.Kupari73 Aug 20
Aug 19 Main has 2 extra pets A friend brought this to my attention today when she asked why her main could see 2 more pets than the rest of her characters, and then I checked on mine and noticed that this character has 2 pets more than all of my alts. Anyone know why?A rep pet maybe?Tormento3 Aug 19
Aug 19 New and Looking for Friendly Advice! Hi everyone, I've never gotten into Pet Battles but they seem like a lot of fun and I'm looking for some friendly advice on where/how to start. I've never been very good at strategy or team building, so I'd really appreciate some help or a point in the right direction. Please take a look at the pets I have available and let me know which starters I should focus on (or some pets I should look out for). Thank you in advance! Any help will be appreciated. :)Ziggymonster2 Aug 19
Aug 19 I have all the class pets, AMA Because I basically hate myself, I decided to dedicate the majority of my WoW time to leveling and farming Legion class specific pets. This has left me a new found loathing of DKs, Monks and Rogues, and I have a minor distaste for DHs and Locks. Druids are still cool though and shamans get a big ol' "thumbs up." Go ahead and tickle my brain and learn all there is to know about the wonderful world of WoW class pets. You know you are dying to ask (I know I would be if I wasn't me) so go for it!Aoihikari33 Aug 19
Aug 18 ALPACA PET So alpacas are pretty freaking amazing and I think Blizzard should introduce one as a battlepet. It honestly would not be very hard and I do not see a reason for not doing soSupdawg6 Aug 18
Aug 17 Family Familiar at 119 Bodi spawned in Fight Night today, that will finish fights 118 and 119. I am left with one fight, Magic. I have to wait for 1 of 4 trainers: Tiffany Nelson, and I have never had a fight with her, she spawned on the 8th but I had surgery that day and was just too sick to log in to wow. Varenne, I have had 1 fight with him, and he is gated. Aulier, I have had 5 fights with Aulier, he is gated so that means he has spawned 5 times. Trapper Jarun: I have had 9 fights with Jarun, but he is not gated, I think he spawned 3 times (I have 3 level 110s with WQ. So it should be interesting to see how long it takes one of those four to spawn.Baadboy0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Minfernal tips? Im sure there have been a million and one threads about it but here goes For the last 3 days i have been hovering and and running and frolicing in the shatter scar vale waiting for our elusive friend. Due to some well placed days off i have been here for 10-14 hours each day with only pet battles to break up the wait, in that time countless infernals have been killed and immolatus no less then 4 times in the space of a day and a half. As you could prolly tell i really want this pet, however not a single minfernal has been sighted...not one I know there are issues with phasing and CRZ but i figured this practically eternal vigil :P would do the trick eventually so what im asking is for any tips, tricks, sightings and captures. Generally anything to help not just i but the community catch this majestic beast (plus its practically the last one i need for the achievement besides the winter and summer spawn pets)Netherwalker18 Aug 17
Aug 17 Flowing Pandaren Spirit I routinely use Call of Darkness in conjunction with Nocturnal Strike for the FPS battles, but I've encountered something recently that has me flummoxed. As I understand it, Call of Darkness blinds everyone and Nocturnal Strike (normally a 50% spell), "Always hits if the target is blinded"; and that is what I've seen consistently when battling pets other than those of the FPS. With the FPS's pets, Nocturnal Strike (while CoD is active) shows 40% hit chance (in red) and definitely only hits 40% of the time or less. I'm sure that I'm overlooking something, but I haven't been able to figure out what's causing this. If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd really appreciate it.Wayfur15 Aug 17
Aug 17 Pets you want in the Future I really want the Pygmy Cockatrice to be a pet, I have the perfect name too D: I also would like a Horse/Donkey/ or a Unicorn, maybe something like a mini Quel'dorei steed? What creatures do you want as pets later on?Madia52 Aug 17
Aug 16 Large scale pet leveling I'm trying to setup for an pet battle event where I want to give out level 25 pets. I will probably be giving out over 30 pets. Any advice on how to level up so many pets in a short amount of time?Tinkerizmo5 Aug 16
Aug 16 disable auto-summon? Is there a way to stop it from auto-summoning the pet in my first battle slot? Just because I want it in my line-up doesn't mean I want it following me around ... if I wanted that I would just hit the summon button. Also, since Blizzard copied a lot of the pet addons just enough to give false hope does anyone know if people are maintaining pet theory ( or similar add-ons)?Passalus8 Aug 16
Aug 16 Why does the Drudge Ghoul sell for so much? I'm seeing people selling this pet for 50-60k gold, yet I've read up on it and most people are able to get it to drop in 3-4 runs.Bamboohunts4 Aug 16
Aug 15 Noob question about the pet panel Is there an addon or anything that allows multiple pet teams for different characters? On my higher leveled toons, I want my 20+ lvl pets and on the lowbies I want my 1-5 lvl pets. So if I log onto my 110, my lvl 20+ pets load and on a lowbie my lowbie pets will load. The problem with swapping out pets manually is that I never remember until I find a pet to capture and a lvl 4 pet comes out to battle a lvl 20something.Bikkit4 Aug 15
Aug 12 Family Fighter Confirmed "At Your Pace" Sweet baby jeebus, thank you. Been a bit since it was confirmed, but I know not everyone goes to warcraftpets. For those not aware, 7.3 introduces a new "Family Familiar" style achievement set. AKA, "Kill all 18 Corrupted Pets on Argus with teams of each type" And it rewards a pet. (For anyone curious, that's 180 battles total) However, what we now have confirmed is that unlike Family Familiar, where we had to wait for the WQ to spawn, even when the corrupted pet's world quest is not up, they're battle-able, meaning we can do the achievement in our own time.Maizou7 Aug 12