Pet Battles

Dec 23 Traps need the old nerfarooni It has been clear for 2 x pacs that magma trap and snap trap have been at least over budgeted. Interrupt, decent damage, and stun regardless of the speed of your pet is too much. I got soundly beaten by one of Disco's latest trap teams and it inspired me to play several different quality trap teams. I have not lost in at least 50+ straight battles. Now, this is critter weekend which certainly contributes, but I have beaten many many high quality teams with good players, and anytime it was close, the trap made the difference. I would like to see the trap not interrupt but rather activate based on the comparitive speed of the pets. So, your trap pet is faster, trap goes first. Your pet is slower, it goes off after the opponent's move. I would also like to see the trap not automatically go off on the last round. Finally, perhaps a way to counter traps beyond just the critter racial would be nice. Maybe cleanse moves could get rid of it without activating it. Sweep and magma wave moves should activate the trap, it is good synergy. Anyways, my thoughts after a couple of days of abusing this ability. I am curious to hear other's opinions.Rhonstifor14 Dec 23
Dec 23 Suramar pet trainer rarity There's 3 pet trainers in Suramar - Aulier, Varenne and Flummox. I know you need to do a quest chain before you can see Aulier and Varenne, not sure about Flummox. I think it took me about a month after launch to get to the point where I could see Aulier and Varenne. In all that time since then I've seen Aulier twice, Varenne once and Flummox not at all. And I've logged in just about every day. Is anyone else finding that these trainers are hardly ever available?Murdina18 Dec 23
Dec 23 Today is the day! I'm about to get family familiar done thanks to Trapper Jarrun being up. Finally! While I enjoyed the concept of this achievement immensely the RNG was ridiculous especially with three of the trainers being broken.Zyleia3 Dec 23
Dec 23 restless shadeling I've been trying to get a restless shadeling pet in eastern kingdom area for awhile. It says they should appear in the master's cellar in deadwind pass. So far they haven't been seen there for at least a month. How do you get 1 if they don't even spawn????Sharbrielle4 Dec 23
Dec 23 Mischief spells bugged Seems chaos nova deals all its damage including the damage intended for the backline to the target rather than an aoe.Voodoodrood1 Dec 23
Dec 23 unborn valkyr i recently within the last few days decided to get into pet battling and have been trying to build up my team. bought some pets on the ah and stuff. saw this pet mentioned on a site i was looking at. went and got one and used a rarity stone on it. (it was white when i captured it) i didn't realize that there's different breeds. the one i have with the addon i got says it's a "guardian" like my anub idol is. i don't know if this is a good one or if i wasted my stone. i can always try to get a different one. but am curious as i don't know which stats do what or what i should be looking for for my unborn valkyr.Dekkar5 Dec 23
Dec 23 Winter themed weekly event I decided to see how a team of winter characters would do in the weekly event pvp battles. I had Father Winter's Helper, Tiny Snowman and Winter Reindeer as my team. I went 5 for 5. I did have some luck with who I fought including an all mechanical team to start, but I beat a team with Terraclaw Hatchling, some elemental with similar attributes and an undead dragonling of some kind that had dd that healed itself. Here I thought I was going to have a hard time but it was more fun than I thought. Merry Christmas!Mignon4 Dec 23
Dec 23 Facorsaur quests problems. I'm trying to do the Team Up part of the quest chain. I carefully summon the falc of choice. I put it in the battle team. I make sure it does something in the battle. I make sure it doesn't die. I win the battle. And the falcorsaur has either de-spawned or I simply don't get credit. I know this works because I've been successful with a few of them. Is it just certain World Quests that count or something? My last one to not work was Mana Tap in Suramar. I was successful with Beasts of Burden but not with The Wine's Gone Bad. Anyone else having problems?Rexann20 Dec 23
Dec 23 Hatchling issues world pet battles Awes aren't the most stubborn cutest things? I just tried the three world quest pet battles. I am trying to complete the three world quest pet battles for the quest to advance. Here are some wonderful facts. First of all, Summoning the hatchling in question halfway during the pet battle, during the swaps in battle, the hatchlings love to disappear. It did this on two occasions. The only time of the three it worked was sheer luck and the hatchling made the kill. If the pet is summoned before the battle, and everything is supposed to remain the same, why oh Gods of Warcraft do the pets not stay summoned throughout the pet battles? It does not matter if the one in Dalaran, or the other world quest pet battles, either way summoned or not, the pet disappears in the middle of the battle during swaps. On one of them i had the hatchling out and swapped in battle to the iron starlette to finish off the battle... lo and behold instead of the hatchling out, the iron starlette was left out.. Honestly, it is getting incredibly frustrating going through at least 7 battles now and only getting credit for one win with the hatchlings....Huntacow0 Dec 23
Dec 22 Best pets to level to 25 and sale What are the best pets there worth leveling to 25 and then selling them ?Acnapyx4 Dec 22
Dec 22 Ruin Cats Mission Anyone else think the reward should be 20 Pet Charms with a bonus of 5 charms instead of rewarding 5 charms with a bonus of 20? I just feel the "bonus" should typically be smaller than the base reward. And certainly not 4 times what the base reward offers.Évè1 Dec 22
Dec 22 In Game Shop Hello, I am kinda "new" in Pet battles... Can anyone tell me why I can't see -Gryphone Hatcling -Moonking Hatchling (Alliance and Horde) -Wind Rider Cub In the shop? Did Blizzard remove them?Arcanis4 Dec 22
Dec 22 Blog updated Hello all. Since I've started making PvP videos I've really let the old blog go to hell. Well, today I finally gave it some attention. The main change I made was to post a Rematch import list of most of my tabs. Enjoy! For new players wishing to get into PvP, there is both a current tier list and a team creating guide: I didn't get a chance to do a "The Very Best" video like I did for the last event, but I did recently make a team using what I think will be a really good combo in Legion: See you in the queue!Discodoggy3 Dec 22
Dec 22 Pet Sale? I think I remember that last christmas there was a pet sale, where the store pets were 50% off. When exactly did that happen, and what are the chances of it happening again?Zicia4 Dec 22
Dec 22 Timear's Bpet Quest Just a quick question- The 'win 5 pvp pet battles' quest for the bonus event, when it was given in the garrison during WoD, it was only weekly quest; i.e. you got to complete it once per bonus event. I noticed that after completing the same quest given to my by Archmage Timear yesterday, he offered it to me again today. This is the first time I've bothered to do it since Legion dropped and was just wondering if they changed it to a daily available for the duration of the event or if I've run into some sort of bug?Wyr3 Dec 22
Dec 22 I discovered something today in Nar'thalas... C: Haven't tested it with the others yet.Larkspur4 Dec 22
Dec 21 Summoning & Dismissing Pets This is more of a hassle than it needs to be. I can't put a pet in the first combat slot without summoning it, and I can't dismiss it without hunting it down in my list. So I'm nitpicky, but why can't I keep my favorite companion pet while I switch battle teams? Also we should be able to dismiss a companion pet the same way we dismiss a minion, by right clicking its unit frame.Wikipedia6 Dec 21
Dec 21 Suramar Tamers Missing? I know that there is extensive RNG involved with tamer spawns, but since before the start of November, I haven't seen Aulier, Varenne, or Master Tamer Flummox spawn at all. These 3 are found in Suramar. I'm almost convinced that something has prevented them from respawning, since it's been well over a month. I'll post this in the bug report forum as well, but I wanted to see if anyone else could confirm this. The Family Familiar achievement is hard enough as it is.Hearte30 Dec 21
Dec 21 it's pet battlin' time Give me a team (out of my current level 25 pets ) and I will run it for a few games and tell you how it goes.Myressae3 Dec 21
Dec 21 what do you think about this team comp corefire imp - immolation, wild magic, rush abyssal- immolation, immolate, nether gate broot- ironbark, photosynthesis, and sunlight its a dot and sustain comp. will it work for pvp?Yungest2 Dec 21
Dec 21 Cosmic Bunny should fly Really. It's a bunny made of stars, there's no reason it shouldn't be able to fly with you.Zenico5 Dec 21
Dec 21 Snowy Owl - is it "Winter" yet? Tenebrys4 Dec 21
Dec 21 Pet greyed out unusable My core hound pup in the journal has a grey portait and can't be used at all. I have never used him before and hes from another character. Does anyone know why?Voodoodrood4 Dec 21
Dec 20 Could use some help Hi after so long I've decided to give pet battling a run. If anyone could tell me which addons have worked best would be greatly appreciated. For now only interested in Pve.Dakar5 Dec 20
Dec 20 Drudge Ghoul I'm looking to get my hands on one, to complete the meta, and start the battles for the cute bunny. They are 30+k on my server, and well outside what I would want to pay for one. I can trade it for a Creeping Tentacle if I must, but ideally if someone could let me borrow it for a moment to complete the acheivement, then I will trade it right back, it would be awesome. thanks in advance, Dusk#1992 for the bnet tag for any questionsReise1 Dec 20
Dec 19 Take Dust Bunny out of Safari Achieve Okay listen - hear me out. I'm not opposed to super rare pets, or pets that have to be camped. I've got my minfernal, my unborn valkyr, etc. But I have real qualms with the dust bunny pet being part of the broken isles safari achievement. If you don't know where the dust bunny comes from, there is a dusty rug item that spawns on the ground in Dalaran with an indeterminate respawn rate. When it spawns, you click on it for a buff that gives you the ability to see dust bunnies around dalaran for 15 minutes. You are the ONLY one who can see them, thus you catch one and move on with your life. Here's my issue with this - other campable pets in the wild for the achievement have no such mechanic. Plenty of them are rare enough already without relying on a SINGLE spawn rate item with a high respawn and random locations. My other major issue is that the dusty rug has the potential to spawn -in a horde only area- according to WoWhead. There can only be one rug up at a time. So if it's spawned in the horde only area and you're alliance...welp. I'd guess there might be an alliance only spawn area too, but either way that is NOT kosher, man. I have no qualms with this pet existing. I just feel that, like the old Dalaran higher learning pet, it should be its own special thing instead of being part of the safari achievement. I'd camp it either way, but I can tell this is going to be my white whale of the expansion. I've been camping off an on for the last 2 days trying to get it, and I haven't been able to figure out why the rug hadn't spawned after 2 hours of camping. Upon learning today that it can spawn in the horde only area, my only guess is that there's one up over there that I can't get to that's preventing the rug from respawning elsewhere. If that kind of mechanic is going to prevent me from getting my safari achievement, I don't really appreciate it at all.Amalythia29 Dec 19
Dec 19 I wanna name him Fawkess from Harry Potter So I try and rename my Phoenix Hatchling as !@#$es from Harry Potter, and it tells me, "This name contains mature language. Enter a new one." Is %^-*es like a swear in another language or something? Like.... what?! LMAO, all I can do is laugh about that one. LOLSakalaxx16 Dec 19
Dec 18 Amalia is up! (This was for December 12, 2016)Vhale2 Dec 18
Dec 18 Updating wowprogress? As far as I can tell there isn't a forum for that site so figured I'd ask here. I've been looking at the Pet Score server ratings board over there and am kind of confused as to how it works. A person will get added to the list the first time you tell it to scan for their guild, but then hitting the 'update guild progress' button seems to only check for new guild members, and not update the existing ones. If you want to see an accurate ranking, do you have to hit the update button on each character's page, rather than each guild's page?Detran12 Dec 18
Dec 18 Nocturnal Strike miss non-Elem in Darkness This has happened twice now in pvp: Darkness on the field, Death Adder Hatchling uses Blinding Poison, Nocturnal Strike misses the Darkness-blinded beast. Exhibit A: Note that Darkness was laid down the turn before the adder came in. Exhibit B: After the adder uses Blinding Poison and my Bone Serpent uses Bone Barrage I use Nocturnal Strike to capitalize on a guaranteed hit but to no avail. The weird thing is I can't reproduce this in the wild. I've tested a Crow against Rose Taipans. Nocturnal Strike hit every time under Blinding Poison.Wiff2 Dec 18
Dec 17 Snowfeather Hatchling So has anyone found this little guy yet? I have the world quest and have killed the matriarch, but he's no where to be seen :( I did get the Bloodgazer, so that one at least is working.Unya23 Dec 17
Dec 17 Albino Buzzard Woot ...finally got the Albino Buzzard to drop .....had one of my baby alts parked out at the Tamer in the Barrens ..battled her today and boom got the Albino Buzzard..according too WarcraftPets only 0.06 of player base have it and on some realms its listed at 150K or higher.....for now I'll keep this one but still have that gnome parked and will battle see if I can get another one that I can sell.Moused0 Dec 17
Dec 17 Those little arcane Roombas in CoS Did anyone else see these and wish they were a battle pet? I'm really hoping they're in the game at some point.....hell I'd even be ok with them being a drop off Trilliax or something. Anything else you've seen and thought "I wish that was a pet"? Some of the bosses from tanaan jungle come to mind...Lokomachine2 Dec 17
Dec 16 Pet WG bugg? Hi, Ill keep this short and simple. Im not big on pets or pet battles but Im farming pet charms because I do collect toys and need alot of these. Im curious about a few things and thought some of you on this pet battle forum can answer. 1. Pet battle world quests do not always show on my world map? To fix this I got a add on to help show all avaliable world quests more clearly and accurately. (world quests list) 2. Because the quest icon doesnt show up on my map I cannot use my class order hall Instant complete a non elite world quest feature for that world quest. It works sometimes when it shows up on map but not for all Pet battle WQ. 3. Ive tested the World quest list add on and turned it off, the add on is not buggy and not the problem here. Ive also went to the WQ location and it does pop up when Im in the zone, but still doesnt show the icon on map. Heres a screen shot to help get a better picture of what I mean. The red "X" is the add on's icon showing where the world quest im mousing over is located. Without the add on there is no standard blizzard WQ icon on the map at all. TL:DR I hate pet battles and suck at them, therefore I want to use my class order hall Instant complete world quest feature to farm pet charms.Erodan2 Dec 16
Dec 16 Theme Teams I know this comes up every once in a while but I just found this one: Wizard of Oz: - Tito for Todo - Winter's Little Helper (Female) for Dorothy - Tiny Twister for Tornado Also the Fragment of Desire could be OZ I'm sure we could come up with others, Tinman (Lil XT?), Lion (Alterac Brew Pup?), and Strawman (Asherleaf Spriteling?)Tukwilla5 Dec 16
Dec 15 Mage & Warrior World Quest Token My warrior and mage cannot complete pet battle world quests with order hall world quest item but paladin, demon hunter, and death knight can. Does anyone else have this issue?Hordemage4 Dec 15
Dec 15 Stardust (and others like it) questions? I really like Stardust, but I have a questions about Arcane Blast (and I guess frog kiss is similar) If i ramp up Arcane Blast and use another move before I arcane the arcane blast damage still buffed up? (similarly, if i frog kiss and then use another move like cleansing rain before i frog kiss again will the damage still be up)Tenebril2 Dec 15
Dec 14 starcraft digital dexluxe pets I got the CE version of heart of the swarm wen it came out and have the normal version of wings of liberty if i get the star craft digital dexluxe battle chest will i still get all the CE pets...think i saw somewhere by having part of the set all ready it woudnt work thanks in advanceDietright5 Dec 14
Dec 14 Guild Pets (page, herald, etc questions) Could someone explain these things to me. I feel like I have bought them on every character I play...and then never can use it or always greyed out as if i never bought it I know i buy them as here they are on my pet screen Is it just bugged...I been buying them since they came out years ago...but have yet to ever be able to pull one out to use. (if its a guild rep thing, then i understand....but it shows that i dont own it) This character was a boost so i didnt have to pay to switch my horde priest to I can understand why i dont see it onthis character....but was wondering why I cannot see them or use them on characters I bought it on.Tenebril8 Dec 14
Dec 14 nevermind naPeqvals0 Dec 14
Dec 13 Glitched? Pet Achievement glitched? Was at 163/250 Bought roughly 40 pets off ah that I didn't have Used them and im still at 163Juju8 Dec 13
Dec 13 Nightmare Whelpling Curious if anyone can explain why this pet does not show up in the loot profile for the "Dragons" fight where you get it. I've heard 2-3 different theories, the one most commonly cited is that because it's not armor or a weapon, it's not considered "loot." But I know that's not accurate-- since MoP, if a Boss drops a pet, it's listed in its loot profile. What's the deal? All this time I've NOT been using bonus rolls because I figured it was something else. argghh!Brocknor2 Dec 13
Dec 13 Question about the drudge ghoul I've heard that the drudge ghoul only drops from normal lk and not heroic. Is this true?Dru30 Dec 13
Dec 12 Knigh Captian and Legionnaire Murky Bugged Ability: For The Alliance! and For The Horde! "Deals 309 Humanoid damage and increases your front-line pet's damage dealt by 25% for 3 rounds." THREE ROUNDS In practice it lasts for the entire battle. So the exploit is to have your Murky first and cast For the Alliance/Horde and your team will have +25% bonus damage throughout the battle. There is no timer. VERY UNFAIR.Tukwilla2 Dec 12
Dec 11 Unborn Val'kyr's Haunt ability discussion So, I haven't 100% thought this through yet, but I was very surprised with Haunt on the PTR. This is what it says: ... So the way this actually works is that when you cast Haunt, it places a 4-turn debuff on the enemy that deals ~150 Undead damage per turn. Then your Unborn Val'kyr dies (death animation) and you must choose another pet to send out. However, when the debuff expires on the enemy pet, your Unborn Val'kyr returns to life (in the back row) with the exact same HP it had before it cast Haunt. So it is essentially an offensive Feign Death with no cooldown that deals damage over time on a pet that also has a choice between a huge burst ability on a 5-turn CD (Curse of Doom) and a complimentary DoT/HoT (Siphon Life). Edit: It actually has a pretty massive weakness - if the Haunt debuff is removed or dodged, missed, etc - the Val'kyr dies permanently. Also, the Unborn Val'kyr itself is incredible in terms of stat distribution: the H/H breed has 1806 HP, 276 Power, and 227 Speed at level 25. This is excellent because Speed is an all or nothing stat; if you don't have more Speed than most pets (300+), then you want the least Speed humanly possible so that it can instead go to other stats (and you just accept that you will always go last). The Val'kyr's Speed is so low that it would go last even against some breeds of snails, while its HP is incredibly high (higher than Anubisath Idol, for comparison) and its Power is quite decent (same as Anubisath Idol, for comparison). I'm not trying to preemptively get this ability nerfed, but I do want to see some discussion here about it (pardon if there was already a topic - I didn't see one).Simca40 Dec 11
Dec 11 Deadwind pass battle pets 7.1 Deadwind pass battle pets after patch 7.1 Is the arcane eye still available science the release of return to karazhanUmberr12 Dec 11
Dec 10 Will Mischief be added to Crazy Cat Lady? I am just curious if Mischief will be added to the Crazy Cat Lady achievement at some point? (He has not been added to it yet as far as I can tell.) It won't make the difference as to whether or not I decide to purchase one, but it would certainly be nice if he did. When you get to the last couple kitties, this achievement can get kind of expensive. =) I assume it will, but if Blizzard has confirmed it somewhere and I didn't see it, I'd love to know.Nalliah6 Dec 10
Dec 10 Pet Battle World Quest Difficulty I have not done anything pet battle related until the new falcosaurs came out as I want the mount. I only have a few level 25 pets now however even if my pets aren't weak against the enemies in the world quests I am having a really hard time beating them. The one I have today is to clear with 2 undead pets and my snowfeather. One world quest has me fighting 2 different epic pets that more or less one shot each of my team mates and the other has me fighting ghosts that all deal AoE damage and kill my roster before I can finish the first pet. So two questions, why are pet battle world quests on such a high difficulty level? I would expect slightly harder then fighting common to uncommon pets in the wild but not the level they are at. And two am I missing something, do other people struggle with pet battles as well? Is there some trick to not dying so quickly like consumables I can use or something?Gnârr7 Dec 10
Dec 9 Stone and level 25 You buy a green pet for an insignificant amount of gold, let's say 13 gold. You use a rare stone on it, you level it to 25. How much do you charge for it? I've preferred profs as my main source of gold for most of my WoW life, but I haven't really gotten into them this xpac, so I'm going into the stoning and leveling business. I am curious as to what people charge.Discodoggy5 Dec 9
Dec 9 Same team different players What's with these teams all the time? Always the same teams but different players. And always the same moves. It's like a bunch of bots playing. What is it?Mokra5 Dec 9