Pet Battles

Aug 17 Minfernal tips? Im sure there have been a million and one threads about it but here goes For the last 3 days i have been hovering and and running and frolicing in the shatter scar vale waiting for our elusive friend. Due to some well placed days off i have been here for 10-14 hours each day with only pet battles to break up the wait, in that time countless infernals have been killed and immolatus no less then 4 times in the space of a day and a half. As you could prolly tell i really want this pet, however not a single minfernal has been sighted...not one I know there are issues with phasing and CRZ but i figured this practically eternal vigil :P would do the trick eventually so what im asking is for any tips, tricks, sightings and captures. Generally anything to help not just i but the community catch this majestic beast (plus its practically the last one i need for the achievement besides the winter and summer spawn pets)Netherwalker18 Aug 17
Aug 17 Flowing Pandaren Spirit I routinely use Call of Darkness in conjunction with Nocturnal Strike for the FPS battles, but I've encountered something recently that has me flummoxed. As I understand it, Call of Darkness blinds everyone and Nocturnal Strike (normally a 50% spell), "Always hits if the target is blinded"; and that is what I've seen consistently when battling pets other than those of the FPS. With the FPS's pets, Nocturnal Strike (while CoD is active) shows 40% hit chance (in red) and definitely only hits 40% of the time or less. I'm sure that I'm overlooking something, but I haven't been able to figure out what's causing this. If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd really appreciate it.Wayfur15 Aug 17
Aug 17 Pets you want in the Future I really want the Pygmy Cockatrice to be a pet, I have the perfect name too D: I also would like a Horse/Donkey/ or a Unicorn, maybe something like a mini Quel'dorei steed? What creatures do you want as pets later on?Madia52 Aug 17
Aug 16 Large scale pet leveling I'm trying to setup for an pet battle event where I want to give out level 25 pets. I will probably be giving out over 30 pets. Any advice on how to level up so many pets in a short amount of time?Tinkerizmo5 Aug 16
Aug 16 disable auto-summon? Is there a way to stop it from auto-summoning the pet in my first battle slot? Just because I want it in my line-up doesn't mean I want it following me around ... if I wanted that I would just hit the summon button. Also, since Blizzard copied a lot of the pet addons just enough to give false hope does anyone know if people are maintaining pet theory ( or similar add-ons)?Passalus8 Aug 16
Aug 16 Why does the Drudge Ghoul sell for so much? I'm seeing people selling this pet for 50-60k gold, yet I've read up on it and most people are able to get it to drop in 3-4 runs.Bamboohunts4 Aug 16
Aug 15 Noob question about the pet panel Is there an addon or anything that allows multiple pet teams for different characters? On my higher leveled toons, I want my 20+ lvl pets and on the lowbies I want my 1-5 lvl pets. So if I log onto my 110, my lvl 20+ pets load and on a lowbie my lowbie pets will load. The problem with swapping out pets manually is that I never remember until I find a pet to capture and a lvl 4 pet comes out to battle a lvl 20something.Bikkit4 Aug 15
Aug 12 Family Fighter Confirmed "At Your Pace" Sweet baby jeebus, thank you. Been a bit since it was confirmed, but I know not everyone goes to warcraftpets. For those not aware, 7.3 introduces a new "Family Familiar" style achievement set. AKA, "Kill all 18 Corrupted Pets on Argus with teams of each type" And it rewards a pet. (For anyone curious, that's 180 battles total) However, what we now have confirmed is that unlike Family Familiar, where we had to wait for the WQ to spawn, even when the corrupted pet's world quest is not up, they're battle-able, meaning we can do the achievement in our own time.Maizou7 Aug 12
Aug 12 Twilight Looks really solid. Surge of Light and Call Darkness both. What stats does it have at level 25? If its speedy that could make Pounce and the Surge of Light stun even better. Twilight Fire is fine tooDigerati4 Aug 12
Aug 11 Minfernal, where are you? Minfernal is the second-last pet I need for the kalimdor collection.. I've yet to see one spawn! Rumor has it they spawn at reset and a long spawn timer after.. Anyone have suggestions on how I make sure to get this? By the time I get on when servers reset, they're all gone /cry UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow pet collector, I was able to hop onto a super low pop server where there were several!Fluffÿ5 Aug 11
Aug 11 Auto-Summon Pets: Toggle please Wanna know what one of the most annoying things about Pet Battles are? I'll tell you what it is, and what the easy fix for it would be. I don't like having a companion pet out -- they get in the way when I'm trying to click on quest items/loot mobs/use world objects so I tend to not use them. I find them very distracting, and generally its a good idea I not summon one as it usually ends up frustrating me sometime later. That said, I find it incredibly annoying that every time you change the lineup, whatever pet is in Slot #1 is automatically summoned and is now hovering at your side. Then you have to find the pet in the left bar, or right click it and click "Dismiss". Given how the Pandarian pet tamers require you to be constantly changing your pets to counter theirs, the sheer amount of swap, dismiss, swap dismiss, swap dismiss gets very annoying. Could we please get some sort of toggle in the Interface options that says "Do not summon companion pets automatically when changing active battle pets" or something along those lines? That would be VERY awesome. Then I wouldn't have to play around manually dismissing my pet every stinking time the Pet Battle UI decides to Auto-Summon my #1 Pet every time I change the lineup. Oh and... Could you implement some sort of memory for their ability slots too? Every time you take a pet out of your lineup and put it back in, its abilities are reset to defaults and sometimes remembering to check them all every time we have to swap gets to be a chore after awhile.Hirai6 Aug 11
Aug 11 How to get Ikky I've only recently started pet battles. I would like to get Ikky but I've done that series of quests long ago yet I don't have that pet. Any idea what might have happened? Can I still get him?Meralyth5 Aug 11
Aug 11 Celestial Calf cageable in 7.3 Noticed this change on the 7.3 PTR - Celestial Calf will be cageable in the future patch. Keep in mind that this is from the PTR, so this is subject to change. Some background on this battle pet: It's the 1 million gold vendor pet from a vendor that's appears randomly at a fixed location. Vendor only sticks around for a short amount of time before disappearing again. What does everyone think about this change? Good that it will be cageable? Bad? Indifferent? My personal take: More indifferent than anything. Only real concern is dupers will have a field day with it.Quintessence26 Aug 11
Aug 10 Arfas, The Lick King This is a very silly post, but the idea stuck in my head so I am writing it here to get it out. New pet that drops in ICC. For if/when they do the next raiding with leashes. Some sort of canine of course. Flavor text something like: "No one knows where Arfas came from. They just noticed him one day with his tongue stuck to the Lich King's helmet."Jink9 Aug 10
Aug 9 Definitive Pet Battle Acquisition Guide I'm sure something like this exists, but is there a guide online that shows the acquisition source for all available pets? I'm trying to get ready for Super Squirt day in October... i want to start grinding out for pets! Thanks :) Note: I mainly run old raids for pets. I'm ideally looking for which rare spawns I should target.Ashief9 Aug 9
Aug 9 Summer 2017 500 battles of PvP data Once again, I used a spreadsheet to keep track of the pets that I face in the PvP pet battle queue. I did this manually over 500 battles, so there may be a few mistakes here and there, but to the best of my knowledge the data is accurate. Here goes. pet - frequency - % encountered Unborn Val'kyr 80 16.0% Rabbit 62 12.4% Bone Serpent 53 10.6% Anubisath Idol 45 9.0% Teroclaw Hatchling 44 8.8% Wicked Soul 41 8.2% MPD 34 6.8% Iron Starlette 25 5.0% Fledgling Warden Owl 24 4.8% Nexus Whelpling 24 4.8% Ore Eater 23 4.6% Lil' Bling 23 4.6% Blighthawk 21 4.2% Bloss Ancient 21 4.2% Ghastly Kid 21 4.2% Lil’ Ragnaros 20 4.0% Frostfur Rat 20 4.0% Clockwork Gnome 17 3.4% Vengeful Porcupette 16 3.2% Crab 15 3.0% Fragment of Anger 15 3.0% Chrominius 15 3.0% Fiendish Imp 15 3.0% Molten Corgi 15 3.0% DM Tonk 12 2.4% Lifelike Mechanical Boar 12 2.4% Z Raptor 12 2.4% Fel Flame 12 2.4% Nightshade Sproutling 12 2.4% Graves 12 2.4% Stormborn Whelpling 11 2.2% Scumborne Val'kyr 11 2.2% Wolvar Pup 11 2.2% Frog/Toad 10 2.0% Razortooth 10 2.0% Spawn Of Onyxia 9 1.8% brilliant kaliri 9 1.8% Junglebeak 9 1.8% Snowfeather Hatchling 9 1.8% Eldritch Manafiend 8 1.6% Jademist Dancer 8 1.6% Dread Hatchling 8 1.6% Sunflower 8 1.6% Pocket Reaver 8 1.6% Brightpaw 7 1.4% Lost Of Lordaeron 7 1.4% Fox 7 1.4% Infested Bear 7 1.4% Arcane Eye 7 1.4% Celestial Dragon 7 1.4% Scraps 7 1.4% Clockwork Rocket Bot 7 1.4% Fossilized Hatchling 7 1.4% Snarly 7 1.4% Raven 6 1.2% Abyssius 6 1.2% Death Talon Whelpguard 6 1.2% Emmigosa 6 1.2% DM Zeppelin 6 1.2% Sinister Squashling 6 1.2% Lil KT 6 1.2% Infected Fawn 6 1.2% Stonegrinder 6 1.2% Gleamhoof Fawn 6 1.2% Harbinger Of Flame 6 1.2% Mr. Bigglesworth 6 1.2% Direhorn 6 1.2% Molten Hatchling 6 1.2% Corefire Imp 6 1.2% Flamering Moth 5 1.0% Dream Whelpling 5 1.0% Servant Of Demidos 5 1.0% Magical Crawdad 5 1.0% Ominous Flame 5 1.0% NFD 5 1.0% Eternal Strider 5 1.0% Stitched Pup 5 1.0% Cricket 5 1.0% Swamp Croaker 5 1.0% Crow 5 1.0% Scourged Whelpling 5 1.0% Lil’ Bad Wolf 5 1.0% Sister Of Temptation 5 1.0% Direbeak Hatchling 5 1.0% Frostwolf Ghostpup 5 1.0% Death Adder 5 1.0% Spirit Of Competition 5 1.0% Bronze Proto-Whelp 4 0.8% Bandicoon 4 0.8% KLR 4 0.8% Basilisk 4 0.8% M Custodian 4 0.8% xu-Fu 4 0.8% Nordrassil Wisp 4 0.8% Wild Jade Hatchling 4 0.8% Fungal Abomination 4 0.8% Chaos Pup 4 0.8% Ashwing Moth 4 0.8% Hyjal Wisp 4 0.8% Noblegarden Bunny 4 0.8% Doom Bloom 4 0.8% Ghostly Skull 4 0.8% Corrupted Nest Guardian 4 0.8% Willy 4 0.8% Twilight 4 0.8% Elder Python 3 0.6% Robo Cub 3 0.6% Snake 3 0.6% Netherspace Abyssal 3 0.6% Enchanted Broom 3 0.6% Snail 3 0.6% Firebat Pup 3 0.6% Scuttler/Fen 3 0.6% EPW 3 0.6% Bonkers 3 0.6% Imperial Eagle Chick 3 0.6% Ash'ana 3 0.6% Dark Phoenix 3 0.6% Stardust 3 0.6% Highlands Turkey 3 0.6% Celestial Calf 3 0.6% Kovok 3 0.6% Brilliant Bloodfeather 3 0.6% Generic Moth 3 0.6% Pan Water Spirit 3 0.6% Infinite Whelpling 3 0.6% Spider 3 0.6% Blightbreath 3 0.6% Ultratonk 3 0.6% Mongoose 3 0.6% Zomstrok 3 0.6% Terky 3 0.6% Chi-Chi 3 0.6% Squirky 3 0.6% Mountain Panda 3 0.6% Baby Elderhorn 3 0.6% Lurking Owl Kitten 3 0.6%Discodoggy12 Aug 9
Aug 9 WTT for Pet Shop Companions Hey everyone, it never actually occurred to me to try the forums for pet trading before so here I am! If you have access to and/or already own any of the buyable pets what might you be seeking? I just returned from hiatus, so my collection prior to WoD and Legion was nearly 500 strong without any of the pets from those zones nor the new raiding with leashes achievements. If there is a pet you are seeking in particular or perhaps a variety of pets you want feel free to let me know. I'm happy to check my collection or farm for what you're after. Thanks for reading.Titan10 Aug 9
Aug 9 I'm actually skick of winning pet battles Yes I'm actually winning THAT much this xpac [I'd estimate I'm winning 80-95% and well over 50% of games I win with 3 pets alive at the end!] i'm rumming a teroclaw/kid/and infinite whelpling. There's only a couple of teams I have trouble with and even then I can usually win on a rematch for example I recently went up against a broot/singing sunflower/son of seth team ( good team nonetheless). anyway im ready for a new round of pet battle rebalancing and here's the things id like to see: * reduce all backline healing by 25 to 50% * possibly reduce backline AoE/damage by 5-20% as well * reduce all healing by 1% per round after round 50 (multiplicatively so that after another 50 rounds healing is down to .99^50 ~= 60% effective. * nerf the teroclaw by putting dodge and nature's ward in the same slot so they can't both be selected. * haunt might be a little op but it sure is fun, it might need a SLIGHT nerf 5-10% of damage idk? *healing in general this XP is OP but its the ONLY good way to swap pets a lot. I'm not sure how to really address this. The main issue may be that pet swapping is too expensive at a 1 turn loss; but OTOH, excessive pet swapping is perhaps not costly enough. anyway, feel free to provide further suggestions maybe Bliz will read this or comment on the ones I gave here.Ccloudstlkr24 Aug 9
Aug 9 Why only matched against one other player? Hi folks, When I queue for pet battles, I am almost always matched against the same player. Almost without fail, every time I have queued for the last few weeks I have been matched against one single opponent. He runs a few different teams and it was fun for a while to have our own little meta, but the system would be vastly more enjoyable if I had a diversity of opponents. Even opponents with similar teams would be preferable to one, single opponent that largely uses one team (a teroclaw hatchling named Ned Stark, a fiendish imp named "U WILL DIE", and a wicked soul or unborn vrykul with a similarly unique name). It doesn't matter whether I try to battle at 6AM, 6PM, midnight, or noon - it's always the same dude. Is the population of pet brawlers really so small? Is there a bug in the matchmaking system? Would it be of poor grace or worthy of penalty for me to simply forfeit immediately each time I see that I'm matched up against the same guy again? I have been avidly collecting companion pets since they were introduced in the game, all those years ago, and the pet battle system is something that very much appeals to me. But, at least for me, the system is now completely broken.Bankinbaby1 Aug 9
Aug 8 Sinister Squashling I'd really love Sinister Squashling if he didn't plant himself into the ground every time as an idle animation. I'm running all over and often stop to get quests throughout this game, and the Squashling plants himself and doesn't decide to move until I'm a dot in the distance, then spends most of his time catching up to me. Sometimes I wait for him, other times I just shake my head and leave without him. Can Blizz please change this so that it only plants himself if my toon goes AFK ..OR have him immediately unplant when I begin to move? I feel like I don't have a battle pet summoned half the time because he's always gone. I also feel the same about any other pets that "plant" themselves and refuse to move. Battle pets should always be at your side, not struggling to keep up with you. Just a thought, thanks for listening. EDIT: I was going to repost this on the Battle Pet forum due to the comments here, but it looks like it's already been moved for me (I think?) so i don't need to do that now.Rawdney4 Aug 8
Aug 8 How to raised lvl 25 pet health? (newbie) New to pet battles: I just raised my first pet to 25 (through garrison) and just into the pet fight there. The pet I faced had 3K plus health, mine had only 1400sh. I died quickly. How do you raise the health of a lvl 25 pet? Is that the limit, or is there a 2 1/2 or more range in max health between various pets? Web research gave me no answers yet???????Holyborn2 Aug 8
Aug 7 Bloodgazer Team up Bugs So I have won numerous WQ pet battles using my bloodgazer as part of the team and he doesnt die and I only receive credit maybe 20% of the time. Very frustrating since this is a long timegated questline and Id like to move through it as quickly as possible. Any tips?Iresistabull10 Aug 7
Aug 7 closed closedTristful0 Aug 7
Aug 7 New shop mount and pet bundle Priced in pounds it is £28 discounted to £27 but in Dollars it is $35 with a discount to $30. Why is the discount so much larger in Dollars compared with Pounds?Andius6 Aug 7
Aug 7 Pet Farming Q's - adds and respawn timer What determines the type of person that join the pet battle when you start a battle with a wild pet? It seems like they can be from outside the zone and but are usually common pet types. Pets clearly spawn on a timer, but will killing or otherwise beating a pet cause another pet to spawn immediately in the same area? Or will pets spawn, despawn, and respawn on a set timer even if they have been killed? What is the timer length usually? Apologies if this a dupe, something glitched the first time I tried posting this question.Tinkerizmo5 Aug 7
Aug 7 Looking to trade for Twilight (close plz) Looking to trade battle pets for this. This is what I have to offer right now. Anubisath Idol Azure Whelpling Bronze Whelpling Creeping Tentacle Crimson Whelpling Disgusting Oozeling Empowered Manafiend Empyreal Manafiend Filthling Firefly Frigid Frostling Gooey Shaling Grotesque Gulp Froglet Living Fluid Living Sandling Nerubian Swarmer Netherspace Abyssal Nightmare Whelpling Ominous Flame Ore Eater Periwinkle Calf Servant of Demidos Sky Fry Stinkrot If interested please contact me at Lloyd#1841 (Also looking for the new mount as well.) P.S Close forum listing Please. Trade has been taken care of.Flaya2 Aug 7
Aug 5 New Strategies for Direflame? I have tried most of Xu-Fu and other posters' ideas. Most postings are 2yrs old. Anyone got a crackerjack curent strategy?Morrage10 Aug 5
Aug 5 Unborn Valkyr I have three Unborn Valkyrs, they are all HH. Should I drop one a pick up a BB? I hear the spawn rate has improved and they are easier to get these days.Baadboy9 Aug 5
Aug 4 Why is Twilight listed as Minion Why is Twilight being listed on my in game screen as a Minion and didn't count for my total Battle pet count on site when I updated my list couple mins ago. In game Pet tab lists Twilight as a level 25 pet since I put a Ultimate Battle stone to bring it from level 1 too level 25 but when summoned and by my side it shows Twilight to be Level 110 and a Minion, and yes I had logged out of the game before updating my list on WarcarftPet.comMoused2 Aug 4
Aug 4 So what are the meta pets I just started trying pet battle quests and stuff and found I levelled up a bunch of useless pets because they were my favourite pets (stupid me) Now I find out its basically a "LOL too bad you don't have these 3 pets at max lvl otherwise you could beat me" thing with quests. So in short what should I be levelling.Kubone13 Aug 4
Aug 4 Dalaran Pet Battle "RNG" For context: when I created this thread, Sir Galveston had appeared as the Dalaran pet battle WQ three days straight. Including those three days, this is a 30-day pattern of Dalaran WQ "RNG" from 7/9/2017. Day 1: Sir Galveston Day 2: Sir Galveston Day 3: Sir Galveston Day 4: Sir Galveston Day 5: Rats! Day 6: Rats! Day 7: Rats! Day 8: Rats! Day 9: No battle Day 10: Sir Galveston Day 11: No battle Day 12: No battle Day 13: Stitches Day 14: No battle Day 15: Stitches Day 16: Heliosus Day 17: Heliosus Day 18: Heliosus Day 19: No battle Day 20: Amalia Day 21: Sir Galveston Day 22: No battle Day 23: Stitches Day 24: No battle Day 25: Heliosus Day 26: Stitches Day 27: No battle Day 28: Bodhi Sunwayver Day 29: Tiffany NelsonValarc46 Aug 4
Aug 4 Pet Idea: Mobile Databank I'm running an alt around the Ulduar area in Northrend right now, and I love the databanks. A different-looking Mechannical, too!Idun2 Aug 4
Aug 3 Looking for a Trade I'm looking to trade a Young Venemfang for a Everloving Spore. I'm on Suramar. I also have an Albino Buzzard to sell.Doggler5 Aug 3
Aug 2 Question About Battle Pets I have 2 WOW accounts connected to 1 Battle .NET Account. There are 3 pets that show on 1 account that don't show up on the other one. Do I need to buy the 3 that are missing on the 2nd account for them to show up? I just bought the new pet/mount combo from the Blizzard Store and neither the pet or mount shows up on my 2nd account.Oaklei4 Aug 2
Aug 1 No Alysarazor minipet? Anyone else find it odd that Alysrazor doesn't have a minipet assigned to her? Seeing as a big part of the fight was handling her hatchlings correctly and her trash involved killing eggs (if not hers, at least some other firebird's), wouldn't it have made sense for her to have a minipet?Kurogasa10 Aug 1
Aug 1 Savage Safari Hat? I have a Safari Hat (c'est chic) but I saw this and thought "oooh that one's better!" Savage Safari Hat Was this ever put into the game? All the comments I found referred to WoD beta. If it's in game, I can't find how to get it. ThanksTinkerizmo4 Aug 1
Jul 31 Checking pet quality and adds before fight? Even though the "Track Pets" allows you to see that pets are nearby if there is a lot of underbrush or other visual garbage, it can still be hard to see it and "/tar petname" doesn't differentiate between pets and non-pets. Any addon or command that can easily raid-mark pets? Also, is there a way to check the pet's quality (poor, common, etc... rare) and add's before starting a pet fight? ThanksTinkerizmo3 Jul 31
Jul 30 Addons for Pet Battles I am looking for an addon that makes it easier to keep track of my cds and my opponents cds. also, I would like to know exactly what abilities my opponent has chosen for the fight. Lastly I saw an addon in a YouTube video where it appeared as if the addon would let you search for abilities such as say Doom, or Breath, or Decoy.Baadboy5 Jul 30
Jul 30 New to Pet Battles - first team? I am new to Pet Battles and I'm leveling my team from level 1. Considering the starting zones what pet families would you recommend for a starter team? I think I want a beast for critters and a mech for beasts, but I am not sure. Also would you recommend making a second team and leveling that as well? Or just take 3 pets to max level for my first time. Thanks. PS: any add on or other help in finding these critters is appreciated too :)Hygge6 Jul 30
Jul 29 Finally! 830 unique pets to level 25. I didn't use leveling tokens until the very end because I was buying all the pets and toys with my badges. Beast was the last family I had to level and I did use some +1 levels on a few of those since I was so close to the finish line. Now I'm taking a long break from pet battling :)Tovi4 Jul 29
Jul 28 Raiding with Leashes V Get ready fellow pet collectors. The next Raiding with Leashes just hit the PTR. Jul 28
Jul 28 RWL5 PVP pet analysis First off...THANK YOU, BLIZZARD! Been looking forward to this one for a while now. Here is a quick breakdown... ~16 pets in total (15 drops + achievement) Drop locations: Firelands: 4 Bastion of Twilight: 3 Blackwing Descent: 3 Dragon Soul: 3 Throne of the Four Winds: 2 Racial Types: Elemental: 9(!!!) Dragonkin: 2 Magic: 2 Beast: 1 Undead: 1 Mechanical: 1 I've gone through all of the movesets and weighed the strengths of these pets as best as possible without knowing any of the breeds attached to them. Some shine regardless and will immediately be strong in the meta. I've ranked these sixteen pets in order of how strong I predict they will be in the current game. I lean towards PVP, so almost all of my notes will pertain to that aspect of pet battles, hence the title. 16. Zephyrian Prince Elemental - Al'Akir [Throne4Winds] ~ Forgetable pet. Wind Buffet and an AOL heal? Very blah and needs to be S/S to make an impact. 15. Corrupted Blood Elemental - Spine of Deathwing [Dragon Soul] ~ Nothing truly noteworthy here. Everyone hates this fight and this pet isn't going to get much love either. It can Explode, so there's that at least. 14. Faceless Mindlasher Magic - Yor'Sahj [Dragon Soul] ~ This pet comes equipped with the ability Worst Fear. Great. The thing is that Worst Fear is currently bugged and not working at all. Let's see if it gets fixed before this pet is released. There's no telling. 13. Surger Elemental - Baleroc [Firelands] ~ A new Volcano pet! Yup, that's it. That's about the extent of the excitement with this pet.Brawler15 Jul 28
Jul 27 Pet Battles in Suramar City Does anyone know what the key to opening Aulier? I have four maxed characters, 2 of them can see Aulier/2 can't. Aulier was up yesterday so it was a lot easier to know what wasn't working yet than it will be today. So I have high enough rep that I get world quests on all 4 characters. I have exploration for the zone on at least 3 of the characters. I've been forcing my way through the Suramar quest lines to see what I need. Anyone have any help to offer other than "keep plugging"? Sad thing is that I only have one more family pet battle for Aulier so it won't really matter in the long run, but I like to have things available to me.Cihys3 Jul 27
Jul 27 Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm More new Battle pets....15 of them from different Raids of Cata....Firelands...Dragon Soul....Bastion Twilight and so on.....I just hope the Dragon Soul one doesn't have to come off the last boss...cause its still a pita to get that boss before last boss done as a solo player most times. has list of new pets.Moused4 Jul 27
Jul 26 How do i capture Epic pets?? I have pet battled forever and have all blue pets and end up fighting purple or orange pets that wipe me to the floor in Broken Isles, i really want one, how do i do it can't find any recent threads>??Eddestron12 Jul 26
Jul 25 Baby Winston Baby Winston has been on a few teams, and I have always lost to him. What is a good counter pet to Baby Winston? What would be a good team with Baby Winston, I just leveled mine to 25. Any help would be appreciatedBaadboy1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Baby Winston Baby Winston has appeared in a few pet battles and I have lost every fight, came close but lost What is a good pet to defeat this guy? I want to go into the arena with the Baby Winston guy and hand him his backside in a basket. What is a good team to add to Winston, I just leveled my to 25. Any help would be appreciated. I want to make a Baby Winston teamBaadboy0 Jul 25
Jul 24 Where are the skins?! Pepe has seven(?) unique outfits/skins right now and our perkiest of pugs also has a handful to show off itself. Well, recently there have been a lot of discussions about the lack of rewards in both PVE pet battles and, even more so, in PVP. (Seriously...we get nothing) Why not add more cosmetic items for random pets? It won't adjust stats which means it won't unbalance the meta and all guides will remain relevant. As long as they don't go crazy with the number of skins, I really don't see a drawback here other than someone at Blizzard taking the time to make said skins. Start with a dozen or two dozen, attach achievements to some of them, make a couple of them available to professions, another handful linked with PVP, etc. We need another carrot at the end of the stick. Even just a morsel.Brawler0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Eye of Inquisition :/ Does anyone else have a fuming hatred of this pet? I've killed over 10,000 of the inquistors according to my addon, but I have still yet to see it drop. This DOESN'T count the presumably thousands of kills on my alts, as I only have the addon enabled on my main. Is anyone else in the same boat as me? Is there a reason they chose to make this pet non-cageable, but not add SOME SORT of bad luck protection?Maizou7 Jul 24
Jul 24 Entering the Wailing Caverns Pet Battle I'm trying to get into the Dungeon pet battles. My understanding was that these started with Wailing Caverns, but I've been unable to get the initial quest. Neither Breanni nor Lio is offering it to me. Is there a pre-requisite for it? (For the record, the character I'm looking for it with is L110, Alliance, and in the Legion version of Dalaran, in the pet store - as far as I know, those are all of the requirements.) Can someone tell me what I'm missing here? Thanks.Kathleene6 Jul 24